Yoga and Freedom. How to find a job. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2011.02.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Are there any recommendations of antiquity, how to live the rest of his life, in addition to our yoga practice? If you and I do yoga, as we build a relationship with the society, to our freedom grow? how to determine that it is worthwhile institution, and it is not worthwhile? If you are already weaned and go to work, as you increase your personal freedom? how to build relationships with society, to get the maximum possible freedom? how to establish contacts? how to find a job? What is work? how to find their place in society? How to declare itself? how to get a job? how to present yourself? how to write a resume? How to write about yourself? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this chapter.

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So, my friends. Today we have with you 15 February 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. This lecture International Open Yoga University. All the information on the websites, We are with you in the cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near m. “Novoslobodskaya”. All our archives, educational films can be bought in our shop


We continue today with your yoga study and talk about a very interesting aspect, a bunch of yoga and freedom. On our personal freedom. A few words that once again we are given a body to present the state of yoga.

So, Yoga leads to freedom. In fact all the yoga exercises – this exercise, which, anyway, are expanding our freedom. Reduce our dependence, conditioning. In the West, first of all, for some reason, we came to the sections of yoga, which are associated with the physical aspects of the body, or those parts of yoga, which primarily increase our kind of physical freedom. It is hatha yoga, pranayama yoga, kriya yoga can be. Those. practicing these yogas, we feel and can physically manifest in a greater degree.

But, strictly speaking, as it were, the ultimate goal of yoga – it’s not due to nothing more than a limited freedom, or even the name of this state Mukhti, a person who has reached the state – mukhta. Ie, sooner or later we’ll have to realize the Supreme freedom of his higher self and show it. And even if such provisions on the freedom to reach the Western audience, for some reason, creates a kind of a no correct idea of the ancient yogis and Yoginis that, strictly speaking, have developed this doctrine.

Often, it seems, from the words of certain books or some myth that yoga – these are some such people, cut off from life, hovering in the clouds, ie, to a minimum extent in contact with society. In general, some even might be a little weird and a little thing called, not even humane. At the same time as other myths constructed around it, supposedly such a yogi, who lives a solitary life, isolated from society is liberated and is in a state of freedom. And that’s saying that only in this way can be achieved and freedom – it is in every way to break all relations with society and lead, for example, an itinerant lifestyle.

In actual fact all these myths have no relation to reality. Yes, indeed, still, to this day, in India and in other countries of the East, you can find numerous followers of one or another system of different types of yoga that are like this, how would a secluded life, a wandering yogi who refused from everything and actually eating alms. What it is considered to be in India, in general, a good form this behavior. A person who behaves in this way, enjoys, at any rate in theory, honor and respect. In fact, if we analyze the real situation, which was at the time when yoga was not as lost as they are now, we can see that yoga in ancient times, it was a way of life in the first place, which extended their freedom. And what with the external image they created, was, in general, simply, is a secondary matter. If at all there has been at least some value.

Ie, if you live in any way of life, and realize that this life gives you maximum flexibility, you and they lived. But the problem was that people were at different degrees of achievement in yoga, in different, perhaps levels of understanding, at times, that is yoga. And so, indeed some of the people regained supreme freedom and from this moment could lead the life of a wandering yogi, not tied to anything. As a rule, it was the people, endowed with super abilities. They were a huge amount of time do not eat, sleep, drink, not to mention other wonderful capabilities that we seem to be just fantastic. Ie, yes, indeed, these people were free. Where wanted, they went. But another part of people practicing yoga at the very sorts of reasons were different lifestyle. So all these considerations were limited to what they felt free, had wandered from one ashram to another. And when they say, led a settled life or social life. At different stages of life have different functions. Those. the main thing that it was an internal increase in freedom. And so at that time, many yogis were absolutely modern way of life.

For example, in ancient India, people who practice yoga, were present at that time, lifestyle. In medieval India as people who practice yoga, as were modern at the time, a way of life. Those. the lifestyle that maximizes their freedom and approaches the state of mukti or higher state of samadhi, or even a set of words that indicate this condition.

The main thing is that your path through life strictly adhered to here the ideal of yoga. Take advantage of today’s freedom so that, living every day, every hour and making an action, a step our freedom is increased.

And it is this that determines the rest of the exercises, the situation in yoga, the whole philosophy of yoga, all of the recommendations from such an abstract and theoretical aspects: how things are done and arranged, and the last really practical, why this pose in yoga is necessary to do so, and the other differently. Why, in these cases it is necessary to stand in a headstand, and, say, in the other case it is necessary to perform the exercise alternate breathing.

So if we follow the logic, where all these recommendations came from, they were eventually reduced to one, that in carrying out these recommendations, exercise you get, first, with respect to more and more free, and then, sooner or later, as a growing snowball, other structures are connected, other possibilities. And sooner or later, this freedom becomes absolute. In order not to have any, you know, just such misunderstandings. The goal of yoga – is the acquisition of freedom. So if you find yourself in some kind of group, which allegedly do yoga, only in this case about any freedom and does not smell, it’s probably not yoga, and some other doctrine, religion or philosophical system.

Recommendations from ancient times to live the rest of his life, in addition to the practice of yoga


But we are interested in the following aspect here. Well, with regard to yoga is clear. Are given exercises, real, concrete, how to perform certain exercises, but what about the rest of his personal life? Those. whether there are any recommendations from the ancient times, and how to live the rest of his life, so in addition to our yoga practice? And, of course, these recommendations are. And just built on this principle of freedom.

That is, what would you do, no matter how kind of activity, whatever lifestyle you lead, you have a way of activities to build your lifestyle so that your freedom is increased, not decreased. What has increased in absolute terms. None of this, today you have made some movement and become what is called a Caliph for an hour. Or stolen money and now you have become a little are relatively free, and come tomorrow the price paid for it, and your freedom is reduced. And just such a way that today you have earned money so that the money went to increase your freedom. Or are you some kind of lifestyle they led, for example, whether wandering yogi, or who lives in a constant some place that your freedom has increased. It must be very clearly understood that if the increase in your freedom is a relative due to find a better paying job, if transferred to date, this is the situation, you have to look for it. If you think that something else is something you will have more freedom, you have to strive for. Those. Here the vector in the direction of freedom.

There are all sorts of sayings that sound something like this: “People looking for where the best and the fish – where it is deeper,” etc. etc. There is a certain vector such our behavior. And we do not always understand why people sometimes tend to one another and are sometimes shunned. If we analyze their behavior, will remain only one factor – they aspire to freedom. Only one seek competently and other silly. Some aspire to freedom as tends animal that does not really thinking about the freedom of their actions. As a result, sometimes the contrary their actions active reduces their freedom in the future. And someone is going to study, go to work. Works on himself and in this sense increases freedom. And the difference is no more. All human beings are precisely this pattern of behavior.

In science, there are all sorts of laws that are similar to the legitimate aspirations for freedom. For example, the heat from the hot body to the colder passes. Ie if you boil the kettle and put in the kitchen, it will gradually cool down, and the kitchen temperature will gradually rise due to the fact that the energy from the hot pot goes into the surrounding space. But you’ll never see that suddenly kettle itself was standing-and suddenly he took the heat from the kitchen and boiled, and the kitchen walls were covered with frost. Those. there are certain provisions in science, but in particular the second law of thermodynamics tells us about it. What is a vector arising out of such processes. And it is ubiquitous. With that, strictly speaking, the law of conservation of energy on heating or cooling of the body, it is not broken. Those. if the kitchen you have a little bit is really cool and gave somehow this warm and tea, from the point of view of conservation of energy, would not have changed anything. Nevertheless, this does not happen. Sometimes different is the same in science formulated. Enter some such a concept called entropy. And in fact it is a measure of chaos. And make you understand what I mean, imagine, Cinderella, before you get the ball had to sort peas lentils, for example. Those. if you sprinkle a handful of peas and lentils mound pile, then to have it all starts to stir slowly over time. Those. if you put it in the bag, then, as a rule, it eventually begins to stir. And the measure of disorder as it is precisely characterized by entropy. And just from modern science, we know that the entropy of a closed system can only increase. Those. the degree of chaos increase. And that themselves will not separate some components of the system without the external force influence. In fact, our life is such a device, which makes it impacts – it is our fridge. That he is able to do very strange things, but by bringing in some extra energy, by attracting some tricks from the outside. In fact, you will never run into a situation, for example, when you open a bottle of your spirits, and the room, for example, is beginning to spread the smell. Ie small perfume molecules begin to scatter. But you will never see, when the smell of the whole room going in one bottle, then you would have closed the cover and all. Those. for the simple reason that the entropy in this case would be reduced.

Many other examples of life, you know, let’s say, imagine, if you at the top of the mountain is a ball or a ball some, only a small push and this ball strive to slide down. Those. if you have the opportunity to slide down, slide it. Or, for example, water, which is in any body of water on top of the mountain, if the hole to do, be sure to drain down, will look for the best, at times, the intricate moves. And again in science, this is called the principle of minimum potential energy. Ie until the water at the top, at a certain height, it potentially has some amount of energy that can, for example, stand out when she suddenly falls, for example, hit the floor, on the ground. But the behavior of, say, the same stone on the top of the mountain, with the passage of time leads to the fact that it tends to slide.

And here is the same analogy, the concept of freedom with friends. We are all with you subconsciously strive for freedom. We sometimes think that we are committed to something else. No, my friends. All this is just another embodiment of freedom. Those. like it in the particular case of its manifestation. But in fact we strive for freedom. In this sense, a very interesting conclusion, which gives us the yoga. If you increase your freedom, so, and felt the taste of freedom, you will never refuse from it. Ie once by increasing their freedom to a certain level, you will later on in his life again and again to seek the same status. Moreover, as all attempts to reduce your freedom you will perceive negatively. Extremely negative. As if it did not happen. Those. it turns out that if you and I do yoga and have reached some heights, at least relative, to feel the taste of freedom, in this sense, yoga becomes irreversible. If you reach a certain level, then later in your life, this will be the most powerful stimulus, at least, maintain the same level or even further increase.

Yes, indeed, we sometimes can go on reducing their freedom in one thing to increase in something else. Yes, we go to school and learn, reducing their freedom, although they would like kids to run, jump, have fun. But, for those we have knowledge that allows us to dramatically increase, say, their freedom by the fact that after the passage of a training we can qualify for, say, a high-paying job. Or, on the understanding of occurring things to have these laws, and knowing these laws also extend their freedom.

Those. any manifestation that you see, when a person is voluntarily reduce their freedom – it’s just a very ornate way to further increase its interest to freedom.

And another thing, if in the long term kakie-to other people, or kakaya-to situation, or even you infringe on their freedom, but do not get it for further compensation in the form of increased freedom, then sooner or later this situation you in life change. A system in which you live, will collapse. Your relationship sours.

Those. if not this vector system is doomed to collapse. Yoga in ancient times is well understood. Therefore, whatever they do in life, they thought through their behavior so as to increase their freedom.

Now, the other aspect of freedom. We all have to work with you in this world. Experience shows that if we do not work, then sooner or later run out of money and we feel bad, for the simple reason that suddenly begins to decline our freedom. There are certainly people who came out of the society, live on grazing, somewhere in the forest, collecting pine cones. And they do not need in the society, they do not have to go to work. They lead a certain lifestyle, and, in fact, free from society, but not free, say, this cedar forest.

Those. whatever the situation was sometimes not hypothetical, that someone cheated the law, it is just a subterfuge. All the same, there is some subordination.

And the next thing that came to us from this section as the Karma Yoga. We are a lot of things done in his life before. We have in the past as something enjoyed his freedom, may not be the most rational way, that at the moment because of the consequences of their own actions, made in a state of freedom, we are now something is not satisfied. For example, we have a small salary, we have nowhere to live, something we do not like, we can not find a husband, a wife, we can not find for themselves a worthy occupation. Those. as if we are experiencing a certain discomfort. Yoga tells us that this is entirely the result of our previous actions, though with a small caveat here that some of the actions that we can do more in the previous life. And these actions in a previous life have determined the time and place where we were born, our parents have identified, we defined our social circle, to identify the country where we live, defined job that we can get. It still continued as if our own own actions.

Here we begin to experience discomfort from the fact that we have now. But, at the same time, we are now able to use a small part of his freedom, personal freedom so as to change the situation, to remake it. To do those old stupid things that we did. Moreover, do such actions that would neutralize those old nonsense we’ve done before.

And here is the use of freedom is just called the law of Karma. Ie, what goes around, comes around. Do you want to get something more than a good, proper use of their freedom. Because you in the past to properly use their freedom, you have a situation today that you perceive as negative, formally referred to as negative karma. In this sense, the Law of Karma, friends, simple and uninteresting. The concept of freedom a much more interesting.

And at the same time saying in yoga us: “Well, and how do we now use our freedom today, to increase it in the future?” Or the language of Karma Yoga – accumulate positive karma that would neutralize the negative karma.

And in this sense, all means are good friends. And one of them called our usual work. Ie here is by means of what modern man has to make a living. Or what allows such a clever person to feel its creative realization. Or on the contrary that a large stratum of people think the punishment. And by the degree of relationship to work, you can gain a full portrait of a man in terms of his spiritual development. Or to what extent it is self-awareness Ya Or quite rude words, what percentage of bestiality remained within.

People who hate the job, the people who are assigned to work as a curse, the people who curse their work on what light is, as a rule, show us the percentage of bestiality in a sufficiently tangible volume. Ie a lot of what they are dragged into the human body from the time of life in the animal bodies.

Those. attitude to work, the work here is negative, as some kind of punishment tells us quite clearly, that kind of person. With that, my friends, look, it does not say that kind of work. The work can be what you want. This may be the work of a janitor, the seller, the president, the prime minister, military, politics, anyone. And what does this mean, that’s such a negative attitude? It says that a person who hates the work is still very poorly understood, what is there is freedom. He understands freedom as unreasonable use, as a chance to do nothing. And thereby throw the tool, ie, he begins to act as if he threw the tool that allows you to change it to, say, the situation today that he does not like, in a good position in the future.

You can give an analogy, a slave sits in jail in shackles, you give him the file and say, “Come on, drink chain, are exempt.” And he says to you, ‘Here we go again saw, but did not want to go away, and in general I do not like it, I’d rather like something in a different way to spend a life. ” Ie every way to show reluctance to take up the file, but only when the regime tightened in prison, that, say, you’re some kind of new circuit did, only in this case it will be sawing, because the situation is becoming every day worse than it was and should be at least something to do. As they say, for a man who drags bestiality, any work – punishment and make a living being you can work only with the help of a whip. If there is no whip, it is a living being tends not to properly use their freedom, and with every step that freedom more to lose, lose, lose and become more conditioned, caused by caused. So behave animals because some people behave. And for these people, if they live in a society, have to be very strictly regulated by laws and regulations. Take away from them the law, seed they whip them in the first place, nothing to do anything themselves will not be, and secondly, will my own freedom as well harm themselves.

There is also another group of people who are different to what is called a job. For these people, it makes sense to not stick and the carrot. Those. if they have enough brains to understand that by varying the activities of their freedom in the future will increase – it will work. If for some reason they do not differ in such foresight, it can not force them to do anything. Ie, if you prove to them that you can with a file to saw chain and become more free, it will be cut. If, for some reason, he says, “no, do not drink drunk, everything as it was, and remains,” it will not be cut. Those. it is generally speaking, not quite pure dominant animal is, is what we might call, in a good sense, human nature. When on one side we customize the whip, and the other on the horizon, hanging gingerbread. And if there are conditions of carrots and sticks, then the person will do something about it, ie if he would understand how to increase their freedom and at the same time will customize the whip and see the prospects, it will sometimes be very active.

And it is, in fact, we are friends. We are with you all. Sometimes we too lazy, sometimes you do not want to do anything, do not want to work, I do not want to use wisely their freedom to increase it in the future, and we have this freedom, as if to dissipate. And do not use. And if you use, then for some entertainment or some such actions, which, in fact, in the long term, we have put in a worse condition, but we have to pay for accommodation, we need to buy food, clothing, self-propelled carriage, it is desirable etc. And it is, in fact, our nature.

Those. for people who live in this state are important, on the one hand, sufficiently stringent conditions and game rules, laws, so they do not have fallen into bestiality. On the other hand, they have always, absolutely always, give a way to increase their freedom. Otherwise, they will not do anything. Those. if such a person will know that he is working in his company and his millions, he does not work, it will not work in your company, it will not be of interest. And if so, then yes, it will strive towards this, earn their millions and expand their freedom.


Finally, there is a third group of living things that do not work because of the fear of being without a piece of bread, or homeless, or without some kind of social status. And not because of the awards. Why? Because they knew any relative freedom or any relative cake – it’s just a step on the way. A path must lead to the ultimate freedom. So is it worth worrying about because some intermediate stations, or some intermediate milestone in its path.

They are, however, already anticipating the absolute freedom, aspire only to this. And so all the other cakes for them not to eat cookies, cakes or rather relative. And they are not afraid of the whip. Why? Because they have already conscious attitude to life, to work. Work – not a punishment. Work – this is an opportunity to take advantage of its competent way today’s freedom to zoom it tomorrow. What more to say about this? And that, if, as they say, to characterize the people, is a condition in general is, yogis and Yoginis. Yogi and Yogini, when they work, they are not afraid to die of hunger or be left without a roof over their head. For a variety of reasons. And not because the warm climate in India and everywhere grow bananas. For another reason. Just some things possible, there is no possible things.

If you have built into this system, the system as it ensures that every step you take. You know, there is a saying: “There will be a day – will be food.” Only one of you is required to competently to go their separate ways. Not too leave aside. On the other hand, they are not particularly attracted to and stick. More precisely gingerbread nice and such people receive it, from time to time. Why? Because work. But he is already in automatic mode. Those. not only do you enjoy your work, that is, the possibility of its use as today’s freedom to increase her tomorrow, but time stimulates the universe from time to time.

It is not strange, people in various professions achieve this. Very indicative in this business. People, as a rule, for various reasons, are beginning their own business. Some, indeed, out of fear of being without money, someone in the hopes of a fabulously rich. But the funny thing is that even if the first two of these factors, there are people involved in your business, then, in fact, soon he seizes it like a computer game young children. About the fear he generally forgets. About the ultimate goal, to finish this game, too, forgets. Why? Because the game is over and all the fun is over.

More revels in the very process of the game. And from time to time, a successful businessman gets his millions, but as a rule, it is not even particularly their spending. Because he was so happy. What can give money, compared here with that inner feeling of freedom that it is correctly moving to such a level that does not make sense any money. After all, what is money? Money – it’s just some kind of a surrogate, a substitute for freedom. And then, in a very narrow range of some of our lives. Money is very necessary, but on the other hand, there are things that money can not buy. Moreover, a large amount of money, as you know, do not guarantee the protection of the poor state there. In any case, there is no such correlation, that all the rich people necessarily, as if in a state of samadhi immediately. On the contrary, many of depression, melancholy, black melancholy. Those. factor of any other.

That these successful businessmen, and they have money, and they have no fear, but starts the process, my friends. And this is the true yogic hell. Therefore, when we say that all yoga should be similar to homeless people in the Moscow subway, to them “smell”, went with an outstretched hand: “Serve” to the contrary were kakoy-to strange, antisocial way of life, it is, strictly speaking, myth. Why? Because if you decide that your freedom does increase if you become homeless, go on the subway, to live on alms, the Yoga says: “Forward! Go! “But if you’ll assume that your freedom will be greater where as if you go to their routine work, from 8 to 17, ie you something to restrain her, but then on a larger win it. Yoga says, “So go get a job!”. If you feel you greatly increase your freedom, if you open your little business, a candle factory, its little shops, yoga again and said: “Go!”. Ie the vector – an increase of freedom. All the other things that we are trying to impose, in any literature, allegedly on behalf of the Yogi – this is a misunderstanding, friends. This translation errors. This is not the understanding of the cultural environment, when some treatises were written. It’s not even our modern understanding of life is not the same in India, where, yes, indeed, sometimes some successful clerk goes wandering yogis. But there is, my friends, a very different culture, there is a completely different lifestyle, a different mentality. And there, perhaps, it will be an increase in freedom. But, too, it is not for everyone, but only for a very small percentage of people with respect.


Building relationships with the society in light of the increase in personal freedom


So, here we’ll come to a very serious problem. If you and I do yoga, as we build a relationship with the society, to our freedom grow? And it is clear that the very first thing we have to remember that we must look for a configuration of our surroundings that together we were freer than individually. Only in this case it makes sense to live in society. And if you happen to think that living in society, your freedom is smaller than the one you lived in the forest and eating pine nuts, then again, for God’s sake, go, go, Roy dug. And there spend the rest of your life.

But, as the laws of nature, people still instinctively reach for greater freedom. And throughout history we can see that the freedom of a community of people is greater than each alone in his hut in the forest. Therefore, any State, any society – is a matter of fact, just such an artificial entity to the freedom of each was more than individually. And exist any society, any state, any people, the country, etc. etc. will be only as long as there is, as it were, said energetically favorable. But the question here is not power, the question here is freedom. A more advantageous in terms of freedom.

Therefore, my friends, any attempt to build a system, which would have disturbed the natural desire for freedom of each member, dooms the system to collapse.

But, though there are exceptions. For example, the war began. And all mobilized. Mobilize – it means something abandoned peaceful life, once started to work more, went into the army, or even somehow defend the homeland. And, at first glance, look, society was relatively free, and then again, and tougher laws. And, such as all become less free. But this happens only by the fact that people understand that if they are now mobilized and podozhmut their freedom, they will have a resource to defeat the enemy in the future, at least, restore their freedom. But if they lose, the enemy accurately compress their freedom.

Those. wherever you look, you will find only one vector. The vector for freedom. And here it is necessary to properly deal with it. If you are a ruler, if you really need from their subjects that they are mobilized, then you have to ensure them that by tightening their freedom, in a very near future, they will have to be increased. And you must have if you are a ruler, on the subconscious, this setting will never infringe upon the freedom unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you, as a ruler, pilish the branch on which you sit.

And here I must say that a very interesting thing in this regard. I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) once historically analyzed the Second World War against freedom. The Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany. Friends, come to such a paradoxical conclusion, although the mere fact that Germany, almost to the middle of the war and has not renounced the production of consumer goods. They have to complete the program produced some stuff for fun. Remember, there was a movie about Stirlitz? It was the 45th year. Actually this is an analogue of Moscow 41st. But remember, restaurants are, some casinos. I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) could not understand, did the writers there is something confused. No, my friends, that’s the way it was, it turns out. Those. They were not able to pick up the Germans their freedom, to fully mobilize and win the war. Unable. While in Russia, in fact, people from all refused, and shrunk in the most deplorable conditions, so at the expense of freedom during the war, then he has gained a lot of freedom when defeated.

And, indeed, it is determined, for example, a character feature Russian people. We have heard two opinions on Russia. What idiots live here, or impenetrable, which is ruled by dictators. One replaces the other. Or vice versa. This is something that, as in the verse: “Mind Russia not to understand.” Ie some over logic. Indeed, people are willing to tolerate a lot, because they are accustomed to the course of history, where you have to prim, then to win. But the worst thing, whether if it is a hodgepodge. It will, of course, absolutely awful.

But we went to the side. So, we come back. Even if you are drawing in their freedom for something, and then there will be compensation for its repair or expand it, you will sooner or later get tired of this way of life. And you throw it. And you will not keep. You will not keep nor any intimidation or any promises. Firstly, you’ll find a loophole, as water always finds a loophole to get away from this system. Secondly, you will no longer believe in any promises. Typically, this happens after the revolution and everything is fine. There comes a stern dictator who is somehow different begins to “tighten the screws”.


Where to study?


But once again, we are with you are interested in a slightly different question. Our personal freedom in society, which is now, how can we increase it? And it is clear that here there is the natural response. What if you are still a small child and your parents care about you, they should strongly encourage you to be studied. May you while studying clutched his freedom, but then many times it was at the end of teaching. And then, of course, first and foremost comes the question: where to study? Those. how to determine that this is worthwhile institution, and it is not worthwhile? The answer is obvious, my friends. If you finish this school, you should analyze how much will increase your freedom? And if more, then how much it will increase your freedom? And just to buy a crust, where it is said that you are there, Associate, Bachelor of Economic Science, or who are now many more? So is it worth spending years of his life, is not it better to draw it? You might as well be. Because if the knowledge that you get will not lead you in the future to increase freedom, it means it’s not valuable knowledge. A rubbish that you do not need.

We have here in the country, no one has yet understand. It is very well understood in the West. And there emerged a situation that if you finish a prestigious educational institutions, more than ten or twenty large, then at the end you sometimes even in the best years, before you even did not look for a job. Employers came and offered you, “or whether you want to go to work here or whether you want to go to work?”. It is clear that people aspire to go to learn. But the rest of the way out.

Where to work?


If you, on the contrary, already weaned, and you go to work, you, again, have to think, but as you increase your personal freedom, friends? Those. you have to find a job, which in the aggregate would have increased your personal freedom. It may be money. But for someone the opportunity to creatively realized in the more precious thing than money. And that is why he is looking for this kind of work, and to pay some money, but the creative work was. Someone said the other way around: “No, I want to work was extremely creative. I’ll be graze live, but to have this work was the prospect. ” In the West it is called this word, unfamiliar to our ears – Startup. Or else, the company that’s just created it, but it’s a big, big future prospects. And indeed, that these big companies are now, for example, in information technology, they are very many began with a garage. When there are 2-3 people, obsessed with some idea began to implement it and as a result, of course, the money almost did not spend, but the work was very creative, it was very much in the future, they have increased their freedom at the expense of that have become rich, all successfully implemented. Ie, there is an option where you can even pay a penny, but it’ll keep your teeth for this work, because it is in the long run make you even more free.

There is another option. One fine morning, wake up, ask yourself, “and in fact, I’m probably in my personal situation will feel more free, if I start my own business.” As a rule, a person loses money enormously. Because if earlier he paid the salary. It was not his problem, where the money will be, or rather it was his problem indirectly. Now all there is no uncle, who would have thought of you. Those. you both would increase their freedom, but in particular, in money or in something else, somewhere it can and podsokratit. But in any case, should be a vector of freedom. And the question, you realize it or do not understand – not worth it. Even if you do not understand, and prёte against vectors of liberty, you will still throw the case. Which would work did not work, no matter how kind of activity is not engaged, you just become unbearably boring at a certain stage of life. Or on the other. It turned up something more suitable, and you completely forget for a previous place of work, and leave the new one.

What this says about yoga? Yoga says: “Yes, guys! Yes! Yes! Yes! Your personal freedom. ” And as you live in a society, if you live in a society, and not in a cave or in the dugout in Siberia, you remember, you live in a society, only one reason, to your freedom, together with the surrounding society, was more than separately.

Emerges the next step. How can I build a relationship with society, so I get the maximum possible freedom? Those. how to establish contacts? Again encourages yoga: “You have to squeeze the maximum out of here all this beautiful things around you are people.” You must learn to apply themselves well, their quality of some, its any desire, ambition or their ability or their desire to harmonize intertwined with the interests and desires of other people and that the activities of your freedom and would only grow. It is only possible to define this concept further strategy.


How to look for a job?


Those. as you look for work? What is work? Work – this is an opportunity with the help of the surrounding society to take advantage of their freedom so as to further increase it. But this work must be found. Those. we have to show the other members of society their own strengths, to withdraw from consideration their weaknesses. And so again, and it came down to the question, I apologize for this slang, personal PR. Or personal ads. Because if for you no one will know you anywhere on the job and will not take, and do not provide a place where you feel best.

As a consequence of this logic that we have? We have a worldwide system of recruitment agencies, which select staff, we have a system of writing resumes, where an applicant for a particular job starts to present itself in the most optimal light. We all have a lot of recommendations, for example, how to communicate with people, how to behave during the interview when applying for a job. How to communicate is, when you have a job, etc.

But in fact, one of the most difficult moments – is the first step. Those. how to find their place in society? Again, not based on the paradigm that the work – it is a punishment, but out of the other ideas that work – is the highest possibility. If, of course, you think so. If you think that in this period of your life you’d better live alone somewhere, that this would be more freedom, then, should forget about looking for a job and go to dig their own, as they say, the dugout.

But if you lived in the dugout for a while you suddenly realize that you, as they say, I’m sorry for the slang, vyzhrat of this dug all that they could eat, that being said, you have come to the limit. You yourself alone with his degree of ignorance have some degree of freedom, but not anymore. Every next step is to overcome ignorance and expand their personal freedom in a cave dug in the Himalayas, he becomes unacceptably long and difficult. You start looking for a way to increase their freedom, but somehow in a roundabout way. Again, through interaction with society. And you sort of go back again in a society that is already properly fit into it. With that, moreover, it is sometimes helpful to withdraw from society, for some time to live outside of society, then to return on a white horse. This does not necessarily have to be years. It can be, for example, several months. This may be for several days. But everywhere the vector only one personal freedom. More precisely not personal freedom, and absolute freedom, which manifests itself, in particular, and through what we call personal freedom.

But then again, if you go back into society, you have to fit into it. You need to come up with any work for yourself, or get into the finished structure, where all the conditions for you to be acceptable in terms of increasing their personal freedom. But anyone you somehow have direct contacts. And then a very big problem is that no one knows about you. Just no one knows that you are in the world. You can be a great specialist maybe somewhere job of your dreams just waiting for you, and you currently can not say. For a variety of reasons: some of modesty, some of the nonsense, someone because of their stupidity. Those. we must learn to assert itself. If you live in a society, it is the most profitable strategy to increase personal freedom.

What we see in society? In particular, our former totalitarian. There’s the other way around, all afraid of all, everything is hidden, no one says anything.

And at the same time, analyze, any singer, composer, any figure showbiz. He puffs and strains, to be known as many people as possible. With that, no matter in what way. If they praise – it’s nice. Eli will abuse – PR. Those. only they knew. Sometimes singers, actors, who are beginning to feel that they are losing popularity, are a known steps to create a scandal, scuffle. Somehow the story itself defiantly that they were all amazed, and said, “Oh-oh-oh! Here he is!”. And wrote about it in the newspapers, shown on television or on the radio said. It is for them personally strategy to increase their personal freedom. The more of them will learn, the easier it is to find ways to integrate into the society and to get what they want.

Another conversation, that is, of course, is not an acceptable way. And sooner or later get bored when the same singer or a singer, or one and the same actor, he did not always thank God. One time, second time, third time, and then all already anyway. Lose interest.

Therefore, we will not consider such marginal manifestations that ultimately reduce your freedom. Those. splash, first to increase and then you sort of take everything in advance that we could take in the future.

We will talk to you about the yogic method. And so again here, not invented anything new, everything is the same as the law of nature. The laws of nature has not been canceled. The highest law of nature, you remember – it is the law of freedom. All other laws are subject to this law.

I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) want to show it all on the example of your job search. To you do not have the impression that the pursuit of freedom in yoga – it is some abstract desire. Sometimes I had to hear such nonsense, that man said to me: “Yes, yes. – Freedom is good. Now I will deal with Kundalini Yoga, I just now begin to awaken her. She’s awakened, I begin the body of any manipulation manipulyarit. Ostensibly I open superpowers everything and then I will find freedom. ” And to the question: “And why can not you go get a job then? Well, at least as a janitor for decency. ” He starts talking all sorts of abstract things, it supposedly will reduce his freedom. It is a difficult time, as they say, honesty with yourself. Wishful thinking.

Yoga says that you have to increase their freedom on all fronts. Well, you do not know how long to awaken the Kundalini energy, well, do not. Find a way that you can afford to increase their personal freedom through communication with society. First, find yourself a good job, do not sit back, going to work, and in parallel to awaken the Kundalini energy. And there, staring, and succeed at work and Kundalini as it should, when it is necessary to wake up.


How to declare itself?


Those. Yoga for the ultimate intelligence. Limiting intelligence. And again begins the next step. Well, it is necessary to find a job once in a relationship with society. How to declare itself? Or how to get a job? Friends, I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) here just recently with horror suddenly found out that quite a large percentage of young people have never written resume. Those. CV – it is such a small bumazhechki where you describe: who you are, what you, what you want, say, what kind of job you want to get, how much money do you want, what is your education and so on. It turns out that people do not know sometimes what it is. That, my friends, if we analyze all the yoga theory of antiquity and transferred to modern conditions – is a manifestation of brutal stupidity. That I do not even know what to compare.

Well, how about you know someone, if you do not tell anyone anything? Your thoughts are not people read. Yes, and do not know how many. And the question is, do you want yourself to read your thoughts? Without his invitation nobody get into your head. Therefore, find a way that is available to every member of the society in which you live, to bring about themselves. Gently, not shocking, but on the merits and you can someone come in handy. More precisely may be the situation arises where your freedom and the freedom to grow your employer grow. Find this situation, once said about himself.

And then the next moment, as the file itself? It is the most difficult time – the first step. And the West has long had such a tradition, which, of course, or you can someone recommend – it’s the best way to feed. Those. somewhere it has opened the possibility of some kind of work, and someone says, “Yes, I have a friend, that it complies with this.” He recommends that you and you will quickly find their place in society, and that increases your freedom and the freedom of others, and freedom of society together.

But, my friends, this may not always be such a thing. And therefore it is necessary to insure even through some other points. In the West, created for this recruitment agencies, who just committed to trying to find people to certain positions.

How to write a resume?


But another question is how to present yourself? Those. the most effective is to give some brief information about yourself, exhaustive. Once again, the West is called a resume or CV. One differs from the other follows, the first shorter, the second is usually longer. Essentially the same thing.

The next moment, and how its components, is a resume? Which, perhaps, read the other person potentially interested in you. And then, my friends, remember the algorithm of decision-making yoga. About which we have repeatedly said, namely, remembering that we are free, second, our duty to remember and then recall the first principle of yoga, then remember the second principle of yoga, you can stop here. If we have doubts, we remember again that we are free and do all that we do or write this summary as we write it. But on the other hand think about what you need from the society? From you need the first and the second principle of yoga. That you were a kind and intelligent. No one wants to deal with the evil and stupid. In some respects, there are still acceptable combination of, say, an evil, but intelligent, or vice versa, a good but silly. Those. different parts of our society, where you can perch oneself for people with a variety of layouts. Well, I do very little corners where necessary evil and stupid. Though not difficult it can be to come up with such a position. I (Vadim Cossacks) exaggerated – the good and clever, this is the first and the second principle of yoga, ie It does no harm, and very effective. And so if you are trying to convey on his person to the other members of society, the most reasonable to focus just here on these two factors, you are good, and that will work with pleasure to you and that you are efficient and smart, you will not collapse case or what you can do with their responsibilities. That is the basis of this, you should introduce yourself. But then again, you must remember that it is the society to the society and that it is big, there are many members of the society. And it may happen that one and the same position in the society, will qualify for a lot of people, and the decision must be taken quickly. And if you’ll currently writing novels such as “War and Peace” in three volumes, from kindergarten, ending health details cats to your favorite grandmother, the person who potentially will it all read and reflect, incorporate you into their company or in your organization, it simply can not afford that much time. Therefore, you should be aware of this efficiency. You have to imagine yourself as much as possible about the information less in the sense that it must be comprehensive, to the place where you go to work, very short, very objective and it is related to the position it where you go to work. And everything else, it is advisable not to indicate to the people who read it, not to steal their time, not to steal their freedom. Maybe they are the freedom of that time would be spent somehow different.

Therefore, my friends, is somewhere, even on the level of art. How to teach yourself? How to write about yourself? How to write a resume? So, my friends, if you work and you work like yours, and you’re not going to look for another job, based on the principles of yoga, you should make it a habit to once a year or six months to rewrite your resume. Even if you’re not going to leave that job. Why? Because every time you grind the information presentation style. Ie you do so that you could immediately understand who you are, what you are, and why. But again, if, God forbid, your office is closed or you get bored, so you immediately, without unnecessary nerve shocks, even at a time without losing their freedom, found the same place, with the same level of freedom, and even better – with a high level of freedom.

Therefore, people who have never themselves not write anything, look, at least, ineffective if they are, of course, live in a society and are woven into the work schedule of society. It’s not rational. This is stupid – not to be able to represent themselves. This stupidity is such that, here you have your freedom, and you, instead of to use it and write a summary about yourself, you’re not using it. In the long run you will lose. On the job of your dreams will take some other person may not be suitable. And you will be forced to work somewhere else. Those. everyone is good in its place. This place is need to constantly look for.

And then we come to the next point. You will recall that the first and the second principle of yoga, creates what is called a way of life – Dharma. And in this sense, is the place where you are working, your company, your organization – it’s part of the way your Dharma. Therefore, you should refer, first, to him very respectfully, secondly, remember that the next step can be quite different and may remain the same. Those. in terms of what you’ll be working or leave. But in the case of a pleasure, friends, insure, insure his freedom. Yoga encourages you, friends “beat for freedom!”. It is clear, and in an abstract sense, through yogic meditation, through secret practices, through some really exotic some moments. But just as in ordinary life.

For you, if you are on the path of yoga – is freedom for you is sacred. Even your personal freedom. Again, we remember that this freedom is necessary to competently use, keeping in mind that we have a duty to remember that we have a first principle of yoga, remembering that there is a second principle of yoga. Again, if we are on the path of yoga. But in the future, if you are trying to himself as a message across, you have to deliver it most effectively. You do not like to steal the freedom of others. You must write all clear, loud and clear. There should be nothing superfluous.

So, say, if we speak to you about the job, the years, decades developed a specific style. It generally looks as follows: your desired photo. Your face, which gives a lot of future employers. It creates a common background. Of course, some of your details: who are you, what’s your name, how old are you, etc. etc. and then begins the most important thing. Actually you take a job, so suggest that you do some action, and thereby increasing their freedom and increasing the company’s freedom. Therefore everyone is always very interesting to know, but did you have before this experience? And if there was, what? And, for example, here is a rule instituted around the world that, at first, written in the last place of work, then the penultimate and so on decreasing. Those. I do not write that you started your career, helping to unload in school, or working as a watchman during their studies at the institute. It does not interest anyone. This information is superfluous. Similarly, with regard to your education. Ie nothing superfluous, just what is needed for the case. Similarly, the same way, when you sent it to resume, you are invited to talk in person. You must make an adequate impression. Again, you should in fact show the first and the second principle of yoga. Those. if you seem insane, strange, not talkative, some dangerous, then, of course, you are immediately wrapped. Well, who wants to work with a maniac in the same company? Similar is the situation of your motivation. If you are more awake to spend time figuring out what your salary is and what your responsibilities are, rather than in parallel with this increasingly know and what you have prospects in the company to increase its freedom. That is, again, produce a bad impression that you turnuli from one place, and you look like without doing anything else to get the same money. Those. it is also so small, subtle things that grind the laws of life in society. These recommendations are many, ranging from what your handshake should be (it has to be strong and courageous). Because some people manage to handle stretching, a delicate woman, impotent, feeble. Immediately it seems that you either do on legs, unable to tighten. Either some overestimate their place in history. A lot of factors such friends. They are definitely secondary. From many more other things depend. These are all friends, absolutely all of the recommendations: how to write a resume, how to pass an interview, get a job, how to work on the job – they can all be derived from yoga. All, without exception. All the most progressive that you find in the West – it is actually like the implementation of the principles on which yoga is based. So when I hear kakoy-to raving about the fact that there are Indians – for them yoga, and for the Western man – it should be no longer yoga and other chto-to chto-to or another – is, as a rule, people are saying, I do not understand the yoga and victims, unfortunately, unscrupulous authors. If, however, you should really make sure, always go to the source. Always dig into the system, in its root.


Conclusions of the appeal of yoga for freedom


If you understand the laws that made yoga, you will learn how to display a result for different ages for different people, for different, some social sections. And if you start to copy from some sort of musty centuries lifestyle that was appropriate then, and now totally not appropriate, you go against the yoga actually.

That’s about it, friends, we should remember that yoga call to freedom – is also a call for freedom in your personal life. If you have the chance to increase their freedom, you need to increase it. It greatly increases your freedom future – education. On the order of magnitude stronger. In fact, if you reduce all thinking why we are not free, we will come, but only to one thing. We are not free – because they are stupid. And stupid because ignorant and in the dark, because that is how we like it. And this closes the circle. There are no other reasons. Therefore, training – a very important factor for your future increase in freedom. In Bacon was saying: “Knowledge – force.”

But apart from that your other actions in life, triples you to work or laid off, how to build relationships with people in the team, where you work. They also need to fully get under the vector to increase your freedom. Your attitude towards life in general. It may happen that some crisis will begin in one morning. When in power, by this time, will not competent rulers, who accidentally got there, they will be the first immediate temptation – tighten the screws. Those. you pressed. Visible through some factors are not visible. The most cunning politicians such will appeal to your sense of duty, etc. etc. Friends, do not fall here on the subterfuges of people who will try to take away your freedom to increase their freedom unfounded. You can preload their freedom in the name of the ruler, if you trust the governor, and if the governor is asleep and sees how to increase your freedom in the future. But again, in the case of our country, where just neglect, sometimes for freedom reached anecdotal moments. One serfdom worth. A residence in the Soviet years, and is now worth something, friends. These men, our rulers, in no hurry to give you freedom. For different reasons. I can not myself (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) to understand why. Whether on nedoumiyu, or for a very well-organized settlement. Is it, you know, the king of good, evil boyars, or a game of good cop, bad cop. A difficult situation. But, as they say, do not choose their homeland. We need to love their country, in the sense that it gave us freedom. She gave birth to us, it protects, just like mom and dad. But at the same time not allow the substitution of concepts, we caught it.

We need to give what is called pay the same kindness, the ability to do something for your country, but if the situation is rubbish, it must be very good to think about personal freedom. Well, imagine tomorrow’s suddenly become unemployed, you come to the unemployment office, and you say: “You know, we’re a new kingdom-state construct. Here we have not turned out Communism, capitalism is now build. It’s your problem. There you have nothing? Okay, great. Do not eat. Unemployment benefit even try, win. You have no work here. We are carried away by the new theory. We built the communism of Marx, Marx is now savage capitalism are building a sample of the 18th century. ” And you’ll have to face the fact that your freedom is reduced. What can happen, that your country will kick you throw abroad. Pink, literally. What, in fact, happening now. And so, without ceasing to love the country, you need to immediately take care of his personal liberty in the next step. Yes here we now have such rulers, if they do the next experiment ideology, who are no longer around the remaining world, well, that’s your duty in this respect to the rulers ended. You need to think about their freedom in general. You need to earn a piece of bread. You need to somehow creatively implemented. Therefore, you should immediately think, and what will be your next step? And the logic is very clear. The system must be open. If you are locked on something – a matter of time before you start …

Therefore, for example, now paying a certain percentage of time learning the English language, you hereby, including investing in its future freedom tomorrow. Or to ensure that at least some chance of surviving. Imagine tomorrow crisis is beginning to wrap nuts and I (Vadim Zaporozhtseva) reminded White Guard at the end of the revolution, when all as drapanul in Europe. But you see, the intelligentsia was, knew languages. Who in French who are in English. At the very least there somehow disappeared. Until now live. And you that there will be: “My your understand.” Those. you have to calculate the next step strategy. Quietly, very kindly, but very cleverly. And so it applies to all. Here you are working today in your work, but what would not be a miraculous job, where you work today, you immediately have to sit down, let’s say, you now only have, you have the first day, you will immediately have today to sit down and write a resume in the event that there will be a better job. This is the law of freedom, friends. All attempts to suppress your freedom to go against the main trend.

Here’s our lecture. At present, all friends



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