Finance and training of yoga teachers. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2010.07.13.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief Description: alt We are faced with two major challenges to prevent the complete disappearance of yoga. The first – to disseminate knowledge widely as possible. And the second – is to prepare teachers who could practically show people how to apply this knowledge in life. Yoga teacher must understand the ancient tradition, to be able to practice it, and on the other hand be a modern man. The teacher should be a kind of a bridge between ancient tradition and modern life. Make it possible only in the event that yoga will become self-supporting. How to do, where to do it is what should be in this condition? Why disappears yoga? How should receive a yoga teacher? What financial issues arise during the preparation of students? How to ensure the student practice?

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Finance and training of yoga teachers. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.



Answers on questions

Today, July 13, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, near m. Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites,,

Today, our lecture is devoted to answering questions, including questions that were asked by the potential of our future students as full-time and part-time. I will try today to consecrate this topic in more detail, that there were no discrepancies, and it is a clear understanding.

Student: You often say that yoga disappears and it seems to me that the interest in yoga Recently, on the contrary increases.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s start from the beginning. From the point of view of people who practice yoga in our school (School of Yoga tradition Anandasvami), yoga is fast disappearing. Those practices, which have been available for several centuries ago, has ceased to be 100-200 years ago. Moreover, those practices that were available at the beginning of the 20th century, is now no longer available. Those. we see a trend towards the disappearance of the real knowledge of yoga. At the same time interest in yoga is growing. But, not to be confused interest in yoga and yoga itself. Interest in yoga is growing, and yoga disappears. This is similar to how a growing interest in some rare phenomena, and these phenomena disappear. As some rare species of birds, animals, flowers beginning to attract more and more attention, and these birds, animals, flowers fade.

So, yoga disappears! In place of the real yoga are all sorts of surrogates, which are called by the word “yoga”, but in fact, yoga is not. On the one hand, it is not bad, because It maintained interest in the subject. But, on the other hand, many people will be disappointed when they plunge into the surrogate teachings, calling themselves “yoga.”

Student: What about how to prevent yoga disappear?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You’re right, there is now a very urgent need not give yoga disappear. And it can be done only one way – is to distribute those remnants of yogic knowledge, which survived until our days, among the greatest possible number of interested people. Those. to give people access to information.

We went in the following way: choose to use in full all that gives us our modern civilization. Those. means of communication, the media, some developments of technologies that allow you to quickly share knowledge with minimal financial costs. Large load immediately “lay down” on the Internet, attempts to make analogs of television over the Internet, radio, publishing some texts, some practices so that anyone could as widely as possible to get acquainted with the theory of yoga. But yoga – is, in the first place, the practice. Theories little yoga. We still miss this theory by itself, but it needs to conduct classes in yoga. Thus, there is the following problem – to back up the theory that we distribute, practice.

Disciple: How to do it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This requires teachers of yoga, which could lead to a class of people who are interested in yoga. Those. employment is not theoretical, but practical. There follows a very tough task – to prepare the people who will conduct workshops on yoga.

Student: Why? You can make your own practice with yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because each of us can miss with all their desire dozens maximum of hundreds of people. And yoga is the value of knowledge that must be passed thousands, if not millions. It is clear that each of us is able to cover the immensity. Therefore, we need people who have helped to make it. Thus, the cost of training one teacher pay for themselves only in the event that the teacher for their future activities will miss a huge number of people potentially interested in yoga.

Those. there were two important tasks in order to prevent the complete disappearance of yoga. The first – to disseminate knowledge as widely as possible. And the second – to prepare people who could practically show how to apply this knowledge into practice. This logic is very serious for all further actions and rules of the game that exist in our Open Yoga University.

Work on the dissemination of knowledge of yoga is due to modern media, and at the very least a mention of the various practices, techniques, concepts apply for all mankind. And this is the part of yoga, which is financially less costly. Indeed, if you’ve wanted to extend a particular treatise on yoga, you need to be, at least, to publish a book. Moreover, the book in a huge quantity. Now you can publish the text of a book on the Internet – site and an unlimited number of people can read it. We store all the information on the websites,, The second task – to train teachers who will carry virtually yoga very difficult in itself, and in terms of the learning process, financial expenses, temporary investments, organizational difficulties, etc., etc. Those. to prepare a qualified teacher, we need money.

Student: What qualities should a Yoga teacher?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is very serious to understand – a teacher of yoga, which is a practical way will not disappear crumbs knowledge of yoga in the world, should combine seemingly different qualities. On the one hand, he must understand the ancient tradition of yoga, to be able to practice it, to retire for a single practice, that some accomplishments done. Such a person must be very well versed in the basics of yoga, in the ineffable core of knowledge. On the other hand, he should be able to translate this knowledge into actual practice in real life, both for themselves personally and for others. He must be a modern man who lives in the modern civilization, and realizes the modern lifestyle. Those. the teacher should be a kind of a bridge between ancient tradition and modern life. If the teacher is behaving inappropriately and antisocial, he was not able to bring yoga to the people who live in society, he simply will not understand them as well as they did.

Student: Why do not teach yoga for free?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The man who will lead yoga class for other people and introduce them to yoga, to be somehow financially independent and to make ends meet. Make it possible only in one case – if yoga would be self-supporting. Alternatively, when yoga is taught solely on altruistic principles when a person shows a complete disregard for the material side of the issue, as demonstrated by the sad practice (especially in countries of the former USSR), leads to yoga disappear for the simple reason that engage in altruistic person can as long as it is, that is. But sooner or later, you have to pay for rent, for advertising and all sorts of other non-obvious charges, and the man is over. Begin attempts to pour finances from one activity to another. For example, such an altruistic person goes into business earns in the business of money and pours them entirely to yoga to be able to conduct free yoga classes for all comers.

Friends, have actually 20 years since the Soviet Union collapsed, all attempts to do so failed. I do not know of any successful implementation of this idea. At one time, we ourselves have gone through this. This scheme does not work. Altruism is not working. The saddest thing is that, as a rule, people who are trained in this way yoga is produced consumer attitude. In the West, everything is much easier, and there is no one in the head does not come to teach yoga for free. They have a completely different mentality, a very different attitude to life, in his honor, in his own good. But this danger – the degradation of yoga, when, in fact, only the money put at the forefront. Therefore, the issue of finance in the spread of yoga – is a key issue.

Student: So, in fact, is why yoga disappears?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The main reason that yoga is so rapidly disappearing, is a very rapid change in the conditions and lifestyles of people who practiced yoga in the environment.

If a century ago at the beginning of the 20th century, the same India was compared to extinct the fire, where the outside – lifeless and cold ashes. It seemed that no spiritual knowledge in India remains. But it was only to delve into this lifestyle, to travel, for some closed areas and regions, as you found these, even the embers, the highest yogic knowledge. But the way of life in India before that, in the past few thousand years, has not changed. Over the past 100 years as it has changed dramatically. Roughly speaking, completely destroyed the economic foundations that allowed people, even very poor, but to live. Higher yoga knowledge was a priority, and it is passed down from generation to generation.

Now change the rules of the game. Role models – Western countries with their values. And anyone, say, a young Hindu prefers to go to work in some call-center service of various companies located in Europe or America, than their traditional way of life in which persisted yoga. In recent years, there is an invisible breaking: breaking stereotypes, breaking ways of life, etc., etc. As a consequence, yoga begins to fade. And now comes the question of whether, to develop there any other way, including finance, how to maintain yoga. If India’s model of free distribution of certain teachings of yoga could afford the existence of centuries, if not the Millennial way of living, where you could live, feeding on alms and wandering around the country, does not die with hunger, in the West it is not pass. For the simple reason that the West is cold. And the attitude of the people to such a way of life (alms) very much looks like the image of the homeless life. There are few who want to carry a yoga so on.

Disciple: What is yoga? And how to make the spread of yoga so that yoga was self-supporting?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When there was a question of training yoga teachers for us, we immediately arose a terrible headache. And how to prepare the teacher of yoga that it is not enough that he knew perfectly the ancient tradition, would lead a thoroughly modern way of life, but also could make ends meet when teaching yoga. Those. Yoga should be either professional or partly professional, and allow a person to make, including the lives of the fact that it makes all the conditions for teaching yoga.

I want to make a reservation right here: Yoga is not sold and not bought, yoga knowledge is priceless. But the costs of people to rent, advertising, on his work on their skills, the ability to communicate to other people quickly, clearly and simply the most ancient and complex concept of yoga is definitely worth the money as any job in the world.

It should be very clearly understood that the preservation of doing yoga and teaching yoga – no fee is charged for yoga and for the ability to deliver it.

Before us there was a problem, “make” people who could communicate to other yoga and still make ends meet. For, if they worked for kakoy-to extra work, in addition to teaching yoga, it is the part that relates to teaching yoga, not stealing them from the pocket money that this person might spend on your family, children, relatives, After all, the once again to go to the same India. Those. in front of us there was a very tough issue “make” people are able to earn a living in this matter.

Once again, two concepts that we see and who attended to this in the spread of yoga. First – this is the Western, where entirely gives priority to the money. It breeds surrogates, where people do not versed in yoga, but start to teach. Today, I went to one site, and 69.9 dollars I get offered a yoga teacher certificate in English, of course. Cheap and cheerful, what is called “without raising his soft spot on the chair.” You realize that this is nonsense!

The second concept – options yogis – besserebryanikov, very characteristic of the yogis in our country, where yoga sixties, grew up in the ideology of communism, does not pass. Although a good ideology, of course, on the one hand. But, on the other hand, it is partly shown to be ineffective because the Soviet Union collapsed in the first place, it is for economic reasons, not ideological. So, the situation besserebryanikov does not pass! Person teaches yoga free for pensioners, students, the poor, etc. a year, two, three. Then he tired of this idea. And not just annoying, but he has run out of money, and he was forced to stop teaching. Those. This model of conservation of yoga also does not work. And between these two models have to literally grope the way that on the one hand, provide the people who teach yoga, some financial independence, on the other hand – do not give yoga disappear. Insanely difficult task.

Disciple: How should get someone who teaches yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Concept: how much should get someone who teaches yoga, we quite clearly and precisely stated, meaningful and verified. In fact, we have nothing new here is not opened, and took advantage of the old recipe that was used by scientists around the world for decades. To illustrate, I will provide a statement of Rutherford (the famous physics scientist), who was once asked: “How should receive a scientist?”. What Rutherford replied: “A scientist should receive bread on the oil, but not in a jam.” Those. to paraphrase, the average yoga teacher should be aware that by his activities, he will receive some financial compensation, quite decent, maybe a little above average, but not to bathe in luxury. Those. again: “The average yoga instructor, who will form the main load should receive bread on the oil, but not in a jam.”

Student: This is the case of the average yoga instructor. As for people who are unique in the yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Indeed, there are people who can convey to the vast number of other people’s ideas of yoga quickly, clearly and understandably, ie show some of his organizational skills, some, perhaps, know-how. So here, as in science (again hold the same analogy), if you become a Nobel Prize winner, then you can expect not only bread, butter and jam on, but also the black and red caviar with good French wine.

Student: While studying at the Open University of Yoga, I can count on caviar with good French wine?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again, the purpose of the Open University of Yoga – is not to deal with the promise that the person who will be teaching yoga, immediately become luminaries. And just to correct life was setup. Why am I saying this? A lot of people came, did not take place in my life, who think: “In business, I could not do anything, could not be in science, it was not possible in a culture in failed policy, nothing succeeded. I am a loser. Yeah, yoga! Now I’m on it will earn a lot of money. ” Not working, friends, do not work! Just the structure itself will not allow to do it. And we are very clearly see it now.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because we feel for this razor blade, this financial path: what is real and what is unreal. Experience shows that a large freebie fails. You can certainly try to fill the cones, but it is everyone’s business. Thus, the problem – to prepare a teacher of yoga, which would financially clearly was on his feet, able to communicate in the modern language yoga to others and, in fact, that this activity has become a fully professional or partly professional for it. All depending on the conditions, by way of people’s lives.

Student: What qualities must have our graduate who, indeed, become a teacher of yoga, in order to survive in our modern world?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know as it is now called the “capitalist world”? Now I got in trouble: the name of the current structure of our world. But it seems to me that the worst thing that happened in Russia under communism, are now combined with the worst, that is now under capitalism. We are in this soup, and live. Yoga teacher must be able to teach yoga at a very good, high-quality, professional level and be able to earn a living – this is the first. Those. this person should not itself be able to do yoga – these people very much, but to be able to carry out activity for others – such a handful.

Friends, the fact that you are doing yoga for a long time, does not automatically make you a people who are able to teach yoga to others. You can learn mathematics in school for many years and to finish school, perhaps with honors in mathematics. But it does not mean that at the end of the school you become a mathematics teacher. Also in yoga. Our teacher has to be able to teach yoga so as to be able to earn a piece of bread in the oil. But to jam it should not count. This is the first. The second point – is that in the yoga demand a good true yoga is extremely large. Most interesting is that it is very big abroad. A large number of our students, someone at the time, someone on a regular basis teach yoga in English-speaking countries. Now English is everywhere. Those. if our yoga teacher will choose a specialization that, then he should be able to teach yoga professionally in foreign languages, especially English.

Friends, what I tell you, unfortunately, anecdotal reality. I’ve lost count, that is, this is not an isolated case, when people appealed to us so we can help them find a yoga teacher to work in India. Those. go to Tula with his samovar offered because the demand is there, but no offers sane. Of course, yoga – is the property of all mankind. And not only we, the people living in the Russian-speaking environment, but also people speaking other languages also have the right to know the true teachings of yoga. Moreover, there is still another factor that, for me personally, it is very strong, as a person, which trains future yoga teachers. It is no secret that quite unexpected intervals dumped on us then some some financial turmoil, others. In this sense, people western live richer, posytnee, especially in the United States, where there was not a warrior, revolution, they have not paid a terrible price for the won the war for the arms race, for to stay alive as ( say) in Russia. Therefore, we live here, my friends, too bad if you compare our standard of living to the level of life of Europeans and the level of American life. Because my task, or rather, the task of all our activities – not to disappear yoga, for me the financial component in the fate of the future teacher of yoga – this is the main point. Those. whether the teacher will survive, will reduce if he ends meet financially. If you will bring, then yoga will survive, if not, we will forget about yoga. In any case, it will fade faster. Therefore, any possibility somehow to employ the future teacher of yoga – for me a chance to keep living yoga. And those yoga teachers who are planning in the future to link their activities with the teaching of yoga is not in Russian-speaking countries, while in others, should be able to do so in a professional, international level. It must be said that the analysis of our graduates shows that they are out of the competition. Compared with the lobudoy, now littered with the West, where even in practical terms, all out of competition. About the theory, friends, even ashamed to say, ashamed of shabby laugh. When you take the fitness coach of any Western country and try to find out from him what is yoga, you want to cry bitterly. Because this person does not know, as a rule, nothing. At best, he says that there is “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” is the stage of “pit” is a stage “niyama”, all this, as a rule, knowledge ends.

So, the next time. Our yoga teachers themselves should be able to make a living, teaching yoga, both in our country and abroad. Therefore, we have a very strict rule (requirement): we do not allow to teach for free. Those. if you are at the end of our training start besserebryanichat if you are relying on the financial model, you do not pull a long time. As experience shows, you gave it up. And it turns out that we have nothing you doing, you do not incur more yoga.

As part of a charity program, you have the right to do so. In its rush soul – is yes.

Teach Yoga – a very demanding thing. But it is also a graduate of the International Open University of Yoga, which is yoga to the masses suffer and miss through the thousands and thousands of people should be able to explain the theory of yoga. The man who knows how to conduct practical training – he actually fits this description as a “coach”, “yoga instructor”. A yoga teacher is needed, which would also explain why this or that exercise works, why it is this concept of yoga, and no other. Those. It is a person who should be able to understand for others to express the concept of yoga. There are also a lot of difficulties in the preparation of such people. There are people who for himself understand how yoga works, understand the theory of yoga, but can not put two words together to explain it to others. And so these people have to develop, so they got some, at least, rudimentary knowledge of oratory, were able to hold on to the public, we were able to coherently express their thoughts for people inexperienced in yoga, ie report, including the living and the theory of reinforcement practices. Those. our graduate should be able to give lectures. It is clear that not all people are very quick and easy to deal with it. We, of course, in this regard is not so rigidly insist that each of us has become the highest speaker. But at least some experience in reading public lectures each our graduate must acquire. Those. to know how to teach and practice to inform theory. To able to practice teaching and exposition of the theory to somehow reduce the financial ends meet. To this has enabled such a person to earn a living on the oil, but do not let the jam counts (at least, the first years of the work).

Student: Is there any funding sources yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sources of funding for yoga, of course, very different. There are people who are engaged in sponsoring activities, and you can find a sponsor who will, inter alia, and to cover your classes on teaching yoga to others. But count on it you have no right. If you count on it, you unwittingly become dependent on the sponsor. And as long as the sponsor pays the money, you teach yoga. When happen the next financial shock and the sponsor is not up to you, this is over and all yoga. Therefore, first of all, you have to rely on real people you will teach yoga. This implies the following is a conceptual rule or decision: the price or the cost of your training should not be too large, but also should not be too small. As with all of our modern civilization, there is some balance. And you should be able to feel for this balance in the future, when you become a yoga teacher. Friends, this is the logic, that’s what you need. It is necessary to spread the knowledge as much as possible (through the Internet, somehow, through the book), and knowing immediately reinforce the practice. It can only do yoga teachers. Accordingly, it is necessary to prepare teachers of yoga. This yoga teacher should be able to earn a living and be able to carry on a good international level, yoga, yoga to be able to explain the theory to the most inexperienced of people in the future. This ensures that yoga, in any case, will not fade as quickly as it currently does. Those. It will be a new financial support to yoga knowledge preserved. Once again, the financial model, as in ancient India, where there were a begging bowl, the West does not work, we will lose yoga. By and large, it is now in India is not working. There’s only a tribute to the gray hair. When will this new financial fair cushion, Yoga survive. If it will not – it will collapse.

Student: Why have not you started to present yoga to the West?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: follow the logic – it is necessary to prepare teachers. Where to do it, how to do it, which in this case should be the conditions? Here, I can open up to you a little secret. Strictly speaking, all the people who actually belong to our school of yoga – it is quite sane, and I would even say, quite successful people in life in general. Those. not only in yoga, some in business, some in science, someone … well, I will not enumerate the who, where. And immediately the idea of a very real: to begin with Western countries. At the very least all speak foreign languages, so many connections, friends, acquaintances. Those. it would be possible to start it in Western countries. If there is, we have made this ancient knowledge push, then surely, he immediately to a certain extent be spread. For example, in Europe, even better – in America. And then on the good tradition of copying, he would come back to us, including in Russia. Because 90% of yoga to us to this day and it came. It was a very logical structure, rather, by the thought of how to spread the yoga. Next came some very interesting moments. Firstly, some of the people whom we respect very much in yoga, advised us not to rush to do so. Those. when we started to explain what the charm of, say, the same United States, the same Europe. In the end, the great Vivekananda where to go? In America. Somehow, we were told: “Friends, do not hurry.” Then some series of coincidences, you know, like, chances that we’re stuck here in Russia. Well, opinions, to be honest, were divided. Someone more skeptical said that simply warning in advance, when it was necessary to hurry up. We all know, there are some crucial moments. For example, I’m more inclined to such a romantic perception of reality. I begin, again, to recall the statement of the ancient sages of India, the modern sages of India, in the end, the same Vivekananda, who, after he repeatedly visited the country and America and Europe, the end of life said a significant phrase, which is probably it will be either Russia or China. He lived quite small. Thus, such a point that has not grown together with the West. Although, it would be easier to make.

Why? You’ll understand when I tell you right now the financial structure, how it all works. In America, people are used to pay for everything. If that is the demand that any proposal is “a great success”. Because an inferiority complex in relation to our yoga none of us does not feel, we just know that for some items out of the competition, we absolutely (there simply is not something any of yoga sections), the West would have to do everything much easier. On the order of magnitude easier. Moreover, with the involvement of some developments, it could be done. But not grown together, it did not work. Why do I say this? From time to time we write letters and start to ask that, well, that Russia ahead of the rest, beats the drums and sound the alarm that yoga disappears, that Russia will save the yoga. However, even with such a mockery of people refer to us from our former Soviet republics. That, they say, that’s all over the world, people do not believe that yoga disappears, and you feel. And somewhere in the slips is ironic attitude. Honestly, I do not laughing. Maybe podnachitavshis that fiction called “yoga” and may be something that some forecasts there to do some plans for the future, but to me by God, is no laughing matter. In any case, it would have to start in Russia. And then another terrible headache – a financial one. To make ends meet at the well-fed West could easily enough, where people are used to pay for everything, there are people about good social conditions. And it turns out that the person who works hard and, I must say, in America and in Europe, people are very industrious and work hard and seriously. In any case, I mean the good segments of the population, rather than marginal. And they are used to paying for everything. And so, if we were talking about the training of yoga teachers in these countries, then it would have been very clear and transparent. Training, for instance, a yoga teacher last 4-5 years, the cost of training so many dollars per year. And point. As the saying goes, take it or leave (buy or get out, or leave it on the spot – a play on words). Of course, it is also our hope bright, based on the support of those friends, quite powerful, all of these countries. But, actually, this is not the joy of Pig, we know how many more good ideas fall through the West. Not only have a good idea, you should still be able to bring it. Anyway, it did not grow together.

Disciple: The Western version did not go. I stayed our version, the Russian.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is Russia? Russia it represents a complete demolition of the people. For example, earlier there were different people: someone earned more, some less, some were well educated, some poorly educated. And then, this change anything in the world has led to the fact that somewhere outside Moscow or the Moscow region a person with a great education, great potential, but lives on the miserable wages and can not make ends meet. Those. all mixed up. And so stupidly take and announce: “Learning yoga teachers is so much and so much”, it instantly limit the number of applicants, for example, the city of Moscow. I will not reveal the secret that the level of life of the city Moscow in comparison with the rest of the country is different at times. Those. some little thing on which people here do not even think of saving, can be a major purchase somewhere 300 km away from Moscow. But you must understand that the yoga teacher – this is not the first available person, and the best of the best. And so, if only to put some tough financial requirements that “paid much – you will learn not to pay so much, you will not learn”, we actually ruin the whole thing. Therefore, following this vitally necessary stage came – this share is actually training for people who just live in such cities as Moscow, and the people who live on the 7th some kilometer of any state or province at a distance . Yoga is needed everywhere! It is necessary not only in Moscow, not only across the country we have, it is necessary in the former Soviet Union, in countries where Russian-speaking people live. First of all, once again, I had to sharpen all in Russian. Someone thinks that this could be our strategic failure that had yet to adhere to a different vision: to publish books, to gain popularity in the West, and then on a white horse to return to Russia. Friends, I do not know, really do not know. I am inclined to believe, I’m a man patriotic, inclined to believe in Russia. You know, in Russia one can only believe, the mind, as you know, it does not understand. A more pragmatic of our comrades call me a dreamer, maybe they’re right. In the end, some decomposed life force shudder at times on the extent of our living conditions, the extent of the lack of freedom, fear of enslavement. We are different. Here, I’m going down the street, I immediately distinguish alien from our man’s expression, in relation to life. We hunted, we have clamped. But, anyway, I had to share the policy of training teachers in the metropolis and the training of teachers who can not physically come to live in a completely different financial level. And try those and other cooking. It is clear that the financial cost of the person who lives in the metropolis and learn from us, they are much more than the time students who live anywhere in the region. But, in fact, generally speaking, it is like to say. If you count all the costs of travel, on the other, other, and, when you consider the standard of living index, it turns out just the opposite. But, anyway, if we want to prepare the yoga teachers, which in the future will be financially independent and will actually carry yoga to the masses, it is necessary for it to go. This crazy problem. Because it is necessary to differentiate the policy. Those. for some, so many, so many, and for others so much, so much. And, of course, that this process is in transition. If, as they say, all would be well and eventually we will reach the level of life of Europe or America of the same, you can breathe a sigh of relief and say, “This is so much, so much a year. Either pay or nothing we can not help you. ” But now is the moment of transition, until a strong stratification of society alike. This is not the man’s fault, as a result of the social upheaval it was on a very low-paid work in any other city in the area.

Student: How do you organize training MOYU?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Next time – this is the organization of it all. Even with people who, in the city of Moscow in a position to learn from the yoga teachers need some funding, at least to maintain this occupation. We need somewhere to take the room, you need some other organizational issues to be addressed. The question is: where to get the money? The first option is hard. Each student has to pay for itself in full. That’s how it is spent, so many have to pay. We felt this option was considered and realized that we remain miserable one, it is very expensive. Therefore, students move on full payment – this is, again, “to kill” the case of yoga. Those. cost should be feasible. Question: where to find the missing piece? This part gave us sponsors. Who are the sponsors? This is our previous graduates. They once through the thorns to the stars crept through all these horrors. They, of course, was much more difficult, and conditions were harsher. But not all went directly to teach yoga. Someone went into business, and through him somehow to teach someone – in other activities. Anyway, there was some kind of budget. However, this budget does not fully cover all costs. In any case, a future teacher of yoga should be very much through the skip itself. And here, again, to touch, my friends, is absolutely the touch began to be born at least some solution to this problem. It even layer to distribute the load in such a way that one part of the teaching yoga blankets another. Those. can be carried out, for example, a lecture exclusively for future yoga teachers. This can be done by any rules. You can do a lecture for everyone, accidentally came to this lecture. And you can try to combine it all in one bottle: to lecture was open to all comers, but she was imprisoned in the future yoga teachers. This applies to all of our free public lectures. All of our free events, without exception, incarcerated at the future teachers. But they may be present anyone. Those. this load times – and distributed. The same situation is in our common yoga classes. These yoga exercises may come anyone. But those nuances that are sometimes poorly visible to the untrained person, you will definitely say that these lessons are held exclusively for future yoga teachers. Gives templates such a size, all these subtle nuances, sometimes incomprehensible to the untrained person to, passing through these classes themselves, the future teacher of yoga gaining the necessary time spent in school cloud. But, in the same place may be present man in the street, who just came to practice yoga themselves and do not even realize that there is more ambitious exercise, perhaps than he had expected. It turns out that a person who comes from the street, partly begins to pay for the training of teachers. But, again, we can not pull up the price of our class above the average for Moscow. That is, the average price in Moscow, say for a half hour session. We can not lift up above her, otherwise people will stop us going. And now, friends, we have to tack to the touch this narrow, razor-edged path to make up for the missing funds from sponsors. Thus, it is necessary to combine in one bottle some activities that are much more energy, for almost everyone. But in order to take advantage of future yoga teachers. Therefore, part of the financial burden on the training of yoga teachers is reduced. And, first, it already becomes passive. Secondly, as it were, it gives a real opportunity to at least do something. But, as you know, to explain how much they cost, very hard. Because from a formal point of view, all the special sessions, to which outsiders are not allowed, for future sessions of yoga teachers did not stand, they are entirely due to the support of sponsors. Another part is feasible to simply to work out. In the end, you will teach yoga to others, if you do not get a certain number of hours? For him to pay the money.

Friends, this is crazy. You know, it’s still the legacy of our Soviet economic model. This transition process, when all the poor, sometimes comes when a person is very strong potential, one can see him as a future teacher. But, since he was the fate that he was born, “God knows where,” there is no money and nowhere to take. And already we see immediately, eyes burning, that this person will sense, he will carry on yoga. And, just for the reason that he has no money and financial landscape in our country are terrible – to close to him the way to yoga? Of course not, you need to find a way out. Those. not stupid a way out, either pay or get out and try to coordinate it all, that this model worked.

Student: How do you organize distance learning in MOYU?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: even more difficult in relation to external students. They still tend to be more limited in financial resources. Therefore, we can require from them? This is a full time presence in the training through the Internet, and 2 times a year to come to the part that goes directly to the implementation of this theory in practice. Those. time students have to come in the winter and in the summer to take the theory, practical training. Accordingly, in these periods of time they spend their any financial resources, and all the rest of it is more time-sparing regimen. But it is not enough that the list of problems that we ourselves have charged. The worst headache comes on the third or fourth year of study. Releasing Yoga teacher who does not have the actual practice of teaching – is to doom it to neudel. Those. who will take it to work, if he did not have teaching practice, if it is not taught yoga for real people. Neither our country nor a person with no experience in the West do not take the job. A man appeared to have the experience, it is necessary to take on the job. You see, the ring become isolated, and it turns out that our student is issued with impeccable knowledge of the theory and practice of yoga, but the real teaching experience there. And who needs it? And because when the real teaching begins, the whole theory in another begins to go to his head. Those. We need to ensure that practice. And now think of themselves as provide student practice? He had the idea, to train on the same as he is a student. Because what kind of people will come to the person inexperienced in the practice of yoga? Well, God be with him. Under this deal you need to rent more space, consider all the arrangements, up to cleaning, crazy schedules, etc., etc., that man got real teaching hours to ending our training, it was not such a novice . In all of these fitness clubs all over the head enough, because people come to them presumptuous, arrogant, but absolutely no experience. Such a person will read Sivananda per night, for tomorrow have a yoga instructor. Remarkably, just as soon as it begins to be felt. People felt that a person is not experienced, felt more of a potential employer. Why? Because the employer sees that something is wrong. And yoga is not to disappear, we need teachers with real teaching hours. You know, like the pilot, before you are lucky passengers on international flights, you have to dial flight hours, not only for the computer simulator to press the buttons. Friends, this is a crazy headache, it is very costly financially. Organize its insanely hard. But do not do this – it is the fruit of unfinished yoga teachers. Of course, it is easier in this respect the people who live in large metropolitan areas, they are easier to assemble, easier for them to organize something, etc., etc., so they stuffed their hands, all this thing done. This, once again, with the financial help of sponsors. Because, as a rule, it is pure sponsorship. These classes do not even invite people from the street. Particularly severe headache, when a person has to do all this specialization in a foreign language, say English. We have to sit and in English, the same as he, budding teachers to hone their English is called the “face of the Table.” The part that concerns the practical teaching, there is rather limited and well-chosen vocabulary, there is all solved. But again, it’s a different language. But for the production of MOYU you should also be able to read and lectures.

Student: Where students take the audience to whom they will give lectures?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Where do you take the audience to whom you read? You can, of course, as you know, poets go to the bus stop and to declare. Sometimes the metro meet these characters, it is at least some public, if only attention. It’s very hard, my friends. Especially if you have not had experience, if you are a little afraid of the public, if somehow feel uncomfortable when you are listening. A teacher should be able to give lectures, you need to ensure it also this practice. Those. everything revolves financially on the brink of survival. But, if we do not, this financial model will be developed, it will immediately lead to the fact that come the Western model. What does the Western model? There’s all clearly, honestly, yoga is so much. Who teaches – no matter what teaching – it does not matter. People go? There are. Money paid? Pay. All, all are happy. That is not yoga, nobody’s business. Of course, making a desperate effort, including in our country – to put yoga in a different scenario, so-called, monastery scenario. Those. it closed some associations of people, whether monks, or yoga instructors, whether it is a religious kind of school, whether it is a school of yoga, ie up India. Yes, indeed, there is a financial issue, as a rule, do not, there is need to limit allegiance to this ideology. But modern man is very afraid of such organizations, very much like they are on the sect, friends. But it is always a certain number of people for whom this lifestyle is very suitable. But this is not a mass yoga. Moreover, sometimes, oddly enough, found among these adherents, including very serious yoga teachers, yoga who know very deeply. But they do not know how it convey to the modern man, they are afraid of their human way of life, their behavior, thinking, that this attempt, besserebryanichestva. And our man as he thinks, This time with my yoga do not take money, then, the sect, luring me. This does not work in the West. Then there is still such a thing is the Western mentality. Western man cherishes freedom. Western man says, “Here I have so much money. I want to buy something, something, something. And so more than me you did not bind. I paid their money – you spend your yoga class. I got this yoga class, and we parted, like ships at sea. I want to – back, not want – do not come back. That’s the feeling of freedom permeates western people. By the way, and our country. Therefore, it undermines all attempts to the eastern or Indian style somewhere to do the ashram where people really will learn yoga, etc., etc. People are just scared of this.

Disciple: How to calculate the cost of training?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That of these thoughts, my friends, everything else is calculated. Calculate how many people have to spend money for their education. Those. ochnik typically spends (previous experiment) somewhere in the region of 5 thousand per month. In correspondence student turns purely on yoga – it is 20 thousand rubles per year. But plus his expenses for travel, accommodation, etc. Can everybody afford it? No, not all. More precisely, there are people for whom it is a trifle. And we have, and there were some students. There are people for whom this is the limit of what they can pull on itself. There are people for whom it is generally excessive burden. But, there’s nothing we can do. We are already so “like a snake in a frying pan to turn out” to survive a difficult period as long as in Russia there a middle class that is able to pay a good fixed price. Why? Because it will earn, respectively, more. But when will that be? And yoga is needed now. After all, oddly enough, a yoga class makes a person more dominant and such a person is better adapted to business in an unusual environment. It has an internal anti-theft protection, called “inner prana.” Because of this, and it is very difficult to answer, how much they cost. If this sort, it is not how much will it cost, is at the expense of the sponsor. And you pay only for the part that you would need to dial to talk to you just for your learning yoga instructor. Friends, not ours, once again, the rules that such a system was long. This system causes a lot of difficulties, it does not allow to do something that would be done. It makes many average, she has a lot of disadvantages. We understand that we give up on it, sooner or later, it will be like in the civilized world, it is quite clear and transparent rules of the game. But now the moment of transition. How long it will be delayed, dependent on our sponsors. How long they will be able to cover the whole holiday, so be it. On the other hand, we have nowhere to go. Wait until all it is itself solved? So yoga is finally disappear. What am I to you the whole picture of the inside told? For the simple reason that you have a very clear understanding. In particular, I want to make it very clear understanding of the people who in the future want to have to learn. Everything is transparent. We have the name of the Open University of Yoga, because everything is open. No secret there springs or secret forces, everything is clear, everything is open, everything in the palm of your hand. That there were no expectations of a miracle or a holiday, or something else. From you, if you come to learn, you need to work, and work on oneself. Because just like that, including money from sponsors, we can not spend, if someone came to have fun, too, “an expensive price” everything is given. People who are engaged in it, strictly speaking, not dopoluchaet themselves, they are torn away from you, so that yoga is not collapsed. But, again, they rely only on the fact that when you become a yoga teacher, begin really to teach yoga and get a kakie-to funds that you just do if you encounter a situation where the other person is also suitable yoga, but because of their karmic situations are not able to pay.

Student: Do yoga licensed and accredited?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In all civilized countries, government or any institution of these countries do not do. In particular, do not do that in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Just none of the officials would never be licensed, and even more so, to accredit yoga. They simply do not understand what it is, there is no criterion. Yoga is not medical activities, ie Yoga nobody treats. It is not gymnastics or sport, etc, etc. You know, too, bureaucrats can understand, they do not want unnecessary problems completely. This occurs worldwide. On the one hand, this complicates the position of yoga. On the other hand, conversely, it facilitates. In any case, in many countries, a variety of mood. I do not take the country such as North Korea, where people do not know all that’s going on, is there a yoga or not. Or any country where religious aspirations are so tight that there is not only for yoga, there may be less of a response to attract. In the end, the situation is as follows: in the Soviet Union at the same time, yoga has got what is called a hand with karate lessons and other Eastern philosophical and sporting trends. Then in the year 1988 somewhere completely ceased to be a crackdown on yoga. Those. Yoga has ceased to be restricted during the Soviet era. And then about it, in fact, forgotten and now especially nobody remembers it. Indeed, any government, any bodies it all, to be honest, not to yoga. Therefore, the attitude of yoga in different regions of the former Soviet Union, in Russia in different regions is different, and depends largely on the opinions and sentiments of the local authorities. But, in any case, the criterion to determine the yoga, no one has. Because if you make yoga a dry residue is harmony. Licensed and accredited concept of “harmony” is very difficult. In other countries – anywhere differently.


Student: What are the positive aspects of free education?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, even though I was crying you that insanely hard to live in this transitional moment, when, in fact, the future of yoga teachers are not able to pay for their education in full. And you have to compensate. In fact, the bulk of their training is free of charge. So, even though you and I cry, on the one hand, but to a certain extent and has not shown the positive side of these things. The positive side of this thing, friends, very happy and very powerful. It is possible to completely clear conscience and without a second thought to sift and deduct random people. Now, let us say, in Russia a large number of educational institutions, branch offices, where people directly teach for money. Those. people come every month to pay some money. And professors, teachers fuss over him. Why? Because whatever idiot, fool was not, you will not expel him. Why? Because if you expel it, it will be money lost. You will not have you out of pocket money to throw the future. And it does not free mentally more of the same teachers, professors and the entire organization. Those. We have to lick all. You know, we slip on a bad position such political correctness not tell him a harsh word, do not tell me that he had something I do not understand. He immediately turn around and leave, and you will lose your money. Here are all the same there is a certain charm of Soviet, as in the communist years, because it is free, my friends. That is, you know, something in it. Why? Because it passes very quickly screened. It comes some marginal space-contender for the fact that he will be a teacher of yoga and will teach all the aliens. And you with a clear conscience, it is wrapped. Why? Because, if it was on a subconscious thought that the man was gone, gone, and the money you would have started to close his eyes: “Yes, and not the space. Just think, the aliens also humans, too, need yoga. ” You know, and you perforce become unfree. This, by the way, in the section “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali”, one situation there is very serious, poorly understood, from the “Pit” sections “Niyama” – failure to take gifts. Puny understand it all. And, in fact, it had in mind that you should not take bribes and you must not lead the kind of lifestyle that you of their actions or omissions become dependent on some material reward another person and thereby become unfree.

Still has the charm from the fact that a balanced system, that part of the financial burden takes on the student, and part by the sponsor. She is! Why? Because we all teachers within themselves, feel as free as the wind. And if tomorrow will have the whole group to disband and disperse, and put an end to say: “Yes, one of them is a potential yoga teacher. It will be something marginally-space. ” The teacher will do it with a clear conscience, go to bed, wake up and say, “Well, did not allow unwanted people into the inner sanctum of yoga.” So, you know, our modern world is changing, you need to adapt to it. There are strengths and weaknesses at all. We need to find strengths and use them, you need to find the weak and to compensate, but not at any cost give yoga disappear.

Another question, my friends?

Gregory, Moscow, free listener: In the course of your lectures have some questions, LLC. In the West is highly developed tradition of financing such humanitarian projects. This project is a humanitarian, very useful for mankind. There are so-called humanitarian funds. The budget of the humanitarian funds is on average 1-2 million, the most of such an average budget. This is the first idea.

The second idea. You have, in principle, has created a brand “Vadim Zaporozhtseva”, which, in principle, in the West, other companies (not specifically for the brand and for its other brands), it is worth a lot of money. Those. what the strength of the brand? If there are some well-known name, then around it is possible to create subsidiaries in different countries, such as China.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Franchising you mean.

Gregory, Moscow, an auditor: Yes, franchising. Those. the money will come – deductions from income, ie, such a chain. She will come here, to Moscow. Center you remain here, and you’ll clone point in China, India, the United States, in Europe. And you will have the money to flow from profit. This is the second idea.

The third idea. This lecture for the bourgeoisie (for the rich). There should be a live broadcast. So you’re doing, and they should be paid, with simultaneous translation. Those. there are large chain fitness centers, ie in Europe and the US not a fitness center, and literally network. If you go out to them (on the network), and to offer them such translation is in English in these networks fitness, I think they are happy to agree. Basically, you and again, the money will flow. This is the third idea.

The idea number four. Here you have a forum on the site. There, I believe, need to put a specific point: the idea of financing yoga. And let the students give their suggestions there. Because all the students have their own ideas and thoughts. People are reasonable, many of the economic entity.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Gregory, I ask forgiveness, is already pressed for time. Let us, then we left the next time. I really, really like your way of thinking. Moreover, we try to develop it in all our future teachers. According to statistics, one hour of teaching goes from 5 to 10 hours of preparatory work related to organizational, advertising, by whatever difficulties. This statistic, long operating time. Therefore, we are always very welcome creative thinking of the future teachers. That you were, you know, man, in the best sense of the word, a man who let the West of the MBA program. Those. a person who is able to very quickly find their way into reality and build as the economic relationship to enrich himself, to enrich their friends, acquaintances and relatives. And another plus to the country in which he lived, flourished. Honestly, this is just the kind of thing we need to completely copy and learn from such a country, say, America. Those. not to reinvent the wheel (you know, I’m a great patriot of our country), but sometimes you need to drop off the snobbery, and turn from such a hegemon in the modest student. So learn and what you’re talking about. This idea is quite remarkable. We tried every way to promote the idea of home assignments, we constantly ask our students: “Wherever you thought yoga would be distributed where it advertising?”. It is not because we are stupid people sitting here. We have a fairly large team of very smart people in a variety of industries and in our country and abroad, and where there is not enough. The question is. The question is that the future teacher constantly learned to think in this way. Because, say, today we solve this problem. And when we will release it in 4 years, the world will change. He will teach yoga in their own country or city center. He must think strategically longer. Therefore, I really like your proposal, it is wonderful. Of course, I immediately have to add the share of skepticism. You know, this principle Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic that “foreigners will help us”, it does not work. There’s a well know how to count money, and in the West, its broadcasts fitness classes via the Internet is a huge number that even in Russia is not enough. To break through this mental field of the West is impossible, unless you have a big patron or you do not know the moves. All the ideas that we are now oblagodetelstvuem the globe, only to enter the bourgeoisie (as you said), they are very doubtful. Unfortunately, once again, we have a lot of people who have worked with the bourgeoisie, they are well aware of that bourgeois pay for what is not. But as a franchise or brand, as you said. We make the brand “Vadim Zaporozhtsev”, “Yoga Vadim Zaporozhtseva” and a stamp. “You are a teacher of yoga Vadim Zaporozhtseva or not?”. Friends, after all I am a graduate of the Soviet Union, and he was something was in solidarity with the ancient rishami (sages). People there expounded the Vedas, the highest teachings of yoga, and we do not know their names because of modesty. Here me now to swell, you know, such as a frog, “I am, look at me!”. Of course, I have this idea a little jars in the sense that, first, with a practical point of view, it is very difficult to implement. Second, you must understand that every brand is supported by only some reality. What reality can be for yoga? Not the number of certificates, not big names, not PR. A yoga teachers who were able to convey to the thousands of other people just this pristine yoga. And only this is the real mainstay of yoga. You see, if, for example, graduates of the Open University of Yoga will go to a strange city, and begin to teach people like, people will change their lives for the better, and ask: “Where did you study?”. And they will say: “In the Open Yoga University”, even in this case we are closable one capacious word “yoga”. Yoga draw. Those. game is appropriate is a brand that we Unlike some other systems. Why? Because in the same Russian brands such lots. That is, the Western brand, it is their “tentacles” (as it were) dropped in Russia, and here began to be fruitful, to multiply. If you will drop deep, it is entirely a commercial organization from top to bottom (with all the strengths and weaknesses of all). The strength of that with the money they have everything in order. It’s not like we have “snake moves’, so that they were satisfied, and they are happy. Everything is very clear: the day the money chairs in the evening. Remember the phrase from “12 chairs”. But because we live in our country in the transition period, the mentality of potential teachers of yoga does not allow it to understand and accept. Frankly, I was very sick from this, when yoga is converted in such goods. While on the other hand, the friends, the dialectic. On the one hand, yoga must stand firmly on the financial cushion, on the other hand, start to sell yoga so I have a sickening feeling. Why? Namely, for the reason of which I spoke at the beginning of the lecture – not for sale yoga, but the ability to bring it sold the ability to organize the instructor. Our position in yoga teaching is quite closed, it is impossible to teach yoga, yoga can be learned. Yoga teacher makes conditions to people who have come to occupy, rediscovered yoga in itself. Therefore, the excessive copying of Western brand of psychology, I think this is also skewed.

Gregory, Moscow, free listener: Vadim, what’s stopping you just translate. Here you have a huge amount of work has already been done, all these video lectures, which are read for a few years, at least to translate into English, and at least in the form of a DVD to send all over the world? Become a millionaire at once …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Work goes. Millionaire! Friends, I will say it again: bread, butter, but do not jam.

Gregory, Moscow, free listener: And why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And because it’s done. I explain.

Gregory, Moscow, free listener: Just you there is so much material, unlike other teachers, I just compared. You have charisma. For example, give the same lecture to read dozens or hundreds of teachers and you, ie, You read so that the public will come to you. Therefore, if sold in the form of lectures, I’m not the one to … I’m talking in general. If sold in the form of lectures, no matter what it’s called.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Gregory, and, get this. Climb, climb on me, then it is possible to sponsor the world.

Gregory, Moscow, free listener: Worldwide sell your lecture !!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let us a little more seriously, to the point. Firstly, charisma – is the flip side is pressed against the wall. When each of you will be pressed to the wall, I can assure you that each of you can find so much charisma, that will not find it. At what plan? I feel that yoga disappears friends. I can see how this American shaft is not clear what, now there is.

Now, what about the lecture. Friends, when we decided to start working with the Russian-speaking audience, you think it’s just a declaration, we read yoga in Russian. Nothing like this. Your humble servant in his past life talked tight enough with a very prominent representatives of “burzhuystva”. So, those jokes-jokes, which I diluted in lectures, links to radio operator Kat from “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, “money in the morning, evening chairs.” You know, then from the lectures there will be absolutely nothing. So here’s the fact that the work was initially imprisoned in the Russian-speaking audience, he says not that we could give lectures, sharpened to an English audience with mental concepts and culture. They’ve got, you know, even the older generation remembers Mickey Mouse. The younger there … You know, they have a different mental environment there. And so, here are my lectures are not directly go. From the outset, it was necessary to make a decision, we have adopted: in Russian, then in Russian. What’s next, we’ll see. It is not so simple, my friends, so that you have taken from one country and transferred to another Yoga. Will not work. We must feel. Why do I say this: those students who want to specialize in particular – to teach yoga to foreigners – this is a very difficult task, especially – lecturing.

You should, however, not just stupidly something to read, but also to know and some examples of life. And for this you need to know the psychology, you need to know what they know from childhood, something you’ve never seen.

That is all.







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