2008.03.30 Workshop Kundalini Yoga




                                   Kundalini yoga – the section of Tantra Yoga


What is Kundalini Yoga?

Actually, the term “Kundalini Yoga” – as an independent Yoga – was formed recently. Generally speaking, this section Tantra yogi2. As soon as you hear the word “kundalini”, “chakry3”, “Channels” – you know – it is sections of Tantra Yoga. Beyond Tantra Yoga Yoga these sections did not survive. Sometimes I hear people say, “Yes, I do yoga and tantra yoga, I do not do it.” I am afraid that it is impossible in principle. Any yoga that is known we have here in the West or in India, passed through the crucible of Tantra Yoga. Therefore, the term “Kundalini Yoga” to a certain sense artificial term, although it reflects the essence of this phenomenon. Now directly about this effect, the phenomenon of “Kundalini”.



Stressful situations and “Phenomenon of Kundalini”

Now, if you start analyzing all sorts of wonderful things with people from time to time occur. I talked at one time with the veterans of the Second World War (even if they were more alive) for super-powers, which they demonstrated during the war or some stressful moments, situations. the overall trend emerges very clearly. In moments of some the most stressful situations, in moments when something goes wrong (as it would have to go), from time to time in the person wakes a strange ability. And the man suddenly ceases to be afraid of death, a person suddenly shows the vitality of miracles, a person suddenly shows purely physical forces, which in ordinary life he could never prove. That this moment very often occurs. I was curious, of course, all our grandparents went through it. What is called the first-hand information. This was a lot of say in the most crucial moment, when a person under the influence of stress in it something wakes up, the hair on my head stand on end, he all in a very strange state falls and often even themselves and not remember in that state. It is only then returned to his realization after.

And it is, again, often saved people’s lives. Stressful situations are naprotjazhenii throughout history (again, if we consider the war – the attack on the gun you’re running down here, man down there, and you are running.). You are in a stressful condition. You understand that it is death. Then hop – something peremknulo and all, and you have suffered further. You do not think about death or death. All. The fear is gone.


Trance states and “Phenomenon of Kundalini”

 Sometimes Africa show that there’s local prisoners, drum strikes female-strikes female-strikes female-strikes female, he jumps, leaps, jumps and pow – fell into a trance. And so it may be three days proprygat and drum punch. Returned from this state a few others. This is absolutely insensitive to pain, do not need. That is, even the usual story we left a lot of examples of what is inside us some laid mechanism, a very strange mechanism that wakes up every day, who wakes up under the influence of sometimes completely incomprehensible that the action (sometimes shock, sometimes fear); that is, he wakes up, when this mechanism is a person acts behaves somehow differently, then it also disappears, as if it had never been. And the man himself wonders: is this he broke into the enemy trenches and laid there a company of soldiers. He then wonders, how can it be that he is white and fluffy. If you start to analyze some such religion orthodox religion, unorthodox religious sect of sorts, flow direction, there is also sometimes observed this effect. During any service, any rite or sectarian actions (usually some kind of entourage, ritual). People like normally it consists, then something happens to them, they fall in a very strange state, then come back out of it. Moreover, this state as they say – is over. And in fact, a huge number of precisely these marginal sects and even religious movements. They are very tough exploit this ability. That is, they pick up some influencing factors (music, action, etc.), that bang – and the person falls into this state, and then returns to this state. At the same time, many sects hold. That is, this phenomenon is.

In yoga, this phenomenon, of course, well known. This so-called phenomenon of kundalini.


Once again, the term “Kundalini” – is part of tantric yoga (Tantra Yoga). And yoga is explained that this is why it is so evident. And most importantly – we can use our talents, our hidden energy that we currently do not even notice that from time to time wakes up as a result of some unusual combinations of phenomena.

Yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga teaches us to use this mechanism, and by the very cause learning in itself is a state – that is to awaken this potential. That is in contrast to the spontaneous manifestation of the mortgaged ability, yoga teaches us precisely the things that each of us could disclose the energy, to use it. But again, use sparingly, used sensibly, to avoid from this bad.


– Why kundalini yoga must be used sparingly and carefully?


 In fact, when a person falls into a trance state border, because it is not always saves his life. And sometimes vice versa – he falls into such a state, and he no longer understands what he is doing – it bears. And well, if a person is to protect the homeland, fighting with the enemy. And if, God forbid, he has something peremknulo for everyday life, we see many of these maniacs, which is something wham – bam, he and a machine gun everybody lay down. And he has no fear, he has no thoughts, it is nothing at all – it simply carries, rushing. And in fact it is also subject to the effects of kundalini. That is, as any force, it can be used in different ways.

So again and again, yoga teaches us under any circumstances, do no harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary, yoga teaches us to use everything that we have the potential; but at the same time be responsible for this potential.

Indeed, in the state when a person begins to approach this mysterious force, the fear of death disappears. One simply does not think about death. Suicide bombers are not afraid of death. They say their drug drugged. Well, if only drugs. It is another thing. This is a tricky systematic brainwashing. These are a combination of many, many, many factors that cause a person to wake up this potential. He did not care to live or die. So, let’s just with you for a very serious way to adjust.

Sometimes I hear that kundalini – it oh how cool, oh how wonderful, oh Now awaken, oh begin today. You know, have any power has two sides. And it only depends on you what you will send it. Therefore, again and again, this is the first principle of yoga – not harming any living being unless absolutely necessary – that we should have, we have to soak through. Lest you think, and they could not otherwise do. This is the first. And only then actively used this here’s ability, inherent in us. Otherwise, you will suffer. How you will feel you are in a solid memory, sane. But only begin to do God knows what. This, of course, not in full kundalini energy. We’ll talk about it. It’s just a little emanations of this energy. But even these small emanations enough to either make the highest break in his life, or even more confuse your karma (that is, add a lot of negativity). Therefore, the phenomenon of kundalini has long been known under different names. He is operated in all kinds of marginalized groups, which are sometimes accidentally find it. Random combination of external factors that lead to such a person, as it were, a state of shock. And then this power is manifested. And of course, this ability can be sent in any order.

Now we go back to yoga. Yoga says, yes, it’s really honest, that’s all right. But this power is not used, we can not. Yes, it is a dangerous thing. But on the other hand – this is a great chance.

Kundalini yoga – fast methods in yoga


Therefore, what it is called “Kundalini” or “Kundalini Yoga” falls under the definition of fast techniques in yoga. Here there is the classic approach. This is called our “approach Patanjali.” When you are over eight stages smoothly climb to the state Supreme, to the state of Samadhi.

Strictly speaking, when you reach the state of Samadhi, this is equivalent to, as if you have awakened this energy, which we have laid down (it is kundalini energy). But everything is measured, gradually, everything is going smoothly and it takes years. Unfortunately, not all have enough good karma to wait years. But good enough to make a breakthrough in their spiritual development. And that is why Yoga teachers gave us the knowledge that allow to use this rapid method. In fact, as it is very time-saving.

 But the analogy is this: from here to India … how many thousands of kilometers to walk. Can both Athanasius Nikitin of the three seas go, a few years you will go back and forth, and you can get on a plane and fly, and you can do behind the wheel of an airplane to sit down and fly there. But to sit at the helm of the aircraft and to use these very powerful energies of reactive movement – they are many times greater than the energy that is spent when you go on foot. We must have many skills, it is necessary to know the many subtle points. Otherwise, you can not even take off his plane. You just smear on the tarmac. That’s about a thing here and kundalini yoga. That is, on the one hand it is a great chance, on the other – is the highest danger. Again and again, I often hear the enthusiastic praises of Kundalini Yoga: how it’s great, it’s great and fast. Nothing happens just like that, as they say – for free. In a very great opportunity to pay a very big risk. Therefore it is always necessary to think several times in some cases, apply effects of kundalini, and in which it is better not to touch (and usually quiet peshochkom walk).


– In the state of kundalini I am not afraid of death. And if you do not already afraid of death, you are already in a state of kundalini?


The fact is that … how would you explain the condition of the person. Here we are living in Moscow, say, or in our country, we have more or less everything in a measured, all is quiet: Actually gunfire do not shoot, do not blow up the house (now), etc. And somewhere we have produced calm effect. I assure you, once you get into the rather stringent conditions. In such conditions, which, you know, hard not outwardly tough conditions and harsh conditions unnoticed. That is, there is always a combination of subtle effects. On the gun jerk – is one thing, but there are some nuances of which really get scared. So sometimes our courage – this is just a reaction to the conditions that exist.

Further, if we start:

a) doing yoga and dig inside and touch upon what is called the causal body;

b) we find ourselves in an environment outside, which also affect the causal body, believe me, there on really scary.

And because I did not say that we should shake and something to be afraid of, no. Just friends, a real spiritual experience – it (so I was told by a religious figure) “This is the hour of God, this terrible hour.” That is why I again and again urge you, there are moments within us that even now we sometimes do not know how it is scary. I just do not know. And we, by the way, touch against Kundalini Yoga. So, with Kundalini Yoga phenomenon we understand.

Now a few words purely physiologically, and that at the same time people feel. Again, as a rule, a sudden clarity, referred to as “hair-raising” on the head and all over his body. The breathing pattern changes dramatically. As a rule, a person tends to straighten the back. As a rule, very powerful sensations in the spine. That is, as a rule, an ordinary person does not have a sufficiently clear understanding of the physiological moment where there, why and how. Therefore, it can not identify where it begins: either below, or in the middle. Then it’s on the rise. Everywhere there are different nuances. This is a manifestation of the kundalini energy, but is, roughly speaking, not the more kundalini energy is only an emanation of the energy of kundalini.

The image of this: see the sun, sometimes show explosions on the sun. That sun itself shines and shines, and suddenly time – and prominence separated, the size there with five of our planet and flew themselves into space, dissolving. Approximately the same energy emanation of the kundalini. It is still not the energy itself. Just some kind of spike it. We then discuss what it means.

Man falls into the trance state. Usually, all the religious ceremonies sects under a deal done. Sometimes a person falls into a trance and uses this to predict the future, for (as they later said) “So I spoke with the spirits there.” That is, from the start up of the power mechanism of kundalini, only in this state, he is able to make all these travel. Sometimes it is quite strange things. The man just as it falls from the body and he’s got a whole chain of visions, revelations. Yes, the emotional coloration is very different. As a rule, if a sudden, it’s probably closer to the negative than the positive. It happens, sometimes very interesting state. This extreme exaltation, is the rise of soul, this is (as it seems to a man) for a spiritual experience. That time – and revealed all, he seems to be dropped into another. It’s kind of nice. Sometimes it bursts (as it seems to a person) Cosmic Love. In general, a million different manifestations. But here we have a socket, we can turn on the TV, washing machine, iron can play. That’s just as well here. By itself, the kundalini energy is in a sense as an amplifier. She, primarily those reason reinforces trends that were already so. Therefore, for the spiritual people is, first and foremost, an opportunity, a breakthrough on the spiritual plane. For ordinary people, something usual in some physical manifestation. By itself, the kundalini energy usually has no badge yet. It has no sign: positive or negative. As well as the socket with electricity in our apartment – it is no – how we use it, and get it.

For more experienced and sophisticated practitioners, the process begins in sensation (in the area (very large area) sacrum, genitals). Moreover, more precise details can not be given. Here somewhere. Normally, this impulse tends to first manifest itself through the spinal column (again, capturing the different areas). Sometimes, it’s just the abdomen. Sometimes it is a little higher. In general, there are a variety of manifestations. Once again, it is very individual. Why? Because it is the power of what was before. That man had some kind of concept, performance, expectations and aspirations. Here they are again – and intensified.

Yoga says, indeed, the center of this power, this phenomenon is at the base of the body. But yoga immediately adds that it is useless to look for it in our physical body. The nature of this phenomenon – it is (if anything) the subtlest energy on a subtle level. That we are made of the gross physical body (as taught by yoga) of thin and very thin body. This space as the three parallel, superimposed one on another. Therefore, look for this energy in the gross physical body – is meaningless. It is on some other more subtle level, which is projected somewhere in the place where we located the sacrum, genitals, etc. It is for this reason it is impossible to give the exact location.

Sometimes it is said: “And where’s she there?”. This question, in a sense – senseless. That is, the projection of our physical space of a phenomenon which (roughly speaking) is on the thinnest area.


– And yet the subtle energy or subtlest level?

It is not just on the thinnest it at that level, which in turn gave rise to and the subtlest level (plan). That is, a thin layer – it is the same matter as this is our matter (our body matter), but it is thin.

The kundalini energy – exactly the factor that has generated (at the time) actually her.

Now go rigid theory, serious, not entirely clear. If you do not understand anything – do not panic. This thing is really not easy to understand, but it is extremely necessary to practice. Otherwise, you will not understand what to do. That is not to understand at all. The only thing left to go just by copying.

Note jumping negros in Africa. They have some cabal-sabantuychik they drank local nalivochki of vines and began to dance. Danced a day or two, the third since the week they can. Then wham – fell into a trance. They do not know what’s going on, just from one generation to carry forward the tradition, that’s going to do so it is because something in the days of the full moon, the high water in the local lake, there are many factors that will be humming to himself the song, you will like this out there to jump-run, vpadesh in this state – you will communicate with the spirits. What, why, why no one knows anything. But from generation to generation transferred here, this here’s a way. It’s the same thing as to brew moonshine. What chemical processes there nobody knows. But everyone knows that if Sakharkov with yeast added and deliver, then sooner or later all will be well.

That’s about all these methods of Kundalini energy use such antiquated. That is, here it came to us, if you do this and this, so-and-so, so-and-so, in such a combination, you get the effect. It worked, it worked. But this is an extremely bad way.

First, you can always something realties bloat. Therefore, in yoga, in the first place, explains the philosophy of the issue, the metaphysics of the issue, only then given practice. Otherwise it is very easy to step aside.

Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s start from the beginning and start with the birth. I will not touch another layer axiomatic, which is dedicated to Jnana Yoga.

Now I’ll start with some intermediate point. And this point is when you (all of you) died in a past life, and this life is not yet born. Here there is an interesting state. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead it is called Bardo (or transition state).

And your self – Atma4. In Sanskrit, “Atma”, as the word “atom” means – indivisible. Do you have consciousness and energy. Inside the world you are manifested through two faculties: consciousness and energy. Primordial energy, the original is your energy, it is also the identical kundalini energy.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is kundalini energy? This direct your energy to your Ya So you decided to incarnate in this world. And then you came into this world, you have a mind and you have the energy. Such an analogy: imagine an aquarium in which fish swim – that is our universe, our world. And you have come to the aquarium (it is in your I -Atma) and dropped his two hands, and began to catch the fish in the aquarium. That’s about the same as interacting consciousness, your energy and I’m in this universe. You dropped this world only two of his hands: consciousness and energy. Well, in the future these two hands have formed what they call our bodies and are already beginning to communicate through the body further. Here I sit, I can do something, to see something. The stream of consciousness and energy somehow comes from the beyond in my body (let’s not talk like), such as refracted through the senses and organs of action I can do something, I can perceive something. So, first, includes consciousness and energy. And then (it is for each birth) consciousness and energy begin to separate from each other, to create the basic principles (that is, the mind and energy begin: the energy is separated from consciousness and as his department begin to make the principles).

The first principle is that you have done in this birth – was the principle of the Mind. The second principle is that you have created – the principle of Space. Third, you have done – the principle of air, then there was the principle of Fire, Water, and finally, the Earth principle. That is, every birth you create your own inner universe. Do you like within that universe where you incarnate, create your own inner universe. And create for you it means two things: by means of the consciousness (awareness of your Self, your Atma) and energy (your I, your Atma).


What is the principle Razuma5?


This is the finest vibration energy through which a very strong light the light of consciousness. Space – consciousness smaller and more vibration rude. And so on-on-on to Earth principle. And you have done this your inner universe. Once again, whereby? Consciousness and energy. So this energy that creates the principles of the Earth is the kundalini energy. “Kunadala” – one of the values of the translation of the word – rolled.

Why is it such a name we are now touch.

The energy of the kundalini – (the very first thing you need to understand) is the energy that created your inner (personal) universe, when you were born into this life on this earth. When it was, at the time of conception, after conception how these relate moments – is a separate issue, the theme sacred, and not the topic of today’s lesson. But the fact is that having done all the basic principles that are necessary for our inner universe – the energy (energy colossal), she began to absorb itself. And sometimes it is portrayed as a snake that eats its own tail. Such is the green snake that eats its own tail. Here, too, a very serious symbolism. This is a very strong energy, enormous energy. And this tremendous energy to hide? The universe found a way out: the kundalini energy each (figuratively speaking) generates a second (some amount of energy, an insane amount) and then absorbs itself, generate and absorb. One soldier digs a hole one digs. And so the circle they are from morning till noon, from morning to afternoon.

 If nothing will be busy hazing arranged, there will start selling parts of military equipment to the left and to the right. Well, this is a common trouble. That is, there are two such rules in the army and in any company. The worst thing – when your employees are idle. Now, if the firm or army officers sit back – it expect problems. Employee to myself – it is a terrible destructive force. That is, in this sense, and the kundalini energy, left to itself, the terrible destructive force. She has created, and then does not know what to do. It can continue to do something, but can destroy. And it must be somehow close on itself, so that it did not do anything. And these two soldiers: one digs, the other digs, digs and digs. Therefore, the kundalini energy once formed our inner universes she began to absorb itself. And in this state (it is sometimes called) that the kundalini energy to sleep. Here she was-had-been-manifested, but here again – has created us all in this birth and fell asleep. This means that it has not disappeared, has not disappeared, but she cleverly hid herself.


Symbols Kundalini


Now symbolism. It is portrayed in the tantric texts as a snake coiled in three turns, and holding in his mouth his tail. In ancient alchemical treatises, and also the most was the idea of the Middle Ages. There’s a dragon devouring itself at its own tail. That is, the idea was, in many cultures, traditions, she was known. And everyone who is sitting here now – atma in the body, has this energy, and each of you is asleep. This is the greatest strength, which you do not guess. Which every second and absorbs that generates energy. But not completely absorbed, and for melenko a difference. Here it produces some energy at the time, minus the energy that it consumes is equal to the energy of life – the life that now every one of you shows.

Here you are sitting here, you can talk, run, jump, meditate, meditate, engage in sex, can be engaged in gymnastics, you want to do. Any energy that you will show – it is precisely this difference between the energy: the creative part, that every second manifested the creative part, that every second disappears, but the difference between them is that the creative part, which manages rougher flows (food etc.). But in some of the more creative energy management. And we say: “That’s the power of the individual.” For example, Alexander the Great, or my favorite of Rameses the second. I really like this story, when he went to war, and all the army ran. He was so outraged that provision, he came up against one of the enemy troops and began to cut up the enemies as long as the army is ashamed that one cop fighting with an army, and the magistrates left. They came back and they won as a result.

We say: “The power of the individual.” Yoga says: “No”. Of course, the power of the individual, but this man has awakened greater the difference between the energy that manifests the kundalini energy and absorbs.

So, right away, that you should remember to practical matters: with kundalini you know every day, 24 hours a day, and now you feel it. That is, that there is no such representations to you that your normal state, your life energy – is one thing, and the kundalini energy – is something else. You do not have two energies. Any energy that you show – it is a form of your unified energy. Your one energy called kundalini energy. Therefore, in practice very useful, so you do not expect inside something unusual: there was nothing there, and then something suddenly gone. Generally, unusual comes through quite common. That is normal, bringing some actions to a certain condition is already beginning to manifest itself as something special, but you feel the kundalini energy already, even now. This is the first thing you need to remember very clearly. From the gross to the subtle, from the ordinary to the sensations beyond sensations.


– The power of kundalini energy in all the same?


There is actually a difficulty, which I did not disclose.

Strictly speaking, there is another identity, but it is just the theme of jnana-yogi6 (other workshop). In fact, each of your personal energy (kundalini) is identical with cosmic energy, which generally gave birth to the universe. That is, if anything, do not even know what kind of image, well here is the sea Shakti7 total energy that created everything. A kundalini energy – this is one of the facets of this energy. Therefore, from a formal point of view, it is identical to the energy with which the Lord God created the entire universe. Here I specifically twitched slightly. Otherwise we would have gone into a deeper theory.


– In particular birth each person differently because it appears too karmically caused by the amount of this energy?


Absolutely correct. Moreover, I would add, a yoga point of view, there is the concept of sin and virtue. This is a very conventional notions about anything. But there is one small peg, which, again, does not explain anything, but gives at least some clue. If you have lived your life and your actions, your actions have increased the energy and as a result has increased your awareness – you have lived a virtuous life. If you foolishly started using this energy so that it no longer hide himself (so that this difference becomes even less) you, again it does not matter, you can not analyze what actions you did or did not do. In India, it was considered a great sin to kill a Brahman. But it does not matter if you kill the Brahmins, whether you ate the sacred cows or something else doing so terribly important. If you cut this energy, then, sorry, you are wrong and lived his life in the next life you will be to a lesser degree show.

Therefore, it is sometimes said that the poor lived in the human body – will be born in the body of the animal. Because it is true, so do not squander that energy enough even to revive the body of an animal, let alone a man. Still, the human body is sufficient in this respect, costly thing. And if there is no power, then all. Therefore, from one life to our task smoothly increase the delta. And in fact, the life we have called for. And yoga is just that and is engaged. Any yoga: Hatha yoga8, yoga9 Kriya, pranayama-yoga10, Mantra yoga11. But she does it very gently and slowly.

We are currently touched rapid methods. Quick method means that we will make a breakthrough, a leap. We will not wait until it will grow smoothly. A rapidly unleash large amounts of using all kinds of clever tricks.

Quick techniques in yoga


– Where did the cunning tricks of rapid methods?


The first is that the accident was discovered sectarians, shamans, and so on. By the end it is not clear whether these techniques raise the person, or lowered. And we’ll use will that left the ancient teacher and a teacher of yoga. They left with his grace to us techniques that allow us to take advantage of rapid methods. Do not wait for many lives, and to take advantage of rapid methods. Rapid methods or kundalini yoga (very good record or remember) – it is a gift, a blessing of teachers. They went all the honest, but then it turned out that in some places the road can be cut. And they are of mercy to us, out of love for us, out of a desire that we quickly reached the heights and suffer as little as possible in this world – show backdoor where you can cut off the road. Therefore, any tantric tradition in this sense refers to teachers reverently. So when you get some time in the bosom of a course of yoga, where applicable (including) the time of kundalini yoga, you know – it is a quick method. Quick method only because some teacher who realized he had left behind achievements and gave you my blessing that you take advantage of this operating time. Because its own good karma you do not have to use it, not ripe yet. But mercy presented. Therefore, in many practices and methods of awakening the kundalini yoga the first thing that starts with – is to enlist the support of teachers who left this method. If you do not get into the field of blessing these teachers. Of course, you can (so-secretly) to grab a practice there, here – another. Can you do something to get, and can smear on the wall. Therefore, in the traditions, particularly in India, there are all imaginable and unimaginable greetings and respect to teachers of yoga. Moreover, I did tell you to kundalini yoga, and I’m in it something to understand, not because I’m so smart, but because the teachers have transferred these quick methods. And so here’s the thing. It’s like a master key: if it fell into the wrong hands – may be at the same time robbing the banks, getting it in good hands …

I was once apprentice medvezhatkik was Seva, safes opened. Well, this is good, not the offender was. Imagine you bought a safe, closed the and keys lost. And it is not opened. Autogenous cutting useless. And they have this craft. From generation to generation. I asked him once: “What was the most difficult safe?”. In one of our old hotel was a safe pre-revolutionary. They is has its own specifics. You must open the safe without interference. It is believed if a small hole drilled – a tough job. Until now, for me it is a mystery. But the man earned money on it. This is analogous to rapid methods. Each of you have a safe inside. And you lost the keys from him. You in there energy opportunities. And you lost the keys. Well the truth is, this theme was strongly connected with the modern section of the computer technology, the moments of cryptography, encryption, etc. Very close ideological theme. That is, to open the forehead – which means there should be 50 lives to live in a row.

There are methods, there are passages that do not go through all the row and choose the right strategy. Nevertheless, the safecracker can help you to open the safe, if you lose your keys, and may fall into the hands of thieves, who will start bombing “eared fraerov”. What is actually happening now. I am not going to touch the hand of karma. The law of karma has not been canceled. Drank – stolen – in prison. That this law is not repealed. But it will be then. But at the same time, there are situations. And we are all hostages: We have a safe, we have the ability, the keys we lost 50 lives ago. We have a safe house full of bills, and we go for alms. So it is fast methods. In bugbears also a profession, there is only their teaching. Also, apparently, their secrets, their rituals. This topic, I do not know much, just came apt analogy. Again, these hackers are numerous, you have created a mailbox and forgot your password, you are going to get a letter, and you can not get there. Rapid methods – this is a serious thing, and so we can bloat yourself a karma that would be better used in general did not know about these rapid methods. You can never take advantage of these faster methods – it is a gift of the higher realms, teachers. You can take advantage of for the benefit of themselves and others. Therefore, there is a good tradition. If you are using a rapid methods, you do it only one motivation – not to themselves to attain enlightenment quickly. That is, I am, I want it in three days to reach enlightenment. That is, kundalini yoga, is now begin to wake her up, drive. This motivation is considered the most dangerous. You do not have time to blink an eye, how to lose. The only good motivation – the motivation is for the benefit of all sentient beings. Here you want to change the world for the better, but strength is not enough. Go into politics, you want to establish order in the country. Motivation is, and lacks charisma. Such a person can give these methods, so it is a good show. If for myself, it is very dangerous such a thing. Therefore, any rapid methods – it is a gift of teachers, karmicheski12 we do not deserve.


– Is there anything in this world nekarmicheskoe?


Yes there is. Kundalini Yoga is one of these examples. Our karma still does not allow to use these methods, we gave them. There are people in the same Africa that would never in my life did not invent the automobile. To do this, an entire civilization, to create a whole industry. But I would still like they go by car, then someone gave them the technology, the knowledge. Is there some positive aspects, there are negative aspects to. Again the same savages would never have created the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Well brains they do not have. These human body fifth life. And it is necessary to create the industry, to raise such a Kalashnikov. But they shoot out of the machine: from the belly – and years. Because they are still allowed in the body of people, but are human achievement.


– For some reason, the universe allows it?


Probably some kind of balance is still observed. But the fact that he got a Kalashnikov rifle, does not mean that he is able to invent it. That’s just you and me, if we have a Kundalini Yoga, it does not mean:

a) that we understand it

b) that we have earned it

Probably, we did some good things in this life, but we do not deserve.

The second part of a strict and fierce.

Let’s start from the beginning. And what is there is energy? Here we are talking energy, consciousness. And what is there is energy, consciousness? We used to like: “Well, energy is clear, there is something moving, like a transformer works.” In purely philosophical conceptual plan, the kundalini energy in this sense identical to the entire universe of energy. If each of us fully awaken her, in that sense, we will have the ability to not much is not enough to create and destroy the entire universe. Inside we have a potential that you even can not imagine. The question is. This kundalini energy asleep in us, this kundalini energy somewhere projected in us, inside our body. And that in general is kundalini energy? And here we come back to the more complex theories about the identity of the kundalini energy and mantras.


Kundalini energy body – is the mantra


Let’s start from the end, the kundalini energy the body – is the mantra. The kundalini energy in its essence – a mantra. This heavy themes. If they are at a good level to explain – a lot of things needed.

If so superficial that there jump merry – and you will be happy. But this is not serious, it is for Papuans. So the original energy was generated, as well as original consciousness, the mantra “OM”. At the very beginning of creation, when the Absolute began to create the universe, He voleizyavil occur. And it has created the very first expression of the will the mantra “OM” or vibration that made the Absolute Absolute move inside. It is an abstract thing, if you do not understand – do not panic. Actually, few people understand what I’m saying. This was the initial surge. In our school of yoga is a condition called “zero” unmanifested Absolute where he manifested a state of “one” manifestation of the Absolute. So he emerged with the mantra “Om”. Vowels, the rolling from A to G, G to Y, and then we just stop saying them, so M is not a letter, a sound termination.

The initial surge, the original vibration of the Absolute has two types:

A) displays which spawned manifested vibration

B) the latent, which caused the hidden vibration

Manifested vibration sounds like a syllable Om or Aum, has generated energy. Hidden vibration spawned consciousness. Because We do not deal with yogis of consciousness, we are engaged in kundalini yoga. We touch on the parts related to energy. inherently energy is vibration, is a manifestation of a part of the original impulse that gave birth to the whole world. Energy identical vibration and vibration is identical mantra. So, the original vibrations or original mantra Om has created what is called energy.

Primal Om Mantra


The analogy is similar to the following. When I say Om – a vibration. Take a microphone and a computer nadiktuyte look Om he laid on the vibration bursts. That’s when I say Om voice – a vibration of air in the air. But take the same color and make fluctuate in Absolute Absolute, or rather, he made himself so vary. In the case of speech – it’s the air varies, and in the case of creation of Absolut against itself fluctuates. And as soon as he began to waver, the state – that is initially displayed by the vibration, it is the same mantra. And it has created the manifested part of what is called energy. kunadalini Energy is part of the original energy. Kundalini – the energy in its most subtle form of extra-terrestrial.

Energy Kunadilini that lies within each of you, this is the same energy that was in the early formation of the universe. All other forms of energy are formed and then, later, it coarser form of energy.

Hence, once again. The kundalini energy and mantra – are identical. The strength of this initial push beyond, but manifested through the mantra.

The cornerstone of all tantric practices and practices of Kundalini yoga – the main method of awakening kunadlini – method through mantra, and all other things only contribute.


So, a small summary. When we are born, we have omitted here two hands, then these two hands began to disperse. Then we have omitted here two abilities: the ability of consciousness and energy capacity. The ability to localize consciousness in the crown of our head. The ability of the energy goes down, it forms the principles of the principles, which later became known as chakras.

Chakras – are the places where the kundalini rest before making his next creation. In the beginning she was conscious, jumped – has made the principle of reason, jumping – the principle of space, jumping – the principle of the air, the water, the principle of fire, earth principle. That such jumps our inner microcosm was created.

Then the energy of kundalini is stopped in principle the ground, asleep, I began to absorb itself. We remember that the kundalini energy body – a vibration. This is key to our work with the energy of the kundalini – through vibration, the mantra.


Every word – Mantra


And what is a every word?


As soon as you want to say any word kundalini energy makes subtle splash of itself in itself. And reproduces the vibration on a very subtle level – the state of the pair (the so-called in the Tantras). Then, the vibration goes up, color vibration itself remains the same, and a carrier that moves to become more coarse. And this condition is called pashanti (in Sanskrit). Any word you want to say – even supremely rises, color remains the same, and the support of more rough. This condition is called madhyama.

And finally, the last stage. When you chant the mantra And, the air fluctuates, your vocal cords, and the color is the same, which ranged kundalini energy. Every word that you say there is a manifestation of the Kundalini energy.

Therefore, saying, “Be careful with words.” And send someone to go to hell, and you have awakened kundalini energy. And he goes, even as it will go, run.

Strictly speaking, every word – is the mantra, is the offspring of the kundalini energy. Every word – it is a piece of the original principle.

The most powerful way of awakening the kundalini – through special mantras. There are special mantra jealously protected in all traditions of rapid methods that are given to us as a blessing from teachers.

These mantras can lead very quickly that the energy rise. Repeating the mantra voice, if you are correct and repeat the mantra in the right way, you can make this way back – from the gross to the subtle, to reach the very source from which your words are pronounced. And accordingly reach the kundalini energy and recognize it, learn how to use it.

The basic method of working with the kundalini – is the mantra, which is presented in the form of certain words, phrases. You begin to repeat a certain phrase in a certain way on this tune, etc. And if everything is OK, if it is the blessing of the teachers, you can very quickly awaken the kundalini energy. If the blessing is not – then a little longer, but if you are still angry people by nature, then all vryatli.

Kundalini Energy did a great job and she fell asleep. All we are doing something, jump, run, create. And some great builder has built on this land a big house. This is also a continuation of the art of Kundalini. We do some other things, this push is, but on the ground plane. The plane lands – it is the most coarse level. Every speck of the carpet – is energy. But she herself brought to the extreme brutality that we think what’s this energy, this floor will not get anywhere it will be forever. But always he will not be here, because it is also a form of energy. There will be millions and billions of years, and it’s turned into something else. In a sense it is the crown of creation.

The continuation of this theme is very elegant. We are all with you incarnated in physical bodies. In this sense, the physical body – it is the crown of creation. On the one hand this is the most blatant manifestation of what is shown kundalini energy. On the other hand the most perfect, if we want to use this to their spiritual purpose. Hence the birth of the human body is considered to be the most useful and promising the most wonderful. Therefore urge yogis and Yoginis love and use their body. It’s a blessing, it’s a chance.


The principle of water – it’s not exactly a principle. This is the same the world. Here we have the material world, and the world is there a more subtle, fluid, more mobile. We have some things inert, they have a faster everything happens. And there are living beings. We have a body made of matter, they have out of the water principle. This does not mean that they are out of the water in our understanding. This is the principle which we have in the matter, embodied in the material plane as the water, and that there is who knows.


The principle of fire, there are also living beings. Roughly speaking these are the plans in the universe, as well as where we are in the bodies of people who live in these bodies being. So when will read myths about the gods, space travel. In the myths of ancient India, many things. Sometimes this is what was meant. For example, to live at the level of the fire – everything is fast, everything is clear. We are here all annoying slow and things are not the way we want. There seems to be all the more fun. But there is one drawback. We were on the ground level of the principle easier to get rid of their mistakes than them at higher and subtle levels.

Many books written in the sacred, that the gods are jealous of the mortal. Remember the biblical myth: the angel was created before man, and the man supreme. Angel lives for billions of years, and people live their lives modestly and in the body of the homeless, and still his birth supreme.

According to the teachings of yoga, there are no boundaries ago. Any atom, a speck of dust, and she also has a soul. But this soul is so weak demonstrates its consciousness and energy that speck is fixed and we think that it is lifeless. And we are basically no different from that speck of dust. The only thing – is the delta kundalini energy that is produced and absorbed. In motes it is so insignificant that we think it is inanimate. But if we looked fast motion, the behavior of dust particles would appear to us as the behavior of the living microbe. Strictly speaking, all that we see around us – the living.


– The question concerns vegitarianstva. The living can not eat, so as not to harm the living. A plant is a living, too. What is the meaning vegitarianstva?


How did I know, I do not encourage conduct vegitariansky lifestyle. I urge you to do no harm unless absolutely necessary. Do you remember that even if you very much want you and the second will not be able to live without killing.

Guys, yoga – it’s not Santa Claus tale about how all the wonderful and remarkable – it is a reality. You are living here, and millions directly or indirectly living beings pay with his life for what you are. For example, many microbes ginet. You eat something, you drink something. It’s grown somewhere, pesticides processed. The deer ran to the Red Book, drank – and sat back. In this sense, yoga is not divided: it is clean and fair, and that’s fu-fu-fu. The world is continuous. And our task is not to drive his exorbitant head unsustainable paradigm. And to realize that every second we kill someone obviously-implicitly, directly or indirectly. Try to cut it. It is in this ideal of yoga. Sometimes people say, “Well, I’m once again in this world. But I’m going to die. ” Die and many more indirectly beget suffering. Since E. coli your stomach – it will die. You can not even die without causing suffering to other living beings.

I understand that we are grown in the myths at the expense of yoga, India, etc. Indeed, yoga disappears. But yoga – this is a very serious scholar. This is the rationale for many moments.


– Why animals can not eat? A berry is possible?


Berry less aware that it ate.

The ideal of yoga – the power of pure prana, you generally will not eat. But it will be a very long time for us.

And before that test food and the behavior of only one – to minimize harm to no cut to zero, you can not. Moreover, numerous attempts to reduce, where this is not reduced, results in a terrible results. I was always touched by: “Oh-oh, homeless dogs, homeless cats, let’s take care of them.” A homeless children? And let it die. That is one thing we are starting to blow away dust particles, and a real problem just by the wayside retracted. This concerns food, lifestyle, etc. First of all we have to be rational. We need to work on their karmic large spaces. And then what diet to comply with, and so on. Just a lot of people are paranoid diets. It does not matter what you eat. Although there are practices which should be very hard to comply with the diet, otherwise not get the result. If you are in terms of not causing harm – that’s another conversation

The vow of silence in Kundalini Yoga


– The vow of silence exists in different traditions. How it works in kundalini yoga?


Why every word – is the mantra. But why mantras have ceased to work? We began to lie to you, unknowingly began to use the language. I knew a gas welder. He had a favorite movie “Star Wars.” He compared each word with waving light beam. Likewise, every word we brandish like a sword. Someone stuck his arm, we just sawed off and his arm. Strength of the word began to weaken. In ancient times, words were very afraid, very afraid to speak hearing. Could any sort of sexual orgies arrange. But God forbid you say it out loud … shall be punished for what you said, not what they did. We have lost this ability. Therefore, we can send someone, or bless, curse – a person from it is not cold, not hot – the power of words has disappeared. To go back a little bit to this, there is a practice of silence, the practice of telling the truth. It is generally supernormal in yoga. If you always speak the truth – opens supernormal: that you do not say – is fulfilled.

But God forbid you tomorrow trying so head on to become saints. I’m a little different you call. Lying is bad. But if you start to acquire this supernormal tomorrow, you will understand adequately. Too neglect situation. Therefore it is better to begin here with the other. To begin with, it is desirable that not lie to yourself, and then do not lie around. I for example, a lot of lying. People ask me: “How are you?”. I say that is good, although not really. Lie, lie – supernormal not received. If I start to tell that I have going on inside, all at once and make a sour face from me people would be shunned as from a pessimist. Therefore everything should be common sense and a sense of humor. The practice of silence is extremely useful.

Remember Mahatma Gandhi, it was a good thing: once a week to keep silent (one day per week). I, unfortunately, because of his stupid work (you know, to teach yoga) can not afford such arrogance and luxury – I got fired. And if you allow circumstances – take a pen and paper and keep quiet day. It helps to understand yourself and do a different attitude to the words.


The role of kundalini yoga practice yoga



– What is Kundalini yoga exist, if only a small part is used? Why is she in the practice of yoga?


Firstly, generally would not be anything without it.

It can dramatically accelerate your spiritual development. Instead of spending years of practice, you can some things to achieve in a very short time. But be very careful with this concept, it is not so simple.

Sometimes I come across a mechanistic viewpoint. Yeah, man, we know where you have a secret button. Now we’ll click – and you will have happiness. Such marginal approach does not work, there are nuances.


– What comes after death?


So, our beautiful yogi decided to die. I opt for this most favorable time and place. It was selfish man. Yoga – a very competent people. Even the time of his death selfishly used for their spiritual development. This dying practice. Touching now they will not. But touch on the main issues. What happens at death?

The kundalini energy begins to dissolve what she had done before. And at first it dissolves subtle principle of land, then it dissolves subtle principle of water, fire, etc. In the state’s death first detaches the physical body, it is quickly and simply. And then what is called the collapse of the internal structures. It lasts in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” states that 7 times in 7 days, no longer. This is a very strange process associated with a lot of experience as pleasant, exciting and terrifying, frightening. Kundalini energy begins to dissolve all the structures and all the prints that you get a life. Any event that happened in your life affected and found an imprint on one or another structure, in other words the memory. The kundalini energy when waking up and it’s all dissolves, from obscurity and depths of the subconscious emerge all the events of life.


– How is the dissolution of the bodies after death?


Soluble principle, and there all the prints from birth until old age. In this way all the structures are soluble. The body first flew.

And here is our joyous yogi died or went into samadhi. In India, more soft beautiful shape – went into samadhi. Indeed, gone into samadhi – he reached the highest bar. And just died, who knows, may be attained samadhi – no one knows what it really is. Therefore, if there is dying clergyman or a respected yogi say he went into samadhi. Although no one knows what it really is.

The body itself, the connection broke, fell off. There is time and space, our atma. There were two hands Atma. First, they act through the human body. Then as gloves, we shake off the hands. Similarly we pull out the energy and consciousness of the human body. It’s just a physical body. And then begin the subtle structure: TV, nadi13, chakras, and so all impressions, impurities, experiences.. It starts quietly dissolve, disintegrate. And at some particular moment of death, left to its own atma. It is beyond time and space, is karma, is everything. Karma only within time and space. And in a fraction of a second between the previous death and rebirth atma he jumped out of the ocean and it was very scary, chilly and uncomfortable and she again sniffing. You know, “In the world of animals” show fish, whales. Sea. And dolphin jumping, some moment of joy went and then again – Splash. That is, in every moment of birth and death we have a great chance to do what we did for a living. But we usually did not take advantage of this chance, and who took advantage of a very good hiding.

This individual yoga – the yoga of dying, it is built on Kundalini yoga. The energy of kundalini wakes up, released, all our internal structure dissolves. But since we have spent all my life in the dark, what’s the point. It is like a man who spent a long time in prison. He opened the door, and he was still sitting in prison – just do not know what you can get out. Then comes a new supervisor and closes it again. There are moments when the doors are opening in prison, and the prisoner still sitting still. Moreover, he was afraid to go out, he was used to. It is our position will perceive jail for free. And from the perspective of the higher realms, our existence here – prison. But, however, not all bad. We can make from prison a paradise, such that the devils in hell would be sick. But it is quick methods. We do not use it, because not know about them.

At the moment of death break all structures created in the beginning. There are subtle moments with the causal body. And where is the media karma sometimes ask? Once a while we were out of karma, and then our previous karma from there took something again. That’s where he is all the time hanging. There, too, has a theory, but it is a theme of other Yogi – Yogi much.

Another point. Lying yogi our joy. Joyful samadhi or left as everyone thinks is dead. And he really is not dead. He awakened kundalini, it has dissolved all of the internal structure. A body was left lying around as if it were dead. But it was a wise yogi. He first of its solutions, awakening the kundalini energy, and then created and returned to the body again. And the next thing that you need to understand axiomatic very tough if you start any crap about the kundalini to tell, today you have to be very tough to understand. Those people who are truly awakened Kundalini and raised it to the level of consciousness – ie, dissolved all the structures – are experiencing a state of clinical death, the pupils do not react, pulse, virtually none. If you start talking that drove the kundalini energy, here’s dragged, and there does not crawled. It is there because of the kundalini energy emanations, not kundalini itself. Because if she awakened kundalini, our wonderful yogi would have been in a state of samadhi, I did not breathe, did not take anything. And what’s more, if held in this position for more than a certain time, he would never not be revived. Therefore, if you hear (people sometimes confused, do not blame anyone, no one finger to show) to understand yourself. Kundalini Awakening – is a harsh experience, as well as death.



Let us once again, once again very clearly for themselves aware. In fact, the kundalini energy, the concept of “energy”, the term “vibration” are joined together. Therefore, once again, the main way to deal with it through kundalini mantra. And now the rest.


Other methods for awakening

Kundalini energy


– And if there are still other methods to get closer to the realization or awakening of kundalini, or the use of energy?


Formally, any yoga, which you are doing, if its track by the action of the kundalini energy, makes this one here is the flow (the difference absorbed and radiated energy kundalini rise). And in some cases, a combination of practices and abruptly leads to awakening. That is, it means once again that this “awakening”. Here it is the kundalini energy, holding his tail in his mouth. And then suddenly, figuratively speaking, the tail began to slip out of his mouth. Slip, slip. Part of the absorbed and part generated more-big-big. And in its extreme version of this, when it is completely all that appears – is released. This is called full awakening the kundalini energy. Here I constantly ask questions: “Do you awakened kundalini energy, etc. ? Etc. “standard answer:” No “. But you know, even if you wake up, this is not a topic that should shoot the breeze. For what reason? We touch and this causes. Therefore, kundalini awakening – is extremely rare, extremely dangerous. Moreover, even before she wakes up, this kundalini energy, due to the increase that’s the difference between absorbed and generated energy already begin such doomsday, such pandemonium that it is not surprising that people are beginning to interpret it for (allegedly) awakening kundalini energy. That is, it is entirely hop – and parted. Why, because even a small increase in this energy would be enough to completely throw you out of the usual sense of the universe. Completely. When she wakes up, this state is equivalent to the state samadhi14. So when a person says that awakened kundalini, is zhesamoe if he said I was the state of samadhi – the ultimate goal of yoga. Once again, our school is not accepted to share experiences.

In the first place, because it is not modest. Second, sometimes a personal experience, is voiced not help others (who is on your feet), and a hindrance. In fact, many stories, myths, rumors, speculation, etc., etc., that layer of dust layered around yoga, it was generated by the fact that excessively talkative yogis on this subject allowed themselves superfluous. Therefore, again and again, kundalini awakening – this is an extremely serious thing. But the state of samadhi, but when the kundalini energy, again, as we know, from the bottom center goes up, dissolving all the structures that it created at our birth, and reaches a place in the top of our head, the so-called Samadhi without object. The highest state of samadhi. That is, until she woke up and absorbs the chakra one after the other, one principle after another yogi experiencing samadhi, but there in front of him turns svetopredstavlenie, comparable only to the fact that people see at the time of death, or rather after death. And in the case of a yogi even stronger, because the moment of death – it’s uncontrolled, and here it is very hop – and flooded.

self-destruct mechanism at the time of death has earned. At the time of the yogic practice, the yogi begins all (to some extent) control.

In America, kundalini yoga is now a popular theme and brand. Often, people who have at least something experienced, certainly not awakened kundalini. They simply increased the emanation. This prominence stood out, but that was the highest prominence of the roof, to a lifetime to remember and tell the children (what is called experience).

Now further. From a formal point of view, any yoga can somehow can lead to an increase in kundalini. Moreover, it is such a figure as well as in yoga you progress. That is, you increase the portion (between absorbed and release energy) as a result of hatha yoga, pranayama, yoga and other yogas. Great. But in addition, these yogis there are, you know, intermittent phenomenon, when they are not smoothly smoothly smoothly increase and jerk.

Indeed, like a safecracker, time – and safe opened. And it is also quite such group exercises that sometimes come down to us as rituals. Ritual – is a set of exercises, which we often do not understand, but which is know as the key to the lock: each turn of the wire affects the right thing. And, at a certain place at a certain time, with the use of well-known fragrances, with visualization of the famous yantras, images in a certain posture, a certain mantra, with some breathing with certain movements or in a certain position, and it all crunch – and safe opened. Therefore, here are practices such as to complex practices that are called in the common rituals of their large number. Each school of yoga is its approach, jealously transmitted from teacher to student for this lineage. But in any case – the result is the same – a dramatic showdown. But whatever the mechanism of all, there are three basic principles, without which, if they are not complied with, this ritual does not work. This so-called, you can record, should be present: iccha, kriya and jnana. That’s when all three of these, well, if you will, three methods, or three sets or three instruments are connected together and are woven into some difficult practice or some complex ritual – then triggered. If at least one of the components for any reasons are not, and that the presence of these three, you have a little more.

Sometimes, you know, say, the kundalini energy is minimized in three and a half turns. Well, it is true, the interpretation of one of the schools. Because there are other interpretations. They just explain this, it is necessary to ichhu, kriya, jnana, plus a little bit more, mate. Unwind and even a little bit of luck, blessings. Blessings of teachers who passed the practice. Still Well fast methods. Without the blessing of all, nowhere.

Blessing of Teachers in Kundalini Yoga


– What is the blessing of the Masters?


There were yoga ahead, many years ago, passed the news this way. Not only did it themselves brilliantly passed all reached the heights. So once left behind us the methods (running track) in aid. And then, if not strange, it triggered a completely non-obvious things, but in fact sverhlogichny vnekarmichny or if a good man – revealed to him. If a person is not selfish, not for myself I want to drive the kundalini, and for the benefit of all sentient beings. That is such a, you know, the impression that they are up there watching. Well here it seems to be a decent man, give. But this, yeah, stole away the Tantra, the ritual of here, yeah, that’s selfish retired in caves, now would be the kundalini … no, no, no. In Tantra, there is such an interesting topic. I refer all those interested. It’s there on the relationship of teacher and student. On this lot there that was built. And there are different versions of the same myth, but it all comes down to the fact that students were Shivy15. Then one day one of his disciples so fraudulently decided to get higher knowledge. And there, then I pretended to be. When Siva explained to his girlfriend Parvati16 higher secrets of yoga began to eavesdrop. But Shiva is also known as the all-knowing, he is, of course, saw that his would-be disciple who wanted to snatch a piece of secret knowledge for free. At that Shiva himself smiled and did not interrupt the narrative, but to himself, smiled and did not interrupt the narrative of higher knowledge. But to himself, he said: whether he will reach anything without a teacher’s blessing. That is, yes, you got everything completely. You really become a safecracker, you are completely learned to open safes. But here is a little something to the blessing, is it, or it will not. And from that start very complex adventures of students. As they unfolded karma. Sometimes it’s all very exciting. Generally, this literature section. It can be read as a detective. That is, reading and otorveshsya. The only thing that the translation must be good, sane. And that is usually added a lot of dry Sanskrit, it is impossible to read. By the way, all the tantric texts written in a very lively language, very imaginative, understand. Read – will not tear off, if indeed properly transferred. So here is a little bit, it’s a little bit … a little bit about it, we will not talk right now. We will assume that everyone present is a little bit there. That, and it remains to examine the mechanism itself. So it is necessary to: ichhu, kriya and jnana.





Role Ichhi, Jnana and Kriya in Kundalini energy awakening


Iccha – it will power. Kriya – it is the power of action. Jnana – knowledge is power. And here still such a small detail emerges. We have the strength of will, we have the power of action and the power of knowledge. This complex forces. The power of knowledge, something like this can be explained by the power of knowledge. If you have the knowledge, it is knowledge itself becomes a force. Imagine a piece of a piece of iron, and the iron filings around a bunch. So far, not a piece of iron is magnetized, it has no effect on the surrounding opilochki. But it is necessary to magnetize a piece of a piece of iron, all opilochki around it – again – and line up. Here take a magnet with a lot of iron chips or dust any. There’s everything at once – once – and nalipnet. Similarly, people. Possessing supreme knowledge makes objects and phenomena to line up according to this knowledge, even his presence. He does not do anything, he just has the knowledge, and everything is built. This is the power of Jnana. There is another force, the so-called power of kriya. You either ear or snout in no way understand, neither yoga nor life, neither in business nor in school – do nothing. But you’re working, you make gestures. You do something. You make an attempt for the attempt. Doing so, as you know, even if you do not understand. Make and do. Do you possess the knowledge of what you are doing, or not having the knowledge of what you are doing. This is called the power of kriya. My favorite example of a frog that fell into a jar with sour cream. Two frogs fell. One does not become legs beat and drowned. The second said: “I do not understand where I was, that around that happen to me. But I did not take a living. ” And she began to beat the legs until the cream is not formed from a piece of butter. And she jumped leaning. Similarly, we life. We are faced with a number of tasks that you can not decide, but one of the ways how to beat the legs. That’s the way the universe intended.

And when people come to me to train future students and I’m trying to convey that message to them. As a teacher of yoga you will become if you understand the power kriyas. And they start talking to me, that the forces of Jnana enough, that is, they are so smart, everything is done by itself – I do not with people along the way. This is a terrible mistake, this is an ambush on the road, this is a secret action of maya. Therefore, know that Kundalini yoga is also one of the constituent parts. There’s something to do. You know you do not understand, it turns out, does not work, anyway – is not going to do, do not wake up. This is the second component, which is necessary to awaken the kundalini energy.

And finally, the third – will power. From a certain point of view, axiomatic, will power more dominant than the power of Jnana and the power of kriya. She stands in the hierarchy more higher. That is what will power? This is what we voleizyavlyaem, that was so. This is not what we know, it’s not that do something, or we’re going to do or will not do at all in another area. This know how to have a good Christian belief in God. Why do you believe? And because voleizyavlyayu believe. Or like a good yogi belief in the change of the world for the better. Why do you think that the world can be made better? Because voleizyavlyayu that the world has been. Still, the point. Without any explanation, without any debate, discussions, clarified. Here I voleizyavlyayu all. So this third component must also be. So, more prosaic language, you

A) should at least know that you have the kundalini energy, possess this knowledge

B) at least do something, really something physical, or any exercise, even if any do

B) you should voleizyavit to make it happen

And plus a small dostatochek – is that you nice guys that you can go to explore. What you do not like the boy-bad guy will not sell for a box of cookies and a barrel of jam. These three things sometimes draw a triangle in the center of which the serpent Kundalini, twisted in three and a half turns.



Willpower and Kundalini Yoga



– Regarding the willpower. Will power is taken from the energy of the kundalini?


Axiomatically, will, energy and consciousness have the following thing: the will takes precedence over energy and consciousness. Will a higher manifestation of our self, than the energy and consciousness. In a sense the energy and consciousness – will subordinate things. In plain language, it is not enough you have the energy and consciousness, voleizyavite – will.



The strength and knowledge of Kundalini Yoga



– Is the power of knowledge. Power of knowledge will not solve anything. What is this power?


All my life I fight with wiseacres. They come to learn yoga. Geniuses in good Sanskrit can quote that. But neither a finger nor strikes for the benefit of a living creature. It is a form of selfishness, a form of maya, illusion, Tamas. He enjoys painting Jnana grace, but it does not do anything either for themselves or for anyone else. Moreover, the real power of Jnana comes later. Remember raja yoga. If you are 50 thousand times were on the way: the realization – effect – the result, then later it turns into a hit. Self awareness leads to a result. But before that, oh, how far it is necessary to grow. Awareness leads to the fact that the kundalini energy does result.



– When a person dies (clinical death) Kundalini is dissolved at the time of samadhi, and then re-created?


When you experience a state of kundalini in samadhi moment, you are left with the shell, and inside (as they say) a person is empty. That is to dissolve all the structures. Where the karma stored? In these structures. Including the time of death it is transmitted to the thin coarse and fine with the cause. The figurative expression “burn karma” – you melted inside and then re-cast itself in this form. And this state of samadhi. Holy, who awakened kundalini energy went into samadhi, he has all the solutions, melts, all the debris has emerged. Sometimes compared to the ancient texts: gold must first melt and then purge oxygen. Then all the metal impurities are oxidized and burned. A clear gold does not burn. And thus the whole slag floats to the surface, it is removed, and then the molded form. The analogy here is this: the kundalini energy acts as a good melting pot. Yogi departed, raskachegaril’s all melted inside, all the crap popped up, he removed it, and then a fresh poured myself. If a person is in a new cast itself in such a way, it is possible in one case – if it reaches a state of samadhi without object. In this case, the yogi, returning from this samadhi formally has no karma. This man, as we have with you, walk-wandering. But he had no karma. And it is in this world only for one reason: to teach us all. And he naturally wait until the body will fall off by itself. Because we even can not die here without causing suffering. And these wise men they did not want to die, because there is a karmic chain. While it is karma, but the body is still in karma. Although the Tibetan tradition, a variety of options were. For the good of all living beings sage dissolve as the physical body in the rainbow – even after the corpse was left, a flash of rainbow light. He could not do this, but we are materialists. We have ideas about atma, reincarnation, etc. For the good, and that death was not a shock for us, sometimes wise and dissolved his physical body. As they say: “Live in the sky rose.”


– What is consciousness?


This is a separate yoga. Kunadlini yoga is consciousness in the crown of the head, the energy – at the base of the body. The term kundalini yoga is bottom-up. This yoga from the gross to the subtle and the subtlest, and samadhi. There approach is exactly the opposite – from the gross to the subtle, it is equitable methods.


– What are the supporting points that help to awaken the kundalini energy?

We remember: iccha, kriya, jnana. Whatever you do, there will be three components – will not go process. And then, even they will be a little more right.

Practice, extant in Tantra, are divided into the following categories.

Firstly, a huge group of practices, it is breathing. Using the breath to achieve a combination of jnana, ichhi, kriyas. This large group practices, where breathing is dominant.

The second large group practices connected with meditation (it is thought). If you meditate for a long time, is the basis for the awakening of the kundalini.

The third aspect – is the impact to the physical body. This kriya yoga and hatha yoga. While there, and there’s body, their methods are different, act in different ways. But on this side and on the other there are yoga techniques and rituals for a sharp awakening of kundalini. Each school of yoga and yoga tradition method dominates in every yogi group. There are many, very many.

The fourth aspect – sex. The sexual energy in this sense is the closest from the fact that we are so actively experiencing in comparison with the energy of kundalini is the creative energy of the closest to the kundalini energy. Although, strictly speaking, the kundalini energy is even more fundamental. Sexual energy is one of the standing close to the kundalini energy. It’s pure creative generation. Indeed, the father and mother retired to bed. After some time, they created a new universe – the child was born. Therefore, a large number of practices for the awakening of the kundalini is based on sexual practices. And Tantra is primarily used this property to sex awakening the kundalini energy. Therefore, all that relates to sex holy yogi. Sex – this is one of the cleanest and most fundamental energies. This is the highest chance. But a downside: we will properly use it – it will lead us, and God knows where. Sex as well as the energy of kundalini is the highest chance: whether to raise high, or where you should not throw. This is a whole paradigm concept. It is reflected in our school three yogis: Yoga Union, Tantra yoga and Yoga of Love. All of which are directly or indirectly used sexuality. This is a serious and fundamental approach. That is, it is not that type of fruitful and multiply, and you will be happy and you will have the kundalini. You can engage in a row of 500 lives in the usual sex. And do not even come close to the potentials laid down there.



Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga and Yoga Love


– And how to approach these yogis?


My duty is to teach all yogis, including these three Yogas. In part, these three yoga is my specialty. The sad experience is that pop up from nowhere turned on marginal sex maniacs. Where did they come from, they are like flies to honey pulls. My experience is that people from the street to those taking yoga madness. Not because it is impossible to study them first, and then others. Furthermore, they may even preferable to start with. But then try these marginals “otshey”. This, unfortunately, people are sick, but I have no way to treat them. On the other hand, how they fly in the ointment. Even if you have a hundred people willing to sexual practices, one such “representative” spoils everything. So we have a tradition: until the person passes basic yoga, until it will examine axiomatic yoga until he himself will not show in hatha yoga, kriya yoga, mantra yogie, etc., we generally try not to mention that such yoga there is. Why? Bad experience. Me and my teachers warned about this, they were right. These yoga is, they are waiting for their people. But experience has shown that very few willing to walk this path to the end and systematically examine all. Ready student is ready the teacher.

Sexy base – the basis of the three yogas: Yoga Love Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga.

Therefore, if you and your boy or girl are going to have sex with, and not against sex yoga, yoga for sex. The only thing that is stipulated in these yogas – sex without a loss. Sex can be practiced in two ways:

– For procreation, that is sacred (in yoga procreation – the most sacred subject);

– For spiritual self-transformation.

This is a great chance to share these secrets. But like any powerful method, it requires preparation and their nuances. A lot of it is enough, but people who have not passed austerity, as a rule, do not bring it to the end, and nothing they do not work. Although the technique is open to all, but success is achieved by those who know a lot about austerity. I have the following advice: like asceticism – two o’clock on the day of yoga.

Or the life of men and women (without knowledge of the basics of the Yogi) – asceticism.



“Ambush” in the way of raising the Kundalini energy


Each method has its own fast ultra-fast methods.

There is a yoga – yoga of love. If you are in a state of love, from a formal point of view, you use the energy of the kundalini. Therefore, it is a gift. Kundalini yoga techniques fierce, rough. The confluence of some practices, push, jumper. Open and went big avalanche. When the kundalini energy awakes, there is also a very serious ambush. Awaken Kundalini is not a means to achieve some result. She immediately starts to rush, somehow manifest itself through the channels and centers. But if the channels and centers are dirty, you know, like 5 minutes infinite hell.

Therefore, it is quite rough methods. Once the rough energy of kundalini wakes up, and if you still have any karmic defects, if you are for something clinging (for the body, self-image, feeling, intention, etc.), you keep them. A kundalini energy dissolves them. And get this: you hold it in your hands not letting go, at the same time forcing the kundalini energy to dissolve it, and it pulls you out of the hands, and if strongly cling – tears with his hand. Therefore, as long as the internal contamination and presentation of itself is not eliminated, as there is clinging to the physical body, with the self-image of all, you get a clash of heads together. On the one hand you “stoker” kundalini, so that it is all dissolved, and on the other hand – grasping, “No, no, no, let it stay the way I want.” And this conflict leads to a totally horrible experience for this unsuccessful yogi.

The first thing that comes – that feeling of total, animal fear that even words can not explain. Because we have somewhere to be missed for his “carcass”, and at the same time that energy trying to dissolve the internal structures. In this conflict, won the kundalini energy. We have enough, and we tear out of the hands with the fingers. If a person is not ready to awaken kundalini, it can be expressed in a monstrous surge of fear, which is not even dreamed of. Not the physical and physiological fear.

Powerful surge can occur through hypersexuality. Broads – and blown away. The topic of sex become catastrophically dominant. Next ambush – is anger. Suddenly you are inflamed with anger at the entire universe. And from such distortions rude awakening energy can be a huge amount. So, before you send the flow of energy, consider whether the way is clear. If the path is not available, any obstacle to the kundalini will lead to such consequences, would be better if you did not wake her. Ambushes on the road a lot. Instructions are written, they say, blood. This is what we have left those who walked the path, sometimes at the cost of his own life really.

There are different yogis losers, sometimes in them the desire and selfishness – is an injury incompatible with life.

This is a rather weak and dangerous side of Kundalini Yoga – we love their “cockroaches”. It just seems to us that we are tolerant modern yoga can practice sex with a partner, and then broads – and wakes up jealousy. We considered themselves open views, and then hop – “not mine.” all defects “climbs” in the most inopportune moment. Kundalini energy is total in this sense, it does not leave any gaps. Was rudimentary greed, it will swell up to a limit. While not let go, do not refuse from delusions, the kundalini energy will be taken out of the hands. Stronger will inflate, stronger the pull. The uncouth method. Even the most advanced yoga and yogis sometimes wishful thinking. Once there “trample” – there will begin. Exhibit will be on bytovuhe. You would think that nothing happened, but really … You know, the yogi sitting in the cave 30 years led the blessed life. I thought that he was a saint. And returns to society – and carried it.

There are yoga among fast fast. I like the example of a comparison: there is a grand entrance at the palace, but there is the back door of the yard. On the front door the prince comes, and the back door are entered food, firewood. In some ways, methods kunadalini – a back door. But this palace there are also methods of black front door – is the yoga of love. In yoga, the awakening of the kundalini energy of love is very soft, smooth, natural, harmonious and at the same time very powerful. First you give up their errors, and then there is energy. That is the highest path. In our school of yoga is considered to be the highest yoga – yoga of love. For several reasons, there is need to use black and entrance. Clearly, if we are actively rebuilding the universe, it does not matter imperetoram and Empress, yogis, and the yogis run on the back door.

Love Yoga awakens energy kunadlini very smoothly, slowly, without losing a second. It is even faster than the direct awakening of the kundalini.


– Energy Raising the consciousness of this is the complete liberation?


This samadhi without object – the last highest stage of yoga – identically knowledge of “I”, the knowledge of the Absolute, and going beyond the universe.



SAMADHI an object without the object and


– What is the samadhi with the object and no object?


On the subject, when you have a single object. SAMADHI without object and when this object there. The object may be, for example, the chakra associated with that principle. The principles are responsible for one or another of our existence. Something to do with the manifestation of sexuality, something connected with the manifestation of power, etc. When it comes to a particular center, fully achieved perfection. Consciousness is absorbed by the center with all of its functions.

In general, the theme of which is undergoing a yogi in samadhi or kundalini – is extremely delicate. Less impudence to ask what their 64 poses you practice with a girlfriend in bed than the deep mysteries, when one dissolves the nature, itself. It’s so intimate, deep process. Sometimes, of course, are something kaie “tips” binding. But this is the thing that no one ever voiced unless absolutely necessary.

It is necessary to “dig” the physical body, with the help of all the major Yogi, such as hatha yoga. The usual method quietly clean. Even when we talk sverhmetody, rapid methods or conventional methods – is to some extent a play on words. It’s a question of time. With the awakening of the kundalini position no.

The difference between the condition of raising the kundalini raising Kundalini emanations from


Very often, when the energy of the kundalini wakes up, he is like a corpse. And you can easily ascertain his death, it can be easily buried. Physical gross body as an empty shell of a nut. It is like a garment. If you pull out the fine structures, nothing happens to him, it somehow lives. During sleep, to a certain extent you also leave your physical shell. The problem is that if you take too long gone from his physical body, then after a certain time are irreversible processes. You know, I see from time to time someone left the car, put, I began to drink. You go, glass someone broke the tire deflated. A week later, the mirror torn off, a month longer wheel someone twisted. Then gradually the car turns into an island without supervision. Every something dragged from him. That is unattended in this world nothing is. In this sense, dangerous not to return for a long time.

Love can not be generated. This is one of the axioms. Sometimes, a man in love with someone, but the one in the other, “I love, well, I do.” That is, we are beginning to be confused. On the part of anyone out there knows who he loves, someone who does not like. For a man who has true love for him the object of love – all the world, all fused. By and large, do not care for your love, like you with the same force or not. This is a manifestation of your personal. If you personally, even if from the other side – it’s magic. And if you just you, but it is not clear from the other side that. Well, for your personal practice is good, but for the other side – this is the problem that side. For example, I want reciprocity in love – it’s much want. Because Love is fast becoming a “possession and control”. Higher Love – is when you experience a surge of joy and happiness at the thought of an object or person is simply there in principle. And when there is “if”, you know it’s not the highest love. This is the bargaining, a thin, refined.

In yoga, no one knows how to love and what happens is as a gift.

You will not be able to feel the love, until the increased emanations. That is, it is not a state of awakening, when she turned and went to great deeds, and the kundalini energy begins to manifest itself more and more. Delta increases. With this delta, you can in a state of love. If it is not, its excess, the world something which is dirty, which was, and has remained so. I am a person walking down the street, around the corruption, bad. At the crossroads saw it, I fell in love. Around Paradise, happiness everywhere. The world has not changed, I changed. What has changed in me? In yoga, love is an explanation how this mechanism works. Mechanisms, yes, indeed it is the awakening. But who is when and how did it? This is a gift.



Love without object


– Whether love happens without the object?

According to yoga, love, you’re in love with someone – you will fall in love with his higher self, his higher self beyond, have higher self has no qualities. Therefore, on the one hand we can say that on the one hand, I fell in love with my girlfriend I am, and because I it the beyond, is manifestation of the qualities I like as in love with that. Because I can not find words. But girlfriend something. If this is a play on words – this one, and if the principle – more.


Kundalini energy difference

men and women


– In women, the kundalini energy is more pronounced than that of men?


This is a purely tantric and practical issues related to including sexual practices. There are very subtle practices that are called rites and rituals. In fact, this is not a rite or ritual. It’s just a fine practice. When a man takes his companion, wife or lover and makes a very meticulous ritual, which looks as if he worshiped her. Everything is painted in detail, what, how and why. Why? There is a certain mystique: communicating this way with his girlfriend, he communicates with his kundalini. There is a mysterious identity between a girlfriend with whom he practices these rituals and kundalini. As similar to like. But it closed a serious practice.

Approach any, that a woman is more pronounced kundalini. It is easier to awaken it, it is easier to use and it is more can help a man to know what the kundalini energy, awaken in himself by his girlfriend. This is a separate very serious topic of Tantra Yoga.


Love destroys our own negative karma. We gave a gift, and we smashed with a hammer. But do not blame the hammer. Similarly, we have the kundalini energy that can do anything and we can send it here or there. We could use it to strengthen the needed points and we are going contrary to the dressing. Usually squabbles, arguments, massacre in the kitchen from the living yoga teachers. I on the contrary did not even trust the teachers of yoga, which is not passed. They have not yet dripped deepest ambushes. One may sit in an incubator, greenhouse conditions: all clean, well duhovnenko. And you tarry in real life. And I have repeatedly witnessed, when these celestial beings descended into society and their bore. But for many of them it was a real practice. After that they left even more winners. And then for this one, I would have given five dozen gods. Because he stands firm on his feet, he knows all the ambushes of this world.

You have purchased one force – Jnana. Magic Triangle: will, knowledge and action. I hope that in this area you anything began to understand. I told you everything so vividly, dashing on the fingers explains. If you create the illusion that it’s all so simple. Know it all for one reason – too long I teach yoga. I deliberately try to omit complicated topics that you have to create at least the illusion of knowledge. Because later on this island will be to crystallize in more than fundamental knowledge for your yoga practice. Now you have a tiny “zatravochka” of knowledge, to which it will be then (as you study yoga) to build basic knowledge of yoga. Therefore, keep the illusion that you at least know something.



Time to Samadhi


– There is a certain time “access to the samadhi” no more, otherwise you can not go back?

As you can imagine, this topic closed and extremely allegorical and not dealing with were not allowed there. Not that it is locked topics. A certain protection is marginal.

I’ll tell it all, only to have been at least a purely theoretical idea of this yoga. We are still very far from these heights. So you take it without much emotional relationship. In Tantra this ancient knowledge reached us a grain of knowledge. Some we manage to lose even now. But in some places there is mention of some distinctive features, aspects. It is sometimes argued, if the Yogi spends samadhi more than one day, then the connection is broken and you can not return to the body. I warn you that you did not start so literally afraid of these things. We are the most important thing – it is at least closer to this great yoga. Because we are wishful thinking. Sometimes we do this or that yogic practice, we only partially blown dust and have already gone reaction. And the man begins to speak, he kundalini. Come to me, and the person says, “In the past year raised the kundalini, and now I am behind your ear itches, probably not right down.” We sometimes confuse these concepts. We would just approach these yogis. Because before we get closer to many shocks, which, as we seem to be “th th”. But these shocks will come even more, in comparison with which the previous sound is not as impressive. So once again I call you: yoga at any more common sense, more humor, more quiet attitude. In this way you will not destroy the yoga, but you destroy your ego misconceptions about the process. All false collapse. The experiences made since yoga indestructible. Once reaching a certain height, you never slide down. Some people fear that the feeling will go away. There was some experience experience – gone. Togo, which was not – go away. What is real – will not go anywhere.

Popularity of Kundalini Yoga in the West


Subject kundalini in the West is very popular. Too often, all the gurus have experience kundalini awakening, chased her all through the air with her flying. Already it starts slightly komertsianizatsiya. How to sell a product? We must loudly declare itself. Please note, if the artist is not removed for a long time, be sure to some scandal. That it in an indecent place, in the form of indecent caught. It should be about creating an unhealthy excitement, not to forget. Unfortunately, this path has gone and yoga. As soon as the next guru start to forget, he begins to attract attention. And welcome, if he had the world a demonstration of a spoon or poor feeding, or defended the oppressed. And when you start that they squabble with another guru from another school staged a scuffle at the next conference of the universal yoga – it smacks of cheap PR. Please do not be fooled. We must believe, what if the person had a real experience. Say “no” – you will offend him. If you say “yes,” and suddenly he a charlatan, and you’ll play along. Therefore, such a policy here: friendly with humor. He flew well, the weather was flying? As with the landing, with landing? As kundalini, I did not fail? Humor you do not destroy what is. And all of the artificial humor withers, dries up and falls off. There’s no power. God forbid you to be cynical, and sarcastic sneer. Just ratio should be open with kindness.

This theme is really sacred. But the time is now, that we have to talk about them aloud. Earlier theme kundalini was a closed issue. Rapid methods of yoga at all five years of execution by hanging for the mere mention of these methods. Now, something has happened in the world, which dramatically changed the rules of the game over the past 150-200 years: closed practices and techniques have become publicly publicized. On it was a blessing given to including teachers, carrying the tradition. From what reasons did they do that I do not know. But what used to be 300 years ago had a lot of steps to go through to achieve this knowledge, now a silver platter – anyone come and take. But the flip side of such ease – a lot of different fakes. Subject Commercial why a couple of dollars “does not cut down” on this topic. I am not against money. We live in a world of money, where even do not take off your room without paying for lessons. But when it turns into an end in itself …



Kundalini Yoga – is a gift of the Masters


We are more or less sorted out part of jnana. Knowledge is power. Having knowledge of the way it is – in itself a power. In fact, in this world of reliable and timely knowledge gained are the rest. Because the rest can be obtained using this knowledge. Similarly, in yoga, the very fact that you know it, you have a yoga teacher. By the very fact that we’re talking about it, thanks to all yogis and yogis who brought us this valuable knowledge and handed down to us. This is a gift. If it were not for this gift, we would contact you about any kundalini chakras of any, of any channels and centers. We just do not have it rediscovered. Imagine you need to meditate for a long time to even look inside the physical body. Then separate the physical sensations from a thin and then thin on the finest, and then to understand how subtle, and then to understand the principles of operation, and then to identify how this energy works, and then to relate this knowledge. And it’s knowing how to know, the former civilization is gone from our planet and left behind. Was civilization highly developed, they are nice to have worked on the spiritual field. Each has found the opportunity to fly in space. And all together flew into space to live in cosmic expanses. It figuratively speaking. And the Earth? And they Earth. The chick hatched – departed. Jack is no longer necessary. We still have far to fly, but something remains from the previous one. I would like to with the same attitude you applies to kundalini yoga, it is a gift.




Now, with respect to practices. As regards the will, then I’m not your assistant. If you voleizyavlyat live in a better world and help all living beings if you voleizyavlyat work in this direction – it will be. Neither force nor prevent you I can not. I can only urge: friends, use your willpower.

As for kriya from the formal point of view. The power of kriya – is the one aspect of maya, which a priori overcome the absence of Jnana. I meet people who say that no finger on the finger does not hit, until we understand what to do. The rules of the game universe laid task in which first start to do something, and then you know what to do. And continue in the right way. Therefore, the question of action, or more mundane yoga. Practicing hatha yoga or kriya yoga, practice every day. Sometimes a person says, “I do not understand.” It turns out that people do not understand, trust, beginning to engage, as a result of winning. Therefore, the action, or more specific practices that awaken the kundalini energy, they need to be made.

To begin with, what we will not do – sexual practices.

Sexual practices themselves involve our physical body. The most well this theme is reflected in the triad of yoga called Yoga Alliance. Yoga Union – is essentially a simulator Affairs in bed, where the partner or partner practice with each other to ensure that the physical interaction (sex suggests very rapid manifestation of physical and acrobatic abilities). And there is a list of specific exercises, movements, etc. It is very difficult, very long and very exhausting yoga – the gym in bed. That these repetitive movements in a specific scenario with a very rigidly stipulated moments (one of them: it must be the beginning and end of practice). Trivial sounds, but how many people broke without knowing this simple principle. Involving your purely physical and physiological ability to engage in sexual contact. We must do the right practice and movement (again, a lot of nuances: where, when, how and for how long). Your relationship and your partner do not assume that you are in love with each other. This is more of a partnership. Those who practice, but is not going to marry – this is for you.

The second aspect is more subtle, and less sex in it explicit. This Tantra Yoga. It uses more nuanced feelings, halftone – everything that makes the charm around the relationship of man and woman. If it’s in a beautiful, romantic, pure use, it also leads to a well-known achievements. About love yoga in general nothing can be said, is a separate issue. I will not say, but there are all involved.

In any case, the platform sexual interactions helps to choose a method that will awaken the kundalini energy. The only thing you need to immediately give an explanation – it’s sex without a loss. If sex with losses, there is little that can be achieved. This is a very delicate topic. It is necessary to say all or nothing. Because people do not understand, how, what, and why? I urge you, if you do not know how to practice sexual yoga, keep the sexual lifestyle that led to this. The only requirement is ferocious – of the existence of your sexuality should not suffer the living beings, or rather suffering should be minimized. What and how you do in bed, no one cares. Yoga does not climb into bed. Yoga is concerned about only one thing: that there is no suffering party directly or indirectly.

The second platform – this way of thinking, meditation. If you begin to meditate on the objects (yantra or images), using which it is easy to achieve one-pointedness of mind, and it therefore affects the body that draws the kundalini energy. These are the rituals, practices and rituals. All competent temples in India, including to people, going back to see certain images, all selected so that all contributes to your absorption pointed meditation and implementation of a push. Sometimes not even the temple itself, and then how to approach him. Now the era of airplanes, cars – sat down and came. And earlier it was assumed that the traveler will do a hike for 5 days it was on such a lonely place to think about the eternal, to recover. By the time he comes to the temple the whole aura, the whole surrounding nature already brings his thinking in a way that going to the temple with images and spices makes it easy to sit down and meditate, “I see Shiva.” He comes in and does say “everywhere Shiva Shiva in everything, He is alive.” We look at it, as strange. And for him it is a real experience that all living things, that everything is permeated with consciousness. But he expresses through its representations. But he Arrive to the same temple on the jeep and not come barefoot walking, it may well be would not have worked.

These are small details that seemingly can be bypassed, but they are the cornerstone. For example, now we have become pilgrims to travel to India. And here they come, here they planted, half a day here, a sacred lake, the holy place, the holy mountain, the holy hermit, chipped to 10 rupees. All good-bye. The next point of the route through the two thousand kilometers. We arrived there, here it is burned, it is enlightening. All packed up and drove on. Well, what is it a pilgrimage.

I had one friend. Hajj to Mecca. There are all strictly regulated. This path you must walk, must walk in white robes and sandals. That is all there is spelled. They realized that if driving around in a jeep around the Kaaba, nothing will happen. Moreover, you can even incur the problem. Therefore, there is a yoga position: all religions (Orthodox) – fast methods obsolete. Once for a very narrow group of people it worked, then it stopped working and it has become a tradition. Of course, maybe even now it all works, but only in part. Therefore, God forbid you criticize or praise in religion. Yoga itself, religion itself. Yoga is religion. But from a formal point of view, all the saints like pioneers of the best people. They worked out some methods. For example, take the medieval Europe. Here he made a pilgrimage on foot to the monastery, which was a relic. He saw her. What is it? To configure the believer. Not because it is a relic. To be honest, all the same. Then it turned out that there were relics of the saint more than the teeth in his mouth. That is, it resulted that there were Protestants. They began to stigmatize all previous. This is a bad tradition stigmatize all that was before. Everything is good in its place at the time. Unfortunately it all goes away. And, of course, all these rituals were a certain group of people to help them. Then they no longer understand. But if any of them are still working, they need to follow to the smallest detail. If you are in India, and will tell you that you need to enter the temple of Shiva “in the buff.” So, we need to go “in the buff.” And no one knows what will work there. Whether the ambient temperature so you sbodrit that meditation is better to go, or something else – no one knows. If you can scrupulously fulfill – carry out scrupulously.


Practice meditation and breathing


Meditation – it can be visit the holy places, it can be a pilgrimage, or your individual practice – anything. And in every yoga tradition preserved certain instructions. They are different. Somewhere say: Meditate on the chakra; someone says, meditate on the area between the eyebrows, meditate on a point inside the brain, etc. Where did meditate in the end? Do as taught by your teacher.

It is necessary to have two more bridgehead breath and the physical body. With the breath – this is the most favorite method of many tantric schools which gradually turned into a yoga school for awakening the kundalini energy. If you properly combine breathing exercises with these three aspects: Kriya, Jnana and iccha, with the help of pranayama breathing you will very quickly be able to awaken the Kundalini. The most guaranteed, fast-powerful way – it’s sexual practices, but they do not all fit. Because, as you can see, the theme of piquant and original. And following on the power and prevalence – is breathing practices. Repeated breathing exercises with this trio.

Practice for the physical body


Another bridgehead – our physical body. You can practice Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga. These methods differ in their effect. Although, in some ways they are the same. But by doing some repetitive or fixed position, thereby you make an internal push that awakens the kundalini energy. There are even saying that if with purified thin channels to perform a pose for several hours, then you automatically awakens the kundalini energy, the very fact that you hold the pose for a long time. And many Hatha yogis also enjoy this. Especially if you’ve found a potential student, who was born Karma podvozchikom donkeys, no education, it is to write and can not read, does not know anything. And by Hatha Yoga, due to the fact that his hard-chasing to do certain poses, he quickly awakened kundalini energy, she quickly developed mind. Part of our mental abilities as individuals somewhere inherited from parents. A part is not, but some yes. In any case, if the body is honed previous generations, and the man easier. If not, no. And imagine, you were born in a body in which the soul, like a prison. Heavy body, the parents must have been engaged in yoga in previous lives and hereditary transfer some achievements, but they were not engaged. This does not mean that you have to scold them. Generally, all parents praise and legs fall. Incidentally, this is one of the sacred traditions of yoga. Because at the moment of conception, there was no difference between mom and dad and the Absolute itself. Sometimes, to get defects, deficiencies that at the genetic level, we drag from their parents, have reached some kind of capacity (physical, psychological, mental), you can very quickly accelerate the inflow of kundalini energy, and she quickly rebuild and speed in one lifetime .

Finally, kriya yoga. She prostroen trance to things and acts differently than the hatha yoga. The basic principle of kriya yoga – the body does not breathe. identify itself with the first moment of the gross body, then with a thin, then the causes and you are face to face encounter with the primordial energy.

In hatha yoga, you’re like a bulldozer, to break through the wall. Behind this wall of kundalini energy. In kriya yoga you like in a maze, go around, turn and get to the very core. In action they are slightly different. This, of course, exaggerated. In hatha and kriya yoga, there are different approaches. You can just do hatha yoga and kundalini come across. But if you do this triad: the will, knowledge and action, there is a great guarantee that this will be the method of awakening the kundalini.


Practice Yoga Mantra

Bridgehead mantra yoga. There the term “mantra to awaken.” Part of this is to reach the kundalini energy. Any word mantra or energy, using the mantra acts, in fact the case is kundalini energy.

Little detail – your condition, state of mind or bhava. What one hand is a continuation of expression, on the other hand – in fact, the direction of your consciousness. What emotional mood you take up exercise – this is one of the main reasons for your prosperity. Many people say, “Oh, yes, now try.” I do not try, you have to wake up. You know, the big and the little man is sitting inside of a man. Great spiritual man, and the little black man cynic “Well, well, let’s see what you will achieve, practicing mantra, enlightened you want.” This little man, as an enemy of the army headquarters. Incarnation of our karma and ego. At the most inopportune moment, he will sow doubt you, to open the card enemies to provoke you into rash action. Therefore it is necessary to crush the little man, an enemy, or rather, to deprive it of energy.

It happens, and Come try now to do with spirituality. It is impossible not to wet to go into the river. You throw a lump of sugar into the water – it dissolve. If not dissolved – this was not a sugar. Similarly, people. Either you completely get involved in yoga – it’s your life- all goes with a bang. Not so easily. But when he begins to talk a little chelovechik traitor inside, we rush to whether, or here – and as a result we sit between two chairs. Therefore, it is also very important part, which is called the word (which I do not like), but there is no more appropriate translation for it – it is faith. In fact, the concept of faith is notorious. Make yourself believe, lo, the fifth to tenth. But in fact, the concept of faith is very difficult. In part, this strength of will. I voleizyavlyayu to be so. I say that the world is bad. I voleizyavlyayu to my personal universe in the world was good. I have inherited from the Absolute voleizyavlyat. I use the power of the Absolute. Am I not its continuation on the earth, whether the Absolute particle in me – in me, not in whether the willpower to me – in me. Therefore, sometimes the term is meant faith will aspect. There countries understand the expression in tantra: if you do not understand what the Absolute voleizyavi it to be. On the one hand it is self-deception, and on the other hand, the only way into the beyond. Why? Because the Absolute is certainly there, but he never shows himself not as long as we do not we will refer to it. And all the higher practices, rapid methods, teacher’s blessing (very unobtrusive people, they will never impose on you, the more rapid methods). From your promise, “let it be” turned on the power of action. This is sometimes called the term faith. But the term faith is used often scoundrels, they make sincere people believe in different affairs doubtful, moreover to use them and benefit some have. Therefore, faith is notorious in our world.

Repeat. At the base of your body have the energy of kundalini. Every word – is an emanation of the kundalini energy. In carrying out this practice, try to go “up the river” to reach the source. Whence comes this vibration. Pluck it from his lips, but where does it come from? So, we sit down, lie down, begin to work on himself. Begins to sing the mantra “M”.


Conditions for practice


Friends, all the practices, emotions are on the rise. Certain aromas, specific location, time of day, when you are doing this. This is called the ritual. This practice is fine, where a lot of components, where associative connections operate at 100%.

All these techniques are transformed into some kind of trance techniques. Of course, I could go on indefinitely, increasing, increasing. But how sane, responsible person, I will not do that. Why? Digest it first. Make this practice to all torknulo – it’s very simple. It is much more difficult to preserve it went. Select energy is quite simple. It is more difficult to digest and send to the needed points. Here part of the work everyone has done on a very, gradually adding these moments. And remember, there will be no emotions and the right attitude – nothing will happen. Trance practice is very strong. If to add another “pinch” pranayama and mantra, it is possible to reach the transcendental state. But I do not advocate this. It comes and goes, the main thing – a dry residue, your daily practice, your spiritual growth.

As you know, chants and dances Aboriginal well fall into this category. One word trance techniques. The difference that you understand what you are doing, and they’re not. You use it for the benefit of themselves and of all living beings, and they like anyhow and use. A huge number of movements (in the bad sense of sectarian) use these techniques. Why? You find yourself in another world. You’re used to a certain routine of gray, and then start for this case hang noodles. Differentiate.


– If Yogi loser began to awaken the kundalini energy and its flooded, carries separation. He can catch up and stop the energy?


If not rushing back, of course, must be stopped. But there are different stages, if you jumped into the open and fly down, it is necessary, of course, to prepare a parachute, too late to contain. Everything depends on what you stage. Sometimes, a person feels that he begins to carry, it is restrained, constrained. At this stage, it is not yet proved, still it is possible to go to another place, change the stop. But if you have already suffered, it will be much harder. That is, you are afraid that you suddenly awaken kundalini and have it back. But this is still very far away.


Singing mantras


– Are there rules of singing mantras? Can improper singing harm?


Just want to reassure you: all the mantras, which go well – with foolproof. Even if you kaverkat syllable in another way to sing them – any harm you bring. Unfortunately, a lot of paranoia about the correctness of singing mantras. Even if a person repeats the same mantra every time he sings it in a new way: the heart sound was added, then grown rougher in the abdomen. Strictly speaking, one twice the mantra repeats. There is a corridor, within which can be safely kaverkat mantra. The principle of action mantras thinner than stupid straightforward, “said a mantra, and this effect will be.” Therefore, do not worry and practice mantra. There are really the mantra that you need to follow strictly all. But usually it is closed mantra. I hope you have in life is not the circumstances that forced them to apply. All the mantras that we need to 99.999% – open and foolproof.


– You can take any combination of words, for example, thank God, and to apply, like a mantra?


From a formal point of view as possible. But try to get to the meaning. Why? For example, in the Polish language, in to a beauty, they have – a freak. It would seem that two close kindred languages. Remember the myth of the Tower of Babel? Initially, there was a single language, and then all they’d go, lie began. That is, a single word, began to understand the different value. Under one word began to act different values and strength. To have survived words and expressions whose original meaning of their action at least to some extent coincide to a greater extent. These words are called mantras. Mantras from the usual expressions differ in that they are cleaner, less need to fuss, to awaken them. But from a formal point of view, any word – mantra.


– Can one say the mantra “A”?

Not necessarily, “A-About-U”. One can “A”.

Will long practice, the voice will be shifted to the lower tone, and there will be a feeling that you sing stomach. As if from somewhere below zarazhdaetsya (kundalini), but only formed at the level of the throat.

Generally, kundalini yoga and mantra yoga are very close. It is not possible to explain one without the other.


– Can a mantra work, even if the person does not know the meaning of the mantra?

Does Universal universal language?


You all listen to me here, I’m trying to give birth to you at least some understanding of the island. This theme insanely complicated, not unequivocal, and many nuances I did not agree. Not because I have something to hide, but because if I start all the secrets ahead of time to throw out at you, you’re completely confused. Let them grow as the backbone of the skeleton, and then the details that are needed.

Now, according to the Universal Language. Yes, according to the teachings of yoga, all that deeply a certain level, I realize it, I call it. In yoga, there is a serious system: continuity of name and form. That is, in Russian, pen, English -pen, the Chinese still somehow. What about the indissolubility of form and name? At a deeper level, there is a universal language, and using it could read the thoughts, status, emotions on a deeper level, where there is no separation of languages. Subject mantra yoga – one of the most difficult to explain. Therefore, so fast many questions can not be answered. But on the other hand, it is a man not versed in Mantra Yoga. Start practicing a mantra, and receives the result. Fires something beyond that we can not even describe.


– How to channel the energy of the kundalini in the right direction, because of ambushes on the road a lot?


Ambush on the way, in fact, very much. But if I do not talk about them, it does not mean that they will be less of it. But forewarned – is forearmed. Therefore, do not worry, they are many. Much worse, if they begin to crumble on you unexpectedly. It’s really frustrating.

Energy, as the money, it has never, as you remember, not much happens. In fact, we often suffer from a lack of energy. We have no power, we always drowsy, chronically I do not want anything. This is our daily condition from lack of energy. The man who is full of energy and strength, which is active it does not have such conditions, he is active, he has this energy. Therefore, earn as much as possible – always have time to spend. Another thing you need to competently make and ahead of the engine is not running. As for the ambush, again. Do you do yoga, they decide to ambush for 5 years (I speak figuratively). A person who is not engaged in yoga, in front of him the same ambush, but he picks them seven lives. In one life – one half of the ambush, the other – the other. Yoga is no different from ordinary people, only – they have everything happens faster.

Ambush has karma that we do twists. They laid down, because we are men and women, because we live in a society, because we go to work, because we’ll fall in love and get married. These ambushes there, anywhere they are not going anywhere. Another thing is how to deal with them. More energy – the mind works best, we must solve the ambush. If we are passive, the more suffering.


– Concentrate should be at the bottom, doing kriya?


I did not tell you at the seminar about the channels, chakras, support options. For example, a large amount of prana is possible to get into the central channel through the other chakras, not necessarily with the center, where sleeps the kundalini energy. Strictly speaking, you can start from anywhere.

For our understanding it is now important to see how we are born the words and go in the opposite direction. Strictly speaking, we do not feel the kundalini energy. We are starting to experiment and about to listen and to get accustomed to this place. Until then, until you really dig. We just said, “Dig, there is a treasure.” Themselves we would never know where to dig.


Thus, all strong emotions can be translated. Rage – in clear, sexuality – in spirituality, greed – in abundance, fear fearlessness. In fact, it is the tails of the same energy. They say, necessary and unnecessary emotions, right and wrong. No right or wrong. Any incorrect use of energy. Any emotion that grips you and leads, it can be a starting point for working with your basic energy. Any energy that manifests itself, whether it be anger, fear – has one source – the energy of the kundalini.

I remind you of the triple connection: breathing, thinking and sexual energy. This triad can be used to get through one more.




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