2009.07.26. Kundalini yoga workshop. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

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Kundalini Yoga.


2. Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

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4. Brief description: Kundalini Yoga – Yoga section, which is directly involved in the Kundalini energy – the mystical force at the base of the body. How extant knowledge of Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini energy Nature. Localization of Kundalini energy. What is the purpose of the true awakening of the Kundalini energy? Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga. Dangers in Kundalini yoga. Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama yoga et al., As the methods for working with the energy of the Kundalini. Sexual energy – the closest to the Kundalini energy. What is chastity in sex? Love Yoga – the path to awakening the Kundalini energy. How it achieved a breakthrough effect? What is the meaning of blessing of the Masters? How is the energy of the Kundalini to the process of creativity? Why is it necessary to rediscover yoga? What should be our attitude towards children and our parents?

In the practical part of the workshop used the specific techniques of the different types of yogas, aimed not work with the energy of the Kundalini.


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2009.07.26 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

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Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Today we have 26 July 2009. Are we in KC “Awakening” near the metro station Novoslobodskaya in Moscow, and this is our workshop for the Open University of Yoga. Theme of the seminar: “Kundalini Yoga”. All information is archived on the website www. openyoga.ru, www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.


The powerful force – the energy of the Kundalini.


We’ll start with you from the beginning. What is Kundalini Yoga? Where does it come from? Who invented it? Interdependence Kundalini yoga from other forms of yoga. The term Kundalini is one of the most mysterious terms, which completely permeates the entire eastern philosophy, but it completely permeates implicitly. Since ancient times was known in various treatises on yoga, we find mention of some powerful mysterious force of everybody. Other name that power had. Sometimes the names were explicitly religious in nature. Sometimes more mechanistic. Sometimes these were some hints of a mystical basis inside the human body.

So, anyway, there is a mention that within each person, based on his body, in the sacrum area, anus, or there is a certain point of a certain area. And this area differs from other areas of the human body by the fact that under certain circumstances suddenly from this area is beginning to awaken some very powerful force. And as soon as it begins to awaken, a person begins to experience a different kind of feeling. Such feelings, which he does not encounter in everyday life. Color these feelings at all different, but the only thing that unites the experience of many yogis and yogis who have touched this force, this feeling of mystical power that goes into physical power. Those. you and I can feel myself very strong. But this state, when you start to feel yourself so strong that this force goes beyond the ordinary ideas and is perceived by us as something magical and mystical. And other such colors of these sensations may also be a very wide range. This feeling is so strong, that can, in general, to break a man to pieces. Those. it is not a force with which to flirt. This feeling of being at stake is your own life. This feeling that somewhere comparable to the feelings of fear of death. This is a very serious feeling actually. This feeling of extreme exaltation, extreme trepidation. A person may feel that he is throwing in the hot and cold shivers down your spine and throughout the body, hair on end, as if the present is something alive, powerful and in some cases even completely controlled. It is found in the numerous narratives of yoga. It is found in a numerous descriptions of different people. Even those who were far from yoga, but somehow came into contact with this force.

 Yet, we know from the ancient times of this force is that, if a person is experiencing a revival this spring at the base of your body and being in a very interesting state, apply any force or directs its will to achieve anything it was, then, oddly enough, will not meet absolutely no obstacles, ie everything becomes plasticine, as if the whole world was soft and pliable. If people here in this state is faced with any danger, say mortal danger, then he is more likely to overcome this danger and turn the situation into a positive. If he sends some of his thoughts or desires to achieve any mental results, for example, he wants to transfer to some other person thought at a distance, or do any surge purely psychological (for example, to change the mentality of the people around this person in the right direction), it is obtained freely.

It is also known from ancient texts, that, as a rule, all eminent personalities who by their example could enthrall many of them, those who have reached great heights in different activities: prominent politicians, conquerors, the great generals, they are in one way or another degree fell into these states. And they that their condition could infect an entire army that power, striving for success, to overcome all, sometimes seemingly quite insurmountable, problems. Those. evidence of the existence of this force can be found in virtually all cultures and religions of the world. But as a rule, it is very difficult to understand what is meant, because there are a huge number of cultural layers.

For example, in a medieval treatise you will read: “I woke up in a fire-breathing dragon. He began devouring me from the inside, and at the same time, I accomplished the feat. ” In other treatises of this can be described in another way, something very religious say: “I saw the goddess of death, waking up in the bottom of my body and began to devour all my thoughts and emotions.” And then quite interesting details: “This goddess is beginning to devour space and time.” Those. man fell into such a state that was beginning to understand that he is somewhere out of space and time.

This theme is always very sacred, surrounded by many taboos in the discussion, numerous taboos. And this is not a topic that in certain cultures in which mention was made of this phenomenon, it was decided to talk like this. Too strong were the feelings, too, they were mysterious, too sharp, they were too much it was on the verge of life and death, so to mention it in vain. Therefore it is very difficult sometimes from the analysis of all these tales take a grain of truth. But at the same time, it is very interesting from the standpoint of knowledge of Kundalini Yoga to analyze the life of certain great men. Very interesting, when memories were told that this or that great man fell into a strange situation and at the same time, he did not lose his presence of mind, etc.


Kundalini Yoga.


But fortunately for us, the knowledge of this mighty power, perfectly preserved in yoga. And the science which is engaged in the framework of the yoga this power, just called Kundalini Yoga.

 But we should always remember very clearly that the Kundalini Yoga, or the section that is directly involved in Kundalini, or that mystical force at the base of the body, it is best preserved in Tantra or Tantra yoga. There is a very strong layer of spiritual practices, they are called Tantra yoga. They are very close to the usual yogis. Moreover, it is believed that all the usual yoga came just out of Tantra Yoga or close to Tantra yogi.

So the best, most detailed and most intelligently preserved information about this mysterious force at the base of the body in numerous texts Tantra or Tantra yoga. In fact, in the modern era, when you hear the word Kundalini or when you hear about this powerful mystic power, inherent in all of us, you have to be very clear to understand themselves, that all the information on the 99%, which circulates in the Western, yes and in the eastern societies, it came from the Tantra.

Now further. What kind of attitude in Tantra Yoga or Tantra to the mystical power of the mighty? As with all yoga related to any energy or any phenomenon which only can meet people, it is peculiar. In yoga, it is believed that everything that weakens our minds, everything that makes us dependent, everything that makes us cowards, all the things that confuse us, should be rejected as inadmissible. At the same time, all aspects of a person should be examined, placed under control and used for self-knowledge.

The approach of science and yoga approach to the knowledge of the universe.


Let me remind you, yoga – a system of self-knowledge, in which every yogi or yogini use all its manifestations. That’s how much there is of human manifestations, the same, there are areas of yoga. For this reason, Yoga can not ignore the phenomenon of Kundalini. It is, of course, it was his study, analyze, display certain patterns and share in the most comprehensible and accessible form, in a comprehensible and accessible form to the next generation and so this knowledge came to us. What we learn today – it’s a legacy that left us yoga and yogini, who belonged to the body as a laboratory. Imagine a scientist have any instruments, devices, using these tools and instruments scientist comprehends the universe, puts experiences. In this sense, the yoga of scientists are no different. Everything is just much easier and more interesting. Each of us has a laboratory – it is our physical body. And we need to learn all that it contains in itself, the full potential that exists. And without any mystical helplessness, and very clear, very consistent and very logical.

But there is still a very serious difference between the approach of scientists who investigate anything, including the human body and approach yoga or yogini who examined his body and in particular the Kundalini energy. This is known as the first principle of yoga, which states that any yogi or yogini must not harm living beings unless absolutely necessary. Those. in his knowledge of the yogi or yogini must be guided first and foremost the principle of humanity, the principle of not causing harm. At the same time, science is no such principles.

Why am I telling you this? For one simple reason. Of course, and among scientists, this phenomenon became very seriously studied over the past several decades. This, of course, interesting. If the ancient treatises speak of some source of power, why from the standpoint of conventional scientific approach is not to use it? But as a scientist is not burdened with the principle of not causing harm to all living beings, then, oddly enough, it is an obstacle to the knowledge of this mystic power. Now I will not go into the details of how this works secrets protection mechanism in yoga. And in fact this is not the mechanism to protect the secrets of yoga, and the mechanism of self-preservation of humanity. And it does not get too much from modern scholars anything in this field.

Therefore, you should very clearly understand it. In numerous books on psychology, on antrapalogii, other sections, which one way or another, might be interested in the phenomenon of Kundalini, there will be written in any position. Immediately I want to warn you, be very careful about what it says. On the other hand, there is a large literature and numerous Tantra yoga works, which also refers to the Kundalini, but said in this way, that wicked man will not understand anything. I want to draw your attention to the fact that I now use the term “evil”, “good”. This is a very vague concept. How to determine who is evil, who is good? But we have in mind the first principle of yoga in the first place, you will not direct their knowledge, their power to the detriment of all other living beings. But we’ll talk about later.


The need for preliminary practices.


 So yoga and yogini like a scientist, dispassionately, boldly explored the phenomenon, experienced all of these mystical, very exciting, very scary sometimes experience. Because, as we are taught Tantra Yoga, when Kundalini is just starting to wake up, and as it says in the treatises, the channels of perception is still not clean, it is fraught with many pains. And suffering otherworldly. Sometimes there are people with mental illness have delusions that they are being persecuted by aliens that the CIA to hunt for them, or that they terorist№1 pours poison in the food. Sometimes it is quite strange happenings. Man becomes mystically suspicious. He sees a threat in everything. This is the same range of sensations occasionally occur in a person who has become the way of awakening the Kundalini energy, but did not do all the preparatory practices. Or another example. When you feel that bad luck prevails over you. This sometimes happens. Wherever you go, a black cat runs across the road. And the man begins to perceive the signs of trouble is not in the level of reason, and on some more depth, the animal level and falls into a state of extreme mental instability. These are able to watch, if engaged in Kundalini yoga, but do all the preparatory practices.


Selflessness and Yoginis yogis, have survived to our knowledge of Kundalini Yoga.


At the same time, yoga and yogini were very brave people, they put at stake is nothing less than how their lives to achieve the ultimate goal of self-knowledge. And, of course, they were not getting through any mystical doomsday feelings, nor that behind them someone there to hunt or feelings of depression or hopelessness. They always looked boldly in the face of all the facts that surrounded their lives. It is for this reason that we have to come down, and the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga. And in all other traditions, religions, doctrines, they are closed numerous taboos.


Fearlessness and care – our allies in the way of studying Kundalini Yoga.


Why am I so seriously focus on this? Because if you really touch the yoga, there is definitely a greater or lesser extent, it will affect everyone. And then what should a person do? Fled in terror from the mystical or safely learn it? Yoga gives you a definite answer: learn safely. Moreover, there is nothing worse than fear and fear must be overcome. But at the same time, yoga teaches utmost caution. Once you start to feel that something is not as it would have to go, you should immediately some of his experiments to slow down, stop, leave for later, ie, hurry slowly.

So, before you enter into Kundalini Yoga, we must realize that this is an area where we can find surprises and we must boldly go and look them in the face, as if it was not scary. On the other hand, fear – a very good thing. He will suggest, where we do something or not something is wrong. Therefore, we must be extremely careful and attentive. It is only by combining courage and caution, it is safe to walk the path of Kundalini Yoga.


Kundalini energy Nature.


Now we move on to the actual theory which came to us from many sources about the nature of this energy. What kind of energy called Kundalini? In one of the Kundalini energy transfer could be characterized as folded energy.

 Yoga teaches that each of us has our higher ‘I’. This “I” prohibitive in the sense that we can not find the words to explain it. This is truly something magical, powerful and indescribable. Moreover, our “I” do not apply the concept of space and time. We can not say that our “I” is somewhere else, at some point. It just does not make sense. But our “I”, teaches yoga, there are two tools with which our “I”, “live” in this world. Here you have your body. It is because here, in this room. And you in this room to do anything. Moreover, you start to believe that it is you who are in this room. What gives you the confidence that you are in this room, while the Yoga tells us that the “I” out of space and time? The fact that there is your energy and your consciousness. In yoga, introduced two such provisions: Energy and Consciousness. Or in another way, Chit and Shakti. Those. You in this room can itself as a show. Can you do something and to demonstrate energy. Something you can change. Moreover, in this room you can see something, ie, light of your consciousness will highlight the situation. In yoga, it is believed that our “I” mistook myself for these two manifestations. Our “I” feels energy and consciousness and so we believe that we are now in this room. In general, the question of where our “I” does not make sense. Just our “I” believes that there is energy and is Consciousness. I can do something. I can see something. This is because if the very rough. And “I” is precisely this ability to do anything and see anything. And our “I” begins to identify itself with its manifestations. And here’s the explanation arises, what is the energy of the Kundalini.

You and I can do anything. We have our energy. Say physical energy: I can take a chair and break it. Moreover, I can somehow differently to show their ability to Energy. I can talk to someone, I think that is also somehow a manifestation of my energy. Moreover, it teaches yoga, there are deeper currents, forms of energy. For example, the energy of our sensations. Here I sit and I feel that I was in the hot and cold rolls. Those. some flows of something changing. So, yoga says that all these manifestations of mine come from a single source, from my single energy. And this one energy of our “I” is just called Kundalini. Those. Kundalini energy – it is like energy of our “I”. And all the other manifestations of human life – is indirect manifestations of this energy.

Of course, all the more difficult in the human body. For example, the energy of food eaten by me, that is the fact that I can do exercise some, drawn me out of food. But some very subtle energy that governs rougher energy that I just received from food. When you are very hungry, you can hardly move. Why? Because energy is not. Your physical energy is not. But always it is the energy that manages these physical flows. If we consider more deeply, this energy, which manages the physical flows, that some of our nerve impulses, it is governed by some more subtle threads. And so deep, thinner and thinner. And sooner or later we come to the fundamental of our unified energy called Kundalini. Therefore, yoga is said that a person does not have two, five or six energy. All the energy that we are able to show, it will Kundalini energy, which in turn will drive the gross food energy flows, etc.

That is, on the one hand it appears that the Kundalini energy – a kind of managing energy more coarse energies of the body. But this is not the case. The fact that, as we are taught Kundalini Yoga, the majority of this energy is asleep, as stated in these ancient treatises. A small portion barely sleeps. And here it is the small part of the energy, controls the coarser food energy flows and the fact that we have due to metabolism. But if fully awaken the Kundalini energy, or the energy of our common, it can replace all the remaining energy, including the energy we get from food. That this is just based on the many stories of great yogis or yogi who do not eat anything. They do not eat anything, but at the same time and do not die. Whereas an ordinary person does not eat and died. Yogi and Yogini have learned to awaken this energy to a greater extent. And it is no longer necessary to support the energy flows food coarse.

The same situation is observed, but with certain reservations, in our mental processes. Processes mysleobrazovaniya forms. Figuratively speaking, the thought-forms as the waves come to the surface of our mind and go. And we use more and more something. But if you have a source of energy, you can do as a radio transmitter to emit these waves are very powerful, and all other already will catch your thought forms. It is based on this ability to control large masses of people. Great military leaders for an attack were. Simple soldiers began to think as well as leaders.

Let’s go back a little bit ago. So, our “I”, teaches yoga, there are two manifestations, two tools: Energy and Consciousness. Energy is responsible for all of our human existence that only a man can have. All our displays, friends, anyway, are tied to the Kundalini energy. Have you raised the chair, if you have thought, said a word or you feel a certain processes, all this, if we trace the source, before the source will be the Kundalini energy. But as this Kundalini in their bulk is asleep, it untapped, something to compensate lack of these energy forms our body (like the gross body and subtle and subtle) are more likely due to the influx of other energy flows, passing them a and only managing them. We ate – we move. They stopped to eat – there are no forces to move, and think and speak …

It is fair to say that there is another manifestation – that is our consciousness. And there’s symmetrical yoga Kundalini yoga. Those. If Kundalini Yoga is primarily concerned with energy, that is yoga, which is primarily engaged in Consciousness. And they balance each other. Moreover, in Kundalini Yoga, in order to awaken this energy to a greater extent just need consciousness. Those. a factor when there is little to do some exercise, you need to Your Consciousness Lights certain things.

Localization of Kundalini energy.


But as long as we do not touch the consciousness that you avoid confusion. Then the next, a very interesting fact from the Kundalini Yoga – is the localization of this energy. According to the theory of yoga, the most pronounced this energy, or the point where it is, if anything, the most close to our body, our body is the place of a base in the sacral area, anus, somewhere out there, it is difficult to say where exactly. Why? Because the nature of Kundalini is the intangible nature. Those. it is more subtle energy, which, as it permeates our matter. But she had this energy is in some more subtle layers of our universe.

 In yoga, it is believed that our material world is permeated with the subtle world, and subtle world – the finest the world. In essence, the material world, as we are taught yoga, a combination of Consciousness and Energy. Thin the world – it is the same combination of Consciousness and Energy. And the thinnest world – a combination of Consciousness and Energy, but only different roughness. In our material world, we are used to, and from which our body is made, it is rough aspects of manifestation. The thin – thinner, thinnest even more subtle and they seem to penetrate one another. Therefore, the foundation of our body, where is the Kundalini, it is conditional. Those. This is where the gross body, the subtle and the subtlest joined together and there is a transition from gross to subtle and subtlest.

I always give an example. Imagine three-leaf paper that you put together the clip. Those. you have a leaf of gross matter, subtle matter and leaf leaf delicate matter. They are interrelated, but still as a parallel. But there is a place where you put them together a paper clip. These are the places where all three are connected body, called chakras. Those. are places of transition from gross to subtle and subtlest. And that’s just in one of the first chakra, or in a tunnel junction, teaches yoga and Kundalini is dormant. On the physical level, it is felt at the base of the body. But it is useless to go to medical institutions where dissect human bodies in the hope of something to see what we have there in the sacrum. There will be nothing. Just the usual authorities. Those. physical energy that is not detected. But it very clearly starting to show as soon as we begin to engage in certain exercises, especially exercises of Kundalini Yoga. We start in this area suddenly feel something unusual. Moreover, our consciousness begins, as it were chained to the field, as if it was heated or hurt, is nervous tension. So according to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, is, in general, the general teaching of yoga, the localization of our ability Energy is at the base of the body.

But we remember that there is another ability, which is called Consciousness. It said about consciousness. Localization ability of our consciousness is somewhere near the top of our head. Those. each of us in this sense as a dumbbell. There is a muscle pump tool. These are two roundels and handle connecting them. Now, if to put it vertically, then, if we talk about the human body, at the base of the body – The energy in the crown of the head – Consciousness. And finally, once again draw your attention, as our ultimate “I” prohibitive, but feels its manifestations, so it turns out that we have on the one hand, if we want to chto-to see, realize and understand how we would be more than localizing to the head, and if we want to feel something, anything to survive, our feelings more than localized somewhere closer to our body.

 Here’s a very interesting paradox. Those. People who are more prone to some kind of physical sensations, to some flow of sensations, it is closer to the body. A person who is more inclined to reflect, to see, to analyze how to highlight Consciousness, he said, largely leaving aside the head. That’s the mechanics of the body. What I’m telling you, my friends, is a legacy that has reached us from the yogis and Yoginis. Prove from the point of view of science, a method that adheres to modern science, it is extremely difficult and quite controversial conclusions. Well, no, like the base of our body any energy source. Similarly, well, what’s top of the head?

 Thus we have only basic energy and this energy is called a single base Kundalini energy. Localized and felt it at the bottom of the body. Just as we have with you all one Consciousness, only Consciousness. And we were not in what would be an intermediate state: waking, dreamless sleep, dreaming or in a state of a trance or in a state of some other experiences, we have only one consciousness. And it is localized in the crown of our head.


The purpose of awakening the Kundalini energy.


Well, now the most important conclusion of Kundalini yoga, which we will discuss later, but that you immediately have a picture was highlighted task in Kundalini yoga – the two displays together. Connect the energy and consciousness. Strictly speaking, the word yoga, one of the possible meanings of the word – to connect. So when you read in various treatises, or in a sufficiently sane books on Kundalini Yoga (Why sane? A huge number of insane, you it should be well understood), the purpose of awakening the kundalini energy in the first place is to combine it with the Consciousness . At the same time there is an interesting factor. As soon as the Kundalini awakens, or sometimes used the term – is raised (we then talk, what is meant by the term raising Kundalini, it is understood that this is done in order to expand its consciousness), just that due to the fact that people with the awakening of the Kundalini energy flow in some other state.

 In fact, they seemed to open their consciousness, which in ordinary life is narrow, ordinary, uninteresting. We have to work, then come home. We have some problems, trouble, etc. You know, it’s like an ant, it is a log here and there. But as soon as the Kundalini energy is released, our consciousness as a spotlight begins to highlight a larger and larger part of the universe, and we start with the help of consciousness directly highlight the universe. And then it comes to us, and that our whole world is so mysterious and interesting turns, but not gray and miserable, as in ordinary life, from which we suffer. Many people in the study of Kundalini Yoga pushes it dullness and wretchedness of life. On the one hand, of course, commendable, but, on the other hand, it is presumptuous. We must also carefully to this approach. And, of course, your mind begins to immediately highlight the your own dirt, your own negative karmic tendencies and are born from this and all the troubles associated with the awakening of the Kundalini Yoga. Those. You see your own bad karma.

The fact that you begin to seem something bad and evil – is an echo of all your evil and wicked deeds that you have ever committed in this life or in previous lives. The law of karma is very harsh thing. If you did something, you have to answer for it. Another thing is that sometimes we do a lot of things out of stupidity, and the question arises: how to quickly redeem their negative karma and, by the way, Kundalini yoga this is very likely to help. Some treatises said that if the Kundalini awakens, all sins (by that word we mean karma) burn like cotton. It is a medieval image. Who would say that would be burned like gasoline.

Again. The main idea of Kundalini yoga is to first realize that this one energy is. Those. come to the point from which Tantra Yoga begins. In addition, to realize that you do not have two, three, five energies. What you do not have clean energy and you do not have dirty energy. Unfortunately, such sludge in yoga divorced environment that a person has some kind of clean energy, some dirty energy. No clean and dirty. All from a single source. This single source of energy called Kundalini. Those. any of your manifestation as the one that you like and one that you do not like the source of a single force. And so how to begin an approach in any yoga, so it is with the proper development of the views of himself. What a man, and there is nothing dirty, nothing is pure. There appropriateness of something and inappropriately applied. This allows you to realize that we have a common energy.

Then yoga techniques, Kundalini yoga, they are somehow more pointed, there are certain accents and such, we’ll talk about them, one comes to realize that the center of this power he is at the base of the body. The third step: the man working on the purification of its structures and channels to try to stir up a bit of this energy. Once again, it is actually each of us lies dormant, but you can make it so that she would wake up a little bit more. And believe me, when she wakes up a little bit more, the feel of it, purely subjective sensations of your will is a huge amount that they eclipse all that you have experienced before in my life. This is not a full Kundalini awakening, friends. It’s just she woke up a little more. One eye opened. But it is enough that a man fell into a mystical trance, so that he began to show an incredible ability and some charismatic manifestations. Those. the next step: clean the channels that energy a little more awake. As soon as she woke up a little more, we have this same level, so to speak, and increasing consciousness. And now we begin to see and perceive the world very differently, as if eating person tore the blindfold.

 Then people go on to clear all of its channels and try to awaken even a little more energy. And such unhurried steps a person goes to a state where it can happen quite an interesting thing, it teaches Kundalini yoga, can wake up all the energy of a sudden. And if all this energy suddenly woke up, ie will complete awakening, this is already a direct path to a higher state of samadhi in yoga or without an object, or sometimes it is called liberation, or even as it may be called, it does not matter. Fully awakened energy begins to aspire to the Consciousness. And in the texts of the Kundalini energy is compared with a snake coiled three and a half turns, and holding his tail in his mouth. So as soon as she woke up completely, ie turned around, she rushes to the top of the head. This is called the true rise of Kundalini energy. Prior to this man, too, will feel as if something had taken up. He mistakenly may decide that it just raised his Kundalini. But no, he’s just a little more awakened her and over this energy began to rise toward consciousness. And even this small surplus is sufficient to ensure that people sometimes say that he woke up and got Kundalini. No, she had not yet risen. And just more unleashed energy and this energy has involved the structures of which he was unaware.


True Kundalini awakening.


When the Kundalini is awakened completely true, and begins to rise, the text says: “man is dead to the world.” Oddly enough, to understand some yoga phrase should be taken literally. Indeed a person is in a state that would be qualified as a medical clinical death. No pulse, pupils do not react to light, no breath, but the person is not dead. All metabolic processes are completely stopped. If such a person to dig for some time, and then dig out (with the proviso that it does not eat the mouse), it will revive and will zhivehonek. What happens with the true rise of Kundalini energy? The energy begins to dissolve the internal structure, climbing higher and reaching the top of the head. The physical body is, so to speak, like an empty walnut. Normally a person has a shell: the physical body and the nucleolus – fine structures. And then there is the shell, and no fine structures. That is the case with the rise of Kundalini energy true. As soon as it rises to the top of the head and merges with the Consciousness, it is very interesting thing.

Our “I” that you remember prohibitive, in this time of the merger of energy and consciousness, understands that it does not have its own manifestation. Our “I” finally realizes that energy consciousness and the “I” – two different things. Or manifestations of “I” and the very “I” – two different things. This condition is called the greatest self, Samadhi without object. Why do not object? Because in this sense of “I” is not material, it perceives itself. From a formal point of view we can all qualify, as if nothing at all happened for all external witnesses. This state of Samadhi without object. This is the state, after which the person does not make sense to come back to this world. Why? Because the whole world was invented with the intention to, sooner or later it will happen. But as a rule of yoga back from this state for one purpose: to convey this experience further. Everything that I told you, I speak and I will speak, just received from the yogis and yogis who have reached this state, came back only for one purpose, to convey this experience to us. They had no more sense to come back and be born here.



A small summary of her short. If you are aware of it and realize you do not buy into unscrupulous treatises or books of modern fashionable authors. If we speak with you about Kundalini yoga, we speak with you about Tantra Yoga, we are talking about numerous yoga Tantric treatises. Therefore, we should immediately cut all speculation that someone came up with. Begin to two, three traditions in the way. This hodgepodge issue for the ultimate truth. So, we have our “I”. Our “I” has two abilities of a man two hands with which a person can do something. A capacity – Energy, the other – consciousness. Our “I” foolishly considers himself with his hands, his manifestations. It does not know who it is in fact and considers himself with his own hands. Hands are very powerful. And our consciousness and our energy is so powerful that we even can not imagine this power.

 But Energy and sleepy and Consciousness in the dim state. The energy at the base of the body, consciousness in the crown of the head. We consider ourselves here these manifestations. These manifestations are somehow intersect, such as play. And then there is the whole range of sensations that occur in our bodies. During my ear itching or anything else. Or I say something. And my heart skipped a beat: I was given the Nobel Prize! We instantly react to consciousness energy. We instantly to mind is thrown adrenaline. And this is a fantastic combination of Consciousness and Energy. But, once again, energy in the base body, consciousness in the crown of the head. Where is our “I”? Only God knows. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is higher than the concept of space and time. Those. time and space is something small and gray in comparison with what is the “I” of each one of us. But once again, our “I” feels its manifestations. That is why we are now sitting, and we believe that we are sitting in the hall. But our “I” in the hall is not sitting, and maybe sitting. This question does not make sense. All – a game of Consciousness and Energy. Energy sleeping, little can manifest itself. Consciousness is dim. Few things can be understood and addressed. The meaning of Kundalini Yoga is to realize energy. Slowly prepared to ensure that it releases energy more and more. At the same time, and our consciousness is revealed more and more. As it opens, processes go faster, faster, depending karmic practiced. We distribute all karmic debts, because a lot of energy. A lot of energy – it’s like a lot of money. If someone does something need to be quickly distributed, everyone is happy and we are happy. Energy and consciousness are revealed little by little, you are distributing the karmic debts and keep themselves clean. It got to the point where energy is fully awake, fully opened consciousness. They seek each other. Usually it is painted in the manuscripts as a snake rising in the spine area of the central channel, a channel, connecting consciousness with energy. And the higher it rises, the more this negative karma is burned. First, our bestial negative karma. That’s why the first attempts of awakening Kundalini, there is this animal fear, the fear of death. But overcome. Then all our misplaced emotions: fear, greed, anger, jealousy, all-all as power lifting is fulfilled, comes to the top of the head, energy and consciousness merge. And as soon as they merge, as in a mirror, our “I” understands that it is not the consciousness and energy. It is self-aware and self, in principle, into this world not to return more.

 But as a rule, it returned for reasons of assistance to all other living beings. Those. Again there is a process of separation of energy and consciousness. Kundalini energy starts to fall. When she picked up the internal structures are dissolved, we remember you, man empty as a nut, then, coming back, it is as if they re-casts. But if it dissolves them full of the karmic flaws, the seeds of karma, as some treatises written, then later, when she casts them again, he has no seeds of karma there. The energy is returned to the same place where she rose and fell asleep again. Energy fell asleep, but the birthplace of the great teacher of mankind. The great yogi or yogini who later go and preach the yogic lifestyle. And this man that’s very interesting, without karma. The man who carried out the true elevation and connection with the Consciousness of the Kundalini energy, and then returned it back, there is no karma. He burned it at first picked up. Those. all he does is not due to karma. If it is someone teaches it is not because he has to teach karma. And because he is doing it out of charity towards all living beings, so that they will have reached the highest state. Therefore, knowledge of Kundalini Yoga vnekarmichno because we get it directly from the Masters, who gave it to us, not because they had karma to us. They do not have any obligation to us, and they gave us the knowledge of simple considerations (again I will use that word), kindness. Very vague word. But from it can not escape. That is the logic of Kundalini Yoga. I outlined the entire framework of this yoga.


Common approach to my own experience and the experience of other people.


Now begin the details, and how to do it all? Oddly enough, these exercises are not that complicated. Moreover, one can even say that the exercises are simple, in a certain respect to certain limits. But before we proceed to the second part of this seminar, let’s dot the i. You will meet people who will argue that they have had the experience of raising the Kundalini energy. So she reached to the top of the head, and then back again. And here I am, hello, before you. And anyway, I have already passed yoga and Tantra was and is now engaged in a struggle Nanai boys. Your response should be from the perspective of what you have heard today, or assume that this man is mistaken in something, in terms of fumbles. Either prostrate and ask to devote to all the ordinances of Kundalini Yoga. Those. it is in front of you will be a great teacher of mankind. If you do not pull on the Teacher of mankind, then something wrong. But who knows, maybe the great teacher behaves tricky for our own good. No one can say. But what I am? In the West today is not only lazy writes how he awakened Kundalini. Soon it will be possible to organize trade unions of people who have awakened, and who have not slept Kundalini. It always reminds me of the little children who say: “Yesterday I cut my finger.” And the other says, “But I was even more the wound.” Unfortunately, this is the fruit of nedoponimaya. Not so, of course, terrible, but from a formal point of view, of course, raises a smile, if you study all the treatises. So if you meet a man who says: “I had the experience of Kundalini energy awakening with all the consequences”, it is likely, as a result of certain practices, his energy a little more awake. Neither of which full awakening, and even more so about the Kundalini energy rise, speech usually does not go. Just a little bit more awake this energy. Emanation of Energy at the base of the body, of course, begins to aspire to the Consciousness. Subjectively, it can be confused with the raising of the Kundalini energy. Therefore, it is in general, not so bad. It is a question of terminology.

But, my friends, you know, yoga is now going through a funny time. Who can be any sort of nonsense thrashing, calling it yoga, and no one recognizes. The fact new, recently came to this teaching. Even 200 years ago, but even 50 years ago about it, no one heard. Now this doctrine began to spread and therefore is such a jumble of turns. Believe me, every year in this respect humanity begins to understand better and better, and therefore, in order not to cause a smile at others, we must somehow control what you say. Sometimes I hear here such reasoning: “We are called angels, archangels some. He awakened in us the Kundalini energy … “. Here is a hodgepodge of everything. Friends, all this is only a smile in the circles of those who really understands what is at stake. Therefore, carefully treat to every race applications. This sin, of course, Americans. I have the impression that all the polls out there already awakened. But, you know, an apple tree for apples is determined, and something no spiritual breakthroughs in sight.


Answers on questions.


Question. Is there a contradiction, when they say that all our energy is taken from the Kundalini energy. And also it said that all of the energy comes from Prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You asked a very good question. I just did not here go into the theory of yoga. Formally, there is our “I”. And the very first thing it is not a manifestation of energy and consciousness, and Prana. A little later, it is divided into energy and consciousness. I’m just a small step skipped, because it is well described in Pranayama Yoga. If now I’ll start you new terms to say, you so little that you can catch, as well as at all possible to get confused. Therefore, there is no contradiction here. More questions.


Question. But in Christianity can be any parallel there? Are there references to some aspects of Kundalini Yoga in Christianity?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We have a rule not to touch religion. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga – the Yoga. Religion – a religion. Yoga is extremely respectful of all religions, but it is, roughly speaking, not her field of activity. If I’m going to say something about one religion, other religions may be offended. Moreover, it makes no sense to delve, whose religion is closer to the original source. I can only express my personal point of view, not related to yoga. Here I am not a representative of yoga exercises that you transmit is received from the Masters of Kundalini Yoga, and express their personal point of view. I think that, certainly, no religion can not exist if not used here are these fundamental principles of the universe. Another question is how it is called. All these biblical myths of the serpent tempter very well resonate with Baiken of Kundalini energy. Both in one and in the other case a temptation. The temptation to force, the temptation to freedom. Of course, some felt it parallels what is in front of the man power and opens with one hand closes the road to Eden – a paradise, but on the other hand opens this way, as you remember, “through the thorns to the stars.” As in the biblical myths, it says that very long and thorny path will your expulsion from paradise. Nevertheless, as a continuation of Judaism and the religion of Christianity, it tells us about the bright end of this path. Finally, I sincerely believe that all representatives of the religions is a very moral and highly spiritual people certainly they knew the secrets of the human body and certainly they could somehow this knowledge to use. And when we read the description of the miracles performed by monks or anchorites ascetics, I am inclined to think it was some form of yoga, if you will. I am not inclined, as it may be it happens in science, to ridicule. In the Renaissance, if you remember, a stone of religion have left. They accused the religion that they are fed tales of people considered religion the opium of the people. I do not believe that this bike. I as an individual do believe that they have demonstrated the forces which have been laid. Further, I can not speak. For example, I read a lot of the Apocrypha, where some moments convex yield discernment. But if I start to speak now about the Apocrypha, the official representatives of various religions take offense at me. They will say: “What are you doing obscurantism! Useful not in their territories. Moreover, not canonized texts quoting here. ” Friends, religion – it is a very slippery topic. The first principle of yoga – is not to offend anyone. Nobody harm unless absolutely necessary. Each word in the religious sphere necessarily offend anyone. It is for this reason that yoga is distancing, but very respected religion. I would answer. Another question, my friends.


Question. Is there any danger in Kundalini Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Kundalini yoga is actually considered one of the most dangerous yogi. We’ll talk about it. But, as they say, words can not erase songs all of us if we are on the path of self-knowledge, sooner or later you have to get acquainted with this force. Therefore, ignorance is dangerous. Knowledge is not dangerous. Danger lack of knowledge. Because sometimes people accidentally commit certain actions that lead to spontaneous release emanations. And he does not know what to do. He does not understand what is going on.

There is a hazard classification of the yogi. Kundalini Yoga – one of the most dangerous yogi. Indeed the most dangerous Yogi, if we are talking about the full awakening of the Kundalini. If we are talking about a small revival, not about the total awakening and picked up, and an increase in the number of small awakened component, it may, we very much even help in life. Especially in this era of change, when you do not know what to rely on. Not to rely on. So I think the fact that this mysterious yoga has become so wide spread, it is the answer to the Teachers of humanity increasingly complex conditions of life.

Friends, fly on airplanes, drive cars – it’s also very dangerous occupation. Producing the car: 300 km per hour. During the 10 seconds sprints to 200km. Where it will go? Do we have space open spaces? It is during these 10 seconds into the wall and vmazhetsya. In general, I think we should put a stop: 60km and all. But all are alive and healthy. Those. it is far more dangerous things. The question ratio. Or the youngster of a plant. Rights received yesterday. I left on a counter. He crashed himself, so also for how many people are dragged. Our world is complicated, my friends, is very complex. We are all afraid of maniacs in the hallways, and people have more die from alcohol.


Question. And what should be the age that it was possible to deal with Kundalini Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Of course, a person must have reached the age of puberty. It is believed that before puberty Kundalini energy has not yet completed the formation of our body.


Question. 13-14 years?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Better later. In any case, we in the Open Yoga University are all very strictly: adulthood. To each responsible for ourselves. Those. that is not that person still does not know what he wants. I can honestly say that no dangerous exercises we have. Moreover, none of you never will. And they do not need you. Why do you immediately awaken the Kundalini energy, if you are even a small amount, and awaken you enough for all your Mercedes, Canary Islands, but this is what I’m talking figuratively. The approximate analogy. Do you have a home outlet. Gives 220 volts. It is alleged that each apartment is allocated a certain power that you have at the same time worked as a refrigerator, washing machine, iron. 5-6 sq., That all worked to the wire is not burned out. But why are you a nuclear reactor? You have no such domestic appliances. And connect to anything wrong, and iron burn. It figuratively, for you to understand the logic.


Question. A work …?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We will touch on this. Now we just start with yoga techniques to consider in Love on the awakening of the Kundalini energy. Then touch and creative energy. Of course, all the work that a person is born not from a template, and when he creates, is a manifestation of the Kundalini energy. It is easy to learn from the artist, composer. You will learn the pattern on tracing paper to do something. It is sometimes even harmful, because a person begins to bow before this template. And in the era not that already need to create more templates, more popular nowadays. And always there is someone who in spite of the old give some new impetus. All then begin to be under it. Already with his rubbings templates. But this is someone somehow gave this momentum. It is as if this brought a wave of energy.

From theory to practice.


Now we come to the second part of our workshop and talk about how this theory translate into practice? And we, too, will approach so thoroughly and fundamentally, that you understand the logic. The logic of kundalini yoga in general. The logic is as follows. If the Kundalini energy – our only energy, and all other manifestations of energy, it is in fact a special case of a single power, you can use this method here: to go to the source. Here you can see the river flowing, and you start to go to the place where it begins to flow. And since all the rivers of energy figuratively speaking, we flow from one place, from a single center, and the center – Kundalini, the techniques of Kundalini yoga sufficiently large number. Those. if we have some kind of ability to exercise power, and we are starting in a known manner to learn it to show, and then learn to exercise it so that she would have flowed into the resonance, then we have a possibility to thus get to the source of this energy and try to work with this source. Therefore, there are totally different group exercises in Kundalini Yoga, but which in fact lead to the same.

 Firstly, we have our physical body. We can move them. Here I can hand to the left, the right swing. On the one hand this is my purely physical motor activity of my muscles. But, on the other hand, teaches Kundalini yoga, if you do it in a certain measure, in a certain rhythm and a certain attitude of our consciousness, we will soon forget about the physical movement and focus on the more subtle energy flow control these physical movement. Then another more subtle and sooner or later reach the source of energy and, as you know, for this you just have to move well. Thus arose the dynamic yoga. We have it called Kriya yoga, where do certain exercises. One exercise is replaced by another, as in dance. They are somewhere monotonous. They are quite a lot of exercise, but it turns out such a thing. We are starting to do them on a regular basis, according to a certain sequence, a certain amount of time. And from a certain point, we will begin to fall as if in a trance. The most interesting is that many Indians tribes, previously shown in the program “Club kinoputeshestvennikov”, and that they then jump, then sing and all monotone and all in some certain rhythm. And then all fall into a trance. This is one of the attempts to awaken the Kundalini energy at the expense of physical monotonous action. If the Indians in these tribes came to them spontaneously, then yoga gives us a very specific sequence to make things happen faster. So, here it is a foundation for future exercises. This dynamic rhythmic exercises. If you do them in a certain rhythm with a certain frame of mind, then sooner or later we will reach our energy source and it is the energy of the Kundalini. Once again, this explains the fact that many of alien civilizations may thus fall into a trance.

Go ahead. We have a static exercises of Hatha yoga. Doing certain exercises of Hatha yoga, so they affect our body, that somewhere there is a tension, which on the contrary prolixity. Who he was doing, he knows what I mean. And there are certain exercises (if the body is more or less good condition), and if you practice these exercises for a long time, this tension in a particular place would lead to a nervous vibration. It will be a sensation of heat in a given area. Eli continue to do so, then there is a possibility that these sensations caused by static exercise, we follow the road ahead and get to the source of our energy. Therefore, there are certain postures that contribute to the awakening of this energy. In particular, snake pose partially activates such areas that result in a clear and somewhere facilitate detection of the source. Pose, when we’re on the ground and bend the body to the feet, in a sense, in the other direction. Similar! Te most common Hatha yoga with her right hand, with proper exercises and change if we are to maintain a certain time each exercise, we also now on this side will be able to go to the Kundalini energy.

Then go. We have our speech. We are talking to you. Sometimes connected, sometimes incoherently. Sometimes, as I like a bird-talker, without stopping, but I hope that differ wit and cleverness. Our every word, as we are taught is another yoga, yoga is very powerful, so-called mantra yoga, and so every word – is, roughly speaking, warped mantra. We have heard some mantra, and if neiskoverkannye repeat them, then the effect will be greater. But any of our word – is the mantra. Or in other words, any of our word – a vibration. Or in other words, any of our word – it is a manifestation of energy.

Mantra Yoga is one of the most difficult to explain the yogi. Any word originates as a small emanation of Kundalini energy. Those. Now our energy Kundalini is dormant. But if I want to say a word, the energy is released a little more. What is energy? The concept of energy can be reduced to the concept of vibration. But it is closer to the axiomatic principles of the Universe device. What is all the energy? Energy is when something can be modified. And any modification can be reduced to a set of vibrations. So any word teaches Mantra Yoga, is a manifestation of the Kundalini energy, but very weak. So when you start talking, you bring a bit of that energy into resonance. If you start talking special mantra then this response is much stronger. Therefore, with our voice, with the help of mantras can awaken the Kundalini energy.

The procedure is. You start repeating mantras known as prescribed in Mantra Yoga, in a certain mood. What is the word – a vibration in the air. Where did they come from? From the vibrations of our vocal cords in the speech process. And where are they? Our nerves modulate the tension and relaxation of the muscles of our vocal apparatus. And where are they, our nerve impulses? And these nerve impulses are taken from those orders that we give to say this or that word. And it turns out that we first voleizyavlyaem, then Kundalini makes a very small microscopic resonance. This resonance of the finest matter becomes rough, out of the rough – in our nerve impulses. Our nerve impulses cause the air shudder with some frequency, and so we got the word.

Those. word – is a direct path to the Kundalini energy, friends. That is why, once again returning to all religions many, was a powerful force prayers or spells. Because if it works, is to use the Kundalini energy. But once again I want to emphasize that the mantra yoga is one of the most difficult to explain the yogi. Thus, we get another reserve, in order to step up to the Kundalini energy.

Finally, following this section, it is very serious. For obvious reasons, very little known in the West, this is the section sexual practices. We both started with the fact that a yogi or yogini – these are people who know the universe. They do not have taboos. All manifestations of their life, they pose for one purpose: self-knowledge, the knowledge of the Supreme. Of course, the sexual energy is not left out of these studies. Born numerous sexual practices.

Just want to mention them as heaven and earth are different from that of sexual filthy that we sometimes see under the name of Tantra. It’s very chaste, very serious, very wise practice of taking advantage of the sexual energy. But words can not erase songs – sexuality is there. Why it was used in the work with the energy of the Kundalini? Sexual energy is closest to the Kundalini energy. Sexual energy begets life. How we spend the sexual energy? Spending for pleasure and for procreation. So cleverly done, that we have these two things: pleasure and procreation in one package, and things are different. Why? Because we have lived with you a series of lives in the bodies of animals and try to take away the pleasure of the animal. He would then have sex and would not do. But these are two different things and in these practices share the pleasure potency of sex from procreation energy. Those. this limit chastity. Why? Because it is considered bad wasting the sexual energy, it is designed for procreation. But the split and leave in a sacred reserve of energy in the continuation of the species separately, and to complete the program to use the energy of pleasure, just that and doing some exercise sexual yogas. If you learn how to have sex in a certain way, with the utmost sobriety, ie, without losing the part that is responsible for the continuation of the species, but on the other hand all the pleasure that the universe is laid into him at full squeezing out of his body, and will do it in a certain way, then you get into a certain resonance, vibration, and come up to source of sexual energy. And you remember, we have two energies. We have all the energy comes from a single source. Those. we through sexuality, is chaste through the use of their sexuality approach to energy Kundalini awakening.

And finally, the most interesting and unusual approach to work with Kundalini Yoga, I personally like it the most – through yoga lovers. It is believed that when a person is in love, he is in the state close to the state of enlightenment. It is impossible to state of love, if a certain part of the energy of Kundalini is not awakened.

Remember the lovers, the world remained the same, but they are different. They look at things differently. They say: “madness in love.” From the point of view of yoga is the wrong formulation of the question. Man in a state of love is just starting to see everything in the real world. And yoga lovers – this is the most the main entrance, is the main entrance to the energy of the awakening of the Kundalini. In our tradition is yoga lovers. It is believed that if the condition of Love you will not go away for a while, you will automatically come to a state when your Kundalini is fully awakened. This is one of the most-the most beautiful yogi. In fact, it works the same with Kundalini Yoga.

There are other directions. For lack of time and because we have at least some exercises to do, we will not analyze them.


Yoga Love – front path to awakening the Kundalini energy.


Let’s start with yoga lovers. So, yoga lovers – this is the front path towards awakening the Kundalini energy. If ever you ‘ugorazdilo “fall in love, try to keep this state as long as possible. The fact that, as a rule, we lose a state of love because of their negative karma, and we can not play at all. This is a gift. When you are in a state of love, a small part of the energy kundalini itself is awakened and starts to clean the channels and centers for the most part still awake. It is completely safe Yoga. And you do not feel any negative feelings. The only positive. This is the main entrance of yoga. Other methods are more or less rough. Well, if the young man fell in love with girl, girl in the boy, and then they were in the same bed, and began to have sex so require, say, sexual practices; and they are more awakened Kundalini energy. It is wonderful. But if you simply engage in sexual intercourse for the awakening of the Kundalini energy with a sense of love, affection, arrangement, but without love, it is considered to have lower graduation, but still very high. Most importantly, it was stored without loss of chastity.

Finally, another safe method of awakening the Kundalini energy is through mantras, through words. But in order to chant it requires effort. Here is a man in love, he himself, as they say, bears. If you properly do these or other sexual practices, then you pick up the sensations inherent in our nature. Very clean, very bright. Because of this, we as a species do not become extinct, and continue to live. If our mom and dad did not have sex, we would not have luck today to learn yoga. So when I hear now that sex is something that is questionable, it’s how you look. And what then is not questionable in this life is?


The practice of Mantra Yoga to work with the energy of the Kundalini.


So, Mantra Yoga. She harder to do in the sense that it requires more time and effort, and more. In yoga Love time goes on, as it is written in the treatises, just for a moment, in the sexual practices of the clock, in the mantra yoga – for days. That’s on the rise. Then we come to the exercise – a week. I do not know how to arrange that quickly Kriya Hatha Yoga or? This I do from myself I will not come up. But the fact is that by acting on the physical body, it turns out longer and more dangerous in the sense that you can, so to speak, to stand on his head and fall. Then, this is due to the physical manipulation of the component. That is, there is a body and it is necessary to work with him. The Mantra yoga we work only with speech, with a voice. Therefore, Mantra Yoga is more suitable for people who say the problem with the physical body. But also it requires a certain persistence.



Kriya yoga and Hatha yoga as methods to work with the energy of the Kundalini.


Those. the physical side, it is Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga dynamic. They tend to come with the addition of special exercises, called mudras and bandhas. I am not going to translate it into Russian, but in one of the translations that sounds like gestures and locks. In fact, this is where we use our physical body and use the little tricks of the physical body. If we make certain gestures or certain way straining certain muscles, as a result, we are so cleverly working on internal channels and centers that provoke certain sensations in that order and in such places occur that willingly or unwillingly, we are focusing on the field Kundalini energy source and thus accelerate its revival.


breakthrough effect.


Once again I want to say that there are many approaches. I’m only 5 only covered, but you should not think that these approaches exist separately. They can be grouped in the exercise. They may be grouped in known combination. And just when there is a combination of well-known, for example, dynamic exercises, plus the repetition of mantras known, plus the use of visualizations, mudras, bandhas; when all together at a single point focus, the breaking effect occurs.

I always arises an analogy with the armed forces. If you concentrate on the plot and breakout tanks, artillery, and aircraft, it is possible to quickly break through the front and capture our enemy. And our enemy – it is our ignorance. In this sense, some scholars compare the knowledge of himself to the conduct of hostilities. Those. our enemy – our ignorance – it’s such a crafty, strong, powerful enemy. But we are strong and powerful. We gather an army, concentrating its effort on site intruding edge and defeat the enemy.

Therefore, a variety of sets of exercises may be implied in the different schools under the Kundalini yoga. Somewhere emphasis is on the mantra and Kriya, somewhere the emphasis was on static poses, bandhas and mantras again. Species Kundalini yoga, if so characterize her very much. But remember that the term Kundalini Yoga Tantra he came from. And Tantra is not specifically separated. The term Kundalini Yoga in the West was formed relatively recently. For several reasons, I will not call them now, they became isolated from the rest of practice. In the first place in the West, the practice of yoga is completely separate from Love and Tantra Yoga. Why? Yoga Love – too high. In Tantra yoga is an element of sex and it always endangers. And we take, refined. All do not have sex, there is a physical movement, mental mantra. And in this upakovochke and is triumphant march of Kundalini Yoga. In some sets of exercises some schools, other – other. But, strictly speaking, these sets can be a huge amount.

Summary. We have the same energy. We do not have two, five energies. Any manifestation of our energy gives us an opportunity to get closer to our original energy. The main thing to know how to do it.

And here it begins like the third part of our seminar. This is the immediate practical classes. What and how should I do? Of course, such a topic like sex we leave out of our workshop. This is for more in-depth study. Although this is a very serious issue. It is very far from any kind of “strawberries”. This is a very serious subject, I must say. This is aerobatics. The same goes for yoga lovers. We have it is a separate topic, and I do not know when we get closer to its presentation, because so much of any other yogas have not covered that up Love Yoga very far. Yoga Love – it’s like a rocket, which flies into space. But before the missile launch, and it is necessary to build a factory for the production of oxygen and another factory for the production of fuel. Scratch can not do. That’s just as well, and yoga. There are basic yoga, without them nowhere. And there are yoga aerobatics. But they may be no earlier than the basic fulfilled. With regard to the sexual yogas Tantra Yoga, which regards Yoga Love, it makes sense to engage these yogis for people who have gone through all the other yoga. Therefore, we do not even particularly flaunting that we have such a yoga. Because the sad experience shows that it is always unnecessary people come. They hear the word sex, they think that there is some kind of strawberry, and then they are very hard to show the door.

But as for the combination of conventional exercises, as regards the combination of mantras, postures, kriyas, it is quite usual components. I remind you that the purpose of the Open University to prepare teachers of Yoga Yoga, which can lead these four yoga: Mantra Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga.


Pranayama yoga as a method for dealing with the energy of the Kundalini.


Here I leave a few outside the other section Pranayama yoga, but all the same it is necessary to touch. Likewise, through breath control can be approached to the awakening of the Kundalini, when to inhale and exhale as taught by certain sections of Pranayama yoga. And to do it by force, it can be very easy to get to this source. When we inhale or exhale (the same situation as with the utterance of the mantra), nerve impulses cause our muscles to grow, shrink. The air comes in and goes out. But where they come from, these nerve impulses. Pranayama yoga again leads us to the same source – the Kundalini energy.

 Once again, we have two energies. Energy is only one. So, a combination of breath, mantra, movement – kriyas and static postures of Hatha yoga, as a rule, is the subject of Kundalini yoga in the version in which you will find it in the 99% in the modern era in the West. We say there is a very good school in Europe. I occasionally look through, but certainly not enough time everywhere to walk, to compare, and not my occupation, but, nevertheless, as a rule, in the practice of Kundalini Yoga in these schools are not included any more exotic methods. For example, Yantra Yoga. This is when you start to visualize a certain figure – yantra. They affect our optic nerves, that’s the impetus, sooner or later it comes to a single source. There are other sections of yoga. I’m not going to call them. A lot of them.

Questions on this part of the seminar.

Answers on questions.


Question. What is a single source?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You mean that a single source: the energy or life? Under a single source, I mean, if we’re talking about energy, the energy of the Kundalini. If we are talking about the mind, it is the center of our consciousness. If we talk about the source of our displays, this is our “I”. If we talk about the source of all the universe, including ourselves, that we should speak of the Absolute. That there is such a term in yoga – the Absolute. Absolute – is the root cause of all existence and the root cause of our own. Very interesting philosophy that, in fact, it all comes down to the identity of our Higher “I” and the Absolute. From this is born an ordinary phrase that we are all sleeping Gods. More questions.


Question. What is meant by preserving chastity lossless?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is not exactly the theme of our seminar, but I will explain. When we have sex, the nature of the program all the way that having sex should bring us pleasure, plus life must go on. If life will not continue, then worthless to all philosophies and movements. No sane philosophical doctrine or for never opposed the continuation of life. This is madness. But, at the same time, you and I are already in people’s bodies. Since the human body, we are given the power and control of the sexual energy. In animals, this control is not present. Each having sex in the animal leads to the fact that energy is being spent on the continuation of life, animals also get plus-known delight. If you have sex like this require some techniques in yogic environment (again, I remind you, yoga and yogini, that the people are very friendly, but not hypocritical), that acquired the ability to separate the part that goes to the continuation of the species and its carefully save and the part that is going to receive pleasure, which, on the contrary, the more you spend, the better. This paradox. One better spent in rare cases, and the other, the more you spend, the better. Strange.

If you just start, and one and the other waste, ie all-in-one: energy and enjoyment and energy extension family, you very quickly feel the fatigue, some subtle spiritual moments will elude you. That is why all the religions known to prescribe abstinence, so that we do not overdo. Each of us has a rhythm where we can spend the sex energy: the energy of pleasure from procreation energy is safe, painless for our spiritual evolution and our physical body. This rhythm is different. I will call a spade a spade: the number of times you have sex the way you do. Every man that beat his. Depending on the time of year, age and many other factors. But, if you’re spending more than you body allows, you begin to weaken. Once again, that’s why many of the philosophical doctrines against unconscious sexual relations. Immediately I want to clarify some scared and say, “And what we now should not engage in sex?” No, my friends, have sex as you were doing it before. The main thing is not to overdo it. If we are talking about sexual practices, as a method of self-knowledge, there are several other rules of the game, several other approaches. We gradually learn to intuitively approach the brink. This face is extremely difficult in the detection: how to find this line (point of yoga is called), when we have used up sexual energy and did not touch the part that goes to the continuation of the species. Since this is not the topic of our seminar, I am not in a position to further develop this theme, although it is very long and serious issue. Modern humanity still shies in Puritanism, then into permissiveness. That every corner pornographic images, on the contrary, God forbid something … Poor girl mini skirt and dressed already angry eyes of the older generation throws. These are the two extremes. While humanity will not overcome these two extremes … and, in fact, it’s the same thing. That is, the first man very much to spend on sex, and then he throws the other side of that, no, not now. It ceases to have sex, on the contrary, requires the energy output. Man starts to rush to and fro. And she and the other extreme unreasonable. Only when a person produces the correct, natural, pure, harmonious attitude toward sex, he rises to the next level. In general, the attitude towards sex, an indicator of any system, any human being, ie, as it relates to this. Questions.


Question. And why it is necessary to rise Energy? Why Consciousness can not go down?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I said that in a sense symmetrical yoga, but we do not touch them now. We are now considering the approach of the energy to consciousness, but there is a balanced yoga. More questions.


Question. I’m on the site you read an article, and it was referred to one of the essential components, a blessing of the Masters.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You touched on a good topic and it is certainly necessary to speak. We are with you listed the methods that each of you can rediscover yourself. Those. Kundalini Yoga tells us: “It is in this direction the treasure is buried. Dig! “We were given direction and we start digging. But we need to develop his own style, his approach, in the end, a very long time to practice these exercises in order to come to that, what we seek. In yoga, there is such a thing that hardly meant the Western mentality. It is direct contact with something higher. The man, who already had real experience of transcendent Samadhi Samadhi or without an object (such a person is essentially a teacher of humanity), he has a very uncanny ability with our European point of view: the power of blessing. From a formal point of view, to determine that it is impossible. Sometimes they are trying to bring this to the fact that the alleged teacher transmits energy. It is sometimes said that the teacher opens the eyes of the pupil and the pupil himself sees everything. In fact it can be both, but in its essence it is something higher. This is something truly magical. The teacher gives the blessing of the student and the student life, everything goes so fast, naturally and harmoniously, it applies a minimum of effort and sometimes it seems to the student that he is not making them at all, but he very quickly gets the result. In particular, here the factor of Kundalini awakening. Those. The teacher can relate to the student and are already huge emanation of awakening the Kundalini energy can literally pour disciple that he may lose the idea that, where, when. This is one of the most sacred in the East. It is for this reason born once the bike that Western man will never understand yoga or even the East. We have a very rational brains tuned. We subtlety or turn into nonsense: we begin to believe in everything. Or, conversely, in nihilism: we believe that it is all nonsense. And yet the eastern mentality has not created technological civilization and generally, as a rule, is a third world country, a very poor country, very poor people live there. God grant that they got out of their economic situation. But oddly enough, a spark of that mysterious moment the direct transfer of knowledge or dedication or blessing of the Master remained there.

 But I just want to say that now another wave went: there is a demand – there is proposal. Find the true Yoga teacher as hard as it was 100 and 200 years ago. Commerce have commerce. For a reasonable price in a particular monastery, and you can devote to something. But how is all true or not true, I do not know. I am not going to even talk about it.

But words can not erase from the song. If the teacher directly survived this experience, it blesses the student, then the student is all by itself. We at the Open University of Yoga is not a teacher of life, we just yoga teachers. Those. those people, we are proud to prepare all the others to ensure that, when they meet a true teacher, you could recognize it. Because sometimes you can meet the Master face to face to face and not recognize. Therefore, any details on this subject, I tell you I can not. That beats me. I can only have a sketch of something to give. More questions.


Question. Due to the fact that in different schools under the Kundalini yoga is meant a different set of exercises, can we assume that each type of yoga is essentially a Kundalini yoga and Kundalini yoga as a separate type of yoga does not exist?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You know, you are partly right. Any kind of yoga somehow affects our energy. We have two energies. Once again, the name of Kundalini Yoga, forgive me, modern successors, it is like a modern brand, ie name for very specific practices. There is nothing wrong. But, say, pure mention of Kundalini yoga in the texts is not present. Kundalini Yoga in certain aspects there is, among other methods, which are called Tantra yoga. In any case, what came to us. But, on the other hand, why not? Let it be. After all, this does not change the essence of the process.

There are also some historical moments. In fact, you and I do not know the history of yoga. She does not know anybody. I am very interested in this and each time ran into a wall. Even in traditional or universally accepted among teachers who say they are transmitting, the parampara, since God knows from what centuries, sooner or later you reach the brink of such that “on the path dissolves in the jungle.” Those. you keep track: the taught this, this, this. Who taught this? And the unknown. He came out of the jungle, taught and walked away into the jungle. And connected with this big problem, because sometimes one and the same teacher wandered in different places, different groups of students taught and those invented different names for one and the same doctrine. Also it imposed a large imprint or focus on the cultural environment. Even in India, (in the good old India was part of another Afghanistan and Pakistan, and God knows how many countries are included, it is now only a small part called India) have very different ways of life, very different customs, religious including language, it also imposes certain prints. For example, a large number of tantra known in Sanskrit, but I met followers who, apparently, have practiced something that we call Kundalini yoga, but these were the dialects where Sanskrit and did not smell. Plain spoken language. And all this is such a hodgepodge that determine where yoga from someone who does not seem possible. But the main thing that worked. More questions.


Question. From the standpoint of Mantra Yoga, the transition from gross to subtle through the chakras?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is a complex question and I am not ready to answer it, anyway, now, without thinking. I have repeatedly mentioned that Mantra Yoga is one of the most difficult to explain. How transmitted pulse vibration from superfine media to a more rough, and from rough to even more rough, and from the more coarse in our speech or our mental vibrations. When we think, it’s also a kind of thought-forms some fluctuations. This is a very serious topic. There is mention of the fact that, allegedly, Kundalini gives some emanation. This emanation of a very specific bindings reaches the navel center, then the throat, etc., but what we have in mind how it all happens … These are the finer details about them, little is known.

I want once again to outline the position in yoga. Yoga is rapidly disappearing, my friends. What we have is a grain of knowledge. A huge part of the knowledge does not come down to us. Another reached, but not translated. Third translated, but not understood. Fourth understood, but it is not practiced. Those. all that remains after such a sieve – a pittance. These crumbs fall into the Western civilization: one read – write a book, the other read – wrote his book. It turns out the pyramid of books on one of the two primary sources.

And now our task is first of all not to die remaining primary sources, which in particular can be kept here the more subtle transitions, instead of a sieve to pour the same tracts. What we have now is poured? Shiva Samhita, Gherandha Samhita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika. And why no other deals? No one is interested. Previously, Academy of Sciences of the USSR was doing something, I mean in Russian. In the West, something is being done. There are very good schools in the West, it is wonderful, but they are everywhere, in the minority. There is what is called a “pop.” It is not so distant learning, but massive. And it is also good. Many people are attached at least in some form of yoga. The situation is made up such that we are now have, on the one hand, understand that survived, but on the other hand, lead a modern lifestyle to translate this knowledge into understandable language.

Open Yoga University trains yoga teachers. Who we do not take in a yoga teachers who we are screened? Here comes a man and says: “I live in his cave. I practice from morning till night. I do not have a computer. Phone no. TV does not have. ” So how can such a person make a yoga teacher? How did he understand what modern people live? It is necessary to stand in traffic jams, knock on the subway, at work, somewhere to work, to see in what state, what karmic imprints come to you people do. Otherwise, how do you help them, if you live like gods, you see nothing, hear nothing? How can you help people if you do not know their problems? And this is a very difficult task, on the one hand, there were quite modern normal sane young men and women, but, on the other hand, that they are well versed in what remained. We need a cultural bridge. Then, I am more than confident that reach these practices. After all, in fact, much has been preserved and is waiting for an interpreter.

I saw all these treatises on palm leaves. Asks the Indians: “What does it say?” The answer: “And God knows what is written. Lies himself and lies. ” Already somewhere and mouse gnawed through. Thank God, now though and began to scan the Internet to place. But, first, you’re such a treatise never find, and you will find you do not understand. Because well, if it is written in English, and if in Hindi? Sanskrit too hard. Sanskrit scholar every year more and more, and the tradition of the experts are less and less with each passing year. And what man has practiced will depend on its translation. I always wonder, when a person yesterday detectives translated and sacred text today. And the appropriate phraseology. You can imagine the human mentality that listens chanson. Of course, it will pick up words and concepts close themselves, such as “Yoga on the concepts.” We are faced with this reality, it is the daily headache. This is not an academic issue.

The practical part of the workshop.


Now you and I go directly to the exercises. What we are going to do with you? We will try to make the position of today’s knowledge those practices, which we have mentioned. Those. is working with the voice. This work with the dynamics of your body, it is working with the statics of the body. Breathing exercises today will not be included, because for start of classes breathing exercises are best in early spring and early autumn. Now stuffy.


Working with voice. Practice.


So, where do we start? We’ll start with working with the voice. Handling voice is as follows. You can distinctly pronounce sounds. The sounds that we say and the state in which we are very closely related. Sometimes, in order to learn a difficult subject, it is necessary to read it aloud. Cramming is called. Now for some reason, it has become unfashionable and considered it beneath his dignity to cram anything, but in ancient times very often applied. Moreover, it was thought that as long as not utter aloud, I do not understand. I am on this subject always telling anecdote about a teacher at the university, who complained that another teacher on what students went stupid. He says: “I told him 5 times explained, the very understood. And he is a fool, and did not reach him. ” So we made with you, that our speech activates our mental faculties, awakens, is encouraging. Those. every word is like a micro-massage the entire brain sphere. Oh, I do not know what processes at the level of physiology there occur, it is more a question to the physicians, but even such a factor, as the massage is enough.

Moreover, we have our emotions. We will contact you once experienced anger, once experienced fear, hope, joy, heroic impulse, rage. We’ve all experienced it with you. Most interesting is that the utterance of certain sounds, when added to those or other mental or emotional state, begins very strongly activate our body. Our body enters a state of stress. But stress is generally a very negative thing. Stress eats away at us. Modern civilization has generated continuous stress, because the changed lifestyle. But stress has a good side. Sometimes he can shake. Sometimes he may cheer, something to fix. And if the right way to use the emotional state plus work with a voice that can be really due to vibrations and resonance of emotional state to awaken the Kundalini energy. Such state of trance. These are usually marginal sect of numerous religions. When a howling, drumming, dancing in the moonlight, they fall into a trance.

 This factor had a lot of sects based in India, for example. A huge amount has been, and, by the way, and now remain. Some here and penetrate. The word sect have always associated with something negative. It was on this film I wanted to point out, because, as a rule, these teachings intimidate and enslave. Do you remember that yoga is teaching that encourages us to deal with all that makes us weaker, enslaves, making us mentally, emotionally dependent. This is unacceptable in yoga. In yoga, it says: “Throw even yoga, if yoga has kept you freedom!” The most important freedom! If no one claims to our freedom, then we can use this tool with you.

So what we will do with you? We will sit down with you just for one simple reason. Do you remember the theory that energy and consciousness are located on the two opposite poles of our body. And then a small addition. And what connects these poles? These poles connects the central channel. In the yogic tradition, this channel is sometimes called the channel sushumna, sometimes called a mystical way, sometimes referred to as the main axis. A lot of all sorts of other names, but the fact remains. It is believed that the central channel is completely empty and should meditate upon him as an empty tube inside. On the tube, inside which there is space and time. It is very difficult to meditate on the tube, inside which there is space and time, but nothing you will not tell nobody. The only indirect indication of to find the central channel: every thought and feeling, directed to the center channel, returning a sense of continuous happiness and joy of life. That’s why we have to concentrate and find the channel that connects consciousness with energy.

 In order that we do not hurt, we have to sit up straight. Not because it straightens the central channel, and it is so direct, even if we lay curled up. And only one purpose, that is nothing to distract us, no clamps in the muscles. Sit down so that the body is free hanging as on a hanger. Just imagine, you have a center channel, and your body like a coat hanging on it. Tradition encourages us to meditate on the central channel as the receiver of sky-blue color. Remember the beautiful beautiful sky, cloudless. You look and you fail in it. As for the thickness of the tube, the different sources say different, but most settled opinion that somewhere centimeter. In some texts say that the thickness of the arrows, in the other – that with the stem of a lotus, some say quite thin. But the easiest way we perceive, that we have ever seen. Once again, we do not know what he sizes. He is beyond space and time and therefore what it values, we do not know. Even these categories may not apply. But we need a push to the mind to a start somewhere. And the text says that meditate, how to say the thickness of a thumb, the handset from its base to the top of the body of the head.

 So we see it. Now mentally look where he was going. From our base of the body: the area of the sacrum, anus inside of the area, close to the back, rises, somewhere is the spinal column, is held somewhere in front of our navel, above rises, somewhere in front of the middle of our chest, it passes through the neck rises even higher, somewhere it passes through the center of our head, rests on top of the head and opens into space. Go back down. Sometimes meditation is prescribed that the place where the central channel begins, this so-called, the root chakra or Earth principle. And given such a rich way. Imagine a dark cave, crude. Stalactites, stalagmites. Silence complete. Here there begins the central channel. And in that place, where he begins to see clearly prescribed radiant energy Kundalini like a serpent coiled three and a half turns, and holding his tail in his mouth. This fiery snake, coiled three and a half turns. And in this dark cave she sleeps. Then mentally we rise above and see the next center, which pierces the center channel. The so-called Centre of Water. Sometimes it is called Svadhisthana chakra. Then even higher, opposite the navel piercing, so-called Manipur chakra – the center of the Fire. Even higher up the chest, piercing the so-called Anahata Chakra – Center of Air. Even higher, to the base of our neck, where it pierces the so-called Vishuddha-chakra – the principle of Space. Even higher pierces the so-called Ajna Chakra, and finally rests on the top of the head – a place where our consciousness. Or, as the text says: “a place bathed in light, but there is no light source.”

Consistent meditation on these chakras is part of Laya Yoga – the yoga of dissolution, but in this case we need it for the other. To we intuitively see where energy should rise Kundalini emanations, if it begins to awaken. If the Kundalini energy emanations are outlined in this way, you avoid all the problems associated with Kundalini Yoga. If kakoy-to reason iz-za kakih-to wrong associations kakih-to pollution or even chego-nibud, you do not have a picture of this smooth path from the bottom to the top of the head of the body, then, as a rule, and start all the problems in a burning sensation throughout the body, anxiety, nervousness, etc. Therefore, before the release energy, we need to know where we will send it as soon as it releases. It’s like a red-hot metal, we splashed out and do not know where to put it. It spreads and burns all around. I outlined to you very quickly this way. Usually it takes a seminar, but without making at least this is useless to go on.

Now we are on the good tradition we can alleviate some of its practices thereby, that we take the tip of the tongue will raise it up. By this we alleviate, including retention of the head image of the center channel. Remember, any thought that you are pointing at him is to return a sense of joy and happiness. Remember the childhood. Go out on the lawn, everything is fine: the birds are singing, the sun is shining. That sense of joy of life. That same feeling has to be. Or remember, you passed some difficult exam. Come out and I am glad that, at last, put a check in my life. Our students even meditate at the Open University Yoga, they passed the exam on the axioms, and what joy they thus should overwhelm! Those. We need very specific images. This, unfortunately, are numerous sects. They are due to manipulation of the images sometimes enslave. But the power of one and the same. You do not have to enslave you should be free. Therefore, any image that you apply very good if it leads you to freedom. Actually the numerous difficulties Kundalini yoga, we do not know this secret.

 So look through your entire body from the center channel to the top of the base of the head and feel the state of happiness and joy. Now we go back to the foundation of the body and begin to sing the mantra “M”. Now I sing it barely hear, and feel like coiled three and a half times the energy of fire starts to vibrate as if a bee taken, put her in a box and here it is in a box buzzing. Pick the same tone of voice, that there was buzzing.

 And now we begin to sing the mantra “A”. Visualize how this fiery energy starts to vibrate strongly. Now we sing a little louder, and represent, as a small part of the energy separated from the main power and begins to rise through the central channel. Once reaches the navel, “A” is converted to “On”. Even higher up the central channel to the center of the chest and the sound of “O” turns into a “u” sound. Finally, still lying above passes the throat, head and reaches the center point on the top of our head and converted into sound “M”. And now we return our consciousness down to the source of energy and again “M” sing. Then, a little more energy, a little louder, “A” sing. Even higher “A” becomes “O”. “O” into a “U” is even higher. And he goes to the “M” on the top “Y” head. Consciousness comes back down, taking the next dose. Again, the “M”, “A”, “O”, “Y”, and again “M”. Now add emotions. Remember the anger, the fear that we have ever had and let it sound in all our sounds. Distill the emotion in the center channel to the top of the head. Go. Louder and more furiously. Making full-full breath, close the nostrils and leans forward on inhalation to as much as pleasant. And then lie down on your back for a vacation.

 So, let’s continue. If you engage in vocal exercises long enough, there is a feeling that you have the whole body vibrates. It is a strange feeling. The sense of clarity. However, after these exercises start to feel very very tired. It just says that we used energy. Some chord, which are generally not involved here, after a long exercise begin to vibrate. Further more. And then, sooner or later, you will start to feel the vibrations from these bursts come from where there is vibration in the body, in mind. But again I say, this is a very difficult exercise.

 Some think that the sound is not anything heavy exercises. But tired and throat, and all structures of the body. Here is one such approach. Those. explicit meditation on certain images in different schools of yoga in various treatises these images may vary, vary. But the point is that you kept consciousness to a certain way and at the same time doing something. And the intersection of energy and consciousness …. Let’s say you are meditating on the basis of their body where energy is Kundalini, but plus working with a voice with the mantra. Here at the crossroads of one method and another pulse occurs. Individually, it appears worse, and when together – stronger. This is a very powerful exercise because the person wakes up, he has the determination, clarity of mind. Prior to class, it was a sleepy, sluggish and work out and become more decisive.

Mantras, of course, are different. We are with you today have used the famous mantra OM, which we pronounced AOUM. But in general, for this purpose we use a wide range of mantras. Sometimes it is detailed. Let’s say you repeat a certain mantra on the basis of the Kundalini energy, then, as she rises to the next center – another mantra, etc., but to start is still to AOUM. AOUM a first approximation creates a refined emotional channel. And in the future, when you have this surplus be allocated, it will not be a red-hot magma to flow throughout the body and cause all sorts of suffering, and will immediately go into the central channel. And we remember that everything is directed to the center channel, it is immediately echoed back a sense of joy and happiness. On the one hand, we feel better, where the central channel, and on the other hand, all the surplus energy will go directly to the expansion of consciousness.

The practice of Kriya Yoga.


 After the break, we will start a different approach in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It will be rhythmic exercises of Kriya Yoga. And different from the standard kriyas they are, first of all, your awareness. These are two very different things, when you are doing something for a reason, and when you keep in your mind some concept, an idea. Why? Because the idea or concept that you hold in your mind begins to harmonize your actions. And as soon as your actions are harmonized, they begin to fall into resonance. A resonance effect is really strange when it comes to our manifestations. Sometimes we discover a hidden organism such reactions, which are never guessed. When a company of soldiers on the bridge is and if they go up, then the bridge could collapse due to resonance. Here too.

We will be with you to do Kriya Yoga. Basim I’ll be an example to everyone looked, but the idea remains the same. Do you have a center channel. Do you have your primary energy at the base of your body. Doing movement, you indirectly forcing small emanation of energy is released. But as you keep the center channel, they will immediately go into the central channel. Strictly speaking, any exercise that you would not do, and in Kriya yoga there are a variety of exercises, you need to perform, imagining that everything revolves around a central channel. Those. Energy is the source at the bottom of your body, there is a center channel, and all of your waving arms and legs only help the energy is released and go through the center channel.


Answers on questions.


Question. When you begin to paint, play music, it’s all the waves there. You draw, you feel the buzz. And suddenly the buzz has gone missing. What should I do at this point? At that tune yourself? This buzz or not on the rush?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In fact, it should be harmonious. Everything comes in waves. We Universe shows that something you have done, but it may be some other part of his life was slipping away from you. Therefore, as soon as somewhere something is closed, it can be does not mean that it is closed or pushed aside. It’s just like a good chef of the restaurant says, “Try this dish, and the dish you still have not tried …” And if we have something to lash one, it is clear that we just do not feel this spectrum. Why? I teach yoga for a long time, and there are statistics. Once a person begins to practice yoga, the trend of opening his abilities grows. People suddenly began to write poetry, someone began to draw. And people do not even think that in them it is incorporated. Just hand itself stretched. This is considered a very good indicator. It says that matter, that some layers within a digest. Man generally being creative. We were born in this world not to whine to us bad, but in order to make maximum use of a great opportunity, which we have. If one thing goes by the wayside, immediately there is something else. Home jump. Do not linger too long, and too fast not run away. As in the film “Tantra Kriya Yoga”, states that “haste too soon – Catch up on your bad karma. Will you keep up – you catch up with your bad karma. “

And here is the other way around. When you walk, sometimes you are so that you at least felt bad karma and a maximum positive. This is called Dharma. The path of Dharma or the path of Dharma. And each time it is necessary to recognize where you have to turn, because the track may not be straight, but winding. Sometimes we aim for one thing, we are beginning to do it. But then, it somehow comes naturally when we realize that something needs to change. And most importantly do not miss this turn. Because miss – will have to return later. It is always unpleasant. You turn earlier than was necessary, too, something you will not reach. And it is very difficult science of Dharma. In yoga, it is believed that it comes only with experience. Those. intuitive feeling is born, and with each successful moment better and better. It is the question of choosing a profession, what do do with my life. A very serious issue.


Question. I understand why it is necessary to represent the emotions, they reinforce the mantra. But why must the negative emotions?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Friends, there is no negative emotions! We then started our seminar. We do not have negative and positive. We have used inappropriate or appropriate emotions.


Question. Why the rage?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. And because we have so many lives lived with a dominant sense of rage that it left on the structures of the body such an imprint, in comparison with which all of our higher education, all our philosophical concepts instantly flies, dust off the table as soon as we hooked up. We pushed someone in the subway and everything, and we have rushed into battle. We underestimate the depth inherent in our nature, in our bodies and the device of our karmic imprints that we ponabrali living in the bodies of animals, and there is nothing wrong with that. Rage? Very good! Anger? Very good! Everything is very good! Not only on humans, and the central channel. The point is that these are the first emotions that we are starting to work. Moreover, it is believed that these are the bursts when the Kundalini energy is released, it goes the same way. That is what most deeply was, then wakes up.

That is, when we lived in the bodies of animals, we dominated the lower centers. The centers are responsible for aggression, for fear of the wrath of jealousy. Everyone has a higher center of more refined and more sophisticated negative positive. For example, in some center has a universal love, but then there is also jealousy. Even our highest center. On one side intelligence that helps us, but on the other hand – the nihilism and doubt that we knock. Therefore, the central channel – it is such a meat grinder. Pours into it all, and let it to our spiritual development works.

You must remember that yoga – a single doctrine. But in this one doctrine there are many different accents. Someone abuts work with one with one another. Thus are born the types of yoga. Types of yoga as much as a person and manifestations. Before we reached the yogi 20-30, but they all work with the same. Methods of overlap, but the accents are different. Let’s say this same practice, which we are now done with a focus on kundalini yoga can be used entirely different methods, if you repeat a mantra others, others vizualizirovat.Naprimer images antidepressant is very good that we are doing with you. Are utilized glands, hormones (in general it is necessary to ask the doctors that this is activated) so that the mental condition usually stabilizes. In the treatise states: “peretresh their bad karma in dust and sand.” But if you do a little emphasis – quite a different effect.



Pranayama, coupled with meditation.


 That’s the same thing with breathing exercises. The regular Pranayama Yoga Pranayama is different from that used to work with the energy of the Kundalini? In fact, the same exercises. Only certain visualization. In Pranayama yoga you should have alternately inhale through one nostril, exhale through the other, and then vice versa. We are not going to do, because very hot, we just denote the exercise. Sit straight, straighten your back, neck and head. Take your index finger, place it at the point between the eyebrows. Use your thumb to close one nostril. Inhale through the free nostril. Then, close the nostril through which inhaled and exhale through the other nostril. Breathe in through the nostril, through which the exhale, close it, and exhale through the other nostril. And repeat. Remarkably, we stopped doing. And in methods for working with Kundalini exercise is quite simple. Generally in all Pranayama Yoga exercises are quite simple. The most important thing right visualization. The display shows a U-shaped tube. Starting from one side of the central channel extends place Kundalini intersects with the channel and climbs up on the other side. It turns out a trident. This trident starts from the place where we have the energy of kundalini is. Central tooth – a central channel and two auxiliary left and right of the center channel. Typically, they are visualized that they reach the level of the nostrils. Although different schools indicate different nuances, depending on how the Master teaches.

The idea is that when you breathe alternately through one, and then through the other nostril, you visualize, ie, imagine how the air through one nostril and went, say, the right of the center channel fell down, hit in the place where the Kundalini energy. Thus it is necessary to visualize a picture. Probably all went camping and you have been instances when a fire badly burned. And now that he broke, you start to blow. You blow – embers ignite. Those. You have to visualize the flow of air as it hits the fire (as if it was inside a fire) and the fire flared up even more. And the air exits from the other side of the central channel. Then, all the same, only with the other hand. It turns U-tube. And this center is fueled more each time. Again, we visualize how this energy flashes, flames enter the central channel and climb up.

And so if we’re talking about this topic, there is an interesting sense of Tibetan Yoga, so-called yoga tummo. This is when a yogi or yogini sitting absolutely naked in the snow and currently wet sheet was dried. So, in tummo yoga includes an exercise or a variation on this exercise as one of the components. But there is a more complex visualization. There, oddly enough, there is still the sexual aspect. Generally tummo translated sometimes as a passionate woman. I do not want to touch this topic. But I want to say that there are two components: the breath and the sexual energy that’s such a state is achieved.

 And this is not a fairy tale. I have met people, our Soviet people who go barefoot in the winter and the snow. I have a friend uncle. He walks, wanders everywhere. His, however, at the same time fired from his job. In all seriousness. He worked as a teacher in the school, and colleagues did not understand. And there is a situation that is probably when you’ve rebuilt your body, then you just can not dress up: you’re hot. Now, if you are now on the coat wearing, you would have been uncomfortable. And he walked in sandals, in blouse with short sleeves. Here are some article he came up and fired him. So, he came to it, he rediscovered yoga. This is the second time that all students will have the Open University Yoga, when they become teachers of yoga, a great part of the practice will have to rediscover friends. It has been preserved only in a denoting moment. But uncle rediscovered. His favorite hobby was, he poured water into a glass and a half-naked walking in the cold -10 degrees, until the water does not freeze. Those. All these practices, they somehow involve behold these hidden mysterious forces of the body. But to approach it, friends, we must in a kind way. If you start to approach as modern scientists do it, ie, take the frog to dissect it and see where it there is this energy Kundalini, it is quite subtle way all the secrets of yoga you go.

Those. rediscover yoga rediscover this knowledge is necessary only from a position of kindness and care for all living beings! You ate the other motivation for this fit, it is unlikely that you will get. And not because that someone from you something is hiding, it’s just things are mutually exclusive.

 But back to Pranayama yoga. So, here is a visualization, you can increase the amount of energy. Most of this energy will rise through the central channel. And if she will rise through the central channel, then it will begin to stand out in our various centers. These centers will be cleaned from the inside. A number of usual practice, we begin to clean them out. And sometimes outside the painful and harder than the inside. Energy is part of the central channel and the center channel axiomatic empty, I did not bother you with this information overload. Those. in fact, with the Consciousness of Energy there are connected. So good was the question about Prana. So when combined with Energy Consciousness, Prana is formed – a kind of a universal thing that burns all our negative karma. Those. a question that you want to get? If you use the breathing exercises for some certain purposes, they are made in one mode. If you want to start the awakening of the Kundalini energy, a somewhat different regime to fall here in this resonance. Friends, who still have questions?

Question. And if you do not feel any awakening of the Kundalini energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Well, thank God, and do not feel anything. Our aim is in fact in any power of Kundalini awakening, and in the acquisition of happiness, and so is inherent in us. Sometimes we do not know their needs. Those. we think that we need one thing, but in fact – is quite another. It is good that all yogic practices are made to the protection of “foolproof”, in the sense that they first deal with the fact that for a person is vital, then only the fact that he wants. Sometimes there are quite a paradoxical situation. A man comes in and says he wants some effect, for example, to see the third eye, or read minds, but it is for him a whim. He has more serious unresolved issues exist and why waste energy? Yoga practice so cleverly done that they first engaged in the most necessary, and then switch to something that you want. Although, strictly speaking, there are ways to force the get the effect, but this is so hardly anyone uses, because it is almost never necessary. The techniques are, but the question is why? If the light is too much, then do not. It generally regard yoga. In yoga, the person gets the best results when it is waiting for the result. They come from a very different side. Man sought supernormal, began practicing yoga, and his life was adjusted, relationships with family and friends, he calmed down, everything is fine. More questions.


Question. And what happens at birth?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I did not touch this topic. Woman, yoga teaches us, it is more the embodiment of Energy, and the man more than the personification of consciousness. Everything related to Energy is closer to the woman, including Kundalini. Everything about the man, it is closer to consciousness. At birth (quite remarkable process) observed a similar effect. Effect emanations surge of Kundalini energy. It is clear that women are not up to this, therefore, as a rule, no one on it does not focus. But, strictly speaking, this is a serious act of a new life. Well, since we were talking about it, then I must say that even a person meets the Kundalini energy in a not very funny moment – the moment of death. At the moment of death is the same situation. This Kundalini energy begins to destroy all of the internal structure, ie, outside the physical body, once the person has died, it came off. But the fine structures, because they were formed a long time, throughout life somehow transformed. And in the moment of death it is Kundalini dissolves them until our next birth. And at our next birth Kundalini again works fine structures and by the time adulthood finally falls asleep. Those. from kids, in principle, the Kundalini energy emanation higher than that of normal adult. Usually it lasts until puberty. At the time of puberty, when all is formed, it quietly goes to sleep. Indeed, remember his childhood, which was all bright and colorful. And now, year after year, and flies like as nothing changes. Why? Because the energy has become less and our consciousness has narrowed. It is clear that when we grow old, we die, we are the process of destruction. But it is more than questions of other yogas.


Question. And the Indigo children that you can say about them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I heard about the Indigo children, I really like this theme, but somehow I never came across people who are in it. In general, it is a good yogic tradition. Even there are some types of yoga, which regulate the treatment of children. Firstly, it is considered the greatest happiness to be born in a family of yoga and yogini. Usually, advanced souls have a choice. If we have bad karma, we have a choice to be born anywhere: in the family of such a bad, or even in the body of the animal. Phone is not so much suitable to friends! And if a person is highly spiritual, then he has a choice. That is, he is born according to his karmic predisposition. This triple action of karma where to be born, to be born when and how long to live. Therefore, it is clear that we must be born (but I hope it will not be soon for all of us) in a family yoga and yogini. And from yoga and yogini attitude is very respectful to the child. Those. your Teacher was born. Not just your child. Yogi and Yogini have made the channel, and high soul descended Teachers. Because why would he be born in an ordinary family? What he needs to overcome in their path to engage in? Well, imagine you were born in a family of alcoholics. What kind of yoga? Although this is not a limitation. You can be born into a family of alcoholics and still break out in people. But at the same time spend more forces. And if you have a choice, then of course it is necessary to be born there, where there are all conditions. Therefore, the treatment of children, as a teacher. Those. it is necessary to treat their children as teachers of mankind. And then the very question of whether he is a child Indigo or not, does not make sense. What’s the difference? If this teacher, it develops very quickly if not, if an ordinary person, in these conditions, he will show his spiritual qualities. That is, a win-win.

I, frankly, in this topic confuses one fact. This radiation Kirlian. It’s still a physical thing. And our “I”, you remember, this thing is elusive and no radiation Kirlian it and not identify. While it may be some kind of correlation is between some factors and manifestations of the soul, which was included. But, imagine that the soul entered the body is undeveloped, where all the Kirlian glow passes through our skin, and it is quite natural. Friends, we must, and yoga teaches us to be very grateful to my parents! How would you to your parents are not concerned, but you have to respect them. Would not it be parents, and you now would not engage in yoga or any kind of spiritual heights did not argue. It’s a very vital point, which is sometimes distorted. Sometimes, I believe that children impede yoga. Nonsense! It is unthinkable! Anyway, among the yogis and Yoginis our school, which brought us the knowledge of all, it sounds like sacrilege.

Of course, everyone has their own life. Maybe you were born, he lived and died alone. It was not you no husband, no wife, no children. But rather, it is your personal karmic choice, rather than a universal rule for all. But the best option is educated, married, give birth to babies, kids rose to our feet, and that’s when the Kundalini rises. If something did not cope and there died, in any case, I leave the children and you will have a family, which then will be born. We are born in the families of their own children. Therefore it is necessary to think about tomorrow, before experimenting with your body. And I hear some absolutely horrible things that have to all in Tibet, in the cave. On the women not to look, not to have children. It is entirely against the very logic, the very meaning of yoga exercises. Friends, this is a fatal error. This is such maximalism. We rush into extremes. But what to say, I did this was. But Master, thank God, sleek, good sense taught. More questions.


Question. When I do yoga, comes to me, my little daughter, she pressed against me and I have a feeling that there is something very special, so I would like to know, maybe there’s Yoga motherhood?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yes there is. But this is a series as we call them, exotic yogas. But not because of the exotic, but because your hands do not reach. There are many references, treatises. Friends, but what we know about the actual yoga? Two or three of the treatise was transferred and, based on the book written. For 5 or 6 million books written.

What is a child? The child – a soul that came down to our world. The child is still closer to the higher realms, and we feel it. The child is more truth. He is closer to the Absolute. Those. we all aspire to the Absolute. He has just been born, not yet picked up bad habits, even any nonsense in his head is not invested. It is natural. Therefore, in yoga and they say, by the way, not only in yoga … Remember: “Be unsophisticated as children.” Here is a yogic position. That is, no matter how much you do not know what to philosophical heights not reached, live as children. I often observe a situation where a person has learned two or three Sanskrit words, his cheeks puffed out and feels great gurus, life master. It’s a bit wrong. Those. you have to be easier to be like children. But this is a separate issue, to her hands do not reach. More questions.


Question. Is there a specific sadhana for daily practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It is for the Kundalini Yoga? Yes definitely it exists. If you set a goal, gradually we are going to achieve it. It is what? First of all, it’s an alternation of four of these yogas. Those. Hatha Yoga should be, then Kriya Mantra and Pranayama. If you allow the time and effort, you can do it as follows: Kriya Yoga in the morning, Hatha yoga in the evening. Mantra Pranayama and yoga can be changed: in the morning and evening. But most importantly, you remember, the main method of yoga, where it is necessary to make myself and where you can afford. But if you in your sadhana peregnete stick only forcing yourself, you do not get a result. If it gets a little bit, too, is not effective. But as a rule, all make the same mistake themselves overtaxed. I’m doing it professionally can say. I have statistics. I see people. People are starting to read the book, it inspires them. And they are a bit behind the curve. So do not forget to rest. Nothing bad will happen if you will from time to time to go to a disco and have fun or take a walk somewhere. Why? For many, this is exciting. You’re starting to do, you go and you think: “Yes, I’m cool!” There is a dangerous illusion that that’s even a little bit and grab yourself podnapryagu this mirage. A mirage, in principle, is unreachable. Oddly enough, after some steps need to overcome himself, and with a very hard fight, and say, “No, we must abandon the ambition.” If you do not refuse from ambitions and will exert themselves, will not achieve anything. If you find that line, where it is necessary to make yourself, and where you can afford, whatever the problem is solved! It’s a question of time. Time depends on karma. Clearly, if we are engaged in a past life, it means faster, if not, then more slowly.

Those. These 4 types of yogas is enough. There are other yoga, which I did not speak. You simply pull on other yoga if something is failing. And they will compensate for this. For example, Yantra Yoga and others. More questions.


Question. How to choose their own complex?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. For those who are starting in the first place, it is the mantra AOUM. It is sacred. As long as you have not sung it 1008 times, consider that you do not know anything. 1008 approaches, friends, this is four years. For four years, this is serious. But at the same time we perform Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is considered to be only the study if you do it 108 times. 108 times – it’s about three months. Hatha yoga. With Hatha yoga is easier in the sense that there are about 35 most common poses. Do not look for exotic poses. Sometimes people are attracted to exotic poses. We use the most common. Pose “Plough”, pose “Snakes”, headstand, etc. Pick up three dozen, no more. Here minutes and 30-40 and their practice. But then again, I apologize for Slang once feel “peredoznyak” slow down the load, more rest. It’s a secret. Will you go ahead, your body will feel that something was wrong and will block all entrances and exits. With the body should be soft, it is necessary to find an approach to it. He’s like a dog. Where it is necessary to feed somewhere pat. And somewhere and force. More questions.


Question. Surya Namaskar. Say a few words about this complex exercise.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Surya Namaskar – is, in fact, the transition from one pose to another. It’s a cross between Kriya yoga and Hatha yoga. Generally, in fact, if you find it hard to engage in Hatha yoga, the Kriya Yoga is the bridge that you completely smoothly lead to Hatha Yoga. Please note, all the kriyas – is actually Hatha yoga, but in a dynamic form. If you linger in the pose a little longer, you get posture of Hatha yoga. Therefore, we begin with Kriya Yoga and thus leave on Hatha yoga. Surya Namaskar – it’s almost an intermediate option. We can not say whether it’s Kriya Hatha either.


Question. Surya Namaskar for daily practice appropriate?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. For daily practice fits great!


Question. Can I do yoga with your child?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Friends, remember this rule … Once again, why do I say this? This, of course, not the subject of Kundalini Yoga, I’m just doing this, I have to face it. I do not know of cases to interfere with children yoga. Here I do not know it! Of course, you can come up with some kind of hypothetical cases. But in real life, our children come with a view of our karma, that they do not interfere with us. In general, children – is sacred! In yoga, the children – it is sacred! Therefore, children were recruited mind-the mind is better to learn yoga from childhood, but not impose. Will impose, they turn away. And the ideal solution: do yourself, take the children with her. They are bored and they will do what you are doing.

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