2007.11.10 Kundalini Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

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Kundalini Yoga


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4. Brief description: Kundalini, literally means – “coiled like a sleeping serpent, the force, which is in a secluded place.” Kundalini energy is in a latent, dormant or latent state. This may be the power of consciousness, power of love, the sexual energy or power of knowledge.

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2007.11.10 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.


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Kundalini yoga.

The theme of today’s lecture: Kundalini yoga or kundalini. We try to consider all from different positions because of the kundalini and discuss all issues. Before we cover this topic, you must make a few warnings.

 The fact that no such thing as kundalini yoga in ancient texts almost never occurs. Usually, when you hear the word “kundalini” – is part of other yoga called Tantra yoga. As soon as you hear about the Kundalini, about chakras, about internal channels, you know that all of this information came from the section of yoga called Tantra yoga. But for various reasons, over time, a section that dealt with the kundalini energy, or rather, a kind of approach tantra yoga, became known as kundalini yoga. Therefore, under the name of Kundalini Yoga, understand a variety of practices, a variety of exercises, ie it’s sort of become a brand. But once again, in the texts, as a rule, such a pure name, kundalini yoga is not found to occur in later versions of scientists who for a hundred years – a hundred and fifty.

Sometimes under this yoga, Kundalini yoga under, understand the different, the strength intensity of practice. Sometimes the Kundalini yoga is meant directly awakening the kundalini energy (we later on, we will talk about what it is) and all the manipulations that lead to it, and those that people use when energy is awakened.

 Sometimes, a Kundalini yoga, meant another section of yoga is also very serious, very powerful – a set of exercises that prepare the body, internal channels and centers in the process of awakening, but directly, this energy does not wake, and makes stand some emanation of the energy, which by the power of emotions are strong enough for people involved in yoga. This sub-stage, before a truly awaken the kundalini energy. In addition, in the West the word kundalini has become a brand, such as Coca-Cola, ie very specific brand. Thank God, this situation before we have not yet reached, but we should also remember that sometimes this word you will meet the teaching, sometimes very strange, when analyzed from the perspective of Tantra Yoga, ie, the teaching, where all that knowledge came.

Let’s start from the beginning.

   Trainee. What is meant by kundalini?

   VZV. Translations from this word a lot of Sanskrit. One of the possible translations – is coiled, i.e. something twisted. In fact, to explain what the kundalini energy is necessary to return to yoga axioms and trace the entire process of the creation of the entire universe and the process of human education. It should be remembered that every time we die in a previous life and are born in the new process of our birth was no different from the process of creation of the universe. This principle is similar to like. Just as was once created the universe, like this, in this particular life, we were in this world. Our I, our soul, if you will condescend, embodied in this world, and this indulgence sequence of steps were exactly the same as those sequences, when the world was created. Therefore, in a sense, the assertion that each person – it is a small universe, not only exactly as allegorical expression. In this case, this assertion is more serious and motivated more serious conclusions follow from this that apply, including in kundalini yoga. So, we were born in this body, in this life according to the same principle on which our entire universe was created. I recall the process.

Outland absolute wished to manifest, it appeared, after which there was a certain substance, which is called prana, which later split and also influenced the absolute in such a way that any two instruments, two manifestations of the absolute: it is the principle of consciousness and energy principle. Consciousness and energy, which we have – this is two instruments through which manifests our I. When the Absolute created the universe, the consciousness of the absolute and absolute power – is what created our entire universe. So, after the absolute manifested in Mantra Yoga in sufficient detail described some processes shown by the vibration, it is Maya, acted on the absolute, he appeared in the form of energy. When hidden vibration, or rather not developed, influenced by the same absolute, it manifested itself as consciousness. And for the first time, energy, and consciousness is not divided, it was prana sufficiently universal energy. More precisely, we can not say that it is energy, it is a mixture of consciousness and energy. And then in the process of creation, energy and consciousness separated and began to disperse. As soon as they are dispersed, formed one after the other element of the universe. Just as we are incarnated in this world, we worked the body, all of its internal structure and the internal chakra. The very first chakra, which we have done with our birth, was the principle reason for the location of this chakra – the area between the eyes, then the space was created by the principle, etc., in the flesh to the earth principle… Chakra principle of land located at the base of the body. After the earth was created in principle, the energy that has created all this, fell asleep. More precisely, the concept fell asleep very abstract. There was the following process: this energy is itself beginning to absorb the creative force, it is something produced and then absorbed. It has closed its creative process in a circle, but apparently it looks as if this energy is asleep. So, at the base of the body, each of us is this energy that just participated in the creation of our entire body, all our structures, including the mind, in our this birth. And it is this energy that is at the base of the body and which absorbs itself is called kundalini energy. Those. it is the energy that has formed our whole body, all our structures. In any given alchemical treatises that image: a dragon that bites its own tail. This principle coiled kundalini energy. In ancient texts approved by the more detailed points, it is believed that the energy of the kundalini turned himself in three and a half times and also keeps in his mouth his own tail. On the one hand, it is allegorical, beautiful, imaginative moments, on the other – they are full of very specific information that a very specific logic.

So, at the base of the body, each person, somewhere in the region of the sacrum, rectum, somewhere in the area of the genitals, perineum in place, it is the kundalini energy. Where it is difficult to say for sure, because our physical space – it’s just a special case of a more general space. Those. Roughly speaking, we have the superposition of several spaces, therefore, to a certain extent, we can say that the kundalini energy is in a small space. But it is the same face of the real space, as well as our physical. This energy is in sleep state, ie, it produces something and then it absorbs. It is in our army there is the most terrible thing – a soldier to his own devices, it is a terrible, destructive force, so it is necessary to invent him a job, any. For example, two soldiers are ahead, dig a hole behind the two go – buried, and so the whole day. Because left to themselves, they start to do all sorts of lewdness, complete decomposition of the discipline. So, the same analogy with our kundalini – is terrible, very powerful, creative energy, so much so that an ordinary living being to use it in the creation of his body, and if now, God forbid, nature will reveal the full potential of kundalini energy, the elephant in the room is the most harmless of the comparisons. We just immediately begin to destroy all because kundalini energy, in this sense, the absolute energy. So that in a way to protect ourselves from our own power as she withdrew on itself. Or, again, two soldiers digging a hole, bury her next, and so the circle. Around the same condition is our energy, kundalini, for a small net. Yet our body is working, we kind of move, show our power. So, all our energy, that we show through thought, through the action, whatever you like – it is just the difference between the part that produces the kundalini energy and the part which immediately absorbs itself. If one shows that a lot of energy, then the difference between the first and second, respectively, is large. Those. We subtract from the first second, and that is – it is just the power of our personality, our energy. The energy is very powerful, very strong, in tantra yoga is generally considered that the absolute. The most severe manifestation of the kundalini energy in the human body – it is our sexual energy. Sexuality, in its range and its manifestation, is closest to the kundalini energy and sexual energy is also a very strong thing. As they say, when the hormones begin to play – the mind is turned off, disconnected feeling. In fact, it is a manifestation of the creative energy that sweeps away everything in its path, which is why all serious yoga schools in all the major philosophies and teachings of the closest attention to sexual energy. The taboo against sexual energy somehow restrains human attempt to investigate this point. But, as a result, if the user does not pay attention to her, the sexual energy may be their own, both positive and destructive moments. Therefore, the touchstone of any philosophical system – this is related to sex.

   Trainee. Why?

   VZV. Because this energy is closest to our creative energy that has created all of us that we support that, every second time there. That is why, for example, tantra yoga so scandalously known in the West as yoga, in which sex is used. In fact, Tantra Yoga is used not only sex, but also a lot of other tools and things. However, since Western man terrified, full of inferiority complexes, not healthy soul-searching, for some reason, to the fore, it extends sex. Indeed, in tantra yoga, using sexual practices using sex energy is just achieved that awakens the kundalini energy is already at a higher level. This is the easiest way.

So, focus on the fact that each of us has the kundalini energy, absolute, creative energy, but we do not use it for his own good, because we are not yet ready to take advantage of this property. Each of us, from time to time, when someone has offended in the hearts can send the offender. Now, if you would be awakened kundalini energy and reached a serious level of awakening, this man whom you have sent, as it went, ran, would fly. But sometimes we do it in the hearts of not giving a report that it can actually happen. But imagine that this is starting to happen, and we understand that a little heated. Therefore, as a rule, when a person steps on the path of yoga, yoga teacher, seriously warned him that doing yoga can be consciously or unconsciously make the kundalini energy to wake up and it will manifest itself in different ways. The first thing with which, as a rule, a person faces is a heightened sexuality, if it is really going in the right direction with regard to yoga. Sometimes it is considered to be an indication that the body is at a good level, it is the absence of problems in the sexual sphere. But as you grow, as the awakening of kundalini, sexual themes begin to be dominant. Those. sometimes said to people, sexually-anxious – this is when the creative energy begins to not meet a decent exit for myself, a person can not implement it in anything: no sex, no creativity, no work, but the potential is there unspent. Therefore, if the unspent potential begins to call us on all sorts of adventures. We are starting to behave sometimes inadequate, and sometimes manifests itself not entirely adequate sexual manifestations, sometimes manifests itself in a latent form – the person becomes irritable, etc. In general, begin to emerge moments to which the person is not ready, because they release the potential energy… Doing nothing we can do with it, and this potential starts to follow each of our karmic flaw. We are, after all, still enough in karmic terms, dirty. Any our tendency multiplied by the powerful potential of Kundalini Yoga, throws us, then left, then right. While on the other hand, if this base energy is not, then we, on the contrary, sluggish, somewhere, even blunt, we are prone to tamas, are prone to inertia, tend to the floor of animal existence, which is also very bad. Therefore, each of us in life have a certain balance of energy, the most suitable for us, the Kundalini energy that we use. But, if we decided to make a major breakthrough, seriously accelerate our spiritual evolution, we need more energy. And here comes into force the doctrine which later became known as kundalini yoga. Once again, kundalini yoga – is part of tantra yoga. When you decide to make some kind of a jerk, you will need power. You begin to draw these forces from the source of all your strength, the source at the bottom of the body is called kundalini energy.

   Trainee. How does it work, how to increase the flow of energy is generally aware of it?

VZV. This is a very complex and controversial issues. Strictly speaking, any yogic practice, if you do hatha yoga, pranayama, yoga, meditation, kriya yoga or other yogis, leads to the fact that the share of energy kundalini begins to awaken in greater and greater extent. This soft point incrementally, i.e. Any yoga increases the degree of awakening of the Kundalini energy. But there are some methods, for example: there are people – hackers. Now every pimply young man, who has learned to control the computer, fancies himself a great hacker, dreaming of how he would write any virus and obgadit all mankind. Those. I do not mean such marginal personalities, and more original sense of the word, the people who really studied the different systems in the first place – the computer, before that it was the telephone system. In general, wherever there is a complex system, there are all kinds of loopholes, backdoors through which you can sometimes get results fast enough. So in yoga, there are methods that, except as hacking, not name. Those. it is some combination of breathing practices, physical practices, in a specific sequence, which suddenly, at times, can awaken you a considerable amount of energy. Those. once and you have access. These methods previously held in the strictest confidence. The guards of these methods were not allowed to them anyone they passed on, as a rule, among the wandering yogis, people who have renounced all worldly things, renounced ownership of all dedicated his life to achieve the highest goal, the achievement of liberation. These were the people who spend their lives put on the line, either in this life, or I do not play, they said they were involved in these practices. Therefore, if a person falls into a particular school of yoga in a closed school of yoga (yoga schools are different: closed and open, it is very difficult to get into the closed school of yoga, but we were there, by and large, do nothing), there is used very fast method to raise the student to the desired level of development. There are different situations, including karmic when worthy disciple born in unfinished, underdeveloped body. You remember that evolution proceeds in parallel. Spiritual evolution – is the transformation of our internal structures and physical evolution – this is what is passed genetically from generation to generation. So, imagine if you had not been born in a family of sophisticated parents and family what some Aboriginal-cannibals. Imagine you – the highest soul, we got the house in which absolutely can not live, it is necessary to alter very quickly need to remodel, it needs energy. Energy No energy is more accurate, but it will take a huge amount of time. And then the teacher, if you were involved in this secret school of yoga, very quickly awakened kundalini. This kundalini energy in her eyes transformed your body, develop your mind and you have reached the highest heights of metaphysics and philosophy, although this was some kind of a farmer or drover cows, man, did not engage in any status, no respect or as a ruler or as a philosopher or as an aristocrat, nor even as a commoner. So, if a person falls into the field of view of the teacher, he quickly roused him by these hackers, rapid methods of Kundalini energy, which quickly transformed the body and the mind and the senses. As you know, any by-pass method is always fraught with abuse, it is the power of power. Although, of course, in the absolute sense of the word, in the karmic sense, even if the person abusing these powers, he quickly gets negative karma, very, very quickly. But, on the other hand, it’s great inhibits the development, so these hidden methods are sometimes called fast methods. Fast techniques in yoga, the ones that are not obvious, which are combinations that very rapidly accelerate the process.

   Trainee. Where did these methods?

   VZV. These methods have taken from teachers who are themselves carefully climbed step by step, which themselves all the way over, he crawled somewhere, and no first-hand knowledge of all the difficulties of self-development. But, of his mercy, of his humanity, they share these methods with us, with those who have not yet been able to achieve this, but potentially longer goes to them. Those. all fast methods – it is a gift, so in these schools of yoga, closed schools of yoga, where the energy of kundalini awakening vary, sometimes not obvious, methods, it becomes the cornerstone concept of the teacher. Those. there is no teacher to do nothing at all. Without a teacher, not the one who gave to these fast techniques without the person who would use them without the one who helped to saved the error, there is nothing to say. In any of the treatises, in any of the schools, it is the most relevant to blagogoveyannoe teacher who carries on this tradition and pass it on.

There is also less rapid methods. They are fast, but not obvious. These are methods that can be used by any person not belonging to the public school of yoga. Once again, our yoga school is open. Closed schools of yoga are many, but to get to them is very difficult. A huge part of the work to be done on a self before you pay attention to you. But there is one secret – in closed schools are very fond of good, unselfish love. If a person is self-centered and selfish – it simply is not appreciable. You will not stand out from the billions of other living creatures in human form, if you do not show kindness, if you do not show the quality is higher than any will not be different from everyone else. Everybody wants power, everybody wants supernormal abilities all most want. In other schools of yoga, such as ours – it is an open school, all this knowledge, which advocates, can be used. So, from the public methods with the awakening of the kundalini is also a breathing exercise, there are also meditation practices, imaging techniques, certain mantras, which also lead to the fact that as a result of energy and wakes up in his ideal, may gradually wake up. And now a few of these moments, which I can not say. From time to time, because I teach yoga, people are starting to say that there was something there and something they have awakened kundalini energy, felt that something, and ask how I can comment on it. But, firstly, it is very difficult to comment on where you are, what you do not know what happened there at all. But you have to understand the next thing that the kundalini energy – is total energy, and if she really woke up, really woke up, it begins to dissolve all the structures that have created. She begins to dissolve in the reverse order: first, the principle of land, then the principle of water, fire, air and so on reason, in general, in the reverse order as it creates our body when we are born into this life. According to their scenario, this scenario is identical to the scenario of death. After our death the same thing happens. Therefore, if the energy of kundalini is fully awakened and begins to dissolve these structures, and we are not ready for this, the first thing that we are – we are fierce, beast did not convey a sense of fear. This feeling that you are now going to kill, and to kill some terrible way. There is, again, looking ahead, when the kundalini energy dissolves your associative links, you begin to grasp at them. Those. On the one hand you customize the kundalini energy, on the other hand do not want to let go of their own, and a contradiction. This contradiction is felt by man as a completely terrible state. Maybe it makes sense, not in a hurry. Once again, the kundalini energy – a total energy when she woke up for real, it begins to dissolve everything, including all our ideas, ideas about the world, the idea of themselves, the idea of my body, structures of the body, that that falls under the yoga section called associative links. And if we are not ready, we are experiencing extreme discomfort, wordless. But if we are ready for it, on the contrary. If we let go of it all dissolves – let dissolve, dissolve my delusions, ideas about yourself – let dissolve. Now, if we so approach this process – we experience a series of incomparable higher pleasures unique to this just does not happen in real life, to enjoy a higher plane. In general, sexual pleasure strong enough if the right way, according to the techniques of yoga alliance yoga sex, properly used, the pleasure of sex can raise a thousand times. So, the pleasure experienced by the yogi when kundalini energy awakes and easily dissolves all our internal structure, it is much higher than even sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure – pale little analogue. You can also get a diametrically opposite results from that when we awaken the kundalini energy. We then raskolbas, then we begin to comprehend the inner secrets of the device and all the new and new horizons will be revealed in us, the mind layer by layer casts off the veil of maya, ignorance, and we can see how to make this world really is. This state is the highest ecstasy is the highest state of enjoyment. If we are not ready for this process, we experience a series of a variety of disorders, including psychosomatic. Therefore, we must always carefully refers to the term “awakening the Kundalini.”

   Trainee. Then how is it related to the huge number of people who undergo numerous workshops, which deal with the energy of kundalini, and really experiencing some experience? How to explain their experience?

   VZV. Their experience, according to the theory, is explained as follows, that in the course of these practices really is sometimes affected by the kundalini energy, but it does not wake up, she’s just temporarily increases the flow of energy, a kind of prominence energy. Seen here in the sun sometimes, on the TV show, there are flashes of fire separated from the sun and a cloud of flies. A similar situation happens when we, with the help of different methods to separate force the emanation. We do not awaken the kundalini energy. Indeed, it runs on a variety of centers. And this experience is strong enough, serious, and if it is good, if a man then change your life for the better, if it becomes kind, if it becomes more appropriate, more sane, then surely this is beneficial. If after such an experience one becomes only more evil and vicious, selfishly fixated on itself, it is the big question: Is it gone for him. Therefore, here, respectively, if you will deal with concepts such as Kundalini Yoga, books on Kundalini Yoga, workshops, courses, you should first of all understand what is meant by this. As far as I know, quite worthy of the followers of this brand are a serious procedure for the preparation of the body to the exact point where the kundalini energy to really wake up and use, just these emanations, bursts of energy for spiritual growth. In the West, a lot of these schools, we have a very successful.

So, we looked at it from the point of view of practice, and now from the point of view of the theory.

   Trainee. What happens when we awaken kundalini?

   VZV. From a formal point of view, at the bottom of our body is energy in the crown of the head – consciousness. Consciousness and energy are connected to what is called the central canal. This is the central channel of the body, it is also known as Sushumna. He is absolutely straight, empty inside, and draw your attention inside no time, no space, very abstract thing. And it turns out, remember the anecdote: my father wanted to buy a house, but he could not, he could buy a goat, but did not want to. A similar situation in our life: we want something, but we can not, we have something we can, but we do not want. Full disagreement of our consciousness and our energy. Consciousness highlights some situation in the same way, and the energy shows us something else. This is the delay between our desires and the realization of desires – it is just disunity of our consciousness and our energy. And after the kundalini energy is awakened and begins to dissolve the structure of the structure (in the terminology of the ancient schools of yoga this is called raising of kundalini energy through the central channel), this distance is reduced. And the nearer the kundalini energy to the source of consciousness, the less mismatch between what you want and what you have. Those. all your wishes come true. Wishes also come in different levels for different threaten possible, you may want a Mercedes, you may want to fly through the air, and can dream of love crazy. Those. each bracket is completely different values. So when the awakened kundalini energy to really and when it rises, with its every stage the yogi acquires the ability to immediately implement large group desires. When the Kundalini energy reaches the crown of our head and merges with our consciousness – a state called Samadhi without object. Until it rises and dissolves the center of the center – a state called Samadhi with the object. Those. superconscious state of our mind, or rather our consciousness, but in which there are more objects. When consciousness and energy merge into the crown of the head, everything – we go beyond this world, as we are taught yoga, and more can not come back here.

   Trainee. Why?

   VZV. Because this entire world just was coined in order to carry out this process in terms of Kundalini Yoga. Therefore, in a later version, kundalini yoga yoga isolated in a separate, separate from the Tantra Yoga. But it is rather a conditional division than true. The reason there is one. As soon began to spread tantra yoga and once it started talking about sex, so many people, sane, is scared. And to give them the same thing, but in a different package without these controversial, marginal newspaper publications, such as: Tantrikas staged an orgy, and so on, this same yoga is sometimes given in the framework, which are called Kundalini Yoga. You know, they say that all of our electronics business in China, and then bring it here, and different firms glue their stickers. This version of the same label. Although there is in this respect other points of view, but they are rather poorly audible. So, in the absolute sense of the word, the awakening of the kundalini energy, the dissolution of all of our structures – this state of Samadhi. Once the Kundalini energy reaches the highest point – a state of Samadhi without an object, is the ultimate goal of yoga, from the point of view of Kundalini Yoga.

We just mentioned about the methods that are sufficiently hacker, gross. This, however, is always fraught. You understand that the attacker, who detonates dynamite safe, runs the risk that he himself head blown off. Therefore, there is indeed a group of yoga schools that are in their practices, neither more nor less, risking their lives. Those. they bring themselves up to the point where all is at stake, including life. Many, by the way, die, without reaching a result, but these people are aware of what they are doing. In other schools, including those in our school of yoga, it is not considered to be reasonable – not reasonably endanger their own lives. These threats so every step is more than enough, our negative karma we have prepared a list of all kinds of trouble at every turn, so why tempt karma. These methods are known to be safe. For example, we do not see more than one method, which is potentially dangerous to our school. Of course, it is clear, as stated in the treatise, you can choke when eating soup and die, that is, all need common sense. But we do not give dangerous practices. There are schools of yoga, which every visitor should be aware of where he was, and there is quite a different matter. It’s, you know, like climbers: no one will not pull in the mountains, climbed, jumped, well, he climbed back, anybody you did not drive there. So, these methods are quite hard, quite severe. Most interesting is that sometimes there is a need for such an ascetic approach, but in the vast karmic situations in life and this is not necessary. On the contrary even, sometimes the need – it tricks our egoism: What I’m cool, belong to secret orders, have such practices, which no mortal has, and I’m a supreme being. It is a dangerous, slippery slope, especially when you really start to reveal some secrets. Slippery track. There are diametrically opposite methods, more specifically, the front entryways. Here we have a theme – AnandaLahari. In AnandaLahari in Sri Vidya it is believed that every house has a back door, and there is the ceremonial staircase. Black entrance – a hacker techniques, when it is necessary to crack – cracked, bypassed.

   Trainee. Why?

VZV. Because the concept of love itself is impossible without that energy emanation of the Kundalini did not wake up. You simply will not have the corresponding emotions. Therefore, there are different approaches. Each house has a front porch, every house has a back door. It is clear that when you carry the firewood and coal, it is better to go through the back door, and when you take a guest, it’s easier to use the parade. Those. that’s the same difference between the approaches of yoga, and it approaches consciousness – is the yoga of love, if you consider AnandaLahari – it is Sri Vidya Yoga and many of these approaches, karma yoga, bhakti yoga in his ideal. Moreover there are diametrically opposite way – to begin not with power, but with the mind. Those. do not try to allocate more energy, which then reveal more conscience and do the exact opposite approach – is to expand consciousness, and this expanded consciousness will cause energy to manifest to a greater extent. For example, if you read the works of famous yogis, this way of yogic sadhana does not start from the bottom up and from the top down. By and large, it’s a matter of taste, the question of karma, the issue of your lifestyle. Maybe come by all means: and by the energy in the direction of consciousness, and by the consciousness towards energy, and due to the yoga of love, and you can combine all of these methods at the same time together. But when we talk about Kundalini yoga is very clearly understood that the process goes from the bottom up, from the energy that is awakened, and the consciousness. The kundalini energy – a feminine principle of the universe, consciousness – men. So, when the kundalini energy unfortunate accident buditsya yogi, it behaves like a girl who really wants to sleep, but that someone wakes up, she is furious, she was ready to scratch my eyes this loser. Therefore, in the lower centers of this energy behaves in a very violent manifestations. As soon as the energy begins to rise, it is more and more in the subtle, peaceful forms awakes, so sometimes the kundalini energy awakes spontaneously in a moment of extreme exertion. At the time, I spoke with war veterans. Now they have become old, and in his time there were eagles, they rushed into the breach in the exploration go, and for a long time I talked with them. In war, there are all sorts of cases, many were told that in a state of shock and stress man suddenly began to show such strength, such energy, which in everyday life is simply not, under any circumstances, could not be demonstrated. Those. this is one of the nuances of when the kundalini energy awakes in a state of shock, extreme stress. As you can imagine, this is a movie about the war to look good, but when it’s all in reality, it is a terrible stress. Some supernormal abilities that are demonstrated our veterans during WWII, they just may be explained by a spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini energy.

   Trainee. Does meditation expansion of consciousness?

   VZV. The expansion of consciousness in general or within Kundalini Yoga?

   Trainee. At all…

   VZV. Generally speaking, I have two of our ability, two manifestations. One of these manifestations of consciousness, the other – energy, but because the source of our strength comes from a single center, and the center of our I, it’s like two communicating vessels. Here, remember to put the school experience: two communicating vessels, water poured into one, in the other it has increased, ie, always on the same level. If you use the same analogy, the same process occurs in humans, which, if it increased its power, it tends to flow in an increase in the expansion of consciousness. Those. These two things are interrelated. Therefore, when we, for example, deal with hatha yoga, doing specific exercise, at first glance, we were engaged in the physical body, but if we dig deeper, we touched on the energy structure, we forced them to work more efficiently. By and large, we are indirectly affected the kundalini energy, but after the occupation of the level of this energy has become a little more, and as a result, over time, the person in charge, even hatha yoga, the mind begins to develop, the most severe manifestation of consciousness. Despite the fact that we push to one side, the result is another. That is so connected these two things.

   Trainee. In this still happens purification of consciousness?

   VZV. It depends on what you understand by the term “purification”. Consciousness – a property that demonstrates our I, and the property is eternal immutability. Those. to us does not happen, no matter what situations we were not, we experience fear, calm, concern, in the background there is always the rays of consciousness that highlight our state. They are immutable. Things can change, but the consciousness is always consistently, it displays the image. Roughly speaking, we as viewers. On television, we show that one film or the other, the comedy, the tragedy, the news that’s worse than a tragedy, and you are a spectator. Our consciousness – it is precisely this viewer, it displays. Therefore, to talk about cleaning consciousness does not make sense – it’s not dirty, it just highlights the mind. But you probably had in mind a few more – those karmic imprints, those Samskaras that occur on the surface of the mind. Those. Light shines through the mind of our consciousness, but in the mind already, roughly speaking, swirls. And just as the light is refracted in the water and sometimes it seems to us that the rays play – rays do not play, they always shine, this water plays. Likewise, the substance of our mind play. And if there’s prints are not very funny for us, what we call negative karma, we believe that it is our consciousness is contaminated. Consciousness is nothing to do with – it Samskaras, it thought. So here it all comes down to the cleaning substances of our minds from karmic impressions, not to clean consciousness.

   Trainee. What are the methods of Kundalini Yoga for the expansion of consciousness?

   VZV. If we wake up kundalini energy, the very fact that she woke up, we opened consciousness. Those. in direct proportion, the more awakened kundalini energy, the more open mind.

   Trainee. And if you approach the other hand, by the expansion of consciousness?

   VZV. This is the other yoga, it is not kundalini yoga

   Trainee. And what is yoga?

   VZV. Uncle was once, Aurobindo, he promoted these methods, and even a book written about this, it is very difficult to read. But he has little booklet, I remember, was, yogic sadhana, where he advocated meditation technique, different techniques. I will not delve into because I am not competent in terms of Aurobindo, and to explain our position – it is I have another yoga pose today.

   Trainee. When awakened kundalini energy, it is somehow back can be put to sleep?

   VZV. Why would it put to sleep?

   Trainee. If it is bad?

   VZV. I’m not saying it’s bad. Do you know what Mark Twain said: everything is good in its time, in time to be born, and a time to live life just have to die. Those. to kundalini energy it applies just as well, all is well in his time. If, again, we do not consider the state of shock, for example, when you are attacked by robbers, you have awakened kundalini energy, and you are the one left poperebili these robbers. This option will not be considered. If this happens – well, what is there to do, sometimes it happens by accident. Sometimes it does not happen quite by accident, when a person in his past life practiced yoga, and in this life because of his karma was in conditions where about yoga and no one says. It happens and such karma, and the nature of some demands of their own, and on the subconscious internal structures which have got more from the body yoga is still in a previous life, begin to awaken this energy, people sometimes feel extreme dissatisfaction with life, sometimes depressed, sometimes different psychosomatic illnesses . These people are starting to drag on psychiatric clinics are beginning to them to test new methods like in mice. As a result, usually nothing works. Sometimes this is due to the fact that this energy wakes spontaneously, come to pessimistic condition can manifest itself in the form of depression, with events taking place: what I’m afraid that happens. We ourselves, his own energy it is doing, we spontaneously spontaneously wake her, so she pulled us out of our bestial existence. Therefore, very often people who do yoga in the early stages dragged in all clinics. Therefore, if the question in this way, there is nothing we can not do it as the call of your soul to something lighter, joyful, and to fight it – it’s the same thing as saying, no, sit in jail. But if we consciously wake up kundalini, yoga techniques, read the brochure, such as “how to awaken the kundalini in 3 days”, a typical American name, or “kundalini for Dummies”, and started on a chto-to do, and then to one morning we twisted is not a child, there is, of course, we need methods to return everything back, calm the nervous system, stop doing these exercises marginal. In this sense – yes, and, fortunately, this evolution is our evolution ,. Sooner or later we will still awaken her. Our power will grow on the rise and growth of our power is impossible without the awakening of the kundalini energy. Therefore, we ask ourselves: Do we want to be healthy, wealthy and happy, and if so, then we must prepare for the fact that sooner or later begin to grow energy, ie, kundalini energy will be felt. If not, if we are back in the palms on a tree, to nature, to monkeys, bananas there, then here is difficult to say something.

   Trainee. Can we say that the main entrance and back door – a quick and minor techniques, respectively?

   VZV. It is impossible to divide the main entrance and back door to rapid and secondary methods, because in our school, it is believed that the fastest method – is the yoga of love. If you manage to truly fall in love and in this state, you are going to stay for a ridiculously-a small amount of time, then all the processes in yoga, which are carried from life to life long practice to occur you spontaneously, naturally, they say, the grand entrance. Love felt by all the people – it is a gift, it is not a well-deserved love, it gave us over, and we manage to it in the early days, hours, months, sometimes years, to crush. But, to be honest, at the top of all know and for other reasons we are given this status.

   Trainee. And what to do with excess energy? We are starting to do, energy is added, how competently it somewhere to start?

   VZV. Look around, the world is in a terrible state, to be honest, in my opinion, it is, full of things to do. Look who we have rules that generally occurs around. If you have the energy, you are as a player, as all of them. You know, this question: Who is the boss here – me or the mouse? Those. we little mouse, we were told, and we went. And if you begin to grow this energy, you try, where the paddock. What I mean is that many people in need, how much you can do positive, be creative, painting or writing poetry. Yes there than enough. Movies shoot good, but none of these series are endless, marginal. I’m afraid to include television. It is very dangerous to watch this zombie to fail. At the crucial moment you act, and you remembered as a businessman killed out there in the same situation, and you, instead of contracts worth billions conclude, start shaking and you have the whole thing falls apart. Those. this is a dangerous thing – throwing of the mind, especially when you are brainwashed, frightened.

   Trainee. And what to do with the mind, when he begins to misbehave? Energy something there, and in fact some serious power. How to cope with it? Instead, it would do good, we send the mat.

VZV. Good works, for which energy is needed very much. Another thing is that there are always some dishonest people who are beginning to use these lofty aspirations for their own selfish purposes. This is usually religious fanatics: a person is really the soul great gusts, and he shoved a theory to read. He considered, then said to him that he must sacrifice life for the sake of their sect. Those. Here, too, it is necessary to filter, is full of such people who use their own selfish purposes. For example, you hear every day: kamikaze detonated, suicide bombers killed. It is clear that someone out there had enough drugs, someone else, for whatever reason, but among them there are, the true believers in their ideals, people. It’s scary. The man rose to such an extent that even life itself is not valuable for him, and some crafty people are not sent back. His energy dispose of themselves, do not trust it to anyone. There will always be someone who will tell you how and what you do. Energy expanded, let your mind tell you what to do with this energy, to listen to others do not. And about the mind, the mind – an insidious thing. All Yoga Sutras of Patanjali comes to mind control techniques. If you prefer kogda-nibud what is called classical yoga and classical yoga is called one of the six orthodox systems of India, then you run into a treatise called “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” and all the techniques associated with it so as to stop the process mysleobrazovaniya in mind. A lot of energy, and the mind begins to paint such pictures, and leads us to a dead end. Smart advertisers such images give on TV substitutes the notion that the mind is lost, but you are dragging. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely careful. There will be times when you will encounter with him “a life-and-death” – it is a mandatory point in the spiritual practice of the person. Practice spiritual divided into several stages. First, we poluskotskom state, even if we have a human body, but the mind is not perfected. And here we sharpen his long practice, he becomes more and more powerful and powerful, but our pessimism grows. And then the mind one morning and slowly say: you see, you can not step without me and step, you must worship me. And as soon as you try to reset it to himself – he’ll terrible picture on TV, once you are on the resort – it is you on the radio that there is a tsunami, epidemic. Those. if there is inner fear, the mind suddenly begins to snatch the information that scares you, to frighten you and say, you see, just have to be afraid, we must listen to me. And then he reduces man to a completely wrong state of mind, and a man in one morning decided that the mind should be put under control. It begins the battle, serious, long, protracted. If one studies the yoga practices of asana, pranayama, mantra – he was armed, he has a whole arsenal of weapons to fight this very insidious enemy, which, in general, and we are brought up. And if not, it falls hard, people in depression, in the throws, then starts to do lewdness, the idle, when it is necessary to move, a variety of scenarios. Therefore, with regard to the mind – it is a separate serious conversation. Ideally, we have a serious tool to put the mind under control, there is one thing that is higher than the consciousness and energy. After all, the mind – is the subtlest form of energy through which the light of consciousness shines as much as possible, but it is still only a consciousness and energy. There are the highest thing – this thing – our self and our I have a tool that higher consciousness and energy – it is our will. Those. eventually it will, but that’s another conversation. From the point of view of Kundalini Yoga, we are raising the energy and dissolving indirectly dissolve and the mind. Actually, this and caused this animal fear when we suddenly took up the mind, and he does not want to be dissolved. Conflict. This conflict is all the adrenaline in the blood, all the worst thoughts, temptations. In this sense, in their spiritual practice, the yogi must be ready for anything, if you’re serious about going through yoga. If you simply want to improve their health, ability to reveal, to become successful – is a yoga position, a trifle. Even superpowers like flying through the air, from the standpoint of yoga, fun course, but not so that it is absolutely desirable. But when you really begin to comprehend and manage your I mind, this is no longer a child is an adult.

   Trainee. How consistent exercise, such as jogging, swimming, weight load with yoga? If you agree, what methods can be used, and how to build a sports mode in accordance with the yoga classes?

   VZV. Beautiful images absolutely agree all sports, all kinds of activities. And in order to combine, it is necessary to analyze the body and may be it makes sense to gather additionally that not scored in sports. For example, each sport has narrower sections, and the rest need to get. Yoga and sport do not contradict each other, they are not in counter, they perfectly complement each other. Yoga may not necessarily be only physical. For example, during the run, there are options pranayama, rhythmic breathing with each step, and there is a section Mantra Yoga: chant and make the mind to vibrate in resonance with our every step, a very strong effect. This is a creative question in each case.

   Trainee. Is Kundalini Yoga an integral part of the eightfold path of yoga, where there is pratyahara, meditation and so on. D.?

   VZV. I, unfortunately, very bad versed in Kundalini yoga, it is in the part, which is taught in Moscow. Actually, I have met many people who praised it to me, but I can not comment on anything because it will already rumors and gossip. Kundalini yoga is a part of tantra yoga. There are different practices, so Kriya Yoga is as an integral part of Kundalini Yoga as pranayama yoga. Those. once again, I want to say that my long stay in yoga shows that, as a rule, poor people in yoga is not enough. But anything specific I can not say.

   Trainee. We began to regulate their family relationships via the commandment “Do not commit adultery,” and if there is some analogy in yoga?

   VZV. Difficult question. Firstly, I want to immediately distance themselves from all religions. We have a rule, the taboo – we do not select our bread from religions, physicians and scientists. In each of these activities, the rules of the game, in their own way has a positive side. Therefore, yoga, rather complements all these manifestations, but, in any case, does not say that we are here now and religion, and science, and medicine. Sometimes it seems that the yogi can pull out a tooth and – a doctor, and to answer the questions of the universe – a scientist, and comment on religion. Religion in general such a dangerous thing. Imagine that person into something believe, but someone is, and begins to speak, that somewhere he’s right, somewhere wrong. This is a very delicate topics, so you need to put in another question. The question of sexual abstinence, control, yoga is one of the most serious. The situation is such that we are called in yoga not fritter away because sexual energy – it’s a great potential. Firstly, this is a great potential for procreation, and secondly, it is a great potential for domestic energy for internal transformations. There is such a thing – sex with sex without losses and losses. If sex with a loss, this loss is justified, by and large, only a sequel of sorts, or some higher considerations. For all other desirable things without poter- sex is when you sexual energy, the unaffected part of which goes to a product life, do not waste, and component spectrum of pleasure – spending, moreover, is not just spending, and use for their internal development. But the fact is that these practices, as well as with others, it is necessary to learn, to learn. Therefore, in order then to spend and enjoy, sometimes it makes sense to avoid to accumulate. This concept of the term “Brahmacharya.” Those. in the narrow sense, if I can not afford a hundred to express their sexuality, if I can not use this sexuality to make procreation, or engage in self-development, or just to get the full enjoyment of the program, does it make sense then to waste this potential . Those. Yoga says that it is better to reserve, and then, when all the conditions coincide use. Suppose you want to continue the race, or you have a loved one, sex with whom – it’s all or you set foot on the teachings of tantra yoga, where you are practicing sexual yoga, but, again, share the part that goes to the procreation of the part that is internal to blend and, consequently, the inner transformation. Such an approach, it’s like a legacy: you can squander his youth, and then, when it becomes an adult – he would have the money for the cause, and not. With regard to sex, of course, it is not so simple, because the sexual energy will always be, as there is the kundalini energy, but our attitude toward sex would be smeared. If we have, at one time, sex has become bored, we tend to spread this boredom to future partners, and we are building an association, we stop to see the great potential in sex. So, can not be lubricated, where it is not necessary to grease, and apply where necessary. That such an approach is, ie he, on the one hand, it includes chastity, but it is meaningful, conscious chastity. Chastity is not for the sake of chastity, because there somewhere so it is written, and someone said so, but from the perspective of what it’s done. It is understood that before the people, the peasants, there where they understand the philosophy, their whole life was painted on the clock, playing dogma Behold do so, so and so. But for people who can hurt yourself, indulge in wanton affairs and spend all their energy, and some infected with venereal disease. Therefore, these taboos have been developed. Once again, yoga is not against sex. Because sometimes I hear that yoga against sex that took up yoga – no, no. Yoga simply said that this should be taken with common sense, it’s a lot of potential and it is not necessary to waste that has accumulated at the time, when you know what to do. And then all of tantra yoga is without marginalschiny. Now Tantra Yoga – a dirty word, although it is the purest, highest and most chaste teachings of the world, because there are not ruled out the issue of integrity even at the level of their thoughts, not something that acts and actions, and at the level of the Cape



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