2009.05.09. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Rapid Methods”. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.05.09. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Rapid Methods”. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)


Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: The method and the principle of rapid methods. The emotional factor by using rapid methods. What types of yoga can be attributed to rapid methods? Dedication to fast methods. Key point: “Getting involved, get out.” “Omnivorous” quick yoga techniques: use whatever life brings, for their spiritual growth. The driving force of rapid methods – Absolute. Rapid methods in yoga school tradition Anandasvami: Triad. The basis of rapid methods – faith. The phenomenon of faith. The concept of bhava. meditation required for entry into the fast methods. Consideration of fascism in terms of rapid methods and principles of yoga.

Date and place of the lecture read:

2009.05.09 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.


2009.05.09. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Rapid Methods”. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)


Today is May 9, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we in KC “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near m. “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacenter.ru.

We continue to consider the theme of the axioms of Yoga, a topic related to rapid methods of yoga. This topic is more difficult to explain on the order, because it is – one of the most fantastic fact. At the last session, we discovered than conventional classical methods differ from the methods of yoga fast: add another yoga principle, and one method of yoga. Without this principle, and without this method, it’s difficult to talk about a quick method of yoga. The third principle and method of yoga helps to start rapid methods.

I recall once again the analogy, which I quoted in the last lesson. fast method differs from the classic – it’s like the difference between classical physics and quantum physics, new, new laws do not contradict the old, in fact, it turns out that the old laws – this is just a special case of the new. Also, our classical yoga – this is just a simplified version of the fast of yoga techniques. Correct not even say “simplified version” and the option that is most suitable for people who have recently embarked on the path of yoga, people doing their first steps in the direction of the higher spiritual principles.


The third principle of yoga.

We have considered an axiom of the highest single sverhlogichnom law, the law of interaction of all laws. I would also remind the sound of the third principle of yoga: “I renounce suffering. Nothing and no one has the right to impose my suffering. I will always help to get rid of all sentient beings from suffering, when I was able to help them do that. “

This principle is composed of two logical parts. So why not share the third principle of the third and fourth principles? For example, a third principle: the rejection of suffering, and the fourth principle – help to overcome the suffering of all sentient beings, who in this endeavor. But the fact of the matter is that this can not be done, because the very essence of the fastest methods to save time, that is, all-in-one, all at once. The man who walks on the path of rapid methods, he very quickly begins to climb up the spiritual ladder and, without jumping through stages, and quickly touching them. It is impossible to achieve a result (a certain state) jumping over the stage. Although the part is sometimes imperceptibly, that man was the stage. At the same time, quickly climbing the stairs, a man begins to take a proactive stance, ie, rising himself, a man at the same time aims to help other living beings to get rid of suffering. This all-in-one, it can not be divided.


The method of making a quick method of yoga.

Let me remind you the method, which is present in the fast methods of yoga: the purpose and means of achieving the goal must be the same. In this formulation, there is a hint or an indication of the elimination of the time factor. It turns out that we are again – and in the right condition.

Now, probably every one of you are familiar with computers. Regular computer – it is a silly thing that consistently performing mathematical operations, making it very quickly laid down the program receives a certain result. It reflects the properties of space and time. You all know that computers run on electricity. The signal is encoded by some of the electrons flows. There is a flow – is a logical unit, there is no flow – get logical zero. This can be represented in a very complex form, but the essence remains the same. This is a huge number of simple operations, which go one after another, one after another, and we rejoice in what we have smart computers. They are smart, they are stupid, but they do everything very quickly. We will build, say, a car, the size of which will be mikromalenkie (microcosm sizes), and there are very different laws of interaction of atoms and electrons. It explicitly quantum effects are observed with a completely strange to us properties, very unusual for our properties. And the question arises: whether to make a quantum computer can not? The basic idea of quantum computer – to formulate the problem enough to turn it into a conglomeration of objects of a microcosm, and then just out of the properties of such small volumes of space and time, the system issues a decision. That is sufficient to specify the condition of the problem, to put it in a small computer, and he immediately issued a decision – not brute force, as do our great computers, and immediately. It is clear that scientists still do not get to make a quantum computer, and some believe that it can not be done in principle. But is not the point. Here the analogy with rapid methods.


The emotional factor in rapid methods of yoga.

There are properties of our universe to which we are accustomed. Every day we go to work, sitting in the kitchen, we are accustomed to the ordinary routine of our lives. But this does not mean that the same order in the universe. In other dimensions, or else appear very different qualities of the universe. And if these new capacities or new principles build mechanisms, systems, or the practice of yoga, then they will work very differently. And it manages to compress the time factor, or completely avoid it, or get it to unfold in some very interesting ways, like jumping out of the laws of cause and effect. And we jump out in such a way that a cause and effect very quickly replace each other, as if pressed. But this side of the technical or axiomatic. And we in the consideration of the microcosm and the macrocosm axioms tried to analyze them with the emotional side. The emotional aspect – perhaps one of the most interesting moments in the fastest method of yoga, because a man who is absorbed by these methods of yoga, dramatically changing the perception of the world, the perception of the universe. The world suddenly turns into something fantastic.

We are accustomed to our reality, in our everyday life. In addition, yoga teaches us a very positive attitude to this reality and use it in order to step by step to transform themselves and to climb higher and higher level. No matter in what environment you live, no matter what is your environment, it is important to calmly go step by step, to work on yourself, to be patient and not expecting miracles from the world. We usually read books in all sorts of fantastic stories about what happened to the yogis. Comparing their experiences with their ordinary life, we realize that our lives somehow all wrong, more prosaically in our lives. But when a person enters the path of rapid methods of yoga, this is when this rapid transformation. First, the dramatic changes the perception of the universe, and secondly, the universe itself begins to open a person with such parties, which he did not even know: very fantastic and exciting.

Julius Kim wrote a poem called “An Ordinary Miracle”.

Comes the day, the hour,

There comes a moment, the time comes.

And it breaks the connection, granite boils, burns ice

And easy fluff knocked down.

What kind of attack?

Suddenly blooms Trin-grass,

Suddenly a nightingale singing owl.

And even the thin thread

Unable to cut steel blade.

There comes a time, and with it,

Comes fear, chills and fever,

Delight and the authority,

Excitement and affection,

Anger and pain,

In a fire, in a fire,

What kind of attack?

From the mirage of nothing,

Because of my folly

Suddenly there is someone’s face

And finds light and sound

And the flesh and passion.

Classic yoga practices we associate with a person who holds himself in hand, controlling his emotions. And if we consider it within the macrocosm of the system, it turns a kind of emotional preoccupation unfolding picture. And where is our normal emotions? Because we have different states are, from time to time. A whole range of our ordinary everyday emotions pass even without analysis, good or bad. These emotions give us the richness of life.

Unfortunately, many people stereotype a person engaged in yoga, it is – a kind of ascetic biscuit, sitting in lotus position, meditating, and does it not getting through, around something going on, and he does not care, no muscle on his face not falter, he seems to be left to himself, he neither cold nor hot in relation to the outside world, he is untouched, unaffected but rather in the negative form. Of course, these stereotypes are under a very specific conditions occur. Indeed, when a person goes yoga techniques, he learns to take full control of himself, and to others creates an image of the ascetic biscuit. When a person steps on the path of rapid methods, it uses virtually all that is able to give his life: every emotion, every thought, every experience. Moreover, all this is beginning to emerge in a mechanism of interaction with the universe. It’s so exciting and unspeakably that little can be said about it. And for the rest of the world remains the same as it was, and for him personally, the world has changed: the usual boring world has turned into a phantasmagorical, highly spiritual area where, in response to an emotion or thought, sober or reckless, to formulate clear or vague, the universe He begins to respond and react. It is very strange and exciting. It is inexpressible. And many in this endeavor. But to come to this state can only be passed long way of self-control, and work on oneself (where necessary, force yourself). Before you enter the expanses of the strange opening methods need to go the way of self-restraint, austerity.


What types of yoga are fast methods?

Friends, here you must understand one subtlety. Any yoga can be a quick method. As you remember, the teaching of yoga itself is responsible in the first place the question of how to do, not what to do? Any yoga can become an arena of action for rapid methods, all of our yoga: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Mantra Yoga. It should be very clear in mind.

It is important that the person does and how it does it and what principles guided. Do you remember the first and second principles of yoga and methodology “Where you need to make yourself, and where you can afford.” Virtually any gymnastic exercise, and this or that posture in yoga is very similar. Continuing this analogy, we can see that any yoga certainly can also turn into a fast method if its position with quick yoga techniques.

Historically, the West in its classical form reached such a yoga is Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga. And as an option Quick Yoga Tantra Yoga is known, unfortunately, poorly understood. In tanra Yoga, in addition to all other things, used sexual energy. For this reason, it has become very popular in the hope of finding some “strawberry” in Tantra Yoga has directed a huge number of marginals. So, the approach of Tantra Yoga is more focused on fast methods. But fast methods – it does not necessarily Tantra Yoga. In Bhakti Yoga also is focused on fast methods. Karma Yoga also appears with an emphasis on rapid methods. But, strictly speaking, such a division is unlawful. In many ancient treatises, where they tried to explain the rapid methods, the basis was taken Hatha Yoga, or a section of yoga like Yoga Pranayama (breathing practices). And in these ancient treatises fast methods set out in the terms of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama Yoga.

Again, fast methods – it is a question of which side to come into this world, and at what level to use everything that gives us this world. If we do the classic settings, then turn the classical methods. If we add something subtle, elusive, suddenly there are fast methods of yoga. Once again I want to repeat that I am very poorly versed in rapid methods of yoga. The fact that I axiomatics of yoga and even open the mouth on this subject is related to two factors: we have to prepare the yoga teachers who will teach very specific yoga; the second factor is more sad – a lot of what I hear on this subject, says that many were even less aware than I am, and this gives me the right to open his mouth. This is a very serious topic.


Dedication to fast methods.

Classical yoga we are dismantled. And what about the rapid methods? Here instantly materialize such a thing as a blessing, dedication, transfer. This refers to the transfer of something inexpressible: just as a torch lit from the other, it turns out such a transfer. Moreover, any attempt to understand the question, “What is transmitted?” Came to nothing lead, because it seems like nothing is passed, there is nothing to catch. Some say: “The energy of Shakti is passed from teacher to student.” You can literally say, but, in fact, passed something more elusive. Some say that the mantra is transmitted to give you, the student is allowed to some practices. This is not quite true. It seems to be so, like and do not. That is not transmitted some of the energy, but rather some sort of vessel for the content of something elusive. The same applies to the mantra: mantra itself is not a basis for a push in the fast methods. It – just a container, which contains a push in the fast methods.

To explain these topics I can not, I do not understand how this happens, do not understand why a person is faced with the manifestations of the Supreme, and when confronted with them, gets an invisible boost. And the one to whom he referred, also becomes a carrier. Moreover, it can transmit the following. Strange is the situation: sometimes an intermediate itself may not realize this push. That is, the teacher gave the student and the student ended up with some strange karma and could not take advantage of it, but to his disciples, and they took advantage of one hundred percent. To interpret these moments in terms of “passed – not passed” is not appropriate.


The use of modern science in explaining the yoga positions.

From a formal point of view, the essence of our axioms of Yoga I – this is the essence of the Absolute, the essence of the whole universe that surrounds us, the essence of the Absolute, hidden under the veil of Maya. In essence, both inside and outside of us – the Absolute. Classical methods offer us closer to the compound of the Absolute within and outside of the Absolute steps: first, the methods of the microcosm of the system, then the methods of the macrocosm of the system, that is, step out, step away. Rapid methods look as if the movement began immediately and simultaneously, without means of successive steps, as it were, two simultaneous trends that balance each other. It happens on a timeless basis. In principle, rapid methods can not be said even of step.

Why do I cite as an example of modern science? This is not because Yoga is trying to replace science. So I’m just trying to explain some things. Sometimes to explain complicated things in yoga should be used, no matter how strange science. Science gives the closest analogy of what the ancients said of yoga. You understand that this is not the substitution of science and the use of the same methods. So in quantum science there is no such thing as the particle trajectory. Here we throw a ball and see how flew somewhere, see its trajectory. In quantum physics there is no such thing. There’s just say a certain density, the probability of detection. This little ball like a smeared all over the universe, but we are more likely to find it there, where he was thrown. Although it can materialize anywhere. Disappears our ordinary, everyday understanding of the universe. We are used to our usual performance, but if you look from a different angle – everything is different. The universe behaves the way we did not expect. The same analogy with rapid methods. There is no concept of steps, there is the very concept that at first one, then the other. “In the beginning” mean time, and rapid methods of trying to “get out” from the time the plane.

“Getting involved, get out.”

There is an emotional emphasis characterizing the distinctive hand fast methods. If we sit down to meditate, we try to direct your mind at any one chosen direction and try to make sure that our minds follow a chosen direction, as if his focus. And for this we must find a way out of the world, and here at work distracting, “Tomorrow you will increase, you will assign a great chief, and you will pay a lot of money.” And the yogi or yogini understand that on the one hand, a lot of money – this is certainly good, but on the other hand – more responsibility, greater involvement in society and its laws, there will be subordinated, which will increasingly think about salary than the work but it is – a common situation, because anyone who has to manage. And for their involvement in society will be like a departure from yoga. There is a dilemma: you have to concentrate on spirituality, to get out of the ordinary world, or entirely immerse yourself in this world of ours, to make a career, earn a lot of money to buy a villa in the Bahamas, etc.?

We begin to analyze and understand, that from the point of view of our ordinary life is impossible to combine all of these things: either the Himalayan cave – meditate or business – to earn billions. And any attempt to connect it to anything not lead us to good. If we start to think too long about spiritual things – work suffers. If on the contrary too begin to go to work, in some cases daily – yoga begins to suffer. And it seems that these two trends can not be combined.

The essence of the rapid methods lies precisely in the fact that unification is possible. Moreover, it is a quick method – the only way to make the two opposite tendencies were absorbed by one another, and the result was achieved, and there and there. Very strange. It’s hard to put into words. In terms of Sanskrit it is called “Pravritti”, that is, we live, we engage in the world. From life to life we evolve. Cockroach bodies, for example, are not as developed as in man. Imagine the life of a cockroach: night run from mink, grab a slice of bread and run back. Life is very simple and uncomplicated. The range of his interests stop at a fairly limited circle of things. And man? A lot of factors we are concerned about: the case at work in the world of events – a million factors that we suck. As the water in the sand, we are absorbed in the world. A yoga teaches us contrary to pull itself out of the world and to send to the source of being, a manifestation of which we are. And if at the same time possible: engaging, go? Do not just possible, but as taught yoga is – the only way to jump over the surface time.

Now another point. I, as an artist, from different sides of strokes outlines fast methods – you look, and face begins to appear. There is a property of the paintings: similar approaches – it seems that the scribble on the painting from a distance look – there landscape. Now, on the other hand I will try to describe these methods. Quick methods assume that we both have time to jump out of the plane. But jumping is not that a violation of the laws of cause and effect as well as the acceleration of these laws, with some tendency to absorb other trends. And look what happens: if the essence of the self – is the Absolute, if the whole universe, which is all around us, in fact, too, the Absolute, we like to start walking toward each other, and use along the way a variety of factors that only we have. This renowned and fast methods, they use everything. All that meets the people in its path. You sat down and began to eat a delicious lunch. Do you experience the pleasure that you eat it, and within the framework of rapid methods of enjoying the absorption of food will raise you to a new spiritual level. In many books, treatises, it says that the yogi must be independent of the taste of food. He should control his tongue. He should be all the same, that is: good food or tasteless. Or vice versa, the more tasteless food he eats, the better he is a yogi. And in the fast methods – on the contrary: he can eat any food, but if it is the energy of enjoyment from this delicious eaten food in the right way to the right, it will at the same time and enjoy the food, and out of the world and conditioning depending on the taste buds. That is enjoying or exercising, to go. Getting involved, go. This applies to food, this applies to anything.


“Omnivorous” rapid methods: all, no matter what life has presented to us, is used for spiritual growth.

The fastest method is the most popular topic of Tantra Yoga, because there is the topic of sex is strongly involved. Do yoga very healthy attitude toward sex. It is believed that nothing wrong with sex is not if the observed first and second principles, ie if it does not suffer from a third party, and if you do not fritter away. Unfortunately, society is not sufficiently culturally in relation to sex. Culture perception of sex in the West, in spite of all our liberties, is still very poorly developed. This is likely to show. Do not compare, for example, with a ratio in ancient India. So many people are interested in Yoga Tantra: that sex, strawberry, many strange characters. And no one still can not understand that Tantra Yoga sex is used as an opportunity for spiritual growth: engaging in sex, to become free from it. The question is not whether you are doing or not doing sex. The question is a strange method: engaging – come out. And this applies to all manifestations of man, it concerns all pleasures that we can feel with you. Similarly it can be used, and any other displays, including unpleasant. On the way everything works fast methods. There is a living creature that lives in the water, it has the shape of a ball, instead rotika his hole. It feeds on the fact that swallows everything that swims close. Anything that gets him inside – digested. It becomes more, more, more, and if it happens that someone will eat itself is a creature, it is inverted inside out and begins to devour the one who ate it: in the stomach at someone, but turned inside out and started devouring itself this object.


That is very fast method: to your life or presented, use it as a quick method. There is an anecdote: even when you have eaten, you have at least two exits.

“Omnivorous” yoga rapid methods that you can use any karmic situation, whatever the humans. And the crown of the most unfortunate karmic situation – is when a person or a bad yogi died. Just got these quick methods and should be there to happen (this had negative karma), the man died. But if it has managed to get such a yoga is dying yoga (yoga of dying and just refer to the quick method), it is not all so sad. It would seem – all, he had already died, about what yogis and rapid methods can talk ?! And there, in the process of death and decay of our bodies (I remind you that our “I” – is immortal, and the structure of our body may decay) is released enormous amounts of energy, experience, etc., all that we have accumulated over the lifetime of must dissolve. As the corpse decomposed, although it quite a lot of energy, the same is happening at the level of subtle body, causal body – they break up and released a lot of energy. So, if properly direct this energy, we can do a lot more than in the previous fifty lives. Once again – it’s an absolute omnivorous rapid methods. There is one little “but” – before dying man had to get these practices and to train them, because, you know, the time of death – is not a walk, speak, that is scary enough, because all unusual.


The driving force in the rapid methods – Absolute.

Quick methods use everything they have, and there is a wrong point of view, which I often hear. For example, it is believed that the rapid methods of Tantra Yoga is based on the power of sex, or that fast methods some kind of yoga is based on the awakening of the Kundalini: Kundalini awakened and quickly made all, or say that fast methods of yoga are based on the mystery of the yantra energy mantra or something else. No, friends, it’s erroneous statements. Rather, it is – a figure of speech, which is also allowed. But in fact, the driving force of rapid methods – is the power of the Absolute. Absolute makes these fast methods.

Here there is a car, he has a motor. The car moves? Wheels? – No, not the wheel. Seats? – No, not back. Uncle behind the wheel? – Also no. The car is driven by a motor that rotates and from which the machine begins to move. In yoga, this engine is the Absolute, and the various mantras, Kundalini, sex, anything – it’s just a container through which the Absolute acts. That is the essence of rapid methods – to use what is already there, in the use of primordial being, or that from which everything happened. We have studied with you in the microcosm and the macrocosm axioms, it all comes down to the Absolute: Absolute either inside or outside. But he is the acting force, and everything else – just a form through which it manifests itself. Therefore, many practices, sometimes very subtle. They can be refined so that it is not even clear how they work. They are more like rituals than in practice.

Motor, which makes all these practices work, one – the Absolute. In some practices, the emphasis on the Absolute, which is the essence of our “I”, in other practices, the emphasis is on the Absolute, which is presented to us in the form of the surrounding universe, in some of the practices on the interaction of the two. But it is the Absolute animates all mantras and yantra. It is a manifestation of the Absolute through the sexual energy really makes the sexual energy into an instrument of spiritual ascent, but if not, it’s just a pleasant sexual pastime. So, the driving force is the Absolute, whether it’s sex or no sex, whether it is at least ten times a certain pleasure, or twenty times suffering, birth or dying. But if this is not the canvas, on which are painted all the picture of the world, including paintings of birth and death, and we ourselves, nothing will work. The principles on which to build deep moments of rapid methods is much higher, and they are the root cause. And this reason, as you remember from the axioms, or become manifested in the fact that we see. Or this example: if on a very small size of the atom to build a small computer, it will have to operate according to the principles that work on such a small distance, these principles are invisible to us, but they are.


Who can benefit from fast methods?

The man who somehow enters a state of rapid methods, begins to use what is already on hand at every moment and in every point in space. Only use this we are in everyday life do not know how, and rapid methods give us this opportunity. Some systems do not like the term Absolute. For example, Buddhists, Taoists use the term “void” is sometimes found the term “suchness of existence.” Here it is, the way it is done. Why does it work? – And this is how it is done. It is useless to explain. It is not the product of anything, it is a fundamental principle on which everything else rests. On the other hand smear: a man who is in no hurry to achieve much in life, which is the classical methods, it has a great chance to face the rapid methods, and facing, to take advantage of them. A person who is not the classical methods of yoga, also has a chance encounter with fast methods, but has virtually no chance to use them.

Rapid methods in yoga school tradition Anandasvami. Triad.

In the tradition of our school of yoga yoga Anandasvami most clearly characterized by rapid methods – the so-called Triad: Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga and Yoga lovers. Love Yoga, in general, more than anything else belongs rapid methods. This is a method where the purpose and means merge. When a person is in love, he has a goal and a means to achieve goals merge. Love vnekarmichna. Love brings a person to the level of outside time. I think everyone visiting glimpses of the Supreme, which we simply call love. However, we tend to lose these glimpses of the Supreme, because is not engaged. If you ever fell in love, you had a chance encounter with a fast method. And since from this love sometimes no trace remains, it means you did not use this chance. To do this, you need to prepare yourself for long life, and we are not prepared, thought us so well.


Might that give fast methods.

In ancient texts due to the lack of translation the translator key times such a hodgepodge common, especially in this section is Tantra Yoga, the written language is sometimes very controversial. In general, the translation can be judged on the person’s inner world in the same way as a director. You think you see the movie? No, you do not see the movie, and twisted inside out brains director or writer: he invented something and revived it. Many texts translated very badly. According to the translation as if you see a person karma, some of its shortcomings. You understand that different words in different ways can be interpreted. If a person begins to interpret all in one direction, it is said that he is inclined to see your previous experience. All our fears – from previous experience. A person who has no previous experience, no relevant fears or preferences.

Let’s return to power, which provide rapid methods of yoga. Yes, indeed, the use of quick yoga techniques gives tremendous power. Moreover, this power can be used. But, as the ancient literature, yoga, having this power, we prefer not to use that power in general. The basis for this is the same power that moves fast methods – Absolute. The person who tunes in to a wave of Absolute Absolute conscious in ourselves and in the world, as it copies the status and capabilities of the Absolute, as if the Absolute gave him to direct the little some phenomenon – as a dad who gives his little baby to twist the steering wheel. It’s like really, like going even turns to the left, to the right. Often people do not understand that he gave the wheel for a while, and then, under the supervision of the pope. And the less people understand, the more begins to be proud of. This, children, is often the case with adherents in the fastest method.

The basis of this power is that people get all the people and all the objects, phenomena simultaneously. You can control your body? Can. Just imagine that your body is increased. Imagine a body that includes the room with all appliances and objects. And just like you can wiggle your fingers, just as you can change everything. But there is a downside: any pain experienced by the surrounding, who are in your zone “expansion” becomes your personal pain. As we sometimes say, “Someone hit my head, and you have a bump on his head appeared.” Immediately there is a very acute sense of suffering, and a keen sense of enjoyment. We would like to expand. We get more than our body. We very much feel our pain and pleasure, but at the same time, we know how to manage it in the same way as we are able to control his body.

If you start to analyze the situation, you will realize soon that everything is balanced, and there does not need to interfere. While you were little, did you think that someone is right and the other wrong. So it was until you looked at the situation from one side. And when you start to look at the situation at the same time on both sides, you can see that there is some kind of game of karma, to which you do not have nothing to do, and do not need you to get involved. Moreover, this game is very intricate: the unfolding of karma at any given time at any point in space has a chance to quickly get out of the situation. Whatever happens, the Absolute always allows very rapid spiritual transformation. But sometimes, you meet morons who, having read various tantric texts, start practicing some rituals and nonsense – that they belong in a mental hospital. They do not understand the essence. In the best case, this kind of game. Many Tantric texts written quite brutal language. And there are idiots who start them taken literally. Especially when translated from Sanskrit into English, and proved to be very bad from English to Russian. In fact, to us texts and reach. And there is such a mess that no, God forbid.


Vera – a distinctive side of rapid methods. The phenomenon of faith.

A distinctive aspect of rapid methods faith. There is a phenomenon of faith. This is a favorite term of religious teachings, currents, etc. Let me remind you once again that yoga is distancing itself from all religions. Yoga believes that all religions are equally good and deserve the utmost respect. If a person has opened something higher and religion helps him in this, that’s fine. Likewise, yoga can deal with any person: a person professing a particular religion, and complete atheist. The phenomenon of faith is very strange, heavy and difficult to explain. This phenomenon holds many philosophical and religious associations. It is a phenomenon of power in all the senses. I want to emphasize that the phenomenon of faith is often underestimated. It is believed that the phenomenon of faith – this is when you need to make myself believe it. For example, a person sits and makes himself forced to believe this, this or this. But it is not faith, friends, this is a kind of brain or mental acrobatics. The phenomenon of faith occurs suddenly, all-encompassing, it is not even require much mental effort, the mind at the same time somewhere near to the backyard. But it becomes such a powerful force that begins to work miracles. And in fact it is – a glimpse of the tools and powers that open man when he enters the path of rapid methods.


The reverse side of faith – fanaticism.

As you remember, in faith, there is one unpleasant property. Faith can in no time turn into fanaticism and impatience. And sometimes it is very difficult to determine where it ends faith begins fanaticism and impatience. And it is the case of rubbish, when someone starts to use it in their own interests. Here then there are various phenomena are not very good in our lives and on our planet.

Today we have a holiday – Victory Day. I believe that this holiday is not realized we have to finish. There are such date as the Victory Day, the Day of Cosmonautics, which, I believe, will be known and understood by age two or three hundred. World War II ended. This is what we celebrate Victory Day. But in fact, on May 9 the war is not over yet, not yet defeated Japan. The driving force behind the war was fanaticism, bigotry. But it was generated by faith. Moreover, this belief has arisen in some incomprehensible way, out of nowhere. Was Germany, lived poorly. Suddenly, suddenly it appears the leader, has absolutely stunning charisma. He immediately sparked faith in people and faith so strong that it can work wonders. Friends, Hitler came to power in 1933, twelve years he has developed a German economy that it has become one of the most advanced in the world. Army in Germany, there was no – one hundred thousand people, and he created one of the strongest and most powerful army in Europe, effortlessly conquered Europe, and all its economic potential. And the beginning of what is called a failure in the program – was the attack on Russia.

Germans firmly believed in the rightness of their cause. And the number of people who fought, died with a fanatical faith, and died not too little. The Germans – a civilized, cultured people. But here was a man who had a very strange powers, and all the people mad. Moreover, a few days before winning, this man had committed suicide, and the collapse of everything. Note that in Germany there were no guerrillas. When the Germans invaded us, we have it at Moscow, Bryansk forests guerrillas were “farther into the forest, the more partisan”, and in Germany there was no guerrilla movement. And because they were still twenty years to spoil the blood. Why suddenly so instantly collapsed system like it at all and was not? Why is faith so quickly disappeared?

It is a strange phenomenon of rapid methods. When a person entry to the path of rapid methods, this phenomenon also occurs, also works wonders, but just as the phenomenon of the yogi can make a monster. Generally, in yogic circles it believed that Adolf Hitler was endowed with very great spiritual (I stress this) abilities. But he behaved like a student dropout: Third learned yoga principle, and all the techniques, but about the first and second principles are not heard, at least about the first, the second still somehow worked. The same danger is waiting for a man who, without going through the hardening of classical yoga, jumping into the fast methods. They work. First, there is faith, then bigotry, and then it begins to bear, and he himself does not give a report, at which point it begins to do evil.

Such a situation occurred with Germany. And there are all developed on the rise. It currently seems that our generals have gathered all. I can say for myself, the more I study history, the more I’m interested in two questions: First, why did Hitler not have won because he had all the chances to conquer us? – Absolute stood up for us. And secondly, what price we have won? Now different numbers called, but even if I make a mistake at times, it is still very large numbers. Daily losses: 1941. – 16 000 people, 1942. – 8 900, 1943. – 6 400 people, 1944. – 4 800, 1945. – 6 200 people. Friends, every day 6,200 people – and no hop, hop or not. As the conveyor. This is only our losses. It is absolutely monstrous figure. The figure, which does not fit in my head, this chopper. And even more surprising to me that veterans know about it. They know that today or tomorrow they would be killed, and they were going. Just take off his hat to them. These are people who went somewhere on this level of rapid methods. They did not care for themselves, do not care about death. And I once again want to emphasize that it concerns that our side that the German. Yes, our cause is just – they attacked us. But is it an ordinary German soldier soldiers climbed into politics? He was told that Stalin was going to attack us, so let them first will attack, and I think they’re something analyzed? No. These are two ferocious force that began with great force to kill themselves and as a result of this terrible virus of fascism, as it were localized and destroyed.


There is no quick yoga methods without the classic.

Another terrible thing – and yet there is no vaccine against fascism. It may be a couple of decades has been born of some, I’m sorry, the yogi-dropout, has charisma, able to kindle faith in others, and will start a third world war. People have no immunity to some things, and it can be used. Antidote only one thing: a spiritual level of development: when a person is a child knows some humanistic things, and they sprouted in it, completely soaked them. It’s like people with good immune systems: bacteria enter the body, do not fall – it is not sick, just the immune system works. Who knows, you suddenly hit the little Hitler as a plague to you to grab and gobble? And imagine what will happen if you are susceptible, if the immune system is not working. For this reason, it seems to me, many of the materials relating to the Second World War, were not disclosed. After all, the antidote is not seen. That stupid Hitler physically destroyed, and everything fell apart. And if it were not destroyed? No need to drop it off and think that fascism is so far away from us. Friends, you have no idea what we doze in force. Getting in certain circumstances, you can observe with horror that you are having these or other emotions: xenophobia, anger. Because faith is present, and the mind somewhere in a corner stands. It is very dangerous.

Whatever happens this when you enter the fast methods and you will start to head to spin, we need first and second principles of yoga. It’s very scary when you do not know or ignore the first and second principles. This often occurs in sectarian organizations. Group like-minded people gathered, they began to practice something and suddenly their flooded. They all opened, the universe speaks, he has the mind does not need them. They begin to form the core of his followers. Then the group is falling apart, and the leaders decide that that it is not broke, you need to strictly punish and restrict freedom. And here it is already evident violation of the First and Second yoga principles. They do not know the first and second principles of yoga, and they are so lucky, and they jumped directly to the rapid methods, accidentally. They are long enough so the water muddy. It is very dangerous. Therefore, there is no third without the first two principles. Fast method is not without classic. Imagine a circus acrobat performing under the dome, and the bottom of the grid is stretched – God forbid fall, so stay alive. Similarly, we have to pull the net from the classical methods, and then jump into the fast methods.

As a result of the war that happened? We have paid a terrible price 16 000 people a day – it’s creepy. As Dostoevsky said: “We have two misfortunes: fools and roads.” Now we do not have that, this is not. Friends, but you get a very interesting thing: this price we are paying for the victory. How many people are not born, how much has not been done. There is another idea that the Stalinist system was better than fascism. But this is what is called “After the fight with his fists do not wave.” I agree that it is still good there was more in the system of communism, fascism than the system, once it has won. This is all very difficult issues. Note that where there is faith, there is enormous precipice fall. Therefore, faith must always go with the first principle of yoga: to do no harm to any living being, unless absolutely necessary. You never know what you believe then. As Hitler: it is necessary to kill all the subhuman to men then lived well. Or something else. A helpful mind will always be an excuse to slip. It is the same with the second principle: if it is not, faith turns a man into a madman, in the bad sense of the word.

The quickest method of yoga, there is another deeper term than the term of faith. As a special case, the term faith is included in the term “bhava”. To translate it into Russian, I do not undertake now. This is a very difficult term to translate. Most likely, he will remain in Sanskrit. In general, we are opposed to the use of Sanskrit, where you can explain to the Russian language, or at least foreign. Here the word “meditation” has Latin roots origin. In the case of the word “bhava” it is very difficult to replace it with the same Russian word. A state of bhava, as a special case, you can call the state of faith, “bhava” – a comprehensive concept of “faith” – a flat.

The word “faith” is connected a huge number of associative connections. Usually the word “faith” we associate some fanatics who cut off the mind and begin to do lewdness, and sincerely do. What horror SS man who shot the prisoners? The fact that he sincerely believed that what he does is right. The power of hypnotic influence was such that then even the generals who served Hitler (one time I’m not too lazy to read the memoirs and especially) to the question: “You’re sane people, but where do you look?” Admitted that they were under kakim- the hypnotic influence. Suppose Hitler comes to general with the proposal that it is necessary to change the policy. But he had two o’clock to talk with Hitler, he came out of Hitler, completely subordinate to the ideas of others: “All is well. We are on the right track. We’ll come up with something. Anything will do. ” In other words, Hitler was inspired hope, as if the charged energy. Sometimes trying to present Hitler fiend than judging by his actions, he was. But when people spoke with him, they saw him as some glimpses of the higher spiritual, and it is their bribed. Imagine a situation: one part of it was – progressive views, and the other part – gloomy, since the level of the animal, “all that is good for the monkeys, and good for the people”, already quite low. And imagine that this all-in-one are mixed: on the one hand, Hitler Germany raised from the ashes, on the other hand, had concentration camps and executions. When it is all mixed up – this is the most terrible. By their actions look – horror in person – an angel. And what, and how?

On the human spiritual journey such situations often occur. Very often I meet many teachers. On the face of an angel and look at the consequences – what is done? And there is a dilemma. This is a very serious danger. To deal with it you can in one way: with kindness. Sometimes the urge to destroy, not to allow or offer to determine at an early age, who Hitler was, and who is not Hitler and shoot in kindergarten: the wall and everything. And how to define? These methods are no better than Hitler’s methods. Humanity needed immunity. This immunity – first and second principles of yoga. Defeating fascism’s not like we won, losing to 16 000 people per day, that is actually asking him, and ideologically on some subtle level possible, only making the vaccine of kindness, no other way.


The first step to rapid methods – meditation.

To seduce you with some wonderful yoga practices, and these practices appear every year, you can promise the practice of attaining enlightenment in three days, and the like. If you encounter such practices from the point of view of rapid methods of yoga that does not mean that there are cheaters. However, if you previously did not practice the basic principles of yoga, you are extremely dangerous to approach them. For this reason, before the person starts to fast methods of yoga, he must learn the meditation in the classical methods.

Meditation is held in different schools in different ways. Here is an example of meditation, which we use at our school, “May all sentient beings be happy”: we wish good luck to all those whom we love and who love us; then we wish good luck to all those who care about us and who we are indifferent, and finally, we wish happiness to our detractors, who loves us and does not understand. This practice produced by the immune system. If developed a immunity, you will never get either under the influence of a zombie – and you never know what a zombie effect can be there? And if they get, then, with immunity, you can not be a burden your karma, to get out of this influence. And finally, my personal point of view, does not aspire to yoga axioms: all the most glorious religion, who do good for mankind (once again, that yoga is distancing itself from the religious affairs), was an attempt to use the principles of rapid methods. But over time it stopped working. Many rituals, over which we are now laughing at those or other religions – is a kind of different ordinances. Sometimes it may be echoes of very specific techniques for specific people of a certain age with a certain immunity, which really allowed to do some spiritual breakthrough.


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