2009.01.31 What is the axiomatics of yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

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What is Yoga axiomatics.

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Axiomatics – the underlying theme of yoga. What is the axiom of yoga and where they came from? How are mathematics and yoga? What is illogic? What is the role of logic in the study of yoga? How to upgrade the level of sverhlogiki? Are there contradictions between the logic and sverhlogikoy? Is it possible to destroy the logic sverhlogiku? How to distinguish sverhlogiku of irrationality? The Yoga approach is different from science? Why is it so important harmony? Can I go to the sverhlogike without harmony? Why do you need to feel the joy of yoga with the class? What is the authoritative evidence? Emblem of whether each of us is a manifestation of sverhlogiki in our everyday life? What is the state with respect to the logic of love and sverhlogiki, and what exactly is freely our Higher “I”?



What is Yoga axiomatics

2009.01.31 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev


Axiomatics – the underlying theme of yoga. What is the axiom of yoga and where they came from? How are mathematics and yoga? What is illogic? What is the role of logic in the study of yoga? How to upgrade the level of sverhlogiki? Are there contradictions between the logic and sverhlogikoy? Is it possible to destroy the logic sverhlogiku? How to distinguish sverhlogiku of irrationality? The Yoga approach is different from science? Why is it so important harmony? Can I go to the sverhlogike without harmony? Why do you need to feel the joy of yoga with the class? What is the authoritative evidence? Emblem of whether each of us is a manifestation of sverhlogiki in our everyday life? What is the state with respect to the logic of love and sverhlogiki, and what exactly is freely our Higher “I”?

Plan of the lecture:

What is axiomatic yoga?

Logic and sverhlogika

The emergence of axioms in yoga

The choice of initial axioms in yoga

Source Yoga exercises

From logic to sverhlogike

Is it possible to destroy the logic sverhlogiku?

The illogicality. Logics. Sverhlogika

Common sense first and foremost

The fundamental axiom

The difference in the approach of science and yoga

The question of morality

Science – private yoga case

Is it possible to know the methods of logic sverhlogichnoe?

The concept of infinity

process concept

The concept of harmony

What is the natural state of our Higher “I”?


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Today, January 31, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we in KC “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. It lectures for the Open University of Yoga. All the information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru, www. happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

What is axiomatic yoga?

Consider one of the most important topics in yoga, called “What is axiomatic yoga?”

The study of any science always begins with some basic provisions, be it mathematics or any other science. This initial position, which is in the future foundation for a building of a science. In yoga, there are also some basic principles that are the pillars on which to build in the future the whole philosophy of yoga. In a more practical sense of all the exercises in yoga are derived from these basic principles. These fundamental principles are enclosed in a section that is called axiomatics of yoga.

Where does this name? The name arose by analogy with conventional sciences. Consider, for example, such a science as higher mathematics, which is based on three main steps or stages. This axiom, the lemma and the theorem. Under axioms implied certain provisions that are without evidence or because of self-evidence, or for some other reasons. This is some basic points, reference points, which are given to us initially. Then Lemma go. This is a more complicated situation arising from the axioms. Finally, the theorem in which the two components are present: “If” and “That”. In other words, under certain conditions we obtain a certain result.

Why do I have cited the example of higher mathematics? In fact, the connection between yoga and mathematics are much more obvious and closer than it might seem. Unfortunately, the research on this subject has still not been carried out. There is a generally accepted fact that the first time the concept of zero was used by ancient Indian mathematicians. That is, there was the notion that there is a zero. Also, the concept of an infinitely large number of infinitely small numbers or somehow betrays through the whole philosophy that existed in ancient India, from which something survived to our time.

At one time I had to deal with the exact sciences. And when I began to study the deeper sections of yoga related to these fundamental points, the similarity between became obvious to me mathematics and yoga. Create the impression that some higher areas of yoga and sections of higher mathematics, in fact, one and the same. Our rocket science – it is a special case of a more profound and unobvious science – the highest yoga. In short, there are fundamental principles of yoga, which are called by analogy axioms.

Logic and sverhlogika

There are certain points that need to announce that there was no misunderstanding. Yoga teaches us that the laws of the universe in all aspects of the universe in which we are now living, sverhlogichny. As a special case that arises sverhlogiki concept, which is called logic. It was built on the foundations of logic, our whole life, including the science of our civilization is built. Moreover, all the events happening around us, entirely subject to the logic section.

So we live, as we are taught yoga in the corner of the universe, where the logic is obvious, but such a thing as sverhlogika hiding. But I want to draw your attention that sverhlogika not contradict logic. Logic is just a special case of manifestation sverhlogiki. And all the people who want to thoroughly study the theory of yoga, one should understand this for the simple reason that sometimes the explanations of the ancient treatises on yoga, we are faced with moments that seem to us magical, fantastic, somewhere, even illogical, and sometimes it leads the weakening of the mind from the yogi. He begins to perceive the huge mass of information “on faith” in the bad sense of the word. Moreover, it is more and more immersed in the world of illusion, in the world of irrationality in the world some dreams, the world of something like that, that weakens the mind rather than making it stronger. And all this happens for one reason, which is that the ancient knowledge of yoga is based on sverhlogiku, but this sverhlogika not always clear to us. It is very different from logic and seems illogical. In order to somehow correlate his usual everyday life experiences with those taught by and called for yoga, a person begins to lie to myself and try to wishful thinking or smarm or stitch that does not smarm and docks in principle. Sooner or later it comes to such a state that begins to actively reject your mind, your intelligence, and as a result, slipping into superstition, into obscurantism, in illogic, in general, in those manifestations that are not quite pleasant, when an ordinary reasonable person into contact with them.

All this is for the reason that the ancient science of yoga was sverhlogichna. But logic has never broken. We are living in the logic of the plane has not been fully worked out this plane. We are not yet fully logical in all their actions, or in the process of thinking. And, faced with sverhlogichnostyu, we tend to attribute it to some miracles. In this sense, yoga is said that there are no miracles do not happen. There are clear laws and rough, there are laws of thin, imperceptible.

All yoga theory not illogical as it may sometimes seem. Another thing is that in some of his explanations, it goes beyond the level of logic and goes into sverhlogiku. But logic has never questioned sverhlogiku or, conversely, sverhlogika never illogical.

Purely practical situation: if you encounter in the study of yoga with some things, and your mind can not grasp them, it may indicate that your mind is not sufficiently sharply honed intellectual exercises. That is, you have not yet reached the degree of abstraction in the world of knowledge to some heights, and we need to seriously work on his mind, hone it, as well as modern scientists hone their minds different exercises. But it is also possible that you have something misunderstood. Sometimes all sorts of errors creep in manuscripts in translation, in the interpretation. In the texts all obviously “spreads” and can not be thoughtlessly and without looking, there are all what you are given. Suppose you discovered a treatise on yoga, and it says: “Breathe through this nostril at such and such conditions, do not breathe through the other.” And instead of study – a set of things, more like some kind of magic, magic, superstition, than serious science. You should very clearly be aware that if you encounter similar, so there may have missed calculations. It is not always the same people wonder how something works, the main thing that worked. But every yogic exercise technique is an explanation of why this exercise, why so and not otherwise.

The emergence of axioms in yoga

How did the axiom of yoga? These explanations are sometimes constructed in the form of theorems or as lemmas, if we use the analogy of the higher mathematics. But they still rely on some fundamental truth, the fundamental point, that is, to those starting points from which everything begins. There is an axiom – some provisions. And there is the practical application of these axioms, which leads to all the variety of yoga, all of the most difficult exercises involving both the physical body and the mental. But here the question arises: “How do these axioms, from which the initial position of yoga come from? Where did this first basic step, the first step? “

Ironically, the answer to this question is not so simple. One could say that came from ancient times or that it is revelation from above: the higher realms opened and gave us these truths. Or bring some other arguments that neither verify nor disprove can not, and should just mindlessly accept.

But yoga yoga would not be if it imposed a thoughtless decision that whatsoever. So here there is a very interesting situation. These initial or axiomatic principles that built yoga actually sverhlogichny. And to determine why these principles are taken, rather than any other, it is possible not earlier than we will rise above logic, we leave to sverhlogiki. And from the perspective of sverhlogiki we become as clear and obvious as daylight, these fundamental truths. Or in other words, a person must first go all the way to yoga, meticulously, step by step fulfilling logic. Then, as soon as it is a method of logic would take anything that might give him the Universe (once again remind you that the logic – it is just a special case of sverhlogiki) as soon as the man doing yoga, select all, that only can take logic, he smoothly go to the next level sverhlogiki. Sometimes it is called the spiritual heights, or use some other terms. And from the perspective of this sverhlogiki he sees, what items are essential in order to develop the logic. That is, the circle closes.

To work out the logic of yoga, we need axioms. Axioms are, and we work with them logically. Once we use them, we reflect on them. Increasingly complex, we complicate, get more subtle techniques in yoga. These techniques in yoga completely fulfill all the tasks associated with the conventional logic, and raise us to the level of sverhlogiki. And sverhlogiki position only and it becomes clear that it was necessary to be regarded as axioms or initial position. That’s how it all cleverly closed. To play a good logic, you need to choose the original point or foundation on which to build this building logic, which, in turn, will lead us in sverhlogiku. But to choose the right point for the construction of logic, it is initially needed sverhlogika. Vicious circle.

Out of this situation is only one. As you know, we are now considering these questions, while in the logic plane. The explanation lies in the fact that those axioms, on which is built the whole edifice of yoga were given to those who have gone all the way. The knowledge of yoga at its base, starting with the level of axioms, which are logical, like the rest of the steps in yoga – it is a gift of those yoga teachers who all have already passed and saw. They have reduced us to the amount of time and effort, so we did not waste time in vain to concoct some dubious constitutional position, which in future may lead to the fact that all our logical edifice of yoga philosophy will collapse. They initially gave us the points, based on which, we precisely and accurately pass on logic and leave in sverhlogiku.

The choice of initial axioms in yoga

Thus, it is understandable why this section is called axiomatics of yoga. It is called so because it (axiomatic) in its foundations can not be proved, and appeals to sverhlogike that appears much later when doing yoga. In yoga, as in mathematics, the notion of axioms – is the starting position.

We have found that yoga is a system of self-knowledge that yoga – it’s not a religion, not a cure system, not a system of training of the senses, as they are now trying to present it. And this self-knowledge system should be based on some initial position. And depending on what we choose the initial position, the system will either be stable or else it will fall apart as soon as we start to analyze the use of reason or another position. Therefore, the question of choice of initial positions and initial axioms in yoga, in fact, a matter of life and death of the whole system. I mean a system of yoga. These provisions can not just sit down and come up with. Where is the guarantee that you come up with something really immutable and something right and indestructible, is what will lead to a certain result? Everything could fall apart because! Just like if you want to build a stable home, you should make sure that it rests on something solid, but not for some swamp that raspolzetsya, and the whole edifice will collapse.

It turns out that the starting point in yoga or starting axiom of yoga have been transmitted to us by the sages or by the practice of yoga, which reached a high spiritual level. They were handed over to us to save our time. But I stress once again: they are unproven as long as we live at the level of logic. They can be 100% obvious or provable only with sverhlogiki level, but not logic. It should be remembered.

Sometimes I meet with so little vulgar position that yoga can all degrade to some acrobatics of mind, that is to juggle some concepts, terms, and that all ends. Indeed, you can juggle the concepts and terms, you can build something, and it will be stable, but only in the field of logic, if we chose them in the logic plane. And in order for us to build a building of yoga, which passes through the logic and through sverhlogiku, there must be some more fundamental principles, which somehow will be formulated within the framework of logic, but as soon as it comes to sverhlogiki, they do not crumble, like many other provisions in other systems of self-knowledge or philosophy.

Source Yoga exercises.

Another question arises: if the axiomatic position gave us the sages or yogis who are in a state sverhlogiki, then how did they know it? It really is a mystery. We do not know where it came from the teachings of yoga. We just do not know! It betrays through the eastern culture through philosophical works. Either way, it passes through these or other systems that have reached us, in particular, through the Vedas in ancient Indian philosophy. But even in the Vedas in Indian myths and legends of the concept of yoga is present in such a background, as if it originated much earlier than did these stories, though these legends several millennia. That is, yoga is rooted in such outrageous given that it is not at all is no way to trace its source, including the source of the axiomatic.

From logic to sverhlogike.

Now go to the other side. Imagine this way: it is possible in cloudy weather to come to some buildings, skyscrapers, and seems that it rises, rises and goes into the cloud, where it generally is not visible, as if he had gone to heaven. So, likewise and yoga. You start to learn and practice it, like as all reasonable and understandable. Reasonable and simple exercises, some practices, techniques, it is applicable, there is nothing like wonderful. But as one continues to practice, he has to climb higher and higher, and as a result reaches such heights that are already on another level, although a single building. And this building – the building of yoga. Yoga quietly passes through the logic sverhlogiku.

Is it possible to destroy the logic sverhlogiku?

I want to emphasize once again, unfortunately, this is the biggest headache for us in the Open Yoga University, when we come to the students, in the heads of which, I’m sorry, jungle, just jungle of obscurantism, superstition, irrationality, some fears! Something somewhere heard something in the tabloids read – a hodgepodge incredible! That is the logic sometimes does not smell there. And require enormous effort to cut down the jungle, show the failure of all obscurantism, in which a man lives, he himself invented. Moreover, the help can be only one way: to bring the level of logic and say, “cuts in his life everything that is not consistent with the logic. Ruthlessly cuts! “

Usually a person does not cut it. He thinks it sverhlogika. He is afraid to aim a blow at something subtle for him, some, perhaps, a personal experience of spiritual revelations, something elusive. He sometimes scared even to look at it within yourself. God forbid it something wrong to do so, and this state will disappear! This sometimes happens. Actually, it is often. The man opened something, which he could not understand, so beautiful, high, transcendental, and he is afraid to touch it, to not scare, did not break. Friends, this is nonsense! Sverhlogiku, even if you really want to, can not break. All the college, the revelations, that you may be open, they can withstand the onslaught of logic perfectly. Rather, the logic is powerless against them, it does not say “yes” or “no.” The logic is impossible to destroy the supreme revelation that come to us sometimes like sverhlogika. But logic can be perfectly cut out all the weeds around these revelations around really worthwhile. Sverhlogika not afraid of logic. So students have to explain this.

The illogicality. Logics. Sverhlogika.

We are concerned with your logic and sverhlogiki. And then there is, the so-called lack of logic – the state that we inherited from the time of life in the bodies of animals. In animals where glimpses of the mind, too, but they are immediately clogged some instincts, surrounding life. That is, glimpses of something to eat, but they are replaced completely illogical, and illogical, to which there is no critical attitude. So live animals.

Unfortunately, my friends, we are a large part of life is not much different in their behavior from animal behavior. We also uncritically perceive different life situations, we behave illogically. And there is a ball. On the one hand, the lack of logic, we inherited from the time of life in the bodies of animals, on the other hand, the logic – it is more the lot of man. And the logic of human life takes a more dominant position. On the third hand, sverhlogika – it is revelation, revelation from heaven, or some completely ecstatic visions. They are even people who did not do yoga. Suddenly, all at one point becomes clear. Or, at least, people knew what we should strive, and what needs to be addressed.

And imagine, all of these three ingredients (illogical logic sverhlogika) take and mix. It turns vinaigrette. And the salad completely inhibits human development in the search for something higher, because sometimes people think that he was a manifestation of super-consciousness, but in reality it is just a hallucination. Sometimes it’s the other way around, a person thinks that he has clear hallucinations, but in fact he has just come glimpses of something “super.” And to understand where the testimony is over, ie sverhlogika, and where the absence of any logic, “The Sleep of Reason” or the condition of the animal, we just help logic. The logic of the blade – cuts off all non-viable. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the role of logic. It is absolutely essential to yoga class, to the knowledge of the higher spiritual laws of yoga.

Common sense first.

The next question: “What do we get as a starting point, to apply logic?” But to take these starting points, as I said, we really need kakie-to real situation, which will survive both lack of logic, and logic, and the same will be true in sverhlogiki. Some yoga axiom upon which all yoga building.

Hence the following hands-on time, as soon as you have decided in some fundamental points on which the yoga building, you first need to use their common sense and their intellectual capacity to make any conclusion. As in mathematics on the basis of axioms and lemmas prove theorems, and also on the basis of these fundamental principles, on which you meditate, produced all of exercises, be it Hatha yoga with exercise, whether it’s yoga or breathing the same mental yoga.

These exercises in yoga showered on us from the moon, they are derived from axioms. Therefore, at the Open University of Yoga is very good practice to: if you want to explain something in yoga, it is not necessary to appeal to sverhlogike, which seems to us a miracle. That is to tell some stories that somewhere high in the mountains, in India there are yogis, they have this ability, fifth, tenth, and they are doing some exercises, other exercises, and get such a result. Of course, all this may be true, perhaps, still is. But it is considered bad form to appeal to the fact that the level of logic can not be hooked. So we Yoga statement is, first of all, on the contrary.

Our focus is on some conclusions, why should we do exactly this exercise, rather than experience, which was received by the yogis in their experiments with sverhsostoyaniyami. Another thing is that at certain stages of these explanations, we come to a certain line, where the logic stops working at all. That’s where, perhaps, it makes sense to talk about some supernormal yogis, or about any offers wonderful opportunities, but not before. If you start talking earlier, we ourselves do not understand where the critical perception lose, and start wishful thinking, obscurantism of true knowledge. That, unfortunately, is now nearly always seen in yoga.

I do not want to say anything bad about our friends the Indians, but, unfortunately, the level of yoga in India today strongly not up to the level of yoga in ancient India. I do not know for what reasons, and I do not want to analyze them. But it happens that sometimes our Indian friends give us some non-critical situation, as we humans western, eat these provisions, even without understanding where they came from. And then in fact it turns out that this is no revelation is not yoga, but only in the country of some respected Guru all think so. It’s the level of superstition, like the fact that if a black cat crossing the road, will be misfortune. You know that even in Western countries is someone interprets as a misfortune, someone like happiness, some not at all. It’s just superstition. So sometimes under the brand of yoga we uncritically perceive a huge number of superstitions that have come to us, unfortunately, from India. Once again, I do not want to say that in India all the fools and bigots. But to find the true teaching of yoga in India, not less difficult than we or the West.

The fundamental axiom.

What is this axiom on which everything is built? What kind of position are, with which it all starts? This is a topic for further lectures where we will gradually deal with all these fundamental points, but some of them can be mentioned now.

Firstly, as an axiom given such a position that each person has his “I”. And this “I”, by definition, free. This is one of the axioms.

Notice how it all begins not with an explanation of the universe, not by explaining some higher manifestations, not to explain what is the Absolute or the cosmic law – some things are more detached from the person involved in yoga. No, it all starts with the practice of yoga, which is exactly the person. It all starts with a frame of reference in yoga. And as a frame of reference in yoga, selected Higher “I” taken specific individual.

And it argues that it is Higher “I” of a single person is absolutely free. And then out of the situation that the Supreme “I” is absolutely free, displayed such a thing as Will. And much more is given. That is the starting point of yoga is not taken abstract Absolute, which, perhaps someone saw, while others have not seen. In the end, to climb to such a height, it is necessary to do something and to do something, you have to start somewhere. And in order to start somewhere, you have to choose the most important starting point. This starting point of yoga is the highest “I” of each person. Indeed, if the logic of the methods then explore all the rest, then sooner or later we come to a very interesting conclusions, including, perhaps, the presence of the Absolute. But then again, you believe in the Absolute no sooner than believe in yourself, in that you actually exist.

The difference in the approach of science and yoga.

Today, I mentioned the math and said that mathematics seems to me as a form of yoga, or a special case of the axioms of yoga. What is the difference approach science and yoga in the environmental study of the universe, or at least myself (because yoga is primarily self-system)?

The methods are very similar. What science – logic is that in yoga – the logic. But in yoga at the same time added that the logic flows to sverhlogiku and science say that we have come to the front edge of science, where the logic does not work. It does, unfortunately, the realities of science, where scientists have mathematical methods blindly groping for what’s ahead, and sometimes can not even imagine the objects that study. This is because common sense at that level stops working (or “kitchen representation” of the world, as they say, crawl).

So what is the difference between yoga and science? At first glance, there is a lot in common. But there is a difference, and this difference is fundamental. The difference in the choice of a reference point in the study itself and the universe. For scientists – is a kind of external frame of reference, that is, something outside, it is equally perceived by each participant in the system or every scientist, no matter where he lived. This frame of reference for all the same. And any discovery in science – it is only then opening when it reproducibly. And that it is reproducible, we need some common frame of reference against which any discovery, whether it is done in Russia, in America or in Papua New Guinea or on the moon, would have reproduced, and reproduces it with respect to some external reference point, a total for all.

Yoga says that this is a really good position, quite reasonable, that is, all is fair. But yoga does not agree with the reference system. The fact that this common reference system for all – something so ephemeral sprawling in the analysis of some of the objects and phenomena in the universe, that it is inconvenient to use. And sometimes you can even get a zero result obviously – to apply logic even though no logic to anything you want. Therefore, in yoga as a reference point from which to begin to explore objects or phenomena, to engage in self-knowledge, just choose the Higher “I” of each person.

Indeed, let’s look at it from the standpoint of ordinary logic. Let’s say you are in the circle of acquaintances, friends, each of them has a higher ‘I’. In the best case you can prove that the person you have your Higher “I”. But you can not prove that there is “I” with your neighbor to the right or left. And suddenly all the robots, or it’s your hallucination that created the people around you? That is, these questions remain unanswered, if we rely on an external frame of reference. Therefore, it is best to make the frame of reference within which it does not matter whether I really sit around people and they have a higher ‘I’, or a hallucination around me. This is a more reliable point of reference, which, oddly enough, it is better to know how to allow the world around us and ourselves. This benchmark allows with the same calmness analyze how those phenomena are studied by modern science, and the phenomenon faced by modern science surrender.

The question of morality.

The question of morality, primarily related to the following issues:

And what is the “Man”?

Man becomes the moment of birth? Or a person – it is the embryo, which appeared at the fertilized egg?

Where a person begin?

Perhaps there is a person at birth, and can do all sorts of terrible embryo experiments?

No one does not come to mind to do experiments on baby, divide it into pieces, stem cells, in order to have some kind of decrepit millionaire wounds heal faster. But it is quite possible to saw the embryo for the manufacture of medicinal sera only because another Rich Pinocchio in his 90 years wants to look at the situation 30. Unclear: whether it is moral, or immoral? Science to these questions are not responsible. It is outside the scope of its review. For what reason? And because the very system of reference in science that does not imply there is an incomprehensible situation. And these questions can gain a huge amount.

Unfortunately, there is another more fundamental difference from the science of yoga. Science does not involve morality. Science does not know these concepts, because they can not be formalized, but that can not be formalized, and can not be used. All the elusive all abstract. A yoga encourages taking as a source, a point of reference, Higher “I” of each person. And everyone takes for himself his “I”, regardless of what’s going on with your neighbor. That is, knowledge of the world comes only with his own position. You can analyze how all his life, and communication with sebepodobnymi, or chat with some objects or phenomena in the Universe, as well as and the transition periods, such as death or dying process, the state after death, the state prior to the birth, and, in fact, the state of birth.

Why? Higher “I”, teaches yoga, a system of reference, that is not going away. Imagine an external frame of reference. As long as I’m here, here it is – outside. So I started dying my senses began to fail, his head dizzy, and I do not know whether I am here, whether on Alpha Centauri. Moreover, there are interesting moments of the dying process, dissolution of the principles of the device in our body that are responsible for interaction, for example, the principle of our body space with the principle of the space of the universe. We can understand that in the universe there is a space, if you implement this principle in your body. Similarly, all the other principles. And now imagine, it dissolves in me, and disappear the concept of space itself for me. That is, if I had gone inside, he stopped interacting with the concept of the space of the universe, through which I was shown, and all – there is no such thing.

Science – a special case of yoga.

I recommend reading the ancient texts, where yogis describe their subjective experience in a state of Samadhi. It was all very strange, my friends, is elusive, incomprehensible. They described very specific, clear and perceptible phenomena. But these phenomena become understandable if we take as a reference frame your Higher “I”. And they are completely incomprehensible, if we take as a reference frame something in common, external, such as, for example, in modern science. That is why, my friends, yoga is not a science, but type the audacity and courage to state the following: the science of yoga is a private event. Once again, this is a very blatant statement, a very self-satisfied, but on the other hand, 500 more years ago is no such thing as a science, and there was no trace, people almost ran in the skins. And 1000 years ago …

Therefore, especially boast that our Western civilization is so clever – sensible, scientific, where everything is proved, and all is clear, it also means to take no less audacity.

Is it possible to know the methods of logic sverhlogichnoe?

One of the axioms upon which later the entire building yoga and freedom of our “I” and a study of everything, starting from a reference point – our “I”. Another question is purely practical. The fact that we are not aware yet your Higher “I”. We recognize within themselves a conglomerate of feelings and sensations, which, indeed, have something to do with our “I”. They soon transformed and are manifestations of our “I”, what actually our “I”. But this is a question arising from the axioms.

I just now said, that each of you has a higher “I”, and it is free. And someone now can stand up and say: “Yes, it’s all nonsense. There is no Supreme “I”. Simply no! We are material. Our mind works, chemical processes are electromagnetic waves “elekromagnityat” something there, and, as a consequence, we have a sense of identity. And no person there, there is no consciousness. There is a complex chemical reaction that is called man. And this complex chemical reaction has delusions of grandeur or a very difficult effect to consider themselves the existing, though in fact there is no one. “

And most interesting is that this statement is nothing formally respond. One may verbally discuss the degree of sophistication or crudeness of the processes that we have in place within the body. Gross materialists say: “Everything is matter. Consciousness is secondary. ” More subtle materialists start babbling about some torsion fields. Actually, materialism can indefinitely thin, but in fact, say something on this issue nothing. Why? And it is axiomatic question! It is not proved or refuted. To prove or disprove it could not before we’ll go up to the level of sverhlogiki. And that’s just with sverhlogiki position will become clear as day that our Higher “I” is absolutely free, indestructible, regardless of anything, and so on. Not earlier. And up to this point, while we are in the logic of the plane, there is no formal proof. Or, to paraphrase a classic: “Give me a Bible and I’ll prove it in three days, he wrote her an atheist. And then for the next three days I will prove that it is a revelation from above. And so it can be repeated any number of times. ” Why? Because the methods of logic sverhlogichnoe not be known. But the methods of logic, we can get closer to sverhlogike, and then, bypassing the apparatus of logic begin to perceive the universe from the perspective of sverhlogiki because it is inherent in us. But to prove to the plane of logic, that each of you has a higher ‘I’, it is impossible in principle. More precisely, it is possible to prove, and you will agree with this evidence. It will be very beautiful, very consistent, and will cause all respect and trust, but you can immediately prove that all these positions are untenable.

And yet, where did this status on the availability of the Supreme “I” in every living being? Not from the evidence. It took from the real experiences of those yogis who have come all this way to sverhlogike, and left us with this as a starting point or axiom. So, first you will develop a logic completely get rid of the irrationality that drag from the time of life in the bodies of animals, overcome it, and then start to be selected sverhlogichnosti.

The concept of infinity.

I drew parallels between higher mathematics and yoga. The same situation, say, in the differential integral calculus. This is one of the most fundamental topics in mathematics, will not threaten to something more complicated sections. Where do they start? They started out by trying to logically closer to the concepts that are, if anything, sverhlogichny or elusive. For example, the concept of infinity. The concept of infinity is not the concept of logic. Not without reason, to designate the sign of infinity is used eight, put to one side. For example, take the number 3. This is the designation numbers 3 and are: one, two, three. But when I write the sign of infinity – a symbol of infinity, does not transmit the essence. That is, in the plane of logic I can not understand what it is, I had called him.

Sit down now, straighten your neck, back, head, close your eyes and think about what’s around you infinite space that has no boundaries. If you’re very tense, you would be wrong. The mind instinctively fear will try to find some kind of border, and then to be understood that these are no boundaries. This is a very unpleasant sensation that comes from trying to understand the infinite. The feeling that borders on fear. By the way, the same situation occurs in yoga, which is a sudden accident through yogic methods, it falls into a state of sverhlogichnosti. The very first feeling – the feeling of fear. This is a terrible fear of death. Who became popular Kundalini Yoga, but not in the sense that it is such good exercise, which is supplied to the person opening the Kundalini, and in a very marginal manifestation (again, in the same promise to raise in India for three days, to awaken the Kundalini).

Friends, do you know that the very first encounters with what yogi who really begins to wake up, so it is with the experience of infinity? And it comes as a terrible, savage, just chilling fear. This is when you suddenly realize that all the basis on which you relied in life, all the basic feeling, based on which, you analyze everything, suddenly has spread. According to witnesses, this is a very unpleasant condition. And this is only a glimpse.

The concept of the process.

Let us return to mathematics. We can not say what is infinity, but can some artful evasions in the plane of logic approach to the concept of infinity. For example, take yedinichku, added another, add another and so on. The concept of the process: do so, and you will come to something. That is, in the plane of logic: do something and come to infinity or to some other phenomena. In the same higher mathematics we can see the limits of the theory, it is assumed that a certain operation is performed for an indefinite number of times. We like to play with the infinite, and the output is the final result.

Thus was born the differential-integral calculus, which became the foundation of our modern science. And now, in the modern world is nothing without this foundation can not do: no kettle in the factory to collect or rocket launch into space. But the mathematical formalism sverhlogichnymi played with such concepts as “infinitesimal”, “Zero”, “infinity.” Game play, once manipulated, one thing to another shared, add, subtract, is raised and so on, and the formula to yield. And this formula, you can pick up and use – make tea.

Imagine you are an engineer in a factory, and you said: “The new design idea. We have to do a round kettle. It is fashionable round. ” And you need to calculate the volume. And you’ll find the volume of a sphere? Of course, you can experiment. Made smaller poured – was smaller, do more, poured again and so on. But modern science does not. It gives the formula for the volume of a sphere, or something else. To get it, you need to integral calculus. Or imagine that you need to calculate the volume of a sphere intersecting with some cone (generally, something complicated). All these formulas have been obtained as a result of juggling sverhlogichnymi concepts such as “infinite series”, “infinite sum” and so on.

Such an analogy is, in yoga, which is given by the notion that our Higher “I” is absolutely free. We have it for themselves can not even imagine. Usually, when we say, “Here I am”, we mean the usual tangle of sensations. We can begin to analyze (what would happen if this and what if that), think in the logic of your higher plane I – sverhlogichnoy entity. And oddly enough, we get very specific results. As a mathematician receives the formula for calculating cone, ball or something else, and we get very specific yogic exercises.

Breathe through the left nostril, do not breathe through the right. But this exercise is not born because so Uncle Yogi from some Hindu village said. Sat-sat sun warmed his head, so he nafantaziroval. No, my friends, so yoga has been born. It was a long thorough analysis sverhlogichnyh provisions, which led to very specific methods in the plane of logic: what to do to get a particular result. In yoga, as an attempt to explain sverhlogichnoe that can not be done in principle, the logic being in a plane, as in mathematics, a given process. That is, yoga is reduced in the process.

Yoga does not try to explain what you are feeling when you are in Samadhi. All the same, you do not understand, because it is not enough for any reason, nor imagination, nor feeling, to imagine it. It is impossible in principle. But yoga gives a certain process. And if you follow it, it will leave in these conditions, they will experience and understand what he meant.

It turns out that the foundation of yoga sverhlogichna. Axioms, from nowhere came from, but they were so well chosen and well that you can work with them methods of logic, without drawing all kinds of miracles and the Mahatma of the Himalayas. Do not. The brain is, and you can work with brains, with their own personal. The role of the Mahatma is completed, when they give the right starting point. And if you can not fool all the rest he guessed, pereotkroesh.

Once these are designated the axiom, we apply logic to arrive at a process. Yoga is a system of self-knowledge, is reduced to a certain process. And this process is to understand what, how and in what sequence to do. And it sets out a very clear language.

Moreover, WHAT goes by the wayside, because there are different schools of yoga, there are different methods, there are different approaches. Some say gnis this way and you will have happiness from yoga. Others say no, you have the other side. Others still say something. The fourth said that in general exercise will be then, and should begin with breathing. Fifth advised to start with the meditation exercises. Someone doing yoga as an acrobat in the circus, in the five knots tied and someone says that this is not necessary. And those and others get a great result!

The concept of harmony

So what brings together a variety of exercises in yoga? Sometimes people ask me, what exercise is constricting, and what is not considered. Let’s say you do Hatha yoga, twisted once and is Hathayogic exercise and artist in the circus made about the same, but a little bit the other way, and the question: “This he did yoga or yoga?”

The funny thing is that from a formal point of view, any physical or mental exercise can be both a yoga exercise and not to be. The question is not even that you do, and how you are doing.

Once again, you are given an axiom, a starting point. And you are given some indication of how to approach, how to continue to behave. If we analyze in general, all types of yoga, then the bottom line will be very strange, at first sight, the wording of which also refers to the section of yoga axiomatic, because it is – the fundamental. So in fact it does not matter what you do and how you do physical exercise, mental, respiratory. It is important the presence of such concepts as harmony. It is abstract and elusive concept. And in this regard, given the practical hint as to get closer to harmony.

They say that yoga – the science of where we must make ourselves, and where you can afford. In a more abstract formulation of this it is: where to apply the method of Energy, and where to apply the method of consciousness, and how they should relate to each other. But it is more abstract. But the first method, which I voiced (yoga science – the science of where you can afford and where you have to force myself) – is the most flexible point of reference, like a universal point of reference the presence of the Superior “I” of every living person.

Are you doing Hatha yoga or breathing exercises, or mental, if you meditate on something – it does not matter. In any case, you there is a process where you tense up, force yourself to do something, or else the process, when all turns effortlessly, and you just absorbed by the process. You nice, do not even need to push yourself, everything goes by itself.

It is like a man who rolls the cart. Ran away, pushed the cart, then jumped on her and rolled. Then the trolley almost stopped, he pushed her again. Somewhere efforts, and where on the contrary, a complete lack of effort. Somewhere active change within ourselves, outside ourselves, when we do something manifest from the inside out. And at some point – on the contrary, a passive state, the situation permits accomplished, let go of her. And on this slice, where you have to make yourself, and where you can afford to pass unseen face. And if on the verge of going as the razor’s edge, selecting the right foundation for the axioms, then sooner or later we will come to sverhlogichnosti.

No matter what you do – Hatha yoga whether whether breathing exercises. Everyone is trying to learn Pranayama yoga, and no one turns out. They think faster and longer they will breathe better. Friends, when divers are preparing for submarines, they are forced to breathe in such a way that yoga can not dream! It is tough! But this is just a technique of salvation, survival in the event of an accident, and it does not include the internal self-examination, when you catches elusive to grasp as you did. So, if this condition is not met: where you can afford, and where necessary make myself – there will be no harmony. There will be no harmony – there will be a process. There will be a process – no closer to sverhlogichnomu.


What is the natural state of our Higher “I”?

And one definition of yoga – something it goes along with what has been said above, but it brings something new. In any case – if you force yourself or allow yourself – in the background should be a joy. Another axiomatic position that the natural state of our Higher “I” – is the highest state of joy and happiness.

That is the state of supreme joy and happiness are not brought in by the outside, but the essence of our nature. The rest is just the nature of the clamps. Yoga gives the approximation process: if you make yourself, the background should be the joy of overcoming himself. If you allow yourself, in the background should be the joy of feeling pleasant.

I started to perform physical exercise, muscles do not stretch, and I say to myself: “I am about-ho-ho! I’m going to win yourself! “


And here is starting to win, of course, within reason: to bone not cracked, with the observance of common sense. And I am glad that now I am a little arched himself stronger. The body became more flexible, and in the background I have a feeling of joy. Or, on the contrary, I have some attitude, and do not make any effort, do not force yourself, and your body is enjoying the fact that I have put him in this position. And it goes something podrastyanulos something redistributed. The feeling is similar to what we feel in the morning when we wake up, stretch ourselves, yawn. The joy and bliss. There must always be a sense of joy and of overcoming, and to perform.

What does it lead? This leads to such a concept, as harmony. Harmony – an elusive thing. In fact, even the term “inner joy” – a subtle thing. All these subtle things. On the other hand, this process is in a logic plane, sooner or later will lead us to sverhlogike.

Again, to come closer to sverhlogike, it is necessary that the body was in good physical shape, or will not develop the mind. In fact the brink where it ends our physical body, and begin some mental processes associated with the mind, very shaky, it is actually not. If the physical body will bring you great concern, it would call into question all of your mental exercises. Therefore, of course, the yogi begins with the physical body, it leads to a cheerful state. Then begins to sharpen his mind, more and more, again in the logic plane.

This is the famous meditation – unidirectional meditation – when we direct attention to an object or phenomenon, and try to keep him. If we succeed in this, we reach the highest state of yoga, it is called samadhi. This state is the highest ecstasy, absolutely non-transferable, and is basically a gateway to sverhlogiku. Out in the fact that it is impossible to explain in plain words. Moreover, as you can not even think coherently as long as our minds are not reconstructed and will not digest these thoughts and the experience.

For all this we need to develop the mind just like we develop the body. And here the same method: where necessary, make yourself, and where possible, to afford. It prescribes that the yogi should not lead such apologize poluskotskoe existence, which is currently in the main progressive mankind, spending the week watching TV with all sorts of entertainment programs highly questionable, or in pursuit of dubious pleasures. Of course, it is necessary to have a rest and relax should be, too. But it should not occupy 100% of the time. Some part of his mind must be directed at the self, out to keep your thought mechanism in a good tone. But as? Is that tomorrow just to educate themselves? No, we must find a strategy in life to somewhere to force yourself. Many people, for example, foreign languages are taught – a very good exercise for the mind. Some other scientific studies. But it is impossible to swing the arm under the influence of advertising, under the influence of mental press, which now, unfortunately, pushes our civilization. But he will disappear very quickly, because those roots that nourished him, podrubleny, it remains only to wait until the leaves of scree. I am referring to the crisis in the US, it reshape our civilization is 100%, there is no doubt.

So, for the development of their mental faculties must not only exert itself, but also somewhere to let go.


So the summary. Yoga sverhlogichna, but the first part of the path to go to the logic plane. Sverhlogika not contrary to logic, the logic does not contradict sverhlogike. The usual logic – a special case sverhlogiki. Again, if you are confronted with something contrary to logic, it can not be sverhlogika. The first part of the way through the logic that fulfills the yogi – the so-called axiomatic yoga, which are all fundamental aspects, in order to study yoga in the plane of logic and to bring all the exercises, which are so rich in various types of yoga.

It is based in the axioms are given some position – the axiom that sverhlogichny. They are given without proof, just like a gift from the higher spheres, because the plane of logic can neither confirm nor deny. But if you work with them in the logic of the plane, we will sooner or later come to sverhlogike that in yoga, in a particular case is called Samadhi (this is one of the variants of the name). Moreover, the method of work, which provides yoga where necessary, make yourself, and where possible, to allow himself, or by a higher harmony, by the supreme joy. And using this method, using the axioms by applying logic and logical constructions, we come to sverhlogike. And from the height of this state – Samadhi – we can confirm for himself the axioms of choice. Only sverhlogiki position becomes quite clear, not requiring proof of the fact that these axioms were chosen correctly.

It may seem strange, but the first step in yoga we do under the influence of what yoga is classified as authoritative testimony. Ancient yoga we were told that it is necessary to choose this method. We have the experience of his was not, we have no proof, but we are somewhere they trust, relying on the word of honor, to the authoritative testimony. And in the future with the use of logic, common sense and method, we rise to the heights where it becomes apparent that we are not cheated. And that is authoritative testimony – it is really authoritative testimony, not delusions of some Indians who in the village of the sun baked the head, and he began to have the stories to spread around the world, which, unfortunately, happens.

And finally, the last thing I wanted to touch on. Is there any example sverhlogiki, we are facing right now? Indeed, not all were revelation of something higher, or glimpses of samadhi. In real life, we are faced with this or not?

In fact, there is a theme that sverhlogichna. And this theme is called “Kindness.” Compassion is by definition elusive thing. Can we say that a person, a country, the phenomenon of good or evil? No rationale goodness, we can not give. But at the same time each of us perfectly feels that such kindness, and where kindness and does not smell. Ironically, kindness and a glimpse of the sverhlogiki that shines in the plane of logic, without contradicting the logic, but at the same time and did not explain the logic. You will not be able to prove not only someone else, but even himself with the position of logic that you have to be good. On the contrary, you yourself logically explain that it is cheaper to be evil, “privatize” everything that is bad, “order” of competitors, so as not to interfere with all sorts of arrange a joy of life, and then there though. Why not? This is, unfortunately, the reverse side of logic, and it soon brings us to something else, but not for kindness.



Q: Condition love – whether it can be attributed to sverhlogike?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are absolutely right, the state of love – also sverhlogichno, but I did not begin to mention here, because sometimes you start to lecture in front of a solid audience, hoary with age, the people who have long held the philosophy and many other sciences, and they begin wrinkle. It seems that I’m here all so logically expounded, and suddenly love! What is love, my friend, what are you? And me just a few frivolous attitude, so I do not always cover this topic. But technically you are right: love sverhlogichna.

Question: The concept of Maya – the logic or sverhlogika? Or the one and the other?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The concept of Maya, oddly enough, is derived from the concept of freedom of our “I”. There’s a strange line of reasoning, although extremely logical: it is impossible to reconcile the existence of absolutely free Higher “I” supply as a person, so that these people coexist in the same space and time in the universe. Imagine: I – a free and my neighbor – free. I voleizyavil: “May Day!”, He said: “Let There Be Night!” – And how to be?

Allow this contradiction: the freedom to leave the Superior “I” in each of us, and at the same time to explain why there is something that happens, we can use the concept of Maya. But once again I want to emphasize that the concept of Maya – a somewhat more profound concept than the concept of “an illusion.” The concept of “illusion” – it is of particular manifestations of what is called Maya. By the way, exactly the same output and the concept of Karma.

Question: Is it possible to say that the Maya and the logic – it is one plane?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you can not say. Maya acts in the plane of logic, but, oddly enough, even if we rise to the level of sverhlogiki, Maya does not disappear, it manifests itself differently. Maya disappears completely when we reach the highest state of yoga or exit, but I do not want you now to overload theory.

Question: Is it possible to say that karma is identical with the logic?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: let’s deal. Let me remind you that this section of Karma Yoga. What is karma? Karma – it is the law of cause and effect, or in Russian saying that sowed, so shall you reap. The law of cause and effect – the same law as any other. It is understood that there is a cause and a consequence.

What is the logic? The logic – this is precisely the science that monitors and analyzes the processes and phenomena in the universe, firmly adhering to the principle that first there is a reason, and then the investigation. Otherwise (again remind my favorite example) will be like in “Alice in Wonderland”, where the queen first blood came out of the finger, and only then she pricked the finger. As you can imagine, this is starting to look beyond logic. Although there still is fairly difficult moments paralleling the events, but I do not want to touch is now high enough sections of yoga, in order to avoid confusion and porridge in the head.

Question: You said that “I” freely. From what free? From logic or Maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The concept of freedom – is an absolute concept. Just freely. And what would you then not added to the word freely, “Do” I am free “from …”, the answer will always be “free.” Can you think of any thing, but the concept of absolute freedom and will imply – free.


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