2010.12.19 Seminar. Bandha. Vadim Zaporozhtsev




So, friends, we have today 19 December 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a workshop of the International Open University of Yoga dedicated to the wise and bandha. Are we culturally “Enlightenment” center in the city of Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. All historical data on our sites www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyyoga.narod.ru, www.openyoga.ru. All our archives, all of our training films can be purchased in our store www.shop.openyoga.ru.

So, my friends, the topic of “mudras and bandha” is considered aerobatics in Hatha yoga. Sometimes the theme “mudras and bandhas” refers to the section of Hatha yoga. But, generally speaking, is strictly possible to allocate a separate branch or direction of yoga is just engaged in this kind of exercise. But since historically they are often included in these or other treatises on Hatha yoga, sometimes they are not isolated. And now a few words about this topic. This topic is one of the most sacred in the sense that it reveals more secrets of practical devices in the body. And the good tradition, before studying all these exercises, it is necessary to mentally turn to yoga teachers and a teacher of the past and the present, the future (as they are out of time) and mentally to show them respect. What we are now, and let’s do it. Straighten your back, neck, head, close your eyes and try to imagine somewhere over our heads in a spontaneous manner of teachers and teachers of antiquity, all those who conveyed to us the knowledge and mentally vykazhem them respect. The teachers and the teacher does not need anything from us. They need only one thing – that we were happy with you. But on the other hand, they will never interfere in our lives, if we are for their part have not shown to them his position, respect and openness. Great. This meditation was necessary for us to ensure that we properly tuned to a wave of perception.

And now we start to consider this issue on the good tradition MOYU from simple to complex, from the very clear things, to the most obscure. We begin with an experienced fact that each of us have our body. Here we are now studying yoga, but such joy we can afford only because of our physical body. And this body is somehow arranged, friends. Actually, the average person is not really listening to your body that there is inside him. Healthy people generally tend to sometimes forget about your body. We start to pay attention to the nuances only if unwell for some contact happens. As a result, everything that is connected with the body, takes us to the second, the third Plan. As you know, for a man who looks into the distance, all the surrounding objects, visible with averted vision, no longer attracted so much attention and, as it were cut out of the perception. So, some things that we do not cause anxiety usually cut from perception. But, at the same time, when we are sitting, are numerous processes inside our body. The process of digestion, respiration, circulation, some hormonal responses support the balance of our body. That is to say, that this invisible body of our factory for a second job does not stop, in fact, these processes, they sometimes physically quite noticeable, but our mind is not inclined to pay attention to them. Here you growled in the abdomen or, then suddenly, you feel a sense of the fact that for a long time sat at some fixed position, and now, not giving yourself a report, changed the position. What else processes that arise. And here the question arises: “And what are these processes to our relationship? Who runs these processes? Actually, the whole working as a car? “And these questions yoga gives the following response that each person- is really complicated construction, where one side is mated with the coarse-material processes, on the other hand are woven some mental processes them, a third party – any mental process. On the fourth side added some other processes that do not fit the previously mentioned group, but also they are. Something subtle and delicate. Finally, there is a bridge that connects all of these processes with what is called the human manifestation or manifestations of the higher self of man, or prana. At the other extreme is our higher self, which could be called in the best sense of the word “intangible”. For the reason that there are no methods for its grab measure affect it. Thus, a person – a bridge between gross matter and what could be called quite intangible. And this bridge very smoothly all involves. And this process of maintaining this relationship between the coarse-material world and our transcendent I just called life. What is life? It is a process. So, the process is quite complex. And there is a sort of gear, some algorithms that cause the process to be continuous, or in other words, supporting our lives. And the man himself, as on the one hand the embodiment of the process, and often is not aware of all the details of how this process is done. That is, he only uses this pipeline, which largely operates in automatic mode, releasing the man himself to direct his attention, eg outside his body and explore a similar process in another body, such as another person’s. Or some other points in the universe.

And now we come to yoga. What is yoga? Yoga – the science of self-knowledge. In fact, yoga – is the process of comprehension of all these hidden mechanisms of how the rough material is mated with a higher, immaterial. Yoga – is, in fact, meticulous, step-by-step study of the entire structure. As a consequence of this study man come very specific knowledge of how it is made, the person comes knowledge, what is the essence of his physical body, his thin structures. And finally, the crown of knowledge is the realization that there is a Higher Self of man. Yoga takes man as a complex mechanism and gradually stage by stage processes hidden track, approaching the underlying mechanisms. And so on and on, until his knowledge of yoga comes to the source of all impulses that control this mechanism. Or, in other words, it is one of the possible options of self-knowledge from the gross to the subtle, from the subtle to the subtlest and finest of the Highest. Recall that in yoga there are other algorithms comprehension, not necessarily from the subtle to the more subtle. There are, for example, in yoga once a jump to a higher or vice versa jump subtle, and from there to the side of a thin and parallel to the side of the finest. Techniques in yoga a lot, but they are connected by one thing – it’s self. When you and I begin to talk about mudras and bandhas, here we come just in time for the techniques that allow us to make this one’s studies move from the rough or relatively coarse impact on our physical body to the subtlest, and as a consequence, the realization of the Supreme. That is section-wise and bandh has been link between our physical body and the so-called thin body.

Several explanations. According to the teachings of yoga we like dolls, consisting of three groups of bodies: from the gross physical, subtle and causal bodies. And these three groups of bodies nested. Or maybe even more successful model. In three parallel spaces, but paired with each other. Man, as the personification of life, and there is a tunnel between the gross, subtle and causal. The man, in this sense, as a gateway between worlds. Sometimes in fiction writings describe some mechanisms to go into the parallel space, or take a significant leap through a tunnel in space and time. So, using this analogy of fiction, we can say that our body that we have is precisely this tunnel or elevator that connects the different planes of the universe.

Despite the fact that we live in the gross physical body, it is only the outer side of the process, behind which hides the transition and life at the level of the subtle body, as well as the life and the transition to the level of the causal body. That is, we live simultaneously on all three levels. But, since we are more inclined to direct your mind, vo-pervyh on a rough level, and vo-vtoryh, all the processes that are outside of our gross body, all that concerns the subtle and causal as it remains in the shadows, or It is not considered by us. And as one would say psychologists, on a subconscious level is invisibly present, but is not perceived by us. More precisely perceived, but as either vague pressure of something nonverbal, that a person is inclined to call a manifestation of instincts or glimpses of higher intuition. That is, there is a hidden area, completely ignored us, but from time to time, in general, makes itself felt. Sometimes feelings say causeless joy, good mood, strength, something inspirational. Sometimes, on the contrary some depressive state. As of something oppressive, obscure, the lack of something that is not understood by us, but it creates a very specific sense of some kind of shortage. Finally, in the most severe degree of influence of these other bodies, other planes of the universe we realized a dream with dreams or in dreamless sleep. That is, in this sense, sleep with dreams and dreamless sleep is as a kind of compensation for the lack of attention in the direction of his inner world. It turns out that the man – a kind of bridge between something understandable, tangible, and thus sensitive, mentally elusive. Of course, this same concept is gradually coming and modern science, through psychophysiology attempts to explain the action of those or other processes within the human. But, apparently, still not really it turns out, for unknown reasons, modern scholars. So, my friends, there is a very specific device, as rough interfaces with subtle and delicate to the cause. Or, if we consider our bodies as a machine, this machine is quite specifically arranged. Moreover, continuing this analogy, each cog in the engine of this machine is an action and forces the engine to work differently. And there is a certain set of such impacts, for example on the gas pedal or brake the car, which leads to quite concrete results. So complete analogy with our bodies. Inside we have a very specific zone of influence, which are on a physical level, and if you know how to them to carry out the impact, then we get the result at the same time and on a gross level, and thin, and causal. Or continuation of analogy: if you want to make the car go faster, you can plenty of fists pounding on the soft seat, but this does not add speed. But you can really push the accelerator a little and dramatically increase your mileage. That is, one must know where to act and how to act. And if you know how to act, even the slightest exposure to lead to a qualitatively new result is often unexpected result or, in any case, to understand how this complex mechanism is arranged inside.

That is actually a section-wise and bandh is those recommendations that just say in what area of the human body and how to influence to get a response to it, affecting not only the physical body, but also the subtle and causal body, as the whole cycle of the internal flow of energies and feelings. These ray of consciousness, highlights what is happening. And thus, sooner or later reach the finer structures, and these fine structures go to the source of our life, or our Higher Self Here this kind of logic. But as the embodiment of that logic gives besides realizing as we did inside, still as a sudden unexpected surges of any of our abilities, at times, that we do not even know. Moreover, at the different levels.

Sometimes, doing this or that exercise, you are completely unexpectedly for myself, get a rush of pure physical strength. Sometimes the tide of mental and creative energy. Sometimes glimpses of something beyond. And all this as a result of relatively simple actions. That is, you know where to click. Which button inside push to get this result. It is clear that we, the average people do not tend to look inside yourself and rediscover these mechanisms, but the teacher and the teacher of antiquity, who passed all this though, who thoroughly studied the operation of all of our systems at their mercy in advance we were given the knowledge that we quickly rediscovered the fact that we have already laid down and were able to take advantage of faster, to accelerate his progress in yoga, and, accordingly, will reach the same state, which reached the ancient yoga and yogini. In this regard, should you still be a clear directive to study the section wise and bandh. What is good for the bank, every one of you this science can rediscover itself, if it is very long and carefully examine the reaction of the organism to investigate certain effects that you have on these or other areas of your body. But it may take you several lifetimes. You, of course, will come sooner or later to the same result, rediscovered his body device, but you will lose a huge amount of time, that really is not so critical. A more critical the situation is different. What none of us knows his karma, and maybe our good karma is limited to just a few years a quiet life, and then according to the law of karma, the consequences have come to our negative karma. And after a wave of negative karma we head covers, we tend to think, and forget about your body or about the self-device or about the rediscovery of its mechanisms. Karma on it and karma, it always takes over the most active. And in this respect, a matter of time critical. If you are for the period of time when life gives you more or less favorable conditions, will be able to reopen the domestic laws due to the knowledge transmitted to you by the ancient yogis and Yoginis, you become better acquainted with the way you arranged, you are within yourself to develop many useful tools, and then even if your negative karma to you in bulk, you can safely grind it, to work, not even noticing it. And here is the most important aspect. We do not know how long our positive karma gives us the opportunity to examine these finer points of the device ourselves. Now let’s go for the more simple way and we begin comprehension and wise bandh with Mulabandha.

Mulabandha – is one of the basic exercises. And I say a few words about the possibility of translating the value of this exercise. The word “mule”, which has many shades of meaning, in particular, can be translated as “root” or “foundation” or, as it were, that on which everything rests. It is some nuance of the word “base”, “basic”. The word “bandha” has a lot of meanings. To this day it is used in Eastern countries, such as India, Nepal, and beneath it can mean “strike”, acts of civil disobedience. Just the word can mean “lock” when we have something close. When there is an object, not allowed to be in a free state to something else, for example the door of our house. Sometimes the word “bandha” is translated in a narrower sense as a “clip” when something one squeezes more. From all this it follows that in the Russian language the word “Mulabandha” can be translated as “root lock” or “the main castle.”

Now, in fact this exercise: if you look at the eye of your body now, you will find that the center of consciousness, intelligence centers, centers of perception you are biased towards the head. When we have something to reflect, we perforce mostly feel the head, neck, may be the top of our body. On the contrary, when we go to sensations, we are cold, or we experience hunger, fear or other emotions, the feeling center is shifted down to the base of the body, somewhere in the abdominal area, or even lower, or even higher, but where -What in the area other than the area of intellectual reflection. And if you observe your reactions in various situations that you will provide life – you can make the following observation. For homework, I invite you to rediscover this observation. So, imagine that you are suddenly hit by a cold rain, or under cold running water. Well, someone decided to play a trick on you. You go, relax, and someone from friends around the corner at you a bucket of water. Bah! Of course, these jokes are quite inappropriate. Well, why scare people. But nonetheless. Suddenly, a sharp impact of the cold, you will feel on itself, lead to a very interesting, always repeating the reaction – involuntarily shrink your muscles of the perineum. This is an area in the vicinity of the genitals, anus. That is, once you get into some kind of situation that you somehow shakes, makes mobilize the involuntary contraction of the muscles is in the vicinity of the base of your body, genitals, anus. Since we unobservant people, in contrast to the ancient yogis and Yoginis survived to us this knowledge, we do not tend to notice it, for the reason that we pay more attention to external factors that led to this reaction. Well, if after many sessions of Hatha yoga, after long hours of meditation, you develop the habit in any situation is to observe from the outside, what yoga actually encourages, then sooner or later you’ll find this pattern.

Another situation is no longer associated with the cold. You’ve come to the exam in mathematics, and you got a task requiring concentration of all your mental and intellectual abilities and voltage. And, if you certainly do not sloven and dunce who does not care a control or non-control, if you are a responsible person and I understand that depending on how you learn, so you and you will live, this leads to your internal mobilization . Again, note that very often the case. You will also begin to unconsciously compress the perineum and genitals at the time of concentration. Even without being aware of this. Finally, if you are a long time engaged in, say, Hatha yoga, then certain postures and exercises, when you accept them, and for a long time are in them, they also lead to the fact that you just, for some reason, instinctively start compress the perineum and genitals. In particular, this exercise when you are standing straight, then lean forward, trying to get his hands and his feet to the ankles and at the same time if you make sure that your knees remain straight. That at the same time, remaining in that position for some time, at some point you suddenly sweep you more comfortable to do this exercise when the muscles of the anus and the genitals themselves begin to shrink.

Well, finally, another very serious yoga section pertaining to the use of sexual energy for the purpose of self-discovery, says about the same result. Experienced yoga and yogini antiquity, when they were having sex, they even used it for a device knowing its internal mechanism of interaction between coarse and fine. And you also find this pattern, that as your involvement in sexual sensations observed the reaction of your genitals, and can also be tracked at certain stages of stress certain muscles. There is a direct pattern between the intensity of feeling and the degree of tension of these muscles. That is, if you, as called MOYU stand on the path of yoga and self-knowledge, and any situation in life will be used as a chance to reveal the secret of the universe, then very soon you will become better understood something great legacy of the ancient yogis and yogis who miraculously survived kakim-to to the present day.

But back to those feelings. So, all these reactions by the compression of the perineum muscle involuntary affect human enough vast area, which includes a variety of muscle groups. And the muscles themselves bodies and any intermediate muscles that are difficult to attribute to a specific part of our body, and the muscles of the anus. That is quite a large area emerges. Moreover, in this area you can find muscles that you can more or less tense and relax at will and have muscles that you do not even realize it, but who themselves are tense or relax under the influence of the above factors. Factor stress concentration factor, Factor sex. From this large muscle groups can be identified muscles, which are more or less able to control the other muscles that we actually can not control because we do not even realize. Moreover, sometimes the emergence of a sense of, say, the urge to go to the toilet or some erotic sensation. It is, on the one hand is directly connected to the voltage of certain internal structures, say the intestine or other sections, but we is intermediate in its purely subjective analysis ignore. We think that we have emerged or that feeling of sex directly on other factors and not by factors that we have tightened those or other muscles, etc. etc.

If you start so you listen to yourself gradually grope this region or this tunnel between the gross, subtle and causal. And he just will localize in the crotch area. You can study on their own in himself to approach these mysteries, which spoke of yoga and yogini ancient times, if there is enough in this respect, disciplined, calm, persistent, trained. So, perineum, genitalia, anus – quite an interesting area to influence our entire body. Moreover, in its various manifestations. Well, indeed, at first glance, that may be combined when you jumped into the cold water and tightened with a moment when you solve a difficult math problem or when you’re in the hot embrace of a beautiful girl. It would seem things from different planes and in different occasions. But here and there and there and there crotch area is directly responsive to it. And the question arises: “And how does she react to it?”. After answering this question, we can understand what unites these, in general, quite different phenomena, and why they lead to the same result. So, if you jump into the cold water or cold water obolet, and involuntarily you will shrink the crotch area, as a reaction, you will feel a certain influx of clarity in the head. Sometimes when a person is trying to wake up, absolutely does not want to wake up, it is sometimes poured water. That is, at some point, in which he had not been able to mind: Is sleepy, or even some, there vzbadrivaniya effect. The situation is similar for solving the problem in mathematics. When you inadvertently squeeze this area under stress, for example during the exam or test, then again an increase in the activity of your intellectual abilities. You begin to think more clearly, less distracted by extraneous irritants. For example, you decide the problem, and some side by side, whispering. You can not focus, remember the right formula, and nearby someone needs a cheat sheet from a neighbor on the right and the left neighbor, and even from you. And you will certainly not up to the cribs. Again, a certain clarity comes. The situation is similar when we engage in sexual union. Here we are sexually united, our sexual organs came into contact. As a consequence, we perceive a flash known erotic sensations. But at the same time there is a very strong clarity of mind. This, by the way, one way, why in yoga used sexual practices. Sometimes in concentration and meditation in such a degree of concentration is much easier to reach through sexual union than a single practice by strengthening the will. That’s why, by the way, these exercises, which include sexual practices, refer to the quick method of yoga. They will give a certain result. So the code we enter into sexual union with a person of the opposite sex, there is a very serious element of clarity of perception. Of course, painted erotic tone. Clarity of perception itself, the perception of their partner or partner. And this clarity begins to increase as our sex, that is, as we engage in this dance of sexual union. Oddly enough, there is a correlation between the degree of involvement and certain muscles within us that more and more tense, tense up and tighten. As in all the three examples listed by me. A life examples you can collect a large amount themselves. Examples where, anyhow, will involve some factors require your mobilization.

It emerges quite concrete uniting factor – a factor of your mobilization. When it is necessary to strengthen in some specific areas of action of your structures. And note, no matter what structures. In the case of cold water or cold weather (which is on the street right now are cold – watch out for each other). This mobilization at the level of the physical body. In the case of solving the problem – it is a more subtle level of your thoughts, the ability to manage, focus. Well, about the erotic interaction in general we can say that all involved, and the gross and subtle, and elusive causes. In general, yoga is very with piety and “to you” refer to sex. In contrast to the modern society, where it is considered a somewhat unseemly or rude physiologically instinctive as reflexes of animals. In yoga, you will not find. In yoga for sex are “on you” and breathy. Too much depends on it, and in our life and in spiritual development is sex factors. In the end, life is born from this. In all three cases we are seeing a clear mobilizing factor, as if we had somewhere to remove the hidden reserve. And so nature gives us an opportunity to take advantage of this allowance, the hidden power. Whom we in ordinary life for his carelessness, sloppiness, inability to concentrate, idle pastime can not even understand what it is. And we need some kind of shock to wise up, buck up, as it were, get a little bit in that sense. And so it turns out that in the life of the average person appeal to the Reserve is here in such exceptional case of force majeure. But in everyday life people are not inclined to give it any attention. And you realize that yoga is not yoga would be if she did not use this factor for the purposes of self-discovery and for the purposes of using this power on a permanent basis. Each of us buried treasure, and we go, so to speak, with the outstretched begging bowl. And such exercises as the Mulabandha – this is an attempt to use these reserves are already on a permanent basis. Moreover, the use of so as to increase their understanding and power.

So, my friends. The second part of our workshop. We are staying on the topic of mobilization. This mobilization of the topic, anyway, is associated with the region from our base body. Here Yoga gives us some tips to help us better understand why this area is so responsive to all the previously mentioned effects. And why are so many different life situations lead to the harnessing of this particular area. The first point. According to a very deep axioms of yoga or a very deep knowledge, it is believed that at the base of the body, somewhere in the place of the perineum, genitals and anus localized our life energy, our Higher Self She is known as Kundalini. While the maximum extent of the self consciousness is localized in the area of our head, in the area from the top of the head to the third eye. So I deliberately give such rather vague boundaries of this region. So, the impact on the place where the energy is localized, somehow set in motion all the many gears that transmit the driving pulse to coarse physical structures on thin, then the cause. And thus penetrate into the most holy of holies – the place of localization of our core energy, it is the energy of the Kundalini. But access to this energy gives truly unlimited possibilities in terms of self-awareness, in terms of self-transformation of their bodies, well, in terms of our power. When each of our actions, no matter what it may be, the result is much greater than that of a man of action, not to awaken this energy. And in fact that’s the reaction, the state of surprise, fear, mental effort, or sexual impulses, this reaction is precisely foresees a series of effects on the muscles that make up our physical body, and they in turn, can through some nerve impulses to to the more subtle structure of our finer body. Those, in turn, an even thinner, the so-called causal level. And sooner or later it all comes to the Kundalini energy. And it gives a burst of increasing manifestations. Consider the example of a car, when you press the accelerator pedal, and your car breaks down sharply from their seats. When you click on any other buttons and latches, levers to such a result you do not come. Therefore, the unifying factor – is access to the Kundalini energy. Access non-obvious and complex. It is a pulse that goes in the direction of the muscles that we are less aware, then in the direction of the muscles that we do not realize that ordinary people had virtually no control. Indeed there is a very large number of muscles, which cause, for example, to expand or constrict blood vessels. Or, let’s say, are responsible for the digestion. Intestine compresses and decompresses specific areas of your and your food passes through all stages of digestion.

Similarly moments are dealt with by the sexual union of yoga. I do not particularly apply to this issue in the framework of our seminar, but not I can not say. This process in the life of a living human orgasm. Once again, that yoga considers the sexual energy of one of the purest, the brightest and most positive, in contrast to the sanctimonious, this “strawberry” attitude of modern civilization. Modern civilization is still very wild. So, there, too, there are very interesting effect when the muscles are beyond our control first begin to strain. The extent of the first voltage reaches a certain critical level, and then run the other, as a rule, the process of so-called spontaneous orgasm. Physically, he felt like a process, involuntary contraction, contraction of certain muscles intimate, which we have no control. That is, of coarse, the fact that we are somehow in control, to Twilight, which is half controlled half goes into the depths of the subconscious, finally in the structures that are generally not controlled, if we do not do any special yogic exercises and that, as we seem to live separate, independent of our lives and can somehow manifest and not manifest. Here we are sitting, we have food is digested, some part of the intestine is compressed and decompressed, and we even know about it and do not know. The only when it directly urge the toilet – this impulse of the area not controlled by us gradually comes up in the zone, where from us at least something dependent, and we feel, say, promise to go to the toilet, and we adhere to a certain moment. And finally, when we, for example, went to the toilet, just when everything depends on us. And so literally everything. An example of a typical toilet.

And, for example, narrowing and expanding your blood vessels. There are a huge number of obscure disease patterns. Condition of nervousness, anxiety, stress. When a person is simply bad, and he does not know why it is bad. Nothing happens just like that in the analysis of a sudden it turns out that some of his vessels shrank (you know, there is even a disorder “vegetative-vascular dystonia” is called) or, on the contrary, people have high or low blood pressure. And the factors that can lead to this can be physical, for example, the person processed, overworked. The psychological factor – people nervous. And this impulse from the tangible leaves in the twilight zone and finally dives into the depths, invisible to our eyes, but also consist of very specific physical structures, with very specific formations muscles. To make it some kind of reaction that we perceive on the psychic and mental level, and once again give the result of outside, which we particularly feel. You have to carve out a blood hormone adrenaline say. And you would be happy to stay in place, but can not, because it has involved a chemical factor that is independent of your thoughts, and so on. He was quite specifically affects your physical body.

Of course, scientists have been trying to approach the study of the human unit. Not to say that they have achieved the results that have long reached the ancient yogis. But maybe it’s even better. Because scientists have not really burdened by what is called in yoga the first principle, that is, do no harm. I am more than sure that if opened, these methods of influence on the inner world, you can imagine what would torture weapons would be invented immediately. If so, and already today some adherents try to use terrible means. We just do not know, but in the arsenal of special. Services have such horrific methods that do not let God know. Because our civilization is still wild. And the universe protects us from knowing ourselves. Therefore, the line of modern science usually, this knowledge is not passed. There are other rules of the game, and it saves mankind. And at the same time, the science of yoga says something frivolous, something on the level of whether religion is, whether a certain cult, or superstitious. And it protects from yoga too unprepared attention of scientists. Of course, so it can not last long, and either science to acquire some degree of what is called the “morality”, and then yoga and science will penetrate each other. Or, most likely, mankind will disappear. Well imagine any serum come up with a terrible and all torture in concentration camps seem a resort compared to those that can give this knowledge. That is why we started this workshop and to mental treatment to teachers and a teacher of yoga. After all, one way or another, we continue to be under this invisible force field guarding knowledge. This, of course, not an iron curtain, but still not where it is necessary to not allow a certain degree of unwanted people. But back to the topic.

So, factor unites – is access to our energy to our resource. Another factor that also should be aware of. That way, I lay out in advance of the higher sections of yoga such as yoga is axiomatic that there is a clear link between breathing, thinking process, and the process of sexual interaction. While working on one, we get a response on the other. And, using this link, you can as if to pour energy resource of the area of intellectual sexual. Or, on the contrary, from the area of sexual and intellectual vitality in the region or more good physical health. For this reason, the development of intelligence, and questions of overcoming the savagery of sex are uniquely related. Roughly speaking, humanity will not be able to embark on a new level of development, as long as it does not reconsider its attitude to sex as something pure, something very much needed, and at the same time, something very valuable to be unwise to use it .

So, we formed this region at the base of the body, with which you can work. And just Mulabandha works from this area. And now a very serious warning, which developed over the past decade. I watch as spreading knowledge of yoga all over the world, in our country, in America, among other places. Mentions about mudras and bandhas were publicly available for some time. This period of time is measured in decades. Moreover, I can see that from time to time in Moscow held seminars on wise and bandha, and there someone is any guide. But probably either it taught wrong, whether the students are not yet able to accept this teaching. I can not see the explosive spread of these factors. That is, if they are so powerful, if they give you access to the levers of control of our hidden potential, then why not use this huge mass of people? That is, to develop a spiritual Klondike. Even little advancement on this path provides sufficient tangible results. The answer is that yoga is able to protect itself from untrained people. That is, roughly speaking, whether in the structure of our body, whether the device psyche of people today have protection from “fool.” That is, by their own themselves. And mistakes at all identical.

The first error – an error vseznaek. Here he found some treatise, quickly read 3 days to practice. Tomorrow, look, he has other teaches, furthermore, expertly discusses on some thin threads. For example, there is the energy spectrum, there is some kind of Apana, then some kind of prana, and here they are here so flowing, flowing commercials. Ie, in the best case, such a person simply voiced version of the ancient treatise, not understanding the essence, and even more so, not passing it through. But this is not the worst. The worst thing – is the presence of so-called yoga bustler. That is, people who are in a hurry. They jump from teacher to teacher, from school to school. And they know, and that they have read. And then they all learned. And they are already bored. They come in for some really serious event and begin to say, “Oh, I already know. This I read there that it was then, that something this cause. ” Knowledgeable people are always at the same quiet smile, do not respond. Why? Because that’s just from these people, bustler, all the secrets of the most reliable way hidden. These people, bustler, the least likely to take advantage of this powerful tool. So powerful, once again, that before the beginning of our session, we mentally ask the teacher and the teacher of mankind. That is as a result of this relationship bustling people who rush there to get some practice, then get some practice, quickly begin to practice more to do to find some secret teachings that it may be somehow strengthened, etc. etc. They can not understand that these are only distant from these mysteries, allowing to penetrate into the deep structure, but did not approach. And now I hear some stories about what a gentleman at some occupation forces of 5000 times Mulabandha do exercise, so to speak until you’re blue each. Ostensibly it is to bring them closer to some kind of result. A negative result. More precisely, at best no.

The thing is, my friends, that here we are faced with the same concept that pervades the entire yoga at all. That is, with the concept of harmony, or in other words the concept of Rita, or in a narrower sense to the concept of resonance. That is until you are in resonance with the impact of their structures are not logged in, it is useless even to expect any result. That is, the amount of exercise, intensity level, how many times a day or a week, the man performing this exercise – something extremely important. Will you do more than you need – you perenapryagutsya certain muscles and will provide a response to knocking sensations. And you do not jump on the muscles that you are aware, in the direction of the muscles that you are aware of a little bit, and finally, toward the muscles that you do not realize. You just, and will continue to stretch and relax the muscles that you are aware of it in any way. But, as you know, the effect of this is not very much. In the end, every person when he walks into the toilet or subjected to some kind of impact, stress or exposed to the cold, and he does so. But it not particularly shows that especially those people succeed in these practices. So most elusive factor. harmony or resonance factor. Now, if you catch this resonance, the tensing and relaxing your muscles are available without overtaxing them, but at the same time and not leaving them untapped, you will gradually highlight his consciousness other muscles that are no longer amenable to sensations. Once you establish yourself in this group of muscles that you are in an approximate control, only after it opens even the slightest hint of muscle control that you tense and relax, but you are generally not available. But any kind of, I’m sorry, bustler who come and say, “I’m there every day 60 Mulabandha do until you’re blue.” So what. This is not yoga. Here we come to the mystery of harmony in the area.

Since, I hope, humanity becomes more civilized and now most can be opened to proclaim this or that exercise, I will say that there is the easiest way to approach the comprehension and mastery of this tool on the effects on the perineum. Techniques and practices of the most beautiful, fast and harmonious – it’s sexual practices. Where men and women are included in the sexual union, and everything works as it should, naturally. But the problem is that when ordinary people are having sex – it catches only a small part of this increase feelings of harmony, and then all of them out of control, as people are untrained can not restrain himself. In fact, as a rule, then there is a series of orgasms or lack of orgasm and all skomkivaetsya. Therefore, ordinary people do not come close to mastering these structures. But if you go according to the way, which says yoga sexual union, it is the fastest and most gentle way on the mastery of the instrument. Mulabandha most beautifully and naturally seizes through sexual practices. Where men and women are part of the sexual union for self-discovery purposes, and to help each other through those areas that they are aware approach to the realization of areas that they could hardly realize and reach the level, which usually escapes. The very nature of the hidden secrets of the access keys man into a woman, and a woman – a man. In general, the world is very harmonious and very strange. The easiest way to achieve power for a man passes through a woman, and the woman through the man. And mastery of this vital energy factor of awakening in these practices is the fastest, painless and just clear everything. But, first of all, people need to be yogis and yoginis, that is to embark on this path, and, secondly, they must have teachers who would be freed from their errors.

But, as you know, 50 years ago, any mention of sexual union was thought to put it mildly, provocative. A yoga had always spread. And in order to obtain approximately the same effect, but certainly for a longer time and more difficult way, we shared these practices, to both men and women can do the actions that occur naturally during sexual union, but only one at a time. Made it, it seems to me, first of all due to the fact that society is not ready to use sexual energy. It either goes to the bigotry or of permissiveness. Either Puritanism, or some kind of orgy and permissiveness. A pure relationship was not observed in the whole mass of people. And in order to help people in the grip of this incomprehensible attitude toward sex and given numerous practices such as to strain certain muscles of the perineum in numerous exercises in order to indirectly obtain the same effect that is obtained naturally from the normal sexual union. For this reason, you should understand that practice, first of all, a lot, and secondly, they are a kind of crutches, but they are also badly needed. Thirdly, they are very difficult to explain and describe, not knowing where is the source of these practices. Without the use of the concept of sex it is very hard to explain how it works and what works. But back to the actual practices. Everything that concerns the most simple, painless way to master these places and how close to Mulabandha – it is a question of sexual union of yoga and touch we will not be at this seminar. We, just touch on the auxiliary methods that allow a person alone close to the same.

The first exercise that we will consider – is an exercise that has received the most extensive title as Mulabandha. But be prepared that in different treatises, in different schools you will observe the exercises slightly different from one another. Sometimes the only thing that will unite them, because this is what will be used everywhere the crotch area. But nuance, as it involved may differ. Now that we know where the meaning comes, you realize that these differences are not fundamental. As someone more like it. Therefore, 100 years ago, say in the Victorian era, in treatises on yoga could not talk about it openly. Just as in India. Orthodox society in India do not consider the question of sex. It is only in our minds there are on each corner of the Kama Sutra.

So we will begin consideration of the various options Mulabandha description. They are united by the fact that you begin to consciously, without external stress factors to strain muscles of the perineum, and then relax. Strain the muscles that are at least partially feel. The fact that different men and women have different perceptions of the region. Someone in a stronger extent in some weaker. It is caused by a variety of factors. Apparently, and genetic factors also present. Someone is a child naturally and easily obtained, and someone is given with difficulty as a result of tangible exercise for a longer time. The point is how to make this area shrink, and then relax. And then the second thing that people unnecessarily hurrying, and who can not wait faster, faster, faster. This time, they always slip. The important question is not only compression but also the subsequent relaxation of the area. Is it important that harmony with which you learn to compress and relax. There is a very interesting fact is that if you compress this area and will keep, then after a while, some of the muscles involuntarily relax myself, and the other will remain compressed. And you no longer have access to this part of the muscle that is relaxed. Therefore it is necessary to develop a rhythm of contractions and relaxation, during which the other part of the muscles prone to involuntary decompressed, would not be left to its own, and was connected to the main muscle group. That is, first you build an association subtle transition, then stronger, and so on. Therefore, if you are a long time simply squeeze the muscles, then some part of the muscle and is compressed, and the other, which is more important that a transmission gear in deeper levels – is not involved, is relaxed. Therefore, the result is zero. At best, you have this area as something physically develop, which is also very, very helpful. But if we threaten to rapid and deep techniques, it does not have to force mulabandha.Glavnoe not compress, so that all cracked, but simply compress. The main thing to keep until you’re blue at 5 hours or for a few minutes and be able to just relax. And so repeat. This is the first exercise that go in mastering. Are you squeezed the signal and on a signal to relax.

If you do this exercise in the harmonious way with this frequency, then over time you have built a bridge from the tangible and controlled muscle to the muscles uncontrolled. If this is not done about 3-4 days you very much strained, and then just forget about all these bandha. What, in general, half does. Attend this person or that activity, will take place this or that seminar accomplish anything for a week, and then it forgets. Strictly speaking, forget you. Experience shows that forget. But in any case, after this seminar you will have at least something to remember. Mulabandha therefore, as a rule, in the treatises as some people think, is described in passing. Western man is waiting for what is now to him all will be explained, and in a particular treatise, it can be 2-3 sentences and all. But it is understood that, while the cloud of the school, under the guidance of the teacher the whole atmosphere is calm and “nowhere netoropleniya” will complete your training. And if the man himself is stretched like a string, and even begins to teach others Mulabandha, then none of this, of course, does not work.

In Mulabandha important not only to strain the region, but also to relax her. The second point – it is how to ease tension in the area. Of course, there is at least some muscles that we are aware of and can compress them and relax. This is a rather large list of muscles and quite a vast area. It may happen that, say, your anus muscles have better turns to squeeze and relax and the muscles genitals worse, or vice versa, or both that and another. Moreover, in a different state depending on whether or tired you full of energy, it may be obtained in different ways. But, one way or another, the meaning is to squeeze-hold-decompress, compress, decompress, hold, intuitive browsing through the entire area, soaking the rays of his mind, paying attention to it. When you have sex you have consciousness itself is directed to, because there are pleasant, and make it easier. But when you are doing for yourself, you need enough force to direct attention and even compress, hold and relax.

Another factor that should be remembered. These stresses and relax in its action on the body does not go unnoticed and, as a consequence, they can redistribute this momentum stress throughout the body. And be sure to need to rest after a Mulabandha, regardless of whether I want to or do not want. A similar situation is in the Pranayama yoga, where, when good work out, there is a burst of energy and want to drop everything and plunge into everyday life, we feel that we are full of strength. In fact, it is very deceptive. Similarly, here, we should definitely give redistribute these sensations. Because the impact is not only on a gross level, but also on the subtle and causal level.

The next point about Mulabandha. There are all sorts of ways to facilitate the compression of the perineum muscles. In particular, one method – when using as support the heel of his foot. So you get into such a position that the heel is in the crotch area. That is, there is a fence, pressing on which you can better feel for the area, and as a result better it compressed. One of the keys to facilitate concentration, called Siddhasana. This is one of the most respected poses in Hatha yoga.

In Hatha Yoga, the word “asana” is understood in the original sense sitting pose, that is, pose, where you can meditate. And all other poses (headstand, peacock strut, and all sorts of other racks and postures) – are intermediate positions, leading you to a stable sitting posture. And among sedentary postures there is a certain hierarchy. The hierarchy of what poses the most preferable for further yoga exercises. They include such respected poses a Vajrasana when we sit on the legs bent at the knees, all sorts of options posture when we sit on the legs bent at the knees, but far enough away from us. There are some poses that can be called a half-lotus posture, when one leg over the other leg. As if it were a lotus pose with legs intertwined, but if we did it only half. Finally, a very respectable position – lotus posture. When one leg over the other leg lies in the harmonious interlacing, both the left and the right side – it Padmasana. Very respected, recommended practices to pose for meditation. Especially because of the fact that in this position, you can also use the perineum.

Siddhasana. Very interesting position, it is not as photogenic as the Padmasana posture, it is generally unnoticeable even pose, but it is very important. This is when the heel of the left or right foot is located in the crotch area, and you like to sit on the heel of the foot, and the second leg can be on top. In the treatises of the vaginal area, which abuts the heel for women, called “yoni.” In these treatises rather interesting interpretation of the word “yoni.” Under the “yoni” refers to the female sexual organ. But even a man has rudimentnaya vagina in the prostate area, slightly higher than the vas deferens. That is, in a certain sense, man and woman are symmetrical. The man – in embryonic form the vagina. Women in embryonic form or lingam the male sexual organ. The meaning of this teaching is that the point of the female sexual organ – a deep point interface rough, thin and very thin. And the most intimate moment of transition. In the end, do you remember where life is born. In the womb, the vagina. That is, this place is the worlds compound. This is where the soul comes to be embodied in the body. And whether you are a man or a woman, the power structure of the interface is the same. That is why it is said in the explanatory treatises on how to do Mulabandha that the foot is in the yoni. And both men said. That is, the energy is the same in both men and women in this area of interfacing the worlds. Only a woman uses it, and in men it is more dormant. From this is born a hypothesis why yoga teacher woman is 7 times stronger than men. The very nature gives it access to energy is almost an order of magnitude greater than that of men, due to purely physiological her body device. Therefore, a woman’s naked body was meditation, and he was worshiped in many practices.

But to return. So, when your heel rests in this place, in men it is necessary to place a hidden rudimentary vagina, you engage the muscles in the area that are more poorly understood men and women more naturally. Therefore, these practices are easier for women. A man takes more effort to get close to the same. And then there are options for how to use this place, in order to strengthen Mulabandha. For example, you can barely move his heel, and this area you will shrink. Thus, you have a tool controlled by the voltage of these muscles and then relax. For this reason, such a posture as the Siddhasana was worth many times more than Padmasana – the lotus posture. This is a reminder that sometimes the most effective yoga exercises are not obvious. Well, actually, in the lotus position man can be photographed, he sits nicely, you can make a beautiful poster of this pose. A Siddhasana – sits back and people sitting, sometimes it is not clear exactly how. But the effects of this position is much stronger lotus position. Strictly speaking, it is called Siddhasana for the reason that the word “siddhi” – the word “completely” in translation, ie, posture, giving perfection. If you have access to their basic energy and teach her to wake up, then surely you will master these perfections much faster than everyone else. Being in the position siddhasana, it is much easier to do Mulabandha. Strictly speaking, Mulabandha or deliberate reduction of the perineum and its relaxation you can do in any position: standing, sitting or lying down, but is most effective in terms of personal experience, of course, sitting. Because in this position, you can more easily carry out meditation.

As for women, they have, as you know, this place is somewhat different arrangement, but the analogy is the same. Some treatises There exercise those involving this area, which may be slightly different in the names, but to be very similar in action. We know this exercise as a shakti Chala, it is when you’re trying to squeeze and relax the only predominantly anus, but do it vigorously enough tightened, relaxed, tightened, relaxed, ie not the entire area, which takes more time and effort, but only this area. Similarly, there are exercises that focus more on the genitals, and to a lesser extent in the rectum. This zone, which is usually perceived by people as something common, it is not clear that something is not quite controlled and aware, with time starting to be more thoroughly visible to our inner gaze and feel. As soon as we get closer to this vision, naturally comes the ability of one group to strain muscles, and the other to relax. But this comes with practice, where the main thing is not a force to compress, and the duration of which hold – and harmony. That is, if you feel that harmony will compress, then compressed, and if you feel perfectly squeeze is not so very much – so do not need so very much. If you feel that in this case it is necessary to hold out for long – so it is necessary to hold out for long. If less – less. As you know, the background of each of us is different, different genetic characteristics of the organism, the state in which we are different. We are all made in one image, but the mud at us, figuratively speaking, is different. Therefore, how to solve this dirt or remove dead this area we each go their own way, and everyone has his own way of approaching. Therefore, to say the specifics here all at once – it’s pointless. Each will have its own nuances and peculiarities. But it must lead to the fact that this area should be clearly monitored by you, clearly perceived by the inner eye, and you will feel for all the deeper areas that can bring you from the gross to the subtle. From physical stress through the gate towards the subtle, causal, beyond. It takes time. It takes effort. But the main thing – the harmony required. If there is harmony, then everything else will follow. Harmony and habit – that they are two factors in yoga. There is harmony – will be a habit to be a habit – you will succeed in yoga.

And, again, the question: “How is it to grasp this harmony? How do I understand perfectly the compression Mulabandha or harmony? “Factor rather intimate, it is not visible, and the person can not by his neither see nor touch, because everything is hidden inside. And that is why the focus increasingly shifted to the individual. Although, of course, if there is a number of experienced teacher, he can immediately determine consequences for whether Mulabandha done or is it something else entirely. Harmony is born of the common principles of yoga that you should experience the joy of friends. Or the feeling, or by overcoming himself. Sometimes you do Mulabandha, and a wave of clarity will refresh your mind, you’re from the state of sleepy stupor, suddenly “Wow!” And you will feel a surge of joy and clarity. And you will feel that involved force Mulabandha wrong. Sometimes, we have to literally force yourself to squeeze this area. She’s not that he took and squeezed requires some inner force. Clearly, if the outside of any negative situation, this inner negative situation seems a trifle, and we can easily compress. But imagine: no whip this out, not the cold water bucket that drenches you, there is a mathematical problem to solve it. And I must force myself to compress this area, and in this sense, you should experience the joy of overcoming itself, and not a curse, it is still necessary to make 5 times, and you have the thought of it is bad. If you feel this is – then you are already out of harmony, if you do not have the joy of overcoming himself. So, maybe, wait, maybe relax. As you can imagine, these exercises are stretched for a long, long time. In this workshop we will, of course, a little bit about it, but what is the seminar on time in relation to the duration of your life? Not even a drop, a trifle. Therefore, the emphasis is definitely on your personal practice is transferred, or the practice of activities that we carry out in the ordinary course of activities for everyone.

Then go. The next moment, which is also sometimes indirectly helps implement Mulabandha – it sorts of other auxiliary exercises from yoga, leading to this point, compressing the perineum. In particular posture when you stand straight at first, and then lean forward, legs straight, and you grab the ankles, palms of hands, and so remained standing. After a certain time, this posture causes your involuntary Mulabandha begins to be observed. Simply will be more beautiful, more natural and more pleasant to stand in this position when the rear all matched when all compressed. There are other exercises that are sometimes referred to by individual names, but essentially perform the same function as the Mulabandha. And in particular, there is a series of exercises which yoga yogini or call to make a small jump, while in the lotus position. As soon as we sit in the lotus feet we begin to be stranded, and in fact we can not ignore them, and that if we now in this position, we contrive and jump, then we first tear off a little from the ground, and then slumped. And it also unwittingly lead to the fact that the crotch area, we will shrink. It is also a very important factor for the development and approximation Mulabandha. It’s all fast. Involuntary contraction and relaxation. And it sometimes works better than when we force ourselves to compress, and then forget to relax. More sub-option: when we are in the lotus position, we raise ourselves on the palms of the hands on the mat, and then just as abruptly throw. That is, again push the crotch area is compressed and this effect is observed. Finally, there are practices that also involve sexual energy, but they are not paired. That is, these are the exercises that a yogi or yogini in the precession of sexual union should do individually and which also involve these areas with the involvement of the sexual energy. But the topic of sexual union, it is somewhat beyond the scope of today’s seminar “mudras and bandha,” so I just mention about it now, but in the transcript we have no time. For a long time to explain it all.



Question: Is it possible to somehow comment on the relationship of respiration and contraction-relaxation?

A: Yes of course, but you remember that first yoga all individually studied, and then learn how to match different types of yoga. That is, the mix should be able to exercise the same after you individually how to perform a particular exercise. More questions.

Question: What to do when there is sexual desire in Mulabandha?

A: Very good, great if Mulabandha practice is causing your sexual desire, it is said that everything is fine over. Do you remember an indirect indicator of yoga. When you practice yoga, you become more healthy and strong, you have a life potential. So we are made, as soon as there is an extra life potential, he immediately begins to provoke us to procreation. Otherwise, the entire human race would have died out, as you can imagine. Raised in sexual terms – this is a very good sign of the yoga classes. Indeed, the problem is when you do not want sex. Here is the problem, my friends. Sometimes it happens when you have, say, too many are operating with prana. That is, spending more than is coming. This indirectly caused by, but it is still imbalance. If you feel sexual elation and if you know, practice yoga Triad and if you have a partner or partner, wives, husbands, lovers – it makes sense not to waste time in vain. Why did not lose time in vain? Because burst your activity – it is very small. In fact 20 years before it is even childhood. Here you have 30-40 years, from 20 to 60-70 years after that, when there is a withering of the body is much more difficult to practice sexual practices. It is clear that the life of a wedge in the sex did not agree. You can do a lifetime to practice austerity and achieve very good results. But if you do not put yourself this way, and especially do not need to wait. Old age will come and have a sexual interest is not. If there is interest and desire, there is no driving force. Sex itself is needed in yoga as a powerful driving force. It’s like you know, gasoline in the tank of the machine. The machine can be a wonderful, late-model, with good interior, excellent engine. But it’s just a piece of iron, if there is no gasoline. Similarly, if you have sexual desire and sexual elation know that this situation is a lot like advantageous, regardless of whether you are using it or not using it than if you do not. If not – then this is a serious indicator, and it is necessary to monitor their health. If you know how to practice, you can practice. If you do not know what Yoga is not a system of prohibitions and regulations. This recommendation system. Continue to live as you have lived before. Continue to have sex with the same intensity that you like. Or, conversely, practice asceticism. If you do not know how to use sexual energy, or at least the potential to save up the time until you learn the necessary practice and will have something to work with. In any case, there is nothing wrong, it’s all fine and well.

Question: (inaudible)

Answer: Once again I want to remind you that all individually. It depends on what you are able to that of exercise, etc. Do not wait in yoga universal rules at all. They simply do not have. Once again, we are made on a single image, but we will remove the dirt every individual. There are exercises where you have a long time there where fast. Reply does not seem possible.

Question: What is the mechanism of action itself Mulabandha the higher plane? That is what is happening at the expense of what?

Answer: This is quite a serious matter and I certainly stand him beyond our seminar. You understand that the scope of yoga has been preserved to us, so enormous, that is absolutely no way, no financial or organizational are all described in detail. Of course, I have not touched on this issue, it is axiomatic issue, very serious. But in a nutshell. The idea, it is quite clear. The idea is the following: this momentum association from the gross to the subtle and from the subtle to the causal when it closes by itself, connecting the processes are well known, by the way, physiologists – inhibition and excitation processes. Essentially, all yoga – ida and pingala, it boils down to what has been known since Pavlov in science. It all comes down to the process of inhibition and excitation processes. If very harmonious support these two processes. If excitement is too long, you will overheat the system when braking, you will not get anything. But if you find resonance. … I always give the example of a well-known riders who on steep turns while tight gas and the brake. Only in this case you vpisheshsya in turn. A little more on the gas or hit the brakes and pulled all rolled head over heels. Around the same way and within our system we can work. If we have the balance of excitation and inhibition lose, that is when you have the impulse comes clarity, but then he does not go into overactive paranoia, and you know how to contain it. Here on this side just born this way. The easiest way to explain it from the perspective of yoga or yoga-triad sexual union. Because that’s what I told you – it is very difficult, and there – on the fingers explains with sexual differentiation position. There is yoga achievement points. In this case, it is quite rough here.

I have not touched these techniques, but in fact in the sexual union of yoga, a powerful visualization tool is used. Until visualization sexual union with a partner or partner. This is a preliminary part of the actual practice of union with a partner or partner. I do not know, opening your secret or not. But there have been mentioned here, Tibetan yoga, yoga tummo famous, it is just based on this. When the physical body starts to produce a huge amount of physical heat, enough to walk naked in the terrible cold. No one can understand how these practices work. And do not ever understand if you do not know these secrets of yoga. And the secrets of yoga you are approached, if you perform the first and second principles of yoga and grabbed harmony. What a tragedy? We now live in a society, and it seems that the top has a policy or financial magnates, who understand how to make the society. They’re children, they do not understand anything. Society as someone somewhere rolls, occasionally bumping into obstacles. This is called a crisis. Always it is a big surprise. And so it will continue, because the quality has to skaknut level of culture, and we are seeing that? We, on the contrary, we see dibilizatsiyu-universal. So … I digress.

In fact we can see the achievement of a point of yoga, and it is this factor of awakening or access hidden potential. That friend of mine used the power of music. That is, he did not just give amplification output, and are very well this went. Similarly, here, it is very harmonious way on the approach. But I will not be distracted. More questions?

Question from external students: if during the execution of a slight tremor is felt, divergent throughout the body, whether it can be an indication of the correctness of the execution or it interferes with the feeling?

Answer: This is the next part of our seminar. Side effects of mudras and bandhas. Friends, when you increase the flow of energy, it is clear that this energy can not just be, it immediately begins to be redistributed. She immediately starts to rush through multiple channels and centers of our body. On the one hand it is good. The influx of energy in mind – the mind begins to think quickly and solve the problem quickly from our mathematical example. But on the other hand, our channels are often dirty. Than? This is a separate yoga section, the so-called “associative links.” Numerous inappropriate associations. Very strange yoga section on how, for example, unnecessary picture that you see on TV, blocks your inner energy flows. So I always say to you: “Be careful with the negative.” If you watch a lot of negativity through radio and television, you are very serious freeze your yogic work. This is a separate issue. So. Bumping into the dirt, excess of energy begin to clean it. And she was too ingrained in us and we begin, using the slang word begins to have “sausage”. That is the feeling of some processes, it is unclear whether pleasant, unpleasant or vice versa. Sometimes some anxiety, fear, sometimes some kind of nervous hyperactivity, etc. etc. It is just as if the excitation processes, physiology of our words, prevail over the braking process. Or, from the perspective of yoga you have pumped energy into the channels more than they are able to skip. And it is quite an unpleasant feeling. A very unpleasant in some cases. What is almost completely devoid of union practices. Still nature by awarding us male and female bodies, taken care of. I sometimes think, rather it is the concept of yoga that all beautifully done. The fastest method – through the yoga of love. Yoga Love – by a man or a woman. Or a woman or a man on a purely physiological terms makes it easier to feel some exercises with the energy flow. It turns out that you are going to spring down the street, I saw a girl, fell in love with her or just liked it to you. It would seem very intangible thing, and have some spiritual moments took place inside even on a purely physical level. These moments can be observed, and if they occur, then you’re missing the harmony. That is, it takes a load more than necessary. This is a delicate moment. It must be so nice either, or the joy of overcoming himself.

Question: Is the muscles of the anus and the genitals. What you need to focus? In both areas, or on the point in the middle?

Answer: This is depending on the exercise that you do, and other circumstances. But this is a separate issue. This is normal. This is especially true of girls. If you learn to be aware of the area and learn how to manage it, then you open sexually very different horizons. Very sad fact, which came from ancient times, yet many of the references to the tantras, it sometimes takes a tremendous effort to awaken a woman. There is even the notion of “the awakened woman.” The fact that all associated with this region, as a rule, modern women do not controlled. And the pleasure that could potentially give the involvement of this region, for women it is, roughly speaking, the direct road to enlightenment. If a woman is thus awakened, she intuitively knows better than the huge potential of the domestic energy awakened than men. In the Indian tradition it is linked, that a woman teacher is 7 times stronger and more pleasure from sex she gets several times stronger. And in the West ask: “Well, how can that be. My husband at all crazy about sex, but I do not feel anything, “This is the problem of the pressure of society. The woman just shy to express their sexuality. Because of education, a number of factors related to sex as something dirty. All this blocks this area, and a woman must work very hard to awaken her. And the first step along the way – it’s just to learn how to separate one area from the other in this area.

Q: Now, there are special simulators for training the pelvic floor muscles. Instructors of these techniques say that training these muscles is as important as, for example, the procedure for brushing teeth in the morning. The tone of these muscles is important for health. According to statistics, every third woman suffers from the Russian Federation or other diseases of the genitourinary system. Can practice Mulabandha help prevent diseases such as prolapse of organs, etc.?

Answer: Yes, friends. This part I did not touch it. Why? I do not want to see “and bandha mudra” was considered primarily as a substitute for modern medicine. Modern physicians receive their money is not wasted. Once their Lord God created, then they are in this world needs. Any attempt to marginalize or attempt to say that that’s all, and now medicine is not needed, we will now be treated yogic methods – that means wishful thinking. Yes, indeed, engaged in self-knowledge, and this is yoga, you slightly open the secrets of the device of his body. Accordingly, you are more likely to proactively prevent some diseases, and if they occur – to help get rid of them. But once again, my friends, this is a side effect of yoga. And side effects from taking mudras and bandhas – is getting rid of the disease, which sometimes modern medicine is powerless, but whether that is the case or not? Who will tell you clearly? No one will say. So I very carefully try to work with these topics.

As for the stimulation and the impact on the area associated with sex – it is a rather complicated question. You must remember that sex – it’s not just the physical side, there is also a subtle causes, spiritual, ineffable, exorbitant, boundless side. Sex is limitless. After all, children are born from sex. In fact, the new universe is born through the sexual energy factor. Therefore, in each case, for what purpose a particular trainer or technique, it should be established, because sex is a dangerous thing in the sense that you can podrasteryal sex. If you know how to separate the power of pleasure from procreation energy, the more pleasure you will enjoy the energy, the better. Are you in this any help aids – it plays an indirect role. But if there is a loss of the part, which is intended for the continuation of life, it is certainly not the best option from the perspective of the second principle of yoga. Therefore, in each case situation must be considered separately.

As for the prevention of diseases affecting women, really, if you pay attention to this area, at least for this reason it will be at least some prevention. Another time, the woman who owns this area in the future can enjoy this area quite masterly way and literally it can, if you will “do wonders”, in the sense that, for example, can help a man if he has problems with erection. She straining those or other muscles inside, literally can make a miracle, none of Viagra can not be compared. On the other hand, a purely subjective sensations man from sexual contact with a woman in the order of magnitude more powerful. Unfortunately, our lack of culture on the issue of sex – it is from generation to generation passed. Often, a girl growing up and becoming a woman, she is shy at all this area. Often when a woman’s periods begin, it is generally a shock, a natural phenomenon for a surprise for her. But now, more or less openly gone. But this is a very serious area. So, if a woman is able to enjoy this area that indirectly, of course, is prevention of well-being in this area, and secondly – it is wonderful qualities as wives, mistresses and girlfriends. I’m not talking about sexual practices. This question is very, very important. One closes the other. But to find a simulator equivalent long independent work? I look at it skeptically. As an auxiliary factor, yes, but as a full replacement is not likely. I have many times talked to therapists: “Well, there is now some massage to yourself to do your hands and pressed the button and he’ll massage?” They answer: “Of course it is, a lot of them, but still human hands no substitute “. This is no substitute, and all. Here is the same ideology. That way, which requires us to our own stress none of us will not work. Therefore, if you need to strain yourself sometimes, instead of auxiliary, by stimulating. There should be some reasonable limit hold. Still have questions?

Question: (inaudible)

Answer: Pregnancy is a separate issue. Although a woman’s body is arranged so that the pregnancy does not contradict have sex. That is the tricky nature even in this sense, is made. With a few days before giving birth and for several days after birth – this is really the time when a woman does not need to touch. And so all is normal. The same situation with menstruation. Monthly – is generally quite a special situation. The fact that there is a notion of “Rita” – the harmonious law of the universe. And for a woman it is sometimes more obvious than that however, because sometimes a clear physiological response of the body to a completely non-obvious factors. Why called “monthly”? Because cycles begin roughly coincide with lunar cycles. Of course, there are some nuances. Sometimes problems arise when periods of, say, delayed. But every woman should keep track of the principle of harmony for yourself. Do you feel something went wrong, then, listen to yourself.

So, we continue our seminar. Here we come to you in a more practical point, I should mention here some very necessary factors to begin to practice mudras and bandhas. This topic is boundless. I was able, trims, pressed it. Time is not strictly enough. I could provide information for several workshops, each workshop we will add information. Now you have to give only the most vital need. The next moment, which is vital – it is the preparatory practices, which, first, facilitate your entry into this new field of yoga. The idea is that once you start these techniques to awaken your energy boost, you can use it to cheer. Here for example, you need to talk with the head of a raise of salary, and you are not able charismatic. You need to be fit as a fiddle, you know, so green and pimples. Joke … you have to be on the rise, and you sleepy and sluggish, you and two words can not. Or let’s say you oratorical performance, you need to talk to him, of course, but it is important to be in good shape. And, of course, is a very good way to get yourself a little in the sense of cause. But if you continue to vigorously engage in, then you will give yourself a greater load than able to digest and your body will be all sorts of side effects such as excessive excitability, and so on and so forth. All these things can be avoided to some extent if you will be doing a special pre-cleaning exercise. In yoga it is a separate issue – cleaning exercise. Some are simple, some quite complicated on the contrary, but we support in our Yoga University – simple. Let it simply amounts to 80% of the complex, but it can take advantage of 90% of the entire population, not 20 as in the case of the complex. Therefore, if something can be done simply, it is not necessary to do difficult. The idea is that if you start to compress this area, then definitely you engage in the first place all of your selection process. Indeed, we all go to the toilet and all of these processes involved with this area. If you have accumulated toxins, and when you do Mulabandha, along with the blood flow you will use very specific physical moments, and certain toxins are more absorbed through your stomach wall. And sometimes a person intoxicated, for example, if he had eaten any food falsified, it can lead to dizziness or some unpleasant condition. It is therefore essential before coming to Mulabandha practice to take care of the power process in general, and in particular, to take care of the cleaning practices, procedures, which is extremely necessary to make. However, not all.

Meals should be balanced in the sense that it must necessarily be present cereals. What are cereals? Well, there are porridge, cereals. Get into the habit at least for breakfast (I’m talking to a minimum) have some porridge, say oatmeal. Lunch and dinner may occur in the time, to some cultural events. They are harder to control. But breakfast is easier. And take it a rule to have at least some part of the food, both figuratively called in yoga, food was clean. It is highly desirable to have in your diet are cereals, such as oatmeal and melted butter. Here melted butter, can be dried, can be honey may be nuts. Here are some small part of your diet is highly desirable that every day consisted of these products. I outline in general. To at least some part was, as they say in yoga, pure food.

Another point – this cleaning procedure. If you are just beginning to start practice bandh, it is highly desirable to make cleaning procedures, and in particular a cleansing procedure as an enema. Because when you tense up this area, and you have problems with the withdrawal of waste products, there is a whole range of completely incomprehensible sensations that bring down the internal realization that you have going there. Some treatises virtually all recommended to pay special attention to cleanliness of the rectum, if you stand on the path of yoga. In particular, it proposed to more sophisticated methods of treatment in the form of sometimes unique enema. Sometimes, well, where there wandering yogis with an enema to carry if you go, wander along the paths. Sometimes they resorted to other methods using artificial means. I took a bamboo stick, and some kind of analogue of the enema was made. It is in field conditions. There is an easier way, which do not even require, but it requires a certain skill. If you learn 2 or 3 fingers to enter into the anus between them necessarily remain a small gap to the water, and you only have to make the movement of retractors, and a small amount of water gets into the rectum, and then a very interesting effect of the body. He feels something alien, and all the muscles relax. He thinks it’s the urge to go to the toilet. And from then on it is easier to carry out the washing of the rectum, if you, for example, in some field conditions, strictly speaking. Do you remember that in the yoga tradition of walking on trails – this is one of the first things. If your rectum clean, the effect on employment Mulabandha in the early stages is much higher. At least for the simple reason that you do not force compression stand out toxins in the blood. Although this question is more to modern doctors, what processes are there. But purely subjective experimental fact shows that if you do cleaning procedures, it is very good. As for the more massive body cleansing, it is definitely in yoga there is a huge range of methods, up to the entire washing water intestine. When people drink salt water in a certain way, and then makes a series of specific exercises, and thus causes the water to pass rapidly through the intestine, and the first leaves all of its contents, and then the water actually goes. But it is extremely difficult exercise. It is a great stress load on the body they have. Therefore, we do not recommend in the usual life of abuse. Here will you leave when you can a week before and a week after that rest, then you can experiment. But in real life this does not make sense.

It proposed replacing factor. In particular there is such a practice is also very common. It is extremely simple. You get somewhere oatmeal, rolled oats and assign yourself a diet for 1-2 days. Are you in the morning and evening dinner eat this mess, but not boiled and brewed with water. You take the oats, and fill it with plain water. Just dry it is, it is impossible. You can warm water can be boiling water, then a little porridge will be brewed. But it is the nuances, it’s like someone like that. Because if it is less than boil – it is more like a “brush”, and when you swallow, it lubricates all the mucus and you, and even to clean the esophagus. This is a very useful thing. Especially in these times, when food is adulterated and after yoga class, tend to have bad breath. The smell associated with esophageal pollution. Even without teeth, namely the esophagus. There on the walls of the mucus, there probably is some microorganisms multiply. I do not know the whole process. More severe method – is swallowing the bandage and then pulling it, but it’s very hard to do for a person unprepared, although it is a very simple exercise, and we teach him. But this is not necessary. If you eat oatmeal, she put it bluntly, you first of all cleans, secondly takes excess moisture, then you will want to drink. And it passes through the intestines, for one of the two days, if you eat it all the time, leads to the effect of a very close, both from shankprakshalany when you drink salt water. That is, you clean your entire body, and then you are more willing to Mulabandha practice. Anyway, you first some action to make a cleaner body, and more become attached to the sensations.

There are, of course, more complex exercises to clean, especially the rectum. Some tracts require that yogi, literally finger inside the rectum area cleared of mucus that is there. The fact that this separation is provoked by excessive mucus, and if there are remnants of some toxins, I do not know what it is, they will go along with this mucus, and it speeds up the process. Years of experience shows that a rigorous exercise often does not make sense to resort, and the most simple techniques you will get an excellent result. Once you have more or less cleared the intestine, you start doing Mulabandha. The basic idea, friends – harmony. No matter how you do, no matter how much you do for the duration. It is important when you listen to her. If you do not listen, then perfect, believe me, all the same, you will every day to do 3 hours or 1 minute. But experience shows that it is necessary to start very, very slowly. Say only 3 times a day. Here you now can in just a few seconds to do it. So gradually adding and adding, you will begin to quietly penetrate the consciousness in this place. If you are wise and bandha are not prescribed to you as additional exercises to other types of yoga. And it always say, if, say, you are asked to do, say, pranayama yoga. That literally start with 3 times a day. Gradually take away for themselves roughly at this time, a maximum of 5 minutes per day. It is important this is. If you are over 5 minutes to seize, then you intuitively feel where you have to add. Now, if you feel trouble then. Then add useless, strain.

Friends, for your first entry is already enough information. We turn to the Uddiyana bandha. But before we move on to the Uddiyana bandha we will do some practical exercises with you. So, we have time enough. We sit in any position, and let’s do it a few times exercise. It is advisable to back, neck and head were in a straight line, because the underlying processes of this practice started to go along the so-called central channel of the body. So a very simple exercise. I’ll snap your fingers, and you squeeze the crotch area. Then I say “all”, and you decompress. (Snaps his fingers, said “everything” in 3 seconds and so 3 times). Now I’m going to snap your fingers, and you will do a series of three compressions, strained-relaxed, strained-relaxed, strained-relaxed (doing the same thing with an interval of about 10 seconds). You see, very little exercise duration time. These exercises are not obvious, they are not seen, not heard. Sometimes it is tempting to do them at work or on the subway or anywhere else. This is not a good idea in the early stages. At stages when you establish yourself – yes. You must be an associative link, that the first is an internal process. So first, do better at some favorable conditions. And now we will try to compress the crotch area and keep for a long time. So, ready, squeeze. (Duration of about 30 seconds). Try to catch the moment when part of the muscle will relax involuntarily. Enough. Who was the moment when part of the muscles began to relax involuntarily, who tracked this point? Hands up. Great. From time to time track this point, it’s kind of a milestone. Once you hold, hold, then it is very relaxed – to continue to keep it makes no sense. You’ve lost the thread. It is better to relax, to rest, and then try again. You like taming muscles. And you need to know the extent to which muscles you listen to, and beyond a certain point, they have you do not listen, do not do-and they already live their lives as they say.

Now, friends, let us with you very quickly learn other exercises that promote the practice Mulabandha. Let’s you and I try to make Siddhasana. Take, for example, the heel of the left foot and try to take it to the prostate in men, respectively, the area relied on it, and in women the vagina area. You should feel this posture. For men, it is sometimes very unpleasant to the habit, they can not even get them to the left to the right leads, then back and forth. Therefore, hands can be maintained. And once you’ve hit upon a more or less this pose. If someone just did not work, my friends, do not worry. This is actually one of the most difficult poses. Strictly speaking, there are yoga treatises where siddhasana is the crown of the yoga poses. Not some intricate mayurasana there where you stand on your hands. Neither there is any position on the head, and that’s it siddhasana. Therefore, it is necessary to get used to it gradually. She also has one very remarkable feature, which is used in yoga sexual union. The fact is that if you practice yoga is strengthened, then, of course, the excess power will begin to be transformed into sexuality. And among men is seen as sufficiently long to continue the erection, especially when a person is young enough. And sometimes it is very much starting to detract from the meditation. And here in this position, I’m talking about men, you pinch some vessels in the prostate area and a very interesting effect is observed. You begin to indirectly transform sexual energy into the development of his consciousness and sexual power. A purely physiologically it has observed so that the erection disappears. You just pinch some point and, therefore, if you are in this position, then you will be no erection, and all the momentum gained from yoga, go through these channels associated with the spine to the head. This is one of the most important exercises. Once again I want to stress that men, if you plan to later sexual practices with their girlfriends, wives, lovers, partners, do not know how anyone succeed, you must learn to control over ejaculation, otherwise you will never arouse a woman. That is, you will have to attack an orgasm before it, roughly speaking, to warm up. And this is a very useful exercise in this regard. But this is a different area, the sexual union of yoga. In this case, we use this exercise to feel the crotch, and now someone has turned out – small movements do heel. Let me now I will snap your fingers and do some movements, then I say “all” and stop (snaps his fingers). Several motions, motions, motions (7-10 seconds says “finished”). Dai is now in the area to relax. We have to catch the rhythm, stress with positive impact, with a period of recovery. I want to emphasize that the recovery period is long enough. Here you are now, perhaps, it seems that you have there all relaxed, and in fact your consciousness is not the highlights of the muscles, which continue to be tense. Strictly speaking, therefore, here again, I’m a yoga Union mention, there is an orgasm in men. And if you want in bed with his girlfriend to bring her pleasure, not yourself, then you have to be the area of detecting and relax, otherwise you just can not cope with the excitement, and you will begin involuntary contraction of the muscle that is most optimally yoga Union. And so we do it again. (Repeats previous exercise) All give the opportunity to relax (takes about 30 seconds). Making again (repeats the exercise and relaxation in the same period of time). Wonderful.

Now do the following exercise. We try, who turns out to sit in the lotus position who turns or half lotus posture. At one time, I was faced with this, were jumping competitions yogis. Their reason was called flying yogis. Well, to fly in the air, as you know, quite far. But to make quite significant jump in the lotus position possible. And sometimes this jump can be a meter long by 2 B, not in height, of course. In ancient treatises, it is said that in these moments the body begins to break through the very sort of nervous trembling. This canal cleaning. Involuntary leg muscles begin to shrink, and from these reductions body starts to bounce itself. The same effect is observed when engaging in certain types of meditation. And this is quite a common phenomenon. Anyway, I can testify on the number of people who practiced yoga, which I know fairly quickly comes to them it is. Certain thoughts can initiate a specific thread that such know how polunervnaya trembling. And you know how the dog starts to shake off the water. Brrrrr … Spray with her flying. That’s the feeling a man, that he something so covered that to him has nothing to do and this involuntary reaction. As you know, such brrrrrrr … .On actually a reaction of purification of thin channels, that is, you suddenly realize that you are currently on the pull each other that you do not own. And the first, natural reaction – to lose it all. Here today, the question was what to do with such a tremor. It happens that this is the moment of cleaning. But there are times when these feelings are so strong that an uncontrolled start to shrink so much muscle that a person begins to involuntarily jump like a frog. At a sufficiently great height. In ancient treatises, it is said that it is an intermediate stage of the purification channel and supposedly true indication of what is to come next stage. And the next stage is very interesting. Believe it or not. I can not say anything, I can only refer to the ancient treatises that the next stage – levitation. That is when a person willpower can float in the air and, again, I want to tell you, they are very ancient treatises laconic. From the moment when you jump up to the moment when you will fly quite a distance, but that distance quantitative and not qualitative. Maybe it takes God knows how long, we do not know. Of course, modern science would say that this nonsense. I will not be so categorical, I do not know. That’s what bought for, and sell what is called. In terms of the axioms, there is no violation of the laws of nature, and there are only a fundamental law of entanglement. But it is not about it now speech. So, before you start cleansing of the body, which causes your body to jump up spontaneously, as if you are ahead of it, as if you yourself give the desired impetus to the body. That is, you start to act in the direction in which it goes. In other words, you are pushing the cart, which itself would be to roll, but a bit later.

So, who has turned the lotus posture or half a pose – the easiest option: raise a hand on the trunk and throw. Once again. Once again. We are now done fast enough, but you have to monitor the reaction. Here you fell the body inside you all tightened, then relaxed. It seems to you that relaxed, and actually part of relaxed, and some remained compressed. Therefore it is necessary to wait time. Let us once again make. Once again. Once again. Friends, this theme is limitless. I’m doing now wonders what it is all compacted into one seminar. But you should already know this. Because you will need to distribute it to people more and to spread further – should at least have time to realize that distribute. How else? Otherwise, you further portion of knowledge no one will. So, let’s try the following. Who is sitting in the lotus position or half try to jump. Time. Great. Let’s for my team, but I do not have time to keep track of. I’m doing clapping, and you jump. Excellent. Now we listen to the sensations. Friends, the outside no one cares. Here you should now completely withdraw into himself, into his feelings. Get ready (cotton). Again. And the echo of sensations. Get ready. Cotton. Echo sensations. Great.

The next exercise, we need to learn as a first approximation. We get it. Threw his hands up and stretch and yawn. With an exhalation, bend forward. Palms of hands grab ankles, desirable legs straight in the knees. And now in this position, we tried at first slightly, then more and more trying to the perineum as if to pick up and compressed sufficiently long deduct the perineum from this posture. This pose is just easier to compress some not entirely controlled by the region and keep them sufficiently long. Exit the pose. Stand up straight. We examine this area, and starts to look like another area. The area of the central channel. The area of the spine to the crown of the head. But that is another topic in yoga. Now it is only indicated. And just feel the echo of the exercise. Great. The next exercise, which is necessary to meet us: kneel, head touches the mat area of the region between the eyebrows. I stress, sometimes people make a variant posture cat when throws back up the chin. Here it is necessary to touch the third eye, the point between the eyebrows. Great. Now, we do so that your knees raised, raise a basin, but the legs bent. Cat Pose, only without the deflection. Chest is not put on the mat. His chin, too. Hands may be behind his back, and best of all in front of the head. Here is another body configuration that already puts more muscle groups under control, which usually we do not control. Here we will try to do today Mulabandha impetus. Compress and decompress sharply immediately. I’ll clap his hands, and we do. Unclench and feel the echo of sensations (between the beginning and the end of the exercise takes about 10 seconds, the exercise is repeated 10 times). Great. And now we sit down on bent knees in Vajrasana. Listen to the feelings after this exercise.

And let’s do another exercise – Shaktichalana. We are going to vigorously enough open and close the anus. That is, a group of muscles, namely mainly localized around the anus. And the rest of the remains on the periphery. Not really paying attention to it. Cooked, squeezed (takes 1-2 seconds) relaxed, tightened, relaxed, tightened, relaxed, squeezed-relaxed. We observe an echo of sensations. Now I will clap hands, and you compress any pleasant intensity and speed. Get ready. Cotton. Great. Wonderful. And this is a serious rule, as well as for other kind of yoga, called Pranayama, mandatory vacation. Right now we lie down in any way. Clearly, we have the conditions close to the fighting, but the fighting has not yet. And now, according to shavasana concept, consciously going through the consciousness of one area after another, indicating him to relax. We pass the legs, we pass the hand. I’ll be in a very rapid pace, in reality it is all, of course, it takes more time. Now relax the area involved in Mulabandha and other exercises. The body relaxes. Face flowed. And now, my friends, is worth some time to lay breathless, how it works, try to relax and remove all thoughts, and automatically began to relax those muscles that we do not control. This is the deeper muscles. Great sipping, yawn.

And sit down. Getting uddiyanabandhu. Friends, unfortunately, our ability to not allow us to hold seminars more often and to a greater extent. We have a very hard pressure. So behind the scenes is a lot of information, but in order to make at least some first steps in uddiyanabandhi and think about it, I think this will be enough. In the future, we will still conduct workshops, where it is the subject consider. Now, I should at least outline the theme, uddiyanabandhu. Indeed, this topic is extremely necessary. In ancient texts uddiyanabandhu compared with a lion that kills the elephant’s death. That is, it was thought that if you master uddiyanabandhoy, you are very close to all sorts of practices for rejuvenation of the body, which in any case will allow to look a little younger than you really are. On the yogic point of view, that you have a resource that within this lifetime to do everything planned. Since life very quickly through his fingers, as they say, is leaking. And so it is praise. Once again I want to remind you that we always have to remember about the teachers and a teacher of yoga, who gives us is truly magical knowledge, elusive knowledge. It’s set apart this momentum and leave some words – nothing will not work again. So uddiyanabandha.

The next group of exercises is connected with the area slightly above the crotch area. This area is localized in the navel area. This is also one of the most important areas of our body and it is the same when viewed gives its own characteristics. That is our response to some external factors are reflected in the activity of this area in the navel area. There is another group of exercises, and the most typical representative of this group is uddiyanabandha. How to translate the word “bandha” we have you disassembled. But the word “Uddiyana” has many meanings, like everything else in Sanskrit. One of them – the word “fly”, “raise”. What it stands. To help you remember to remember the value of the word “rod”. Sitting fisherman, as a rule, and his rod sticking up. By the way, sometimes allegorical description of manhood in erection is also called “beats”. You have to spend a certain parallel. This kind of bandha with the salient influence of lifting something. And now I briefly outline the ideology that we look in detail at the next seminar on bandha. So, the meaning of it is that Mulabandha unleashed a potential, and he have gone involuntarily or to increase the clarity, or on some physiological factors that help the body to resist the cold, or other influences. But there is a deeper corridor of the sewerage or released aspiration potential of this energy. If this energy to learn not to redistribute in the response in the gross physical body, but directly sent to the side of the thin-causal in the direction of the structures, which are called yoga “Nadi” (channels) or “chakra” (plexus channels the place of basic principles), then the body’s response is sometimes completely incomprehensible. And it has already largely been on the thin, sometimes mystical level. Although, like everything in yoga gives effect to the gross physical and subtle, and causal. So as a result of the way the released energy uddiyanabandhi redirect in some the finest structures, which we did not even suspect, and make them work, and then they give a powerful surge of feelings, which overshadows everything that you have encountered in ordinary physical life. Uddiyanabandha just lets you do this.

Let us at this seminar is denser closer to practice, but on the next seminar talk more about the theory. But before we get closer to practice, I want to make a small bundle with Mulabandha. If all is well you do yoga, your life energy begins to emerge as sexuality. And after bursts of eroticism, say, Mulabandha we can sublimate in a subtle psychic energy. And this help us, firstly, yoga breathing, pranayama and yoga, such as auxiliary power allocations from other practices. For example, Mulabandha – one such method. If you have a surge of eroticism, it can be a way to redirect, and figuratively speaking, be pumped into a thin structure. How are these exercises? This exercise is also not particularly demonstrative, although it can be better seen than Mulabandha. The idea is to involve the abdominal wall and an inside. On the exhale, we pull into themselves and inside. As a consequence of the entire region in the area of the perineum move upward flow of sensations, the blood may be something else. Creates lifting, suction energy action. And if in this state to catch the subtle entry into these structures and to direct effort to simply release the potential of thought, it is a powerful response of the organism. But most importantly, as in Mulabandha catch this harmony, to get used to him, to understand how you got there that. And God forbid you, do it with effort, when you do not feel harmony. God forbid you to force your body. Reach me sometimes echoes of that here, they say, was the man on the seminar, he had a stomach ulcer, and there made him a certain amount of time to make uddiyanabandhu. Clearly it will provoke a stomach ulcer. This is a very powerful practice. Clearly, this is no longer any uddiyanabandha, because it is necessary immediately to stop or just stop the exercise at the first sign of illness. It just has violence against the body, and not yoga. Therefore, there is also very important to the concept of harmony. Remember, just learn by heart. The main thing with any force you do, the main thing nor how long you hold the retracted belly, and most importantly a sense of inner harmony. As if you have something natural it absorbs. You know, when people eat tasty, and it feels good that all matter, even in the best possible way. That is, a sense of inner harmony. Usually in Western films after such a hearty lunch capitalists ministers demanded a cigar and cognac. That is full of happiness even a cigar and cognac. In terms of what you have there are all well settled down and does not require intervention. The feeling of inner harmony. Here is the same. You have to catch a sense of inner harmony, that it is itself again and swallowed. It’s hard to give me more explanation, so it is not possible to give a theory on the next seminar shall fill, but I will give you the practice now.

So uddiyanabandhu you can do is, strictly speaking, lying, sitting and standing. Lying hardest, but sometimes maybe. It is best to start doing uddiyanabandhu standing. For this we must all stand up. And the first of which begins with uddiyanabandha – this posture when you are bent legs, rested his hands on his knees, and you like to keep your body weight on your hands and feet. You know, sometimes shows football teams and the goalkeeper, who at the gate in this position is worth. Here he is in this position and worth. It is very energetically favorable. Note that as soon as the body weight on your hands and knees with hands on, then you have the abdomen naturally relaxes and does not require any intervention. She becomes free. The very first thing that we should start with the study uddiyanabandhi – you have to love this pose. You have to type while performing this pose. Nothing else to do anything it is not necessary to drag, no effort is not necessary. You just have to stand like this. The next step, after you have come to love this pose, just give time, optimally for 5 minutes. You take the left hand and take away, and the weight in your right hand and you feel it in your stomach that something just shifted. That is, you have power shifted, and it is in response. Now change hands. Great. And then after you fell in love with these exercises, you can now breathe a little, and as you exhale draw the stomach wall to himself, as it were inward and upward. Once again, I warn you, and testify. The main thing is not how hard you draw. Moreover, if you do too much, then it is all going to be something else. That dragged to an acceptable level and stay. Then we inhale, straighten, little stood, redistributed feelings and see what you have there in the abdomen. That is, rested his elbows on his knees, breathed again and pulled. And now we are experimenting. It can be a little bit more, you can slightly smaller. Then inhale again, they came out. And, in fact, everything. And in the future, when you get used to it you can make it easier to add some points. They consist in the fact that you exhale bend forward. Let us now we lean forward as you exhale. Fully exhale now, not breathing, rested his hands on his knees and slightly lifted. And you naturally drawn into the stomach. And so much easier to do. That is, when you exhale and bend, you are completely expels the air, and then when you lifted a little, you naturally tightens the abdominal wall. This facilitates the moment. But once again, God forbid you, sometimes people start to draw so that they have as much as there is a bone crack. That this should not be ever. It would not be yoga. This is masochism, or I do not even know how it will be called, but it is not yoga. Yoga – from the gross to the subtle. When you have pain, disharmony, we’re not in the circus acrobats. It’s very, very important point.

There are a continuation of this exercise, it is sometimes called “nauli”. Its essence lies in the fact that as if to shake the stomach and make it simple enough if you made the whole sequence, about which we’ll talk today. You just breathe, rests her hands on her knees and pulls the abdominal wall up inside. Here we breathe, we rest his hands are drawn. Now we remove the one hand and straining his other hand. And it turns out that some of the abdominal muscles got out. Now change hands, and the other part of the abdominal muscles got out. That is, there are two groups of muscles, and if you change the one hand, one group of muscles is formed, on the other hand – another. If you learn to do that, then everything else is in your pocket. In the future, you exhale carry power from one hand to the other hand, and you get a wave-like circular motion, which is very conducive to all processes. This undulation also leads to the fact that you become aware of this area. You can all do the same sitting, but sometimes sitting harder. And to understand the rules, after the bandh mandatory rest.

And now you have to do. Continuing this theme will as soon as possible will help. All you need to review for today’s seminar, which you must write. Our site reviews forum kurs.openyoga.ru appeared and there we will make a special section “feedback on the seminar” right now there is only feedback about the courses. You are required, first, write your review of the hand, and secondly – to come back and post. Since most of you, one way or another, take courses, you have access to. If not, you need to create an account and begin to take place. And then you will have access to something you have published. I will explain why you need one. If you do something like and inspire others to study yoga, you, first, currently earn positive karma, and secondly, you will extend us the opportunity to choose the right people to yoga. For ourselves, we can not praise, and if someone praises objectively, well, or scolds, then it is more chance that the right people will find us. Therefore, it is if you want your contribution to the yoga, on the other hand help to us. As a rule, people still want some independent judgment. So I beg you, do not consider, what is called for work share. Questions?



Mark: You did not say what is Nauli. You said that contributes something, but what is not clear. So it did not say what it is.

Answer: we are told about uddiyanabandhu, we work with the regions. There are a lot of exercises. You do not think that they are only two. You will find a different school of yoga, there is an exercise very differently named. So in terms of self-knowledge – it is a very powerful way, in terms of experiencing ecstatic states. In terms of side effect – it is a powerful factor in healing the body. I can not even announce some factors. But when you go umbilical process. Please note, that when a child is connected to his mother by the umbilical cord. The life force and domination is most closely associated with the navel. Therefore, you are the center using uddiyanabandhi, nauli how to awaken, you dramatically increase the resistance of the organism.

Question: Basically I make exercise a clockwise or counter-clockwise?

A: Friends, you have to learn to do it in one or the other way

Question (from another participant): but if the bottom up to do it?

Answer: From the ground up it is not entirely impossible. Sometimes it seems that it is a bottom-up, but still somehow waves the process. But once again I want to say: varieties of shades of these exercises very much.

Q: That is not in principle how to do it?

Answer: Well, actually on subtle levels basically how to do it. There’s basically everything. Is left to right, right to left there, but for our level, as they say, ignorance is like.

Q: But how do we practice at home? Just as we do today?

Answer: Absolutely pravilno.3 minute pay, say, Mulabandha, 5 minutes uddiyanabandhe.

Question: Vadim V., and how do we move from uddiyanabandhe to nauli?

A: In fact, we must first learn how to do uddiyanabandhu, and then you are suddenly surprised to discover for themselves how in the cartoon that such flexibility was formed in the body, you can have whatever you like everything’s cool. That is, it will come naturally during your experiments. That is, it will come naturally beautiful.

Friends, I say goodbye to you. I’ll write all the reviews and to encourage all of you to study yoga regularly, if you have not yet begun to do so. To do this, go to the site kurs.openyoga.ru, create a step-by-step pass, pass and pass.

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