2009.04.26. Seminar Hatha Yoga

What is Yoga?


Let’s start with the introduction of Hatha yoga. It is believed that even the most complex things can be explained in simple language, clear and accessible even for people who have just started to practice yoga, as they say from scratch. Thus, a person with zero could immediately understand the meaning of Hatha Yoga, what is its power, and how it can be directly applied already in his personal life.

Let’s start with the formal aspects. Strictly speaking, what is yoga? It is important to determine at the outset what is yoga and what it is not. The answer, yoga – a system of self-knowledge that has come down to us from ancient times. So old that fact, we can only speculate and guess, when the fact came this teaching? Those. This time, in the thousands of years. Yoga is a very interesting system of self-discovery, where the human urge to comply with ethical principles. The so-called first and second principles of yoga. The most important thing is to do no harm to anyone unless absolutely necessary, and if this is not possible, then do what tells us our duty, and every effort to reduce the harm (the first principle of yoga).

The second principle – the principle of common sense, it is the principle of a certain logic, which urges us to spend all our life force just to achieve their goals. Those. common sense approach to all tasks that we set for ourselves. And no matter what the problem is, but if we practice yoga, it is the task of self-discovery.

Finally, the most important distinguishing part in yoga, self-knowledge that we have as yoga encourages us to engage harmoniously. None of what abuse is and can be no question. This is important at the outset to understand. Especially people who have never engaged in yoga. Usually, the word yoga, they have a lot of fears that it is necessary to itself as a rape, you have to force yourself to something, to experience some discomfort. From the outset, it is very important to clearly define: Yoga does not involve violence against yourself. Quite another thing is that sometimes you have to force yourself, have to make some effort. But, even making this effort, we are watching with a background and are pleased that we overcome ourselves.

It is everything to do with yoga at all. Those. yoga, this is the system, which in any case no one should be afraid not. Everyone will find a path or such a style of yoga that suits him personally. In this respect, even other people who do yoga, for us, in general, is not an indicator. Sometimes on television people who show a very complex twisted poses and this deters many. Many people think to myself, “No, never I do not twisted, never to me this does not reach.” So the most interesting thing is that yoga and does not require you to you are so curled, demonstrated here are the wonders of flexibility. Rather, over time, as the yoga, you will gain it slowly, naturally, without violence against yourself. One should not be afraid of yoga. Unfortunately, this trend is now. Many people are afraid to even the approaches to yoga because they are afraid that they will be very difficult. From the outset, we must clearly say to yourself that the ancient doctrine does not imply that you have to do more than your body is able to do at the beginning of yoga. Of course, things will change in the future, both the body and the mind will change, and your nerves will be strong, but it will happen. And now, here’s what you have, and it is good.

Here, let us once again will put the emphasis. Yoga – is something living, yoga is something natural, yoga is that and so we have to. If you’ve ever watched a small child who has just learned to walk, and here they are surprised to see their hands, feet, can grab his leg, lift it up and look at her, smiling, and then throw it. And all natural movements, all effortlessly and with great interest. That is the ideal of yoga. Again, insofar as all that is obtained either do. Therefore, inside you can have some tight fitting. You can read in any book, do so, not commercials or seen a picture where some quite ferocious uncle had twisted way. And if this picture you frightened and repelled rather, know that it is something wrong. Yoga – the harmony, if you do not feel the harmony, you know, or it really is not there, or maybe it is you did not open. Because there are different characters have different preferences in humans.



What is the difference between Hatha yoga from yoga in general?


Hatha yoga – is just one of the many different approaches to yoga or a type of yoga. Such species are many. It is believed that as much as manifestations of man, the same species and yoga. So Hatha yoga – is an approach or are in the yoga exercises that use the opportunity of our bodies come in different static positions or poses. It is enough to watch the young children that play. Here they play with some his toys, each of them takes some pose. It’s our ability. The same thing can do, and adult, but for some reason sometimes hesitate to do something, sometimes it seems that this makes no sense. Sometimes we are so “driven” the life that we have not before. People get tired of, say, “Yes, I would get to bed, lie down and rest. What really there to pose? “That’s how we can contact you to take different positions, and sometimes these postures can be very intricate. And the opportunities that we can take the one position or the other position and remain in this position, built the main method of Hatha Yoga. It turns out that if you take one position and stay there for a while, then the other position and stay there for some time, then a third position, the result of the overall effect is unusual, and sometimes, it seems fantastic. A man takes a normal posture, in one position pobudet few minutes, another couple of minutes, and not necessarily terribly complicated poses. Yoga is simple. Sophisticated posture is definitely in yoga, but they constitute the tip of the iceberg of all the many poses that there is that we can do. And some of them are quite simple, natural.

Thus, Hatha Yoga – this is exactly the yoga, which suggests that we will take a different posture, will be in them. We carry them or be in very harmoniously, a certain amount of time, one position will be replaced by another position in the known sequence. There are other factors, but they are secondary. And the first thing a person faces, he can not understand, how is it that in the literature on yoga, in all myths, stories, stating what power can reach a person engaged in yoga, if it performs these postures. A simple postures. How can there be such a huge effect on what we just lay on his stomach, bent at the knees and feet behind the back of captured arms. Even without making the effort, just lying so. Or pose, as if we’re on the beach you were, to read books. Here we are lying, resting his hands bent at the elbows and sunbathe in the sun. And what of this can be? Pose as a pose. But it turns out there is some mystery in our body device. And just as a key fits the lock and opens the door, behind which are hidden treasures, like this, and posture. When we perform them in the first place from the perspective of harmony, they are so completely unnoticed, as the key, something we have turned, and suddenly we begin to get the effect, and this effect, which did not even expect to get. That is the highest, the most profound mystery of Yoga, it tells us that all the mysterious and powerful that there is in the universe, we can find within ourselves. But we need to find an approach to this power. So Hatha Yoga gives us this approach through various postures.


Who invented yoga?

To answer this question, we can not. It appeared so long ago that did not survive the authors, no names survived. This happened for several reasons. The tradition for a long time are not recorded on any physical media, and transmitted orally. On the other hand, it is not always appropriate to leave your name. But we can definitely say that yoga for many, many more than 3,000 years. Some believe that yoga for over 5,000 years, someone calls even longer. In fact, it does not matter. It is important that this teaching somehow extant. And the fact that it has existed for so long, we can prove for yourself, albeit indirectly, the commission of the effectiveness of this method. A huge number of other systems, including self-systems simply do not have survived. And yoga has shown that this system is so strong that it was folly to abandon it in ancient times. Thus, it is through the generations passed, and come down to us. Of course, there are the names of certain authors or teachers, who became known in the later stages of the spread of yoga. But we in fact do not know where it came from this teaching. This is one of the secrets of a very serious history of the secrets.


Why is yoga so popular these days?


Just over 100 years ago in the West, no one has heard about yoga. 100 years ago, the unit heard about yoga 50 years ago, has more people have heard of yoga, it is now even more. There is a certain high percentage of people who come into contact with yoga and immediately start getting the benefit from yoga. And only due to this that yoga is becoming popular. But we must distinguish between the two concepts, the popularity of yoga and the safety of yoga. Yoga is becoming popular, but, unfortunately, some original sources of yoga is now beginning to be understood more and more difficult. Those. we are finding it difficult to understand the ancient treatises, in which all the exercises of this system were built. We took a small part, and this part came to the court as a modern man, so she quickly spread. And the rest, which also preserved, we do not use.

We are currently conducting a lifestyle that is entirely determined by our civilization. If earlier people went on foot, in the best case, using horses for transportation, now there are cars. We used to spend more time reading some manuscripts, we now spend more time at the computer. Earlier work suggested increasing the number of movements that we would have to do, now the number of movements is less and less. On and from work we go on public transport. The result is that we are in a sedentary lifestyle. And, at the same time, we work becomes more and more stressful. All it accelerated. Very quickly, it is necessary to respond to changing circumstances. Therefore, the degree of our concentration, which makes the life of produce every day, growing and growing. As a side effect of this we have seen in modern humans surge of mental disorders. We strained his mental and physical body at the same time relaxed. And it was more correlated in antiquity. Those. mental stress or mental matched with physical stress. Now these two things separate. It is a modern way of life.

On the same issue we faced ancient sages millennia ago, when they practiced this system of self-knowledge. These wise men had long hours sitting motionless in different poses and meditate on different issues on the essence of being, the question that there is a person that has a higher “I” of man as does the universe? In ancient times, the yogi or yogini were five full hours to sit in one position, motionless, with extreme stress thinking about these matters. Moreover, the extreme tension and a very strong impact has on the body, as well as stress.

It turns out that in modern times we are faced with the same phenomena encountered ancient sages millennia ago. Many thousands of years ago to offset the negative factors from a long meditation, different methods have been developed, in particular, that this method of Hatha Yoga. Catching up on Hatha yoga, you can compensate for the side effects of a small amount of movement. And it had to court today modern society, because now we are seeing the same thing. Therefore it is easy to assume that yoga is popular in modern humans on the rise. Indeed, there are all sorts of statistics. In Western countries, the number of people who at least once practiced yoga, serious enough, and it is more than in India, where there are fewer practicing yogis than in the US. That’s the paradox.

What reveals us Hatha Yoga?


The answer to this paradox. Yoga gives nothing. Yoga reveals what is already there. According to the teachings of yoga, the greatest source of power in ourselves.

Firstly, Hatha yoga gives physical health. Sometimes, even in the narrow circles of Hatha yoga is a kind of panacea, ie medicine, helping all diseases. Indeed, one can not underestimate the effect of Hatha yoga. If you have any physical illness or physical weakness, that Hatha yoga can greatly help overcome these problems. But we should remember that yoga will never replace medicine. And if you have any disease, it is first necessary to consult with your doctor. Although there are cases when the medicine is powerless, and yoga can help. But to avoid misunderstanding, that supposedly yoga can replace medicine. The goal of yoga – it is self-knowledge. A medicine cures. Yoga is also partly involved in the physical body, only to go smoothly process of self-discovery. But she never had the problem of anyone treat. So, yoga gives physical health.

Next on the rise. Yoga gives mental health. The mental state of modern man is extremely shattered. Moreover, observe yourself for yourself, and you are sometimes surprised to be aware that from time to time you behave inappropriately. And it’s actually a very good sign. It says that you really come close to understanding their mental health. It is caused by stress, changing living conditions, the environment. Yoga provides mental health through its impact on the physical body, ie, from the gross to the subtle. Or, as the famous saying tells us, “What’s mens sana in corpore sano.”

Finally, Hatha Yoga gives, oddly enough, the intellectual abilities. The paradox turns out: like exercise, and at the same time increasing intellectual abilities. Typically, in the view of the average person, the person who unnecessarily engaged in some physical activity – an athlete, you should not expect that in doing so he will be a professor of philosophy. Those. in the mentality of people opposed to the image of the athlete, the athlete and such inflated image of the intellectual, which is more likely to be thin, flimsy. In the mind of society it is disconnected. With this strongly I disagree yoga. It is believed that in the first and in the second case, ie and in the case of over-inflated physically and lack of intelligence, on the other hand, in the case of too intellectual development, but with physical challenges, it is all the deviations from which it is necessary to get rid of. Ideal Hatha Yoga, it is when we have a very physically strong person, even if not very evolved forms, as bodybuilders, for example: but at the same time with a fairly highly developed intellect. And most interesting is that practicing Hatha yoga, a man sooner or later comes to enhancing their intellectual abilities. The mechanism, as it is very hidden and very mysterious, it is not obvious, but it is a fact. This was written in ancient times, we can in the modern era is to watch. If we approach and are working on our physical body to the positions, which gives us a Hatha Yoga, then everything inside is enhanced: some hormones are produced, and some nerve currents are formed, and the cerebral blood flow increases, and it all begins to contribute to the intellectual development . If a person, somewhere behind, he quickly made up for lost time. Therefore, here is a third positive factor, in addition to physical, mental health, this strengthening of intelligence.

Fourth, Hatha Yoga gives the disclosure of creativity. Much of what is called creative torments, determined not some insurmountable obstacles to our mental level. All yoga teaches us much more prosaic and banal. We just are not in good shape. We do not have vitality, in order to maintain the functioning of our nervous system at the appropriate level, to be sufficiently sensitive, quite creative. Not enough energy. Like a computer, if there is no electricity, the battery sits down and it turns off. When we begin to practice Hatha yoga, all systems are in good condition so that there is a surplus of vitality. And if there is an excess of vitality, it is a guarantee that a person begins to demonstrate creative breakthroughs. Therefore, a person creative profession is sometimes much easier to make a breakthrough, if it pre-empt the hatha yoga, ie his muscle power, muscular life force goes into something delicate or subtle. But this is not observed, or very rarely observed in athletes. More precisely, there is only those athletes who are in their sports training somehow intuitively rediscover yoga method. A simple pumping muscles this does not lead. A yoga gives pumping muscle and gain more intellectual and creative abilities.

Fifth, each of us has the capacity, which we did not even guess. This ability, which sometimes seem to us wonderful. For example, mind-reading. In ancient treatises clearly enough is said about it that the next effect of Hatha yoga, it is precisely the disclosure of these wonderful abilities. According to the same principle as disclosed creativity. In this sense, yoga does not make a difference between the supernormal, as we now call them, and the usual abilities. Superpowers – this is just some of our hidden abilities that we can not use. They are in us, but we do not have the key. If a person for a long time engaged in Hatha Yoga as taught by Yogi, he intuitively feels that a secret door in the side of his super abilities. He may show really unique things. For example, to buy a gift to heal. These are outstanding yoga that can literally heal the human touch. All of this comes from Hatha yoga.

Sixth, the most valuable thing in the teachings of Hatha yoga, yoga – a system of self-discovery with their own philosophy, with their arguments, reflections. And sometimes it requires a lot of time to get to the core, because of what is happening. For Hatha yoga, you may like to know all the yoga philosophy, and in general it does not know. Those. You can be in relation to yoga, clean as a sheet of white. You only need to learn a relatively small amount of exercise, you just need to grab a harmonious approach these exercises regularly and to fulfill them all. Once you start practicing, time works for you. Although you can about the philosophy of yoga, even nothing to know. But all cleverly done that doing physically, mentally, and you develop mentally. Developing psychologically and mentally, you begin to rediscover for themselves are the highest laws of self-knowledge, which teaches yoga antiquity. Sometimes, therefore, it is considered that Hatha Yoga is so common it is for this reason. After all, if you are faced with the word yoga in the modern Western world, 80 percent will be borne in mind is Hatha yoga. Although yoga sections very much, very different. Breathing Yoga and dynamic yoga, work with voice, etc. But most popular is Hatha yoga, because in all other yogas need some preliminary theory, but in Hatha yoga at least this theory. Are you going to do, before you all, and so come to that.

Hatha yoga – it poses.


Hatha yoga is a pose. What it can pose?


* For example: straighten your legs forward and raise yourself on the palms of the hands. All! Here is the posture of Hatha yoga, it is not complicated. Even it is not necessary to throw a leg over her head, to sit in the lotus position. Other posture – bend one leg thrown over the other and turn around, and do not turn around 360 degrees, and as far as your stretching allows it. Made in one direction, then did the same to the other side *


A series of such exercises is actually the core of Hatha yoga. Now in the West are trying to draw in commerce, even some teachers of yoga seems very simple, and it is necessary to have it all somehow complicate. And we begin to read the entire treatises. For each exercise book write what you see, do so, breathe so the mantra any repeat himself. And start yoga in the modern world grow into a huge number of complicating details. If you look at the ancient treatises, there was no such details. These details emerged recently, ie someone is trying to complicate yoga. And the beauty of Hatha Yoga in its simplicity.

Therefore, it is important to be wary of excessive detail yoga. Perform yoga exercises like little children who take the one position or the other. Let them explain to you what they are doing. They say two or three sentences. That’s about as we read the description of these exercises in ancient treatises. Because it was thought that everything is clear, of course.

Sometimes people are afraid of the reason to start doing yoga. They think that if something does not catch, pass, and suddenly it is something very important. Yoga is an interesting system that makes a person self-learning. Everything is very simple. Just to the extent that sometimes people wonder, but the effect, then what? All brilliant – easy. A yoga poses – this is just a set of keys that open the fact that we have incorporated. A key may look very simple. A piece of metal with a certain color.

In yoga, do not need excessive cleverness, detail, uncertain attitude. If you have an uncertain attitude to yoga, then you have not grasped the harmony, and if there is no harmony, it is useless to do the exercises. You do not get the effect, even if you twist as not one gymnast can not curl. Those. something needs to be elusive. And it is called elusive harmony.

When harmony is evident, it does not look like a pretentious, it never looks like something unnatural. If you look at pictures in the western books as there are trying to introduce yoga, you can see a man who is bending over backwards trying some pose as it seems “right” way to do. And in fact, it is felt that it is inconvenient to sit and all that is unnatural for him. And he does so because in some modern treatise someone wrote a 20-page, how to perform this pose, to the point where the left little finger should watch how many degrees, how many minutes.

Yoga – it is rather a game of small children who play, experimenting with your body.

The man took a pose, think, and so over it all laugh, or that he is doing something wrong. And instead of it to relax, soothe, to bring the natural state, and when even the teacher said: “You do wrong,” and here there is no yoga.

But sometimes it is understood that you are doing wrong or posture, incorrect and do what you have shown. You said, turn your head to the right, and you turned it to the left. To say right or wrong person does yoga posture is impossible in principle, because it is an inner sense of harmony within. As long as you do not climb into the person and do not feel there is harmony there is no harmony or say right or wrong person does yoga posture is impossible in principle. On the contrary, each such prickly word leads to the fact that a person is clamped and begins this inner harmony of a block.

Imagine, here comes the man barefoot on the road, and someone broke a bottle over there, step on splinter injures her leg and can not go further. That’s just in your way of Yoga. If you encounter such guides or instructors of yoga, sometimes it’s a completely unique type of people who are beginning to intimidate you, who are starting to be the ultimate truth and to shout: “You right, you wrong, and you look at all funny.” If you encounter this, you know that it is The Glass on the road, you have to get, you should not go there. And how to trust those who do not understand harmony. They will lead you to nowhere. This is a manifestation of stiffness when the physical due to the mental, psychic due to the mental, it’s such a complex stiffness. This is usually a side effect of stress. The man is tense, he is afraid, he is afraid to look ridiculous. Makes a pose, and he thinks, “How do I look? And what will the instructor? A neighbor says that right? And that says a neighbor on the left? They will laugh at me. ” These thoughts are completely out of place in yoga, if they occur, then you have recently engaged. If they are cultivated in the place where you are doing, you know, you were not into yoga. This may to some kind of aerobics, gymnastics, but it is not yoga. It is important to remember, first of all for people who are just starting to do yoga. Because a person really does not know anything. He does not know, and suddenly there are some canons, rules, what to do, what not to do in yoga. So the most important rule in yoga – the harmony, non-violence on themselves.

Who is the yoga?

From the perspective of most yoga, all you and I are made for a single image, whether it be Indian, African American, or German with. Furthermore, the background of yoga says that yoga is only stored at the moment in India or in the territory of neighboring countries. This is Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tibet. But the birthplace of yoga, no one knows, ie the last few thousand years, it is only stored there. Therefore, if you come to India, you absolutely shocking the local way of life, and you think that it is an integral part of yoga exercises, it is a mistake. It’s just that the environment in which this doctrine is stored.

In fact, yoga is greatly influenced the development of culture in these countries. But this culture is the foundation of yoga. Yoga is something higher. Many shocking poverty, dirt, etc., that they meet in these eastern countries. Usually people think that in the eastern tale that everything is perfect, but when confronted, see things exactly the opposite. Yoga is not being, yoga is suitable for any race, nationality, or in the future can be listed, you get exactly the same as in the constitution. Regardless of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, etc, yoga fits all.

Yoga can engage people, regardless of religious beliefs. Because yoga and religion – two different things. Who went to the tradition, to mix it up. “I will never stand on your head, because it is yoga. Hindu Yoga is a religion over there, and I belong to other religions and to do so I will not. ” Yoga does not belong to any religion. Yoga equally well coexist with all religions or no religion – atheism. In our country we have long suffered yoga people who do not profess any views.

The only before you start doing yoga, you should use common sense. If you have any medical conditions, should consult a doctor and find out what’s what. In the end, the doctor will prescribe X-rays and accurately tell you was dislocated or something else, ie, Yoga is not a substitute medicine.

What is needed for yoga?

Actually, for practicing Hatha yoga should be very small. One of the factors that you can practice Hatha yoga, this flat surface large enough area. How big is the area? It is assumed that there are some poses that carry lying down and then threw his legs over his head, ie, still need a little space. This can be a length of 2 m (2.5 m or in the free mode), the width – 60-70 centimeters, and the average height of the room is not lower than the height to the head is not rested against the ceiling. Need a flat surface is not inclined to not roll or in one direction or another.

You also need a mat. First of all it should be convenient? This can be a sports mat, a thinner mat, blanket, mat usual. In ancient paths it mentioned that a good idea to engage on a mat made of kusa grass. Grass jackpot – a bulrush. Described in the ancient treatises that jackpot of grass can make a lot of useful information. A few thousand years ago, a sports mat could not be done in principle. Therefore, we use available materials at hand. You can pick kusa grass, weave and engage. In later treatises it mentioned that it was a tiger skin. In this age, when the Tigers are in the Red Book as endangered animals, engaged in the tiger skins – that means to encourage poaching. Therefore, a mat should be comfortable. Some followers of yoga are immune to anything, because for a long time engaged, they do not need anything other than a flat surface, even mat. In ancient times, India has been the custom from time to time to make the pilgrimage, travel, and many with him do not carry off, I had to walk 1,500 kilometers and more with them will not get, and learn to engage in any surface.

What should be the clothes? Ancient treatises mention that it could be a loincloth. You can engage in the buff. Now a whole industry built on to make mats, special clothes for yoga. It is very convenient and comfortable rugs. This is a product of modern civilization. In ancient times, no one imagined that it would be special clothes for yoga. It is important that mat and clothes were comfortable, and the surface is smooth, otherwise you will not be able to take yoga postures.


Auxiliary things necessary for practicing Hatha yoga.

They are called auxiliary because if the 100% they will not run, do not worry, you can continue. One of these conditions: it is desirable that there was no one nearby, provided that you do in your own home. If you are engaged in a group, it is desirable that all the others are doing. If there is a possibility anywhere retire, you should retire. If, however, a number of like-minded people do, they do not count.

If you can not retire, then the following advice is not to talk. Those. You have set the time during which you will be engaged. And take it a rule that only force majeure make you start a conversation. Either put next to a piece of paper with a pen. If you are someone else will too pestering, short email, when it will be possible to appeal to you. In yoga, the most important thing is that there was an inner harmony. It is important to immerse yourself in the sensations in the sensations of the posture that you do. When you have someone about something asks you begin immediately respond instantly to your attention away from sensations and jumps on extraneous things. It knocks. Then he needed more time to recover again, calm, abstract. Discussions during the session – it’s like a hole in the barrel, in which you try to pour the elixir of life. Catching up on Hatha yoga, you like scoop, pour into your body elixir of life, strength, vigor, to after school is very good feel.

And any conversation, it’s as if the hole was in the barrel, where you try to pour the elixir. You pour – it is leaking, you pour – it flows away. Here’s an analogy. So tell your friends, relatives, acquaintances, “Guys, I’m temporarily not available.” As in the saying: “Gone in itself. I will not be soon. ” This is important, it is really important.

Next time. It is a minor, but necessary for the yoga classes. You should not care how you look, forget about the others, just forget it. Never work on the audience when you do yoga. They are not, that’s not all. Even if you are around a million people standing, and everyone looks at you and points, close your eyes, and consider that they simply do not. Otherwise, you will concentrate more on these people, than on the inner harmony, and there is a very high chance that you will not get all of the benefits of yoga, which could get. Therefore, we work on themselves, not to the public. If it turns out beautifully, even watching someone thinks that is so beautiful, someone believes that the commercials beautifully, someone believes that leg behind your head, that’s nice, but everything else is so-so. That’s a moot point. In any case, it is important not to wonder how we look. And there is no one to do, not excuses to anyone. The most important thing is not to say the surrounding, the very fact that they interfere there, not where they need to intervene, it is said that these people alien to the concept of harmony. And if they are alien to the concept of harmony, all other words about karma, chakras, prana, and so it is no more than a husk. Just do not listen.

The next factor – is sound. The most unpleasant sound when someone starts next talk on a cell phone. You can not help tune its wave, and the wave of the interlocutor can not hear you, and in your head starts to go dostraivaniya. Sound – this is one of the most painful moments on the path of yoga, but especially not in Hatha yoga, but in a more subtle yogas. People may say, “Why, you’re a yogi. You should not notice anything. ” But our body is made so cleverly that the impact sound is even stronger than the effect of visual images. So try to make it quiet or quiet as far as can be quiet or get yourself earplugs. Sometimes you can turn on some music, and best of all quiet. Only silence is much more difficult to re-create, rather than a harmonious music that speaks a certain background and a person engaged in, not even paying attention to her. He goes into the internal processes, so the music, if you engage yourself, can be anything. Even the drums, if harmoniously for you. It is important to remember that the more people into something intellectually involved, the stronger it has exacerbated all the senses. The same process when you do yoga. You are trying to go deep into yourself and so the noise is perceived very sensitively.

The next factor – is the lack of odor. This subconscious factor. It is like a toothache, when a tooth hurts the person that he does not speak, he perceives in a pessimistic light. Similarly, unpleasant odor, and there is some trap in the fight against unpleasant odors. Now it becomes common incense. Allegedly, they eliminate unpleasant smell, but mostly it’s chemistry. The explanation is very simple. 1kg sandalwood natural oil worth three orders of magnitude more expensive than synthetic, furthermore, synthetic fewer chemicals and therefore obtain a certificate of quality to be used in perfumery, in controlling body is much simpler than each time a new batch of natural substances checked, and whether there anything radioactive. But synthetics sometimes acts as a very hard allergen, it can be found everywhere – in public transport, for example. We must be very careful when using any kind of incense. It is better to make the lack of smell than interrupt it with incense. Especially if you are doing yoga, because you have all the structures beginning to thin.


Desirable factors for yoga.

It is advisable to practice Hatha yoga outdoors, especially for those who are just starting, if it is possible. An important factor is the air temperature in the place where you do and no drafts. If it is too hot, it will be very difficult to deal with, even though it has its own such zest that turns out in the steam room – the muscles warmed up. If it is very cold, and hard. The temperature should be balanced to as much as possible. In any case, if there is a choice to dress a little warmer and more engaged in the street: the park, the garden, anywhere, wherever possible, or else engage in the house, it is better to give preference studies on the street. You just make sure on your experience, how much they are more effective.


How to approach to hatha yoga?

Now here’s a practical question for people who are just starting to do yoga. And how do approach to Hatha yoga? To be trained or find somewhere instructor? Go to any group, where he studied yoga? Either buy a tutorial and step-by-step it to pass? The answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Of course, the ideal solution when you are practicing yoga under the guidance of an instructor, it can be in groups. He very quickly you, as they say, put on the rails, and you have yourself go. But, unfortunately, there are so many factors that simply reduce it all to naught. Firstly, you can simply find a qualified instructor. Not all people who teach yoga, in fact, teach yoga. Second, you can live in an inaccessible or have no money to attend classes. A class is now all paid, because the new economic trends right now. Free rent nobody will give room, all sorts of other costs, so with very few exceptions, when the sponsors cover the costs. Or do you live far from the centers of civilization. In this case, you can start practicing Hatha Yoga by any sane or self-instruction manual book. Allowed for the study of yoga treatises. No exception that you will spend much more time, and some misunderstandings and errors may occur. But in any case, yoga calls not to lose time in vain. Best option is when you alternate a group lesson with instructor-led independent study at home. This is a good option.

Frequency and duration of employment.

How often should I do? Doing Is every day and what time? Experience shows that a person who started practicing yoga, eventually comes to that, it is not forcing himself, quite naturally, without any violence against him, he begins to engage in every day. But the long-term practice shows that the minimum number of lessons per week, which allows to benefit from yoga, it is two sessions per week. If less than two times a week do you do Hatha yoga, it bit hard to get the effect. The body has time to forget yoga. If twice a week, it’s a rhythm that allows you to keep yourself in a good tone. But as the person continues to practice yoga, then he begins to feel a need to play 3 times, 4 times, and then finds himself on the fact that he began to study every day, without violence. Many people who are just starting to do yoga, they are from the early days to tell yourself: “I will deal with every day.” This is a very good solution. It is very useful solution, but so you can otzanimalas one week, second, third, fourth, and then suddenly begin to appear on the fifth fatigue effect, ie, when you feel that you hardly given a regular yoga class. As soon noticed that there is, you know, you are a little higher than the number of times that you want. So either reduces the time of each session, but takes every day, it is more preferable. Less preferred is to reduce the number of days a week. In any case, remember, yoga and violence are incompatible. Yoga is harmony. If there is harmony, it is useless to deal with.

And how much time to engage in? If you do only Hatha yoga and any other yogis, the period of time from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, it is considered to be the best. Everyone chooses for himself. Some 40 minutes, one hour, one hour and 10 minutes, 1, 1.5 one hour. This is optimal, given our modern way of life, our responsibilities and opportunities. If you leave, or you specifically set aside time to make a breakthrough in private practice, then you can do as many hours as to be harmonious. It may be 2 hours and 4 and 6 hours. A reasonable approach to this, not to bring down the rhythm. Because sometimes you can make a breakthrough, and then for the whole week just fall out of the schedule. Those. It is present in all common sense. Yoga for common sense, and yoga at the same time teaches us that if you want to at the same time to reach some peaks that even seem fantastic and unusual, the steps by which we have to these peaks to climb ordinary, reasonable, subject to the usual sense . Unfortunately, sometimes we observed such a tendency that people will read a lot of books on yoga. They think that if yoga leads to such fantastic heights, unusual, magic, it means that it is necessary and do something unusual or magical. This is mistake. This is precisely the charm of yoga, it does not make you do anything unusual and magical, and calls upon you to do a quite understandable and natural, but it leads to something magical. Many are disappointed. “As we have come to learn yoga. We thought we would be here to open the third eye, aura kak-to expand even chto-nibud and all these expectations that now will kakie-to wonderful sacrament is happening, and are faced with very specific, clear, precise work on oneself. It is disappointing many. But the fact that it is such a quiet, imputed work on yourself, it is not to say that it will lead to some kind of conventional results. It’s just a way to go. But what he will lead you, here it is just necessary to read in these magical mystery books on yoga.

It should be noted that it is extremely beneficial to the practice of yoga, especially if you are just starting to do, affect the beautiful scenery, beautiful places. Here there are beautiful places on the planet. This is the place where the harmony of nature is not distorted by those dissonances, from time to time we meet in the cities, or where a person has brought his some impact. In these harmonious places easier to tune to calm perception and as a result, it is easier to catch this feeling inside. Therefore, if it is possible in any way to decorate the place where you practice yoga, you will certainly have to do so. Or a simple point, how to take a broom and sweep the place where you will be engaged in or take a damp cloth and wipe this place, you are making a harmony. Oddly enough, it works. Therefore it is very useful to the place where you will be engaged either as something to decorate, or at least clean. From such simple things effect is disproportionately large.

It is highly desirable, if possible, to engage in the same place and at the same time. If you are engaged in the same place at the same time, it produced the cyclical impact on the place where you are doing, and it is as if your presence is magnetized. In the future, getting to this place, you will instantly be tuned to the desired wave of harmony. This is especially important when you come home from work or just want to go to work and you need to quickly put himself in order. And literally the walls, the floor surrounding interior helps in this. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to identify himself a permanent place, it’s great. But if this is not possible, it should be dealt with where there is this possibility. Again, this should not go too far, too much time to spend on upgrading the place, it is also irrational. First, begin to practice yoga, and then finish the rest of the case. General Yoga aphorism that if a person is not engaged in yoga – the time of his enemy, but if a person is engaged in yoga, while his counsel.

Some moments of preparation for classes.

Before you begin any of the exercises very well at least for one or two minutes to sit quietly, straighten your back, neck and head. And try to relax the muscles of the body and muscles of the face. Those. it is necessary to be sure that we do not bring any restraint, which was during the day at the time when we practice yoga. We tend not to notice how trapped inside. This is most clearly manifested in the muscles of the face. Sometimes some problems that we are thinking, they are primarily reflected in the fact that we unconsciously straining muscles of the face. This is a factor of the internal stress. It is clear that such tensions, even if we do not give it the report does not allow us to penetrate into the depths of harmony within yourself. It is therefore important before Hatha yoga is very well sit down, straighten your back, neck, head, relax your body and relax your facial muscles. Oddly enough, sometimes looking face, we feel that it is stressful and relaxing it, we get an effect that is transmitted on internal processes within us, purely mental.

Finally, sometimes it is useful to do is release the situation. Because we can be a difficult day, the problems we had to solve, or that tomorrow we will have to solve. And sometimes they revolve in the head, we analyze, as we did the right thing, whether prepared enough, and so on, is a mental process. Yoga offers to let the situation and adds that we did everything we could do at work to start yoga. And now the most important thing is to let go of the situation and forget at least for a while about all our problems. It is believed that if we let go of the situation in this way, at least temporarily forget about it, then the universe starts to do its part of the work, the work that we must do. Those. it is clear that whatever we do, depends primarily on us, but also from the accompanying favorable factors from us by no means dependent. And whether we think of them or we do not think about them, in fact, is also a very significant factor. Because every thought, too, is material, and it also continues to have an impact. We block this process. Imagine that the company is working in two shifts. For example, from morning to night you are running, and in the evening until the morning working the second shift workers. The second shift starts not before you leave from there, otherwise you will interfere with each other. And if you have already completed the work, but do not leave the workplace and do not give the other the change continue to work, then, of course, work at this time is suspended. This is exactly the same and we are his thoughts sometimes block the aid, which comes from the universe. Those. we have done our part, the main thing to do it honestly, do all their best, then let go of the situation, to switch, in particular, to switch to Hatha yoga. In fact, when a person is engaged in Hatha yoga, it voluntarily – involuntarily begins to switch and forget about all the problems. But sometimes, especially for beginners, it is difficult to make the first move. It seems he is trying to do, but the problem head. And his thoughts a man, oddly enough, is blocking aid Universe.

Therefore, before the start of classes is useful to straighten the neck, back and head. In yoga, it is believed that in this state we can reach a maximum relaxed position. We have the spine and the body hanging like a jacket on a hanger, ie completely relaxed. Tense muscles at least. It is clear that we could lie, but then comes drowsiness. It is good to start with a lesson in order to sit down, relax the muscles of the body, relax the muscles of the face, and mentally let go of the situation.

And once we did that, it would go a little bit and stretch well. Very good with a yawn, you know how we wake up in the morning and very asks the body to stretch, yawn, etc. It is with this would be to start the lessons from this, we added some tension to clean up, and the necessary factors, toning, add. After these actions, when we sat a couple of minutes, and then lay down, stretched as much as pleasant, about a couple of three minutes, and then proceed directly to the execution of Hatha Yoga postures.

Pos in Hatha yoga there as much as possible of the provisions of the human body, ie, infinite number. Or, at least, it is very large. But the wisdom of yoga just is not to go through all the provisions which can only take our body. The wisdom of yoga is that yoga is used quite a small number of positions, the provisions of which would be sufficient. In various treatises, books call a different number. But you have oriented, it is about 7-8 dozen postures. Those. not so much. On the other hand, as assumed. Sometimes it can be considered a type of two exercises the same posture, and sometimes can be considered in two different poses, ie, it is a matter of taste. Here it can also be seen here, this general trend yogic harmony. Now modern man wants to organize everything. Western man in the first place, determines what happens posture, as it is called, how it is performed, how many pieces? He wants to know everything exactly. In an environment of yoga no one has ever asked such a purpose. It was believed, it is not even very interesting topic. Those. this handbook, which, perhaps, is very useful to Western man, in yoga there. A similar situation exists with the name Pos. There are some positions, which names more or less unsettled, and they have even a completely different schools of yoga, or sound the same, or very similar. Sanskrit, is used in the title key, never caught up writing, he always sought to pronunciation. Therefore, in Sanskrit, the same word can be written different letters. Moreover, in the future, these letters bring to turn a certain accent, dialect turns sometimes. Not to mention the fact that the different schools of yoga, the same position is called differently. Conversely, two different poses by name, but in fact it is one and the same pose. Therefore, such confusion existed previously and have now. And so far there is no uniform grading or a single list, as the one or the other position is called.

So, yoga was considered sufficient 7-8 dozen positions, in order to get a very good result in Hatha yoga. But while no one bothered you by experimenting with your body, find your own posture. From the point of view of philosophy and ideology of yoga, any position can be a posture of Hatha yoga, and not be her. Everything will depend on no matter what you do, everything will depend on how you are doing. Poses in Hatha yoga are called asanas. From the perspective of a harmonious yoga, everything flows from one to the other is very smooth, and any word that this or that person is doing wrong yoga pose unreasonable. If he does not do a yoga pose, he automatically makes another. The only question is, what effect it will receive from her, or she, for example, will be called. But to say: “Here you’re doing the right yoga pose, and you wrong.” Any position can be a yoga pose or not to be, the question is, what effect we get from this. So, yoga is selected 7-8 tens of poses, the effect on the person who is greatest. The effect of other item as is, but it is either less pronounced, is more than fine-tuning for each individual person, or the same effect can be achieved by a combination of these postures in 7-8 scores. From this it follows that in order to practice yoga, you just have to study 7-8 tens of poses and in the future, if we suddenly begin to feel that our body asks some other positions, which were not in those positions, we studied, but the body asks, we do it. Sometimes the body asking, like a dog or cat is asked to be fed. If we suddenly feel such a need, from the perspective of yoga ideology, we must immediately make this pose.

It’s like a pregnant woman, who then want to eat chalk, then land. The body requires some trace elements, it can be, and does not realize. It comes to jokes. “Bring me the chalk from the audience he’s delicious.” A chalk organic origin, ie, It is not devoid of logic, “Bring me the chalk from the audience he’s delicious.” This suggests that a woman expecting a child, it becomes very sensitive, sensitive. This is exactly the same and you are in yoga. The body requests, analyze what is it suddenly asks? And try, even if this position will not enter into any canons. You will not go against the yoga, but on the contrary, you go as the true ancient yoga. We must get rid of the trend, which now runs the show, that there are some yoga instructors, but they know how to do it, kind of like some celestial beings descended from the heavens. It is important to understand that in fact, the true yoga instructor – the title with a capital letter, and it is how to better and more harmonious help another person to open up, rather than suppress it. “You do wrong, this posture is not called so, but in a different way and finger should look the other way.” There is, unfortunately, a tendency of intolerance in yoga. A man came to practice yoga, and it is important to open it, and not be pressed to show their importance instructor. This is not a good trend, and it goes against yoga. If you encounter this, you know that in yoga there and does not smell at all. Yoga – the harmony. And every manifestation of intolerance or attempts to assert themselves at the expense of someone or something, it’s not yoga.

There is a number of poses with a more or less well-established names. Description of how they should be doing in ancient treatises occupies two proposals. And it discouraged many. They thought, “Yeah, they wrote two sentences in the treatise, and themselves in the eye of the secret teachings probably whispered to 20 pages.” This is contrary to the very ideology of yoga. Or say anything or not say anything at all.

In ancient treatises half-truths do not exist, a warning occurs. Usually, it reads as follows: “Do so-and-so, but otherwise listen to their master.” But this is difficult practices, meditation and so on. As a rule, the description of the item is simple enough, and sometimes even frivolous. Sometimes, if people have never before faced with yoga, it is very difficult to understand what is asked to do. Some treatises more or less clear, put a foot here, turn the head here, everything is clear. And in respect of certain postures it is very difficult to understand what all meant.

How much exercise do in one go?

So, you start doing yoga. How much do the exercises in one go? There is a point of view, the more I’d have to do better. This is fundamentally wrong point of view. In yoga, the main thing, not what you do but how you do. Not how much you make and how much you are deeply imbued in what you are doing. Therefore, from a formal point of view, and one exercise that you do on the day, it can be considered a full occupation of yoga. But the experience and practice show that such exercises are best for beginners, should be at least 7 At least 7 exercises should be part of your everyday or how often do you do the exercises list. Deems it necessary to do more, do more, see fit to do less, do less.

How often should I change the exercises?

Here you select 7 exercises and start their day by day to perform. There is not quite the correct point of view that should be changed every day exercise, ie, Today one group, tomorrow – another, the day after tomorrow – the third. It is not quite rational. Particularly irrational for those who are just beginning to deal with. You do not have time even to feel some exercises like jumping to the other. Therefore, it is considered that it is necessary to select a certain group exercises and not change them for a week. And next week – change. But this applies only if you are practicing yoga and doing themselves. If you come to practice in a group, then you have these problems are removed, that is the lesson and should be. Because any group activity is much stronger, especially for beginners. Man falls into such an aura, in a field of joint exercises, and feeling immediately takes it to another level. Therefore, if you yourself are doing at home, changing the exercises should be no more than once a week.

How do the approaches?

In this sense, yoga says, it is entirely like you nice and comfortable. If a complex exercise, it is best to divide it into many small approaches and gain total number of run-time. If, however, a more or less pleasant to be our position, we can at once collect all the runtime.

How to move from pose to pose?

How to move from pose to pose, whether to rest between poses, or should immediately rigidly move from one posture to another position? This is a very difficult question and a very difficult answer to it will be. Looking deeper into the yoga theory, we can say that there are two ways to do any exercise. This so-called Energy method and the so-called method of Consciousness. Or where it is necessary to make myself and where you can afford. And depending on which method you do posture, it may be an option. You do one pose, come out of the pose and relax a minute or half a minute. Then make a second position, half a minute rest again, third, etc. But there is another option. When you from one posture immediately proceed to another, from the other in the third, ie without rest. And he and the other method is acceptable, and that another method acceptable, and that another method is sometimes useful. Sometimes in the morning when you want to cheer up, shake very well to exert themselves. One position, two, three, etc. time, and feeling well. Sometimes, on the contrary, in the evening, when the already time has passed and we are already tired, and so we ourselves strained all day, very good effect of energy method, when we do a pose, a little rest, second, third, etc. . Those. the key point, as elsewhere in yoga, it is harmony. If you are straining, do one pose, two, three, and then feel that is somehow comes through the power may be necessary to stop? Or vice versa, you are so smooth, impressively from one posture to another pass and suddenly catch myself on the fact that you go to sleep, and laziness leans may be necessary to shake the other way around? And no one, by and large, except you can not define it. In group sessions, when a large group, it is a very big need qualified yoga instructor, so that it determines what style to give the group of people who came to him. This is a separate area of knowledge is very serious. It is not so simple. For people who do for themselves, first of all it is necessary to listen to the teacher, who is within us. We must listen to their feelings. We should trust ourselves, it is in the modern world this bias when Western man more confidence in the textbooks, some treatises, some movies or the instructions of some teachers. And most of them listen to than your own feelings. Maybe in some other areas of life is knowledge work, but not in yoga. In yoga in the first place, you have to trust themselves, their feeling. And only after all the treatises, teachings, teachings and words that come from the outside. That this should be so very serious rule for you. Listen to yourself. Is there harmony? If there is harmony – very good. If not, or I do not understand in this treatise, and it was said to the other person in a different environment or can be translated wrong there, too, it happens sometimes translated into Russian, and unskilled translator. Therefore, you define yourself as you do.

Maternal method (Energy).

There are two diametrically opposed method of Hatha yoga exercises. The first method – the method of Energy, is to fully trust their feelings and try to squeeze the maximum enjoyment out of your body. Approximately the same as we have in the morning stretches and yawns, as if we squeeze ourselves out of pleasure. Minimum force yourself to maximum follow the path that shows us our inner feelings. For example, perform a pose when we grab the palms of hands and ankles trying to bend down to the knees, it is desirable to direct. There are various ways. Method of energy we take any position that is comfortable feel, not necessarily head legs touching as pleasant and fulfilling. But then after a while we feel that we are pleased to bend a little more and a little bit more, and we go as if in the wake of their feelings. This method of energy, he is also called the parent method. We, as stated in the ancient treatise about taking the position that we want to do, and surrender to the will of the universe, or your feelings. And feelings themselves, we suggest here now have a little bit more forward, even now bend. This method of energy, very soft, very soft, do not force yourself.

My father’s method (Method of Consciousness).

There is the opposite method of exercise. The so-called method of Consciousness or father’s method. This is when we begin to overcome themselves, it is such an austere approach. Now my body is not listening to me, and I will overcome it, and I’m doing the same pose, already make an effort, overcoming himself. It is clear that the muscles resist the effort. But this effort, and non-violence. There is a difference between stress and violence. In the background at the same time you should feel the joy of overcoming himself. Those. Now I can bend and enjoy what I’m good Yogi. My body does not listen to me, but now I will make it again and listen. Then come out of the posture, and the body is pleased that it is bent so well, and, in general, everyone is happy. This method of Consciousness, his father’s method. Note that it is different in the opposite direction from the method of Energy. We make ourselves, we actively carry out posture. And all the famous schools of Hatha yoga that exist, they tend to go any longer by any method Energy Consciousness, depending on the history of the school, and other factors.

The combination of the two methods.

In yoga urge to strive to learn how to do one method, Energy, and other methods, the method of Consciousness. And the most important – is to learn to combine, to do what one method, another method, and even during the execution of one exercise. Energy developed a method, go to the Method of Consciousness, ie, first, to squeeze the most out of their muscles amenities, and then after a certain point they begin to consciously stretch. But in any case, if you go by Consciousness or go by the energy you need to experience the joy, either by exercise or by overcoming himself. If joy in the background there, it means that something is wrong. If on the contrary, do you feel that somewhere nasiluete ourselves, this is not acceptable, and it will not bring long-term results. Violence against them, teaches yoga, is not effective because the body begins to take revenge on us. First, the body obeys us, eventually begins to take revenge. It is not reasonable. Of course, you have to make your body, but you have to make the smart thing. Just as sometimes you have to let your body relax and also very rationally. Most importantly, we must grasp at what moment to change tactics. This is the most-the most difficult.

If you realize at what point it is necessary to change tactics, you really begin to understand the great yoga and very quickly be able to get the most use out of hatha yoga. It is believed that somewhere at the intersection of these two methods, method of energy and methods of Consciousness, ie, where we compel ourselves and where we allow ourselves, there is a narrow path, and if you go out on her, lessons and exercises of Hatha yoga are the most effective. Therefore, we will first try so, then commercials, and then start to pull together these positions. Either move from one to another and try to catch this line in the middle. But if the term itself only make you very soon start to get tired, and tired not so much physically as mentally. Every effort which we make ourselves, it requires energy, but always behave in such a state of stress of a stretched arm inappropriate. At work, we can be in a state of stress, some other things to solve, but there is also yoga strain. Very quickly starts a mental fatigue and tend to throw people practicing yoga. This is one reason serious enough why people drop out to practice yoga, they themselves overwhelmed. And then once I missed, and the other is somehow not even want to come back. Therefore, constantly exert themselves unreasonable.

The opposite situation, when we allow ourselves to, ie, most relaxed doing yoga pose. It is also unreasonable in the long run. The body begins to be lazy and we have more and more difficult it will be to get anything done. And only by changing these approaches, only then there is maximum benefit of Hatha yoga. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge, method of yoga – this is where we must make ourselves and where you can afford, and how to relate (universal method) it with each other.

Pose rest.

Here we began to perform daily exercises, it took us some time, and now the next time – and what should be complete yoga exercises. At the end of training yoga posture is always relaxing. This pose is called in Sanskrit Savasana. This is perhaps one of the few positions, where the name of a completely different schools of yoga is the same in Sanskrit. Translated title of the several poses as intimidating as the corpse pose. As if the yogi died. The title of this position contains a significant dose of how to perform this pose, you have to lie down, as if you were dead. Or the full extent of not engaging in your body should be the maximum. We usually like to live in your body, and here we begin to pull themselves out of their body. To do this have to some of my tricks to use. In yoga it is believed yogi skill is determined not because, as far as he can stand on his head, or how it can be twisted together into one or another position. It is not considered worthy of attention, that is, Do you know how in the lotus position on the head stand or do not know how, with the yoga point of view, this is not an indication of your skill in yoga. An indication of your skill in yoga is oddly enough this is the Savasana pose or posture of rest. The fact that extremely difficult to relax. And you want to really great skill in the management of his body, even just to go to this level, a kind of “pull itself” from the body. As if the man died, and threw his body. Suitable for this position, a very interesting way. Firstly, this posture is performed on the back. First, you need to try to relax their hands and their feet. Then should relax your body, and then proceed to relax the muscles of your face. It’s like in the degree of remoteness, ie first, arms, legs, then the torso, then the face. Because our minds most strongly controls the highlights here is the area close to the head, and the area closer to the hand and foot, to a lesser extent. And it turns out that it is easier to relax happen. Then this wave of relaxation that comes from outside the body, to the head has a facilitating factor. And as soon as we caught ourselves here in this state, we all seemed to be relaxed, to be again and again to see you. Because sometimes, we just think that we ourselves relax, but somewhere a little time left, involuntary contraction of the muscles. And we once again look through yourself and, if we find a clamped condition, we try to relax him. But again, as we are taught medicine, there is so much deep muscles of our skeleton, that’s not so easy to relax. They are outside the ordinary person orders. This requires a very deep impact to the momentum of relaxation came here to these deep structures. This impulse comes only in one case, if you are just as well eliminate all thoughts out of my head, and then the sensation.

Once you are fully relaxed all your body, you start to focus on their sensations and thus you block thoughts. In fact, thoughts and feelings in a way competitors. We try to be absorbed by the sensations and ensure that the surface of our mind is not there is a wave of thought. To do this, of course, very hard. But here we come to the aid of one such method in the pose of the corpse, Shavasana. The corpse of the fact he and the corpse, not to breathe. And we begin to slow breaths, less and less are beginning to breathe. The fact is that if we begin to breathe too slowly, thus we do not give thoughts arise in our minds. But then there is a feeling of suffocation, of course, we do not breathe, and we do a few breaths, breaths, and after that again a thought. Those. thoughts and breathing is very related to each other. If we control one, we begin to control and more. And gradually, slowing breathing, we more and more come to a state where thoughts arise in your head. And after this condition has a deeper layer of our muscles begin to relax. They begin to relax more and more. As a result, the yogi can enter themselves into a state of suspended animation, a complete possession of his body, the full ownership of all life processes. It is clear that for people who are just starting to do yoga, the extent of such relaxation is not achievable. It requires long hours of exercise in order to achieve it, at first, and it is not necessary. Even a relatively small dive here in a relaxed state of rest gives more depth than a few hours of sleep.

It turns out that sometimes it is a state of relaxation in the early stages of yoga in people goes to sleep, a person simply goes to sleep. This is normal, but not so much that the aerobatics in the field of relaxation, but also not so bad. But then, as his practice, he really achieves very deep conditions pointless senseless. As if he did die, it is very beneficial to the nervous system. This is a very big help to overcome the huge number of stressful situations, or situations where we can not relax themselves. And it is this exercise, shavasana usually taken to complete a set of exercises of Hatha yoga. How long in this position should be? If the activity, especially for the novice human lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, usually Shavasana resting position, is 3 to 15 minutes on average somewhere 5-7 minutes. This may depend on many factors, if you are doing yourself. If you are engaged in a group, and there you have nothing to worry about, there is concern of a qualified instructor to determine when and how long to stay in this position. If suddenly you for some reason wanted to spend a long time in this position, and you think that it is necessary and possible, you can increase the time, because it may take some time, so that all our internal relaxed structure.

How to get out and stop Shavasana activity?

And then you went into Shavasana, lay their allotted time, 5 minutes or 10 minutes, and you have to get out of this position and stop yoga class. How to start output from Shavasana? It is inappropriate to jump sharply or somehow behave inharmonious. Here you lay quietly, if after that you have jumped sharply, it is clear that the blood in the head and shortness of breath or anything else, is in the eyes clouding. Yoga says that this can not be done. It is necessary to gradually come down, that is, how to return to your body some time to lie down, stretch, yawn, and then not in a hurry, carefully sit down and continue to rebound after Shavasana. Especially if you do in the morning, in front of a working day. And there are numerous ancillary exercises to from Shavasana go back to normal. One of them is when we start to massage your ears, thus we give impetus to recover. Then there is exercise, when we start patting ourselves on the whole body or just hug themselves or rub the face or head, such as a parish. And after all that we have already done, withdrew from the rest state, we can gradually return to our normal lives, not abruptly, quietly. Again it required some time to finally get over it, so if you can, just do not rush for the case, then wait 10-15 minutes before taking some of its activities. Here’s the scenario of one class – we enter into yoga, we do yoga exercises, do rest after exercise – pose Shavasana, we return again to the natural state, remember about all our duties, the case or that we have to, and engage in them.

Classes in yoga and nutrition.

Root should not do yoga if you are very hungry, and should not be engaged in immediately after a meal. If you are very hungry, can something light snack, and if you just eaten, you should wait 15-20 minutes or more, it depends on the person, on many factors, but not before. It is best to 1-1.5 h. After a meal to avoid hunger and there was no gravity on the food eaten, so that nothing distracted. Of course, different people there, but there is one educational factor, if you learn to use it, it will be easier to learn Hatha yoga. The fact that we are working on our physical body, and it is in this sense that the body of the dog, the cat body, has its own needs. And one of the main requirements is to be fed. And here’s a very good fight laziness of the body, which does not want to practice yoga, that does not want it, that if you assign yourself what to eat only after the yoga classes. And your body will say, let’s quickly engaged, want to eat, what are you waiting for? You build this chain of motivations. This is one of the most interesting sections in yoga – a chain of internal motivation. As our preferences, likes and dislikes to build such a way that they have in the right direction themselves bore. That we did not fight with your body, and the body itself led us to the heights of Yoga.

This method, when we assign ourselves to eat no sooner than practice yoga, it is applicable only if you have more or less regular life. But, unfortunately, there are such a profession, or a way of life when it is not possible. And then of course more difficult, but can also be linked to yoga food to one another to pull out.

The same goes for a situation where you are really tired, do not move. If you are too tired, try some time to rest before the yoga class. And then, if you have, and so make an effort, try to focus in the direction of, the method of Energy. And taking a particular position, less force itself, but more let itself. Yoga – is primarily a balance, common sense, harmony, ability to manage those forces, those tendencies which we already have. Yoga does not call for anything to destroy.

Sometimes people say that’s in me some good qualities and some bad qualities. Yoga says that there is no principle of good qualities and bad qualities in principle. There is simply the inability to use these attributes, ie there is inappropriate use of these qualities, but the wisdom of the just is right to build these qualities. There are some people sleepy, calm and there is, conversely, overly active. And you can just think about how and where it’s used to it all worked per person, ie before to eliminate any tendency to think, and it can not be used on a “Turn defeat into victory.”

If we are engaged in a group with other people, then, oddly enough, it is much easier to do than to engage than to force yourself, especially for beginners. But still, we must develop the ability to deal with on their own. Generally, yoga – it is the science that we must make absolutely clear of that whatsoever. Ie, if you can not attend the group, we should not throw yoga. We should be able to deal with their own.

Which poses and in what sequence performed on hatha yoga?

If you do your own, you should keep in mind the general principle of yoga harmony. We carry out the exercise and the effect of this exercise causes any one group of muscles to tighten and relax different muscle group, for example, in one part, we bent over, it is quite natural and harmonious, if the next exercise will be in the opposite direction. It is not an absolute law, but this is natural. He leaned to one side, then leaned over to another and turned to one side, then turned to the other. On the other hand, sometimes we feel that we should make an effort just to one side. Sometimes the feeling in our body, when the body itself asks for more, more, and now I have this posture bend, now another bend in the same direction. Of course, we must first listen to the sensations of your body. It is clear that over time you will begin to feel the finer inner spirit, his inner state and accurately determine what position for which should be built. In any case, if you are just starting to practice yoga, you should explore as many different poses as possible, ie, If you are doing at home, it makes sense to do one week one group poses, the second week – the second group poses. And so for about 8-10 weeks, you will move all the basic poses. And then start from these poses are those combinations that directly come closest to you. Those. First we study all possible postures that are just there, and then start to combine them in any group directly help ourselves achieve this or that effect and also monitored. We track not only the action of one posture, but also monitored for himself action of the sequence of poses. It so happens that the one doing the pose, the second, third and any effect on the output is, and then a little bit to change this sequence, and the effect is somewhat different. Yoga encourages us to trust ourselves and keep track of the action that we have. And by tracking the action, use it somehow to their advantage. Again, if we know that by doing this or that position, we are better able to cope with various challenges, it is necessary to mark them for yourself. While that such hard law in yoga there is, what position should for a walk.

If you go to class on Hatha yoga, the instructor you have finished giving the sequence of poses.

Related factors when doing yoga.

How much sleep as many have, that is, and so on?

First of all, yoga is no violence on themselves, and harmony. Sleep should be so much that you will be able to sleep. In today’s world there is an a point of view that the less you sleep, the better. It is questionable statement, because we all live in a stress caused by the changed conditions, and sometimes our body is not possible to recover.

It was good in ancient times, at sundown all went to bed. And now you can, day and night, round the clock watch TV, use the computer with the light on. So sometimes our mind is overheating, the body needs extra rest. Sleep should be as much as it is necessary to restore your physical and mental strength. The number of hours of sleep in different people may differ materially. Someone 6:00 enough, someone 8 hours and someone and 10 hours is not enough, especially at certain times of life. This can be due to numerous factors. Exercise is even not the most important, here plays a big role mental load.

The same goes for food. Yoga does not require from you that you become vegetarians. We understand that if you eat non-vegetarian food, it is connected with many questions, or rather two large groups of questions. The first group – it is a moral and ethical questions, the second group – these are questions of how useful or harmful. Those. moral and ethical – is acceptable as there are bodies of killed animals. Useful or not – this is how the same meat diet is more useful or harmful than vegetable. These are complex issues, trivial. Neither the first nor the second. Even if you eat a vegetarian diet, then at the same time also killed a huge number of any innocent living beings. It is simply impossible in the conditions of modern technology to grow something vegetarian, so for this one is not paid. In the same way as when you eat non-vegetarian food, and die living beings. In any case we can not be reduced by 100% damage from his stay on Earth, we can only try to minimize it. But at least the minimum, too divisive. And it may well be times that any product or biologically pure cereal grown, led to the deaths of many more sentient beings, rather than immediate slaughter. We do not see all the many causal relationships. Therefore, it is a difficult question.

The same situation with respect to the harm and benefit. There are also many factors that are not so obvious. Sometimes all sorts of substitutes, or foods at first sight completely vegetarian, but they are many processing steps that by their action they can cause a much greater number of disorders rather than a piece of meat that you eat. Therefore, yoga does not call you in three days to become vegetarian, or vice versa, to lean on meat food. Yoga just urges you most in your life apply the principle of kindness or first principle of yoga; and the second principle – the principle of common sense, the principle of expediency.

In each case, for each individual, the conditions in which he lives and will answer to this question is quite different. Yoga against any extremism. Yoga believes that if people will refuse to use in food meat products, then they will come to it naturally. Moreover, once a person begins to practice yoga intensively, and he does go in the processes, then it gets easier and easier to give up eating meat. Because that’s how we built the whole cooking that equivalent replacement until recently was not. But in terms of practical, yoga gives just a recommendation – if you come to the table, the table is made to a variety of all sorts of goodies that you could eat, and on the one hand vegetarian food, and on the other – the meat. But not in taste, not for any other quality you can not tell them apart, then, of course, you should choose a vegetarian. But if it is not equal to the selection, then do as you used to do. In any case, the last word is yours. And yoga does not call on Monday to start a new life. To this we must come gradually.

How to combine yoga with a regular job?

In ancient treatises on yoga in this regard stated clearly enough that a person who practices yoga should not work too much, but at the same time and not have to mess around. Both these extremes have a negative impact on the practice of yoga, so if you are a workaholic and excessive running 14 hours a day, that is, whether the point? If there is, can be, and continue to work. And if not? It may be wiser to cut up to 8 hours? The other side, when a man says, “All that I now do yoga, what kind of work?” He dismissed from work, all this spiritual too much time to his person. As shows have a more modern experience, it is a dead-end path of such a person very quickly it turns out, as they say during the Soviet era, a parasite. That he was gone from one job and the other is in no hurry. Month in no hurry, second, third. And then he had a desire to work fully with all disappears. He is starting to feed all kinds of soothing things that I now do yoga, to grow spiritually. And in fact, it is an attempt to cover up their own laziness.

Practical lesson.

Several exercises. So, where do we start? Always highly desirable to remove, clean the place where you will be engaged. Now we will do this procedure. We are his hands, as it were, wipe the entire rug. Let’s do that. Those. as if we were dust swept away with it, or as if it were impregnated with his own energy, ie, prirodnyaem rug or place where we have been.

We sat down on the mat. Sitting can be different. Only to back, neck head were straight. Straighten your back, neck, head, close your eyes and relax your body, relax your face, mentally let go of the situation. It’s always good to remember that we must allow the universe to do its part. We did our fair, is now the universe has to do their part. And the less we intervene, the more effective it will finish what we started.

Now we go back. And now would be a good stretch, you can throw your hands behind your head. We yawn and stretch and toes away from you, pull over. Thoughts in my head there, gives sensations, tensions that have been removed.

And right now you can move on to yoga exercises. The first exercise will do right out of this position. Has thrown his hands behind his head, once more pull. Now bend at the waist, arms, hands grabbed my legs. In this position, it is desirable that your knees are straight. Sometimes it can be left, right poperekatyvatsya, stretch the muscles. Those. feeling of naturalness, harmony. Imagine yourself a small child. And now we do by energy, ie We took about posture and further forward, as far as we will be pleased to stronger and stronger to do it. It is clear that everyone will turn out differently. Someone much more sag, some less strongly. In fact, yoga is not to say that someone is doing something right, who is wrong. It does not say that someone better, someone worse. We remember that in general there is no one around, ie, We are working on themselves, and there is no one around! Only our inner world, our inner feelings.

Again, it is helpful to surrender these feelings to avoid the chatter in your head, that is, we are again squeezing sensations all thought. If you feel that we should be a little harder to do, we do. If you feel that it is necessary to weaken, weaken, ie This method of Energy. We trust the feelings. We experience the joy of performing. The method of energy is important not in a hurry. Allow for a long time to be in position. As stated in the ancient treatise about accept a pose and wait, when awakened energy through the senses itself tells you how much more need to bend, ie, Energy trust as a caring mother. This method of exercise for women.

But it took a while and now we begin to make the method of Consciousness – male method. We are already beginning to gradually make ourselves closer to the legs, but it should be fun in the background, ie, we win and enjoy yourself. And do such attempts: strongly strongly, then relief; such portions. But if in the first case as if we were given feelings, but now we have to forget about feeling. We now see themselves as like to look and make your body obey. Unlike the method of Energy Consciousness method does not require so much time, and requires considerably less time. So we decided that enough already performed this pose. Neatly come out of this pose, quietly, gently, and lay down.

We lay down and give time to the efforts that have gone smoothly. So we spend some time as it deems necessary for us. Again, not too long, not to relax, but not too small, so that the muscles have time to recover from the previous voltage.

And now proceed to the second exercise. Naturally, if we previously bent in one direction, now would be nice to do an exercise in deflection in the opposite direction, ie, we lay down on his stomach, and is now doing another pose. Bend your knees, palms of hands grab his legs. And note, we just lie down. Some are wondering, they are thinking, what is this yoga pose, just lie? Yes, just lie down, it is one of the most effective positions, ie we ourselves not really compel, not particularly bothered, we just lie down. But the very fact that we are in this position, even without stress, the very position it is beginning to have on our health effects. Somehow, there is a misconception that definitely need to somehow exert in Yoga that was healing effect. This is not true. If we perform the exercise by the Energy, enough about even take a pose, that’s just about, and it remains.

As in the previous exercise, to surrender completely to the sensations, as if squeezing sensations thoughts out of my head. In yoga, it is believed that thoughts are very voracious. Every thought consumes a significant amount of our life force, so if we even slightly reduce mysleobrazovaniya process, then this energy will go quickly for the restoration of our forces. Once again – there is no one around, do not worry about how we look, do not appreciate themselves. Especially not appreciate others. Completely surrender and go into your inner universe, in his inner world. We work only for themselves, not for the public, not on the part of the viewer. There are no third-party viewers and can not be. How ever you look, you look great. Sometimes people think, “But I’m going to look in a particular position? And suddenly people will laugh at me? What if I do something wrong doing? If you have such thoughts, know that this is the wrong idea. Throw away those thoughts out of my head. They are on the contrary not allow you to achieve harmony and the right feeling.

It took some time, and now you want to perform this same exercise, but only by the Consciousness. And here’s a good idea to get yourself a little bit and a little bit more sag in the back. At least a split second stay in the pose method of Consciousness, but not necessarily stay long, we leave. For a while, we come to life. The second time, the third time. And every time we remain in this position for longer and longer. So long as nice. Here is a method of Consciousness, as we like to win yourself, but rejoice. As soon as we feel that it is necessary to go out, we go out. No spectators are working for yourself, it does not care what we look like from the outside.

But we have done and the method of Consciousness less long time. Again rest. Exit the pose, straighten legs. Sensations from the previous posture gradually leave. For a while we enjoy the way out voltage goes some restraint, ie, Here we are just as rocking swing, need to catch this rhythm, this harmony. Similarly, in yoga. Here we just strained, and now we need to relax. And then again to catch the beat, when we once again have to strain.

If we are bent to one side, it is now better to bend the other way. But this is not an absolute law, it is common sense. Now flips onto his back, we begin to carry out the third exercise. We sat down, legs straight in front of us, bend the right leg at the knee and we move the right foot over the left, then turn right in the direction in which the bent knee and handed himself dovorachivat as hard as nice. Exit the pose for a while rest. It can be difficult to determine for themselves what it is, especially after work there is such a nervous state, I want faster, faster, faster … and we do not notice how we put it on slang, “driven by a wave.” Very good take about consider myself a habit. Not until, say, than through 10 begin to do exercise. Sometimes hyperactive and difficult to stop himself. Sometimes passive and sometimes hyperactivity.

But just for a while, we are doing the same thing, but in the opposite direction, staying for a while. Exit the pose. It is understood that one way and the other way is desirable to do roughly the same intervals, so that in one and the other side was the same load. Privately, we can assume for some time. And in the future can be very interesting to do, you can gradually add run-time, and then run time and effort at its own pace. Each for himself will determine how long and how much. We are trying to move already little by little from the method in the Energy Consciousness method. Here we took a nice position, and here I am a little pull baker. The other side is also nice, then slightly pull devil again. And so the left and right. Gradually add the time and effort, so we move on to the method of Energy Consciousness method, the catch here is that’s the point. Where it is necessary to make yourself and where you can afford. Those. make it overcome you. Allow – enjoy it from the posture.

It is no secret that in the future, when a person for a long time engaged in yoga, he experiences pleasure from taking posture. The same as if we sip. Not to mention the more delicate components, such as an internal organ massage or some tension or relaxation in different parts of the body, which is very nice. Generally yoga concept of Hatha Yoga in particular, it is primarily to get the most enjoyment out of your body. Those. Here we have laid in a certain pleasure, and we have to squeeze it. If we squeeze it, we fully realize the ideas of our body and the body healthy, happy, in tune. If we have something nedonapryagaem if some group of muscles we have not strained or vice versa, a certain group of muscles too tense, it is skewed imbalance. We need to eliminate it. But in any case, all very natural, clear, very simple. Trust yourself, trust the feelings, we trust the universe. We try to keep our inner feelings are harmonious, are in harmony with itself and with the outside world. And we never appreciate what we look like. As soon as this evaluation, once there is an internal clip. As soon as there is an internal clip, and the harmony is destroyed somewhere excess energy somewhere disadvantage. Somewhere excess voltage, somewhere disadvantage. And then it goes from day to day, from year to year. So collect all sorts of negatives, stress.

Great. Here we have completed this exercise, and in this spirit that we continue to carry out all the exercises that we currently assigned. The most reasonable that the complex consisted of no less than 7 of exercise, but in fact, even if you do one exercise, it will be great.

Once you have done all the exercises that are outlined, you should take Shavasana pose, posture rest. Lie on your back and look through their legs, sometimes even useful little move them to realize or can not move, it’s nice. Hands peruse. We look through your torso. Houses can speed the transition from browsing the feet to the hands, the hands to the body, to choose their own. His face looked. Condition is as if the person flowed. Being in this state, we have some time. We should like to tame the body. The body is like a frightened animal, and we have to show him that the move will not be that easy all around and he has entrusted to us and will gradually relax.

This may have thoughts in your head, especially if we do after work, feverish thoughts about that, about this. And in the second part Shavasana, we should gradually eradicate thoughts. To do this, we begin to breathe less and less, consciously slow down the breath. If there is no breathing, no corresponding energy, thoughts can not exist without energy. And thus we begin to gradually reduce the number of emerging ideas. This process can be cyclical. Here we held their breath, and then I want to take a breath again, ie, we gradually come to a state where there is no breathing, no thoughts, all relaxed. All state Shavasana, corpse pose, we are dead, there is no any problem, no worries, nothing at all. Here’s the 5 minutes we came out of the universe. We are sure to follow that our mind was not a little tilted or inclined slightly to the left or right. Here, oddly enough, it is very important the position of symmetry. Why? Because if just a little head tilted to the left or right, then there is automatically some nerves in the neck are pressed and relax considerably heavier.

It took time allotted for Shavasana, this may be 3 minutes and 15 minutes, if you do at home, you yourself decide how long to be in this position. And you gradually begin to return to his body. Begins with a breath, then again viewing feet, pointing the attention of its feet. And thus, as it were animate them. viewing their hands, torso, face, finally. Gradually begin to slowly move somehow, to rebound. Do not hesitate to yawn and stretch. Do not control your every move. Here it is what it is, and so let it be. External no spectators in yoga work exclusively on themselves.

For a while we lay there, came to their senses and gently you can take, not in a hurry. Usually the condition is such that the mouth and do not want to disclose and general condition in good passive sense, even. But we are waiting for, as the saying great things, we must return to our world to be nice to work, to communicate with like-minded people, ie live actively. Yoga encourages us to live an active, fully enjoy the pleasures of life. And we must ourselves put in order. You can start with the massage your ears, you can then pat yourself on the whole body with varying degrees of intensity. Hands-legs. And after that, we can hug yourself to one side to another.

Great. That’s the way we did some exercise, it took us about half an hour. Make we had only 3 exercises and posture of rest. In fact, it is also full employment, but depending on whether you have the opportunity to bring up to 7 pos.

That’s the way, as you can see, everything is in harmony, everything is clear. No mystical cosmic surroundings, everything is very simple. No intimidation, no stiffness. All natural, simple and clear. And just this is the secret. What if you find this harmony and get into resonance with this harmony, all the most secret door of your body will be opened. Do not flirt with the other, with the mystical. In yoga, there really are things that seem to us absolutely fantastic. But the approach to these things yoga calls us quite specific reasonable ways.

A treatise on yoga.

It come down to us not so much ancient texts of yoga. Some of them are unknown to the general public, while others are not translated and therefore unknown. But even the part that is known, needs to be adapted, needs to be translated into modern language, because there are a lot of words incomprehensible. Many obscure images. Any treatise on yoga have always written for very specific people with a very specific way of life.

The school tradition Anandasvami preserved treatise called “The story on Hatha yoga” on it filmed. The film did not have nothing to add unnecessary and voiced it in accordance with the content of the treatise, gave some video that you can watch. The film is primarily aimed at people who want to explore on their own or another pose. It includes a description of the item that you want to do. Powered by a sufficient number of them to seriously practice yoga. In addition to the practical part of this film has two rather large piece of serious theory in the field of yoga. Yoga, especially Hatha yoga, is also quite deep philosophical richness. And the beauty of Hatha yoga is that you know this philosophy, or do not know, can still practice yoga Hatha and get a result. Sooner or later there is interest in these primary sources, so those who have not seen this movie, it would be interesting to see it. It says that this method of energy, consciousness method, as they have to alternate? What does the word Hatha? Values have the word enormous amount. And in the film are some of the meaning of the word.

The most important thing – is to practice yoga. Just to tell himself that voleizyavlyayu change your life for the better. In order to effectively change lives for the better, it is desirable to use a tool that has been tested for thousands of years. A Hatha yoga – is a proven tool for thousands of years. And quietly, painstakingly, day after day, to go in this direction. Work either on display or for show, but for themselves. As practice shows, this is the most profitable strategy. Because when we start practicing yoga to improve physical health, we are not even aware that our mental health needs even more attention, and in the disclosure of our creative abilities. Here, they say, all in one package. Physical resulting in a thin, thin to even more subtle.

* Some descriptions of postures of Hatha yoga with comments from Treatise “Narration on Hatha yoga”

In ancient times, many of these descriptions were in Sanskrit in poetic form, ie, in the form of poems. It is clear that to translate into Russian, and even so in verse, it is an impossible task, anyway, at the moment. But in the future, who knows? Here is a small point, as are described in the yoga poses. And when you meet with the modern books on yoga, where a 40-page explanation will be given postures, compare with that look on, and much will become clear *

Treatise “Narration on Hatha yoga” is written in the form of a dialogue between a student and his teacher. This is one of those cases where as a Yoga teacher is a woman, or rather a girl. Interesting love story, when the young man fell in love with the girl, and she was a teacher of yoga. A young man had not practiced yoga. The teacher explains and teaches him. The treatise is a saying, “She said,” (ie teacher).

“She said: This is a pose for the stomach. Lie down on your back. With breath BOAD hands behind his head. Then exhale, bend at the waist and grasp the ankle of his feet, palms of hands. See that your knees are straight. Gives up energy within you current. Then you touch his forehead against his knees. By doing this posture, eliminate all diseases in the abdomen. There is joy in the legs. “

All said no more. Here is a description of postures. Do you know any details that your foot should look at 45 degrees up and 15 degrees to the right. What do you have to repeat the mantra, and some constellation should be in a certain place, and that the person you need to look to the north, and that if your horoscope sign such and such, then you should do this pose from 5 am to 6 am. Nothing extra. Only what is really needed. In fact, the entire description of Hatha yoga without philosophy, without explanation, it is 10 pages.

Here cobra pose. “Oh, nice student, put his body on the floor on his stomach. Place the palms of his hands under the shoulders, lift up your eyes, then slowly raises his head, flex his neck, and then flexes back, help himself with his hands to bend more. So stay, surrendering her energies. Then do everything in reverse to get out of the pose. Yasnaya rage brings this asana in the mind like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise will heal the eyes, the upper part of the spine. Clear consciousness get by doing this asana, awaken forces dormant in the sacrum. “

Note the two proposals on the position, and the rest is all about the benefits that can be obtained by performing this pose.

“Put your body straight to a beautiful litter on his stomach.” Sometimes even the first time and did not realize that meant. “Arrange your palms under your shoulders, inhale and lift your body straight on straight arms, as if the body was straight as a stick. Do this pose and you mobilizuesh your consciousness. If you feel that barely in control of himself, this pose will not let anger get out. This position gives you clarity of mind, hand all diseases it treats. “

And so on, just a few words. It’s very short, very concise, very much alive, of course. No intimidation black karma, or what you have energy in the wrong nostril flow, and you will be bad. Currently contemporary authors to read, they are no longer intimidated and warned, rather than something given.

“The disciple asked, and whether there are dangers when performing Hatha Yoga postures?” The point is that always demonstrates common sense and caution when doing the exercises, because careless student can hurt yourself, even if you just eat a meal, after all can choke. It is important that did not work in Hatha yoga. Follow common sense. Hatha yoga is not for robots has been created, but for the living. Behave in Hatha yoga, like little children playing with my body and not some clever uncles and aunts, who are more clever.

The criterion of success in yoga.

So what is the criteria that you have succeeded in Hatha Yoga? You may begin to think: “If I had not bent, and now the filth and now I have the flexibility was not, and now it appeared” Flexibility can be a purchase, and lose in the future if this flexibility is not moved to a qualitatively new deep level of our body.

In yoga, no one has ever done this, as someone like bends. In yoga, it is believed that our body is perfect for our life. We were born into this world, everyone has a task in life and dreams. Here under these objectives, under these dreams gave us our body. Some people like it, some people do not like very much. Who likes – well, who does not like, well, what can I do? Let suffers. But this does not mean that a person who bends over, that he had better. The criterion of success in Hatha Yoga – this is not some kind of physical indicators. Criterion one – it’s a habit to do. If a person has the habit of doing yoga, all the time working on it. If today does not bend, bend tomorrow. Every time getting better and better, the changes will be. So if you find yourself thinking that you can not live without yoga a day, the body asks, you know you have succeeded in Yoga. You oppression, not oppression, know how to do something, you do not know how to do something. If you feel that you have missed a day, and some feel uncomfortable, what is missing, you know, you essentially have succeeded in Yoga.

How to determine the skills of yoga?

Skill is defined entirely implicitly, and no one from the outside can not determine you are a yoga master or not. If you test oppression or oppression does not work even in the determination of how much you have progressed in yoga, then certainly in the skill level of your definition of it, much less work. First of all, the skill in yoga pose is determined by Shavasana resting pose. Not so, in what unit you were fastened, and by how much you are able to razotozhdestvlyatsya with yourself as you are able to let go, how know how to relax. Here is this and only this is determined by skill. Everything else – things are relative. So, what to say about them is not necessary at times. Think of yoga as something living.

Answers on questions.

Question. At what age can do yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. From the age when the child gets it interesting. Otherwise there will be violence, and violence are incompatible with yoga. But as a rule, begin more or less seriously engaged in years 10. It has more or less consciously. It’s all very individual. But in any case there should be no violence. Sometimes trying to get the child to do yoga. We can not force anyone, we can only show you how it is done, provide an opportunity to all the favorable factors were to ensure that the child involved, but the cause. We’d rather work out his rejection and denial. Best of all, when you are doing and take with their child. He is engaged with you. Here is the most interesting. Or some more interesting activities such as a lot of people. At each other so that all looked.


Question. Why did the sages rather than to transform your body, invented postures of Hatha Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Our body is actually very good tool. In some texts read that some beings have a luminous body, not susceptible to disease and destruction and so forth. Sometimes the temptation to create the illusion. That would be good to have such a body. Yoga tells us next, that the most valuable thing that we have is our physical body, which meets a rough thin. Sometimes it is very hard in meditation to achieve some height, because the degree of abstraction and sophistication of this meditation is so great that it is slipping. At the same time, as yoga teaches us, if we are working on some things, it is even a ritual, something is turned on sverhtonchayshem level, at the level of the physical body. Therefore, yoga is believed that the human body is one of the greatest wealth, the biggest opportunities to make the leap to the level of which in the ancient treatises written on self-knowledge of yoga. This is when the person became completely master of all. It’s too high. Another thing is that our body needs some cleaning, we have to control his body. It’s different, but to reject it, it is quite unreasonable.


Question. Do not it be easier to transform your body, rather than coming up with Hatha yoga poses? If they reached such heights in yoga? Reached self?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Let’s order. Hatha yoga is needed not for those sages who have reached the heights of Yoga. Sages who have reached the heights of Yoga, Hatha Yoga is not necessary, however, as any other yoga. Just as a person who has learned to walk, did not need crutches. But by means of Hatha Yoga, they did and achieved. Any yoga – it is a tool to achieve in the first place. They do not jumped on some level, and then went down to him and began to think of something. No, they were this way and left behind the most effective methods, the most effective tools, which are now referred to different types of yoga. An analogue of this, you invent the airplane. Invented, and flew away. But they left behind drawings, so that people twice, as they say, did not invent the wheel. This is exactly the same and the ancient sages. They passed themselves, and left behind a legacy of, thereby saving us time. This is exactly the method, as the fastest to reach these heights here.


Question. And if there is such a state that does not have to force yourself, but on the contrary, we always want to do yoga. Even when you are at home, reading a book, and the body and wants to work out.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Later, a man who for a long time engaged in yoga begins to catch myself thinking that he is waiting for the hour when there are yoga classes. He handles cases and warm inside his thought that tonight I will come and work out, it is a foretaste of something pleasant. And what’s more, he did not even wait to take up yoga. This is a very good indicator. This is an indication that all is well. What we finally hit upon a gold mine inside or spiritual development that lifts us, eliminating the torment that fills our life with joy and gladness.

The mental representation of people, yoga is some such strange people. In fact, if you do yoga and comes to the flow of energy, you feel the force, do you feel active, you feel the desire to create, to do something. If I meet a yogi who “neither fish nor fowl”, cheeks drawn, that the will of him that slavery still, I have a suspicion that there is something wrong he is. A person engaged in yoga, it is an active person. This activity goes into force of mind, rather than a painful weakness.


Question. How is the process of working on rough through a fine?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is a serious philosophy of yoga, it is that there is a connecting factor between the bodies. In yoga, it is believed that we have in addition to the gross body there is the subtle body, causal body, or rather a group of bodies subtle and causal. As the three nesting dolls each other. Although the size of it is not entirely clear, they are three parallel space. One superimposed on the other. Here are glued together, these three parallel space or the three dolls, are held together in such a glue, which is called Prana. Flows for which this Prana flows and bonds, these three groups of bodies, called associative. And in this particular embodiment, at the level of the subtle body, is that in yoga called channels – Nadi, which flows Prana. First comes an associative link to the subtle body level, it acquires a thin mothers receiving this channel – nadi. At the gross level it is cluttered and roughly corresponds to our nervous system. That’s the rather complicated way we are organized, however, working on a rough, we through a chain of associative links, through a chain of channels start to work on fine. Acting on a subtle, we begin to work on the thinnest. It is for this reason that yoga leads including to intellectual development. That is, acting on the rough, we force including Prana indirectly somehow work at the level of the fine. Just at that level where our psychic, mental symptoms are presented to a greater extent. And finally, at the deepest level, the so-called level of the causal body, is quite thin structure of our body, so that’s including even at their level. Therefore, yoga sometimes helps in eliminating those mental disorders, when nobody and nothing helps. There are people with unstable mentality. More often than we would like. Unfortunately, sometimes even doctors give them up. Sometimes, teaches yoga, the reason is at a very subtle level, the level of the causal body, to get to him very hard. But acting on the gross physical, we both indirectly through the subtle working on the causes and thus you can at least do something. Thus, by acting on a rough, we are working on those points of cross-linking between the gross and subtle, and so we are working on fine. From subtle to causal. Indeed, a person engaged in yoga and receives the result in mental and mental. I must say that all explained in yoga. Unfortunately, not all the explanations come down to us. Part of the explanation is lost, the part we can reconstruct, reproduce, part really well preserved. Above some part still have to consider.



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