2008.07.27 Seminar Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga.

Today is July 27, 2008, we are in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. Today we have a seminar on hatha yoga. All information on this site: http: // www.openyoga.ru, http: // www. yogacenter.ru.


When we hear the word yoga in the West, and we have – 80% of it would be Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga – is one of the most common sections on yoga. The doctrine spread in the West, because they are more susceptible certain actions, they are not up to philosophy, the Western people like to experience specific sensations. Therefore, in the west it is Hatha Yoga has spread, not karma yoga, not Raja yoga, not Jnana Yoga. Attempts to spread the yoga to the West were repeatedly had such a teacher Swami Vivekananda, who as early as the 19th century began to spread the teachings of yoga, but I must say the success is not achieved. Hatha yoga is the science which helps to take a step in yoga. Hatha yoga can be taught to anyone. In the east, this teacher used. Hatha Yoga – a very good foundation for the study of other yogas. Now we touch on the traditions of our yoga school. Firstly, it should be noted these schools, which denounced the traditions of Hatha yoga to us, not so much. One of the fundamental treatise on yoga – a treatise on Hatha yoga, which is written in the form of a dialogue. I read this all just to cheer. One of them – a narrative on Hatha yoga, the conversation is between the student, his name is Adya, and his teacher, which is very rare. The student is also the beloved teacher. In a question and answer explanations are given, how and what to do.


The subject of Hatha yoga.

The subject of Hatha yoga is this, the first step – a person takes position and stays there for a while. With human metamorphosis steps. Gradually disappear the disease, the person becomes stronger and more resilient. The second stage: the human mind becomes more stable, he catches an unusual bond between inner feeling and the physical body. Power thought he knows how to control physical processes. Finally, the third step: what if a person begins to realize that his intellectual power begins to grow, beginning to reach some moments that used to it did not reach. After this level opens the way to higher roads of yoga.


* Now let’s do something: Lie down on your stomach all. Now each of you will feel your body, listen to the sensations of the body, some areas felt more clearly, some vaguely more. But there is still a feeling inert. Adopt one today pose, lift your body straight arms, continue to observe the internal state of health, will soon head you will begin to manifest clarity. You will begin to notice how the extent that, as you do the exercises, clarify the mind will be coming and coming. Taking a particular pose and holding it comes to inner clarity and sharper mind starts to realize something more clearly highlight. Now, let’s bend your knees, wrapped her arms around them and rotted, stay for a while. This effort resulted in what that clear, but in a different shade. *


Pain through Hatha yoga.

The physical body is directly linked to our subjective sense of being, as well as mental activity. Our natural state – it is a feeling of joy, but, unfortunately, we do not always succeed, it is the feeling of joy, it disappears, and that the Hatha Yoga helps to restore us to this state, Hatha Yoga does not introduce anything new, it only eliminates breakage, not it is necessary in itself to invent something, you need to open it, that is. Tension, relaxation caused damage to wash its hands, the longer you are in the pose, the damage quickly eliminated. When all the defects are eliminated, further hatha yogi can practice yoga, or may not do. If we are constantly engaged, there comes a time that damage are all gone and never returned. These breakdowns are building our pattern of life, and we are so accustomed to them that it seems natural. Once again remember the moment: Hatha yoga does not bring anything, it eliminates the pain. Man gets used every day in pain, he thinks it should be. Yoga says that if we eliminated within itself all the distortions, imperfections, if we produced natural background of being a person experiences the joy of being Second Based, causeless joy of life, when you just live and rejoice when the harmony with the universe. Man is still as it includes people who had elevated natural background being. Inside the yogi there is no struggle. As soon as you do not care, you begin to achieve all that you want, because everything relaxed attitude. In fact it is the concept of karma. Negative thoughts – a karmic consequence of his actions. Calm and natural opens the door in front of you all. Catching Hatha Yoga, we experience the sequence: here we have had a low background that is not going as it should, there was a natural joy of life, the person starts to practice Hatha yoga – scattered all defects, and it rises to a new emotional state, the passage of time on he tumbled new flaws. It’s all cyclical moments: up and down, up and down. It’s our karma dancing, doing yoga, we eliminate all the shortcomings that we have accumulated, it’s like an archaeologist removing layers, in this sense, we are all the imprints of their actions.

These ups and downs happen to that beautiful moment, when suddenly and exaltation and fall was smaller, and the inner background of being raised and the person starts to live on an equal level. From this moment begins the stage of yoga, when upbeat background always remains, even if one does not already engaged in Hatha yoga.


* Let’s all sit down, and the mind’s eye will review your life, which is right now. Willy nilly, all our hopes, expectations and aspirations, as if they put pressure on our emotional state, and as a result we are drawing in, frightened, annoyed, something attracts us to the contrary. *


Imagine for a moment that everything to which you aspire, you’ve got to have disappeared all the aches and pains, to fulfill all your desires. For nowhere strive, because strive not to anything. You have no more problems. Generate in a state of happiness, if that was all. Hatha yoga is the science, if you want a panacea for this smooth foundation. And there is such a rule, to teach a person to some subtle practices, it is necessary to train it first Hatha yoga.

Imagine that each one of you decided to go to college and studied advanced mathematics, you will find that the head does not assimilate all that is written in the textbooks. Our thought processes and the state of the physical body are very closely related. If you start to study mathematics, it is you go with a bang in a state of clarity. Our intellectual abilities require energy. When we have low background, we do not have enough of this energy. Therefore, if you want to grow wiser – hatha yoga.

In yoga, we are faced with things that are higher than logic, and to approach this, our minds should work best. Hatha Yoga – a physical exercise, but the result is not physical, magical result.

Who has any questions, please.


Answers on questions.

Question: If a person is engaged in gymnastics, why he does not get such a result, as in yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s all about how to do the exercises. It’s like a different key to one lock to get into the castle, we need a certain key, but not all. From life to life, we have something we collect, yoga says, why do we live thousands of lives, we take from all positions, gather together, and one key will open the lock. There is some vector in the universe, if one does not go, it start to drag. Knut comes quickly, and it will make a person to move. Therefore, the difference lies in the fact that the effects of yoga thought, this is some linkage between the gross physical and subtle. The athlete or acrobat does not listen to him, he loses the connection between the gross and subtle.


Question: The person who finds Sidhi, keeps the habit of doing yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As a rule, it deals with other yogis, if he suddenly feels the need – he does Hatha yoga.

On planet earth a lot of marginal sects, in one of the marginal sects believed that mom and dad – it’s the evil monsters that captured disembodied soul in physical form, and forced to live. Or a different approach: the physical body – a vessel full of filth, and that it is necessary to mortify the flesh, so that it can not be tempted, but the flesh is tricky, the more it dries up, the more it demands of its.

This is a very dangerous moments neglect the fact that we have been given. We all live here in the physical body, when the body is sick, it’s like shackles. Ancient treatises teaches that if realign our physical body can gain the ability to levitate.


Question: how to move from one stage to quickly occur? For example, if the work does not go to the third stage means something somewhere is not it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga does not bring anything, it opens only that we already have, it does not reveal something artificial, and all artificial fixes require different techniques can open up creativity, but suffers another physical body for the individual, and someone on the contrary. Hatha yoga brings us to higher knowledge.

I want to draw your attention once again to one curious fact that sometimes we live, and we feel that we are somehow life, and we did as we can not understand that our physical body – an important part of our lives. Many of the problems arise because of the fact that our emotional physical background is so low that any fly turns into an elephant. Therefore, the factor of our physical body is very important. If a person is ill, and he will not whine and go, vstrepenetsya, he has other eyes look at those things that previously caused him terrible depression.

Always there is something elusive that can only be achieved through hatha yoga, and is very important habit, she paradoxically, is very valuable and remarkable.

The criterion of success is not how people bend, not what he is doing the pose, and the habit of doing yoga. If the habit is growing every day, we can say that you have achieved success.

The first thing that we have to remember – this is what Hatha Yoga does not bring anything, and the second point – the criterion of success in Hatha Yoga practice will do. The third point – is the ability to relax, this is the so-called Savasana, which shows the reverse side, to understand the extent of what a one it is necessary to measure something – in the opposite, it is such a dialectic in yoga. In the rest position, you start to forget about your body, as if it you were not there.

You may wonder where this Hatha Yoga come from? Why Indians saved it, and anywhere else it is not preserved. Not only survived for one reason: for centuries there were many epidemics and wars. As they say not to fat to be alive. It is generally believed that yoga has come to us from India, countries range is wide enough really. The word India understood the three countries – it is actually India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This whole vast space was yoga. When we talk about India, we understand the big circle. The source of this range is somewhere in the Himalayas. Before we reached the system, which lived around here. Question: How come down to us this knowledge? It came from teacher to student, in parallel through ancient texts. In the future, the knowledge came to the West and became distorted. In the West, yoga instructor can dramatically improve student said that the posture is performed incorrectly. In our school tradition Anandasvami, if the teacher allows himself to make such statements, he kicked out with a bang, it is believed that there is no such thing “to do Hatha yoga is not correct.” In all ancient treatises as our yoga school, and not ours, even the mention of it is not.

Once Hatha yoga came up and gave her the basis of some principles of the human body of the device. Any exercise in Hatha Yoga can be clearly deduced from what is called the axiomatic yoga, and we can very accurately determine where the notion introduced by contemporary authors.

I have a few things axiomatic to state – that we are, according to the teachings of yoga. Now I’ll draw yoga. There sits he is happy, because he was always good. Yoga teaches that our natural state – a state of joy and happiness, all other artificial state. Yoga says that in addition to the physical body there are two groups of bodies, and two physical bodies. They seem to overlap. Any cross-linking point, wherein the body interact. These points are sometimes referred to as chakras. Here are three of the body, and there is such a thing as prana, it is the glue permeates everything holds together. Question: where is our self? Yoga says that our self-terrestrial, it is above the notions of space and time. From this it follows that our I can be everywhere and nowhere. It can occur anywhere, our I, teaches yoga, it powerful, nothing can harm him, his natural state – a state of happiness.

Our Coupled with our three bodies. Our I’m not aware of itself, it does not know what it is in itself, so it identifies itself with the bodies: from the gross, subtle and causal. Connect it with the bodies of associative links. These are our three bodies permeated with prana, and where it came from? Prana is a very interesting thing, it can show itself and the consciousness and the energy. One of the most serious issues in yoga. In association prana flows are directed through our bodies and do not give them disunite. If suddenly the thread breaks prana – death occurs. Once I tied myself to the bodies, feeling the joy of being artful image divided itself and begins to destroy itself, and feels the pain as discomfort as dismal level of being. We remember the first part of our workshop. When a person begins to practice Hatha yoga, he intuitively find the place where the clash of heads together, it eliminates the effects of this and eventually the person has a natural background joy. Yoga should you bring to the joyful natural background. If it does not, then you do not teach yoga. And once again I remind you – yoga adds nothing. It is necessary to give yoga in such a way that the person not to catch, not frightened. Everyone should catch a harmonious feeling postures adopted, and it does not matter how it looks from the outside, you’re not on the public, you work for yourself. The royal road to yoga, this is when you know what you’re doing.

Q: If everything is in yoga about why it while teaching, a person can do at home?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very well, if a person begins to study at home, that’s the whole problem: not enough willpower to make yourself, not enough sense of these processes is not enough understanding of harmony. When we are at home, we do not know what to expect from yoga, when a person begins to engage in one, he admits the mistakes, about which I spoke to you, man thinks, the more he does now, painful and terrible, the better for his health . When a person comes to class, he immediately falls in the right atmosphere. At first, a better deal in the hall, in the latter assumed self-study at home.

We have considered you a soft harmonious method, energy method, but there is another method, which in some ways seems to be just the opposite, and in some – the same principle of harmony in it observed. This method of consciousness, or a male method, that is, where it is necessary to force yourself. You should see yourself, your mind’s eye see yourself already perfect yogi.


* Now let’s method of consciousness perform a pose, lie down on your stomach, bend your knees, grab the ankles, this bow pose. We make an effort and take a pose, according to our picture of the correct execution of the postures. At first glance, this method is completely contrary to what I have said here, and I said: “My friends, listen to feelings, change yourself for a body,” and here I immediately said, “Take a pose.” And the question immediately arises: is that the violence on themselves? And where is the harmony? When you find yourself forced to take a position, you should experience the joy of overcoming himself, he had to attend an internal background victory over himself. *


Thus, there is harmony, but everything happens quickly and decisively. You should understand that – it’s not doing under the lash, and the victory over himself. The feeling of clarity after exercise – it is a feeling of relaxation.

What we can draw a conclusion regarding the school Yoga tradition Anandasvami? What is Hatha Yoga is to bring you back into harmony. But there are two seemingly opposite approaches: one – energy method, where you can afford, and the method of consciousness, where you want to make yourself.

At first glance, the methods are diametrically opposed, but they share a common background, you experience joy and happiness after exercise as a method of consciousness and energy method.


* Let us do another exercise by consciousness have your palms under your shoulders now flexes up, helping himself with his hands, and at the same time, bend your knees, flex and see ourselves as perfect yogis. We leave. *


Another little feature in the method of consciousness: if the method of energy was the key moment, in the method of the time factor of consciousness secondary. You should always feel joy. If we are limited in time, we can always make up for the lack of time by the consciousness.

The question arises: how to perform a pose by consciousness? If the energy method says: approx accept and expect, how to do the method of consciousness? You see somewhere on the image, which is really beautiful, inner eye look, and our body wanted to take this position. We should not care about how it looks externally, in the main. When the two methods are in a row – this is the highest skill in alternation methods. Thus, you will very quickly reach what is called Sidhi.


* Let’s do something by passing: lie down on his back, imagine that you come to work and are very tired, you decide yourself not to force and take power method: to throw his hands behind his head, stretches, yawns, or where you do not hurry, feel full harmony, then you decide to do the exercise. You’re like, palms of hands grab his legs, just the same as it turns out, absolutely do not force yourself, strike a pose, how come and stay in it, squeeze out of your body pleasure, the natural state of happiness.

And then you suddenly decided that the energy method, you will proceed to a method of consciousness, presses itself stronger used and remove this stress, then repeat again, the body resists, does not want to, but you overcome yourself and having fun. We leave and rest. *


In Hatha yoga policies should be designed where a permit, and in some cases to make. In any case, the general background shall be positive. If such a background is not present, it is all that anything but yoga. Sometimes the word is translated as Hatha two approaches: ha and tha, energy and consciousness, and the word yoga translates to union, it turns out one of the possible values of Hatha yoga – an alliance of energy method and the method of consciousness, but aerobatics, when there are two methods simultaneously. Yoga is born on the edge, where you can afford and need to force yourself. Yoga – a philosophy of harmony.

Now a few words on what are distortions in the modern world, at least that I know of in Hatha yoga. There are two camp followers of Hatha Yoga that each other can not stand, some say that it is only necessary to perform based on the methods of consciousness, the other – from the energy methods, some say that it is necessary to perform the exercises quickly, with maximum effort, others say exercise should be carried out smoothly, slowly. As a result, people do not understand how to do the exercises.

Thus, lamination is started. This, of course, sadly, because in yoga missing their difficulties, but if you have to pay attention to the invented.

The second problem – a performance of postures in Hatha yoga. The different schools, they have different names. One and the same exercise is called by different names. Some names do not have a name as such, they are simply translated from Sanskrit, and like it as its own unit. Here in this form has reached us of Hatha Yoga, and thank you for it.

Hatha Yoga Poses for the most part fairly simple. There are, of course, difficult, but they are not always decisive. If you simply perform posture with the right attitude to them to alternate in a certain way, then you pick up the key to the lock.

The principle of harmony prevails throughout. Often people ask, and how long do the exercises, and how to rotate them, and how much time to spend on yoga? The answer to all these questions will be harmony.

For a person who is engaged in yoga, it is extremely important holiday. Yoga – the science of a long-term, it is expected that you will be engaged in yoga every day, for many years, and that yoga is not was at the expense of some important cases. Yoga should be a perfect accompaniment to your main activity, the only exception is a serious practice, when you have retired a long time and all the free time to devote to meditation practices.

Yoga should not take you too much time. In yoga practice, there are long periods when we are preparing to leap, and there is a time leap. And, too, it is necessary to properly alternate. We must develop the habit of practice every day, and a little better than heaping on themselves unbearable burden. You can select a certain number of positions, and carry out some period of time, gradually change poses and add new ones.

What is an exercise of what should follow?

Regulation is not here, but it is important to compensate if you are arched in one direction, then the following exercise: to bend the other way, but you can change, the one way you are arched, then the other. All that leads to joy – leads to yoga.

How do you understand the yoga system is very flexible. And the most difficult for us, for the University of Yoga – is to prepare the future teacher of yoga and not just a template, according to the scheme do time, do two, do three, and that he has developed the qualities that would allow for different groups people who do a set of exercises, and so they apply to people who have had to deal with would receive the maximum benefit. For modern man wise to do yoga from 40 minutes to two hours, the amount of exercise should not exceed 14, preferably 7-8. Most importantly, as you remember – it’s a habit to do.

It must be all harmony and the need to harmony became a habit. Sooner or later you will begin to understand that you and your body – things are different, and as soon as it comes understanding, you begin to control bodies. The closer we get up to our I, the more there is in our ability to relax our physical body, relax the second stage, when thoughts subside, still feeling. The beauty of Hatha yoga is that there is a flow-through entity – prana, it can manifest itself as energy and the consciousness. When we do something at the level of the physical body, we get the feeling. You must understand that you will feel subjectively. So when asked where the correctness criterion, the answer is the following: if the feelings were harmonious, so it was all right. And this is a purely subjective sensations. Harmony is transmitted to the thin layer, and the subtle energies that destroy blocks and some explained that working on the physical body, and the effect is on a subtle level: head and clearer, and we became calmer.

Finally, the next level. I can not say about him, although it is a very complex topic and the topic is not of this seminar. This causal level. One of the most difficult to explain. It is he who is responsible for all of our unexplainable depression, depression. This explains the numerous phobias. Insider uncomfortable.

For example, the wife is not happy with her husband, or vice versa, is not on ANY KIND engages the finest causal levels, and say that they can not. Oddly Hatha yoga from the gross to the subtlest acts on the causal body, she cleans it, and this is a time saving for the decaying of a young family. It all doomed, unless one of the spouses does not begin to practice Hatha yoga, the other looks at him, and what he is white and fluffy? And it’s contagious.

In fact, it’s contagious, and bad behavior, and good, we are never going to invent a pattern of behavior, we copy. A person who begins to practice Hatha yoga, the energy produced by the internal tolerance. He thus begins to change and everyone else around him.

In Hatha yoga is a list of super-powers, which are opened in man, one of these abilities – the person produces a peaceful and patient and anyone who gets in his field, is not inclined to show aggression and patience. And inside the island is formed are unaffected because it is harmony at the level of the causal body, because I do not care what the reason, I will be happy and cheerful.

Testing the harmony on the rough, you make harmoniously circulate energy on a subtle and causal, and so miracles happen. Please issues.


Q: Where can I buy a little book, which would be all the asanas?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now I will continue this topic. The answer to this question is impossible. The fact that there are innumerable asanas, as much as pos can take the human body, so many asanas, in his treatise “The story on Hatha yoga” a different approach to this issue. It is believed that before you get a human body, a person goes through a series of lives in animal bodies, and formally received the body of a man, he drags a defects on all the levels in which he lived. These flaws just do not give a natural state of being manifested. Each posture eliminates the flaw, which was worked out once. Currently, a small number of fairly important item, because we are all gathered here with the same histories, so we all have the same shortcomings. In the treatises it mentioned that there are about 85 positions, which is practiced person. These postures are presented in the film, which is called “Tutorial on Hatha Yoga.”

And once again, yoga – it’s not something introduced from the outside, the body itself will tell you what you lack.

And one more thing, I do not know where this myth that there is a sequence of postures in the study of Hatha yoga, you need to study some basic poses. That’s Kriya Yoga is a sequence, about Hatha yoga have I never heard or read. Therefore it is not looking for the numbers and looking for the harmony and habit.

* Let’s exercise: lie down on his back, threw his hands behind his head and stretch and bend at the waist, grab the ankles hands, and immediately do the exercises by consciousness, overcome themselves and feel the joy, we do stress remove tension and everyone at their own pace, keep themselves now, feel the harmony, the body asked to be stretched. We exit the pose, rest.

There is a wave of relaxation, a wave of clarity. Flips on his stomach, hands under shoulders have flexed upward. The method of consciousness make ourselves, strengthen the time, the body resists, spit on the body, mind clarity and elation, come out of the pose. A second rest and immediately flips on his back, threw his head straight legs, feet touch the carpet, leave. And now every time we add the time and effort each time a victory over, we leave. A few seconds rest, then flips onto his stomach, bend your knees, buckled up, go out, and each time more and more. Done. Lie on belly, lift your body straight, keep clear head. We leave, a little rest, sit down. Here we are now doing the exercises method of consciousness for about 10 minutes, and it seems that time is spent more. So it is possible to compensate for the lack of time. *


Q: When should I practice yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga can be practiced when you are comfortable, preferably every day, if not possible, then at least twice a week, is extremely favorable hours yoga – it’s in the morning and evening. If possible before going to take water treatments, or rub the body with a damp towel if you sweat while exercising, sweat can be absorbed by the body. It is advisable to practice yoga without being severely hungry.

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