2007.11.25 Seminar Hatha Yoga


Today we have a November 25, 2007. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we in KC “Awakening” near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. All information is archived on the website www. openyoga.ru, www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru. this seminar we have for the Open University of Yoga.

We start our seminar on hatha yoga. We need to work out this issue at a practical level. In the West, when they say Yoga – primarily meant it Hatha yoga.


What is Yoga?

Ask people on the street what yoga is – and most will tell you that this is when people take any exotic poses, tied knot, standing on his head, lie on a bed of nails … etc. As a rule, it is all sorts of exercises with your physical body. It is a stereotype perception of yoga. And this is true, because to this day the most well preserved it is Hatha Yoga – the yoga static exercises, when we take different poses and hold them, as opposed to others, such as Kriya Yoga, pranayama yoga. In kriya yoga – the dynamics, in pranayama yoga – breathing movements in Hatha yoga – is a static body position. It so happened that the word yoga is Hatha Yoga lived. Although, as there are manifestations of human life, so there is a different types of yogas. Just so happened that Hatha Yoga is better preserved, as the most popular.

Today we will deal Hatha yoga, which is a set of static exercises that are a perfect set, a panacea for the solution of many physical problems, to enhance brain power, to improve the living conditions for health, for the feeling of joy and happiness.

Therefore, before we go to consider Hatha yoga, a brief look at the background of its occurrence.

The history of yoga from an academic point of view.

If you read ancient myths, ancient texts, you will notice that the concept of the word yoga and hit man “stick together” in ancient treatises. Moreover, the concept of “Hatha Yoga” touch to such a concept as asceticism – is when a person would be alone in a deserted place for a long time, very long time, then on the one hand and stood, then with outstretched leg, in some uncomfortable position and in people’s minds they just called – Hatha yogis. But significantly – those people who have practiced asceticism – they reached some other purposes other means. Although there is a common area intersection with Hatha yoga.

Then, if you start to be interested to know academic science in relation to yoga – you come up sooner or later with the six orthodox systems of India (and so they are classified by scientists). Emphasis many areas, including here the six orthodox systems, one of which is called – Yoga. Therefore, in scientific circles, the word “yoga” – to understand one of the orthodox systems of India. And once pronounced the word “yoga” immediately pops up a text called the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.” There was a wise man who was called by Patanjali, who wrote these sutras. It is concise, no unnecessary words. If you collect all the sutras, you get a few pages, so it is very hard to understand.


Patanjali highlighted the eightfold path of yoga, 8 steps by which man should climb to the heights of Yoga.

That’s just what we have called Hatha yoga – static body exercise – it is just the 3rd degree. First comes the pit – it is a code of human interaction with the environment, the second stage – Niyama – is a set of rules for himself. Pit regulates human life in society, niyama regulates its internal life, and the third stage – asana – later became known as yoga. Some, however, united by the word yoga 2nd and 3rd stage. But at the present time can be divided Hatha yoga and pranayama yoga.

So – this third stage is called – asana (translation – a pose, but it is meant for meditation posture, ie, comfortable, where you can stay for hours without discomfort). All variety of postures (thousands) came later. All the postures of Hatha yoga are intended to develop the physical condition, and remove all the discomforts, the imperfections of health and so on. So that people could sit in the same position with the spine straight to meditate for hours without discomfort, and that nothing prevented and not distracted. Here, the key point – it is the spine. Therefore, in some schools, it is believed that the spine is a kind of axis around which revolve all the asanas.

In the days of the Vedic Yoga bordered on asceticism. When a person is removed in one fixed posture could stand sometimes for months. Then, in the days of Patanjali this section asanas excelled in the ability to achieve sustainable sitting meditation. And only later – provides a detailed description of these same postures. And the posture is not only meditation, but simply for the development. And come down to us the most detailed and in good condition description came from this section as a yoga tantra yoga.

Most currently available treatises “Gheranda Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, “Shiva Samhita”, “Goraksha Samhita.” There are more detailed descriptions of the item, but all of these treatises are thoroughly imbued with the influence of Tantrism. In the west, now there is even a view that its development Hatha Yoga has received it under the influence of Tantrism. All this from an academic point of view.

At this seminar, I will use the information from other sources, that the scientists do not cause much confidence, because these are the sources that are transmitted from teacher to student, and nobody knows how they were formed – and it is non-authoritative for the scientific community. But in terms of practical yoga – all yoga, which is currently working – this is such a yoga, which is more precisely described in practical issues, rather than what happened where and how to develop.

In different books the same postures are called differently. So – there are only very few poses with established names. Because when the West began to study posture, suddenly noticed, they do not know what to call this or that position. Then we took Dictionary Sanskrit and began to call their own, for example – what it’s like this pose – in a tree! – Look at the word ‘tree’ in Sanskrit. So we called, adding the end of asana and something like that.

And in ancient treatises are no such names. Therefore, possible confusion and maybe some yoga accents will be shifted. There is a real war between groups that adhere to a particular school of Hatha Yoga.

We will not engage in pure theory. Let’s place, lie down on your stomach.

The very first thing – yogi-sufficient.

The very first thing – when you do yoga, you need to become independent from anyone or anything! You must learn to engage themselves at home. Training in groups, at the seminar, of course, greatly accelerates the process, but you should be able to deal with anywhere, on any piece. The room is very comfortable to engage, helps energy of other people. House on the same will have to spend 10 times as much effort. So remember – yogi – is self-sufficient! For classes he needs only warm smooth surface. She checked like that – lie down on your stomach – the state of the floor surface is important! On the nature of power is better, but worse than the surface. For example, the stone will fall under the leg or drafty, cold floor, the smell, it’s distracting. Therefore, necessary and very important – warm smooth surface! You do not need anything! And it must be psychologically natural to the place – the hands begin to sweep invisible speck of dust under your seat.

The closer you are to the class, the faster and more efficient practice is so closely if it is good in the room. Look at India, which are small rooms for yoga.

Try to make a fire in the forest of damp sticks. For one, they do not burn, raw! And together – burn! So there! At the level of interaction we’re done using the same template, we’re integrally on the level of subtle interactions! The closer we get to each other, the process will go faster.

* That you are now lying. Now we have your palms at shoulder and now neatly flex up for a moment, go out of the pose. The second time caved in – has a little bit longer, we leave. And now, each at their own pace, but each time longer and longer. Guided only by their feelings, to be nice. As you know, in ancient India there were no hours, even sand, so the time of exercise was determined based only on their own intuition. Now relax.

You have just made one of the positions, which are more or less retained the same name in different schools – cobra pose (Bhudzhangasana). As it is described in the paths – oh, dear student! Put your body on the floor on his stomach. Place the palms of his hands under the shoulders, lift up your eyes, then slowly raises his head, flex his neck, and then flexes back and help himself with his hands harder to bend. So stay there, surrendering power. Then do it all in reverse to get out of the pose. Yasnaya rage brings this asana like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise heal the eyes, upper spine, etc. That’s all!

So remember the next time – yoga, including Hatha yoga, in describing – is 3-4 lines. All the rest – a comment. I once came across a book which poses description took 20 pages. I realized that this was similar to the theoretical cycling.

The more ancient source – the more it is concise. Transfer should be only the most necessary. The rest – will come by itself! *

* Flips back. Extremely close to each other. Stretch and bend at the waist and grab the ankles, palms of hands. And so we remain. Opinion on the implementation of this posture is very different! This is a different school. Teachers can even correct your posture.

In our tradition, it is considered as follows: the person speaking the word “wrong” illiterate. For the word of teachers disqualified! Because if you do not do a pose, you automatically make another.

The question arises – there is a point of view – all treatises – it notes, and all the most important sacrament – the teacher handed in a personal conversation with the student. Our tradition with this categorically disagree. Teachers do not lie! If they have something to hide, they would be in the same place it is written! That all important given there somewhere. And there are such indications, if there are phrases like: do this pose as you teach your teacher! But this is very small! And the rest, lying on his back. *


Method of Energy and Consciousness method. Harmony in yoga.

And here begins axiomatic yoga – yoga lies in each of us the structure of our body. We are all made for a specific image. Therefore, we must remember that our goal is to give yoga awaken in us. And then there are two approaches – an approach of consciousness and energy approach.

Maternal and paternal approach, if in a different way.

It is this philosophy – that you are doing the pose, could do it in two ways – you could be about to take a pose that was not any discomfort – and enjoy. This approach is the mother, the energy approach. Those. take a position and wait until you wake up in the energy of this position. And you would see that you would want to bend even more – and you gradually, over time, get close to this or that position. Your task – to trust the feelings inside !!!!

The most important thing in the energy approach – a gut feeling, harmonious inner feelings. You squeeze out of your body pleasure, for example, when sipped in the morning.

But there are also the opposite approach – when you are forcing yourself. This is when you want to overcome themselves and thus experience the joy and pride of what you subjugate your own body.

This approach is called the father’s or the approach of consciousness. What is the approach we choose? Here and there is a word – yoga, and one of its values – this union! So, over time, you have to learn to move from one method to another in a single exercise should be a series of successive approaches. And it is on the border of these approaches and is Hatha yoga. If you catch this face between sets, you begin to greatly succeed in Hatha yoga. If you do purely one method, you too will prosper, but not so fast.

* Now we get up, stretch ourselves up, get the most enjoyment. And cant let my head hang out and again to get the most enjoyment. And now we do it with you by Energy.

But there are strict and clear warning in yoga – as soon as the discomfort as soon as something goes wrong – immediately follows position stop performing. Thus, we need to experience the pleasure of performing, or the pleasure of overcoming. But if dizzy, nauseated, stabbed in the side, yoga has to do is meaningless.

Let’s move on to the method of Consciousness – grab the ankles and legs for a moment to make an effort to pull himself. Immediately remove the force, then again a little longer, and so on … Make each at their own pace. And an effort to rejoice! It should be the joy of overcoming himself. Then again, just hanging – the method Energy.

Yoga does not matter how many degrees you have bent. We give this energy to calm down, distributed and spread. *

* And now again lie down on your stomach, bend your knees and grab the ankles, palms of hands. There is no violence on themselves. Getting it to perform the method of Energy. This posture bow. And we have to lie for a long time. It is necessary to squeeze the maximum enjoyment out of your body. Energy method takes time. Internal sensations that are now flowing inside you – this is the most valuable, and your relationship to them. If you grab the them, you will succeed in yoga. Learning theory is necessary before starting to do something, and when you start to do just need to trust their own feelings. Treatises on yoga – it’s like a compass, but no one has said where the river, where the mountains. So – Yoga is a sensitive feeling of the body. And now the time has passed when we apply the method of Consciousness and flex! Leave! Again, relax and sag again, each at their own pace, add the time. And we experience the joy and pride from overcoming ourselves with the efforts. Over time, the extreme position you will be all the longer. Rest! *

As you have noticed – we are bent in one direction and then in another direction. This so-called principle of balance. Yoga – Union. This is what connects the extremes. And making pose with a deflection in one direction, do pose a deflection to another. This is not a law, but a recommendation.

What you need to understand for themselves:

– There are two diametrically are opposite ways of performing asanas – the parent (soft) and father (hard);

– The concept of bhava (inner mental emotional attitude);

If you perform the asana with the internal state of bhava – it’s yoga, if that condition is not, it is anything – stretching, gymnastics, but not yoga. Bhava – joy from performing any pose or overcome by themselves.

– In yoga should be no violence;

Violence, applied a short time, can give some results. But then the violence very seriously revenge. Because the experience of violence, which is imprinted on your causal body, and then gives a complete refusal, unwillingness to practice yoga. Violence is our body does not forgive!

Conclusion: all yoga schools, wherever you were, or will be the dominant method of Energy (which position will have to do for a long time), or with the dominant method of Consciousness (which is all done quickly). All yoga schools can be classified according to these methods. And they can not understand that it is necessary to unite them – where it is necessary to get yourself where it is necessary to afford. They need to be combined! And only at the boundaries of these two methods is the Hatha Yoga!

The student asked his teacher: As master unknown postures? And how to practice already known?

And she said, “Wise men say that the best place to start to learn postures by Energy. As a caring mother feeds her child, and the energy method gives a foothold in beginner yoga exercises. “

Let it will be at least one exercise per day. Then the breast-fed baby and mother care starts to play with my dad. Then we must learn the beginner yoga exercise methods paternal method, the method of Consciousness.

Born a small child, which he at first? – to mom! So we must begin to learn yoga! And wait for when you wake up feeling. That’s just the feeling to wake up and have the energy posture. Concentrate. Feel the warmth of my mother! Better to close eyes and surrender to the sensations. Feel the warmth of my mother, her love. Then the child grew. And here and dad! A strict dad. Teaches order. This is exactly the same, and method of Consciousness. These are the principles of the Supreme! In fact, all these methods have drawbacks if used individually. We talk about it briefly, and then can more detail. You can perform yoga only by Energy. That nice – do hate – do not. You can perform yoga only by the Consciousness. Always make yourself in the morning and until it stops. Usually, by the way, the men follow this method, because believe that yoga – it’s cool and begin to push yourself into thinking that the whole point in overcoming yourself. This is mistake! Both the method will not lead individually.

If you just squeeze the pleasure of your body, it is very easy to succumb to the inertia of some type do-do attitude, and fell asleep. This protects the weasel sometimes, and sometimes creates conditions for inertness. This skewed. At the other extreme – when the permanent method of Consciousness, even if no violence. Here, even if a person overcomes himself and tries to do something that no one can, and proud of himself, that he could it. This is a dangerous path! She eventually blocks the sensation there, where you have to stop and listen, because body during yoga is constantly transformed, he does not sleep, it displays toxins, cleanses the channels removes fingerprints of the unconscious, and we hold ourselves and do not give this process to go and reach the wall effect. Being in constant tension, the man himself hinders progress. And very few have enough wisdom to abandon the ambition, the feeling of their own toughness. And it’s a trap on the path of yoga. We did not succeed in yoga, if we do not change the outlook on life. Where it is necessary to go ahead, and where it is necessary to bypass.

And once again – only at the junction, on the union of these two methods of yoga is born! For the birth of the child need mom and dad!

The most important points to avoid mistakes – your inner state during exercise! If this condition is not, it’s just a sophisticated stretching. Despite the fact that we each asana affects the gross physical body – indirectly, we are working on our fine structures, primarily on your feelings and your mind. Most interesting is that performing a particular posture of Hatha yoga, we internally rearrange your mind.

And the mind begins to be more refined, more powerful, and the person starts to be more forceful, more purposeful, his intellectual power increases, begin to escalate feelings. Thus, by acting on the gross physical body, we get the effect, as well as on the gross physical body (inflated slender body), and a lot of effects in our inner world outlook perception, mind. So, if there is only a physical component that … I do not know what it may be – can, of course, and yoga to name but a huge arsenal of the opportunities that we could get – we just throw away.

And once again – trust your inner feeling, that inner harmony that is within us. Here we are doing and want to do. If it is, all will be well, if not – it is bad.

Finally, we have examined, there are two approaches to the implementation of poses of Hatha Yoga, and that only on their border, where the parent method becomes the method of his father, or vice versa, and that only here on this side there is a wonderful state, which is called yoga, and it is very quickly transforming virtually every cell of our body, literally every thought begins to act. And if we go to one or the other extreme, we have the risk that we do not completely squeeze out all of yoga is that it lies within. And when you come up with disputes between different schools of yoga, you should be aware that they are arguing from scratch. And the more people involved, the more tolerant and tolerant of different points of view, it should be. Because he understands that yoga is much higher, and that it is just at the exit of these methods.

Now we have a little to be done yoga.

* Lie on your back, bend your knees, hands behind undertake ankles, lift your lower body, flex back. Being in this position, we do it by Energy. We descend to the floor.

Several explanations – have posture, where you can clearly distinguish the method and the method of Energy Consciousness and have posture, where it is very difficult to say that it is necessary to strain it in its extreme positions. Here you stand on your head, for example; you can be completely relaxed, and the method can be strained Consciousness. There’s the main thing – balancing. Therefore, sometimes the method of Consciousness and Energy method into each other, not because you are tense, and therefore how long you are doing. That is, if you did pose for a moment, and rest – it is a method of energy, and if made and frozen for a long time – it is a method of consciousness. And here in this position for a moment, you caved and relaxed, energy is redistributed. Now again we caved in and tightened on a little longer. Come out. And so each time longer. But do not forget to rest between efforts and then, gradually, you will proceed to the method of Energy Consciousness method. Hand position can be any. We try to touch the floor behind your head, if you can not, then do so as it turns out. If you touch the floor behind your head, you try to keep your feet were straight. We are in position as long as nice, if you feel uncomfortable – go and have a rest on the back. Start with one second and then every time we add time.

And what kind of energy in question? What needs to be redistributed? It’s just a figure of speech. The energy within us is defined as our emotions, feelings, emotions. Here, the energy – the feelings and processes that occur in our time. And you can not say that something is being done during the postures correctly. This negates the whole effect of yoga. No matter what position and how you’re doing. The main thing – a harmonious feeling in the process.

Do not pay attention to the frightening warning in later editions of yoga. All this is not so. No matter where to look left big toe during exercise. The main thing – a sense of harmony. Each pose has a huge, including a therapeutic effect, but how – is a complex issue, because fine structures involved, which we are presenting and do not have. *

* End the execution of postures and carefully sit down on the floor with legs extended forward. Right leg tightens to itself, is transferred through the left thigh. Gently rotate your upper body to the right and tried to turn back as far as possible. Making method of energy, avoiding pain and discomfort. Now for a moment all the Freeze and analyze their situation. Half of you did the body turn left, not right, and that’s fine. The man never hears ears. No teacher will not interrupt you and say in our school – “wrong”. I wanted you to turn in that direction – then you should be so. Then notice – he corrected. How would you do – the very fact that you just do – you do have quite! This is another yoga principle. We leave from this position and do the same things the other way. For a moment we are staying, we leave. And now we do to the left, to the right, gradually adding time. And here it is up to you – how long to spend time in the pose. *

The outer world has disappeared. Here we would like the method and the method of Energy Consciousness mix. Two ways – the first way – how long we are in the one side, the other side, the second way – how much we curl up your spine. If we do this gentle way and get the most pleasure from the simple position of the body, it is – the method of Energy, if we make ourselves right now, and while we rejoice that we are here – all we can, then it is a method of Consciousness. And our task is to catch somewhere on the cut between these two approaches is a razor blade or, as they say – where you need to make yourself, and where you can currently afford. This principle is generally very philosophical and useful in everyday life. Do you have to work on your work and not see a white light, in order to get some kind of goal or no strain and no work? These are the two extremes. And both extremes are not effective, and effectively is where you are able to work and relax, and to strain, and get the most pleasure.

And again, and again – the joy of performance or the joy of overcoming himself. No violence, violence is ineffective. Violence to a certain degree will push you forward, and then throw up a piece of meat out of you.

* Flips onto his stomach, put his hands more firmly. We rise to the direct hands lifted for a moment and go neatly into the dog’s posture, lift the pelvis, flex in the back, do so, as it turns out. In a second remained in this position and move immediately to the next – bend your knees and flex up in the cobra pose. Bend your knees, too, a moment in this position. Now we go back to the original position. But a little more, and again in the next turn. Here is another way to combine the method transitions Consciousness Energy method. You are now on the rise, as it were doing two exercises – longer, longer and longer. First, you sort of shooting sensations cream – nice to stretch the back and forth, and then gradually connect the joy of overcoming itself, ie longer and longer, better and better each time adding time. This is another method of transition from the method to the Energy Consciousness method. And while we always keep in mind – as the only harmony inside broke, you are tired, ill or something – immediately stop pose. Exit the posture and sit down. *


Question: Picked up pranayama and hatha not engaged, the channels are not cleaned?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No wonder the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ‘asana principle is more fundamental than the principle of pranayama.

Under the asanas in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is meant primarily the right seat, including for pranayama. In later treatises written that we have to prepare all the channels and centers for the passage of prana. If you take the analogy, my favorite analogy with sewage. Here sewage clogged and the water does not leak. If you turn on the tap (begin to practice Pranayama), you pour everything over the edge and flood everything and not go through the sewers. Ie, before pumping more and more prana, it is necessary to understand where it will go. How to unclog the sewer? – Usual plumber, etc. And here – just! There is a way to physically remove – it just Hatha Yoga. When you do this or that position of the associative channels you stretched and compressed part. About the same as the stretch-squeeze the tube and shake out all of it unnecessary. Or, you eat at home and then on the TV show, like slaughtered some poor guy … and all! Arose in his throat! And then there is a very thin associative link between the sense of where the ingested food and the sight of a slaughter built energy chain, which ultimately leads to stomach ulcer. And it is necessary to break! But as? We should like to raise the same energy to break unnecessary energy chains and restore desired. So, when you make a particular asana, and you do it in harmony and you want it to do – you just have strained the associative link, which is deposited in you as a result of negative TV viewing, but the energy flowed in the other direction, toward the something good, clean. And the old chain is broken and the energy flowed in a new direction. So clean channels. And when they have purified – you start to escalate. Energy is already underway on the new channel. And when she goes through the old – which pops up all fears mind. And it becomes the dominant theme for the person, and it is very unpleasant. Usually always very sophisticated people are suspicious, such scenes from their start to shake. And here you have installed a new associative relationship – and let everything goes as it should. And energy is not already on the blow-up of your nightmares, and already on the dates of associative connections and its accumulation inside. Here it is meant – that comes first Hatha Yoga. And this activity will be very pleasant for you. It is a springboard for pure sensations. If it settles in your head, it will only further inflated energy.


Question: As far as the channels cleared to start pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: only inner feelings – yes, ready. The criterion to start or not to start pranayama, if you are engaged in Hatha yoga – always start, but in small quantities. And if you have something unfinished with the physical body – it is then finalized. The most important thing – not to force, do not pump the prana more than able to skip through itself. So, the main question – how much to start.

Question: Mantra cleanse the body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! Just mantra, as a cleaning agent.

Question: Just listen to?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No! This is a very serious section – Mantra Yoga. Mantras, firstly, it is necessary to listen to. Buy a CD with mantras and listen, but not enough. Individual mantras – these are mantras that open person and become close to him. For example, I am an artist, a great designer. On the one hand, aspire to enlightenment, and on the other – I want to leave something behind as an artist. And I choose the way of life for themselves, I manifest myself as a designer, but to the extent of its manifestation I climbed higher and higher towards the ultimate goal of yoga. And I choose to myself the mantra of Saraswati, which in this way leads me through the disclosure of my creative abilities – I get everything I want, but my every success in my head open all new and new horizons for the Supreme. And it is precisely the individual mantra – how we want to approach the Supreme through any quality. And since we all desire something different and personal mantras are different.


Question: Is there any trick to stop thinking?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s repeat: only a joy from performing, or the joy of overcoming. Bhava – the inner aspiration of how to do it. The combination of the method and the method of Energy Consciousness. Which in this case should be thought? Here’s talk about this. Thoughts may be different. Returning to Patanjali. Why do there asanas? What yoga comes there? That’s just to the formation of thought forms is stopped. Samadhi never come, unless we learn to control their thought forms, ie, do not learn to control all thought processes in the mind, ie, encourage the necessary processes and unnecessary stop. Therefore, Hatha Yoga, when we take a particular posture helps us stop the thought. If we fix the body in some stationary to us over time, comes the ability to capture the same idea comes control. And the thought is not as reckless as a mouse running around here and there, at the first stage we simply limit – will be run when I tell you. And in the future – there is the ability to completely block the occurrence of unnecessary thoughts, and then begin wonders. Mind reading at a distance, etc. It begins not before we learn to stop the thoughts in his head. And how to stop her? That provides such a method. And it is very important bhava – a positive feeling in the performance. And at this stage we do not fight your thoughts. We are squeezing their pleasant sensations. Here you go to the bath or sauna – pay attention to this effect – that was the thought, and the temperature of the surrounding space drew your consciousness – and thoughts have disappeared, and came to the fore sensations. You have moved into the region and pushed the thought sensations that are bothering you. This is the first thing we can do in the fight against thoughts. The arguments of reason do not work here. Yoga is a very concrete teaching, she said that yes, of reason can not yet control the thoughts, but can, to a certain extent to squeeze out those thoughts by feelings. Therefore, if we do Hatha yoga – the longer we remain fixed in a particular position, and eventually it comes – the more we have a ability to stop our thoughts. And in the future we learn to consciously focus on the correct thoughts, and discard all unnecessary thoughts. And when there will be only one idea on which we have decided to focus and there will be no other that we have dropped, there will be no other but her thoughts and feelings, this state is called yoga – samadhi. And this is the highest state of that man is able to experience. Fixing the position of the body, we capture the idea. If you had one body with one energy flow, feeling the body, your mind is working in the background of what he felt. And when we begin to practice yoga – we start to clean your inner body, a dark curtain falls and we start in a different way to perceive the world. We are changing the priorities, interests and way of life. And like any change, it does not go quite so smoothly. This occurs on two levels: the person with yourself and the person with the outside world. It can change the social circle surrounding people can not understand and try to understand. And inside we begin to perceive different life, this period can be long and painful. But it is better to sneeze today than a year get sick. It all depends on our karma, if it is good, then we can easily and painlessly overcome this period. If not – then you have to pay the debts and it is sometimes hard. It is much easier to be in a circle of associates during this period. It helps not to doubt. All pass through it. And the most important thing here – doing no harm to any living being. If a person after classes Hatha yoga begins to make pranayama yoga, the process of change can go very fast. Is it dangerous! Because People are not ready for such rapid changes. Important harmony and gradual. And we cease to be gregarious and become self-sufficient, self-responsible for the life creatures. But we must not forget about the reverse side of freedom – responsibility.


Q: When can I do yoga? In terms of children.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here there are two extremes. On the one hand, we have no right to force children, but on the other hand, since he came to us – we are responsible for its formation. Here such a policy – gently work out, learn, share and be left alone. If he then feels that it is his – he would come himself. We show him another way and provide choice.


Question: A yoga says something about the mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is another section of yoga – jnana yoga, raja yoga. What is the idea? This is the finest vibration energy through which the power of consciousness shines the most. Our mind is like a magnet causes these opilochki iron line up the way we want. Superfine energy – it is like the dust, and the mind is like a magnet. What he wants to see the mind, energy, and it generates a form. This is a very delicate process.


Question: What do useful exercises for stretching?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In general, all of which are given in books on yoga, but it was convenient. Alternating method of energy and consciousness. If the method you are Consciousness itself quickly plant the splits, but six months later there will be no trace of him. But if you reach the twine by yoga, then it will not go away from you until the end of life.


Question: What is the perfection of the poses?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What are we talking about the perfection of yoga postures? Begin to make the method of Energy or Consciousness, we have obtained or not (it does not matter), and do better and better, and at some point there is a sudden qualitative leap. And if you have such a case, even if you do not practice yoga more, you can always demonstrate this asana. Roughly speaking, the changes will take place at the deepest levels. It changes everything – cell metabolism, other structures. And if you reach this jump, then everything will go back, if you throw a class. It makes sense to acquire the skills for the long haul.


The criterion of success and mastery in yoga.

Everyone comes to yoga with different physical condition, training, stretching. External criteria for success there. But the criteria for success in yoga is – it’s a habit! Habit to do! If there was a habit to do – it’s gone means an internal process, and it sits. Other criteria not.

How is the skill? According to one position – lie down on his back – the corpse pose. Its meaning – the ability to relax, shut down and out of the body.


Question: Are there any restrictions for yoga, if a person is sick?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a very tricky question, because if a person is ill, it is believed that he must first consult a doctor. Who knows … maybe he has a spinal injury, and he would stand on his head and the injury will increase. So, yoga, in general, is designed for healthy people. But, of course, most have some kind of disease. Therefore, either on your own risk, or on the advice of a doctor. No teacher would not recommend doing yoga, if a person has some serious problems health co. And this is a very touchy subject, like each of us is master of his body, and can dispose of it as he pleases, including yoga, on the other hand – to claim the blessings of his mentor of yoga, is not entirely correct, because What happened that – it will be your fault. Therefore, the policy is this – if a person has decided intuitively, without consulting with the doctors – it is at its own risk. Yoga, of course, often works wonders in this regard. But that is treated by modern medicine quickly and easily, it is better to it and were treated. The fact that modern medicine can not be cured, for one reason or another, it is already possible to try to correct with the help of yoga. But it should be a personal decision of each. And another story – what posture from which to use and how to help – too difficult enough, if a person is already ill, he does not have this background harmony, he does not know what to draw, which really need to stop and where to overcome themselves. With this, there are great difficulties. But yoga – a comprehensive system. And if some aspects of Hatha Yoga fall, you can supplement them from other types of yoga – mantra yoga or yoga breathing. And it turns out, each individual set. The same applies to age. No restrictions. If you can deal with, there is no restriction. If we start doing yoga, then to a certain extent go rejuvenation processes. If you read the ancient texts, we can see that yoga in this respect worked wonders – they stopped the aging process, sent back the metabolic processes that the body of a rejuvenation. There are quite a well-developed theory to explain why this is happening. Hatha yoga – is one of the cornerstones of this science for rejuvenation.

People often ask – is it possible to achieve, thus immortality? Theoretically – yes, you can. But the specific implementation – is unknown. But to extend their years of his life in sane state is possible. Many people come to yoga is to prolong his life. In yoga there is a technique to it. Our goal is not just to live forever! After all, you can live forever in hell. If you strive for eternal life, we must strive for eternal life with the concept of happiness. In other words, in the texts, there is mention of stopping the aging process methods, but the exact instructions how to achieve this has not been preserved.


Question: Crunch in the joints, it is good or bad?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is difficult to say anything because crunch may be different. There are people who have diseases of the joints, there is not much can go healthy processes, and in healthy people it can be quite normal. To be closer to the sources, there is nothing about it I did not come across. While that was the information that one girl who taught yoga in India, argued that if there is a crunch in joints – this is a good process. But we can not be responsible for this information. That everyone should choose – what to believe and what not. No matter how you do not seem authoritative book author and hoary, but if you open his book or watch his film and you feel at heart rejection, then yoga is urging people not to go after him. Maybe all and well, just for you time has not come, do not go! It is not for you! This is the highest intuition. So choose a yoga school. Just define – whether the time has come to engage in any yoga section. You feel – it – means it.


Performing asanas based on “Narration on Hatha Yoga.”

Bhudzhangasana – cobra pose. ABOUT! nice student, put his body on the floor on his stomach. Put the palms of your hands under the shoulders. Lift up your eyes, and then slowly raise your head, then neck and then flexes back, help himself with his hands to bend more. So stay, surrendering power. Then do everything in reverse to get out of the pose. Making all the energy method, ie, overcoming yourself and experiencing the joy of it. Yasnaya rage brings this asana in the mind like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise do we treat the eyes and the upper part of the spine. The clarity of consciousness will get by doing this asana, awaken forces dormant in the sacrum.

Pose stick. Put your body straight to a beautiful litter. Arrange your palms under your shoulders. Inhale and lift your body straight on straight arms, as if the body was straight as a stick. Doing this pose, you mobilizuesh your consciousness. If you feel that barely in control of himself, this pose will not let anger get out. This position gives you clarity of mind and hands of all diseases it treats. Let’s take a few sekundochek, overcoming himself. And exit.

Dog Pose. We do everything as well as to pose a stick, then bend at the waist, so that the legs straight in the knees. Hands, torso and head are aligned. Doing this pose, you get a clean channel in the legs, arms and waist. Blood with prana bathe your hands, torso, and head. That you’ve updated your blood in the legs. Endurance acquired this posture, balance of blood and energy in the body. We leave.

Pose cats. Be on both knees and both hands and then rotted so that the arms and chest were on the ground, like a cat that crawls under the fence and stretches. Stay in this position for a long time that the energy from the pelvis to the head on the glass surface of the body. See that the spine was bent down gracefully. Upset stomach and lungs helps to eliminate this pose. You will become resilient and razovesh mind. All that said – you can touch the floor forehead, chin can be, you can keep your hands curved, etc. All this falls under the implementation of this posture. Over time, the internal energy straighten you wrong. Fully trust the internal energy and internal sensations. Usually a person assumes the pose, and in as overseer – and if I do it right? He would focus on internal sensations, and he’s trying to match unknown canons. So remember – when you start to do yoga poses – one circle no universe, no! Trust yourself first!

Pose poluryba – ardhamatsyasana. Sit down on bent knees, straighten your back, neck and head. Put and then perebros left foot over right knee. Then turn the neck, back, head to the left. Help the hands turn to the left as much as possible resting his right elbow to your left knee. The left hand also seeks to capture the ankle of the left leg. Being in this position for a long time and eliminate all diseases of the spine. This posture can change during the lunar to solar energy, or solar to lunar. In reverse order Return to starting position and do the exercise right. Doing this exercise is also a method of consciousness, overcome ourselves and rejoice. By doing this asana, you will understand the duality of the world, you realize one of ambivalence.

Now the description of the inverted poses: a great location lie down on your back, lift your legs up, keep the bottom of the trunk with his hands. So stay long. This exercise is time to reverse the river. You’ll look younger, all the wrinkles smoothed. This yoga asana change the energy and consciousness of places. Countless benefit conferred by this posture. Do not overdo it. Gradually increase the duration, eat well and avoid bad company. Yogi performing this pose, while holding in his arms. If the legs will take away from the head to keep them only in the hands, will be master of the sexual energy. This is another position where it is not clear how to do it, by consciousness, but as a method of energy. Here consciousness – this time adding in performing this pose. We do-do and somewhere must have to force myself to keep doing this pose. Because, in principle, there is nothing to strain. This is a very important position. She even called in the texts does not pose as wise. It just has one of the fragments of the great science of immortality, the extension of youth. This position is considered to be one of the major elements of this practice. And in addition to time there are aspects of consciousness – is the transformation of this position into the second part of it – take the legs from the head until the entire weight of the body begins to hold onto the elbows. This creates such interesting moments – the internal effect, which allows you to work directly with the internal energy. But more on that later. We leave.

Polukorolevskaya posture. We place his head on the floor. Cupped her hands. Feet while put on their knees. Then straighten your knees so that your feet rest on, so that the body was bent at the waist. So stay and will acquire a sharp mind, excellent vision and knowledge of the subtle energies. By its action, this asana is comparable to stand on his head and the royal pose. We leave.

Pose Raja. Put your body straight down, and the body at the same time it would direct to rely only on his head and elbows hands. If you run the country and the lack of time, practice at least this pose. If you can not stand on your head, it is necessary to do a previous position where semiproof color.

Pose onion – dhanurasana. Put your body on your stomach and bend your knees. Bring palms ankles. So stay awhile. Wait until this energy awakened posture. Doing right by consciousness. Then, start to straighten your knees and bend back. So you take the bow pose. Stay in it as much as you allow your body. We leave. This unmatched position for kindling the fire of life. Beliefs weakness, a weak standard fire treated this posture. Shoulders and joints of the hands are treated with this posture. A lot of negative karma to burn through it.

Pose extended legs. Available stand on both feet. Breathe in deeply invigorating air. BOAD with his hands up. With an exhalation, bend down and grasp the ankles. Let your knees are straight. So stay long. This cure many diseases of the brain. This is detached from the outer and the inner world proniknesh. The upper part of the body can be cured from all diseases. The method of consciousness immediately Push yourself properly. Our body – is our servant and must obey the master.

“Now I will show you great posture for meditation and many of the yogi.”


Pose diamond. In a secluded area sit on bent knees. Back, neck and head – in a straight line. Put your hands on your knees. Gaze rushed in front of him. This exercise is acquired diamond strength. Therefore, it called asana posture of the diamond.

This is one of the key, which is perfect for meditation. From a seated position Place the right or left foot, respectively, on the right or the left thigh. Straighten the neck, back and head. This comfortable position. This position can be done in one or in the other direction. Feet are relaxed. The most important thing here – the state of the spine. He should be straight. Now the other side. Houses recruit while performing this pose. TV watching there or something.

In the sitting position place your right foot on the left thigh and the left to the right, so that his feet were woven. This is just the lotus posture. This symmetrical posture. It can be done in both directions. Over time, the feet will totter themselves in this position. If not – do not worry. There is an exercise that leads to the lotus position – 5 bows. You go through your head in all directions. After the entire complex before meditation is necessary to do this exercise, first one way and then the other.


Sidhasana. It is impossible to describe all the good that gives this asana. All perfection gives it even careless student. That is why it is called the perfect pose. Suppose that in the secret place of the disciple should sit on the floor and bend your right leg so that the heel is rested against the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus). Heel of the other foot press down on the genitals and push to the pubis. The back should be straight. Let the student will be in this position for a long time. All perfection acquired this posture. The man becomes the master, and only then say that he controls his sexual energy. This is one of the most mysterious and powerful poses. And it’s another piece of the science that helps control the aging process through sexual energy control. If the yogi is very strongly engaged in Hatha yoga, but do not have sex, it is one of the most important key in this case.

Also this posture for meditation – plow pose – halasana. Put your body straight to the floor, Inhale and exhale BOAD your straight legs behind his head. Touch them at the head floor. Hands free to let lie along the body or place them under your head. This posture eliminates all diseases loin, as well as the neck. Here are the options – where to put his hands – hands can even touch the feet socks, put under his head. Thus over time you will choose your final version.

Triangle Pose. Be right. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart. The trunk, neck, head keep a straight line. With breath raise your hands and keep them parallel to the ground, so that they amounted to a straight line. With an exhalation, bend the right and touch it with your right hand, right or left foot. Here you can touch the right foot and the left. Different variants. We leave. Relax and do everything the same, but in the opposite direction.

Pose circle – Chakrasana. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees. BOAD hands behind his head. And put his hands on the ground. Rests on the palms and soles of the feet. Raise your body up. And then let the feet and the palms are towards each other. So get the pose range. This asana removes dirt in the spine and increases vitality. We do everything by consciousness.

Peacock Pose – Mayurasana. Get on your knees, lean forward. Put your hands on the ground, palms facing towards his feet. Sweda both elbows together and upris them in the navel. At the same time the head should rest against his forehead to the ground. Strife feet, tear off the head from the ground so as to abut only on the palms of hands and toes. Stay as long as the energy does not flow. Then, leaning forward and Tear off the ground so that the head, torso and legs are parallel to the ground, and the whole body was kept on the palms of the hands. The problem this poses can be in the hands of the joints, to start just try to sit there, consistently mastering this pose. And accumulating time.

Pose holiday hero. Sit down on the ground between his feet. Helping hands, put his body on the ground. BOAD hands behind his head. So stay. This posture eliminates diseases of the joints, shoulder.

The pose angle. Sit with legs straight on the ground, to the torso, neck and head were on the same line. Lean palms of the hands on the ground and lift your body so as to rely only on the palms of the hands. Hands can be a little farther, a little closer. This options should come themselves. Intuitive.

Savasana. This pose should be to complete the exercises of Hatha yoga. It gives success in Yoga. Put your body erect and motionless on the ground. Dissolve their muscles, disbanded his face. And being in this position for a long time. Try not to breathe, then there will be even thoughts. This position gives calm the mind and restores energy. Consider that you are dead, then gradually come back to life. Start with the breath. Then consciousness. And only then move your body. Do not jump up dramatically. And if you jumped up, then do soothing exercise. Practice this posture always. To neglect it – madness.

Hatha yoga classes next logic – to have a good rest, we must first work hard.

This pose can be done at any time, but to master this posture better after stress.

Success in yoga is defined only by habit to do.

Skill in yoga determined shavasana.

Top achievements – this posture for meditation. They have to sit for a long time. About 2 hours.

But if you long to sit, his legs numb. Here are the following exercise to derive from wicking up. We sat down in this way, covers the legs and arms forward until the discomfort does not go away by themselves.

Here we’ll do basic poses.

Hatha Yoga – a very natural and harmonious science. It lies in you inside. She can master only if you listen to him. If each of you to settle on a desert island and say – reopen yoga! You will sooner or later come to the same. Yoga lies in us!

The principle of perfection – as if you did pose in their personal universe you do it perfectly.

This means that you have lived many lives in different bodies. You have succeeded in developing anything. But someone has succeeded is in the flexibility, but slows in intelligence, for example. You have lived your own life. And you come to yoga, this is the smartest thing you could do. As your body bends, so it is perfect. And do not listen to anyone who criticizes.

Yoga can not be taught, yoga can only learn. energy principle, the principle of the funnel – no need to carefully get a grasp of how to do the pose. , Our body knows how he should have to give yoga manifest in us. And you have to wake up and feel the energy, and the energy necessary to bend you start wrong, you have to trust yourself. And as a result of the principle of two unite, and you will begin to do so, as it should be.


What does the word Hatha?

(By the way, it is very important to work on the voice. If you do not know how to express themselves through the voice, you never manifest themselves through the body).

Ha – a dad, tha – a mother, ha – a mother, tha – a father, hatha – their union, their child.

Ha – sun, Tha – moon, ha – the moon, tha – sun, Hatha – means eclipse.

Ha – day, tha – night, ha – the night tha – day hatha – sunrise and sunset.

Ha -vydoh tha – breath, ha – breath tha – exhale, hatha means when there is no inhalation or exhalation when breath absorbs breath, exhale and absorb the breath.

Ha – is vowels, Tha – is consonant, ha – it consonants, Tha – is vowels, hatha – oznachachaet mantra.

Ha – it is right, Tha – is left, ha – it is left, tha – that’s right, Hatha – it’s the middle.

Ha – it is white, Tha – is red, ha – it is red, Tha – is white, Hatha – a blue sky.

Ha – I am aware tha – this act, ha – this act, Tha – is aware of hatha – is to achieve the highest results.

Ha – voltage, tha – relaxation, ha – relaxation, tha – voltage, hatha – path in life.

Ha – force yourself tha – allow ourselves, ha – let tha – force, hatha – to achieve the highest, achieving in life.

There are many allegorical comparisons. We are now, of course, we live in a different time, so is not immediately clear. But there are many competent accents. When we take the extreme and we pass on the razor’s edge. And at the time of the eclipse – is precisely balanced by all the forces of nature.

People often ask when the best time for yoga? Here we read, “Ha – day, tha – night, ha – the night tha – day hatha – sunrise and sunset.” So the best time to practice – it’s sunset and sunrise.



Answers on questions.

Question: It is said that if you put a goal to have a good figure, then you will have a good figure, and if – to reach samadhi, the samadhi attain. It should be thought of as something to inspire?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is nothing to suggest it is not necessary. Bad service plays a habit with man. As a rule, our habits lead us to a dead end. It is necessary to form good habits. The habit of doing yoga. If you make a habit of practice Hatha yoga, then you know or do not know what can be achieved there – you do still reach. Yoga must be dealt with so that it is not the body’s resistance. But there was a need to do yoga every day. This will be called a habit. Once it is formed, so everything! The result has to be exactly!


Question: All the same will have to force yourself until the habit is not formed yet?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is necessary. But without fanaticism. It should be a time to pass on the same street, then continue on it, and walk. We must take the first step. If you get started in suppressing yourself, so you do not have to deal with. Violence should be minimized. If there is violence – simply denote exercise. Do not do it. You can just mentally imagine doing it. Or even just think about what we need to do this exercise. And so until then, until you see the need to do. And so it is impossible to start unceremoniously. Only landmark on their feelings. Even you can just make time for yoga and just sit down and think about what you’re doing, not doing anything. And as a result of the body begins to demand!


Q: If you fall asleep in the corpse pose, whether or not this something to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, of course. The body in the end everything will adjust itself.



Question: how to combine Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: their turn and they are perfectly combined.



A few words on the treatise.

The treatise called “The story on Hatha Yoga.” This is one of the few treatises on the subject. The essence of it is this – is there such a scenario – a young yogi (Raja, who lost his principality) fell in love with the girl. And it is the greatest yoga teacher – Yogini. And she taught him yoga. There are many sections. So far, only selected chapters translated. There is a film based on Hatha yoga “Tutorial on Hatha Yoga.” There’s this whole treatise voiced. Or is there a booklet “Guide to Hatha Yoga.”

As for the food?

About the food there is in this treatise – avoid extremes. We ate something before they start practicing yoga – and keep it there. Over time, if you practice yoga properly, you will give up some food unnecessary, and, conversely, there is the right for you. The body tells you himself. No violence. There is also the concept of karmic predisposition. For example (at the level of a joke, but the essence of it is) – I ate a sheep – gave him the opportunity to be reborn into a higher stage. But it is not given to everyone, and these things come at a higher level of mastery of yoga.

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