2007.11.23 Seminar Mudra and Bandha


According to the axioms of Yoga, we have three groups of bodies – the gross physical, subtle and causal. They are connected by means of prana energy, that is, acting on the gross body, we get a mark on the small (and vice versa). But there are certain body positions that most strongly impact on the ground sostykovok these three bodies, certain exercises, which affect the transitional moments within us. Here, as in the whole of yoga, the main thing to find harmony between the gross body and subtle. If we grasped this harmony, something triggered the flow of energy coming into the mind, and we begin to feel differently. Many make the mistake of over-straining when performing these exercises, but the question here is not in force, and in this harmony, in the transition from gross to subtle. These two groups of yogic exercises will strengthen your usual practices such as hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, meditation. Finally, a huge section as yoga or union use of sexual energy for spiritual purposes is entirely tied to the mudras and bandha. These are exercises that allow us to directly use our sexual energy. Use can be both individually and within those or other yogas.


When a person begins to practice yoga, there are two processes, the first – a cleansing of the body, and the second – a realignment of the internal structures of the body. Mudras and bandhas largely carried out restructuring. Yogi, who for a long time engaged in these exercises, over time rebuilds its internal structure and acquires the number of certain powers, for example, it is less dependent on the external environment – hunger, thirst, cold, heat, mental influences from outside. This is because the inside, at the thin body, the body is reconstructed.


The next group of wise – it numerous provisions of the fingers. Now it is becoming popular topic wise, entire directories are published. Just want to warn the yoga section remained very poor and I would not take the responsibility to say what wise as valid. One way or another, we set up the position of the fingers in its internal structure a resonance with the energies of the universe, and these energies of the universe begin to manifest through us just as we tune the radio to a wave, and it is in resonance with this wave, and transmits the signal. Therefore, the healing effect of the Wise, who is now most in demand, is not obvious. In order not to make many mistakes along the path of yoga, we propose the following method – tracking during their lifetime, in what position you are the hands and fingers, and try to intuitively understand how this or that mental state is related to the position of the fingers. For example, when you are in a good mood or when you are angry, the fingers themselves are beginning to emerge in some gestures, observe them and try to understand this intuitive law position of your fingers and emotional state. Then you will more easily understand all the many treatises or mention concerning the wise.

In yoga, there are methods of verbal and nonverbal learning. Verbal Learning – this is when you have something to listen to, read, and non-verbal – it is when you look at the image of the god or goddess, or that deity sits in a particular position, it is not just the image is, if anything, encrypted yoga. Once you see this image, you tune to resonate with him, and then copying the same gestures and posture, you will begin to understand their meaning. When you come across on the eye image of some yogini, pay attention to the position of her fingers. Before you begin to reach non-verbally, this is a very important component of yoga intuitive and the most reliable and powerful method for studying the wise.


Now a few words about what is the meaning of the word is wise. The values of this word is very diverse. In Sanskrit, mudra can mean printing, grains (cereals), a gesture, an invitation, a woman in sexy yogini practice Tantra Yoga. In different texts in different schools of yoga that word can mean different things. For example, in the Tantric Buddhism word mudra largely represents the shape of the functioning of consciousness closest to enlightenment. Mudra gesture can mean both an invitation and we invite the energy (as a gesture) occur around us. For the yogi does not matter where it ends his body and the environment begins, there is no difference between her body and the bodies of other living beings, so sometimes the action is wise explains how energy invitation from the outside, but just a different approach, that taking a certain position , we excite your own energy.

From the point of view of theoretical explanation for wise action reduces to associative links. The whole universe is constructed as a result of Maya (illusion), and associative links – is the main law. In this sense, any internal channel and the center is an associative. To manage the associative links you make wise (associative tool). It is disclosed only if you practice yoga for a long time and have cleared their perception. If you have not cleared your perception, and you do these or other wise, indirectly it would act, but not so much.

Now a small summary. You can perform certain poses, adding to them or that are wise, and over time you will begin to feel, how to interact with your subtle channels to the position of the hands. Taking a particular position, you will begin to resonate a particular channel to strengthen this or that exercise, so wise used in hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, yoga visualizations. For example, visualizing the image of Tara and applying wise, you invite the feminine energy enter, occur. It is even more like a ritual, as if you are really invited to the Divine.

By doing a pose even hatha yoga, we touch upon the causal body, thereby cleaning it, and to some extent, eliminate the seeds of karma. Karma is stored in two forms, the first – it imprints on our bodies, including the causal body, the second – a living environment in which we live. When we do something, we got inside the imprint and change the world outside. What goes around comes around. To this was not, it is necessary to eliminate this print before coming to the external conditions of its manifestation. Roughly speaking, the grain will rise only when it will pour water. Likewise, the prints on our bodies waiting for the right situation. And if we are emotionally fulfilled, then in the future, even if the external conditions are ripe, the seeds do not germinate. This is a natural cleansing process, but it can take a very unpleasant and painful. There is a saying – “vanished” – this is when the causal body on the level of positive changes, you throw out the seeds of negative karma that were to germinate, so are wise and bandha.

The principal difference between the wise and the unwise not any position hatha yoga can be called wise, but the wise they are because of the whole variety of effects there are certain points and certain provisions, which as a switch, while others change, but slowly, gradually. Inside we have the energy flows and streams of consciousness, and if we reimplemented the main channels through which they interact, we dramatically jump out to a different state of consciousness. And these actions less, and they are sharply limited. Pos in hatha yoga as much as there are living beings in the world and here in this huge diversity, which is somewhere close by the action, which is not much, are selected such basic that most strongly exhibit their effect. The asanas bond gross body to subtle and causal is indirectly, and when the wise gross, subtle and subtle body as if penetrated by a single arrow prana, therefore, doing asanas, we are working on the gross body, get the effect on the thin and delicate in its all acts indirectly on the thinnest. The wise, we are simultaneously working on the gross body and get the effect on the subtle and subtlest. Therefore, it takes us immediately to another state is not that thinking and consciousness, as if we’re just in a different mode of.


Next topic is bandha. Meaning of the word “bandha” a lot. It means something to compress, capture, overlap, stop. In Nepal, the word bandha understand the strike. Bandha can still be translated as lock clamp.

There is an area at the base of the body, the muscles of the perineum, anus and genitals, which are directly and rigidly connected with some processes, the impact of the rough on the subtle and causal. We instinctively compress the muscles of the perineum, we have reimplemented for processes that previously ran in one mode to another mode.



Axioms and wise bandh.

Now a little axiomatic. You will recall that we have a group of three bodies – gross (physical), subtle and causal, they are connected with our I prana.

Prana is a very strange thing, it manifests itself and a consciousness as energy. Inside our bodies the general flow of prana is divided into respective five large and five small pran pran. Five more prana is prana, apana, Udana, vyana, Samana. There are five minor pranas. All of them are responsible for ensuring that our body does not fall apart.

When we make wise and bandha, we dzhalanharoy and mula bandha two components merge together, that is, to obtain a mixture closest to the original prana, and the original prana truly powerful. Then, plunging the stomach wall, add Samana, etc., to get the source of prana, and prana is the original absolute power, if it is sent somewhere, it instantly heals all, to patch holes.

Prana – a universal coin, the more we have prana, the more likely that we will pay off when it comes a wave of our negative karma. To get the prana, it is necessary to start the process, and for this it is necessary to clean the old structures, to make them work in a new way. Prana has yet another aspect, it expands the mind, if you’re used to something that is not interested in, as soon as the prana becomes in excess, your mind starts to work in a different way. If the flow of prana in you growing old gray world somewhere to disappear from your life.


The first exercise – it khechari wise, when we raise up the language and try to swallow it as. In order to better focus, you can do it, propevaya mantra M.

The ancient texts say that if you are perfectly mastered khechari wise, you will have the ability to levitate. Is it all a fairy tale or reality is difficult to say from the point of view of logic and common sense there are no miracles, just include subtle laws, that are able to influence the tougher laws of attraction and a person gains the ability to fly. The purely practical point, it is very clear to a bunch of dream yoga, first learn to fly in a dream. Fly in a dream, you will learn that those using this mudra. If you practice yoga dreams, dream, using khechari mudra, you will begin to more easily navigate through the subtle planes of his dream.

The second point, when you khechari mudra, there is a kind of switch your mind and energy into their inner world and you are to a certain extent, like himself excised from the outside world, so khechari mudra recommended if you suddenly found themselves in the field of negative energy and negative consciousness. In yoga, there is nothing negative, all isometric and ravnonuzhnoe, but when certain phenomena are inappropriate and incoherent, we perceive as negative. However, you will fall into a society of people who are unpleasant to you or any place where you will feel uncomfortable and will allow khechari wise, roughly speaking, to redirect the force of energy and consciousness, rather associative links inside yourself. You cease contact with the outside world, how would you carve yourself out of it, cease to communicate with him, is closed on themselves.

The next point is that khechari wise mobilize your energy and if you feel that you are about to get sick, then khechari wise you can to a certain extent to suspend the process or even completely neutralize it.

Finally, the next point to be remembered is that if you suddenly lose consciousness, immediately begin to raise up the language, this will prevent the loss of consciousness. In some extreme cases, when our life energy is in serious danger, and should be used khechari wise to switch the currents of life in a different direction, to help the body cope with these severe effects. When your body is thin, you will come to a very strange disease, say something nasty to you emotionally shocked side, and the body is somehow unpredictable reacted khechari mudra also helps to cope with these conditions.

Finally, binding to the Yoga Alliance. Khechari wise – is one way to hold the sexual energy of the losses. Yoga does not call us to give up sex, but yoga encourages us to separate the two things. When having sex is the energy of the sacred energy of the continuation of life, it should not be lost, and the other is energy is the energy of pleasure, you can spend as much as necessary, moreover, according to Yoga Union, than more you spend, the higher level you will pass. But because we have inherited the mechanism of interaction of the animals, where pleasure and loss are connected together, although they are two different things, we have the processes in sex come together, and we lose all your energy. Our task – to learn how to share the energy of procreation and pleasure potency, it generally deals with Yoga Union, but khechari mudra helps to control and divide the two streams. If a man has sex with a loss, he feels emptiness, as if he had lost something after such a stand, lost the part of the energy that goes to the continuation of the species, the giant of the energy, because as a result the child is born, a new universe. If we do not lose this component, having sex, we feel in themselves the ever-increasing spiritual potential, and if one practices khechari mudra, with time comes the ability to control sexual energy.

Finally, one more time. Our language has a very serious function that is not entirely clear, it is the development of the mind. If you put under the control of the language, you put under the control of the mind, and your intellectual power begins to grow. Therefore, if you want to develop the mind, develop language. For example, when learning a foreign language, we change the articulation, forcing pronounce the unfamiliar sounds, which indirectly affects the development of the mind. In yoga also call directly influence the development of the mind through yoga mantra, using khechari wise and, finally, with the help of another group of exercises that indirectly, in the first place, to help fulfill khechari wisely and, secondly, to develop the mind. What kind of exercise?


* Take your thumb and forefinger, grab them their language and begin to gently massage it *

After these manipulations is usually clarity wave comes in mind. This exercise prepares khechari wiser on the one hand, on the other hand – develops the mind. The fact that you are stimulating language, you make the circulatory system to work hard. In addition, massaging the language, we erase the plaque, which contains a certain number of toxins, that is, even here at the physical level, a lot of positive moments. But the fact that the impact on language is not as simple as it seems, is not just one of our bodies, as a key point in the structure of our body.

According to the axioms of yoga, the energy of our consciousness is located at the base of the body, the mind, we feel at the top of the head. Our consciousness and energy are separated, mind wants one thing, and energy can not be arranged, or vice versa, energy is manifested, and the mind does not have time to react, so the device of our organism is a kind of system of interaction of consciousness and energy. There is a system drops bindu is some point of consciousness, which flow from the field of consciousness in the field of energy, thus saving energy and consciousness somehow interact. This is the critical point, the finest energy is impregnated at a higher level of consciousness, they control our body, do not let it fall apart. These points of consciousness descend in the area of energy and interact there, but when we do khechari mudra, we do not give these points of consciousness, roughly speaking, to be spent. From these points of consciousness then formed our sexual energy, some of which is absorbed by the digestive energy, this is the part of the consciousness that is spent on the maintenance of our bodies. If we do khechari wise, by acting on our language, we are working on the subtle channels through which the droplets travel through the consciousness of our body, and make them roughly circulate through other paths and not to spend money. Actually, this and recalled those wonderful manifestations khechari wise, that we have described, including fly through the air, because, using the power of consciousness, you make your own energy to resist gravity.

We have a system of chakras, and each of them is responsible for a certain principle, in particular, the throat is responsible for the space, control of the throat – is the control over the space, roughly speaking, you can do with the space all you want. You can do khechari mudra with hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama, yoga, meditation, etc. If we do all these yogas add khechari mudra, we will begin to use this cross-linking between the two bodies at the level of space or at the level of subtle energy patterns and fine structures of consciousness.


Next is wise, one of the most serious, is a yoga mudra. There are several options for its implementation. Legs can be in the lotus position, just crossed or you can sit on bent knees. Sometimes yoga mudra yoga translates as a symbol. There is a view of the symbol of renunciation of suffering, that is, when you’re doing such a posture purely physiologically you experience such sensations in the body, which lead you to the appropriate emotional state, and in this wise is easiest to achieve, is believed to be the state of detachment. We have problems in life, a lot of them, they are very different, and we would like them to be involved, we support them its own energy. Until the energy to get out, we become hostage to these circumstances. Yoga encourages us to abandon the suffering. In yoga, there is a principle of renunciation in the sense that we deliberately renounce all that we will lead to suffering. And how to do it? This mudra allows us to customize your mind and your feelings in such a way that we begin to pull your consciousness and your energy from the outside world, of all the thoughts, feelings, which we constantly pursue. We like to renounce everything that brings us suffering. Is Maya, the illusion of this world, there are associative links that use our same own energy against us, we are, roughly speaking, themselves are funding their own problems, and the problems are growing like a big tree, and you can fight with the branches, and can be sawed roots. When we do yoga mudra, we exhale pushes all the problems, all that we are concerned about, as if left to its own self, denied and without our energy and consciousness, everything that prevents us, begins to break down. This follows from the axioms of yoga. Each of us creates his own universe and all that you now see, have, this is what you’ve built your energy and consciousness in previous lives. Since we have similar karma, we are somewhere jointly built the world that now is, but if we do not like this world, we begin to rebuild it. Yoga wise we learn to switch your mind to the side of detachment, we renounce all that causes us suffering, we pull the energy and consciousness of all thoughts, situations, events and direct it to their own self without our thoughts, without our support, without our energy all anxious thoughts disappear. This manipulation is very subtle states of our being, which are determined by how many do not even thought and a deep structure is the deep core of very dangerous in the sense that we do not control. If you want to control the sexual energy, you must learn to control the stimulation process. People who know how to pull the consciousness and energy, to deny, they increasingly manage themselves and nature gives them more power. It is necessary to learn, and yoga mudra – absolutely wonderful exercise, which is highly desirable to do on a regular basis, so that later when the need to apply it, you do not even thought of.


The following exercise. Lie on your back, lift legs, supporting a basin hands. Pose Viparita or Viparita Karani Karani Mudra. This next position which immediately penetrates the gross, subtle and causal body. One of the most mysterious and mystical postures, inverted posture. In yoga, it is believed that when we make of it begins to flow into the blood from the feet to our head, behind these feelings start to go thin streams of energy and, finally, the most subtle energy flows that make function our body somewhat differently, in particular, to stop the process aging. It is believed that if the yogi is in this position, he looks younger, his inner being drawn back.

According to yoga axioms, aging and death – this is the mechanism that we have developed ourselves. When the degree of suffering exceeds a certain level, and the degree of control is not sufficient to change the situation for the better, then we drop off the body, and then start from scratch. The processes of aging, we also came up for themselves, it was justified, but nothing prevents us to build other personal universe, but it is necessary to change the algorithm for this, who once recorded in our structure. the aging process can be stopped and off, as a program. Viparita karani considered just one of those exercises that are able to do so. To the gross body was aging it is necessary that the subtle body changes and starts to adapt to the rough fine, the amount of prana is reduced, the number of errors accumulate, and we fade.

In yoga, it is considered not always justified, but in yoga do not aspire to immortality, for the yogi idea of immortality is the idea of an eternal hell, so that they can renew themselves in life very much, but none of them wanted to immortality in the physical body. There are a few things related to the implementation of this pose. You have abruptly begins to accelerate metabolism, assimilation of food, it is believed that if you perform this pose for more than forty minutes per day, you should be very hard to eat, otherwise you can get stomach ulcers. But most importantly, it is a sense of harmony, if it is, this position will actually have the effect of rejuvenation, and if not this resonance between the gross and subtle, all is lost, so the position that it is necessary to gradually do increase over time, and most importantly, in harmony enter into it, to make harmonious and exit perfectly.

When you start to do Viparita Karani Mudra, you are thin, and there is a negative, although in the long term, it is positive, it will give you rajas, and you with great enthusiasm, zeal undertake the work, study, for yoga, it accelerate your evolution, it is carrots. After Viparita karani should lie down and not jump abruptly, distribute feelings, everything should be natural. After stress relaxation in yoga brings a very good result, all your wounds on the body start to grow thin.

We have come to what is called in Sanskrit, mula bandha, or root bandha. In our bodies are the processes of life, something we draw something we derive from ourselves, and this mechanism is perfected in us and comes in its way. If we begin to consciously use these points on the contrary, we strain the muscles of the perineum and thereby compel a certain kind of energy released into the excessive amount that goes to the restructuring of our body.

One of the main such mechanisms associated with approximately follows that according to the teachings of yoga, prana, that enters our body from our self, thus reviving our body, the body alive while there is this river of prana, which is divided into different types of energy, five large and five small streams. One part is responsible for the breaths, the other part – for the processes of the organism O, the third – for the distribution of prana in the body, the other – for switching the states of waking and dream, that is, there are five such sub-unified energy, each of which is responsible for himself.

Mula Bandha, when we squeeze the muscles of the perineum, working with that part of the energy, which is responsible for the withdrawal of our body. Firstly, it is a subtle effect on the causal body, and secondly, is the impact on the energy kundalini, which is located at the base of the body. In the part of the body, which we squeeze, it is part of the energy, which is called Apana, which is responsible for the removal from the body. As soon as we squeeze the crotch and do not give this power to leave us, moreover, we are sending this flow upwards, it makes stand out a certain amount of Kundalini energy, and the small splash manifests as clarity of mind, rolled all the internal structures, reaches the top of the head and everywhere of its energy reserves. The fact that these muscles that we compress we virtually no control. Fulfilling mula bandha, we interfere with this process and begin at its discretion, to compress and relax the muscles. This leads to a sharp increase in internal energy, which immediately takes up two of his main points – the cleansing and restructuring of the body, and, alteration even more.

In this exercise, the focus is on the process of compression and relaxation, not to how long you hold, because it happens that you are squeezed, and they freely relaxed, it says that you do not control them. It should be brought under control, but you remember that the key word in yoga is the harmony, so to control, you can only if very slowly, very gradually begin to control these muscles. We must start with three times a day. If you start to control these muscles, then this is another approach to Yoga Alliance. And if you learn when to compress these muscles and when you need to decompress, you learn to separate that part of the sexual energy that goes to the continuation of the species and the part that goes to the enjoyment. Processes within our mechanistic if strongly compress, it is in principle possible to reach orgasm, and from the fact that this mechanism works, in both men and women, it depends on the degree of compression. When this mechanism is triggered, you lose everything, there is a pleasure, but there is also a loss, your task is to separate one from the other, it means to control this mechanism. This mechanism works on a funded scheme in the same way as you have a growing irritation, annoyance – we tightened, but could not relax, even irritated, we have tightened, and so on the rise, then the critical moment – either orgasm or uncontrolled rage that in principle the same. When we do mula bandha, we focus not only on compression, but also on relaxation.

Mula bandha you directly affect the causal body, the most insidious body, it begins to be cleaned, and sometimes there are unmotivated bad mood and approach this very carefully, add time gradually. Then you can add time, that is squeezed and keep longer, longer, and then relax, it is not only the amount of time, but also how long you hold. At the same time, remember that if there is no domestic for external, it will be only a physical exercise, should grasp the gross subtle and harmonious.


Next Bandha – Bandha dzhalanhara. We omit the head as low as possible, and apply pressure to the chin area of the dimples. At the physical layer overlaps the oxygen supply of our brain, that is, overlap some nerve impulses, but the most significant is that the part of the prana energy, prana, is responsible for the breath is fixed. It turns a plunger at the bottom – Prana Apana, above – Prana Prana Prana dzhalanhara bandha we descend and mula bandha Apana rises upwards, and the two begin to mix prana. The tantric texts called this mixture of propane, which is acid begins to eat away at all out of place in us begins to contaminate the clean channel. The fact that we have a mechanism of thinking, we remember that the fundamental law of the three human forms, it is the breath of energy, thought energy and sexual energy. These are the three manifestations of human life, which are rigidly connected to each other. Dzhalanhara bandha we need in order to suppress the thought process. By performing some exercises, you have a large amount of energy, but its parasitic thoughts again absorb and dzhalanhara bandha we kind of stop these processes.


There is another bandha, which in our school is called a breath from heaven. It is executed in the same way, only the head throws back. That we need to ensure that that part of the energy has been absorbed parasitic way of thinking and being lost. We strongly restrict the activities of the higher centers, we do not need it right now, thinking I had before, but now we fully go into energy.


* Jalandhar bandha can be practiced with Kumbhaka (breath, inflate the abdomen pitcher and drop the head). It is often observed such an effect that a person departs, the mind begins to work in a different way, and the other component is activated prana, which is responsible for our falling asleep and waking up, that it separates the soul from the body. Yoga is quite possible to work with these transitions.

You can also do dzhalanhara bandha as you exhale, so we have the maximum exhale and drop the head *


We came to the next chapter, when we start to draw the stomach wall and begin to drag Apana upwards and at the same time, limit the coverage area of the throat. We came very close to udiyana bandha. Udiyana – it’s something rising, soaring. We get out of the bottom of the Apana fly up. And the most natural way a person comes to udiyana bandha after he began to practice Pranayama and mastered the delay on the exhale. Again, going back to Yoga Union, mula bandha, you can trigger an orgasm, and udiyana bandha take energy. Udiyana bandha begins to collect all the prana and drive it into the central channel at the navel.

The navel is very important in terms of vitality. Our physical life depends entirely on the navel center, our evolutionary step depends entirely on the heart center. If the disease is, it means a failure in the navel center. When we do udiyanu, we drive into the navel center of energy that begins to correct the situation, and living fire in the navel center begins to flash with a new fury, dramatically increases the body’s immunity. Now how do udiyana bandha. There are several ways. The easiest when you sit, breathe, rests his hands on his knees. It is also important emotional component, you sort of pull your energy up. There is another option, standing, resting his hands on his knees. There is another option, lying down, but it does not differ fundamentally. This mechanism controls the apana, the part of the energy that is displayed, and, most significantly, it does not allow sexual energy to continue the race to leave our body and our vital component of survival increases. Again, remember that the physical need only to grasp the subtle, but if you are struggling retract the stomach, you start to focus on the physical and subtle you lose. There starve take useless, we must take the harmony.


And finally, this is where all the wise and bandha come together. These influences from various sides together lead us into a qualitatively new state. For example, you take a breath, bandha dzhalanhara pressed, squeezed mula bandha, exhale and dragged the stomach. It’s quite a technological process, and it turns out that you have formed a part of the energy, the other part of the energy, together have become an active part of the energy, which is pumped into the stomach. This process can grow into all kinds of different sets. Set these mudras and bandhas together can be called a more complex structures.

You step by step begin to rebuild your body, you start to fear less cold and heat, less will depend on the hunger and thirst, less will need in a dream, sex you will not be equal, it really allows you to understand the meaning of sex. Corral the energy in the navel center, the yogi burns all his sins, that is, negative karma. All these practices have clean, they burn the seeds of negative karma, they have prepared, they have withdrawn to a very high level, but again and again, this should be done gradually. In yoga, there are foolproof. If you do not possess the necessary qualities of character, the mysteries of yoga you will not unfold, because you start to miss practice. All this sometimes going in different sets. For example, breath, kumbhaka and mula bandha, you have one effect. After that, even dzhalanhara bandha, the other effect. On the contrary, exhaled and mula bandha. The game, a combination of these elements leads to the fact that very clearly inside you start to feel very real energy currents. You will begin to intuitively understand that if you do so-and-so, it will flow back and then and there and then. Combinations of these can be very different, but in the end you come to the fact that all their energy and all your mind will learn to pull out of his body. And again, a bunch of union yoga, because these topics are very close. The fact is that if you remember the threefold law of that breath, thoughts, and sexual energy are, learn to have sex without a loss, learning on – the maximum squeeze enjoyment of his physical body, then you are a naturally come to mula bandha , dzhalanhara bandha, udiyana bandha, kumbhaka. When it comes to procreation, then the entire energy flow is built on a powerful channel that helps future life to come freely, and the great saints and great yogis thus born. If you do not spend energy on procreation, it means that all the energy you melt inside, the entire slag floats, and then you’re chillin, but all the dirt out of you.

So it is believed that the mudras and bandhas naturally come to the yoga alliance, it should be remembered that this is something harmonious, something natural and smoothly passing.

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