A sound mind in a sound body!

Using physical exercises yoga helps to keep the body in harmony and to reach the next level in self-knowledge. Yoga teachers passed the tradition of leading a healthy lifestyle through the ages. Men and women trained hard their bodies to feel their physical and inner strength and to bear and bring up healthy posterity.

The main thing is, that it is easier to prevent the negative event with practice, than to waste a lot of time and forces to struggle with it. One of the preventive actions were physical exercises. 

“Heyam duhkham anagatam — prevent the suffering that is yet to come.” Yoga Sutras, II.16

Physical activity is essential for our body. When there is a lack of movements the body starts to demand your attention. It sends signals to the mind claiming for the physical load. At the same time the practice have to be harmonic, bring you joy and positive emotions. It is better not to strain your body, forcing it. The selectivity in practice is the guarantor of health.

When a person lives a passive lifestyle — the desire to practice reduces, but the body continues to alarm about the necessity of practicing, and it leads to the inner stress.

From the ancestors of humanity we have got a great amount of methods to activate and recover our bodies and feel the vivacity and the flow of vital force. One of these methods is Kriya yoga. The sanskrit word “kriya” means “action”, “movement”, “cleanup”.

The main thing in Kriya yoga — the harmonious practice, choosing the temp, which our body is able to keep up for a long time. It is appropriate for people of any age and sex. You can practice it anytime and anyplace.

The regular practice of Kriya yoga helps you to bring your body into working condition effectively, renew the harmonic energy flow, unblock inner channels and find the feeling of joy and happiness!

Practice and be healthy!

Author: Maria Mamontova

Editors: Kerigona, Mirra

Translated by Evgenia Agni

Poject curator: Kerigona

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