YOGA-ARTICLE: Claim The  Will and You Will Succeed!

Many of us remember what it’s like to be a highschool graduate, someone has yet to get this experience. The first thing that graduates face on the threshold of a new stage of life is a genuine interest in what lies ahead?! There is curiosity and at the same time doubt, fear and anxiety. Only a few after graduation know exactly who they want to be. Basically, the following questions sound in their heads: “What lies ahead? How will my life turn out? How to make your personal choice correctly, so that your future profession brings not only financial, but also moral satisfaction?! ”

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”. Thomas Edison. 

Everyone in life has to make their own  choice and follow their own path. What life will be like depends only on the one who walks. Stepping forward confidently, we create our own path in life with each new step. Even if we do not fully know what awaits us on this road, and where it will eventually lead us, we still continue to move forward. Only in this way new horizons in life will open before us with new opportunities born for self-expression and self-realization in this world.

Let’s imagine our life in the form of steps that we need to go through. The first step is kindergarten, the second — is school and the third — is the one we need to step on after graduation, but there are still a lot of such steps in life.

Any life situation is an opportunity for self-realization!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t  — you’re right”. Henry Ford.

Life constantly “tests us for strength” and teaches us lessons. We find ourselves in a wide variety of situations that can either speed up our progress or significantly slow it down. Much depends on determination! If you are purposeful, then even in spite of adverse circumstances, you will definitely achieve your goal!

Those who have already passed a fairly long period of life, gained some experience and determined for themselves points of support that help in life. These points of support  can be traced in teachings such as Yoga.

Yoga is a reliable assistant on the path of life!

Thousands of years ago, in ancient treatises on Yoga, we were given knowledge that could answer many of our questions. In the “Raja yoga” treatise, the author Ramacharaka explains why everything we want comes true. Such a concept as Will is key both in Raja yoga and in our life. Everyone has the Will, whether they know it or not. What we Will is what we get. “I won’t succeed” or “I will succeed!”. Both wishes will come true. If we want to establish ourselves in our own Will, we must develop the habit of bringing things to the end: to achieve victory or, in case of defeat, to analyze why a positive outcome was impossible.

“Any action left unfinished or without learning a lesson from it, confuses us in life even more”. Vadim Openyoga.

At any stage of our life path, we can be bothered by doubts: “What if this is not my goal? What If I was wrong and chose the wrong direction?” Raja yoga tells us that it is better to make a mistake than to stop halfway. Having completed what we have planned to the end and having made a mistake, we have a chance to correct it. Having realized the causal relationship that led to the mistake, we can correct the path. Doubts, on the contrary,  will lead to nothing, except for the irretrievably lost time.

“Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — be afraid to repeat mistakes”. Theodore Roosevelt.

Sometimes the goal seems unattainable. In this case, it is necessary, without losing sight of the final goal, to break it down into a series of simple steps. Overcoming each step will bring you closer and closer to what you want. From small victories there will be a big victory over oneself and over circumstances. Of course, when you achieve your cherished goal, you will have great satisfaction and self-confidence. Don’t worry if you have to take a step or two back on the way.  Sometimes you need to pause, remember the main goal, accumulate  strength and continue to move on.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work”. Thomas Edison.

Radja yoga also recommends reading and  studying the lives of those who have achieved their goal; they are all distinguished by one thing — they achieved their goal, having passed many steps up and down. Their goals (actions) have benefited the world, improved lives and increased freedom for many people.

How you treat a problem is how it is solved!

1.When you treat tasks with humor, they are solved much easier. If you fell into a puddle while going on a date with a girl, you can just laugh together and then have an unforgettable day or evening, or you can get upset and reproach yourself for your own clumsiness. Choosing the second reaction, you are unlikely to get a positive response from the opposite sex.

2.Regularity of actions is another important criterion. Let your action take 10-15 minutes a day, but do it regularly.

3.The most valuable resource is time. The way we use it is how we get the results. We can be inactive and complain of boredom, or we can be creative and useful, going up step by step, achieving one goal after another.

In yoga there is a way that protects from suffering. It lies between two principles.

The first principle says: we should  do our best not to harm any living beings unless it is absolutely necessary. If this is not possible, then we must do as our duty tells us.

The second principle says: we should not waste our energy and direct our consciousness on everything that does not lead us to achieve the goals that we have set up for ourselves in our work, study, recreation or yoga. We must strive with all our might to achieve this goal.

By adhering to these two fundamental principles of yoga, we can largely secure our path in life and facilitate the process of achieving goals.

Age is not an obstacle to setting new goals and achieving them!

It is important to understand that setting goals and achieving them is a life process. As long as there is life, experience accumulates, no matter how old a person is. Often we hear this saying: “Retirement is just the beginning!” This is said by  those who have realized that  it is never too late to dream and move towards your dream.

Our life is very diverse! The situations in which we find ourselves dictate to us every step we take. We can give up, lose heart and turn back, or we can go forward fearlessly, armed with our unbending Will and relying on the principles of Yoga. It all depends on our choice. If we, regardless of our ups or downs, continue to believe in ourselves and  go forward with our dreams, then we will certainly achieve both material and moral satisfaction!

Believe in yourself and follow your dream!

Article author: Tamara Povrakova

Image author: MOYU, Student’s Archive

Editors: Mirra, Olga Belous, Eva Rati, Yulia Volievskaya, Evgeniya Agni, Inna Shakti

Project curator: Kerigona

Translated by: Larisa Skibina, Avlaada