YOGA-ARTICLE: How to expand our freedom in the right way

Is human a free being, or are we entirely governed by the laws of our universe? How is the freedom of a person realized in the modern world? How does Yoga recommend to use our freedom? 

In our everyday life we face with certain laws and mechanisms, which effect on all levels of our bodies, starting with physical and finishing with more subtle, emotional and mental bodies. 

Everyone has a different level of freedom. 

Someone is healthy, rich, powerful and can manifest in the world strongly. Someone is less free, he can own almost nothing, the rate of his manifestation is much lower. In this way, everyone of us is free for some percent right now, but for some percent is determined by the results of the past actions. 

Let us determine the word “freedom”. Freedom — is a possibility to manifest the will, the absence of any limits and restrictions, unlimited possibility for actions without sufferings.

“Freedom is not idleness, but the possibility to manage your time and choose the occupation; to be free means not to be idle, but to decide yourself what to do and what not. What a great weal such a freedom!” Jean de La Bruyère

Yoga confirms, that everyone of us can achieve the delight of absolute and unlimited freedom! 

The first yoga axiom says: every person has their Supreme Self, which is free. From the yoga point of view, there are no material laws and mechanisms that can influence on our Supreme Self and its freedom.

However, our Supreme Self is in ignorance and  considers itself to be something else. It can consider itself to be physical body, emotions and anything else, that manifests in material world. 

These manifestations fall within the scope of the Universe’s laws. Our Supreme Self suffers or enjoys depending on if the freedom of its manifestations expands or narrows.

To achieve the unlimited freedom yoga recommends to use the present freedom for expanding it in future, to relocate resources from the spheres, where we are free, to the spheres, where there is a lack of freedom.

Yoga appeals:

  • to remember about our duty to all living beings, who limited their freedom in the past to expand our freedom;
  • to apply in our life the basic yoga principles. 

The first principle: “We should try our best to do no harm to any living being without absolute necessity. If it is impossible, we should follow our duty.”

The second principle: “We should not waste our effort and time for the unworthy things, which do not lead us to our aims’. The aims can be very different.”

If we use the present level of freedom to expand it, remembering about our duty and using yoga principles in our life, our freedom will increase day by day. Finally we will get rid of the primary ignorance and reach the absolute and unconditioned freedom, realizing yoga. 

Get freedom without diminishing others!

Translated by Evgenia Lakshmi

Project curator: Kerigona