YOGA-ARTICLE: Through life with regular practice!

Having received the first results from the practice of Yoga, we become interested in the mechanism of its impact on our state. However, not knowing in which direction to work, we can randomly perform actions for a long time that are not able to improve the practice and make it more effective. In order to save our strength and initially move in the right direction, let’s consider the main questions that arise on the way to mastering Yoga practices: how often and how long should we practice? Why is it important to practice regularly? How to achieve consistency in practice?

Why is having regular practice so important? 

From the Yoga perspective our body, mind and emotions are not us. These are just tools through which we can manifest ourselves in this world — to act, to think and to feel. In addition to knowing the outside world, we can use these tools to know our Higher Self — our true essence. The practice of Yoga allows us to use our manifestations in the direction we need. However, it is quite difficult to do this right away, since our manifestations have been involved in the world around them and the events of our daily life for a very long time. Regular practice makes time work for our benefit.

“If we don’t do Yoga, then time is our enemy. If we do Yoga, then time is our ally”. A treatise on Kriya Yoga.

In addition, Yoga says that in this Universe, a living being can manifest on three levels:

  • on the material (in the form of our physical body),
  • at a subtle level (in the form of sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts and habits),
  • at the subtlest level (in the form of reasons for desires and pairs of opposites “like – dislike”).

Each level is represented by a group of structures. The quality of our manifestations depends on what state in which our structures are: harmonious or upset. Sometimes we do not take care of our body properly, while it is subject to numerous stresses. For example, we do not give the body the necessary load, we are illegible in nutrition, we “clog” the mind with unnecessary and inappropriate information, we are disbanded or too clamped in our emotions. So, in the instruments of our manifestation, all sorts of “defects” and “breakdowns” are formed, which can manifest themselves as ailments. This, in turn, complicates our lives.

Yoga is able to eliminate many obstacles on our way. But it should be remembered that one Yoga class will not bring results. The steady positive effect of Yoga practice is achieved by the regularity of classes. Only in this case the structures are restored. But even when the state of health returns to normal, you should not abandon classes.

One time is not enough in order for the body to be completely cleansed, it is necessary to keep it clean all the time! Regular Yoga practice will ensure the prevention of all kinds of obstacles!

How to achieve regular Yoga practice?

  • Our Will is the driving force of practice!

The circumstances of life and the state of health will not always contribute to the implementation of the practice in its entirety. Besides, we are all prone to bouts of laziness. The will will, in spite of any circumstances, urge us to action. It is better to do less, but regularly, than to wait for favorable conditions for a full-fledged practice. If the state of health does not allow you to practice at all, yogis recommend just lying on the mat and listening to your body. And most likely it will ask for practice, but for calm and very careful one. And it will be a victory!

  • A sense of harmony is the most important component in practice!

The main factor necessary to strengthen the habit of regular practice is a sense of harmony. Harmony means performing exercises without violence against oneself, experiencing the pleasure of relaxation, overcoming oneself and rest. To find harmony, it is important to feel: “Where you can allow yourself and where you should force yourself”. Harmony is the key state that arouses interest in practice. It is the harmonious state that brings us to the realization of our essence — to our Higher Self. The joy of Yoga is akin to the natural state of our Self, which can be described as unconditional happiness. So practice quickly becomes a habit.

However it is not always easy to find harmony. It is important not to rush into mastering the practices and be extremely attentive to inner feelings. Nothing retards success in practice like an injured body as a result of haste.

  • Success in practice is a habit to practice!

The next step is to develop a habit of regular practice. To do this you should:

  • Practicing at least 2 times a week is the most necessary minimum to get started. Practicing less than this is inefficient and will not be С in today’s world. The practice time can vary from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours.
  • Do practice in the same place, at the same time. This will form a regime that will automatically urge us to practice.
  • You can link the practice to the meal hours: first practice, then eat. Or sleep — after waking up, do Yoga practice, then all other things. Or to other regular phases of the body and daily events of our life.
  • The to-do planner can be a good assistant in which you can mark Yoga practice as a separate item. This is exactly the same as we plan other things that are necessary for us. Yoga practice should become an important component of our regime. Therefore, if our goal is regular practice, we should not put it off for free time on a residual basis.
  • Individual approach!

The duration of the practice and the number of approaches per day is determined by each individually. You should not immediately take on a large load. You may not be ready for it either physically or mentally. In addition, the rhythm of life may not be conducive to drastic changes. Therefore, in order to avoid stress for the body, we should gradually introduce the practice of Yoga into our lives. It is better to slowly make the practice steady than to abandon it completely after a short intensive period.

You should not compare yourself and adapt to those people who have been practicing Yoga for a long time. Even they have periods when the body asks for calm and smooth exercises, or a break in practice. We meet each new day in a different state. Based on the current moment, our practice should be adjusted in a way that is appropriate for our body.

Over time, Yoga recommends bringing the regularity of classes to everyday practice. This should be done slowly, focusing on your own feelings. So, we will develop another useful habit that can bring us a harmonious, steadily joyful state.

Yoga helps to eliminate many obstacles on our life path, as well as fill this path with joy and peace. We are required to express our will to have practice in our lives and start practicing regularly now, without postponing classes until better times. The feeling of harmony will be a guiding star on the way to developing a habit of practice, and it will also allow you to get closer to knowing yourself and the surrounding Universe.

Practice regularly and harmoniously!

Author of the article: Volevskaya Julia

Photo: from the archive of MOYU

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