YOGA-ARTICLE: To the top of yoga through love

1. Introduction. A gift or a punishment? Is it a mistake or are we losing it ourselves?

2. Stages of falling in love. 

3. Loss due to karma. How to get rid of the seeds of karma? Groups of the instruments. 

4. Falling in Love the main entrance; all types at the same time. 

5. The need to work on yourself; The recommendation to enjoy and to work. 

6. Conclusion. Be frugal and work on yourself, so you don’t scare it away.

Almost everyone has experienced a feeling of falling in love in their life. But not everyone managed to prolong this state. What is falling in love    a punishment that causes a lot of pain, or an invaluable gift? Why does falling in love pass so quickly? Can you save it? How do yoga and falling in love relate?

Usually, when we fall in love, we experience a flurry of positive emotions and feelings. We wonder why we deserve such a gift. We feel that this partner is just the embodiment of the ideal, a perfection, there are no flaws in her (him). However, time passes and we see the object of falling in love in a new light: we see all the weaknesses , feel disappointment, resentment, etc..  And we wonder again how was this possible, we probably made a mistake or it was just an  impression. We don’t want to be in so much pain and refuse to continue the relationship. Falling in love is a non-karmic, undeserved gift from the Universe! Therefore we tend to lose it! Love relationship goes through three stages:

● gift love — comes suddenly, regardless of the person’s background. It can happen to a sworn criminal, forcing him to rethink his life, or to an elderly person, brightening up the last years of life. Love knows no age or bounds!

● the second stage is the time of hard work on oneself. During this period,“gift love” fades away and all the real and imaginary flaws of the partner, which were not noticed before, become noticeable.

We are steadily losing the gift of love. We lose it for one reason — our negative karma unfolds under the influence of the first impulse of love, raising to the surface all fears, resentments, negative past experiences, and gradually overshadows the feeling of being in love.

If partners try to hide it from themselves and from each other for a long time, they start having confrontations, quarrels and conflicts and that is very painful. If the couple does nothing in this regard, the breakup is inevitable. In critical situations, we tend to show aggression, envy, anger, typical for  wildlife. The most appropriate saying for this stage is “there is a thin line between love and hate.”

The more difficult the situation is, the harder we must work, first of all on ourselves. If the partners keep staying together regardless of each other’s faults and weaknessesfree from adverse tendencies, their relationship eventually goes to a completely new level. And having smoothed out the rough edges, the man and the woman move on to the third stage.

The third stage is deserved love. At this stage, we no longer tend to lose our love. The work that we have done in the second stage, putting in a lot of effort, leads to deserved love. The third stage of the relationship is also called “Supreme Love”.

How can we get rid of the seeds of negative karma that prevent us from being in love?

Yoga offers a number of tools to cleanse off the impurities of the past and fully enjoy interaction with the other half, experiencing supreme bliss. Such tools can be conditionally divided into two groups:

– classical methods such as kriya yoga, hatha yoga, mantra and pranayama yoga; 

– fast methods: yoga triad, including tantra yoga, yoga of the union and the highest of yogas — yoga of being in love. 

Walking along the path of mastering the classical methods of yoga, we will slowly but surely cope with our negative karma. This path is safe, it represents a minimum amount of pitfalls. It is quite simple — just do it and cleanse yourself! 

With fast methods, everything is much more complicated and dangerous, therefore, choosing the path of yoga triad, you need to be extremely careful.

Yoga of being in love is included in the fast methods and is considered the highest. You should immediately understand that it will not be possible to use the yoga of being in love without long and hard work on oneself. To take advantage of this highest yoga, it is necessary to carry out intensive preparatory work to cleanse the body, feelings and mind from all negative tendencies.

Yoga of being in love is accompanied by rapid spiritual growth and is associated with corresponding consequences — all the dirt very quickly rises to the surface, causing a lot of pain.

Therefore, to use this yoga, we need much more strength, resilience, attention and perseverance.

In a state of falling in love, a person is engaged in all types of yoga at once!

This statement can be understood only by experiencing the effect of this sublime state.The portrait of a loved one becomes a yantra. His or her name is a mantra. The breath stops at the sight of the object of love — pranayama, etc. Thus, all attention is directed to one object. The entire arsenal of yoga is used simultaneously. One-pointedness of the thoughts is achieved, which leads to a feeling of supreme bliss. That is why this yoga is called the main staircase.

Enjoy every moment!

If you fell in love, try to enjoy every moment. Falling in love does not imply reciprocity. Therefore, you should not immediately pounce on the object of love. This person may not like you at all. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t need to be angry with him or her — this kills falling in love very quickly, and more often turns it into hatred and other negative feelings. A person whose feelings are not reciprocated, at times, tends to blame the “object of love” for mortal sins, injustice and cruelty.And only a few stay alone with their sadness, get through it, have experience and come out renewed and ready to move on.

All we can do is to enjoy this wonderful state. And with the full range of physical and mental types of yoga, we can prolong the state of being in love for as long as possible. And who knows, maybe we will be able to achieve the highest bliss … 

The state of being in love is like a beautiful fragile butterfly that happened to be in our hands. For us to enjoy its beauty, we must be very careful, tactful, and restrained, not to scare it off. The whole range of yoga practices will help us to work on ourselves, and it will be much easier for us to keep this amazing and magical gift — being in love. Work on yourself and be happy!

Wishing you peace and all the best!

Article author: Marina Mirra

Drawing author: Violetta Chaikovskaya Edition: Kerigona, M. Mamontova, M. Mirra 

Project curator: Kerigona

Translation: Elena Rebezova, Tatiana Sugrue, Larisa Skibina

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