The magic of seven steps. Review on real Tantric Practice.

Anonymous Review *** I’m very late… being late for a regular lesson is also, of course, not good, but being late for the tantric practice is even more unacceptable. The first thing that I saw when I opened the door Read more

Marry the Absolute. Review on real Tantric Practice.

Anonymous Review *** Once, even last year, our yoga teacher said at a lesson: “The main thing is to marry the Absolute!” This phrase seemed to me mysterious, incomprehensible and abstract. What exactly this “absolute marriage” meant, I could not Read more

Introduction to Tantra Yoga.

Who can practise Tantra Yoga? Tantra Yoga is made for ordinary people like you and me, for the celestials it is not needed! Tantra practices are suitable for everyone, they will be especially useful for couples with children! Kinds of Read more