Introduction to Tantra Yoga.

Who can practise Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is made for ordinary people like you and me, for the celestials it is not needed! Tantra practices are suitable for everyone, they will be especially useful for couples with children!

Kinds of Tantra Yoga

1. Yoga of ancestors. Yoga of family roots.

The ideal of the Tantra is the cult of the family, ancestral yoga, rooted in the Vedas. In the Vedas, the very first request to the higher powers is to send worthy offspring, and only then everything else.

This yoga kind deals with all issues related to the relationship between parents and children. It is indirectly connected with the issues of our entry into this world, i.e. of our birth, the period of our growing up, the search for our life partner so that we ourselves have children, and questions related to how we will leave this world.

The main idea is as follows – any yoga has meaning and value only if there are living people. If there are no living people, yoga becomes absolutely useless.

2. Sex Yoga

Yoga of sexual union helps to understand, what sex, sexual energy is, how to control it and use it correctly to reach a new level of more subtle sensations, more subtle energies. How, using sex, to reach beyond the heights of self-knowledge and the ultimate goal of yoga – enlightenment. And even physical immortality.

3. Tantra yoga

Unlike the Yoga of Sexual interaction, which uses our physical body in practices, Tantra Yoga works with our subtle body, which is responsible for our thoughts, character, ideas about ourselves as a person with a certain set of qualities, our preferences, tastes and interests in life.

4. Yoga of falling in love

Yoga of falling in love explores the interaction of male and female at the most subtle level, at the level of our causal bodies. This is one of the most sublime, fantastic and amazing yogas. As this yoga states: “The whole world is cognized by Falling in love experience.”

5. Tantra Yoga is a general name for the above 4 yogas

How to live happily in a relationship? Tantra Yoga is dedicated to this – quick methods in yoga that will help you solve many difficult situations in relationships between a man and a woman, find a soul mate, live freely and happily!

Tantra is balanced and deals with all aspects of masculine and feminine that can only be (from the rough sexual, ending with the prohibitively sophisticated Falling in love).

Preparatory practices

The basis of any yoga is kindness, morality and compassion. If we want to be happy, free and independent, to realize the highest goal of any yoga and to achieve absolute freedom, then it is important that we strive to make the people around us happy and free. It is also necessary to cleanse and change your negative, karmic, tendencies, and for all this, the practice of meditation is performed to wish happiness to all living beings. This practice is recommended to be practiced as often as possible.

Practice: “May all living beings be happy”

The first principle of yoga. The Principle of Kindness.

We must do our best not to harm any living creature unless absolutely necessary. If there is no way not to harm, then we must do as our duty tells us.

The second principle of yoga. Consistency in actions.

We should not waste our energy and direct our consciousness to everything that does not lead us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. Before getting involved in another business, ask yourself if it leads us to our goals – if not, then we should discard it as diverting and unnecessary.

Basic Yoga Practice

In order to start practicing tantric methods, you need to prepare your body for them, for this it is important to practice basic yoga practices.

1. Hatha yoga

2. Kriya yoga

3. Mantra yoga

4. Pranayama yoga

5. Yoga of prostration (mix of dynamic and static exercises)

6. Practices of body purification (shatkarmas)

7. Meditation on the central channel

Strengthening practices

Cultivating Bhava (inspiration and joy from life). Necessary outlook, behavior in everyday life and correct outlook on communication with others.

The third principle of yoga. Giving up suffering and actively participating in helping others overcome suffering.

I give up suffering, no one and nothing can impose suffering on me. I will strive with all my might to help all living beings in overcoming suffering, if they express their will and if I am able to help them in this.

Advanced practices (complex exercises together with like-minded people)

In order to catch your harmonious rhythm of life, which would coincide with the rhythm of the universe. This allows you to get as close as possible to understanding your Dharma and quickly and effectively achieve your goals in life!

Rita yoga (spontaneous dance with the universe)

Nyasa yoga (yoga, which uses tactile sensations, massage techniques as spiritual practice)

Meditation on the central channel during sexual intercourse with your partner.

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