Principles of Tantra. Relations Psychology. Tantra Yoga Philosophy. Kate Karani

English text – Anastasia Bhargo.

Hello everyone. My name is Karani. Today we continue to analyze the basics of Tantra Yoga. Basic concepts, basic things that we will rely on in the future, when we analyze more specific issues, situations from life between men and women[pl]. There may be some more specific practical points. Although I don’t know if anyone really needs them or not. we will see it in future

Last time we talked about evolution. Today we continue this topic. As already mentioned, in the human bodies we realize the principle of freedom.

We use it in such a way that we manifest in this world in these specific bodies. After that, we continue to evolve, with freedom, showing creativity. In some primitive organisms, this is called a mutation. Although I recently read that these mutations continue in the human body.

In particular, now everyone fight HIV infection for the past 40 years or more how much time it exists when it was detected.

“It turns out that some people have mutations that impede the spread of the virus and these people are not affected by the virus. They even take stem cells and transplant them to other recipients. They stop the disease progression, oddly enough. Now several such operations have already been done. Doctors monitor patients and the virus does not progress, that is, the course of the disease slows down and completely stops.

“What are these mutations? They cannot understand. They cannot find its nature and cause. Moreover, this mutation did not originate in African countries, where the virus spread and where it was and is most prevalent. Oddly enough, Somewhere in northern Russia, this mutation is most commonly found. This is a mutation on a cellular level. So far, scientists cannot understand, but fact is a fact, this is happening.

The mutation is still going. Some things keep changing in us. Although it seems that we are not very different from our ancestors. Those who have black-and-white photos or some paintings of two-three hundred years ago, images, portraits, can compare. It seems that the same people, two arms, two legs, one head, some similar facial features, maybe something has changed, but not much. However, something inside continues to change. We adapt to something, we cannot adapt to something, but, probably, over time, we will adapt.

“We will talk about adaptation to some external influences when we talk about contraception. This is also a very important point.

By manifesting our freedom, we manifest ourselves in this world. Thus, vitality is realized, life is realized on its own. This law, the law of freedom that we use to manifest ourselves in this world, is basic. Everything else follows from it.

As a result of constant changes and at the same time, as the driving force of these changes, is creative energy. Thus, the impulse of life transforms one into the other. Transforming bodies, evolving, gaining experience, we change our consciousness. In part, we expand it, we get smarter, we get better bodies, we get more experience, more opportunities to analyze what is going on and we start to understand more about what’s going on.

Accordingly, even in the human bodies, evolution continues. Not only at the cellular, molecular level or some other micro level, but also at the level of the mind.

There are people who make big leap. They become smarter, begin to dominate society, they invent some things, they rediscover some knowledge.

“There are people who have little vitality. It affects their minds and everything else. It’s not very noticeable that people have transformed themselves throughout life. It depends on many reasons.

But you cannot write off what is called experience. To a large extent, experience is the level of self-awareness. The longer we live in the human bodies, the more we get used to them, master them, and the more we can use them correctly, the higher the level of self-awareness.

Further and further, from life to life, we develop the resource that we have.. In particular, our human body is the largest resource for manifesting in this world. To realize life itself.

Accordingly, if this experience is not enough, if it has not happened at all, if we live the first few lives in the bodies of people after the bodies of animals, then, of course, it’s hard to work with the mind. It’s hard to follow some principles. It is difficult to manage with this creative energy, with this very potential, which provides evolution. That is, creative potential is our sexual energy. We have no other energy. We have just one energy.

This is completely normal. Because we know very well that life extension and sexuality are closely tied. I think no one will deny this, that all our sexual urges, all fantasies, all that we do, it is directly related to the continuation of life. From having sex, children are born.

I will not talk about any scientific experiments, about cloning and so on. So far, this does not concern people. scientists are investigating this. But still, they have not yet learned how to do without a sperm and egg. And thanks God that we have not yet learned.

life is born from having sex. Accordingly, the very creative impulse of life that gives us bodies, it is the driving force of personal progress, if I may say so.

Because, indeed, you can spend your vitality to ensure the continuation of life. But, as a rule, usually in a normal, healthy society there is no need to spend all of your life’s potential only on the continuation of life. They told me that one sperm donor has five hundred children and that’s a lot

It is good if you found yourself in this life and you really have so many women[pl] who want so many children from you. 6.48

Another conversation is that one woman[s] will not give birth to five hundred children. This is one hundred percent. Here gender differences come into effect

Therefore, naturally, we have this creative potential, the potential of sexuality, more than we need for procreation.

We always have some excess at our disposal. We are alive, we continue to develop or somehow transform ourselves even after we have given the sacred duty to our ancestors. That is, we had children, left bodies so that someone, just like us, would be born further. We pass others this impulse of life.

the main question of Tantra Yoga. How without encroaching on the basic principle of this world, on the principle of freedom (that is, on life, it’s basically the same thing), we can use what is left after we successfully continue the genus and passed this impulse of life to the Universe further, that is, gave life to our children.

How to competently manage what remains? And there is still quite a lot. Of course, you can give birth to twenty and thirty children. But the children still have to be raised. It is advisable that they do not starve after birth. we need to educate children. That is, to help them realize themselves and give them a chance for increased survival.


In each species, these chances of increased survival are different.

For example, in the world of insects or mammals, fish they have their own rules. From generation to generation, by some mutations, by some adaptability, they provide the best survival for each next generation of their offspring.

People have a slightly different task. We, as Kin yoga says, did not form our bodies by ourselves, they were already given to us perfect. We do not know how to use them. Therefore, what can we do for our children. Give them a good education, upbringing. Make sure they don’t starve to death. It is desirable that they do not keep up with us in intellectual development or better surpass [sərˈpas]

In principle, all parents want this and it’s okay. This is our mission.

But even if we do all this, there is still an excess. It is very easy to understand that it remains. I know that those people who have three, five children, all the same, until old age, do not let go thoughts to stray, watch porn movies, have fun on the side, seduce[siˈd(y)o͞os] a his wife’s friend and so on. Pardon me for such examples, but it’s clear.

This suggests that the unclaimed potential of sexuality remains even after we have given the sacred duty to our ancestors. When we did everything we could to ensure that our children, in the future, will dominate, or at least live not worse than we. There is still an excess.

What to do with this excess is the main question. Because how to bring up children is more or less clear to everyone. But it all depends on what we want to get. If we want our children to live with less amount of suffering than we did, then, first of all, we must give them knowledge. Knowledge of how everything really works. If we have this knowledge

But, at the same time, nothing should be imposed upon them. That is, to place something in a child’s mind is to violate their freedom. As we understand, it is impossible to encroach on anyone’s freedom, even the freedom of our own children. This is fraught with bad consequences.

We return to the question. How besides the fact that we are creatively trying to ensure the best survival for our offspring, for ourselves and so on, how else is the creative potential of vitality realized, that is, the basic principle of freedom? That’s all for sexual fantasies. There are a lot of work

Yoga teaches that we have three groups of bodies and not just the physical body. This is very easy to understand. Those people who have dreams can see them every night. It is clear that when we sleep, our physical body does not work, it lies and rests, we do nothing. But the mind works. We see dreams and we live in them as if it were in reality. As if it were a separate reality until we wake up. There are very few people who are aware of themselves in a dream.

Yogis work on this consciously. Because they do not want to waste time even sleep time. It is possible at this time to work well with everything you need. Usually people do not work on their dreams. Yes, everyone is interested in what dreams are. Because can be dreams bright, deep, sometimes they leave impressions no less than what happens to us in reality. But, to a large extent, no one thinks about what this state of sleep is.

Scientists, of course, will tell you that this is such a brain function. The brain processes information that has not been absorbed by consciousness in a day. At the same time, they use the word “”Consciousness”” “”and it is not clear what they mean?

I did not see unambiguous scientific definitions of what consciousness is. There are vague hints in dictionaries . But what do they rely on?

Look, it’s very interesting how scientists understand consciousness. For some, this is a combination of chemical reactions. For some, this is some kind of randomly formed mutation that led to the brain development. Consciousness is a product of the brain. Such theories also exist. so many theories!

In yoga, it is believed explicitly that our gross body is what the subtle body has grown. And the subtle body is what our causal body has grown. This is even more subtle structure in which we cannot be aware of ourselves.

If in a dream we still have a chance to realize ourselves, then on a causal level – probably only yogi of the highest category can do that . But, they say, this is also possible.

It turns out that sexual fantasies, dreams on this subject and everything else come from somewhere. They arise whether we have children or not, whether we are working on ourselves or not. As a rule, if a person is very ill and is completely not up to his love life, then these questions may not bother him.

But usually, as a rule, they arise. If we try to suppress[səˈpres] them. If the patterns imposed by society tell us that this is not possible, this is debauchery [diˈbôCHərē], awful, do not even think in this direction. Usually, under the influence of the energy of life, which transforms everything so that life goes on in the most successful way, our sexual fantasies begin to transform.

It transforms them in many different ways. “””” water will always find a path”””” – do you know such a saying? Here it is. There is a way to hook us so that, sooner or later, we start looking for a way out of our sexual fantasies. So that we begin to try to realize our sexual fantasies. Why? Because, in the future, this may lead to a continuation of life.

Even by random sorting, the most unexpected combinations are sometimes happen. As it is believed in yoga, our Higher Self absolutely does not care why we suffer or enjoy. Our higher self needs experience. Our interpretation of what we suffer or enjoy exists within the manifested world.

What is suffering for us at some particular moment, somewhere on a higher level, may not be suffering. 15.12 “

Therefore, it often happens that at some particular moment the situation seems completely unsolvable to us. We terribly suffer. There is a saying “””” time heals “”””. But not time heals, heals experience.

Getting some other experience, gaining this experience, interpreting it, we begin to understand that the situation, which almost drove us to despair, was absolutely necessary. Perhaps it influenced so that now we are able to realize what happened. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that we can recognize and track. Because we are are reluctant[riˈləktənt] to remember anything and track anything.

You will not force anyone to keep at least some elementary diary. And our memory is short. Like a goldfish, they say there’s a memory for two minutes. About the same with us.

Therefore, we do not track any causal links. It seems to us that every time every new problem is new, it comes from nowhere. “””” Lord, well, for what? “”””. You need to ask yourself not so. One must ask how it all began. Take a look back. If you can remember, then most likely you will find a reason.

If not in this life, in past lives, there was a reason anyway. But refer to past lives is also not an option. Why? Because by referring to past lives now, at this moment, we’re doing the stupid things that, in the future, are guaranteed to bring the same problems. It will be so.

We made something, then forgot and again problems came from nowhere. We again thought that they were from nowhere. Either they were solved or they weren’t even solved, but they were left to chance. Problems came up again. But we do not remember that they already were. That’s how it turns out. This is called karma, if anyone still does not understand. that is how karma forms.

Somewhere we did not track, do something unconscioussly , and gave up. Or did as we usually do, without thinking about anything and thinking that this is absolutely right or the only right decision. And then after some time it gave its completely logical results. But we do not track this. We think the results are not related to the cause. So it all turns out. That’s why we’re confused.

That’s probably why we invented death have at least some chance to break this vicious circle, and start all over again. Because otherwise it would be harder and harder to realize freedom.

We confuse ourselves all the time, further and further, more and more. We leave ourselves less freedom. Yoga, in particular, Tantra Yoga, is the science of how, with the same number of problems and ignorance, to provide more freedom for ourselves and others. That is the point.
17-51 “

Speaking of ignorance. Returning to the fact that the basic law of our world is the law of freedom. From this, the definition of ignorance is quite logical. This is the flip side of freedom. If there were no ignorance, then we would not be free from our own freedom. We are free not to use it and not even know what it is. If we do not know that it is, this is called ignorance. Everything is completely logical.

So, because of ignorance, which at the same time is freedom … Although It is difficult to put into words … But it seems to me that this is quite logical if you reflect on these two things. Well, how else could it be? I do not know.

If not wasn’t for ignorance, there would be no freedom. Accordingly, we cannot blame the ignorance. because it already exists. There is freedom, there is ignorance. There is freedom, there is an opportunity to be creatively realized in this world. There is an opportunity to continue life, there is an opportunity to live. That’s what all creatures seek. If not, they would not have been born.

If we didn’t get the human body, we wouldn’t be wondering where it came from, why we were born and who we are. Everything is logical

What follows from this universal law and the principle of freedom. From it flow three principles of yoga, our beloved. And that very especially beloved first principle of yoga, the principle of Ahimsa or the principle of not harming any living creature without the need.

There are very simple logic. We must not prevent the continuation of life. Life must go on and we should not interfere with it in any way. If we interfere with the continuation of life, somehow oppose it, then we oppose the basic law of this universe, which allowed us to manifest in this universe. 19.56 Well, you understand what happens.

It’s like starting to eat yourself thinking about how to saturate your stomach.. Sooner or later, you’re gonna eat yourself. In general, you can tolerate this, but sooner or later, it will all end. It is bite the hand that feeds you

Therefore, it is simply pointless,irrational [iˈraSHənl] to oppose life. Those who do, it is the way to exploit their freedom and ignorance, but sooner or later, it will all be over.

The second point is the principle of efficiency, the principle of Brahmacharya. In relation to Tantra yoga – this is the so-called chastity, which is usually not correctly understood. We must contribute to the continuation of life and it follows from the law of freedom. This is the principle of efficiency. Life cannot be attempted, it must be preserved. life must go on. Life must be manifested in the most effective way for all. First of all, for ourselves.

These strategies for the most effective life extension are very interesting. Because, as I said, the mind is such a subordinate structure. There are structures above the mind. this is Consciousness, this is our Higher Self. This universal law of freedom, which is implemented very harmoniously, in our world. The law of freedom passes through everything. But we do not notice this, because we perceive the world with the mind. And the mind is a lower structure in relation to our Higher Self.

Therefore, from the position of the Higher Self, what we perceive with the mind is not always optimal. Therefore, sometimes, it seems to us, some illogical things arise, illogical situations with which we may not agree. But whether we agree or disagree, the impulse of life doesn’t matter.

There is a basic law and everything revolves according to this law. While we’re in this world, so by default we accept these rules of the game. therefor it is foolish not to comply with those laws that are derived from the basic law.

Another conversation is that legal conflicts in judicial [jo͞oˈdiSHəl] proceedings often arise. Sometimes it happens that overzealous [ˌōvərˈzeləs] lawmakers, especially when the Soviet Union collapsed in individual post-Soviet republics they began to write their own laws. It is clear that they took the law of the USSR as a basis, But everybody started making up their own and sometimes they got really funny things

For example, there were often cases when lower normative legal acts, some presidential decrees or government decrees, or separate versions of some specific laws were contrary to the basic law of the state. The basic law of the state is the Constitution. No other state law can contradict the constitution. If it is proved that the law that some lawmakers adopted is contrary to the constitution, it will be immediately cancelled .

Accordingly, all those who have been convicted under this act are released. and so on. everything spins backwards

Moreover, Even the International Courts try individual countries where the basic constitution of the State or international law is violated. If a country recognized certain provisions of international law, an individual could always invoke them and sue the State. even up to that. Because the basic law is always above the secondary. It’s the same here.

We often observe situations when the first and second principles of yoga, that is, the principle of nonviolence and the principle of effectiveness, conflict. It seems that they contradict each other. But, in fact, they should not contradict the basic law, the law of Freedom.

If any problems arise there, then they cannot in any way contradict this basic law. Life must go on. Freedom must be respected, maximum freedom.

Everything else follows from it. If we violate one of these principles, respectively, we will encroach, in the future, on the fundamental law. Another conversation is that there may be different ways of implementing these principles, which at first glance may appear to be violations.

for example, the topic of sexual fantasies, which many consider as deviations. It’s a pure manifestation of our vitality, our basic sexual energy.

But for someone, it’s considered deviation that a girl wears a short skirt in the hope of getting at least a compliment. And for someone, sexual deviation is considered exclusively pedophilia, that is, it is a corruption of minors who are not yet able to take care of themselves. Or zoophilia, animals with people do not willingly engage in sexual intercourse of any kind. Which of these is considered a deviation?

Yoga clearly says that the deviation is only that violates the basic principles of yoga.

It is clear that, having sex with a small child or an animal, we violate the first principle of yoga. We definitely do harm. Because this living being does not understand what is happening and there no goodwill, everything is logical here.

Another conversation is when these legal conflicts are related to age, when the person is already an adult, and when he is still a child. That is, In some countries, the age of majority is 21. I know that in Italy and in another country the age of majority is 21. Well, sorry. At 20, a person is already an adult, whatever one may say. But they don’t think so. These are special cases. But mostly of course, it is.

Is everything else a deviation? Homosexuality, can it be considered as a deviation? If both do not mind, of course not. If there are 200 of them and they’re all for it, then, please. If nobody suffers from the manifestation of their affection for each other around and they themselves do not suffer, then as much as you like. This can not be considered a deviation, there are no special attempts on life.

Another conversation, if it involves harming others, imposing one’s lifestyle on others, then, of course, yes, these are deviations. 26.48 Such things in yoga are clearly not welcome and are considered abuses.

Therefore, of course, there have always been, are and will be disputes in this regard. This is clear to everyone.

With the first principle of yoga, I think, more or less, it is clear. By manifestations of our sexuality, we should not harm anyone, no living creatures, and, preferably, we should not harm ourselves either.

I read a note a couple of years ago, some famous Mexican actor asphyxiated himself and strangled himself to death. He masturbated [ˈmastərˌbāt] and tightened his throat with a rope.

They say that for some people it causes a lot of excitement. He strangled himself to death. He was found in his actor’s trailer with a noose around his neck and understood what had happened after the medical examiner figured out what had happened. He was a good actor. I watched films with his participation and thought what a charismatic actor. Who would have thought that he would end his life like that. But it is his business. If he wanted and no one was hurt, then everything is honest.

Another question is whether it was hardly effective for him. But this is his right, his life, his work. But the lives of others should never be treated like this. We have no right.

here comes the question, Whether we are entitled to the freedom of our children? We have no right to the freedom of other people, no children, no husbands, no wives, this is their freedom. we are just limiting our freedom just as much as necessary so that everyone is happy. the principle that freedom together must be greater than individually follows from this.

Only then are stable marriages obtained. Only in accordance with this harmonious parenting is possible. Only if the law of freedom is performed, that is, freedom becomes more from the fact that we unite and enter into some kind of relationship with other people, give birth to them or have sex with them or something else. If everyone feels better and freer from this, then of course, definitely, it will live a long time, it will exist, it will benefit others, because the basic law of this Universe is being implemented.

If we think it’s my baby, it came out of me, so it belongs to me. You can cut your hair, cut off a finger on your foot if it bothers you, but another living being, by definition, has its own Higher Self. Another person limited only that part of its freedom, which is necessary to incarnate in this world .
During childhood, use our help to become independent.

Our task is to keep an eye that this freedom is respected more or less. So that a person doesn’t harm himself or anyone else and transmit, first of all, the attitude to life further. And that’s all. We can’t do anything else for our children. they are absolutely free.

This idea modern parents poorly understood , to be honest. I communicate and understand this …

One lady starves her children. She eats raw food and her children eat nuts from childhood. When they stopped drinking breast [brest] milk, they switched to nuts. Do you understand? Neither porridge nor milk. My heart bleeds when I listen to these stories.

Another mother as a matter of principle considers, that even if a child has a temperature of 40 grad celsium,there’s no need to lower the temperature. Let the organism fight on its own, but no one has said that’s a lot of pressure on the heart? They are small, they can not stand it all.

Do you see, there’s this kind of imbalance

We want to do better, but we think from our point of view. You have to think about other people sometimes, too, for them. Because children are not our equals, they are not able to compete with us in disputes on what is good for their health and what is not good for them.

They trust us in this, and we use it as if we were doing it for ourselves. We do not take into account that they themselves are not able to analyze all this. There are a lot of such examples. We are constantly, so to speak, perverting the principles we seek to live by. We don’t really understand what’s going on.

In the sexual sphere, these same moments, from selfishness, from stupidity, from ignorance, make us, in the end, so to speak, break boundaries. The boundaries are the principles of yoga, which I have been talking about for several minutes.

As for the second principle of yoga, this principle is very poorly understood. With the first principle of yoga it is even more clear. At a certain high enough level of self-awareness, we live and intuitively[[ɪn’tju:ɪtɪvlɪ] ] understand where these boundaries are to avoid harming others. Or at least we tend to listen, analyze information. That is, there are not so many chances to screw up.

But with the second principle of yoga, it is a real problem in modern society.

One girl wrote a comment to me when we were analyzing amazing text “””” 108 aphorisms of Tantra Yoga “”. You may find it on the site”” She wrote me a question with a comment. The first time I read the text, I had one thought, why is everything in it different from what it is in ordinary life? And when I later read the commentary on this text and re-read it again, I realized that in this text everything is as it should be, and our life is perverted and everything is turned upside down.

And you know, I remember this comment. I agree with her, thank you. I know that you are watching my channel, it was a very correct remark. In fact, it is, really.

The original knowledge of Tantra Yoga cannot violate the basic principle of freedom, because it was derived from it. It was given so that people at a particular moment in time, now, in our wonderful, as it is said in the Tantras, Kali Yuga, could understand how to apply and live in accordance with this basic principle of nonharming others, the principle of effectiveness and helping other people. That was the purpose of the proclamation. 32-18

What is happening here now it is already an extreme degree of confusion, which I spoke about before. We do not track what we do, and do not track the response to what we do. Every time this lump gets bigger, it turns into a big problem. As a rule, it either grows into a big conflict, or into a problem that everyone then solves for a very long time. Or in some deviations, which then try to hide. Because society simply does not know how to solve them. A lot of such questions.

For example, the same thoughtless, reckless tolerance and love to money is currently expressed in terrible deviations with regard to contraception. Probably, This will require a separate lecture. I was shocked by one of the latest issues of Scientific American magazine (34.10).

To be honest, I did not know that in contraception everything remained as it was if not in the 70s, then in the 80s. Nothing has changed. And we have lived for more than thirty years during this time. That’s how it was in my mother’s time, that’s how it is now. It’s not like nothing’s new, but it feels like they’ve rolled back, to be honest. At the same time, notice what has changed? At the same time, recommendations for doctors to work with patients have changed.

I particularly liked that now in the West they recommend not telling patients about the side effects of contraceptives [ˌkäntrəˈseptiv] so that medical consultations take place in a positive way, this is a verbatim [vərˈbātəm] quote. Do You understand? You don’t tell a person about the side effects. We could have stopped there. You don’t even need motivation to realize it’s just a crime. And this is normal. It’s in the Scientific American magazine.

To be honest, my hair stand on end. I did not expect this. I learned a long time ago that I shouldn’t use any hormonal contraceptives. For my body, this is evil and unambiguous harm. Mechanical methods of protection can be used. that’s about it

I knew that there are some contraceptives, but the fact that they are not only not evolving, but degrading in terms of attitude and morality. I did not know that. This is a disaster and you need to do something about it, of course.

The next article was about AIDS. And I realized that you can still do something with previous problem, and what’s happening in this area is even worse. I don’t know what’s going on with health care. Maybe someday people will be born who will understand that this is not only business, but also the question of the survival of sometimes entire nations. Probably it is necessary somehow to use brains. …. it was a lyrical digression of my indignation[ˌindigˈnāSHən].

We go back to the second principle of yoga. as I said, this principle is very poorly understood The saying that “””” life should continue “””” does not require any rationales [ˌraSHəˈnal]. Although I’ve tried my best to explain them. If I didn’t succeed, sorry. All wisdom from teachers, all stupidity from me. If that did not work out, then, probably, I am not smart enough

Some believe that women are, in principle, a intellectually weak gender. And over time, the prefix “intellectually” was discarded because it sounded politically incorrect. Maybe this is so, of course, I do not know. But maybe it’ll help someone. maybe someone will understand, maybe as intellectually weak gender as I am. At least they could use it. I’m not counting on men

It’s sad about the second principle, because at one point, religion intervened.
religion loves to shoot from the hip. And this, literally, we remember all these cross wars, the Jayhats etc

So in terms of what to do with sexuality. celibacy – is what to do with sexuality. This is extreme , of course. But we know about abstinence [ˈabstənəns], first of all, because there is such an institution as monasticism [mə’næstɪsɪz(ə)m]

It is an extreme that just don’t have sex . Devote yourself to God and you’ll be fine.

Why did this suddenly happen? Indeed, it would not have survived so many generations, so many eras, if it had not been completely evolutionarily profitable. It is clear that if everyone becomes a monk, the human race will cease and it certainly won’t benefit anyone.. Monks also need someone to support lets begin with it. Accordingly, there should be laity [ˈlāətē]. 38.23 Otherwise the whole system falls apart

So why do they even exist in this case. It’s all pretty simple. Why are there commandments that recommend, to be very careful about sex, to abstain. Up to the point that adultery [əˈdəlt(ə)rē] is a sin. And then there are explanations of certain cults representatives, what exactly is adultery and what is sinful in it.

There’s a whole range of interpretations here. similarly to the doctors’ recommendations for positive consulting. Anything can be heard, actually. But in principle, why it was and why it’s still going on. Probably because religions and those who still proclaim them, probably also came, most likely, by experience, that nevertheless there is a division of people according to their level of self-awareness.

Yoga, in principle, does not recognize the division of people by race, nationality, gender and other characteristics. It is believed that we are all equal. Whoever thinks about the intellectually weak gender, people of the wrong color, and so on. This yoga does not recognize at all. But yoga recognizes the division according to the level of self-awareness.

Probably, at some point in the distant past,the caste system of India grew from this. Now there, of course, everything was already mixed up. And Kali Yuga – the yuga is common to all, it’s clear.”

The division according to the level of self-awareness is obvious and it is. Whether we like it or not, we are well aware that some people are very careful about the issue of their children. They care about them very much, sincerely want to help them. They understand that children should be free, but it’s our responsibility whether they will grow up normal people so to speak, whether they will have the opportunity to live a good life. We strive to do everything for them.

We respect our elders. 40-31

We respect life in principle. We can, of course, love each other and everyone. This is a different topic. We do not harm others, we do not seek to kill anyone and we do not enjoy it. We do not, in principle, believe that murder can be justified by anything other than duty. Then it is clear that a person is already at a fairly high level of self-awareness. He can, of course, in some way deal with or address sexuality.

It will make sense, at least a person will understand how rational it is and be able to use it. 41-11 But it’s always probably been. Religious figures also probably saw this when they gathered their flocks and tried to do something about it. There are people completely different , who not so long ago in bodies of people, former animals, and not so long former. In general, we all, of course, are former animals, and somewhere these patterns of behavior remain. The entire limbic system, they say, is inherited from there.

But, nevertheless, there is a direct correlation between well a person feels about their sexuality, how carefully he manages it and how developed and civilized he is in general. if I may call it that.

That is, the level of self-awareness is, first of all, a good marker, this is attitude to sex, attitude to life, attitude to life extension, to the question of children, ancestors and everything that follows from this.

Probably, at all times there were people and now there are many of them which are related to the issue of reproduction, sex, about the same as getting food, food and so on. I got the food, I got the woman, and I’m fine. I have what I need, goodbye. Children? Well, that’s your problem. Well, I’m not. If you’re pregnant, if you want to have an abortion, if you want to have a baby, that’s up to you.

You see, if you see such an attitude, you should know that celibacy was invented for a reason. It was probably invented for people like that: “””” dear friend, it’s better not to have sex for you””””.

Than you will waste your resource, you will harm both yourself and others. You have so many deviations. Let you better spend a certain number of years in fasting and prayer, maybe the Higher will be revealed to you. At least you will direct all your efforts to one point and maybe you will be there. At least there will be no harm from society, and at least some benefit to you.

Most likely, probably, for this all these commandments were invented with such a strict restriction in terms of sex.

But if we already understand that we are able to at least think about how to properly manage this and try to somehow work with this issue. We’re starting to realize that sex isn’t just about getting babies. How many times do we have sex, we don’t give birth to so many children, this is clear to everyone, in the modern world this is definitely so.

I also remember one interesting detail. I think I’ll give another lecture on women’s losses separately. I already have seven on Youtube channel. because some very interesting details have come up.

Scientists began to study the issue of menstruation and took for consideration a large period, about 100 years ago and more. Some information has been gathered, observed the tribes that live and correlated with modern women with the modern world.

It turned out very interesting details. But more about that next time, now the song is about something else.

If we are already able to understand that there is no need to harm others, that no one should suffer from the manifestations of our sexuality. If we understand, most important thing, that the issue of life extension is closely related to sexuality, then we can begin to slowly master and cover this topic for ourselves. Then we slowly begin to approach a correct understanding of the principle of Brahmacharya, the principle of chastity, as Tantra Yoga understands it.

It is believed that the issue of sexuality and the issue of procreation are closely connected. That’s what my previous speech was all about. But this is not the same thing, that’s what matters. This is absolutely not the same thing.

The same impulse is manifested. But at the same time, in case of procreation or without, something else remains. The question is how to learn to separate, what should go on procreation, in any case, necessarily from what we can manage for our development. “

As I said, there is one energy, one impulse. What is not used for procreation, that remains after we have arrange it as it should, we continued our line, can go on our personal evolution. This is the impulse that allows us to grow above ourselves.

Hence the whole Tantric theory and practice of acquiring superpowers, oddly enough. Because the correct sex in Tantra gives them.

What superpowers? It’s a completely correct use of your mind and the ability to use it to the fullest, not just some percentage, within the 10 percent, as they say. This is the first. The second is already reaching a higher level, a level of Higher intuition. level of what in yoga called siddhas or superpowers. 46-34

In fact, these are normal abilities, but, so to say, an extended pool. There are user settings in programming, but there are settings for an experienced user, super-admin. to become this super-admin, you need to study this topic very well and start having sex correctly. To begin to prioritize. and to learn to separate the part that goes on the continuation of life from that part of this impulse that we can use for our personal transformation.

Although “personal transformation” is not a correct formulation, I’m not talking about personal growth. I only wish to clarify. that this is not the point. Yoga releases what is already in us, and does not attract that is not or happened suddenly. So in psychology they can only tell you that you didn’t have something, you went through the training and you got something. No, friends, we have everything that happens to us positively, according to the theory of yoga, this disclosure of what we already have in us.

We’re not being injected from the outside, we’re discovering it in ourselves, particularly the same superpowers.

What I’m talking about. Let’s assume we lived in the bodies of cows. If we recognize the theory of reincarnation, the theory of yoga, then this fact will have to be recognized that once we all went also through life in animal bodies. So, I think that for a cow, if it were able to understand what the mind of a man is, who is able to fold and subtract, add and subtract, do mental engineering, think about space travel, dig deep into what we really are. For a cow, this is definitely superpower. Do you understand? The same for example for dogs. This is some kind of superpower, about which the animal is not even able to think.

Just as we are. Until we are at a level when our consciousness is still at a level after the animal, and the body already allows us to realize all these superpowers, we are in about the same position. It also seems unbelievable to us: “””” Oh, how to read thoughts at a distance, wow, be aware of yourself in a dream, and also transform these dreams. “”””

Yoga says that in principle, you can fly through the air, because gravity is also relative. It exists, of course, but you can, in principle, work with it without violating anyone’s freedom. If we want so, if we have reached such a level that we do not scare anyone with our superpowers and do no harm to anyone.

But in Tantra Yoga, I was talking about it once in a lecture, it is considered bad manners to strive for superpowers, oddly enough. All Masters urged to always aspire to the Supreme. Superpowers are free addings. Someone needs them, but someone does not need them at all. Yes, the fact that they happen confirms the fact that we are on the right path, that we are going in the right direction. But don’t get stuck on it.

I know that even around the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, Shiva Chandra wrote that he was very sorry that most Tantra practitioners stop at the level of superpowers. But, on the other hand, he was glad that at least it still works. That they have enough abilities to reach this level. That teaching at least now works for them, even so. At least they go to this level, this is not bad. In general, he lamented [ləˈment], of course, that these people didn’t go any further.”

Because much more can be achieved. You can know yourself completely, without limiting yourself to materializing an object from the air or reading thoughts, or something else. But any motivation in yoga is good, this is our favorite saying. Everything that leads us to yoga is wonderful. We are embarking on the path of self-knowledge and, if not in this life, then in some future lives, we still have a chance to reason and try to strive to the Highest goal of yoga, for unconditional freedom.

Even to freedom from superpowers, even if they suddenly began to develop in us.

If this topic is interesting, then, of course, it makes sense to work on yourself in this direction. To understand the practical Brahmacharya and what it is. This was a series of lectures. The loss of Prana and sexual energy management separately for men, separately for women[pl]. What do we need first of all for this?

First of all, you need to understand what karmic conditions we’re in right now. Can we afford this to ourselves in our current situation, without harming anyone and remaining effective and helping others.

The second one. Are we, in principle, able to allow it to ourselves. Is the mind scared when we tell it that, my friend, I will work with you now, I’m sorry, but I have to control you. Sometimes the brain gets weird.

The third point is, as far as we understand and began to apply, that life must necessarily continue and the principle of freedom must be realized. First of all, through the continuation of life and helping others to continue it.

They write letters to me constantly: “””” please open lectures on managing sexual energy for men. “””” Dear and respected person, let’s begin with that, do you really need it?

If these conditions are not met, if we live, as they say, on credit, do not give birth to children, do not help them to be with us or with other people, and better with us and other people, then all this knowledge will remain abstraction. Anyway, karma will not allow it, sooner or later. We ourselves have created such conditions that we will not be able to use it, one way or another.

Therefore, we must be very aware here, first, of the level of self-awareness at which we are.

There is such a theory, it is absolutely valid. For men, let’s say, indeed, the level of self-awareness is very important. Whether we can control the losses of the prana and whether we can control our sexual energy. Because if we’re very recently in people’s bodies, then we still have so strong inertia from the body of the animal that we can’t get control of the whole thing right away.”

You see, anyway, the body, under the influence of a mind that has not yet been developed, and consciousness that has not yet been revealed, will behave as if it were the body of an animal, although it is already perfect. The human body is already perfect. It allows you to use it very rationally. Therefore, yes, You can’t get words out of a song here. You need to look and really be aware of how this is possible personally for us right now or in the future.

But in yoga, it is believed that everyone needs to study, direct their brains and create the right associative links. It is good. But only if my words, I’m talking about myself, do not cause you rejection, resentment, the desire to do something against and so on. If this is, then please do not look further, do not listen, do not be interested, look for what you’re comfortable with. You are all free and everyone has the right to their opinion.”

Perhaps, indeed, if there is such a reaction, you better look for some kind of religion. Religion is wonderful. They give for a certain type of people the maximum possible freedom with their current level of ignorance. If you realize that this is your situation, please, really, it’s better to go into some kind of religious teaching. For the most part, they’re all kind. Adequate. There are very few now openly sectarian entities that have grown to globally. In general, all world religions are peaceful, but for the deviations of individual representatives, they have the right principles.

Well, what we rest on further when we come to the implementation of the second principle in relation to Tantra yoga, in relation to the continuation of life. If we do not deal with this issue at all, then it will deal with us. It’s like with the mind. If we do not give him tasks, he will find something to think about. And, most likely, such a separate aportheid will arrange for us in our own head, that is, he will always find something. That’s exactly the same with the second principle of yoga. If we do not engage in our sexuality, then it will take care of us, sooner or later.

Especially if we practice yoga. And I, first of all, give lectures for those who are interested in knowledge of yoga, do yoga, try or are thinking about doing yoga. For them, sooner or later, this becomes relevant. This is how a friend told me recently. He practices yoga. I asked him: – Are you interested in Tantra yoga? He said: “You know, I would be so glad not to be interested in it but I have to.” I say: “Well, that means that you practice classical yoga correct, since you replied me that way.”

Therefore, yes, this creative impulse, the impulse of life, will not leave us to the deathbed. I congratulate all of us on this and therefore have to think about how to live with it, what to do about it. You can leave it to chance, but then the scenario will be the worst of what was provided. Why? Because everything is very clear. When was the most profitable scenario for continuing life?

Probably in the bodies of animals, since we have the human body or somehow evolutionarily deserved it or not deserved it, it doesn’t matter… In general, we got it in some way, which means we worked quite effectively in the bodies of animals. And what does effective work in animal bodies mean? This means only one thing, that we have successfully procreated as much as possible by any means, do you understand?

Here, the same, our internal structures will most likely include the program that is laid somewhere, as scientists say, in the limbic system in the reptiloid brain and will act like reptiles. when it turns on we start. The first found person will be successfully fertilized. And then there’ll be family problems, divorces, miserable kids, and it’ll be like this every time.

If such a prospect is satisfactory, then ok, you do not need to be interested in Tantra yoga and with regard to the relationship of a man and a woman[s] from a position of yoga. If this does not ok for you, then slowly you need to start directing your attention, your consciousness to this topic. Gradually study more, try to realize what we can realize with our current level of ignorance and our current karmic situation.

Something I haven’t said yet very important, but since I categorically do not write cheat sheets, I have such a personal challenge. In principle, I don’t write them, for any lectures, I probably forgot something .. But this means that I will have something to talk about next time.

Well, still, of course, yes, the women [pl] loss of prana , the management of sexual energy in the light of the new circumstances, I will definitely discuss it. Because there is no limit to my indignation, this will probably be the next lecture.

that’s all for today. Thanks to all. Bye everyone.

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