What is yoga?

We use to think that yoga is something, that came to us from India, that it is a kind of gymnastics or meditation, or breathe techniques. We see Indian people making sometimes strange poses, standing on their heads or sitting motionless with closed eyes. 

Or we see in the internet beautiful fit girls who make unbelievable poses and say, that it is yoga.

🧡So, what is yoga? 

How can we determine, what practice can be yoga and what is not?

The word ‘yoga’ is translated as ‘connection’, ‘unity’, ‘harmony’.

So, the connection with what? Connection of an individual I with the whole Universe.

And we can reach this connection via

all our manifestations. For example, we can breathe, make poses, move, dance, speak, hear, watch and so on. And we can merge with the Universe using these abilities. 

🧡How is it possible? 

The only indicator is harmony. It does not matter, what we do. Yoga is when you do it with harmony🙏

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