Dharma is the way of life which is formed when we try as much as possible to follow the first and the second principles of yoga.

Dharma is the way of our life, which leads us to the supreme spiritual heights of self-exploration. It is the greatest fortune to find your Dharma quickly.

If we go the way of our dharma, we avoid all possible suffering caused by our negative karma as much as possible and, at the same time, we get the most possible joy and happiness from our positive Karma. Moreover, going our dharma way, we simultaneously develop spiritually, learn and get possibilities to go beyond the bounds of our karma – both positive and negative.

Your dharma determines your duty. Your duty determines the actions you make, your code of conduct and your internal code of honor. Both the first and the second principle of yoga will lead you to the understanding of your own dharma. Understanding of dharma will give you the understanding of your duty. Understanding of your duty will give you understanding of your goal in life and your proper behavior. Proper actions give right and useful results, our understanding of life increases and we can better understand the meaning of the first and the second principles of yoga. It is like a circle. You end where you started and if you do well you get a level up.



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