Karma yoga


We all work. This fact follows out from our karma. But the work is not a curse, it is a great chance. Our goal is to get rid of negative karma and to accumulate the positive one. How can we get rid of negative karma? Even the fact that the Universe gives us any kind of activity is a chance to neutralize our negative Karma, whatever it is, even if we don’t like this kind of activity. It is a chance to accumulate positive karma and even get above the level of karma in future.
The yogi who gets out of plane of karma is considered to be free. So, the job which we have now is a great chance to rise in spiritual level first and, then to eliminate all negative consequences of our previous actions. Each job you can turn into yoga whatever your activity is. Karma yoga teaches us to work in this special way, to turn any our activity into yoga.

Three types of people

There are three types of people

  1. First level is the lowest; it is a person who works because of fear
  2. Second level people work for money (reward).
  3. The third and highest level is taken by people who work not because of fear or money, but they enjoy the working process itself.

Working without fear and reward expectations, we get rid from our positive karma and eliminate negative karma. Karma yoga is absolutely harmless, if a person knows how to relax. We should do that part of work which depends on us, and give a chance to higher forces to do the part that is out of our control. That is why it is necessary to alternate work with resting.
You can master karma yoga yourself, but it might sound strange that you need a teacher in karma yoga as nowhere else. There is only one reason. A person simply could not imagine that it’s possible to work in such way. Most often we hear that going to work is slavery and we should not like our work. But when you start working in subordination of a person, who knows how to work according to karma yoga, you get notion of impulse and start to work in the same way automatically.

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