Modern technology at the service of ancient knowledge

Studying at International Open Yoga University (IOYU) gives us the opportunity to receive an additional profession as a teacher of yoga in English and Russian, as well as to acquire additional competencies. This opens broad prospects and significantly expands the degree of our freedom. Let’s see what innovations are being introduced at IOYU and what additional competencies can be obtained in the learning process.

What specialists are now in demand?

Nowadays many educational institutions release specialists on the market, whose professions are not in demand. At the same time, in some domains there are simply no specialists at all. Employers do not need the individual but want a solution to their own problems. The employers are ready to pay a lot of money for concrete tasks. To be in demand, it is necessary to quickly adapt to meet the needs of the market and be able to receive additional competencies.

In the Middle Ages in Europe there were guilds that passed the business secret from generation to generation. It took half a century to be an apprentice to find out the secret. Now such a company would go bankrupt. Studying for a long time and then working no longer works. We need to quickly acquire the necessary knowledge in practical courses. We can start earning money and feeding our families a day after we  have mastered a certain set of knowledge  while,  in our free time, we will increase the fundamental knowledge, without which it is impossible to become a specialist in a given field.

Why is the study program constantly changing at IOYU?

At IOYU, we follow the Third principle of Yoga, the principle of helping living beings: if we learn something, we immediately think about how to structure it, highlight the most important aspects and effectively transfer knowledge to other people. For example, if we study something for a long time, read a thick book, then we reduce it as much as possible, turning it into a short useful advice (life hack) and pass it on to other students. If nobody needs this knowledge and it does not generate income, then maybe it should not be studied.

When we design the curriculum, we think that our students should learn what is worth and not waste time on unnecessary knowledge. We cannot afford teaching our students in an old-fashioned way so the curriculum  at IOYU is constantly changing from year to year.

What additional competencies can be obtained while studying at IOYU?

A strategic direction at IOYU is the fast expansion of professions and competencies to allow students to make money on the sideline of teaching yoga. Life confines us to use the means of technological progress. If in Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland” you had to run as fast as you can just to stay in place and in order to get somewhere you must run twice as fast, now you have to run 5-10 times faster just to stay in place.

If you wish, in the tuition process, you can get additional competencies in business: advertising and PR, in the field of information technology and learn English. Accepting something new is extremely costly both materially and physically, but this allows to more efficiently build the study process and expand the competencies of graduates. The only way to survive is to learn new achievements and use new technologies. They make it possible to be proactive, to be in the groove.

What are the benefits of knowing English?

All the new solutions that the modern civilization offers us are in English, as it has become the international language of communication. Knowing English we will be able to draw information from different sources — the ancient treatises on yoga, which were first translated into English — and we will always be one step ahead. At IOYU there is the cult of English. Having passed the Russian-language academic program and additionally having passed the exams in English, you can get an international diploma of the Commonwealth of Universities, first a bachelor degree, and then a master degree.

Why is the stake made on blockchain and artificial intelligence?

The next major competency is in the field of information technology — the modern Computer Science. In recent years, things previously considered fantastic became a real tool for making money. This technology is being introduced in banks and large companies see substantial profits. The same situation with Deep learning — a profound learning using a combination of machine learning methods.

Two areas are actively developing all over the world:

  • blockchain — the spread of cryptocurrency (for example, bitcoin);
  • introduction of artificial intelligence.

In the axiomatics of yoga there is the concept of separation into macro- and microcosm, into male consciousness and female energy. They are always paired. Blockchain is also chaos, energy. Artificial intelligence is order, consciousness, an anti-chaos system. As a rule, when humanity comes to a standstill, it is in such pairs that the next leap in the progress of civilization is done. Therefore, these two systems balance each other: an artificial system will limit (where necessary) our freedom, and the blockchain will expand it.

How will artificial intelligence improve the quality of learning?

At IOYU, an internal artificial intelligence system has already been introduced directly into the core of the learning platform. This provides a rich opportunity for better education, no matter what science we do. If one of the students doesn’t receive the required set of knowledge or if something goes wrong, the system will detect this. Previously, curators used to identify these occurrences, now the artificial intelligence system will bring this to a new level. We can gain competence in the field of artificial intelligence. Obtaining an additional specialty will facilitate our studies at IOYU, and it can also become useful in life. We can implement the same at our work, thereby tremendously improving our professionalism.

Studying at IOYU gives endless prospects not only in studying classical yoga using modern technologies, but also expanding our freedom in all areas of our lives. Additional professions and competencies gained during the studies will allow us to be in demand as specialists who have both excellent skills in teaching classical yoga and other skills; as well as being at the forefront of modern society.

Study yoga with modern technology and be happy!

Authors: Eva Rati

Editors: Anna Prema, Olga Belous, Evgenia Agni, Yulia Vol’evskaya

Chief editor: Mirra

Project curator: Kerigona

Translators: Nat Satcitananda, Alex Vijaya, Tatiana Sugrue

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