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You have to avoid injuring any live being without an emergency of that, if there is no such possibility you should act how your duty tells you. (Dharma)

Although I have repeatedly touched upon this subject, from a formal point of view, even if you’ve heard it 225 times, I have to voice it again. So, we must avoid injuring any live being at least for the simple reason that there are no borders where you end and other beings begin. When striking someone or something a blow that you think outside of you, in general, you striking yourself a blow. Because you are something more than you think. So we should learn this principle by heart. Constantly repeat it and practice meditation, “May all live beings be happy!”, and wish happiness to all those whom we love, to all those who don’t care about us and to all those whom we dislike, to all those who are our enemies. We have to do this constantly. Why? Because of we have karmic imprints of other motivations. In the most crucial moment should wake up the motivation not to injure. It’s possible only through the habit. This is one of the most important principles. Why is it so important? This principle concerns all people who come to yoga. It’s the cornerstone for the future yoga teachers. If you do not adhere to this principle, you should not become a yoga teacher in general. Simply practice yoga you can, but teaching – cannot. The point is not only in mental – ethical reasons that injure is badly, but in some even another. It is a concrete practical. I will devote this concrete practical side the comments of the first principle. You remember that teaching yoga is already (practicing) yoga. Yoga in this sense, a double-edged sword that will help you gets rid of those problems that you are even afraid to approach. These problems are deeply rooted in the causal body, and deep in the causal body we keep a lot of seeds which we have since lifetimes in the animals’ bodies. Roughly speaking, in ourselves sleeping tigers, crocodiles, dogs and all sorts of very unpleasant beasts doze in the form of imprints that we have since a level where we were those creatures.

When we were crocodiles, tigers then display a certain severity and speed of the massacre with “well-wishers” was a matter of survival. Nothing wrong with that we have acquired it, no. But, unfortunately, the imprint of this kind of behavior is preserved with us till our days and lives in each of us. If we get in certain conditions, then we, unwittingly, becomes a beast in the literal and figurative sense. Or in another words, we sometimes behave inadequate. When we get in annoying conditions our education, our five degrees, our breeding, tolerance, mom, dad – Professor, our groundwork, that we are “goody-goody”, that we adhere to high views, all this are evaporated. Believe me, there are some life conditions, where you simply forget about it. In you wake up the beast. Everything will be decided by autopilot. Once again – it is neither good nor bad. This is imprints, which we have since lifetimes in the animal’s bodies. You are in affective state can fracture someone’s skull in result of how you would feel quite righteous anger. Sometimes the situation is such that really difficult to determine how you should behave. No one can feel secured against it. So, this principle you should repeat to yourself, repeat and repeat. Moreover, repeat with meditation “May all beings be happy.”

First you should work through all this on the mental level, and then, as soon as you deal with your karma manifestations – so that you got carried away – this meditation takes over the management. Otherwise, advanced Yoga teacher will turn into sophisticated enemy for their offender. Before you can bat an eye as you unconsciously start direct your mind perfection, you’re Prana, yoga abilities and super abilities on offender destruction. It can be not even because you want it, but simply this mechanism engages. This mechanism, once again remind you, was appropriate, when you were in animal’s bodies. To reflect in the animals bodies there was nothing. Brains were not. The moral and ethical principles were not too. There was a problem – respond quickly, not fall prey and not starve. But now thanks to the accumulated positive karma, we are live in the human bodies and we do not usually need to show such qualities, but habits have remained. We should gradually get rid of these habits.

Finally, one more thing, a person, who practicing yoga, the more teaching yoga, passes on the following mechanism: all the nerves more acute, he becomes more sensitive. What for the average person imperceptibly, upset a person in a yoga state. His nerve receptors are refined. He is more keenly felt. It is very painful. And it is clear that sometimes, when very painful, it wakes up … on autopilot, the reflex when Doctor banged with a hammer on the knee- bang! – And your foot – Jerked. If you get into such conditions, where the situation is forced, then you are twitching all over. This is particularly evident in frictions with family and friends. You turn into a monster, unwittingly, with people with whom you have to live together. That is the terrible paradox. That’s the double-edged sword in yoga. It would seem, you stepped forward to become clearer, but sometimes catch yourself thinking that you became dirtier. If earlier you was more tolerant, but now you show negative. If earlier you at least did not show it, but now, on the contrary, somewhere, you start to show it. That is, wake up the imprints in the causal body level. Once again, it’s very strong imprints. Person is turned on, without even realizing it. Here saves only the mantra of consciousness, the constant repetition to yourself «May all live beings be happy!” Why?”, because you will be so irritated by all, as if you cut into pieces and, it’s clear , that before you can bat an eye, as an uncontrolled reaction go on. Word for word, then – whether in a fight, whether in a quarrel, or something else. Whether more subtle thing: sometimes people do not go to fight, quarrel, but they are become poisonous in words, gossiping, spread rumors, that is, not physically destroy the enemy, but mentally.

And finally, the most importantly:


We sit directly. We straighten back, neck and head. Close the eyes. Imagine in the center of the breast a lotus flower, beautiful, untouched, and glowing. Repeat to oursellf: May all live beings be happy! We meditate how from that lotus flower spreads in all directions a wave of light and brings happiness to all those whom we love and all those who love us.

The second time we repeat to ourself: – May all live beings be happy! We see how this wave of light spreads and brings happiness to all those whom we do not know, and all those who do not know us.

Finally, the third time we repeat to ourself: – May all live beings be happy! We meditate, how this wave of light spreads from our heart center and we wish happiness to all enemies, hidden and obvious.

We see the enemy. The hand already reaches for the gun. But we remember this meditation. And the hand is not so quickly reaches for the gun, but a little more slowly, which is already quite a positive effect. Our hate, spontaneous and aggressive reactions are born for several reasons. Why do we hate? Because we are dependent and do not understand. If you’re on something depends and does not understand this, you hate it. Therefore, if you are not depending on something, you would not be irritated. But since you have a dependency, it means you hooked. It means, there is an associative thread, pulling which, and you from blissful yogin turn into an average person, but at the same time you do not understand why this is happening. Because of understanding leads further to escape from addiction. Therefore, if you do not turn out these meditations to “X hours”, if this principle is not strengthened in your head, do not leave an imprint on the autopilot level, at the unconscious level, at the reflex level, then later, when you get carried away, you will have nothing to oppose. Therefore the first principle – not injure any live beings – it is not so much an abstract humanistic as a practical. In yoga all is humanely, and this humanism works. And it works as follows: if you are not impregnated with this principle, in the worst possible moment you will get carried away in adventure. People who go to yoga, but are not impregnated with this principle, become hostages of their manifested karma. You can see now one yoga teacher get carried away in adventure, now another. These scenarios were observed repeatedly. Take the schizophrenia epidemic among yogis alone! When a one yoga teacher sometimes with fists, sometimes with angry venomous remarks on the other yoga teacher. What I call you upon? Friends, I do not want to see you in exactly the same quality. It’s another thing that is not given to protect you from this. Everyone has his own Karma. Sympathies-antipathies, and so on. Yoga Problem – is to give you this mean. You have not other means. Since this rapid reaction was worked out over many lives in the animal’s bodies, it is so strongly ingrained in you, that such intention: “Yes, I know, I will not do harm …” can’t help you. You have to soak this principle. As a result, you will not be afraid. A man whom no one is afraid, fears nothing. So, if you want to get rid of fear, make sure that you are not afraid. Everyone should know that no matter what can happens, you will never act meanly, will never do bad things. You will not be afraid, and expect from you a trick. You will not be afraid and in your head all cleared up. You’ll stop being afraid. So, again and again. The principle of Non-injuring any live being – is not naked ethics. This is the working principle. It’s like a car engine. This is not something abstract, that it would be nice if everyone love and help each other. No, friends. The question is different. If this is not, nothing will in general. More precisely, all that will then appear will only reinforce your negative tendencies, and you with even greater force again will split forehead itself. Moreover, the more you get the energy in yoga, the more you hit, the harder will be. Because your nerves acute. Perception organs start to clean. You will be hurt. Therefore I advise learn this principle by heart, soak them and constantly perform this meditation. It is clear that you came here and this principle is not yet at the autopilot level. No problem. If you will work in this direction, over time become. Constantly check yourself.

Finally, a pleasant thing concerns to this principle. As soon as the slightest signs from higher will come to you, as soon as some practice or meditation will work, then another layer of negative dark past will fall off. You will experience a state of realization, as if the blindfold fell. It will as clear as noonday. Then you would be ashamed for all those moments when you injured. And pride of those moments when you control yourself, fists and teeth clenched, shown grit. In these moments of mind enlightenment, this principle will come home to you. You realize that everything-all your life’s problems, all your questions were so small and insignificant compared with the higher, spiritual. After each such upheaval this principle will repeatedly impregnate you. When you get out of this state and live a usual life, it less and less needs to apply an effort. This is a very great help. On the other hand, it is in some sense a kind of such a success criterion of your spiritual development or any height in yoga that you have achieved. There is no person who ascends some heights, but coming back from these heights continue to be evil. On the other hand, such a person will perform only their duty. If it is not his duty, he never on his own initiative would not hurt a gnat, does not crush a mosquito. But if it his duty – so anything you want. If protect the Motherland, so with a gun. This is from the section of the practice in advance. Then you’ll feel it and experience. But now, as you would precipitate this to get used to. On the other hand, it is one of the moment’s tantric approaches: “If you want to be a God, you should act like God.” God or Higher never injure. But if it needs to turn karma wheel over, he does it easily, so – the epidemic is so epidemic, the war is the war. And at the same time he has’ not a karma. You have the same situation approximately. If you just go through life: avoid injuring any live being without an emergency of that, and if there is no possibility not to make harm, act how your duty tells you, whatever you will do, karma will not stick.

The Next thing is also very practical and we should consider it very carefully.


Do not waste energy, life energy, and life time on the minor things. But use all your strength, energy, life time on goals achievement.

This is the second very important principle.

So, pay attention. It says: using strength, energy, life time on goals, but there was no mention to use strength, energy, life time on yoga goals or on Samadhi achievement, or on the spiritual realization. That’s the mistake people make sometimes. They think that this principle call to use energy, strength, life time only on yoga practice, on Samadhi. No, friends. This is secondary. Pay attention, on the goals in general. Goals, as you know, can be different. Well, from the formal standpoint, you even cannot imagine and formulate the purpose that you will reach. So, how can you say: “I try to achieve a Samadhi”? How can you try to achieve that, if you do not know what that is? Or, “I aspire to reach the Higher, to dissolve in the Higher”. What a Higher? Higher for each of us starts to manifest itself through a certain goal, and when that happens, we can clothe Higher in the words or views. If we aspire to it and consistently achieve results, we gradually open Higher, but if only we aspired and chose the goal, where was Higher. But if we set goals, where the Higher was not, and reached them, we quickly get bored put the wrong target. Once set the wrong goal, got the result – disappointed, the second time, the third time.

What I am talking about? Suppose you have a goal to get rich. You are making accordingly efforts and become rich. Wealth comes, but there is no happiness. This is, in fact, evil. Do you think, this is written only in heart-rending books? Unfortunately this is a life tragedy. Moreover, sometimes the wealth earned by such a bad karmic method that in this life you’re rich, but in the next life you will pay for this joy to be rich in this life – you are born very poor or something worse. Nobody can guarantee you a safe following birth. The richness is not transmitted from life to life. Wealth will come to you in the next life, if you create in this life the preconditions for this, create positive karma. By the highest standards, if you become a skilled hand at rationally behavior in this world and in this life, then you can very quickly be guided in the next life. This should be an exemplar, especially in our country. There are people who have made themselves.

All the rich people are divided into two categories. Some – received all on a freebie, the others have done themselves. So, the person who made yourself, is worth a dozen who got all on a freebie, because this person has no fear. He is not afraid to lose wealth. Why? If he did it once, why not to do it a second time, twenty times? But if you got on a freebie, how to get, so might fly. If a man has no fear, then he truly free from wealth. Therefore, rich people around the world and in our country are also divided into two categories. Outwardly this is rich and that rich. But this – is rich and free, and that – rich and unfree. Happens and such division.

What if you aspire to wealth, and when got it, suddenly realize that there is no happiness? This is one situation. What if you aspire to wealth as a manifestation of the Higher? But you cannot understand what the Higher. Specifically, you feel it, but it is beyond yours ken. We cannot think abstractly, because there are no thoughts. Therefore, Higher out of charity to us sometimes manifested through something concrete. If we want to get rich as an attribute of the Higher omnipotence or the ability to realize themselves, then, becoming rich, we are free because we have seen Higher. Secondly, each achieved goal lifts us above. But this sector is shrinking. And in the next moment, we understand: “Yes, the Higher can come through wealth, or perhaps through more abstract concept, which was unknown to us until then.” That is, it is formed in the form of another, more narrow purpose.

The missile, before reaching the target, it is – back and forth, back and forth, then convergent-convergent and – bang! – Hit the target. Similarly, setting the life priorities, we soon reach the point of abstraction, which gradually brings us to the Higher. Therefore, the second principle – not spread yourself too thinly – says that we should strive for the Higher. But once again … if you put the wrong goal, then you are fast enough intuitively understand where for you Higher manifested itself, and where not . Since there is no criterion, for whom, where, when and through which it manifests itself, and for whom no – it’s extremely individual. Lord God communicates with one person on the financial language, with another – the mathematics language, with a third – yoga aphorisms, with the fourth – gusts of love. Everybody has their own method of communication with the Higher. Person should intuitively distinguish worthy goal from unworthy, like a dog can smell. There is no prompter too, so if you would call: “Seek only to Samadhi,” It is worth considering how to treat it. Maybe this is an empty word for you – Samadhi. You have no feelings Inside associated with that concept. We return to the principle. Why is it so important? Yes, pay attention. Sometimes the first principle metaphorically called the principle of Ahimsa, the second is Brahmacharya.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the first step, in fact, boil down to Ahimsa, and the second – to Brahmacharya.

Sometimes people, who love show off its intelligence, bring Brahmacharya to sexual continence. This is absolute nonsense. It’s a shade of Hindu. In India there are a huge numbers of orthodox systems, which take a borderline position. They are not Yoga, although they have much from Yoga. They are, rather, can be called religious sects. It’s a strange «mishmash» between religion and yoga. Sometimes, under the brand name of yoga are trying to bring religion. You should remember that yoga is not a religion. But since many of such teachers are penetrating the West and organize their centers, sects, crazy ashrams, they try to disseminate this «mishmash» here. These people do not understand anything, but they have all painted in minute detail. One, two, three and it’s done. So, sometimes you’ll be faced with such a scanty concept of Brahmacharya as a sexual continence.

Well, this idea is not new … as they say “don’t give birth to children if you are afraid of sinning”. If this idea has prevailed, people would long ago have become extinct as a species. It came, I emphasize, solely due to the fact that somewhere in principle of separation of yoga and religion has been violated in India.

Brahmacharya – wider, more serious notion and it more boils down to the second principle – not to waste effort, time and life energy in vain. The general idea of the translation of this word from Sanskrit – is the acquisition of Brahma. Under the Brahma is Higher understood, something beyond, the Absolute. You must deal only with those cases, those objectives, through which you feel Brahma. And, reaching goals, Brahma or Higher open you much more. You must live with only one idea about Brahma in your mind and everything else through that Brahma is not open, can wait.

2nd principle is also essential. I emphasize, it’s – not wasting on trifles, rather than sexual continence – it is should be understood so. It was broken a lot of lances over this, there are a lot of nonsense until now. It should be understood as meaning that if you have not a partner with whom you can have a decent sex, you should accumulate this energy until you have a worthy partner and until you do not know how to have a sex to the best advantage. If you have some sexual way of life, you may have it further. All that regards sex are dangerous to pervert, perverts comes out of the followers of absurd and unnatural systems.If there is on what to spend, and through this we acquire the Higher, we collect Brahma, then for God’s sake – go on. This will be a Brahmacharya. But if not, it is useless even to abstain, because usually a person abstains, but since he still not controls these mechanisms, all the same, then he unconsciously loses this energy. You’ll learn Yoga of Sexual relations later. The mechanisms are simple enough. By the second principle means all that you want – not only a sex. This may be the time of your life. I wake up, I have – business list. On what should I spend my time, on what should not spend? Or suppose I have a choice – with whom I should to communicate, with whom should not, what kind of work to do where to go? There are always many roads. Sometimes, we are unaware, we just get carry away, and it is since the life time in the animal’s bodies. It seems you knew that all this is secondary, but all the same spread yourself too thinly, and did not go there, where right. It is at the level of unconscious Tamas. I understand something, but as in a dream: walking into one room got into another. We are called upon gradually to get rid of Tamas in decision-making. Despite the fact that we have a human body, we are still making most decisions more like animals. Why? Because we did it too long, not one life and doing it until now. We have to understand that our mind, which we have perfected over the years of the evolution, also may throw obstacles in ours further way. But it also has a positive side! It could become our most reliable assistant. So let us at full scale take all that it can give us in positive terms. And this is a decision-making. If we have the prospect that one road leads to the desired result, and another – to an unnecessary, then we must choose the one that leads to the desired result. Because apparently we are pulled in one direction, and we’re going there to keep company, but we realize that we should go in another direction. We must develop a very clear internal algorithm. I went to the place where Brahma. Why? Because then will no disappointments. If we go there, where there is no Higher, then, even getting it, disappointments will come. And finally, why is it a very practical point? Before to do something, think: maybe you should not do these movements. Perhaps, instead of 45 gestures can make only 3 and achieve the same. Americans say: work with their heads, not hands. It’s a question of our efficiency. Unfortunately, we are inert in the decision-making – instead of thinking what to do, and then get involved, we get involved in the work, and then realize that half of all we have done for no particular reason. If you would think at least 5 seconds, you could not do this.

This is the principle of efficiency that will help you not only in yoga but in a life. You will begin to cut off – here you have a priority and you have to keep it. In a career, in work or in a life as soon as you feel that you are misleading- Sometimes you are fagged out so, that your head is spinning and you do not know whether go to the left, or to the right. Sit down. Calm down. Decide. Consider this option.

If in the case of the first principle, we are on autopilot show an unmotivated aggression (the first principle is deal with this), then also in the field of the second principle, we show an unmotivated aggression, non-motivated nonsense. We must struggle against it with the help of the second principle. First stop, thought the concept a few steps forward, and then just do it. This is extremely important. Otherwise, it turns out that you will be living in a circle, and then you will violate the Brahmacharya principle. You will spend their precious time and energy in vain.

We must be unidirectional. Set a goal – achieve the goal. It’s like in Raja yoga. Or understand why it is for us ceased to be interesting. Sometimes this happens. But then make a decision and dеduce.

Question: “Should we be Kind?”

Do not run to extremes. We must always remember that tells your duty. If your duty requires you to act a certain way, and you do not do so of your own some high reasons, this is another situation. If negative come, my duty – to prevent this negative. You can give as much as you want examples – ranging from the fact that you are defending the homeland with arms. Sorry, you must avoid injuring live being, but here the enemy. And your duty – do not let him. But if the enemy does not surrender, what should to do? Destroy him. So… when they start argue, what a war? What about the principle of Non-injuring any live being? You do not shoot the prisoners, one thing that you with a gun in hand not let the enemy get through, another thing that you burned captured in the gas chambers, or put them to the torture, or shoots. This is another question. There is such a work- Bhagavad-Gita. Indians are very fond of it. It is really very beautiful. The basic idea of Bhagavad-Gita – is in this dilemma. How should I do? If on the one hand, formally the duty is called me injure, but inside I am against violence, against the killing. In this sense it’s a very interesting work.

Therefore, if you face negativity, if your duty – to respond and to confront this negativity, let’s repulse, but only within your powers. Do not cross the border authority. If the rule of your duty is box offender’s ears, but you chop his head off, you exceed your commission. But if you do not box his ears and therefore he will not learn the lesson – karma for you.

Question: “is the most important thing to understand where the line of duty?”

My friends, you are – free soul. This question of border duty, the question where I should stay, and where shouldn’t – is exclusively individual. Otherwise, you are robots. The reverse side of free will – is that everybody have their own the samurai code of honor. But you have to very clear intuitive feel this border. In order to make her feel, you should listen to yourself. In order to listen to yourself, you should analyze the situation both from the standpoint of reason, and from the standpoint of the senses. Because sometimes our mind tells all this to go to hell, but senses tell: “No”. Necessary to ensure that neither mind does not prevail over emotions nor emotions over mind. There is must be a balance. In the human body the balance is born at the heart center, which is sometimes called the Anahata Chakra. Exactly because: “May all live beings be happy!” The Heart center is equidistant from consciousness center and from the energy center. You can always define this line – where ends your duty and starts exceeding your authority. This will depend on how you are doing self-knowledge. If you are paying attention to these issues, you have already prepared to meet some life tests, where it is not clear how to act. But if you did nothing, then sometimes it’s hard to understand how to act.

Question: ” what if you have already done, and then realized the mistake and ashamed?”

It’s depends on the situation. If you realize a mistake and was ashamed, this is – of itself a guarantee that the neutralization process is gone, all the rest – a matter of time, methods, case. In each case is differently.

Question: “What to do with sense of guilt?”

This feeling is very dangerous. If you feel guilt, start doing good things. The energy of guilt must be sublimated into quite concrete action of an opposite complexion. If you were evil – be kind. God forbid you to be a “zombie” of this sense of guilt! This is the most destructive possible thing. Because then produced such a refinement masochism. Then man becomes increasingly weak, and when he faces the following live situations, under the oppression of guilt, falls lower and lower. So you must be honest with yourselves. “Yes, I realized that done badly. Why? Through ignorance. It all happened, because of ignorance. “If I knew, I would not did that” But neither knew nor understood. What is there guilt? Guilt must become a thing that makes us very actively to struggle against ignorance. But when it still remains as a sense of guilt… It like Germans… They still feel guilty as a nation. A sense of guilt is blocking you, makes you weaker. All that makes you weaker accumulates your karma more, so it should be constructive guilt. Direct the energy that you are oppressed, to work in the opposite direction.

Question: “what if interesting a few directions?”

We must take them logically in consecutive order. If in one place finish smth, go into the second. What is good the 2nd principle? You even cannot imagine yourself how wonderful it frees you from such a large number of life problems. If you soak, penetrate, understand and begin to live by this principle, many problems will disappear. You feel elated. This principle – simple and clear – leads to the fact that we have clearly structured priorities. We become effective and have enough time for everything.

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