Sail the ocean with a little inspiration

At least once in a lifetime everyone has the experience when our eyes light up and we work with enthusiasm. We feel so happy that we can move mountains and we just wish this condition could last as long as possible! 

What is bhava?

We use  a simple word “inspiration” to describe a state of creative upsurge.   The closest in the meaning term in yoga is Bhava. This state is very pleasant and can be experienced spontaneously, but it is not easy to generate it. It has a great value for us, because if we use bhava correctly, we can realize ourselves in any  area of activities in the shortest amount of time. In the state of bhava we can solve any problem and we get all the resources we need, such as power, time, ideas, etc. From the point of view of yoga, all yoga processes are much faster in this state, and we are making great progress in becoming conscious of our Self  and understanding the world around us.

However, bhava can also disappear so spontaneously as it  appeared in our lives. So the questions are: how to inspire ourselves and how to  keep this state as long as possible?

We can lose bhava easily

  Any state is not endless and the state of bhava is not the exception. It will be replaced by another state sooner or later. However, there are some things which can make us lose bhava faster.

The famous proverb says: “What you reap is what you sow”. We always get what we deserve. This is the law of Karma. If we do something inappropriate, illogical and rash, karma will surely catch up with us either straight away or later. As a result we risk losing the precious state of bhava.

We should choose our social environment very carefully. Each of us has our own inner world, our desires, goals, dreams, plans and tasks. We are used to communicating through the prism of our worldview, and we may not notice how we uphold our point of view and begin to impose it on others. However, we should not always rely on public opinion. It is better to listen to our feelings and inner voice. If a person radiates negativity, criticizes us or others, and this badly affects our condition, deprives us of strength, then such communication should be excluded or minimized. The exception is our relatives, as it is our duty to communicate with them. In any case, we are able to set the tone for communication, direct it in the right way, not succumbing to negative influence.

Uncontrolled flows of information also reduce our bhava, that is the radio, the television, the Internet, and the media. It’s impossible to absorb everything, and it’s not necessary! It is important to be able to highlight the main thing and ignore the rest of the unnecessary information. If we learn not to clutter ourselves with excess information, we use our energy to process and analyze the information flow that is really important for us, as well as to maintain bhava. The ability to isolate the main things can increase personal effectiveness.

We should pay attention to the state of our mind. It is very important to train the mind and not follow the negative thoughts. The mind dictates many of our reactions, it is involved in thoughts that destroy us from the inside. The surest way to achieve our goals is to turn our mind into an ally and negotiate with it.

In the end, our bhava is wasted on doubts, ambivalence, fuss, lack of understanding of our goals, inability to concentrate on important things. This situation applies to all areas of life: relationships, self-realization, hobbies, and relaxation.

 What inspires us?

Bhava is an elusive concept, but there are things that can inspire us and help support this state.

  • Contemplation of beauty. We can enjoy wildlife, photographs and paintings, favorite music, museums, theater, everything that “touches the soul.” Art is a product of inspiration and it gives this power to people. Therefore, we like to look at, read and listen to world masterpieces, as they are inexhaustible sources of bhava.
  • Communication with the opposite sex. It has been noticed a long time ago that a group of female colleagues start behaving differently when a man enters the room.   Also a woman can inspire many men for a bold act or a kind gesture just by her presence, a smile or a look.
  • Joyful events of life. We also care about birthdays, weddings, childbirth, catching up with old friends, leisure activities, a new job etc. Everyone can continue this list for themselves endlessly.
  • Communication with like-minded people. If we have people who share our views, we should consider ourselves lucky! The same life principles, common interests and hobbies provide mutual understanding at many levels, thereby enhancing and prolonging our state of bhava. We can say hello and nod in response – and we are already positive. This is the reason why it is recommended to  practice yoga among like-minded people as often as possible .
  • Yoga. Regular practice of yoga opens direct access to our bhava. When we practice various types of yoga, our mood improves. We become stronger, more flexible and more energetic.

Lets share the good

There is a question: what should we do in this excellent state? How should we use it? It is important to remember: don’t save bhava for a “rainy day”. Creative energy should not stagnate. Energy needs constant updating, therefore, bhava should be shared with others. Family Yoga says: First of all, we should share bhava with our husbands, wives, parents and children. Bhava should remain in our own home! Thus we repay the debt to our family. Secondly, we should share bhava with like-minded people. A simple smile and a warm word will be enough for someone, but another person will need a recommendation or serious help. We can use any remaining bhava to inspire other people and to help them as much as we can!

If we are in the state of bhava even for one day only, we are able to give a spark to everything and everyone around us, generate new ideas, captivate, engage, create something new or finish the job we started a long time ago. Simple communication with an enthusiastic, inspired person makes us expand our horizons. Therefore, do not neglect this state and do not waste it!

The state of inspiration, the state of bhava is very rewarding for us and for people around us. This state is directly related to our charisma and creative abilities, therefore it is important to use it for a good cause and for the well-being of the whole Universe. When we feel and prolong this state, we can inspire ourselves and others, as well as feel like a creator and get even closer to knowing our true nature.

Get inspired and inspire the whole world!

Article Author: Ariana Shanti

Edition: Volyevskaya Julia, Eugenia Agni, Eva Rati, Olga Belous, Anna Prema

Editor-in-chief: Mirra

Curator of project: Kerigona

Translator: Way, Tatiana Atishaya, Tatiana Sugrue

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