Yoga of Union (Yoga of Sexual Ralations)

Today is October 25, 2009. I’m Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment” situated near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow city. This is our seminar on Yoga of Union (Yoga of Sexual relations) for the Open Yoga University. All the information is kept on our sites, and

Introduction into seminar

Praise to all Yoga Teachers, who handed us down the higher knowledge. Let they inspire us to correct understanding of yoga knowledge.By good old tradition of the Open Yoga University we will try to set forth even the most complicated things clearly, easily and in our own words. This does not mean that these topics are simple. Today’s topic – is Yoga of Union. According to the classification of our yoga school, it refers to Yoga Triad (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Union (Yoga of Sexual relations) and Yoga of Being in Love). These three yogis so much intertwined that it is impossible to isolate one of the others. Therefore, during the seminar, I will refer to these yogis (Tantra yoga and Yoga of Being in Love). But the most important, to what I will refer – is yoga axiomatic.Yoga – is the science of self-knowledge, which adheres to two principles: the principle of Non-injuring any live being without an emergency of that (the principle of kindness), and non- wasting your energy and time in vain, being efficient (the principle of common sense).The goal of yoga –is to gain liberty through the self-knowledge. There are in life many events, for this reason there are many branches of yoga. There is Hatha yoga, which deals with the physical body. There is Pranayama Yoga, which deals with breathing. There is a Mantra yoga, which deals with the vibrations, etc.In this series, there is such manifestation of man, which is directly associated with: a) the pleasure that a person receives in his life, and b) the pleasure connected with the birth of a child or procreation, or our death.According to the yoga teachings, we are live a life, and then die to be born again.Theme of procreation is very much intertwined with the theme of birth and death, and with the male and female interrelations.We all have mom and dad, who brought us into the world. This aspect of human life, like sex, precisely is Yoga of Union topic. But we are not quite like to use the word “sex”, because a large number of insane people are taking a great interest in yoga, come to us but we cannot help them. Much time and effort expended. Therefore, the word “sex” is omitted. Now let us consider this yoga in detail.

Yoga of Union and sexuality

We were born in this world because our mom and dad had sex. If our mom and dad had not had sex, we would have not been born. There would be no sense to think or talk about the highest yoga philosophy. Simply there would not be the person for whom this yoga is necessary. So, here is an interesting paradox.Usually, Yoga Triad is studied after learned the basic kind’s of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Kriya yoga, Mantra yoga. Certainly, person should know the yoga axiomatic with all the ensuing position of Jnana Yoga. Only after that the person can be initiated into such rare yoga. For this reason they are so poorly preserved and disseminated. People just do not know about them.All know About Hatha Yoga because this is physical exercises, there are a lot of books written, many instructors. And about Triad Yoga few people know, because only few people passed Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, few people are interested in this topic. First need usual yoga, then sexual. If to consider the situation how it should be, then the order should be reversed. First, we would have to examine sexual yoga, including Yoga of Union. This yoga is directly related to procreation, the continuation of life. And if there is no continuation of life, then Hatha yoga will not help you.According to its meaning, it must be the very first yoga because we are faced with our sexuality, even for a long time before we can comprehend it and begin interested in the topics of spiritual development.Theme of sexuality, as life teaches us, run through all our natures. If the topic of sexuality will not dominant in our lives, we will have no thirst for the opposite sex. Accordingly, we will not find a partner (husband or wife) and we cannot procreate. In the next life when we will die, we will have to be born again, but we will just not find elementary bodies, which we will need to be born.Therefore, the value of sexuality is one of the earliest manifestations, which must face the person, it is associated with the continuation of life. A person feels this subject before he developed his mind.Unfortunately, our society is still wild. Modern man is not far away from the animal. Topic of sex is often a taboo, which is not done to discuss or, conversely, is given a vulgar accent to all talk, jokes, etc. This is the legacy of our animal karma. We feel for this power and do not understand this power. This power hangs over us. It seemed to begin to annoy us, and at the same time it brings us a certain pleasure. But our mind or a reaction of our mind is not able to analyze it.

Subject sex is a complete denial (taboo), or vulgarity. Neither one nor the other extreme, has no place in yoga. The cause of the fact that these two extremes there are, is that we get to know our sexuality spontaneously. The street is our main teacher. As a rule, we begin to learn about the topic of procreation from the bad characters with low level of development. It’s all at the level of dirty street language. It turns out an interesting paradox. The person who will in the future practice yoga is picked up the wrong ideas about sex from their older, but low developed comrades. Parents usually did not say anything on this topic, books or any other brochures are written poorly. The person picked up huge amount of presets in terms of sex, reaches a certain level of sexual maturity, when those powers starts to wake up. And, since he has no other pattern of how to have sex, he willy nilly repeat streets pattern If not in its external manifestations, but in its internal relation to sex. On the one hand, it seems sex something honeyed, but on the other hand, something dirty, and unlawful. ‘Honey is sweet, but the bee stings”. This mental attitude – is one of the worst that we have within ourselves. If we were brought up in a family of yogins and yoginis, where parents very clearly explain the nature of sexuality we would not have this disbalance, this negative imprint. But we have it. When we start practice yoga, correct and for a long time (Hatha yoga or Pranayama yoga) there is observed the following effect, we have some excess in our lives, feel more sexy than the usual average statistical people. Because we have a healthy lifestyle, gain Prana. This Prana in the human body is used for procreation. There is a very clear regularity: if a person very long and correct practice yoga, he feels a heightened sense of sexuality, than ordinary people who not practice yoga. There appears monstrous discrepancy. As a child we picked up a wrong attitude, we believe sex is something dirty. As we grow in yoga, sexuality comes to us more and more, and there are “eternal discrepancy” with which faced live soul – this is when we have pleasure, divide it into part and set these parts at loggerheads. With regard to sexuality, it happens more strongly. Somewhere in the subconscious mind, we believe sex as something dirty, but this power begin escaped us. And we make “step forward, two steps back. We have an attraction to this theme, at the same time, we shies from it. As the result there is a huge amount of internal inhibitions, constraints and complexes.We block our creative powers. The organism immediately responds on it. It feels that someone is going to block the Life Continuation Protection Mecanism (LCPM) and begins to take revenge. There is observed irritability, psychosis, and a whole bunch of diseases. Moreover, some of them have a psychosomatic nature. In our body there is an entire plant of hormones for our sexuality. This terrible dilemma actually starts to poison the life of yogin and yoginis. It would seem that the output is simple: yogin or yogini, sooner or later would have to overcome the taboo and have sex as they like and want. But there is another insidious point. The nature of our body is many-sided. It has a mechanism such as (LCPM), which regulates the expression of our sexuality. If we do not use our sexuality, sexual energy is experienced as excess. Then we have sex and after interaction with the opposite sex, we spend this energy but disproportionately to that could be spent. We have a lack of internal energy, or prana, which had previously aroused our desire to have sex. Therefore, in our body appears terrible pranic hole. In our attempt to have sex, we crossed a certain line and spent more than it set a limit by our body. The result is an interesting situation.We all have our own karma. When we had a surplus of prana, as if it would make up our negative karma or balancing the negative trends of our karma. But then we had sex and spent a little more. As a result, we “expose the flank.” If person spend sexual energy a little more than his body can give, there is a feeling of being drained, spiritual impoverishment, degradation, dissipation and loss of connection with Supreme. The person spends sexual energy and frees their negative karma hands. Negative karma immediately begins manifest itself, and the person feels drained after having sex. As a result, we have exhausted and formed a strange reaction to sex: if we have sex, then after that comes a feeling of being drained. Of course, this as a pattern is deposited in our subconscious, plus the streets pattern that sex is something dirty and unlawful, which we have received in childhood. Feeling dirty and unlawful applied to the feeling of being drained after having sex. We seem to have confirmed for ourselves that this is so. As a result, from generation to generation, there is taboo on sex. From generation to generation, there is a thought that sex is a very interesting and incomprehensible thing. On the one hand, being afraid of sinn, don’t give birth to children, all have sex, and otherwise human race would become extinct. On the other hand, we warn against sex, and we have a chance to make sure that all of these warnings are not unfounded.This is a major discrepancy, which blocks our correct perception of sex, do not allow a person who has already reached a serious age, and who is interested in self-knowledge more closely to examine the mechanism of sex. Nature has created such masking, that we not penetrate into the mysteries of sex prematurely. As soon as it feels that we do not have sex, it excites hyper sexuality inside us, which disables the mind and directly or indirectly determines our behavior. As soon as we have spent in sexual terms, nature feels that is too dangerous, if a person will always have sex, he will de-energize his organism.To protect against uncontrolled having sex, the nature add uncontrolled waste after sex. If there is not a deterrent, ordinary people would have sex day and night. LCPM grips us in a vice: either we too want sex, or we have distaste for sex and everything associated with it. Nature compels us to go to these extremes with a constant cycling. The person attracts to sex, then he burned on sex and says “no”, has ascetic lifestyle, after a while the person unwittingly restores sexual potential, and again he want sex. It is an eternal theme. LCPM is extremely complex, it has many secrets within itself. The biggest secret – is the opportunities that give us sex besides the function of procreation.

Distorted picture of the sex perception

We were born, picked up wrong attitudes. Youth confirmed this attitude because of our negative karma. We cease to pay attention to this subject, thus ignore the area where there is one of the most vigorous potential sources of power for humans. Moreover, it can be repeated from life to life.It is believed that as long as you do not learn theme of sex, you cannot rise to a certain level in meditations in your spiritual development. Once again, this discrepancy, do not allow us to look toward sex. We do not look toward sex, respectively, did not examine all the issues associated with it, does not reach the basic sources of our power. You can give up for lost your spiritual development.In yoga all should start with Yoga of Sexual relations, and then all other practices. But there is not, for the simple reason that we are not far from the state of the animal.Yoga of Union is engaged in that we: a) put the right emphasis on sex and b) eliminate the negative karma imprints that we have from childhood, and c) use this huge potential of sex as springboard for further spiritual development. There is another important aspect of Yoga of Union. Yoga of Union is located at one pole of Triad (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Union, and Yoga of Being in Love), at another pole of the Triad is Yoga of Being in Love which by its power is so enormous, that when a person is in Amorousness state, he cannot have even a thought about sex. That is, for enamored boys and girls theme of sex is incidental to fundamental Amorousness feeling. But there is “delay-action mine”. If you has already reached the level of Yoga of Being in Love but not worked off the level of yoga of Union, it will become one of the major reasons for which you’ll lose Amorousness. Wrong sex kills Amorousness. Therefore, Yoga of Union is included in Yoga Triad. Without going through the Yoga of Union, we do not get any benefit from Yoga of Being in Love. Some even try to oppose that there is pure Amorousness, but there is dirty sex. At the very issue that there are pure Amorousness and dirty sex is delay-action mine that would kill “pure Amorousness”

What is sexuality?

If we are healthy, then each of us has experienced appetence. Certainly, appetence for the opposite sex: the classic union of man and woman. Only such union makes procreation. Therefore, only that provides continuation of the family, gives us an opportunity to understand how it works. So, now we consider the expression of sexuality to opposite sex.Each of us knows what it is, without explanation. But each of us can hardly explain what he feels when sexuality appears. Practically, it is impossible to express in words. We know that sexual attraction to someone stronger, to someone weaker, it can quite suddenly occurs and then disappears. Moreover, occurs and disappears at the most inappropriate moment. To a certain extent we not control it. Sex for us is more arbitrary thing than for animal. We can arouse themselves with known ways, even if all the factors going against it. Or rather, try to suppress our own sexual desire, if we consider it is inappropriate. But in fact, and in another case to do it is very difficult, though human, unlike the animal has the ability to manage their sexuality to some degree. Animal have not this opportunity.

Yoga of Union and the birth of new life

Man and woman had a sex, but after a certain period of time a woman become pregnant. What is the child? This is a new person, new universe, and a new world. At first glance, everything is disproportionate. Big deal had a sex, felt a particular pleasure. But it’s was not something transcendental. It is said that yogins in the Himalayas are experiencing any transcendental states. And we, big deal, had a sex, children were born, and so what? In fact, the sense of disproportionate is illusory. According Yoga of Union, when man and woman have sexual contact, they balance all extremes of the universe. They form a direct channel to enlightenment, in supreme realms of the Universe, from which descends soul of the child. In the formation of this channel involves not only a man and woman having sex, more involved all surrounding aura or, in other words, the missing aspects of energy and consciousness.

Thus, a channel is formed, which is most focused on the pair is directly engaged in sex. This channel was formed by many factors and it is as a direct door into a higher state of Samadhi. But we do not notice it. For example, we had a sex, new life was born, but channel to enlightenment, we have not seen. This fact indicates only one thing, that our minds are too stupid, our feelings are too inert and insensitive, we have not yet learned in meditation clearly see everything that happens. It can be compared with the animals, you cook a delicious dinner of French cuisine, but to this animal it’s all the same what to eat: rotten vegetables or your elegant dinner. Likewise, we are – at the moment of sexual union, when there is an opportunity to come new life, opens a channel to enlightenment, but we do not see it. Why? Because we not perfected our mind, not refined our feelings. But it cannot happen that a secondary thing generates a huge result – the birth of a child. Cause – effect. This is at least one hint that there are in sex a huge things are hidden which we do not notice. We had a sex, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes it leads to the birth of children, sometimes not. We did not see the chance, but this opportunity is in each having sex. This should be remembered. Each time you have sex you have the chance to reach the highest state of yoga. Therefore, there is a saying in yoga that these three things – are related issues. Firstly, they are tied to the continuation of life, and secondly, to establish a channel. At the moment of death we go through this channel. At birth we come through this channel. When we have sex we give the opportunity for someone else to enter this world.

Basic Yoga principles in Yoga of Union.

Any kind of yoga calls the person to follow the basic yoga principles. I recall that the first principle calls to avoid injuring any live being without an emergency of that. If there is no such possibility you should act how your duty tells you. What follows from this? From this follows very serious situation: no one should suffer from the manifestation of your sexuality. How you will show your sexuality, what “orgy” will hold, that is your business. But no one should suffer from it. And who can suffer the most? A child who can come down through the channel and the woman becomes pregnant then had an abortion. For this reason there is in Yoga of Union a rigid constraint. If you step on the path of Yoga Triad, you have to completely control these processes, i.e. we have to seriously take care of contraception. If suddenly the woman gets pregnant, you need a very serious case of doctors that she has an abortion and not gain negative karma. Otherwise, it turns out the following. You are involved in spiritual practices, studying sexuality, open channel and invite the soul. The more powerful mysteries you open, the more powerful channel opens, the more highly advanced soul comes down in the body, which you can provide it at the time of sex. And you kill it. An indirect indication that the soul entered the body and started to build the future body –is fertilized [impregnated] ovum began to divide. Topic of abortion – is a very serious subject. Yoga does not interfere with the topic of abortion for ordinary people. There are a million reasons to do abortion, and a million reasons not to do. Everyone must act according to their life circumstances. Yoga is not responsible for decide how to act. But on the other hand, if you’re entering in sanctum and get onto the spiritual path, then you should forget about abortion. Again, if this is not a diagnosis of doctor. There is different karma, and, of course, the mother’s life is more important, because she can give birth to five children. And if the mother dies, that’s end.The second yoga principle is essential if you practice Yoga of Union: not waste your energy and consciousness on trifles. Or in other words, you should not spend more sexual energy than your body is able to spend. Every person has a certain rhythm, according to which he can have sex. He has sex with a certain frequency and spending excess, not exposing the deeper structure of his body, and it not lead to the fact that negative karma begins to manifest itself. This rhythm is individual. What If you have sex with losses?

– What is sex with losses?

This is the usual sex, which have everyone. As the mother – nature taught us to have sex and have so. Yoga of Union called such sex –sex with losses. Each of us has its own rhythm. If we are going to have sex faster than our rhythm, we feel drained. This emptiness will block our minds and feelings. That we will learn to use sexual energy more efficiently, we must not allow such a factor that we have sex more than our bodies capable to provide it. It can be reduced to a reasonable sexual continence.

– How often should have sex, to stick to a reasonable rhythm?

Unfortunately, there are no general rules for everyone. It depends on many factors: the age of man, the emotional and physical state, time of year. This rhythm can be completely different. Moreover, at single person it can vary during the year or years. There is only one criterion: by consequences. For example, you had sex with a loss and after this you feel drained, it means that somewhere you spent more than your body was able to provide. This does not mean that you must completely stop having sex. It only means one thing: you should be more careful the next time. This concern both men and women. You will found this point of view that a woman is sexually bottomless well of energy. It’s not quite true. Why is the second principle so important? Because if you will spend and you will feel drained at heart, disgust to yourself, your interest in sex will die away. Sometimes it can be fatal. The third yoga principle – renunciation of suffering and help all live beings in the renunciation of suffering. The principle of renunciation of suffering – is, in fact, the rejection of the script of your life when you take your pleasure energy divided it into pieces and pushed their heads together and then set these pieces at loggerheads. All ordinary people live like animals, if not taken this vow. They take the pleasure, divided it into pieces and set these pieces at loggerheads, and here comes the pain. Now imagine that you get to the source of sexual energy which enormously powerful. You took out a lot of pleasure but have not rejected the habit divide it into pieces and set these pieces at loggerheads. As a result, you will get tremendous suffering, you do not even notice as you start to create it for yourself. Girls and boys know that after separation there is a very difficult period. The point here is not that you were abandoned by someone. All our physiology, consciousness, was tuned to one thing, and then the flow was cut. And this flow, which was the pleasure, comes down like a train, destroying everything on its path. Such situation may happen with any person who will practice Yoga of Union. Yoga of Union enhances sexual pleasure and sexual energy, but then if it becomes uncontrollable, you will get such problems that it is better not to touch the issue of Yoga of Union. Therefore, this principle is needed. As stated in “108 aphorisms of Tantra Yoga:” If you want suffer, you should suffer alone, but if you want enjoy – then share your joy with someone. «Until we have an internal destructive beliefs (we want suffer, want to be pitied), we are dangerous, especially in sexually terms. Imagine that you have a partner who did not renunciate suffering. It is not enough that he suffers himself but he also spoils your life.

The third principle is very important, this is sheer lunacy to get involved in Yoga of Union without it. The second part of the third principle – is to help all live beings to overcome suffering. This is a very serious moment. If you accept this vow, you should treat sex as a way to give someone pleasure. Do not get yourself (but to get you should too), but in the first place – to give. Serve with your body for another, lover, for a person who is involved with you in practice. This is the theme of service. For example, you have a wonderful male body, and there is a female body, which needs your male body. Attitude to sex should be, as an opportunity to be realized. You are working not for yourselves, not even in order to perfect your body and mind by means these practices. In the first place your motivation – is to help in getting rid of suffering. This is a help, service by means of everything, even of the body. There are in Yoga of Union very high standards. Otherwise, selfish is born, and then pain and suffering. If we begin to think of ourselves, how it would be good for me, we will not make a progress. These three principles are required if you step on the path of cognition the greatest mysteries – our sexuality. If you will infringe these principles for some reason, you will face lots of problems that can totally cancel out your practice.

Yoga axiomatic view

We remember that there is a law 0, 1, 2, 4 and 5. All these laws have been well considered in yoga axiomatic. From the cycle of Tantra Yoga, we recall that such a thing as “death”, we also came up ourselves. Originally there was not such conception. We got confused in our infinite life and decided to start from scratch. As a consequence, after death, we should be born again. For this reason, our parents would have to engage in sexual union.

– What is sexual union?

This is when mom and dad interact with each other. In essence, this is the interaction of consciousness and energy. Yoga is a merging of consciousness and energy. Even the very word sex is equivalent to the word “yoga”. In Yoga of Union there is saying that all kinds of yoga (besides Yoga of Union) were deduced from Yoga of Union. In fact, any other yoga – is a crippled version of Yoga of Union.” You practice Kriya yoga, make some movement, according to the Yoga of Union concept, it is the same movements that make the man and woman who are having sex. This is a very interesting proposition, that from this sexual yoga can be deduced all other yogis. Having sex, the rhythm of breathing is changed. The same thing happens when you practice Pranayama yoga (yoga of breathing). Moreover, we all live in our beautiful universe. Universe – is a combination of consciousness and energy. All objects or phenomenon are one or another combination of consciousness and energy. But on the other hand, the combination of energy and consciousness – is sex. Therefore, from Yoga of Union position everything we see around us could be described as a giant sex. Absolute in the form of a woman having sex with the Absolute in the form of men. From this everything are born. Everything boils down to sex, to a combination of consciousness and energy. What is the source of consciousness and energy? There was originally Prana, which divide itself into the consciousness and energy, and out of this arises Ananda (joy, happiness, pleasure). Man, as the personification of consciousness, entering into an alliance with a woman as the personification of energy. This interaction produces sexual pleasure, Ananda. Indeed this is three a component out of which is made Prana. Therefore, if you gathered these three components, you gain Prana.

– What is Prana?

This is one of the most fantastic things that are in the Universe. Prana –is a magic wand that instantly fulfills your desire, instantly gives you strength. This is what created the Universe. If you have an excess of Prana, it goes to liquidation of your karmic debts. It is the universal currency in the Universe. Prana – is the universal currency, which you can pay off old debts. If you have any karmic debts in the field of energy, you pay Prana, because it instantly turned into energy. If you have some kind of karmic debts in the field of consciousness, the Prana will turn into consciousness.

If you injured suffering someone, then you should to give the happiness and joy to someone if it turns into Ananda. Prana – is the most universal thing. With the correct sexual union Prana are born. It is responsible, and helps the soul, which enters into this world consolidate yourself here.

When interact man and woman, interact only one aspect of consciousness, and one aspect of energy. We remember that in law 4 and 5, consciousness presented itself as 4 aspects, and the energy as 5. These 4 and 5 were intertwined in the interaction, when man and woman having sex, he is not fall in love with her, but he wants her, or she, too, is not fall in love, but she wants him sexually. Indeed, there are people who are perfectly suited to each other in sex, but in reality they are polar opposites and cannot coexist together. This means that interact just one side of energy and one side of consciousness. Experiencing sexual attraction to a person is not a guarantee that you will be able to live harmoniously with him. Life sometimes shows the reverse scenario.

When people interact on this level, missing small aspects are born, to form Prana. For this reason, there is a choice that a woman has interest in one type of men, and all the others she is not interested, while other women have interest in another type of men. Because she not collects that aspect, to which she tends, while the others have such aspect in abundance. Interaction between man and woman generate Prana. If you have quite enough Prana, it is primarily used in procreation – a new life is born. There is another point. We have Sex more than we have kids. Every time we have sex, a waste of energy is the same as if we generate life. There is a very serious area for future yoga work. We spend energy more than it is necessary to continuation of the family. Why is this happening?

This happened for obvious reasons, when we were in the bodies of animals. The main problem was procreation. Nature joined in one the pleasure from the interaction of male and female with the possibility of the birth of a new life. It happens from life to life. We spend more than we have real posterity. Yoga says it is not rational. If all the idle having sex to use a different way, it could be a major springboard for spiritual growth, except when from our sex union children are born. We must learn how to have sex in a special way, so that when it was needed to give birth to children, we would have done it. But in all other cases, we would divide the costs, which are necessary for procreation and for the possibility of pleasure which is born out of our sexual union. In the language of Yoga of Union, we must learn how to have sex without losses, as opposed to sex with losses (ordinary sex) which have all the ordinary people. We must learn to divide. But you need something to have to divide. Our life is spontaneous, it is not clear, what we experience having sex. Therefore, the first step on the path of Yoga of Union – we must explore our sexuality, understand with what we are going to work. It would be very useful to us all classic yoga, which we usually deal with (Hatha, Kriya, Pranayama, and Mantra yoga). Because with the help of these yogas, we will: a) get the body into shape and b) get excess of sexuality, with which we can work. In some yoga schools is believed that all other yogas are needed to bring the man to Yoga of Union. Suppose we have an excess of energy. It begins to affect your behavior, correct your desires in such way that you cannot even understand what and why. And of course, we should use meditations on all the intimate muscles and intimate feeling, on each opportunity of self-excitation, which we only have. We must know what are we? We need to know what result we get, influencing on those or other areas in our body. Yoga advices study the reaction of the body, first of all physical body. It is no secret that there are some areas of the body influencing on which you can experience an orgasm. You need to know: how, what and why. So that when you will start practicing with your partner, there would not for you some amazing and exclusion zones. Beyond the physical, you must understand that there is a visual factor. A man becomes excited by contemplating of a beautiful girl. You should know this. This is a serious factor. In ancient times, for these purposes were built temples with many sculptures and erotic images. Because the man had to know his reaction to sex and to manage it. If you are male and have not seen a naked woman, then there is a risk that something goes wrong inside. You become a victim of indirect (perverted) sexual threads. The same is true in terms of women. You need to know your reaction when you’re one on one with the universe, so you will not have disbalances, when you start to interact with the opposite sex. There is a danger when person close on itself. Why should he seek a partner, if he can satisfy himself? It would seem that everything is normal, all receptors that may contemplate the opposite sex in order. But we forget about LCPM which purpose –is procreation. If it suspects that you are only “stare” at picture, but not even touched the hand of real girl, it makes an interesting thing. It thus makes a difference that you are cease excited by contemplating even at the most beautiful girls. Similarly, if you have self-satisfaction in sexual terms, you should know that LCPM at first will keep its patience a little, but then will reduce pleasure from this. You’ll feel there is a little something wanting, and this something subtle will be when you’re in a bed with a real woman, and all attempts to imitate will lead to a deep unconscious dissatisfaction.

Question of choosing a partner for Yoga of Union practice

To practice Yoga of Union, you must have a partner. Yoga of Union would not insist that it must be a husband or wife. Because the ways of life in last millennium are changed very much. Yoga has outlived these all, and it does not interfere in all possible scenarios status of men and women. Here, the most serious problem for realization of yoga of Union. You will need not usual man and a woman, but you will need yogins and yoginis who hold the same views as you do. That is, if you live with the person, practice yourselves, but not even devote him (her) in the essence of yoga processes, it is not quite right. Practice alone you can to some level of these techniques. But, starting from a certain level, you will need like-minded, those who hold the same views on sex, that sex – is something pure, a very important factor for learning that to have sex should seriously and intelligently, should stick to the first three yoga principles. If your partner does not adhere to the third principle, this could whittle the whole practice. Here we come to a sad moment: why yoga is not used widely. It is Colossal difficult to find like-minded. You can get all the mantra initiation, can thoroughly examine your body, know the theory of yoga of Union, but it will not save if you do not have the main ingredient – sexual partner. Find like-minded person who is engaged in spiritual practices, it is difficult. There are a Few people who are interested in spiritual development, even less interested in yoga, which have reached a certain level. Even fewer of those people who are available and free with which you can interact. The best option when you live together with a husband or wife and came to the same. Factors and places where people meet are completely different. No wonder that it turns out that people are absolutely different. For a while they felt an attraction, they had good sex, it seemed that they even fell in love. But there comes another period of time, and person notice that there was unrelated person, who does not hold his views and preferences. This is a tragedy. There is the reverse side in the East. This is unacceptable for us when the bride and groom first see each other, roughly speaking, on the marriage bed. But it was not always negative. For several reasons, people were chosen by the same family with the same mentality, with similar histories. Surprisingly, the numbers of unfortunate marriage were much less. It all boils down to a like-minded. If you do not have a husband or wife, you should seek them from this position. Naturally, you’ll have sex. If you already have a husband or wife, you shouldn’t by no means abandon them. This is typical mistake of many people who study yoga by books. It’s insane delusion, which leads to the great karmic accretions. As a result, new wife (husband) turns out even worse than previous. The karma law has not been canceled, you have attachments. “If you want the perfect wife, make perfect from the one beside you. Will she be with you or another will come “, – says Tantra Yoga. That is, you have to do all the best with that person, and then look for another. Yoga offers a classic scenario: once you work off all with the person with whom you connect closely, all your life challenges will be solved. We are not patient and think you can get something for free. There is even a statistic that with each new partner is less happy. Because of patience, romantic feeling no longer exists. Why does this happen? Because of our negative karma. In previous lives we were selfish and afraid that we offended. We have built a wall around ourselves. As a result, need people cannot reach us. And needless people burst into your life even if we did not call them. Loneliness or a lack of like-minded people in yoga is considered bad karma. If you are experiencing loneliness or lack of like-minded people – it’s bad karma. This is a serious indicator. We have no one to practice yoga of Union. This is difficult to find husband or wife Therefore, the key point – is like-minded those who hold your views, with which you can practice. But, there are can be many like-minded, but not with each you can practice (have sexual practices). There are small and minor things too much. As a result, there is no one to practice, but without practice it does not work. All attempts to do sexual practices alone with your body become some kind of sublimation, because there is LCPM. To have the opportunity to practice this yoga, you should have a positive karma in terms of like-minded people. To have like-minded people, we must change our way of life, and we must be opened. But it is terrifying to be opened, because it seems betray us. Why do we think so? In a past life we ourselves deceive. In yoga, there is a point: we are afraid of what is inherent in us. If we are afraid that kill us, then in a past life we killed themselves. If you are afraid that you can be robbed, means did it yourself. It’s called karma. In a past life we ​​made the actions, and thus invented the game rules. In this life we ​​do not get direct results from our actions, and stay in anticipation of retribution. Out of this situation is one: to be opened and by all means to help all live beings to get rid of suffering. In fact, this is the implementation of the third principle (the renunciation of sufferings principle). When for you first would be the happiness of another people, when you take care of them, you forget about your ego, and it’s go away. Because all the walls, which not allow to approach to you, all the same you instinctively hold. If you begin help someone you for a moment forget yourself and break all these walls. Sometimes, people opened up and then get hit. This is because they are in a past life a blow struck yourself. We get only what we deserve. First, second and third principles have gradually lead to the fact that we cease to do evil, we try to be kind. We stayed on the serious problem of like-minded. On the one hand, the most powerful yoga practices on the surface. But on the other hand, they require us to moral and ethical qualities, and our attitude towards life, our kindness, responsibility and openness. If there are not, then nothing will be achieved. This is some kind of unseen guard. Therefore, they say that yoga is able to defend itself. A person who is involved in yoga of Union, before has to pass moments of austerity, he should be able to control yourself. By default, this is a matter of course in yoga. But this knowledge is beginning to spread among people who for the first time hear about it. They cannot restrain themselves, have not passed the elementary asceticism, but already are going to do practice of delight. Quite often we meet numerous schools that teach enjoy. But do not tell that to enjoy, we must be able to limit ourselves in pleasure. This is quite a serious factor. One breeds another and another follow from the first. As a result, there is a theory, but no one can put it into practice

Breakthroughs which provides yoga of Union

When man and woman practice yoga of Union, opens a huge horizon of our spiritual development. Interacting with the opposite sex, whether we like it or not, we begin to act as consciousness and energy. Prana is formed. Prana surplus, we can direct to repay our karmic debts. If we are more or less paid off with the karmic debt, then this additional energy goes into transformation of our bodies. The bodies of the people involved in sexual union, begins to transform. But then in usual sex, comes the moment of orgasm, both man and woman. After that comes a certain pleasure in sexual terms, and sex do not seems to be so desirable. There is a powerful surge, which goes to continuation of life. Some small portion goes to our daily wants. But then all dramatically end. We remember that only after a few of the entire amount of time we have sex, children are born. The rest waste of energy is going nowhere. Yoga of Union offers to have sex so that every time you want to continue life, was a complete waste, but in all other cases to divide the part that goes to the continuation of the family, from the part that goes to the pleasure (as a result of connection of consciousness and energy), plus the emergence of a channel in the higher spheres.

There is a question: how to achieve this and what should I do?

Like all brilliant, the main method of Yoga of Union is also simple and clear. It boils down to necessity of use austerity. Means that having sex, our excitement grows and soon it should reach at a point where we experience orgasm. But we stop before reaching the point of orgasm, and wait until we again find control over all functions of the organism. Let me remind you that orgasm – is when we pass a certain line and then nothing depend on us. The body itself makes some actions, we experience pleasure, then all quickly stop.Yoga of Union Logic is: we have to come up in the direction of pleasure. Then once feel that we lose control, we need to apply austerity and force yourself to stop. I should say that this is one of the most difficult types of asceticism, which exists in the universe, that all other kinds of asceticism softer than our ability to stop ourselves before orgasm. Therefore, Yoga of Union method can be called as a practical asceticism and practical enjoyment. The main yoga method: where we have to compel ourselves and where we may allow ourselves. We are with the partners go to sexual pleasure, but at some point, we feel that the process becomes uncontrolled, and then we apply will and stop. Wait for the moment when the senses come under control, and again begin to approach. Then again, we take ourselves under control and stop. Thereby we continue to go further in the direction of increasing feelings. From a formal point of view, we begin to approach the point of yoga.

Point of yoga

In yoga of Union there is the concept of “point of yoga.” Point of yoga – this is the point where merges the energy and consciousness, and they become indistinguishable. When we experience usual orgasm, we are approaching that point, but without reaching a short distance before it, we break down into an abyss of orgasm. We feel pleasure, but then lose the desire. If we go in zigzag trajectory (came close to/ approached then drew off/come away), then a partners begin to feel each other closer and closer. The degree penetration of consciousness gets stronger and stronger. Two mutually exclusive trends: we want to have sex, put to have sex, lose control of ourselves, forget where the boundaries of our body, and where the boundaries of the partner body. But you feel that you are losing control, and your body in orgasm will finish all by itself that in one bottle was spent the energy of pleasure and procreation. Once you feel that you are using the hard asceticism: you do not give yourself falling into an orgasm. There are various forms of asceticism. But all those practices are nothing compared to asceticism when you approach the point of yoga. You experience a great pleasure, but you take everything into your own hands and come away. It is extremely difficult to do that, the higher you rose in excitement. By such zigzags you come closer and closer. Let’s say you assigned yourself practice for some time. You realize it, but not reached orgasm. There is statistic that 40 percent of women do not experience orgasm having sex with men. Women have used all sorts of stimulants to experience orgasm. One man is too little, as stated in these statistics. Moreover, it is argued that there are a percentage of women who did not experience orgasm. From the point of view yoga, this is a very serious problem with a woman’s organism. It is not enough that a woman should have an orgasm, she should feel it with the man. It is clear that yoginis have not such problems. Such problems arise as a consequence of our history, civilization. Some women could live all life with her husband, give birth to a number of children, but did not experience orgasm in her life. This is a tragedy and distortion of our entire civilization. As a result, our problems, the woman is constrained, there is disbalance toward males. A man cannot understand that a woman can have not an orgasm, he believes that if he enjoys all the rest is a little concern. All our troubles because of this. In order to practice yoga of Union, your partner should experience an orgasm from you guaranteed. As you know, generally it is difficult to find a partner interested in the topic of sex, a partner is in such physical, moral and spiritual form, that she could have an orgasm. If it is not happening, then the whole yoga of Union begins with the fact that the man tends to cause a woman’s orgasm. That is, women have to guaranteed have an orgasm before she will involve in yoga of Union practice and will control this orgasm. Now a lot of sexual practices have reached us from ancient China, from other places, where a half-hearted picture of the interaction, which has developed because of disbalance in the direction of consciousness (toward men). There emphasis mainly on men’s practices, and a woman is considered (forgive me) as “trainer” for men. Certainly, on the one hand, it allows men to break through and reach the heights. But on the other hand, sooner or later the whole world starts to lose balance. What sense, if in this world there are many highly developed men, but there are not highly developed women? Its hell for these highly developed men. The very first step on Yoga of Union path – is a guaranteed orgasm by both partners. If you are guaranteed not to experience orgasm from sex, you cannot practice yoga of Union.

What are the tests in this way?

There are problems with erectile dysfunction or sexual potency with men.Yogini-partner should create conditions in order to remove the man’s stress and prepare all necessary conditions to the male sexual energy flowed, sexual pleasure, and he never have problems in this regard. There is the other side. If a woman does not have orgasm, it is a matter primarily for the men to make sexual union is very long, it’s a matter of time (except for some diseases). A man can very quickly become aroused to reach orgasm and quickly cool down. A woman may very long time excited, very long reach orgasm, and only after some time to experience it. A woman who is more open, who is more involved in yoga, who has less taboo and inhibitions, all her life processes are taking its normal course, and she quickly reaches orgasm. If not, then first of all need to struggle with the constraints. Without responsive and understanding men, a woman will not have orgasm. It turns out that the men’s problem treats women and women’s problem treats men. In another way, does not happen.Your partners in yoga of Union must show a certain delicacy and patience, perseverance, that you can find this rhythm, and then you and your partner were pleasured. It is clear that this man should control himself and did not experience orgasm before it experienced woman. It is such a universal rule in yoga of Union. Because man may reach an orgasm easier than woman.Once a man and a woman are guaranteed to learn to experience orgasm (some times) only after that you must learn to control orgasm (draw off). If a woman cannot have an orgasm, and it seemed close to it and draws off, this is self-deception, but not yoga of Union. Woman should completely know that if she would give herself an order: “Yes, I want and immediately get!”, Only then she can say “no. Austerity! “. Thus, the partners begin to interact with each other. And the closer they approach, the degree of their internal processes accelerated. They Reach a certain point, and draw off. Come closer again, and draw off.It is believed that when you reach the point of yoga or when the distance between you will be less (you connect the consciousness and energy), both of you fell out in ecstasy, which is called Samadhi. You will reach a higher state of Yoga, which is experiencing yogins when they practice other kinds of yoga. The same state you will reach with your partner.Of course, before you reach the point of yoga (learn how to achieve it) will take more than one year or one life. Each of your workouts with her or the union, at best, will bring you closer, and then the senses will differ from each other: more and more and then less and less. God grant that each time you be closer.Of course, you will have failures when you miss this point: at an ever-increasing rate but did not have time activate asceticism and fell into an orgasm. Orgasm – is a state when all you have experienced, then interest to the partner disappear. In any case, the interest disappears for a while: if you are young, then a little time, if you’re older, then longer. It is very unpleasant in yoga of Union. On the other hand, the closer you approach the point of yoga, the more powerful you are feeling inside, the harder you will control it. Moreover, it will be test of sweetest excitation. To help you understand what I mean. Imagine if someone offend you. You have forgiven the offender. He will once again offend you. You have forgiven again. The third time. Once again you forgiven, not react. You are seething with rage, and at some point if someone jog you elbow, you explode with anger. It’s all baby talk compared with that inside you, as you approach the point of yoga, will progress internal processes, circulate energy and mind will rambling. As if All in the cycle, as if you had started to melt. Any your unfinished karma or any seed of your negative karma, like an annoying speck of dust inside you will cause fury, burning, itching, and a desire to give up all. If you overcome these all and do not give the possibility to internal tendencies to manifest itself (but vice versa someone offend you, and you are restrained), then you feel the rush of the most powerful Prana, because you did not allow it go away. Prana inside you bubbled, bubbled, but you kept it did not give to escape outside and it comes back to you as power. A similar situation in yoga of Union: You (male and female) will be so tempted to go into orgasm, and to stop yourself extremely difficult. But if you teach yourself to stop, if you learn to control yourselves in approaching the point of yoga, no one power on earth will not be able to make you lose balance. Because of factors influence or irritation from the outside, it’s all baby talk compared to the inner irritation, which you will experience. In ordinary life irritation is considered negative factor, and here is sweet irritation. On the one hand, we have sex, we are pleased, but on the other hand, some part of us begins to hurt or annoy, as a toothache or like a red-hot nail drove into us. If we won it inside, then in a more balanced and restrained state we can show it outside. This is a very serious factor.

What gives us Yoga of Union?

We are approaching closer to the point of yoga (the closer converge consciousness and energy), and consciousness and energy are separated from each other by Maya (ignorance), ignorance – is the manifestation of our karma, our karma as negative karma. The closer we come to this point, the more all seeds of negative karma that has ever been or are, are starting to manifest itself. In this heated interaction between men and women, they start to burn out if we do not obey them. That is, you will experience both pleasure and pain. At the time yoga of Union practice observed that under the veil of pleasure from sex is a terrible asceticism of burning out negative karma. You not only burn out you negative karma, not only get Prana, not only establish the channel into the Supreme spheres, you also comprehend other important part: you starting to comprehend how Maya operates. Maya separate consciousness and energy. What is the Maya we do not understand, but here we start not only understand, but we begin to feel it. And, not in something abstract way, in some meditations or practices, but in bed with the partner. We are already begin to comprehend what the Maya is, not at level of some concepts, but in reality you begin to understand what separate you from each other. As a result, you gain experience.As you remember, in order to overcome Maya, need a triple power: the power of knowledge, power of action and power of will. These three components are present when you have sex. The power of knowledge – you practice yoga of Union, approach to the point of yoga and not allow yourself to fall into an orgasm. You’re doing all the preparatory practices, plus you really connect consciousness and energy, plus you apply the will. As a result, Maya begins to melt and you comprehend the device of this world. There is born such knowledge by means of which to comprehend all knowledge of the world. Practicing yoga of sexual Union, you begin to understand how in the world interact consciousness and energy in principle. Later, when you are faced with these or other problems, you know that this or that thing in the universe – is a combination of energy and consciousness, separated by Maya. Knowing what the Maya is, you get the ability to control any situation. This is theoretical rationale explanation of super-powers, which open Yoga of Union.Indeed, it is believed that from the union of consciousness and energy as a result of engaging in such practices, in people superpowers are opened. First, their bodies are transformed, become healthy and strong. Then comes the internal restructuring of channels through which Prana circulates, mind begins to develop, which is waiting for Prana. Potential of our mind is enormous, but we use only some percent. If there is not Prana, the mind does not work. Just as there is not electricity, and the computer does not work. You practice yoga of Union without loss, by gradually approaching the point of yoga not reaching orgasm, produces an excess of Prana, which is go on the development of intellectual abilities. Roughly speaking, we start to grow wiser. Even the most foolish man, which thus engages in the practice very quickly make up for all lost time in terms of intellectually. It should also be noted that person’s creative ability also are opened. Such a person will not look at others, he will create itself. Creativity in all its forms begins to manifest itself.Finally, there is the last line that separates the ordinary ability from super abilities. Let me remind you superpowers – that’s what seems miraculous. These super abilities cannot be explained from the standpoint of ordinary science

That there is ability to bypass the ordinary laws and move to a universal law of nature it is necessary rise to this level. That is what provides Yoga of Union. You get superpowers, which you can direct anywhere you want. Say, in ancient India, as in ancient China, Raja used this ability to keep the state in one piece. When he went to practice with her Rani, or with their partners there was appeared a powerful surge of Prana, which flooded the whole palace and the whole country that no one dark forces could not even appear. Like all the dark, dreadful and terrible scattered from a torch. And here also from this Rajah and Rani, who practiced sexual practices, all the dark forces fled. Principality Raja always been very strong, no one attacked it, famine, epidemics give it a wide berth. A similar situation exists in China, where the Emperor had to spend every night in tight sexual practices. Because the country is huge. They succeeded to keep the country where the vast majority is wild and illiterate peasants. There is a new qualitative breakthrough in awareness, it gives new powers that allow you to reach heights of self-awareness. So it is considered that the place where yogi and yogini practice sexual practices, frighten off all evil. As a torch light frighten off hairy spiders and cockroaches. It turns out that this surge for all others, moreover, the possibility of rapid self-transformation is. Finally, it is possible to create a channel to enlightenment.All in one, everything in us by nature. Agree what could be more natural than the desire of man to woman or vice versa. The universe itself did it for us. It would seem what prevents men and women applying these practices transform their lives and the surrounding lives to the next level? You know all the people have sex. But:a) they have sex with the installation that sex – is dirty. They produce energy and then direct it to something negative;b) they do not adhere to the first, second and third yoga principles, often produce bad karma;a) have sex with random people, with those who karma give;d) they have sex with the losses when these losses are not determined by the necessity of procreation.As a result, the enormous potential goes nowhere. If, however, learn to use it then very quickly you can transform the entire human civilization. But the obstacles – is unsociability, bad karma, which does not allow use this.The main point: where we have to compel ourselves and where we may allow ourselves- it is universal for all kinds of yoga, yoga of Union as well. We are approaching the point of yoga, the closer we get to, the more burning sensation begin to experience. Also in us slumber stereotypes that we have inherited from previous lives. All details of sexual life, we picked up in the back street from underworld leader. It is now supposedly freedom. Earlier only people of criminal or dull-witted talked about sex. This is imprint, which we got in this life: Mom and Dad nothing said about sex, we something picked up ourselves, from TV shows.There is another aspect – is our manner in bed. We had sex like animals many lives. Even the fact that we practice yoga, is not mean that memories or clichés somewhere to disappear. They somehow make us jump into the old rut which we go. This factor is extremely difficult to overcome. Therefore, yoga of Union, in addition to approaching the point of yoga, has a huge number of support points, to implement an approaching. Like a rocket that brings humans into space. There is oxygen, there is a fuel, and they unite in one place. The Analog: consciousness and energy connect in one place – the point of yoga. This place is called “nozzle”. Molten fire interaction between consciousness and energy will break out and raise the rocket. The very principle of the rocket is very simple: fuel burns in the oxidizer. But to make this camera and all the equipment is very difficult. If you use unsuitable material, the engine will melt. If there is a little defect in devices, the rate is deviated and the rocket explodes. Therefore, to the foreground comes technology: a) how to connect the consciousness and energy, and b) how to connect them in such a way to get results. We just think that we are civilized but in us animal are living, animal imprints, and they wake up in sex. Need to take them under a control, and for that to do auxiliary conditions. Do what is prescribed and not to give the opportunity an animal trends manifest themselves.In yoga of Union all the practice is strictly regulated: who enter into interaction, how long, when, what to do, a number of motions// exercises, in which moment to stop. There are many factors that regulate this practice. Unlike our usual sex: we wanted to have sex, and we have it. But we are again – turn off the road and Forgot about yoga of Union. Memories of previous experiences have emerged, and we got carried away like a rocket that does not know where to fly. In yoga of Union is given the “hard containers, inside which you can connect, play, enjoy, do what you want, but not overstep the limits of given serious requirements.In addition, direct vector of motivation for comprehension of the Supreme. If you are involved in yoga of Union only in order to enhance your potential capacity, you increase it. But once again, you will fly like a rocket, which does not know where to fly. If it flies down, then face the earth and explode. Your Motivation in practice yoga of Union should be the one: comprehension of the Supreme. This is a very stringent restriction. Man learns the Supreme through woman, a woman learns the Supreme through the man. not spend your time in bed, not raise their level of sexual experience (new Kama Sutra “) , not find a husband or wife, but no more, no less – to comprehend the Supreme.Thus, any practice very clearly regulated: who, what and when does. All is prescribed, established common rules that are understandable for partners to at the wrong time did not wake up negative karma: I thought so, someone thought differently, emotions awakened, incomplete karma, and we got carried away. What yoga of Union can be?

4 and 5 law in yoga of Union practice.

We have a Life Continuation Protection Mecanism, which requires a change of partner. Until we not reached a state of amouressnes, this mechanism compensate for the lack of amouressnes examination of partners. Here begins an interesting point: if we really want to achieve a very high state in Yoga of Union, to get to the channel of enlightenment, we must gather additionally a set of 4 and 5. If we are not fall in love with the partner in the yoga of Union practice, we have only one aspect, and the rest remain are not worked off. There are some fundamental limitations that we looked there. If even for coming into this world souls of the children, the missing aspects of consciousness and energy are needed, then for us (when we even do not feel our body), all the more so. Therefore, it was assumed that if a partner involved in yoga of Union, not in a state when you think only about your partner, then ordered the woman to practice with four male partners, and the man with five female partners.It is the defiant factor in yoga for the perception of modern civilization. Once again I want to say that yoga has experienced many different lifestyles, perhaps, our way of life will experience. The goal of yoga – is self-knowledge. To achieve this self-knowledge, it is necessary to collect this set. Therefore, if you make a stab at high Yoga of Union tops, besides the fact that you must have partners, your partner should not be against your practice with other partners. Accordingly, you should not be against his (her) practice with other partners. As you can imagine, this is qualitative a new level of relations between people. This is level of confidence. Once again I want to say, it does not mean that will suit the first available. As we now can see the confusion of changing partners. It is understood that you really should have wife (or husband) with whom you have children and live. But in addition, from time to time you will practice with other partners. This is one of the most “juicy” aspects of the Yoga triad. This thing is not always perceived adequately. Although once again remind that everything changes, lifestyle changes, and we do not know what will happen in twenty years. You get the missing part of the energy, if practice with other women besides the wife, or a missing part of consciousness, if practice with other men. You get a set of 4 and 5, which is a necessary but not sufficient for opening a channel of enlightenment or Samadhi. All partners – this is for you kind of help or refeeding missing consciousness or energy. You have a husband, you have a wife. It’s like a rocket, which is for flying-off is not enough power. What usually do? In the first stage make the package accelerators to give impetus to speed up. Then the last stage is separated, and the rocket has already flies where it’s need. The situation is similar here. Everyone practices with each other. Clearly, this has nothing to do with rampant sexual passion with which you can encounter in the guise of Tantra. People involved in yoga of Union practice, does not tend to engage in a sexual relationship, than to engage with inappropriate person. It must be clearly remembered. If you involve in this process a some kind of bad energy in the form of a bad girlfriend, she rages all about you. The situation is the same with a young man. Therefore, even having all favorable conditions, the yogins and yoginis took years to find suitable partners. Yoga of Union is divided into two parts. If you just want to make a breakthrough, in the framework of a husband (wife), or lovers, you can achieve any state. If you set sights on the superpowers, the super knowledge, within the framework of this yoga you have to look for a (partners) besides wife (husband). Many say that it is too early to make a stab at it, and it is sufficient to have only one partner. I always try to drive yoga of Union under one or another style of life. You remember that life style – thing is very conditional. And LCPM spit on our way of life. The main thing that we have as many potential partners in order to cause a big chance for life, so that you will born in the next life, if something unfortunate will happens. LCPM is very strange thing. Sometimes it is enough one or two times to enter into relationship with a partner, and LCPM is deactivated. If it feels that it is possible in principle, it ceases requiring you have sex every day. If on the contrary, it feels that this is impossible in principle (society condemns, or something else), it immediately wakes up and starts to poison the life of the fact that your husband or wife becomes uninteresting, and you begin have a roving eye (for an extramarital affair). Moreover, both man and woman. In order to not give cause to LCPM poison our spiritual life and practice, it is better to practice a few times with different partners, so that he settled down and give you the opportunity to engage in spiritual development. This is not some kind of orgy, all civilized, decent. If we aim in this life to reach a result without this will nothing. If we do not hurry, then in this life, you practice with one partner in the next life with others, the following – in the third. The Same thing, only protract for several lifetimes. Once again this is for to gather 4 and 5. What is the any Yoga of Union practice mechanism? All hard constraints within which spontaneity is allowed, we need to coexist with LCPM. LCPM must be satisfied: it must have something own, and then it will allow you to have something own. Sexual practices are very deep, may emerge such animal imprints, which you did not guess. That you may not come down to bestiality in the way of practice, all tightly regimented

Necessary conditions for the Yoga of Union practice

There is so called an institution of the guides //leaders, there are yogin or yogini who passed this way, begin to guide other couples. Other couples have not yet experienced. Very often, even in a good boy and girl wakes up selfishness wakes up bad karma. That one, then another wakes LCPM. They started practice yoga of Union with high consideration, but then all spontaneously turned into a usual sex with zero results. Therefore, there is all highly regulated. Suppose it is said that at this meeting a man and woman must practice a certain amount of exercise, nothing more, and nothing less, in certain conditions, with certain limit. – What are restrictions? I understand that you may be, for the first time hears about it in general. There are important limitations. Need to choose the right place. It should be neutral (not the territory of any partner). Necessary conditions: that there will no insect, noisy neighbors, not to be warm, etc. Practitioners should be in the proper form: not tired after work, before not have sex with loss, all determined to diet. Determined the practices which allow the body, mind be in receptive state. to a woman imbued with a man and a man imbued with a woman. Then, there is directly the physical practice. Certainly, it is having sex, exercise, which more likes a gym. It is certain movements, which make strain extremely strong in terms of muscle, both man and woman. This is one of the most important factors of rapid transformation of the body. It turns out that something between Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, with an internal mantra yoga, that cannot come down to bestial state. Prana surge from sexuality begins rapidly to transform the warmed body. The feeling is that time is melted. As a rule, practice time can draw out to hours, sometimes to ten hours, and it’s not an anecdote, Moreover in a very powerful mode. It is clear that from ten hours no one starts, beginning with an hour of intensive work with each other. Attitude to the partner, as: a) the possibility to give happiness and pleasure, and b) to be a tool for enlightenment partner (the third yoga principle –is service partner). It is important to complete the practice correctly. Maybe you are melted inside, the practice has successfully passed. But it was wrong completed. Just as an aircraft flew over the ocean and on takeoff and landing strip has crashed. Therefore, it is important correctly to complete the practice. It’s necessary immediately leave the place of practice. No need to stay in place of practices more time than necessary to pack up things and leave. A wave of reaction will cover you. You will start to argue, with the person with have practice. This is experimental fact is spelled out step by step. Moreover, you should not talk with that person for a certain period of time, not to speak in his (her) presence. In general, such ticks to be put down in order to successfully get involved in practices, successfully interact in it and successfully complete, much. It is easy to lose an inexperienced person. For that reason there are senior mentors (spiritual guides /leaders). Certainly, they do not poke theirs nose in bed, they are interested in that least of all. But if you exceed the rule limits, they will very hard follow the line of conduct. That is correct you in the right direction. There is huge number of Minor details. At first glance they appear to be minor. Well so what!, have talk with a partner after the practice. Nevertheless you provoke the seeds of the negative karma, which tend to manifest itself. Here is enormous energy, enormous practice. Any mistake can give up for lost the practice. Inside the practice, which severely limited, may be total spontaneity. Again, it is often our spontaneous, rather than to help reveal ourselves, manifests itself in our animal karma. It’s required to repeat certain mantras. Some part of our consciousness is really disciplined by repetition of mantras, and the other part of our being is fully merged with the partner in sexual frenzy. Any impromptu – is good preparation. Exactly here. Any having sex – is a good preparation. Anyway, there is interaction of consciousness and energy, and you start to melt. Of course, your physical, nerve, then mental, subtle structure, then the level of causal structures – the more subtle. Incidentally, this is one of the few opportunities directly to influence on the level of causal body. It is very difficult to approach the level of causal body in other yogas. And here you are relaxed, now is needed to “mold” you in the correct form. Therefore, you must have a motivation – to know Supreme. Your inner being is indistinguishable from the essence of the Absolute, you can learn it within yourself. Within you a lot of cliche, ideas about yourself: here I am, I look like something. It is invisibly present within. When you begin to engage in the yoga of Union practice, with every movement everything melts, and you hardly forget about yourself. You begin to identify yourself with the mask, which you think you are. If you take this moment to direct your motivation to know the Supreme, you can instantly get rid of all the cliches and “mold” yourself in the purest form without the grain of negativity. For example, in the old days, when the jeweler wanted to clean the gold from the impurities, he took the gold and melted in the fire. The longer he kept it on the fire, all the impurities are oxidized in the air. As you know, gold does not oxidize in the air. If it was a bit of copper, it began to burn away and as film come to the surface. Removes the film, and gold becomes purer. The longer kept the gold in the fire, the purer it becomes. The more you “fried” in the fire of yoga, the purer gold you become. The closer we get to yoga of Union, the more rapidly burns out our negative karma, the purer become channels, the more prana we get, the better begins to work our mind and the closer you to immortality. As you may remember, death – is a temporary phenomenon that was given to help us from eternal suffering. Once you overcome Maya, negative karma and suffering, no more need for the death, you become immortal. Indeed, in ancient Yoga of Union treatises rather open language translated yoga practices of immortality. If you aspire to immortality, then without the sexual practices you reach nothing. To engage in sexual practices, you need a lot of things to do. It turns out that overcoming the Maya, ignorance, you overcome pain and suffering, and get to that level, which was laid at our creation and you do not need a mechanism of death. Therefore, all sexual practices – is an integral part of the practice of immortality. Is it so necessary the immortality? Many yogins who owned immortality, could still live and live. This is the question of meaning, the second yoga principle. After all, the meaning is not to live somewhere in one place, and for Yoga teacher’s goal –is to help the largest possible number of people. If he understands that in this life, he helped anyone who only could, why would he continue to live? Although there is a reverse case, when the Master was born, and waited for three generations, while boys and girls become receptive to the knowledge that the teacher can give. But this is already a legend-tales. Yoga of Union – is a sort of gym, where fully performed tension of all our bodies, where we serve each other and the Yoga of Union problem is to receive and deliver as much pleasure as possible. This will happen if we closer approach the point of yoga. As soon as we get closer to the point of yoga (the consciousness approaching energy), respectively, the more distinguished Ananda (happiness), the more pleasure we experience. In yoga of Union first called to get physical pleasure in sexual union on the maximum. We have our bodies, and certainly not just the physical aspect comes into play. Play a role even our thoughts, desires and preferences. That makes it more sophisticated, exciting and sublime. At the same time, if this sophisticated, exciting and sublime will be divorced from the physical (man and a woman will communicate without body contact), then sooner or later you will get a lot of problems. There is a point of view that we can work out all at the mind level, not engaging in sexual contact. Especially, not coming into contact with another partners but to generate, imagine. Yoga of Union says it is a very dangerous argument. If God (Absolute) gave us the body, our body is not redundant part for our enlightenment. Otherwise, we would live at the level of subtle bodies like ghosts flying in the air. No, we have a physical body. They have the relevant features: they need to feed, wash, and sometimes they smell bad, cut, look, etc. It requires effort, time and many resources. Of course, it is tempting to leap to another level to physical level remained seemed to be worked out. This is one of the most important and dangerous misconceptions. If you have a physical body, it should work, you cannot bypass it. Another thing is that your degree of physical contact may be different. But if you follow yoga triad , it is impossible completely eliminate sexual contact.

Once again, there is a checkbox that must be indicated. There is our body, it must experience maximum pleasure. We go to the threshold of pleasure to a certain height, practicing yoga of Union. Your muscles tense, your body works, played hormones. These are purely physical processes. It is believed that once you reach at the physical level certain limit, only then will switch subtle aspects, and you will get on a subtle level in sex. It is incomparably stronger, brings more pleasure, and gives stronger involvement in this process. But it does not happen that you start with that subtle. First, physical, and then subtle. If you get to a subtle, your task will be to increase pleasure up until you reach the causal level. There is pleasure increases in several times. Yogas triad are closely interwoven. Practicing purely physical aspect, and receiving pleasure, we take out some aspects of causal, or subtle. Practicing Tantra yoga, we are involving physical or causal. Practicing yoga of being in love, we are changing the physical and subtle. That is, three groups of bodies are closely interwoven with each other. You can operate with the help of one body, two others, and with the help of two others – the third. But if you throw out from this set physical component, then you will crash. I apologize for slang. All versions of “sex on the phone ” or “via Internet” – are the way to nowhere. This is the way to the fact that sooner or later will wake up LCPM and adept of “sex on the phone” will want the first available girl and we will get another maniac. This is a typical scenario. Therefore, the aspect at the level of the physical body must be worked out. Once again I want to consider the fundamental problem of yoga. Yoga disappears, this experimental fact. We encourage you to keep yoga. We receive surprised letters, “How can yoga disappear if there is on each corner advertisement?”. Friends, this is not yoga, sometimes this is second cousin twice removed. The same is happening with the yoga triad, particularly with yoga of Union. It is little known and therefore not in demand. It is not in demand, because little known. Man are interested in what is known. Unfortunately, the vast majority of yogins and yoginis very little know about the yoga triad. They would have pleased to study and practice yoga triad, but they do not know that this yoga there is a principle. Because yoga is disappearing. There is at the forefront powerful public relations. Some direction of yoga powerfully “inflated” and it seems that there is only one kind of yoga, school, master. As if there is in the world nothing else, and nobody. Then they all make the square eyes and wonder: Is there were also other kinds of yoga? This is the question of cause and effect. We do not know and not interested, while the rest of knowledge is fading away. It’s necessary to change this situation. We ask our student’s to tell other people about existence of yoga triad. If there would be the interest and power, people will be necessary, who will translate and adapt treatise.

It is not a secrete that we have some specialists, who have studied this triad, but in variant of hindu, which is thoroughly imbued with Hindu culture. There is nothing wrong with that, but it represented like a religion. Western man is not inclined to accept it. Not only yoga disappears, so also it is written in such terms that the ordinary normal people just cannot read it. He just does not understand what there is, or will think that this is some kind of praise songs. Western people cannot ” eat up ” that. Therefore, a large part of yoga is waiting for one thing: the interest in that in wide circle of people. Experience shows that nobody is interested in yoga of Union, nor Tantra yoga or yoga of Being in love. I do not take into account the numerous marginal persons who are obsessed with sex.

This subject is very delicate. The slightest wrong interpretation/ consecration cause rejection. In the first place among women. In woman wakes up LCPM. There is a paradox: woman is not inclined to adopt this system, but it tends to live by this. On the contrary with Man, he really likes this theme, because he has another program: inseminate excellent representatives of the opposite sex. LCPM requires it. But to live by this concept, it is difficult. Here the question is to find the right words to explain. If you find the right words to explain, then there is no rejection of either men or women. Moreover, very often it can be a rescue straw that saves yogis marriages.

If you have the impression that there is disbalance, I once again want to say that it is extremely pure, chaste and ascetic science. She is absolutely not opposed to that yogins and yoginis lived as husband and wife and they have children. Moreover, yoga of Union insists on such a scenario. All practices should be with partners who are clean and inspected, and that there will no fear of men and women, that partner is gone. Otherwise, LCPM wakes up. If explain in detail that there was no danger, then all will be fine. If something is holding back, one begins to understand this in a measure of his depravity, and in a measure of fear. A woman fears that other partners will lead her husband and the husband becomes afraid that his wife will not let go him to others partners. There are millions of such scenarios. It is clear that among yogins and yoginis, who are still carry this doctrine, there is no such problems. This is not because they are some celestials. We are all contaminated with approximately the same karma. But they won negative features, but we still do not. In any case, it is such a path, where all should be happy. Either all become the winners of this practice, or no one.

Interaction between male and female suggests that the boundary separating the male and female eliminates. We remember the theory that this dividing boundary is called Maya. If you interact with multiple partners you not only will begin to comprehend how work Maya, separating male and female, you begin to comprehend the nuances of what Maya makes a single energy to appear in the form of five. You comprehend that Maya, which is one aspect of energy differs from another, or one aspect of consciousness is distinguished from another. The man who thus practicing and sooner or later passed it through itself or comprehend what exactly is May then acquires the ability to skillfully use this: create or destroy objects or phenomena in the universe. If you know how construct Maya that separates the objects or phenomena that divides the consciousness and energy in issues, you can reproduce any object or phenomenon in the right combination.

You begin to know this is not abstract through the reading of treatises, for example. And you feel that on your own back.

– How to apply to sexual minorities?

Yoga is never pry into the bed affairs and not impose itself. Manifestation of sexuality can be anything you want if they do not violate the first and second yoga principles.

Yoga is indifferent to that question. Soul is sexless. In one life you can be a man, in another – a woman. Moreover, if there is some experience from previous lives, some imprints can be a cause of a certain attraction to the same sex. But this is a simplified version to know the opposite sex. There is in any sex union’s present polarization. In a case of same-sex families, one partner has the role of woman and other – man. It is impossible attraction between the same poles of a magnet. Similarly here, if we see some sort of attraction, then this is some sort of veiled desire to communicate with the opposite sex. Explanations for this phenomenon can be much. But you not find in yoga appeals to live this way of life or the curse of this way of life. How you are living and live, no one will not pry into your bed affairs, if this does not suffer other living beings.

In this case the Violation of the principles of axiomatic is not observed.

Soul is sexless. In this life you can be born as a man, at the next one -as a woman. Therefore, a fundamental limitation of sexes cannot be.

When you are come closer the point of yoga, your body and the body of your partner more and more melt. At some point, you forget who you are, you can feel yourself in the body of the opposite partner. The next stage – this is when you feel yourself more than your bodies. As if your body becomes all surrounding Universe. Finally, you start to feel a body of your girlfriend (friend), but also all the people who were nearby. You like to start growing. All bodies are your body. By this principle many of the power practices to control other people are built. You understand that now you’re everything and everyone. Just as you learned to control your own body, you can control the bodies of others. As soon as you lift over the bar separation on sex, comes superabilities. None of the yogins do not use superabilities to injure someone, it is excluded.

Yoga of Union technique

– Should we have sex without loss constantly or with some frequency?

There is no single answer. In each case this is individually. We are all made in a single image and likeness, but everyone has its own mud. Everyone will different clean off the mud and different practice to practice. To what encourages yoga of Union? To lack of extremism. If have sex without a loss too long, there are dangers. LCPM became suspicious. Therefore, with some well-known periodicity makes sense to allow sex with losses for the “pacification” LCPM.

For those people who only get involved in yoga of Union is prescribed the next moment. They must find the rhythm, within which they may have usual sex with losses. One person may have it every day, another – once a month, someone every six months. There is Criterion: if you had sex with losses and after that do not feel depressed, then you have not yet crossed the face. Monitor your condition need not after having sex with losses, but for several days after sex. It happens that for several days, there is a failure.

This is an important point – to find your real rhythm. Once you found it, you begin to gradually approach to sex without a loss: once, then second, third. Then have sex with losses. Then again, without loss, but little by little increase the time limit. If you will have sex without a loss constantly, you form very dangerous trait. It is formed in all the people who are go too far in asceticism. This is an internal pride, blowing up of internal ego. You will feel the power, but this power will tell you: “What I am the powerful yogin. Yeah I’m cooler anyone in the world. Everyone must go cap in hand to me, and I must teach all to live. «This is a very dangerous line, and people are starting to hurt, if they are too long in asceticism.

Therefore, it is necessary to cut ego down to size by means of sex with losses. But the problem we have is different – closer to the point of yoga, to accumulate as much energy as possible to melt in this fire. Therefore, there should be a very sensible policy. To be taught that from the side is impossible, everyone should feel it itself. You will come to that level of practice you need sooner or later. If you have a wife and children, LCPM will sleep peacefully. If there is no wife and children, it will intrigue against you, and would require compliance with the law 4 and 5. For instance, if you’re a man, instead of one partner you have, it will require 5. This is calm it down for a while. The law of 4 and 5 is very suspicious. LCPM is very noble, we must learn to coexist with it. We must find a path between sex with losses and sex without losses. Then, if a person balanced all, he has multiple partners, then he may practice sex without a loss for several decades.

In yoga, states that if you are sublimated in such way longer period of time, you will automatically attain superpower.

The golden rule of yoga: where we have to compel ourselves and where we may allow ourselves. If you keep going to practice sex without a loss, and do not mitigate this process, you can become a fanatic of yoga with glowing eyes. But you obviously will have tendency of violence to others. Sometimes even serious Yogins applied violence. They thought they were supermen, and all other animals which need to manage. Such a person is blinded by its power and might. As a result, this lead to crash.

The main thing you should work out for yourself is to find a middle way: the way of how long to be in delight, and how long to be in asceticism.

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