Sexual selection. Lecture1. Relations Psychology. Tantra Yoga Philosophy. Kate Karani

English text – Anastasia Bhargo

Hello. My name is Karani. This is the sixth lecture from the cycle of relations between men and women[s] from a position of yoga. We analyze general theory. Today we’ll talk about the mechanism of procreation protection. Last time I announced this and we have already started to analyze this topic. Today we’ll talk about some details. Periodically, from one lecture to another, I mention this concept. I’m talking about the mechanism of procreation protection a little here, a little there in different contexts, because this concept and this thing itself are relevant to everything that is connected with the topic of the relationship between a man and a woman [s], but not only.

As I said, it is directly related to what is called death, birth, continuation of life. Moreover, it is directly related to all our behaviour patterns, which would seem not relate to the relationship between man and woman [s].

But, in fact, it is connected with everything. Because we behave the way, first of all, on the basis that our life should continue. The mechanism of procreation protection is directly involved in all these issues. “

Once again, this is not a separate gene, it is not some specific organ. This is not some specific structure that can be studied, disassembled, looked under microscopes. No, it is a combination of some human instincts from ancient times, some kind of reactions, which from the subtle level control such things as the level of hormones, our reactions to some external stimuli.

That is, the mechanism of procreation protection works from subtle level to gross. That is, demands may come not from the subtle level, but from the causal level, that is, from the level – I want, I don’t want, I like it, I don’t like it, and they already come to the our gross physical level, to our behavior – the psyche etc.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine what is it and say that it is something static. Moreover, this mechanism is adaptive [əˈdaptiv]. It adapts to some external conditions. Some believe that it is archaic and uses some old strategies. But, to be honest, I can not fully agree. Based on my observations, even during my life, I can only say that it uses everything at all.

That is, the strategy that this mechanism chooses for our behavior in relations with the opposite sex, indeed, may be the most archaic [ärˈkāik] from that time when we lived in caves. If it is effective, in the extreme case if it understands that there is no other way to make us to look for someone and continue the genus. It can do this also, easily. We will be absolutely sure that our behavior is absolutely adequate, although from outside it may look completely different (not so).

But, at the same time, if it is possible to use, so to speak, more subtle things, it does not shy to use more subtle things. It is impossible to state categorically that it depends on something specific, that is, to make an unambiguous correlation that the mechanism of procreation protection works so, because we have such conditions. There are too many different kinds of signs that are probably integrating in some common base and then it choses some specific strategy.

By the way, this is a direct analogy with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is also not a real intelligence.We cannot say that this is a complete replacement of man, not at all. It’s the same here. We understand that the mechanism of procreation protection does not function by itself. It uses our mind, instincts, body, as a tool that produces a certain chemistry and its combination.

4-40 It uses our intuition. Moreover, it is very likely that it uses it. And it uses what is called budhi. This is a mental space that is related to our mind. That is, mind level, level of thoughts, that is, the subtle level. But at the same time, it also functions very well on a causal level. So it turns out that information is collected from everywhere. There is no one particular algorithm by which this mechanism operates.

Therefore, when people say that mechanism of procreation protection can be turned off … I don’t know, maybe someone can turn it off. But you can’t be sure. And in general it cannot be disconnected, it is dangerous. Another conversation is that in fact, it has only one task, so that the human race continues, so that you and I do not die out. Therefore, to a large extent, this is of course an extremely necessary thing. Moreover, this thing is optimistic. It is responsible, first of all, for our survival. 5-44 Secondly, that we dominate as a species.

Because, as I already said in previous lectures, if mechanism of procreation protection parallel to the human body evolution did not become more complex we could hardly able to develop the mind sufficiently.

It is clear that man is the most intelligent creature on planet Earth at the moment. Unambiguously we have surpassed the animal world and especially microbes and plants through the developed mind. Scientists now tell, and not many people, in fact, argue with this, that this strong intellect, this mind, developed precisely under the influence of the fact that we had to look for the most suitable person of the opposite sex.

That is, the most suitable partner for procreation. We understood that offspring should be more and more adapted to the complexity of circumstances, more intelligent, more strong and so on.
And we have also developed ourselves. 6-57

Therefore, it is not surprising that mechanism of procreation protection run parallel with the development of intelligence, with the progress of civilization, with the development of everything that is connected to the level of self-awareness of a person. Because models of behaviour in a primitive society for the continuation of life are one. In more developed society, they are different. In wealthy nations, there are some other third strategies. All of them should be considered, of course, separately.

Sometimes we will do this. So that the theory is not completely just lifeless theory, sometimes we will do such excursions, consider some specifics. But in general, there are as many specifics as behavioral scenarios and to a large extent, as many thoughts as we can have. Do you ever wonder how many thoughts we have in our heads a day? At least count. I think a lot. 8-00

Our thoughts can’t even be counted. Only one thought can have a lot of small aspects. Emotions follow these thoughts and often trigger some reactions. We begin to do mental engineering, dreaming and so on. Mechanism of procreation protection monitors everything. Imagine that there is such a structure from which it is impossible to hide.

Nothing can be hidden from it. Moreover, what we would like to conceal, mostly, is what he imposes on us. All that we consider unacceptable, all that we are ashamed of, what is called deviant behavior in society and so on. This is a direct effect of the mechanism of procreation protection. Why? In previous lectures, I have talked about this, why this happens.

This mechanism often poisons our lives. Why? Because the male mechanism of procreation protection, similarly as the female, with the common goals, have completely different ways of managing on our behavior. Absolutely different strategies. But the goal is common. That is why we often hear that children benefit from these conflicts.

It is really so. What is the most popular woman [s] strategy? Later I will make a reservation that now in the modern world the situation is changing. But in general, until recently, how it was. A woman gets the man she wanted or who wanted her, it does not matter. They either have children or not. They somehow formalized the relationship, or they didn’t, it doesn’t matter.

But her task is to keep him around. Why? Because, even if they do not have children now, when children come, they need a breadwinner. That is, as long as woman is weak, during pregnancy, childbirth, feeding, There must be protection and support for the offspring to survive. It is definitely so.

10-10 That’s why there’s clinging of the man. Man on the contrary have different strategy. “” Yes, of course, I will take care of my children. “” If he is a normal person, he, of course, will do it. But at the same time, the more he has offspring, the more guarantees that his genes will survive, his personal gender will continue. That is, here and there, at least somewhere, there will definitely be a continuation of the genus. Because there is no guarantee that the woman with whom he will bind himself immediately before the birth of the children will give him children.

A lot of couples are childless, a lot of couples who have some kind of incompatibility. The male mechanism of procreation protection won’t let go of him until it gets what it needs, and it needs kids, it doesn’t need anything else. Regarding the question, is it possible to disable the mechanism of procreation protection? No, you cannot disable it. It can be made for some time, so to speak, loyal. How? Having children is the only option.11-04

In fact, this topic is very close to what we call self-development and the level of self-awareness and, in general, spiritual development. I even prepared a book and forgot it, unfortunately, to get it from my backpack, I wanted to read something. But maybe we’ll do that later. Now I want to say a little about something else. There are a lot of different behaviour patterns. Let’s consider one of the most common behavior strategy. A woman wants to keep a man, but a man has a task … Why they say that all men are womanizers.

So by and large, a man does not need women [pl?]. It’s what he thinks, because for the mechanism of procreation protection it is more profitable so that he thinks this way. The ego is added here. That he is an alpha male, that he needs a lot of females. A man is realized through this. Actually, not at all.

There is a selfish purpose in this, more chances to continue the race, That’s all, that’s the point. There can be no other moments. There is something to talk about, you know … To say it’s wrong is not to understand why it’s happening. I do not justify anyone’s specific behavior at all now. I am just explaining the theory. 12-28

Similarly it is in practice Whether we want it or not, it is so. But this is only for some period of time. until the moment when children come or not. As I understand, the mechanism of procreation protection, in addition to focusing on some external social conditions, some cultural context. In addition to this, there are most likely some time cycles.

We are exposed to cycles and that’s absolutely true. I’ve talked about this a lot in my lectures. We have certain cycles. Just even the cycles of day and night that we want to sleep at a certain time. They can be changed, but all the same, sooner or later, this moment comes. In the same way, at some periods we are passive, at some periods we are active. Even our protein reacts to the change of day and night, to all these things.

That is our body is constructed so that we have some cycles. I even don’t speak about women [pl] at all. Everyone knows about female cycles, approximately 28 days, we all depend on it. Therefore, the time factor is added. A man and a woman[s] live together, I don’t know, three, five, seven years, every couple has it’s specific period of time. Psychologists make some correlations for this crisis moments: the fifth year, the seventh year, the ninth.

They even have their own sayings on this subject. 13-57 They are not baseless, because, indeed, at some point, children come or not, there is some reference mark. Those who create websites, makes seo optimization, who works with this. There is such a thing, the robot is checking the site. This robot either finds what he needs or does not find.

The robot has a specific task, to find something. For example there should be no specific symbols in the headings. If it founds them, it signals, if not then everything is fine, page passed validation. This is the most primitive example. It’s the same here. At some point, the mechanism of procreation protection, turned on some test, some kind of verification.

No birth of children – we have one behavior strategy, If there are children – another. I will not detail of how and what is happening, but imagine an ideal scenario. A wonderful family with little children. Several years passed and the same woman[s] who had before only thought to keep man around, To have a family, like everyone else, standard: children, husband, everything well and good. After a certain amount of time, she starts to notice that she doesn’t care much about the housekeeping anymore”

15-14 It’s not as much fun for her to take too much care of the kids as she used to. Husband seemed to handle things fine.
And I need more time for myself. “” It can be expressed in different ways. Someone want creativity and a woman[s] begins to realize herself through this. Someone obey instincts and begins to demanding more children from her husband. This is also completely legal and the reason is in what I have just talked.

(As for self-realization.) Someone actively seeking for a job, even if the woman was a housewife before that. Someone else is doing something. And someone have fun on the side, realizing what they really wanted. In fact, the mechanism of procreation protection needs more children. That’s all.

Strictly speaking, it doesn’t care from whom you have children. From your husband or another partner you will try to make babies. At least you will try. For some time, these very attempts are enough for it, too, because you do everything you can. Another conversation that no one was born. Then again the same strategy starts to work. If for some period no children are born, that means you should change partner, again change, again change. That is why we have a huge number of divorces.

Because now the trend in modern society, at least in a civilized one-two children maximum and that’s all. But this is not enough for the mechanism of procreation protection. Do you like it or not, this is not enough for it. That is, for some time this is enough, and then it starts to demand more. And if you do not want more children, then, be so kind and look for someone from whom you want children. Well, at least look for someone you want and there are more chances to have a baby than from those from whom you have no kids.

It’s not so simple here. On the one hand, we can say that this mechanism is inhuman and does not care about any feelings. In general, yes. But it cares what body you will be born in the next life. If we had no mechanism we would not leave offspring, we would not give birth to children. What is most interesting, we would completely slip into spiritual and personal degradation. Because the mechanism of procreation protection is a very good incentive [inˈsen(t)iv]. On the one hand it’s a stick, on the other hand it’s a very good carrot. Because we do not have two energies. Our creative impulses, all our creativity come from this very sexual energy, Kundalini energy, which finds its way either through sublimation in creativity, in work, in caring for children, in anything. Or it is realized in relationships with the opposite sex. It’s all the same energy.

I have already said that, creative impulse, in due time, this very spark of life that drives living beings to mutate, complicate bodies, evolve, and so on. The fact that we have human body, optimal human body, so to speak, does not mean that evolution is over. It continues, but at other levels. 18-25

If we do not evolve voluntarily, then how to make us evolve? Life must find a way. This creativity must find a way. Accordingly, there are two points that I have already mentioned many times. The first is the procreation, and all that goes with it. In order to make the offspring as successful as possible, adaptable, successful.

In order to find the most suitable father or mother, it is the same for both sexes. The second part is what remains after we have given the sacred duty to our ancestors. We gave birth to children, but we still have this creative impulse. What to do with it? The mechanism of procreation protection does not care. It knows very well that a woman [s] can give birth to fifteen children in her life.

So if there are one or two kids, it will never rest until the deathbed. If we practice yoga, it will influence just more and more. Why? Because we, naturally, doing yoga, increase our pranic level. We reveal our potential more and it is naturally that, first of all, is spent on that. This is logical.

The question is, what to do about it? You cannot turn it off, as I said, it is impossible. Another conversation is that yoga practice, in particular, the practice of Tantra yoga is made to work with excess that remains after we have closed all our karmic debts. They gave the sacred duty to their ancestors, or at least we do everything we can in this direction . 20-14

In no case we attempt to encroach on life, but, on the contrary, In every possible way we patronize it. But still there is an excess. I’ve read a very interesting article on women’s [pl] cycles in the Scientific American magazine. They made a study that in tribes [trīb] that continue to live archaically, they live the way they lived a hundred, two hundred, and five hundred years ago. It is very interesting. The number of menstruation that woman[pl] have is about 4-5 times less than modern woman[pl] in a modern developed society have.”

Why? Because they constantly give birth there. If woman[s] is pregnant, her cycle is interrupted. After baby birth and feeding comes new pregnancy. Some women[pl] have five, seven or even ten children. Only one strategy of behavior, completely different hormonal balance, different standard of living. That is, absolutely everything goes differently.

Probably, once women[pl] who now live in modern society also had ancestors who had large families in the same way and had exactly the same behavior strategy. It was exactly the same. Then, by the way, this happened not so long ago, the last two hundred years. Then things start to change a lot and as a result it turns out that in a short period of time, woman [s] completely rebuilt the hormonal cycles.

That is, what existed for centuries begins to shift and accelerate. That is, there are fewer pregnancies, at least those that lead to the birth of children. By the way, I just gave a lecture on the topic of contraception and what happens if to use it thoughtlessly [ˈTHôtləs] without understanding working mechanisms of all these contraceptives [ˌkäntrəˈseptiv].

So who’s interested, please listen to this, it’s really important.

Especially for those who practice yoga. It is very important. So, now, under the influence of contraception, changes in the way of life, women [pl] became more independent, more emancipated. Women’s own cycles begin to change and there are serious modifications in the strategies of mechanism of procreation protection.

What am I talking about. Why this is a very sensitive and complex issue. This seems to have never happened before. There are attempts to influence these mechanisms from the level of the body, from the level of hormone regulations, that is, from gross to subtle level. There may have been something before, but it was natural. It is now roughly regulated by hormonal and contraceptive methods.

What’s amazing it causes such mixed reactions at the level of the body, at the level of the mind, at the level of the psyche and everything else. Patterns of behaviour also begin to change very seriously. In the past a woman [s] was more dependent on a man, it affected her behavior, she had to use some boundaries. So now woman[s] becomes less dependent, accordingly, strategies of behavior start to change.

But the mechanism of procreation protection, strictly speaking, does not care. Okay, new conditions, you became more independent, excellent, and what do you have now? Now you have the opportunity to look for more partners more often. We see this tendency rises. Mechanism of procreation protection manipulates us so that it should lead to more offspring at least under these conditions.

But what about the fact that women[pl] actively use artificial contraception, and in general previous strategies do not work. What else is the danger. Some of these contraceptions also affect mental processes. So a woman can turn into a vegetable and at some point she doesn’t want neither kids nor anything at all

What to do with it? It is very, very dangerous. You need to think ten times before you take some hormonal drugs without consulting a specialist. But, even if you were consulted, anyway, always read about side effects, collect information, read about clinical trials for a drug . 25-01

What are the statistics what happened to the patients who took the drug if it is available. I do not exclude that these statistics are not available at all. That’s probably so, because the lobby, pharmacology and so on. 12.25 In general, it is not so simple.

So, even if we consider the perfect scenario. A woman practice yoga, she does not use any questionable pharmaceuticals, contraception, she lives normally. But at the same time, there is still an excess, which, one way or another, begins to disturb. All this , sooner or later, leads to dissatisfaction. What is compensation?

Woman [s] starts to nag her man, of course. The dissatisfaction should be worked off. It is clear who is to blame. Or this is the standard scenario when a woman becomes bitchy. Or, if everyone is very lucky, then she converts this excess into job, creativity or something else.”

But again, it works to some extent. And then, most likely, the problems begin, because it affects everyone. And, of course, it is clear that we are perfect people, ideal wives, ideal mothers but only statistics of abortions and divorces come from somewhere. “

Where is it from, I wonder if everyone is so decent [ˈdēs(ə)nt] ? You see, but from somewhere it comes and the number is growing, it is growing constantly. In addition, adultery [əˈdəlt(ə)rē] always cause problems. We are not particularly prone to study it. I do not know why. For some reason, society has distorted values and believes that these are some topics that do not need to be discussed. But you need to discuss them. There is no need to make a scandal and a show of it, that’s the difference.

You need to study it, step by step get used to think about this topics, you should know that they exist. You can’t get away from them you won’t be able to remain it silent, because there are mechanisms that closely monitoring that we do not do it. Do not silence, do not leave aside, moreover, in no way try to stop and suppress it.

As I said, when you try to suppress as a rule real deviations arise. Or mental problems. One or the other. It all comes quietly, gradually. We’re all very nice people but we do not know about each other a lot. Do you know what is the difference between Tantra Yoga and ordinary life? No one lies in Tantra Yoga .

There, everyone is honest that, yes, there is such a problem. Yes, we are all conditioned by the human body. If we have it, it will not allow us just to live, because there are mechanisms, which assisted us to get this human body. Everything is connected. On the one hand, the mechanism of procreation protection poisons life. On the other hand, it was he who gave us this life, this perfect body and the opportunity to be realized in it.

Accordingly, if we supress it, then we are encroaching on life itself. You can’t do this, it’s impossible by definition and it never worked. What to do with this, and how to connect it with spiritual growth and self-knowledge? Again, why Tantra Yoga is a fast method of yoga. Why is it possible? Precisely because, on the one hand, this very mechanism is closely monitoring that life goes on. On the other hand, there remains the part that goes to our personal transformation.

That is, this is the part of creative energy that we can just waste. In principle it does not matter to mechanism of procreation protection where we direct it. If you have children you may direct what remains anywhere. But this is precisely the chance. As soon as we stop being you know, in a bad sense of the word, like animals in the human bodies.

From that moment, we are able to realize (direct) this excess to our own spiritual evolution. That is, spend it on level of self-awareness growing. All methods of Tantra Yoga primarily [ˌprīˈmerəlē] do just that.

Could you pls give me a book from my backpack. 29-57 I have specially brought the book today.

The book, oddly enough, is Advaic, it is Tripura Rahasya. This is a very famous work. Only one thing surprises me in it. Why is this advaita? The name is Tripura Rahasya. It is clear that this is relevant to Tantras and yoga of Sri Vidya, moreover. It is directly relevant. Here, in principle, this is all about this. But we will leave these disputes for those who like to separate everything. I absolutely do not care whether this work is attributed to Advaita or to Sri Vidya, I really don’t mind.

The most interesting thing is that here in the first or second verse, now I will try to find, here is the connection that people who do not tend to understand the theoretical base, often consider it a contradiction. In fact, this is a connection. This is the second verse:

“” 2. Haritayana said: Undisturbed you have heard, O Narada! The Mahatmya (The Glory) of Sri Tripura, which teaches the way to Transcendence [ˌtran(t)ˈsendəns].”

Then goes explanation

“”The undercurrent of consciousness in all of them, remaining
unaffected, is metaphorically called the Resident Mistress
by name Sri Tripura. The procreative faculty [ˈfakəltē] generating
new beings and the link of altruistic [ˌaltro͞oˈistik] love connecting the
offspring to the parent are personified in the Mother. Hence
the feminine termination of Tripura. “The way to
transcendence” signifies that interest in Tripura purifies the
mind and creates the zeal for enquiry into the Truth. The
listener is now fit for the ensuing discourse on wisdom.””

This is the very second verse [vərs]. That is, here in the very second verse of the Advaitic, as it is believed, treatise, an explanation of why, on the one hand, in Tantra Yoga we talk about the procreation. You have just heard that. The link of altruistic love connecting the
offspring to the parent.

On the other hand, it leads to the teaching that gives transcendental experience. That is the knowledge of spiritual experience. These two things are connected. Why? I have just explained. The creative impulse is one. That is, this impulse goes on the continuation of life and the same impulse takes us higher in self-knowledge. We do not have the right to waste the part that goes on procreation for nothing but the continuation of life.

The rest is at our complete disposal. We can even beat our heads up against the wall if we have no idea how to use it. But when we understand. At least, when we start yoga practice, then it does not make sense to spend it on something else. Here we come to what the fourth lecture, Principles of Tantra, was dedicated to, this is about the principles of yoga and second principle of yoga, the principle of Brahmacharya.

That is, it does not make sense to spend resource that can lead us to this transcendental experience, as it is said here. It means the highest yogic experiences. Exactly what takes us to new levels. To which all people strive for doing yoga and to which this yoga leads to. I’m not talking about complete unconditional freedom. At least to get the experience, thanks to which our freedom begins to expand more and more.

It turns out that in the same thing, trivial [ˈtrivēəl] thing, to which we are all accustomed, there are two opposite processes. It seems so if we look from the outside. if we look from the side. But in fact they are two sides of the same coin.

That is, if we are talking about one thing, we cannot forget about the other. And it is, in fact, very difficult. That is, it’s not so simple. But, on the other hand, to the question of how to understand ancient treatises. So I have read you the second verse. Well, it would be difficult to draw such conclusions from this aphorism. It’s good that there are commentators who explain what it was about.”

Therefore, in Tantra, indeed, on the one hand, without procreation, without the so-called Yoga of kinship , there is absolutely nothing to do. On the other hand, if you do only this and do not work with creative balance, what remains after we gave the sacred duty to our ancestors then what is the point of doing yoga? You can only raise your children and that’s all, forget about everything else.

But anyway, the mechanism of procreation protection will not leave anyone alone. I don’t know, maybe only if those who have fifteen children, they cannot think about this. Their creative balance only goes to raising children. It is possible. But, again, here we come to cultural differences. Indeed, In some countries where this critical mass of people increases and where it is really needed, where it is really required they have their own strategy. “

But in the modern world it’s a bit weird. You see, we have learned by artificial methods, from gross to subtle, to control fertility [fərˈtilədē]. But also we have a demographic challenge. At least in our country (in Russia), it really is still there. Everyone understands this perfectly. I mean the indigenous [inˈdijənəs] people. There is a real demographic challenge and now this issue is addressed through incoming immigrants.

The moot point if it’s worthwhile I can’t tell. But another conversation is that fact remains a fact. It is clear that the mechanism of procreation protection starts to optimize all its strategies, try to use all available methods and in any way to achieve it’s goal.

So even those people who practice yoga, but do not pay sufficient attention to what is called awareness. That is make conscientious choice of contraception, of a partner, of the father or mother to your future children and so on.

So, it appears that we practice yoga and follow the path that should lead to that very transcendental experience and help us embark on the path of the Teaching that leads to this. But we completely waste the second part. And cannot have one without the other. 36-47

It cannot exist. This is essentially two sides of the same coin. Ignoring one thing completely, waiting for another to come, this is called logical collapse, this is called impossible, that’s what this is. Therefore, this is what I call on all in my lectures. Please Keep thinking about these questions.

If we want to get something, then it would be very nice to figure it out what we want to get. To understand what it consists of, to understand where we are now. What we did before, what we can do later and strategize [‘strætɪʤaɪz] accordingly.

But there’s another kind of imbalance. I’ve met people who are really starting to do all the necessary conditions, expecting for result.

But in order to get the so-called yogic experience, there are no sufficient condition. There are absolutely necessary conditions. That is, if we ignore Yoga of kinship , then for sure, it is unlikely that we get something. But, on the other hand, Yoga of kinship realization doesn’t provide a sufficient guarantee in this life to receive everything we want. Of course, if we expand our freedom from life to life, then, of course, sooner or later, logically, this should lead to what we want. But these things don’t just happen right away. Because we lived so many lives before that.

We don’t even know what we did wrong in our past lives. This information is not available to us now. Therefore, you need to be patient.

Now I can not help saying how the so-called quick methods work. For example Tantra Yoga. There are two options. If you do not want very long path then you need to give up selfishness. It’s hard, it’s very difficult, but there is nothing to do with it in Tantra yoga.

There is a high price for quick methods. You need to completely abandon from selfishness. You have to forget about jealousy, greed, stupidity etc.

You have to detect them in yourself, accept, realize and then start to work with it and sometimes it can even be public. and in ways that, you know, not every person would do that. That’s what I would say.

But at the same time there are some publicly available tools that just help to remove problems from the blind zone. We use them when we conduct public seminars. These are some things that, in principle, are accessible to everyone. But if we follow this path, then first of all we absolutely need, like-minded people, the same as we are.

It is so hard to find them. Why? Because, you see, it’s hard to work with your egoism, and you still need to find a whole group of people who, like you, are ready to do it. Who also took many vows. There are many vows in Tantra.

There is a separate playlist with this information on this Youtube channel dedicated to regulations.

That is, it is not so simple. Therefore, either gradually, quietly, but for a very long time, many lives. Either quickly, very fast, but at the same time remove our ignorance effectively but with tough measures. Then yes, it will be faster. There are just two options. If you want quickly, but slowly and gradually, it does not work. Again, the logic cannot be violated. Well, no one has ever done it, so I don’t know.

Maybe if only our Higher Self wants to get such a unique experience. Take a man who is jealous egoist, lazy and stupid, and immediately give him complete freedom through Tantra yoga. It would be interesting. I’ve never heard that before. Usually people have to work a lot on themselves, work good, without waiting for a result. But even if it’s fast, it doesn’t mean that something can be turned off, skipped, and so on.

That is, again, these attampts to turn off the mechanism of procreation protection. Listen, it is enough hormonal contraception to say that we are working with it. That we do too many things that we should not have done if we want to coexist with all these mechanisms. The problem is ignorance, that we just do not know that these mechanisms exist! The second is that we do not know how to work with it and what to do with it.

It is clear, of course, that practices from Tantra Yoga help in this. How do they work? Again. There is such a thing called Maya. This is a very interesting thing, which, also, helps the mechanism of procreation protection to carry out its functions. Working with this Maya, you can also help this mechanism to work more efficiently for ourselves. But so that at the same time our freedom remains our freedom.

You see, there is always narrow area, some “”demilitarized [dēˈmilədəˌrīz] zone””. Male mechanism of procreation protection has one strategy, female – the other, and there is like a permanent war. But there is a demilitarized zone. As yogis say, it passes on a knife edge, about this size. Why does it even exist?”

Because, on the one hand, this is our freedom creative potential realization. On the other hand, we give the sacred duty to our ancestors. It is one thing. But also there is a small area, where we can, without breaking one, maximize the other. Tantra Yoga practices work on this section. Indeed, there are such things that I have already mentioned, which are very serious and remove our egoism effectively but with tough measures. But this, in fact, the way for not many people who take Tantric vows.

There are practices that do not require any vows. Besides the fact that we are civilized people, we understand that we should not cause harm to any living being unless it’s absolutely necessary. It is highly desirable to be effective. That is, we have already heard about the principles of yoga and we understand that they are completely normal humanistic principles. Accordingly, then we can work in yoga, since we at least accept these two principles. That is, we already have some base for working on ourselves.

We can use these methods to ensure that at least it is not so sick because there really is permanent conflict. There are constantly some nonsense in personal relationships, which is unsolvable. It poisons life so that there is no time for anything. And even if there is time, then there is no desire and opportunity. In order to compensate it somehow and to direct our own energy into the right direction, which collide and destroy us, destroy our psyche. But in order to avoid all this, or at least try to understand why this is so, there are all these practices.

They really work and they work unambiguously. That is, they have their own theory and I have just told some part of it.

How practices work, I was talking about that too. That’s the way things happen here

That is the mechanism of procreation protection is very difficult thing. It can be considered differently. From the concept of why these deviations happen. How does it work using them. From the conflict between man and woman [s], it is also clear how it works. Evolutionary we have two sexes precisely in order the next generation win from this constant conflicts.

Now comes the moments when civilization interferes with the way of life. There’s another breakdown begins, another evolutionary phase and our survival will depend on how we succeed in this phase. These are not big words, this is really so. To a large extent, as I see it, the next step is to become more tolerant to some things that we cannot avoid.

I have already said that people do not like the concept, but like to use the word treason [ˈtrēzən]. There is no such thing in Tantra Yoga. There are just practices with different partners, with many partners. Therefore, there is no such thing as treason in principle. You can only cheat on yourself. If you accept the concept of your Higher Self, then this is impossible. But for this we need, I say it again, a certain level of self-control, of our mind, it is definitely so. A certain number of years of ordinary yoga practice and very severe Tantric vows.

Another conversation, when we use the same principle, that is, the principle of four and five. If we use this principle in the so-called simulation practices, this also works. Of course, not like when it all happens in full, but it works. It works well. We have a chance to work with Maya here without violating mechanism of procreation protection positions that holds it until the very last. We have the opportunity to dance on this knife edge. Yes, it is so wonderful. But this is so, to a first approximation.

-Kate- Did you have a question?

-zal- What if people can’t have babies for medical reasons? Nevertheless, their mechanism of procreation protection works.

-Kate- In general, if people cannot have children for medical reasons, they can always adopt kids, take care of other children, help orphanages [ˈôrf(ə)nij]. That is, it is possible.

Katya – But I’m not talking about orphanages now. There, of course, everyone will say that all the money don’t reach the children. But you can find an option to help children. That is, either help children, or help those who help children. The mechanism of procreation protection, by and large, doesn’t matter. He needs the children to be, that you have children around you and that we help life to develop.

That is, if we really have the opportunity and we don’t do this, this is one thing. You can’t lie to yourself. If we do not have such an opportunity, then we should do at least what we can. This also counts, so to speak.

-Comment from the audience-
Can I ask you a second question? Information was given about those women [pl] who have many children and they haven’t got the energy for something else. At the same time, the need for spiritual development was also voiced. What can one do here? It is also a rather difficult moment. If a woman [s] is constantly giving birth, I’m sorry for a rude word, like an incubator [ˈiNGkyəˌbādər], she is completely not engaged in herself, there is no question about evolution progress at all.

Katya – Everyone has their own karmic situation. Indeed, if it so happened that a woman [s] gives birth to children one by one, she has such karmic conditions. If this happens, then it is probably the way it should be. Indeed, why run away somewhere you should better use this situation for your growth. Perhaps, in a long-term strategy, the karmic situation is such that if she now gives birth to these ten children, then in the next life her whole life can be easily devoted to self-knowledge and everything else. But if she doesn’t do this in this life, she may moreover degrade.

We do not know about all conditions. We do not know our karma, this is the problem. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to feel this path between the second and first principles of yoga. That is, as much as possible without violating someone else’s freedom, while maximally giving freedom to others. Hence the need to contribute to the continuation of life in all possible ways.

That’s all that depends on us we do. But there are some things that are beyond our control. There, of course some things are strictly regulated by our karma and no matter what you do. We ourselves caused things that gave certain consequences. You can’t do anything with it, really. The question is also in the level of self-awareness, in the cultural environment and so on. And all this produces a certain karma. A man was born, lives a life that expressed his will, that’s all, at a certain stage.

Sooner or later, these conditions come to an end. But we can only do our best to perform our duty as best as possible. It is clear that a mother with ten children has her duty to take care of all these children, that’s clear, that’s all. Did I answer your question?

  • a question from the audience –
    Yes. But it’s a complicated question. It’s hard to say definitely. “

    Katya – There’s absolutely nothing unambiguous. The question is very complex. Principles are the same but ways of their implementation are absolutely individual for everyone. That is why I say that it is almost impossible to give unambiguous advise to each specific situation, because we really do not know all the reasons that led to such consequences.

    We can only say something within one life. And it is clear that we are only guessing because, of course, no one will tell you everything about themselves, and people, sometimes, do not know everything. Therefore, it is very difficult to say here. Only if we keep digging and searching within yourself we can find something. There is no knowledge outside.

    In general, I say all this just to direct people’s attention to themselves. To direct attention to their blind zones. To spend your energy, your consciousness on what can help yourself and others, and not just waste it, that’s all. It’s the only reason of my work on the dissemination of yoga knowledge, and I don’t pretend to know all the answers.

    I would not mind, of course.
    Are there any more questions? No?
    That’s probably all for today, let’s finish.

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