YOGA-ARTICLE: Down with stress and fatigue!

All of us have heard the phrase: “Motion is Life”. However, every day we have to sit behind a desk at school, at the university, in the office, or in the car. Considering a sedentary lifestyle, we need to compensate lack of motion for our well-being. In a vanity of everyday life many people are searching for a real way to get rid of both physical and mental stagnation. How can we free hidden reserves up and give rest to body and mind?

Yoga tells us, that distressed condition is not normal, and every-one can get rid of any discomfort. The main thing is to start!

The easiest way to begin the harmonization of our condition is Kriya yoga — the yoga of “acting”, “correction”. The chain of movements is made in order to involve not only our physical body, but also our thin structures. 

The theory of Kriya yoga supposes that we are doing this practice, every time starting “from scratch”. We have to learn to trust ourselves, and change the tempo from time to time, depending on how we feel every single day. 

The most important in Kriya yoga — as in any other type of yoga — is to practice in harmony, so that we want to go on. If there is pain — there is no yoga.

If we practice kriyas without paying attention to the body, we can hurt ourselves. That is why we should do exercises, following our inner feelings, with pleasure, as we can at this moment. It is necessary to renounce externals: it does not matter how flexible, strong, dexterous we are. What is important — is there a joy of doing these exercises?

Due to the regular practice of Kriya yoga, we create a kind of a fund of motions for the future. 

Yoga believes, that we can achieve the moment, when this fund will cover months and even years. And even if we stop our practice for a long time, it does not affect us negatively. As if we never interrupt our practice.

“As rolling a heavy stone uphill: before the peak the stone can roll down, but after the peak the stone rolls in the right direction itself.” Treatise of Hatha yoga

Kriya yoga also helps to get rid of mental “trash”.

We can escape it, sinking in our inner feelings. Analyzing what is going on inside us, we can turn off the factor of external anxiety for a while. Watching the rhythmical practice tunes our mind into the right wave-length, and automatically frees it up from negative thoughts that “eat away” our power. 

Released power, first of all, goes for recovery of the body, and we feel the surge of energy and vivacity. And the stable emotional state, following this effect, lets us review our life and rebuild it in the right way, considering our needs.

Kriya yoga is a deep, serious system dealing with our physical body, our thoughts and emotions. 

If we do not pay attention to what is happening inside us, all resources go to eliminate the negative consequences of disharmony in our lifestyle. As soon as we restore the order in our inner universe, we let go our vital power — prana. We can use this power for our family, rest, and other goals, that were previously lacking it. 

The surplus of prana helps us to feel easier and understand deeper how our own body and mind are arranged. When we see our motivations, we begin to understand other living beings and build relationships more humanely. The more people around us are happy — the better and freer is our own life! 

With the practice of Kriya yoga, we learn to live “up to the hill” in harmony.

We reveal our inner potential, doing Kriya yoga because we get rid of physical and mental stress. With every practice, the body becomes more vivid, and we feel harmony and peace. The control over the body, thoughts and emotions helps us to reach satisfaction and confidence in our own strength, and direct liberated energy to the achievement of a long-cherished goal.

Practice Kriya yoga and be happy!

Author: Elena Polyakova

Editors: М.Balmush, М.Мамоntova

Project supervisor: А.Zlobin

Translator: L.Ghanti

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