Once upon a time there was a Higher Self. It was good, bright, and kind. It didn’t need anyone else. Once, unexpectedly, Egoism came to the Higher Self with a thick blanket of Maya and whispered in its ear: “My dear, my beloved, get under the blanket, I will protect you and warm you up!” The Higher Self thought: Egoism is so small and weak, that it will not survive alone. Feeling sorry for Egoism, it said: “Okay, you can warm me and protect me.”

Egoism got excited and burst into activity – it wrapped the Higher Self in Maya’s blanket so it could not see the light of day. The Higher Self was outraged. Then Egoism allowed him to pull the arms out from under the blanket, cut the hole for the eyes and said: “But remember, you can’t go out there, it’s dangerous!”

The Higher Self sits under a blanket and thinks: ”It’s warm, dry and soft, but lonely and cramped!” They see there is a jar next to them. They opened the jar, and someone incomprehensible flew out. The Higher Self asks:

– Who are you?

– My name is Will, – the unknown answer.

– What are you doing here,Will?

– All the Higher Selves have the Will, don’t you know? Not everyone knows…

– What for? What am I to do with you? – the Higher Self was surprised.

– Whatever you want! I can do everything!

The Higher Self began to complain about Egoism: “I should somehow cope with it, so that it would give me more freedom, the blanket is thinner, it is hot, heavy. “Will answers: “It’s easy! Nothing is impossible! We just need to find my best friends: Knowledge and Action. Shall we go looking y for them?” The Higher Self was determined to find them: “Let’s go!”

Selfishness overheard what the Higher Self and the Will were talking about and said: “Look, it’s dangerous there, you’ll catch a cold, you’ll get sick! Take me with you! You can’t go without me! I’ll take care of you… ”What can you do? The Higher Self had to take Selfishness with Maya’s blanket on a journey.

It was hard for the Higher Self to carry everything. Selfishness, indeed helped by sitting on the top of the Higher Self and walking him through bumps and lumps, and puddles. But usually it was saying stupid things and complaining about feeling homesick and tired. Since Egoism was sitting in the sun, it began to dry out, shrink, and the blanket also began to tear and wipe.

Our friends wandered around the world for a long time and suddenly they met an old woman. The Higher Self has seen other Higher Selves with thick blankets. And this granny’s blanket was transparent, almost invisible, but she was not cold! On the contrary, she looked very happy. The Higher Self asked the granny:

– Maybe you know where I can find Knowledge and Action, friends of my Will?

– Baby, of course I know! Everyone comes to me for them. Do you want me to give it to you?

– Of course I want to! – the Higher Self was delighted.

– For me, please, a new blanket! – shouted Selfishness.

– Everything is possible! Here’s Knowledge, here’s Action, and here’s a new blanket! Give your old one back to me. 

And the granny took out two jars and a box from her pocket. The Higher Self took the cans and began to open them. Egoism was delighted, returned the old torn blanket, grabbed the box, opened it, and saw the same blanket as the old lady had: transparent and thin. “What is it?!” – Egoism was surprising – “Give me my old one back!!!” But the old one was already gone, along with the grandmother.

Egoism looked, and then Will had become not small and gray, but big and bright, and next to her friends Knowledge and Action were also big and strong. Selfishness said to the Higher Self quietly: “Let’s go home, I’m afraid of them. Do you?” And he looked so scared and started trembling. The Higher Self tried on the new blanket, but it was light, pleasant, so that they can only walk on the ground and don’t fly up. There were fasteners on it, and if you want, you could take them off when it’s hot. Beautiful! The three friends, three forces, like a magic shield, revolve around, driving away all misfortunes. Here Selfishness took offense and left. The Higher Self lived freely and happily!

Author: Tatyana Markovnik

Edition: Mirra 

Curator: Kerigona 

Translated by: Larisa Skibina, Tatiana Sugrue, Nat Satchitananda