“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter II, AF. 42-55

“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter II, AF. 42-55

The title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Of Patanjali

and “Vyasa–Bhashya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali.

Chapter II.

On means of implementation [of yoga].

(AF. 42-55).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

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Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.

Chapter II

On means of implementation [of yoga].


42. As a result of satisfaction [becomes possible] the attainment of the highest happiness.

The commentary of Vyasa In this regard, said: “Whatever happiness is in the sensible world and whatever the Supreme bliss [in the world] of the gods, both incomparable even with one sixteenth part of the bliss which comes with the elimination of desires”.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This aphorism is very curious…


Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because here, too, are traced such good fundamental principles, which we observe in Tantra yoga.

Again, axioms: all the pleasure that only we can obtain in this Universe is not outside, it is inside!

Student: Why are we sometimes so chasing some external things?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, only for the simple reason that these things are a kind of “keys” to “locks” in us! Inside!

When we gain this or that thing, or that condition, we roughly find the key to the lock. Open the lock and opens our inner happiness. But with this approach we depend on these “keys”. That is, here is a key for me somewhere, they’re scattered all over the world in the form of certain objects, events or circumstances for which we strive. And we, in a sense, become slaves to these keys! If we have these keys, we are happy, if not, we are unhappy. In yoga, in General, all the doctrine for the attainment of freedom, this situation is not considered normal – when we depend on anything. So this leave.

Student: How did go?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Learn to understand that all sensual manifestations – is just a consequence. So it’s just the “keys” needed to open the inner pleasure. And why apply that kind of practice, a few ascetic, when we begin to control our feelings when we begin to ban or restrict them.

If we had pursued for some sensual pleasures and themselves spurred in this direction, ran themselves customized: “Faster! Faster! More! More!” now we begin to understand that, in General, is the running “to nowhere”. And we start somewhere to control them. Not that I wouldn’t give up pleasures, but treat them calmly. This is one half of this complex mechanism.

But here, as in the Tantras, have a much deeper principle: if you begin to achieve inner peace just like that, if you are in a state of inner satisfaction just like that, oddly enough, and sense gratification to you tend to come. You cease to chase after them. They come to you. As if you were chasing the deer: ran after them – they will flee from you. And you can just sit down and draw them with the water of his mind – and they all come to drink. And now they’re all yours. You’re not running anywhere. They do come to you.


Student: And come, perhaps, with even greater force?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, they come with even greater force.

Unfortunately, I still see added here some moments of Tantra yoga. Tantra yoga is one of the strongest principles: before you get extremely strong pleasure, you already have to experience. A paradoxical phrase, right? “Before, you already have to experience”…


Disciple: what then?.. Somehow it’s illogical…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Absolutely illogical this sentence sounds. To paraphrase it roughly as follows: if you want to be a God, act like God. Act like God, feel like God.

Related to this is very deep philosophy, very rigid high-logic.


Student? Why? How?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because here the appeal to the highest quality that is within us – as our “I”. Therefore, these methods of Tantra yoga, and are called fast. Here, Patanjali, they are also mentioned in roughly the same way: as soon as you reach peace as soon as you reach a state of pure sattva, you start suddenly to manifest contentment in itself, in. But if it begins to appear, you suddenly start to realize the fact that this quiet state of enjoyment far stronger than anything, no matter what you experienced at the sharp pleasure. Usually the person experiences a sharp pleasure: nothing, nothing, and then sharply good; then it all quickly falls to a low level again. That is like a splash – all: the satisfaction of a desire.


Student: The Key? Action?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: key, absolutely right, over. Off. You know how machines: fit, coin toss, music is playing. As long as enough coin of this, music plays and then – pop! – passed out. All: no music! Here you are quietly starting to reach the level of independence from the keys. The state of sattva brings fulfillment, there is contentment, regardless of any external factors, sensitive. Is the subject of your desire or not – you still inside peace, harmony and tranquility. Moreover, tranquility is a state of pleasure and contentment.

Oh, and then the paradox. I don’t know how Patanjali, but in Tantra yoga this is a fundamental point: as soon as there is this canvas of calm, when no matter what happens, you calm, satisfied and happy, this canvas is already possible to draw the maximum pleasure that you can get. But this requires a substrate, base, canvas. If no substrate, it is useless to draw is like in the air or on the sand. You can’t draw! For this reason, when from time to time a person comes to me and says: “I want some very strong practice. I’ve heard that they have quick methods. I want a very strong practice!”. I look at him and see that deep down he is torn that he has not yet reached the state of contentment and tranquility. So, whatever practice you didn’t give it, it all will leave in the sand.


Student: Why?!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because there is no basis, Foundation. But once a person reaches a state where he is happy and peaceful, without anything, without this…


Disciple: That is, he does not cling to anything?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right!


Student: Even for some practice?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Exactly! Otherwise there will be here’s the thing: the basics no, he’ll hold on to this practice, but the likelihood that he will fulfill it, is sharply reduced.


Student: I will Explain why?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because in this clinging we no longer react. Because by and large, his desire to obtain this practice was not due to the fact that he really needed, but this spasmodic jerking “rats of our thoughts” that can not sit still and they think that “now I will gain the practice and then calm down”. No!!! Calm and so we all laid down! Therefore, the approach here is the following: first, we are a long methods of purification and some routine practices build in your mind calm. And only then we can claim some powerful methods. Otherwise they may not work.


Student: It’s a law? Mechanism? Ascetic practices produce that is quality inside? Or rather, not even the quality, and the lack of qualities that the person was alleged that this peace? And when there is nothing it can not affect…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely right. After all, what austerity? Austerity plays no role. But if we are all smeared with dirt, in chains, then we have ourselves to do from time to time such efforts to knock down the dirt and cut the shackles. And there really have to force yourself to strain to something to do. But this, if anything, one-off events. Threw off the mud and he does not need more austerity. You know? It’s like a temporary, one-time, bitter pill, swallowed that and getting rid of dirt, in the future, in the state of sattva you already don’t need it. You have nothing left to wish for!

Austerity is needed in order to jump the state of Tamas and rajas, and sattva to go. And in the state of sattva why do you want austerity?! Here such here the approach.

But again back to the aphorism of Patanjali. Patanjali mentioned here, in the 42nd aphorism: a delight by itself, without any external conditions, it is very strong. It shines. Maybe not so sharp, not so bright, but it runs background and does not depend on anything. This is a very big asset!

Went on.


43. By eliminating impurity through penances [is attained] perfection of body and senses.



Review of Vyasa: Only the practice of asceticism is able to eliminate [all of] the uncleanness caused by polluting obstacles.

Due to the disappearance of polluting obstacles [arise] corporal perfect ability – reduce to the smallest size (anima) 1, and so on. Similarly Voznikajut] also perfect the ability of the senses – hearing and vision at a great distance, etc.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: It’s something we already touched on. Asceticism or a certain lifestyle practices, when we keep ourselves in check, forcing myself to do anything, when we clean ourselves. This all leads to the fact that the structures of our body are cleansed. And once the structure is cleaned, begins to show what is called supernormal.

Once again: this, if anything, a side effect.


Student: so in what sense is a side effect?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All of these abilities are so inherent in us. We have not purchased. We have them open. You know? So they can have someone open very early and very quickly. And someone they can a very long time to open. In yoga, for it is not paying attention because all practice of cleansing is not aimed at achieving superpowers. That is, in some ways, you can’t buy superpowers via some manipulations with something of an outsider. They are either laid or not laid, either already there or they are not. When we purify our body, open what is called in our abilities, say, of the physical body. This is all laid, but it is blocked by sewage. And over a long, long lives evolution, we slowly peel your body – gross, subtle, subtlest. And as the crown of creation, with the human body and doing yoga, we begin the methods of yoga are more rapidly felt, and suddenly you begin to open these mysterious abilities. This is, perhaps, everything I can on this subject to say; such a review can give.


Student: How many of these forces?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here they are listed – the ability to manipulate her body…


Disciple: But these abilities – they are like signs on the road? Indicators? I saw Tantra, Patanjali also says: if the ability is acquired, then… Performing the practice, achieved spiritual perfection, plus proof of this is your ability items there moving in the distance…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is. This is a very serious help on the way. The only BUT: we tend to increasingly cling to the symptoms of these powers. It seems to us that the physical manifestation is more powerful and strong than the manifestation of subtle. In fact, I would say the following: what’s the point that you can move objects at a distance, if you do not possess the perfected intuition? You’re just more clever mechanism that might have something to do. Therefore, yoga is sometimes displayed abilities that seem, at first glance, the “unpresentable”. That is, they cannot show in the circus, are generally very difficult to show to others, but by and large, if we analyse the life, the benefits you get from these abilities more than if you could fly through the air.


Student: Intuition is generally considered to be the degree of spiritual perfection? It does not have this ability as a siddhi?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I mean how you use it.

Student: so how do you need it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Millions of moments in our lives. But I sometimes think that superpowers – they can be tricky. They are open only to those who do have a true need for such a human existence. That is, in this respect nature is economical. It will not be for the sake of some whim you access to an ability that does not affect the speed of your spiritual growth. That’s why supernatural powers are not often opened, not very often. However, to be honest, if people worked hard, then we could talk about some statistics. But even if super powers are revealed, then, as a rule, people who have them don’t tend to show them.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because there is a good rule: do not show these to anyone outside the superpowers, moreover, not to show it. Because evil can be much more than good.

Student: But before, on the contrary, yoga, competed, anywhere in India or in Tibet, gathered and watched. arrange something…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I don’t know… the fact that among the true followers it’s always been considered a few, I don’t want to say bad taste… But some thing is not quite worthy if it is done just so, or to intimidate or enslave.

That “somewhere” magician, wizard, flying through the air, Oh, quickly paying the money to him, and he will incinerate you! In fact, most people tend to obtain this ability to find some way to earn money, power, popularity. But nature in this sense a little bit wiser. She said, “Well, why do you want to earn money, flying through the air, let me just give you the ability to earn money? Just like that! You’re by and large want this?” Or people want power. “Well, why do you need thunder and lightning to start up, to intimidate and to be feared you had power over them? I’ll make you a prominent politician? So that you have the power!”

You know, there’s always a rational and direct approach. That is what I want, I get. Now, if we really wanted to show these abilities, they are incredibly faster to open. But we are, by and large, do not want them.

Let’s see what the people want? Power, wealth, and protection. Then, hardly anyone, wants spiritual development. And it’s easy to do, not necessarily to resort to some kind of a detour maneuver, flying through the air, and then, arranging the collection of money or showing it in the circus. You need money, go work on some stock exchange, trade stock and will quickly be enriched if you will open the ability to feel the market. Quickly understand what’s what! That is, it may be easier to access this ability than you initially learned to fly in the air, and then do a firm that you would show. Difficult time in relation to super abilities…



Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because, on the one hand, are a serious confirmation and sign: as even slightly starts something going on with you, not necessarily through the air to fly, and just any such things that you in the ordinary course of life can not explain, begin, it is very beneficial to continue practicing yoga and to amplify their intensity. It is like a confirmation. But again, here is a very subtle point. When you do yoga not for the sake of gaining abilities, and just like that, and contentment is the background, then everything goes faster in the end, you get faster. Okay, go ahead!

Student: I wanted to ask… During practice, when something unusual happens, it is also the ability or is it…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly! What is a superpower? They say: “superpower”.

First, it is not super-powers. Abilities are rough, there are abilities thin. There are abilities common abilities are rare. For some representatives of other civilizations, which have poorly developed or otherwise sense, for example touch or smell or hearing, the ability to sociomedical billions of shades of smell is a superpower. But for us it is routine. But if one begins to see, for example, through another person, sees its internal structure, it is considered a superpower! Why? Yes because no one has his entourage, but in that moment, when all will possess it, all say: “Lord, it is so simple, who cannot see through a man?!”

To the category of super-powers here in the first place, is the acquisition of some new, hitherto unknown to you ways of perception of the Universe and the ways of action in this Universe. Here’s what that means! And very often, these abilities begin to manifest itself in some subtle points. Not that you went through the wall! No! But some may be less tangible, but more important for you within moments something began to emerge. You begin to understand something intuitively, you as-that differently interact in this world – the whole wide range is…

Student: you Need to separate the ability to do something, to somehow manifest itself in this Universe, in General, these powers of the spiritual development of your inner state?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, why separate? This ability, like any other, needs to be directed. Here we have the ability to see and hear. As we use the ability to see and hear for their spiritual development? We read clever books and listen to …

Student: No, I mean, if you’re doing the practice and the beginning of something happened to you, happening suddenly. You thought that all the practice is finished, but here is the result, there is an internal sign…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sometimes it comes in the form of a sign of the successful implementation of something as if you had cleared the window and started to Shine. So you’re a long time doing the practice and as you have invaded an area, you still are strangers, you don’t know if it is made, whether it’s not done. You need some kind of understandable for you, the moment the practice is finished. And here you are for a long Ter this glass, and then the sun appeared and lit up. You saw it here!

Student: But real results – then when you practice when you are changed after this practice? That “secret sign” is called…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But if you do practice for some purpose, it is more important that this goal has been realized, not what the surroundings were. Doomsday, fireworks, I do not know, a voice from heaven thunder. After all, this is all actually secondary. The paramount what you got to do some practice and decided to achieve a certain step. If achieved, then we confidently say that practice is done!

Read on!

44. In the result of learning [occurs] relationship with the instructor deity.



Review of Vyasa: the Gods, the Rishis and the [great] siddhi 1 enter into the field of view [of a yogi], susceptible to self-education, and participate in its work.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Interesting aphorism! Patanjali described it, but I’m a little more widely it will comment.

For example, the School of yoga, our yoga School, what is it? This kind of country, a world that floats like a cloud. This world is inhabited by yogis, and practitioners. And we all walk the earth. And when you start to look at the world, start working on it, you have established a connection with him. And you already begin to live in it to a greater extent than in this world. That is you comes from knowledge, and you begin to do something for the purposes of that spiritual world. You, for example, doing something physical here, but not on the basis of target, for example, to make a profit, but from a deeper purpose. Profit a profit, but you’re by and large work for this spiritual country. Establishes a spiritual connection between yoga and accumulated over many millennia of experience. After all, this country is swirling like a cloud contains a huge number of all kinds of practices, as a library, as an aid. In addition, it is inhabited by the sages and deities who have reached a very high level in yoga. You begin to learn from them.


Student: so you can directly perceive it?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course! Directly. Directly.


Disciple: And what is meant by “directly”?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: – this is different… Sometimes it’s intuition, sometimes you will feel that you are someone who teaches something is done differently. I am not going to talk about it…

Patanjali is also mentioned… So the goal of any organization of yoga before, in the old days, it was school, order of the wandering yogis or just any organization; many of them later degenerated into what is increasingly a religious organization and where they started to lose the connection with the highest sphere, but, nevertheless, the fact remains that any organization, in yogic terms, should work in the first place, here on this spiritual country, but already on the second plan to maintain your material existence.

As soon as the question of the maintenance of your material existence becomes paramount, the Foundation, and work on the country – a minor, then usually it becomes either a cult or a religion. And dies.


Student: Why?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because without the subtle spiritual support, without this spiritual knowledge, this is the some time there, and then falling apart. Because there is this spiritual recharge! Yes, maybe religion is very rich, they may have billions, of potential? can all flood his books, his teachings, every corner will be their temple to stand. But it will be lifeless! If this will work, it is very sluggish.


Student: That is, they create their own country too?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I don’t know. Will not such details even to analyze what they create. But initially, usually they are scooped but with the same level of spiritual knowledge, the teachings, and then themselves in this limit.


Student: But, I’m sorry, the question immediately arises: if we work in yoga to this country, then who runs this country?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Country works, if you will, for the Lord God. Under It can be understood as the absolute, ultimate Reality that is more tangible and real.


Student: How is this achieved?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is achieved, as mentioned here, through self-knowledge, self-learning.

We remember that one of the methods of self-study was the repetition of certain mantras. In addition, among other things, there are a wide range of what this implies. That is, as soon as one neglects this principle, the self-study, it is only a matter of time – how fast it sets this connection to these Higher planes, these thin areas. This is important!

Let’s go further!




45. Thanks to trust in īśvara [one gains] perfection in [yogic] concentration.

Review of Vyasa: He who has devoted all his existence of Ishvara, [takes on] the perfection in [yogic] concentration, whereby he infallibly knows all that will want, [even if it is in another place and in another time. Hence his wisdom and openly as it exists in reality.

Self-control and respect for [religious] requirements with [obtained result] perfect powers explained. Next we will describe the asanas, and so on.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Let’s read again the aphorism.


Student: “With trust in Isvara acquired perfection in yogic concentration.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This method was already mentioned by Patanjali.


Hope to Isvara is one of the most powerful tools in yoga.


If you consider most religions, there is this tool taken, used, and it is almost the only tool. You usually come to some kind of priest, and he’ll sometimes like a parrot begins to speak: “Love God, trust in him.” You come with some specific issue, and you begin to say that such General, how do you think the phrase: “Trust in God, love God,” and something else that our century is, rather, an aversion, or something (when you came, and you, instead of something specific to say, have begun, as you seem to say abstract some ideas.”

Student: Why does it occur this way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, for the simple reason that sometimes within these religions do not understand the power of this method. Is a strong method. And actually quite hard to implement.

The human being is so made: to be in a state of hope, to sit back and truly understand the seriousness of the situation and it is at all to rely on Isvara (Isvara means under God) is necessary to really have a strong will and faith to make strong efforts. So the average person can’t do it, it’s easier for something to start to do, to fuss and to resolve the situation.

Student: that’s in really extreme situations, you have to believe, to believe, to perceive, to perceive, it is necessary to clear perception?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But even here we have in mind not so much in some extreme situations, but in everyday situations, which is harder to do.


If we use this method we must live so that God indirectly push their identity back, to stop stick out your “want” and “do not want” in the first place. It’s hard to do.


But if we do this, we reach a similar to curb their passions, aspirations, here comes this ability – the ability to know everything. In respect of any phenomena and objects comes the knowledge, how shall I say, state of clarity, not distorted our blackout qualities. The same ability comes after a long cleansing all of our functions: the mental, physical and so on. Then the same thing comes. And here this property comes earlier.


That’s why sometimes you can go to the village of the dead, there to meet Granny or a back that any tooth foot does not know anything in terms of metaphysics of the Universe, but they have acquired this property – the trust in Isvara, and as a consequence through they begin to show some superpowers. And all I feel something unusual.

Student: the property they constantly?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it Happens that there is, as always, a joke. As long as they trust in God, yet they are uninterested and uninvolved, they are really able to give clean information. But as soon as they begin to understand that they have this ability, start not to for their own purposes to use, but would like to bring in your “I” to interfere with, if anyone, the Lord God, they really are all confused and start chasing nonsense. This is, unfortunately, the biggest problem these sorts of healers and other such people, who, no doubt, have some potential to help others. They have some kind of throwing occurs. They help, but his personality pushed to the background. And then they sort of that your ego does not block the work of God, then all is really happening without distortion. And then he starts to climb out of their own ego, his stupidity, his lack of understanding of absolutely no things. They begin to flog nonsense, carry absolutely strange things which, on the contrary, all frightened, all are forced to look at them with caution, with caution.


So this bad reputation of these healers and fortune tellers. They are treated as something black, incomprehensible, but somewhat powerful. On the one hand, with cautious respect, but still without extreme necessity, no one communicates. They are just afraid. And blame they do, these are all healers, psychics, fortune-tellers.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because if they work ability, and this ability – to trust in God (īśvara), then everything works. And further they bring their “ego”. And it is undeveloped, it is worse than the Neanderthal. That’s kind of a mishmash, and you try this vinaigrette vukovara and to separate the edible from the inedible. And offered to eat all together: as an action, and that whole entourage that this action flavored!


It is a sore subject… which is why the Academy of Sciences, and indeed in all scientific circles can not stand this public. I can’t stand it! And I really understand why. Obviously.

Student: Why do they all work? If they are Neanderthals…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, not all, of course, but there are…

Student: Why do they have anything working?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Usually said that it has some abilities which we still drag with the level of an animal that is their intelligence scores, and so on and so forth. Their intelligence scores do, if the intelligence of a Neanderthal. But the point here is different: by allowing a higher power to work through you, without disturbing them, you really get something.


Again and again I emphasize: it just seems that all the Oh, how just, say, trust in Isvara and watch through you will a higher power to work. And you try to do it! Every second fit your ego with its preferences and aversions, and it will stick in the wheel insert! Therefore, it really is this ability, which requires the development of a – life hope to Isvara!


It is clear that if Isvara is manifested, then it seems to cleanse the channel of this information. And if a man allows himself to work through Ishvara, if he trusts Him, he is rewarded for this is given super-powers directly to obtain information about everything. Directly, directly! Here is such a moment.


Let’s go further!


46. Asana is a motionless and convenient [posture].



Review of Vyasa: for Example: the Lotus pose, hero pose, favorable posture, the swastika, the pose stick pose with an auxiliary bearing, lying position, sitting position of the crane, [pose] sitting elephant, [pose] sitting camel, the equilibrium position, a stationary and convenient position, the most easy and other [poses] this kind of 1.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Now a new key point. When yoga came to the West, it was perceived when it was not, how would you say this here… patterned Buddhism. That is, when yoga was with a religious connotation, it is poorly perceived by the West. As soon as it began to get treatises in a more Buddhist, more intelligent, whether that embodiment, for example, the treatise of Patanjali, they were really perceived in the West with enthusiasm.


However, from the treatise of Patanjali, and indeed from the approach of Patanjali the first two stages, clearly, not special interest was aroused from the West, so they somehow pushed. And since the stage dedicated to the poses, and especially the degree, in fact, on the 80% of all books on yoga. Hence – all kinds of systems of Hatha-yoga is one exercise the second, third, fourth. It really is also a method in yoga of Patanjali, and Vyasa some of these poses are mentioned.

47. Upon termination of the efforts of the 1 [or] focusing on the infinite….



Review of Vyasa: Omitted part of the sentence: [Asana] is accomplished… the perfection of the asanas is achieved in [full] stress relief, thanks to stop all body movement. Or asana is realized by focusing the consciousness on the infinite.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here Vyasa supplements part of this aphorism, referring more how to do certain poses. Postures in Hatha yoga asanas.


There are many approaches, or rather many schools that make their subtle distinctive features. Here are two such aspects: when you start to draw a particular pose and get yourself in a position focused on an infinite or remove tension from the body. Then your consciousness ceases to cling to block. Then you arch your body, and energy flows freely, already beginning to circulate, according to the position in which you are.


And if you’re not going to interfere with this process and will remain in it regularly, and for quite long periods of time, it will really start to go changes the body on a purely physical level.

Student: what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you will begin to flow, new energy flow, they will make some structures more dirty, to rebuild. These currents will penetrate some closed, clogged channels, they will begin to circulate the energy. Some of the karmic flaws in terms of building the subtle body, physical body, will be resolved, that is, to finish. And all of this will go a continuous stream.

Student: we need to quickly to achieve this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: we must, first and foremost, exercise. Simply execute it! Clear – to trust my body.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the body itself contains all the knowledge of how to operate it, and have the confidence and tenacity to approach the asanas.

In order not to block the body to give it to appear, required, for example, a method of focusing on the infinite. It is clear that by focusing on the infinite, you stop thinking about the end – of your body. And the body, left to itself, begins itself to adapt according to these energy currents.

Student: That is just faster the process goes when the body consciousness create a diversion and send it to infinity?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but actually this aphorism there are many different reviews. One of them is about the following plan: when a particular position, you basically make your vital life-currents, these currents of energy to flow in such a way that your consciousness falls in the perception of the infinite.


Here, as you can see, the emphasis is shifted from necessary conditions to the condition of a consequence: staying in a particular position, you make your energy work so that your mind will begin to perceive the infinite. And accordingly, while in this position, you gain the ability to be there without effort, without strain, without artificial being, without inner wavering, which leads to muscle tension and not relaxing (what to spend the most energy).


You fixed yourself in a pose, you are in it, and you have no effort to continue being in it. You can stay long enough to remain in this position for a long time.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the pose is so made, the energy while it’s flowing so that you can stay in it for very long.


I emphasize again: there are many possible variants of the description. Let’s go further!

48. Thanks to it stops the effects of paired opposites ‘.


Review of Vyasa: as a result of mastering the asanas [the yogi] becomes unexposed pairs of opposites — cold, heat, etc.


Student: Why is a section of Hatha yoga in relation to asanas is very important?

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: the fact that we are prone to do the opposite: to strive for something, and something hated, something to push off. Any phenomenon that might happen to us, has two negative aspects in their extremes, for example, too much heat and too much cold. And so on and so forth. And we between these two poles are torn!


If, however, we confirmed in this asana, asanas, then this is the property that the fundamental effects of asanas: sooner or later we come out of these contradictory influences. Moreover, it is necessary to consider both the physical level (e.g., ability to endure intense heat or intense cold, etc.), but also in the future it extends to the delicate, emotional things. We begin to react more smoothly on coming to us from outside influence, emotional, etc. This is a result of doing asanas.

Student: Developing nonsusceptibility weather, in General, some external conditions? And we can say that Hatha yoga (“ha” and “tha” the lunar and solar channels) affects the elimination of internal opposites?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! See, in General, the word “Hatha” and the whole approach of the Hatha yogis closer to the tantric, in fact, tradition. The treatise of Patanjali is worth little to the side, he in a sense “by itself”.


Hatha yoga, as I see it, rather, as far as we can judge from the documentary evidence available, and tales of various schools, is a very mild method for spiritual development, but with a focus primarily on working with vital forces.


Here you have a body, there are some energies that flow. What’s the point to explain some of the intricacies of the philosophy, if you’re still at the level of the brute blackout, “blunting”?! Because by and large, the attainment of freedom or the attainment of enlightenment is the removal of ignorance. Once ignorance is removed, we see ourselves in your own light. And we enlightened!


The emphasis in the first place, it would seem, should be on how to remove ignorance, but the ignorance level, but rather, mental. And mental ignorance it is very difficult to remove, if you have contamination at the physical level. That’s why there was a set of fairly well-chosen practices, I mean asanas, starting to fulfill that, you actually remove these barriers of ignorance. You have more energy, and, roughly speaking, your mental functions begin to work better. Then you can really talk about the knowledge of ignorance and its removal!

Student: where did the word “Hatha”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Word “Hatha” has arisen, in one embodiment, from the connection of solar and lunar channels. “Ha” and “tha” means two channels. We remember that man has two channels, solar and lunar, and when we compensate one another and open the channel mid – sushumna, then indeed the knowledge of yoga.


In the Hatha yoga methods of asana and pranayama, purely focusing on the physical, forced open the Central channel. So the word “Hatha yoga” refers more to the tantric tradition, rather than to classical yoga.

Let’s go further!

49. With finding it [practiced] pranayama, that is, the cessation of movement of inhaled and exhaled [air] 1.



Review of Vyasa: by mastering the asana [practiced] pranayama [that is, the regulation of breathing]: breathe is the introduction of outside air inside, exhale – the conclusion is found in the lungs of air to the outside. The cessation of movement of inhaled and exhaled [air], that is, the absence of both, is pranayama.


It is, however…

Student: and then the next aphorism.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: We have already touched upon this topic: Patanjali describes pranayama is very scanty. Yes, in fact, like everything else. It is quite true. It was not a treatise from the point of view detailed descriptions of all practices, but it was rather a kind of summary.

Student: so is that all there is Patanjali, pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Almost. In the future will still be a couple of aphorisms, but the detailed explanations and descriptions (what is prana, how it works) Patanjali no.


Here his focus is on something else: once stability in the posture is achieved, you can start pranayama. As stated in this treatise.


Indeed, here are quite an interesting bunch: before to stabilize our breath and before you learn to recruit a large number of prana – the energy we need to bring at least to some acceptable level your physical body. We do it through asanas. That we could long remain motionless, for example, sit if we are practicing pranayama for a long time. Or to be more painless that energy reaches those or other areas of the body.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because, doing pranayama, we accumulate a large amount of energy, and this energy should be distributed throughout the body. But if the channels are clogged, closed, if even on a physical level, there is impurity, that energy, encountering obstacles, can not pass and causes negative side effects such as burning, in the form of any kind of discomfort. So here’s a logic: first is asana, then pranayama. But in other schools, in the same way, say, the tantric schools of Kashmir in a separate, independent, and not connected even with asanas science, where this approach is, generally speaking, is in itself. Even without Yama, Niyama. Here’s the funny thing: it is itself yoga, no nothing. Just pranayama.

Patanjali inserted in the structure of his treatise as the corresponding sastra. Vyasa offered us some explanation of that breath is a collection of air, exhalation, respectively output air. I don’t know, maybe it’s just a translation like this. Maybe that’s where once again the word “prana” is translated as “air”. Quite difficult to judge. It is necessary to look original and how true is the translator took it. Vyasa here, maybe nothing to do with it.

Read the following aphorism!



She, however,

50. manifests as external, internal [or as] the delay [of the breath], is regulated by place, time and number [and with practice becomes] long and thin.



Review of Vyasa: Pranayama [called] the external when there is no movement [air] prior to expiration. It is internal when there is no movement [air] prior to inhalation. The third [type of pranayama] functions as a delay [of breath] when, as a result of the unified efforts of the stops and then another. Like water spilled on the hot stone, immediately evaporates from all sides, and movement [air] when the breathing stops at the same time.


Further, these three [type of pranayama] regulated by place in space, [that is, each of them has a certain distribution area 1. They are timed, i.e. they are limited in duration so many moments – this is the meaning [said in Sutra].


They are also governed by and among: first ascent [of the prana is measured in] so many breaths, the second rise is stopped [prana] – such a number; similarly, third 2. Likewise, [according to the method of pranayama can be] weak, medium and strong. Thus, the types of pranayama] are regulated numerically. Been practicing thus, [pranayama] becomes long and thin.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: so there are some quality moments for the characteristics of pranayama, such as: the number of times you do it, how long you have breath, delay, expiration and so forth, how intensely you’re doing it, what kind are you doing pranayama and so on and so forth. That is, there is some separation, distinction. But as exercise themselves, these approaches are practically not given. On the other hand, this very much…

Teacher: Why?What do you mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because of energy by and large comes with, such as kumbhaka as delay. And the delay may be, of course, on the inhale and exhale. But also sometimes the delay of the third kind. This sudden cessation of breathing. We can’t say whether it was the delay on the inhale or on the exhale, just breath hop! – and stopped. And in fact, in these moments stop is quite a large accumulation of prana.


However, to this approach, it is necessary to use other auxiliary exercises… let’s discuss why we have periodicity in pranayama. Because the inhale and exhale should follow each other cyclically repeated one after the other. In order to perceive the time delay and really draw energy from it, we are unprepared, we need to do first would be like “climbing this mountain”, after which there is a set of energy. Then the opposite, a descent, you know?

Student: Yeah!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Dial we can only at this point, the difference between inhalation and exhalation.

Disciple: why then inhale and exhale? Then let’s stop right there and we’ll gain!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it’s hard to do. Our body is not adapted to this. Only after long practice he will be able to enter this state the accumulation of energy without inhalation and exhalation, when there is no explicit inhalation and exhalation, but there is a delay…

Student: so the goal is to make people spontaneously came to this state?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. However, you see, this spontaneity only occurs after a fairly serious exercise and serious training.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because at the time of pranayama, we not only gain energy, but also tunable on the whole system. We clean it to a new level. Here Patanjali is not stated, however, starting to do pranayama, at first stages, you are, in fact, not so much pranayama you do, how old are preparing your entire body, the entire mechanism to receive the prana to use. You clean, develop, rebuild. It is clear that he begins and “dividends” in the form of prana to bring. But still, first and foremost, there is an emphasis on cleaning. That’s why it’s so hard to start pranayama. Very hard! If you do it long enough, if you are brought to a certain purity your body, then you have pranayama can perform whenever you want, as much as necessary, without prior buildup, of preparation.

Student: does pranayama ascetic approach: when you, for example, hold your breath and immediately, without preparation, to keep for as long as I can?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. There are different kinds of exercises in pranayama. But see, they came to us more in the performance of tantric. In fact, the whole science of pranayama we have now is the most part, the legacy of some of the tantras, rather than the original science of pranayama, which was in the Vedic times. Then, too, was pranayama, but a few other canons. She has not survived to us, it really was not so highly developed, whether it was not necessary. By the way, there is also such point of view there were no need for such sophisticated exercise…

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Power of culture, the purity of every individual was so strong that without it, once achieved the whole effect. I do not know, do not undertake anything to talk about it. The only thing I can say in our days, among a large number of different kinds of exercises there and like you said, the ascetic approach: tough when we stop breathing process. But again, I emphasize that the approach it must be done very carefully, very carefully, to avoid negative consequences.


And in a nutshell to talk about pranayam, it is about the following: you, as a scientist-practitioner, to experiment over their body, and you internally feel that you can do, and what not, where to reinforce, where the gain will lead to a negative result. That is, you kind of feel myself inside you like to play with these processes. And sooner or later comes you intuitive feeling like you’re made of, how to make a mechanism of obtaining prana. Once you understand this mechanism and know what effect Castignetti, then you can at least stick in the wheel insert. But until then we have to go with this “inner feeling”: you start doing pranayam and feel, “yeah, go” or “no, do not go”, or ” did so – went better, and made commercials have gone worse.” Again, I note that Patanjali says about it! Let’s go further!

51. The fourth [type of pranayama] transcends internal and external spheres.

Review of Vyasa: External field [pranayama] regulated by place, time and number, is overcome 1. Similarly, the inner sphere [distribution of prana]. In both cases, [pranayama] is long and thin.


The fourth pranayama is the lack of movement [of prana] of the two [spheres], it is achieved gradually as a result of full mastery of the preceding stages. The third pranayama, however, [is a] one-time termination of movement [of prana] without regard to [its spread]; it is also regulated by place, time and number [depending on practice becomes] long and thin. As for the fourth pranayama: it is the termination of the movement [of prana] is the result of a gradual overcoming of both stages due to the limitation of the spheres of inhalation and exhalation. This is its difference [from the third pranayama].

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Before that, we considered three points. Roughly speaking, work on the inhale, exhale, and third – work between inhalation and exhalation. That is, it is not clear, whether a breath, or exhale. And finally, the fourth, the most important pranayama (pranayama means not as pranayama, but as a stage or group approach to exercise) – is the sudden stop.


Sometimes a very curious moment occurs. People saw something new, and so it amazed him, he looks at it, all absorbed in what he saw, and then after some time begins to understand that he feels a dyspnea that he forgot to breathe. That is, sometimes there is a sudden stop, with no gradual approach, and immediately. This occurs when a person, say, falls in some kind of superconscious state of a particular practice. Now he says he has experienced some kind of ecstasy – Bang! all, no breath. And it’s hard to tell if it was on the inhale, on the exhale, or a gradual leveling of inhalation and exhalation to a neutral state. So – clap! – and all became. Generally it is considered the most powerful as pranayama. At this point, gaining energy as ever. And at the same time experienced the highest ecstasy.


Terms of pranayama-yoga it is believed that ecstasy is called breathing.

Student: Next, the fifty-second aphorism…

52. Thanks to her, destroy the barrier to the light.

Review of Vyasa: the yogi who completely devotes himself to the practice of pranayama, karma is destroyed, preventing discriminating knowledge. As stated, “because of the illusion that [generated] a great Moha, and the deceptiveness of the senses, sattva, having the nature of light is obscured, and is tied to what not to do” 1. Therefore, karma [the yogin] is an obstacle to light and the circuit to engage the cycle of life, growing weaker every moment and destroyed due to the practice of pranayama. Said in this regard: “there is No asceticism higher than pranayama: it is the purification of [all] pollutants and there is clear light of knowledge.”

What else?

Student: And the next aphorism…



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This is a continuation of the aphorism about pranayama. After Patanjali Yama, Niyama and asana pranayama treats, and here in this aphorism touches on some themes that we already know from the course on pranayama-yoga, namely, what action has pranayama, when a person uses it. The action truly fantastic, truly a very strong effect.

In combination with other methods as, indeed, of absolute acid, dissolves any rust, any scale, that dims our senses, darkens our mental functions, that is, a property of the mind to distinguish. Moreover, pranayama acts quite directly, policy and irreversibly, removing layer after layer of these impurities from the mind. And as soon as the last pollution is removed, then the clarity comes automatically. That is why even in Tantra yoga pranayama yoga segregated, may be without reference to it, accordingly, staged development of the yogic consciousness, and by itself.



Student: What happens when we begin to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We start dissolving all the sins that we superimposed. The only thing I need is to be very careful because the acid is absolute, and if we identify ourselves with some shading, then comes a strong discomfort. Here we identified with some layer of dirt on our mind, which is not enough that is not ourself, but is not even mind. And we believe that this feature, at least of the mind. And we begin to practice pranayama.

Student: And what does pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Pranayama begins to remove these particles. And we believe you! We consider them to be their own structure. And comes not a pleasant feeling, the feeling really is absolutely dismal, and it is expressed in all kinds of burning of the body in all kinds of neuropsych reactions, in all kinds of discomforts – a man finds no place. In General, I don’t need to tell you all this myself the hard way you know, what are the negative points.

Student: So what happens?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: there is a strong enough phenomenon. We even got something to give, and this is dissolved and we created the illusion that we dissolve. And it becomes painful for this reason.


If all rules are met – no coincidence Patanjali begins his system with Yama, Niyama and asanas, then Yama and Niyama free us from the emotional karmic nails.

Student: What do you mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This impurity is as if “nailed” to us our feelings, our behavior. We have considered the relevant paragraphs, what to avoid doing and what should be sought. So if we worked the pit, Niyama, if we become established in it, already part of the problem is removed, and when we begin to practice pranayama, the purification process is less painful. Painful, but it’s already at the physical level disease. Just ache, for example, muscle, but no strong emotional upheaval, the thought-forms that are catchy.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because we protect themselves emotionally. When we follow these two principles of Yama and Niyama, we become unaffected. Anything we are not affected.


Well, imagine a person who avoids violence and, as a consequence, not susceptible to anger. It is very difficult to disrupt. Or imagine a person who does not accept from the other any gifts. Imagine a person who’s not involved in sensual pleasure, whether sexual or some other – that is, no clues that it can be pulled. And, accordingly, when a person begins to engage in pranayama, it pumps up a lot of energy, and karma doesn’t know what to catch, because he keeps the Yama and Niyama. Firmly adheres to the pit and Niyama! There are really no leads that you can jerk…


You know why monks shave their head bald? There’s a lot of explanations, but one of them is quite beautiful: to the previous sins are not grabbed by the hair and dragged to hell. You know? And when your head is as bald as a knee, just try to hold out!


Similarly, the observance of Yama and Niyama makes the man “bald” as a knee: it will not seize. Nothing to grasp.

Student: why this question?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes because when you’re using pranayama are gaining energy, come to your karmic “creditors”. Would they like something to hold on, to shake you, pull you those debts that you owe them. And grab onto something not at all! So they leave you alone.


The next moment is asana. When you are entrenched in all sorts of postures, so you’re able to be in each of them a very long time, the main channels in your body cleared the riverbed safely conduct these energy flows, and you do not feel in a huge number of purely physical pain that a person experiences when he begins to practise pranayama. Because when a person begins to engage in pranayama, he feels discomfort on a physical level, just muscles bad.


So, Yama, Niyama and asanas are the three steps, and if you carefully develop them and jump on pranayama, quickly enough, you can clean more delicate pollution. A subtle contamination in the first place, remove all that is darkening factors for recognition. We all know that the goal of yoga is to know yourself. This is when the rays of the consciousness directed to the Purusha, the self and expose it.


In order to reach this state of recognition, we need a clear mind like a mirror reflecting the slightest change, crystal, unaffected clean. And pranayama clears.

Disciple: what is the danger of pranayama as an exercise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you See, pranayama, generally speaking, better suited for such fine-tuning. There is a big dirt, you can remove it easily. But fine finishing something so very neatly removed. And pranayama in this sense fits like nothing better. But in other yoga systems, where the foreground pranayama is exposed, and it removes tough dirt too, but it’s very painful. Much less painful to remove the dirt observance of Yama and Niyama and asanas, that is, it is safer for emotional patronatos, and then practice pranayama.

Student: Just on the consequences of the difference?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. We must understand that our goal is still what it is: from the entire set of yogic tools you need the right combination to choose for themselves, without unnecessary emotional shocks negative, without much pain, without much discomfort.

Student: But at the same time to and faster to do all this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, on the other hand, I want to quickly…


You know how sometimes in the mountains… There is a path, a trail, barely visible, she serpentine climbs the mountain, and is somehow a little bit sideways, sideways-sideways. Basically, nobody hinders to climb on the rocks straight, right? “Oh!” – and drove like a climber. But it’s very hard. It is much easier to make a few zig-ZAGS in and out on the same vertex. But there are different cases, different moments. Sometimes you have to save time. There’s a whole spectrum. And every man for himself chooses his own method: he really sideways passes, and then rushing ahead, climbing up. But it is heavier.


Let’s go further!

Student: I understand that if Hatha yoga, it works on a physical level, but more with the physical body, pranayama – it is the work with the astral body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I guess so. That is, there are already some intermediates creep. After all, what connects our physical body with our emotional body, a mental body? We live mostly on the mental level. We have in mind, and so on. So what connects the physical body with slim? And even further ahead, with the finest?


Linkage between these three levels is prana. She is like glue, which float all these three bodies. And if you change one, it transfers its momentum to another with the same prana. Therefore, there are methods that purely on the crude physical body is affected, others are more subtle body, is, – that the subtle body is influenced. But there is a method that affects not the body, and glue that makes them stick together. That is pranayama. So in this sense this practice is quite universal and quite strong. The practice of pranayama is truly one of the most powerful practices in yoga. Clear, very strong medicine must be carefully used so that it is not damaged.

Student: It is possible to influence even the physical, gross body through the prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! Moreover, even the causal body by practicing pranayama, one can act. This is one of the few approaches that can directly impact the causal body. Because in fact, these tools isn’t enough. This is the universality of pranayama and that’s why sometimes isolated in a separate self-contained yoga, where there is no emphasis on Yama, Niyama, asana. Only need one asana that you were sitting right. That’s all! Learned to sit up straight in any position – all ready for pranayama! That is, sometimes it acts as a complete yoga by itself, without anything.

Student: it is possible to attain ultimate liberation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

Student: If you control the prana, you rule the mind, but if you control the mind, you are able to stop it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly. Let’s go further!

The student reads.


53. …and suitability of Manas 1 to concentration.



Review of Vyasa: It is through the use of the practice of pranayama [the intellect becomes capable of concentration), and, as mentioned [above, “it reaches stability due to exhalation and retention of prana”.


Further, it is the distraction [of the senses]?

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This is a continuation of the ligament of the explanation, as the prana operates. Here, the emphasis is on mental functions.


Unfortunately, a large number of people able to yoga are not strong enough, strong mind. In fact it is neither good nor bad – it is their personal history. Moreover, as a rule, people tend to overestimate the mind. To overestimate! They think that a reasonable man, man, you know, so… tenacious, achieve greater success than a man, not to say silly, but with a less developed intellect. But really intelligence is quite tricky.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because, on the one hand, he gives you the power to solve problems, and, on the other hand, poisons your existence literally seas of doubt and seas of methane. When man understands, he does not analyze. You know, there’s a saying in Russia forever was hoping on Russian “perhaps”. This, of course, not a category of reason, and somewhere emotional and intuitive. And if the man, who for, I don’t know the history relied on a “maybe” as nonsense, it is clear that in perspective, he lost. But the person who relied on a “maybe” based on intuition tend to win, won.


You heard, perhaps, these words: “Mind can not understand Russia, common yardstick can not be measured, it had become very special in Russia one can only believe”. And, indeed, the mystery of the Russian soul, which is haunted by the aliens – is an objective phenomenon. After all, how many times throughout history, Russia was written off?! Just don’t have enough fingers nor hands, nor feet all this count.

Student: Why so? What they explained?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Eternal turmoil, and false Dmitry eternal, eternal revolution, eternal, all kinds of perturbations! And the West – he is intelligent, pragmatic, it analyzes, in the first place, mind. And the mind says objectively: Russia after the nineties, would have had to do to disintegrate. First was fall of the Republic, then it was inside to fall to the Siberian Republic, and so on – in General, this apocalyptic forecast. And the best analysts objectively seen signs of this, and indeed it was. Each Governor is actually the Prince: he had a patrimony, he had no one to obey. And even now we see that once again in spite of all the logical conclusions of all these banking analysts – German, English and American, Russia presents some surprise, and from their point of view rather unpleasant than pleasant. They have long been put on the cross: everything has a raw materials appendage, or pump the oil, consumer goods supply.

But no! Tenacious, you know! As dogs and cats, in the same way and we are tenacious! This was after the revolution. After the revolution quite devastation was, after Stalin, when he came to power, he came into an agrarian country, and he’s just a few five-year plans before the war made her industrialized countries. Can you relate to the despotic regime of Stalin, but here we must pay tribute: the country from an agrarian, at the cost of enormous losses, made a leap to the level of industrial development. And what can we say about a nuclear bomb, about the fact that we first went into space?!

Student: why is this happening? Why these things happen in Russia?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because it is a very strange country, which is understood not by reason, but from the point of view of intuition.


Now return to the treatise of Patanjali.


Unfortunately, the reverse side of the coin is. Intuition brings us, the intuition does not allow us to die, I mean Russia. But on the other hand, it does not allow us to live like human beings.

Student: What do you mean?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, we have people flying into space, and the old ladies walking the hallways and trash, collecting bottles, you know? Here a developing country: they were on the entrances and for the bins to collect bottles. But they have in space no one flies and hardly ever fly. And nuclear weapons they have and scientists they have, and a lot of what they have. And here’s a paradox: intuition works, displays a high level weapon is the best in the world, I hope it was, is and will be. Although this is a doubtful pride. And at the same time with all the people living in the stone age. Many toilets on the streets. In our century! There is no electricity, when it is in Papua New Guinea a long time ago there. That is, the mind is not developed! And, it is clear that while this component is not worked out, then no one will. That’s why Russia is very important at some stage to develop the mind. The power is there, the intuition is – no reason!


If we consider this situation in relation to a person – it’s the same story. People can reach the level of yoga with a developed intuition (because if it were not for intuition, it would all come to her), but with an immature mind. It is very common occasions in life. Very nice people – they have a gut feeling, but, unfortunately, with brain trouble. And yoga, of course, understood this problem. She gave funds: how to develop the mind. And pranayama is one of the fastest, again, methods of development of the mind.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For the same reason. Prana is the link between the bodies. This is, roughly speaking, and energy station: gave a talk, there is production, turned off the light switch – nothing works. Exactly the same here. If you have an excess of prana, the brain, first, will be cleaned, and secondly, to develop, and you can for a very short time to make a powerful intellectual breakthrough.

Student: But what’s the appeal of a man who came not by reason, but by intuition?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: his eyes beginning to grow this helper is mind. The person with undeveloped intuition, but developed mind, the mind becomes the master. But when the man himself nurtured the mind, he will never be his slave, because he knew what its infancy he grew up, remembers what it was. No matter the heights he had reached, he was still the mind sees not the bottom up and top down, because he nurtured it. He keeps it very clearly.

Student: How is this achieved?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: first of all, for the development of the mind needs energy. Because some departments of the mind are not included – no energy. But if there’s no power machine not working. Unplug the computer from the network – and there will be nothing to work with. As soon as there is energy, it begins to work. To work, of course, is bad first. Gives a lot of errors, any flaws. But in the process (most importantly, it worked), and in the process lapped the parts, all the dirt swept aside, and the rest is a matter of time. Moreover, a very short time, when he starts to gain momentum, turning into a very powerful analytical tool, allowing to solve any problem.

Student: What do you mean “any task”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, challenges can be many. But I will be divided into two categories. The first task is to provide its zhizneradostnaya, to solve the livelihood issues, make money, then there are issues of survival. To prepare a foothold on which yoga developed.


This task, of course, important, but really secondary.


On the other hand, the mind begins to operate in a thin analytic functions of recognition: what is the “I” that is “not me” that is the body that is what is called our Purusha, or our Atma. The mind starts to work. This is a very serious task, it takes a lot of effort to spend. It is a good analytical challenge, and much more difficult than, say, a task to earn, I don’t know, a million dollars. Or a billion dollars. Because earning a billion dollars, you work in the area you clear and understandable, but to try this Supreme task to resolve – Oh-Oh-Oh! this is the highest squeak. So I know perfectly well that if the people who come to me in my life do not reach, they taste and nothing achieved. That is, as if if they are not engaged. And if you begin to practice pranayama, the processes go: they have yoga there is progress, and life is progress. One to one! Well, maybe late, but it already business the tenth. The most important that is!

Patanjali this is a very brief mention, but mentioned it in the first place, not for making money, but to hone the tool of reason to see “Me”. Then go!

The student reads:


Review of Vyasa: Further, that such diversion [of the senses]?

54. In the absence of communication with their objects the sense organs as if follow the internal form of consciousness – [is] a distraction.

Review of Vyasa: When not connected to relevant objects, sense organs as if follow the internal form of consciousness, stop (the activity, as in the mind when you stop [the deployment of its contents]. They don’t need other tools, like, [for example], the control of the other senses. Just as the bees rise up when taking off the Queen bee, and falls when she sits down, and the senses cease their activity when you stop [activity] of consciousness. This is a distraction.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here has already been given the next step, or the next bunch. In the yoga of Patanjali is the transition to sections of yoga, more contemplative, something, or more focused on meditation. But before they go, let’s look at a fairly interesting question: what occurs when one method of pranayama begins to develop the mind?

The mind develops, it becomes very powerful, he is able to allow. But it is, unfortunately, often becomes a slave of the senses.

Student: What do you mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Each of us has certain senses. We can list. In General, all signals from the Universe that come to us, come on just five channels. I mean the usual senses, not intuitive for some there is a perception of something rather ordinary. That is, we see, we hear, we have a sense of smell (we perceive odors), we have taste buds, we can taste to determine. And the last big sense is feeling. Moreover, touching, as a rule, is pushed into the background, but this is the underwater part of the iceberg. In fact, all our other senses is the surface part, but the sense of touch is one of the most powerful. In any case, it is not inferior to the information that we perceive through, say, vision.

Student: That is, in its effects on the mind (I mean very strong imprints on the mind)?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Our “I” through the mind defines the Universe using the five senses. Sometimes think: “Oh, my God, what’s there to touch?! So I saw the picture – it’s interesting, I heard something is too bright, there went to the toilet very bad smell, and it made me run away from there”. That is, there is a strong impact. Or there was the food: delicious – I eat it, tasteless – not eating. It would seem that the touch is not very informative channel of information perception.


Here, looking in Tantra-yoga, I want to say that touch is the key to human development. The key! It’s information no less than through sight and all other senses! But back back.


So, we have a mind that constantly receives signals from these sense organs. And if the mind is weak, even strong signals can’t affect him. He can’t respond to them appropriately. But if the mind is refined, the signals from the sense organs start to play a bad joke with him. He becomes a slave to them. They are actually manipulated by man: through the senses affect the mind and make the person who identifies himself with the mind, as something to behave one way and behave another way. Man becomes a puppet in the hands of his own senses. And is directly proportional to the development of the mind, this dependence is exacerbated.


You can take any, I don’t know, Neanderthal and cigarettes on his body to put out, right? And it will be as thick-skinned: not to feel anything. But if you take a civilized man, he, of course, will be painful to react. Not that a cigarette or more small irritation: some noise, voices any a whole range of big. However, there are individuals, for example, from the region of Bohemia, any kind of creative person that even kind of nervous.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the mind is very sharpened, senses are very acute, so any influence through the senses, brings man out of himself completely. All laugh at them, saying, “Oh well!”. Mock them, saying that they are not of this world, in their Bohemian empires soar. But in fact laugh at them stupid, because those who laugh at them, sooner or later, through it will begin to run, and then they will not laugh, I assure you.


Now, we become slaves of the senses. And before talking about the particular concentration of a particular meditation on a particular property to distinguish where “I” and “I” have to remove all clutter. Because it is very difficult to focus on your Purusha, if it stinks, you know? Or a neighbor constantly knocking into the wall. Or something else. It throws you out of balance, this helps to focus the mind.


It is clear that the mind for so long was tied to the senses, it sometimes seems impossible to separate the perception of the mind from the senses. All kinds of stories about yogis go. Here, they say, the yogi can sit and nothing to see, nothing to hear, actually to disconnect from the world, and all this is perceived as a curiosity, as a rather curious ability.

Student: Why is this happening?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because everybody intuitively try the same for themselves and suddenly realize they can’t do that.

Student: why can’t they?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because they think that it is a whole – mind and perception. But actually it is two big differences, is two units connected by wires. However, because we are constantly plugged in, it sometimes seems that a whole. Actually, this is not a single entity. And as a result the mind starts to follow the feelings. Goes in the direction of pleasures that have feelings. If you feel pleasure, the mind stretches, if discomfort, he pulls away. Binding is very hard!


Here is an example that when the Queen bee takes off, the entire hive flying behind her. It may be hard to understand, but one who is engaged in beekeeping who have these issues are similar, knows that a beehive is only one Queen is Queen it is sometimes called, it produces offspring. She, if you wish, female. Also there are worker bees that collect honey. And there are drones, which, roughly speaking, has a male function of fertilisation of the uterus.


So the uterus is only one. Drones is a lot. But also to a reasonable limit. If more than a certain number, they are the worker bees kill. But if suddenly appears two uteruses… Yes, from time to time are born not only drones and worker bees, but are born of the womb. That is the Queen. And this here is the Queen needs very quickly from the core of the hive to fly away.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because bees are one of them will kill you.


And when one of them departs, the hive is split: part, and the part follows. Where she flies there and they – they can’t live without her.

Student: Who? These drones, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And the drones. Basically, the worker bees. And she flies to a new place and there is formed a new hive. Breeds the whole system.


Similarly, our mind follows the senses. As soon as our senses where we gone, we go after them.


Now imagine an old baby picture when you take a piece of candy, tie on a string and show. The man looks at her, and then the rope gradually drag. He sees something pleasant, his senses perceive, and if the senses say that it is deleted, then the mind, without thinking, followed. But this is a trivial picture. At the level of everyday life it is more subtly, more quietly, but the algorithm is the same.


Imagine: we in everyday of his life. If something is pleasant we perceive, we are following him from something unpleasant, we try to leave. And we don’t even notice how become slaves to it. But if someone wants to manipulate us from their some reasons, he can adjust it so that we will unconsciously begin to go where they want. It is clear that yogi is a state of Affairs is completely unacceptable.


The task of yoga, in particular yoga of Patanjali utilitarian: to reach a state of concentration that the mind was a reduced amount of thoughts, then one thought, and then that there were no thoughts. And if the senses are pulled, then this condition of concentration, this effect is almost impossible to achieve. And here yoga offers a method to separate the senses with the mind.


Here, in fact, begins the first serious step on the path of meditation.


To disconnect the mind and senses, which make it difficult to concentrate the mind, it is useless to fight with the irritating feelings. They are even conceived, made so that in this sense you can’t win. They will get to you! They will not allow you to focus. And do is absolutely nothing. You can, clenching his teeth to endure, listening to a neighbor scored another nail in the wall. And you meditate at the same time. But you would become more desperate than you will be successful in yoga.


But there is another way – able to disengage with the organ of sound perception, when the neighbor was hammering a nail into a wall, for example. So you rabotodatelia: the ears hear the sound, but the mind can not hear it. Ears work perfectly fine, eardrums almost there, not fly – so much he has a sledgehammer into a wall. But you can’t hear!

Student: Why?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because the mind is not connected to the senses! It’s a very very important point. If to understand, it is possible to achieve, respectively, this yogic ability to disconnect from distractions.

Student: so the sense organs are connected with their objects?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Right.

Student: with the mind – no longer exists?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly. You have very rightly pointed out.


When they say something the person sees, hears, does not perceive, it does not mean that his ears can’t hear or the eyes do not see. They see and hear! Only the mind sees no ears, no eyes.


To give reference, I will say this: when you read a very interesting book, implemented the same mechanism. You see nothing and hear nothing, although external stimuli come. But in this case it turns out a few spontaneously and unconsciously. And yoga says that such a property can be developed and applied at will not only when you read interesting detective, and in everyday life.

Student: But the mind must be something else involved? Right? In some inner, perhaps the content?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No! That may be, and the whole “fikus-Pikus”.

Student: what will you do with the mind when it is divorced from the senses? Distracted? And inside will emerge some internal experience?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: that’s what we are! It is possible to approach this method of distraction of mind, right? That is very hard so take, for example, to disconnect from the hearing. But you can sit down and start to remember the voice of his girlfriend, which you said, “I love you” ten years ago. That is, you plot your mind responsible for perception of sound, switching from present perception to the perception of past time. And at this moment you’ll remember this sound, you’ll be weaker and weaker to perceive today. That is, as if there is a transfer. Sooner or later you will learn to do it perfectly.

Student: But it still turns the switch from the external object the internal object? There are going to be surely some thing, some object to which the mind is their attention directed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well Done! Good point! But this is just an intermediate step.


In General, it will continue to Patanjali considered. I may be too forward of me. But this is the first step. And further, when you turn off the mind without an object, whereas here it is said, our physical senses, both worked, and will work. But part of the reason, or rather, a thin part of the body of perception…


We must remember that any organ of perception – eyes, ears, and other – besides being separated from the mind, but it also consists of two composite parts: a gross sensory organ and a sophisticated organ of perception. And actually rough on perception through fine connects with the mind. When we separate the gross organs of perception that thin is in, as they say, natural form. He starts to show its natural features. Here will start all kinds of miracles when a person begins to hear at a great distance or see far, not using devices. So there is already a superpower. But in yoga this, incidentally, is considered to be an obstacle.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because it’s even more terrible trap than the physical perception. Because in the end that you physical perception? Closed my eyes and can’t see. And imagine that you turned a blind eye and continue to see. Try this picture get. Open my eyes, close my eyes still see. Putting in earplugs, or open – still hear. That’s why these positions superpowers in the perception of yoga considered to be the greatest obstacle. So you got rid of a little problem, but bought a truly fantastic issue, which is even harder to get rid of.


However, even if you got rid of that, sooner sludge later, the organs of perception – the part that is in the mind, will begin to manifest in her, as if to say, natural form. And here then comes the understanding of the so-called tennantr such quanta senses. You’re beginning to understand what portions come different experiences, how they act. A little further it will be explained.

The following aphorism!



55. Thanks to him, [is achieved] and complete discipline of the senses.

Review of Vyasa: Some believe that the lack of passionate desire [to objects] — sound, etc. — it is discipline, or control, of the senses. Craving there is attachment: it is distracting [the yogin] from bliss. [Others say that] is not prohibited by sensory experience is a legitimate 1. Others believe that the connection [of the senses] with the sounds and other [objects may occur] on their own. Someone else believes that the subjection of the senses is a perception of sounds, etc D., free from pleasure or pain, in the absence of desire and hostility.


Jagiceva, however, says [that the subjection of the senses] there is just a lack of sensory perception due to the concentration of the consciousness on one point. Hence, full control, i.e. termination of the activities of the senses and when you stop the [activities] of consciousness. Why yogis do not require the use of other means, requiring [certain] efforts such as the subordination of other senses.

In this second Chapter, called “means of implementation [of yoga]”, [“Yoga-sastra”] Patanjali is done.




Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: it is Clear that when we are able to separate the mind and the senses, in this moment we become the master of the senses, and this is a serious step towards freedom.



Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because before that we were like slaves of these senses, and we could have different situation in life. No matter what your fate no matter what you situation, whether you’re sitting in prison or on the throne – you all perceive by means of sense organs. And some situation brings you pleasure and some displeasure. Again, I emphasize: no matter where and when! And you are not considering all this life experience, just to reduce the problem to the fact that once there is a carrot and a stick and we then punish with a whip, the tempting carrot, it is easier to get out from underneath both carrots and sticks?


And when we begin to detach their senses, then they actually become subservient to us. You want to be included, want – not included. A beautiful girl wants to seduce me, and like a normal person, if I turn on the senses, but, of course, stand, if you are mentally normal, is almost impossible. But you can disable the senses. You don’t change anything, the girl was alluring, and stayed. But you’re the only one not offended by it. And not because you grit your teeth, clenched into a fist – in any. Because you no longer perceive. She just disappeared from your mind. That’s what it means – want to enable or disable the senses. This is a very important point.


The situation is different. We experience terrible discomfort in conversation with the boss, but we know that we need to defend its position, because if we defend its position, we will add a salary. Us very uncomfortable, we are as much in the pan, under his withering glance, saying that we –the insolent, demanding higher wages when the firm has a heavy, mean, period. But, nevertheless, if we disable this feeling of perception we bring to an end your point and win.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because before that we were like slaves of these senses, and we could have different situation in life. No matter what your fate no matter what you situation, whether you’re sitting in prison or on the throne – you all perceive by means of sense organs. And some situation brings you pleasure and some displeasure. Again, I emphasize: no matter where and when! And you are not considering all this life experience, just to reduce the problem to the fact that once there is a carrot and a stick and we then punish with a whip, the tempting carrot, it is easier to get out from underneath both carrots and sticks?


And when we begin to detach their senses, then they actually become subservient to us. You want to be included, want – not included. A beautiful girl wants to seduce me, and like a normal person, if I turn on the senses, but, of course, stand, if you are mentally normal, is almost impossible. But you can disable the senses. You don’t change anything, the girl was alluring, and stayed. But you’re the only one not offended by it. And not because you grit your teeth, clenched into a fist – in any. Because you no longer perceive. She just disappeared from your mind. That’s what it means – want to enable or disable the senses. This is a very important point.


The situation is different. We experience terrible discomfort in conversation with the boss, but we know that we need to defend its position, because if we defend its position, we will add a salary. Us very uncomfortable, we are as much in the pan, under his withering glance, saying that we –the insolent, demanding higher wages when the firm has a heavy, mean, period. But, nevertheless, if we disable this feeling of perception we bring to an end your point and win.


It’s like a very cunning, as they say, slicker, which will that includes the senses, then turns off. When something suits him, he turns and, as they say, enjoy and rejoice. When bored, he disables them. As with the TV remote. Watching a movie – again! advertising went, again! and switched to another channel or even turn off. Advertising was again included. And none of you do, by and large, lacking. Only require you to click on a button or switch to another channel or something to be eliminated. Know the effectiveness of advertising fell sharply with the advent of the TV remote in the hands of the average burgher.

Disciple: How so?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Burger can’t turn off the senses, but can turn on and off the TV. This is a very important thing. We would like to choose, collect the cream. We are trying to feed everyone, and we eat only what we like.

Student: so when it comes to the wave of karma, again! – on and off your perception, and not to act on the feelings?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In a sense Yes.

Student: How is that possible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Wave of karma comes, and we realize that since we are unable to prevent, then, in any case, it is necessary to get rid of worthy way. Or better yet get rid of thus to turn defeat into victory. Clear negative karma and the negative karma that brings the senses only negative impressions.



Student: And how here to be? Get rid of it necessary, but do not want to suffer. And to get away from it shouldn’t either, because she will then be unfulfilled. And what remains?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: to Rid, to get rid of. But do not fret. Heard the famous saying that agony remained, but no one who is experiencing this suffering? Yes, the neighbor has a sledgehammer, hammering the pin in the wall, when we meditate, and we understand that it is our bad karma. But if we are unable to prevent it, it is necessary simply to survive. But experience, again, comfortable way. And here we disable the senses perceive. We pass this period, then the neighbor boring to drive nails into the wall, he gets tired physically, he can not life to drive nails into the wall.


It is also necessary to understand that bad karma also have some reasonable limits, it can be. Tired! As we go through this period. And come out victorious! This is especially important in Tantra yoga.


Here, unfortunately, there is this approach: there are masters in Tantra yoga that teach sensitive methods, has a truly fantastic abilities and powers. But there is a very great honor not only to find but actually learn about them that are there. Once in the location, no matter whether you are ready or not ready, he’ll show you. But there are situations where this is not required. And before you engage in sense gratification, one has to become master of this sensual pleasure. Then I guarantee that you don’t tallissa on the tantric path.

Sex… But sex can be addictive!

Student: how does it work?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is the sun. Here it is – a space ship that flies to alpha Centauri. On the way it is the great sun. Sun sex. And what happens? It is its attraction accelerates the ship and the ship accelerated-accelerated-accelerated-accelerated, so he came, got what he could get from sex was the highest pleasure, and then, if it is not disconnected from it, it will start to rotate around this sun. And if you are disabled, then fly yourself on alpha Centauri next.


Some of the practices in Tantra is static. Those who use pleasure, configured on the same principle: by and large, to use you can only if you control them. You turn on the senses, and brings you this wave. Natural wave energy. And you accelerate. But you understand that everything from this point on, you need to switch to more subtle pleasures. And to switch to more refined pleasures, the coarser must be switched off. But if you’re unable to control their senses, a beautiful seductive girl how attracted you and attracts. However, you should already see the goddess, not just a girl! Here this approach. But this is, again, looking at other practices…


Virtually all we have completed the second Chapter.

Student: I wanted to ask…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you have questions, ask.

Student: OK, but… That is not a dulling of the senses, and just a distraction from them? And the perception of the senses, on the contrary, exacerbated by very much?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Five-plus! Even with two pros! That is, in the top ten.


Unfortunately, someone who understands yoga in this sense is wrong. He read somewhere that one must not accept something and starts to fight with the senses, to dull them. This is utter foolishness! On the contrary, the yogi senses are heightened. And here’s why. When I get annoyed yogi who curses, stomps his foot indignantly something expressed, I understand that it’s really yogi that this person is really into yoga. And everybody says, “what is it, Fig a yogi?! The yogi must be frostbitten, like a boa constrictor, and anything not to react.” And I know what it is. People began to practice yoga, the senses he sharpened. And the fact that for the average person is intangible, it literally exasperated. But it still, unfortunately, not reached the stage of disintegration or disabling senses. That is, he had them sharpened, but have not yet learned how to turn them off. That is why the development path of yoga, almost all are such periods of irritability.

Student: the senses are tied to emotions? That is, one or the other sense causes the emotion? Probably, the ability to disconnect from emotions here in this section?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, here are a few more rough. To disconnect from the emotions harder than disconnect from the sense that the emotion generates.

Student: I will Explain, about what speech?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When you see a beautiful curvy girl and you’re in her arms, and you are overcome with emotion, truly required a colossal effort not to succumb to this charm. If emotion was awake inside, and she starts to play, it requires serious moments to balance.

But if you see that this emotion is only just beginning to grow, and you already know what it will become, at this stage switch off the senses. That is, you do not allow to capture your mind. Then you with minimal losses getting out of this situation, in the sense that do ignore this beautiful girl.


But I may be with such a… a concrete example taken. However, similarly in all other cases.


Here we take a sense of irritation. You have a bad mood, you come up and start talking, and someone out of spite, as you think, you about something to ask, and it’s bothering you. And there are two ways. You can just walk away from contact with this “point of irritation” to go out, to breathe, to walk a while to recover. Because if you stay, sooner or later emotional irritation inside you, you begin to destroy and to throw. Yoga, again, it is understood. Yoga is a very human science…

Disciple: In what way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is not science for any of the celestials. It is a path that shows that we all know in what condition a person may be. All passed through it. Don’t do any discounts and any expectations are not taken. This can be, and all the awesomeness of yoga: given the method of how to get around it and come to a truly high…

Disciple: I do Not understand: what is this control if you get in a certain situation, someone annoys you, and you go and just walk away from this situation? Next time you go to the same story, and again the same reaction will be? Or you next time already to prepare somehow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No! See, the thing is that we here to look at the primary stage.


Yes, as long as you’re not stronger, you have to adhere to the method of the guerrillas. The guerrillas never go for a head-on collision. They come out, the bridge will blow up, the office will burn, but in the main time, sit in the forest quietly, and try them out smoke. There won’t even! Here they are jumping up and down.


But over time, you know the saying: “the farther into the forest, the thicker the guerrillas”? That is, these guerrillas grow stronger, gain strength and what is happening in Yugoslavia, I think, during the Second world war, the partisans became so strong that as a result of steel to withstand a head-on collision with the Nazis. But maybe the Nazis there was not the best choice. Because the best choice was at the forefront – on the Eastern front. But, nevertheless, gain experience with these fascists, the partisans were able to deal openly. Clearly, Hitler didn’t like it, he began all sorts of the choicest troops of the SS to throw to suppress. But Partizan is not the same! You know? He has already gained strength and experience and can withstand a head-on collision with the regular units of the SS. In the process of learning!


That’s just us! If we understand that now this emotion will enter into us, and we only with large losses will be able to cope with it, we will just break into parts, we use other practices. As soon as we feel danger, we avoid a head-on collision. And do use the strength and time to grow internally. And then you can directly go. But the only important thing here is to not overestimate your strength. Because, obviously: if an untrained guerrilla group to fight with SS, he’s fifteen minutes will not provogue, his defeat complete. Here a reasonable policy should be. Here is such a moment. More questions do you have?

Student: what Patanjali following stages? Meditation? What is the treatise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: mostly perfect abilities, or superpowers, which are the subject of the third Chapter, come to a greater extent with the last stages in yoga which are called, in particular, here, sangama. This is the last three stages. We’ll get there.

That is, as soon as in yoga, the last three of these stages are fulfilled, then you come hit. But, again, I would like to say. It is absolutely fair gradation of Patanjali – the eightfold path. But this does not mean that you first must pass the first stage, and then to go for a second. Some of them you have to go in parallel, at the same time.


Clearly, if you took the lead, the next step is to be consistent, right? So you can’t capture Berlin, before that, you have to take Kursk, Orel, Budapest. But nobody’s stopping you, for example, with one or the other flank of the wedge in the enemy’s defense for four hundred miles and capture a city in the distance.


Logic actually Patanjali fair: by and large, it is everything. But it is unclear. Doing pranayama, you you go out on a stronger level of concentration. Completing a hole, or Niyama asana, pranayama, you strengthen. It is still not clear, not obvious. You should not wait for one to then move on to another.

Disciple: But it is as if the refinement is the refinement here in this energy spectrum… First with the gross body, the physical should work. Then with prana. Then …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Yes. And there, you know, the first not even the gross physical body, and even more, maybe so…

Student: Base?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, base Yama, Niyama. Very rough, initial, preparatory phase.


That is what good to guard the purity of the body, if the conditions of your life allow you to do this? Your behavior will you be forced to violate those principles, to use them in conflict. Actually, therefore, the principles of Yama and Niyama are so important. If they are observed, then there is no barrier to doing asanas and pranayama. If all four are implemented, then there is no obstacle drastic to the last degree to finish.


Again, I emphasize: is yoga that starts with meditation immediately. Sometimes it happens!

All! We finished the second Chapter!





43.1. Anima — reducing to size of the atom. For details, see [YS III. 45].


44.1. Siddhi— here possessing paranormal abilities.


46.1. A brief description of these asanas will be given in the comments of Vācaspati miśra. “Stable (sthira) means stationary. In the Sutra refers to a posture that is comfortable (sukham) and gives the relaxation (sukhavaham). The word “asana” means or what the man sits [i.e. seat], or how it sits [i.e., position].


The Lotus posture (padmasana) is widely known. The position of the hero, or heroic posture (virasana): a seated man with one leg rests on the ground, and the second puts it on the bent knee.


Favorable pose (bhadrasana): connecting the soles of both feet and bringing them close to scrotum, he should put on top of them, hands with twisted fingers (panikacchapikam).


Swastika-this will place the bent left leg in the space between the right Shin and the thigh, and the right between the left Shin and thigh.


The stick pose (dandasana), sitting with their fingers feet and ankles and touching the ground with outstretched legs and thighs joined together, he improved in Dandasana.


Auxiliary support pad of a yogi (yogapattaka — yoga Mat). In the translation of John. Woods: yogic table. Cm. [Woods, 1914, p. 191].


Parlance — lying posture in which the hands are placed on the outside of the knees.


The pose of the crane (krauncasana) and other asanas can be learned through observation of how sit the cranes etc.” [TV II. 46, p. 112].


47.1. In the Sutra prayatnasaithilya. Vācaspati miśra explains: “…a person practicing in accordance with the instruction of this particular position, needs to make the effort, the essence of which — in the removal of the natural tension” [TV II. 47, p. OF].


48.1. In the Sutra tato dvandvdnabhighatah, i.e., nonsusceptibility opposite influences.


49.1. In this Sutra Patanjali gives the classic definition of pranayama: svasaprasvasayorgativicchedafy pranayamah. Says S. Dasgupta, each of the breathing pauses that follow after a deep breath or exhalation is called pranayama, the first external, the second internal. There is, however, the third type, when the lungs are not too extended and not too compressed; the movement of air is stopped in this case a single effort. Cm. [Dasgupta, 1930, p. 333]. In Indian classical psychophysiology of breath is called puraka, exhalation is recaka, and the breath — kumbhaka. Cm. [TV II. 49, S. OF].


50.1. According to the traditional point of view on pranayama as breath becomes slower, space (desa) and its distribution becomes smaller. Space respiration is divided into internal and external. When you inhale the “vital breath” (Rapa) fills the interior space and can be felt even in the soles of the feet, like a light touch of an ant. Attempt to sense a touch at the same time with a deep breath contributes to the lengthening of the period of cessation of breathing. Cm. [Dasgupta, 1930, p. 333].


50.2. In Vācaspati miśra, “moment (ksana) is one-fourth the duration of a single act of flashing (nimesakriyavacchinna). [Duration inhalation] is determined by the number of such points. A moment (matra) is measured by the length of time between the snap of his fingers three times and rubbing elbows (svajanumandalam). First ascent (udghata) [prana], measured thirty-six such moments, qualifies as slow (mrdu). It is twice the duration—medium (madhyama), triple— quick (tivra)”. [TV II. 50, p. 114].


51.1. “Overcome” (aksipta) in this context means “fully mastered through long practice (abhyasa)”. Cm. [TV II. 51, p. 115].


52.1. In the Sanskrit text akarye niyuktam. According to the explanation of Vācaspati miśra refers to the unjust way of life. Cm. [TV II. 52, p. 11 b].


53.1. In the Sutra… yogyatd manasah. Manas here is the generalized ability of consciousness associated with the processing of these senses. The usual translation of this term — “intelligence”. Cm. see also the commentary of Vyasa to the next Sutra.


55.1. In the Sanskrit text here pwww. According to Vācaspati miśra, “[Vyasa] say [incomplete] subjection of the senses (vasyatam): “forbidden sensual experience (pratipatti aviruddhah)”. It is attachment to sensual objects not prohibited by the Sruti (i.e., the Vedic texts) and other [authoritative texts]” [TV II. 55, p.117].




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