“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter III, AF. 15-28

“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter III, AF. 15-28

The title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Of Patanjali

and “Vyasa–Bhashya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali.

Chapter III.

About advanced abilities.

(AF. 15-28).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Date and place of lecture:

Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.



Aphorisms from 15 to 28.

15. The difference sequence is the basis for the differences [stages] changes.

Review of Vyasa: If we accept [the view] that there is only one change one [and the same] substrate [in this case] a distinction in the sequence [States] becomes the basis/reason for distinguishing [the stages] his changes. So, clay in powder form, clay in the form of a lump of clay in the shape of a pot, the clay is in the shape of a bowl with clay in the form of shards there is a sequence [state of the substrate]. The quality of a certain state, which directly precedes the other qualitatively-defined condition [base] order. Clod [of clay] disappears, there is a pot, is a sequence of changes in the quality of a certain state. The sequence changes distinguishing characteristic is the sequence [of the emergence] of the existence of the cash pot from not-yet-manifest, [i.e. the future], the existence of the pot. Similarly, the past is the existence of a ball of clay from his spot existence [is also a] sequence.

For the past [however, no] sequence does not exist.


– Immediate precedence is observed only in the relation earlier — later. For the past not. Therefore, the [temporary] sequence exists for only two distinguishing features.

It is also the sequence of changes in the living conditions. So, the property of aging is detected in the first moment [of emergence] of the new pot. And this aging is manifested in a sequence of successive moments, until the last stage [of the existence of the pot]. Thus, this third [kind of] change is different from [changes] qualitatively-defined conditions and symptoms.

All these sequences acquire its shape in the distinction between qualitative certainty and its carrier 1. Quality certainty can also act in the role of the media in relation to their own the form of qualitative certainty. However, when the media is viewed in an absolute sense, without distinction [of properties], in this approach, the same [carrier] can be called qualitative certainty [i.e. Dharma]. Then mentioned [above] a sequence of acts [in the mind] as the unit.

[There are] two qualitatively distinct States of consciousness: the perceived and unperceived. Of them perceived have the essence of cognitive acts and imperceptible — only [mental] реальность2. There are only seven such [unperceived properties of consciousness], the true existence of which as a real entity established through reasoning. Termination [of the deployment of consciousness], Dharma, forming factors, change, and vitality, the force [consciousness] and potential energy [affects] the essence of quality certainty of consciousness that cannot be seen 3.

Then begins the examination region sanyama, [that is, higher psycho-practices] the yogin who has acquired all the means to achieve the desired goal.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: once again the aphorism…

Student: “the Difference sequence is the basis to distinguish [the stages of] change.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Meaning of it is… Not going to reduce everything in a nice logical theory, is not the goal of yoga, not in its everyday use.

So, any experience, which is individual, leads to the fact that modifierade waves of thought, waves of consciousness, waves of the mind, which refract the rays of consciousness. Ordinary people, not controlling them, somewhere they simply perceive: that was one state, was another, the third, fourth, fifth. But then he begins to analyze and come to a curious conclusion: he begins to make some predictions based on previous experience. He begins to understand that if there is one state of consciousness if the mind of a certain one kind of waves, then eventually they transformirovalsya in other kind of wave. And one realizes that, first, he sees a causal relationship – that is called karma, that one thing leads to another. In this sense, the law is quite clear: as you sow, so shall you reap. But it is more important to see the mechanism: how one wave, for example, anger disintegrated into thousands of small waves that sprayed your energy, or Vice versa – doesn’t matter.

And here comes the inner knowledge of how this wave breaks up or that one begets the other. The mechanism of the change becomes apparent. Hence the property prediction. People who have well-developed not only the mind, but also intuition, can predict what will happen, say with a particular country, price fluctuations for a particular currency, into shares or anything. It can with a good degree to predict who will win any election.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because in his head there are waves one state, and he knows how they transformirovalsya in the waves of another state, that is, the future external phenomena that generates these waves did not come, and he has brought them. This property to predict. But here, in the first place, the emphasis is on that inside intuition: there was this idea – it will lead to something. It has not yet led to anything definite, and you already feel what it will bring, and you have some freedom to steer events in another direction. Before this all started and realized. So we bring many thoughts to one thought, a lot of karmas for one thing, many negative effects to something one – and this one is clean.

It is clear that this comes as a result of some such experience, knowledge, and hence. I’d say so, commenting on this aphorism.

I should add that in any case, it’s just a modification of the substrate of our mind – buddhi. Whatever took place, whatever was leaking, as mentioned in Vyasa, with the shards, pot is clay, a material that is common to all forms. Exactly the same here. Knowing the material, knowing the properties of the material, knowing how it is and what transformirovalsya, you can anticipate that them will, it is possible this mechanism to track. That’s all I want to say here…

16. Thanks sanyama in three changes, [arises] knowledge of the past and the future.

Review of Vyasa: Due sanyama regarding changes of quality specific, distinguishing features and States or conditions of existence of yogis comes knowledge of past and future 1.

Concentration [of consciousness], contemplation, and concentration – this triad [psychotechnical practice] gets the combined title “sanyama”. Thanks to this [sanyama] triple change, which is tested directly in personal experience, and generates knowledge of the past and the future.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here is considered the aspect of quite mysterious in yoga as predicting the future, knowledge about what had happened and so forth in all combinations and intricacies. All sorts of stories about some Indian sages, to whom you can come in, and they look at you and say your whole future, moreover, they can tell your past and some specific points to give you in the future. It has always inspired awe and respect for the sages.

Student: it’s some kind of miracle or magic trick?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, if, from the point of view of Europeans, it is a mysterious and unfathomable character and color, that is even frightens and fascinates, in the science of yoga, this phenomenon is quite natural in nature. This is the logical flow of the theory on which yoga is based, on which rests the whole theory of the Universe and of man within that Universe. Of course, a certain level because in one fell swoop is not to say that the universe is “such” not “other”. But with a good degree of certainty, indeed, predict the future and tell about what happened in the past.

Speculation on this subject a lot, but it has to be dealt with common sense. This should not weaken the mind, and Vice versa – to strengthen.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because usually when a person is faced with such phenomena, rather, it once again pushes his mind and says to himself: “I’ll never do, never reach, never understand.” And thus, he pushes himself into a corner of self-doubt. Yoga says that all these super powers, about which so much is said, is a result of practices. And, really, let’s now consider this question from the point of view of metaphysics.

There is a curious phenomenon. The whole experience of life the yogin gets through the mirror of buddhi. That is, the whole experience turns into some of the thought forms that pass through the buddhi in the form of thoughts, feelings, reactions. By and large, the human “I” attains its Way into this Universe in the first place, that these waves in the buddhi, being aware of them.

But if you know the law about how one wave on the lake buddhi breaks into many small, as one wave begets another… If known intuitively this law, as a consequence even not knowing all the nuances of the external Universe, but having some starting point through the senses, one begins to draw conclusions. And these conclusions seem quite mystical to the ordinary person not involved in this practice.

Remember the famous works of Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. It is very revealing and instructive works, because there is not much disclosed the method itself, or rather, given some sketches. Here Sherlock Holmes plays the previous event; however, a closer and deeper examination shows that in fact Conan Doyle described the work method of yoga, described how the yogi uses his mental abilities. In this case the writer has put these abilities into the hands of Sherlock Holmes, which was solved complicated crimes.

Student: But that’s just a literary hero…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: How is an invented character, as are some nuggets of truth behind this, it is very difficult to say, because himself Conan Doyle was very interested in all kinds of occult teachings. It was one of those Englishmen who belonged to the culture and traditions of the conquered peoples. In those years England reached its height, half the world belonged to England, and from a scientific point of view, was developed some knowledge of the East: Buddhism, India and Tibet.

Student: How does this mechanism work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sherlock Holmes called it the deductive method. He took a particular subject and for some hardly noticeable signs (scratches and the like) logically deduce how a particular event could happen. Outwardly, it is accompanied by a kind of plausible scenario. However, in yoga it is believed that if Sherlock Holmes owned the methods of yoga, then it is most likely in the first place, would use internal methods, and then to poor Dr. Watson to calm, began to think of some parallel lines to explain. That is, if you already have your answer, then simply make a combination of external objects, external phenomena to come to the same conclusion, but the question is: “What comes first?”. In this sense, in yoga it is claimed that primary had already solved the problem, the information.

Student: How, as the theory of yoga explains the advent of this knowledge?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here I would take the liberty from the point of view of yoga to interpret it this way: enough to produce one of the waves, reproducing a particular object, phenomenon, to know the law of transformation, to know how this wave could occur and where it will go. Moreover, is this man not the outside world and little model of the world in the buddhi. After all, what’s the difference?

Student: what is the law? How it works? How the understanding of this law? It?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This knowledge comes primarily in their developed form intuitive feeling, rather than logical conclusions. But here a very curious bunch. Here logical reasoning, logical tensions, highly activates the ability of intuition. That’s why so much attention is paid to logic in the modern world. Error of the modern world only in the fact that it seems like all logic is achieved. In fact, the logic just allows you to focus on a particular object at a particular phenomenon. But the very process of prehozhdenie knowledge is already beyond logic. And in yoga Patanjali is called sinamoi. We remember that this is stage 3 of increasing the power of concentration right up to the moment when the concentration is so strong that there is only one object or phenomenon in the mind, and nothing more.

Student: And it is known to all, about this object?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And it is known to all.

Student: But how?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here you have this wave of thought forms. And you have an intuitive sense of how such a wave could consistently be formed from many factors. That is as if the yogi just took and the moment of birth of the subject or phenomena observed. He would perceive all the information flowing to him through the senses. In his buddhi would be different waves. They would be transformed up to the moment when he holds the object, looks at this phenomenon. And he would have seen that the successive transformation of these waves in the buddhi has led, in the end, like a wave.

For example, the yogin holds the Cup, he focused on the Cup of tea, and in his mind arose the thought of a Cup of tea. But he put her back in time. He watched from a variety of other forms of thought the result was this Cup.

Student: Well, what does that mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See. A thought form is a piece of clay, then a thought – she somehow processed, then the thought that she is, etc.

Student: And who did it, in what conditions, what it was, that is, the entire sequence can be tracked?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: With varying degrees of detail. We can say that a Potter on a Potter’s wheel she was treated, but the level of detail extending to the outside, it may not be so clear. But I find it hard to talk about it, it’s an intuitive process. It is clear that the same Cup handled not a Mason, a Potter, it is known for sure, if indeed it is not the Mason was treated…

That is, imagine a lot of waves with time overlap, overlap – and there was one wave. And then the process starts to go on, some other interaction is the Cup used for a long time, then crashed, then threw it away. In the outside world – a phenomenon that she drink tea that someone once broke that she was lying on the dump. But all external phenomena give rise to in the inner world of thought forms, and you don’t have to wait until that happens outside. You may like to generate a forecast.

Here you have this Cup, and you’re starting to predict in the future, as this thought form disintegrates into many others. That she used, and she is a lot of debris has crashed and you don’t do this in reality, in real time. Do you like this model instantly in the buddhi. And thus, accordingly, you can predict that this Cup will be such a fate and will complete her life a certain way.

Student: does this Mean that the future is definitely totally depend on the past?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, according to the law of karma.

Student: Why is this possible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a causal relationship. If you have a wave, she’s from the moon did not fall by itself. She emerged. How? – Some kind of chain of previous actions. And then it will disappear in the chain the following.

It would seem, everything is logical, everything is clear and not contrary to common sense. In the end, does any computer that, say, calculates the trajectory of the spacecraft. Here is our launch another rocket, and we look, admire, as the ship took off. But at the same time, somewhere in the mission Control Center are powerful computers that, in fact, measure heat, pressure, thrust, wind, gravity. And the chart already making predictions on where this all will lead – trajectory. Clearly, with a known degree of accuracy.

So, unlike the formal approach, as does the car, are basically the same. But only two factors intervene: one objective, the other subjective. Subjective – what is sometimes surprising degree of hitting the top ten, the implementation of the forecast. Indeed, the man looks at you and begins to predict your future. Even scary. I think that it’s something mystical, quite otherworldly. But really, it’s just a mechanism, worked through.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because our mind, buddhi and all other related, respectively, of the internal organs is one of the most advanced mechanisms in the world. This is the mechanism! Our mind is a mechanism. One of the most perfect, which, by and large, any computer is just not endure. Although any number of tasks your computer is probably showing the best result. But it is rather at the expense of dexterity, speed and rigidity, not depth. This is one distinctive feature.

The second distinguishing feature is that the action of our mind is somewhat stronger than the effect of the computer, that there is still an element of consciousness, which vysocine and who has access in the timeless channel. It may sound sloppy, but, by and large, what does this mean? That logical thoughts and concentration on a particular object we attain the degree of one pointedness of consciousness, and time stops. We jump out from the field of action and time, that is, we see here the subject was here, he is now in his hands, and he will be there. This property sounds fantastic. That this may be the difference with a computer that can predict the trajectory or what will happen to this phenomenon.

Student: And how to achieve or develop this property?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: a Way of achieving this ability is sanyama, sanyama on the object.

Many people are born with this ability. They say: “he has the gift of clairvoyance”. Many it is open during life steadily or rarely, with varying degrees of intensity. No one can really predict, will be the man to do the right prediction or not. It appears and disappears, and no one can really understand why this is happening.

But yoga says that in each of these cases there is sanyama. Only people with an innate ability worked and coached the extent that such over-concentration, maybe in a previous life or lived in such conditions where it is quickly developed. That’s why he has this ability from birth: like nothing was done, and already received. But nothing happens just like that! So, in a previous life practiced.

There is a law of “Cause and effect”. If you have, then there was a certain reason why you have.

However, even people who absolutely do not possess this property, can achieve this superpowers due Sagami – consistent concentration with greater and greater concentration on the object or phenomenon against which it can or wants to give a prediction. Everyone in the hands this method is, if you have consciousness, if you the living entity. The only question is, will you have to develop it or you don’t.

17. Due to the false identification of the word, object and value is their mixing. Thanks sanyama about their differences [arises] knowledge of the sounds [produced] by all living beings.

Review of Vyasa: thus, the function of the organ of speech – only [the utterance] sound, and the object of the organ of hearing [acts] only [is the movement of air, which] was transformed into articulate sounds. As for the word, it is perceived by the mind as the inseparability of sound 1.

The sounds of the phonemes, by their nature, can not be mutual support to each other, as they do not have the ability to occur simultaneously. They are [therefore] arise and pass away, not coming into contact [with each other for the production of] words and transmit his values. Therefore, every [one] called “deprived inner form of the word.” However, each sound has the essence of the word and accumulates the ability of all designations, he attains the universality of [the word] forms due to the relationship with other sounds, “cooperating” with him. Preceding [sound] is defined later, then prior to [their] specific location. So [some] a lot of sounds, following each other in a certain order is assigned through a conditional agreement to [this] object. And while they encompass the ability to Express all [being spoken] in the following combination – “g”, “AU” and “x” refer [only one] object that has a dewlap, etc., [i.e., the cow].

This whole sequence of articulate sounds, is related to the result of the conditional agreement to these facilities and transmission [content] single mental act, is the word, [that is] meaning as the sign denoted by [object]. This single word represents a sphere of individual mental act, and made a single effort [of articulation]. It has no parts or [internal] consistency and is not composed of [natural] sounds. It is mental and enforced due to the perception of the latter sound. If a [person] there is a desire to tell [something] to others, he can Express it only by means of articulate sounds perceived by the listeners. The use of language, having no beginning [in time], saturates the mind of the [ordinary] people with traces of unconscious impressions [thanks to which is possible a proper understanding of the language]. When this [word] is considered as the highest reality.

His empirical divisibility [sounds] associated with the conditional agreement: so many [sounds], ending with a certain sound means a certain object 2. However, the conditional agreement – indeed, recall [old usage], is based on the false identification of the word and the referent: “the Word is the same as this object”; “This object is the same as the word” 3. Thus, the conditional agreement is reduced in form to vzaimootnosheniy, which words, objects and concepts are mixed together: cow the word “cow” is the object and “cow” – concept. Who knows what these [three aspects] are completely different, the truly endowed with omniscience.

Further, in all the words is the ability to present a [complete] proposition. So, when we say “tree”, it means [that it] exists, as denoted by the word object cannot be deprived of existence. Exactly the same can not be the action [denoted by the verb], without the means of its implementation. When we say “cooking”, [implicitly] are all actants, with the necessity of clarifying the meaning of the [statements]: agent [a man named] Kartika, a rice porridge, a means – fire.

You can also see that the structure of the word [able to convey] the meaning of the sentence: “shrotriya” one who knows the Vedic texts by heart; “lives” – keeps the breath of life. [However,] the meaning of the words appears in the sentence; therefore, to determine whether the word expresses an action or a relationship between the name and the verb, it must be selected [from the proposal] and analyzed grammatically. Otherwise, [words such as] “bhavati”, “Alvah”, “ajapa” 4 and others, remains unknown, for in the external form they coincide with the name and verb, and the Torah is connected] affective coloration. If a cognitive act of the other [individual] has [appropriate] prop, this [prop] cannot be the object of consciousness of a yogi. This facility serves only the contents of consciousness of another [individual].

There are differences between words, objects and concepts, for example: “Palace white”. This refers to the effect of “white Palace”, meaning the definition. By its nature, the word expresses action, attitude, and object and value.


As a result: “he is so-and-so” with the conditional use, the value will be the same. As for the real white object, it acts as an external support and the words and concepts while in the process of changing its own state, the real object is not accompanied by no word or mind. Similarly, the word and the value in reality does not relate to each other. The word is one, the object – another value – third. That is the difference between them.

So, due to sanyama their differences arise from yogis knowing the sounds uttered by all living beings.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Good topic. Close to mantra-yoga.

Let’s start in order. There is a certain object or phenomenon, but the phenomenon is more difficult to consider.

Let’s go with a more simple point let’s start object. Mug – our favorite subject. This is something that is made of clay, painted, has a certain shape. And this is the object. Further. There is a certain word that sounds like “circle”. In English it can be the word “cap”, etc. In different languages it can be a completely different word. But when we say the word “mug”, we usually mean the object.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because there is a third component – a semantic content. There is such a thing – mug. The concept itself is not an object nor word. But when this concept comes, we understand what it is about.

Student: so it’s not something specific? Because mugs can be many different…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: no! Not even in this sense. But in the sense that in General such a thing exists. Someone will say: “It’s kind of a tautology!. Well, mug well, okay: here it is – a clay mug, here it is the word “mug”, here it is the concept of the mug. What is there to say?!”

And here the fun starts: you can speak here a lot about. Because these three things are totally different. But we don’t understand. We so wonder so often used each of these concepts, that the concept and the word “mug” merge in our mind into a single conglomerate .And here begins the most interesting adventure.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because there is built error!

Student: How does this bug works?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a little bit later We will speak. I maybe will add something of mantra-yoga, tie, maybe the tantric understanding of this phenomenon. But by itself, the circle, by itself, the word “mug” in and of itself the meaning of mug is 3 different things! Our minds are crushed, mix them into one and swallows! Exactly the same thing is observed in the phenomena an example is the wind. There is an objective physical phenomenon: when some of the air particles move faster, causing wind. On the other hand, is the word “wind.” On the third hand, there is the concept of “wind.” They say with the word is clear, every language has its own word, and then, maybe, it is not necessary to divide the physical phenomenon of wind and the concept of “wind”. Now, the funny thing is that it is worth!

Student: But what’s the difference? The wind can be different: strong, weak…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here is even more subtle connection…

Consider the phenomenon of trading on the new York stock exchange. There are the new York stock exchange, there is a sentence that tells about it, describes this fact, and thirdly, the essence, the very act of bidding. Many people have a feeling that this artificial division into 3 parts and it should not be. But here you can add comments other science that came out of Tantrism, of mantra-yoga. And she says that at a certain stage of development of the Universe, the development of language in the human environment, there was a kind of confusion.

Disciple: In what way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We began to use not the direct words of the name (mantra), object, or phenomenon, and the indirect, afraid to reproduce these objects or events! The result is that we now use in your language substitution of concepts in almost everything. That’s why language is changing.

Student: this category of concepts?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There as a concept, and the pronunciation. It turns out that we often swallow this lump of three and think it is one, and there are actually 3 different components, which were further varied.

Furthermore, mantra-yoga says: if you know the name vibration, then you have both the sense and the object of this vibration. Accordingly, if you directly perceive the object, it comes to you as the meaning of this object and the vibration of the object, at which you can produce. But it is a very complicated subject of mantra-yoga, we will not go into details now…

Here we will focus on the superpowers, which are in yoga. When samyama applied to this phenomenon, that is, that is the word, the object word and the meaning of the word, then comes a kind of superpower of understanding.

Student: it says all animals, birds and people. What is sanyama on this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is when we start to meditate and focus your mind on these three phenomena. We think only about this abstract idea, we can concentrate on it more and more – there is sanyama, stepwise increase in the concentration. And when the concentration reaches the limit, when we only about this fact I think that as a result comes intuitive knowledge. Knowing how it’s all built. And if you receive this knowledge, then you can through one to get the other adjusted for the error. And then, indeed, as claimed by all the great saints, such as Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov… They could communicate with the animals, birds, and this aroused the people around surprised.

Student: it is Not clear… That is, they are these sounds that replicate, compute something?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: didn’t want the topic Munroe-yoga here to address, but again… Example: a bird, when he says the vibration has something in mind, for some the concept can be quite vague. And all this takes place at the level of unconditioned or conditioned reflexes. Don’t know how, but the fact that it chirps, there is a reason that makes her tweet, meaning it wants to convey some meaning! And this meaning is the object of this sense – it is a direct phenomenon or object, for example, she saw a worm. Usually we hear a Sparrow chirp, and don’t understand, but he quite specifically transmits information to the other flock of birds. Swoops a flock begins to dust bathe, chatting, tweeting, all that, then say to each other, somehow communicating. It very often! But people don’t notice! For them, these sparrows, like as not exist. But they are there! Maybe it’s not the revelations in quantum physics, but for its level, probably a smart idea. And there are people who have the ability to understand what they mean.

Student: That is, you begin to understand what their emotions are, why did it arise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Through the perception of the tweets you get and the object, and the meaning of what they are tweeting. But this ability comes when you know it’s three different things, and committing an intuitive approach when you unite them to one to get everything at once. And this is achieved Canyamel, i.e., thinking, concentration at that moment that the word itself, the meaning of a word and object for the expression of the word – are the three different things!

18. Thanks to the direct comprehension sanskar [arises] knowledge of previous births.

Review of Vyasa: These Samskaras, as we know, the two [kinds]: the causes of memory and affects, [the speakers] in the form of traces of unconscious impressions and the reasons of maturation [of the fruits of karma acting] in the form of Dharma and Adharma. Formed in previous existences, they are like the change, the force [consciousness], the cessation [of the deployment of consciousness], potential energy [affects], viability, and Dharma, unperceived phenomena of consciousness. Sanyama practice on such [phenomena] can lead to the direct comprehension sanskar. However, their attainment is impossible without sensual experiences of space, time, and [generating] conditions. Therefore, only in such a direct understanding sanskar the yogis and there is knowledge of previous births.

Similarly, in other forms of existence through direct comprehension of the Samskaras [appears] a retrospective knowledge of birth and other [living beings]. Known, for example, the following story. “Bhagavan Jagiceva 1, which is due to the direct comprehension sanskar observed sequence changes [their own] form of existence for ten great periods [Universe] found the highest discriminating knowledge. And then Bhagavan Awata, appearing to him in human form, said: “due to the fact that during the ten great periods of creation of the Universe sattva of your mind was not clouded [neither rajas nor Tamas], you saw the suffering caused by birth among the inhabitants of the Hells and animals. Being born again and again among the gods and people that you saw more happiness or suffering?”

And Jagiceva replied the Bhagavan Avata: “due to the fact that for ten of the great periods of creation of the Universe sattva of my mind, bideci untroubled, was not suppressed [neither rajas nor Tamas], I have seen the suffering caused by birth among the inhabitants of the Hells and animals. Being born again and again among gods and men, all I experienced was only suffering. So I say”.

Bhagavan Awata said, “And Your Grace’s dominance over the root cause of the highest happiness and satisfaction – it also [should be] related to straduny?”

Bhagavan Jagiceva said, “It’s happiness satisfaction is considered high only in relation to happiness [the possession of] sensuous objects; but, towards the absolute liberation it is only suffering.”

It [happiness, satisfaction] is not that other, as the attribute of sattva of the mind. [Thus, it is of the nature of] the three gunas and the idea [about everything associated] with three Huns, refers to the fact that must be eliminated. Said in this regard: “the Chain of desires has the nature of suffering. But by getting rid of the flame of suffering caused by desire, [occurs] this happiness is disturbed, not knowing the obstacles, the benevolent”.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: here is another superpower that allows you to know the previous birth.

Student: And how is this achieved?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Patanjali given this approach: if a person is already born with this ability, he wittingly or unwittingly achieved the same way before. That is, recognizing all the Samskaras, all the prints you drag now you can bring these prints or see all the things that happened to you before. The mind has a particular tendency, a desire, a preference or neradostnye. It says, first, that the relevant conditions for the existence you passed. And with a deeper consideration you can already see directly what kind of experience could lead here to these prints.

For example, each person has the fear of death. From the point of view of yoga of Patanjali, it is because we are already many, many millions of times were born and died. We fear what we have experience. If we had no experience of dying, says yoga of Patanjali, respectively, then we would not fear death. I will come and say: “three days later, you will happen Bumba–Bumba”. “What’s that?” – ask me. I’m going to start some kind of metaphysics to say, “well, you know, something elongated grow up…”, that is, some words that do not relate to your experience. You will not know how to react.

Exactly the same here. If we didn’t have any previous experience, we would did not react to the fact that we now run and jump, and then we’re lying dead. We would say that we’re just going to sleep for a long time. Inside and we begin to feverishly compressed, when it comes to death. For many reasons. One of them is this experience that imprinted unconsciously, have made some sanskar that imprinted. And she further goes like a red thread through all our lives. In this regard, from the point of view of yoga, it is a sanskar that is, on the one hand, obscures the direct perception of the Universe; on the other hand, it can be deduced that you had already died.

Is born a little boy of 3 years begins to play the piano at 7 years old he already stands in front of a large audience, in 20 years he is a recognized genius, etc. There is the immediate craving, desire, all very easy to get.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because there was a previous Samskaras, which passed in this life. A thumbprint. And feel preference. It’s easier: the mind willingly goes on the already beaten path than on the new. Even nissany person who recognizes the existence of previous existences, I will say that this young man was once involved in something similar in a previous life, anyway, was not far from it. Similarly, the artist, the artist is everywhere manifest abilities. Or someone in the 3 years starts to play chess like a grandmaster; possible downside: someone in 5 years has hammered together the gang and started to steal all of the neighbors that is bad. Here’s another of Samskaras: in the previous life, he was far from those thoughts – assigned to someone else.

Student: That is yoga receives this logical knowledge, analyzing certain tendencies in this person’s life: what he does to aspire to?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But it is in General but there is when you focus on these prints, when you begin to meditate deeply…

Student: for Example, on why I’m good at drawing? Yes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Possible. And as soon as the concentration reaches a certain degree of intensity, comes the knowledge of previous birth.

Student: That is all information that is associated with the ability of drawing, comes and, accordingly, the whole environment, all that accompanied him (what country, what city)?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here is a very interesting nuance (this topic will rise in the future). Information is not personalized when you know the mechanism in principle, but do not know it in detail.

Student: the stronger the concentration, the more detail you give, the more information?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There’s another law, but about it later. Now, at least here at this level let’s affirm: knowledge of previous lives is achievable.

I’ll give a small excerpt two Bhagavana, but don’t know whether to comment on it. Directly to this aphorism is irrelevant. It has to do with what conclusion can be drawn based on the analysis of previous Samskaras.

And the conclusion is very sad that even what had seemed happy, since a new level, is perceived as pure unhappiness and suffering. And so on down to the level of ultimate liberation and enlightenment. But this pessimistic approach may be closer to the Buddhist schools of the old Buddhism.

If you look at it from the point of view of Tantrism, on the contrary, all fun. You go through a series of pleasures, the result of waiting for you ultimate pleasure.

The difference in approaches here is this: either you look at the train that is approaching you, and you expect something funny, interesting. Or are you looking at the tail of the train, and I think that happiness flew away, and I remained here. It all depends on how you look at everything from the point of view.

Student: Why in Buddhism, these ideas developed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Sometimes useful to give a boost to the average Burger in the form of pessimism, to particularly no illusions the impossible did not cherish in relation to life. Because many people say, “Why do we need spiritual development? Is tinsel. We now enjoy life.” To show them that this is a double-edged sword, Buddhism says: “Unable to enjoy life, and can fall into a morass of dissatisfaction. To get sick, to die.” And this then was not an unpleasant surprise – when the music played, all the guests left and you were left alone with old age, disease and dissatisfaction in the Buddhist schools, the emphasis is on cooling excessive stupidity: “it is not, and there is nothing to think about it”.

19. [By direct perception] the content of the cognitive act, [arises] knowledge of the foreign mentality. 1



Review of Vyasa: When sanyama on the content of the cognitive act as a result of perception there arises the knowledge of the mentality of other [individuals].


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: There is a saying: birds of a feather flock together. It is believed that people of the same circle, the same aptitudes, understand each other without words. The politician speaks from a podium, and poor people believe, but friends or foes of this policy – the politicians themselves – at the same time understand what he really thinks and what he actually will do when it comes to business. That is something unutterable state of mind that is transmitted to all who understand what will follow. It is the ability to understand the mentality of another.

For example, this is a politician, once in the village, unable to understand how the brain works from a villager. Other villagers would understand how each other’s brains work, what they fear, what are you waiting for what you want. A politician already does not understand anything. And such examples million. How much time watching TV, I’m shocked that a person who is 100 km from Moscow did not go, starts to philosophize, to speak. He thinks the way he thinks, lives the whole of Russia. I think to myself: “For 3 years in his backwater, the village Gadyukino that he there cook in this mess, and then he differently will begin to relate to the increase in tariffs for electric energy”. If he feels that he will pay some amount of money more or less, for him, it means nothing. He spends more Newspapers. As for Granny – God dandelion is a matter of survival. But he does not understand, he lives in another Universe. And it seems that everything is live. It’s like a conversation between two of madmoiselle, what brand is Mercedes better next to the old woman , which was collected on the same day the bottles to live. How different the mentality of how terrible these contrasts. What a banana Republic we have become: there are obscenely super-rich and the obscenely poor people. I would not be surprised if the Communists begin to gain momentum, because this situation leads to the fact that the ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin become close.

Student: where does the knowledge of someone else’s mentality? Why is this happening?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See. These two ladies, who speak about the virtues of the latest brand of Mercedes, his mindset perceive, and the mentality of the other person for them – a mystery from behind the iron curtain, behind a stone fence.

At the same time, there are people who are instantly in tune with mentality of other people and find common language with them. Usually it is a successful policy. With rich people, they speak their theme, with the poor – on their bum they discuss what the brew better, and with Granny – which is more profitable to take the bottle, with a millionaire they discuss the investment project the most profitable and so on. The impression is that it’s not one person, but two dozen in one skin. That is it all.

At the time about Vladimir Lenin are the same stories told. “Lenin and the stove”, etc., etc. They say he was able to instantly tune to any level quickly accommodated. And in yoga it is argued that the ability to understand someone else’s mentality is not innate, but is acquired ability. But the ability, acquired as a result of certain actions. If these actions are “steam” and “dry”, the rest will be here this aphorism: “Thanks to the direct perception of the content of the cognitive act there is a knowledge of a foreign mentality.”

Let’s say I set a certain task: “Sasha, for the purposes of spiritual development need only some accidents 2 MLD. Dollars – perfect detail. You sit down and take some time to think how to earn them, especially do not waste your time…” You sit down and begin to think, begin to study, gather facts, based on which it will be possible to do something. That is, you can begin the process of cognition, output some results, will appear here this gradient: there was nothing – has become, in terms of mental. And the time difference – it is a transition, a cognitive act. At the end of which you say that such a trifle as 2 MLD. rubles, you can not earn here 10 million – for God’s sake.

What distinguishes you from yourself in these two States? Yes, that you had itself a cognitive process! And, you can focus not on the object of cognitive process, and to direct cognitive process. Here’s the difference: the important is not the object – not what you think, and process – knowledge as it happens. Then sooner or later comes the understanding of law as it happens. But if you understand it yourself, then you know him from any other being, not necessarily human, it could be the motivation of an animal or even an ant.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because it is a universal template.

Knowing any starting point, knowing that the old lady collecting bottles and knows the law cognitive changes, you will immediately receive its mentality. You begin to understand that it is valuable and what is not valuable, what to speak etc. This is the result sanyama it is here on this process process process. Because cognition is a process, and then focus on the process of the process flow. So this superpower is achieved, and it is mentioned in the yoga of Patanjali.

Student: As in any country there is a mentality and a group mentality, and the particular person?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All right. Caught in a foreign country, you just start very quickly to navigate.

Student: And man can attract a certain mentality or group mentality, and some of the group mentality of people unable to push him away, but he sees them?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Right, but that’s your personal preference. The point is that you see them, you recognize very quickly.This is the next step. Much worse when you can’t discern when you eat someone else’s mentality, do not even understand that it’s not right for you.

Before you can understand what mentality to communicate, and what should be avoided, it is necessary to distinguish. To distinguish, it is necessary to have this property and this property is sometimes brought to a certain level. You can see recidivist killer, you will be in the shower vomiting from the fact that such a thing exists in this world, but, on the other hand, you perfectly understand it all. You, of course, try not to communicate with this part of the Universe, but this knowledge comes.



Student: the point Here is that if you need something from someone, you can a common language with him to find to find him some common reality?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At the household level – Yes. A good politician is someone who knows the mentality of others. Arrives somewhere in the Saratov region, some future President and begins to promise something, though, maybe 15 minutes ago, he didn’t know where this area is. Arrives in Siberia, says: “You live badly, will live well, we will reduce taxes, etc.” That is, the course begins to focus, but does it for their own selfish purposes. However, in order to do this, we need to understand. Brains, of course, politicians are not enough, so they have a huge staff of instructors to find out ahead of time all questions. They take on the dirty work, find out what the problem (that it is necessary to frighten, so-and-so – supporting), and then 2 pages of writing the text, and he only voiced because he has neither the time nor the desire nor the ability to enter into the essence. Its a situation he understands.

In the United States that is required from the President? It doesn’t look like an intellectual, as a politician. The responsible guy. That is, on the one hand, he is a man of simple, average, understanding the needs of the average American, on the other hand, strict as Sheriff, which in the case of what the villain will be punished. The time emphasizes the following: to be understood and to understand others. According to this criterion there is for the presidency and go.

Student: Cover category such as cowboys?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: With blacks about their problems with Hispanics – about them. This is to a certain extent works, this is true, but the question is that when a politician is not focused and begins to flog something inappropriate, not realizing the mentality in which it came, then the trouble.

20. But not with her support, because [external support] may not be object [of cognition]. 1


Review of Vyasa: [the Yogin] perceives the affective coloration of the contents of consciousness [other individuals], but does not accept that support, [it is] an affective coloring. If a cognitive act of the other [individual] has [appropriate] prop, this [prop] cannot be the object of consciousness of a yogi. This facility serves only the contents of consciousness of another [individual].



Review Of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Excellent! This is a continuation of the previous aphorism, which says that we can know the mental state of another person, another being, another person. If you adhere to the viewpoint of yoga of Patanjali, it is possible to know the color of consciousness.

We remember that our “I” emitted rays of consciousness, figuratively speaking, they are refracted by the waves of thought and waves of mental state. And when the rays of consciousness are refracted in these waves of mental state, they roughly begin to play a good Sunny day the sun’s rays play on the surface of the lake. The yogi raises the ability to good enough knowledge of the form of these waves – that is, respectively, these refractive States of consciousness in another person or creature. But this ability, as stated in the aphorisms of Patanjali, there is support, that is closed remains of what causes such waves.

Here the phenomenon is quite curious. Roughly speaking, we with sufficient accuracy I can say what state of consciousness is individual, but we can’t say what exactly what exactly what the object or what phenomenon caused on the surface of the mind that is this wave. We can define the wave, but what directly caused it – we can’t define.

Student: We can infer that the environment in which it formed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of Course! If you see a person near the broken mug and accept his condition of sadness and tragedy, you have some other sources of information complete this picture and make a conclusion that this mental condition was made it was the fact that he broke a mug… But in fact it may not mean anything! Maybe he was worried about failure of the financial transaction, and that crashed the mug, it can be not even noticed; and perhaps, a broken mug – it is another consequence of the original cause that he hold the bloody thing…

Here I will address the question of karma, the law of cause and effect. Interacting with someone else’s karma, someone else’s life, we can only see the aftermath. As in the case when we look at the thermometer. We can only look at the thermometer and tell how much it shows the degree of heat or cold, but that is why this weather spell, we can not say, because it is not our karma, we did it. Here’s a curious feature.

Sometimes she finds an interesting application: if someone can read your mind, it is by and large to a greater extent can read your mental state, and not those objects and phenomena that gave rise to this mental state… to tie it all to a cause, need more information outside.


Student: by concentrating is impossible to draw?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is what was in the previous aphorism – is other methods…


Student: the Ability called “mind reading of another person”, and reading the mental States are different things?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is difficult to tell where is the line… let’s Say you go to subway you: you have a headache. The fact that you have a headache, is your idea or is it a state?

Pupil: This condition. I have something else in mind. When I admire the tree, the man with such concentration that he will determine: the state of ecstasy that I experience from Apple, or the specifics, that is what I see this tree?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Classic methods of reading abilities thoughts the following: first, you just feel the mental state of another individual, you feel certain emotions, and only then comes the really specifics, then supporting or otherwise. Although, of course, there are different methods and different skills, but the person who begins to practice yoga, sooner or later, so sharpens our sensitivity, that is absolutely easily begins to feel the pain of others. First, pain, as well as someone else’s emotionality. But, you see, it’s not really emotional because the pain is more than an emotion, it’s something that was backed up by some rougher, maybe, factors. Therefore, even in the mind reading when you say “mind reading”, it is necessary to distinguish what is meant.


Student: But then come all the same specifics. At first you feel a person’s mood, even the experiments are carried out – guess what you’re thinking. And then you can somehow figure out what exactly he thinks.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We went back to the same thing, to need hints, the slightest hint on another channel.

The human condition you define one channel of information, but don’t know what caused it. And if you have in addition to this channel, another channel of information, then you are at the intersection of these two channels can, in principle, to see the entire sequence. See, that’s what’s the matter? But requires a reliable another channel of information and (thirdly) your ability to adequately interpret all of it, because it can also be done in different ways, as in the case of a mug and a failed stock transaction. Everything can be…


Student: can you say that , feeling the emotions of a person, the yogin feels the energy, and knowing exactly what moments have led to this, is consciousness, and consciousness is a specific, very specific information that caused this condition?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, you absolutely correctly noticed – to work with pure consciousness is almost impossible, it is impossible to catch. Consciousness has no qualities except the ability to receive.


Student: Explain what you mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If we see another person, we can’t say whether he has consciousness or not. We have no tool that would tell us what that is – another living being, another “I” with his mind, or it is artificially made biorobot. The only thing we can perceive is energy, and consciousness itself directly behind this energy, we can only deduce logically: if there is a manifestation of energy, so there is behind it a mind…

That is the difficulty such thing as consciousness, that is why our world, our civilization is so consumed with energy. Because by and large our civilization is pure shaktism (I mean the Western modern civilization), that is pure Tantrism, with an emphasis towards energy. We value energy, we are committed to energy, we understand energy can be in its different manifestations and in different gradations (coarse energy where any energy), but we focus on energy, we are ready to pay any money if we sell energy. And here is the “mirror”, if you will, as this world, as consciousness, is also essential, as well as energy, it continues to elude us, we just do not see… you Know, like a little kid watching dad put on a hand puppet rag and plays, and it seems that the doll plays. He does not focus on the fact that it’s not a doll playing, and that’s dad plays a doll that is the father’s consciousness is manifested through what he saw as the energy of this doll. And we, like little children, cling to outward manifestations of energy. And not something to define what consciousness is, but generally to say that behind all consciousness, we are already hard…

Similarly, with mental manifestations… You take a mental manifestation of another person, but you can’t perceive the rays of consciousness which define this mental manifestation. You can all say, as if to imprint the consciousness through the energy, but about the cause that generates it, that is about consciousness, there’s nothing you can say…

Student: That is information, just information, some words are specific – they are… in this sense, consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, energy… everything In this world is energy…

Student: Just closer, perhaps, to the consciousness of energy? Energy, but not so clear?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. There is a different energy like vibrations, different States… There’s a rough energy, is more subtle. Let’s say you’re thinking about something, you think over the plans of the Gallic war, sit and think. And somebody would say, that’s it – a typical manifestation of consciousness: you’re not doing anything! But yoga says the following: unfortunately, no! It is not a manifestation of consciousness, is a manifestation of the subtle energy of thought, which allows you to more clearly focus the rays of consciousness. That is, you, as the manipulator, these solar rays of his consciousness with the energy thoughts are concentrated at one point. As soon as the consciousness is concentrated on one point, – all this is no problem. And so when you sit and think over the plans of the Gallic war, you basically the manipulation of energy – a thin, very thin (the thought is a subtle energy), force your consciousness to be focused. As soon as you reach a state of concentration, you decide for any conscious problem. The outside observer will say that the person worked not through consciousness, but through energy, he would say something like: well, of course, it’s just so subtle form of energy that, like a computer, it’s all allowed.

In this way, it is sometimes one of the key differences of some schools of Buddhism and some schools of yoga. Because there is: why invent an unnecessary entity if a lower explanations can explain everything. You can, of course, debatable. This is one of the most interesting disputes, this dispute on the merits… of Course, here there is no right or wrong – both sides are right, but they are on the same phenomenon look from different angles. But here, again coming back to our aphorism, it is noted that you think directly, more like down-to-earth; that you (using the method discussed in the previous aphorism) can perceive the color of consciousness, but not to see those towers, that is, those causes that gave rise to this consciousness.


21. Thanks sanyama on the [external] form of the body while eliminating its ability to be perceived by the termination of contact between the organ of vision and light [occurs] invisibility.

Review of Vyasa: Thanks sanyama in the body [yogi] eliminates the ability of the form to be an object of perception. In the presence of obstacles to the ability to be perceived when there is no connection between the organ of vision and light, the yogi becomes invisible. The disappearance of sound and other things should be understood by analogy with what was said [about stealth].

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here already start do miracles list of miracles about which we tell all sorts of stories and tales of the East… like some wizard who appeared, did something, and then snapped his fingers and disappeared. What happened is not clear, no one sees it…

In yoga, oddly enough, some of these abilities are explained from a pragmatic, somewhat “belittling” whether that point of view – that it is only some abilities which are achievable, and one of them, would be as fantastic as it sounds, is the ability to be invisible.

What is our vision? There are, roughly speaking, the light rays are rough on the perception of light rays, and then this gross body passes this information to slim body, fine structure and fine structure convey to our minds… As to the reason this all comes up, then it is in General and perceives a certain phenomenon, can interpret: “I see that,” or “I hear it” or “I feel different”… And that brings us to the yogi this ability to control these transitional links between the gross organs of perception and, say, the subtle organ of perception… once you read this aphorism to better understand …

Student: “Thanks sanyama on the [external] form of the body while eliminating its ability to be perceived by the termination of contact between the organ of vision and light [occurs] invisibility”.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so, this ability arises due to Sanyal, that is, a consistent focus, concentration on a particular object or phenomenon, in particular, on the shape of the body, the shape of the object.

Student: So you just have to the body to send out? To concentrate simply on the body?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, not just… More on the ability to be perceived by the gross senses. That is, this sequence as if torn…



Student: something is not clear… How so? As a person becomes invisible? Let’s say he breaks the sequence… But what does that mean? I sit, I see the room and suddenly I separate his body from his thin body, and a subtle intellect, so what? Around me will not see?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the fact that comes the ability to do the same in regard to the mind of others…


Student:… The Others?..


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can just “switch the toggle switch” and they – and all…

Student: And how they got it maybe?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this ability… But, here are a few even more strange: this is one of the varieties of this ability… I think more may be simple and more serious is when you make sanyama on the phenomenon of shape and shape perception. Here is a form and has the ability of the visual organ can perceive this form. You look and see: a chair is, you perceive, you see: a table is, then something else I saw – the chair is perceived that the chair is worth. But always there is a law between one or another form and manner of perception, a kind of absolute law for any shape, in any conditions. Just the way it works, such a bunch of: there is form – there is perception of forms…

Student: the Perception – just a vision? Vision? Some direction of the attention?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No. You know, you got the same allocation of the object occurs: yeah, chair, not an abstract jellyfish, and a chair. Triggered “recognition mechanism”. Out of the picture which you see, and have identified a particular object, because if you’re not singled out, you maybe would think that this Wallpapers are very interesting, but the table is, here is a chair… you Know, sometimes the scenery of the draw – where it is unclear whether this object is real, whether it is drawn…

In such a way that somehow still makes you want the form to recognize as a separate object, and with a very long meditation on the ability of form perception and immediate identification with its object is the ability of this connection to be interrupted. First and foremost, for yourself! You feel your body, shape your body, and you feel this law: the shape of your body will be perceived using senses other. If you break that link, we become invisible…

You know, sometimes, hypnotists demonstrate focus… Even the bike goes. There was a famous hypnotist wolf messing, who, as I recall, penetrated to Stalin, going through all the security gates, and no one was detained, because, according to him, he commanded the guards that goes Beria himself… I don’t know how true this is or not true, but that ability hypnotists have – they seem to “switch off” the perception of an object or phenomenon or substitute it with something familiar…


Student: I thought about that too. I think it depends on the number of your thoughts or emotions… That attracts the attention of other people? You go and some “chatter” or some emotions spread… But if you are able to concentrate their “water” in mind, it becomes generally imperceptible to the other…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, well done! You said it well! This is really very serious, because, you see, here in the aphorism says – “sanyama”! Sanyama is one-pointedness of mind. If you have one-pointedness of mind on this phenomenon of “chatter”, of course, immediately stops. If you have “chatter” has not stopped, neither of which would sanyama and speech could not be!



Student: so you stay in place, but the others… Their eyes lingering, but nothing is bound?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. He never identifies himself, he seems to be slipping. It is… Also some kind of talent…



Student: That few not from this area?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, I’m not sure that it’s not from this area, because if you follow there is a deeper theory, all that we’ve listed with you – it’s just branches of the same ability, but manifested either that, or commercials, or even more strongly…

Maybe, in the strongest case, there really is no perceptual object as such, in the other case it is a substitution, in the third case – the lull the vigilance of consciousness, that is consciousness does not compute, it does not perceive any form, which would have forced him to appear, and it “slips”…

The next branch is the mental chatter. The consciousness of others to a greater extent reacts sometimes not even on form, and on the mental process that goes inside of the subject or object, and it seems to attract. When there is something that is said in this aphorism, then, of course, the mental chatter stops, is destroyed here is this bunch of bound forms in General, a function between shape and body perception…

That is what organ of perception? Body perception is a delicate organ, and vision, for example, which responds to the form. Now I do not take color, etc. This, of course, too, but by and large, it reacts to form in the first place. We can watch black and white TV and not really at the same time to suffer… So, if you know the law of form and perception of form, and the principle on which the organ of perception, for example, vision takes form, it can really do wonders to break this relationship… That’s what is said in this aphorism. Let’s go further!

22. Karma [can have] a direct result and the result pushed back in time; due to sanyama in terms of karma or on the basis of bad omen [arises] knowledge of the impending end.



Review of Vyasa: Karma that ripens in this life 1, is of two types: gives immediate result and generating a result, separated in time. Like wet clothes being spread [to dry], it dries in a short time, and [karma], which gives immediate result; the same [clothing], rolled a lumpy, dry for a long time, and [karma], yielding the result, separated in time. Or else [the analogy]: as the fire that fell into dry grass and fanned by the wind burns everything very quickly, and the immediate result [of karma]; and as that same fire consistently brought to the tufts of grass, burned them for very long, and spaced in time result [of karma].



So, karma, limited to one life and determines its length, is of two types: gives immediate result and generating a result, pushed back in time. Thanks sanyama it [the yogin arises] knowledge of the impending end of life.

Or, [as is said in Sutra], “on the basis of bad omen”. Bad omens – three types: concerning the [individual’s] related to other beings related to the divine beings. Of them concerning the [individual’s] – they when with closed ears, he hears sounds in his own body, or [when] with his eyes closed he did not see the [inner] light. [Omens] relating to other living entities [are when] he sees the messengers of Yama [or when] he suddenly sees [in reality] long-dead ancestors. [Omens], referring to a divine being 2, – [when] he suddenly sees the sky [heaven] or Siddhas or [when] he sees everything upside down 3. From this he also learns about the imminent demise.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: once again the aphorism read.

Student: “Karma [can have] a direct result and the result pushed back in time; due to sanyama in terms of karma or on the basis of bad omen [arises] knowledge of the impending end”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In General, here everything is understandable. Karma unfolds, every action produces certain effects. And when there sanyama for karma, focusing on the concept of “karma” that comes here is the ability to know the law of cause and effect. But if comes the ability to know the law of cause and effect, proceeding from those reasons that you currently face, you can bring the investigation to which these reasons will lead you. First and foremost, a time called the time of death…

I must say that in ancient times many yogis rather coolly treated the omens of his own death, because there was no panic. They understood the law of cause and effect, the law of birth and death, understand that everything that is born must die. Understand that as long as there is the slightest greed for enjoyment in this world, you come out. They realized that they were so thirsty they have understood that this lust painted these or other previous actions. And they are easy enough to understand: here come death, after which, apparently, the yogi will die, and then according to the law of cause and effect born again, and again will continue exactly from the moment at which he stopped, will experience all the pleasure that he has not yet managed to obtain in his previous lives and as a result, all the sufferings that could be related by a law of logic with the continued existence of…

When sanyama, that is, focusing on the law of the unfolding of karma, the karma itself, then comes indeed the ability to interpret certain signs as signs of approaching death. First and foremost its own, but also in relation to other living beings… Here Vyasa some have listed out existed at the time the most powerful characters that were considered harbingers of imminent death…

Student: for us, in our time, these signs reliable?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We already talked about this. Question marks – the question is individual. Maybe in that period of time for a large group of people with similar karma such signs and could directly mean that the hour of their death is approaching, but over time, sometimes these characters change because people with a different karma, and for them, these signs are sometimes already mean something else… So you have to be careful. But it’s really interesting. For example, as mentioned here vyāsa, if a person plugs his ears with his hands and not hear any internal noise, supposedly this is quite a sad sign… Or when are certain signs in the form of images of long-dead people, visible reality, or any other doomsday begins… All of this is usually the person does not interpretered, just do not know… But if you’ve carried out sanyama on karma, it comes and the ability to understand these signs.

Student: the soothsayers, who interpreted the signs, wondering, trying to interpret dreams, have this superpower?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is a good soothsayer or an interpreter of dreams from the bad: good soothsayer and interpreter of dreams must use sanyasa to interpret dreams and signs. If he does not use sanyama, the greater the likelihood that it’s just his unbridled flight of imagination and nothing more for it.

So when someone makes a prediction before you listen, look carefully at who is doing… the last time something too many predictors are divorced… Too much… often Enough depersonification: you open the newspaper and read the prophecy, but nowhere does it say who said it, but it’s the same thing that the issue of truth and lies… If someone said something, you instinctively listen to what they say, although sometimes this can not be done. But being a reasonable person, you look, from whose lips come such forecasts. If the people who say them, not credible, by its nature deceitful, obtuse, “possessed”, it is unlikely that they have this ability, What’s the point of listening to crazy, even if they sometimes look quite sane people?

On the other hand, if the person who gives some predictions, really has the ability sanyama, known the truth in his words can be.

Student: I have read that this ability occurs when the yogi feels that the prana leaves the body and he realizes that the hour of death is close…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what you are now called, is one of the possible signs subjective signs. The only thing, of course, Western man is a bit shocking – this is cold-blooded. Western cast would have been, if he understood that dies… And then – no: all fine, well, think of it, the hour has come, it is necessary for the law of karma to leave…

Student: native American all went to the mountain, preparing the lawn, went to…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Admirable composure… really felt strong for a man who so fairly calmly to their deaths, quietly and not for show, but really within yourself. But the calm is primarily based on the knowledge…

Student: Why Western person there is this peace?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because Western man in this sense is still a Neanderthal… He is still largely the actual identify with this physical body… If he’s on that level of ignorance is, what can we say about the details. Of course, it leads him in horror: “How? My precious body that I so much shampoo poured, which I have fluffed and pampered in different ways, which I petted and cherished, I the shore, and the dust it blew! Why is it now all? Go nuts?” It is clear that it is not funny to a Western man…

23. [Thanks to sanyama] on friendliness and other [feelings arise] powers [of friendliness and other senses].

Review of Vyasa: Friendliness, compassion, and joy – three [good] feelings. So, fostering a friendship towards all living beings, dwells in a happy condition, [the yogin] acquires the power of friendship; cultivating compassion [for beings], subject to suffering, he regains the power of compassion; cultivating joy in relationship [to creatures], inclined to virtue, he gains the power of joy.

Concentration, [which arises] under cultivation [of these senses], there is sanyama. From it are born force, that is, unrestricted energy.

However, impartiality in relation to those who are inclined to sin, is not a feeling, [which should cultivate the yogin], and because focusing on it does not happen. Consequently, the impartiality of the [no] force does not occur, because sanyama it.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here is a very curious aphorism… on the one hand it is extremely practical, on the other hand it kind of makes you wonder even, perhaps, over the inner metaphysics of the phenomena of certain positive qualities in man, and some negative qualities in a person. First touch of this super powers… Read again the aphorism.

Student: “Thanks sanyama on friendship and other feelings that arise the power of friendship and other feelings.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sanyama – successively increasing degree of concentration on a particular object or phenomenon, in this case, the friendliness… That is, the yogin sits down and begins to meditate, to think about such factors as friendliness… There is in nature, why not to think, and with greater and greater concentration…

And is directly proportional thinking in this direction comes the power of friendliness, or, as here, Vyasa said, “unrestricted energy of friendship.” In this treatment, where there is this yogi, he, along with them, like a cloud, pulls the friendliness and everyone who comes into contact with it, even unwittingly begin to experience the same feeling with respect to yoga or in relation to other beings… He’s like “magnetizes” all around, and everyone starts to behave like this… He kind of sets the rules of the game… by their presence. He says nothing, nobody calls, not reads preachy lectures, the notation “guys, you have to be friendly.” It simply by its existence, just the fact that he is, having this ability around himself growing “field of friendship.” And the other advantages, if he focuses on those all the properties that we consider to be positive (compassion, joy, etc.).

Once a person begins to focus on it, then in the first place, he becomes such, and secondly, it produces around itself the same action. And in this act is the power of consciousness, which makes all the energy to follow this consciousness – and all around be friendly, welcoming, etc.

This raises the question: if focus on negative feelings? Now I’ll sit and focus on rage, anger, hostility… do I Get anything? Or a more neutral option: I’m going to focus on indifference, indifference to the negative sides, when someone brings to life some negative aspects – greed, anger and so on.

Yoga says that one should not experience in relation to these manifestations of negative emotions, and should feel indifference to him, because the feeling of indifference to them, and you deprive them of their energy requirements. If you relate to them somehow, then, roughly speaking, they’re “stuck”, you’re wasting energy on that. There is a saying in the classics it is repeated, by the way, and we in the revolutionary literature, the slogan: “The worst thing is indifference.” Meaning there is this: I’m not so terrible friends, they can only betray I’m not afraid of enemies, they can only kill, but a terrible crowd of indifferent, they are all evil…

In fact it would be fair, but … Take a revolution… After the revolution, when the authorities came to Tirana and have started to kill people, and you’re indifferent to them, then you go out, take their base… And if you feel for him the joy is in the sense of “right, guys, well done”, to support them, you feed them energy. If you feel towards them hate, you feed off of energy. It turns out, not really important “charge” of emotions. If there is the slightest display of emotion – you know you have a stuck channel energy, which of you drains all your juices; in one case – at the expense of joy in the other – due to the hatred…

Student: Just range?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, different spectra, but the energy, in General, falls away.

And yoga in this case is a very wise people. They act very rationally. They say: “No, guys, sorry, this is a negative phenomenon not deserving of our joy, but we’re also not stupid enough to through negative attitude to lose their energy and thereby nurture it. So, guys, sorry, we care about you”. And that makes me nervous. Indeed, while from the point of view of any third power indifferent attitude – the worst thing is… These “guys” prayed, if anything, believed that they at least showed hatred, and it’s not… And here they are like fish out of water: not enough water, can’t breathe, opens his mouth, and no way to get energy… That’s what the logic here: and train very very hard.

Sometimes it seems that the yogi – tolerant creature: tell me please, can see around some shortcomings, for example, manifestations of tyranny and injustice, and has the impartiality. Even seems like he avoids it, not notice, not see… But very yogi in this sense, rational: if the Dharma is to destroy this injustice, he, without batting an eye, immediately begin to chop everyone’s head right and left (I speak metaphorically, of course), it will start to correct the situation. If he sees that it is not his Dharma, then he really will act as much, but not the method of energy and method of consciousness – manifesting his equality. While remaining impartial, it is your consciousness makes this phenomenon nerazluchnye, and when the consciousness does not generate the object or phenomenon, therefore, it it is not wasting energy – either positive or negative, and it would deprive him of the water that had to flow.

Once again. With equanimity, a yogi acts by the tool of consciousness. If he takes the sword and goes to fight, he acts through the energy, but only when his Dharma forced to do so. If his Dharma is not forced to apply the method of energy, it is this phenomenon simply does not notice, he believes that this should not be indifferent to it, not feel anything at all, refers to this as a straw, if it is not, of course, in any intense contact comes.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because if he starts to be angry, it will begin to fuel your energy this phenomenon, if he starts to rejoice, approve, the more he will begin to feed energy. If he is impartial, he pulls out all the “nails” on which the whole structure rests, and without it nails it hardly will last a long time, it begins to crumble…

But back to the aphorism. So: sanyama on the positive objects leads to a result that gives a very real forces – the forces of friendliness, compassion, joy. But sanyama on the indifference leads to nothing…

It would seem, on the one hand it is a tool, and it would seem that if it, logically, produce sanyasa, he had the opportunity, for example, really strengthen their impartiality. However, in the “Yoga sutras” of Patanjali States that thereby you achieve nothing.

Disciple: But why? Why this law is unbalanced? Why is he in one direction there is, how would the opposite not work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga is responsible, that your notion of symmetry is a manifestation of your incompetence and misunderstanding of nature. There are things symmetrical, but not the type such as ” an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Symmetry is observed, but to a different end. A typical example: consciousness and energy. On the one hand the phenomenon is symmetrical, but on the other hand, there is no symmetry between energy and consciousness. It is impossible to call consciousness a “non-energy” or “lack of energy”. Are two different things. That is, on the one hand they are symmetrical, on the other hand, entities totally by themselves…

So, a trivial symmetry is not observed here on what principle… what we call “evil”, what we call “negative” is not a substance, it is merely the lack of positive. There is light and there is an absence of light that we call “darkness”. Darkness as such simply don’t exist in nature, darkness is simply the absence of light, so the light can be strengthened, and how do you strengthen the darkness? Still getting darker? But if there never had anything, so much darker?! Therefore, light has a gradation to strengthen and the darkness that the darkness and all. It’s just the lack of any quality…

Student: then where did that come from? Where did the darkness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Darkness came as a consequence of this ability to manipulate. We tend to suffocate my hand, her own song. By and large we are trying to crush the light that emanates from us, and it turns out the darkness. You know, sometimes they say that man is made of two opposites – light and darkness, i.e. positive and negative. And supposedly throughout the life of the person fighting the devil and God, good and evil. In fact, from the point of view of yoga, this is bullshit, that is the same as if the hand was chasing his shadow…

So, the meaning here is clear. If you focus and amplify what is not present, then get it, don’t get it, I get nothing…

24. [Thanks to sanyama] power [arises] power of the elephant and other [forces].


Review of Vyasa: Thanks sanyama on the strength of an elephant [the yogin], a force of an elephant; thanks sanyama on the power of [king Gurudev] Vinatea there is a force Vinatea; thanks sanyama on the strength of the wind occurs, the wind force and so on.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: it is Clear that in those glorious good times enjoyed the images, might be called “life.” Nuclear-powered icebreakers still did not have rockets too, apparently, did not run, and therefore, as a script or something, or some image you used what people saw. And what could be more familiar to the East than the elephant? For us, it is exotic, but for them almost every step of the way… But the logic is a bit different… If you ignore the specifics, from elephants, birds and others, the logic is that if there is a manifestation of one or another energy force, guiding sanyasa, it is consistently focusing on the very essence of the manifestation of this energy, sooner or later is directly proportional to the force sanyama you master this energy, it begins for you to obey. Are you able to prove it… In some orders of yogis it was understood literally: going long and intently think about the elephant, on the elephant, will bring themselves to a state of Samadhi and then you will automatically develop pure physical power of the elephant. go loader to work… very profitable… There’s one man one drawer barely drags, and you’re right, so how many hands are enough, so many drag…

And indeed, demonstrate yoga truly is probably still unmatched physical strength. Then again, probably not have any kind of books, “Guinness world records” and other registers, where it is mentioned, but all kinds of stories lived and still live. Moreover, I’ve heard from people who are already in our Soviet time lived in India… for example, one of the sailors told us about some cases that are completely paradoxical, with which he was faced. When, for example, switch the faucet stopped working suddenly and was some beggar, who was carrying a gravity load that big men could not raise five of us and one of him is all pulled. I don’t know how it was all embellished by the imagination, but the fact that it made a very strong impression, and, apparently, this was some real facts… So, this is sometimes understood in a literal sense: going to focus – get a purely physical force.

Student: But I mean not only physical strength, but in General all manifestations of energy? And if someone something, and you focus on it, it also comes to you?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, of course. Once you’re focused on the force, respectively, an elephant, a physical force, comes this force is focused on force in the other spectrum comes another force…





25. Thanks to the direction of light activities [of Manas arises] knowledge of the subtle, hidden and remote [objects].



Review of Vyasa: Activities of Manas, [i.e. the intellect], was formerly called sheds light. Yogi, directing her light on the subtle, or hidden, or very far object, gains knowledge of such an object.



26. Thanks sanyama on the Sun [there arises] knowledge of the Universe.



Review of Vyasa: It includes seven worlds 1. From them the world of Land stretching from the Avici 2 and to the top of [mount] Meru. Starting from the top of Meru and to the North star [is] the world of intermediate space with various planets, constellations and stars. Over it [extends] quinary heavenly peace.



[This includes the world] third world – Mahendra, the fourth world of the Mahat Prajapati and the triple [a world] of Brahma, namely: [the fifth], Jan, [the sixth] – the world of Tapas and [seventh] – world of Satya. As stated in the total stanza 3, “the world of brahmā [consists] of three grades below him – a Great [world] and Prajapati [the world] Mahendra. [Together they] are called Svar, or heavenly world]. On the vault [intermediate space] – stars on Earth – living creatures.”

Then, directly over the [hell] Avici, consistently placed the six steps of Great hell, based on earth, water, fire, wind, akasha and the dark – Mahakali, Ambarisha, Raurava, Makarora, Kamasutra and Andamanese 4. Here are born living beings, doomed to a painful and long life, and experiencing [uncountable] suffering because of his karma.

Over them [is located] the seven lower spheres, called Mahātala, known as rasātala, Atala, Sutala, Vitala, Talātala, and Pātāla. Eighth [sphere] is the earth, vasumati 5 with its seven continents, the center of which [stands] the Golden Queen of the mountains mount Sumeru. The top – of silver, lapis lazuli, crystal and gold. Due to the reflected radiance of the lapis lazuli southern part of the sky above her dark blue [colors] as in the leaves of the blue Lotus; Eastern white, Western – clear [as crystal]; Northern – purple color.

On the southern slope [of mount Sumeru blooms] Jambu tree, which gives the name to the continent of Jambudvipa. Day and night follow| each other] as the movement of the sun, as it is attached [to the top of mount Sumeru].

To the North of it [located] three mountain ranges and the blue and white peaks, stretching two thousand [miles] 6. Between them, the three areas, each of which is nine thousand yojanas: Yamanaka, Hiranmaya and Uttara Kuru 7.

To the South [of mount Sumeru] [mountain range] Niṣadha, Hemakuta and Himalaya that stretches for two thousand yojanas [each]. Between them, the three areas of: Harivansha, Kimpurusha and Baraga, each [length] nine thousand yojanas 8.

To the East of mount Sumeru [is] Bhadrāśva, surrounded by the [mountains] Malavat, and to the West [region] Ketumāla, surrounded by the [mountains] Gandhamādana. In the centre [is] Elabrate.

And so this [continent Jambu] size of hundred thousand yojanas extends in all directions from Sumeru half that distance 9. The continent Jambu size of hundred thousand yojanas surrounded by the salt ocean, which is concentric and twice [the size of Jambudvipa].

More [are] the continents Shaka, Kusha, Kraunca, Salmali, Magadha 10 and Pushkar, each of which is twice the [previous]. Them – a great hills, like a pile of scattered mustard seeds. [Wash them] seven seas, the water which has [respectively] the taste of sugar cane juice, wine, clarified butter, cream, curd, milk and molasses 11.

[The continents], lapped by seven concentric seas and surrounded by the mountains of Lokaloka, extend to five hundred million yojanas. And all this perfect configuration is located in the middle of the [World] egg. The egg is the same – the smallest particle of Pradhana, like the Firefly in the air.

Here, in the lower area in the ocean and in the mountains live the Asuras, Gandharvas, kinnaras, kimpuruṣas, yakṣas, rākṣasas, Bhuta, Preta, pisachas, apasmara, apsaras, kushmanda, WinAce 13 [and beings] belonging to the class of the gods. On all continents [live] virtuous gods and human beings. Sumeru is the place a happy stay [gods belonging to the class of] thirty. Here are the gardens of pleasure – Microvena, Nandan, Chitraratha and Sumanasa. Sudharma – [place where] the gods are in Council, sudarśana – their city, and Vijayanta Palace. The planets, the constellations and the stars attached to the North star, move, obeying the impulse of [cosmic] wind. They are all located above mount Sumeru and rotate around it.

In [the world] Mahendra inhabited by six classes of gods [belonging to the class of] thirty, Anisata, Amla, Tushita, Aparimitayur and Paranormalromance 14, [i.e. the gods, “which was fun in magical creatures”]. They carry out [their desires alone] thoughts and endowed with [perfect] abilities anima, [reduction to the size of the atom], and others, live an entire Kalpa, looks beautiful and is committed to sensual pleasures. Their bodies arise miraculously 15, and they are always surrounded by attractive apsaras.

In the world of Prajapati, [also known as] Mahat, [that is, “Great”], is home to five classes of gods: Kumuda, Ribhus, Protagona, Anjanappa and Piracicaba. They all have the ability to subdue the “great elements”; their food is yogic contemplation, and the duration of their lives – a thousand kalpas.



At the first stage [of the world] Brahma – Jana [are] four classes of gods: Brahmapurana, Brahmacarya, Brahmamuhurta and Amara. They have the ability to subdue the “great elements” and the senses 16.

In the second stage [of the world] Brahma – Tapas [live] three classes of gods: Abhasvara, Mahabhashya and Satyanarayana. They have the ability to subdue the “great elements”, the senses and Prakriti. The life expectancy of each of the gods [of these classes] is two times more than the previous. Their food is yogic contemplation, and they live in constant abstinence. [Their] knowledge, it is aimed at a higher [sphere], meets [any] obstacles, and in the lower spheres there is no single object that would be hidden from their minds 17.

On the third [degree of] Brahma – Satya in the world [are] four classes of gods: Acyuta, Sudhanva, Sutiaba and Anginaangina. They don’t have a specific seat “rely” on themselves, and are placed above each other. [These classes of gods, ruled over the Pradhana (the root cause) and live as long as there is space period of creation. Of these, Acyuta find satisfaction in contemplation of the election, Sudhanva – reflective contemplation, Sarabha – in the contemplation of pure bliss, and Anginaangina – in the contemplation of the only-self. [All] they also remain in the triple world 18. These seven worlds worlds the essence of Brahma. However, those who have reached disembodiment and dissolved in the Prakriti are in a state of liberation and are not in one of the worlds.

Practicing sanyama on the “doors” of the sun 19, the yogin should attain direct perception of this [universe]. And then let he practices [sanyama] and other [objects], and so until then while all will not [directly] perceived.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: once again the aphorism read…

Student: “Thanks sanyama on the sun arises knowledge of the universe.”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Vyasa in his commentary to this aphorism elaborated on the experience, in his opinion, should occur at the sight of the sun. But to return to the aphorism of Patanjali.

So, there are quite a curious phenomenon, such a practice: since very ancient times, the yogis as the object for contemplation, as the object for increasing concentration, sanyama, chose the sun and focused our attention on it for as long as their mental field, or on the “lake buddhi” had only one wave – sun.

Student: the sun is probably easier to concentrate, because you have it “kills” everything else?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, is the object which really attracts the feelings and, therefore, makes focusing somewhat easier. However, it is possible to focus on different objects, not only the sun, but here it is said of the sun.

So, it is argued that once achieved sanyama in the sun comes the knowledge of the Universe, and here begin to arise any kind of discrepancies. About 30 years ago, maybe slightly more, Western science has become interested in the question, not whether paleocontacts, that is not flew any reasonable civilization in ancient times. Began to look for a reference in the ancient texts, books, primarily in some Indian epic, meaning that he used all available sources in order to obtain some information. Indeed, even some of the descriptions that we gave to Vyasa, suggest that, maybe, actually flew any reasonable creature, and all told, recorded – was allegedly described the material universe… while Others believe that the universe is thin and has a rough. What we see normally, is the gross universe, inside it is a thin universe. Just as there is a subtle body of man and there is the gross body, similarly there is a subtle universe, so to speak, the basis, and gross universe is only a superimposition on this slim. And consider this kind of description of the universe, in somewhat allegorical terms, but not in the literal, not something with a telescope can see… See that Patanjali is very short aphorism: do practice and get knowledge about the universe. And that’s all. Particularly it does not apply about what you will still see then…

Student: But vyāsa as one commented, putting to the planets, the sun, the stars, the subtle worlds …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is precisely the point: you know how the universe works as a whole, and on the subtle plane, and rude …

Student: why is it so happens that sanyama on the sun comes knowledge of the entire universe, including on the subtle plane?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I could reply that it matters to Vyāsa, or Patanjali. On the other hand, when you consider some of the elements of the universe… And that as part of the universe you could choose better than the sun?

Student: Maybe because it’s long zapechatlena in itself these some facts?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you want a reference to the modern scientific point of view, I’ll tell you that in the gaseous state, in the condition in which the sun is, almost 80% of all visible matter in the universe is. As a rule it is more shining star, and around something “small” revolves… That is, the amount of the sun many, many, many thousands of times greater than the volume of all the remaining planets of the solar system together … You know that, right?

Student: But it’s only one star in one small galaxy, these galaxies countless…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Similar in such a… If you took one little brick, then you basically know how to build all the other blocks. If you know how the building blocks can be added, then you can build in your imagination the building which can be constructed from such bricks. That’s why here sanyama in the sun. On the other hand, can this question not to answer, there is just an experimental fact. Patanjali listed methods, its time is already known. At that time, was practicing yoga that including used sanyasa in the sun and get knowledge, and he, as an honest scientist just included this in his work, showing that there is a method and what he brings.

Student: That is simply the method that you in the summer Sunny day just sit and contemplate the sun?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why “summer Sunny day”? In whatever! And not because it is written that you “need to look at it” or “don’t need to look at it”. You can sit in a dark cave, but when you focus, you will sooner or later cease to see, hear and perceive. You perceive an object, in the buddhi, and not what get you organs, including vision. A copy of the sun shines in your buddhi, you are, in General, examine it, and not the signal that passes through the eye and comes to mind. So here nothing is said you you.

Of course, from scratch, sit down, close your eyes and imagine the sun, focus on it, for a person without proper training hard. That is why there are practice for the actual physical perception of the sun, and if you know the most sacred watch to in Indian culture – the moment of sunrise, when the sun appears above the horizon or had just come up, not very high, and the time of sunset, when it sets, not a village, but now will sit and go down. In yogic tradition, these watches were instructed to greet the sun with meditation –you sat and stared at him without the danger to damage the retina. On the contrary, it was considered extremely useful for vision – incidentally, this was one of the exercises to increase visual acuity. Were you doing some kind of meditation from a purely physical reference to a specific object, and then in the future could do without him. But once buddhi has reached a certain degree of concentration as he stepped Samadhi, then after that came the knowledge that the sun is only a brick in this huge universe universe. And if you know the shape of that brick, then you are, by the principle of “like in like” you know the whole universe, how it works, how it works.

Returning to the comments of Vyasa, to you comes the knowledge not only of the physical universe. The idea of our scientist would have to say that the yogi, contemplating the sun, had to open the system of rotation of planets around the sun, and Vyasa asserts that there are some other, more subtle elements in all kinds of other worlds – the worlds of gods, some “Hells”…

Student: so he described the experience of those who directly saw, beheld such moments when you concentrate on the sun, or at the time it was the common position that there are worlds of gods, other gods?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it’s hard to say for Vyasa how he used his own experiences, and how just as the argument cited the experience of other people. After all, Vyasa wrote a commentary in which he tried to explain in more detail the content of the sutras of Patanjali, but how he felt and how he used the opinions and experiences of others, I can’t say…

Details vary, from tell you. If you open any Buddhist Pantheon of gods, with the respective practitioners, there is somewhere something to a certain extent the same, but starting from some other point will be very different…

But behind it all is a main theme here is the mount Meru. In all traditions literally from continent to continent, from North American Indians, ending the shamanic practices of the Chukchi, everywhere there is an analogue of mount Meru. In shamanism, for example, is the “World tree” that is rooted deeply in the underground worlds, and extends branches high in heaven, as if crossing from all three of the world… This idea is so common in all archaic cults in extant practices, that one begins to suspect this some General idea, some common ground…

Student: how can there be common ground in so many different cultures and peoples?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Only one – they all had the same experience.

If the universe is made on the same principle, then you have a similar experience, albeit described it really different… In yoga, for example, it is believed that, in the first place – such in such, and the mountain of the Mayor is the spine, and all that is described there, it is an exact copy of the internal structure of the human body: here is a rough world, there is a subtle world, as man has gross body, subtle body… But as again, the means of cognition was proposed to use sanyama on the disk of the sun, in the sun… Practice, just practice. Let’s go further!


27. [Thanks to sanyama] on the moon [appears] knowledge of the location of the stars.



Review of Vyasa: Practicing sanyama with regard to the moon, let [the yogin] attain the position of the stars.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This would be a continuation of the same theme, only in this case the object the Moon.



Student: why the sun and the moon, not Alphacentauri or some other object?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We must remember what the strongest factors influenced the person’s life, when not so much was still separated from nature. What he encountered in daily life? Sun and moon – many of them depended in his life. Day and night… Therefore, all phenomena are thus grouped… And if we take as the object for sanyama the moon, it comes as here is alleged, knowledge of the location of the stars. But there are still small binding: accordingly, if you know the position of the stars, you are in some degree start to become an astrologer, so you know their influence…

But the basic logic is exactly the same as in relation to the sun: going to practice – to get the result.



Student: Why Patanjali has mentioned this in connection with powers?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If in your mind only one thought – the thought about whether the sun, the moon, about something else, your mind focuses on that one object. As soon as the concentration of the consciousness reaches a certain intensity at a particular object, the object itself shows watching, that is, our “I”, and Patanjali here is all the lists as some phenomena that confirm its construction in yoga. It is clear that he took already existing at his time of practice. He said it is generally accepted that the yogi, contemplating the moon, knows so-and-so; I do claim that this is true, the more it is so beautifully and logically follows from the situation in relation to the concentration of the mind and one pointedness of consciousness. That’s why he’s here is largely all lists. It is, as you know, a well-written scientific work.

Let us remember what is a well-written scientific work of modern scholars, as it is usually built. There is a certain theoretical part, General, some of the conclusions that follow from the General theoretical part, sometimes rather doubtful. But as evidence gives an account of certain experiments are either done, or known, in confirmation of the conclusion that the scientist made some, maybe theoretical positions. Such a common pattern it turns out that from the point of view of the theory all honestly, and from the point of view of practice, we are seeing the same thing, and they do not contradict each other. Logic. Good logic.



28. [Thanks to sanyama] North star [appearing] knowledge of their movements.



Review of Vyasa: Then, practicing sanyama on the Polar star, he distinguishes between the movement of the stars. Using the practice sanyama about heavenly vehicles 1 gives the possibility of their cognition.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: once again. In these aphorisms of Patanjali enumerates known in his time, methods of yoga, some practices to support the arguments of the build system views, that is, it explains all success in yoga through the method of concentration of the mind on a single goal. And one of these meditations, sanyama.


It was known that sanyama on the North star led to very specific abilities. And here Patanjali uses this argument: when meditating on the Polar star more and more concentrated mind – as long as the mind does not remain just one thought, one idea comes knowledge of the movement of the stars.

Of course, from astronomy we know that the North star is the point, where the Earth’s axis. During the rotation of the Earth all the stars move except Polar. Scientists say that the polar star is changing, that the Earth’s axis makes a so-called precession. That is, not only that, around the axis of the Earth rotating globe, but this axis describes a cone. If you look as it aims to consider that the period of rotation of this cone is more than 25 thousand years, it turns out that what we now called the “polar star” five, six, seven thousand years ago may have been a completely different star, and 11 thousand years it was the complete opposite in terms of the cone. The offset can be more precisely read in the book. Thus, by the way, archeologists date these or those structures.

Imagine was built one or another Observatory in ancient times marked on it those or other astronomical signs, among which were the North star, because it is one of the key characters. If you begin to observe the sky, then sooner or later you notice that everything is in motion, except at one point – the North star. So because of the difference of the angle of the modern position of the Polar star and the one that was found during archaeological excavations, it is possible to roughly estimate the time elapsed over this period. But a little bit more about super-powers.

This aphorism resonates with the previous one; all the aphorisms a little bit interrelated. We know, for example, on a seven-day week. But why seven days? Where is number 7? It such line has been held for many centuries, if not millennia. According to modern hypotheses, it came from a very ancient teachings, it is like the remains of ancient civilizations: civilizations themselves long ago gone, gone even some of their material carriers, we have lost all that is connected with them, but they were either purely linguistic trace, or of a General cultural pattern. This is probably a heritage of the times of the Sumerians in present – day Iraq was located the most ancient civilization, and as now believe, where astronomical knowledge was, as elsewhere, is widespread. And all of this knowledge about the stars system of astrology (there was no difference between astronomy and astrology), a system of calculating the days, we have inherited from this ancient civilization.



Student: And why such knowledge is, where did it come from?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here we find echoes of the stories that in ancient times people really had some strong knowledge, but these knowledge to master, it is necessary, in addition to everything else, and sensitivities have to perceive this knowledge. And in the yoga of Patanjali probably reference one of the ways to obtain these ancient knowledge. I do not exclude that the priests of these ancient systems (Sumerians, Babylonians) also used these or similar to these methods.

Clearly, if you spend time on the study of the starry sky, watch it, sooner or later, you concentrate your mind on this whole system, thereby forcing your thoughts to refract the rays of consciousness in a strict, rigid concentrically converging beam. And if consciousness is aimed at space objects, but as a gas station or a push happens, the meditation on the pole star, then, according to the system of Patanjali, objects show themselves that “I”, whose consciousness is directed. Thus, probably, were born these amazing, mysterious, fantastic knowledge of astrology, knowledge of the influence of heavenly bodies of all of us, earthly creatures. Here in this way.

And, of course, Patanjali used it as an argument of the build system of their views.

Here, perhaps, all I want to say here, that we understand the overall logic.

As for the specifics in relation to these powers, then, than a good yoga… Doors are open! Everyone, if you will follow this system, get this superpower. So if someone has the desire to possess these ancient astrological, if you will, knowledge or knowledge more subtle, but no experience, no mentor, no books sane, which would explain how, what and why to do it, it is always in the Arsenal of human assets have this capability. There is consciousness and its ability to highlight. Thus, even if some part of the knowledge is lost, it is possible to reproduce, in a new way to rediscover it. Perhaps this is the most inefficient way to uncover what you already know, but sometimes you want to be the only way…


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