“Yoga Sutras” Patanjali with commentary V.Zaporozhtsev. Chapter II, af.1-13.

“Yoga Sutras” Patanjali with commentary V.Zaporozhtsev. Chapter II, af.1-13.

Title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Patanjali

and “Vyasa Bhasya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

the text “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali.

Chapter II.

On the methods of implementation [of yoga].

(Af. 1-13).


Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

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Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.



Chapter II

On the methods of implementation [of yoga].

Student reads:

Comment Vyasa [above] was considered yoga [Adept possessing] concentrated consciousness. As can be associated with yoga is consciousness, [which remains] in the excited state? [With the explanation that] begins this [Chapter].

1. asceticism, self-study, trust in Ishvara is yoga of action.

Vyasa Comment: It can not carry out yoga one who is not betrayed asceticism 1. Impurity [consciousness], not having painted the beginning of an unconscious predisposition to activity and affects, [this filth], which thrown over a network [Images] sense objects 2, can not be eliminated in addition to asceticism. And this [elimination] is the use of asceticism. This [austerity], will not interfere with the purity of consciousness, it is believed the [means], to which recourse should yogi. Self-learning – a repeat of cleaning [mantra] – pervosloga [W] and the other one, as well as the study of the sastra, [which deal] release. Hope to have Iswara [sacrificial] the dedication of all actions to the Supreme Master or complete abandonment of the fruits of these (actions] This is the yoga of action (intended] … Student:. Continue to the second aphorism …



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Come on the first stop. Once again it read.




“Asceticism, self-study, trust in Ishvara is yoga of action.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: asceticism … Sometimes the word “penance” to be understood as self-restraint, samoasketizm. We looked at many times the subject. It is time to consider it in connection with the Treaty of Patanjali.

Student: penance – this is austerity or, perhaps, any other practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, austerity implies that you perform certain actions – a feat of mind, when you keep a tight rein on his body, his desires, his feelings. Do not give them to appear.

What is different from the ordinary average yogi burger, which we consider? In varying degrees, it follows his desire, that is, he cherishes his sense gratification. This is for him “a sacred cow”, around which he dances: for all taste buds were properly met, to some other point in life, entertaining him were made. And in fact if he does something, by and large, he does it from the need to renew a comfortable state.

This is not a new policy behavior and life – rather old.

But when you start self-indulgent, sooner or later the desire to begin to play you a dirty trick: they begin to rule over you. And even the risk that you will not get this or that room, this or that pleasure is frightening.

Moreover, we have in mind is not some kind of intense pleasure, and everyday, in some small proportion. For example: I want to I had a new car, I want to me was not worse than the other; I want it to be so-and-so. As a result, the person becomes a slave of desires. As a result of its action based on the fact that this desire fulfilled. This is such a basic function, the basic point, as a field, and all other human actions are aimed only at doing it.

This is a very funny phenomenon, and on the other hand dangerous. Sometimes a person may be involved in some very high activity for some small change in his desires fulfilled. He goes to the terrible costs, it changes the whole way of life, and as a result asked him, “What do you seek?” – Listen and answer …

Chekhov has a story “Gooseberries”. There was a man who dreamed that he had his summer residence, where would grow gooseberries. It seemed to him the greatest happiness. He imagined how it will sit there and it will be all right. He’s some sort of mental picture painted itself, and then in fact his whole life was to perform this mental image. He did not sleep, did not eat, work – in short, all his actions were subordinated to this goal. As a result, he got his way, but when it came, suddenly, with horror, he realized that it was “wrong”.

Similarly, we all are. We have enough of the external manifestation of something: “I want to have my jeans were beautiful” or something else. This is a normal desire, nothing wrong in him. But it is as a trigger such as the installation. I said, “I want to, so it was!” And the desire to go by the wayside. And then there is 99% of the effort to implement it. And we could not help turning into slaves of their desires. We spend our precious time, energy and efforts on the implementation of this desire. We are self-indulgent.

Sooner or later, we find ourselves, as in the networks: one, the second, third wish we hold, and we spend all-all-all the time, that it is maintained in the balance sheet. As a result of all these our desires are like thieves, stolen all our energy.

Remember how Gulliver in Lilliput small-small ropes tied, and such a giant could not get up? Ropes are small, each one he would have ripped without any effort, and when millions of them, then such a giant could not get up. Similarly, a great number of our desires, aspirations bind such a giant as our “I”.

We were a long time in this state, we are in this state, to a greater or lesser extent, are. But in order to get success in yoga, we must refuse it. At least for a while.

Student: It turns out that success in yoga – it is also desire. I want to succeed in yoga!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes and no …

Why do I say that all the motivation, selfish desire, work, but work much slower than your motivation, “I do not want for myself, I want for others”? Do you understand? Then there is no element of selfishness, and then it is, in fact, is not the desire is to enslave sense, the algorithm in the direction of its energy. Impersonal. So if you want fast methods to achieve anything on what I always insist, we must stop being selfish. First of all, it is necessary to think of others, and in the last instance – currently. Then you will not be thinking about this desire. And everything goes much faster.

Student: But in order to effectively help others, you have to get rid of suffering itself, you yourself should not have to suffer.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s a chicken and egg question. We will discuss this in the future.

Now once again focus on asceticism.

You start to live a more balanced lifestyle, not letting the desires overwhelm you, do not let some “Lilliputians” associate “giant”. You begin to be more and more unpretentious food, food, clothing, lifestyle. You begin to lead a simple life. You’re not chasing some emasculated pleasures bohemian lifestyle. It’s the basis for the vast majority of people …

Student: Stimulus?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes!

In fact, their entire life is aimed at to maintain the relaxed, enjoying life. Again, nothing wrong there! I’m not saying it’s bad. I want to say that there are moments in life when it steals all your energy. And here it is very good, when you refuse from it.

You refuse to itself, consciously, voluntarily. And, abandoning it, you frees large amounts of energy. Yes, much more is released, even time! If you do not have these goals, you do not spend time on their implementation. You’re sitting under his tree, meditate or simply you live, and life is easier.

Student: But still, it seems to me that a man does for others some goals. Not just because he got rid of these desires, and, let’s say, for the sake of releasing energy for success in yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But, you see here, what more thing …

There is such a thing as a habit. Sooner or later, if you’re used to lead a simple life, simple, it becomes a habit. In this case, even when you have all the pleasures of this world, you really know how to use them. Because you are not dependent on them! You can sit on a throne in the palace of the Maharajah, and can lead a normal life, and you do not falter in what you’d lifestyle is not kept. It is important.

Let’s go back to the treatise of Patanjali.

It is given as one of the methods that we stop chasing some illusory things, we stop wasting your energy on them, and to a greater extent themselves control. By and large, we act rationally. The rational way of life itself helps us to get out of those blackouts in which we were before. And if we get out of them, the whole yoga becomes for us, at a glance.

The second point – is to increase the knowledge that we have not stood still, but continued to study, engage in knowledge. Here’s a method that you can come to this repetition of mantras.

Student: How does it all work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It works as follows.

There is a great-great yoga gear. Visible, invisible. Here is our peace, relaxed, with its aspirations, moments, ideas and vision for the future development. That is, we see that our world will become a so-and-so. And there is a general conceptual idea of what it represents our world, where it’s going, what it laws, what rules he plays. And every person who lives in this world, one way or another about understands the rules of the game, and something in this plan does. And, accordingly, lives to these rules.

Similarly, there is a big world, big or mechanism yoga. Yoga Tantra. He’s not so very big, but quite significant. Explain and describe it as follows: it is a total all-all-all practices that yoga (and others that exist in this world) practice. Between them invisible line up your information channels, the general field of knowledge, common practice field, the general field of protective energy. It’s like a state within a state, as a country in the country, peace in the world. And every person who begins to practice yoga, gains access to the country.

Here it is in itself “hanging” the country. You can live in a normal world, but you can from time to time to address in this country. It’s like the universe is the universe. And there is a large quantity of knowledge, more experience, everything goes according to the principle of free exchange, on the basis of altruistic helping others. If you do own, you would like to connect to this. To you begin to flow of knowledge – and you begin to transmit their knowledge.

So, communication with the world itself teaches you. By the very fact that you are connected to it – all: you begins to flow through the channel of information. You know, I sometimes come such a comparison. Now there’s the Internet. What is the Internet? It’s something intangible in the long run, huh? Rather, on the one hand, the material, on the other hand – is not present. What a tremendous amount of knowledge. Some kind of a virtual world in which you can contact and get some knowledge, he can give something you like out there you can communicate, interact. That’s about the same, if you will, a “spiritual Internet.” It appeared many, many thousands of years ago, because every soul, every yogi, each Tantrikas, every school of yoga, they are on the same principle, very thin – the transfer of knowledge, sharing experience, connected to each other. And engaging in a particular school, you, on the one hand, it supports the entire conglomerate, on the other hand – you use all of its resources. Well, actually, how to connect to the Internet.

This is a universal law.

Moreover, not all ends of our earth. Any such statements, I do not know, they sound fantastic, but I’m willing to believe that it is indeed true that in the same way we are connected to other worlds, where living creatures are not in the form familiar to us of human bodies, and in some other. But at the same humanistic positions we share with them common spiritual knowledge.

Student: Why is this possible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the whole universe is made on the same principle. Sooner or later, this principle you can discover here or Alpha Centauri, or somewhere else.

So if you’re starting to repeat certain mantras (mantra is “OM” was mentioned), that thereby you implement a more robust communication link with this giant mechanism yoga.

Student: It’s like a means of communication?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the whole universe is made on the same principle. Sooner or later, this principle you can discover here or Alpha Centauri, or somewhere else.

So if you’re starting to repeat certain mantras (mantra is “OM” was mentioned), that thereby you implement a more robust communication link with this giant mechanism yoga.

Student: It’s like a means of communication?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. And you begin to flow knowledge. You start to practice these methods, for example, the repetition of mantras, and to you begins to flow knowledge. Suddenly, out of nowhere you start, how do you sometimes think, to understand some things. Suddenly “from nowhere” you begin to grasp the intricacies of any cause and effect, the logic of construction of yoga, the whole mechanism. And, the longer you repeat, the more this influx.

Student: It is somehow grasped through intuition, not through the usual senses?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not want to detail, because it is again a separate subject.

It comes in different ways, it comes through intuition, but, you know, it is very curious this mechanism, a very strange mechanism: comes at a time, and through intuition and not through intuition, through the normal senses.

I do not even say that the heavens opened, and a certain prophet came to you and something you told.

Sometimes knowledge comes through intuition, and then the things around you, you begin to speak. This condition is such concentration that … For every object, even the spoon, bears the imprint: it contains, in the long run, even the imprint of some universal spiritual knowledge. And you, being in such a state can be interpreted very carefully, “drawing”, which is applied to it. And you do it will be a lot of that talk. Will those born half-intuitive association. But it would not be a flight of imagination, this is a definite channel of information. You will understand everything that you might be said. You will understand why it is such a figure, and not another. You’ll understand the inner meaning, suddenly see how this relates to the structure of our universe … It’s a very deep mystical experience.

Generally, people who practice yoga on a fairly good level, which emerged from the eclipsing of society, living in a fantasy world completely. Send it in words is impossible, it can only be experienced. It really is something great and fantastic. It subtly subtly manifested, but is only an ordinary man to come into contact, as it begins to turn off all this.

You know, it used to be broadcast from abroad, from America passed?

Student: “Voice of America”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes “.. Voice of America, etc. And our people have them at night to listen to it was so interesting, what” there “, as” they “Yes, I’m a satellite dish look.! God Such a shock to me: you can .. to connect to virtually any country and look, but at the same time had jammers that just stupidly all all jammed here are some observed the same phenomenon: you begin to live in a fantasy world, but it is worth next to you will be a person with a little bit so stultifying aspirations in ordinary world, they begin to turn off this perception – as your own.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because the principle we are all created equal. We only use this ability, if you will, for inner happiness and progress. And ordinary people, they … Someone makes them the same energy to go easy on the silencing of all. They do not see and do not want to see.

So, one method that has been mentioned here – it is self-learning. But it must be understood in the broader sense of the word. This is not only a repetition of mantras.

Previously, the choice was more limited training tools, so even if you removed in the jungle and you had a mantra, and you practiced it, you’re still walking down the path of self-study. In today’s world there are other ways to help. That this should be the leitmotif.

That is the first: it is such an ascetic approach – self-restraint, and the second – a self-study and the third, which was mentioned here – it is trust in the Iswara.

In Russian speaking, this is when we are doing all their best, but we hope, if you will, in the Lord God. We do not expect the results of the fruits of their labor, we do, because we do because we like to do, or because they believe that it should be done. Without waiting for the results, without reference focus on the future.

Student: Why is this important?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is important, first of all, because we live in dreams, we live in a future or past. Or recall: “Oh, as soon as it was good and bad as it is now.” Or vice versa: “Oh, now we bad, but then we will be fine.”

We go to work, squirm as Pope Carlo, and in my head we have a model: here earn money, buy yourself some apartment or villa in the Bahamas, we will sit there in a deck chair, and we’ll be fine. We currently have no time, but it is we are constantly spinning. Whatever we do, our mind focused on the sun loungers on the beach. And if everything happens, we are happy, “Yes, this goal is close to us soon, we will sit there.!” And if you can not, “How ?! I was deprived of the happiness that’s the future ?! sit in the deckchair ?!”

Disciple: Some reasoned future …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, motivated future.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is important, first of all, because we live in dreams, we live in a future or past. Or recall: “Oh, as soon as it was good and bad as it is now.” Or vice versa: “Oh, now we bad, but then we will be fine.”

We go to work, squirm as Pope Carlo, and in my head we have a model: here earn money, buy yourself some apartment or villa in the Bahamas, we will sit there in a deck chair, and we’ll be fine. We currently have no time, but it is we are constantly spinning. Whatever we do, our mind focused on the sun loungers on the beach. And if everything happens, we are happy, “Yes, this goal is close to us soon, we will sit there.!” And if you can not, “How ?! I was deprived of the happiness that’s the future ?! sit in the deckchair ?!”

Disciple: Some reasoned future …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, motivated future.

Student: Why is it bad?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Firstly, because one must live here and now. What is not here and now, not ever.

Indeed human experience confirms this: the man sits in the chaise lounge and realizes, to his horror, that he can not relax. He was a “rat”, which is always running somewhere, and stayed. Who would relax him, and he can not. It would seem that here they are – all conditions, Enjoy Life, enjoy! And it can not. For all his desire can not be! Because the degree of pleasure – this is, first of all, the image of the brain, the image of the work of the mind, rather than the environment. Of course, the environment, too much, but it does not define. And if before the brain used to be in perpetual tension, not always pleased, then he will not be happy then.

What’s the worst thing: will not joy, but the next step is dullness, and as a consequence – the waves of Tamas and disorder of the body. And there will be something to hurt, and then – “not,” and it is “wrong,” and the fifth “wrong,” and the tenth “wrong.”

A million times already practiced all of these algorithms, in fact I see them every day. I communicate with people, and all live on the same basis. You know twenty-five billion times people stepping on the same rake and continue to advance, and will continue to advance. I do not know how much it is necessary.

There is another reason why we need to rely on the Ishwara, no matter what we do: that we do not forecast the future themselves.

We, of course, smart people, we, of course, sometimes it seems that we know better what is good for us, bad for us, and we are beginning to themselves to predict the future, to build it. We say: “This year will be so in the next year will be so be it, and then we buried over there in that pit ten years.” That is, we have all painted! But if we do get involved in this work, we will block the higher powers, so that they think of us and did a future that really we need, rather than what we currently imagine. It is also very important.

If we rely on the fruits of their labor, then we are bound to them as convicts in chains, and when the results of this work will come, we will be attached to them. And experience shows that, as a rule, when sometimes open up new horizons, we can not get out of these new horizons, because we tied ourselves to the fruits of the labor of the old.

Still there is such a moment. If we stop in some ways to take care of themselves, and give the opportunity to the Lord God, he does it on the order efficiently. Yes what to order! I do not even know how many times it makes more efficient! He gives us all that we want plus what we have not even imagined. He gives us everything! He gives us spiritual development, it gives us such things in the spiritual development that we have is on your feeble mind even yourself can not imagine. Plus it gives you more fulfillment of all our desires most common.

Disciple: What is required of us?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Trust in God and give him the opportunity to act!

But then as soon as the first version of the objections: “Oh, how it’s easy!”

Student: Yes, I think: lie on your couch …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, lie on the couch and wait on God. And everything will be done.

But here, perhaps, lies one of the most tricky nuances of yoga.

As practice shows, this is the most difficult exercise in the world – trust in God! It is much easier to do some movements, it is much easier to do something than to hope.

Let’s say we have some problem. She is coming to us. And now she is coming to us, and thoughts about this issue, do not allow us to sleep or eat. And for us much easier to get up from the sofa and start to perform …

Student: Neutralization?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actions to neutralize the problem, rather than continue to lie and with full awareness of this problem, wait for her to approach and trust in God. It’s very hard! Very hard!

Clearly, there is another proverb: “Trust in God, and those who help themselves.” There is a certain distinction, if you will, “commitment”, if you see that some part of it you have to do, then, of course, you should do it. But there are some parts in any business that you are, for all his desire not to know how to do. In this case, you have to fully trust in a higher power. Student: Here, as I understand it, address the issue of freedom, the theme of freedom. I want to see, and I see, I want to do, and I do – and then it is embodied. But trusting in the Iswara, I kind of like to do, but do not plan and do not want to …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s right!

Student: But what is there to get the freedom I have to do, I do, but do not want anything?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No! Here it is necessary to understand it all correctly. You become free of unrealistic desires …

Here in my hands with a beautiful mug of tea, I have a desire to drink it. I drink it and not think about it. I already have what I want. That is, my life is filled, I breathe deeply. And if at that moment I think about some your next wish, which should occur in the future, I cease to enjoy the current desire.

In fact, not getting what is now, I am living “out there.” And when “it” finally comes, I live still “something”. It really is a curse! This is the curse of humanity. We all run-jump: we need the career, the money, the fifth, the tenth, the twentieth. As soon as we get one, as has another on the horizon. We had not really enjoy something one, as we understand that we have to bear something else.

And you can change the focus: enjoy all that is here now, this minute. Have nothing to do, it’s already all there. We enjoy it. For the full program. We trust in the Lord God. Fully enjoy, and He will make sure that we come to the next delight (well, if I may say).

My explanation quite primitive …

That this last aphorism – it is from the field of Karma Yoga. This is a great yoga. Now I will mention in passing about her. It is more logical and more consistent. Moreover, the logic in it … I’m trying some examples of the logical result, but it’s stubby examples. Because karma yoga – it’s something higher. This is higher even than our intellect can work, because this yoga leads to liberation. It is higher than the options that is able to calculate our mind, above the mind abilities. Our mind is limited. it works great up to a point, but starting from a certain moment, he is powerless.

The hope lies in the Iswara this wisdom, which is above our minds. Therefore, in terms of practical reason to understand it is impossible. This is how this intuitive insight happens when you’re a long time doing karma yoga by the regulations. You say do so-and-so, do you believe in the words and deeds, and then …

Disciple: Doing without waiting for the fruits …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Accent tolerated.

You know, karma yoga – it’s more of a yoga lifestyle. Once you have all these tiddly zatsepochki removed and keep moving, you suddenly feel that you flew … As in tantra. That is, you do not hold on to these apartments, work, for this way of life, you can not cling to some sort of their well-being, that’s such a small, how you saw it. Its small swamp you saw him clutching. And it is very difficult – get your claws out of this well-being, because you are going to sacrifice. You really selfless means literally makes himself to keep himself “in a black body.”

In ancient times, there were whole big group of people who like this quietly-quietly learned to restrain themselves. They suddenly realized that they became independent. As a consequence, came the next step. Later they returned to the world, and could not come back. Never mind. They were free. They were free in a palm hut, and they were available on the throne. They were free, when meditating on some yogic theme or when they simply were involved in some cases. They were always available. Then go!

Student reads:


Vyasa Comment: This is the yoga of action (intended]

2. for the development of [the ability] to weaken the concentration and affects.

Vyasa Comment: It [this yoga of action], being zealously practiced, developing the ability to concentrate and extremely weakens affects. [Then] with the fire of Knowledge, it makes these loose affects unable to reproduce one like calcined [fire] seeds. Due to their complete extinction “thin” the wisdom that is comprehension [absolute] the distinction between sattva and Purusha, not subject to the influence of affects more and exhausted their function, come to samoischeznoveniyu 2. So, what are these affects and how many?



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Wonderful! Once again, read the aphorism.


“For the development of concentration and the ability to mitigate the affects.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, all the three methods that we have just discussed, what are they for?

This kind of approach is karma yoga (where it is referred to as the yoga of action).

We remember that in the Yoga of Patanjali, in the first place, attention is paid to the state, when the mind is absorbed by its own “self”: stops when a modification of consciousness and the person reaches the superconscious concentration. That is, as a subject on which there is a concentration of consciousness, acts no longer any object in our world and our inner essence, our “I”, our Purusha or Atman (differently it is called in some systems). This is the goal.

But to achieve it, it is necessary to get rid of large layers of the contaminants that we got before. And these three methods – selfless, self-knowledge and trust in the Iswara – lead us to it.

First of all, they lead to the extinction of mistaken thought forms on the surface of the mind.

Patanjali, in the first place, explains Yoga as follows: on the surface of our mind there are millions of waves – vritti, and some of these self-generating vritti constantly, constantly present because of the so-called affects. Affects – this previous exposure of some nuanced moments.

Student: Prints?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Prints, yes.

And this practice affects, firstly weakened.

Student: What are attenuated mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They seem to be devoid of energy recharge. If before they were completely dominated in human life, completely overshadowed by its waves the whole expanse of the mind, then, sticking to this way of life, we deprive them of power. They remain, but in a very weak condition.

Student: And the energy is converted into our own disposal, is not it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, we take out of it. We take out of it what we hurt.

Student: How?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that we practice self-restraint and austerity, austerity. We do not give a sensual moments affect us. We take out of their energy, and this energy is ours, we controlled. And we did not suffer from it.

The fact that we are engaged in self-knowledge, we clear your mind and get rid of some misconceptions. We have very clearly seen some moments, of cause and effect. We are engaged in self-knowledge, we see how they arise, how to proceed within our body.

The third point. If we rely on the Ishwara, we stop wasting energy on the future generation.

Here we have the parliament is sitting, and every year it adopts the budget for the next year. What does he do? It deals with the fact that mentally predicts the future. He seemed to be ahead, though with the help of a time machine, he puts events in a particular chronological order.

Many of these have “predictors of the future.” After all, there is indeed a predictor of the future, but there is … how shall I call them something … programmers.

Here you come to the man, and he does not have really any predictions of the property, rather dirty in his mind. But it has sufficient energy. And it provokes you as though are self. You samoprogrammirueshsya, plant yourself on the key, is sent in the right direction – and yet, and rolled … And then you say: “That’s right, he told me how it happened!”. Such is the effect of any astrological predictions, palmistry. But here we must distinguish between: indeed, there are people who are able to analyze and come to some conclusions about what a person is waiting in the future. But such people are very few.

Student: That is, they see the future …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: … without the intervention of their energy!

And the vast majority do so: at best they are at least something to see and reinforce this trend energy. They are prescribed to you your future direction. In fact, you are doing from the robot.

They steal from you the worst thing that can steal: they steal your future free will.

Why, if you read the Bible, the Koran, all self-respecting religion, they were very negative set against any fortune-teller, who was engaged in fortune-telling and more. For what reason?

As a rule, they say that they were competitors. No, they were not competitors. Just by and large all, to be honest, in the hands of God. And he selected a right ugly, at least. If the Lord God wants to do something, so he wanted to spit on all the classifications of all astrologers, soothsayers all put together and each separately! Still, it is not necessary to deprive the Almighty of his legal rights.

But on the human level is obtained simply self-programming. I say: “Today it is impossible that something, somehow, the fifth-tenth to do.” And I myself, and really are self-made.

This charlatan approach. But there is a subtle point: sometimes really opens the future.

Disciple: The Future, it probably does not exist, how to form? Just as the probability based on past …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! Do you have any previous classifications, previous karma, and if you do it intuitively remember it as something you perceive, then you intuitively have for the future consequence of these actions. But this is just an analysis without the involvement of its energy.

Disciple: Just seen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: vision, yes … But it is, in fact, in its own way is also very controversial question: Is it possible to see without making power? Certainly, no. You can not.

The only question is that the introduction of the energy minimum. Just visible.

Returning to the aphorisms!

These three actions we weaken the affects, we cease to predict the future. In fact, we no longer spend that energy on something, to build some events in their lives according to plan.

Student: Why is this important?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because then, if something comes out of our plan, we again begin to spend energy to return the way we had planned before. It is clear that we in this to lose all the energy that we need for yoga.

That is, so we take out of the affects of these imprints of karma, energy. They remain, but remain in a very attenuated form. And then, as stated in this aphorism, using the knowledge we ignited the passions of grain on fire. And they generally cease to bear fruit. Clear?

Here grows a giant tree, poisonous, you can have him hack leaves, twigs – it continues to grow. What do you do? You must first pull up his roots, so it has begun to dry up, and then uproot it from the root, when it is more or less dried up. It is the same logic. First, we suppress the affects of this approach, and then, when they are depressed, when with this poisonous tree fell off all the leaves when it is lean, and with them it is easy to handle, we cut down with the help of knowledge, using here this meditation, which is aimed at its the same “I”. Go ahead!

Student reads:


Vyasa Comment: So, what are these affects and how many?

3. Ignorance, egoism, desire, hostility, lust for life are the five affects 1.

Comment Vyasa: Affects – a five fillers false consciousness – that is to [words]. Being in constant motion, it reinforces modes of function, support their modifications, expanding the flow of cause and effect and serving mutual support for each other to cause the maturation of karma 2.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Very good aphorism in terms of determining what are these affects! What is the clouding factors?

Each of us has his own life. Someone such, someone different. Someone, for example, a fad. For example, a man obsessed with cars. Someone else. Someone obsessed with cleanliness (I mean in the house). Everyone is going crazy in their own way.

But yoga in this treatise is not engaged in search of all possible variants of this “samopomeshatelstva” and identifies the main causes from which everything else derives combinations. That is, it identifies five main types vritti in our mind that not only do not lead to a reduction in vritti not lead to a state of yoga. And, on the contrary, increase the amount of vritti!

We remember that we have a mind. In the mind of thoughts go wave. I thought we are different. There are those that lead to fewer thoughts concentration. They are yoga techniques to achieve Samadhi – enlightenment. And there are processes, there are thoughts that, on the contrary, lead to an even greater increase in the thoughts in my head. That is to spray and sprayed as energy. And if you look at these thoughts are not from the point of view of waves on the mind, but from the standpoint of what it represents is in life, we get just these five basic affects, five major manifestations of consciousness. Once they read.


“Ignorance, egoism, desire, hostility, lust for life are the five passions”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The first – is ignorance. It would seem that ignorance – very much like something abstract, is not it?

Disciple: What is meant by ignorance?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At a very high level of yoga is ignorance of what or who we are.

Student: His own nature?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, ignorance of its nature.

In the future, each of these components will be individually considered, so I am not going to dwell on them. Read more.

Student reads:

4. Ignorance is the field for the following it [affects staying] in a dormant, attenuated, interrupted or completely unfolded [states].

Vyasa Comment: There ignorance – field or generating soil, following it [affects] – selfishness, and others who serve four kinds: dormant, attenuated, interrupted or completely unfolded 1.

– What is in this case the “dormant” [condition]?

– [It occurs when affects], staying only in the minds of both potential gain state seed [is able to bear fruit]. The awakening of the [affect] occurs at an actual meeting with the object. [But] to have the supreme knowledge [that is to], which affects seed burned, this [awakening] is not coming even more when dealing with the subject, because it may ascend calcined seed? [That is] so wise, whose passions are exhausted, called “[staying] in the last body.” Only in it, but not anyone else, there is the fifth [condition] affects – the state of the calcined seed. [In this case] even if affects the validity of their seed completely depleted 2, and although sensitive object may be present, they are not an awakening nastupaet.Itak, dormant state [affects], and the impossibility of their growth from seeds calcined obyasneny.Teper talking about weakening : affects, repressed by cultivating the opposite [of states] 3 become slabymi.Analogichnym way [affects called] interrupted when intercepted [a while] this or that object, they appear again and again in an active form.

– Why is this happening]?

– Because during a passionate desire, [for example], the hostility is not detected. Indeed, during a passionate desire no active hostility. A desire, [in turn], the test in relation to a particular [object] does not disappear in relation to other objects. So, Passion, Chaitra experienced by one woman, does not exclude the desire for other women, just [currently] a passion manifested in this [woman], in the future it may appear to others. In other words, this [future ability to drive] is both dormant and weakened, and prervannaya.Tot same [affect], which is being implemented with respect to sense objects, [called] completely razvernutym.Vse these [four states] does not go beyond scope affektivnosti.- well, in that case, [each] affect called interrupted, dormant, weakened or completely unfolded -? This is exactly the case. But they [classified] on the properties to be interrupted, and so on. E., [Only being] bound [to those or other objects]. Just as [affect] cease to have effect as a result of the cultivation of the opposite [state], it just manifested by expressing his priznak.Vse these affects are only varieties nevedeniya.- Why -? [Because] they overwhelm ignorance. When the real object preformirovyvaetsya [in the mind] as a result of ignorance, it is when it affects and gain support for 4. They found that [there is] false contents of consciousness, and eliminated by the elimination of ignorance.

Now the essence of ignorance presents.

Student: And then the fifth aphorism …

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, the five passions, the very first, which is considered, – ignorance.

Student: Why is the word “affect”? Why does not “mark”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Affect – this kind of dimming effect of something. We have a state of our consciousness. But it affects the affect that it obscures and blurs. And we can not use this state of consciousness. It is like a veil covered. As if the light is covered with a veil. Therefore affect.

The first thing that is considered here, it is ignorance.

Ignorance – this is truly the mother of all the other problems.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because everything else grows out of it. This is the field on which all other affects are growing: the remaining four (or all possible combinations of further confusion – that’s what we see in human life).

And as long as there is ignorance, there is a field for the manifestation of the blankets for consciousness. Therefore, it is believed that by removing ignorance once and for all, we remove not only this particular cover, but covers all that is.

Do you have the island, on the island of poisonous palm trees. But if the island fell into the depths of the ocean, then, of course, with him fail and palm trees.

Therefore, removing ignorance, you actually eliminates all.

Student: eliminated?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Below zero! All!

Later lists, in addition to ignorance, the remaining four of passion, otumanivayusche affecting consciousness, like a blanket. In which they are able? And they are the four states: dormant, suppressed, interrupted and fully deployed.

Disciple: What is dormant?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have already considered this state: “For forty years I drank vodka, then kakoe-to time stopped drinking vodka, but my desire to drink vodka (in the form of seeds) left. Now I even can not think of such an idea, but then I suddenly get in a wine shop, and as from the ground, they thrive here any previous desire to drink vodka. “

As long as we are not in the right conditions, these affects how would sleep like a grain of the soil. We are in a very different way of life. We are white and fluffy. We do not know that we are all incorporated. That is, there is an affect, but it does in the form of seeds, not on the surface.

The second state of affect – depressed when suppressed affect its opposite.

Student: What does this mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is when we cultivate the seeds of a different kind, and if they begin to sprout, then both at once, and one begins to suppress another.

This is the essence of all yoga practices, when we, if we have a particular manifestation of the character or personality, for example, we are lazy, we begin to cultivate the opposite side of laziness – active, good spirits, which does not allow us to sleep. We are in this area to work, work, and every step leaves seeds in the soil, again, if you will, of ignorance. And then, when the seeds begin to germinate laziness, seeds begin to germinate and activity. And one more suppresses.

For example, we are subject to fits of anger and cultivate a state of self-restraint. Then, when the state begins to show anger, it begins to show restraint and state. And there is a kind equalization: one suppresses the other.

The third condition in which there are affects – this interruption in the, mutual exclusiveness of certain affects. Here is an example: if I crave a woman, I see her and her passionate wish that at this moment all the other blackout affects suppressed. I have them temporarily can not remember. One is superseded by another. That is, I’m not prone to anger. Or disgust. I forgot about disgust, because now only one is in me – that is longing.

This principle is the basis of some Tantric practices. But this I say, looking ahead strongly. Even the practice of “five M”. We talked about it, when studied tantric books. In some ways, there is another explanation for why these here “five M”. Yes, because each action suppresses the remaining four. And when they are all gathered together, they are each other vzaimopodavlyayut.

Imagine that you have one enemy, you must fight with him. If you have two enemies, then there is a chance that you can knock their heads together, and the between prekrasnenko feeling because one affect the other suppresses affect. One manifestation of suppressing another manifestation. And the meaning of the practice of “five M” – is when you have these five basic affects appear, and you make them with each other to fight, fight.

Imagine that here you are – a man and five tigers attacking you. Each of them alone would have devoured you in a split second. But on the other hand, each of the remaining four aware that if the first tear, the other gets nothing. And here they are, instead of tear you begin to fight themselves. And interrupt each other. Similarly, in the practice of “five M” because some longing, for example, sexuality, it is somewhat neutralized, for example, alcohol. Or this or that food. It is like a circle, if that’s all balanced correctly, harmonize, as a result, do it all, you are all those passionate moments actually came out and balanced the generally beyond the affects. Enlightened fast method in Tantra.

But here, in the “Yoga Sutras” is not a tantric method is classical yoga. And here it is just the principle why this mutual exclusion occurs if one appears, it does not show more.

Imagine the situation: the gentleman who drank forty years, I hit the liquor store, and have it wake up the dormant passions. Here he was passionately reaching for a bottle of vodka, but suddenly comes in the same shop his deadly natural enemy. All he forgot about vodka! He has everything in his head faded, it is only one desire – to smother this enemy. While seen the affect of anger, hatred towards the enemy, craving for alcohol has, sorry, took second place. This so-called interrupted affects.

Finally, the last condition affects – it affects when deployed. When he goes double flowers and nothing it does not prevent manifest.

I have seen this enemy, I want to strangle him, in my eyes all darkened, I do not see anything, did not realize. I, of course, at this moment I do not remember about stopping or reducing the thought forms about any yoga. I do everything in the world has forgotten. I have only one wish. I am fully involved in the operation of this passion.

Here are four manifestations, which are passions, the blackout effect on the mind. The life of any man – is a combination of all of them. That is, any human being, if you look, it is a continuous succession when one replaces another, and another – the third, the third – the fourth. In this sense, we again robots. Sadly to say, but we – the robots. As we have dormant for the time any symptoms. As we are part of the manifestations of which are neutralized or weakened. I do lenny man, but I have to go to work. And this is my habit to get up every day and go to work somehow suppresses my laziness. There are many examples.

One affect is replaced by another one suppresses another, one replaces the other. Either I, on the contrary, to absorb, to get involved in one or another affect. So it’s a series, like Kubla of these conditions – it is, in fact, is a person’s life. And all this on the field of ignorance. Go ahead!

Student reads:


Vyasa Comment: Now, describes the essence of ignorance.

5. Ignorance is the comprehension of the eternal, pure, happiness, atman in the impermanent, impure, suffering, no-atman.

Comment Vyasa: Comprehension is not eternal in the eternal implications [can be seen] as an example [statements]: intransient earth, the sky with the moon and the stars forever, immortal inhabitants of the sky. As [be understood] and the vision of purity in an impure and highly disgusting body. It says: “Due to location [in the mother’s womb], birth, life support [food], precipitates the destruction [of flesh], and the need to keep the body clean wise to understand that it is unclean.” Comprehension clean in an unclean can be seen [and another example]: “This girl is attractive, as the crescent of the new moon, though its members created from honey and amrita; she seems born of [fragment] the split of the moon; her eyes are oblong, like the petals of a blue lotus; her flirty looks like it refreshes every living thing. ” [How to understand] that what is the reason? As a result, there is a picture of pure respect to [that in itself] unclean. This is [an example of] explained [and false representation] of the virtuous is that virtuous and worthy representation of that unworthyLikewise, [the author] is going to be said about the attribution of happiness [that which is] suffering, “for giving the discriminating knowledge of all [existing] is truly suffering – due to [continuous] changes, anxiety, conditioning, unhappiness, and because ( mutual] opposites in the manifestation of the gunas. “Ignorance is the adoption of [all] this for the happiness.

Similarly, the adoption of the atman, that is “I”, for what is not “I”, be it external funds 1 – animate or inanimate, or the body as a support sensory experience, or reason as an instrument of the Purusha, – [all ] is [false] adoption of the “I” that is “not-me” [ie, non-atman]. So, in this regard, he said: “Anyone who, perceiving [some] nature – manifested and unmanifested – as” I “property enjoys its prosperity, considering it their own prosperity or sorrow its decline, believing [is] its own misfortune, he absolutely unenlightened. ” [All] this is the ignorance of the four species, which serves as a source of continuous flow and affects the latent predisposition to activity along with its results. This ignorance is to be understood as a (sort of] the essence of having an objective reality -. By analogy with the “non-friend” or “non-bovine track” Just as the “non-friend” does not imply any lack of other, nor [anyone ] equal to the other, and its opposite, ie, the enemy or just as a “non-bovine track” does not imply any lack of bovine track or [something] equal cow track, but [certain] place, excellent and on the other, [that is] a very different nature, and ignorance is neither a source of true knowledge or the lack of such a source, but [only] a different type of vision, knowledge of the opposite. this is ignorance.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, I want to draw attention to the fact that this treatise of Patanjali with commentary of Vyasa.

Comments Vyasa, of course, some are more so Buddhist imprint. That is a huge pile of logical reasoning behind which sometimes lost some meaning … not that lost, and appears in any one his way. Therefore it is necessary to separate the mind that Patanjali’s treatise – a treatise of Patanjali, Vyasa comments – this is a very good thing, but it’s all the same comments. But back to the topic of this aphorism.

So ignorance. Ignorance – is the field on which everything else grows. Ignorance – it’s mother.

What is it like? You can say this: ignorance – is when we do something one takes for something else. And, in particular, for us – this is where we are at the deepest level, we take their bodies for themselves.

We have the Atman or Purusha, eternal, unchanging, forever happy, full of bliss, full of happiness, which in itself comprises all the fun and all-all-all positive, with what can only be faced man. Not outside it is, but inside. But we, for some irony Creator (or kind of irony, I do not know), we believe that we – this body. Moreover, if a person is rude, he feels all the material body. If a person is more intellectually developed, he considers himself more so “intelligent” body subtle.

But still we feel something that is not our “I”.

Because the body, even very thin, breaks. It destroyed. Even the body of pleasure – our third, the causal body. It is, after all, subtle, and it is nowhere more powerfully evident pleasure which again flows from our inner “I” – even it is subject to change and destruction.

And while it delights the body in a state of constant and freely passes through the joy and happiness of the Self, we are happy, we – the inhabitants of heaven, we are happy. But even that, sooner or later begins to evolve, and it start to refract the rays of our consciousness. And we have an illusion that we break up, we die, we do not experience that pleasure.

We delight is perceived only in the breaking of the causal body, and then it began to break down, it began to mutate and everything: pleasure somewhere vanished.

More precisely, it is still there. Enjoyment is not going away, because its source – our “I”. We just got used to enjoying the rays in reflection, to catch something external. And that brings us unfortunately, leads us to all further action. We are passionately trying to freeze the changes to it have not changed, so that it was in “fact” condition.

Young beautiful girl feels her own body, she looks in the mirror and was surprised how beautiful she is, how she is attractive. Years go by, and suddenly she was horrified to watch for yourself that there are wrinkles that it is not the same that it was before. After that comes a sense of bitterness, helplessness.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because she considered herself to this with what was not. It is – the eternal, forever beautiful, forever manifested, it considered itself to the body, then the body is beginning to change, and it seems with horror that she is changing.

I only have a body! It replaces the concept of “I” concept “my body.” And then he starts suffering. As a consequence, it starts to make some efforts, himself once nakrashivat somehow smarten themselves. It is a passionate attempt to freeze changing. Up to a certain point, it is possible. But still, since some moment, everything: has no makeup, no makeup will hide nothing. Because everything that was created, is destroyed.

As a result, the life of a person, subject to ignorance – it is a life in torment. Even if now you enjoy, then later …

Student: Terms swap …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Conditions vary, and you will suffer. Because you consider yourself not what you are.

But this is the most basic manifestation of ignorance in yoga. There are manifestations of a relative, we are already treated with you.

Remember, this case is about oil? Or about old houses? I remember.

It is believed that the waste oil is bad. Let we will supply. On the other hand, this decision made out of ignorance. It should be sold, while her least someone buys. Ten years later, make a fusion reactor, where the processes are the same as on the sun, and the energy is through the roof. Rather, it is always a little, but it will be much more, and it will be produced by other methods. No one has this oil will not be necessary, as now no one needs coal.

Or else ignorance. It is believed that before built nice homes. That, they say, look at this house, two hundred years, and it still stands, but the new recently collapsed. Previously able to build!

We do not know how to build before! How is poorly built and poorly built earlier. Just all frail huts themselves have failed for two hundred years, and remained good. It will take another two hundred years, and all of the modern feeble collapse, and good will, and will say: “In our time, well-built”.

That such inferences are made when we have something to substitute for one another.

Still there is an explanation of ignorance: ignorance – is inappropriate.

Anecdotal case of life tell you about a gentleman. He was such a feature – irrelevance. Here it is to catch some scoundrels and starts jumping around as around the great guru, dust blows off. And when he enters the field of action of the guru, he refers to it as to the homeless. That is, he has substituted one for the other.

He had energy, he could spend, but because of ignorance, because of the fact that he replaced the other one, he begins to spend its energy is not that worthy. And what is worthy, he does not have: the energy he spent on something else! As a result, it breeds here this karma inappropriate. This is where we are because of ignorance begin to spend our life not something that would be necessary. Where it was necessary to spend, we do not spend. And where it is not necessary, then we spend.

It’s like with money. Man-saving up saving money, around himself refused, amassed a huge bank account, and the bank ba-boom! – And he went bankrupt. What he humbled himself?

This is a frequent substitution of one another, when we consider one another.

In the end, all the events that happen to us, we will by virtue of selfishness, which is caused by ignorance, is passed through a prism. We are told: “Here, in Zanzibar the war began.” And we say: “Well, to hell with it.” We are neither cold nor hot.

Student: Yes, our ego is …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: … is not threatened by anything.

Another point. Half Red Square terrorists seized, mined, and now it will explode, and we are close. There is already our ego is something to think about. Yes? All the things that happen to us, happen in the breaking of our “I”. And the emergence of the ego in the bridgehead of ignorance, ignorance against us. Not knowing who we are, what we are not.

We are deeply, subconsciously still see ourselves as bodies.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because consciousness rays shine only here in this ocean of mind.

You know, sometimes this effect of the sea: has a strong spotlight, and the spotlight is not visible. But he falls into the sea, and the sea is displayed. As the beam enters the water, it is not visible, but as soon as he came in, the game began. And we are accustomed to the fact that the lights in the water. We believe that we have this water. Before we did not realize that we-that is, not the water, and the light that plays in the water

That is ignorance that makes us consider ourselves the body. As a consequence, if the water starts to somehow did not play well, we already feel discomfort, because we believe that it is with us that something bad happens.

Student: That is the ego’s ignorance … Ignorance still comes first?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! Yes Yes! Yes! Absolutely! There will be further discussed. In my opinion, the following aphorism is about the ego.

Student: Let’s say, I do not identify myself with the body, I do not identify myself with the mind, and identify myself with something infinite, which generally can not imagine. It turns out, the ego goes through the elimination of ignorance, if I identify myself with my ‘I’?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Methods release from ignorance may be different. How would you say …

Here the hotel “Intourist” was demolished … There you have the land, and on it there is a hotel “Intourist” – the personification of our ego. And ruin the whole system you can sequentially: first you can demolish the hotel and then begin to remove the land – a fundamental principle, the root cause. It is just easier in certain practices.

And in some practices contrary eliminating ignorance, then you can see how your ego melts. The same as if you are out of this piece of land the hotel – again! – And removed. It would be some time povisela in the air, and then to start – crunch-crunch! And everything fell apart.

6. Selfishness is [apparent] identity of both faculties – [net] vision and vision tool.

Comment Vyasa: Purusha is the ability to [clean] vision, intellect (buddhi) – 1. Affect Vision tool, referred to as “selfishness”, [occurs when] as if transformation is performed on both of these [capabilities] in one essence. Experience itself becomes possible, when the ability to be a subject of experience and his ability to be an object of two, essentially immiscible different and [to each other] are perceived as if [they are] inseparable. However, comprehension of their true essence there is an absolute separation. Where did [in this case may appear] experience? In this regard, said: “Who does not see that Purusha is different than the intellect, a great [him] in the form of manifestation, nature, knowledge, and other, that – due to errors – replaces it with his intellect.” 3

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: We began to consider the aphorism concerning selfishness. Sam aphorism again read.


“Selfishness is, the apparent identity of the two faculties – the pure vision and vision tool.”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is a cornerstone in the spiritual development of any human – the ability to overcome their selfishness. So, the situation is as follows …

Disciple: What is ego? Where it originated? And why should we abandon it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are many questions of this kind.

Once something we did, why we should abandon this? Question: Why was that? And anyway, how did it arise? And the answer to this question is as follows …

If we consider the human being in the light of many, many births and deaths: one birth and death, second, third, fourth, fifth, billionaire, Five Billion – the evolutionary law, according to which arranged this universe dictates the following rules. First, selfishness should be, rather, appear to be solid and strong, grow, grow, grow and grow until a certain point, and then, starting from a certain point, on the contrary, it must be removed.

The analogy is about the same as when building a new house.

To build a new house, you need scaffolding; if not, it is impossible to build a house. So the way it goes. First, we build scaffolding that helps us a lot in building a house, and then, after the house is built, the scaffolding is already starting to just get in the way. Sometimes you come into any store or even some establishment that plastered with scaffolding, so there is generally not seen where you come in, you have some corridors go. In general, it is terrible hindrance.

Similarly, and selfishness. It is such a function, if you will, the essence of the human being, which is to a certain point is extremely helps, but, at some point, begin to interfere any longer. Moreover, sometimes in favor of selfishness, for the sake of these scaffolds begin to demolish the main building! That is quite a misunderstanding.

So people. Until then, until his consciousness manifested in this universe, and therefore, the energy manifested in this universe, frail, small, limited, you need some kind of center of crystallization. Growth Center, or something. Here it is a center of growth and self-interest, because all blurry, smeared all.

After all, strictly speaking, our Purusha, our higher ‘I’ has to do with our body exactly the same, as we stood in front of the chair. In terms of what it does not connect with it, but it is displayed through (in this case through our body).

And as long as this body is weak, in some ciliate-shoes or bacteria, of no mind there still it is not even close. There is a very, very weak form of manifestation of consciousness.

But immediately asked: “How is consciousness manifested in some bacteria or unicellular algae?” Here it is shown by means of the mechanisms that it has. For example, if it is faced with an aggressive environment, it somehow feels its membrane and its consciousness highlights that something is beginning to change. But all this, of course, very weak, very very weak. But still enough that this is the first seed of consciousness is even bacteria. And basically it is no different from human consciousness.

But it is necessary to raise this awareness. Make it strong, strong. And so we must somehow become attached. And as if the soul of the bacteria samootozhdestvlyaetsya with the bacterium, well, for the lifetime of that, of course, in order to do so in a banner around which will rally the army. If it is necessary to unite the army, it is necessary to flag. If you want to build a state, you need a leader. And so on and so forth.

And now at this moment selfishness begins to manifest itself more and more. And he seems to be getting the refractive center, center of interest: Higher “I” self binds itself with what it is not, in order to multiply the energy and strength. From life to life ego is growing, and, accordingly, the energy and the power of more-longer arrive. In some tree has it anymore, it is more committed to survival. The animal even more. In higher animals already beginning to form what is called intelligence.

That is if ciliate-shoes, from the point of view of her body, no special selections, consciousness permeates her vaguely, but the whole, if you will, the whole, the more the higher stages of development, when it is already being multicellular, there is a kind among these cells ” caste of priests. ” There is a separation of the functions of cells, separation of the functions of mechanisms, where consciousness shines much stronger than in other parts of the body.

And so because of selfishness, because there is a center of concentration of consciousness and energy, for many, many years of evolution can construct here this cohort, well, I do not know how to say it, these higher functions, which are called intelligence. That is, intelligence is being formed.

Of course, the physical death of cells die. But these fine structures and then resumed at a level where there was a previous stop. In fact, even stop there, and the birth and death are similar to the transition from one room to another. Actually, nothing has changed.

And thanks to the selfishness, concentration of consciousness and energy to a particular area, this area is becoming more sophisticated. All the more clearly it transmits consciousness-rays easier it manages the energy involved, and from it formed the finest instrument – it is our mind.

Once again dwell on this: in the western tradition of the mind – and mind. And if we take the Sanskrit, there are a range of units to refer to what we call the common word “mind”. There Manas, there is buddhi, there is citta.

But the fact is that the mind (we will not now be added Sanskrit) was formed only because of selfishness. Do not be selfish, the formation of the mind would go a very long time.

Student: What is the reason?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because there would not be here this crystallization center. There would be efforts focusing center.

Again! Because our “I” every atom in the universe ravnozamenyaem. And if we become attached to his own body, then we do it only because of this ability – selfishness, or close to it – because of the habit of clinging to it for these atoms, and not for any other.

Student: How would an identification?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! Now the second question: how did this happen?

When the intellect is perfected when selfishness did all that he could do when intelligence is developed, the next stage begins. The man with the intellect realizes that he has selfishness. Because as long as he has not yet formed the intellect, such a notion can not even enter. Ciliates slipper hardly thinks she has a self-interest (although it has a self-interest), because she had nothing else to think.

So before you get rid of selfishness, we need to understand what it is. But before than to understand, you have more or less to form the thin structure of the mind perception. And it should not necessarily be strictly analytical mind.

I sometimes meet people who have a very interesting mind is formed. Their analytical part is not that is not developed, but it is in the backyard. However, they somehow managed to form an intuition. You meet the little girl in some rural areas. In terms of analytical skills, this is clearly not a professor of mathematics. But at the same time, it is already beginning to give up selfishness. Even had not yet developed analytics.

Student: Why is she doing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because it has developed a more serious part of the intellect, the highest part of the intellect – intuition, which is an order of magnitude higher. It makes no sense to pull the analytical mind, if you have developed intuition. You can at this time save a lot.

But, anyway, this is still the highest function is to be formed. As soon as it is formed as soon as a logic comes the realization that there is selfishness, or intuitive, we should get rid of egoism.

This girl can not answer you why it comes, as it were against himself. But is not that against it – unselfishly. But she just can not do otherwise. Here she comes – and all. Here it is all love, all helps, and so on and so forth. She formed a higher level and is already beginning to it, is all, she realized – there is selfishness, it is not needed. She is such a word, feeling even somewhere. The word “intuition” and the word “feel” like a cross. From this point on selfishness is like the suitcase without a handle. Be tough and kind of attached to it. Or, as the weight of gold, to which you are chained. It seems it is so dear to you, but try it shabby. Or how the scaffolding when the building is fully constructed, the general has nothing to do there, by and large, and the scaffolding is so strong. They continue to strengthen again, to do more. That’s a trap!

In spiritual terms, this is a very painful trap for a man if he just does not understand it. Because from that moment his life is transformed into a hellish torment, that is not justification, and for what, in fact, need selfish? What are the scaffolding?

Student: But even here we have to understand, I think that is itself self-interest before him …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but that’s just me left, as they say, for a snack.

We are now considering all selfishness, from the point of view of human nature. Important for me to tie it to the life, and then explain what is there is selfishness and how it arose.

So, from this point, a person must, more precisely, the man owes nothing but life itself compels him to get rid of this selfishness. A man begins to think egocentric habit around him as the navel of the Earth. That everything, everything, everything revolves, and he realizes that it is no longer satisfying. I do not feel that behind this there is something. On the contrary, all attempts to yourself somehow cherish lead to the fact that they do not bring some sense of satisfaction.

And from now on, if a person has become the path of spiritual development, he begins breaking the ego. And it looks funny enough all. Throughout these years of evolution built, and is now beginning to break the same, that he built. And, on the one hand, it’s stupid, huh? And, on the other hand, anything stupid.

Selfishness, in itself is not necessary. We need this building.

Student: As a step?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As a step! Absolutely correct!

And if a man begins to correctly break, here there are all sorts of miracles. Even if it is something in the plan is not completed intellectual or some with the help of self-interest, but realized that there is selfishness and began to destroy all magically being completed. By itself. That it every brick fit to the wall, every nail hammered – he built, and then, starting to clean up the selfishness and show this building for all to see, suddenly out of nowhere come from builders who say, “Oh-oh-oh, yes Yes! you have not completed it, we do now. ” You did not even say anything – they all finish in the best way. That kind of logic.

Accordingly, a person becomes less and less selfish, less and less clinging to their view of themselves, and reach greater and greater heights in spiritual development as long as the do not go out of this world, having worked a full cycle of ideas Almighty Creator.

And now we will look at the selfishness from the point of view of that which is given in the “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali.

Prior to this, we have considered selfish, so to speak, with attitudes, ordinary. Now consider from the point of view of philosophy and the human body the device, metaphysics, if you will.

How, then, there is egoism and selfishness that is? And here we must immediately respond, to define what is selfishness. Because under that everyone can understand anything. For example, some of you want to get something; you may be at quite reasonable reasons he denied this and call you selfish. Someone different uses that word, someone – in the third. A large range.

Student: But what is meant by self-interest in yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In yoga, oddly enough, the term is deprived of emotional coloring, as in everyday life. That is, it has no negative emotional coloring. It’s just a fact. And does the term “self-interest” as follows: we ignorantly identify ourselves with what we are not.

Our Purusha, our higher ‘I’, which is neither the body nor thoughts, nor mind, nor emotions – nothing, identifies himself with the body, with the mind, the emotions, with anything further. And we cling to the body, although the absolute account, we do not have any relation to it. We are alone, and it is in itself. That is, the body – it is just a tool, it’s just a shirt, it’s just a glove, in which the hand is. This is only an instrument through which this is our Higher “I” operates in this world. But by itself it does not have to do with us. However, in order to, as we have already discussed with you, selfishness arose, was applied here such is the strongest thing in this world, or the most powerful means of the most powerful drug, which is called maya. One of the values of those words – is “what gives ignorance”.

And here we are in ignorance, out of ignorance of what we are really starting to bind themselves to anything that either will fall, I’m sorry, on the eye. And in the case of ciliate-shoes, where else, in fact, no eyes – to tie himself to the first that fell convenient conglomerate proteins or any of more complex structures.

Generally amazing how just beginning some important things are being told on the street everything starts to howl, squeak, and the phone rings, and the neighbors hit the wall. Whether we did break the eggshell of the world, this ignorance that it resists all and cracking, then I can not understand what is happening? ..

So, due to the fact that we do not know its nature, out of ignorance, we begin to identify ourselves with what we are not, that is, that comes handy. And far, far, far away of evolution, a long long time ago, we caught, I do not know … the elementary atom, and here we are to him as if attached. That is, here we have our “I” and his consciousness that illuminates, and that’s got this consciousness ‘I’ first piece of matter in the universe, as it were, in this world, because the “I” – it is as if the outside of the world it does not in this world. And here we are – enough! – And identify. First, consciousness, and consciousness of the tightened and energy, and it is – enough! – And all. My! My house, my piece, my Atomic.

Further more. Oh, one more the Atomic! More more more! And everywhere influence everywhere, “I”, that is, I’m your mind, like bars, all this is pervaded, and my energy is like glue, it all sticks together. Do you understand? I’ve Medusoid a certain center. This is due to this body was formed.

Digging deeper.

We have defined what self-interest through ignorance. But Patanjali gives even more, how shall I say, a subtle definition of selfishness. This combination means seeing and vision.

This is a more sophisticated turn in the description, which gives a more sophisticated and maybe some your accent. And he says the following: when a long long long time ago was a seer.

Student: Who is the seer?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Seeing – it is our “I”. Our Purusha, which is out of this world.

A vision of a tool – it’s mind. Well, the mind – is already on the human level, and as long as it is poorly formed or not formed at all – this is an analogue of reason, I do not know what he did in ciliate-shoes.

Student: Mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Or some kind of reaction to something … That is actually a mind can understand her body, if we take a part that’s not fine, and coarse. And the combination of these two things gives rise to selfishness. I.e…

Student: Identity.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Identity, yes.

It seems that the tool with which we look, and it is our own. Here we look through the mind, we think that we are this mind. And, accordingly, there is such as to run in a circle.

As long as you identify yourself with the mind, you have no spiritual heights, by and large, will never catch. Because the mind is changed.

This is the same as pulling his hair in an attempt to lift. Do you understand? This is exactly the same: while the person operates, and is on the level of reason, it is difficult to talk about any kind was spiritual breakthroughs. Because just as hard to pull yourself by the hair.

And can be any number, endlessly debate on philosophical topics, to compare one with the other yoga yoga, one religion to another religion and metaphysics with one another, and so on and so forth. But it will be, by and large, become all the chatter if it does not lead to the realization that the seer, that is, our “I” and a tool of vision, our minds – two big differences.

So if you meet talkers, which a lot of … There are people who just like to talk, to argue, to prove one truth, and then prove the opposite truth. Some even think they understand something in this world. Moreover, they all look down. They think that they have such umnen’kiye, and all around it – hopeless fuckers. They even bored amongst these suckers hopeless, so they think that they already know everything, so they are – an old hand. But in reality they only rotate in the swamp of the mind and not even realize that they are sitting in the most secure prison. The most reliable jail – is the one that you do not know, when you think that you are free.

Here, perhaps, such a comment, I would give the sixth aphorism of Chapter Two “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali.


Student: Next, the seventh aphorism.

7. The attraction is inextricably linked with pleasure.

Comment Vyasa: desire, lust, longing for pleasure or to the means of achieving it, [arising] from the knower of pleasure at the memory of the past, enjoyment, and there is a desire.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again aphorism itself. Student:

“The attraction is inextricably linked with pleasure.”

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Next are Patanjali describe …

Well, there was selfishness. And then what? Then Patanjali begins to describe what consequences from the fact that there was selfishness.

And the consequences are as follows: if something with which you have identified yourself, experiencing pleasure, there is such a thing as attraction. We want something. We begin to strive for something. And here it is given a fairly simple and logical explanation of why there is a desire.

It occurs only on the basis of experience, previous experience, when we do something like this to make and receive pleasure. Now you bring Mexican dish or any Chinese or even some exotic: something black, incomprehensible mix. You’re going to look at it cautiously and hardly eat. But this can be a delicious root of some exotic wood, and if you ever try it the next time you see it, you’re just going to take. And then we will strive for it: “Where is the delicious dish?” Yes? Question another. From the point of view of self-interest, what is the attraction, or more precisely, what is the pleasure? And this is good – to feel pleasure or experience pleasure is bad?

The answer to this question is quite interesting. By and large, we are all striving for pleasure. The question is, what is the nature of pleasure. If you are enjoying the evolutionary ladder we have, then it is legitimate enjoyment. If not, then it is illegal gratification.

A general clause on very strange. Let’s say you’re at the stage of selfishness, you – the animal is not developed in your mind, and, for example, you get the next piece of meat – is a delight. But to obtain it, you automatically start to educate your mind, make him work. That is a pleasure leading you along the path of evolution. Do you understand?

Student: Moves?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, moves: your mind becomes stronger, your ego grows.

Once you ate a piece of meat, you become stronger, he said: “Yes, I mine and all pieces of meat around my!!!!”. That is your ego is already beginning to be extended to all that can be controlled. And if you’re still at the stage of doduhovnoy, it’s good for you. Yes, indeed, come this way! Let your mind grow stronger! This will be an incentive for you to go further.

Starting from the stage when you are struggling with self-interest, the same pleasure when you are at any price from a competitor grabs a piece of meat, will, on the contrary, throwing you back.

Student: He just will not bring such pleasure?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No! Even if it will bring pleasure, it is, indeed, not pleasure. It will be pleasure as it is only for the body.

Student: Small?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. And it would negate the pleasure more subtle negate access to the higher levels.

But the worst thing, it would run counter to the next stage of evolution when you have to give up selfishness.

To this many are caught. These mobsters are endless, all these monarchs, all those lovers of money, lovers of power when they do not realize that all is well in the measure that we should strive for anything up to a certain limit. If you measure this as it jumps, it is very bad.

Usually they say: “No, do not aspire to anything, neither money nor power.” Why not? It is necessary to strive for! It is necessary, if you are at a stage of evolution when it should be done. But, do not need to since a certain level!

So, after the selfishness arises following qualities – desire. The basis for this is the quality of enjoyment.

Enjoyment is meaningless if there is no selfishness. What’s wrong with enjoying what, and that the enjoy? If you do not identify themselves with any one set of atoms, which enjoys a different set of atoms, then you do not understand this pleasure. But if you yourself identified with them, then you get the pleasure.

But there is one feature of tantra. Because the real connection you have with your selfishness is not, then, respectively, and the real pleasure of selfishness you can not get.

Student: But if I can not get pleasure from which is it taken?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here and comes into its own Tantra, which says: “Guys, there is no enjoyment outside It is within you as if to himself agreed that if a piece of meat with which you bind the identification, that is selfishness, received.. something that is useful to him, the summit you free up some part of the pleasure. “

It turns out, that the identification is, and pleasure is not coming from the body. Enjoyment comes at a thin channel. Not that there is any “wire”, which comes from the pleasure of the egoistic body with which we identify ourselves, to our Higher “I”.

No! All pleasure is already in the “I”! Inside the body there is no pleasure. No it, and in a glass of vodka. No it do anything outside. He is not. There is only a very clever contract mechanism: here you do so-and-so – there is free up so-and-so. All! Then go. The next aphorism …

Student: Next, the eighth aphorism.

8. Hostility is inextricably linked with suffering.

Vyasa Comment: That resistance means or suffering, his calling, disgust, anger, anger towards him, [arising] from the knower of suffering at the recollection of past suffering one, and there is hostility.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The Other Side of the emergence of selfishness, – respectively, hostility. We have something like, something we do not like, from something we aim to go, something to avoid. And just as in the case of pleasure, we identify the object of our hatred or dislike with their suffering. Again, we identify only after we have had the experience. Otherwise, we would simply not be recognized.

Neanderthals someone says, “You know, here’s a meteorite flying today.” He will say, “So what? Well, flies himself and let fly.” He can not understand that if the meteorite will crash, then all will be bad. A reasonable man, he saw through the telescope that flies a terrible meteorite, is in a panic to take some measures, it will make every effort to avoid suffering. This is the flip side of desire and pleasure that we saw before that.

Student: What kind of suffering should be avoided, and what should not?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, if all goes according to the law of evolution, you must do as he orders. If you are still at the level of the Neanderthal and saw a saber-toothed tiger, you know that you will be no fun at his teeth. You start to avoid meeting with him, in every way to ignore it, dislike or respect: it will throw a spear at him, cobblestone, so it prisobachit.

Then begin to manifest suffering and attempts to avoid them at a higher level. You, for example, you know that if you continue to croak in the marsh burgher, then you get sucked into the maelstrom of the best, delay the mud, and you choke. Anticipating this suffering, you start to run away from them towards spirituality.

But there is another point. Let’s say you took up Hatha yoga. You do not bend the arms and legs, but you, even through the pain, still their gnesh.

Student: Why? But what about the recommendation to perform the asanas are only able to comfort? So that was nice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it would seem, you go against the natural law not to cause himself nothing … nepriyatnenkogo.

But you know that, overcoming yourself, you thereby get something more then. And you go on it consciously. As well as the pleasure and suffering is impossible without self-interest. If there is no selfishness, no pleasure or pain.

Student: And how suffering is taken?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here are the cornerstone! To answer this question, we call Tantra, which states: suffering itself is not. And there are, roughly speaking, as in the case with relish, thin such a contract: if there is something there to curl at the physical level, then at a more subtle level will be phased out pleasure. And it is our perceived as pain.

Student: Pain – a decrease of pleasure?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can say that. Just as the darkness – it is the absence of light, in the same way and the pain – is the lack of pleasure.

They say there is an intermediate state “does not hurt, but not nebolno”. Some treatises is sometimes referred pain without symptoms.

For example, someone said to me: “I like frozen, I do not care I do not enjoy, but I do not suffer.”. Or: “How to rock: do not feel anything.” This kind of analogue of the animal’s life.

Student: This is a deep Tamas?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But by and large, this hidden suffering, because something does not manifest joy.

This condition is different from the usual suffering that we feel very hard and try to do something, such as to change the situation. And here, as it were blunted pain component, make us twitch and do something.

This subtle form of suffering, as it is sometimes called, or whatever is the highest form of suffering, when you do not feel pain, but you do not feel and joy. It’s like you buried alive, is behind a gigantic wall Interactive. And you can not say that you even live – as the embalmed.

By the way, these periods are the harbingers of serious yoga practice.

But let us return again to Patanjali. So the second part of selfishness – a reluctance to get something. Then go!

Disciple: The ninth aphorism:

9. Self-existing thirst for life, even there the wise.

Comment Vyasa: All living things are constantly present this wish to himself: “Yes, I never cease to be! May I [ever]! “And this wish [never] does not occur in those who have not experienced the state of death. This establishes the accuracy of the previous birth experience. And this passion – lust for life – self-existent one, even in just appeared worm. The fear of death, which inherently have a permeation (future] destruction and which can not be explained either by the perception [as a source of true knowledge], or by inference, or authoritative evidence suggests that the suffering caused by the death, has been tested in previous births . and, just like that affect, [that is, a thirst for life], found in utterly ignorant [things], he was just there, even in the sage, the knower of the beginning and the end of [cyclic existence].

– Why is this happening]?

– Because this unconscious should be tested through the death of the suffering is the same for both: and a wise man, and devoid of wisdom.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Once again, read the aphorism.


“Self-Subsisting thirst for life, even there the wise.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here Patanjali aphorism that there is such a thing as a thirst for life.

And, as in the future here in the comments adds Vyasa, it is observed like a worm, and sage. Vyasa this concludes (quite an interesting point of view): if there is the fear of death from being just born that is not experienced death in principle – where it knows, maybe this is not so terrible – that from this knowledge? This knowledge – of the previous deaths.

Student: So, was already some experience?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So it was an experience for dying. And, it’s probably not the most pleasant experience – to die, since we do not aspire to it.

Student: Ah, maybe it’s a conditioned reflex? The genetically transmissible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are curious answer. From the point of view of accident arising and secure, maybe yes. But, from the standpoint of transmission experience – no.

You can not produce someone who has experienced death. Because he is already dead. Do you understand?

Student: Not really …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look, they say: “Here is the fear of death, we got genetically from their parents.” And parents know where the fear of death, if they are still alive ?! Someone will say: “From their parents.” But they, too, something that gave birth to our parents were still alive. That is the chain of continuous life since beginningless times says that it is not acquired by instinct, because none of our ancestors did not experience death before they appeared, respectively, of our parents, in general, the next generation.

Student: Where does it actually come from?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Someone on it says: “This is such a trick, that of all varieties have arisen beings survived the ones who miraculously imprinted this programm: as soon as the threat to life – immediately fight for survival” A. those who did not have such programs from allegedly simply died out.

Nice view, very good. She did a lot could explain only one she can not explain the danger of too many choices. Do you understand? The options are so many dangers, and what would not be material, purely genetic, removable media, it is still limited by something. It is impossible to convey all behaviors! Few little information there. After all, still have to build the whole body and in this scenario, genetically mortgaged, and what behavior is really there ?! But in any case it is probably the opening of the near future in science. Sooner or later, scientists understand that genetically, the physical layer can be transferred to many, but it just can not explain. When no longer make ends meet converge, will be looking for subtle plane. Well, God is with them, let them look for!

The question is. There is a thirst for life, inherent in all, and it goes like a red thread. Selfishness is actually shaped it. Ciliates slipper poorly understood, it is alive or dead. Especially when it is, for example, is divided into two. When dividing one into two die old, and there are two new ones? Or is the old and new? Hard to tell. That is, the degree of self, degree of selfishness, self-centeredness degree in her small, selfishness blurred. Then, to the extent that selfishness begins to grow, respectively, and clinging to life is strengthened and the person it may be one of the strongest. No wonder the man – the creature to adapt. He lives everywhere.

Student: Fights …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Fights. Even in a space already I learned to fly, and there, too, to survive.

Student: This is a question of preserving and maintaining the physical body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. But I would say more generally: the preservation and maintenance of what are you identified.

Student: That is the whole personality?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely! Not only the physical body, but also the subtle body, emotions, mind, memory, habits, their ideas about yourself – the whole conglomerate.

Student: But basically it refers to the physical body? There is some danger, for example, was cut immediately – again! – And grasp at the physical sensations …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, not necessarily. If, say, you realize yourself intellectually, identify yourself with a thin body, you just start to take some steps to preserve and maintain a thin body.

Here again, I note that grasping for life is meaningless if there is no selfishness. And for what to catch, if it is not? We only had enough for what we ourselves identified. But we are not it!

At that moment, when a person really knows what it is – something quite different and higher, it is no longer enough for their ideas about themselves.

Moreover, we do not cling to the body for sure. It can any other option. Remember, a writer of science fiction Belyaev in “Professor Dowell’s Head”, this head in some nutrient solution living? In fact, already, and the body is not present …

When you know what you are, you are no longer enough for what you are not. You, in fact, begins to be fazed by it. This is only the fear of death disappears once and for all. Because you forget about it, forget about a shirt that you wore ten years ago. Where is she now? Rotted on some garbage. You think about it a lot? No. You do not care to her. In the same way here: the person ceases to take care of this whole mechanism, and it is perhaps the highest degree of lack of selfishness. The highest degree.

Student: But it’s already full enlightenment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is the complete liberation, total independence of anything. And usually they say: “Oh, how bad, poor guy: his body and everything will fall apart, and he will remain without a body.” But no reason not in a hurry to think about this question, and in fact, usually when a person reaches this ability, he can create in its own body. He can throw one body and then create another, can go into it. That is, as the distance of selfishness begin to come to some kind of abilities that seem to us absolutely fantastic.

Student: So, you can always maintain the body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. From here all of the many stories of the immortals. A common thread runs through alchemy theme – the elixir of immortality.

Sometimes people ask, and, indeed, reality or fiction – immortality? And the answer to this question is simple. From the point of view of your presentation that you will have eternal burgher body that will forever suffer from something in some embalmed form – that you call immortality? So it can be easily achieved, as they say, many spiritual traditions. Indeed there are practices, there is a special chemical drugs. In ancient times, it was probably more widely known than ours, and this plan was a lot of immortals.

Student: Maintaining some energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, just to maintain the body.

Do you have a shirt, and you can use it as you please, but you can blow off every speck of dust from her, not subjected to any impacts or soak it some liquid which would not have given her to collapse. But this fluid can not give a break down, it can only slow down the process of destruction.

Actually, this process can not be called immortality. Because, from the point of view of human, to live ten thousand years seems to immortality. And live a million? Yes, no one even thought so!

That’s all they say: “I want to live forever.” But a more detailed study you realize that there is a limit of this “eternal” life for him – is 10-20 thousand years, not more. For further starts to change everything: he was accustomed to the Stone Age, and now you have some rocket planes fly. Therefore, it is easy to achieve immortality. But actually it is not immortal, and life extension of 20-30 thousand years.

Student: Yes, but in any case, all that is born, is destroyed.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! How would you not embalmed his shirt, you know that sooner or later it will break up into atoms. Because, in the end, the atoms themselves also disintegrate. Accordingly, the structure falls. And there is the concept of “true immortality”.

Student: What does this mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: True immortality – when you do not have enough for this shirt and do not try to embalm it, and when you, for it is not clinging, it can always play when you need it. You’ve got destroyed, but immortality is achieved as it is not in terms of shirts, that is not a selfish point of view.

After all, when a person says, “I want to immortality”, he wants immortality is not your “I” and your selfishness. He wants his presentation of himself canned. Billionaire wants immortality. And also want to be bald, with gold teeth or platinum, or has false teeth, old tycoon controls everything, sitting on Wall Street. And in this state he dreams still live, live and live. He clings to immortality. Or rather, for what he calls immortality. And in fact, it clings only for the maintenance of the shell. It it is not. Therefore, it is not immortality – it does not understand that.

But true immortality – this is when you really are immortal in terms of absolute than twenty thousand years, a hundred thousand years, not even in a million. In general, in principle, it is the time. And you do not cling to the form. But you do not lose the thread, which we would like to death forget. You do not lose the thread.

Therefore, an immortal can die and be born. Interestingly enough, huh? Immortal, who died and was born! In general, nonsense! Yes? He dies and is born without losing the continuity of this perception, consciousness. That is for him, as a game, as a transition from one room to another. Or higher immortality, when a person really has risen to this level.

That’s it for such immortality really all aspire. Everything else will say it again – it’s just embalming. It is a living corpse – walked, powdery some powder so as not crumbled.

Achieved immortality only in the absence of lust for life. A thirst for life disappear only with the disappearance of egoism. It is useless to fight with a thirst for life. Whether you arbitrarily brave. I was told, for example, that, well, that’s the kind of person foolhardy. I usually say that it is not foolhardy. He was blunt. He does not understand the danger. If he felt it thoroughly and understand, he immediately woke up this instinct, if you will, a quality – a thirst for life. And he still would squeal and did not do so recklessly. But sometimes it’s just a feeling dulled. This degree rather stupidity, not cool.

This coolness arises only if you overcome the thirst for life by dissolving the ego. If there is no ego in you, then you really have no fear of death. Because, then, what is going to die?

Student: “I” – it and is immortal.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I” is immortal, and a stream of consciousness, “I” is not lost.

With the death of consciousness starts to rush, and forget all born as white as it seems sheet. Thus, we have five components, which, in general, determine our behavior.

The first – a total, global ignorance. This field. It, accordingly, – the foundation of our selfishness.

The total ignorance says that we are all confused, all wrong perceive one another feel, another – something third. In our particular case, when it is evident ignorance, we begin to consider themselves not what we are. As a consequence we to strive for something, that is pleasant to the body, with which we associate ourselves, or, conversely, avoid something – what, in our opinion, this body is not helpful.

And to top it somehow manifested this lust for life as a whole crown.

Breaking separately for each component of the building is very hard. The easiest way to break when he beat the ground from under the feet – to destroy ignorance. Then all the rest of the column “beautiful” from here these qualities – desire, hatred – will fall themselves. The beat should be the place where the easiest to break, but not where it is harder. The easiest way to break ignorance.

That such a comment can be given on the ninth aphorism of Chapter Two “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali with commentary of Vyasa.

10. These [affects] in the “small” state eliminated by coagulation [activities of consciousness]

Comment Vyasa: The five passions, like calcined [the fire] seeds are killed along with the dissolution of [in their first cause] of consciousness, which controls vital functions of the yogi. As stable (affects], existing in a state of seed, [even able to bear fruit], then …

Student: continue to the next, eleventh, aphorism …

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, we have considered five passions that affect our consciousness and make him not be concentrated.

That is, they do not allow it affects, sooner or later change the refraction of consciousness in the mind substance. This occurs largely because of these five passion. We have listed them: ignorance, selfishness, craving for something to buy, a passionate aversion to something and lust for life.

They are subject to, first of all, ignorance. Ignorance, referred to his “I” leads to selfishness.

In the future, we associate our “I” to what we are not – with your mind, with your body.

There are some phenomena and objects that are delivered to our body pleasure, we understand that, and it causes longing. There are also other moments, events that carry our body, our mind displeasure, pain, suffering, and we are trying to get rid of them. That is, we identify ourselves with a piece, roughly speaking, meat. If the meat is something nice, we are committed to this, and if it is unpleasant, we are of this, on the contrary, in every possible way tried to shove. As a result of all this there is such a thing as a thirst for life. Anything that threatens this piece of meat, we perceive as imminent death, and in every possible way from this leave. And all that, on the contrary, promotes, we are for it and cling to attract.

But again, remember: the root cause – ignorance. We suddenly felt like a piece of meat, and begin to take care of this piece of meat, as if it would have been us. Of course, a piece of meat could fall apart. Of course, it is something that can hurt, and that, on the contrary, help. Here we are involved in this process for the survival of the race, the race for the maintenance of the existence of this conglomerate of the gross body and of the mind that leads to a thirst for life.

Here are the five passions.

All other blackout moments – emotions, events, displays, greed, anger, jealousy, and so on – is largely derivative. They are derived from the above-mentioned basic affects.

Disciple: How to fight with them, with those affects?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wrestle as follows: first they weaken through practice, and then, when they are completely in a weakened state, but nevertheless still able to germinate, we finally ignited the passions, making them unviable. A calcined thin practices – practices of discrimination, knowledge acquisition practices.

Student: What does this mean? What do we understand? Acquiring knowledge of what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Knowledge, first of all, what we are, what is our “I”. After that, no one can affect not bear fruit.

So, here we have, in our garden grew weeds. Rapid color. And they grew. It does not pass among them. What are we doing?

We practice the method at first cut down the most obvious weeds, because each of them thousands and thousands of seeds throws, then sow our soil. But even after we removed all the weeds in this field, where there are no visible weeds and their seeds were left, and the next year, as soon as any conditions, all the same to grow in new ways. To avoid this, it is necessary to somehow qualitatively change the situation, in particular, if it were possible to take – and ignited the whole soil. Burn. Then even the seeds of weeds that are in it, will remain approximately the same in appearance, but they can not cause darkening effect on our consciousness. The same principle works and yoga.

Go ahead.

11. their functioning should be eliminated through yogic contemplation.

Comment Vyasa: Manifestations of affect in their rough form, after they have been weakened yoga activities should be handled by [discriminating] comprehension, [that is, the respective type] yogic contemplation, until they are brought to the “fine” state, and then to a state of “roasted seed”. Just as the first shaken rough stain on your clothes, and then removed and thin with [certain] efforts and [various] means, and “coarse” manifestations of affect [require] an insignificant opposition, and “thin” – counter very large.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the same theme. When you see the field, completely overgrown with weeds, even though it looks and looks menacing no one, however, does not prevent you from it all cut down. It’s easy, and it clearly: time-time-time, chopped, were – did not.

Sometimes this section, where, as in the jungle – not pass. Just do not pass! I have a memory of childhood was one such site, completely overgrown with reeds. And it was necessary to cut down, and it is not enough that is overgrown with reeds, he was still creeping plants was stranded. There simply could not pass, and it is a very big impression. Indeed, like a jungle. It took a lot of effort to make it all cut down. But there were the seeds. It seems everything has already been cut down and burned, apparently, open field. But first, the seeds remain, and secondly, in roots reeds remained. A reed – a very interesting plant, like bamboo: if a small piece of root left in the ground, you can take it, cut into small-small pieces, and from every tiny piece will grow a new shoot. They are weak, but still growing! And that feeling that you in fact ever made, and it continues to rise again …

In yoga, we see the same effects. Oddly enough, when we begin to practice yoga, we quite quickly reach some supernormal abilities, we quickly reach those or other results, sometimes quickly reach some unusual lifestyle. For example, the person is removed, for example, somewhere to practice – and cut down all the weeds. Once the sun shone, it became it is spacious, and it such a joyful, returns again to life. But inside there still remain seeds. And so he finds himself in an ordinary situation of life, lives, lives and suddenly notices with horror for themselves, something with which he fought, again begins to grow, imperceptibly, slowly, just on the other side.

For the same reason, gross manifestations of various affects can be cut down quite easily, but get rid of the seeds, which are only waiting for an opportune moment to grow – it’s hard enough. To get rid of them, you need enough thin meditation, meditation, first, discernment, awareness of the fact, as the one or the other affect occurs. Thus, we seem to localize the seeds in the soil. And after we found them, and localized, we ignited them once and for all in the highest concentration of the fire, the higher samadhi. And then they will not bear fruit. But it is clear that dig small seed is much more difficult than to cut down a large tree-large.

Then go!

12. Hidden potency of karma, having [his] affects the root, can be felt [like] in the visible, [and] in the invisible [forms of] birth.

Vyasa Comment: In this connection, the latent potency of good and bad karma arises from desire, greed, anger and blinding. And it [this hidden potency], can be felt in both the visible [ie present], birth, and the birth of the unseen [ie, future].

Here [hidden potency], which is implemented with a high degree of intensity by chanting mantras, spiritual, yogic concentration or because of the veneration of Ishvara, bozhestv- [mentors], the great Rishis and worthy of high respect for individuals, immediately brings the [relevant] result. This is a hidden potency of good karma.

Similarly, when time and time again is caused by the evil those gripped by fear, sick or maimed, or those who are gullible or those who are worthy of high respect, or devotees, while due to the high intensity of the passion that the latent potentiality of bad karma and brings immediate results .

Just as the young Naidishvara, leaving his human form, he transformed into a god, and Nahusa, ruler of the gods, leaving its form of existence, incarnate in the animal world 1.

As for the inhabitants of the hells, that they have no hidden potency of karma, which can be felt in the visible birth [ie their cash existence], and those who are completely freed from the passions, no hidden potency of karma, which can be felt in the unseen birth.

Disciple: Everything.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, the concept of karma here presented in two forms. This so-called actual and latent karma karma.

Here we lived once millions of their previous lives, and have implications on how we have lived.

So, even in our present existence of karma is manifested in two forms. The first – the karma that has already bears fruit, and we are certain birth, in such and such circumstances, and our life expectancy should, under these conditions, be determined in such a period. But, nevertheless, we carry a still and other imprints of karma, which can not grow in this birth, because there is no proper conditions. And they may be waiting for the next birthday, so there is already manifest in full.

Accordingly, there is a reverse situation. Suppose a man has lived half his life, God knows how. Then he begins to practice yoga, this yoga and suddenly he starts to go with terrible force, that is, he succeeds more than another man who spent his adult life doing this.

Student: Why is it happening?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that’s the very reason which creates favorable conditions for the deployment of positive karma! And as is likely, this person in a previous life already engaged in yoga, in this life, he quickly came to the level at which he finished in a past life.

That is good karma, so can sometimes occur very quickly and very strongly.

Pianists and violinists already famous as a child begin to play and for some few years reach such skills, the approach to which the common man needed several decades. That is the hidden, invisible karma began to emerge. It was up to the moment when the man began to study music and started to practice yoga, but it was invisible. She was present: we can not say that the man has not been this good karma. It was, but it did not show. And as soon as the appropriate time has come, this karma immediately turned around, she did not wait for a second.

Similarly behaves and negative karma. Sometimes a person is born in a very respectable family, is quite decent, decent way of life, and all say: “Oh, what was amazing and wonderful” But upon reaching a certain age, or contact with certain conditions, or even for some reason-or, suddenly everything changes. And the man out of the good turns into evil. It appears some completely wrong inclinations, and all say: “How can this be? In a good family, with such good parents, with such well-bred manners, how could such a person appear angry? “This is the same situation. That is inside napped grain that karma. And while he was a small, one prevailed chi – positive, but there were grains of bad karma. As soon as this is an appropriate period, this negative karma immediately apparent. Therefore, we, in whatever state we may be, do not know his previous karma, we do not remember it, we do not know past lives.

Student: Can you remember?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Basically here, of course, is talking about past lives. In this life, it is clear: everything in this life – visible karma, karma unfolded.

Student: Let’s say, in the fifteen years I stole someone’s ball or committed some other action. It is possible to calculate the karma not what count, and …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To what result it will lead in the future?

Student: Yes. I have someone could steal in the future?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Generally speaking, a person who has been practicing yoga for a long time, and develop their abilities, including intellectual, intuition starts to work, direct apprehension. He begins to see the karma of not only their own but also other people’s karma.

Student: No, I mean …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Consequences, huh?

As a consequence, it can sometimes count to which a particular result or that result in early action. But as a rule, even highly developed yogi can not unequivocally say that. Because even if someone stole the ball, because it was also a consequence of some other karma. Perhaps even in previous lives. And what color she was, we do not know. Sometimes seemingly negative points are based on the profound positive aspects. Sometimes it seems that some external manifestation in the same direction, but in reality the situation that led to it, in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is very difficult to calculate. Very, very much.

Student: But moments like that happens to me now … Let’s meet old friends, girlfriends, somehow intersect with them … Can we assume that this is a consequence of early action?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sometimes, yes. This is another point you raised.

Student: long …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, debt.

It was said in the commentary that the more a person develops, the less he remains hidden karma. Not obvious and hidden. In humans, it is not a saint at all, there are no hidden seeds. And if by chance they start to appear, say, a holy man committed this or that act, the fruits of his catch up in this life, they do not wait for the next life. No queues, you know?

Student: Yes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Therefore, it is believed that this is a very good sign, when life does not wait for your next birthday to you, so to speak, has changed the situation. Already in this life, you have the opportunity to disengage, to disperse and never with it does not collide.

It’s, you know, just as a man once that something did not complete, and it hangs on it. It takes a certain number of years, and life puts him in the exact same situation. Maybe with other actors or details. Clearly, the same situation can not be played – the world is changing. But for some specific criteria the situation is the same. And in this time, in a new time, a person goes through it in a dignified manner. That is the way he wanted to do it. And yet. All karma sold, you worked for it.

But it’s like predicting the weather for the signs. If we consider the absolute point of view, you need to know: we have karma unfolded and there are internal seeds. And in the long run no matter what the seeds. It does not matter what you did before.

If you do bad things, and you have a full determination of their intention never to do, you just know it all. Here, firstly, it acts aspiration. And secondly, the power of yoga you can burn the seeds, without waiting for the order that they appear in front of you on a gross basis, in the form of a phenomenon is usually negative.

That is what it was, it was. The fact that there already is. We have to think about what will be.

Student: That is all that happens – a consequence of the results that have been before?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course.

Student: And then the ratio should be not involved: you just worked through it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is very good, if you know it! This is a godsend when you see the consequences of their actions have once.

Student: Why is it a gift?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because you begin to understand the law of cause and effect.

After all, why so many continue to do bad things? They continue to do so for one reason only: they are not sufficiently developed to see cause and effect. If these people at least for a moment saw the consequence of their actions, I assure you, they all instantly changed.

If you meet any hardened recidivist, terry this completely impenetrable, you know, he is only one reason: he does not see the fruits of their actions. So his thick bandage, a veil before the eyes, and on the other side – so much energy that it continues in the direction of doing something. When it’s retribution, it is usually inclined to relate it to something else. He says: “Behold, what a coincidence,” Once again, useful for someone to rob, and here it is necessary, accidentally put it.

There are no accidents! It’s just a law of works: what is happening to him – a product of his own action. And here it turns out that sort of thing … If this man showed all the intricacies of karma as one action through a complex chain of quite unpredictably led to another, if this person even for a second to realize it, he would have immediately changed, even if he is five hundred million time repeat offender and his whole life just doing violence.

This level of ignorance, it is the degree of misunderstanding.

If you have in this life like mechanism works, then you know: it means that you are taught. Moreover, no teaching in abstract terms of theory, but in terms of life. And when, you know, convinced in his own skin, that the law is working, you start to believe in it. You begin to understand that this is not a naked abstraction, a fiction of some sort of yogis who had nothing to do, so they invent laws. And you start to have to act according to these rules. But we do touch on this topic later.

Student: I would like to clarify even a moment … Here is a man committed many negative actions, then decided to take up yoga, went to the cave, long practiced and made a lot of positive karma in terms of energy. He took power, expanded his consciousness and then again returns to the world. There’s a lot going on with him. Karma is executed, but he no longer suffers from his karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

Student: Is that possible?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course! And it is calculated. You know, the Buddhists have a saying: “There were suffering, but there is no suffering.”

This is a philosophical question …

When I was little, I broke the machine. So much grief there! And now, when this same machine was broken, I was neither cold nor hot. Thus, when you something happens or some circumstance occurs, the fact that it happens does not mean anything. Important is your reaction to this! But this is one side.

The other side: optional redemption of karma happens as you think; it is not necessary for you to come in this way, how do you expect. Moreover, in this fact, perhaps the beauty that you have, as it were in one direction, and recoverable in a different way. Because you differently closer. It happens too.

And the last thing … You know, there are good Christians saying: “Farewell to others, and you will be forgiven.”

If you’re faced with someone else who is just like you, through ignorance, doing something not quite acceptable, then surely you do not have to be an idiot. Of course, you have this situation somehow affect in a positive light. But even if you do affects it positively, this situation still leaves a feeling inside the smoldering resentment, or something like that. It is very difficult to understand the principles: to do everything possible that would prevent a similar situation, but on the other hand – goodbye. And you forgive. That is how you will forgive, and you will forgive. How did the Christians says: how you forgive your debtors, and heavenly Father will forgive you. Also, you see, you should, as it were in one direction, and you give the other. And it compensates …

But in Christianity, this principle is considered from a religious point of view. Although yoga does acknowledge the existence of a supreme being, the Absolute, God, but you can actually explain this mechanism without involving God.

Here’s how to fit Buddhists: they are also by and large does not recognize the existence of the Creator. They do not have an absolute God. That’s the …

Student: No particular individual?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, they have no personal God who created everything. It is in this way, one of the big differences between yoga and Buddhism, but I mean the differences on some verbal metaphysics

Student: Even in Tantric Buddhism …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And about Tantric Buddhism in general is difficult to say something. The fact is that by and large differences are not. Because talking about God – it is talking about something transcendent.

Disciple: Just do not talk about it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They just do not talk about it. And they ask: why?

You know, we got used to blame everything on the president. Somewhere burst the faucet, and everyone says, “Oh, blame President! He should have been!”

Or salary not paid any local official local workers, and all say that the President is guilty. President – neither sleep nor spirit. Well, you guys, imagine this officer chosen in elections next that it you so? You yourself have chosen it themselves gave rise to this situation, and now foaming at the president, saying that he must answer for everything.

Well, of course, the president should be responsible for everything, then he and the president. But still it is necessary to zdravomyslyasche to this approach. The first reason, the fundamental – is you. You yourself have chosen this officer, and he punishes you now. Yes? Similarly, in Buddhism. It is said that there is no need some phenomena in life to explain the essence of attracting such as God. It’s too big. Some points can be easily explained, without rising above any regional or district level, or village level. Yes, you will be examined there with his collective farm chairman, to reason with him. No need to go to the top!

That’s about the same, and Buddhists in his theory of karma (cause and effect) shows that a lot is due to the mechanistic approach: should – give, right?

Or has created a situation – be kind, be patient a consequence of this situation, a certain closure, that is …

Everything that we do – it’s cause and effect. In the future, there will still be a lot of talk about karma.

Let’s go further!

13. In the presence of root maturation [hidden potency of karma causes] a form of existence, life expectancy and life experience.

Comment Vyasa: Hidden potency of karma begins to bear fruit [only] in cash affects, but [then] when the root affects uprooted. Just as a grain of rice, covered with husks, [or] the seeds are not burned by fire, able to germinate, but [then] when they are threshed or calcined in the fire, and the latent potency of karma becomes able to bear fruit, [only] when it shrouded affects, but not when it affects or eliminated when their seeds calcined fire of true knowledge. And it’s maturing [the fruit of karma] – three kinds: the form of birth, life and [life] experience.

In this connection, the following [question] is whether one karma [ie single action], the cause of a single birth or karma causes one manifold [form] birth? And the second question is whether the diverse karma diverse [form] of birth, or the diverse karma is [only] one birth is wrong [to believe] that one karma is [producing] the reason [only] one birth?.

– Why?

– Because [then] in the world of living things would disappear assurance of safety due to the lack of regularity in the sequence of 1, [the implementation of] the results of the [action] and activity accumulated throughout beginningless time, and innumerable and not implemented.

This nepriemlemo.S the other hand, one karma is the cause of multiple forms of birth.

– Why?

– Because if every single action of a variety of action is the cause of multiple forms of birth, [here] that the time for implementation of the results of the rest [of action] does not exist, and it is also nepriemlemo.Dalee, diverse karma too can be the cause of many births .

– Why?

– Many of birth does not occur at the same time; [Here] need to talk about their sequence. Thus, it is [assumption] leads to error already mentioned above. Therefore diverse accumulation of hidden potentialities good and bad activities [accumulation], which occurs in the interval between the birth and death of, based on the existence and support overriding [factors] 2. It is shown at the end of life, [when], being combined in a single effort 3 [and] cause death, [then] becomes energy and produces only one [new | birth. And the birth, [that is, a form of existence], finds its duration, it is due to this action. Throughout the existence of life experience [and] it is due to this deystviem.Eta hidden potency of karma is called triple maturation [investigation] due to the fact that it has the property of being the cause of the birth, life and [the relevant] experience. Therefore, the latent potency of karma is considered to be related to the existence of one 4.Odnako [when its effect] to be tested in the “birth of the visible,” that because of the property of being the cause of [the relevant] experience, it is the beginning of the maturation of [the investigation], and due to the property of being the cause of [the relevant] experience and longevity, it is the beginning of the maturation of the two [the consequences], as is the case with Nandisvara or Nahushey.No this consciousness like a fishing net, fully covered tightened knots from beginningless time oversaturated traces [unconscious ] impression that formed as a result of experiencing the results of [former] affects and karma. Thus, these impressions precedes unconscious more than one exist. As for the hidden potency of karma, it is considered that it belongs to only one suschestvovaniyu.Te Sanskar, which are the causes of memory, and there is [nothing but as] the traces of unconscious impressions, and they exist for a time without beginning. As for the hidden potency of karma, which refers [only] one life, it is set as the maturation of the investigation, and the maturation of an unspecified investigation. It traced a pattern: set the maturation of the investigation shall be tested in the visible, [ie present], birth, whereas the maturation of an unspecified consequences should be tested in the unseen [ie the future, forms of] birth.

– Why?

– Because that [hidden potency of karma], which should be tested in the invisible [forms of] birth and maturation of the investigation which is not established, has three [possible] outcomes: the elimination of the created [Karma] without investigation maturation, or dissolving in a predominant action, or long existence in conditions of subordination to the prevailing action, which inevitably brings sledstvie.Zdes eliminating created [karma] without maturation of [the relevant] investigation is the same as the elimination of “black” karma as a result of “light” karma already this [birth ]. As stated in this regard, “really, you should know that there are two, and only two [types] Action: private collection of [the consequences], created with good [deeds], destroys [the set of consequences] negative actions. Therefore, strive to make [a] good actions in this life. [So] the wise explain to you, [there is] karma “.Rastvorenie in prevailing action [should be understood according to] what is said as follows:” If there is a small admixture of [unwholesome activity], then it is easily removable; it is easy to be ignored, because it is not enough to eliminate the good. “

– Why?

-. Because in my case I made a lot of other good (Action] And when this [an admixture of unwholesome] dissolved [in the prevailing action], even in heaven reduce [a consequence of good actions] it can in a very small degree.

– But what is this – a long existence in conditions of subordination to the prevailing action?

– [Explain]: in the case where there is an action, a consequence which inevitably has to be gained in the experience of the invisible, [the future of] birth, death [as such] is called a common cause of the manifestation of this [action]. However, when [action] with an unidentified maturation of the investigation, which should be tested in an invisible birth, it is not. On the contrary, as long until conditions are ripe, forcing manifest a common cause of action 5, the effect of which is to be tested in an invisible birth and maturation of the investigation is not set, it can be either interrupted or dissolved [in another action] or staying waiting [for the hour), being for a long time subordinate [the main action] .Vvidu lack of certainty about the place, time and reason maturation results [action] the path of karma is extremely varied and difficult knowable. [Nevertheless], because exceptions do not eliminate the general rule 6, the latent potency of karma is understood [Us | as referring only to one [cash] existence.

Disciple: Everything.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Complex, of course, an explanation. But let’s look at it.

So, karma, karma is any defined by three characteristics: the shape of birth, experience during this birth, life expectancy at birth.

Whatever you do in this life, all in the long run, after the time of death leads to the following result, which leads to new birth somewhere with a corresponding new life expectancy and relevant experience in this new birth. It highlights some of reckoning.

That person says, “There once lived, lived the life, done so many good things, so many negative aspects.” In addition, the previous life of grain added, had not managed to grow in this life (as the positive aspects and negative). It’s all mixed together, they weighed. Mostly positive thing – so the next life will be here in this positive development. The good news unfold, but the seeds of negative will wait for the right moment to turn around then too.

Moreover, a person can live a life, save a lot of positive moments and to be born in heaven, in some paradise, and then, having exhausted a positive thing, take some action, and if the balance will tilt the other way, he may be born in a certain bad world. So from life to life is transmitted as the actual actions taken in this life and the seeds that we drag from beginningless birth. Why is it important to prove? Here you steal a watermelon somebody. Will this lead to the consequence that in the future you would steal a watermelon, too, or do you steal twenty apples? Does one action will lead to a single investigation or one action leads to a variety of consequences?

Disciple: How it responds yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: She says that it is not clear!

Observe how the road goes. Initially, she was alone, and then – again! – Broken into two, and then each of the two – even a dozen sections. And here they go-go-go, then – again! – Some merged with another one, and then poured a third. There are times when all merges into one, and then diverge again, huh? This is exactly the same and karma. Individual karma can lead to a single effect, and the plural. Similarly, multiple pieces of karma will merge into one big negative. You know, listen to stories like crumbling Roman Empire: many factors suddenly happened, like, even random (some crop failure, riot what some slaves, the occurrence of a sudden in the neighboring state of a king who becomes unfriendly, then any military chief It is a traitor). In general, lots of little things happened in that empire collapsed.

Or is there a point of view, why the Great October Socialist Revolution was accomplished in our country in the seventeenth year. Some say that it was all an accident. And start to enumerate what the First World War, were all at the front, all the most honest, capable people – officers – have been at the front, fought. Had they are inside the country, they, of course, in three days would be knocked down any rebellion. Or, say, Grisha Rasputin before that somehow not so influenced by the king, and the king gave bad guidance military commanders. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the Germans rather than to arrest, on the contrary, strongly promoted. They say that was a bad strategy, and lists a large number of factors. And this stuff piled up, piled up, accumulated, and then – bang! – And for such a tremendous, if you will, the result came to the unit. Power capsized. And yet! And the 70 years it was the main theme for reflection and discussion.

Wise person who practices yoga, very attentive to detail. A pile of little things together sometimes leads to disastrous and fatal outcome. A can be, and vice versa, when one some potent, both positive and negative, leading to a series of small, splits into a heap.

But the fact remains. By the end of life you come to some set of positive and negative trends. And if at the time of death of the positive trends more than the negative, then the next your birth will be positive. Positive as it will block the negative. But if on the contrary at the time of death, you go, as they say, “down.” That is, in the next life you will have a fairly grim experience. So we drag for a car of positive cases wagon negative cases. Until we have something to do in a positive way, we neutralize the negative. But negative does not disappear. It is – for us.

Disciple: There still needs to be defined, in fact, that there is positive and what is negative.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I understand. Here, the “positive” and “negative” – it is not our everyday concepts. How do you say … It is important, what emotions do you feel at this. Significantly no objective presence or absence of something, but how you feel about it. That is, you perceive it as suffering, or do you take it as a pleasure. Thus, we get rid of the analysis of each particular situation. Just say that to you no matter what happens, it leads you to a state of joy or sorrow (I do not see a neutral point – where it feels balanced). If you come to a state of joy, it is good karma. If a state of sadness …

Student: Then easier to say that karma – it is generally the whole set of impressions in the subconscious, positive and negative. Here lived the life of a person, and he can say in the end of his life: “Yes, I lived in the most positive impressions of life survived.” And the other one can say that it is more negative impressions of life gained. This is karma? Although, it is possible to accumulate the negative impressions, being a millionaire, for example. And you can be a janitor, and a lot of positive impressions dial.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolute truth! Yes, that’s the whole point. This is karma-yoga, oddly enough, the most heavily discussed when put to the question: what you want: you want happiness, or you want your idea of happiness? It’s two different things!

We sometimes think that our happiness depends on those or other conditions. That’ll be a millionaire – will be happy, and if I’m a janitor, I’ll be miserable. But it is, by and large, stupid.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, because it may happen that you will become a millionaire, but he will continue to be miserable, but for some other reasons, not money, and emotional. Or maybe vice versa. You will become a janitor, but you will practice some big yoga with your partner and everything will turn into happiness for you. Everything. You’ll relish every morning to go out and sweep their streets.

That is, we can not say that some objective points clearly say what will be our inner response to it. Then go!

Student: It’s hard to read this text …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: heavy, heavy. Comments are very heavy in Vyasa, but …

Student: 14th aphorism.

Comments to the aphorisms 1 to 13 of Chapter II “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali



1.1. The Sanskrit text atapasvin. Vacaspati Mishra says in a comment: “penance or asceticism (tapas), plays a supporting role as an additional tool (upayatopayoginam) implementation yoga» [TV I. 1, p. 59].


1.2. The Sanskrit text pratyupasthitavisayajala. Avg. mayajala image in the Buddhist canonical texts.


1.3. Avg. [YS I. 23 and 27], as well as our comments 27.1.


2.1. The Sanskrit text anaprasavadharminah – letters. “Characterized by inactivity.”


2.2. The Sanskrit text prati prasavdya kalpisyante. Vacaspati Mishra explains: “… [it] is dissolved (pravilaya) .- Why? – Because its function is completed. It is called so in so far as its function, which consists in the fact, to initiate the investigation (karyya) in the modes, complete »[TV II. 2, p. 60].


3.1. The sutra avidya’smitdrdgadvesd’bhinivesah pahca klesdh. Interestingly, in the list of major abhidharmistskom flared (affects) listed raga (passion), pratigha (disgust), of mana (arrogance), avidya (ignorance), vicikitsa (skepticism) and drsti (wrong views). See. [AS, p. 69-70].

3.2. On maturation steps (kannavipaka), which determines the shape of the new birth (jati), life expectancy (ayuh) and the type of experience (bhoga), see. (YS II. 13].


4.1. The Sanskrit text prasupta (sleeping), tanu (weakened), vicchinna (interrupted) and udana (fully deployed).


4.2. The original Sanskrit dagdha – letters. “Burned.”


4.3. Pratipaksabhavana, t. E. The cultivation of opposites. Vacaspati Mishra says in a comment: “… for example, the opposite of ignorance (avidya) stands true knowledge (samyagjnana)». See. [TV II. 4, p. 62].


4.4. The Sanskrit text here anuserate (cf.. Anusaya abhidharmistskoy in psychology [AKB I. 4, p. 3]). In his translation of John. Woods leads Balarama interpretation, according to which should be understood as anuserate anugata bhavanti (become inherent in). See. [Woods, 1914, p. 108, n. 2].


5.1. The Sanskrit text bdhyopakarai) a. Balarama explains: “… Such as sons, or cattle, or servants, or bed, or seats which are not ‘I’ See [Woods, 1914, p.. Ill, annotated. W].


6.1. There can be another interpretation: “Purusha – the ability of absolute knowledge, Buddhi – instrumental vision ability (darsanasakti)».


6.2. The Sanskrit text, respectively bhoktr – «the one who enjoys” and bhogya – «what should enjoy.”


6.3. According Vacaspati Misra, this statement belongs Panchashikhe. See. Also [Woods, 1914, p. 115, n. I]. There is also a comparison with the “Bhagavad Gita» (VI. 41).


8.1. Another translation: “based on memory of past suffering» (duhkhanusmrtipurva).

9.1. The Sanskrit text svarasavahi, t. E. Attachment to life is certainly an instinctive character.


12.1. J.. Woods identifies the example given by Vyasa, with a fragment of the “Mahabharata» (V. 17). See. [Woods, 1914, p. 121, n. 4].


13.1. The Sanskrit text aniyamdt – «because of the lack of immutability.” According to the interpretation of S. Dasgupta, there is no assurance that the results (fruit) will be uncovered in a certain life, because it will take infinite time to eliminate karma has accumulated. ” See. [Dasgupta, 1920, p. 108-109].


13.2. The Sanskrit text here pradhdnopasarjanabhavena.


13.3. The Sanskrit text ekapraghattakena militvd.


13.4. According to the interpretation of S. Dasgupta, ekabhava means “one life», a ekabhavika – «a product of life”, or what has been accumulated in one life. When viewed from this perspective, karmasaya can be countered vasana, which are accumulated over thousands of lives and consciousness, “permeated” by them, reminiscent of the network for fishing, entirely consisting of nodes. See. [Dasgupta, 1920, p. 109-NO].


13.5. Another possible interpretation of the phrase: “… until the display condition (abhivyanjaka) common action does not make it the cause (nimitta) fruiting (vipaka – the letters” ripening “, ie the investigation…).”


13.6. There utsarga – a general rule, a apavada – exception. 14.1. The Sanskrit text pratikuldtmakam – «that is contrary (opposite) nature.”




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