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Are you searching for on-line yoga university? It is available on the site for everyone and for FREE. There you will have step-by-step classes on various yoga topics. You choose how fast you want to learn.


Yoga Instructor Programme

If you are willing to learn yoga more seriously for yourself or even want to become a yoga teacher:

  1. Join now! Start and continue to study at your own pace the classes for free on the site
  2. Pass Yoga IQ test and course 000 on, submit homework for course 000 and an application for the admission along with a motivation letter. Successful applicants will be contacted for Skype interview.

This is 2-year (108-week) programme – Associate Degree. You will learn to give yoga classes on 4 basic Yoga types: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Pranayama Yoga. You will learn basic Yoga theory, including Axiomatics of Yoga.

What we offer?

·         Interesting programme to learn

·         Weekly classes (2 academic hours) with best Open Yoga teachers

·         You can learn at time suitable for you

·         On average 6 hours per week + personal yoga practice from 30 minutes per day

·         It is serious learning process

·         Testing

·         Personal mentor

·         Reasonable price, 60 credits required

·         After this training you are eligible to apply for Bachelor programme (+2 more years)

·         Programme is real life-oriented and you will be able to apply the knowledge in your everyday life easily.


Let me introduce you to International Open Yoga Foundation – Europe

This organization is responsible for the distribution of yoga knowledge in English-speaking countries. For this purpose we have created our internet Yoga Courses available at Place to go, if you want to learn yoga from very basics, step by step, at your own pace and without leaving your screens.

Also our organization has exclusive rights to train and certify Open Yoga Instructors and Teachers who are going to offer classes to English-speaking people worldwide. Their first step is to pass on-line courses and see how you can grow professional and help people around the world or simply learn yoga on completely different and higher level.

If you are looking for qualified and professional yoga teachers then check the site there you can find all certified Open Yoga Instructors and Teachers as well as more detailed information about them. 

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