2. What is the goal of yoga?

The goal of yoga is to achieve freedom over all limiting factors. As a result of acquiring this freedom amazing abilities appear as we see sometimes demonstrated by yogis controlling their physical bodies, mental and psychic powers, which seem to be fantastic for ordinary people.

It is not the goal of yoga to get a beautiful, strong, ageless body, to get rid of stresses, to develop  intellectual abilities, to use hidden psychic powers, and more. These are only “free apps” or a side-effects from self-exploration.

The goal of yoga is very high. It is a complete freedom over any known and unknown restrictions and conditions. Therefore, we can say that only the system of self-exploration, which leads a person to the true unconditional freedom through self-knowledge and through knowledge of the universe can be named YOGA.

If any system of views enslaves people, intimidates, weakens their mind and will, makes them dependent and lacking initiative then this system is not yoga. Yoga says, that people should be free from everything, even from yoga, if it makes them limited. It should be also remembered that the reverse side of freedom is responsibility. If you aspire to your personal freedom and at the same time infringe upon or ignore the freedom of other living beings, then you only make your situation more complicated in the future. We can achieve the highest ideal of freedom for ourselves, first of all, through helping others in gaining their freedom.

We can achieve personal freedom only provided that the freedom of others is not reduced. It is called responsibility. It is impossible to achieve freedom by ignoring the responsibility. If you meet a person, who demonstrates the permissive behavior infringing freedom and interests of others, telling that these are ideas of yoga , know, such person has nothing to do with yoga.


If your freedom is based on the lack of freedom of others, sooner or later your freedom will get limited.

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