2007.10.27 Seminar on Raja yoga


2007.10.27 Seminar on Raja yoga


Seminar on Raja yoga

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

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2007.10.27 Cultural center “Enlightenment”


School Ananthaswamy

Raja yoga – the Royal yoga.

The theme of today’s seminar – Raja yoga. The theme is very topical, very strong and practical. This is the section that, as nowhere else can be useful in our daily life: at work, or in performing any serious responsible action. And, of course, that always raises the question of how to Express this doctrine. This doctrine, on the one hand very practical, the other has a very high philosophical depth. The name Raja yoga, can be translated as the Royal yoga, the outcome of the Royal way.

First, we will discuss the basic operating principles of this yoga, and then directly to exercises that will allow us to implement these principles in our practice, in our daily lives.


The axioms of Raja yoga.

The first in Raja yoga we each have our “I”. This is a fundamental point. Here in a world of many religions. Someone says that there is a God, someone said that there is an absolute, someone says there is a great void, some space is some function. In General, a lot of any beliefs, thoughts, and philosophies about what is outside of us. Strictly speaking, a Raja yoga is somewhat on the reverse side. She says, yeah, maybe it makes sense to consider everything outside, but not before we understand who we are.

Here each of us here feels that there is. Can you believe in God, you can not believe, you believe in yoga or not to believe, be confusing to understand something or do not understand. In fact, from the position of Raja yoga it is not important. The main thing – the state of awareness of what we are and we exist. The feeling of being, the existence of our “I”. So this is the main starting point, from which, in General, all starts. But before we get to this point, we slightly remember Jnana yoga.

According to Jnana yoga, the whole world and ourselves made absolute. Each of us has our “I” is a part of the absolute. This piece was separated from the whole fact that in Jnana yoga this is called Maya. Mysterious and very interesting phenomenon. And that Maya has separated us from the absolute, so the nature of our “I”, the nature of our deeper self is, in General, the nature of the absolute. In the future, the absolute has created what is called consciousness and energy, and consciousness and energy created all the objects and phenomena in the Universe. That is, if you take any phenomenon, any object, you will find a certain energy, a certain manifestation either in matter or in the action what can be called the energy manifestation. Actually, the Sanskrit is more describes how the word “Shakti”. We will use the word “energy”. Tthis energy is penetrated with the rays of consciousness and gives birth to a particular object or phenomenon. Thus was created all the objects and phenomena. In this sense, all the manifestations around you – this is the manifestation of consciousness and energy as the absolute, and numerous living beings. But here we take a look at some from the other side. Side this next. Here there are things that we do and we obey. Such a thing as power, for example. There are people who manage and the people they govern. And there are some processes that obey higher processes. That is such a hierarchy. And we are all faced with this problem, with the concept of power, with the notion that something dominant, something in control, and that, on the contrary, subject to it. Here it is with the application of such a principle and was developed by Raja yoga.

A few words about the yoga. Sometimes the term Raja yoga to understand the last stage of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The famous eight stages, the last stage is the ability to disable the senses from sense objects, concentration, increased concentration, then the concentration of an extreme degree, which is called Samadhi. Sometimes called Raja yoga is the doctrine, the doctrine of managing their thought forms, their thought processes. Sometimes under Raja yoga is understood in a more utilitarian form of yoga, which is primarily designed for people, the power of reproof. For those people, who by a twist of karma, destiny is designed to manage. They are designed to organize something, to say something, something to manipulate, if you wish, you might say. In ancient times, if we remember how it was arranged, the government of India, there were many fragmented principalities. At the head of each Principality stood the Raja, that is a small king. And this king had to control their territory, had to maintain an army of Ministers, conduct of the war, to encourage science. If a bad year, to help farmers survive. In General, all these functions were assigned entirely to Raju. And yoga is exactly for such people, clothed with power, sometimes also called Raja yoga. In fact, no contradiction between these two approaches there. It is, in fact, the same description, but with different positions. Why? Because the last stage of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali leads us to such as the ability to manage.



Hierarchy in Raja yoga.

To understand all these stairs, all of this chain, suffice it to recall either his personal example or from any materials that people have different ways of dealing with the control function. There are people who are perfectly able to control other people, circumstances, things. If such a person put in charge of the company, the head of state, at the head there of the country or some activities, it all starts to go successfully and it’s great. At the same time there are people who do not possess this quality. If they are put on the position, they all collapsed, they even the most successful company went bankrupt, where no one would stumble, they stumble, subordinates them will scatter, etc., etc. That is such a factor, which is called authority. That’s why some people have this ability, others not. And that’s just the point of this ability is engaged in Raja yoga.

According to the philosophy of everything, there is some such that is the structure, the structure of subordination. Here we have our “I”, we have our body. We have consciousness and energy. We have our body consisting of many cells and organs.

Every cell lives its own life. And even if you suddenly die, some time, the cell continues to live, of course, after some time dies. That is, if we consider the structure of our body, it turns out that like any country there are many people, each of which performs a particular function, just as well, and we manage his body. We submit every cell inside your body. We do it, usually unknowingly, because this mechanism has long been lined up. But it turns out that our “I” controls billions and billions of “I”. Each of our cells has its own separate “I”. Our “I” manages “Me.” And these “I” of each cell not only accept this power, but still is considered a blessing to fulfill our will. It’s a pyramid hierarchy. That’s just as well the people who run the country, the enterprise and the way, they also stand over the “I” of their subordinates. And most interesting is that subordinates are happy to take this guide will. That is, the law is similar in this happens absolutely everywhere. And if we understand it, we are approaching these management principles. If we don’t understand it, we are transformed into pseudo-leaders, pseudo-generals that their army destroyed. And these principles are common, starting from molecules, some microparticles to the person above, everything is on the same circuit. But the question arises: why are “I”, which is able to control the “I” of other people? Raja yoga immediately gives the answer. The more people savesonnet the “I”, the more he has the ability to subdue the “I” of others. Sometimes I hear all sorts of debates about how the country should be arranged. Someone says, “Let’s reanimate the king”, or “No, let’s have democracy”. But from the point of view of unity of command, from the point of view of Raja yoga, at certain stages, in certain cases, none of what democracy is and can be no question.

Imagine if in your body will start democracy. If not that rigid subordination, if your liver or your stomach decides that you need to go in a different direction. Not how to act. You will die. By the way, some believe that all these disease, when our cells turn into mutants, getting very fruitful and then it leads to the death of a person, it’s just that’s the case, when pulled out from the subordination of the individual “I”. Our “I” cannot subordinate the “I” of the individual, each our organ, each of our cells. Similarly, in the state. As soon as any marginalized group, criminal group, which is not subject to this “I” country, then the country is falling apart. As soon as any firm starts a dual power when there is a control center, but other centers casts doubt on this authority, the firm is falling apart. That is, a democracy or a provision stating that there may be different points of view – it certainly is and it should be – equality. Equality, but not at the level of the processes where there should be subordination. As soon as this rigid subordination is broken, it leads to the most terrible tragic consequences. That’s why the science of management is so important. She’s even cruel. But this cruelty in order to prevent greater violence.

Do you remember the principle of Ahimsa. Unfortunately, we never can live without killing anyone. Here I’ve got now is a disease-causing microbe, he also has the right to life. He is also living entity. But if I give him the opportunity to breed, he’ll kill me, my body will fall apart. So the protective forces my body mercilessly destroyed. And doctors will even tell you how many hazardous microorganisms inside our body consumes. We give them will – they will destroy us. That is cut, as if authority, a slice of the struggle for existence in the most active stage, unfortunately or fortunately, is observed on the level of management. Can’t have two centers that would be managed, for example, our body. As soon as they appear, it means that someone else’s “I” in the form of dangerous diseases dwell in you and is trying to take over your cells. Tibetan doctors sometimes have been able to stop the plague. Of course, they used there methods quarantine methods and medicines. But, oddly enough, they had methods, it is very difficult to understand us. Many pathogenic bacteria, one gets, starts to breed and kill the patient. If he killed one patient and broke free, the other caught, more successful. The disease is on the rise. With each victory, the disease becomes stronger and stronger. So the Tibetan doctors, they tried to find the “I” of this disease. Well, that is, that there are many cells of the plague. At first glance, they all scattered, but in fact, there is “I” which controls the disease. And if you destroy this “I”, all the parts themselves were dead. They is sometimes managed, for Westerners incomprehensible methods, but it is sometimes said that the shaman expelled the evil spirit. The spirit gone, sickness gone. And for us, for Western ideas is something exotic. But if you look at this situation from the point of view of Raja yoga, that everything is subject to something, it is quite logical. Imagine that someone else’s “I” is invading your body, trying to “I” your cells into submission already not your “I” and “Me” of this disease. You start to die. In this sense, no democracy, no pluralism of opinions. You know, right? Either you survive, or disease. That is, it is such a facet of Raja yoga, which discourages many. Because we still behaved in such a civilized environment, where such guidelines. Well, we are sometimes overly coddle those manifestations with which we have to be fair and even cruel. And at the same time, we do not pay attention to what should be given. It scares many, many think it’s terrible. If we are going to study Raja yoga, we this should not scare. We should do no harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary. But if we are talking about survival, if we are talking about the spread of the epidemic if we are talking about distributing some of obscurantism, which is sometimes worse than the epidemic, there is already someone trying to snatch our “I’s” what it directs. Here we must clearly defend their position. In fact, everything is arranged according to this hierarchy, everything. You have your “I”, your “I” is the will, your “I” is consciousness and energy, and your “I” with the consciousness and energy controls the minds and energies of every cell in your body. Every cell in your body has its own consciousness and energy, is very small. But in order to do its useful work, that is enough. And here’s your “I” manages these multiple “I” of your cells. While your “I” is strong, so you hang in there, no sickness, nothing terrible. Only the power of your “I” reeled, as there is also a virus, a disease-causing microbe that is trying to seize power and, as a rule, the result is to destroy the whole situation. Similarly, as in the state.

There is a ruler of this state, for example, in India’s Raja. He has his “I”, he has his mind and his energy. He’s got employees that it manages. Every subordinate is doing his job. But they are all subject to the Rajah. As soon as the power of Raja staggered, the barbarians some are trying to take over or something and God forbid, capture, all, the state collapses. Or it devours the neighboring state, which in this case attaches it to his body, like when we take the Apple, eat. There, too, because millions of cells are living, and alive, but they become part of us. That is the law, once again, he’s tough. He is not like many such pseudomomentum. Why? Because, here, you know, as Africa was? In Africa people are starving. Let’s we give them food, let’s them medical supplies. Food delivered, the medication was taken. If before there born, nine of ten died, and now there are these nine survive. The number starts to grow, they need more food, opens up the famine. They are moving to cities, cities to do absolutely nothing, they are in the lap of nature was a natural, and in the cities, they all turn into some aggressive killers and other misfits. As a result… Who gave birth? Can be more humane to leave them alone. Don’t give them no medicine, no food. Why? Yes, because they are in their jungle and we made it ourselves… And that we sometimes here these humanistic intervention make things worse. That’s why, again and again, that some things when opened on its underside, a diametrical change. There is a saying: “Good intentions road to hell is paved”. Often we find ourselves in the same situation.



The answers to the questions.

Question: Very often the dictatorship borders on tyranny. It is very similar concepts… can’t manage excessively?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely you are right. Yes, all necessary measure. Everything needs balance. So, the balance sheet, for example, if we consider Raj. Raja climbs in each specific situation. But he correctly assigns people to their places, if he sees that the laws are enforced. There are smart viziers who think the whole situation is the army that will follow the order, there are merchants. And the Raja, he controls everything. Another situation where this power start to abuse it. When you start not in the state, and their personal motives, it turns into a harsh dictatorship. To some extent it does exist, but then usually falls apart. Drain some of the structure is not at the expense of others. But someone calls the dictatorship, someone calls the procedure. But this is a very slippery border. I remember at the time I studied Finance, and cited the example of Chile, at all on hearing this dictator Pinochet. Oh, how he is a bad uncle! Recently, the old man seen again on TV, something he again tried, as he died. But at the same time if it’s economy and standard of living has increased so dramatically that many people even forgave all his crimes, he waved his hand, that is, it was so necessary. Similarly, we are sometimes oppressed his own body to achieve some great goal, for example, a student before exam not eating, not sleeping, getting ready. He actually behaves like a tyrant like a despot. Because it suppresses your body. The body wants to play, not sit behind a textbook. Why should he? That is always a fine line. We can’t say: this is tyranny it’s not tyranny. Or, say, state, you are someone attacked. You must repel this enemy, just need to mobilize. This, incidentally, is one of the methods which we then consider how to use a mobilization like this component it is possible to make the leap. So, this is called the power.

The method of the power for spiritual development.

And the question arises: who is worthy of power? Well, if in the case of our body, it is clear that our “I” is much higher than the “I” of each individual cell and here, in General, the question is not, someone who must obey. But exactly the same principle is at the level when going, say, in the state a lot of people and someone becomes the head of state. Where is the criterion that this person is worthy of power, and another not worthy? Raja yoga in this sense is very hard doctrine. It’s not much like it. The more people savesonnet the “I”, the more he has the right to power. The more one learned his own “I” know him, the more he is entitled to power and second, that sometimes poorly understood, he has the ability to retain power. Because the government can get randomly, but it has a tendency to escape from the hands of a person unworthy of power.

In Raja yoga uses this method of power for spiritual development. If you are in authority, and we all sooner or later are rewarded with power, well, if not in relation to the entire country, in relation to a group of people or towards their children or towards those for whom we are responsible, we have some powers. How to use this situation in order to make progress in their spiritual development? We considered such a position that any yoga at its core is a method how to get rid of illusions. And so Raja yoga is Royal such a method which provides a way not only to get rid of illusions, but still use this illusion for the subordination of others. That is all this world is the world of illusion, but this illusion is beyond our control. If the methods of yoga, we gain the ability to manage this illusion, and this illusion affects the mind of all other people, we, roughly speaking, controlled and their minds. This is what the ancient yogic texts called “Lord of illusions”. That is, those who manage the life of everything and everyone.

The main method in Raja yoga is to overcome the illusion. First, in relation to his own “I”, and as soon as we overcome the illusion against your own “I” and aware than we really are, then there is the ability to manage this illusion, and this illusion keeps in subordination all the others. Again, very many do not like, “Well, how is it that with the illusion we have someone to obey, someone not controlled”. Yes, the way of the world. Hence we make the next step directly related to us. And the situation here that if we want to develop the ability to subordinate, we must, first and foremost, to know your own “I”. And the first steps in Raja yoga begins with the knowledge of the self. Or at least closer to what is our own “I”. And in this sense there are different methods to know what we are and what we are not.




Methods to know what we are and what we are not.

This practice, one of them is meditation to realize that “I” is not the physical body. I’m not thinking, I am not feelings, I’m a higher, transcendent that controls this, but it is not.

I will refer to some of the Tibetan practices. There is such a practice, by the way, this practice leads to the ability to manage disease epidemics. This practice of “chod festival” is called in Tibet. There are a lot of variants of its implementation, one is that, the yogi sits and meditates, as it rots the body and falls off. Meditates, as it was plagued by some evil creature, you begin to tear off pieces of meat. And he brings this meditation to this degree of realism, as if someone really would have torn him to pieces. And so, after performing this meditation, he realizes that Yes, his body is destroyed, but there was something inside. Left thoughts, left some feelings. Thus, it from the gross physical body goes to slim the body and realizes that the physical body is only the rough shell, wearing our “I”. Inside is a more subtle sheath of the thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, ideas. Then he begins to meditate.

This technique is called “cutting off hope and fear”. That is, we all have hopes, we strive for something, we have fear of something, but something we fear panic. One thought about the fact that this can happen makes us shake. So, yogi, meditation, which he destroyed all of his body starts to lose the most horrific scenarios and watching them. And sooner or later realizes that with time he kind of pulls away from the thoughts and fear. This is a serious second level. You know, there’s a thought that is like a nail red-hot, kind of a pain sometimes pierces. It may be, thoughts of jealousy, it may be thoughts of fear or something else that knocks us. So, this meditation as if a person begins to realize that, Yes, these thoughts, there is a reaction, but in the background the observer of it all. Thus, the person is still closer to being “me”. The next step is the most difficult.

Is to abandon all ideas about yourself. We consider ourselves to be men or women, we think of ourselves as intelligent or stupid, we have ours, his own view of ourselves. I consider myself beautiful and smart, I consider myself ugly and stupid and so on and so forth. But these views have no relationship to our self. “I” is transcendent. And here again is a long meditation we have to reject this view. So with these steps we start to approach his “I”. And, as a rule, the closer we approached, the more we realized the “I” and then, later in life, we have seen the power of dominance, control, to a greater extent.

They usually say this: “This such a successful leader because he’s experienced.” And, indeed, during the experiment he experienced various scrapes, which is equivalent to the meditation of the yogi, practiced this all inside. But the man passed through a lot, looks much easier. And, indeed, the person who something for a long time engaged, then it becomes more powerful. But you can go even faster expensive. Do not wait until the destiny you will have to arrange exams, and in itself to generate these scenarios and, moreover, to emerge victorious. This is one of the methods of Raja yoga, which we will discuss in the future. Directly through meditation to acquire a certain quality.

Oh, and finally, Raja yoga is a situation that can be subjugate only one who knows how to obey. A huge number of people trying to seize power, they have nothing, although they possess the experience and knowledge. But they are not the main thing – as if they fell from this hierarchy. Such a person is not subject to the higher, the higher spiritual laws. Therefore, if a person has this awareness of higher and higher he takes it, he gets up in the pyramid. If not, he wants to dominate, and he doesn’t want to obey. This does not happen.

Technical point of Raja yoga, which we must from the outset remember, says that if we want someone or something outside, we need to be able to subordinate themselves to themselves. Impossible to subdue someone outside, if we do not know how to subordinate themselves, meaning your own body, your own thoughts, your own mind itself. These, at first glance, such simple axioms, but they strangely work as long as they are not realized until they are implemented, we will occupy in this respect a secondary position.

Now the most interesting. It only seems to us that we want to dominate. Actually none of us authorities do not want. We would agree that above us was a very intelligent chief, who would have thought through all the steps in advance. And he thought that I had it, so I was happy that I was there then, behold and fifth. That is, we have some dreams, right? Imagine that! is head that says, “Everything will be as you want. But you have to, then go the spiritual way.” We would have gladly accepted his command. Therefore, when you encounter the problem to subordinate, to obey, you must understand that the one who takes the responsibility for you, the one who stands at the head, he roughly takes you from your headache. And we would love to be subordinated to the Higher one, if we would see it higher. If we knew that, Yes, indeed, this head will lead us to a brighter future, Yes! Therefore, when the power comes without realization of Raja yoga, it turns into a curse. It seems to us that so good to be a Minister of something or the President. This is a huge burden, a huge tension.

But, on the other hand, we all must go through this. That is, it seems to us that we want power, actually none of us authorities do not want to, but we still must go through the government, because it is the law of nature. We need to expand, expand and expand. We must expand your consciousness and your energy, to subjugate the others, a little more consciousness and a little energy for the good of us and those whom we submit. So, as is the case with our body. Imagine I have cell, little she has her “I”. I have my “I”. The objective of this cell is to live life to rise to the next evolutionary stage. I give her that right, but in exchange, I ask her: “Well, and you serve in my body there metabolism some exercise. I’m giving you the opportunity of spiritual growth within my body, and you give me the opportunity of a lifetime in this physical body”. This is a very profitable exchange. As for me and “I” of this little cell. Therefore, the power is, first and foremost, a situation where everyone is happy. There are times, indeed, when it is necessary to try very much. But in the longer term, should be all satisfied. If the situation is, you hold the power, you hold your body. But if this situation is not, your body will crumble. Or your business will crumble. Here’s a rough analysis of Raja yoga.


Question: the theory or doctrine implies a rigid hierarchy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Again, here I sit in my body. How I got to be the dominant consciousness? One. Not two, not three, not five. One, my consciousness of myself. Not the neighbor, not someone there, then. Here there is no democracy, can not be inside your body. Or, recall a situation early nineties in our country. Is there any firm or any stall, had what was then called the “roof”. In law enforcement, any gang structures, and so on. That is a lot of the mafia that walk, roam the country and each of them, there’s something. So, there must be only one mafia – state. Not that the state itself, the bandits themselves, the law enforcement agencies themselves. So, it is same that the body, in which the plague, and cholera, and God knows what. They take away. Therefore, a rigid hierarchy. Unfortunately, there is no other way.

Question: there is a popular theory of controlled chaos. Especially in creative businesses. That is, there can be no rigid hierarchy. How to coordinate the processes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great question. The question boils down yoga to the combination of the method of consciousness and the method of energy. Consider it more simply. I ate the Apple, I need to digest this piece of Apple, right? Actually I Directive to control the cells of his stomach that they were doing something, and can tell them: “okay, guys, here it is, the challenge.” What you have there is, you will be there to fulfil all this, I would you delegate authority to your cellular level to understand ourselves, to Express his little mind in the solution of concrete tasks. But your decision should be under my tightly centralized control, well, places it to you will solve their problems. This is an attempt to connect what is called the yoga of consciousness method and the method of energy. I will give an analogy. From time to time, I watch TV and wonder how much is still the same mistake, which comes people. We should have market economy or planned? Remember the Soviet years, they try something gag do immediately crush. Then came the reformers said, “no, No, guys. Nothing at all to do. Let all of it done.” Released, nothing is done. On the contrary, I know these cases, a large enterprise, he was given the freedom to “Do what you want”. Instead of making money, all the staff sawed the equipment for non-ferrous metals and sold. There machine a million dollars worth, and that on the tube. But for example, there are moments where the mind intervenes, it is only all blocks. And therefore, the wise yogi always uses two methods. General Directive: step left, step right are not allowed, but: for God’s sake, whatever you like, whatever you want to do. In ancient texts it is sometimes compared to a vine. Here’s a vine, you know, sort of plant. It curls-curls, but if it remains without support, he dies. He must be bearing. She cling to him and big, then. Here similarly here. Attempt bringing, on the one hand, as if of chaos, but on the other hand, chaos some, it just combines the minds of each employee in the workplace in precisely the manner in which he understands better than even the leader, who may be a veteran, but he can’t at the same time to do everything. Here, incidentally, is so arranged our body. After all, we are, we are one consciousness but we are not aware of the processes of digestion as long as any problems happens, and the stomach starts to hurt. All processes inside us we delegate to its cells. We say, “Well, you are my servant. You have every cell is your “I”. This “I” is the consciousness, small, maybe it is limited, and energy. Here you let it, then, and act”.

And the method from here immediately born. If you want to have a body work better, you can talk with this on. You know, right? You can refer to it as you would, of course, not as equals, but imagine how you’d treat a dog, cat, endowed with the same intelligence, but more primitive, but also responsive. As a result, then in the West a huge number of all sorts of methods of anger management and other things. “My hand is getting warmer,” or “I disappear this, that, fifth and tenth”. Sometimes they achieve great results, but sometimes no result with this method, the person is not reached. And further we will discuss why.

Again, in any structure, one “I”, one consciousness and one energy, the overall policy line. But it is the common consciousness and energy, that “I” can delegate more little “I’s” that make up the organization, powers. Below on the ground there, everyone did everything, but the General unity of command there should be one. This applies to state, this applies to our body. And this, if it does threaten the entire Universe, for the Universe. Only absolute, single, drives this Universe. Know yoga away from religion, but if you use terms or those of other faiths, up there not two gods, not three, not five, but one. That is the principle and it is very hard. Again, once it is broken, as a rule, the structure disappears. Democracy can be at the level that’s just when it flows in the framework of the chosen strategy. But if all to neglect, democracy sometimes leads to unexpected options. Not sure if you know this or not, that Hitler came to power in the most democratic way? But as they say, politics was not looking, whom to put into power. That is, sometimes these conversations to God knows where to go. But at the same time, some level of decision-making is sometimes good, when several points of view. We would like to delegate some of the secondary questions for discussion, and the spirit must be one. Which of this another interesting finding. It’s a little ways from the practical some of the exercises that we do, but it is interesting. Every country has their “I”. And as long as the “I” of this country alive, nothing to do with the country impossible, unless the polls to destroy every human being. Even if you kill nine-tenths, but one-tenth will remain a General sense of consciousness and energy, the country will rise again. This is manifested in different ways. This is manifested in a common cultural tradition, common language, and so the question of nationality in yoga at all. If you live in the country and feel part of the country, you already belong to this country, regardless of biological affiliation. Yes, you can be an African, to come here from Ethiopia, but you’re still part of the country, do you think in a single field. As each “I” has its own destiny, that is, we take “I” of our country and we pay for it. First, the “I” of this country enables us to develop, on the other hand, we are working in this country. However, yoga in this respect is even more cosmopolitan. They say that the result is, in General, to consider “I” Land, where each world is like a cell in our body is also at a very high space theme. But let’s say each country has its own goal. But one fact I do admit that in the East somehow the best hope, strangely, lay on Russia. That’s exactly how they not talking about Russia, talking about the territory. This is the territory like that. It calms me a few after I see what we have here is a mess, I amuse myself with the hope that a bright future awaits us. But if, again, consider the situation from the standpoint of Raja yoga, if the “I” of our country will Wake up and savesonnet itself, the country quickly enough will get stronger and all the problems we now face, we’ll forget in five years. Will remember as a nightmare. But this, however, does not mean that we will not have five years of other issues, that’s another story. So we have two positions in the analysis. The first is the conventional scientific approach, where we say: “Here is the enterprise. Here are the methods of enterprise management. Here some kind of analysis, then, this and this”. This approach of science. He’s absolutely wonderful, absolutely wonderful. He is the Supreme, just take off the hat. But there is an alternative approach to the analysis of the same. But if you analyze the enterprise from the standpoint of the people, but from the standpoint of a living organism. Here there are many people as if it was a cell, there is a control center, there are features and so on. Then, on the other hand, you will be able to understand a completely different classifications, including the finish this enterprise. It is possible to predict the fate! Not on the basis of some numbers, as is done, but from other points of view. As if we have experienced it a living creature. And again, we have the opportunity to influence, as well as Tibetan lamas affect the “I” of plague or cholera. They do not kill every single microbe, they are looking like the soul of all these bacteria and fight directly with this pernicious soul. If they win, the pathogenic microbes themselves disappear. This principle of hierarchy, principle of Raja yoga. this results in the fact that in ancient times, and now people with this ability are even some awe, superstitious fear. That is, a man who by the power of his thoughts can make you think like him, all the rest. Or this hopeless situation, they all say that everything is bad, everything will collapse. Comes a man: “no, guys. It will live”. Begins to do something, and it begins to live. And that’s the difference between an ordinary person of such a person whether he is a Raja yogi or not. Finally, who controls all life on Earth? If you read different religious or yogic sources that there are some Mahatma or souls who run the events, directing them, one by one, different scenario. Sometimes it gets a little creepy. Well, what is this Mahatma? Gave us here the fascism, the Second world war? Anything else could not come up with? But, on the other hand, we don’t know, could be much worse. Nuclear weapons could ever come up with, and so on and so forth. Therefore, there is a point which concerns, in particular, and our science, which, as a rule, people with a very high degree of Raja yoga, these teachers of mankind, they had no time to give to open those or other laws, they just slow down the discovery. At first glance it looks monstrous. Someone else’s power slows our progress, and on the other hand, everything is very clear. While the child is small, it is impossible to give him a hand grenade, he crippled himself, and many others. That is just as well, as long as our humanity itself is not aware of, it is believed that certain laws we do not open, certain laws will not come to us. Why am I still talking? Saying is that if a person begins to study Raja yoga, he opens what is called the supernormal, and if the person with these abilities is starting too active to behave not for the benefit of all living beings, the universe pushes on the second level.

Why? Because before we even through walls and pass through the air to fly. Believe me, if today, someone was flying through the air, tomorrow the military will figure out how to cover up bombs to hit the enemy. Now, the next idea. Once you learn to read minds with absolute certainty, believe me, you’re gonna be bandits that will force, or propose that money. Temptation, Yes? So if you have superpowers while yoga is a very serious sign on the way. Let it be your support, may it be supportive, let it be your tool to help other living beings. But try this to demonstrate never anyone. Why? Because the reaction of the Universe it will be disproportionately inadequate. That’s why in the first place in all books on Raja yoga warn about this, because technology is strong, powerful and techniques that you do not that bait. Now come across a huge number of practices of Raja yoga, topics, open these now become something of the practices pull out and create a new partition of some psycho. Sometimes in business, sometimes in your personal life. How to manage the evil competitors the power of thought at a distance, right? Here’s a training. Or how to enchant a man in three days? Or a woman for five? This is an attempt to pull out from the context of Raja yoga these methods to present them in common language, psychology and thrown out into the world, but at the same time, without saying a word, first, about moral responsibility, about doing no harm to any living creature. After all, any yoga, it’s sanity, goodness, help someone else. Not that you transform into the evil Kashchei the Immortal, or even some marginal character with superhuman abilities and begin all around build. It is this method, this other method. Do not buy! Why? Because real power only in the consciousness “I”. If the awareness of “I” no, all these trainings that you go, the more evil the trainings, they have some time to work: days three, four, five, two weeks, and then will also disappear.

Question: Twenty-fifth frame. This is from the same series?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Twenty-fifth frame. Well, not really the same. I will explain, we go to the movies or went before, a movie is shown in theaters. So does the human brain that takes picture, if you change it at a speed of twenty four frames per second. And our brain picks up the difference, so we see movement. But if with greater speed, twenty-five or thirty frames per second, fast flash, then if you insert any image, a drop down from a number, it is bypassing the conscious mind, leaving the subconscious. And this is the tool to brainwash or encode, as they say. In fact it has failed miserably. A lot of hopes pinned psychologists in the sixties, trying to develop methods of hidden advertising, trying to learn techniques such indoctrination. It failed. Why? Because everyone has a different degree of mental perception. But generally speaking, it is an attempt of manipulation. We’ll talk more about this attempt of manipulation in advertising. Each of you now faces is on TV, to extend your consciousness and, as a consequence, your energy, expressed in money. Still talk about it, about this law. If you control the consciousness of another person, you control its energy, that is, to control the purse of the potential buyer, it is necessary to attract his attention. And all of the ensuing moments.


Question: what are the stages is determined that the “I” of humanity itself is not aware of?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, to a certain extent it is aware. But the animal is also self-aware.


Question: And on what grounds? Due to disunity? Violence?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course.


Question: neuro-linguistic programming. What is it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s just one of those techniques.


Question: is This harmful technique work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This technique was born from two Sciences to yoga. One is called Mantra yoga, the other Raja yoga. At the intersection there, if we take the active principle.

Question: so they threw up, huh?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And all vomited. I am in my life have not seen any psychological original teachings. It’s either a very well forgotten old, or not so well forgotten old. Unfortunately, psychologists of God unit.

You will be taken to a new place of work of the enterprise or any group of people. Try to perform this new place not from the standpoint of our ordinary mind that it’s just, well, somehow it happened. But from the standpoint that where you go, there “I” and there are some goals that “I” have some money and some symptoms. Again, this may be your illness – runny nose, it may be the country in which you arrived, this may be the feeling of your own body or just what you face. So, everything that happens is “I”. Sometimes this “I” is elusive. A gust of wind, the wind came. You can say a gust of wind. While the ancient shaman would have said, “the spirit of the wind” and the wind is his body. And one of them is closer to the truth? The scientist says: “what a spirit body? It’s just the sun warmed the earth, the air up”. A reasonable explanation. The shaman would not be to get into it. And the yogi will say, “Yes, in General, by and large both are right”. And the scientist is right. Because the process begins as he is born. And it is not necessary to engage in mythmaking. You know what they say? The wind from the trees sway. But, on the other hand, if there is a manifestation of energy, then according to the axioms of yoga are manifestations of the consciousness behind the energy. And if there is manifestation of consciousness and energy, we can speak about a certain “I’m” of a certain soul, which controls the consciousness and the energy. Thus, it is so beautiful, very graceful transition from our Western science to what is called “shamanism”, to the fact that in Brazil some shaman communicates with the spirit of water or with the spirit of the tree. And gets results that Western man never dreamed of. Western doctors are fighting tirelessly to cure this or that disease. People come to the shaman, the one, something in the drum beat, jumped. Hop! Healing!

The position of the Raja yoga which neglects neither the first nor the second. And I urge that we all had such a position in the study of Raja yoga. Common sense is very hard, no need to invent some entity out there where you can explain everything and no entity. But, on the other hand, attempt to look at everything as alive, built into the pyramid of subordination. And then you double-win. You and the scientists you speak his language, and you’ll have to talk with the shaman of the Brazilian jungle, and you’ll understand it. Why? Because the reality is more complex and this just teaches Raja yoga. Let this emotional state you will be. First, it is common sense, and secondly, openness of mind. So we have moved to a more practical presentation of the fundamentals of Raja yoga.

So, what does Raja yoga? Raja yoga begins with awareness of self. So, the first. Without the awareness of “I” there is no Raja yoga. And the second here. Directly proportional to the realization of his “I” man gets power over himself and over all others. And now a quick explanation. You come to some lovely psycho. For two weeks you will instill a thought: “You’re the strongest, you are the most courageous, you are strong, you are successful, you are resistible” and so on. You will cheat-cheat-cheat, you will after this training and, indeed, two months you all will be like clockwork. And then all times and to “no” will do. To the following, other training. Why did you come to nothing? The answer is this. When you cheat, you believe that the words of the other person. And as long as you believe him you believe in his omnipotence, and, believing in his omnipotence, you show it. And then you stopped believing this man and this philosophy or something, you start to put inside yourself challenged and all this as in a swamp, melts, melts, it goes-the goes and no goes. So you have a foothold in your success was that you said that you are the most good or the most intelligent. But the life you gave another person who is more clever man. And you have put yourself into question. You said, “You are the most beautiful.” But there was another girl, even more beautiful, and you have questioned and doubted ourselves. All these psycho pump you this confidence. Pumped-pumped-pumped like a balloon go like this, and then any trouble is like a needle. Wham! And the ball was blown away. And what’s the point, I passed the psych eval, passed. Still don’t believe in yourself. Or autogenic training. People sitting long meditation: “Behold, my hand is warm, my feet are warm, I’m the smartest, the most successful”. The next day nothing works. Why? One answer – the fulcrum. If the fulcrum – your notion of yourself, your mind, or something outside, then it’s a matter of time when this point of support will disappear, and all you gained will go into the swamp. The fulcrum should be only your “I”. Not what someone said you are smart, you at some time believed it, achieved success. Because then someone there who will tell you that you are a fool, and again, you’ll believe it, and you have all of the hands fell. The fulcrum must be steadfast. We have only one point of support. This is our “I”. If you rely on this point, and then use and autogenic training have you on “cheers” go! And any psycho to conduct business or negotiate or communicate on “cheers” go! There is a good technique. This is know as the lever. Remember Archimedes, who said: “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world.” Any psycho is a lever, but this lever must be something to Balk. It rests, as a rule, on something outside. Five years some new method of psychology is famous, all admire. Five years have passed – new things, about old generally forgotten. And so every five years, something new appears, the old disappears. Generally, it is in a circle it goes. Why? Because the old stops working, it is something relied, and on which it was based, were drowned. That means we need another point of support to look. And so it will be without end. Therefore the first thing to start Raja yoga, it is with awareness of self. If you’re aware of the “I”, all these psycho will work, if not, useless. To some extent, that you’ll get, but always leave.

Now the question is how to realize his “I”? What I mean by the word “I”? Well, first, the axiom. She’s really vague, but it’s still good. Our “I” is part of the absolute. It is indestructible, it is not exposed to the outside, he has no qualities, but it can be any quality. It possesses omniscience and omnipotence. In Sanskrit, the name of our “I” means Atma, Atma. The Greek word “atom” has the same meaning, it is something indivisible.


Question: Vadim, you can use that word – part of the absolute. Here in verbal wording you say “part of the absolute.” And when such words are said, it is immediately clear what is unclear.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But what I’m saying. This phrase was said and warned, this is a relative phrase. Why? Because it solves many purely psychological factors. Reminding myself that I am part of the absolute, we, as enemies come, I have them on the way to destroy, even without understanding what’s going on. Moreover, about absolute nothing to say. Here you can simply say: there is our “I”. We don’t know is the absolute, no absolute, there is a God, no God. I don’t know, I didn’t have the experience to realize it. But I know only one thing. I feel that inside of me there is “me”. But in some moments the with this wording, so it is not necessary, but sometimes it is useful to quickly to do something.


Question: what, then, is our “I” if it is devoid of qualities? Whose our, devoid of qualities?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this refers to our each individual.


Question: But it is devoid of qualities?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: devoid of Qualities. It is higher than quality.


Question: Even the person above?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. But it can occur in any qualities. It comes alive when we exercise quality. Our “I” is higher than the mind, higher than the concepts of space and time.


Question: Just how it can take for support, if we can’t understand?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: all techniques of yoga aim to we started to realize it. All the specific exercises in yoga are aimed at just that, we began to realize. But now we aren’t aware of.


Question: are we going now?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. We come to this, but before this approach, it is necessary to know where we are, in General, go.


Question: what exercise of yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Raja yoga and of all yogas.

The next moment. To control your body, your emotions and your mind we can, but if you have gone over them and do not confuse the “I”, respectively, with body, emotions and mind. Usually, when a person says “I” inside him is born. Here everyone can afford to say “I do” and here I am. This is such a conglomerate of things? Sensations, feelings, beliefs about yourself, plus, in General, a ball just. The man is rude, the emphasis shifted more on the physical body, and less on the emotions and the mind. We have, we already kind of aware that we our physical body – things, in General, different. So if I need painkillers I can’t feel my legs. Or it is, but, you know, my foot fell asleep, right? So I could not get up, yoga was overdo, like my foot, and like my. And it gives us to understand that we and our body are two different things. Here our emotions are closer to us, is more difficult to get rid of any thoughts, hardest to get rid of thoughts about himself. We have his own idea about himself. It is well established, it’s somewhere there in the subconscious, constantly hangs, but in the course of meditation and time, and this, according to yoga, it is possible to get rid of. And finally, most difficult, most fundamental, that’s where the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali” closely overlaps with Raja yoga in the management approach. Our “I” is not aware of itself, but it has two abilities. It is the ability of energy and the ability of consciousness. Ability of consciousness – to see, to highlight. So, our “I” instead of send, the ability of consciousness and to highlight itself begins to illuminate the mind. And the mind is absorbed, very thin and their structures. Hence, accordingly, until you realize that you and your body are two different things, to control the physical body, you can not. If you want a beautiful figure, and the figure that you have now, you don’t like, the first thing you should do is to understand that it is you and your physical body – the physical body, you do not have any relationship. As long as you even slightly feel the physical body, you will not be able to change it. You know, like Munchausen are not able to pull itself out of the swamp, until then you will not be able to change. But once in meditation, in understanding, in experience, sometimes after a person has stress that happens. Here he suddenly realizes that the body, it as a shirt. Here it is, whether there is, or not. Here is how – again! and a very clear feeling just suddenly comes. Why? Because we like a time and hung up. After that you can do with your figure all you want. And, indeed, methods of yoga, in this sense, a lot of that give. The same applies to emotions. As long as some thought will scare you and force to throw the adrenaline again. “And, iron I left at home! Ah, well you, damn it!” The chills left, all the people went to work, suddenly remembered. The thought of him – Bang! The adrenaline, everything. And he becomes a slave, he becomes like a zombie from the thought. Although this house turned out, it was his illusion. It is clear that we have a part of instinct that we make life easier. To hot to touch and, without hesitation, otdeleniem hand. These instincts are good, they helped us achieve the human body. But from a certain level, it begins to choke us. That is, we must learn to turn on and off these points. How this is achieved? This is achieved through meditation, and through thoughtlessness. Thoughts are displaced in two ways, the method of energy and method of consciousness. Method of energy – to go into the feeling, while maintaining the clarity of consciousness. Method consciousness is to concentrate on one idea, excluding all other thoughts.

Question: when is the technique of meditating on a spot on the wall, for example, focused, very serious. This is what will be method?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Meditation. You sit, and, let’s meditate on the sensations, autogenic training, “I feel warm in my hand.” It is, in General, meditation. So you go in feeling, but keeping the clarity. With this example, it is not quite decent. Yeah, that’s why the people there are sometimes drink vodka? The person haunted by thoughts, feelings, and he’s so excited, pours a glass, and the stress goes away, he stayed clear of the stress, but the thoughts left at the expense of feelings, as if he squeezed them. Well, it is clear that it leads to alcoholism. More legitimate method – that you, for example, in a bath of steam going. Here you have it thought, all the same, “the crocodile is not caught, does not grow a coconut…”. You went there, and the temperature, you went to the body with the same clarity of consciousness. Here is a meditation of energy. We will talk separately. They are the opposite of the meditation of consciousness. That you are sitting on a test, solve the problem. Thoughts in different directions, jump, and you have the answer to. Thought one, other, third, fourth, fifth, you chase them down with, “No, only think about the solution”. There is the thought: “What are you up to tonight?” “Move, move, move”. That’s the focus.

But now, finally, the most important thing in Raja yoga without which all we talked about, it was just talk. This is the principle of will. The will is higher than feelings, higher than the mind, higher than mind and higher than energy. Higher than an illusion, higher than Maya. Yes. Have to add necessary. Here, each of us sitting here right now and our goal is to become Raja yogis. For this we need to realize his “I”. As soon as we our selves are aware of, can use all the different methods of manipulation, all sorts of other practices. But our “I” is like a socket. Here we have a lot of household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine and so on. But if there is no outlet, where to stick, it’s all rubbish, scrap metal. You can throw away. It needs a source of strength, support. This pillar is our “I”. But the trouble is, we don’t realize our own “I”. What we call our own “I” is a tangle of associations and ideas that we bring from life to life. Again, here I am, here it is the body, so they thoughts, here it is the picture of yourself. I – man, I so many years, I know something, you don’t know something, I feel. That is, the conglomerate of sensations, thoughts, perceptions and, as a consequence, fears, preferences, and so forth, that’s the Union I call my “I”, and it all hangs in the plane of the mind. And my “I” over the mind. But my “I” illuminates the mind, and considers himself a mind, so all ideas about yourself I think is right. Although it is my “I” that hangs over the mind, is irrelevant. And our task is to realize that “I”. But we spent so long thinking I here it, what even am I telling you this, and we still don’t know which way to go, where to dig, where is this “I”? Where to look? Even then they say that the “I” – beyond time, beyond space. It seems like the direction either, look nowhere. Out of time. So the only thing we have left, we have this here thing called the will. A very strange thing, which we vaguely recognize, but as you progress, that is, our evolutionary, it is more and more will manifest. In English, the verb will – auxiliary verb of the future tense, it means also the future, and in the old the meaning of the expression. That is, I Queen Elizabeth, polishable will. That is, that’s the closest transmission. That is something that I, on the one hand, I want, I manifest, and it will be so. This is the part of the omnipotence that is in us. Will is higher than mind and higher than the energy higher than Maya. We may err, we may make mistake after mistake. We can read all the books on yoga, study them, and can not to study completely. But our success will, in itself, if we make a decision: “I decided to learn his “I”. And here is another item very interesting. In yoga it is called an element element of initiation or transmission. That is, in yoga it is believed that all practices and technology most quickly in yoga happen if you gave a transfer of this practice and technology. As the fire is lit from the fire, so the practice is passed from one to another. Note this interesting thing. The fact that you now know that you have your “I”, transcendent, omnipotent, to whom nothing can injure, to disturb, to which nothing is impossible. Or kill him not, no damage is impossible to bring, in General, nothing to do with him is impossible. You’ve heard from me, I heard from the teachers. That is, these words themselves are dedicated. It’s not about me personally, and in the knowledge that I have now sounded. On the one hand, you have the dedication, you know that you have your “I”, and, on the other hand, the next step, you have to valishvili it in yourself to open. And if you valueshave to discover our own “I”, you to open it. If this will not, you can still hang out in this intermediate state, identifying himself with his thoughts, with my body, many more billions of lives. Neither of which the power of speech can not be. It is necessary to remember that you all have your will. We usually vaguely understand what a will is, but somehow intuitively we understand what it is. That is, you want to be in my opinion. And in this case you want me to know your “I”.


Question: And is the desire of the “I” itself? Here the will is the property of “I”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. The will is a property “I” the strong property. Well, like, the “I” has no properties, it is rather a manifestation of omnipotence, which has “I”.

Question: has it any relevance to the discipline?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So we get this logical chain. In order to manage everything around, I can do that only in one case. I must learn to govern themselves. In order to control myself I must have this island frozen because, the fulcrum being where I can tell my body, thoughts and mind to obey. Otherwise, again, it’s like Baron Munchausen, who himself in the swamp and trying to pull himself out of the swamp. We must find the fulcrum. This anchor is our “I”. But the question is how to find him? The next step. We know that we have something called will and we voleizyavleniya to find. It then starts, in yoga with this decision. Raja yoga begins with this decision. We need to valishvili to open your “I”. As long as we don’t do this, “I” will continue to elude us. All attempt point to the “I”, they can no end. And finally, we remember that the will is a higher thing than the mind, higher than the energy higher than Maya. Will you exercise with clarity of consciousness, as Professor of philosophy, but it can be, being dead drunk, lying under a fence when your mind is absolutely unclear in which direction. You can exercise when you have a mind full of thoughts, subtle energies or even no idea. You know, sometimes say, “Why are you there and not made”? “I could not meet, could not comprehend, could not see, could not understand.” All these reservations are being taken for some of our functions of consciousness and energy. Was drunk, not seen. But this does not excuse for our expression. Our will is born inside under any circumstances, under any condition of the body. Whether you are mortally wounded or you are full health, on his deathbed, or you are just born with – always. At the time of death, and yoga believes that we die and are born again in another body, in the moment of death, when the interval between births. Here you have already died, according to your karma, to be born somewhere in other place, the mind is clouded by conditions of disintegration of your ideas. Energy also, body all dead and scary. But if you have the will, you can manage your future birth, use yoga to choose the place of future birth. That is, this here thing – the will is a key thing in Raja yoga. Again, you can be a Professor of philosophy, and can not be. But this does nothing says. If you direct will and valueshave, you tell your mind: “Oh, come on, darling, be you, my intelligence as a Professor of philosophy”. You know what would make the mind? The mind immediately starts to fulfill the order for one only reason. Nothing can withstand the onslaught of our will. There is nothing in this sense is unattainable. Another thing that guide it should be in sensible things and, accordingly, do not expect that this will change immediately. The situation and tendency of inert. So we escape from the clutches of Maya and illusion of this world by the will.


Question: Can be weak will? So I decided to valishvili: “I Want to find “I”? Step is already made: “No, seriously, I don’t want”. Sat down and thought: “it’s worth It, I do.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the fact that the will not be graded. It is a manifestation of our “I” where there is no adjectives. So we can’t say – will more or less. We can say, is it the person in full or, say, not showing it at all. The will is the string, which we, like the thread of Ariadne, we get to his “I”. More ropes we have, because the mind is limited. Lower than “I”. Perception is limited. Lower than “I”. My consciousness, which is all flash, it, too, is torn this way and that way is directed. That is, it is lower than “I”. Will goes from “I”. So if we’re going to explore where comes the will to use it, then we will sooner or later reach the place where our “I”. I understand, I’m talking very abstract. But how can we talk about our “I” which is beyond time, beyond space anyway? I can only say: “Well, here it is – the road. Go for it”. Because show, again, I don’t even know in which direction.


Question: the Question was about overcoming obstacles.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it will be the next step. I have all the speed. I promised you that everything will be very logical, starting with the highest position – step by step – to practice what to do in life. We still have not been reached.


Question: it seems that by adopting this line, the faith, in General, all that was valuable, will cease to be valuable? Then there’s this whole mythology that is created by people, well, specifically, some material benefit?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You absolutely correctly noticed. For this reason, they say, “wandering yogi”. So, have renounced the world, you know, communism. In India people completely abandon personal property, living solely on alms. Every three days, must go from place to place. There is full it was before, still, hope remained. From our point of view, in such a situation even the homeless would envy, though he lives in the garbage, and then three days can’t live in a dump, should look for the following. But really, for a person who really goes through yoga, they’re all starting to see quite a different light. What we considered valuable, we all of a sudden, not to stop thinking is valuable, but we is easier to it start to treat. Comes, gone, I’m gone. Leaving a relationship and if you leave the dependence, we become truly free.


Question: Are all of our talented leaders have been such in our history, manufacture there, and so on. They were really strong-willed people, as a rule, the same space builders. Do they realize their “I”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, generally aware of the “I” (I’m a little on the other hand will begin to answer this question) is to achieve the state of Samadhi. Of course, this is an extremely high condition. You know, before the sun rises, dawn comes first. Some glimpses, glimpses that suddenly the person realizes that he can. All say: “No, you can’t, it is impossible in principle.” And he said, “No. I can.” Its starting to dissuade. And all the arguments of reason are not interesting, he’s like their so – again! – moves, doing his job, and wins. The British, in my opinion, there is a saying, in Russian, reads: “Where there’s a will there’s a way” = “There is a will there is a way”. Person in one life does yoga, but not Hatha yoga, but all the skills he transfers to the case in which he is already here now. It is difficult to say to what extent our dear creators had this awareness of “I”, but what they possessed, no doubt about it.

Question: Here, for example, about the Queen. Argued for a long time, what is the Moon solid, liquid or gaseous. Large scientists. Someone came up and on the Board wrote: “the Moon is hard”. And, indeed, the Moon is solid!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you know, we now come away, but it is very interesting this turn. In fact, there is such a look. All Maya. What is there in the universe we don’t know. And the one who first valueshave, she is such, she is – again! and all lined up. It is now a new direction is very interesting, extremely hard – quantum computers. The most important thing – correctly to set the task, and the decision falls out by itself, and very quickly. No need to count or sort out, the main thing is to ask the question, and the universe sends you the right answer. Similarly here. Here polishable to the Moon was hard. This, of course, a joke, but only to a certain point. From the point of view of will, if we on this side will dig in, all the laws of nature are the joint will of many plus the will of the absolute. But where the will of the absolute is not, it is a joint will of many and she will exist as long as this will will continue. While our people were polishable and believed in the Soviet Union, he was. After he has ceased to believe in it and voleizyavleniya that he was, he collapsed. And this situation is everywhere: in production, in some other points. As long as we believe in something, we support that. If we cease to believe, and more no one will believe it, and the absolute does not support it, it falls apart. A very tricky situation. You know, if you want to punish someone. Here you have a familiar villain, he’s so bad. What you can do to punish him? By and large, you can only one truly punished is to stop them interested. Stop supporting his Maya. Without your will and, consequently, your consciousness and energy, it’s like a single nail that is picked out from the whole structure. Everything starts to fall apart. When you swear you voleizyavleniya, send energy and consciousness. When you praise, you voleizyavleniya, send energy and consciousness. Imagine you indifferent. Without your support everything collapses. The most severe punishment is to remain indifferent. Worst of all, worst of all indifference. Here the Queen of England. Say: “Your Majesty, your former colony or not, any country – Burma, renamed Myanmar”. And her Imperial Majesty says: “I do not know this country. Was a former colony Burma. And Myanmar is no such”. And I know this is ignoring. Or say the rebels, the guerrillas seized power. And the ruler said, “Yes, there is no partisans. So, the hooligans were drunk”. That is, the negation we take your consciousness and energy, and the situation freezes, then collapses. The collapse of civilization begins with this. We pull out. People stop voleizyavleniya that it was maintained, and pulled the consciousness and energy, any structure collapses.


Question: There is a saying: “According to your faith will you.” That is what you believe, right? It’s the same thing, perhaps it is. What you put your energy, what is?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I don’t want now to touch on religious points.


Question: And it’s not religious. It seems to me that such a General space.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, probably, Yes. Well, I don’t think the Bible was written by very very stupid people. The only thing I have always said and say. I distance myself from religion. Why? Because admitting one thing, I have to admit everything else. And recognizing one religion, I have to admit all that comes to me is representative of a different religion and says, “what about us? We are also right”. God knows, to understand these forty sects. Who is right and who is wrong? Some believe that Jesus Christ – man-other – the God-man, and others something else. I don’t want to participate. So yoga it is not about religion. This is a personal matter for each person. But you have indeed correctly noticed that we have our will. If we voleizyavleniya so that it continues. But if our will is contrary to the will of others, here is my way – I polishable in one direction. There was another man, polishable in the other direction. In the Upanishads there is such a moment. What will happen? As a result, the strongest wins will. The one that comes from the person who has samoosas his “I” anymore. An example of this from the Upanishads. Push two stones, one hard stone, the other of sand, loose stone. What will fall apart? The one that loose. That’s just as well the collision of two wills wins the most powerful. But please note, there is no point of ethics. It could be an evil man, but very strong-willed and strong. Hitler had an enormous will. Although he did it by force of his will such a huge number, he for twelve years from the ruins raised the country, but again in ruins, turned. In twelve years! We are rebuilding continues for well over a decade and the end-edge is not visible. This man had a tremendous will. So when faced the strongest wins will. And will and manifestation of the power of the most powerful in a person more aware of himself. And here is arise, what I was talking about superpowers. On the one hand, man has enormous power, but on the other hand, something in moral and ethical terms is not docked. He directs his will, gets great results, but then a huge collapse. The law of karma has not been canceled.

So again these stairs. We have our “I”. Our “I” is our will. If we voleizyavleniya to know your “I”, we are gradually beginning to understand. In direct proportion to how we knew him, we come out of the power of body, mind, feelings, emotions. As soon as we come out from under their power, we learn to manage them. Once we have learned to manage them within ourselves, we can control the minds, thoughts, emotions all of the world. That is, here’s a logical chain in Raja yoga. Before you rule, learn to govern themselves. To learn how to govern themselves, need a fulcrum, in which we sat and ruled. Again why numerous psychological trainings do not work. They are based on the level of mind. And it is necessary to rely on the level “I”. So while the situation in life does not question the deductions of reason, this setting is the psychological effect. But once the life is put into question the level of the mind, it all falls apart. How can anyone afford to say, “I’m not jealous, not because it was bad, but because it is right”. Explain to yourself that you’re wasting energy, you are poisoning your own life. The arguments of reason. And then the man plagued, and all the arguments of reason leaves him, and he continues to behave as if no training and did not pass. Why? Because of the Foundation, the fulcrum was selected to the mind, and the mind is very slippery indeed. Choose a pivot point if we want to rule over you, you need his “I”. If we want to rule over others, we must, first and foremost, to rule over you.

Question: When we want to rule over others, then the first step is to rule over you. Whether the power over others that the person is aware that in addition to my “I” there is no other? And he gives the orders themselves and thereby comes to have power over others, but as if realizing that there’s nothing else that could not to obey?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, so no one can see, not hear. This is also the approach all around Maya. So, come on, Maya lined up the way I want! The whole world is illusion, Maya, that is, I have my “I” that is able through the will to know your “I”. This is also the approach. Why not? Same with the other side.

So, it came down to will. Just the fact that we now live in the human body, suggests that we rose from the level there, well, you remember, according to the theory of yoga we live a series of lives. We were a little microbe, then unicellular, multicellular, cat, dog, then rose to the level of a person.


Question: Germ endowed with will, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Any living creature, even this little.

Question: Any living creature?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Moreover, even from our point of view, from the standpoint of yoga, the still, for example, an atom, a speck of dust, is also endowed with will. But his life is so slow, so it is not shown that needs a million years to see what transformations occur. That is, we will have already worked. It works and now we have, although we do not quite clearly understand. So the question is: how did it worked before? And she worked in the following manner, as taught by yoga.

In any existence, we are faced with what is called pain and what is called pleasure, that is, with these two poles. And feeling something unpleasant, we vaguely wanted to go on this. Feeling something nice, we vaguely wanted it to. And thus, this whip, which drove us from life to life, and if we demonstrated that quickness, that will, while living life, we slightly expanded will expanded consciousness and energy, received a more difficult body to control. More-more, just as the first person put into the workplace, then – head of shop, head of the enterprise, then head of the firm, that is, gradually. Similarly, us from life to life. But we put the task in front of us put a carrot and a stick, and if we in the course of life wills, that we successfully coped with this task and was on the rise. So here we went. Now, at the level of the human body, as taught by yoga, the situation is diametrically changed. If we drove a natural necessity, now we can make a decision to go much faster and not at a snail’s pace. This is called yoga. That is, yoga is life, only Express. It is not necessary to wait neither the carrot nor the stick, if we’re still going to walk the stairs. Not easier for themselves very quickly to get through this all and forget? Without feeling any suffering, but on the other hand, may be not fully enjoying those moments that I had to enjoy. But there is another situation that we would very quickly, without clinging, enjoy and let go, enjoy and let go, so we pick a choice and go from suffering

Why valuable the human body? Like a real yoga starts? Will have ciliate-shoes, but, unfortunately, very hard to teach her yoga. Here yoga can be taught only intelligent creature on the human level. Even an animal, unfortunately, does not reach the level of yoga. Therefore, in yoga it is believed that the human body is the most valuable thing we have, if again, someone is thinking about suicide, remember that it’s just crazy to abandon those opportunities that you have. Because you can die and be born again, well, not ciliate, something decently. So now, we had a moment like desire, and we voleizyavleniya to carry out this desire, and every desire carried out growing will. Here is a very important method, as the expansion will. With each successfully accomplished the desire of our “I” more and more savesonnet their will.


Question: But if the desire is not very pragmatic? I want to sit in front of the TV, read a book?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It Doesn’t Matter. And what is yoga, for example, from many different religions. That’s why all religions focus on that desire is a bad thing. And yoga says, “Yeah, no, really, how bad is it? If it was not desire we would still be cows.” Desire forced us to transform, we were forced to move along the evolutionary road. Another thing is that the desire should be to choose sensible, Yes. But fundamentally there is no difference whether you want a color TV and get the desire, or you want to fly through the air and begin to fly through the air. For the development of the will is exactly the same thing, though different as we thought.


Question: And if he desire drugs? He’s addicted, he takes drugs – is there a bad thing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Everything about the drug is sophisticated, in fact, the game is bad karma. This is a separate issue. We’ll talk about it. This kind of subterfuge. In fact, if you perform in the longer term, it still comes down to pain. That is why, actually, with drugs there are several differently, but the point is that there is a mechanism. Is the realization of desires beskormitsa. That is, what is the drug? You want to have fun. You need domestic money to buy the internal state. Usually a person goes to work, worked, came home with a sense of accomplishment, it gives a natural mechanism portion incorporated in it the pleasure. The addict enters as a burglar. It does not work, it comes to the safe with dynamite, blows up the safe, rake out the money, that is the delight he would experience in the future. There is some margin to eat, spends it in three days, and then paying for it for a long time. If we look in the long term, was there more pleasure or pain, clearly, suffering. Because he needs to pay back the money to pay for blown-up safe. And to pay a fine, the result is still worse.

Therefore, if we want to exert ourselves, we must develop the habit to bring the case to the end, to achieve victory, or to understand why this victory was impossible. Every action is left without finalizing or lessons learned, confuses us. So, there are two psychological moment. Why all the Americans on the question: “How are you?”, well, not all, the vast majority of, say, “OK” and smile at the famous Hollywood smile? Ask our man, he’ll go, “Oh, that’s bad”. And the stranger asked – always a good thing! So this kind of person, first, forms around itself an aura of success, a halo that he has everything under control, he has everything that he starts, is successful, that kind of positivism. Further, if this is a cloud of positivism showed the people around you that at least one succeeded, Yes, a lot of bulling, but look, I did! Then this person becomes, ironically, more influential. And begin to listen. This is a form of Raja yoga is to subdue others, we would say, a good PR-move. So he just Lyapkin-Tyapkin, and he is a famous writer Lyapkin-Tyapkin! So would you with him, but now you ask at home relatives: “with whom You now spoke?” “Yes, and Lapkina-Tyapkin”. Well, the famous writer Lyapkin-Tyapkin! A completely different status. Although, what has changed? Nothing has changed. To a certain sense of power is Maya. And a man who knows how to manipulate Maya, has the power. And the one who does not know how, deprived of this power. And the ability to manipulate as it is, not as it is trying to provide, and the way it really is. The whole world is Maya, the whole world is an illusion, there are people who know how this Maya to manipulate. But some, manipulating Maya, introducing even more Maya people, and this is terribly negative, that is, it is cheating. And others, again, manipulated by the Maya, but is removed from the misconceptions of others, and about such people we say: a good leader.

You know, I remember in the business environment is a joke, what distinguishes a bubble from some real business? The businessman was born the idea to do something. He has no money, he has no ties, but he has this idea and will. What is he doing? He goes, takes out a Bank loan, but the loan the Bank gave him, he has to convince that his idea is really good, starting to inflate the bubble soap, which says it all, in principle, be. But, you see, things could be different, who knows what it really is? What if he is cheating on his intuition? And the businessman should present, which is one of the highest paid jobs what to write a business plan so that you gave him money. So you have, on the one hand, to comply with all formal requirements to logic was math and all the calculations and market analyses, market conditions and God knows what else, but we after all with you know that at any moment everything can change, everything can collapse. But this man must really be impressive to inflate the bubble. Does the same thing and rascal, who likewise inflates the bubble. The difference between a businessman and a shyster only only one that the businessman then fills the real content of the bubble and it turns into a giant Corporation, powerful. And the bubble, the man took out a loan, and nothing left, he fooled everyone. That is, the first created Maya. But this is Maya pulled all knowing because he was a seer, saw it must have seen these laws of Maya, but certainly somewhere he had the goods to show. The second is also created Maya, but after the bubble burst, everything stopped believing him, the man. But, you see, and there, and there the situation is exactly the same. There we cannot say, man is a great businessman or rascal. Therefore, to a greater extent in the business community plays the role of reputation. That is, if he once drove to the end of the case, the second time believe him anymore, third time even more. There are no other criteria. One may write these reports, and people still are thieves. But once you successfully make small an action successfully, it gives you strength.

The question is: what measure of success I?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Well, you yourself appointed, you have completed. As if you still don’t know what will, and you begin to experiment with this. I’ll polishable shift knob from here to there. Look, valueshave did, it turned out. Works! Then, you want your business to open. All say: “no, what you are.” And you valishvili and opened, it worked. And you already begin to feel the strength.


Question: It’s not like the intention? I have the intention to put the handle. I put it in. The same thing, or what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You mean, then you voleizyavleniya to do. That is, in principle, the game of words. Can you explain some steps, I just simplify a picture, because our desires are not our again. Understand here what little subtlety, which I now leave out of the scope of our seminar, but desires that we have formed as a result of the impressions which we received earlier, it’s proprietary desires. We have had experience, this experience moved in our life and in this life, we make the intention, and execute it, expand will. But this desire may be highly questionable or even not be relevant to our needs. But the very fact that we achieve and accomplish, we become more and more hardened in their will. Therefore, the development will need successful desire.


Question: is the will the fulfillment of the promises?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. We are going to do something and did. The main set – done. Remember who Hatha yoga deals, we have a very interesting position. Yoga in General is often desirable. If you are not able to practice yoga, to do all the exercises, do as many as you can. If you are not able so much, then do them mentally. If you are not able to do it mentally, think about what you had to do, at least mentally, but didn’t. If you have forgotten and think, think about it the next day. Now understand, this gradation. It is one thing to do Hatha yoga, it is another to recall that was supposed to do yesterday. But in any case the checkmark is placed, that is, intention it was you, anyway, if you haven’t, then you at least made part of it. Most importantly sometimes say, “Well, what’s the difference? I remember what happened last night. What is this change? My body will not change.” The body might not change, although they say that there are very subtle mechanisms, it happens sometimes and changes. But the question is even another that you produce will. The will overcomes Maya any Maya overcomes yoga, even Hatha yoga.


Question: We acquire some mythologies, social life, maybe just to do some kind of restart? Clear all.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, many do that. I know that many, as soon as India became easier to get, throw everything here and in India for a year. Together with these sadhus wander around with an alms bowl and, really, having lived the life of a homeless person, start on all their old problems with very different eyes to look at, and sometimes very sensibly. That is, this is a rational truth. We have, for example, in school, I have already maybe talked about it, we recommend what’s called a walk on the trails. This is when you collect a backpack, with tent, with everything you need, food for a few days and go to places where there is none. And there just living in the lap of nature. Very quickly a tunnel vision flies just by themselves. Night is dark, no light. No Association, no fears, no emotions, no values. On the contrary, start to appreciate there is a bonfire that you have food or no food. That is some basic primitive things, they are, oddly enough, really help to think differently. Why not? We, unfortunately, my body today’s people received due to a giant whip, which us from life to life, the universe customized to we have evolved. And as soon as, you know, there is a saying, well, she’s maybe not entirely clear. It reads: “For Tamas should the pain.” Tamas is inertia, it is a passive state, such stupor, that it happens sometimes, doing nothing is not desirable. And you think that nothing in the world can’t force to move. Here are the gears of our world, they say, made to quickly man out of this condition. Now this is such a rampant epidemic, we the people were poor, and now fabulously rich. Before people every day go to work, and now what to go? His Bank account, he could be out there two hundred years not to work. Reluctantly waking up, a pastime he didn’t need to run to the subway in the crush, trains, swear not. And suddenly he begins to notice problems with food, no housing problems no, problems with leisure activities there. With anything no problem. Only suddenly such a longing, depression comes in so strong that you remember the moment when you were running, jumping, flying around and suddenly catch yourself thinking that then you feel much better. Why is this happening? Because some gear, well, in yoga there is more description at the level of the causal body of the gear stopped spinning. And our whole body, it is made up of these gears. Run physically – mentally gear rotates, rotates a mental – problem solved, at the level of the causal body is rotating, and we all here are very active. And we don’t feel pain, but suddenly stopped at the level of the causal body of the gear. Because do not run, do not have to work there. And out of nowhere, for no apparent reason such depression coming, why? At the level of the causal body of the gear is stopped, and the universe that does not tolerate. For Tamas, the stop is a slap. So if we do something, we should do it not for rewards. Why? Because we can do something to then foot drop, and the pain will start. A true businessman, he does not cease to be a businessman even after he was fabulously wealthy. Because he is engaged in the business not because he wanted to get rich, but because it just really took this process like a computer game. And he does not suffer from this depression. This here is the position: now I’ll tense up, and then it will be a lot of rest, and now I earn a lot of money, and then my life will start, leads to the fact that people do earns a lot of money, then it seems that we must begin life, and depression comes in grey, melancholy black. Why? Because we made very difficult. Large problems happen at retirement age. Suddenly one understands, it seems that nobody wants it. All. It seemed to him that he will relax, read, watch your favorite programs, movies, to museums to walk. “What, you go to museums?” “And don’t want to.” From home do not want to go out, generally is not desirable, not sleepy and do not want to live. What to do? And to do anything you do not want. So now there is a wave, so in yoga, you know, say, fire, water and copper pipes. In yoga there is such a moment that the worst problem we have starts in the country when we will all be rich. It will be really terrible copper pipes, when drugs go, it in the world, because to get out of this state, the person will recuperate. And a lot of money, a lot of opportunities. Would cling to everything and it is scary. So sometimes a certain level of poverty, which, you know, keeps us in shape – it is good for us. We are not ready for abundance, we immediately cease to move. A stop is a slap of pain, and sometimes we do manage to get hooked on some crap chemical. The worst is when I am the most ardent opponent of this, these spiritual knowledge, that is, when, under the guise of the guise of spirituality, experiments with the subconscious, man put some LSD or something else. That is, it’s not just! It’s going to change the state of consciousness! And other such beautiful candy wrappers, and as a result, I know how it all ends. Man is rapidly degraded just in a bestial state. Sorry, just have something to compare, I know what I’m talking about. Will – a successful consummation. Emphasize any desire highly spiritual or really update the kitchen. Well, the kitchen is not like the Wallpaper not the same and generally all junk, but once identified – perform. Think carefully before you give the order: polishable another kitchen, a suspension, as realistic as you need and so on. It’s a different story. But once identified her. If you are faced with stupid, you should analyze why this happened. If it does not perform, we do not realize, accordingly, we do not get this lesson to increase will.

Therefore the first exercise you should learn from today’s workshop, it very carefully, well, desire they can be, they like here are fleeting. The desire is there, but it’s background. But the intention to carry it out – basic. Each of us wants to be a billionaire, of course, vaguely. Good, Yes, by helicopter, the traffic in Moscow and the helicopter up and down, to the Canary Islands, in India, there is all these sadhus to buy, so they are all taught in turn yoga. Why not? It’s all possible. It is, in principle, not bad, but as soon as we say, “Everything. Take the path to becoming a billionaire.” All have nowhere to retreat. Otherwise, it is unfulfilled desire will make you in the next life to become a billionaire, and you, maybe by that time it will cease to please. But again, creating the will, all the gear spun, you will get what you want.


Question: if the desire melted into something else entirely? Can we? I have a friend, she had an overwhelming desire to earn five thousand dollars a month. She lived for it. Her framed work, she was forced to take a loan, a huge, ten months paid. Learned to live on fifty roubles a day, in fact for cereals and greens. When she repaid the loan, she wanted five thousand dollars – money that was. Now she thinks, one of the richest people internally that I know, and earn the five thousand dollars she doesn’t have. She understands herself very rich and, in fact, it led me here.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this case, I just want to congratulate the person.


Question: But the desire-it is not implemented? It means that something is somehow manifest itself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: first, the fact that she has such a problem is likely karmic something. You understand that it is not just something dumped. Of course, that’s another conversation. I’ll answer this question. Here only, what, here the opposite is true. If we want something, sometimes we play a game that I did not succeed to become President, I’m beginning to complacency: “And no, don’t.” Now, if it is not in complacency, such as the Fox and grapes. And, the grapes are sour that for him to pull? Again, a huge number of people that go to teach yoga, why? But because they are in the ordinary real life can not afford to earn a living. You can imagine which one is teacher? If he constantly thinks about how much he earns money. It’s all of it collapse. “Why?” – ask. “Oh, go to work so soulless. Yes there I do have this and that, and then I’m sublime learn something”. Well, actually teach yoga – it is the same work as a janitor, garbage man or Manager. Is no different. Honest work, that is, you just don’t expect success. But when we sometimes we think we go to something that is elevated and let go of something material, we are engaged in a deception and it is very flawed. This is usually a tendency to hypocrisy. Generally, in yoga, generally survive everything, even if man falls, he then transformered. It is always very much felt. Very is felt this inhibition. Want you realize a desire. Well, that you want to be President, want! You realize this desire! Why deceive yourself that it is all bad, immoral, and do still think and think about it. On the other hand, in each case necessary to consider the situation. Any backstory. Now we are talking in General. An army that believes in its fighting capacity, has a better chance to win. If it at least once won, the chances are increased tenfold. And so more and more. You know, here, again today, we talked about Hitler, huh? It was called “the brown plague”. The plague, as I’ve talked about this, such a terrible ability. She gets to the man from the gopher, the person is sick for a long time, but can recover, but if it has infected another person, the chances of him to recover less than a third the chain – less. Starting from a certain level, it becomes one hundred percent mortal. That is the plague, as on the ground, one person is gaining strength, the other on the third, and then just starts all mowing. The same situation was with Germany. They took over one country, and the army believed in myself. The second country – the army even more believed. And then they attacked us, we were ten times stronger technically, and fled to Moscow. And then the situation has changed, our army in himself to believe and we drove them in another direction. This, of course, bad comparison – compare life with war, but sometimes we feel like war. At work, for example, or anything else. Not brought to an end, has not shown confidence, has not shown the will and determination and we were removed from office.


Question: But I have about desires, the question arose. How to define, here we have our “I”, and there are desires that come from our true “I”, and there the desire, called karma. How to recognize?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, actually now our desires are almost entirely determined by our karma. And negative desires, negative karma, positive desires the positive karma. There is something small that we zips at the level of intuition. This is the free part. And that Raja yoga offers to cut in, because all our desires, even the desire to be enlightened we have developed under the influence. I read a book about a yogi, he was so Holy, wonderful and in the air flying and mind reading and I like this scenario. The script may be good, but my “I” is higher than this scenario. And I want to achieve the same status. Therefore, from this point of view, my yoga is karma, but good karma. It leads me higher.


Question: That is not filtered, and to follow the desires but just to follow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in Raja yoga the first principle of Ahimsa to your desires do not harm any living creature. If this is done – go ahead! What you want. If your desires do not go to the detriment of, well, you never know, maniac went all killed. It’s this desire he had, so what now to do? The law of karma, again I stress, has not been canceled. Then this self-confidence he will get so many lives, where it will be just to argue in this overconfidence, moreover, at the level of those of the arguments on which he was raised. Oh, you killed and thought himself a God? Now you will be killed and see what you yourself will have to consider after you have forcibly seized the right to life. Or the history of the main Director of a large company. He needs to fire any employee-slut, and he is the nicest man, but stupid all the firm almost went bankrupt. Here the interests of something higher and something relative. Of course, in any situation it is necessary to go so that no living thing suffered. But if you delegated some power, and you not use it, you get worse. That is why, again, talking about this principle: do not harm any living creature and he adds “unless absolutely necessary”. If this is not your debt. But if it is your duty to turn off the TV and not to spoil the child’s eyes? He still does not understand this, that is, it is in your jurisdiction. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Question: That is the question here about the suffering of the child – it is basic.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: well, No, actually, to turn off the TV. Can rude to turn off the TV, and to distract, as usual. The child grabbed the toy, well, try to rip, roar will raise. So anything there splyashem, dance, some draw. Change his mind, and he this toy he throws. It is already experience, wisdom.


Question: Question about desires and about planning. That’s a very business training talking about that plan, raising the bar. That is, if you want to get five thousand dollars, write fifty. What to do with all these straps?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ambitions. See, here is a game. On the other hand, such as Napoleon, if I’m not mistaken, and not only Napoleon was a rule that always give realistic orders to his soldiers. Never give an order that cannot be executed, obviously the executable order. Why? Because when there will indeed be a black moment and you give them the order in which you doubt, all their previous successes will shimmer in the will of each of them, and they will be able to make a miracle. And when we are constantly attacking something, but don’t get. Here I always remember I had one friend. He started his business. Started well, here we are this and that. “What have you done?” “No, I changed my mind.” So he lit all and was dumped. It is clear that, firstly, it was the attitude is the same. And, secondly, he himself started a little self-doubt. This is a subtle question. As for the Western approach, well, it’s really a real fact, the summary is now written, need to write about yourself, where born, education is something. But most importantly, the last place of work. As a rule, look at it all always. If someone has experience in that area, which he does, well, then at the bottom in small or large letters – the salary that he wants. Usually, our man writes: Yes I am no one and nothing, Yes I am, as they say, the mouse is gray. I have a student of Finance, told the real situation, there are companies “human researchers” – the set of people. The man says that generally no one and nothing. And then you see your track record and see that this man is a professional, and claims he is the smallest. Although the person on his real experience, his equal in that time there was almost in the country. And, a native of some College from the United States has provided food for the entire school, and it turned out that when the car with Breakfast came, he was helping to unload. He had provided! This is called and how to submit information.


Question: I mean that is private to plan. Here you sit and write a plan for the year: something, something, something and they offer all the time to inflate, to achieve some average. And then it turns out that not all desires are fulfilled, half-fulfilled

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In General, Yes. It’s more like, here on the other side of the street hanging RTS, there are “bulls” and “bears,” play some to increase, others to decrease. Some optimists, others pessimists. This strategy is more you know, the strategy where to subdue your subconscious in your mind. Yes, I’m a hundred percent your mind isn’t in control, but I now give him such brutal conditions will be given to he became frightened and started at least part to do. That is, the communication with his mind as with his subordinates. I don’t know, sometimes it works, sometimes not. In Raja yoga we are invited all the Royal way. Without spaces, that is one hundred percent. And themes can be very different. On the other hand, again, if there’s a will, there is a solution. If our mind says: “This is impossible” and our will says: “why not?” then, of course, the leading role is will. And from its extent, it is precisely the use of these results. But in order for the will to work, you’ll at least a few small but successful business. But this is a tactic. In yoga this is called “war with my mind.” Our “I” possesses all abilities, all forms, but it is “I” for some reason, or cause is called Maya. Our “I” identifies itself with something, with what it is not. This something is our body and our mind. That is, our “I” in the first place, identifies himself with our minds, and the reason for its underdevelopment is identifying himself with some thoughts and emotions. And thoughts and emotions with the body because inside the body we have the senses. But here it is “I”, here it is the body is two big differences, not with each other formally unrelated. But as long as “I” believe that the body, it is as if she thinks her power. The method of Raj yoga aims to this power to disclose. But, despite the fact that our “I” so much wrong, so much absorbed, well, it thinks it’s the mind, body. Still little is such a thing as a thin trickle still seeping, this is what is called the will. And here the will is the Royal path of yoga that leads us to the top. Strictly speaking, this is another name, why is the Royal yoga Raja. And our task in Raja yoga is using our will to assert its “I” and make manifest all the power. The first, how to begin, it begins with reaching his “I”, we put control of your body, your thoughts, your mind. Then, according to Raja yoga, comes what is called a hit. Oddly enough, they are in yoga, the ancient texts are classified and listed, I will not repeat here, that all interest is directed to the text “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali” as well as other texts where they are listed. Including mind reading and telepathic communication, levitation, and God knows what else all the superpowers that come no sooner than we begin to assert its “I”. Finally, if we are confirmed in his “I”, we completely put control of all your body, all your thoughts and all your feelings. Raj yogis offer the ability to manage thoughts, feelings, bodies of all living beings. Such a person should be in power. Such a person will be able in difficult times not to allow the situation to fall apart. Such a person has the right to rule. If the person does not possess these qualities, the power could accidentally get to him, but it very quickly will go out of his hands. So before you take or if we take leadership positions, we must remember this principle and we need to do a serious focus and working hard.

Now directly to the methods. One of them we have already mentioned. This is when we assign ourselves, polishable and then, and fulfill his will. And with each success the power of our “I” is revealed, reveal our powers. With every loss, if we learn lessons from this defeat, we also grow. If the lessons of the defeat not recoverable, we only more entangled in illusion. Know as scientists? A negative result is also a result. In any case, he says, how not to do it. And now practice, let’s all stand.

That such a posture. Hands above your head. Now give yourself an order: one second to stand here in this position. One second and exit. Now give yourself an order: ten seconds to stand in this position. And now again, ten seconds out. In fact, this so-called consciousness in performing Hatha yoga. Now I’ll do this or this. And I prescribe what I’m gonna do so many seconds or minutes and assign yourself a realistic interval. Perform, feel within yourself the joy of overcoming oneself, of what was planned – and executed. And if with this approach, you’ll be doing Hatha yoga, then Hatha yoga will automatically become a method for development of will. Sit down.

That is, it doesn’t have to be something abstract. It can be specific any thing that we do. Well, now the key thing in all this. We are now at a seminar here, I hope something interesting you learned. It will take a week, well, maybe you’ll be impressed. It will be a month you will forget. A year goes by, there are other events, points and all. Of course, this knowledge will remain, but not in such an emotionally vivid manifestation. And here is embedded another very serious point. Habit. Our successful business needs to become a habit. Habit is the thing, if you spend time on it, in the future she will charge you a huge amount of internal effort. Otherwise, the process will go a very long time. So form a habit. If we develop a habit, is such, in the best sense of the word, myself. Internal good ambition. Internal good respect himself. Appointed – did. And if this becomes a habit, then you will not see how it will work, work and work every day in small things and in large things. Then the result from this workshop, you will have to enlightenment. And if not, then he will also disappear. Everything in our life experience of karma. We watched TV, they said some information, we are under the impression for some time, then it went away. However, in the mind left boatdock, an imprint of the impressions, so the habit. Well, finally, another point. Another way of development: manifestation of the will. It is when we are inside imagine that we already have the will and playable different episodes of his life from the standpoint of the possession of will and a successful result. In one of the Tibetan treatises there is a very beautiful expression. “If you want to become a God, act like God”…

Question: Here is more of the same. Now fashion trend in weight loss, if you want to become slender, slender eat like, sleep like slim, slender and dressed like she does not notice the weight.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Can be, Yes. These methods are, they change quickly. Therefore it is very hard even to track them all. Because it is very profitable business. You know that in the United States of America the number of overweight people exceeded the average. In any country, are full. There’s something statistics say that it takes the form of an epidemic. Whether there are any hormones they eat, or the lifestyle. And yoga is just there extremely popular. Unlike our country where half of all people at least once in your life doing yoga, what about our country you will not tell. That’s when I say “yoga”, people understand that it is a cross between a religious doctrine, a sect, a method of sitting on a bed of nails or standing on your head. Here is something in between that. Then there is the word “yoga” people react as a sport, something natural, clear. Meditation, Yes. Now, if we say that there is meditation. Yes, we need to sit down, to put himself in order. In this sense, we learn from them. How it all deeply, I don’t know.

The essence of the method. We have something called our imagination. Generally speaking, imagination is “terrible” power. It is, on the one hand, adjacent to our will, it’s just something that is completely in our hands. The basis of many tantric practices. Oddly enough, they play in the creation of visualization, when we visualize ourselves. Here, incidentally, is also one method of weight loss, I heard stand in front of the mirror and see yourself already skinny. Then again, there are many people who will believe it and begin to do so. Someone will succeed, someone will succeed. But in fact the method of losing. What position the watch? If the position “I”, Yes. I want to see what you get. But if from the perspective of mind, body, self-expression, that is trying to transform yourself like a living, stupor. All. The practice is not. In this method, we must devote all their imagination that we imagine what we would like to be. We see ourselves already fully possess all the willpower. From the point of view of Jnana yoga, in addition to Maya, there is only the absolute. Here dreams – what is it? It imagination or is it reality? Yoga tells us that ultimate reality is multifaceted. One face we see in the Wake, we got used to it. Another face of the same reality we see in the state of dreaming. In the dream we see the reality, but only the other face. It seems a little strange in relation to this face, but it is the same in General. Space imagination – just another facet of reality. We are and we operate. There are other laws, but we cannot say that one is less real, more real. Now, we imagine ourselves already endowed with will and begin to drive themselves through all sorts of difficult situations. And see ourselves the winner in each of these situations.

*Practical session. Sit directly. Straighten your back, neck, head, close your eyes, relax your face and body. Now dissolve your self-image, just as if we took off their clothes and spontaneously create ourselves as we wish to be. Full of will, full of determination, very powerful. Now, remember tormenting us situation, from which we now suffer, we lose it, but from the standpoint of the will see how we come out victorious from this situation. Demonstrate that we voleizyavleniya to change things for the better. The real way, the magic way, or any. And see how it is resolved. Now with pleased looks around the results successfully resolved the situation and returned his consciousness to the gym. Open our eyes, come to life. *

This is a spontaneous meditation. It lasted very little. I deliberately did not give you to spend twenty minutes for two reasons. The first reason is that I need to give you all of the methods of Raja yoga, and that you will work out at home as homework. So the situation is the following. Rather, as stems. Every time you are faced with a life situation you have fear of some kind, you have any doubts, you something scary. The reason you can say the most terrible things. But you remember that the mind is lower than will. If you voleizyavleniya to your mind in this visualization that you’ve seen the scenario – the one you visualize this scenario has a tendency to come true. Why? Because you give the order level is higher than the mind. So as an exercise every time you are faced with a difficult situation, I don’t know how to act, use will. Man is afraid of something, imagine that tomorrow you were appointed the head of a respected company, you increased the salary of, say, there is not to five, and up to fifty thousand dollars per month. But you never had to do this, and you feel unsure. More precisely, theoretically you can, something you know, but almost none. It is now the overwhelming condition of our countrymen. You tomorrow to manage people, and you feel insecure. Now you start. Again: “If you want to be a God, act like God.” If you want to be the boss, act like a boss. We have to generate their way inside. That is, in fact, when you use imagination, you use will, unrestricted. You know, right? It is as a soldier, before dropping into battle, it’s been really long drill. Forced to dig trenches, shoot for unclear what targets to run. I mean a good army. Not in our army, where it is not clear what you do, and a professional army. Them there all the time, these poor chase, chase, chase, generating: intended made intended made. Here imagination is exactly the same proving ground for our real life. If the soldier is good training, then, engaging in battle, he does not think that these hamlet’s question: to be or not to be? Worthy, not worthy? To do or not to do? He just does it. Makes those positions that have been worked out. The vast majority of our mistakes and failures because we are starting to rush in the moment when we must act. We would coolly do it and be happy. So, in imagination, we create this situation and fulfill, fulfill, fulfill it, and in the future, if we find ourselves in the same we to mirror, to the sequences already in the real world we repeat this situation.

But there is another dimension, more mysterious in Raja yoga. Today we began to discuss it. The fact that everything you see around Maya. Maya, frozen will. Here’s my will that your will of the absolute, the joint will freeze out of energy, all these forms that we see. Until then, we would like them imagine. Everything you see on the outside, as the imagination of the absolute. That is, by its nature, an imaginary event and a real event in life has no qualitative differences. Only that you have the imagination, and this, all of the imagination plus the imagination in the absolute. But in fact there is no difference in the nature of this. This is a very subtle, very powerful principle. The yogi principle of visualization. That is, visualizing yourself, you change. What if from the standpoint of the “I” visualize yourself in the form in which you want to see yourself, you begin to create. And this external visualization begins to adapt. Just as we are. We are sometimes very afraid of something panic. We had a negative experience. Easy to say, “fear Not!”, but when you got one time fail, second time, and then like Pavlov’s dogs, when you are faced with any problem in life, you begin arms and legs shaking, bypassing the mind, at the level of the subconscious. And there yourself feverishly to convince: “No, I’m not afraid, I not afraid.” But this is all, this had dropped to a subconscious level. Man himself, in General, does not control. And to remove such things before that have a lot to work out these scenarios. That is, here’s a scenario. Well, now I see I’m not from the standpoint of the situation will allow. One time, second time, third time, fourth time. And it should become a habit. If you get into this habit, you will get a huge tool, first, to transform themselves, and secondly, to transform the whole of the world. Again, I’m here mentioned, tantric meditation is a very powerful section in yoga. He built on these principles. Because the position of your “I” the whole world is illusory, you are illusory, your idea about yourself is illusory. So here you are one illusion, which you have established, is replaced by another illusion, but I repeat it very often and one illusion begins to displace the other. And you already like the illusionist, that is all Maya, all your fears – this is Maya, not in reality. But if you believe in them, they will appear in reality. So you must cease to believe in them. But it’s easy to say. You need to give a replacement, you have to give an alternative situation. You then start to believe and get all the energy and consciousness of the situation that scares you, transfer it to the one that you like. It is like dragging. You one Maya will start to tear down, and the second the Maya begin to create. Both are Maya. Of course, visualization is Maya, but fundamentally they are no different. And later one you will start to displace another. This as a rule for myself. Produced for a habit the word “habit” again. To work out in your imagination all the difficult situations.


Question: Lose some situation on the level until it doesn’t happen? Until you resolve this problem? How to visualize?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, in fact, it is not even about the situation. What do you think now, the most pressing life issue question, really, to be or not to be, it may happen that in ten years you will remember this situation, about myself I will smile, say, “for God’s sake! What was the problem with me.” That is, the issue here is not the solution to a particular problem. And here in the approach of how to treat this situation that what you face from the problem went to the section of tasks. It’s a slightly different situation, here the situation is the fact that you would voleizyavleniya and removed. Well, that is, when it comes down to it, it will be important each of your response. If this reaction will be worked out in a positive way, success will increase dramatically and you will get a positive result and thereby expand their will. I’m giving this practice not as a solution to a specific situation in life and as a method of hardening the will. According to the teachings of Raja yoga, if you succeed, you will not even face the situation. You will work out inside, and, incidentally, from the point of view of karma, everything is very well executed. That is, if you have a negative karma is something that you must experience, you will certainly experience. But I will pass this to you on a physical level, and you will experience it, or be done with you on a subtle level, and you will feel it, as you know, sometimes different things. If your hair is destined to burn out are two big differences, do you have them on your head or you’ll cut yourself and burn yourself around. That is, formally karma complied with, but fundamentally different moment. Therefore, it is extremely useful.


Question: Tell, please, that I had experience. I visualized in front of any situation, it is very important to me. It turned out quite the opposite. I was afraid to visualize, especially in front of some very important things for me. Just afraid.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the fact that here the emphasis, I reiterate, not that tomorrow is going to be executed on the guillotine and you visualize that you are the most wonderful way to save. Moreover, sometimes when the situation is solved and we start too mental to enter it, we, on the contrary, spoil it all. So here in the first place, it is the practice for some long and well-established problems that we’ve had for decades and do not tend to disappear. As for the situation, of course, can the power of thought is very much to do. You can move in any direction when the situation is teetering, and we have no more experience on how to reset in the right direction, sometimes we really can in the opposite direction to reset. So again and again – better to do it in advance. By the way, the same thing happens when we are confronted with it unprepared. Here we are in a situation that I feared, and before that mentally not played. And we begin themselves. Although if it didn’t make a fuss, nothing would have happened. So this is another method of working directly from their own free will and control. So are there any questions on this? Then, if there are no questions yet addition. Of course, sooner or later these moments we have to remember that if we want someone to obey, we must obey. If we want to manage something, we have to manage by themselves. If we want power, we must understand that we have the power to hold out only in one case. If those whom we manage, will benefit from it. I mean, it’s a win-win situation. If these principles are destroyed, everything is slipping from the hands, everything. No PR-technologies, nothing works. You are going to pump money someone to push somewhere, and then he will show the inconsistency on the first turn he will throw. This applies to politics, it concerns business, the situation of the friends, this applies to everything.


Question: Talking about the visualization of the decision problem. You’ve been told that it is a relatively long-term some issues sometimes, as I understand it, can be from generation to generation. It is at the level of one person’s life. If the person already got into this situation, it still probably makes sense, because if the problem is known, it is already there in advance. Now, being in this situation, it is possible to do the same.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I mean a few more. That’s when the mediation is tomorrow or tomorrow to take the exam, and we weren’t, we’d better go to bed and sleep, and we begin to philosophize, like, then, to influence the teacher to change the situation. I in this way. But all of us hurts, all of our fears, we must boldly look them in the face. And then, oddly enough, fear has power only as long as we believe in him. Once we understand that it is Maya, it melts. Until then, until we overcome this Maya, it will be plenty for us to run around as a Ghost, then to scare. So the worst thing is fear. There is nothing more terrible than fear. The fact that we ourselves are funding their own enemies. Maya has no power, fear has no power, fear has no ability to be implemented, except for the energy that is in us. If there’s something we’re very much afraid, we are fueled by your own energy, this event, this event tends to happen. Here we have, I remember, terrorists fought, slaughtered them, them again two thousand. Once again I will kill them again two thousand. There are already people put, I don’t know how. And how much was left. Then a wise man said, “Can we try not to kill them, and financing them will block”. Blocked the financing channels, and-that where they themselves went. Here is a sample situation with our problems. The fact that we have our energy and our consciousness. What we fear, we, as in hypnosis give this energy and this consciousness, they work against us. We Finance our own problems. In order to stop funding their own problems, we must, as a minimum, to cease to be afraid of them. To boldly take a look: “And, actually, about what?” And Maya has a tendency to back away. It tends like fog to blur. But these are things such as if they are sensitive. It do not give, it’s personal experience, experiences. But this personal experience is very much in line with the science, which is called Raja yoga. When you’re afraid of something, it has power over you. As soon as you stop fearing it, it loses power over you.

The whole is rather a large amount of advertising is first to scare you. Thus to catch your consciousness to get you noticed. And then the energy that is your money. Show you the toilet bowl: Yes, there is a micro-organism! He threatens your life! Like them here not billions around. And then: we will help you, here is a new tool for only two hundred dollars, use, this will prevent your toilet from it all. That is, you are scared, that is Maya, you are disoriented. The second sent your mind on obviously your scenario. And the money you brought.


Question: since we’re talking about management techniques, just built on fear. When leaders deliberately provoke a state of fear from their employees and, by and large, eat it and due to this, and live. How these systems, that if we talk about space energy, how they are stable? That is, I understand that if all the slaves say, “We are not afraid”, the system will collapse. But, as you know, it is very difficult and almost impossible. However, many systems are built just according to this principle, are constructed consciously. How stable is the system?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Stable brand, remember our country. Our country held fear. It was built on fear and what happened to her … After all, what kind of country we ditched quite so simple. It was fear kept. Sooner or later, you know, that’s fear. There’s a vulnerability this that’s the pyramid of fear, oddly enough, the vulnerability – the highest level, he is the most fragile. Just what is wrong with the leader and everything falls apart. So, in fact, these systems are extremely, well, as they are to some extent fulfilling its role. But, you know, there is still the same time. What you are dealing with someone? If you have the discipline, well, we’re used to, Yes, if you have in subjection the people who are more highly spiritually evolved, right? That is one thing. But imagine that you are in authority are the criminals? For which methods of kindness, the methods of persuasion – is a sign of weakness, they only respect force, and such force, it’s the stick. So, I don’t want to say, there are different situations in life. Believe me, I often am. The young Director in the Soviet period came to an old enterprise, after the restructuring, they tried to do something. And there are rabid alcoholics, they are still under Nikita Sergeyevich drank. He was with them. They: “Yes, Yes, Yes” and all his own. Only knew the whip. And he and so and so, and there are some bonuses, some bonuses. And these people were, well, in General, the condition of the animal, they only understood the whip. The reverse situation, when it comes to such a narrow-minded head in some sort of Bohemian, a little creative Association. And let them all, then build. Thus, he kills. So a definite no recipes. This something is wisdom of the head that he was, first and foremost, sees a subordinate. He positions his “I” sees what position is the “I” of this sub. Someone, unfortunately, needed only a whip. Well, believe me, the cannibals of Papua – New Guinea or somewhere else, simply will not understand if you start to talk about humanism.


Question: is It then the force of evil to a specific person? That’s how Peter and his lifting of Russian blood, death and all the rest as from the point of view of spirituality, progress and General of these relations, is it even justified? Or we had to sit without a Navy, without an army, without anything?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this approach Here, if you take the countries or group. Here I often met with a situation where the leader is a tyrant, a despot, all that so holds. But the workers respect him and don’t want to trade anyone else. Why? Done. If the case is done, i.e. a sort of hierarchy of values. That’s just as well to the country. Our country, Yes, this is Peter I through the knee’s Russia that only there did not. Actually, serfdom when it started. But on the subconscious level of the mind of the people, in General, it is accepted.


Question: Well, that is, he was actually in the service of “I am” of Russia?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I’m afraid to say so. Again, it’s such a dark and slippery subject. Here you go, it’s all ambiguous to interpret. I just need it. What if we empowered, we must be extremely sane. We must remember that someone who understands only the whip, and if you try to be clever in front of him, he will perceive it as a weakness and at the wrong time will raise a rebellion. You know? It is also very like on the ship when the rebellion began, the captain had the right to hang up immediately instigator. Without trial. Why? Because, otherwise, it seized the entire ship. Or panic, when the panic began, everyone, this is some facet of the mind is erased and everyone starts in the crush to kill each other. And very often there were cases when the instigator of the panic were shot on the spot. And thus saved thousands of lives. Unfortunately, these moments, I realize that this is a very dark side of life that the purpose of yoga is to avoid violence by all means, but we must be realistic. Otherwise we in our idealism, we sow, well, not idealism, is this stupidity even greater number of deaths. If we were in communion with thinner people, we should understand it. This is a very fine gradation. But there is nothing that only tough methods. Or not, such that only mild persuasion. In each situation, it may be completely different.


Question: I have a question on the reverse side of the coin. What is to be able to obey? Because sometimes it happens when you follow instructions or orders, which originate from the person you perceive them easily. And it so happens that you realize that you don’t want to obey, inner protest emerges. And how then, in this case to be?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, see it again. I knew there would be such issues. More specific points. Well, actually that’s the situation that even if you don’t like that says the superior, you still need to perform.

Question: if his actions are directed, say, to the destruction of the case?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Complicated, here again and again difficult. You can, of course, make a small revolution and to displace the boss. We’re here faced with different situations, and this refers, in principle, that you have not developed this logic of how to behave when you become the boss. Accordingly, you will never have the opportunity to become them long-term, if you don’t know yourself can’t feel the opposite side of the coin. That is how you will be perceived. It really needs to be some kind of resonance. With regard to conflicts, it has also been resolved. Sometimes the most interesting way that really there, the company can be ruined by an incompetent boss. Who was against him, on the contrary, only saved the situation. But here we have in mind that to submit to the competent superior.

Question: Vadim, I was appointed head of the Department from the inside, I mean I grew up on the inside. And, coming from the environment of subordinates, became chief, and now I’m in a some kind of dual situation. On the one hand, they are friends, when all when I invented the methods of deception of the leadership, and now apply to me. Well, it’s the little things. But you know? And I do understand this. And yet… I just recently became leader, and I can’t work out a line of conduct.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I understood your question. A line of conduct… there are Different situations. But the course is usually distancing. That is, the most sometimes a terrible thing when the boss begins to go that far with subordinates. And nothing comes out. Why? There are different people. That is such a kind of border should be. Absolutely. I understand that it is sometimes very difficult psychological aspects. Here, Bob was our ally, and now he’s on the other side. The chief did conceited. But, on the other hand, if it is not this limit, I have already, incidentally, is not from the Raja yoga you say. Could be a situation of dual power. Anarchy as a result. Therefore, to avoid such situations you have to distance yourself. And therefore, there is nothing worse than to hire some of their friends, relatives, or friends. Why? Yes, because you then do not say anything, because in the domestic environment you are in single status, at work in others. Sometimes it is very sharp conflict. There are a lot of nuances, so the only, you know, there is even the expression “loneliness of power”. Now, if you are driving, be prepared that you will be completely alone from his subordinates. Alone, like a finger, because as long as you’ll be distanced, or rather you have no choice but to distance themselves, otherwise it will be a polyarchy. Namely, anarchy. Such are the difficult moments. But they’re psychologically complex, but then people come out of any situation.


Question: a Corporate party when the boss communicates with subordinates?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, usually, again, different. If you don’t drink, and stay within, that is, on the contrary, brings. Because sometimes the reverse situation. Sometimes subordinate to the head look like an animal to some. It’s a subtle policy. On the one hand, you have to understand that he is a sane person like you. But, on the other hand, always keep a distance. If you’re not with subordinates to keep a distance, the case will be covered.


Question: Vadim, tell, please, you spoke about the human body, which is controlled by one “I”. There can’t be two, otherwise the conflict at once. There is a cell of the body, which is also endowed with will and which has its, relatively speaking “I,” she wants to know that little cell, and there, you talked about the “I” States in the country. Who lives, one country, it is managed by one “I”. This is also difficult as the box to understand the “I” of the body, the same body is impossible difficult to comprehend the meaning of this word. And I just don’t really understand, but these organisms. Here we are all here, in what form do we understand the presence of “I” countries? It reaches us in the form of ideas, ideologically formulated? This is the maximum that we can comprehend?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely not. This was a very good scientist, his name was Lev Gumilev and he was a historian, not who was shot and who was sitting in the camps. He has a quite remarkable theory of drive. About the origin of the ethnic group, the emergence of the state, the emergence of the Empire. He immediately in his all works warns that it does not analyze the energy, that’s it push it does not analyze. It analyzes only a consequence. But this investigation can be partly, if you look at his work under the prism of Raja yoga, see some such moments. Who are the passionaries? Passionary is a person who is able to sacrifice their lives in the name of the country, right? That is, it is not at the level of ideas. Because in that moment when the person sacrifices himself in the name of something, it rises above the level of the mind, because mind is a million any decisions. This is a stimulus. This, if anything, the merging of “I”, the merging of the will. How did it manifest itself? It was shown that there was a quiet peaceful country. Suddenly the population began to be born people with obviously high energy with a clearly increased internal energy, charisma. Gumilev given the five percent level. If you are born more than five percent, it is fraught with explosion. That is an explosion, it all boils-boils, causing is born or ethnic group or state, or Empire, which then passes through various stages, like human life, and then dies. As it was with the Greeks, with the Roman Empire. He even estimated how long this push. I remember travelling through our villages once. People drink. Green, purple, they don’t work, well, you know, collapse. There is still no business, nothing got. Drink terrible, everything is degraded to zero. Are only women, the men all drink. The question is one of degree and not what it means. And here, seemingly, everything. Zero. That these people can get? But still. They have babies, they don’t receive any education, any education, but they have the spirit of the country. That’s why they consider themselves exactly community. It is clear that this can be education, some ideological cliches, any ideas. And here’s something, whether the influence of the nature, the energy of the place. This is all linked together, which is very hard. Some intuitions of higher. Start talking about Russia. They: “Yes, we believe in bright future of Russia” and so on and so forth. And you start to listen to them, and you know what their mouth says something of a higher level will, on the mind level, at the level of feelings. That’s sometimes the impression that people like a dog. It just feels like a dog owner feels. But, it is clear that we can be born in one country in another country in a third country, so some countries there are limitations. But there are more serious. It’s the entire globe as a single organism. And these are all the processes that go on it: war, the emergence of empires, Hitler was there, Stalin emerged, that there is a war, there is now something in the middle East. And once you realize that some processes go. These kamikaze on these planes the life is sacrificed in the name of some of their ideas and goals. That is, with all the horror I realize that something is happening. Probably, just as every cell in my body has my mind or those of my outbursts that “I” in life. If the “I” in depression, it is likely that it is somehow transmitted to my body, and he loses the ability to resist.

Question: the horror lies in the fact that ethnicity is the number one motive that directs the crowd. And the crowd has always, in theory the crowd to a more relaxed mind and a more relaxed mind. That is, in this respect, the weaker individual. But I wanted to ask something in this conversation. How to truly learn to obey, not knowing and not seeing the hierarchy of the pyramid and their place in it? When you don’t understand kind of what you’re supposed to obey? Not knowing what to obey, you really don’t know how.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I watch TV, when you say: “So, something our people really strayed from the hands. Let’s him think national idea.” Like I’m some sort of sheep. Now I come up with the idea, I will read it, will say: “Yes. All. The meaning of my life.” Well, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense. That is, meaning as if to obey exactly in the sense you were talking about. When, for example, to accept on a higher. If it’s not physical, then spiritual. And so on and so forth. In this regard. And, of course, just like in the abstract to submit to any idea that uncle came up and they are trying to impose on me. It is not viable, of course. Well, here it is slipping more to the point, how would such pride when, “and we ourselves with a mustache”. My situation before was so. I actually taught yoga for a long time and quite a large number of prepare yoga teachers. The script is very often repeated. Man I engaged, and then said: “Who are you? I’m now a guru”. I’m always very happy and very amused. Why? Because the man took my headache. So I’m responsible for him feeling and he said, “Everything. I now know what to do”. But again, experience shows that, as a rule, they make mistakes the same. Not because I’m big, smart and experienced, no. Here the situation is somewhat different. The situation here is a little extract from harmony.


Question: But you said that I needed to finish some business. What happens if a person starts something, and then realizes that it he is not interested and do not want to do next. That is, he accepts the decision to suspend the case.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are asking a good question the fact that this is one of the biggest Filistovich toe of humanity. We believe that there is something interesting, and something that is uninteresting. Actually all isometric isometric interesting or uninteresting. The issue is not the subject, but in our attitude towards it. That is why the habit is essential. When something drags us leads – that’s understandable. But when we build the path – this is the will.


Question: can a person refuse? First decided: “I quit”, and then I thought after a month, it is difficult for him: “No, I’m not going to quit.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, that’s throwing, unfortunately. Rushing is not productive. Otherwise goes to the Treasury. We know the piggy Bank collect-collect to will increased.

Question: That is the situation it is also, say, fraud turns out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To a certain extent, Yes. Will is higher than the mind. Mind can we then millions of different arguments lead to such and other, and for and in favor and against. But you must understand that the will is Unocal will polishable, and then the mind justifies. And not Vice versa, you know? We are very much honed your mind in the course of evolution, for lives have honed their intellectual abilities. Our minds turned to the king at the time, as he is a servant. And the king – our “I” that can voleizyavleniya, and therefore, first, the king says, and the Minister – the mind performs. In Raja yoga there is such a thing as the human development. The thing is that as soon as you develop your mind, your life will become more and more pessimistic. More and more will tend to fall into depression. Here please note. You know, like the “big multiply knowledge of great tribulation”. The more you learn about this world, about our government, about crime, about how do we all happens on the mind level, the greater the fear, the confusion, the panic you will experience. If you naively still in his youth thought that everything there is wonderful, wonderful, but after twenty times you saw some ugly situation, you will be born pessimism and pessimism is going to grow, grow and grow until, until it begins to poison your life completely. Such hopeless pessimism. What would you think corruption is everywhere, crime is everywhere, everywhere bad. This will bring you to a state of extreme depression. This is, unfortunately, a common path for all living people pass through it all. This happens because you remain at the level of the mind. So at the level of the mind, as the mind gets stronger, pessimism only grows and grows and your life gets worse and worse. This continues until, until one fine morning you suddenly accidentally or naturally, or, remembering today’s seminar on Raja yoga, you don’t Wake up and say, “now polishable to live in happiness. In joy and in fun.” The mind will say: “Yes, everything is so bad!” And you from a position of strength, from a position of “I” will say: “I impose that the world was full of happiness, kindness and justice.” The mind is the millions of any negative examples, and you will voleizyavleniya: “I believe that it should be so!” The mind says, well, you know, this pristroennye, this is the power of the mind. The most terrible power, the greatest power is not over subordinates, and the power of your mind. Believe me, he without a fight will not allow you to pin down. But if you don’t put under control, pessimism, negativity, life is a failure – that you will always be, as long as you don’t put an end to. This, if anything, the law of evolution. The law of evolution follows. First we must hone the mind to work to perfection, and then to remove it from yourself and put it fully under control. Now, if we don’t put him under control, then our whole life will turn into a never ending nightmare, and reasonable. “Are you sick and to be this way,” will speak the mind every morning and every evening. Until then, until you say, “that’s enough. I polishable to be happy.”


Question: what to do with the extreme? I valueshave to be happy, but I have some terrible disease. My mind tells all, and I still say, “I’m happy”. Well, it turns out, have to convince myself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this direction? Well, you know, there is a saying “to die, so with music”? You can even in this way. The use of the will may not fully coordinated with the mind. But it can be “that want such a world!”


Question: I once saw an interview changed my life. The woman on Victory Day gives interviews. She was in the concentration camp spent his youth, and she says that with her there was a love and that’s accidentally had two of the party of prisoners he saw there, even arranged some dates. That’s not it. When she spoke, her eyes were burning, and she ended with the phrase: “It was the happiest time of my life”. All, that is everyone, if he wants to be happy, then be!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so Here. As regards suicide, despite the fact that the conditions in the concentration camp was, as you know, are not the resort, the suicide rate there was negligible. Can you imagine? That is, every day someone in the gas chamber there dragging it rests, something. Well, it would seem, all, really, to kill accounts with this world. The suicide rate is minimal. At the time, when in prosperous countries the maximum. Where is the logic? The logic is, logic is the secret. The logic of this – the power of the mind. There, in these extreme conditions, there is the question of survival, there mind is off. And in the copper pipes in developed countries do not have to work, the social allowance.

Question: Vadim, but if a person polishable, but karma tells him more. He needs to work out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so I just want. So you understand that part… that’s what each of us is? We have part determined by our previous actions, the other part absolutely free. What we have done, our negative karma, it has not been canceled. But another part of our freedom of expression, so was not in our hands. The question, which, of course, we voleizyavleniya so-and-so, but the bill’s previous debt comes. Therefore, there is also this call that if you want to be happy, first decide to be happy, and then work strenuously in this direction. That is the first valueshave not to do more stupid things, and then grind his negative karma. Until then, until we accept, until we do not Wake up and say, “that’s it. Enough!” until we begin to live from a position of strength, and we are like hunted animals. This is the power of the mind, really. We will not be happy, not be with us and rest. There is always the thought that, like a splinter, will not give us to live in the world.

So again and again: the will is higher than the mind, the will is higher than the mind, the will is higher than energy. Will is, once again, I recalled today that the will is the part of the absolute, who created this whole world who can do anything. So in this sense, the will we had inherited from the absolute. With the help of will, the absolute created the whole world. With the help of will, we can remake it as we please. The only thing that calls Raja yoga, if we start to cut, will try not to infringe on anyone’s rights of others, i.e. not to cause harm to others. Because you can, of course, someone to hurt. That’s the thing.


Question: And another question. When we visualize the situation whether we like to recognize oneself as the higher self?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I can’t, I have no experience of it never to understand, because if I had at least one experience, which is called “Samadhi”, he would I have continued from that time to the present moment. That’s the whole problem of yoga is that we are pushing back in the direction of “I” where it is impossible to point the finger. We can to some extent create a mental image of meditation, what I am, but it will still be an illusion. Maybe a higher illusion than to assume himself a body, but still an illusion.


Question: But our “I” can valishvili be aware of itself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it’s a slightly different approach. You will remember that our “I” is not nothing, but, at the same, our “I” can manifest itself through everything. Here is the first moment when we said, “that’s not me, it’s not me, the body is not me, thoughts are not me, it’s not me” denial we approached my “I”. I said, “Well, I’m in there? Is”. And I will throw it throw it throw it, it, it. There was nothing left. But when I left. And we gradually come to this method. This method is somewhat long. This method is meditative. A faster method, that’s what they were devoted to our today’s workshop is an active comprehension of “I”. Our “I” is will. We have the world is beautiful this world is in chaos. I say that the laws of nature. And I said, “Nothing of the sort. I am not agree with that. And I voleizyavleniya that the world was good.” I say: “It’s impossible”. I said, “Who said that? Mind? Yes I wanted to sneeze on the mind. My “I” and my will is higher than the mind. I will redo everything the way I like himself without offending anybody.” I mean, you know, it’s called in Raja yoga “is to live from a position of strength”. I would sneeze on the laws, I perceive and put under control. Because my “I” polishable to happiness, peace, harmony to the Kingdom of God on earth, if you will. Where is it? I polishable. Not because someone likes or recorded somewhere. It’s just my decision to live this way. And, as our President said: “Who is not hidden, I’m not.” I mean, you know, if someone is trying to impose on me, I say, “It’s not so.” Of course, this is my negative karma, okay, I’m starting to deal with it. But if we ourselves obezbolivatmi, say, “no, nothing can be done”. Legs folded.

I want to tell this old joke. You know the old parable about two frogs. Two frogs fell into a cream. One said, “Beat pads will not. It makes no sense. My mind says, it is useless to beat feet, still will not jump”. And drowned. The second said, “I don’t know what I said my mind, but I’ll beat to the last legs”. That is, to die, so with music. Beat-beat, beat-beat, and then formed cream a piece of butter. The frog leaned on him and jumped out of the pot and stayed alive. Very well describes how we must apply the will. To the last. Mind refused, out, goodbye, mind! Feelings out, goodbye, feelings! The body collapsed, well, God bless him.


Question: Tell me, is yoga spiritual? And is that a viable yoga without spirituality?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the fact that you call spirituality


Question: Well, it is absolute faith in the bright mind.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you see, in yoga several different approach. Here the word “faith” not to believe, and to check. That’s when we are in some religious structures we get, we are told: “Believe in this, this, this.” We say, “Why?”. “Because it’s written in this book, because it is said this man, this, this.”


Question: so no yoga this faith is not viable?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No. This is not so. You can believe in. I’ve outlined the doctrine. Some of you may listen to say: “Yes, interesting. But, as Stanislavski said, do not believe.” Someone will say: “Believe.” So those who say “I believe”, chance to success is bigger than those who say “don’t.” Why? Because if I say “don’t believe”, I don’t have to do anything in this direction, so if I do nothing, I clearly did not receive. If I have faith, I, at least, something to do and I have a chance to test, that is, to get the result. But, by and large, yoga is not based on these starting positions: some believe, some don’t believe. And that you can repeat the experience. This experience took place many yogis of ancient times. Many thousands of years ago, many hundreds of years ago they passed. No one and nothing can prevent us with you to go through the same path, that is to check. Of course, you have some confidence or something.

Question: Where was born there and handy. Yoga, as I understand it, she’s not Russian. The land here is special. And here yoga can not exist here without faith, on this earth.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, actually, I don’t want this mythological component to raise. First, we are all made of the same image. That is, if anything, yoga is not some notion of the Hindus, who learned of the legs behind the head to throw. The study of internal law structure of our body. They are the same, that the Papuan, that the American. That is, this side of yoga is universal. Now, as for our native land, our native land, actually a lot of myths going on. A thousand years ago do not understand what happened here. Someone says, I now face some of the research that was supposedly Vedic tradition, which is now in India. Someone claims, the myth about the origin of yoga is that it came from the North. North India is just us. In fact, it is also, in fact, when yoga was with us, but lost her. But even if so or even if not, it’s absolutely in yoga doesn’t change anything. Yoga is a set, it’s like domestic science. And science does not change from where it happened, who opened. Newton invented the law of gravity. An Apple fell on him there in England. But in India, this law has not changed. If he invented it in India or somewhere else. That is where he was born, there and handy? Well, maybe Yes, maybe no. The Indians somehow go to St. Basil’s Cathedral and say: “What energy!” And our crowds at Indian temples: “What power!” That is a very difficult question. The only thing I want again and again to emphasize. Yoga is not an Indian notion. The fact that yoga came from India, says that there it is the best preserved. Yoga is not such a system. Yoga need to rediscover within ourselves. Don’t need to believe, need to check. If it works inside you, in your life, let them stay. If it collapses, can the next morning to loudly say: “do not work all your yoga!”


Question: Vadim, it is understood that Raja is the highest of forms. The highest form of yoga, and today we are studying Raja yoga. It turns out that the work on his own will – this is the essence of all yoga? Understand correctly? Just then the question arises, what is yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Considering the principle of Maya, we agreed on another opinion that yoga is a way of overcoming illusions. And will helps to overcome the illusion. You could say that. Definitions of the word “yoga” can be given indefinitely. The question of what we confess yoga. For example, Hatha yogi believes that if three hours he was in a particular position and forced the basic energy of your body to Wake up and rise through the Central channel to the crown of the head, and he survived in this Samadhi, he believes that yoga is to raise this energy here. But the boost of this energy just Maya and dissolves. And he awakens this energy through will. That is, it is impossible to tell, it is impossible to pry one from the other. Everything is interconnected.


Question: Vadim, I want to ask here a very important question, I do not understand for yourself. Now, if valishvili have decided firmly that I want to learn to play the piano, I am unable to refuse? I can valishvili that I refuse?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This reminds me of Mark TWAIN once asked, and he replied, “quit Smoking – it’s that simple. Forty times I’ve done this.” Here’s the situation. Again. Piggy. Here we have appointed, are not met, refused. Not received a bonus. Have not received this option, but if performed is received.


Question: Despite the fact that I set a goal, now I have this situation. There’s a goal in my notebook written on is not my goal.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of Course. Here, if you remember, or perform, or to perform, why not fulfilled.


Question contíd: Because your goals. It is now well accepted. Here it is necessary to know English. I set a goal, understand that it’s somebody else’s goal, I better to engage in yoga will. That’s the goal. Why would I want someone else’s goal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of Course, absolutely correct. See, here’s the question. Of all it is necessary to draw conclusions. If we’re wrong, but deliberately wrong, we rise. But if we unconsciously mistaken, just like that, we have no experience is not recoverable. Next time we will repeat the same.

Question: Vadim, here I’ll start to practice yoga, which I consider a success? For a beginner? I say: “I have such success”, and you say, “Honey, you’re so lost.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: a Common criterion of success in the yoga one. The habit of doing yoga. We are all on different starting positions. Someone half a lifetime the previous are only doing Raja yoga, the first time in this life to hear this teaching. So put all the same moments – this is madness. Man, maybe were kind, and helped all others, he didn’t have time to voleizyavleniya. He cared for the sick, some good things did. That is, he had potential, maybe something else. And as he goes, we don’t know. Criteria in yoga only one. It’s a habit to do. If there is a habit here, what is power yoga? The power of yoga only in one. To make a one-time make something yourself, but if you develop this habit, in the future, time is working for you. You know? So you no longer tense up, you right course the very bears like.


Remark: Hatha yoga is the basis. Raja there. I, for instance, tried and then, and then. I can say that Raja yoga is much more complicated. That is what you want to achieve through your will, as if it is much harder than you come to the gym or do Hatha yoga, and through progress in the asanas get the same effect in the mind, in fact. Even though he is less conscious. Much easier.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely right. For this reason, here we have weekly classes is on Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga. But topics such as Raja yoga we bring to the workshop. Why? Because this is for people aspiring to something else.


Question: I Understand. You answer me, please, to the specific question. Why is it important to do Raja? Because it’s more consciously than hathai yoga? That is Hatha yoga easier?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I don’t believe in people who sit down to meditate, getting to deal with the subtle introspection of your mind, and not doing Hatha yoga. I don’t believe them. Why not believe? Well, now I have such a negative karmic imprint. Because all the people who told me that they meditate that they develop the will that they control the thoughts at a distance, in General, nonsense. I asked, “physically?” “But physically in any way. Why?” I don’t believe. This is a delicate game of ego. Therefore, Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, mantra yoga, pranayama yoga is the Foundation on which it is already possible to build a Raja yoga. But, on the other hand, there are people who find it hard to do Hatha yoga. Age does not, a lot of factors. And, of course, for them this is the way out. But if you can back it up physically, your success will be many, many thousands of times faster. It is for this reason Raja yoga is called advanced yoga. It is desirable that a superstructure of exercise, because with their help it is really easy, locking the body in a fixed position, we have a tendency to commit the thoughts in my head. By controlling the position of the body, we would zavorajivaet thoughts. But that’s what I’m talking about in each class of Hatha yoga. That is, squeezing the thoughts due to the feelings and persistent immobility, at least a fraction of a second. Thus, here is what we did today exercise, valueshave – run, valueshave – executed. Again, in other nuances, again, issues of power, issues of control. There is sometimes incomprehensible nature itself. Because, you see, to refer to any organization, company as a living being, it is necessary to have a certain degree of abstract thinking. But if we at least once analyze it from the position of the living entities, we are to many questions here get answers that no one dimension are not displayed. Everything here should complement, different yoga, Yes.


Question: Vadim, but you can analyze the family from the standpoint of a living organism? Still, what there is with the government?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Family. Again, the old situation is that the husband and wife – one Satan. That is, two halves of a single being.

Question: so “I” is a family more than one man, one woman? And what about the hierarchy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the fact is that just here the situation is somewhat different.


Question: consider the family as a living organism. The plant is considered, the individual considered, the country was considered.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Family as a living organism well. Again, it’s very hard offhand, but you remember perfectly well that a woman is energy – consciousness. It’s two manifestations of the same “I”. We all have our “I”. Is a manifestation of energy, is a manifestation of consciousness. Female energy, male – consciousness. Together from their Union are born Universes – a lot of kids. These kids definitely obey. They are small, gotta take care of them. Well, again, as. Mom more affection, the woman tends more as energy. Method of energy in Hatha yoga. As it is written? Approximately take a pose and wait until you Wake up energy, and she’ll Flex. As an affectionate mother, she will direct, will do all that is necessary. It’s the question that Indians invented yoga. Let not the Indians invented yoga. She instilled in us by the energy processes. On the other hand, the child grows up, daddy begins his swing right, more to the rigor. Although there are different moments, of course. And men are more feminine and women more masculine. It all depends on one another. The two halves of the same being.


Question: But why so acute struggle for power in the family?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, well, it’s more Tolstoy said, all unhappy families are unhappy in different ways, and everyone is happy somehow similar to each other. In one – one life situation to another – another. It is necessary to analyze all karma, all the backstory and stuff.


Question: Vadim, a question about yoga. What is yoga? That’s how you want to comment on. Now our Orthodox Church yoga has made in the memo of the penitent. On one level, note, an appeal to soothsayers, fortune-tellers. I was honestly shocked. Can you comment or not?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I know so many people who are really believers, and plunged into Christianity so that everyone at the seams. The whole body is cracking, they work on themselves. They also have their own yoga, as they say. Well, in any system, there are stupid people. What I’m going to discuss this issue? Well, people don’t understand or something, or have some had a negative experience, they had seen there on some so-called meditators. I have a absolutely wonderful position that you suggest.

Here there are three activities in which you have every right not to intervene, did not respond. It is a religion. It’s extremely personal. It is a science. Well, we are up to the level of Einstein still did not rise. This medicine, which every day saves millions of lives with all the disadvantages that we have in this area. That is, remove the hat and bow. That is, if someone is helping you, for God’s sake, let it be. But, again, like to comment? God knows. I remember when because you were there of religion, from the party expelled from all the consequences. Now it’s the people-shifters. They were Communists and the Church blew up, now they found religion, begin here almost Holy Crusades to arrange. Faith is a very intimate thing. I know a lot of believers and Christians. The more a person does something and opens him to the full. Someone in Islam was opened, someone in Buddhism. And I have such joy, as they say, not to analyze. I leave people say: “Guys, are you opened, good for you.” That is a personal matter. We have written in the Constitution that religion is a personal matter. So let it go. And now we have a different situation. We have now religion is becoming, for example, the state, the Orthodoxy of the state. Muslims are offended. Muslims came, Buddhists are offended. The Buddhists came, someone else was offended. That is a very slippery topic. Always someone will be offended.


Question: the Religion in this case is Maya, that is the way of mythology, and yoga is the way of understanding? And in this case it turns out that one can see is wider than that of religion.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you could say. But again, if so we say, offended. “Well, what is Maya? – say. – We are not Maya. It is you – Maya”. I mean, it has themes that are better. Here there are Gypsies go, I often see them in Moscow, Moscow suburbs, the trains run. A very peculiar people. With known positions. In the absence of intelligence is absolutely animal sensitivity and dog scent on the people, unsure of himself. And as soon as they see this, they have it. They are words you will find that people have laid out all your money. They also need the money. So that’s better, honey, if you want to punish someone, reward them with indifference. Just indifference. Not that cursing, they are there to expel. Not that, on the contrary, to call. And keep out of the way. This is just as with many such manifestations. Again, here, too, you say Christianity. But within Christianity you know, there are some pitfalls. The Baptists first. No, the Baptists are bad. Orthodox. The Orthodox, like all good. No, the old believers. That’s great! And between them, they can not agree. What am I going to climb? I, on the other hand, know beautiful people, feed the hungry, orphans. I can only be glad. It’s like mark TWAIN once wrote the following sentence: “I pray to God that never on Earth was not a single religion, and it would be forty irreconcilable warring sects.” Why? Because all the good things that they have, they would have sent people and all the bad things that they have, they’d sent each other in their relentless struggle. Why do we climb? If you feel that you opened up in religion, I am very happy. But yoga in this sense is not said neither “Yes” nor “no”. She’s just not doing it. This is how science. She’s not doing it, just not engaged. This is not her field. Although he recognizes the higher spiritual, of course, some moments, morals and so on. If you do some bad things, then you produce a chain of events that he get out of it.


Question: a Question about enterprise management. If you look, the Raja yoga offers a charismatic way of control. That is, it depends on the leader’s level. And if you look at the trend that exists in enterprises, most of decide the technology, rather than any charismatic leaders. In this case, just the technology is translated by the leader or she in this case, lies?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a serious issue. In fact, at different stages of life can manifest itself in different ways. This something is the style of head that in a quiet environment it is balanced measured way of life. And on a sharp turn, when suddenly the situation has changed, he displays all the charisma, invent some new steps, solutions. They were immediately implements. New technologies, new approaches. That is such a kind of mobility, the adequacy of the way. Why? Because there are leaders who are coping with the situation, when all is quiet. But that just shook them and threw the horse, so to speak. There are managers who are constantly in charisma. Them something new, a new, start something, but not follow through. They can punch, but to fix the result, they are somehow boring. Well, there are different approaches. There is finally a universal head which may be so, and so and so. There is such a thing as prana. That’s the thing that can manifest itself as consciousness, and as energy. Here it is the most well characterized of the head.


Question: you said that You change yourself from the perspective of the higher self is right and mind is absolutely not true?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it is not wrong. This is a relatively. Again. You will come to the therapist. You will have a problem. The therapist will say: “come on, we will analyze your problem.” You will long to discuss it, then he’ll fail to think why you should do so, and not otherwise, and you will have, so this algorithm. Why? While you are in a quiet environment until your mind on an even keel, do you logically have deduced you are doing. Then you face in life with this situation. As they say, hormones in the blood, you’re in a rage. The mind was eclipsed. Accordingly, a good setup, as it was necessary to behave with reason, which is eclipsed, they, too, like as not. And you suffered. And that’s the appeal to reason only, it does not always save.


Question: How does this apply, say, to the appearance, we just talked about this. To change yourself. If from the standpoint of reason, it is impossible, it is bad or it will break?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, this is inefficient.


The Question: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And because it is still part of one whole. This, again, is to pull by the hair itself.


Question: That is, to believe that I’m good, I’m beautiful…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And at the same time not to believe.


Question: how from the standpoint of the higher self?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And from the standpoint of the higher self is abstracted from itself. Visualization.


Question: That is, to see ourselves?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Well, there are many different methods, I just don’t want to touch. In fact, this is what is called ritual. This is the right way of thinking plus push right action. In Kriya yoga it is said, if you want to reach there beautiful body, I can’t remember it verbatim, do Kriya dressed in the sky and let the storm doesn’t scare you. “Clothed in sky” is in the buff. “And let the bad weather doesn’t scare you”. Have in mind that the weather can be very different. Optionally, the sun is shining, but it may keep raining, cold and so on and so forth. That is when we made the right decision, we see what we should be doing a boost of energy and begin to work, speeding up the process. Then it goes faster. If we see just mentally, but physically not doing anything, it is slower, but still goes. If we just do not think it is too, but still slower. The fastest in the world, when the energy coincides with consciousness. When our intentions with our actions is the same, then it all quickly goes.


Question: As has already been said that yoga is a scientific way of understanding God. Do you agree?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In Raja yoga we can all forget about the concept of God. Moreover, there is such a provision. The man who does not believe in himself, will never believe in God. Because first we must learn to believe in yourself and then in the higher, abstract if you understand the idea. So there are, again, very different. There are approaches for atheists in yoga. Beautiful people – atheists. In the sixties began to practice yoga, still continue. Wonderful people. When they read a provision stating that their employment, which they began to do almost more to do with Stalin, now some finger waving and said: “AI-Yai-Yai!”, well, you can understand their reaction? The reaction, overall, not a positive, as you know. Because they were engaged in these moments, when the party expelled and so on. There is yoga for those who believe in a particular religion. Moreover, sometimes there is a weird religion. People believe, for example, the religion of their ancestors. That is, should worship their ancestors.


Question: could it be that the attainment of the upper reality?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Can. Yes.

So, let’s follow this chain. We all have our “I”. This “I” is higher than anything. Nothing could hurt him. Nothing can bring any damage. It is indestructible, it is omnipotent, it is omniscient. But because of Maya, from the illusion of our “I” is not aware of itself, and finds itself in our minds.


Question: can the same question? That the end person will have difficulty showing the maximum, in absolute version. If he so do, he would have able to disengage completely with all of what the man himself used to take. That is generally this is the concept of “manifestation of will”, it requires like failure?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: well, in that sense. And, of course, no. I again refer to “the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. The fact that at the final stage of yoga when a person goes into Samadhi, he reaches a state where his will is compared to the will of the entire rest of the world. This is an extreme degree of will. By and large, he would the world turn and do with it what he pleases. But the millennial experience shows that reaching this state, the yogin sees suddenly that to do something and not have. And all so true. That is, he would have this world that’s sometimes say, “Who did this wicked world? Now, if I were God, I would”. Yes? The fact that in yoga, the yogin rises to this state and sees that everyone lives in his own illusions, which he wants to believe. To redo something is to forcibly take away these illusions. Until then, until the time came, it’s the same as taking a baby toy. He’s going to cry. And suddenly, the yogi understands that, in General, by and large, do nothing more. And this is precisely the stage, when he transcends this Universe. Just what has been mentioned, that it is completely rastorgaetsya not only with their bodies but with minds, and also with all the world. He leaves him with a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing here. He sees that all goes according to plan, everyone believes in their beasts. Why? Because he wants to believe. Everyone feeds their fears. Why? Because that’s what he likes. What am I going to intervene in this idyll?


Question: Here is the movie “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” not talking about it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I honestly don’t get now. I once watched, but now I don’t get the script.


Remark: He just got into a psychiatric hospital and tries to stir up psychiatric patients. And then it turns out that they wish in this hospital.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In General, Yes. That is, you know, from the point of view of yoga, we are all hallucinating. These hallucinations we like, we support them because of misconceptions. Moreover, we like our delusions. And until, until we take action, will not valueshave that all, enough of these errors, we, in General, useless to help. Why? Because any help we will perceive as violence, invasion of his own Universe. You know, the most useless thing – to help people who want to suffer. All there in the cocoon does not break.

So, if you will remember the principles of yoga, you will get numerous practices. If not, then… One teacher will tell you: “Do so”, the other commercials, and you’ll then think, but what to do? You have to understand the essence of this doctrine. If you understand, you will understand how that works. This will save you from many troubles. So, each of us has our “I”. It is the Almighty brand. It does not die and is not born, nothing can damage them and so on and so forth. But unfortunately, because of Maya, our “I” identifies itself with the mind and with our bodies. But our bodies are already subject to birth and death, suffering people, subject to the law of karma. And we being in such a delusion, can not realize their higher potential. The potential of the power enclosed in our “I”. We consider ourselves to be our body, and the body is limited. We think of ourselves as our mind and intelligence is limited. And our task is, first, to understand themselves and to use all the forces of our “I”. But make it extremely difficult: we have too long considered themselves to these bodies and mind. Therefore, what we begin doing, we begin to subdue your body and your mind. To subdue we start from the standpoint of his will. Why? Because the will is higher than our minds than our bodies. It is the fulcrum higher than the mind. Accordingly, from the standpoint of the will the mind can master the body, you can rebuild, if we are below as we can to raise it, if they themselves are in the swamp? In order to subdue the mind, we must rise above the mind. In order to subdue his body, we must rise above the body. In order to subordinate their thoughts and feelings, we must rise above the senses. We have only one option – to use it will. Will is the thread, which can directly appear in our regular life, but leads directly through our mind to our higher self. So we learn to use the will to develop it. For this we develop the habit to finish any expression. The will was? You should get in the habit to reach the end, put a tick. This is one method that we have studied today.

Finally, the second method. This is to create an alternative Universe in your mind by will, and create their alternative body and your mind through the will, meditating or imagining yourself already having this quality of will. And in this alternate Universe to work out the scenario that we wanted to be. Here our will has voleizyavleniya to would be so and so. Here’s our alternate universe fulfills. Due to the fact that we want to get to the exit. And we apply two of these methods, and he and the other entered into a habit. Because, if you do not enter them into the habit, it is a single idea, a single fun. If this becomes a habit, the time begins to work for you. Our will becomes more and more powerful. And we begin, in General, to use it. That’s what we had to clarify at today’s seminar. There is still a lot of additions to Raja yoga, some more significant, some less significant. But without this axiomatic, in General, to talk about. Now need to settle the axiomatic.

And finally, the last call is that until, until we valueshave to change your life for the better, it will not change. If we give it at the mercy of the mind, the mind will always be to build the plans and the machinations that have developed historically or there under the influence of advertising, under the influence of other people, you will do so. It is necessary to put an end to it, you have one morning to Wake up and say “enough is enough. Now I’m starting from a position of strength. Now I define. I want to be happy not from the standpoint of reason, but because I polishable”. It is clear nothing will happen immediately. Why? Because we have our karma. Negative, you need to grind. And we have taken the decision to change life for the better, this for realskis begin to work on yourself. It can be Hatha yoga, it can be Kriya yoga, it can be any other yoga. It may be a work – karma yoga – in the office, business, and so on and so forth. We begin to live from this position, from a position of strength. Not the world dictates to us the rules of the game and we world. If it is not, everything else is useless. Absolutely useless. There is always a clue that you have to drag it and again omitted. I encourage you to think on the topic of Raja yoga, not to harm any living creature, even if you will become a great chief. But again, remember that the science of management is not so simple. Somewhere you have a whip somewhere and have cake. Oh, and finally, enter into the habit of these two methods, which we now have time to talk.


Question: In many books on psychology says that if you have something you want to choose the exact path you go. Because space has a lot of options. What this says to Raja yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a good point. In fact, here is meant that as would an exercise in Raja yoga is somewhat broader. Well, imagine you are afraid at night to walk the streets, you have a natural fear. And you know that there is no danger, but you fear, Yes? And so you mentally make the journey, as if you have not experienced fear. So you do each step, and then repeat it. But there is, absolutely correct, other points that we see in today’s seminar has not dealt with. This is the highest application of our will. The fact is that if we approve today’s seminar, we will be able you have to move to a higher add-ons. Those practices you mentioned. They are definitely there. If you face any problem, as taught by Raja yoga, it must be well put, well understand, well thought out, will give instructions to his mind to solve it and forget about it. And the more you forget about it, yeah, the first is to work hard, concentrate fully, and then say to the mind: “decide.” And forget about it. And not in a hurry, wait for the decision. Why? Because if the will gave the mind an impulse, the mind is not going anywhere. They say: “We are five percent of the hidden abilities of the mind.” This is true, but the remaining part is not working. Not because she have not developed, because the mind is lazy. And there’s this boss who would be forced to work. But it is the highest manifestation of Raja yoga. It’s how to get the answer to a question that you don’t know. To formulate the problem, ponder it, meditate on it until a certain level, not deciding if it will be solved, it’s understandable. But if she suddenly is not solved, not solved, all have to stop and remove her from his sight, forget about it. And then a very tricky process starts to go. Over time, you think you forgot, but your mind is a very complex structure, and there the gears revolve. May take a day, maybe a week, maybe a year, maybe ten years. One again, a beautiful morning or one evening, the mind will suddenly give a decision. And so sometimes it miraculously happens that it seems that the solution to higher power gave. Actually, maybe it’s our own mind, powers of mind. The same goes for telepathy. So, when you start to think in unison. It concerns a very large number of purely mental phenomena. Once Stanislavsky, who, incidentally, studied Raja yoga, if I am not mistaken, with Alexander Greene. So, getting used to the images of the famous Stanislavsky system – was largely inspired by these methods of Raja yoga. A lot, a lot. Protodeclare, visualize yourself with a new look, getting used to this new look – it’s the methods that are used in Raja yoga the full. But that it does not remain, again, at the level of the beautiful to psychological training, which in real life has no value, if you look, the first thing to start Raja yoga is the yoga axiomatics of this. Our journey to our “I”. If this anchor is our “I” – everything else will follow. If not her, nothing to talk about. Just about anything.


Question: Vadim, here you said that you will not have the qualities. And why about one person saying he’s weak-willed, spineless, but about the other – a strong will?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. The fact that one of them used to use what he has. Well as. He already knows how to use it. And the second, whom we called weak-willed, has simply never faced. He just doesn’t know that it has this ability. The only difference in this. And will, here again, there are such axioms. The will does not need training. Will you all have already completely trained. She is in the absolute degree of power. Our goal is not to train the will, and be able to apply it.

Question: is it all the same?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Same. More precisely, it is unqualified. We can’t say the same, different.


Question: can you tell about disidentification? Now become very popular sorts techniques for leaving the body. Now whether this is some kind of common ground, for example, the same technique. Relaxation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, again, I have a settled belief that all the techniques that are now emerging, it is one or the other practice of yoga, which is called other some names. Yes, indeed. But again, here you see, what is the Achilles heel of all of these practices. If we do this not from the standpoint of your higher self and from the perspective view of himself, then it is really a practice may be, may have something to worry about. We appreciate the real long-term result. Unfortunately, now in Moscow, where demand creates supply, sometimes by taking over and doing a seminar, give a lot of techniques, and practices. There breathing, visualization, and so on and so on and so forth. To bring people to the state, as told to psychiatrists, inadequacy. And, indeed, as they say, there is a parallel dimension – it’s all very well. There is one serious drawback in all this. First, it is not always justified, and secondly, it does not bring real fruits, except the realization that nothing else. But realistically, a person’s life for the better then does not change. Here’s some of the practice I now this scare. Is there a month or two or year, you ask: “were You at that practice. You life really changed?” He says, “what practice?” “Well, you admired something there”. Why is all this happening? Here it is for this reason that if we don’t rely on that consistently and not change, only one thing within us is our “I”, all else is transitory. Although, maybe this experience interesting.


Question: in the same sense also is that you your body is not perceived as something of their own. To get out of it to see with different eyes. How is that even safe and how much is it, here I have friends, they say to use this method, something changed, but changed for the better.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Even so? It is difficult to say. This is a rather complex things. This is, firstly, of course, depends on who spends.


Question: Just some practise it themselves. Very many materials on this subject and says that the safe use of it, will open new horizons.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I have, of course, more close to get acquainted. Well, again, I think if someone likes it, if anyone helped, so this is something there. On the other hand, of course, have to perform. Again, that’s such a technician, you get to the seminar, you were pumped up-pumped up, and here you are all floated, the world has changed, you are here leave. A week, two, three, you think, this is it! Then it takes six months, a year, and where you were in the swamp, in the swamp and left. Any such push, the exaltation, not leading to long-term change. To be honest, I would never, I feel sorry for her time to hold such workshops, although the technician very much.


Question: But from the point of view of the prana, it helps our bodies. You just break that link, separating the body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, generally speaking, from the point of view of philosophy in such axiomatics, nothing unnatural there. In the end, we go to bed, fall asleep, and in this state, in one sense of the word rabotodatelyam the gross body with the subtle bodies. So once again. It is necessary to analyze.

So, the topic of this seminar is very ambiguous. Everything valuable you learned from this workshop is not mine, belongs to teachers of mankind. Therefore, you have every right to use it and share with others. All the nonsense that was made here, it’s only my stupidity. I was not able to convey to you, I could not find the right words. So I want you to understand that each of you contains this knowledge within himself. And if you start to analyze yourself, if you start to experiment with themselves, if you start to examine these principles that we discussed today. You can safely say: “Yes, that’s how it works” or boldly say, “No, it isn’t and it doesn’t work”. So I urge you not to believe me and to try to recheck.


And finally, I recall that all this knowledge is not my knowledge. All that I give from my teachers, and my teachers from the teachers of their teachers received. So let us to such meditations are done. Inner eye above the top of the head to see teachers and teachers. Here is the way in which they seem to us. Here let our spontaneous imagination to draw such images that are close to us. Teachers. I remind you that it’s not just men, but also a huge number of women. Here see them in the way in which they seem in front of you. They are selfless people. They are likely many of them have already gone far beyond our Universe. The only thing they wanted and want us to be happy. But at the same time they are extremely unobtrusive. And as long as we do not ask for their knowledge, they will not intervene in our lives because they think it is immodest. So welcome them mentally, mentally nod at them and our job is to connect with them directly. Directly with them. Not through me, not through books, not through the seminars, not through some classes, and directly. Without intermediaries.

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