2009.01.25 Seminar on Raja Yoga 2nd cycle. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.01.25 Seminar on Raja Yoga 2nd cycle. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

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Seminar on Raja Yoga 2nd cycle.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

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2009.01.25 Cultural center “Enlightenment”

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Today, January 25, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in cultural center “Enlightenment” near the metro Novoslobodskaya in Moscow. This is a yoga workshop for the Open Yoga University. The theme of today’s seminar – Raja yoga. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyyoga.narod.ru.


We must first consider the theory of today’s seminar. And then all the questions associated directly with the practical application of this theory, quite serious, quite difficult.

Raja yoga – what yoga is for, what it does and what its place in the slender several other yogas? Teaching yoga is one, but this common teaching of yoga there are different approaches that work with different manifestations of man. One such manifestation is the human ability to coexist with the outside world, control the outside world, at the same time to manage themselves. Raja yoga can be called a yoga control or management yoga. It’s the yoga that allows you to use the one hidden in every human being’s potential, which people don’t even realize.


What is Raja yoga apart from other yogas?


Raja yoga takes a high position. And sometimes it is believed that a person can really do Raja yoga, not before he met with other types of yoga, such as Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, which create the Foundation for Raja yoga. Because the subject of studying and applying Raja yoga is more elusive and difficult to grasp. This whole range of mental processes that take place in the head. Raja yoga deals not so much mental processes as the basis for these mental processes, or the basis for the control of mental processes. And that is called the will. On the other hand, is called Raja yoga is a practical science, application of will.

In different systems of yoga different classification, which subjects are included in the consideration of Raja yoga. In the well known “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali”, which describe the octal stage of yoga, called Ashtanga, Ashtanga means ” eight.” Raja yoga is actually the last stage, that is, all the stages that come after the breathing exercise – pranayama. In other classifications or other yogas is given a different explanation of Raja yoga and the tools it uses. Considering any school or branch of yoga, all said about the same.

Consider the basic underlying principles on which all the teachings of Raja yoga, i.e. axioms of Raja yoga. Yoga is appealing to some verlogenen things, but coming to these things by a very strict logic, therefore, no violation of logic in the whole science of yoga is not observed. Another thing is that there are things that cannot be described in terms of logic. But using logical explanations and understandable (amenable to common sense) exercises we can approach this sverdlovka. The axioms of yoga is the set of basic principles, and if it is logical enough to manage them, then you can output any type of yoga. The concept of axioms close to such a concept as “Jnana yoga”. Although Jnana yoga few other accents on the same basic principles, but apply them on the other side.

How it all began?

It all started, no more, no less, with the creation of the world.

According to yoga, the primordial principle which in yoga is called the absolute, decided to manifest itself or in other words, decided to create our entire Universe.

Up to this point, if I may say so (even the notion of time is not applicable, since according to the axioms of yoga, the concept of time itself was created much later). So before we of the Absolute, its quality can not say anything. First, I can’t say, because no witnesses who could testify: “Here was once an absolute, can tell you.” Very abstract theory. But we are not interested in it, and the moment of creation, the absolute, according to the teachings of yoga, valueshave. It was the first manifestation of the absolute, or the first push. Actually, with this push began the creation of the Universe. The first thing that was manifested is the will. And this will was expressed in the following way. In the ancient texts on yoga say, how to Express the fact that the absolute manifested will. There’s a phrase: the absolute said to myself “Yes I will”. And in some texts added: “Yes Ya’ll I’ll be many.” In itself this phrase is the will and impetus for further creation. That is, the absolute state of unmanifest made manifest, because he said “Yes I will”. If something is not there and then appeared. For example, we say “tomorrow”. Today gone tomorrow, but it will be. Or will so-and-so. It is supposed that today it is not, and tomorrow will appear. And when the absolute says “Yes I will”, giving the impression that this absolute was not, and then he appeared. But it is impossible to say. He, existed, or were in an undeveloped condition, which can not even say whether he was or was not. There was not even the very concepts of this. In Raja yoga interesting to a few more – the first manifestation of will. The absolute manifested itself through his manifestations (slightly ugly phrase, but in another way will not tell).

What kind of manifestation, through which manifested the absolute?

The axioms of yoga claims that it was prana, a very strange and fantastic thing. In the future, the prana is divided into its two its two opposite manifestations and became known as energy and consciousness. That is prana, energy and consciousness is a manifestation of the absolute. In the future, all objects and phenomena in this fantastic and strange the Universe was created as a combination of energy and consciousness. That is, each manifestation of energy there is behind it a consciousness and every consciousness is behind him energy. From the axioms of yoga it is known that, when the absolute expressed creature “Yes I will”, added the phrase “may I be many”. Whether in parallel, or sequentially, or even as anything, what we can not say, because the notion of processes that go in parallel or series, originated much later, when there was the concept of time. And we are now talking about the period when there was time. It is difficult to answer as it all happened, in the plane of our mind. But the phrase “may I be many” no more, no less – the creation of “I” is the Highest I every living creature. That is, the absolute not only that valueshave to appear, he even (figuratively speaking) valueshave share to part, to break up many-many. And each piece is I of every living creature. And if to speak about us, about people, in particular the Higher self of each person.

Another question, how it was implemented. This is a very serious sections of the axioms, difficult to set out in the justification. The fact is that each of us is a part of the absolute, and as part of the absolute we have inherited all those high capabilities possessed by the absolute. But on the other hand, each of us isolated and independent from each other. Every I don’t depend on each other. The scheme is roughly as follows. Had an absolute one, and then he said, “may I be many.” Still remained single, and at the same time appeared like a never-ending many individual Ya. As if you know a whole lots of different threads stretched to each individual Y. Moreover, each individual I has inherited the same quality that had absolute freedom. It turns out phantasmagoria: we have the absolute, which is free and independent from anyone, from anything, has the will and the manifestations in the form of energy, consciousness and prana. At the same time he appears in the form of multiple-sets is the Higher self that also have the freedom, will, consciousness, energy, and prana. No one depends on no one. On it and the freedom that implies the absence of dependence. I each person is free from the influence of all other living beings, and from the influence of the absolute. Absolute, clear, and so free from I other creatures.

And what is the difference of the absolute I and I other creatures?

The difference, oddly enough, is. In order to do each individual person, it took Maya that surrounds the I of each individual and does not allow him to realize himself. And the absolute is not surrounded by this Maya. Each Higher self of the person free and absolute free. But the Higher self of the person is not aware of itself, and the absolute is aware of. Raja yoga starts with the Higher self of each individual. Or now, if all this is to say in your own words. Man is born small, like Mowgli in the jungle or in a country where in General no knowledge about anything. He knows neither yoga, nor philosophy, neither of which yoga not heard about any origin of the Universe does not know. For him this question, “do we have all these entities or not?”. Well, as he had no experience. He was just born. Remember yourselves when you were born and knew nothing. Not because it’s impossible to know, and you just did not ask this question.

When you start talking to the person about the absolute, about the Supreme truth, he can just shrug and say “I don’t know, I have no such experience, the experience of these Higher truths. Maybe so, maybe not”. In Raja yoga says that there is no need in advance to know know know. You should know just one thing. You do not know about the absolute, about all other living beings, but about the fact itself you know, you exist or you don’t exist. Of course, every person has a knowledge of philosophy or not, feels that he is. Here I am. Different levels of abstraction, what he means by this word “I”, but these inner feelings, experiences, quite specific.

People on a more abstract level of thinking says, “Yes, the body. This thing is so incomprehensible. I sometimes feel sometimes feel. I rather thought. Here’s my thoughts, some sort of conglomerate of ideas about yourself: I’m a man, I so many years, I hungry or non-fasting”. That is, or more subtle degree. But each person has within themselves an intuitive, does not cause doubts feel that he is. And that’s just this feeling, this truth works Raja yoga. This is the starting point of Raja yoga. The belief that I exist. Strictly speaking, doing Raja yoga, everything is possible to believe and not to believe. Therefore, this yoga is good for both atheists and religious people, as people who believe in some kind of abstract thing. Let’s say that the world was created is not an absolute, and samozarodilsya or is it a manifestation of some function space. Raja yoga is ideal for all types of worldviews and not in need of these worldviews in order to move forward. Another conversation that in the higher stages of Raja yoga, we rediscover the ultimate truth about how the world works, he comes to this concept of the absolute. But only then, and only then. And in order to take the first steps, can believe, can not believe it – you will get the result. If you start to work with yourself. If you believe that you exist – you will get the result. Just one thing – to believe in what you really are. And as for religion or other philosophies, they are all great under the saying: “Until a man believes in himself, he does not believe in absolute”. It’s just a balancing act of mind, which will draw different concepts of evidence or rebuttal, but the real benefit of this gymnastics of the mind will be small, so Raja yoga this is not a concern.

Everyone has a Higher self and that Higher I (a part of the absolute) is completely free, it inherited from its ancestor of the absolute. And freedom is freedom, but what is said in other terms. What is a will? It is the practical realization of inner freedom. What does freedom mean? Freedom means freedom in everything. This means that we will get everything we want. All of our intention comes to pass. Freedom is like a magic that gives us everything we ever wanted. Otherwise it is not freedom. But will it actually, in other words says the word “freedom”. It is a practical application of this inner freedom for the individual.

The absolute valueshave: may I be many, and therefore there I was each of us. To do this he was able through what is called Maya. A very strange thing – Maya, which gives the possibility of occurrence of the illusion (the concept of Maya and illusion is the idea where one follows from the other). So the illusion arises from Maya, but Maya is more difficult in the perception of the concept than an illusion. In order for the absolute to be divided into each individual I, it had to be from a whole sort of separate. Here is the ocean, it is necessary to separate a drop from him, that between the drop and the ocean was something, for example, air. If scoop, between the drop and the ocean are the air – a kind of staging environment. The analogy is the following: the Maya and there is this separating medium that separates each person’s higher self from the one absolute. But Maya has a side effect called an illusion – when we begin one thing to consider something else. First we figure out what something can be mixed up, then start something confused. And Maya has the same effect – entanglement with one another.

Why is this even possible? Why not to separate the Higher self in each of us and without creating the illusion of this mechanism. Yoga says no. Why? Then, as a consequence, this environment would be deprived of other very important properties – freedom from all. We want to know what the absolute is or we wish to believe that there is no absolute in this world. How would one of the other flows, it is not conceived as something separate, and derived from one another.

The highest I each inherited freedom which is reflected in the fact that each possesses a strange ability will. And on the other hand, the higher self surrounded by a cloud of Maya, which makes its I take it from what it really is, and consider themselves his manifestations. And of these two, or the primordial manifestation of one’s prana, which is then divided into consciousness and energy. The higher self under the influence of Maya consider themselves not themselves, but their manifestations: his mind and his energy. And if I believes himself his manifestations, then it falls under all those constraints which can affect symptoms. If our consciousness is clouded in some way, our I perceive that it is something semotilus. That is, I so identified himself with his forms.

And how appear these symptoms I? Through the physical body. Bodies are not our I, is a manifestation of our “I”. But we feel its manifestations. Coarser man considers himself the gross body, more sophisticated man more delicate structures, etc., to an extreme degree of refinement. But the bodies can be arbitrarily thin. Even if you have a body woven out of rays of light, which so it would seem quite so disembodied, it is still a body. It’s still not our Ya Sometimes say: the ability of a yogi to stand in the luminous body. The body is made of light, but it’s still a body, it is not our Ya Get the scissors on one side we feel what is not really are thus, getting into the addiction. If the body badly, we feel bad if the body is good, and we feel good. Although, strictly speaking, we and our bodies are different, but somehow related to each other.

Who controls our bodies? Our Y. But on the other hand: the body is the body I is Y. the result is utter confusion of every living creature. And it’s a creature from life to life, considering himself their appearances, making lots and lots of different actions, and these actions as the echo gradually return the results of those actions, forcing to do new actions, and these actions lead to echo other actions. And the phantasmagoria confuses completely lost orientation in this world, increasingly alienated from the awareness of his Higher self, and more and more feel their bodies. And the more we identify with their bodies, the more dependent on them get. But on the other hand, each inherited inner freedom, despite the fact that we consider ourselves their bodies. The inner freedom I does not change, it remained, and the manifestation of freedom is the highest I will. And here is the real Raja yoga. And as this will to manage, and that can make the will?

What is a will?

Will – this thing that is not based on anything else. Will arose much earlier than any anything else. Our will is not based on our consciousness, our will is not based on our energy, because consciousness and energy emerged much later than the will. It follows from this that if you have a lack of consciousness or energy, through a will you can fill this gap. So, will is something truly magical that can change everything around you or is your body inside you in any sort of way, what ever you want to redraw all 100%, because all these structures are more recent and depend on the will. What is the world? This consciousness and energy. Will is higher than consciousness and energy, respectively, will can control this consciousness and energy and to reshape the world around us. What is the body? It is also a combination of consciousness and Energy. Will is higher than consciousness and energy. And if you want a body change – you change them. Absolutely stunning open Outlook: you can, as you wish to change the world around you, because the will is the tool that can pass through all the closed doors, through all the obstacles. At the same time the will can transform your body or your body as brute and more subtle. Someone undresses and looks in the mirror, turns away and says, “Oh-Oh-Oh, all don’t want to be!” And as soon as you said that, as soon as I valishvili, the will begins to transform you.

So, will is a thing no more, no less, like some kind of magic. It’s hard to say what it is, because even substance will not. And the only definition of the will, more or less adequate in our language is the power that we inherited from the absolute. To say something is very difficult. That is how you get such a dual situation: on the one hand, the Higher self of each person is shrouded in a veil of Maya, the veil of Maya leads him to confusion about oneself and leads to the condition of being a slave of his body, their habits and desires. Thoughts, habits, desires belong to the body, and not to the Higher self And the person seems as he is a slave to their bodies, and bodies are one expression of its manifestation that he needs something that is it can be something to force something to do or something not to do. On the other hand, there is a higher freedom of every person, which is manifested by the will. And the will is absolutely independent from Maya, because appeared much earlier than the Maya. Or in other words, the will was the impulse that gave rise to Maya. And this duality is present in every living being. On the one hand the conditioning of Maya, on the other hand has a tool that can this Maya be overcome. On the one hand we are in this world running around, sometimes under duress here and there, our life is driving, we go to the unloved work, talk to different people. We are very absorbed in this rat race that we call free not. But on the other hand, the essence of our free. And we can win this rat running around and the entire conditionality, if we have the will. Moreover, not only to win all this conditionality, but also to create a new world. Because the continuation of the theme that the Overself is surrounded by a layer of Maya, and we each have our own personal universe. We only think that we are all here sitting the same perception of the Universe. As I perceive the Universe, and the neighbor on the right. And in fact the neighbor to the right are quite different, their understanding of the Universe, and they even (possibly) do not intersect. Because everyone has their own inner universe. And I have free will, and the neighbor to the right own free will. I’m in my cocoon of Maya, he is in his, and, by and large, to make him accept my point of view, as to me it is impossible in principle. It follows another interesting conclusion, about the impossibility of the transmission of karma. When one person did something and the other take the rap for him. This is impossible in principle. Everyone gets only what they deserve. Therefore, everyone has the conditioning of māyā, our inner world, our inner universe. On the other hand is a tool in the form of a will. This is the basis of Raja yoga, to use will.

We have the awareness that I exist. There is some conglomerate of ideas, thoughts, in which a person believes that say that it is. But I can assume that all the people around them no, it’s just my hallucination, you never know what I see. I can’t prove that other people really exist, that it’s not my hallucination that he is not a robot, which did look like the illusion of such. Is there a wax Museum, come in, whether people are, or chunks of wax. There is no criterion to prove the existence of other people, and God knows, maybe it was a hallucination and there is no criteria for the existence of the absolute. They say he is, and I can say, “And prove that he is.” In response begin to bring some reason and it is not obvious. Why “me” to confuse and try “me” to dissuade, you never know what there ponapridumyvali. From this are born of philosophy, when they say that the world do not, that the world is our illusion, hallucination. This is a very sharp shift, it is certainly not true, and it is sharp in its effects, but a significant portion of truth there.


What are the criteria and what is the difference between reality and hallucination?

For example, you eat in the subway and on the sides you have on a person, or more. What are the criteria that it is not your delusion? Where is the criterion, what do you eat on the subway, and not lie in bed and imagine. Here’s a obsessive form of schizophrenia. Raja yoga says that we do not need to answer these questions, but rather to look inward: and we actually HAVE? And this is the first step on the path of Raja yoga, to try to understand as I am? From the theoretical point of view, you will sooner or later begin to explore yourself, you will start to feel the presence of this tool – will within itself. And as you begin to feel and to use this tool, you will sooner or later reach your Higher self, So in Raja yoga, the will is both the means to approach your Higher self and to rebuild the entire interior or the world around us. But on the other hand, as it were, at the same time will is the guiding star or the thread in the direction you need to go, to reach your Y. Please note that our will comes out of the centre, our Higher free Ya. So, if you go in the opposite direction from where comes your will, you very quickly get to the source of knowledge of his Higher self on the other hand, as you progress in the direction of your Higher self, your opportunity to apply will be more and more. Finally, there are three aspects that associate with each other all of our manifestations. It’s a bunch of our will and our desire.

Is there a difference between the will and desires?

There is a difference. Desires arise from the fact that our I is surrounded by a layer of Maya and feels not what it is, in fact, that is our bodies or our desires are manifestations of our higher self desires no. And can not be, because it is free. It already has all that he needs. And if I had instantly created. Thus, our desire conditioned by Maya due to ignorance, due to the fact that we consider ourselves nothing more than than really are. And they, in turn, are determined by our previous actions, and previous actions affect our subsequent actions. All this together is called the law of cause and effect or law of karma. And each new desire is a logical consequence of those desires which we have to this was. In this sense, desire is a “thing” mechanistic or determined. At the same time, the will is not a product of karma or Maya, so there is no conditionality will. The will in its manifestation, if it is to perform from the outside, by chance, there is no factor which can determine the will. And so apparently the word random and the word free to the outside observer that these two terms can be equated. In our world there is nothing accidental, all due to the. Some phenomena are caused by others, even when you threw the dice and accidentally dropped some result, it is not accidental. Many factors, from how your hands are shaking, and, to the more subtle factors that have led to the fact that you got this result, and not the other. Therefore, the will is not based on anything due to the will rests on our inner freedom and desire to rely on backstory for karma.

There is another point that connects the will is the attention. Our attention creates our desires. If no attention if we not sent him there, if not highlight the situation, there is no desire, we just don’t know what you could wish for. Therefore, desire is on the one hand the previous experience, on the other hand, the presence of attention. That is, if the attention to any direction and had previous experience, there is a desire. Imagine a little child who was taken to a room where piles of gold and two or three rattles around, of course, will be pulled to the rattles. Gold does not need to. The rattle is new, it is still you can play. Why? He had no just experience, this is caused by the background.

Very good bunch in Raja yoga to control desires and deal with them in a frontal attack with the use will hard. Will is such heavy artillery. It’s like shooting from a gun on sparrows stupid and pointless. Possible simple methods to control your desires.

What is faith?

The concept of faith more than a religious concept. Distanciruemsa yoga and religion, yoga believes that all religions are equally good, just as atheism are equally good. Yoga believes that our world is much more complicated to have all in one pile to sweep. But on the other hand, is very respectful of the religious beliefs of each person. In yoga it is believed that if a person opened through religious beliefs, it was revealed the Supreme truth. And as she opened each one individually.

There is a faith factor. It will be about faith, but not about religion, religion is touch will not. The Constitution says that religion is a personal intimate matter of each person with the Higher self of the absolute. Faith is a serious factor. Moreover, so severe that many philosophical movements, religious sometimes abuse it. Faith to a certain extent you can put in the counterparties to such term as knowledge. We may not know, but believe. Or may know but not believe. And how is it expressed? This is expressed in a real and serious force – a very serious factor in the Universe, starting with human life and to higher levels. When people believed in some higher idea, and all his life was rebuilt under the idea. Our ancestors built under this idea, they believed in the idea of communism and implement it. They thought it was a good idea. They all built and built a state, and all life were built on this idea. It’s not that this idea was good or bad, and that they had not from reason, but from faith. Most of the people who built our country, they don’t quite understand this system, but they believed in it. With all its positive and negative sides.

The same situation with Nazi Germany, the main philosophical work of Hitler “May Kaump”. In this work mostly described the emotions rather vision. Somewhere more or less sane, somewhere quite insane. But it is not a fundamental theory, where each position is strictly proved and a consequence of the following, and it did not prevent the Germans to believe in it, half of Europe to win and Russia to go to war. We don’t know this side, the Germans, the victorious nation. There was fanatically loyal to the idea of fascism, which had rushed on the guns. Or in Japan, they had faith in the Emperor. No it is not seen, not heard, and in fact, nothing he is unproven. Does not particularly manifested neither as a philosopher nor as a scientist nor as a politician. But it was a quiet ordinary man, very kind, sane. But all believed, and this was a factor.

* If we consider not the mass of people and a single person who doesn’t believe in anything: neither in communism, nor religion, nor in yoga and believe in cash. To tell him about yoga and he asks: how much money can this make? How to earn money and pay for this pleasure will have. And he says he doesn’t believe in all these things, they cannot be touched, they are intangible. But when you know the laws of yoga, you will learn how the world works. And when you go to make money, you’re going to predict that there will grow up and what is down. The result is earn a living. Knowledge in this sense are the most expensive. And knowing how things work, everything is priceless. But where is the guarantee that it’s not another notion of Indians of all sorts. Man believes it, he doesn’t know, he came to this conclusion. He began to believe it and his whole life is beginning to roll according to this scenario. *

* Or … Granny, she’s happy-radiance practicing yoga dreams at night. Says horizons is fantastic. *

* Or … the gentleman who studied science. And one got fired. And it still worked, worked, worked hard. Started one yoga, scored a lot of prana, and literally began to glow with prana. Any employer for the happiness of take to yourself such a person. It will inspire optimism for the future. All the whining, all bad. Stupid people whining on the outside, and intelligent man, on the contrary – in the opposite direction. It needs a lot of prana. And here he scored the prana – all of his career went. There are many examples. He believed, he didn’t know but he believed. The faith factor the highest factor. *

All of your good traits faith rests on the will, all his good traits of faith rests on the desires. Faith, born of desire, as a rule, the fruit fanatics, not quite sane people who are wishful thinking. Moreover, with their will and wish to revive it is desired. First, they voleizyavleniya, let it be so-and-so, and then the next moment will begin to voleizyavleniya in the opposite direction. That is a very tough nesoglasny in the application will, with the result that fanaticism is born. This negative side of faith. That is why such a bad reputation plays the word “faith.”

And try to have a policy to ask how he makes decisions. If he starts to tell you what he believes in cosmic function in what he whispered in your ear how he should attack any country, even his most loyal listeners of any concern for the sanity of this man.

Faith is a slippery thing. Too often, faith and fanaticism, such a stupid fanaticism, as at the same there SS men, who believed that all the other subhuman and best of reasons, decided to kill everyone, simply because of the higher humanistic reasons to kill. And try with this person to do something. And because faith is based on the will, but the will is not based on anything. You are the fanatic, the person does not withdraw from this state. The more you will try to prove his inconsistency, the more he starts to withdraw into their faith, it is the effect of sect. Here a person gets into a cult, try to dissuade him. He will tell you: you’re subhuman, you got me way down. Faith when it is based on desire, it is karma that leads to fanaticism, obscurantism, and sectarianism. At the same time, faith based in the wild is quite another matter.

* One Christian, he is very difficult fate was. He used some stuff he took. And suddenly at some point he snapped. Caught his air, and he hit it. Somehow the conversation turned and I asked him without a second thought: well, as you there anything. And he told me a phrase which I took off the hat: “And I still believe it is not from the mind, and what you want to believe.” Here he valueshave: “Let it be kindness, justice. Let it be at the head of the great pure power. I support this, I believe in it and so it should be”. And all that is written in these books as “the grandmother said to the two,” as you like, and turn. He says that it is not the mind and from the inside feels. *

And it causes respect, because it is inside. And it causes respect, because it nicarico. It takes its deep impulses in the Higher self of the person. And this Higher self of the person, I each person is a part of the absolute, it unites with the absolute. And here he valueshave to be so. That is another reason why yoga is not a religion. Someone valueshave to see higher, just someone different. And for one and the second is the highest. But the outward signs are completely different. Someone said that the icons need to draw, someone thinks that it is a symbol of faith, for the other it is idolatry. But both comes off. And that faith, another faith. And it can be a faith built not on desire and will. Then it’s pure faith, and if not, then a dead end. The moment faith is very important.

Another good thing is what yogis call this is a test. When you are knowledge begin to verify and hence trust. What is the trust? For example, you open a textbook of mathematics. Because you yourself didn’t write it, all the puzzles have not poreshali. But you trust the author and begin to follow his logic and check. With each page you confirm that this is so, so and so. But the first step is faith, trust. For example, if there Professor wrote three volumes of higher mathematics and their already there half a century of study, and you have confidence. But you have not seen him, not sure he can with a “holiday” book written, and it was printed in the form of a drawing. But still, you go and study higher mathematics. Such a trust must be for the Raja yoga. There is the factor of faith is confirmed by knowledge. All this together is called trust. To oppose the fanatical belief that the facts do not need. When a person becomes confused, his faith-based desires, it is karma. He tries higher logic to provide, in the form of something ordinary, he begins to contradict himself and to his coherent picture somehow does not unravel at the seams, he falls into a fanatical stupor and all who will speak out against heresy, I was trying to seduce. I see nothing, hear nothing.

Yoga is just the opposite approach. It is necessary to believe, but it is necessary immediately to check it out. And if the test was not so, we should throw away everything that you believed. That is not to believe, and to check in later. The factor of faith in the future can accelerate our path, and may introduce you into a state of obscurantism. On this question, because this is one of the most common mistakes in the practical Raja yoga. When people began to study Raja yoga, it suddenly began to pour, as from a cornucopia absolutely fantastic circumstances of life, as much in awe arrives: work. And once again he is afraid to think, not to startle, he begins to turn off my mind, at the level of superstition. Think I will not so as not to frighten it while working. Like the goose that lays the Golden eggs. And there is nothing to wonder how she does it. Home to more Golden eggs demolished, to then sell and had more money. The same attitude appears in people who are at an early stage begin practicing Raja yoga because they are afraid to test the logic of these results. For them it becomes a taboo: do not touch, do not think, to not scare them off. And it makes people so intimidated, insecure, and weakens the mind. Recently there was the craze for magic, which now began to decline. This hobby is more damaged than helped because as soon as people began something to happen, to him came a great fear that they suddenly understand that do not understand.

Begins with Raja yoga?

With the fact that we become aware of himself and trying to find my identity. We are not considering what’s out there: we do not analyze is absolute or not, there are people around or not. We feel that we are and we begin to explore their feelings. This is the beginning of Raja yoga: the feeling that we are and gradually we are trying to understand what this I is. We begin to consider such a thing as our physical body. And Raja yoga offers a prolonged meditation on what is our body. What is the meaning of meditation? We direct your attention to the object – our body. There is a picture inside and we continue to devote attention to it. But attention tends to follow desires. Times – behind his ear scratched, and I start scratching, and my attention shifts. Should I return my attention to my body. Quietly, without irritation. And I’m starting to do it every day for five minutes after work out other types of yoga. It would seem that good practice and the meaning-is her what? The point is that I believe in the methods of Raja yoga. I believe and consequently, take her. A sense of holding attention lies in the fact that to keep attention on the object is possible only with the will.

Any act when my attention is distracted and runs away, and I pushed back, using will. And when attention to the actual running after desires and desires to chase the senses. Body senses something highlights, there is a desire either to see, or something else. As soon as I see that the attention runs away, I’ll take it and return back. This is a fairly grueling work, especially at first. But I will apply and, accordingly, understand that I have it. Knowing that I have it, I learn to use will. I have one thing I want to emphasize that the will – the concept is not quantitative. It will at all developed, developed all the same. She’s as powerful as absolute. Therefore, we do not need training will. We need the awareness that this will we have and learn to use it. And every act, when I hold down a note, associated with the use of the will. But if we have this arbitrary object or phenomena choose your own body or, in other words, their manifestations of our Higher self, because our bodies are a manifestation of the Supreme self that shines through the structure. We are not only learning to use it will, and try to determine how our manifestations are functioning, and secondly, because similar to how our will is rooted in our free Y. But similarly, this, our expression comes from our ego. We can’t say that our manifestation in itself, and the self itself. And we start to attack from two sides, on the one hand through our will, because we start to use it, on the other hand, through our symptoms, which are confusing Maya and make our I take his manifestations. And we will start with the two sides to attack this issue. And accordingly, it is the first step on the path of Raja yoga. But in order to apply the will to keep the attention on the object, we have to force ourselves to obey yourself, or in other words to manage themselves. In direct proportion to how you learned to manage yourself, you get the ability to control the surrounding Universe. If you have the ability to control your body, comes the ability to drive all bodies of the Universe. If you have the ability to control your thoughts, comes the ability to drive all thoughts of the Universe. And from this begins the name of Raja yoga, because you will be able to manage. Moreover, it can be expressed in completely different ways. For example, if you Indian Raja, you have a specific Principality, you get the ability to manage. Such a purely practical application. If you can manage yourself you can manage others. Raja yoga is sometimes called the reverse. Not because Raja yoga is the highest yoga, but because it was a favorite of yoga of people who run. And so he manages, he has a job, a lifestyle, he was able to turn it in yoga.

How to keep the attention?

Raja yoga begins with research on your own or with attempts to find out what is this whole conglomerate of sensations or perceptions, which we call Y. Moreover, one of the methods that is useful is the management of attention, which can be possible only through the application of will. And here we come to what we begin to explore his gross I, that is, to keep our attention on it with a will. And as soon as we held attention, for attention is consciousness and highlights the object on which we hold the attention. And here is one very interesting ability, the ability of our consciousness. The fact that our consciousness has a wonderful property. If you hold it on the object or phenomenon long enough and continuously, the object or phenomenon fully reveal themselves to consciousness. That is completely give any information about this object or phenomenon. The word “consciousness” is what gives knowledge. So hold on your gross body, we aim thus consciousness illuminates the object, and this object is completely gives all the knowledge about themselves. The focus should be keep long and continuously. But it is very hard to do this, we’re able to direct consciousness or to contemplate only a fraction of a second. For a second, more difficult, three seconds is even more difficult. But to the moment not to think about anything is extremely difficult, because the consciousness starts to fuss for attention. Attention will be rush, it would be boring. In the Indian texts compare that it starts to rush like a rabid monkey, which can not stay in place and she is tat-tat. And so every time you need to return the attention by the will. And here appears the theme of asceticism. This is a separate topic very close to Raja yoga. And, as a rule, if a person long keeps the attention on your body, then a variety of processes happen to him. He starts to sweat, some muscle he’s got going. Even five minutes each day, if you will meditate on his physical body. Here you sit down and focus – here is my body. And inner eye saw, and again, his gaze was distracted, then brought him back, you have valishvili. Once distracted, you just it back. And with each return you will be stronger and stronger to open a will. Why? You have made the intention to consciousness was focused on something. It jumps, and you still carry out that intention. And here lies another secret of Raja yoga: what every successful intention allows us to open to yourself more and more. That is, here is the algorithm: outlined – made, planned – did valueshave – made. And at first it is hard and painful, but then easier and easier. And in your ideal ceases to require effort. Enough to valishvili as everything starts to become, to happen. And it’s all like science fiction. But this is not fiction, and not magic, but simply a property of our will, which we learned in a large enough quantity to show.

The concept of the will and the concept of asceticism or force myself, things are different. Asceticism, or the ability to get yourself we need to understand what will. Why? Because will is based on our inner freedom. And our inner freedom does not imply that efforts are needed. And the efforts needed to overcome efforts. And effort is needed to overcome ignorance. That is, these efforts consistently applicable every time is needed to remove this plaque that covers our will. But, starting from some moment when all the plaque removed and to remove have nothing more – and effort is no longer needed.

It is believed that the man who tried asceticism to the taste or skill to keep yourself in obedience – you will not succeed in yoga. This does not mean that the goal of yoga to more and more, harder and harder to keep myself in check. Sometimes beginners yoga make that mistake.

* The man took on the challenge – 40 minutes of yoga a day. No, I thought, a little. Took an hour and a half, a little. There are people who for four hours doing yoga, then the bones crack (in the figurative sense). Such asceticism on the rise, on the rise. Not in the sense of yoga. *

Moreover, at a certain stage such austerity begins to interfere. But without it can not escape. And so you meditate and you have to return their attention to the object that you valishvili to submit, will you show. How would you show resistance, because desire directs the mind to the other side. And the desire generated by the wrong view of himself. And this is called illusion, and the illusion born of Maya. And each victory over desire, born of Maya, it kind of cuts the ground from under his feet, and Maya is becoming weaker. And therefore the method when we return the attention, on the one hand overcome Maya, Maya is becoming more transparent, obvious and our I begins to realize than it actually is.

But from the standpoint of Raja yoga meditation, when you meditate on your body, at a certain stage of meditation, you realize that your physical body has the same attitude, how about your shirt or your suit. That is the thing that you use, but that is not. And you go to a deeper level. Or what is called in yoga the subtle body. The subtle body or the subtle body (because it is sometimes said that a group of bodies). It is difficult for us to talk about it, we have your physical do not end up feel. And the process is repeated as with the gross body, so now thin. We begin to analyze the fine structure, our thoughts, our fears – this tangle of ideas about yourself, which is the essence of ideas about yourself. And the same situation repeats itself. We voleizyavleniya and return attention to the object (in this case, our subtle body) and there’s the same situation, some other extraneous things, illusions, desires that want to lead the way. And these desires subside, because we dominate them.

Similarly, at a certain stage, when you succeed in meditation on the subtle body, you also begin to understand that it is relevant to you as the gross body, like a shirt with a suit. You use, but these are not. This is a very serious the second step, because when we say, I mean, we have some tangle ideas, experiences, feelings that we just got used since the childhood. And we have the illusory idea that it is our self. Our I somewhere deeper. And according to the teachings of yoga, we come to the most difficult part of yoga – meditation on the causal body.


Meditation on the causal body.

It is so deep and elusive body, and so subtle, so insidious. When we ate something, we have a stomach ache (on a physical level), we can calculate the reason. Or we have a bad mood, we can go to the psychoanalyst, who sort through the pile, what is wrong and why you exactly feel. And when the processes are at the level of the causal body, and the level of the causal body is so thin, so high, there is the position of the wanton. The person unjustly is bad and no amount of reason or research-based physical body or something else, can’t answer why. And someone starts throwing in life, he begins to rush, he’s all bad or all good, and I don’t know what to do. In yoga, unfortunately, this experimental fact is.

Sometimes she wanton, as the fungus spreads on several people. Not one school of yoga is destroyed. It is those diseases that elusive. To work with the causal body is hard, this level is almost not noticeable. But at certain stages of yoga the yogin meditates upon the level of the causal body and just realizes that it’s just clothes, through which are our manifestation of energy and consciousness, but they are not our Higher self, It’s just clothes. After that, the yogi comes close to meditate on your energy and your consciousness. That is, once again, first on the gross body like a doll, then subtle, then causal, then on their manifestations in pure form, because the body is only a structure through which these symptoms manifest themselves. And so we have rejected the first, second, third. And left in its pure form is our manifestation: pure energy our pure and our minds. This is the highest level of yoga here and say something difficult. From that moment begins a direct route to Samadhi. Because these symptoms like outside, our Higher self considers itself to these manifestations and you need to take to deploy them and send back. That is, the mind that looks outward, you need to deploy inside. And the energy that governs outward, you need to send in. This state is called Samadhi. Yoga offer different methods to achieve it. But what would have been yoga, each of these yogas has a pattern, it is described in the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali” with comments, without comments it is difficult to read them. The bottom line is that these bodies, on which we meditated, we are not. They support a mirror of our mind. And our mind is structure, which relies simultaneously on these three levels. And we in the mirror of our mind, these symptoms are not absorbed into our mind, and we Polish our mind to a mirror finish and it is like a mirror, the energy and consciousness of it and bounce back to the source. We are a mirror of his own mind, through its manifestations, that we believe, see our own self And the state is called Samadhi without an object.


What is Samadhi without an object?

Our I is higher than the concept of object. And accordingly, we are absorbed, we would like to mirror our mind realize that we thought we were his manifestations, realize that it was just our symptoms, because these symptoms have shown your own self and thus showed, as one would say Buddhists – they are hollow. They, the manifestations themselves are not endowed with a firm backbone, and entirely absorbed the unshakable support of our Higher self, But our Higher self is much higher. And this is the highest goal of yoga – Samadhi. And Raja yoga helps in this, she consistently leads.

I don’t have my physical body.

Again. Meditation on the physical body and understanding that it is not our Higher self, meditation on the subtle body and understanding that this is not our I, meditation on the causal body and the realization that it is not our higher self. once these three bodies worked, there is a very interesting effect. Once we understand that our gross body is not our I, we instantly comes the ability to fully control our body. Why? Because we realized that we and it are two different things. But if we are from something not addicted – we can fix that. Otherwise, it’s like the situation as Baron Munchausen trying to pull himself out of the swamp. Try to control your physical body, if you consider yourself only a rough physical body, will lead only to failure and disappointment. The ability to control your physical body comes only when you do not feel your body. Otherwise, it’s like trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. That is you on the one hand subconsciously consider themselves their body, and on the other hand are trying to impute. It comes in hard there is a contradiction. That is one side of our energy and consciousness goes in one direction, another in another. Or another analogy: you take an Apple in one hand and a second hand trying to snatch it. Therefore, all attempts to control your body until you have worked it in meditation is useless.

In the 1974 film “Indian yogis, who are they?” uncle drank hydrochloric acid and glass eating. This is the strongest control of his physical body, which is known in the West, where the yogi goes on the nails where it hung on a hook. So strong control of the physical body. And in that moment when you realize that you are not your physical body, comes the ability to control your body. But I ask: but what about Hatha yoga, because they are no Raja yoga and meditation is not doing. They make their Hatha yoga exercises, stand on your head. Actually there is no contradiction. In doing so, they are on their “skin” to overcome the misconception in relation to ourselves. They overcome this Maya through much experimentation on yourself and each of these experiments says: whatever you want, then do it. As if almost, they realize that the physical body and they are two different things.

The next stage is when the yogi rastorgaetsya with this slim body. And once you understand that you and your slim body is something foreign to you or another clothing, from that moment comes the understanding fully how to manage their thoughts, feelings and sensations, and the whole Universe. This is a very high stage of yoga.

The third stage is the ability to control your thoughts. It’s so highest stage, that of people who have approached is the Supreme teacher of yoga. When the causal body comes this power, we can body to bring it to perfection. You do not like your figure, you will have a real opportunity to make your body the way you like it.

* Cartoon about the uncle that the magic wand found – plasticine cartoon. When he said this throughout the body flexibility appeared that now I have no magic wand can do anything to develop. *

About the same as in yoga, the want and the will. In ancient texts different situations are described. At certain levels you can do with your body anything. He could stand it, as the elder, as a young man, then high, then low – anything. There is mention about the floor, have a view of himself as a man or a woman. This concept is not so much physical, how much more the level of the subtle body. There are ideas about himself and as a man or as a woman. Apparently, in order to create one’s body, it also has the ability to create multiple bodies. In this text about Goroko, I mentioned that Goroka in order to reason with his teacher Mina (another name for this text “Admonition Mina”), turned into a woman because the Palace allowed only women and exclusively dancers. And yogis are generally all on the way almost executed. And the pupil, in order to reason with the teacher, dressed as a female dancer as the others and didn’t want to see. And so Gorakha danced to until his teacher came out of this darkened state. Then Goroko again turned into a man. That is such a high degree, and it is hard to say at what level, because the soul is sexless. In this life you are a man, and another woman.

What is the performance on the field?

The floor is lower conditionality. And our Higher self – it is asexual. Therefore, it is necessary to rise only to some level that these questions ceased to bother you. Not because the Supreme yogi is something amorphous and unclear, whether the man or the woman. No, but simply because all these moments are moments of limitations. And our I – above any constraints, respectively, and can Express themselves somehow.

What is the level of the causal body?

The next step is the level of the causal body. And really, when a person overcomes the cause of the body remain pure and his energy and mind, his prana, which has the highest free our Y. as soon As we have worked rough, fine and extra-fine, we respectively, each of these bodies has perfected. But in yoga this is called siddhi, or perfection. It is believed that at a certain level of practice you reach a level of perfection that there’s no need to continue to practice. It happens like this: “Yes, well, I Hatha yoga to persist an infinite number of lives?” The person is usually hard. But every year becoming easier and easier, it becomes a habit, then Vice versa people can not live without it because he gets pleasure from it. And there comes a moment that doesn’t matter, it’s Hatha yoga, or not doing, because his body is in such good condition, as if he from morning to evening and only does yoga. This condition of siddhis or perfection.

As soon as all three of the body is perfected, in immaculate condition the mirror of our mind and on its surface, like lake where every thought is like a wave on it, we achieve this control, we are able to reduce the number of these thought-waves on the surface of our mind. Then make them less-less-less then one big wave and small do not is a state of Samadhi with the object. And finally – the surface and the lake of our mind as a mirror. And our manifestations, our energy and consciousness come from something outside, as if the rays of light from the Sun. And at this point, these light rays are reflected from the surface of our mind and the Sun or our Higher self sees itself as in a mirror. And it is the highest state of Samadhi without an object, or Samadhi, after which there’s nowhere else to go. He has fulfilled all what was created by this world. And as shell out it all dumped. It is this ideology path in Raja yoga. This ideology is leading us to Samadhi.

What it means: to exercise the will?

If we consider it from the perspective of to show the will or ability to control, then consider the following. So, if we control the three bodies and made them perfect, we can control all the bodies or all the levels, as the gross physical and subtle Universe. Similar in kind. And if we come to the control of its manifestations: its energy and its consciousness, we can control any energy and any consciousness in the Universe. From a formal point of view, it turns out, as if it was carried out this extension: we are getting wider, wider and wider, our consciousness draws more and more-more-more our power more and more-more and more.

Now we manage within its body, and already on our energy and consciousness – well, not enough of them. In fact, our gross body there is a set of cells that need to be in some ordered state. There should be a single center, which will not allow them to disperse in different directions, like a magnet like this. But our energy and consciousness just enough that our body. And as we increasingly manifest our will, and the more will, the more we can attract energy and consciousness.

What is a will?

Will is a more profound factor than energy and consciousness. Through a will you can gain as much energy and consciousness. And become more of energy and consciousness and the range of your power already begins to spread further-further-further, and just as you get the ability to control your own body, you receive the ability to control your environment. More-more and more as if all your surroundings would be your own body. And therefore, good leaders or good, Raja, who can govern the country, or something smaller. That is what he manages to become his body. And the attitude is, as his own body – caring, where you have to force yourself where you can afford, someone rewarding, someone to chide. Just like we treat our own bodies, just as a good leader, a good Raja to treat your Principality. Or if you are a Manager in your field in which you dominate, which is your responsibility. It is a very competent, very constructive and balanced attitude. But if you start to abuse power over her own body, the body will endure, to tolerate, to endure, to tolerate and in the end will stick in the wheel insert in the form of certain ailments is to resist. But here, according to Raja yoga, there is a very subtle factor called prana. That is, through the will, which affects the prana, the invisible and subtle rays of consciousness and the invisible streams of energy begin to link what you are driving at a very specific level and to destroy it is very difficult from the outside. That is, if someone wants to damage or to interfere, just as the defenses of your body is reduced and protected, and likewise the organization or group of people that you manage, they also have the ability to resist. You like to delegate to them the power and they use this power, first, on the solution of their personal problems, and second, to the opposition all external factors. That is, the thing is, this is mutually beneficial. Moreover, it is only an illusion that we want power.

What is power?

Power is means to give, not to receive. And those who you will control – will receive. Therefore, we think that we see ourselves in the armchair of the President or head of some company. And ask yourself why I don’t take one or another position. Power is a heavy cross. Moreover, we all instinctively seek that above us was a fair, good power, which would, like a loving parent, we all thought, did, and we could have fun and naughty. Well, where there is need, of course, the lessons done, trash taken out, something like that games not interfere.

We all want to control us. But not dropout any and worthy. The ones to benefit took. So they took us all the headache. Unfortunately, it so happens that many people who seek power, do not understand. Sometimes it happens that the power comes into their hands, this karma from them. They tend to lose it. If you do not find a balanced relationship to power, it is like if you do not find a balanced relationship to your body. And well try not to care, not to feed, not to treat. It will recover and will die, and there will be nothing to manage. That’s just as well power. As much as anything to engage in tyranny, from time to time, starting with some moment – Bang – and collapsed in what you handle. And all you have left.

Therefore, the reverse side is the following. As soon as we take his will, which is based on his inner freedom, we have the tool to manage our Maya, which controls our desires. And we gradually dissolve our Maya, Maya dissolving, leaving the dark, with more power begin to believe what we really are, and is similar to the flow of energy and consciousness coming to us. It is like the center of the earth is molten core, but on the surface of even very cold there. But if you start to dig and remove the layer of Maya one by one, you get closer and near begin to approach the hot source. That is, all energy will be more and more. Analogy: a square meter of the earth from the center of the earth continually rises sufficiently large heat, that is, outside cold the ground is frozen down, bottom – up heat on the contrary. So here goes, the deeper you will dig, so it will be hotter at certain depths generally heat strong. Here we, likewise, by means of will the layers of Maya and remove closer and closer to the source of his forces approaching. And the more we have of these forces, the greater the area we are in control of these forces is given.


Tale “the Adventure of the young Rajah”.

There is also a narration of Hatha yoga “the Adventures of the young Rajah”. A young boy fell in love with the girl and the girl turned out to be the greatest Yogini. As a young man (heir to a Prince) was removed from the throne of the bad people, he wanders, can not regain the throne. She teaches yoga wisdom, tricks of love and sex, such a pure tantric text. But he’s a smart guy, sooner or later realizes and regains power. Again, the methods of Raja yoga. Of course, counterparties Dragon snakes and all sorts of evil Koschei the Immortal, too, are strong-willed and angry. And here they encounter in the mental confrontation and the young man loses. The mentor of this girl – even higher teacher – said you see the situation on the one hand, and the situation is more complicated. Yes, you can win now, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory, there will be a lot of problems. Yes, the power is in your hands, but you have to retreat. Very complex and interesting text. And so he departs, and then the power comes to him. That is, he was supposed to be, and will, and at the same time to refuse where necessary. And the impression that it’s all on the level of magic, of movies. Single character, and there is magic, the second, the fighting among themselves. Everything is exciting, fun to watch, but real life has little relationship. So – there is no magic, everything is transparent, everything is logical, everything is clear. There are laws rough, there are laws more subtle. And one of the goals in yoga is to learn them.

How to learn to drive?

If you want to manage something, you should be able to control himself. This refers to the management of their internal structures. Otherwise, what you control, this power will slip away from you at every opportunity. But in order to manage yourself you have to overcome Maya, and strive to come closer to their Higher self. the Only factor to overcome Maya is our will. In fact, the will and created Maya, it can modify and delete. But to apply the will, we must first recognize it in yourself. But to understand it, we need a chain of successful expression. That is, intended made intended made. But if he refused to do scheduled, you must clearly understand why. That is, it so happens that we have something planned, you’re swinging at something and implementing something are aware that we swung by and large his stupidity. And sometimes it so happens that it is necessary to perform your scheduled. With every success you’ll formally understand the will.

From the point of view of axiomatics of yoga, it is known that to overcome Maya need a triple power: of iccha, Kriya and Jnana. It turns out that Jnana is knowledge, iccha is the will and Kriya is action. In Kundalini yoga adds that you need something else. In some schools of yoga it is believed that this faith in others, that our basic Kundalini energy located at the base of our body, we can awaken, it’s wrapped in three and a half rings. It should as the engine, have a three and a half times. For the first time – will, then knowledge and the third is action. Time starts, and then we will wind up with a half-turn. To overcome Maya need triple power: knowledge of the methods, will (first we have to know how it is, then valishvili to the way it was) and action (to implement what we have planned). Some of the arguments in yoga is not enough. If you have no will, and most importantly action – nothing will happen.

Every half-cocked before the end of the case, a failure to receive the result multiplies the Maya, each, on the contrary, the successful result gives a larger volume will. Next – even more, the next even more. And it comes to what you need to valishvili – wound motor.

One of the most important purely practical exercise in yoga is the development of the strategy. Outlined – made or explain to yourself why you didn’t. The second point to accomplish this, we need to be reasonable and to identify reasonable and realistic goals. With each accomplished task, the volume will all will grow and grow. And in the future, when it will grow to very large sizes and you will face a seemingly impossible task in this volume, if you will valueshave begin to resolve quite an impossible task.

But if the exhaust will the engine itself starts to wind up. First, it’s hard for us, but every activity that promotes belief in yourself grows. So, there’s another secret in Raja yoga – that belief in yourself. In General, faith is an amazing thing. If you have faith in yourself, you will quickly overcome Maya, will develop and will quickly go into very high levels. If you are experiencing doubt, thus you feed Maya, slow down and block the path. Faith in other people works wonders.

* For example, a mother believes in her son that he was the greatest composer, or scientist, or writer, it helps me a lot. Moreover, sometimes have faith, but unbelief. For example, the mother does not believe in his son, but makes it look like believe, and it works. *

Because one part says “no, that’s impossible”, and another part that rests on the will said “and why impossible, all impossible is possible in this Universe, if there is a will”. And the habit mind says “no, that’s impossible”, and the inner part says “it’s possible” and still the inner part wins, this is a Russian proverb: the eyes fear, the hands do. When you are faced with a problem insurmountable, no to give up, you continue to fight. The factor of faith, primarily believing in yourself, a very serious factor. And it greatly accelerates all processes in Raja yoga. Yoga therefore urge you: believe in yourself. You can’t know what you really are, how limitless and completely free your Higher self, you have no experience with it. And you have faith, or yogic terms is trust. Because the first step is faith, but then you check, so as not to become a fanatic, who starts the desired for the real issue and “pull the ears” of some of the factors and the whole situation starts to talk about something else. This is a very delicate subject, because at the moment this mess is not clear: whether you’re wrong, then you need to go to the end, because there is still such a moment of doubt.

What is the question?

In yoga it is believed that the doubt is one of the most severe obstacles: step forward, one step back – the energy is expended, and no movement, time spent, and how you stood in one place, and stand. Doubt is a poison that does not allow you to move. That is, out of doubt, you have to believe in yourself, and continue to embody this belief in themselves through successful implementation of the planned intent.

That is, valueshave – executed, swung on a little more, valueshave – executed. But it will require huge costs and mental and physical energy, and time, and lots and lots of things. But it just falls under the heading of Kriya – action. And in order to make the transition from a “planned to run”, it is necessary that your consciousness is not rushed. Because you could envision, got distracted and forgot, forgot that they themselves have identified. Then next year I remember that I was a nail here to score and not hammered. And in order to accomplish that, we need control over consciousness. This is only possible if you know how to manage their attention it will need. The will develops when we use it.

In Raja yoga there are numerous number of exercises that could affect the acquisition of the ordinary and “super-powers”, and address various life issues, or questions of your inner spiritual development. Raja yoga was needed for managers, to those who administer other people is a difficult task: some people need the carrot, others the stick.

There are people who have Maya so opaque that they only understand brute force. If you will not demonstrate they will not take you seriously. On the contrary there are people, if they apply brute force, you will acquire the most fearsome enemies. These people have risen above the level of brute and they need a different approach. Therefore, the science of control is always to find the right strategy behavior or the correct strategy of carrot and stick. It should be remembered that inside yogin has to be good, not to harm any living creature unless absolutely necessary.


What is the principle of efficiency?

There is also a second yoga principle is the principle of efficiency. If you see that you need to manage an army of mercenaries, consisting solely of criminals, then lecturing them about higher things nor nothing, they just will not hear. You need to choose a Arsenal of simple methods, according to your situation or your duty, to find this Golden mean of carrot and stick. It as these steps: outlined – did. Most importantly, begin to do, and the tool to perform according to choose the people with whom you will communicate.

Unfortunately, practice says that a large number of people can not cope with the power. Our country has such a policy – doing nothing. There is some system, it works and it works like normal, what it is to manage?! But this leads either to revolution or riots. That is just as well, if you start to manage a group of people with nothing to do. It may be long enough to last, but then the slightest shock as everything fell apart in a most unpleasant way.

There is another side to such excessive zeal – to the ground all change, all broken, build a new world, who was nothing will become everything. Of course, in any situation, you need to choose your line of conduct. Every good management decision, you will come to that state that fewer and fewer will need to apply the carrot and the stick, everything will be done. But at some stage you will valishvili that the system itself was kept.

But there is such a position to be able to subdue, you should be able to obey. This does not happen, someone to obey and he nobody obeyed (of course, if this someone is not the absolute). Indeed, there are people ambitious: intended made intended made. Talking about these “talking heads”. It is absolutely soulless, and not recognize over a someone’s power people, power is not physical, and the power of any spiritual principles, some humanistic principles. And again it all ends very badly.

If we consider our totalitarian country, where the leaders ran everything here, but virtually no one obeyed and they wanted to sneeze on all of the spiritual principles. And what can you see? It’s like heads or slip, either killed themselves or gone, and their offspring apart. So his will kept, kept, kept, and should remove their will – everything falls apart. Hitler kept Germany of their own free will, had just committed suicide – all crumbled. Even guerrilla groups had not been created – all at the will of a single held. He died, it’s like a single rod system to pull, and no one resisted, everyone was so demoralized. It’s such a dead end option, as Koshcheev Immortal, and Kites the Dragon, who also sometimes have great abilities, but of their collapse. Any government has something to give. If you do not give then everything. But you will not be able to give a very long time if you’re not embedded in this hierarchy, that is, you give you are given, that something else is given. It turns out that all the power that permeates this whole world – he is indivisible. The whole world is a river that flows. And each person is only a certain parcel of land of this river. And he can’t give, if it has not come, and it will never come, if he doesn’t accept it. That’s why sustainable power is when you give and you get. But it turns out that you give on a closer level, and you get more subtle. In this sense, is like the continuous flow of power and authority. If you are in tune in this situation, you evolve, you become high step. If you for some reason blocked the channel, how can a river flow?

What Raja yoga says about gaining super-powers?

Now all that relates to practical aspects of Raja yoga for the attainment of super-powers. In Raja yoga, as in any other, you should absolutely seriously sharpen your mind. Because if you don’t hone your mind to the Shine, you will not reach this ultimate liberation, the highest Samadhi. You need to sharpen your mental skills. And to sharpen your mental ability, need to rely on a strong and healthy body. First you must be familiar with the more gross physical yogas (Hatha and Kriya yoga). Raja yoga requires its students to develop the ability to develop memory, the ability to hold the attention very close to this term as the mindfulness. What is to keep the attention? I always remember one thing! For this are very specific exercises in memorization is when you do two different things, but to switch quickly from one to another.

* Take two books, one about Sherlock Holmes, the other in applied mathematics. And read one paragraph from one book, another from another. And on this switching, oddly enough, produced by ability to remember, and then remembering, and then all to keep the attention on one. Here your attention is torn randomly and you have to force him to be tied to something one. That is, you first replace the chaotic flailing attention to a certain sequence of shifts of attention. Read it, read it here changed the button on the computer, there’s something here to behold. *

What will happen when concentrating?

Will be a very interesting effect when you send something attention. First hard, then easier and easier. And I think that carries you and seemingly easy and you fly. And hop here, at this very moment – stop switch. You’ve read the book, and very hard on the most interesting place to break away. But this method, you like a time and dragged. And the other owner also may be of interest, there began to read hard, at first, you have to remember where you left off. Then Bang – what is interesting on the rise.

It is the ability to arouse interest in even the most uninteresting cases. From the point of view of yoga, there is no interesting and uninteresting cases. From the point of view of yoga there is the concept of how long you kept the attention on some case or as little. The longer a person holds attention on a particular thing, the more interesting it is for him to become. For example, I have a uninteresting work. Yes, it’s not the work uninteresting, you just is the Freeloader. Not is uninteresting, because if you direct all of your awareness and energy on one thing, it tends to turn up and show from the inside, and it’s so exciting. But in order to develop this ability to feel interest, you need to be able to manage this interest. Interesting, but I don’t give, and are not interested, but I forced myself. And here we return to this serious axiomatic the idea that there is a difference between desire and will. Desire is when we have bears, and the attention goes. And the will is when I have his attention directed wherever considered necessary to send. This is very valuable to be able to break in on interesting or uninteresting. Sooner or later, develop the ability that is absolutely free to become interesting. But if it gets interesting at our request, it is easier to keep my attention on this object or phenomenon on which you need. For example, Monday you will start meditation on your physical body. In the beginning it will be hard, but then it will be more interesting, and what we have in there, how it all works.

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