Raja Yoga. 24 Feb 2013 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

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Raja Yoga.

So, friends we have today is 24 Feb 2013, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a seminar on Raja yoga and all the archived info on the following sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru

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Friends, today we are waiting for a wonderful theme, which is called Raja yoga. And we must realize how this yoga works. As a matter of fact, we can apply it in everyday life. I must say that it is a very practical yoga. Especially if you are ambitious, especially if you want something out of life to achieve. Especially if you are grey such a mass–gruel, and, indeed, the flint, which has set itself certain goals and will achieve them.

Unfortunately, in evolutionary terms, so need to grow to the level when we set ourselves ambitious goals. Nice to speak politically correct all sorts of beautiful slogans, that everyone is equal, but really the experience and life shows that it is not. More precisely, the Higher self of each living being, indeed, equal in its splendor absolute, and separately the Higher self of each of us in its potential equal. But the trouble is in the other, the degree of bestiality that covers this Higher self, everyone is different. And if a layer bestiality really really big man no better than an animal, little different from such a primitive, stupid creatures.

And there is nothing you can do, friends! Unfortunately, the story of how the French revolution and the October Soviet Socialist revolution, and now modern politically correct politics in Europe and in America have shown that the ideology of equality, fails miserably. In the most suitable places, under the wrong circumstances. All these ideologies rely on the consciousness of people, and is proving to be the next thing: all people are divided into large groups. So, a very significant part of people is not conscious. And to put trust or hope that they will be because of some higher considerations something good to do for others, at least for themselves! – is not necessary. Every time it bet, every time I tried to call, each time still had all come to destruction. Terrible-terrible crash!

This is a separate problem and a separate large philosophical problem, its solution is not obvious. In ancient India, with its many thousand years of history, sooner or later, came to the system of so-called Varnas or castes, that is, in fact, to divide people into several groups. And depending on which group you came, came, rather, you are either given the keys to higher knowledge, to the control lever, or not given. In ancient times, I must say, it was possible to move from one caste to another. There was even, to a certain extent, practiced rites, rituals.

But then, unfortunately, in India there was a degradation when castes ossified. And when the belonging to a particular caste is already determined by birth, not your spiritual, intellectual, moral, by any qualities. It’s the same actually. sooner or later, led to bad, in General, result. In those countries which have sufficiently long been raised of these experiments to unite and proclaim all men equal, after receiving the rather sad results began to produce some compensating scheme within the state that allow people with one hand. to occupy any place in society, on the other hand, still divide people as belonging to a particular class.

Well, most may, so beautiful eloquent example is modern France, where after the French revolution, when all joined and then got a sea of blood, and realized that there is nothing that can be done, began to develop the test system, the system of division of people on the different qualities. First and foremost, in intelligent systems IQ and so on. And in this respect the same philosophy, the ideology of France compared, of course, in other States, it demonstrates that it is making a very big bet. Russia is now being introduced, what’s it called? – The exam. Unified State Exam – in fact, trying to do the same.

Or, let’s take the United States – bi-directional tendencies: on the one hand, the government is trying to equalize the rights of all citizens and once, I remember, my friends, just for curiosity analyzed U.S. tax law, in whom it lives best. Here. And very interesting result. What is a black single mother, under 30 how many years, etc., etc. Indirect paths on one side trying to equalize, but on the other hand, no employer just takes a certain contingent of people, whether we like it or not. Here you can declare any politkorektnosti slogans, but life remains, unfortunately, a harsh and if a person fails to fulfill his obligations, then the system does not tolerate no. No one wants to Fund nowhere. Well, about the Soviet Union I will not tell. It could be anyone of you and he remembers when the center of the country was literally in ruins and in Africa where there were built modern highways, modern factories and other, other. Well, what happened? What happened? Nothing! Here.

Therefore, it is such a slippery and sensitive subject. And the most radical such unpleasant for all mankind a way to solve it was – fascism. Monstrous, in fact, a product that, in fact, on the other hand, began to consolidate the separation of people on a hereditary basis. And really, if you inquire the history of Nazi Germany will see how everything is smartly resolved. All the people were divided by grades: Aryans — those who are able to manage the so-called master race and the inferior race who need a whip and need an overseer. Do you remember what brought this ideology? The seas of blood, resulting in fascism, literally, flooded in the blood and worst of all, still not given ideological assessment. Antidote philosophical, intellectual fascism is not developed and it is very scary. Why? Because fascism at any moment may be repeated.

Indeed, all these failed experiments with political correctness and make an average of any side in Europe to read “Mein Kampf” and forced. Here, in fact, the ideological opposition to fascism is – it is yoga. It is the only philosophy, in fact, it is, oddly enough, goes back to the philosophy of the Vedas. It consists in the fact that Yes, indeed, we are all different, but our difference lies in the degree of our ignorance. And actually, if you create certain conditions, this ignorance can be reduced in one life fairly quickly.

But we must face the truth – people are different. Some have some abilities that others do not. One person has abilities, and he from childhood they demonstrates another person to live your whole life in order to achieve certain qualities. The third person may be into bestiality, and how much you work on it as you do not try, how to say it? to push the evolutionary ladder of consciousness it does not work, if it is not polishable to develop itself. And there’s no help, no ideology, nothing, nothing, nothing.

And here it is necessary to understand, friends! If you will begin to understand the structure of the device of our world, you will not make such catastrophic errors. Which then, in effect, lead to fascism. On the other hand, you will become very effective managers, as they are called now. And in the future you will become, do, those who can create such systems where there is a place for everyone: the person is highly advanced spiritually, and who is on the way, and the man that was born and the degree of ignorance is still high, but if you create certain conditions and incentives, it will develop.

That is, you need some source of power that will find every member of society his place. These people have always valued more than gold, more precious than diamond, more precious than anything else. Is a high level managers. The most money in the West are graduates of IBM. Anyway, before getting. This is a master’s degree in business administration. That is needed someone who organizes a business structure so that each was in its place, and so created flows of financial, intellectual, information so that the business flourished. Typically it’s the highest-paid people in the West.

At the time I was interested in this topic not by hearsay. The fact that my first education I finished MEPhI. Or now it is called nuclear University. I am a physicist. And then, when the collapse of Soviet science, a lot of guys, who together with me studied, decided to get a second education, including IBM. And many of them were in quite prestigious Universities in the big ten, the 10 most prestigious universities in the world. I mean, I remember when I met with them, for them, was a shock that in the Soviet Union, saying, “I am a physicist! Nuclear physicist!”, everybody said, “Oh, this is the aerobatics is the best brains, is the most respected person, because everything depends on it”. And when you’re in America said you were there a physicist, a scientist looked at you a little suspiciously, because the image of the scientist was such that a man who is presented with a bomb that will blow us all up. But on the contrary, when you said I have a IBM Yale, Harvard, Princeton or anything, all the contrary, with respect to you. With respect as to man, indeed, received higher education. This difference in mentality and worldview. For the simple reason that the West can be quite easy to estimate in financial terms, whether the person his job or not. What was not explicit in the Soviet Union, but what was cultivated in the West. And so it is as if stuck to the present day.

By the way, against the Soviet Union, if we analyze how the Soviet Union built, developed, gained power and strength, then you will run into certain shapes, certain people. Again the figures of such people – managers. It’s the people who are best qualified to recognize at what level is subordinate to the man, and put him in the right place. God forbid you put a person does not hold to a higher bar! He fails the whole thing. It’s also dangerous to put a person qualified professional below it, so to speak, level. It’s also a failure.

Now, if you read the history of USSR, you will find these famous names, starting from the time of Stalin and then under Khrushchev and Brezhnev have always been people in the shade, which kept the country. But personally for me such an example, which I strongly PR strongly advocating, is A. Malyshev. At one time he was the people’s Commissar of the tank industry, it brought the production of tanks up to 100 tanks a day during the war. That is, a level not reached by any one belligerent, even America, with its power of giant! Further Malyshev headed the average mechanical engineering, where, in particular, and was a member of the MEPhI nuclear University, so I doubly loved one.

So people like Malyshev is people burning up business that quickly made decisions that adequately versed in extent, well, like bestiality, if you will, of others. So he started his career from the bottom. At one time he was Director of the Kolomna locomotive works. Then very quickly there was an increase. We must pay tribute to Vladimir Stalin – with all its horrors and repression which were under his rule in the country, but was very quick rotation of personnel. Once was the true Raja – yogi, it all means moved upwards, so in 20-30 years it was possible to get a very important position. However, if you don’t cope, you just suddenly removed, as well as put. You just suddenly disappeared into nowhere, just as they opened.

Now, what we have? Our world, in fact, rests not on the President, not the governors! Our entire world rests on this layer, visible, people who can arrange everything. If you compare these people, well, why would they corresponded from the point of view of the theory of yoga? I would definitely put an equal sign between the idea of such a person Raja yoga and the concept of prana in the human body. That is, the human body is a complicated device that it operates, we are constantly growing, we are the process of digestion, we correct some of the damage inside our body, we even would not do. We pay attention to it only when there is pain. But regardless of this, there is an invisible source of power, which the ancient yogis called prana and if it circulates throughout the body if its too much, then all processes in the body are clearly measured. People healthy, vigorous, resistance and immunity very high degree and he also begins to emerge as a strong personality on the outside. That is a universal mechanism of manifestation of prana.

So if you see yourself as very ambitious, strong Raja – yogis, you have to work a lot and primarily to your personal level of vitality or vital energy or prana was above a certain value. But this is not enough! You should still be able this prana or vitality to reallocate intellectual resources, intellectual capacity to control your thoughts, to subdue his thoughts to himself, to subdue his emotions to himself, to subject their behavior to yourself, and once you learn to obey yourself, will come the ability to subdue others.

This is a universal law in the Universe! You will never become a boss, if you don’t learn to obey. There are no bosses who do not know how to obey. And in that respect, you know that in yoga, the hierarchy of subordination, which, of course, the lower living beings have a higher. And the most pranic, and pranic the most spiritual. But, of course, the spiritual must obey the higher spiritual laws, justice in this world, which in yoga sometimes called the law Rita. Or, if someone is different like every person in this sense needs to obey the laws of the absolute or the root cause that created this whole world.

Therefore, when a chief says: “Above me”, he put it mildly, disingenuous. Even above the largest head on Earth has an even higher head, which can be not seen and not heard, but which so effectively controls everything that the system works so that it seems that it did not. This, by the way, note the time that the best Manager, the best Raja–yogi who acts in a way that seems that it does not.

So, if you work in your firm or your business to organize or something to do, sooner or later you will have to build a control system in such a way that you would become superfluous element, it is unnecessary to the uninitiated. That is, that without you, everything works like a watch at first glance. That seems to be you got nothing to do with. And only in this case will be released resource, time, power, prana to engage in further development, what you were doing. Because if you are going to do a turnover, you miss the important strategic turns in the path of the cause for which answer.

In General, there are a lot of very interesting tips and really, on the one hand, a purely philosophical, generally speaking, to acquire this science of power. And of course there will be a question of the legitimacy of authority. Why one or the other is entitled to a certain level, and the other has not. This is a complicated law and not know the theory of yoga, you can make blunders, you in your dark to take, or inappropriate low level and from this will suffer you and the whole universe surrounding you, or Vice versa – to wipe out to a higher level than you deserve, that is when you reach the extent of their incompetence. As a result, you are going to suffer, because you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of questions, issues that will not be able to solve and you will suffer.

That is, you need to find your place, your Dharma, your site that matches your degree of samosoznanii and your degree of power. This is important, friends. If you can’t find one, you’ll suffer from both the lack of office and their excess. Both destructive. And wealth, and excess.

In your experience, at the time, I, in the glorious time after the collapse of Soviet science, I also life, in General, has brought to the business structure and I started consulting. Lot I, for a short period of time to do. So, according to the nature of my work I had, in particular, and to attend to various projects. Including to recruit people for a particular project. And I needed extremely ambitious people with good qualifications, and in those years in Russia there were not so many. Why? Purely because historically they had not been prepared and the experience was not. In fact, they were few. And I had even personally interviewing and hiring, to form these or those departments. In particular, once I had to form a corporate Finance Department of a fairly large organization. Here.

And I can tell you from my experience the next thing people in Russia underestimated. Underestimate! Westerners overestimate yourself. Here you can meet top experts, who once he is clinging as he crumpled, as he is not sure. “I have one and my name in any way. Yeah I don’t know, I don’t know how.” Or if it starts, something to give in terms sampair, it has some old–old books for the device to work, which was translated from the West, and there he read them, not understanding and starts something there of themselves pose. Hollywood smile, so, you know, optimism is not appropriate. Optimism slightly drunk person. Here. That is absolutely not an adequate perception occurs.

That is, there is a fairly fine line, as if to show their best side. And now, unfortunately, I have to say that our people are not able to show themselves. Then, however, went the people who passed all there training where they are taught to place all sorts of interviews, this and this. But, it’s an opportunity for someone with experience, you can immediately see where he wants you to inflate. Well here is something elusive. That is, you can coach, but a good place you will not get. Here need some kind of internal honesty on the one hand, and on the other hand have a quality that is not obvious and, in fact, if you expect to take a dominant position is an internal positivism, inner inspiration or what in yoga is called Bhava. Here people with Bhava take, even if no work experience, even if there were gaps in education.

This way I know not by hearsay, because he did. It so happened that in my childhood I never really went to school to learn was only the last two years. And himself very forced, but was very ambitious and very Brawny. Nice. I believed that all that was ever accomplished in this world by other people, can be achieved by me. Why not? Such a healthy sense of prices themselves. And I must say that after 26 years, I entered the MIFI, even in the entrance exams, when I passed certain interviews, people who took me in the first place was looking at my potential. To my potency as to develop, rather than how I trained the Tutors on the delivery of certain exams.

There was a similar situation when I claimed certain roles in different physical institutions. Similar situation: you come, you talk to people and they appreciate how much you have inspiration, power, ambition, how you have vitality. Not what you know or what you’ve done, because life is always something new presents. And do you have the potential to develop, do you have the capacity to learn whether there is potential in you to look into the eyes of new and unusual tasks which are not yet in the textbooks? Here!

And it was a whole system in the MIFI. When there was a series of labs and you went from one laboratory to another, and kinda did some work, and in fact it was the bride. Where the heads of these laboratories observed the new student. As it is to test, only when he’s around you works, when you give him a task and look at his reaction to cope or not to cope, or to a dead end, or goes to the bureaucracy: “Here in this tutorial and nothing is written I don’t know.” All of these people are useless. Need creative, Shawnie people who can take responsibility. You know, they sparkle with vitality. Here are a Bang, anywhere passed.

Then this situation was when I had to go to a reputable TRANS national company operating at a job interview. English was the working, I do it through the stump deck knew, and nevertheless, still did not look at experience, not on knowledge, not on formal knowledge, and looked at me. To me it was necessary on long trips to Siberia to work, they didn’t need paper soldiers, they were real people, real pranic people. And the same thing, I now analyze every time, roughly speaking, decided my fate, I will go somewhere or not, a crucial role is always played inner Bhava prana, optimism, strength, is a very cheerful attitude. I emphasize: not affected hollywoodca smile that I’m fine, but tomorrow may be better, these numerous trainings on how to mislead other people. You do not enter them astray, if you will, literally, a gush of energy. Know what you want the mask to stick.

Sometimes go near a beautiful store that sells beautiful female clothes and sometimes they see a mannequin of a woman, and of course, she was cut of the best examples, she is beautiful, she has the right shape, from afar one can really think that this is a living person, but come close and see (knocks on the floor) that this plastic doll. And at the same time when I meet a beautiful powerful pranic woman, you’re fascinated by it, although it looks at factors a little different geometry from that of the dummy, Yes, the proportions or I have not know for some other things, but still anyone recognize the doll and a living person.

That is exactly the same here, when you are applying for a role that you took on the job, or put in a leadership position, or you yourself have risen to the next level, in the place where you work, a crucial role is played by Bhava prana. Well, assuming that there is some good company, and not some marginal podkovyrin. Here.

So that’s a combination of vitality, intelligence, spirituality, it makes absolutely explosive mixture, such a dynamite, which will destroy all the walls in your way and you will, that is, to take a worthy position for yourself. Of course, it is very difficult for us in Russia, where a huge number of people have become rich only because they stole from the state a lot of money. To compete with them hard.

So you should remember that your life will encounter different bosses. The first chiefs are the ones who have made themselves. Who showed the prana, Bhava, will and has held all the higher and higher position, and it will be extremely easy to work with them, both in life and in communication, if they see you, they will drag you upstairs. The second group of chiefs are those who, quote, has taken its place. Privatized everything that wasn’t nailed down. Or some semi-criminal schemes, they occupy their position because they have the finances, communications and so on, right? But by themselves, as rules, they do not represent themselves, and if tomorrow they take away their money, they will never return to their positions. Never! The level of bestiality the inner is too big. Now, with this generation of bosses is always very hard and very ugly to work with.

So before you apply for a particular job, ask what kind of bosses there. The first kind, which have made themselves, they will have to move, but they will be with you and claim. You will grow professionally, intellectually and spiritually – the work will be heavy. But the reward, and your position on the merits. The second type of chiefs, who by accident happened is people where you can find a loophole, a niche, you can do nothing at work but get their salary, sometimes a very great one, all you will need is loyalty that you show off, you knew your place, well, or a narrow range of responsibilities that you will have to perform like an automaton. That is such a hallmark of this audience.

But how many would not pay you, friends, remember that you do not develop! You do not pay for what you are doing and just you free found. It is sometimes advantageous to find a freebie in one place to spiritually, morally, intellectually develop in a different, perhaps there are schemes, but if you work where it is a matter of your life, you better run from this rotten place. Run! You will not have time to notice, as in swamp-like mud. Here is idleness, I know that the dullness and drowsiness will begin to envelop, to envelop, to envelop and somewhere to disappear, your energy, somewhere to disappear is your Bhava. Your ambitions somewhere to disappear, you will know it’s a little sick, to do anything and move sick, sick to think, and sudden movements to make sick, and you will be alive to rot. And then, when your organization eventually will go bankrupt, you suddenly will realize with horror that you have lost the qualification that the last 5 years of his life loafing in fact, pasted the stamps, you know? And so on and so forth.

So, where would you go: to work, to learn, be afraid of a swamp, be afraid! Get, don’t get out of this quagmire. The swamp is such a soft, warm, cozy, you are no one to demand anything, live and enjoy life. But then after him it’s hard to get that better myself constantly to keep in check. Here.

Generally, I’ve described the science of Raja yoga in the modern life application. I must say that these problems on people management, process management, appeared not yesterday and not the day before, they were known in ancient India a long time ago, and I must say, treated them quite seriously. Therefore, there is a purely practical direction in moments of Raja yoga is when you combine this job with his inner spiritual growth. That is, whatever you do, whatever position you occupy, that is the fact that you can control people and get someone under you, and you submit a higher standing has become a very powerful path of spiritual development that every day your degree of samosoznanii increased, you are more and more comprehend the power of their higher self And is directly proportional to will come more and more and more power. So, in fact, it is yoga for people who care, who want to change the world for the better.

Lovely jubbly. Next, we’ll go and this more formal theory will consider. But if you have questions on this part on, I’m ready to answer them. Then somewhere in the book, advertise. Malyshev “Life of remarkable people”, publisher Molodaya Gvardiya, 1981, with a circulation of 75 thousand copies of Soviet times trifle when all were printed by the hundreds, by the thousands. I beg to love and favor.

It is clear that Malyshev himself wrote nothing, because the little man lived. Still was affected by the fact that he was involved in a nuclear project and how to say it, then still knew little about radiation. Well, in particular, it is known that one of the first person at the scene of the first explosion of the atomic bomb, and thermonuclear then, was the kid. Clearly, he received a large enough dose of radiation. Medicine then was not radiation-related. Here. Unfortunately, he died early enough. So wonderful are there any questions?



Questions: How to be with people who wanted to change the world for the better – Hitler, Stalin?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I would not put on a number of these people – they were different people. I wouldn’t. You know, with all the bloody regime of Stalin to put an equal sign between Stalin and Hitler is not correct, I think. Absolutely not correct. This is not right, you know? Another story is what. Remember, we have this classic was still – Viktor Chernomyrdin, who once said this phrase: “Wanted as better, and it turned out as always”. By the way, is also a very powerful Manager, he in fact, created a Palace of industry, which reached us at the time such dashing 90-h has not given Goes to collapse on a bunch of companies. I know this topic because the auditing company have Gosprom was the company Water House, I worked on these projects, so know from the inside that the entire kitchen. He was a very strong willed person.

Yes, so would like better, but it turned out as always. Well, actually there are very few outright villains in the world. Even if you are curious biography of Hitler, and I must say that after the first world war a very great demand memories of Hitler. They printed a lot. And now began to translate into Russian language, in any case in bookstores, I see. Then I came across the book “Hitler’s table speech”. Then the memories of a childhood friend of Kubitschek. Then the memories of Speer, and the military, well, other, other. And so, you know, not very fit, a very controversial person. On the one hand, the man who was a vegetarian, and on the other hand, how many people in the end. camps burnt, you know? On the one hand, the man who believed that the need to protect nature, animals, the poor animals, they are not innocent. Especially from the history of his well-known saying about the hunters, which he really liked, he said, “Well, how do you go hunting with a gun, but against a defenseless animal? Let’s equate your chances of, well, 50 to 50. Whether you killed him, or he killed you, that’s real hunting. And that’s murder.” The man who had protected the animals against hunters, at the same time introduced the theory of racially inferior Nations and peoples.

And that’s when you start to dig. Yes, it was such an elegant man, the women were delighted, after the war, did not believe that he could be involved in all these atrocities. On the other hand, do you remember all these horrors in all of these conc. camps. And here’s how it could happen? Begin to dig. Begin to explore and understand, and in fact he did not have a theory! I am more than confident that if he met a more humanistic theory of true Aryans, or those whom they there proclaimed, and it is indeed true Aryans, this would not have happened! In fact, we are dealing with the effect of dropout, he understood something very well, in the other he replaced some animal fantasies, right?

Especially the environment for him were a bad influence, I must say. There was absolutely odious characters such as Rosenberg, by the way, he lived long enough in Russia. And made Russia the most fierce anti-Semitism and chauvinism. Very heavily, a lot, a lot of factors. If it were in its pure form, friends, evil. That would be pure evil as it would be nice to kill! Pop and no, and then find out that in fact, beginning to dig where the roots, and it all comes down to the same – ignorance! To stupidity! To ensure that animal laws are transferred to more than spiritual laws, but from the mess. And in fact, the lack of culture, lack of education, that’s why.

The question was: “What to do with them?”. What does it mean to respect? How can you respect a man who kills and kills and kills? Well, give him the will to compose hymns, let us worship him, right? The question is: if you are dealing with the plague, we need to understand how it arises. What is it pathogenic? And if from the point of view of Raja yoga will have someone to destroy or annihilate anything, such as fascism, then you need to destroy the clever. How to destroy fascism during the second world war? It was destroyed by blunt – filled with blood. Now, you know – fire, and it is filled with blood. A very dark way.

In Raja–yoga, looking to destroy anything, you first have to destroy it ideologically. Then to destroy it emotionally. And then to destroy it physically. But the opposite happened! And now lots of people, they say that Hitler was right. I say, in our country and in Germany, Europe that, indeed, the whole system of political correctness has led to ethnic mafia, even to something dark. Then try to disprove. I’ve been one denied, denied, even Cherkizovsky market was. Go to the Cherkizovsky market – go there povypendrivatsya a little bit, how long will you live? You know, right? And all my politically correct statements about the world, friendship, chewing gum. And he told me: there is a quarter-day, but you try it mouth open, your head will be demolished and the police will not help.

You know, I understand that this monstrous distortions that need something to do. But for the average person, ordinary person, for him it is more than proof, more than anything else. That is not defeating ideologically and ideologically – is intellectually. Here, too, unfortunately such an unpleasant thing, in the same Europe, they begin to emotionally fight against fascism. Look, some were villains, bastards, sadists since childhood. On the contrary it is rather the other way keeps the mind sharp: maybe they want to denigrate? No, it’s dry, impartially, you know, as a mathematician deduces a formula. It is necessary to show the invalidity of certain provisions. Calmly, politely, with a smile, not raising his voice, here’s how a mathematician proves a challenge.

First, intellectually to defeat the enemy, to show that he was wrong, that the truth is not on his side. Here is the first. If it will not come, then had to back up a little with emotion. That is the clear logic to reinforce the emotion, well, that’s if you don’t reach, then wet, so to speak. For the full program. And what, friends? Unfortunately, and this episode in life. Here it where to go, you know? It is good to us to think, we are white and fluffy, and you can imagine your duty with a Kalashnikov standing. There can be no most of these, not to philosophy. Here.

Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to deal with such cases and such people to improve the level of culture, improving education, spreading knowledge, but such knowledge is alleged.

Well, what’s there to be honest, here, even in the field of yoga. Come to us sometimes from region of India, certain missionaries, or something, and start this crap smack, well, that though stand, though fall. Or fanatics are here, you know. I have already faced, in our country there are fanatics of Hinduism! I’m already there in some lectures, something not said about Hinduism. Is already begin me to shut up in Russia, you know?! On the basis of yoga. There will be tomorrow, day after tomorrow, friends? It’s dangerous stuff, really. I wouldn’t want to be here this religious India settled in Russia, to me it is not needed, as all the others. Because religion is a religion with all its pluses and minuses, but we need yoga, not a religion, religions have their missing don’t know what to do with them. Here. So here’s the approach I think need to explain someone something is wrong, explain calmly and logically, and only then to add the emotion and only then, in extreme cases, some physical actions.

So, more questions? Yes, please.



Question: is it possible to draw a parallel between charisma and prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, if that’s true charisma, not acting on the numerous training which are now in Moscow are very expensive, then, Yes. In fact, how else to explain what charisma is? If the people who are very charismatic. They are sometimes very expressive start to behave. But they get away with it. And there are people, on the contrary, not charismatic, they are expressive conduct, but they are placed in a madhouse. I understand, Yes. And the difference between us is enormous.



Question: is it Possible in Raja yoga only to control people?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, the goal of Raja yoga is, first and foremost, to govern themselves. If you don’t learn to manage yourself, you will never learn how to manage others. It is an axiom in Raja–yoga. So to say that the goal of Raja yoga is to control the environment, so it is impossible to say. Well, how are you going to manage them? Say: “And what am I supposed to listen to, you yourself are unable to keep in check, and I’m still here will listen”?

Here. Therefore, the aim of Raja yoga, as any yoga is self-knowledge. The knowledge of your Higher self And as an app, as a result of self-the Higher self comes the ability to subdue your mental processes, mental, psychological processes that sometimes seem superhuman. Finally, to subordinate themselves in all other aspects, including physical. As soon as you will be able to manage themselves, automatically comes the ability to control others. Not before. It’s never comes. Here. There are still questions.

So Oh, good, then we go. And maybe in the audience there? No, everything is clear.


Now, let us a few words about Raja yoga say from a more formal point of view, from a more axiomatic or logical. Because, I remind you that all the provisions in Raja yoga logically be displayed. You will not find here any logical things. On the other hand, some of the effects that are observed later, after practice of Raja yoga, they are more like beyond logic. Remember that sverdlovka not contrary to logic and is an extension of it?!

Let’s start from the beginning. Each of you sitting here has his own Higher self Is the Highest I have, in fact, controls your body. What is your body? This is a set of cells. In fact, we are to consider, multicellular living creatures. I don’t remember how many there were in the area of the cells in every living creature. Something in the region of 50 trillion. Or something like that. That is a lot. These cells have the same DNA. But perform very different functions. They live different amounts of time. But at the same time, they are under a common purpose of survival of the organism. In fact, you control a huge, huge, huge country with 50 billion people.

That is, in fact, each of us is the President of the country in which 50 trillion citizens. These filed are divided by the different abilities and functions. For example, there are nerve cells, they accordingly look and the appropriate role and the appropriate time of life is lived. There are, for example, cells of the outer layer of the oral mucosa, they are rapidly dying away their time, are changing rapidly and their functions are quite different. Again, biology teaches us that there are so-called stem cells, is strange in General cells, which depending on need can turn into different kind of other cell. In General, in fact, now hidden there is a revolution in biology. Just the media don’t really pay attention to it. She pass by our eyes and ears takes place, but there are indeed very fundamental discoveries.

So, friends, see, what a thing. It turns out that there is a common impulse that unites all of these cells, moreover, sinhroniziruete their work, moreover, maintains and develops. And so can last long enough until death comes. This is when your Higher self is detached from this set of cells and these cells for some time by inertia remain alive. We cannot say that after death, they, there, all die. But since the failure in this whole system, you begin to die. The first nerve cells, then so on and so forth. And, sooner or later, the whole organism dies and decomposes. Ie has a kind of impulse, a kind of promise that comes from your Higher self to your body, which forces everyone to stick together and to obey this impulse.

Again, any device inside a living organism is more primitive, such a hierarchy of power or hierarchy signals. For example, of the modern biology we know that if the surrounding cells gives a single pulse, then it is perceived as a signal for individual cells to self-destruct. Or conversely, if there is some other signal that is a signal to divide. That is, some functions are processed at the level of the organism itself, but some go higher in the pyramid hierarchy of power all the above-above-above-above and hide on the other side of the matter.

That is something programmed at the DNA level, at levels which are particularly in our body. But something entirely independent from it and goes to your Higher self. Well if you can’t connect your Higher self with the body, the body is not alive. At best, what we can do is do zombies. You may have read that there are Voodoo cults among the natives of black Africa, where they were able after death to revive the dead. For some time it existed, but then still fell into pieces.

So whether we like it or not, but there is some hierarchy within our body and our wills more than the will of the individual cells. On the other hand, each cell taken separately, such as can itself to live, you can separate the cage and put her in a nutrient solution, where it will live long enough without dependence from you.

It turns out, at first glance, a very blurry picture. Where man ends and starts each cell individually? What binds them, that cement that glues? And, according to yoga theory, stick all together, in General and overall, what in yoga is called prana. If there is a flow of prana, then bonding it into a unified whole is very powerful, if the prana begins to fall, the body is prone to disease and destruction. In order to understand how life goes on, and why suddenly so happened that your cells listen to you. Why suddenly is it that your cage prefers to live in your body, and not by itself?

Well, let’s imagine for a second a thought experiment that tomorrow your cells all said, “But don’t we all want to live together!” and disconnected. You and so time, time, time and a lot of, you know, like LEGO’s falling apart into a bunch of components, you’re so into individual cells collapsed, and each crawled, or where you do not know what she did to his side. Well, we can say that there are laws of physics, biology, chemistry or something interfere and so on and so forth.

But we are interested in a more fundamental reason. And in yoga it comes down to the concept of freedom, that is what freedom is. Freedom, in other words, there is omnipotence. In other words, you can say “I can!” and I can say – “I’m free!”. But you can’t say that I’m free, but I can’t.

And some substitute notion, when asked, “are You there did not give up Smoking”?

– “Oh, it’s so simple, I can always”

– “And do not throw”

“I don’t want”!

Sometimes they have the word “can’t”, replace the word “no.” But that’s a separate issue.

Now, what by and large binds our cells together and forced to obey your Higher self? From the point of view philosophical the next thing: freedom together more than freedom separately. That is so well done our body that every cell, and in this sense, each cell can have its own individual Higher self the same as you, pay attention! So, this Higher free I am with you it is better to live than individually. Or to the other side of the sunset, not from freedom, but from constraints. That is living with you, in your community, restrictions less than living on your own.

And that’s the only 100% thing that makes your body not to break down into separate components is that each cell more freely and live better with you than without you, without your Higher self That is you in this sense are, as a Raja yogi, who scored a bunch of a bunch of individuals and made such a configuration that each found their place. So cells with more developed Higher I found a place in the nerve bodies, well as in nervous tissues, with more primitive level of samosoznanii a place was found in the skin and so on. That is, in fact, that you everyone are? Here you have your Higher self, which has already reached a certain strength. But you would miss the flow of other Higher self, but the degree of ignorance or sheath of ignorance is very big. And this thread is that in each certain time you have born or dies, is born or dies. You represent the flow of Higher self Understand this cycle.

Moreover, this Higher self, they are different in the degree of samosoznanii. Someone more privileged place to someone less privileged. Depending on what they are doing. The problem starts from this point of view, when more privileged fall into the body less privileged or something and then start a variety of body problems. But this is a separate issue of some diseases. Here.

And it turns out that you have, want or don’t want to use the methods of Raja yoga to control their bodies without even knowing it. And if you do the simple exercises of Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, mantra yoga, pranayama yoga, then sooner or later, you will begin deeper and deeper all the threads and sensations inside your body, and it is better to understand this logic as you are done. In the future you already understand the more subtle logic of how to operate at the level of prana, thoughts or recoil strong-willed order. Therefore, in yoga it is believed that the Raja–yoga of a higher tier to a more primitive yogas, such as Hatha yoga and so on. That is, Hatha yoga and so on, they gradually lead you to Raja yoga. At least the fact that Hatha yoga enables you to control your body on a physical level and in General, you will understand how this whole mechanism works.

Therefore, if in the future you see yourself as a Raja–yogi, you should never neglect your physical body. And ordinary physical exercise. You must be honest to fulfill them.

Well, we go further. Sooner or later you begin to feel a kind of ability that your Higher self has, first will, and, second, the prana. That is, the embodiment of the will to life. That is actually the prana that supports or stick together the whole body, a conglomerate of cells, this prana finds every cell has its place and its function according to the degree of their ignorance or proximity to samosoznanii, so everyone was happy and nobody bothered him with one hand. And on the other hand, prana is subordinate to what is called in Raja yoga the will or no one first pulse, which, in fact, all he was doing.

And in fact, can be traced to such a combination that the will and prana are very much intertwined, to come, sooner or later, to control prana, through the disclosure of this thing called will. Therefore, in the pure practice of Raja yoga, the concept of will is the key. If there is a will, then according to the will, your prana begins to do anything. Moreover, the will can sometimes give such direction to prana, which in fact works wonders. This explains, as they say, many beyond the ability of yogis, who can control your body. Literally, on some such unusual level. Ie there’s a will, there is prana, you can show miracles of survival on the physical level and wonders in the manifestation of yourself as a person in relationship with the surrounding Universe.

So in Raja yoga there are such directions that (they are a little bit parallel) according to the approach here to these ideals. This is the first – awareness, open, rather, will. The second is a practical exercise to increase the prana. The third is an exercise in honing their intellectual abilities. But they are intellectually-mental rather ability. For each of these areas there are certain exercises, very specific and easily, that is, feasible. To approach, of course, from different sides, but the logic always remains the same. Later we will touch on these exercises.

Now consider the scheme that we have outlined, that is your Higher I and a large number of cells. Now drag it to the world. Are you, as are the people around you, other sentient beings, not necessarily to say even people. And look, that sort of thing. Big country, say, Russia. I come in and say: “In Russia, there are how many millions of people, Hello citizens, I am your President. I’m going to manage. You must obey me, so as I said – this will now be the law.” What do the citizens then? Well, it’s not hard to guess what they will say about the following phrase: “Well, man, where’d you come from? And why do we have to perform all your instructions, and not say some other? What are you worse or better, where did you come from at all.”

Well, I know now in Russia, well, Russia now has a variety of overtures do. We can say that this is the secret offspring of Nicholas II. It turns out that he was not finished, that it has spawn a lot, so offspring and I am a direct descendant of Nicholas II and have the right to reign, then, the anointed one of God I, and all of you must fall, that is, prostrate. Can such card to play. But another question. People have long lived without the Tsar Nikolashka. They will say: “Yes, we don’t really remember, well there was when Nicholas II or bad. But apparently it was bad, if they staged a revolution and overthrew him. So he badly managed, and possibly you these bad genes control got, so we’re not put”. And you can say to another: “Guys, follow me criminal army is. Who can be against me now utter a word, three seconds — cheek, and is gone”. Well, it certainly will force many to shut up and think about, but then at the slightest opportunity of me of the chick, and that I was what they would do. Well, who wants to submit to brute force some kind of crime?

Or, for example, can I say: “Guys, I’m a secret oligarch, the one who is my power of will, that every day I will pay the money. Well, first, money, if it is, it ends soon. It is necessary not only expenditure, but also the flow of money. And second, as well. That is all very doubtful. Very doubtful. However, the Institute of government in any country is, without it nothing is impossible because if you remove the power will begin the most terrible is anarchy, just as, you know, when people die and many cells are left to themselves. They themselves cease to supply, to display any unwanted materials, the result is all killed, and the corpse decomposes. Similarly, any country is without power, sooner or later it decays. And there is nothing to be done. If the government will not on the one hand, she comes from the other side.

That’s how I remember 90-e years, then the authority took the mob and all. In fact, it was a way out. Nice people I encountered them, were very intelligent people. I remember one friend knew, he knew several languages. This mafia really mediocre, do not know is dead or alive. Here. He had everything under control, everything really. A separate issue, but the fact is, you know, even government thugs preferable to anarchy. You also need to understand and then you will understand the prehistory of Russia. Another conversation, and fuck us this form of government? But nonetheless.

Who is worthy, by and large, to be President? Who is worthy of power? And the axiomatic conclusion of a following. This is the person lives to do in a country that freedom in its management of each will be greater than without it. Here’s the paradox. The more freedom each, the more legitimate will the power. On the other hand, the contradiction, the paradox – the power initially is not freedom of others. If I have a lot of power, you all obey me. So you have it for less. And here is the such a stupid scheme was the fact that the power is when you have someone enslave. No, friends, the power when someone you serve does not live long. It is falling apart. A need this structure, as is the case in our body that she was self-sustaining to recognize the existence of this power, trust and open. And this is possible only if you give the power more than that one thing, and for this demand the execution of some of its decisions in something else. Now, if there is such bargaining, then the system is stable.

In the case of our body, our body is the following thing: until, while our Higher self provides the conglomerate of cells with prana, and such a spectrum of prana, which the cells can not produce it, they suffer on themselves the yoke of your Higher self and fulfill all your orders. In response to this they would demonstrate their obedience in what you can, according to his will, wave the hand, foot or say a word. Otherwise, the nerve cell, muscle said, “And th is I have to strain to relax what is the joy? I will not!”

And you must understand this logic that by and large, if you want stable rule or you want to be a real effective Manager, you need to follow the following scheme. Imagine that you came to manage a big company, a big company, there are parasites, and workaholics, there are crooks, there are fans of the business, and actually, you know, every creature on the pair. Full. And here you are, so to say, to reproduce such subtle prana, which then will manifest itself through your consciousness and your energy so that everyone got his place on merit, and the conditions of life and work that his spiritual status. Ie if there’s any a hard worker, a drunkard, well, no need to put it to protect the safe, stolen. All we need tighter control, but on the other hand, if you have some designer who, you know, the creative impulse comes up with a new vehicle form that you will produce, God forbid, you put control of it. It will decay and leave, he needs a more delicate conditions.

And that’s the biggest headache for any Manager is to devise and to think over such rules so that everyone involved is comfortable and convenient, to make him feel as freely as possible, but at the same time, to avoid a situation when the freedom of one begins to infringe on the freedom of all others. Good managers that comes with experience. I have the honour, when at the time still worked in consulting, communicating with people, that Russia, the Soviet Union was building. There are chief engineers of some of the enterprises of oil and gas and energy. The people are rabid, I’m still sometimes in the underground food and feel. In, this is the man of the series, Yes. This is a man with experience, he already feels. These people are sometimes even rude. But at the same time, they do not allow any familiarity, nor the humiliation of others. Such people are equally unable to speak, and with the intellectual, some creative, you know, personality and a hard worker, which is an extra fifty will give, spend on drink immediately. These people know the value of money. You know, to get them to pay more than deserves your job for anything in the world. But at the same time, they know the value of generosity, if, indeed, you use, they are not stingy never. And now know that these people here, as here, such a computer, which everyone sees, which each count and that each in its place puts.

But it is much harder when you have a lot of people, you just can’t track. There is need to develop common rules of the game, but in fact, always decides the role of the it Manager. Sometimes people say that decide the role of money. That’s going to pay a lot of a particular firm, be firm to flourish. Friends, I know I have seen too many so-called startups that went bankrupt only for one reason – they are too generous salaries paid to its employees! Too generous, and those rehological and did not want to work, do nothing and then ended badly. And that’s acquired, actually, experience. Here, of course, little will do, but the experience is acquired quickly, if you are filled with prana and Bhava. If you are their flaws in certain management decisions to replace their prana. Roughly speaking, will go on recess. Or how stem cells, where the failure there and you’re doing that. That is, you want your versatility. And if there is this universality, if there is a surplus of prana, if there is respect for the freedom of others, not attempt to suppress, to strip off, there, know, use.

As now all these companies, I one there pretzel, I apologize, was found. He earnestly building a large firm, so smart, in the hope that it will be as tacky to rip off their employees. But for a long time there is no such miracles in the history, you know. Sooner or later, the ends will cease to converge and everything will fall apart.

I must say that even in Western business schools, this idea finds wider and wider the distribution, so there is the so called strategy win – win, wine-tasting in English if you say. Before the main business idea was such a win–lost, that is, if someone wins, then someone somewhere lost. And now don’t know why they have come to these heights, the highest heights of spiritual knowledge. They came to the idea that if you won and someone lost, then tomorrow you will lose and some will win. And not the fact that I won more than lose tomorrow. Therefore, in order to have a secure and minimal risk, always make their work and communication with contractors, the situation win-win. This applies to contracts, and payment for any accessories in there products. Today, yeah, you ripped off someone, did not pay, although they could be more generous to pay. Here. And tomorrow it’s you and backfire, everyone will say: “Yes, he’s a redneck, more of him will not work”. You know, right? And so on and so forth. Therefore, the psychology of wine-tasting, is in fact psychology, that freedom together more than freedom separately. Therefore, we cannot be spendthrift friends, but skimp too it is impossible, if you have the resources, some resource. Well, of course money friends, but money doesn’t solve everything. This resource is your prana. Do not spare your prana to others. Cultivate a helper. Live the case, which you were instructed.

Ie is the moment when you could hire a specialist, but to pay him more money. More friends, the best configuration is, friends, not to hire and nurture her, raise her to a higher level. Similarly, this engages our Higher self with the cells that live inside us. The fact that each cell has the good fortune to live in our body – this cage has the opportunity to join some of the higher spiritual pulse of prana. She evolyutsioniruet, the degree of ignorance is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking.

Here. It is a common ideology, a shared philosophy, that is, as should be in life in General news. Try to always keep everyone happy. But remember, don’t be so slobbering a conformist, so you sat down on the neck, you know, it’s the person who is responsible is mutually exclusive. You can start go that far with the staff, they’ll sit on the neck instantly. We can, however, rude to deal with some sensitive people, so, they too will turn on you. And you know, at the time, I somehow came across a book of some such instructions most of these courtiers of princes, who were preparing to take over there …and there a lot of such moments. How to communicate with the footman, the coachman, the way of feeding, how to have. A lot of very interesting points that never talk to the staff. It was very interesting to read. Because I see how many had a negative experience once it’s all turned into such…then there is no need go that far with them. Because if normal people, give them the opportunity to grow to their level. And if not, then sometimes you get these relationships will naprasny, that is, and so on. A lot of the subtleties, pure in life, do not know how much they are in our age applicable, maybe not quite. Say it again, win Shawnee, pranic people. So codescu. Are there any questions?


Questions: can you give more details about the finest pran?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the subtle prana in this sense is the prana that connects our Higher self with our body. And strictly speaking, in these ancient knowledge in yoga, everything is so ambiguous, there are certain details that we already don’t understand. They probably had a better idea of the structure of our body and therefore, there was classification of prana, prana of the original then can be represented in a more rough, as they say, coarser threads. Also, in some texts, treatises allocate a subsection of the prana, being responsible for certain functions, for example, the pulse on inhalation and exhalation. The impetus for digestion or the pulse on the metabolism, there is described under one name or another prana.

Apparently, this requires its re-opening, but it is nice if there is a flow of prana from your Higher self, then it is converted to coarser and coarser as you say…but, you know, prana, in this respect, like money, Yes. Here there is a more stable currency at the moment, today what we have there, United States dollar? And there are less than convertible currencies, say, any tug in Mongolia. It is clear that if you come with a bundle of dollars in Mongolia, I think you will change the mnt, and back heavier. But if you come with a pack of mnt in Moscow can be difficult to find a Bank that will change. Here the same is, according to the degree of the freedom of convertibility, if anything, they shared the prana. Well, actually, very vaguely, you remember, friends, that actually, you know, we only use those nuggets of yogic knowledge, which has reached us. Another conversation in the next, and how to increase the prana, where to get it? But more on that after the break let’s talk.


Question: ? (not audible)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I Have a simple answer, first, it is an experimental fact. Many big big companies who work a lot and steadily. Not in startups, definitely not in some companies that is a new emerged segment the market and so on. But in the good old companies prefer their…I just went through it myself, when I came to work one honorable TRANS National Company, I was surprised that there was reserved a month in the year that I studied and the company pay for it is not very funny money in the hope that sooner or later I will pass a qualifying exam and will go again in the new status to work for them. Here. But this would be a vital factor. Because already there is something elusive. The company’s commitment to you know it, you’re in it vzroschen. You know all the nuances – it’s like completely different.

From the perspective of axiomatic, if we consider Raja yoga, look, Yes, like potatoes, can be grown in the garden his it to you in pennies it will cost, well, provided that you have time for it. And you can go to the market and paying money for it. So, want or not want, the seller still screwed. Similarly, here the same situation. Anyway the specialist who will come to you, will cost you more than vzroschenny, your.

I did it a long time ago, I have one of his comrades, a mediocre oligarch, the great enterprise under his leadership was, don’t know still there or not, things change in this world, friends, in the world of impermanence. He once said, Vadya, you want me all their employees yoga will make? Tomorrow the House of culture will be removed, even if one will not come – will be fired. If real friends, real. But with all that, I was very surprised, he tells me, and now I, well…he’s got a very narrow branch, and now I PTU restore, well, it’s long enough, it was in the 90s. I told him, you do not have work – a vocational school to restore? Them same of the Soviet Union, how many, Yes, and then quit. Would not believe me no one to work, to me, are such sheep, boobies are, in General, know nothing after school, so at least I will support, but in the city it me a pretty penny, but I still win more than the other region of a specialist to pull, give him a salary, give him an apartment, but still something do not like.

So any more questions? Yes.



Question: Why is the term in office of the President in the United States for 4 years?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If this is a question about the United States, then you remember – this after Roosevelt had begun. There is a special situation was – war. And before that was a long depression and was afraid of horses in midstream is not. BUT then they have not been to this policy to resort. Our, out, on the contrary increase the time. Now we have how many President? 6 years. And I think to myself, and let 18, like Leonid Brezhnev, was that really 6 years, let’s 18. Immediately, not to be mistaken. This is my kind of black humor.

But the factor of change of power, it is very important. But here, however, there is another thing we should not ignore. And this is such a special circumstance. If to call things by their proper names, to talk about Russia. Russia is now decomposing slowly but surely. And if you now play in democracy this in full, without regard, then you can make it even worse. Apparently out of fear, because of this, they are trying to wrap up nuts. Don’t know what they will or will not work. But know this, as during the war, there are conditions where everything should be pursed. Well, let’s not Russia – this is my sore subject. I’ve met a while back, I was invited to a 70s MEPhI nuclear University. Where all the graduates are already wealthy moles have become. And there’s a very heated discussion came about what we have in Russia. Very polar opinions. All right, friends. If you have no questions, taking some time.

Part 2


This is the second part of Raja yoga. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Now before we go any further, are there any questions from anybody?




Student: “Now the Internet is very much talking about provedenie – not eating, when a person simply stops eating. This Raja yoga associate? Every cell, it is necessary to feed, and then it turns out that every cell itself releases energy for existence?




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is a complex topic, friends. Do the ancient texts, in ancient treatises described is truly a wonderful ability, and even better powers, which is doing yoga. But to get them requires many decades of practice. I’m afraid that just a simple Declaration to obtain the desired result, although I do not exclude that there may be some techniques.


The ideology is as follows: imagine that each cell, in fact, is at a very high level of vitality, then the impedance of the body increases and have reduced the need for food, sleep, and more. But the analogy is, imagine you have an army. One thing, the army is highly mobile, trained and disciplined as if the other conversation you have some rabble. And it is clear that to control the rabble, require more resource. We must either bribe them, or intimidate, or something else to do. And therefore, even if a small portion of your cells will come to a qualitatively new level, it abruptly begins to save your resources, maybe it mean? Although I honestly don’t quite understand this question.”




Question from students: “On the analogy of our cells with our body, that is, we, our I, our cells are similar to the absolute?”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “how can we in this sense to believe that each person is like a cell absolute? Good comparison, really beautiful. In some texts even an analogy, that if you want to find the absolute, think of it as the sum of the higher self of each living person. That is, in this sense, that all life, through the higher self shining, it, on the one hand is completely free from the absolute, since we were made in the image and likeness, and on the other hand, our will is never contrary to his will. In the sense that we are part of a larger game, which may now not subject and is not available to our mind. Therefore, the meditation and reflection it is possible to use.”




Student: “Then, by analogy, as above, so below, that is, if we are composed of cells, which are the Higher self, the whole universe is, roughly speaking, consists of us. And what you want to achieve in life, you have to do outside. So you’re, relatively speaking, to live in peace, well, you do things in your personal opinion cause your the universe surrounding you, it becomes more favourable to you.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, but there is a more subtle, axiomatic explanation of Raja yoga, I allow myself a few minutes to spend on this before we move on to the exercises. I’m primarily interested to give you is not dry theory, and exercises of Raja yoga, as theory can get in our other sources, courses.


It turns out the next thing, friends, that look was otherworldly, primordial, ineffable absolute, not even to say was or was not, because there was nothing that we could compare with this. He then valueshave: “may I be many!” So there is a higher self of all beings. This primordial absolute, as well as in all living beings, the higher self has the ability is Prana. That is, in fact, each higher self, as the absolute endowed with freedom, endowed with will, endowed with the power equally. But the only difference between the Higher self and the absolute: the Highest I was originally in a state of ignorance are, and the absolute is not located in this state and is in its original omniscience. Each Higher self has been created the absolute initially free.


Here’s a very subtle logical point: the idea is it turns out that if we are all naturally free and equal, how one can control someone else? It would seem that it is not possible if everything is as free as someone can be President and who is the slave? The fact of the matter is that when the absolute has created this universe, he separated us, separated from itself with the help of Maya, very strange things, which behaves in such a way that it is not violating the freedom of each separately, gives the chance to each other to communicate and to live, to coexist.


It turns out that each Higher self, in this sense, the original is the dark, but enjoys the omnipotence of his will and starts randomly, or I do not know a non-random basis, voleizyavleniya certain rules and to live by the rules that it has valishvili, again, under the layer of ignorance.


Therefore, in the field of view, sooner or later, into the only other Higher self that, one way or another, have something in common, they have one thing in common was voleizyavleniya in your evolutionary path. Resulting in the same universe are like you, living beings, and the more primitive living things. There, homeless people at the Kursk station, together with dogs, as well as more vysokoporodistyh living beings, but still you have something in common. Somewhere at some stage in the evolution of something you have in common you some General laws wholesalely, otherwise you’re just in this universe, in the endless and diverse, and you would not even have met.


And look, on what happens. Well, we all initially were free, everyone lives only in the universe, which he built himself exclusively. In this regard, the homeless, and dog and man and Holy lives in the universe, which he himself oleisapi over many lives and which, in fact, received.


But, see, following this very interesting course: if you valishvili the universe, which is closer to the original laws of freedom, then your personal universe more attractive for the living beings that are on a lower stage of development. Indeed, pet is better to live with a farmer in the yard than in the woods. It would be worse, would long ago have all gone. But there are animals that do not domashniaya, they are worse. I just don’t know that someone tamed tigers, and even wolves.


So, it turns out that if you are at a higher level of spiritual development, it indirectly says that you are to a lesser extent of ignorance, you closer to knowing your Higher self and you realized the moments of freedom that gave you the absolute of your creation. You comfortable other living beings. And if you’re really smart, you start your freedom very properly dispose of. So that comes to you living entity, you put it in such a framework, so it has maximum freedom, but only such freedom that it does not harm other living beings. You came to the cow, well, okay, fine, she’ll get more freedom, but she has to live in the barn, so as not to limit the freedom of others, because if she starts walking around you in the bedroom, that the exercise of our freedom, you will not like. I speak figuratively.


It is the combination of freedoms, an intricate mix of freedoms is intertwined with the law of karma. And in fact, voleizyavlenie any desires, it happens. That is, in fact, we are obeying the living creature come up to the universe more free than we are. That is, if somewhere is a living creature that came up with more liberal laws, we are involuntarily drawn to him, because in the life of this living being’s life better, freer, less we suffer from their follies, from its original ignorance. It is possible over here to explain the logic of Raja yoga.

So, you know, in the same India, which was like a patchwork of many kingdoms. At the head of every Principality of the Raja was, in fact, where the name Raja yoga. So, they are very effectively managed, it is necessary to say, but they always strived to in their Principality came spiritual people. If the yogi suddenly wander errant, honor and respect. That is, could be walking down the street mendicant yogi, Raja himself runs ahead, falls down and invites himself in his throne room, to sit beside him, in every way showing him respect and take him at least some time to live with it. At the same time, when an ordinary peasant or a parasite of some who outwardly does not differ from a wandering yogi, he Raja did not even look, he even puts it in the category of Pets. And this is very much a surprise to Western travelers, and those common legends spread throughout the East. The East is the country of miracles, where a beggar may be fabulously rich. Because, really, it’s respect for people’s spiritual, it’s there literally everything was soaked.


So the question is, what Raja so relate to the wandering, the unknown person? Yes, because this man, being on a more spiritual high level, he valueshave around himself more perfect laws of the universe. And unwittingly, if you’re around him, you kind of learn, you learn, you start to think like it, you’re starting to sound just like him and you gain the same benefits.


By the way, here can for yourself to celebrate this exercise of Raja yoga that if you want to be strong, charismatic, successful, by all means strive to be in the society a strong, charismatic and successful people. Look for people whose qualities you would like to possess and constantly be in their field. And involuntarily go to your learning. Quite a promising young man to be under a good leader, how quickly he evolyutsioniruet. He himself developed, and the experience gets, and everything.


I did that quite a large number of people who physics worked with me, they then got MBA in top universities in the West. I asked: “What they teach you, exactly? A set of some items?” The items they studied the standard, these books you can buy in any store in Russia, about the same, what they learn there. On the contrary, in these books or in schools, even the worst tailoring, increasingly stricter and tougher. And there, on the contrary, smoother and more beautiful, but the absolute distinguishing feature of higher institutions, is that they teach, as a rule, people with more experience, that is, the former owners or chief Executive officers of some companies that retire. They can’t sit at home, they try to share their experience, so to speak. Just talking to them, you start to learn something non-verbal, you start to think like them, begin to act as they are and so on and so forth. And besides, in these schools, as I understand it, you tie a very valuable experience, which then you for life accompany. What you do in any other school. That is, the emphasis on communication, as in the best ideals of Raja yoga, again, played out in Western universities, where they teach such managers serious. “Nothing new under the sun”.


So, back. I hope, in the first approximation, the Grand logic of Raja yoga before you came? Now let’s get something practical to do. It would be nice to from words we all got down to business. And, we’ll start with some exercises which not bad would be, in fact, to realize and fulfill. Here is a management approach to Raja yoga. More precisely, the first steps in the management approach. What’s their Forte? You may not know anything about the absolute. Here are some yogas are the first steps begin with the fact that you should recognize the root causes gave rise to the world. Otherwise you have nothing to dock, neither in the minds nor in life. Here the first step you can do yourself. You must admit that you are. You must recognize that you have your higher self That at first sounds kind of silly, so I admit or not to admit? A factor in the determining! Because as you progress on the path of Raja yoga, you will more and more strength in your Higher self, and the sooner you admit at least that it is, the faster you will go.


So, what does Raja yoga? With the fact that you actually have to admit to realize that you still have your Higher self that is omnipotent, transcendent, and which, most importantly, for the practical exercises has will. I mean, here is this bunch that you have your Higher self, plus what you have will. What is a will, friends? Will, in fact, is the original spermogonia, which gave us the absolute in the creation. That is, the more you realize that you have the will, the more you will learn how to use it, how not strange, you will quickly come to the realization that you have your Higher self and thus faster to succeed in Raja yoga.


Pay attention to a bunch of really weird bunch – we can declaratively say, “Yes, I have higher self” and to celebrate this fact, and forget about it. But to understand what it is, what it is and what are his powers, we can’t do it. Because we have no pre knowledge. We can just vaguely draw some picture and say to yourself: “My higher self could be exactly that.” We are even in the wildest imagination cannot fully realize the enormity of your higher self and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you start from the first minute could realize the enormity of your higher self, Raja yoga would not be required. You would click, and would have reached a higher state in yoga. So we have some complex set of internal beliefs about ourselves.




And let’s fix.


Sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head, close our eyes and try to think about who we are, what is our Higher self.


So, to start, let’s remember all of my childhood. Recall vivid memories from your childhood. And now remember the attitude in childhood. And now remember how you looked last week. What was your attitude last week? And now compare the expectations of the world, which was in childhood, from those that were on last week.


Compare your hopes, fears, problems. Apparently, a lot of things have changed in that time? I hope. But something remains unchanged, that were present in childhood and last week. Your beliefs about yourself, your dreams, fears, hopes, aspirations, fears could change, but something or someone looking at that all events, remained the same. Your body can grow and change. Your intellectual abilities during this time also changed, but something remained the same.

And now try to grab the same, that does not depend, neither from the body nor from the intellect, no emotions, no hopes. And here is what you can pay attention to is that were always looking at everything so there was someone who watched the whole incident, as if not getting involved. Try to remember throughout his life this effect watching. There were outbursts of emotions, many of which could be, but someone behind all this watching?


And thus we approach the idea of consciousness. That is, the consciousness that illuminates everything that happens in your life and that has not changed, it has nothing to do with intelligence, nor desires, neither with age nor with emotions. Try to grasp this concept, namely consciousness.


Now again go back in time and remember how you in the childhood had something to do. You, for example, was an excellent spatula, which it would be possible to dig the snow or in the sandbox to build castles. Or any toys favorite that it would be possible to put some outfits or cars that might break. Remember, you had the ability, at least something to do. You have done and it was done. Remember all the broken dolls.


Now again remember your last week, you were doing something last week, I hope, at work, at home, something needs or does not need, that is, you were doing some action. How to determine what you some action done? After them the result. For example, a mess in the room and not removed, still there is garbage. Or Vice versa, swept, garbage not.


So, now analyze that, actually, it’s been years, but as a child you could have something to do and it was done, and now can do, and it is done. And, in fact, everything has changed, and the nature and so forth, but you, as was and remains the ability to do something.


Now compare these two abilities. The first ability is to watch, to observe not getting involved. And the second ability is to get involved and to do something. And here are two of these abilities, in fact, in his view, invariably went through your whole life, character and so on, the degree may be changed, but that’s what stayed with you from an early age.


Now think and imagine and what was proinflam who forced you to do something or forced something to watch? Here some- TIMES, the pulse and your eyes lifted and started to watch some picture. Or AGAIN, some momentum and you start to do something. Try to grab the momentum. Here is a fleeting one, and you have already seen. Go to the metro Times, looked how long or at what station to get off. Or quite unconsciously took dust from the table wiped. Something elusive — again, flashed and you got involved.


And now remember in their life an episode when you had to do something, you don’t want to, but you had something to watch and something to do. Paint the fence, which is not interesting to paint, or draw some kind of picture that is not interesting to draw, but otherwise the two get. That is where you stress, stress, stress whatever it is doing. In this time of austerity to force myself to look at something or to do something that is not desirable, but necessary.


Great. I hope everyone remembered these States. Now the next step in the first and in the second case, when you are spontaneous, fleeting was doing something, and when you tried. In fact, attention and the ability to do something that was controlled with your will. That is, your will was voleizyavleniya and you or so times, and something quick, not much to do, or hard and long to achieve something. In the first and in the second case worked your will. And, the key point in Raja yoga, is to realize what will. What is this thing, how an event or phenomenon, which sometimes allows to make quick, maybe even unconscious movements, and sometimes long and hard.


And here, look, now the key ligament in Raja yoga. The more you approve what is the will, the better to appear what your Higher self is your representation of your Higher self, it is set only some of the images of the unconscious, which can blur. But if you get closer to the realization of what is called the will, you intuitively start to feel, to realize the approximation to your Higher self.




And now the following exercise.


Lie down on your stomach. And start now to figure out where we there will that she is how to approach her and, accordingly, to get closer to the realization of the omnipotence of his higher self. For this we use exercise from Hatha yoga, which will do so that will was realized, or rather, was felt to be better and better.


Located under the shoulders, palms of hands and now we realize that we are on the Mat that our physical body lies on the Mat that we can lift above the Mat. Realize it’s well. And now we do the impulse of the will, and raise your straight body on the Mat, and voleizyavleniya! You gave the order, and your consciousness and energy is fulfilled. Now give the order and lowered his torso, and forced himself to relax.


Now re-do the boost and raise your body. Dominate over the energy over the mind. Something inside polishable: I should be in this position and I will. Yes, not nice muscles, I can deal with it. Yes there resists something, it’s okay. I pay them well, feed of today’s Breakfast, fed the muscles, let them work out.


Now give impulse and lie down to rest. Grateful your muscles started. That you are now given the impulse to the rest, muscles, and yourself.




Now, ordered to rest. Give rest, allow ourselves to relax.


And now, each at their own pace, give the order to execute this pose of Hatha yoga, and then find the right moment and give an impulse to relax. Go. Do not lose clarity of mind and rest in the pose. See yourself, focus on your body. Do not allow to swim to consciousness with some alien thoughts and directed at your muscles.


Wonderful. Time no more from me. Lie on your back. Let’s make a compensation exercise in order to redistribute the tension. Throw up the feet supported arms the pelvis, preferably, straight knees. Find the most comfortable position and just focus, hold the attention on it, go into the feeling. (implemented)


Exit the exercise. Throw your hands behind your head, raise the head up. Bend your knees down to one side, to another, stretch out, yawn. Consciousness at the body is directed. Give the order to stretch and yawn. Wonderful. Exit. Here at the same time and warmed up, so you theory listen.

I actually have in mind an experiment: what if the theory to expound, when you are doing certain poses? Is it better to reach or better? Let’s try, let’s do a control group, one will do postures, the other not, and then the test and who better to give him up.


So, let us explain what we are doing now. Now we will take a group of exercises from Hatha yoga, and the first exercise demanded a lot of effort. But the second and third smaller. In the first case it was necessary enough to explicitly apply what is called the will to force myself to stay in position. And the more we used the will, the greater was the tension of our muscles, the more began to illuminate our minds more clearly. In other exercises, we are more given to feelings and therefore our consciousness rather followed the pleasant sensations that occur in the body. But in the first and in the second case, we played with the possibility of their consciousness, that is, with the opportunity to observe. And also with the ability either to act or to feel the results of the action.


And so, if in General, say the method of approach to the realization of your Higher self, it is as follows: it is to learn how to use the will, or otherwise, to learn how to do anything in particular exercises in Hatha yoga following the rhythm or mode – “where to get, where afford”.


And here is the impulse to once themselves to force, and momentum to ever stop and force yourself to relax, in a sense, equally difficult. It is only at first glance it seems like just force yourself to relax. Actually, it is very hard to do. It is not less difficult, than to force yourself to strain. And it turns out that these voleizyavleniya, when we focus our minds on the process, and get involved in this process, you do anything or feel this action is, in fact, leads us to the impulses of the will. And the closer we more clearly understand what kind of impulses, the closer we approach the source of these pulses, namely, to his Higher self.


So look, what is the logic closer to the ideals of Raja yoga was proclaimed in such a respected text, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, or the eightfold path of Patanjali, or the so-called Ashtanga yoga (Ashtanga means eight). Approach following the first two stages, the so-called Yama and Niyama, it is, in fact, a proper understanding of how everything in life works. It is understood that at present the authorities not to use violence in its purest form. But the options when you have something one can demand in return for something else, they are welcome. You know, such is trade freedom. I sell my freedom in one thing, but buying more freedom in something else. Or Vice versa. This is a profitable exchange. It should be understood, and, in fact, it’s one way or another, directly or indirectly, encrypted in these early stages of yoga: Yama and Niyama.


And then begins the most primitive way to use his will. It is through Hatha yoga or asanas, where you are encouraged to learn to use their muscular structures or learn to subordinate their muscle structure to his will. And to subdue, as to strain and relax. I want to emphasize again that, just relax. Why all forget about the relaxation factor. All think, the stronger will strain yourself and be stronger than himself to keep the black body, the better. Yes, to a certain point better, but after a certain point you need to drastically change the momentum will relax. And believe me, to do something, and more difficult, so any Hatha yoga are encouraged to complete the so-called Savasana or the resting posture. That is, the previous exercises, this exercises to a greater extent where you force yourself to do anything, but the last exercise, this exercise where you have to force yourself to relax. So, in yoga it is believed that the criterion of perfection in Hatha yoga is defined by the ability to relax. But, you never learn to relax if you have not learned to strain. And even more is possible if you approach the realization of those volitional impulses which is not clear where come. That is not clear, whence comes the impulse to strain in the pose of the stick and standing or, conversely, to relax. And yoga tells us that this impulse comes from the will, and the will comes from your Higher self And that’s when you start to mentally trace this impulse, you suddenly understand that all your ideas about yourself, it’s just idle, some fantasy. Inside it is something quite different.


So, the third step in the yoga sutras of Patanjali, it is in fact closer to Raja yoga through the control of the physical body.


But there is another point which must be very clearly remembered. It is important that you strain and relax, the important ideology which is – “charted-did.” Because you can suddenly, under the influence of some others external factors, to tense or relax. A variety of external factors you can encourage. You someone pushed you again, there, tensed or something. But the important factor is that the pulses do not come from the environment and from you.


I will tell you one very interesting story, you will have fun. Once at the dawn of the industrial revolution began to sell these little machines, they are now in beauty salons to meet. It’s two electrodes, which are superimposed on the muscle and they pulses. Approximately 120 V the voltage, and the pulse duration, with a delay, there are two knobs to twist, twirl, there are different modes of contraction. All first lit, “Bang” took it. Now it is somehow not really so popular but remember at the time was absolutely wonderful.


And there was the first idea, you know what? Stick man with electrodes to prepare a program and to its electrical signal was turned out, it’s one pose of Hatha yoga, then the other, that is, do not force yourself. He pressed a button, and you know how sometimes in cartoons shows such an electrical signal: “drrrrrr” and person — time in the posture of the Cobra, then again in another. Indeed, muscle mass is growing, but of the ligament between the momentum of your will to the muscles do not. But Raja yoga, it is this thin ligament. It’s not pumped muscles, no.


Here muscle. The muscles are quite easy to pump and easy enough, they are blown away then. And need a boost from your higher self, which runs throughout your system and forces your muscles to contract it is thanks to your will, not some stranger some effects. So, apparently, can’t think of any mechanical machine, which would be replaced Hatha yoga. You can, of course, in some order medication to build up certain muscles, or anything else to do, but how it will lead you to these ideals “outlined –made” or awareness of that pulse that makes you move, it’s a moot point, open.


It turns out that if you developed in your personal life such a habit that you do something yourself and then outline the mandatory perform, every such act will lead you to the realization of your will. And just as the tree is growing significantly, turning into a giant oak. The same and every such action will result that you will intuitively within themselves to discover the source of all forces, namely, their Higher self through impulses of the will. And will will your to grow and silnet.


But really, this is not the right expression, nothing to grow and silnet will not. The will does not need training, will you and so all is remarkable. Needs the other thing you have to overcome his ignorance in relation to what you have this will have. But with this trouble. Therefore, every act of overcoming oneself, in this sense, each exercise where you alternate methods “allow-get”, sooner or later, leads to the realization that this powerful tool as will.

In the future, the more you will have to develop the will, will take place the following mechanism: the greater portion of prana to flow from your higher self into your body. That is, each impulse of the will: “to force yourself – afford” that, you know, as a pump, whack-whack, before the water including pumping. You begin to pump, literally, prana.


Again, in the yoga sutras of Patanjali the first step through physical exercise, so you will get a certain range of the prana through physical exercise. It is very important, because he’s so gruff, but intelligible.


And sooner or later, if you get enough of this physical prana, it will begin to feel the surrounding people. That is when you will demonstrate your physical vitality. There are people who here they are physical, with them come into contact and understand: blood and milk, th-th, the power. Something unspeakable is present. Even were these legends that in ancient times, if a person was sick for a long time, he is in the house led a healthy young man who, literally, spread the power that even the appearance of such person has a beneficial influence on the patient because there is not verbal training, he begins to grasp the ideology of prana. And starts to be about similar. Know how optimism is contagious, so strength in this respect is contagious.


This does not mean that someone behind you will have to do something because the source of prana for each person, it is his Higher self, not on another where. But the ideology itself – out of sight, out of mind. So, this will allow you to dominate your physical body, and as a result, over a large number of more subtle hormones, what is the emotional background, and your character will start to calm down. You will start to be more reasonable and sane, and it will immediately begin to feel the people around you. And involuntarily you will instill in them the respect that they listened to you.


That is, I want to emphasize, not jocks, go now in the gym, some are soy. But when I came into the store, there was a good shop there for vegetarians sold barbecue, but it really wasn’t a kebab and soya meat that looked. At first glance, something not perceptible. As look – steak meat with blood for a tiger. And then, like, it seems, but only soy. Snag, in General. So it has nothing to do with your physical?? an inflated, this is something not perceptible.


Further we go. After more or less a method where to get and where to afford on a set of prana required to submit typed, then goes to the next level: a set of more subtle component of prana in order to control, through breathing exercises. Again, note the logic in the exercise, you force yourself to strain to relax. You have planned and made themselves. Start a daily yoga practice to keep yourself in check, sooner or later, you will come to the ability that you and all around you people will start to listen to you, just keep yourself.


I remember one friend doing Hatha yoga. So seriously engaged, here beside him was the aura of physical power and tranquility. From the flickering somewhere to go. Everything became quiet, not like the fuss that he spread around him the power to calm. At least at the level of the physical body. Because the modern man, he’s so nervous, he did just that, starting handles-legs to shake, getting nervous, and about this stay close and feel the power.


Following logic, the next thing to work where to get and where afford with more subtle manifestations of his will through more subtle manifestations of prana. A more subtle manifestation of prana is our breath.


According to the concept of pranayama yoga, we do everything with you breath not because it is only our programmed impulses. Of course, perhaps there is a factor of such a pre-programmed some of the most common movements inside the body, but it is believed that persoinal comes from our Higher self, It is persoinal strong-willed in the form of a portion of the subtlest prana somehow makes us breath. And then connects the entire system to our muscles, our nerves.


And now, from this is born the other direction, the so-called pranayama yoga, which brings us to the heights of Raja yoga, control yourself, control all others. Not necessarily people I mentioned that to manage other people, in this respect, you know, yoga has demonstrated the ability to control, say, more primitive living beings, animals and so on.


Now, look what the situation, we are doing respiratory motion, because our higher self wants to emerge through prana and therefore our will is just generates these pulses tense-relax, tense–relax. But it brought to such perfection that we are even less aware of this activity. Like, you know, when we automatically are doing something with your hand, sweep away dust or debris from the table.


More subtle elements and exercises that first help to understand these components and then use them, they lead, sooner or later, to an even greater awareness of will and to an even greater influx of prana. These exercises, again, are called pranayama yoga, breathing exercises.


Their essence is, if so, in General, the first to make numerous preliminary exercises that would lead your body in a more or less pure state, i.e. it is a pure food, it may be, some cleaning practices. Then certain auxiliary exercises, a lot of them, some system sharp breaths, or smooth breaths, alternating breaths and so on. But, anyway, sooner or later, the exercises of pranayama yoga, whatever the number, whatever they were complex or simple, should you bring just to a single science is to control consciously the process of harmonious inhalation and exhalation, as well as delays on the inhale and the exhale. And if all of the many exercises brought you to this harmony, then there is pranayama yoga, if harmony is not, it is useless to do all these exercises.


Unfortunately, in Moscow, as far as I know, few sanity teaches pranayama yoga. You come and you say, “now to breathe, breathe, breathe, Yes, more, more”. It is nonsense. Harmoniously to breathe, and not more. Again, the volitional impulse to determine where the impulse to inhale and where to exhale.


Our school of yoga is kind of exercise, it is called “prana,” is when you do nothing at all, and simply track persoanls, which should make you take a breath, and then exhale. Just watch these perfoimance and their mark. And sometimes it’s more useful than any crazy exercises when a person breathes, breathes, breathes, he is the oxygen saturation of blood, he has everything swam, and he thinks: “Here it is, the prana”. This is not prana, it hyperventilation with increase in percentage of oxygen that can be achieved much more simple methods. But the side effects, there is, in fact, people sometimes fall in polusfericheskoi state. Supposedly they have some vision, revelation. Someone really helps, God forbid. But in fact it can be dangerous, so take a breath, and the body is not adapted, it is a little bit violence.


So, pranayama yoga are relevant only those exercises that work with the harmony, and in any case, there are no quantitative factors or “any price”. It’s foolproof in pranayama yoga pranayama yoga is much harder to master than hathai. So, sooner or later, you come to this rhythm when you catch these persoinally on the inhale and on the exhale delay, and begin to look as though between. And know when the breath is gone, and the exhalation has not started yet, or Vice versa, and the channels, the centers cleaned – catch state without breathing. It’s not latency, it’s nothing. It’s a very powerful thing.

I remember at the time, I have a very long pranayama was not very long. But then again, it’s euphoria, it is the highest spiritual euphoria. In General, the happiest time in my life I was when I one-on-one with the universe engaged in yoga. Now I have to carry it all, what a thankless job, who would know. I’m always writing letters, here you are there twists that are not correctly made something, if only to scold.


Now, and then you from these pulses respiratory, able Kevala – bethdiane, come to the time when the same ideology starts at an extremely subtle level of your thought forms. Or when on the surface of your mind you start to catch thoughts. More precisely, this idea has not yet come and you know that now it will be. It’s like the sea swim and before a big wave, first the outflow there and you know that she is going to come. And is the next, more aerobatics in Raja yoga, but we about it a bit later.


We got back to pranayama yoga. If you start in a harmonious manner to make the respiratory motion exercises, you develop your will, come closer to your Higher self, or rather to the realization of your Higher self and reveals even more power. This is the power of emotional control of the situation.


Here it is, in fact, what was particularly attractive in Raja yoga, with all the attendant effects of hypnosis, suggestion, in General, the whole range, which in the books is smart, in fact, begins to emerge. I remember quite a few cases have been stupid-crazy when I walk, I think one thing, say another, and the saleswoman does everything as it should be.


True negative and very strong side, I remember too, from the song words can not erase, a little too far and then not be able to live in the city. I couldn’t go in the subway, I couldn’t communicate with people. Approach the person and again, an emotional response, and what is inside each head? Obscurities! And you, as the trash are going, and the trajectory of the discharged, to close do not get involved. There also should be very hard to remember that you can overheat on this, so Savasana or resting posture is no less important than in Hatha yoga. How would you do pranayama yoga, in the end have to be Savasana.


Here I even remember our mistakes, some times you miss, and in my head, when they start to do pranayama many ideas, many wishes, many things, before you lot start to realize I want to drop everything and escape to embody them. Restrain myself 15 minutes to relax, and then go to change the world.


This is more a component of Raja yoga, when you begin to gain a more subtle prana through pranayama yoga, she leads you then to another ability is to control people with words. That is, when your speech begins to be more lucid, expressive and easy to understand, so you can equally speak the same language as homeless are not educated and academic. And of course, if your work is connected with a large number of people, in live communication, you, there, politician or a great leader, of course, this component of Raja yoga, it is especially necessary. Why even in some treatises on Raja yoga it all began with yoga, pranayama, passing Hatha yoga. Because it was thought that hathay yoga and everything is in order, it is better to gain the subtle prana for a more subtle interaction, but of course, it is better that it was all there and there and there.


Finally, the next issue on a set of subtle prana, which is already at the level of management thoughts, he’s already come once already with pranayama yoga is more or less okay. And in order may be the next thing here, as I have already told you, doing pranayama yoga, you escalate, you begin to be more sensitive, sensitive and if you do the following exercise in the yoga sutras of Patanjali is called pratyahara or pulling the delicate senses of coarse, you start to overheat.


For example, the noise in the street, cars go, for the average person, he can’t even hear anything, and you are in such a sophisticated state as the head. Or some noise in the house, we have all these old houses made of cardboard, on the ground floor of someone’s drilling something or swears, and you do not already own becoming. This will immediately distract your mind and your consciousness are thoughts, and thoughts are already difficult to manage. So you have to lead, or extremely secluded life, so refined, where no one bothers you. Then comes the more subtle part of Raja yoga, it is like the ability to disconnect from external factors and focus more on this wave of thought. But you also need to understand what it means to focus on the wave of thoughts.


You know, if you have ever in your life was the moment that brilliant deduction you came into my head suddenly. Now, the work of thought on the extent of saturation, it is not just some gray work, this is when we begin to focus and start to hold a particular idea, and she, like a monkey, trying to somewhere to gallop away, and you holding her, and you still hold. And here is the adrenalin inside, the clarity increases, then in the future, as Raja yoga teaches, comes a more subtle component of this aspect of prana, that is, the ability using will have to control your thoughts and thus a closer approach to its Higher self But also as a consequence, many other super-powers of Raja yoga, such as: indeed, the skill level of thought to communicate with other people.


Or here is a very interesting effect, it’s throwing thoughts society. You can just a very strong thought in society or to think like the grain to throw it, and she begins to walk to acquire the prana, and this begins to be the dominant view, such indirect formation of public opinion, the dream of every PR person or agent of influence. I came, I thought, and all started to think like you. This is described in the texts, and in fact, the ability to control your thoughts, which is very hard, leads to a corresponding continuation of the following that you do, in fact, become the molders of opinion, nothing more, nothing less. According to this theory, are there any questions?”




Question: “That is the basis of the above, is it possible to drug someone with prana or not? Or is it just human reaction to you?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “you Can ply him with beer, but that’s prana, in what sense is prana? There is a subtle point: you can lend to borrow some flow, but whether you yourself generate then? In this respect, for yoga, by and large, interesting only the flow of prana, which uniquely belongs to him, his will and no one else. Another thing is that you can steer a large ship on time, so this is not an unambiguous question. We should be interested in what has been with us always, is and will be, and these flows of prana is necessary uveliciti. Any more questions?”




Question from students: “when we were instructed to tighten, then let go and relax. Here I give an order to his body to perform a pose, realize that you can hold the pose as needed. But after some time, after practice, the body responds with pain, the man forces his body to stand in a pose, and then it pays a pain to him, not in a moment overcome, and then. What is happening? Is the pain of the body after the asanas, the rebellion of cells against the barbaric control of there am I?”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “here’s the situation: you remember that in Raja yoga urge you to do the impulse not only to strain and order to rule, but to relax. Clearly, if you replay one, it is clear that your body will not like it, indeed, start a riot against some psycho ruler. You know, it’s called throwing from one side to the other.


We’ve got the seminar was away in the suburbs, we come back, and there are men near the stall one, introduced some brutal rules for the purchase of alcohol by 9 p.m. alcohol is not for sale I understand the right thing, because they all have been already drunk, but not as dramatically. Well, just imagine, 9 o’clock, the bulk of the work in Moscow, they are 8 hours left, come home at 10 o’clock, everything is closed, they go to dealers, buying some counterfeit brew and it starts.


Sometimes even very good intentions when they are in the hands of the monkeys, they, God knows what result. That is exactly the same and Hatha yoga. Yes, you have to force yourself, but it must be done gradually so that there is no vengeance. I just what does it say that these men who came to the stall, they were going to set fire to it. Here somehow it is necessary to adjust. Do you remember the secret of Raja yoga is not to constantly push yourself, it’s not interesting, and competently when you need to force yourself, but when you have afford. Then there will be no pain, and it will be our gradual loading dose and all will be well. Therefore here it is necessary to approach more carefully to a period of exercise, and generally it is a very common mistake is people who begin to practice yoga, they usually all load, load, load, to stop they need more and more exercise. More is not always better”.




Question: “That’s when you start to do, begin to increase the amount of prana that begins to spice up a variety of desires and everything connected with it. And now, let’s say you already captured these desires, they’re talking about, and that’s how to get out of it? There was some desire that the prana is not enough, and here again, you have a surplus of prana and it begins to materialize”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “do You remember where we started? With the basic ideology of yoga, with some ethical principles. It is necessary, before you let your desire to be, to perform it, in particular, the First, Second, Third principle of yoga or stages of Yama or Niyama, that is, if according to the classification of the yoga sutras of Patanjali. It is clear that if this desire is not entirely appropriate in the sense that it will suffer and it is not who do not need, it is better never to allow in this regard.


As for some quite pertinent desires, then that’s just the next part – the combination of asceticism and enjoyment, or where afford, or where you force yourself is to work with these emerging desires. There is also a large range of exercises, which we, unfortunately, today’s seminar time will not be simple.


Let’s say you want something and you start to play with what you want. See candy, Yes I want it, I will get it exactly 30 seconds. Arm stretches, and you: “no no No…29, 30”, grabbed her. That is, begin to relate to the structures of his mind and body, under the influence of which formed desires, too, training them and Vasileva them as a good General Polish subordinates, not bending the stick, but holding in check. In General, two extremes is very dangerous, to overreact, but even more dangerous is the lack of discipline and lack of discipline.


Now, we can work with your desires. In the end, what is desire? These are some of the pulses generated by our senses, reflected in our previous experience and we recognize in relation to previous experiences, like – dislike and wholeshale desire, but this desire is called karmic desire. It is, of course, also connects our will and, sooner or later, we every wish we receive. The trouble is that when it comes, we realize that it was karmic and when it comes, doesn’t seem to want to.


So in Raja yoga, all the same, the emphasis is in the formation outside of the karmic desire. Now I want to do the pose of the stick. Why? And why not, wish, polishable so, here’s a whim of mine is. That’s weird now I will let the body obeys. I feed, feed, groom, care for, cherish, cherish, let fulfills. Here I have a whim to do this or that pose. And you know the body likes it.


So I read somewhere sociological research, what is the best head on the enterprise, good, evil, and who has more respect. Now, experience has shown that most respect, what the Board of the company reaches success. Good or evil it doesn’t matter if it is done, everyone is happy, everyone is happy. And if it is not done, then it is hard. So, in fact, work with desires in Raja yoga, it reduces to our previous karmic imprints, we just don’t have the desire. We have the desire, to a greater extent, because of our previous experience, negative or positive. We would face the situation and take out of the memory of previous experience. He told us and said: “that time was good and this come on”, or Vice versa: “that time was bad and this time it is not necessary”. In this sense, we are slaves of previous experience, sometimes it’s completely appropriate, and we are still slaves. So, in Raja yoga we are encouraged that we design our desire is without why, without such pre-karmic background or prehistory. Are there any more questions?”




Question: “You could say that it is a struggle with the automaticity voleizyavleniya?”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “To a certain extent, Yes, in this sense, yoga has achieved the highest results. You remember, they could force the heart to stop the heartbeat that seemed to be, well, much much more. Or to control their bodies, pressure to raise, lower, in fact, it all goes automatically and does not depend on us. Or, for example, the famous lie detector, now all threatening to pass through the lie detector. In fact, what is lie detector? It’s a stupid machine that takes a lot of people, fix some typical reaction to a typical situation, averages it, and it validates the other. But if you know these reactions, it is not very difficult to learn to adapt and deceive. Even thought it is not a lie detector can’t read. Any more questions?”




Question: “How to explain the phenomenon when a charismatic leader wants to implement some sort of a desire or task that causes other people to it, and ignites them, they light up and are full of desire to follow that person forward. He shares his prana, bhava or what?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, absolutely correct. Keeps them in General Bhavna-prandom field, that is, permeates their bhava and prana, while they are in the field, they normally feel. The other person is a separate universe, you there, in fact, his universe, do not have access. More precisely, have access to just as much as he will let you go. But still between you Maya, you are free and it is free. So you could give him the prana, he must valishvili it, and it too…yet those talks. So here, if the dry residue, it remains the thinnest component that unites the highest Raja yoga, is the ability to inspire. Aerobatics, when we empower our cells to live.


These are the future teachers of yoga, you think you’ll teach people yoga? Nothing of the sort! They do everything from books read, even better to know you will. You will, indeed, yoga teacher with a capital letter, if you’ll be able to inspire. To inspire people to go by increasing their freedom. That is, we empower our cells that: guys, your life is not in vain, you grow spiritually, here as the involvement in some great things.


We once rented a hall for yoga, and there he worked as a watchman uncle. And uncle was a very big man in one of the cities, and was already old, he is bored to sit at home, him at least something to do and went to watch. And I talked with him, he told me how the coal they mined, how they were living, Komsomol volunteers in tents, minus 40 outside, they have a stove, they work, are encouraged, bhava, on a General rise of all, enthusiastic, happy life, hard but happy. At the same time someone else is muddy water left, he didn’t tense, he didn’t do anything, he was rotting alive. Well, what’s the point! This hearty, give him a look – the sample of Raja yoga, and his own peers – neither fish nor fowl. Because the momentum of the inspiration of a common cause, the yearning for something Higher and spiritual, he electrifies all he fills the desire for Higher and everyone starts itself, by analogy, to draw more prana. Or who someone is pumping and everyone gets more. But, of course, there is a subtle point, I don’t want to touch, you can’t pump more prana. This is a separate issue.”




Question: “Can success in Raja yoga, more precisely of the vertices in Raja yoga is achieved only with Hatha yoga without pranayama yoga?”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, of course. Because if you do Hatha yoga long enough and successfully enough, then you pranayama is performed automatically when performing particular postures of Hatha yoga, that is, there still is the rediscovery of pranayama yoga”.




Question: “regarding desires. Do you first come up with desires that will offset previous fruitive desires or right away you can start to salisylate uncarine?”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “in General, it is better to start with uncaring, because if you have some uncarine impulses of your will, they begin to form an island of nastranost, in which you can sit when it is your karma. Actually, people choose a variety of hobby, why not. For example, Roosevelt collected stamps, someone else does something. Imagine Roosevelt, his work was, God forbid! The war began, everything hung in the balance, there is only depression is over, how to relax? And he’s got a little island of patronatos – set of stamps who need them, so if in the long run? Well as artistic value is all relative. But it’s your world, it has its own logic. Someone begins to paint a picture, he has his own world writing poetry, in General, everyone starts to do things, not why to do for the soul, as they say. And here is what it does for the soul, not why, strangely enough, it uncarina and then you can sit back with karma you’re driving. When it comes to the execution of those desires that you had the temerity to valishvili in the past.”




Part 3



This right here is the 3rd part of seminar on Raja yoga from 24.02.2013.

Friends, questions, maybe, after thinking arose? When there are issues? It is not clear.


Question: is there a method to deploy back the will? Here valueshave, some processes start, and we have them op, and back!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, you are asking a question in aerobatics! This is called the Samadhi without an object, when you voleizyavleniya to look at the viewer.

Ie, you know, the logic is this: our higher self, from him the flow of prana in the form of consciousness and energy, which looks on the outside, our will is used to switch the flow of consciousness and energy from one object to another, but it all goes outside. The better we learn to redirect and to a greater extent to introduce this thread, the more it this (thread) gets. We are aware of our strength: we try – we got it. Everything comes with experience, as one would say. Why the head with experience is the most valuable leader?

And further the ideology of yoga described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the following: sooner or later, this impulse out to pay inside. Ie consciousness to draw in a source of consciousness, energy as well, i.e. valishvili. This Samadhi without an object.

More questions? Anything not clear. What? Anyone out there promonitorte whether maybe there’s a stream of questions life. Is there? Well, it’s wonderful.

Okay, friends, we go forth.

So, look, what loomed pretty logical plan: although we consider a fairly simplified view, but it turns out that in fact all comes down to development, to the realization of our will, by coming to our Higher self, the more we become rooted in the Higher self, the more power we begin to possess. That is, approach we can through physical exercises, breathing, mental, mental. All of this requires action, not enough this, let’s say, theoretically to study, not only to attend the seminar vvz (Vadim V. Zaporozhtseva) and it’s all to hear. It is necessary to gradually apply it in their particular personal life on the example of solving a particular task.

Ie, believe me, if this realization of Raja yoga will allow you to do eventually in your career breakthrough, or something to organize the work in your company, in your company or something, i.e. when it will be translated directly into life, then something will change qualitatively within you. And only then truly factor will begin to expand and factor of power to expand, so experience is absolutely essential, action is absolutely necessary.

Or in other words, in order to work in this world it is necessary to use a three-pronged medicine, namely strength of will, strength, knowledge and power of action. And, it turns out that only if there is a factor of the action, as if we cranked the wheel and we rise to a qualitatively new level of consciousness.

Unfortunately, a large number of people who technically know Raja yoga, moreover, they still have you will learn all the details involving a large number of exercises, Sanskrit, but the trouble is that they have it all and remains at the level of formal knowledge of the concept. But this concept is not only alive as long as you don’t embody, at least in a small some thing. So here is a little experience is more valuable than anything.

So now I would like that you touched on some of those classic exercises in Raja yoga that are applicable in everyday life.

Where is Savitri? You have Ramacharaka? Watch as additional literature, I refer to the absolutely wonderful book called “Raja yoga”. Previously, it was published by a man under the pseudonym of Yogi Ramacharaka. This alias uncle, whose name was actually Atkinson. To his credit, he’s literally at the dawn of what is called the 20th century has produced many very valuable and sane books on yoga, ranging from Hatha yoga, Jnana and Raja yoga. He is American, but then you picked yourself a nickname. In my opinion, he’s a lawyer, if I’m not mistaken in their field. Even I could remember the name William Walker Atkinson – so his full name. I have to say that he was very popular in pre-revolutionary Russia. In particular, there are such legends and stories, what the yoga of Ramacharaka with great interest I read-studied figures such as Alexander green, as well as Stanislavsky. You remember, Yes, the Stanislavsky system? And they even say that some elements, or a common methodology and ideology, in part, was taken by them, including, and from the teachings of yogi.

But the thing that began the well-known difficulties he (Atkinson) when you try to enter some terms. It’s really quite then the Bolshevik Russia could not accept, so he cut his original work, but, in fact, read it, used it, and it has been for 100 years or more is probably known. Some people began to criticize him, but, you know, criticizing is always the easiest way. Like, American, Atkinson, Indian want, we don’t need Atkinson. This normal begins the song “nothing”, they say. Anyway, highlights it correctly, very well stated, including, there are exercises with many links. In General, well he had written, with numerous examples from life.

Yes, and so find raise the relevant literature, meet.

Now for the exercises that we are here to discuss, and will study. They, too, are casual or something. And one of the methods widely used is a method of solving problems according to the recipe of Raja yoga. I have to say that at the time when I was a MIFI, we had a collection of problems in physics. In the Preface to this collection of problems I have read one single in this same method, although it is certainly in Raja yoga has been described long before this. Ie it shows once again that such serious people, like physicists, evaluated and applied this method.

So, the method is as follows. If you are faced with some very serious task which you want the task. Can you think of any major undertaking. And, let’s say you have the term run well, in particular, for physicists, for students who solve the problems, this period, when it is necessary to hand over homework. It is recommendation how to start solving complex problems you don’t know how to solve. So that once entry can not be solved. It is based on more subtle methods to control their hidden intellectual abilities, which are also subject to the impulses of the will.

We did an exercise where they made their physical muscles to stretch and relax and thereby we have gained a well-known exercise. In Raja yoga it is believed that similarly can and should exercise power of thinking, power of his intellect, in the same way netralaya your intelligence on difficult tasks. If you have a hobby – to solve some difficult tasks from time to time, sooner or later, you will become intellectually developed, and this becomes a strong choice, really. There are people who like math problems to solve, there are people who like, say, chess problems to solve. Etc., etc.

So, from the General situation of yoga should be about the following thing: our bodies that we have inherited from our ancestors. Our ancestors were, as you say, better people because they have created such a unique tool. Then, in his mercy, they have given the bodies of their offspring, and so it came to us. And it was a very interesting situation, it is not obvious at first glance: potential within us, within our bodies, within our nervous system and higher nervous system etc. is much higher than we used to think. Ie we have a lot of the work our ancestors did, and we who live in these bodies, we are still covered by such a layer of ignorance, i.e. realization of our Higher self is so undeveloped that we cannot even know what an invaluable tool we use.

You know, it’s like he took the man out of the hut and moved into the Palace. And this man in this Palace all of the rooms around can’t – it is too huge and beautiful. And instead of having to sit on the throne, this man of mercy was lodged in the Palace, huddled in some dark closet and sits there, and even climbs. At that time, as the Palace is full of servants, full of advisors, is full of wise men who are ready to solve all the tasks facing us. Ie it turns out, we do not appreciate what you have.

And here is the method of Raja yoga says that this layer of misunderstanding how to master her abilities can be tricky to get around. And that’s just built this method is that you can make it so that even not realize that you live in the Palace. But if you write the conditions of the problem and its in a certain place you put whether you want or don’t want, inner guard or inner lackeys are not lackeys, come up and take the leaf with your wishes. And the chain of command will be delivered to the place where you are the greatest wise men who will begin to work on this. And after some time the result is exactly the same will come to you. On the same place will find the result.

It is clear that for a person who doesn’t know the whole of this kitchen, it seems somehow fantastic. Ie valueshave – ops, and it once again, and executed!

And now directly to the method.

So, you have a problem you need to solve in a month. And you don’t know how even to approach this task. What do you start? You start to do the next thing. Very first, try to you no one interfered, retire, take a sheet of paper, a pencil. Well, there go to the river Bank, take a stick and on the beach, in the sand you start to draw and write everything you know about the task, i.e., firstly, you very clearly start to articulate. You should clearly understand what is the problem. As experience shows, it only seems to us that we understand what we need. When we start with a pencil in hand to write what I want, I understand that he sought-that we sometimes do to another. And here you have very clearly, ultimately, with the best possible conditions to this and this, then that, then and here in this version. You do not save time. If possible, you can even verbalize aloud what you want to. But for the record some of these factors.

Then you start to think, whatever knowledge, or any other items, circumstances or things that could help resolve this problem. You take the first hit, which come to you in the head. At random. And maybe this factor will help me to decide, but maybe this? Maybe this reference is something written? And maybe this man could help me something there to do? Ie you all with your point of view may help to solve this problem, you also write, and yet, it is advisable that you drew, illustrated.

And you get so, roughly speaking, on 2 leaves. First: what you want. Clearly-clearly. On another leaf – you can do it.

If you have the opportunity to discuss the task with another person or with other people, it should start to discuss it, but just don’t try to solve immediately. Just discuss the task. You know, sometimes women need to vent, here she is tuckered out and she understood better what she wanted and how to achieve what she wants. So the biggest problem is sometimes in a family when a man does not want to listen when a woman vents. And he she needed to.

So do you ultimately think through and will formalize this task in a very large number gather all the factors that will help you to solve it. Know easier, of course, with the solution of physical or mathematical problems, there are some figures, formulas, provisions. Ie not trying to solve, you just write and write. Ie you must comprehend the task as clearly as possible, in detail, in color, in pictures. Create in your mind an accurate model of what you want. The clearer and prettier the better.

So you spent x amount of time, you are trying to solve, you just comprehended it. Here, the main factor – don’t try to solve it.

After that you take and try to forget about this task. Start to do some other things. And so is, say, for some time: maybe a day, maybe two, maybe three.

After some time you return to this task, re-thinking, re-re-read everything. And suddenly, it may be that in that time something better will be able to articulate more clearly. But then again, if the decision is Yes, try it at the first approximation to write, if there is nothing to worry about, again it aside.

And then try to forget about this task. I.e. not to suffer from morning to night, Oh, what about there. You know, there is a saying that tomorrow is another day. Or in other words, that in all obscure cases, it is necessary to go to sleep.

So you give a very interesting impulses. How would you realize that you want, you voleizyavleniya to solve, and you leave that out, you wait until the problem itself will be solved. And then the miracles begin.

This pulse will, on the desire to solve a problem is not lost in vain – all your subliminal structure, regardless of whether you give in or not, begin to feverishly work to the fullest. You may not even imagine how many inside you workers ready to work for you. And requires from you as from any Raja yoga is, in fact, not so much to decide for himself how to make domestic workers for you to solve the problem. Ie you have a full head of Hair, with Mikhaylo Vasilevichi Lomonosovym, Newtons, anyone else. And they are only waiting for the hour when you please them to the fullest to show you all its power.

But trouble is a friend. You just, first, not aware of their existence, and secondly, you are undisciplined, you are all haphazard. You have one desire, then another. On the other hand, if you are thinking about this problem, then, as a rule, you block the ability to think of her here your structures. That’s why a required and important factor to forget about this task. Meaning that during that time the superpowers have decided it for you.

And, according to Raja yoga, one fine morning, evening or afternoon, I really don’t know when you even and nothing to think, maybe, suddenly, like a lightning strike, flare up the problem solution from beginning to end. Suddenly, as if the job long-long-long-did-did-did, and as soon as the last screw spun – everything! And again! – from the realm of your subconscious pulled that is the light rays of your consciousness. And you are surprised to realize, “Oh, but the aim is decided”!

And, look, here’s another point: we must start just as to train the muscles – first, small loads, then stronger-stronger-stronger. Exactly the same here. Some of this culture of training their mental faculties. It is desirable to start the solutions with the more simple tasks and maybe even having some kind of emotional coloring for you. Because if there are emotions, you will constantly think about this task at the time, how to forget about her.

Because if you solve it, it will not deal with your internal employees. Sometimes we their inappropriate interference only hinders the whole process. We would have to withdraw, that is, and we climb.

So, first it would be good to start with the more simple tasks that this method, and then move on to increasingly more complicated, and then it will all go on increasing. Each time the method will bring success, you will begin to believe in themselves. The power of your will will repeatedly increase, and your will, in addition to you, begin these scientists your internal drive is stronger and they will start to work better. They think that they are not in demand, not needed, that they slept without cause, thought and die – no not one of them will turn. And then they honor and respect, they give an interesting challenge, etc., etc. We need to cultivate this ability in yourself.

But there is in this method, one tricks. It is that moment when you realize the task, you should gain the ability to focus exactly on this problem. We usually start about something to think, and time, time, time, time, time, we in the direction dragged. And here is required to develop such a culture concentration. For these purposes, a task should always be put with a pencil and paper in his hands. Or some model: you can make something, paint, draw, etc. etc. When you do that, you Willy-nilly return their attention to the problem.

It turns out that you should, as much as possible to focus on the task at hand. Not solving it, but simply to focus, to understand the problem in detail. Rather, try to solve, but the first time is not solved, well and God with it, then I’ll decide. Focus-focus-focus, up to a certain limit of concentration to be reached, and then all of a sudden: “Crack!”, off and in General to forget about it. Again the same factors: compel focus power of consciousness and energy, and then factor to forget, throw out and generally not to do it. Here on this momentum in this race and there is an awareness of your powerful will. And will involve the most powerful hidden potentials in each of us. If this procedure will be repeated, then each time you will be stronger and stronger intellectually to grow.

I studied physics in the Moscow engineering physics Institute (Nuclear University). So, I was amazed at the professionals who work there. They ask some difficult task, but they are so often used to use the procedure described above, they have sometimes the time period which is required for obtaining a result is reduced. You have asked a task, he concentrated, then you went the other way, something else to discuss, but at the end of the conversation, 20 minutes later, he gives you the answer. That though stand, though fall. There, as if all structure is strained to solve the problem.

When in the field our teachers in MIFI you get from them, just as physical strength comes “Aura” of strength, power, and faculty in MEPI, there are, on the contrary – it is the aura of intellectual strength. You find yourself in such a field where even your brains in different directions, they are collected into one beam. And you start to understand better.

And sometimes our teachers did a very interesting experiment, revealing such training. When you approach the teacher and say, “Here, does not work the problem, solve the problem”. And he said, “Let’s you decide”. You’re standing next to him, he does nothing. He just looks at you and at the Board as you write something. And you write, speak, and suddenly realize that, in the light of his consciousness, the problem has resolved itself. As if it helped your brain that’s to crank. You think: “How I didn’t understand? Indeed, so simple” When behind is this intellectual power.

This then leads to the emergence of scientific schools. This is when a person and others think in response. A big fire and anyone else that even recently became interested in, say, physics, getting there, in those scientific schools, evolyutsioniruet very quickly, instantly, you might say. And this fire of knowledge samomoderirovanie. The famous school of physicists or mathematicians in our country is very strong.

This is the situation, the logic is the same: in science and Raja yoga.


Alexander, gr.Astra: by the way, Vyacheslav Malyshev used the same method.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: find, please, the fragment to read. Author Chalaev, for those who don’t know.

More questions? Yes, please!


Svetlana Erokhin, gr.Astra: And if, say, you collect information about the problem and understand that it is above your pay grade, i.e. you do not hold on to knowledge. What then?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: still! The same effect. This is because in the process of life is very interesting, another fact happening. It even mark TWAIN described in his autobiography. In the future, your whole life will pass so that if by chance the missing piece of information somewhere on deaf ears flies, involuntarily your Manas (the name of one of the structures of our mind) opens, it lets the missing information and close. And all this even without asking you, because he already has the instructions: “All that concerns this problem to let”. And you even can not think, and discovering how then comes the decision.

Mark TWAIN (he was a pilot on the Mississippi river for a very long time) described the oddities of the mind that the pilot’s mind so sharpened that he can do anything. But this time on the ship is usually the person who promenyaet the depth of the river, since the Mississippi constantly changed direction and it was possible to get stranded. And this man screamed, what mark depth (mark – mark). And the pilot with the company could play cards, get drunk and wonder what to do, but when they came to the destination, he was asked: “And what was the depth on that corner?”. And they, as if from the subconscious, answered: “was so-and-so, so-and-so”, although they did not pay attention.

Why is this happening? Because that’s how our mind works: if you initially gave him the installation to gather information about something, he will collect it, even without asking you. From anywhere. Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to do the following: focused, tried to solve the problem. Not solved? Leave her alone. The mind starts to draw missing data. After some time again to focus: “Time! Yeah, now something new has appeared!” A little it has moved. It is necessary to solve complex problems such approaches. But mandatory! The concentration limit and discarding of the subconscious. If the task is always have to hang out in the head, you will block the solution.


Svetlana Erokhin, gr.Astra: in the sequel, if, say, you’re limited in time and you have no possibility just to live freely and gather information, then what to consult a specialist on this issue?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Desirable, of course, try the following way to make. You are focused, prescribed data. And think, “I could use information from this Handbook, here, and here, and maybe from the news or the news Agency “Bloomberg” may need these figures for this year.” You then go online or to the directory, and get. Well, themselves, of course. Or if you have the opportunity to consult with the right people. They are unlikely to solve the problem, but they are “missing puzzle” can you throw. Of course, it is necessary to actively collect information, here nobody argues. More questions?

Listener: it turns out the same approach?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: absolutely right! By generality of our world: make – to let make – let (method of Harmony). As the heart or lungs.


Listener: It applies to one task or several?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Can several. The most important thing is to separate them. To begin to solve one, focused, forgot. That mess was not. That, incidentally, is a very big problem when we have a bunch of tasks diverse mix in one and this conglomerate was trying to shove into their brains. And brains begin, of course, spitting. For example, in business sometimes you need to solve the problem of efficiency of business and “I hate my colleague”. It is somehow related, somehow intertwined, but it is necessary to divide and already individually to solve their collective relationships and others. To share! Must be a factor of division. Still have questions?


Question: where better to begin the practice of pratyahara?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I usually recommend cottenie (joint parallel reading) and very interesting books. If you like to read adventure novels or detectives any (well, such is decent of course). Or some fantastic works … or books about Malysheva like to read. It is advisable to learn enough to take in the case, for example, in reading to you have no longer anything to see, to hear, to was able, when you can drive a stop at subway or something. Ie, it turns out that you’re a delicate senses out of the rough, when immersed, for example, in the story. But only under one condition it works. When you have more than one interesting book, and 2 interesting books. About and about Muzrukov Malysheva (Malysheva companion) or someone else who has an interesting life and destiny. Actually read successful biographies. There is nothing more useful than to read biographies of successful people.

Here you appointed yourself — Malysheva read the page. And then, no matter how interesting (here I am fully immersed, I see nothing, I hear nothing), but exactly one page. Again, “STOP the car”! To appoint a page and not a string anymore, or else I will go on about their feelings and emotions. Slammed one book and start to read another interesting book. Again grasp, grasp, grasp! Again the story understand time! Page over, and you say, “No, all go back to the first book”

Again, this method is: get involved – you pulled yourself, get involved – you pulled yourself. And, sooner or later, that’s pulling out of thin senses of coarse (pratyahara). Of course these are the first steps.


Student: not on this issue and on the principle of “outlined – done.” You said that if planned, there are 2 options: either you do, or know what to do. At me such here a question: are there any indications as to understand that you do not need to do?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: good question! See ideology in Raja yoga: outlined – did. I meet people (for example, in the Open Yoga University) that do 99% the last 1% do not count! From the position of Raja Yoga does not develop will. The final nail is not hammered negates the whole result. So, grabbed something, valueshave – must prove that the will always wins! Must make whatever it cost you. But there are times when in the process of implementation are you convinced that it is impractical to finish for several reasons. And the question is: “how to determine which case is appropriate and what is inappropriate?” The following formal response. If suddenly it turns out that dodeljivanje contrary to the First, Second and Third yoga principles, then finish is not necessary. For example, if zadelyvanija someone gets hurt. Or is it dodeljivanje will lead to the fact that you lose resource, you’ll be wasted there, where is there any other way to resolve everything.

If, for example, you begun designing the steam locomotive era Malysheva, (with him, by the way, stopped locomotives engineering), the newest locomotive with an efficiency unimaginable, as much as 7% (I don’t remember exactly how much). And then suddenly say: “Guys, generally have a century of locomotives”. Of course, you can have another 5 years to design, but only whom he will need? And it will be a violation of the second principle of yoga. But if you go quick methods of yoga, also there is a third principle of yoga, but it is separate.

I.e., in the first approximation, the three principles of yoga, you will always know where to stop and where to finish. The main thing that it was not a termination case from bestiality. This is the most typical phenomenon. How many times do we have to MOJO it came to pass that a person takes on a case. Not for us, not for himself, Karma Yoga (for the benefit of all living beings). Did on a certain percentage and then quit. Ask: “why did You quit”? “Don’t know”! The Eclipse of reason, bestiality. Nothing more destructive has no effect on the development of our powers, as when we cancel the decision of his will. Nothing so destructive has no effect on life in the country, when the President first said one thing and then says the exact opposite. Poor people is not clear: “Where? Forward or back to go?” We all are people dependent. Thus (cancelling of the decision), we conceal their hand.

Generally speaking, as it is believed that due to these mechanisms, our internal spermogramme limited. The Kundalini serpent (or Dragon) that eats its own tail – an illustration of this process. Our inner strength, they looped. Someone creates something inside of us, but then someone else destroys what they are doing first. And so to Wake up super powers you just have to break this vicious circle. In Raja yoga, in fact, provides a method for breaking this vicious circle. If you valueshave, so valueshave! All forward. Not so did-did. And then: “something I became sick, all bad, I raskolbas. I don’t know I will learn Yoga in an Open University or not. Think I’ll drop”.

Now, if such an ideology, friends, anything good. Here people throw. I am then interested in, find out indirectly, secretly interested in the fate. Well, here – mediocrity, and then there’s mediocrity and then the whole life is gray. This character is the will inside, it’s either there or it is not. A strong will can be anywhere.

Usually also in this regard, Napoleon cited as an example. Napoleon had a saying that first, always give your soldiers the order obviously feasible; second, always carefully keep it always performed. Even the little things! To develop such a General atmosphere of goodwill that the order cannot be broken. And then, as Napoleon said, even if there’s extra heavy situation to be impossible, but you give the order to overcome it will be the most wonderful manner. And, I must say, Napoleon as a military genius quite serious the man was. Quite serious, it really was a genius.

Again, today we are about Hitler talked. The theme of the will was Hitler actually the most basic. He believed that he actually came to power, revived Germany only through their own will. It rests with terrible force. Of course, at the end of the war with him is bad service played when he started to issue orders, is obviously impracticable. But early in the war, who can argue? That couldn’t do the whole General staff, he did single-handedly. Well, if I understand, on good terms. Understand that and the danger that such evil geniuses, on the one hand, inhuman ideology, and on the other hand superpowers. Therefore, first ideologically necessary. First, it is necessary with such characters ideologically to understand, and nobody does, we have no such ideological humanistic philosophy. We have it replaced by some gum politically correct, which is not edible. And this will just lead to a new war, to new massacres, I don’t know.


Q: do I Need to register the cancellation, if the target is not relevant?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of course, very well immediately, with the position of the first, second and third principles of yoga to prescribe and cancellation. For example, if you are currently appointed to become an oligarch, and indeed, there is a half-step. And then suddenly it turns out that left little — to shoot someone. As for the contracts: “is Canceled if it is impossible to perform the First, Second, and Third principles of yoga”. The universal order.


Cyril Lyric: if we delegate the authority to the inner Einsteins, we are not to become lazy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Kirill, you’re not gonna be lazy, I guarantee you definitely.


Question: regarding the submission. If the boss asks a question, at work, I suppose. And if you do, know in advance that someone will get hurt. If you do not obey me, I will hurt you personally. How, then, do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a bit of a different section from the Chapter of Karma Yoga. And if, in General, the answer that gives us the Karma yoga it is the following: if it is your duty to perform (for example, you’re a soldier at war, you are told to attack). Sometimes life leaves us no options. If it is our duty, if we initially signed, we will fulfill all orders and it is our duty, we should have thought, to go to work or not to go. If you already came, then it is necessary to perform his duty. And this, of course, also such a complex, because it is believed that the man who does his duty and is not tied to performance (i.e. you neither good nor bad, you are intermediate, it is not your will, it’s not your decision), he grows spiritually. You must fulfill your duty.


Listener: some sort of ranking of debts is? Duty, for example in priority than the duty of parents?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a bit of a different topic, we will certainly look into it. It is under Karma yoga. But sometimes you just need brain to think. Sometimes the most elegant solutions come in unexpected ways.

A typical situation:

The chief, an interim chief was not in his place. Higher the chief of his position, it is necessary to fire him. But he can’t! He knows that Yes, he is not in his place, but his wife is there, children learn. Well, you are now left without a livelihood? Can’t fire him because it will be bad. And on the other side and he will remain in his place, so he whole thing collapsed. This is the dilemma: to fire — not to fire? To fire — not to fire?

And a perfectly elegant solution: this head of staging increased. Increased and was appointed to a position, where nothing depends on him, but he got his salary.

Sometimes the most interesting moments of the situations that was not and suffering, and infringement (for example, the interim chief can be demoted in rank).

Of course, all karmic situations do not bust, each need to understand. On the other hand, if, indeed, some criminal policy, then it’s a different story.

In Raja Yoga there are still questions?


Listener: the solution of the problem can be wrong? And can karma affect?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here you got the solution. Remember in school were usually the kind of thing that if you got the solution of the equation, the number — check it, put it in the equation and get the ratio. To determine solved the problem real or not, we can only apply a single criterion. It’s a tested reality. Ie, it could be we just think that we got the decision. Is it a hallucination? Us something “opened”, and it really doesn’t work. The criterion of any decision is the result you get. Actually soon to talk about success.


Listener: next time, more focus, or both?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it may be harder to concentrate, but it is best to do the opposite. If, in your own words, you’ve decided some exercise, math problem and somewhere in the dark ” + “” – ” changed inadvertently got the wrong answer, though he was in full confidence that you were of sound mind and memory. And the answer does not converge. What does this mean? It’s an alarm. Somewhere in the brains of stupidity hiding, bestiality.

See how it works. Here our attention is focused, focused, focused, focused. Then for a split second to get out of focus, slipped a mistake. And then it was again concentrated. It seems to us that we were always in the concentrated state. And in fact, in addition, we from time to time gate the enemy opened, then close. Therefore, it is best to carefully analyze in life of the causes of their failures and errors. It is a guarantee that you will not repeat them the second, third and some more time. Suddenly, something doesn’t add up. Yeah, and where I made a mistake? In the problem formulation? In terms of the problem? Or simply: what is the input, then the output will be.


Question: can karma to stop to find a solution? I.e., according to karma you will not find the solution.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: well, despite what the karma. You remember that karma karma discord.

Have more questions? Exhausted. Then 5 minutes break and then a little more we work, do exercises.


Part 4


So if that’s the 4-th part of Raja yoga. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


I’ll ask Sasha, he found some moments from the biography of Malysheva. So, here are the character traits that are formed when you’re very long run.

Series “Life of remarkable people”, “the kid” (author Victor Chalaev). The publishing house Molodaya Gvardiya – 1981.



…Malyshev subsequently had remarkably quick to make many important decisions… And without this constant invisible work of thought, of analysis, it is probably harder to produce these solutions. He loved, when it dramatically, fundamentally argue two experts on an issue that requires immediate solutions. “They are for me light the lights… on the problem – said in such cases the kid. Without these disputes and I’m kind of in the dark.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: yeah, great. I just explain. But imagine you have no time for the solution of the problem, imagine that every day something is changing, imagine that you can not use this method of Raja yoga, when concentrated, abandoned and forgotten. Every second you need something new. In this case, partly, another method in Raja yoga to apply. Which is that we are made in such a way that the keys to spermogrammu or to the room where sat our inner Einsteins, oddly enough, are kept from other people. We are social creatures. As programmed by nature. So if, say, someone asked for it, from the outside, it will not will, he activates the hidden abilities of your brain. If many people ask you and they are interested in your answer, they even more strongly activate these abilities. Then there is the instantaneous concentration, instantaneous sending on the decision of this task very fast this here is the internal rotation of this signal that it has reached the desired structure. Want got the answer and then given back.

That is, we, my friends, you are social creatures, this is a lot of interesting abilities, super-powers built. In particular, some problem-solving methods such as the method of “brainstorming”. This is when people gather and begin, anything, even crazy ideas to articulate the solution to a particular problem, and then, in the end, it is summarised and analysed, what kind of ideas can continue. That is, the degree of activation of inner powers.

But there comes a time when even this is not possible. And then best of all, when unclear of the issue there are two or more people with diametrically opposed points of view, and how would you, as a third party, watching. And, as it says Malyshev, when they are furious argument with each other, in your head, all suddenly becomes clear. Therefore, this so-called debates in the solution of certain tasks when there is no time. Time goes there, literally by the hour. Gathered all the experts to a meeting and here let not mince words, each one will Express what he thinks. Let be the adrenaline, let it be a cry let them, will dispute, let the will be emotions, but it includes inner abilities, powers that a third person, as if observing them inside makes these inner, that is, scientists work. There, again read, “like a torch….


Alexander: “…They are for me light the lights… on the problem…”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “…lights… on the problem which only came to the threshold of understanding.” Further.


Alexander: then there is just here is a description of the method that we have considered.

Beautiful Kolomna masters, owners of this technology, which was able to spice up any design, they brought the Kid a constant habit when not talking business, or when stopped “shaking” at the stand of the engine, go to the working class! Turn again to his talent and thought! He quickly “grab” and the essence of the new design, will give the second vision of the Creator of the machine itself.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is the same situation that…sometimes we are in his philosophizing miss very important moments of life, and they never will be in its place until you dive into the environment where they are embodied (your ideas, dreams, ideas). That is all it will stall. And that’s very helpful always to be able to communicate, you know, with all links running one or the other task.

I remember at the time I, it so happened that I had some time to work on the plant. Well, you know, ordinary workers, ordinary people. I still have the mechanic of 2nd category, it turns out, that’s what the specialty is. But that’s just small time I worked in a factory, now it has developed such a thing, that in fact how sometimes those who sit at the top do not understand those who work at the bottom, and Vice versa. Between them the chasm. And something doesn’t fit, because the parent did not bother to just come to work and talk. They are silent, and then some trifle. – It is the chain and everything stopped. When you come out… well, you should be able to communicate with everyone. That is, if you are a big head don’t neglect to communicate with subordinates, they will teach you a lot, they are just in the conversation, in the conversation. Well, also need to be able to communicate, because you’ll pay a lot of time, you sit on the neck, you begin to cry, to tell you that you are not interested. Here we should also start a conversation to find out what you need and stop when necessary. Then go.


Alexander: I’m going to read another unplanned piece?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.


Alexander: “…the confidence of the working class, overcoming isolation Cabinet Malyshev will teach and other designers:

– We are not Ivan the fool – found feather of the Firebird and hid it… in a cloth, in a torn caftan. If you see that your idea – the same pen, sparkles, lights, illuminates the horizon of the problem, not extinguish it, don’t hide it in your bosom. Fight, if necessary, fight for her, do not look for a peaceful life. Our people are talented, enthusiastic, he will understand and appreciate a new idea deeper than you!…”.

And then once the last piece

“…These decisions Malysheva was exceptionally brave, inspired the entire team of designers, especially the youth. Such decisions, as they say, in the conditions of incomplete information and under acute time constraints, testified to the human capacity for scientific prediction, advanced engineering intuition. All of this had Malyshev: the direction was chosen right…”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here. Well, see, here’s the situation. In fact, Malyshev will not envy. Before the war it was necessary to do the tanks. Here T-34 tank, it did it did well, actually, its not a small achievement that we have he went. And when you have time when you have no information at all, but if you’re used to, as if to feel the case, then there is a kind of intuition, as it were, you know, by prana a kind of superpower, as if to find the most competent the next step. And, indeed, all his insight, they are largely justified. In fact, he moved the subject.

You know, the interesting thing was this: we began to make T-34 tank, and then decided that the many imperfections in it and wanted to remove it from production to the line to rebuild, and then the war began. So, what’s the first thing the kid did? He called and said, “Everything! Any alterations, do not touch the pipeline, even with the shortcomings, but we need a tank”. If it started to change, would have lost several months and these few months, well, catastrophically, well, here it is the ability to feel. It’s like…well, like you body feel when you practice yoga, intuitively. That’s exactly the you begin to feel charged you a lesson.

So, friends, Outdoor Yoga University only then you will really Shine when each of you will gain these abilities of Raja yoga, I very much hope that you will them to develop. Specifically for this we are all sawn. The first two years is training to be a teacher in order to know how activities in the hall to conduct the second two years is that with the word able to work, to lecture. It’s the adrenaline, it’s working with people, is very creative and Bhavna work, this is when you can take some amount of work for him answering to do from beginning to end. And then the incomparable happiness when you realize that your work is enjoyed by people that it benefits really. This is the highest happiness. Because the recognition of other living beings in society reveals the powers that are in us, and this grow. It is, indeed, a very powerful thing.

So, wonderfully. Now I want another method to touch in Raja yoga by how us stronger to exercise his will. And this is the work of the word. Or working with mantras.

From a formal point of view, all mantras are divided into three categories: mantra energy, mantra, consciousness and the mantra name. And if you have to use the tool of the mantra, then, as if to find the source of the prana and, therefore, to grope his will, the power of his will becomes simpler.

And as one of the activities ascribed here’s the thing: you need to reinforce your intention statement about this intention and the statement that you make it. I mean, it’s kind of the mantra of consciousness, which operates in a similar way. If you get into the habit of you live so that if your every word or your every wish immediately comes true in the future, what would you say, is already beginning to embody.



Let’s illustrate this exercise. All fell on the stomach. So, each of us has our name. Now we’ll be doing push UPS. Thus, anticipating such a mantra (so, hands under shoulders disposed), said “Om”


Students in unison: Om.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friendly. Again.


Students: Om.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Then said his name “Om, Vadim”.


Students: Om, Valentina, Dima, Sasha…. (everyone calls his name)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Enough. Now said: “I can do push-UPS”, and give me.


Students: I can do push-UPS.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I want to do push-UPS”, and give me.


Students: I want to do push-UPS.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I’ll do push-UPS”, and give me.


Students: I’ll do push-UPS.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now the full phrase “Om, the name of…”, press and then: “I want”, “I”, “I will.” Give that we did not get off, my cotton will begin.


Students: repeat the wording and squeezed.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: now, using the will again.


Students: repeat and squeezed.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All, and now “I will rest”.


Students: I will rest (happily).


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good. Rest now. I’ll tell you the theory. A very good method is to precede the order in its verbal form, because the head can hang out the most undefined impulses, whether to do or not to do, whether there, whether here. And to this chatter and the mess to clear in the brain (who we are, where we go and what will reach), very useful is all aloud to voice. That is sounded, made such a mark or sanskara, Sankalpa on the surface of the mind. So you valishvili and immediately fulfilled. And here it is, slowly, beginning to walk to all your structures because all your structures they know, as individual units, they also need to manage.

Here is the President, and there are all sorts of ministries. And some ministries are very bad work, really bad work for only one reason – there is a very clear, be logical, consistency (they were given a task and they need to solve or a Minister resigns). And if there is a clear voleizyavlenie – execution control is happening, I assure you, everything works like clockwork. We are in our body, as sovereigns, in which a bunch of ministries, one entirely of Einsteins is more of psychic mediums. All of them need to learn to work again, by competent work, supervision, encouragement, rest, and exercise, exercise, exercise. That way, sooner or later, whatever it was you just one word can bring yourself into good condition. You just say to yourself, and all your internal structure remember how every time after that, the words were like a spanking, just to lie down, sit fail.

Oh, good friends, lovely jubbly. Have questions? Yes, please.


Student: can we say that the goal of the Raja yoga, it is similar with a goal in Kundalini yoga?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: well, you know it is difficult, in fact all yoga, everything mate. The effect observed in those or other events of Raja yoga can be described in terms of Kundalini yoga, only in other words, when performing other exercises. Actually, it’s not such a big task: to correlate certain aspects of yoga with one another. A goal is to have all one and the same! Of course, there is the knowledge of your higher self, the knowledge absolute. And there is no way that, say, you reach Samadhi and the Kundalini energy you have not awakened. It does not happen. All different facets of a single action.


Question from external students: the mode of the day. How critical and important mode in practice? To aspire to?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In relation to the mode of the day is to aim for measured, thought-out, predictable routine with a minimum of stress, hassles etc. etc. But you know what, unfortunately, the current structure of our civilization is not always possible to follow it. So, if you have the opportunity to build a day regimen, then it should definitely, definitely do.

Are there any questions from the audience? Yes.


Student: To that discussion when we practice the first method, “method of solving the problem”, here we release this task and at this point do I need to get involved in some other tasks here, or you can just wait for the sea weather?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: can engage in other tasks. They are in this respect parallel to go. There is not one room with Einstein, there are many of them, each according to the task and everyone will be happy.


Question from Cyril Lyrics: …wrote the task, and sit, waiting. That would not be lazy, God forbid…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, wait! Which means, “Wrote the task and sit waiting for”? You do not sit, do not wait, you do other work! You’re not a slacker! Yeah, you’re just an ordinary people, because a lot of cases. And in terms of the fact that there are many tasks that can be solved and can see that those impulses here. I do not understand where this question is “indolent?” In my opinion, modern life will not allow anyone to lazy, or is it?


Student: would You like to do? Maybe this is the wrong understanding, when we set ourselves the task and then we take into account all these factors, work hard and do their best using the full potential at the moment. And then it still is released because we did everything in our power and we still can’t do anything…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, that’s the fact of the matter is, is how was the analogy that exercise, Hatha yoga, itself, will strain, and then a week sick, hands and legs do not bend. Well, of course, possible to bring themselves up to such a nervous and intellectual exhaustion, and day and night to resolve, to solve the problem, yet has all, will not fall. But yoga says it’s not rational, not constructive, and moreover, you start to drive themselves in some terrible physical, mental state, violating, you might say, the second principle of yoga, common sense. Clearly, then, solving the problem, you can just pass out.


Student: I meant that not to force yourself but to use something that you can do it without raping…. That’s all you can use, given different facts, as it was dictated, because it has nothing to do, just. So it turns out this time…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, still, it’s a little different… We can sluggish, sluggish thinking, thinking of days, hours, years. And then there is, I urge you to strain to focus, with all forces, to concentrate, to focus, to reach some edge and let go without solving. And then again to pull, focus, try to solve it. Not solved again to let go. Here’s the technique.

Still have questions? Yay!

Please write the reviews. How useful the material is applicable in life, is not applicable, is it clear what theory or enough, or could be less, maybe more practice? Please, it’s all reflect. Please write in the Internet on the Internet yoga courses, there is a forum “feedback from workshops”. Write, please. All.


Hooray, Hooray, Hooray.

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