2010_12_14 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, December 14, 2010. We are located at the Cultural Center “Awakening” near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” in Moscow. My name is Victoria. This thematic session of the International Open University of Yoga for all comers. The theme of our lesson, “The practice of meditation.”


The theme of meditation is very deep, complex and voluminous. So let’s start this session with answers to questions you may have.

Question: Maybe it was not on. When a person starts to seriously engage in self-knowledge, his social circle by itself begins to narrow, as a rule, such a person comes to a secluded, quite austere way of life, while it does not go away from the outside world, but still, as it were, “cooked in its their own juice. ” Sometimes, trying to stop his internal monologue, but it reaches a scale that you start asking yourself, “But maybe you need more people to communicate?” How to find the “golden” middle to a not withdraw completely and do not boil in this ” pot “of the mind, and vice versa?

Victoria: An external or internal fuss? What to choose? If we abandon the outer confusion, bustling life and distraction, then absent-mindedly focus shifted to the inner universe and get the same thing, only inside. What to choose? This question is actually not so simple, in the sense that those involved in self-knowledge, developing, do notice that the social circle becomes smaller. This does not mean that you become a loner, and solitude you need, it’s there in the effectiveness of your life. Those. you become more efficient, steel comply with the second principle of yoga and you have eliminated unnecessary communication. Because when communicating to nothing lead, this is a waste of time, no benefit from it is not, ie, for your development, you do not get any good effect, do not go up, not growing.

By following the second principle of yoga, in fact, it may happen that the circle of contacts can be reduced. But if you had a lot of like-minded people, with whom communication would be raised and you would continue your spiritual growth, I can assure you that this number of people would not be reduced. Those. the question here is that no one with whom to communicate. With old friends to communicate on topics idle, empty – it makes no sense. Therefore, you have at some period, the number of people decreases, but sooner or later, if you get off at any particular level, where there will be a lot of people like you, the social circle can be the same, only this time on a completely different level of quality. Those. every conversation, every meeting you will raise (and one or the other). If you live in a period not panic. Do not worry if it turned out so that no one with whom to talk to and nothing to talk at all, and do not want to see, because why do it? What is the point? Just? For what? Do you have specific goals in life. This is the first part of the question.

The second part of the question, “What to do with the fuss.” If you transferred the bustle, distractions on the outside, it turns against you, and you begin within themselves to deal with it. If you have a such a period, you live it – it’s not bad. Because, to hide what is within you, not to pay attention to the inner world, we sometimes run away outside, it’s easier to themselves and their lives to justify. I talked to someone and like time is not wasted – is a kind of care instead of having to start to disassemble the internal blockages, internal dirt. Those. instead of having to get out of the house, you run out to the guests, my friends, spend their time. All great, but sooner or later you need to come to your home and do the final cleaning. And no matter how long we ran and walked, sooner or later it will be necessary if we practice yoga, self-knowledge. Therefore, faced with this, we began to dismantle the inner chaos, afraid that not everything is smooth and clean. Drinking this should be quiet – yes, I have such a problem, you need to order something to work, and boldly begin “cleansing”. Those. attitude calm, productive, you need to get down to business.

Question: You said that if you focus on an object, it reveals itself. What determines whether or not the object will be revealed? How to be, when it will be revealed?

Victoria: The degree of your concentration.

Question: That is from our inner state? From the object itself – it does not depend on?

Victoria: It all depends on the degree of your concentration. If you are most concentrated, focused on the object, it will be revealed. If not strong enough, it is only insufficiently revealed. You do not think that meditation and concentration – it is something divorced from life. The object is revealed to you in life only when you are able to focus it. This occurs at every step. You will not be able to effectively work, if you do not concentrate as desired, then very quickly you will be fired. And if you have the power of concentration, can at work to think about business (ie to concentrate on the job) rather than problems, household chores, you will be a very good employee, you will appreciate and you will be every day better understand that duty which you have been given. If you are coming to work, 1% are focusing their attention, and 99% is not clear on what, you did not understand what you do, so some business affairs, and to really get to the core of the work, this will not do. It all depends on your concentration power.

If you read the book, and much focus on it, you will understand the story, remember it, get a feeling for what the author wanted to say, will live with the heroes of the whole plot. If you read, and in the background are other thoughts, you will not understand the meaning of a book, forget the whole sequence of the narrative, the name of the characters, etc. If you are communicating with each other, as required concentration. You eat, you need concentration, if you do not concentrate, you choke. If there is no concentration will not make any asana of Hatha yoga. If there is no ability to concentrate, to direct its attention to the object, then you do with what can not be done!

At the last session, we were told that there are arbitrary and involuntary concentration of attention or meditation techniques of Consciousness and Energy. Involuntary concentration of your attention – is a method of energy, ie, the concentration on what I want, what I like, that I am pleased. An arbitrary concentration – method of consciousness – we can not be the object of interest, but we voleizyavlyaem and direct their attention and focus on the object. energy and the method of consciousness method is needed, the combination of these two methods produces a result. For example, we begin to meditate, focus on a subject that we are not interested in (the method of consciousness), after some time, this develops into a meditation method of energy (from consciousness to energy). Then, after the concentration of the energy required by the effort to overcome the (meditation of consciousness). And another option, a meditation on what we are interested in (energy method), then develops into another kind of concentration (of consciousness).

With meditation energy easier for us, because If it’s interesting, at least for some time, we will be able to concentrate. It is more difficult if we are not interested in the object. Therefore, we must focus on meditation, consciousness, when we focus on a subject that is not for us of some interest, and we are not so we want to look at him. Example of life, people are starting to do yoga, go to all classes, lectures, read books, watch movies, live in yoga, ie total meditation, concentration on the yoga energy method. Interestingly, cool, I get a result, Bhava. Or students who are just beginning to learn their catches a wave and they really concentrated only on the yoga practice takes a lot of time. Here it is meditation. But there comes a time when we are no longer such a strong interest in yoga (recession went), and this recession requires an arbitrary concentration (meditation method of consciousness) when you force yourself to engage in every day, is not that interesting, there is no euphoria. In this recession you force yourself to focus on yoga – at lectures, theory, practice. If it is not, when interesting man, he learns when interest was gone – gone, for example, engaged in a struggle Nanai boys or something else. Went workout struggle Nanai boys – interesting – want (meditation energy), then comes the decline, it is necessary to concentrate arbitrary (meditation, consciousness), you need to make an effort, but lack the will, and the person goes to another system, and so he jumps.

As a result, he does not get knowledge, benefit from any of the systems. If he had stayed in the yoga and have passed a wave of ecstasy (all exalted status), then would come the recession, and it has already developed an arbitrary concentration, “crawling” this recession. After the recession is usually even greater euphoria, greater lift and meditates energy method. Then again, recession, etc. If a person has these two components, it will go deeper and deeper into the system of some sort. For example, extract minerals, begin drilling – good, fertile, soft ground, easily drilled. Then there are some obstacles – are beginning to drill harder, go further, and at the very back of the diamonds and kimberlite pipe, and richer. And if drilled only the top layer of loose earth, and stopped as soon as any obstacle, diamonds and have not got. This applies to everything in life, if we drill, we reach, we take a lot of positive, the system will begin to be revealed to us and bear fruit. When learning at the institute, we capture the wave of interest, then comes the recession, and we throw it, I do not finish my studies for 2 years. There is a lack of will, an arbitrary concentration when you need to force yourself. And the man throws this school and goes to another, such as interesting, but then requires effort, but they are not, throw the second school and eventually left without a higher education. So, where do not look anywhere requires two of these components, especially we need to develop an arbitrary concentration, need to be able to push yourself to use force.

Involuntary concentrating even possess animals. If you put in front of a dog bone sugar under glass, it will be to enjoy it at least twenty-four hours, and try to put it in front of her textbook on biology, which describes the use of sugar bones, she does not know the letters, so can not long look at the text. We have an arbitrary concentration, if we want, we are interested in – we can concentrate. We got the body of a man, and we have the ability, unlike animals, apply efforts and direct their attention at the command of our will, force yourself, even if we do not want. Therefore, we – the people – the more highly developed beings, should not be “want-not want, like-dislike”, there is a word not. There you set yourself some objectives – it is necessary to achieve them. Sometimes it’s easy to go to this purpose, and sometimes difficult, but you know that you have a goal and you have to achieve it. Working in this direction, to help us come such as the generation of an ability habits, if you for some time, and forced themselves arbitrarily focused on something, then sooner or later the arbitrary concentration becomes a habit for us, we are accumulating this skill. If we have this skill is developed, we will be able to reach and use this skill in any other area of your life.

If a person is well-focused on some object for a long time, it can really concentrate on another object for a long time – that he was not interested, that this is not interesting, if one could, hence, on the other can. This skill we need to develop, and in our lives, we have to analyze – on what we have difficulty concentrating, and if we go to certain goals and you need to focus on a certain subject, we have to force yourself.

There are people who turn on the TV, and captures the criminal chronicle, soap series, gunmen with blood, etc. They watch it and, indeed, may be a whole day and night, then think about who loves whom, who as divorce, etc., all thoughts are about this show. I have a question for you – whether it’s paying attention? Will this meditation?

Answer: No, because it’s interesting, and efforts

Victoria: Attention will still be. For example, computer games, so someone can play too, which literally lives in them. Those. focus is, like the dog in the sugar bone. Will it be in terms of meditation of yoga?

Answer 1: No. In this case, we see only the energy concentration. I understand that the concentration of attention – a balance of Consciousness and Energy.

Victoria: Yes Energy Meditation, Consciousness is meditation.

Answer 2: Maybe this is such a meditation technique – watch TV?

Victoria: There is an ancient wisdom that we are where our thoughts are, so make sure that our thoughts were where we wanted to be. Those. that we manage this process, your attention and your energy. Not to someone pushed our buttons and forced our energy and consciousness to be somewhere, and that we are directed their energy and attention, ie I thought to where we want. This is a big difference when someone knows how to push our emotions, pity, ie someone from the controls to our attention, our energy. It turns out this illusion that someone is controlling our will, attention, our consciousness, and it is necessary and in concentration and meditation, we managed to his will and direct their energy and consciousness to where we wanted. So we bought the powder, which we need, and not one that is advertised on television, if we go to the store and buy the powder that is advertised only in the advertising – it is not our will is the will of him who drew our attention, and we bought that product. We focused, remember this powder, but it is not we ourselves have made a choice, it was not our will, we fall for the bait.We must be the masters of their manifestations. When any Auntie looks all day series, if there was a greater higher self, a strong will, it could expand the Auntie and forward its manifestation of energy and consciousness to another any area. Since tetechki still weak will, then it seems to be completely given into the power of the will of the producers of the series. But as soon as a strong producer, it switches the channel and will watch another show and forget about the previous series. Those. someone pushes our buttons and begins to manage our symptoms, and yoga and meditation, we must become masters of these manifestations, to control themselves with the help of his will – to watch or not to watch. Why am I looking at? Because it is interesting to me personally, it’s interesting or not at all clear to whom, and who is interested in the fact that it looked.

Q: And then you can all so consider? For example, I am interested in yoga just because someone wrote a way that made me wonder.

Victoria: Yes! It has become fashionable to practice yoga, and we do not know – this is our decision, our will or whether it is fashion, ie, it is not clear whose will – this is very much under construction. Those. live according to patterns, according to the ideas, the program, we do not live our lives and understand what we want – the method Energy, and that we should – that someone wanted to, and someone has to approach consciousness, and then.

Q: how to define it?Victoria: We must learn from this, be clear about what we need personally. For example, you can live the way we have programmed our parents: “You have to go in our footsteps, to learn in this school, then in 20 years you have to get married (to be married), in 25 you will have children, etc. . etc. “- and it seems to a person that is he wants. And you can choose your school and choose when to marry (marry), then when it’s time for the human person. Therefore, everything is so overgrown, and so we are in complete web of maya, it is very difficult to figure out where is my opinion, and where the view of my parents, my friends – this is called Karma, Maya, and we are in a wild delusion. Again, for example, all the friends became teachers, and the man also wants to become a teacher, not because it is his dharma, his purpose, that is it, but because teachers are all friends. Such a person goes astray, ie he does not live his life and the lives of others.

It begs the question “of his rhythm,” as in Kriya yoga classes – some of my own rhythm, and rhythm is not other people. And we are so entangled that actually remember the rhythm, as in the movie makes a teacher, as a neighbor next doing Kriya Yoga, but we can not feel his rhythm, his dharma, his way. Therefore, this topic is a very difficult and confusing. Perhaps first and foremost is to deal with Kriya Yoga and honestly tell yourself how you want to do this yoga, but not as much as anyone else does. You will find this rhythm – maybe find your motivation, your goals, and then on what you want to focus on or what you need to concentrate it. Therefore, while we are in a dense forest, and, of course, we still have to rake and rake the rubble.

Q: What is different from meditation pose recreation Shavasana?

Victoria: You can say that if it really Savasana, then this is the last stage of meditation, when we have zero thoughts. This Savasana – a disidentification from the gross, subtle and causal body when you do not feel the body – you are not the body, you have no emotion, no thought. This is the Samadhi. Those. the goal is that in meditation we come to the same – razotozhdestvlyaemsya, and we have zero thoughts – we are dissolved in the Absolute, which in this Shavasana – we come to the same. All yoga come to the top of one, so that you can practice only Shavasana, but it is very difficult, it is much easier to achieve this asana than Shavasana.

Question: Regularly practicing yoga, goals can change, even in the opposite direction. Is it right to discard the old goals and to go to the new without looking back or you must bring to an end the old ones?

Victoria: This topic is meditation – if we do not have the concentration, we can not do anything to bring to the end. A man has set a goal, and if it has the power of concentration, it achieves this goal, if you do not have, then it all distracted in life, he forgets everything, forgets about the purpose and, of course, it does not reach. But what to do when people set a goal and go for it, at first everything seemed rosy, promising, but then any obstacles, when you need to make an effort. One thinks that it is better to put another target, the more obstacles gone, and it poses a different purpose, and forget about the previous goals. Seeks to a new purpose in rainbow dreams, everything is easy again, Gorny, but then stumbles on the reality of life and the obstacles again and again, it is necessary to change the goals, etc. If there is such an option, it does not change the purpose, at least a few times going through a period when you have to overcome obstacles. However, you can build a circuit so that these obstacles will grow into some good tasks that are allowed to grow, that is, I overcome the obstacles, but it is not some kind of violence, but what makes me grow and develop. Then be sure to go another wave, and you are free to go back to that goal.

If the version of the following that you set a goal you want to achieve it, and do you have knowledge of what you want (Jnana), there is the will to achieve it (iccha), you will most concentrate on the goal, you have a plan for to this goal, i.e. action (Kriyaa), i.e. a global goal, for example, you want to be president of the universe, no more no less. Here you set yourself that goal, and you have Jnana (knowledge), an iron will, a very strong concentration of Kriya and the most important thing in our world – to work out a concrete plan in action at the gross level. And you go and do along the way you develop, because in order to reach this goal you need a lot of confidence to disclose, but suddenly you realize half way, that your goal is not to be the president of the Universe, and to be a teacher of yoga, it is clear that the emphasis is shifted slightly. In this case, it happened that you are going to the first goal, developed within themselves vast resources, and suddenly realize that your Dharma is quite another – to become a teacher of yoga. Then, of course, you can rearrange and set a different goal, but in principle, little has changed in the action (in Kriya), because here and there need to work hard internally and externally.

Of course, something to be adjusted, and we must be flexible in this respect. If our Dharma is really something else, we can once again the flexibility and change, slightly reshape the action. A simpler option – you went on to study physics, weaned, received the diploma, you are invited to a large enterprise, how would you have reached the goal, but first you had a goal – to getNobel Prize, so one of the fad in achieving this goal – a place with honors to finish college and go somewhere to work. But then you realize that your goal in another, for example, to become a big businessman or the head of the corporation, and it is clear that you have a little change of action. Those. to this aim was the Nobel Prize, and now become the head of a large corporation, you are a bit of a tunable, but still this action development. A few years later, you realize that your goal is to become a yoga teacher, and you change the social circle, adjusted the plan, and you already practice yoga, and doing yoga, you know that your goal is still the Nobel Prize. Those. if relevant, are adjusting plans, and even put yourself some other purpose. For example, if you do not set high goals, and as you understand the way that the objectives of a much grander and more you bet the higher goals ahead. Of course, this flexibility is needed in yoga, and again, the method of Energy and Consciousness method. Sometimes you need to use the method of Energy and something changed.

Question: It turns out that meditating, we are improving care?

Victoria: Of course, if we do yoga exercises in concentration, then this skill is immediately transferred into our lives. If people have a lot of what we have achieved in life, and they come in yoga, ie their skill only gets a different name.

Q: The concept of voluntary and involuntary concentration – is the concept of yoga school tradition Anandasvami?

Victoria: In our school – meditation energy and consciousness meditation, and the concept of voluntary and involuntary concentration – it’s just a question of terminology.

Question: It seems to me that an arbitrary concentration – a concentration by itself, ie, just the same method of Energy and involuntary, on the contrary – we make efforts, ie Consciousness method.

Victoria: It’s just a question of terminology. The implications of this to bring to the understanding of the method and the method of Energy Consciousness, I say more everyday language, as well as, in principle, it is not essential.


In previous lessons, we did exercise “internal anchor on the breath” and most focused on the process, and if the waves come, that thoughts and like our ship somewhere to withdraw, we held the anchor, we are not allowed to withdraw his attention clearly kept the attention on the breath. Then we did a focus on the tip of the nose, concentrated – recalls the day and concentrated on his forehead. All of these exercises are not very complicated in appearance, but require us to internal forces, will. We proceed to the exercises:

Exercise 1.

Today we are going to count: one, two, three, etc. Thus we tried to concentrate only on the numbers or the ventilation noise or the breath or on anything else, only the account numbers. You should not be distracted or on the body or on humans, i.e. not on any internal or external process and the concentration only on the account. Calculate how much can be done to such accounts as possible to concentrate only on one thing – the account numbers. Catch even the slightest nuances, for example, someone sneezed or slammed the door, and all escaped your attention. Maybe I’ll specifically do something to divert your attention to yourself. Your task is to focus only on numbers. If you shoot down, then go back to zero, ie, again with the digit one. Even the slightest distraction – begin to consider first.

Imagine our I. Our I have the will – the absolute tool of the self, through which our I manages energy and consciousness. Imagine that only our I, at will, controlled attention, not my will today begin to control your attention, and once you manage themselves with their attention and no one else.

Question: How do you recognize that you are focused only on the account? If I hear strange noises?

Victoria: There meditation stage, when we have one object, all can be anything you want, but only one object. To approach this level is the first level, the first stage of meditation, it is called Patanjali Pratyahara – off senses. When we focus so strongly on the subject that the senses do not perceive anything else, so strong, our concentration. You in my life is to notice when you are riding the subway and about something you think or read a book, you do not hear the subway noise, someone’s talking, you do not hear anything, because you are completely focused on the subject. Gradually we come to visualize yoga.

Question: Is meditation and concentration of this ability is the ability to exclude attention to the fact that annoys you? Those. you’re not concentrating on some object, but rather refuse from any external stimuli, such as noisy neighbors.

Victoria: This is very good, so would you note dissipated all these factors, and you pull out the attention of these stimuli and sends it to something that you need – very good ability. Again, if we have a lot of prana and we control ourselves, and we are in good shape, we are much easier to control your attention, ie ability voleizyavlyat much stronger. However, there are different periods, sometimes we all annoying, attention is scattered and difficult to submit to his will.

Question: Do I understand that if we heard some strange sound – it means that we distracted?

Victoria: I’m not especially much noise as you are at this stage in order to, for example, did not hear the bell, but you should not be distracted by a familiar noise.

Question: This noise does not distract me, but he’s still there, I can hear it.

Victoria: In that case, for example, I did not hear the noise because I’m focused on what I am saying. For example, if you carefully listen to me, you could not hear it, too. You hear only the conversation, which we are.

Question: And what should be the posture for meditation?

Victoria: We are now doing even meditation, because meditation – it’s not five, ten minutes – this is where all of the thematic sessions and a half hours we will sit and watch your breath. Then we can talk about posture, as it is necessary to prepare the body to begin such a long meditation. Of course, if we sit with a straight back – it improves the course of the processes, but if you have a weak body, you can not sit with your back straight for several hours. A practice for five, ten minutes, choose a comfortable position for themselves.

Question: And what shall be the rate of account?

Victoria: Smooth, quiet.

Practice exercise “Concentration account numbers” for 10 minutes.


Victoria: What progress?

Answer 1: I counted to 100.

Answer 2: For good even one failed.

Answer 3: I have 467.

Victoria: Who else is more than 50?

Answer: I have 61.

Victoria is also good, even more than 10 – that’s good. In fact, this exercise is similar to exercise, when we are looking at the tip of the nose. At the tip of the nose even easier to concentrate, because it is difficult to find the tip of the nose, so no time for thinking. But when we are on something concentrate – we begin to see the inner chaos – one thought, another thought, attention to the fact of the third idea, fourth, etc. and did not stop them. You want to concentrate on the tip of the nose or on the figures, but still you start to think about something else. Well, if you start to track the flow of thoughts – which is scattered, leaving your attention. It is difficult to control the attention, but at least you know – where it goes, even tracking a swarm of these thoughts.

I ask you – keep track of your wash, for example, you’re at work – you were asked, you begin to him to do (need to print something or do something else), and instead concentrate on the case, you have a whole bunch other thoughts. Keep track of how many minutes or seconds you manage to concentrate on the business and what percentage of the attention is scattered. For example, you read some mantra – your home personal practice – note how many seconds it is possible to concentrate – you think only of the mantra – and what was the beginning of another idea, ie, distraction for something, noise, light, etc. While reading the book note how much you can read with a maximum concentration of attention on the product or have a whole bunch of thoughts went. For example, you are dealing with a man – how many seconds you really heed what he says to you (focus on communication), and at what point your attention has gone somewhere. Just keep track of how much you can focus your attention. If you feel that you have uplylo somewhere, at work you attention and you need to concentrate, you will once again forcing himself to concentrate on one point.

Question: There are some pictures that are looking for a long time, and emerges some kind of figure, and look focused and sees this figure, then you can talk and hear noises, but the look still sees this figure. Is this concentrating?

Victoria: The same thing happens with the focus on the Yantra. When we begin to concentrate on them, this image is so strongly imprinted in our subconscious, that at some point we will not come off, and the image is very printed. Then, indeed, before our eyes only Yantra when five o’clock to concentrate only on the Sri Yantra, and then do a few days before our eyes is only the Sri Yantra – it is Yantra Yoga.

There is a parable, hear noises or not. Master archery gaining disciples, and hung on the tree a target to shoot, and asked, “Oh, my disciples, that you see?”.

First student: “I see a beautiful tree, and on it a target.”

The second: “O Master, I see a tree, birds, flowers, and a target.”

Third: “I can only see the target.”

Teacher says: “It is only the third student to reach the goal! Only a third student will be able to get to this target. “

Those. he said – shoot at a target, he focused on it so that he sees no wood, no birds, no blue sky, he sees only the target, and all others can see and hear everything. How much we can focus our attention, capture the image, focus on an object – in this work Visualization Yoga and meditation all. Those. force is a concentration – as far as we can gather from all parts of the pieces of his attention and direct it to one thing.

Therefore, we will repeat all the exercises for concentration, gradually increasing the time.

Today we repeat the meditation on the tip of the nose. The meaning is the same as for account numbers. We concentrate only on the tip of the nose and the tip of the nose in addition to trying to see nothing, and did not hear any distractions, thoughts – keep track of where our attention is scattered.

Question: Is it possible to look at the tip of the nose with one eye?

Victoria: As you like, the main thing that was the tip of the nose and was not thinking.

This practice entails and much more – good.

EXERCISE 2. Practice exercises “to focus on the tip of the nose” 10 minutes.

Q: What if I hurt your eyes?

Victoria: If much hurt, you should shut them down, relax, since the voltage of the pressure increases. There are those who have not seen their tip of the nose?

Answer: First, like you see it, and then begins to fade.

Victoria: Those who could not see the tip of the nose, even a second?

Answer 1: It turns out that as soon as I catch the tip of the nose, it spreads.

Answer 2: Very interesting effect – the more you look, the more you want to watch, so it becomes interesting and exciting, even when compared with the last time – a completely different feeling.

Answer 3: I had a feeling that the more you concentrate, it is as if dissolved.

Answer 4: I noticed that when I go to work, very tired, a lot of thoughts in my head – I meditate on the subway and go out really relaxed. Why?

Victoria: Because your attention after your energy flowed. When you are in a dispersed state – you lose a tremendous amount of prana. And, if you can focus on something, then you are collecting your mind, focus – you collect your energy. And you get extra volume, power reserve. Therefore, those who have a strong concentration, generally more powerful, have more energy in life. Therefore, if you feel bad and do not focus, you force yourself, and after a good concentration on any one object in the image, you will feel a surge of strength. For Consciousness is energy, for energy is consciousness.

Q: And when we are very much focusing on the study of a complex material, we are also very much spend Prana?

Victoria: When we study something, goes the thought process (not just focus on some object and thought-processing), of course, is prana. But, after that, even if we spent prana to some thought process, I assure you, you will then be able to feel satisfaction, growth, and this rise is just the same and is that you control two of its manifestation (Consciousness and Energy). You can collect the attention at the point in which you need, and even if you spend on something useful, the awareness of his own will, his I – will. And by understanding the strength and power that you control the process – you get the buzz, you overpowered themselves and still learn, not just memorize and understand the meaning of the object being studied, and how difficult it would not be at the stage of processing of the information, if you have achieved results – you have a bunch of energy and strength. The process, when you make way through maya – difficult, but when you’re punching, to achieve results, it comes only power and excess.

Q: I noticed that when the strong and long on something concentrating, then after a while it would be desirable to distract from this.

Victoria: The process of energy-intensive initially, because the consciousness is accustomed to wander and you need to concentrate and it will need to collect all of it here and, of course, the process of collecting a very difficult, but then you are bound to feel the response. The process itself – a work with deep structures. At one of the sessions, we were told that in order to concentrate, you need at least some excess, ie, if you have no Prana forces, it is very difficult to send somewhere to his attention. But if gradually carry out this process, focusing at least for a moment – it is very difficult, but then released excess of Prana. Then this excess is routed to an even stronger concentration, then again stood out excess concentration each time more and more, because the more surplus. So the power and concentration increases each time, ie, make at least one step, at least a little bit to begin to control this process, and already goes on increasing.

Q: And when the mind is constantly sounds the rhythm of some music?

Victoria: It’s a distraction. See, or karma controls our attention or our higher self Ie some emotions, thoughts, memories, advertising, etc. – That leads us, someone drives us, or we run – there is some kind of melody in my head, here or you take control of the melody, or it you. For example, say to yourself, I do not think about the music, I think of something else. And who will win. Either you do not control the process or put it under their control. Or thought about the enemy, and you are ready day and night just to think about it and – what it is not good and harmful. Again, it is your karma controls you. You hooked, and you only that the enemy put your attention and energy. As a result, the loss of prana is not clear where, or you put under the control of the process and say to yourself: “No, I do not think about the enemy.” Or: “I think of my enemy, as a best friend.” Those. you change course, you set the rules.

Q: And what about love?

Victoria: This is the higher processes, processes it controls your higher self – if we talk about yoga lovers, and not about the hobby.

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