2008_01_27 Meditation. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar.

– Who are you?

The worst of this issue for the first acquaintance he did could not come up with:

Alice immediately embarrassed.

You see … you see, sir, I just … do not know who I am now so. No, I, of course, some know who I was this morning when I got up, but since then I have all the time then this then syakaya – in short, some not-so. – She paused helplessly.

Expresses more clearly! – Strictly said Worm. – How do you understand the Lawless?

(Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”)


On the concept of “meditation.”

Meditation – word of European origin from the Latin. meditatio – thinking, thinking – a mental process. Until the XX century, the term meant a profound meditation, concentration on the problem, the inner prayer (rarely.), As well as a form of philosophical lyrics (lit.).

The purpose of meditation practice is to move into a “higher” state of consciousness in which the mind is not the center, forming the will, but only a tool.

In the East, the concept of “meditation” in the Western sense does not exist. However, some practices that exist in the East, are very well suited for that in terms of Western languages is called meditation. There are many values that explain the origin of this word. For example, meditation is about the same root as the word “media” or “media” – the environment, or something in-between something that connects. Usually, the West understood by meditation an intermediate inexplicable state of man: that’s its function and communication with the outside world, but with the inner world. And these processes are different. The widespread practice of meditation in the West received in various spiritual organizations. It was used, for example, Christian mystics or esoteric society, from the alchemists and ending with the followers of Pythagoras – the Pythagoreans. Therefore, from the very beginning some difficulty in linking the term “meditation” is to those practices that exist in the East.

Meditation – is complex and serious issue, and at the same time is very vital. Our objective touch the theory of this issue and, of course, to practice in such a way that each of you could intelligently and independently to begin meditation.

The vast majority of books on meditation, at best, give us a good feeling of the series: “Guys, let’s admire, to walk in white robes and all smile!”. It’s wonderful, really helps sometimes, but sometimes it does not help. Meanwhile, the practice of meditation, as well as any yoga section, in a sense, accurate mathematics. Meditation is based on certain laws: the law of the body device, the device works laws and the laws of our mind structure of our world. You can approach the meditation how fit some modern followers of this science: enthusiastically on emotions, but this approach provides a good platform for quackery. Therefore, let us look at the theory.

Meditation in yoga.

To explain what is at stake, it should be recalled that, according to yogic teachings, each of us is with you. Each of us has a body. Now, for example, you are reading this text. You hear something around, something to perceive. But in reality, it is all the action of your senses, which dictate to you what to do: close your eyes and plug your ears, so you no longer see or hear, if you do not like something. Or you can dive into any childhood memories of how you first saw the sea or the mountains, and mentally completely dissolve in a different time, space, and completely disconnected from what is happening around you.

Therefore, to say that we are here and our “I” here is, according to the theory of yoga, in general, a few wrong. Here is our body. Where is our “I”, we can not say, because, according to the axioms of yoga, our “I” is higher than the time and space. Strictly speaking, it is always and everywhere. Our “I” to the same degree as the present here in this hall, and the Alpha Centauri, and the Red Square, and God knows where. Between our “I” and our body there is a connection – thread, which in yoga is called axioms associative bond. Apart from our gross body, we have the subtle body and the causal body, and with them our “I” is also linked by association.

The association.

The association – a very difficult thing to explain. It seems to be there, and like it or not. This manifestation, in its pure form, the law of Maya or illusion. But as soon as the association between my “I” and my body, then it starts to flow Prana or life force. Prana is manifested in its two aspects: first – an aspect of consciousness, the second – the energy aspect. The association of my “I” through my mind is drawn to my senses, is refracted in them, and I’m starting in the world to live and act.

Now the important point that will help us get closer to understanding the practice of meditation. But what made my “I” to reach an association is to this body? Why not to some other body or object? The answer is. My “I” fell into meditation. It meditates on my body. And through meditation set associative relationship that animates my body and through it can somehow manifest. Thus, all we are already in a very deep state of meditation. We meditate on your own body.

But it is even more complicated. We, first of all, meditate on our minds. We meditate on the fact that the screen of our mind shows our “I”, and our mind is directly related to the senses, with a range of bodies. So, the mind – it is intermediate.

And we will now meditate on your body and do not understand why. Then, we had no experience nemeditatsii on your body and this provision seems natural. Moreover, we can not imagine what could be different. As if our “I” was heavy handcuffs or shackles chained to heavy body like a convict. Even if the guard is distracted, where the convict with a cargo run? Load pull is necessary, and it is heavy. That’s just as well, and we, as the convict, chained to what is called “our body.” A circuit that attracts the “I” to our bodies, and there is “associative relationship” through which flows consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy revitalizes our body, but at the same time it is a strong rope that our “I” does not allow to throw consciousness and energy somewhere else. Each of you – a hostage of meditation on your own body. We are fully engrossed in his body, and this process is going on from life to life. We are so accustomed to this state that we think differently and can not be. From morning to night, day and night, twenty-four hours a day, you and I are in a very strong state of meditation. First of all, we meditate on your mind. He shows us the thoughts, images, feelings that are revealed to us. So we live life from birth to death.

At the time of his death after the collapse of our bodies takes place on a very small fraction of a second, this association is broken, so that later, when the next birth, the newly formed. So that the original meditation breaks only at the moment of death. This built yoga dying. In yoga, the process of death Dying is used in their own spiritual development.

I recently opened a television program guide and was surprised to discover discovered that for each channel is five or six series per day. In the case of television, it is easy to explain: the ratings, money and so on. But imagine someone who is obsessed with the series. Here he is sitting in his chair in front of TV, one series ended, another began. He would get up, run, jump, and he said: “No, no, it’s interesting. I will continue to sit. ” Now imagine that on TV is the duration of the series of twenty-four hours. And he absolutely took the man, and so it goes, day after day, year after year, and over time people forget that there is something beyond this series. He can not get up to go somewhere, it’s all completely involved in something that shows television. The same situation is with our “I”. Our “I” is so long looking at that shows a mirror of our mind that forgets that you can see somewhere in the other direction. Thus, each of us is in a state of meditation original. And, indeed, it happens to every living being, not only with man, but with a dog and a cat, and a speck of dust, and with a cockroach, and a microbe. Wherever there is the “I”, everywhere where there is a body, everywhere, where the body and the “I” connected wherever there is an associative link – everywhere is meditation.

Meditation. Definition.

We have come with you to the concept of “meditation.”

The term “meditation” means the direction of the forces of our “I” to what our “I” is not. This theoretical yoga and it is as rigorous as mathematics. Knowing her, it is possible to deduce the answers to the most unexpected questions. Without it anywhere, without it all other words about what is meditation – a set of contradictory and sometimes mutually exclusive practices that work for one person and for another there is someone to help, and some do not. Now we are with you decided what we mean by meditation.

And the viewer who stares series, I look at the mirror of your mind – your body and begin to realize it quietly. How? You know, one series might like, the other is not. One I watch with pleasure, but on the other it makes me sick. But I have been accustomed to watching TV shows that I can not even imagine what they can not see. Similarly, we are meditating on your own body, it goes to school or work, making money, making love, is involved in the quarrels and squabbles, spends holiday at the sea or in the mountains. That is our whole life. Sometimes we like what makes our body, sometimes not. Sometimes we meditate, the body gets in some good conditions, for example, becomes a rich, happy, or any sense of fun experiences. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is sitting in the rain, he was wet and cold, it shivers, but no fire. It turns out that during the life accumulates a huge amount of such unpleasant moments, which is going through our body, and it makes us think. While on the TV show interesting programs, no one says, “Let’s get this ban TV! There’s an advertisement, violence, etc., etc.! “. But as soon as one becomes dissatisfied with what is shown on TV, it is already beginning to complain, and get away from it can not be anywhere. Similarly, we are with you. While we have life goes smoothly, we will run, jump, have fun, and do not think about spiritual practices. We need to get a certain amount of discomfort, to experience a certain amount of depression and frustration before we begin to think, “Maybe, we should not look at this picture of the world?”. All our sorrows, disappointments, etc., as the dead water, which we have little shakes. Otherwise, we were obsessed with how good a movie. Paradoxically, as it is sad, but true meditation becomes interested in a man who at least something I do not like in life. Because the one to whom all love in life, do not need anything else, this meditation is perfect for him.

How is it that each of us stretched an association to our bodies? Why did it happen and why indeed should be so hard to break it?

To answer this question, we have several disturbing Jnana yoga, the section on the creation of the world, no more, no less. Because all this pandemonium is just since the creation of the world. So, before you become and live in the human body, you and I have passed a series of lives in the bodies of animals. And every time our “I” pulled an association to the body of the animal. Moreover, before you and I were living in animal bodies, we were tied associative links to even more primitive bodies or entities: viruses, crystals, some transitional forms between explicitly and implicitly wildlife wildlife. Once we were you more inert structures such as crystal. Ancient treatises on the subject is almost gone, but it can be assumed that an association of the “I” is not self-realized, could catch any phenomenon or object: cobblestones, a waterfall, a planet. We live and we’ve learned that a living being is what it is, that the body of his like us or like a cockroach or cat to run and proliferate.

But, for example, crystals. You can call them living or non-living? There is a huge section lost almost magical science of crystals and how to use them in practice. But with yoga positions is just an intermediate form of life. What kind of “I” is very weak manifests itself, entangles himself with the crystal, and before that, perhaps, with the atom or molecule. That is, before we got the happiness to associate itself with the human body, we passed a huge chain, when we bound ourselves with an elementary particle, atom, molecule, with a stone, with crystal, a bacterium, a ciliate-shoes, with a cockroach , with a dog, a monkey. It is such an evolutionary plane.

How did it all come from? There was it at the time of the formation of our world. Suddenly, one fine morning, formed the “I”. Rather, formed a “I” at the moment of creation and sharing. According to Jnana Yoga, our “I” – a part of the Absolute. And then one morning or one evening we took the Absolute and divided itself into pieces. Each piece – it is our “I”. And in an instant, there was a piece of the Absolute, separated from the whole, with the ability to Will, with the ability of consciousness, with energy capacity. And the first thing he did, he took his consciousness and energy, and tied to any object, depending on the extent of its growth. Thus, it is the very consciousness of the property and the property itself power began to count itself, that is the property of consciousness, energy, property – this is a consequence of our “I”, but not the cause. At the time of creation of elementary Atma, our individual soul, I took it and start to identify themselves with energy. Did you know that even the atom – is a form of energy. All matter – it is a form of energy. The issue is that each life and death, “I” associates itself with the increasing amount of consciousness and energy.

Why are we so attached to their bodies? The affection that arose from the principle of occurrence of the individual “I”. Lord God or the Absolute by Maya or illusion divided themselves into small pieces, and we particles. Illusion – an idea that is not really. By its very existence to the individual, we are obliged to illusions. At that point, we just got disconnected from the Absolute, manifested all the power of Illusion. A consequence of these forces is the associative link.

The association – is a continuation of the illusions that accumulates from lifetime to lifetime.

In America sometimes very strange sect found. In one of the sects of people hate their parents for the simple reason that they see themselves as angels of light, and their parents – it’s dark wizards who caught their souls into matter and concluded that he suffered like a prison. Here, clearly felt schizophrenic side. On the other hand, you can spend some analogy that within us there is independent of the potential suffering, but we bind ourselves to the body, leading to suffering. In this sect, it is believed that all the fault of the parents. It is necessary to find those responsible. Let parents will blame.

In nature, there is no evil spirit or law that our “I” is related to our body. It came as a continuation of the act of creation of the universe. This moment is very difficult to explain. It always comes back to the time of creation of the world. Or I like this analogy: each of us for himself built a fortress: a good prison that nobody escaped. Usually in Hollywood films – always robbers escape. And here we have built for ourselves an ideal prison. We went into it, shut themselves in the key, the key is thrown out the window and sit in it for several billions of lives. Now our task is to get out of the most advanced in prison, to surpass themselves. Sometimes people ask, “Why all this? For what the whole world “to answer this question, we, too, can not, we can dream up:” In order to surpass themselves. “


Now let’s define the term ‘Atma’, so that we do not fall into a verbal trap. In yoga each individual “I” is called “Atma”, from the same word as “atom” – indivisible. Each of us has his own atma, and it is individual. Otherwise, no law of karma would not be. If we have all the same “I” means that one over there man made a crime, and you’ll take the rap for it! The law of cause and effect says that we all have individual “I”, but all of our “I” – an inseparable part of some whole. We are all united in the Absolute. Or, as the Christians, “the brothers and sisters in Christ.” This is a more profound phrase, than it seems at first glance. We are inextricably linked with the Supreme. We – part of it. But talk about the unity we can only overcome after Maya. And it is that of Maya, which gave birth to the whole world. And until we have overcome, we have each their own “I”. And this “I” rises higher and higher, to overcome the Maya until itself does not expand to the size of the Absolute and becomes identical with the Absolute. To paraphrase. As long as the individual “I” does not merge with the world, “I”. But in any case it is just empty words. Why? Because in that moment, when overcome Maya ceases to exist, and the concept of merging and expanding the concept and even the concept of time. We can only dream, and what is happening there. If someone does not like that kind of terminology that will then choose any other, which is like him. They are all equally meaningless. Because the state, which you reach, will be so big, all exciting and happy, that have no negative emotions just will not. More precisely, emotions never will.

Here we are again faced with the theme of the border. The theme of infinity. The theme of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. It seems that we can say about it or what to think? Here Newton began to reflect on the theme of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, and turned out differential-integral calculus. After that – the development of all our science and civilization. There are infinitely small, and if you put two infinitesimal much work? Again infinitesimal. And if five infinitesimal folded, much work? Again infinitesimal. And if an infinite number of infinitely small fold? What do you get? But there are already options. And options that reveal to us the door to the mysteries of the universe. No wonder they say that mathematics – the language in which the Lord God speaks to humanity. Similarly, in an axiomatic yoga. It is very difficult to speculate on the concepts of “Atma”, “Absolute”, “Maya” and “associative links.” These terms, like it is understandable, but at the same time elusive and sometimes even seem trivial. But if wisely used two approaches to meditation, and when to get them to interact, then here sometimes doors to secrets are revealed. Therefore axiomatic yoga slim as higher mathematics. People love to talk about the super powers in yoga or some kind of asana cures disease, or how to get rid of stress, or how to lose weight. In fact, yoga is all it gives. But the man who is studying yoga for a long time, it is very boring to talk about these issues, because yoga is above it.

Fight fire with fire, or how to make the “I” to see something else other than his body.

My “I” were absorbed into my body and did not know that you can look to the left, right, up and down or even turn away from the body. And I have a feeling that here it is – I, and creates the illusion that I – this is not “I”, which is very high, and on anything does not depend neither on the body nor the mind nor the thoughts. And I – this is a piece of cloth and a bunch of thoughts. So, like cures like. “I” is initially absorbed in meditation on his own body, and I’m using mediattsii start of this association of my “I” to shift to another subject.

For example, I – a scientist. I opened a new stage in the development of, for example, physics and deduce the formula. And for a while I was so focused on his new creation, that I forget about your body and begin to more fully identify with the formulas that I write. A man in such a state can forget about eating, sleeping, friends. He forgets about everything in the world, it is entirely in their work. Thus, an association he pulls from his body and directs it to another object or phenomenon. And the more he throws association to something else, the less it remains attached to the body and mind. And at this time the internal “pen” that hold all of our problems, begin to slowly decompress, and, oddly enough, sometimes the problems themselves suddenly solved. This is the ability to let go of the situation, it comes only to the man in the case, if a person knows how to meditate, and forgets himself.

Primal meditation makes us a bad joke. It binds us as a convict, to our body and mind. To weaken this relationship, we ourselves need to learn to meditate and endure an association to another object or phenomenon.

And the deeper the meditation, the more we will be able to control their own body and mind. Moreover, many hidden features, enclosed in the body and mind begin to open. While we are so spasmodically grabbed for them, they are not disclosed. And only we let the situation is starting to grow spontaneously something sverhvysshee.

So “meditation” – a process of association transfer to any object or phenomenon.

Two approaches meditation.

Everything in this world is made of energy and consciousness. Therefore, we can transfer the associative link, using an energy approach, or the approach of consciousness. Sometimes you open the book and read the word “meditation” a variety of practices that are often diametrically opposed. And you’re confused. But in fact, all the way it is. Just one book uses the energy of meditation, other books used Consciousness meditation.

You learn at the university, you control work in mathematics. For two hours you have to solve a lot of problems. If you do not pass the exam, it will be bad, you are expelled. And here you come to the exam and begin to focus on the task at hand. You have hundreds of thoughts, hundreds of sensations: scratched behind the ear, a cell phone rang, but you return with maniacal persistence your mind to the task. Consciousness wants to jump around on the phenomenon: a fly on the glass beats, but no, it is necessary to solve the problem. Like a spotlight illuminated the problem, and everything else in the dark. You are in for a while forget about all the other issues about the body, the feeling about everything. You focus on one solution of the problem. This approach is called “meditation of Consciousness.” That is, we do not give our consciousness to wander.

Energy Meditation

Another group meditation – just the opposite, where the use of energy approach. I sit on the beach on a beautiful cliff in front of me a beautiful landscape, the river, the birds singing, the sun. I sit and I think about what I do not. I sit and perceive everything around. I do not focus on something particular. I’m not trying to focus his mind on flying birds, consciousness in a sense of focus. I at once perceive a pleasant sensation of the body, because before that, I work out of Hatha yoga, and beauty of the landscape. I sink into the feeling. I begin to gradually forget about myself as a small subject, and begin to perceive themselves as a part of the world around me. I kind of was dissolved in it. No tension, no exhausting, both in the control operation decision voltage thoughts. The technique is quite the opposite – nothing I do not think just all perceive.

Or an example. You’ve come to the disco, dance and forget about everything. Look at yourself as if you’re not dancing, but your body itself. Practitioners of Kriya yoga, sometimes can reach such an effect. The body itself moves, thought themselves come and go, and all you do is critical, even perceive perception. You do not have to concentrate on one thing, and there is dispersal.

Another example. You – the samurai. Strictly follow the sacred code of bushido. For his master’s step into the fray. But as you are – highly spiritual Samurai, you lead the fight with his opponent is very beautiful. At the same time you write tercet: “The moon rose in the Fuji. Where am I, “This is all taking place in a single process: you fight, your life will be solved, and you look at it, as if they have absolutely not concerned. You see yourself as part of the game. And it is – a state of meditation. Sometimes referred to as “dynamic meditation”. But the samurai defeated their enemies, sat in the garden five stones and began to enjoy Mount Fuji in the first month of early spring. Just fought, I was involved, but he was sitting, and he – in meditation. He does not do anything, or perceive beauty in yoga Sri Vidya sees the goddess Shri. It is also Energy meditation

And the method of Consciousness and Energy method called “meditation.” In their own way they are the exact opposite effect. Indeed, that may be common between the feverish solution of the problem: “Oh, why do not I go to school? With the answer does not converge! What to do? What is it? “And staying in a botanical garden, where you admire a lotus flower. These are two completely different approaches. At first glance, completely different. It seems there is nothing in common between them, but both approaches are called meditation. Why? Yes, because it weakens the effect of your association with your mind, body and redirects the connection to another object or phenomenon. In one case, you use the consciousness in another energy. Once consciousness is directed and focused, it should be the energy behind it. Once the energy is involved, like the samurai in battle, so this is followed by consciousness. As soon as consciousness and energy redirected, they form a new associative link. Because of this new association, the old begins to weaken. If the new association is to grow large enough level, it begins to compete with the old.

How, then, a new association is?

Repetition. If you are in the habit of repeating the action from time to time, thanks to this, the new association is formed, and the old is weakened. Therefore, another important aspect of any meditation – recurrence action. Once a day, once a week, once a year, twice a day. For repeatability comes a habit. Once the habit has come, the time starts to work for you. The new association is beginning to form itself, you do not even notice. It is growing and becoming stronger. The old association is weakening. Once the new associative relationship reaches a colossal value, come hit. Supernormal much. The sutras of Patanjali, somewhere at the end of his treatise, they are described. For example, the ability to travel throughout the universe outside the body. As we already know, our “I” is connected with the body by means of association, but on the other hand, our “I” – in every corner of the universe. And we simply redirect that is unnecessary to break the connection with the body, to establish a new association with the place where we want to go. But in order to form a new relationship, you need a redo. And action can be of two types: the method through consciousness or through the energy method. Choose a method of meditation, which is close to you and play.

To give an example, in the Soviet Union it was very strong school of theoretical physics. There were a large number of schools. Some of them believe that it is necessary to work out every day thousands of characters: text, complex mathematical calculations, etc. Every day – a thousand characters. Just as we do every day of Hatha yoga. And they have such a self-meditation was a meditation for the mind. Every day, people straining consciousness in order to work out the pages of a work. It is entirely falls under the definition of “meditation is Consciousness.” If anything, as the superpowers, this leads to the fact that human intelligence begins to develop actively. You do repetitive action and stop clinging to outdated items in favor of new in your mind.

Or another example. One gentleman every morning out on the small balcony. Beheld God knows where. Every morning he went out, spread out a rug, sat down and took. He could see part of the city, and it took it. He did not even know what it is called meditation. It was his daily ritual. And then, when something had happened, some problems, it was enough to go out and sit for three seconds, all by itself and soothing.

So, if we talk about meditation, we are talking about the repetition of an action. Sometimes the surface it can be very different actions. It may also be our hobby. Some cross stitch, calms the nerves. Someone knits. Someone draws. Someone sits and simply perceives.

In our school there was another, too anecdotal form of meditation. It is called “meditation on the TV.” Comes after yoga (for some reason, people think that exercise is very simple to carry out yoga, and this is not the case), turn on the TV, you sit around and think you’re watching it. Do you really sit with your eyes open, looking at the speakers, they have something to say, but you do not see them, you do not hear, do not perceive. But look at the box in which the flash image. This we called “meditation on the TV.” Ask you then that there was shown, you do not answer. But it is a ritual – renewable. People spontaneously sometimes fall into it. Even such a disease is. This meditation, however, leads to the fact that the man then ceases to perceive another person who speaks as if the announcer on television. He switched on the program. And he falls into a trance state – meditation. This, incidentally, is the bane of advertising. Advertising is no longer cling. Any advertising is valid for six months, a maximum of a year, and then our mind adapts instantly and ceases to perceive this information, thinking about her. Man falls into a state similar to meditation, that is turned off.

Summarize. We have two methods to succeed in meditation. Or two approaches to meditation and energy awareness. And each of us, depending on the preferences, inclinations of character chooses one or the other approach. But in its pure form is neither a method of Consciousness, or Energy method. Rather, one can speak of a dominant method. If I, for example, focused on solving the equation, I’m all immersed in consciousness, but some part is present in the energy – these are my emotions. Or, on the contrary, I sit on the beach and meditate on all this beauty. Yes, I am involved in the energy of what is happening, but, nevertheless, my mind is not turned off. It takes everything, even dispersed, but perceives. Or, again, when I solve the problem, I need to read the terms. But the conditions I need to somehow interpret, see – is energy. And now, when you get a book on meditation, which says one thing, another book, which says something quite different, you know that, most likely, all right. Simply, these people use a different approach or the nuances of a particular approach. But in any case, must be some kind of action that completely absorbs you into yourself. And so absorbing that you start to forget about yourself and this action you do with a certain periodicity – that is meditation. But there is one small detail, purely theoretical, which also must be said.

Repetitive actions that can not be called meditation, or a major component of any meditation.

There are some actions that are repeated periodically, I can fully involved in them, but to call them meditation is absolutely impossible. For example, I go to drink beer at a strip bar. I am a man. I come every night at this bar, order a mug of beer in front of me and she shows all the delights of this art. It is clear that I see a beautiful half-naked girl, and my mind clings. I’m involved. His mouth opened, look, what she was doing. And so it goes every night. Can we call it meditation or not? In fact, all the components there: my mind is involved, and this is repeated every week. No you can not. Why? Because then I was hooked, without my will.

So are all advertising agencies. They use a kind of bait, and a magnet for a piece of iron, and they attract our minds. On the TV before each or after each news release is an advertisement. As a rule, the same for a month. The poor man who works only one television channel, forced her to look at. Can we call systematic browsing the same advertising, which is also good and removed, meditation on advertising? No you can not. Why? Because there is a very serious component, one can say that the nail, on which everything is built. No will. A meditation in the first place, there is the will. Not something outside draws my consciousness and my energy, and I choose for myself on that direct consciousness and energy and what not to send. If there is no will, this small, seemingly element, vsepogloschaemost and repeatability of the action can not be called meditation. I can go to school under the lash, to solve every day problems, but it will not fall under the section of meditation. Because taking the incentive of interest to me, or punish.

I myself should voleizyavit every day to decide on a mathematical problem or meditate every day one or another method. For example, the method of Consciousness, and choose the object of meditation, for example, something that is very clever as an expansion option Fourier. There is a thought, is the Fourier series, is an expansion. Everyone can choose some own abstraction. And I have every day, according to his will, and sit down for five minutes I think exclusively about Fourier series, more than anything do not think. In the first minute I think of a number. In the second minute of jumping my mind: “And what about the guys on the street? Girl in a strip bar? “. That is, my mind begins to quietly rush. I told him: “No, no, for five minutes only the Fourier series.” What for? Because I want to. I initially exhibit the inner charisma, the inner will. I’ll think about it, nothing else. And if I’m using will, from day to day focus my mind, this is called meditation Consciousness. And if I do not the will of their focuses and me with a stick, or what some promises: will solve the puzzle – get a coin. This is different.

Or the situation – Energy Meditation. The beautiful girl dances a striptease and I say, ‘I will not look at her. I will not be all. I do not want”. She dances, and I do not want to look at it. I do not want to manipulate me. For example, I will look at every other girl. That this will look. Good dancing, dancing badly, will be involved in it, I will meditate. ” I so want. Or, conversely, you go behind the wheel. Beauty around! Somewhere in the forest, you can immerse yourself in meditation Energy. And you say to yourself, voleizyavlyaete: “No, I’m driving. I begin to meditate – and post. It is better to stop. ” That is, will be present in meditation.

About the will.

Will – this is a quality that we inherited from the Absolute, and that we, as a rule, do not use because we had no experience of use. That is, with whose help you can do anything you want, “All adjusts the Will” – Yogi says. Or with the axiomatic point of view, and consciousness, and energy obey the will, because any later. Each of us will have with you. It does not depend on anything, but everything depends on it. This quality of the island untouched, which is in every living being. Will – it is the quality which sooner or later will lead us from the effects of our karma, from the application of cause and effect. It also makes yoga exercise. If there is no will of the exercise, it is not quite even and yoga. And will be present in meditation. I direct your stream of consciousness or your energy flow on what math problems I will decide every day. Or what functions on which areas of mathematics, I will meditate for five minutes a day. I’ll solve it spontaneously. Like I do not like it, but I decided. I voleizyavil. Again, if I – samurai’m fighting with his opponent, that I voleizyavlyayu, which at the same time composing verses. So meditation – it is also a fact that we do voleizyavlyaem. Therefore, if there is no will, there is no meditation.

All that Einstein did with Euderom and Euler and together with other brilliant personalities can make every one of you. The question is why you do not do it – it’s just a matter of your will, of your experience. But potentially every one of you in a position to deal with the most complex aspects such as yoga and science, and in all. All that has ever been done, is being done or will be done, each of you will be able to learn. Because the inside of each of you have your “I” and if “I” voleizyavit that were so, then so be it. Therefore, I do not do discounts for your lack of education, experience and so on. The only thing I want from you – it’s a kind of charisma, chutzpah known. Do not drag out a miserable existence, and threaten the most serious questions. It called when live, live to the fullest. Otherwise it makes no sense.

What determines the “I”?

No matter what. It happened. One Atman voleizyavil appear so different in a different way, and their actions have not been programmed. We see this surge in the various parts of space and time. On planet Earth, gathered around the same Atma prehistory. This is our common karma. On Alpha Centauri, where they live other creatures, they built a body of electromagnetic radiation – glowing jellyfish floating in space. We can not even think of which way to go origin Atman since creation. We went with you on this journey.

I recently watched a movie. We make a good pious robot. He lived, he lived, and then decided to become a man. Positron brain itself put, even the process of programmed death, to die sooner or later. But will even ever robot man? Even if he will repeat every atom of your body? Here, unfortunately, from the viewpoint of the axiomatic yoga, we will be disappointed. The robot is programmed to determine, and each of us free will. Of course, now we are at first glance a little, than you are different from robots: ninety-nine and nine-tenths of our actions are determined by upbringing, the environment around a previous life, and so on. Still, some millionth of an absolutely free. Where do we want, and to turn back. And this is a very serious moment. Doing yoga, if you voleizyavlyaete achieve a result, you will reach it, and if you do not voleizyavlyaete reach it, you will not reach. Any Yoga, even the most sophisticated meditation – it’s just a tool. But the first step – it is the will.

When I say will, I mean Will Self, ie voleizyavlyaet yoga is not my mind, and the Self is doing a push. You may ask, why then one has the will to do Hatha yoga and the other not? Free will to it and free will. Each of us, like a sleeping God. What I want, I will. What voleizyavlyayu is what will be. One scenario is like binge drinking for ten lives. Another – another scenario. If a person voleizyavlyaet not be free, it is not free, even if you push it through yoga, even if you tell him the whole philosophy, will create all conditions for it, but the main switch is in man. This free will of his Self.

How to influence the Atman?

Atman decides. In a more detailed response will help us Jnana Yoga. We have our “I”, he has the will. Our “I” associates itself with the body. The body is bad, but “I” seems to him that this is bad. And then our “I” voleizyavlyaet that it was good. We are with you, just twists his expression of will that we have right now. I walk down the street, I live in this country, I watch on TV transmission, I a politician and not like a man who lives on the other hand, I do not like.And global warming, and terrorism, and the war with terrorizing – I do not like. But from the point of view of our “I”, all I can see from the outside, it is an indirect continuation of my will, which had been before. So I enjoyed the unwise will. Any desires are fulfilled. The question is, when? What we see now, it was once our desire. A broken phone, it came to us. We voleizyavili that it holds. It said: “Yes, I have accomplished.” But it is not performed immediately. Why? Because we have all of the previous desires. All are in the queue order. And while previous desires are not fulfilled, the new is not executed. Sometimes the wish fulfillment is shifted to the next life. Therefore, what you see around you – the offspring of your will.

I apologize for the vulgar anecdote, but it is very appropriate in this regard. African escaped from the plantation, long fled across the desert, dying of thirst, found a magic wand, which performed two desires. African: “I want to be white, and want it to be a lot of water.” She turned him into the toilet. Wishes were fulfilled, but how? Around the same way there was the whole world that you see now. In ancient treatises you will read: “Give up the desire.” A new modern theory generated by the consumer society, will you say something else: as soon as the desire to get executed: “Do you want the money – go to the green, because the dollar is green, will attract.” Yes, a lot of nonsense. But in all the ancient books of the red thread is the idea that the more careful with the desires. In yoga, it reads as follows, that there is no good or bad desires. The question is. They are usually executed when we want something completely different. Desires are always late or inappropriately. Therefore, if we do not want, this place of unfulfilled desires is reduced and then, if we wish for something, it is immediately itself and comes.

Meditation can allow to accelerate the implementation of desires. Under every desire: financial and mercantile, spiritual and sublime, and so on, have the proper meditation, and they all work. But you should start with asceticism. That is, try to give up desires. But, on the other hand, it is a very dangerous path. It spawned so many killers and so many insane people, I postereg you too eager to rush to denial of desires. Again. Wish all fulfilled, the question of when. So, really, the way unwillingness – it is a serious path of yoga. The question is how to approach it? Sometimes it is possible to come to a lack of desire, not resisting the urge, but glad that it already is already there. Do not say, “Oh, how bad, I do not have” Mercedes “. And say, “Oh, how good, metro goes, it is not necessary to go on foot.” There are various ways to channel their emotional component and that, again, the question of meditation, the question of our will.

How to meditate on your own “I”?

There is one very serious thing, which does not allow us to meditate on your own “I”. We have no idea of it. For example, I think of my “I”, I have a lump of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas. Someone more rough, someone thinner, someone more abstract. However, this is only a representation, but not my own “I”. We can not meditate on his “I”, because we have nothing to compare it, not to be hooked. And it’s a corner stone of meditation. Even in the most dreadful, or in the delightful dream of itself, we do not experience the sensation of the “I”, because it is much higher than this, the above mentioned thoughts and ideas about it.

But what would happen if we ever meditated for a moment on his own “I”? Here we turn to the text of the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” The moment in which you begin to meditate on his “I”, you will reach the highest ecstasy, the highest Samadhi, the higher the concentration, or the state of enlightenment. But you do not know how to feel, “I am.” I meditate on your own “I”, because it is inside of me. But in terms of the axioms “I” – everywhere. So what do I need to meditate on the entire universe at the same time? It turns out, we have no idea of his “I”. So, before you come to this meditation on the “I” is given a meditation on the ever more sophisticated attributes of the “I”. For example, I focus:. “My” I “, my” I “, my” I “,” And begins to approach him. To begin with, I think, “Here it is, in my hand.” Then even thinner, any thoughts, ideas, sensations. As refinement approaching and, sooner or later, I reach it after passing through the series of meditations.



How to meditate on your own “I”?


There is one very serious thing, which does not allow us to meditate on your own “I”. We have no idea of it. For example, I think of my “I”, I have a lump of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas. Someone more rough, someone thinner, someone more abstract. However, this is only a representation, but not my own “I”. We can not meditate on his “I”, because we have nothing to compare it, not to be hooked. And it’s a corner stone of meditation. Even in the most dreadful, or in the delightful dream of itself, we do not experience the sensation of the “I”, because it is much higher than this, the above mentioned thoughts and ideas about it.


But what would happen if we ever meditated for a moment on his own “I”? Here we turn to the text of the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” The moment in which you begin to meditate on his “I”, you will reach the highest ecstasy, the highest Samadhi, the higher the concentration, or the state of enlightenment. But you do not know how to feel, “I am.” I meditate on your own “I”, because it is inside of me. But in terms of the axioms “I” – everywhere. So what do I need to meditate on the entire universe at the same time? It turns out, we have no idea of his “I”. So, before you come to this meditation on the “I” is given a meditation on the ever more sophisticated attributes of the “I”. For example, I focus:. “My” I “, my” I “, my” I “,” And begins to approach him. To begin with, I think, “Here it is, in my hand.” Then even thinner, any thoughts, ideas, sensations. As refinement approaching and, sooner or later, I reach it after passing through the series of meditations.

Another approach is described in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” I begin to meditate on anything, such as a piece of paper – a method of Consciousness. I have in my head a thousand thoughts. One of them – this sheet. All the rest – God knows what. I take their cut off, and I have remained a hundred thoughts. And one of them about this piece. Again I cut, focus, and still a few thoughts. One of them is a piece of paper, the other that scratched behind the ear, and the third, that tomorrow it is necessary to go to the store. But the extent of my concentration starts to grow, and, sooner or later, in my mind there is only one thought – this piece. More about anything. How can I convey this state? I look at the paper and see nothing, I hear nothing, I do not remember anything about anything do not think. I fully absorb into the paper. Side by side fly flew – I do not see. Beetle crawling – I do not see. Someone came and took a machine gun to shoot over the ear, I do not see and can not hear. I – in a state of concentration. I no longer thought about anything. I am all in this leaflet. And then on the surface of my mind there is only one thought form of this piece. I take it and tidy. I have a pure mind, no one thought, and that at this point in the surface of my mind can affect my own “I”. This method of yoga as described by Patanjali again, this highway. And just like that, without training, without anything to get into his own “I”, we can not. We just can not think about it. More precisely, all thoughts about it will not thought of “I” and thought of as “I” manifests itself through us.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

A few words about the Patanjali system. “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” explains some of the provisions in a very condensed form. In Patanjali it comes down to the fact that the association between our “I” and our bodies, pulled from our “I” is not the body but to the mind. Therefore, if we start to work with your thoughts and impressions, we will work with the whole spectrum of relations. In Patanjali yogic entire work comes down to work with the mind. And meditation is reduced to the manipulation of thoughts in our mind.

“Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” would fit on the three sheets of paper, but for them there is a lot of comments. Each sutra consists of at least one or two very short sentences, but many of them you will not understand. For example, “Città vritti-nerodha”. Translation: Yoga is a stop on the mind vritti surface. In the understanding of this phrase, we can spend a lot of time, so the most common variant is the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” with comments of Vyasa. In general, all over the world every self-respecting teacher pretended to write comments of Vyasa. And not a yoga teacher is also claimed. As a result, a huge number of these comments. Honestly I tell you, some of the comments – the purest nonsense. Therefore, it is best to keep it in this manner: at the beginning to try to make sense of aphorism yourself and only then, if you feel the need, refer to the commentaries.

What is the idea?

Axiomatic explanation follows. The idea – a very fine vibration energy through which the light of consciousness shines most strongly. The flow of energy forces in the force of consciousness in the thoughts is also very strong. If our mind perceives something, the energy instantly drawn into it. Here I want to see so-and-so, and I see. And vice versa. If the thought comes to any particular form or rather, it is a wave of energy comes some form, then it seems to be attracting our minds and makes cling. That is, the energy flow of consciousness at the level of thought. What is practical? The process of meditation we can bring to the thoughts and feelings of the control process. Let’s not fuss now about the numerous energy flows through the body, both in our metabolism is and so on. In any case, all these structures are controlled by the mind. And in the mind receives only the one piece of information that says, “Yeah, I feel it, I feel it. I give impetus to do so. ” Thus, we bring science to the science of meditation thoughts and feelings of control. And here comes the fun part.

So, the important points of the theory.

First. Do you now have a sense of your body, your being, your existence and you got used to it. The feeling of being in your early childhood, one, now, maybe more, will be the third in old age. This is a different reaction to the original meditation that connects you with your body.

Second. At the moment when you start to meditate on another object or phenomenon, you can get used so much with the object or phenomenon that start to feel it his nature, in his body, his “I”. You forget about your own being, as a person, forget about all your thoughts, problems, everything in the world and fully look at the world through the prism of the meditation, which you lead. By meditating on the nature, do you suddenly become nature. Meditating on some object, crystal, you do get this crystal. You begin to meditate on the gusts of wind and you reach the state. So you pull out an association of themselves and redirect it to the object or phenomenon to which you are meditating. The implication of this is very serious. You begin to manipulate the object or phenomenon, which meditate.

Third. Now meditation is very popular all over the world. For example, offer a meditation for the benefit of all sentient beings, to world peace, to end wars, epidemics and famine. Some of these projects falls into the clutches of tenacious businessmen who, under this thing beat funding and otherwise redistribute them in his pocket. But among these organizations and movements actually benefit the. If you gather enough people and begin to meditate on a particular event or a particular object, they will start to manage the object or phenomenon. It’s such a part of our invisible power that lies within each of us. This is the law of associative links. Our government has a very serious tool. Tool changes all life and the world for the better – it is meditation. His meditation, properly directed, we can change the whole world, to change radically to change radically.

If people who meditate a lot, the effect is stronger. We see around the world. Who formed this world? This world is formed every individual and the Absolute. The total power of the world has transformed into what we now see. What is actually the world? Plasticine. Each with his consciousness and energy fashions that wants to see. Absolute Plus, who wants the good of all, and therefore always allow for this. And people uncontrollably shape the world in which they live. Each individually, like a little magnet, getting into the magnetic, I speak figuratively, the field begins to perceive the world the way it is made. But if you suddenly meet a group of yogis and begin to meditate in another way – the world will change. Here the question of power. Moreover, some groups of yogis who live in ashrams, sometimes they do that no more, no less falls under the name of a miracle. When in one place or they live a few yogis yogis who see the world as they see it, and there is the opposite view, that in this ashram, even the laws of nature can go the other way. A man gets there, disease – cured and more. The same can occur when many people are meditating in one place. Meditation, which on the TV show, for peace in the world or meditating Buddhist monks, that all was peaceful and harmonious – it is a very serious contribution to the development of our civilization. Let the invisible contribution, but it is real. Moreover, without this contribution, our world would have already slipped into any war or even in something.

I remind you the first principle of yoga, never and no harm unless absolutely necessary. Use your meditation consciously.


The first thing that begins with any meditation, we have already said, it will. I voleizyavlyayu meditate. Now it seems to be an abstract thing, but it is quite specific: no external circumstances forced me to focus or take some action, and I’ll do it voleizyavlyayu. And the next step. I have to learn to manage their feelings and thoughts. The question is how to do it? As we all know, there are two ways. One method is called consciousness, the other method of Energy.

Meditation is a method of Consciousness.

I want to control your thoughts and feelings. Because if I start to manage your thoughts and feelings, then I start to control the mind and of the associative link, which connects me with the mind. What am I to do do? I have to practice concentration. I choose any object or any phenomenon, simple, complicated – it does not matter. It can be anything. For example, a sheet of paper. And I say to myself: “Now, for five minutes, I will meditate on this piece of paper.” And I will meditate by consciousness, that is, I will concentrate my thoughts, emotions or feelings only on paper, and all the other thoughts that will spontaneously arise, I will ignore. I can look at this piece of paper, or can close my eyes and see him with his mind’s eye. Of course, in the early stages it is much easier to meditate when you see the subject. Later, you go to the more subtle meditation without an object through the senses and the memory of the subject.

So, I begin to look at the list and think about it. I focused all my consciousness, I see it, I see, I think about it. All my thoughts revolve around this sheet: “What made the paper? What size?”. Every thought has a sheet. Of course, I have a lot of different ideas, but they do not go further than this piece of paper, “White sheet of paper – a timber, a sheet of paper.” But if I continue this conversation: “Yeah, a sheet of paper. Wood. Wood – a tree. Tree – this is the taiga. Taiga – a lumberjack. Logger – a drunkard. Drunkard – so bad. ” A person is usually something similar built. Watch the performance of your thoughts when you associatively one after another clings, and you have left aside. Returns: “Paper, paper, wood. Wood – the taiga. Stop”. Again: “White? Yes, white. White as snow. Wet Snow. No, stop. ” You thought can go further. But you have to cut them. And within five minutes only ponder on this leaf. Think of adjectives that subject, but if it is multi-step chain stops and returns his mind. At first glance, everything seems easy, but in fact it is not. At the beginning of the mind for some time kept on the leaf, but with each subsequent second to keep it more and more difficult.

Mind in this sense, it is compared to a monkey that always jumps at the site can not sit. Once our mind jumped to the side chains with another – leaf rumpled, Rumpled like what? Rumpled, like a dress. Dress – this means that the iron is needed. Iron buy. Buy, then the supermarket. Stop. No supermarkets – calmly return. Again a piece of paper, the thickness – 80 grams per square meter and so on. We keep coming back thoughts. They revolve, they are not the thought of the sheet, there are several, but they all revolve around the phenomenon. The first minute – nothing. The second minute – harder. The third moment is even harder. Then you suddenly start to notice that the idea to hold on the sheet, your breathing changes dramatically. Moreover, it may happen that the perineal muscles have tensed. You start to keep themselves on their toes. Fourth minute even harder. Fifth minute – have you barely grasp. This is a very tedious task – meditation by Consciousness. Do not be surprised that after such a meditation, you will be covered later. A person engaged in meditation, in our view somewhere flies. And he, in fact, just as the donkey plows, which carry the bags.

Meditation Consciousness – is a powerful, fast method of your will, mind, strength development, the disclosure of such super-powers, like the power of the intellect.

Here is an analogy. Imagine a mountain. Mountain on one side steep, and on the other – a gentle descent. Our task is to get to the top of the mountain. Meditation is a method of Consciousness – is when we crawl up the steep side. Heavy. You can more easily get around on a gentle slope upward. But this is a method of Energy. When you are literally on the forehead faced with the management of your thoughts, you suddenly begin to realize that even meditate for five minutes a day – this is a very big burden on your entire body. Moreover it begins to strain and physical body. And if you do not practice Hatha Yoga or Kriya Yoga, you will at some point realize that you have no strength. You simply do not have the energy to work the mind. When a person is too tired, he was already in a form that does not think anything. Therefore we need a very solid foundation of the physical body.

I have a lot of students are completely different warehouse. Someone close method of Consciousness, someone close method Energy. I’ll tell you about a friend. While still in school he method of Consciousness greatly sharpened his mind for a very short period of time. Every day, I am doing yoga and then sit down to meditate. The first three months for five minutes. Then, ten minutes for another three months. Finally, fifteen minutes. He sat down and literally focusing on the problem. The problem was jumping and it is inside something like that was selected, strained, bathed in perspiration, but after he came out of the meditation, in this extreme concentration, he had the feeling that the mountain had been lifted from his shoulders. The feeling of flight. Why? Because he is no longer in this focus, and the body continues to generate the resources to be concentrated. And it’s such a relief, it is the highest state of euphoria. When we are at the beginning of straining yourself, and then allow yourself to just be. This meditation technique Consciousness. Therefore, if someone in front of us is the problem very quickly and in a rigid form to sharpen the mind, sharpen the will, that is, to learn how to exercise it, and quickly achieve success, I recommend Consciousness method.

Let us return to the paper sheet. As a result of this practice, when I hold my mind, concentrating on the sheet, I suddenly note that I did not see anything or hear anything. More precisely, my ears hear the neighbors behind the wall swear and beat the dishes, but I did not touch them. I was emotionally absolutely do not care. All my emotions, all my energy is gone for the mind. And I can hear without hearing. Moreover, there comes a time that I see a sheet and peripheral vision I see more of other people around me, but at least my world starts focusing very sharply narrowed. And all the energy that has been distributed to all around, suddenly, like a bright beam of light focused on the very important subject. The first sign of a successful meditation Consciousness – that you leaf paper becomes extremely interesting, exciting, interesting. As if it was a ship of aliens, which you have never seen. But what we call “interesting”, what we call “like, do not like”, in fact, derived from the ability to concentrate. So remember: there are no uninteresting affairs in the world, uninteresting occupations uninteresting situations – they simply do not.It only says that you do not focus on these processes, objects or situations and not meditated on them by Consciousness. Believe me, if you learn to do this, any science, any work, everything that you begin to encounter in life, will be very interesting for you! Moreover, all of a sudden starts to go the flow of information associated with the object or phenomenon, such an exciting, as if your mind puzzles are beginning to take shape, and the whole picture entirely clear. In the beginning it occurs at the level of common sense, and then at the level of what is called supernormal. Remember Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? Holmes looks at the subject and said, “This belongs to something.” So you suddenly fingerprint as dented sheet, in a very clear light to see what happened to him.

Thought method, once again, seemingly simple method. But why are they few uses? Because the average person can not hold unidirectionally your mind on the subject just a few seconds, and only a few minutes, and even more so. It is known that in the sixties the average movie on television lasted about twenty to thirty seconds. At the current average television movie is about nine seconds. Can a few confused figures, but time is reduced. Studies have shown that more than nine seconds, the average viewer can not keep their attention on the ads, and it stops working. Why pay more when you can achieve the same for less money. We now have all the flickers. We at once: “Oh, uninteresting, boring. The next program. ” Now there is the remote control, we press the shift key, which means that our mind darted, it became uninteresting.

Meditation also select an arbitrary object. This may be of interest. It may be uninteresting object. This may be a random object. My friend, for example, the yogi-sixties, took to the shelf encyclopaedia, conducted by finger page: “Now meditate on this.” And is there any Antypkin, a prominent figure in the CPSU Central Committee. After all, this is a serious, abstract meditation. Antypkin so Antypkin. He sits on it for a week meditating and Antypkin becomes very exciting: it turns out, he began his career at the Sormovo factory, which is next door, and there he built a barricade, then his repressed, there he was rehabilitated. All other information is suddenly starts obleplivat the subject on which you have focused method of Consciousness. Therefore, if you have a topic for which you are interested, you will, of course, easier. But your task – to choose a random object and learn to focus on any object. This you can do only in one case, if you voleizyavlyat. Your previous karma, your upbringing, says the opinion of others: “uninteresting object.” And you say to yourself: “I take the freedom of his will. I will meditate uninteresting or interesting. “

Another thing to consider is that we usually refer to as “we like” means that some degree of our interest or concentration was in this thing before.

Begin meditation with three to five minutes and add time gradually. And the supporting visual meditation. One thing you meditate on a piece of paper and it is in front of your eyes. Another thing you close your eyes and see within yourself the same sheet of paper. Of course, when the subject is in front of the eyes – it is easier. As soon as your eyes jumped to the side, I went in a different way you have a chain of associative links in the head. You meditate, and then came the moment when you have lost vigilance, and his head flew chain of extraneous thoughts. To track this point as soon as possible, using the direction of eye fixation. As soon as his eyes jumped from the site, you know, I ran the idea in my head. That is, the driving vision, looking at one object, we thus allowing you to focus on the subject by consciousness.

Needless to frequently change the object of meditation, allocated to a single object at least a month. Too often, changing the object of meditation, you can not really feel it and understand the meaning. However, I meditate on one object, and entering into the taste, you can achieve the same degree of concentration in relation to another object in much less time. So to start concentrate on one object for a long time. And then, really, you can take a dictionary and start focusing each time on a new site. This mobilization component, component intelligence. Very interesting topic, and it is closely related to yoga Visualization. Meditation can be compared with the developing photographs. Gradually the path drawn, all clearly see the image.

Again. To keep the mind on one object, we force our minds to obey the will. Here you can experience for yourself the following effect. According to the teachings of yoga, the process of thinking – a very expensive thing. When we have an idea, we think, well, thoughts and ideas. God is with them. In fact, each of which consumes a great amount of energy. To keep one thought and not to let the other requires a tremendous load. He begins to stiffen the body. He begins to rebuild the rhythm of breathing. The more you hold the thought, the stronger it becomes. And we have enough for the next smaller. Another idea is growing, and we have already and it can not keep. The process of thinking, because we have a parasite. Forces are not thought to hold. We will exert all its structures, our body starts to sweat. This is a major internal shake-up for the whole organism. This process stimulates the internal cleansing of the body. If to this we put up with the toxins inside, untreated channels through which energy can not go, but we were so well, it is now no longer enough energy dramatically and it stimulates the cleansing process. Therefore, the method of meditation is very much a process of consciousness spurs all our internal plexus of channels and centers.

There is a danger in meditation – is the effect of an empty wall. When a person sits down to meditate, and as it seems, he meditates. But in fact, he does not meditate, and slipping into sleepiness blunt-state. The cow also no thoughts, but she does not meditate. What if the person strongly got tired, or something else, but in front of him just a white sheet. Like the idea of a directed, like and something like and nothing but the whole energy level drops, the person slides into a state tree.

State of consciousness meditation – is the internal tension – imagine that after you gonitsya herd of angry tiger, and you skedaddle away.

After a meditation it is necessary to relax. Because this is a very serious tension. But, at the same time, you will go out of meditation rested. Because some parts of your mind, your feeds tense, and others that have been stretched all the time and you do not even notice that they are tense – relaxed. So this kind of shake a positive effect on our entire body.

Another purely practical way. Take some trifle, such as an antique item. Antique stores and people who engage in this sort of thing, it is, generally, a single layer of culture. Connoisseur is a coin or the collection consider the long winter nights and receive from this aesthetic pleasure is that we never dreamed of. In a sense, a continuation of consciousness meditation. The more man meditates upon any object or phenomenon, the more attractive it becomes for him. The first time looked – pyramid. The second time looked – pyramid. But if I meditated for three months in a row on this pyramid, then the fourth month one of its kind will cause my aesthetic pleasure. And this stuff turns into a kind of battery positive associative relations. Then the person is upset, he sees the pyramid, which was meditating and spontaneously falls into a state of meditation in front of this three months, and this state supersedes all other processes out of his head. Willy-nilly, he began to calm down. You can select any object and fill it with our positive associative, so that later, looking at it, we have had positive emotions.

A good example of this – the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa now and can not see it, because it has a triple protection system. And the crowds keep going. Because so much has been directed to this consciousness, that she began to literally shine and each newcomer a man like grips. He remembers all the books and movies about the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa. Therefore, antiques – it is a business. It is possible to draw fifty of the same pictures, and will not be for them to give five billion. Collectors usually aspirated say: “Yes, from this thing powerful energy,” and in due time it may very well be that it was an ordinary thing, but during the history of the power of human consciousness is, as it were, to magnetize. There was a painter, he did not know where and what to draw, so he invented a refrigerator draw. Now the fridge for some mad money selling. When the mind for a long time on something focused, the subject is magnetized by light of consciousness and becomes attractive. Use it can be for their own selfish purposes. If you meditate by consciousness in the same place at the same time, this space eventually begins to magnetize you and become an extension of your body. Some discomfort – you go out there and quickly from the negative state. There is already meditation spontaneously go.

In meditation sometimes used hourglass. First, to measure time. Secondly, it is much easier to keep their attention on the ongoing processes. This requires a lesser degree of abstraction. Current river, fire, racing clouds. Behind them can be seen for hours.

A lot of all sorts of psycho-physiological teachings are now bred. Where a variety of pills, magic cylinder. “Buy from us, this cylinder of two and a half thousand dollars and you will be happy.” And he will bring harmony and happiness. Sometimes it works. But you must understand that if a person pays two thousand, he was reluctant impregnates her with his own consciousness and energy. And it really starts to work in his life. It’s a psychological effect of expensive things. Many paid – it’s a good thing. It Mayan modern civilization. So remember that the magic is not outside. Magic – your “I”. It is from your “I” all the rest.

From the point of view of meditation, and the worm, and the immortal work of art is only a combination of consciousness and energy. The only difference between a truly immortal work of art and daubs, whether it inspires us? Do associative relationship with something infinite, something higher? Most of inspiration, we usually can get in the field of Fine Arts. From some of the pictures, music, poetry, we are getting better, while others, like, we go nowhere. Why? I recently saw on TV, the computer forced to write in the style of Dostoevsky. If it is programmed, it is possible to obtain approximately the same results. But a small component of the disappeared – an associative link, which we pushed. At first glance, like everything, and consciousness and energy, but only one consciousness and energy are shown, so that makes us free, and the other does not lead anywhere. And just what makes us free, we feel like something beautiful. And those who does not lead anywhere, or does not apply, or cause disgust, because tired. But from a formal point of questions wonderful and terrible slightly higher than the questions of consciousness and energy.

An alternative approach.

here are different approaches in the study of our world. For example, the approach of the shaman, which, indeed, he idolized, animates. For him, the river – not a river, but the spirit of the river. He’s different methods falls into a trance, but in fact it is the same meditation, but with a very lightweight forms. Shaman is completely immersed in communion with the spirit of the river, and, indeed, brings some information and somehow affects the world. This approach is an alternative to our civilization. And at the same time it is a little bit away from yoga and because a yoga point of view it is a primitive approach. If there is a manifestation of energy, then there is the consciousness behind the manifestation of that energy. So, accordingly, there is a common source – it is the “I” – the soul of the phenomenon or object. And we, if we can, we begin to deal with this “I”, with the soul of an object or phenomenon. But we should remember that the soul of the phenomenon or object, for example, the pyramid stands on a very primitive level. A more primitive soul, the harder it is to communicate with her. But to some extent we can somehow establish contact.

In our world there is a universal coin, a universal language that is understood by all in the world – the language of kindness. All yoga begins with this principle: Never, under any circumstances, do not cause harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary. In fact, it’s not a simple call in the spirit of Santa Claus, as it seems. This is a wise word. I mean, that moral principles – is not an abstraction in itself. Rather, it is bars or quintessence, is the “fifth” element, the most valuable thing in all the wisdom of this world.

Remember, as in Kipling “Mowgli”:. “We’re the same blood: you and I.” Also, here I am – a living creature, you – the living entity. I’m not going to hurt you, and you Feel it. Even if there is a primitive associative channels that somehow make their way through the consciousness and energy, they are to some extent able to interact. But God forbid you from the following examples: Auntie learned to talk to flowers or stones. This is madness. If I go up to the tree, and I know that I had felled a tree that supposedly acid-alkaline balance is disturbed. I have never read of such experiences, I’ve never seen dated scientific experiments confirmed on this issue. Often people give wishful thinking. Although, of course, it is not so simple. But I beg of you, be very careful. Because it is very slippery topic. Where we have our imagination, where they are a cruel joke with us to play. And for this reason, any self-respecting scientist always wince when you start to talk to him, you communicate with the spirit of water. He will, at best, to any anthropologist will send that here they are modern myths and legends. But, on the other hand, it is possible to communicate with the “I” of any object or phenomenon. Moreover, we have nothing more left. We are now in the age of Kali Yuga, the Iron Age. We all iron. Mechanisms. Nobody prevents us to build more living arrangements, so to speak. Not in terms of robots, and in the sense that greater use trends “I” hide behind objects and phenomena.

Meditation on the attainment of the desired quality or saving a wonderful country.

If you sit for meditation for finding some good, but still mercantile qualities, this meditation will be much lower than just meditation. There is a meditation on a certain image of the deity, that will give you everything you ask for. But this is a series that, as I mentioned earlier, “to quickly realize their desire.” And there is meditation, which raises you above all desires. And you do not have a desire, not because you can not it does not occur, so that the language of desire and its fulfillment merge into one point. And, of course, that the point of view of yoga more rational or more logical to get a state or quality.

Many people say, “Something nerves or to hell. At work, stress. We must begin to meditate. ” On this course there are millions of “You feel bad, you got a life, come to our workshop. We can help! “. Sometimes it helps, but it’s commerce. Life you put in front of some vital problem you are having trouble. And meditation can be used as a reflection of the problem, and meditation can be used as an anesthetic. This built numerous psycho. Or come to the psychologist, he had to work with you, and you like everything is in order and calm. But it has not solved the problems in your life. Problems can get out through the other place.

In the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, in the fourth, in my opinion, the chapter has a supernormal and ways to achieve them. This so-called state sanyama when you reach an increasingly strong concentration on an object or phenomenon. And depending on what you meditate, you get a particular supernormal ability or a particular quality. For example, meditating on the North Star, and the whole science of astrology is revealed in front of you, at a glance. But it is utilitarian. This is the same that waste your time on trifles. Good, of course, razmenivanie, especially if you get at least one time a successful result, then you believe in this method and start using it more quite different. But the most valuable meditation – it is when you grow your space. We have our karma, and we do not know what tomorrow will bring us a day. But we have so-called “saving a wonderful country”, no matter what happens to us, no matter what happens to us, we may find ourselves in a magical kingdom, which we had built which neither depends on nothing. This is the world of meditation, created by us. And while we are there, we calm down and come to life. I gain strength again returned to a usual measurement. Usually begins to remodel the world. Tired, jumped inside.

I remember, as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, the people began to receive residence permits throughout the world. You never know what is going to happen, and I can be in the Canary Islands. Here the revolution, the deluge, and my family and I are alive and well. The feeling that you have the rear covered. Of course, it is very doubtful in our material world. But when we begin to create a world untouched inside, it is more reliable and more priority. So I would recommend that you start at the maximum, and the rest, as appropriate, shall be added to you. Later you read the relevant texts, study, learn what meditation is what leads. Of course, I can give you their billion. But I do not want to – I respect you. I respect the fact that every one of you – a person, not an alarm clock that can be programmed at the seminar, and he spent the next six months is going as it should, and then again crash occurs. I wish you did not have breakdowns in principle. Yes. This is hard. And if something threaten – threaten by the very highest level.

Meditation on a positive or negative quality.

In the “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” is written, thou shalt meditate on courage – he’ll be brave. On the kindness – he’ll be good. In the mind – he’ll be clever. You will meditate on some of his positive qualities – will acquire positive qualities. And if I’m going to meditate on their negative qualities, say laziness? What if I get this? I will not torment you now long answer, just say that meditation on the negative qualities do not lead to anything. That meditation on positive qualities leads to increased disclosure and positive qualities – it is not just a mere statement.

There is a light. There is darkness. Darkness – is the absence of light. Light we can strengthen, make brighter or do less. But the darkness we can not do no more, no less. Darkness is what it is, there is one. Nature negativity – it is the nature of absence and not the nature of the presence of any component. It is useless to make the darkness more. You can do less light. But can do no more darkness. Therefore, strengthening the negative – will not lead to any result. Moreover, it will simply be divorced work. The object of meditation can be anything, including laziness and anger and everything. But you do not get any benefit for themselves in terms of change or an increase of quality. More evil you become.

There is another side to this coin. If we capture some paranoid thought that turns our mind, it begins to grow, overshadows all our space, and we are starting to do stupid things. It may look something like this: “Here, Lyapkin-Tyapkin behind me says nasty things. Yes, this Lyapkin-Tyapkin always says bad things. And I said yesterday, probably, too. I have not heard, but just saying. And so pointedly looking at me. ” And this paranoia begins to gain momentum, “No, this Lyapkin Tyapkin-face is necessary to fill. Or there. Killing him is not enough! “And then a person begins to wind itself. And then this thought brings him to such a hysterical state that it is to beat the muzzle Lyapkin Tyapkin-and-Lyapkin Tyapkin do not think to say anything behind. This is the moment when the thought that comes to us, like a leech, captures our emotions, begins to suck the energy out of us, it inflated itself, is growing and, in fact, obscures the entire space. Lives this parasitic thought due to the fact that one of us sucks the prana and thought and process mysleobrazovaniya, as you already know, this is a very expensive process. it is necessary to prevent such states at the very beginning. But if we deliberately choose yourself meditation: “Lyapkin-Tyapkin and what it says behind me,” that no matter how much you do not meditate, Lyapkin-Tyapkin no longer will speak. It should be remembered that sanyama or meditation on positive factors gives you the positive qualities, abilities and super powers. Sanyama or meditation on the negative qualities does not bestow anything.

The conclusion is as follows. If you want to get rid of some quality, you do not need, you should not meditate on this negative quality, and its opposite. If we want to quickly get rid of fear, do not meditate on fear. We fully Turn out this concept, but it does not give us courage. But if we begin to meditate on courage, we will eradicate fear. That is, if you want to get rid of the negative, you displace it a positive rather than a negative war. For example, we want to have the same qualities as our friend, and we, of course, we can meditate on it. And if these positive qualities, such as tolerance, then meditating, we are developing a remarkable quality in itself.

For example, a person timid or afraid to speak before a large audience. But he himself says: “I want to be realized.” But as soon as he opened his mouth, the British have an expression, is, as a “man with a hoof in the mouth.” Because afraid that others will think. He begins to meditate on the opposite. He sees himself orator of ancient Greece in white flowing robes, standing on the podium. Meditate: “I thought I state as a great orator.” And the man gradually banishes a fright. And then triggered a habit. Mind in an incomprehensible situation inclined to go that route on which it either, or that mentally drew once walked. Therefore, if I had not gone, but mentally drew as I myself have seen the greatest orator, I am inclined to repeat it all to the last detail.

Remember Demosthenes was terribly afraid of the crowd? He feared that the crowd begins to shout and boo him. He coped with it well. Went for an open, when it was the strongest storm, the noise of the storm. But, despite this, he began to speak their language, creating a pristine island in itself. And he did not care how it will accept. Whistle, whistling – all I have to say that I have grieved.

Energy Meditation technique.

Consciousness Method – a frontal attack, it is very strong, very fast method. This is what is called a method clenched teeth. He very quickly bring you up. But, nevertheless, there is another method. Energy Method. I use my will to disidentify oneself or redirect their energy through the associative link, which pulls out of the consciousness. Here the most important thing – it is a manifestation of its energy from the point of free will. I sit on the riverbank and consciously meditate on all the beauty around. My head on anything not focused, more dispersed. But I have all my senses become part of this picture. I get used to it, I – part of the universe. An idea, or there, or whether they are not rather – sensations. I run through the senses thoughts. If the method of Consciousness I through strengthening the thought cleaned other thoughts, here I go the other way: through the senses, through involvement in the process of being energy, I begin to control his thoughts.

Meditation Energy – spontaneous. In all the ancient texts it is compared with the fisherman who threw the bait into the lake. Quiet. Iron. Suddenly, a big big fish on the fishing rod! There was no object, and suddenly it appeared spontaneously with all the tiny Circuits. And also the object of meditation occurs spontaneously and is held for a long time, and then can just as suddenly disappear. Energy Meditation method takes a longer time than the consciousness meditation, from fifteen minutes to several hours.

Those who go to our classes in Hatha yoga, remember that there is a method in the Energy performance of Hatha yoga. I suggest you do one exercise. Lie on your back. Throws hands behind your head and stretch properly and bend at the waist, palms of hands grab the ankles. Who did not bother themselves, to surrender completely to the sensations of your body, it is desirable that your knees are straight. Getting to squeeze thought by sensations. You can close your eyes, the whole world around us disappeared and we are completely a thing of the feeling in meditation. We are squeezing out unnecessary thoughts and associative links out of your head by feeling, by the method of Energy. The same thing happens at the samurai, when he fights with his enemy. The same thing happens when you do Kriya Yoga. The same is true when you go out on the beautiful coast, admiring nature, and in my head there is no thought. You perceive.

You do not think about, not praise, do not swear, you just perceive. You – part of it all. If you are in this state long enough, as well as after school meditation Consciousness, is the influx of Prana, Energy, tranquility. But it is often such a situation. Man sit, sit, sit, his energy will be typed and then suddenly starts parasitic thought that energy burst. He eats and eats, and the entire process ends. And if you are in a state where the mind you can not dim and shine, but not the hectic flow of emotions, thoughts, then this condition is also meditation. And, in general, in the West at this and understand meditation, that is the approach of Energy meditation. But again, you can come after work, sit down, and no thoughts, his head empty. In this case, all due to the lack of energy as such, as it were, the last stage of breath. In the case of meditation, you just do not give this energy to be spent. Therefore, the more you meditate, the more store energy. You become stronger, you start driving.

From the foregoing it should be a very serious thing, which refers to meditation and Energy and Consciousness meditations. Despite the fact that the process used in meditation, and thinking, feeling and meditation inherently higher than that. Therefore, during the meditation may be, how to be action, so they may not be. There may be thoughts, and can not be them. They may be feeling as they may not be. But the only component that must always be – it will. You do not because you are de-energized after work, but because you have the intention. The second component, which we have already said, this process repeatability. So you decided to start meditating. And if you meditate daily, two, three, and then forget it, you will not get the effect. And if you start to meditate regularly, then every month, once it becomes a habit, you will feel more confident. And if you still practice it on a completely unreasonable basis, simply because so voleizyavlyayu, then over time you will grow inside of the interior intact, which will be a springboard for all your positive changes in their lives. The fact is that if we begin to practice yoga, we will certainly begin to clean themselves, we start from something negative to get rid of, to rebuild their lives and relationships with people. This is a very tedious task. And it’s very nice to have moments of rest. And regularly repeated meditation is precisely the moments of rest. But it works, as well as all yoga only in one case, if it is entered into the habit. Is the concept of “asanas”, for us – it is Hatha yoga, but in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” by “asana” means a posture for sitting. It is believed that the person is ready to start meditation only after he had studied the lotus position. The lotus posture is good? But what if you fall forward, then you are not banging his head against the floor. But she does not pose helps to ensure that you are falling back. Therefore, if you start to meditate, then, of course, highly desirable to develop this position. Sometimes in meditation you can really experience the feeling that you suddenly see yourself for a moment from the side. These are moments of leaving the body. And, of course, that such feelings, to put it mildly, we were not used to, and we begin to feverishly grasping for the vestibular apparatus, “What is it with me? Where it is I have suffered? “. And this pose helps to maintain balance.

Copy the image of the hero.

energy approach can be very different. You can meditate on the beauty of the world. And you can meditate and visualize yourself or your own body, how you want. In yoga, visualization, for example, is prescribed to see themselves the inner eye, in the form of four-armed Shiva. A person can meditate on himself as the image of the deity, as it were live on the Stanislavsky system in theater actors. A really good actor to get used to the image. You can select any image: the image of the great yoga, yogi, teacher, character and so on. When I start to focus on the image, there is a very interesting thing. I already have a picture or an image of what I am. I – man, I’m so many years, I have formed, but on the other hand, my inner self-image to my “I” is irrelevant. It karmically established habit. I used myself as perceived. Moreover, in this life I – man. In the following I – a woman. In the next, I do a cow or a sheep. The body is changing and, therefore, my view of itself is also changing. My current idea of himself – the same illusion as if I visualized myself Multi-armed deity. While meditating, I create this image, which gets used. I have to get used to, primarily, through the senses, I feel each finger on all of its four arms. After identification is involved in a new form. I visualize another body and is involved in his feelings. This is a very powerful meditation. There is a duplication or copying experience. I meditate on this or that god, I have to get used to the image of the deity, and all the qualities that were in this deity, are beginning to emerge in me. That is what you think, and so you become. And best of all they do not come through intellectual understanding, and energy method, through the senses, through being. It turns out that we seem to take and make an exact copy. Dissolve your body and do something else to complete the wonderful qualities. And it works.

I had a student – a financial analyst. It is the dawn of the 90 went to work in a foreign company, his boss the dog ate in the stock market. And once he was confronted with the problem of a financial nature, which does not understand. Rescued him the next thing. He suddenly tune in chief, he as though he was the boss, as if the problem solved not he but his boss. He is so merged with the model that most wonderful way deal with the problem, and quickly began to prosper. Now his career is quite successful.

This principle of identifying themselves through energy method gives you a very quick learning process. This built all tantric meditations that were so famous in Tibet or in closed schools of yoga. Comes student, cool, nice guy, but stupid, that is, to study it and learn more. And it quickly pull? identifying the effect of the fastest way. You can fill a book themselves, or you can copy it. Meditation Energy identification with meditation is very good if you need to quickly make a breakthrough in one direction or another, to get this or that quality.

Meditate in this way can not only living people, but also long gone. The whole world theater, and people in it are actors. Personality – is not something that you can bring and carry to the grave. This kind of archetype properties manifestations, which shows the “I” of a particular person in a particular game. But it can be duplicated. Hamlet, for example, for the past how many years, played a completely different people. Some are still alive, some are dead. Hamlet of that is still here. Therefore, when we meditate on the quality of a person of interest to us, it does not matter whether or not he is alive. What about the gods? About quality, such as Alexander the Great we have something we can read. And as for the quality of the deity? There is a certain Tantric teachings are very hidden, does not understand, but very powerful, very honest and pure.To him there are texts: “I see you. You stand the three-eyed, you have four hands. ” While reading, you can not understand what they were spending precious paper, more precisely, palm leaves on it? But you still start to practice, and gradually comes to you nonverbally that you gave just the archetype deity responsible for the solution of various problems. But this god should be viewed not as a separate deity, and as a manifestation of the Absolute with certain qualities. And these qualities you just listed. If you have mastered them, you have to be postponed. Do you want to succeed in the poetic gift – you need the goddess Saraswati. Do you want to fight with the darkness of the world -You need quality Durga. You want to be a great yogi or a great lover – Shiva image for you. And so for all occasions. Ganesh – god, or eliminating obstacles hindering. Imagine who saw Ganesha, a fat man pretty, with the head of an elephant, sitting on a large rat. And it prescribes meditation for attaining certain properties. At first glance, the purest nonsense. But you start to do it, to live with, and each of these things, if you are involved in a common field of tantra, you opened. While meditating, you begin to acquire the inherent quality. It is a complex system. Formalization can not be any. Psychologists are fighting, can not decipher why this beggar-Indian works, and the whole Academy and works here can not even understand how it all works. Ungrateful thing to learn yoga from the standpoint of Western psychology. Absolutely deadlock. reporting systems are different.

One young lady very much fascinated by some tantric yoga, and this, in some cases even marginal sample, with a skull in his hand went. One day, she was faced with the injustice of this world. Indeed, in those years, at the dawn of the 90s, it was a solid banditry. And somehow it is so sick of it that she identified with the goddess Kali, and strange things began to happen around her. Where did she come no one authority killed the second. The city has become cleaner. You should not laugh. It is so identify what was the conductor of the cleaning. So it touched the horror around, she had a set of thoughts of anger came together spontaneously desire to change everything, and not just the image of Kali helped her. But God forbid, she did not kill anyone. You know this saying? “When the gods want to punish mortals, they are deprived of their mind.” Here and in her presence some two villain quarreled and killed each other. I myself, to be honest, a little horrified, as I became the witness indirectly. Although she herself – a harmless person. But at the same time, she became conductor for something this incomprehensible. Summed up. What if we, like Harry Potter jump on brooms, we willy-nilly start to acquire its quality. Whether we like it or not like – we are the conductor. And remember that all that is directed at causing harm to any living creature – it’s not yoga and tantra.

You can imagine identifies and inanimate objects. The fact that you feel with what you are now experiencing themselves, the same illusion as if I, for one, felt like a pyramid. In yoga, there is an anecdote, often repeated. One teacher asked his disciple to meditate on the cow. He crawled into the cave and meditated for a long time. The teacher came and said: “Come out, all is enough to meditate.” What student said, “No, teacher, I can not. Horn of the way. “

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is somewhere in the border between the method and the method of Energy Consciousness. Although there is Energy and Consciousness mantra mantra. If we practice the mantra of consciousness, meditation is more consciousness. If we practice Energy mantra, meditation is more Energy. The point is what it is. There are a great way to control the mind – our language. Our mind, first of all, listen to our own language, and only then all that will hear the ears. I will not go into the theory of Mantra Yoga, anyone interested in the film refer to the “Kundalini Yoga mantra,” there the whole theory more or less stated. The idea is that if we begin to chant, the method that requires Mantra yoga, then there is a synchronization of what we say and what we think about. We spontaneously begin to meditate on this mantra. Repeating the mantra keeps our mind from wandering. As if our mind is attracted mantra. Moreover, if you practice long mantra yoga, the mind begins to experience intense euphoria from chanting. I recently read a study of German doctors. They studied the brain and found that such monotonous repetition produce somewhere in the depths of a substance that has analgesic strength twenty times greater than that of morphine. This means analgesia mechanisms built into us. We just do not use them. But we have this teaches Mantra Yoga. When a girl is pregnant and her contractions that any imputed girl begins to do? She starts yelling obscenities good. And if it is the right way yelling, then greatly facilitates the process of childbirth. What makes the wounded? Groaning, he was hurt. Don, Terek Cossacks certain recitatives in the form of songs bawl when wounded. A person who ceases to bawl, may die from loss of blood.

Sometimes the easiest way to start meditation – it is through mantra meditation. To do this, we would be alone in a place where we would not want, we will not be disturbed and begin to chant aloud, barely audibly or silently. And we have it begins to spin. We are more and more immersed in the mantra and fall into a state of meditation. Depending on what kind of mantra we chant, meditation is on one or another way.

Even if you repeat the mantra on the machine, the mind repeats and ideas climb, it is also valuable. Do not write off, it’s wasted time. This, too, is read, but that’s another topic Mantra Yoga. Fighting the same with this very simple – two at a time, repeat the mantra. You will be part of the reason to repeat a mantra, and the other, free part – another mantra. All. Limit reached. All our problems are not only yoga, but in real life is not any yesterday and five thousand years ago. They have always been. History teaches only one that we do not learn from history. We do not want to learn.

You can repeat the mantra while meditating by consciousness. There are a variety of options. You should not be dogmatic approach to meditation. You have to be creative. None of you will not do yoga. No you do not teach yoga, but yourself. Therefore, always creative approach to the process. They come to me to class people, and I am Hatha yoga can immediately tell people where was engaged or not. Because this man knows what to do and nothing else, and the hand to the side-means, to cut off his hand. But this is not yoga. This acrobatics. The slightest deviation from the rules – to drive. The ancient teachings of Hatha yoga, so they are more soft, vague. Do so – good. I did a little different – good. It helped. Did not help. Will help. Not gneshsya? Now gneshsya not, then you will. The main thing – do. And the more modern system, so it is more rigid. We, as modern robots. If we do not set the program step by step, we will go astray and do nothing at all. And in ancient times believed that we are all human, reasonable, that we are all creative people. Therefore, the process of meditation we approach creatively.

“Hare Krishna” – a strong Krishna mantra. If you found insane Krishna, sometimes they produce, really, the impression is not entirely sane, it does not mean that their yoga is not valid. Evil tongues say that their entire organization, both on a single nail, rests on this mantra. Pull this mantra will select it from the Hare Krishnas, and the organization will fall apart the next day. Because this mantra there is a component that is very difficult to explain. It is such a kind of Shakti, some proenergiya which, if properly repeat begins to spread, and as a protective shield, holding the entire organization, not giving her collapse. Moreover, I know many people whom she greatly helped. Generally, the Hare Krishnas – cool guys. They all feed. They are kind. Their kindness is worth all the distortions that they have. kindness element outweighs any distortion.

A few words about tantric meditation. Once defeated Tibet as soon as this knowledge began to fish out there, very different audience became interested in these fast techniques in yoga, ie Tantric meditations. And here they come, visualize yourself what some tantric deities in the former residence. And suddenly it works? A does not work, because I do not got involved. I need a moment of spontaneity and candor, not artificial time system, and continue living life. And if we – do it once, do two, do three. That’s all. This is bad. Therefore, once again. Yoga you no one ever teach. Neither I nor the guru from the Himalayas, no texts or books or movies. Generally, you will not learn anything. Yoga teaches only the Absolute, he – Chief. And we are all innocent. Or you yourself teach, and we just eliminate the obstacles.

Meditation practice.

She said, “Oh, my beloved disciple! Begin your meditation by creating a cleaner world by dissolving the dirty world that you see every day. The energy is converted to the dissolution of dirty clean enlightening energy and distributed to all living beings as the Maharajah distributes gold to the poor. Then, after the dissolution and distribution, to realize their independence in the universe. I understand that nothing in the universe is not a support for you, but you are the backbone of the whole. Then create your own pure, enlightened world inhabited by gods and goddesses, full of goodness, love, justice and happiness. Hold your awareness of the world. After all, the outside world is only a reflection of the pure world. Remember the old song free yogis. “

And here begins the song.

“I sit and calm your mind. My breathing is calm and thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. I understand that all the time brings pain, if you do not see the constant time. I’m tired of black and injustice of the world and I do not cling to him more. Not for his sake, not for promises. Let this world of anxiety and unhappiness disappear. Let dissolve or burn in the fire of my passion all my suffering. I pull his mind from this imperfect world, like a sword from its scabbard. I pull my energy coming from all phenomena. There is no inhalation and exhalation. As tent, devoid of support, develops and blown away like this world dissolves and disappears. Just as a forest fire burns dry trees to ashes, my meditation turns into a sword to eliminate all the objects and phenomena that make me suffer. I dissolve and destroy all their dirty and imperfect universe, let the energy of dissolution will become a pure, enlightening energy. Let there be no awareness of anything affected.

That is the whole universe is dissolved. Now I dissolve my body three levels. Disappear my arms, legs, torso, head, my feelings, my habits, fears, doubts, my mind, my thoughts vanish. There is nothing, all dissolved in the root cause. It only remains to my mind, is not colored by any object. There was only my untouched energy that is not involved in any processes. My mind ringing with joy. My energy is singing with joy. I am self-sufficient. The greatest happiness I am independent of anything. But it all depends on me. Consciousness and the energy of the solution in my nature. I have one without the other. I – the Creator. I – Creator. I build clean beautiful world. Instantly he was going according to my will. I create you a new perfect body. I do the whole perfect world of enlightened beings, kindness, joy, and happiness. The whole world – the game of my enlightened spontaneous joy and happiness in an enlightened nothing more. OM. OM. OM “.

Here is a meditation. As you can see, it is a spectacle that people emphasize at intervals inside experiencing. He is for himself, and the actor and the audience, and applause in the hall, and the hall itself, and theater critic in one person. This whole scenario sensations, emotions. It’s all meditation. This is a very powerful meditation. When I meditate by consciousness, I strain my sweat flowing. A meditation captures energy wave and carried me. You know the expression “riding the wave”? Typically, any thought that comes to me, absorbs energy. And then I’m floating on the crest of a wave, pass from one wave to another. We use energy every thought, without getting involved in the idea. To do this, set up the whole scenario like this. We are in this energy meditation pass the whole operation, the ever-recurring. And each time we are more and more involved, we begin to change themselves and the world outside.


We are just determined that everything in this world meditation. Is there any method which merge and energy method and consciousness? Where we can not share, whether it was a power method, or whether it was a method of consciousness? This is love. This is where the energy of meditation, and meditation is the same consciousness, fused together. Status of love can be interpreted as the highest state of meditation to another object. We are fully absorbed by the object of his love, we only think about him. In all other meditation pulls one another, and the other pulls the first consciousness of energy, the energy of consciousness. In a state of love is all at once.

Now the dry residue. I will be happy if, after this lecture, in their daily practice, you will be given five minutes to meditation consciousness. Choose any topic. Any object or phenomenon. The object is easier to choose easier to hold the attention of the phenomenon. And meditate on your chosen object or phenomenon within a week. During the next week, increase the time to ten minutes.

With regard to the energy of meditation – a meditation spontaneous. So do not force yourself here. If you go, let him go. If you do not go, wait. In meditation the energy necessary to find the time of entering. Sometimes you walk, and you suffered. And sometimes try, try – not. And if someone ugorazdilo madly in love, while in the same spirit and continue. Yoga can no longer do. Forget yoga. About meditation, forget about everything else. Be in a state of love, hold it as long as possible.

You can do two consecutive meditation with different approaches. The main thing to do every day is the same. In our film, “Tutorial on Hatha yoga” is a phrase that is worth many books on yoga. The phrase goes something like this: “But Shiva, the lord of life and death, gave us such exercises, that if one of them to make a habit, we reach the highest happiness on this earth,” and then all the best. The habit usually puts us in a very bad situation. Rather, the negative than the positive. All our habits – is inertia behavior, something negative. But yoga is the principle: pay defeat in victory. Those who prevented us, will help us. And if we introduce into the habit of meditation, while starting to work for us. Therefore it is better less, but at intervals. It is better to meditate for three minutes, but every day. The two weeks for two hours, and then for six months at all forget about it.

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