2009.03.29 Meditation. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar

Today, March 29, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we culturally “Enlightenment” center near the Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. This workshop on Meditation Yoga for the Open University. All historical data on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyyoga.narod.ru.

Introduction to the workshop

So, friends, today we have an important seminar. We need you to decide to see what is there, “meditation”, what benefits can we derive from meditation, well, also touch, maybe the depths of this question – in fact, why meditation works, why meditation works. We will start quite far away. Now life has become quite stressful, each person has to experience a large amount of stress on the part of our everyday life. And it turns out that we are not able to recover their spiritual balance, balance, harmony. Eternal race that makes us move and run forward. As a result, there are all kinds of stressful disease, they go purely on a physical level – we are beginning to suffer from some physical illness. That is, it is a serious problem that arises. The most sophisticated people suffer from this problem. People are rude, with some such rude senses, with a gross mind – they are less susceptible to all kinds of stimuli. On the contrary the same – people suffering from this subtle with incredibly great force. So, yoga gives us an excellent method, which is called “meditation.” This method helps us to cope with all these negative aspects of life. But, strictly speaking, this method of meditation that allows us to avoid all these negative side of life – it is more profound method. This is one of the yoga arsenal of methods for self-knowledge. We remember that yoga – the science of self-knowledge. So, this “therapeutic” effect – it is a “side effect”.

Now a few words for those who in their lives have never encountered even with the concept of meditation. The fact that it has now become quite a buzzword. Moreover, the books we call the TV screen, refer to meditation, but sometimes just normal ordinary person does not even understand what is meant.

Part 1

What kind of a state to which we are called to follow? And anyway, how this should be approached?

Well, in fact, the personal experience of each person, even remotely reminiscent of meditation is always there. Imagine how you performed for a long time is very hard work, and then, finally, you have fulfilled it, and sat down to rest. Here you sit down to rest after, perhaps, hard work, but with this, you know, a sense of the work performed. Moreover, a job well done. You sat down, relaxed and stay in such a blissful state. Moreover, at such a very good, positive emotional background – what you actually did some very important task.

So, this is partly a state where a bit like the state, which tests a person engaged in meditation. It is only in the extent or depth of meditation a person experiences a deep sense of this here. Therefore, immediately, from what we should start – this is a moment that meditation is natural for us. It’s not something like that, been brought in from the outside, something that is difficult, incomprehensible, why even go hard. No, we are all somewhere intuitively understand that it is, in fact, we kind of have experienced such conditions. In yoga, natural science provides a more detailed, as the most quickly, efficiently achieve this, you know, the state of peace, tranquility, amid a very positive mood inside. In fact, I specifically cited this example, as if you did something really significant in my life. Yoga science is very practical and it primarily gives us the advice, as much as possible, so to speak, to go into this state. Why? Because not always we can, for example, do the job and after a rest. Just the opposite – the modern man can sometimes stretch on for years, and the result of it is very moving away in time. And that’s just here and there is a state of stress – that we are straining all our forces, all our emotions, but no result and no. We are straining our nerves, they flat out. We get, for instance, under the effect of the noise that is heard in the city, or crush, in general, some factors annoying. And internal voltage of backlog, or outstanding some goals that we have set ourselves, imposed even these negative factors, that results in, in general, dire consequences in the form of stress.Therefore, it is good at any time for myself to achieve here this here state of tranquility, serenity, detachment, to make up their hand to take a fresh look even at the work that we continue. Once again – very often the work, or the work is not necessary, it can be a life situation – you decide your life situation. A yoga encourages as much as possible to solve it in a kind way. Wait until the other people around us, do understand that it is necessary to go to some sort of compromise. The people around us are not inclined to do so. They persist on the contrary, there are any conflicts. So, yoga is necessary to have patience, to the passage of time all the other people appreciated his approach and changed their point of view. And what about this poor yoga to be patient and when to its loaded, and then loaded him, and he in a stressful condition. Required of him – be patient, and he was already at the limit of their strength and can not be tolerated. Moreover, the purely emotional. And, it is a vital necessity if we want to, for example, to align the relationship with their family and friends, we must be in a state of harmony and balance. And how can we remain in a state of harmony and balance, if we are all life annoying, we do not have a free minute?

That’s where the next one is a very important factor in meditation chtomeditatsiya – is the one holiday that allows us some time to forget about all the problems, gain strength, and again to return to the solution of these problems.

And, best of all – this time relaxing in the meditation can be very small. Very small, but it is quite enough to compensate for the forces. Moreover, sometimes rest in meditation is a deeper, more healthy than sleep for twelve hours. Because there are such mental states that a person, even in a dream can not relax. He has some nightmares, or some of its internal structure somehow pinched. That is another positive quality of meditation – it gives us strength. Moreover, at a time when they most needed us. And the question arises – where does this science of yoga – meditation? The answer to this question is very interesting. The fact is that according to the teachings of yoga, when a person is engaged in self-knowledge through a very serious yoga exercises – breathing, physical, mental, it turns out that he has sharply aggravated sensitivity. Very acute. Plus a very serious load. So on his own, if I may say so, the factors that stress the human person who is seriously engaged in self-knowledge, gets about the same situation in which modern man gets affected by stress. The difference is only that the yogi goes on it consciously – he experiments with your body, with your thoughts, breathing, and the common man is suffering because of the insecurity of life because of some conflict situations, because of the poor ecological state natural environment, because of the falsification of food, which is very often now observed, due to a variety of factors, such as the appearance of light, electricity. Due to the fact that all the time, maybe somewhere rumbles music, or due to the fact that there is no’s natural rhythm, as it was back in the old days, even some hundred years ago – with the sunset all everything quiet.

 So, it turns out that, just as the ancient yogi who practiced yoga, and as a result of these activities had escalated sensitivity – even here in the treatises, in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in the comments – this ancient texts such yoga, says that yogi’s body becomes sensitive as the eye. Well, actually, if the grain falls to us in the eye, she brings a sharp pain. Similarly, the yogi or yogini, when engaged in self-knowledge, they become hypersensitive. And it’s scary prevents them from somewhere to live up to a certain extent. And they tend to be such a solitary life. Modern man also becomes very sensitive, but on the other prichine.Opyat same because here these many stimuli. And, just as in ancient times yoga through meditation tool had to calm down, not to be so much a hypersensitive, sverhrazdrazhitelnym here on these external annoyances, like this, and modern man’s meditation can serve as such a universal medicine.

But, once again, my friends, I want to remind you that yes, meditation – it is perfect, a wonderful system that allows you to calm your mind, your feelings, gain strength to be patient, but it’s a side effect. The real meaning of meditation is self-knowledge. That is, it is one of the tools of self-knowledge. And the fact that he has among other things a favorable effect has – it’s just luck, that’s how it all happened. Now a few words for beginners.

And what, indeed, is meant by meditation? What to do?


And the answer to this question is also quite simple. Well, firstly, there are different forms of meditation. Meditation can occur in very different ways. There are different types of meditation. Moreover, some types of meditation are quite resemble other types of meditation, but, in fact, in both cases it will be a meditation. The most common and, in general, close to the true image of meditation – first is when a person retires in any quiet place. It is very important faktor.Delo that (again, as we are taught yoga) in the future, for the practice of meditation a person will no longer need to be alone somewhere. He can meditate in the crowd, including noise, shouts, etc. – Irritants. But before that we must also be reached.

But to start, or to make some first steps in meditation should be by selecting the most favorable conditions. That is, it should be somewhere to be alone. There, where we will not interfere in general understandable annoyance. To avoid some contradiction sound. Ironically, as the yoga, the yogi have developed hypersensitivity to annoying sounds. This is because it is constricting process, but we are now talking about it will not. So, it is good that this place was empty. And, I repeat, there was no one at all. Neither enemies nor friends, nor prevent us from people, nor even loved ones. This is a very important point. Because sometimes it seems – well, and how we can interfere with family and friends? They have on the contrary, we can help! No, my friends, this is something, and this here is the harsh truth – sometimes we need to give to our relatives and friends a lot of energy and effort. And to them their pay, we have to be in shape. And we have to retire from their loved ones, to gain strength, and then spend them on family and friends. Therefore, there should not be any. Even relatives and friends. It is desirable that all was not anyone there. No animals, no one who could distract us.

Next a very important moment for meditation – a place to feel comfortable in terms of that it was not cold, or did not have any bad smell, or there was some very repulsive paintings before his eyes. Once again I want to emphasize that in the future, to the extent that, as a man firmly established in meditation, these factors, such as the stink, the sound, the kind no longer act on him. But this must be approached gradually. There is a very beautiful saying that while a germ small, it must be protected. Usually a sapling planted in and around these sticks do – a framework that someone accidentally crushed. But, then, when this germ grows out of a giant tree, says an Indian proverb, it can be tied elephants. Even the elephant will not run away. In the same way here. It is important to understand that our state when we do the first steps in meditation – they are different from, say, we have three consecutive years, or four years practicing meditation. These conditions will be different. Therefore, the most important thing – moderation and not to run forward. Do not strain its capacity more than we are able to perform. Thus, we have to retire somewhere where there are no, or at least irritating factors. Well, a concrete example: if you allow your life conditions – your living space, it may be a separate room. This can be a balcony. That is where meditation for a while we will not be disturbed. Even if the accident relatives and friends come – say, something needed in the room, oddly enough, is very significantly hinders the process. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in an amicable way your family and friends to this time, you will not be disturbed. Of course, family and friends always very curious – what is it we never no way interested in, and then, on you go somewhere, sit in the room. What are we doing there a mysterious? In this regard, it is necessary, what is called “bluff” – say, here, I just meditate. What do you mean – meditate? Well, then we’ll talk with you. That they once saw – well, here you sit, like not doing anything. And they may rest. If on the contrary create areolas a mystery, they will wash away and see – what are you doing there?

Next is a very important component in meditation (I’m saying this not experienced for beginners, for those who have never to this) – this is the correct posture. The fact is, as we are taught yoga on the position of our body depend on our thoughts. If the position of the body is one, oddly enough, in our heads tend to get some ideas, but if the position of the other, the other thoughts. This is a very interesting fact. In yoga it is used in a physical partition as hatha yoga. What’s taking one or the other position, we will indirectly force the head to come some one mind, while others do not come. So, it is very important in meditation. In meditation posture is very important. It is extremely important. So what kind of position? The pose is actually very simple – this is when we have back, neck and head are on the same level as the one pryamoy.Ili, in other words, imagine that your head is this big, big convoy, and you’re trying to keep her in equilibrium. She’s such a long, long, goes up. At the same time you do a back, neck and head straight. Of course, our spine is not straight. If you look at the anatomy textbook, you will see that it is s-shaped. So when they say the word “direct”, it does not mean that you have to straighten the spine. Because I sometimes come across such a completely anecdotal situation that they say it is necessary to sit, leaning against the wall, so that the spine was straight. No, my friends. The spine is in its natural position. The neck may be slightly bent once. It is a question of a feeling of integrity and not about the appearance of directness. So you sat down and felt – now I’m most directly, as I felt. Do not like someone says from the side. Generally speaking, yoga on the opinion by not paying any attention. You never know who out there by something povidelos, or dreamed, do not pay attention to it. The main thing is how we feel. It is important. So, we have to sit down to the back, neck and head were (as we feel inside) straight. Now then – what to do with his hands and feet? Friends, it’s given to you at the mercy of. As you wish, so it and twist.Strictly speaking, this is a secondary factor. Therefore, of course, in ancient treatises on yoga we are called to meditate sitting with a straight back, neck, head, in the lotus position. What is the lotus posture? Well, you probably know, I portray her now. It is considered one of the most good, stable positions, but, strictly speaking, my friends, there is no need to sit in a lotus position for meditation. Why? Because the straight back, the neck, and you will have a head, if you will sit down in a fairly arbitrary position. Here, for example, in a – on bent legs, or you will be in front of you slightly bent legs. Or, you sit on the ball – because sometimes it is very hard to sit there some people in this position. Especially, for a long time. Moreover, you can sit on the chair. But not in the chair – and when leaned lie. The main thing is to back, neck and head are straight. As permitted, as you know, the standing position. When you just stand. But, after all, when we are unduly stress is on their feet and they were slightly distracting. Therefore, of course, more preferred sitting position. Sitting in a comfortable position. Again, strictly speaking, you can meditate and lying. Because when we are lying, back, neck, head straight. But when we lie, there are several other factors creeps – this way we are made – we are living beings you are wise, homosapiens – so cleverly done, as soon as we receive a recumbent posture, our body tends to fall asleep. It also prevents meditation. Just like when we stand – in excessive activity and excessive direction of his mind to something around him. Therefore, for meditation, for beginners the most suitable posture – this posture, we just sit. Of course, hard to sit for a long time and you will want to switch from one leg to the other – it is certainly possible to do. So, this factor – the straight back, the neck, the head is extremely important. I do not want to go into details. Yoga Science is serious enough justification – why this is so. Purely theoretically, I want to emphasize. Even if you do not take into account the practice of millennia, that’s why the back, neck and head should be straight is quite specific theoretical justification. That is how we are made inside. So we are within our channels and centers that it is in this state, all processes are much faster, easier and faster we reach here this state of peace and calm down.

The next moment, which is necessary for meditation – that we are mentioned that would be good, that it was a quiet place, where no one interfered, where there would be no explicit irritants; when we have back, neck, head is more or less straight -Follow factor extremely useful and very important in meditation – is the frequency of meditation classes. It is advisable to practice meditation at the same time in the same place and with a clear frequency. Let’s say, 15 minutes in the morning after we woke up. Or, 15 before we go to sleep. Or 15 minutes during your lunch break at work, if conditions allow. Or 15 minutes after our busy with some other types of yoga. For example, we work out the physical yoga – hatha yoga postures to be done in the future, we meditate. And, very important periodicity friends. Frequency plays a very huge role. The fact is that if we make meditation every day at the same time in one and the same place, the universe falls into resonance with the contact. Do you remember what the effect of resonance – the resonance effect is one of the seemingly strange. When, for example, a company of soldiers, or more goes over a bridge in the leg, while the bridge is sometimes falls into a resonance here with these soldiers walking and may even collapse. Well, and the most I like about this example of the great singer Chaliapin that resonance of his voice could break up the glasses. That is, he began to sing in the voice of such vibrations, the glass shatters into smithereens. These are “destructive” resonance examples. But there is also a very positive resonance examples. Even if you do not go into our body device science – and according to the teachings of yoga, in addition to our physical body, there are other bodies that are made of finer matter and energy (this matter and energy, joy, modern scientists have not yet discovered) – and so when viewed even on our physical body, our nervous system responds to these some repetitive actions. And it has quite a calming effect. That’s just once you’re being annoying – you ride the bus, once you have pushed a second time pushed, you are thinking, well, when is the third time he had me push, and inside you stress, tension, stress and , you are about to explode in my anger is not controlled. In yoga, there is a science that explains how there is anger, anger arises. That’s one factor – like it went unnoticed, the second factor – also unnoticed, the third – unnoticed.

And then kind of the last straw and all, a person loses control of himself. It is, however, a negative side. But the positive side – if you are on the contrary, do something good, or something soothing for yourself, and do it with a certain periodicity for themselves, the same powerful effect is achieved. Once you have done meditation – calm down, for the second time made, a week do a month, a year, three years … Then you find your inner resonance with the universe and your meditation undergoes a qualitative change, and you suddenly do reach this height, when you do all ceases to annoy. You go out to a qualitatively new level. This is exactly the level that we have said that when a large tree, it can be tied elephants. But again, this should come. So, the frequency is very important. Here, of course, modern life imposes certain restrictions on the person – not always we have the opportunity in the same time in the same place. Therefore, even if you have little time will be different, or the place – well, you have no possibility in the same place, or at least expose time. If time and the place can not do, or at least expose a wider range. For example, once a day. Wherever happened.


And finally, here is a moment – you have to remember that it is extremely helpful to begin to practice meditation anywhere in nature. What a beautiful location – on the bank of the river, on the edge of a beautiful forest, in a park somewhere. Well, that is if there is an opportunity to practice meditation, where close to nature, close to the universe, where all around us is less reminiscent of factors. For example, even if the house we meditate, our thoughts begin to cling to – here I am sitting on the floor, oh, the floor is not washed, dirty. And yet, it’s distracting – just inside stiffened – will have to be washed. Or slip your mind, what you like and distract you. When you are on the “no man’s land” area, you will much easier to ignore. Therefore, here too, a very good advice – if it is possible in nature, in the “no man’s” nature, that is, just a draw – not yours, you will achieve better results.

So, we’ll mention that there should be a place should not be annoying factors must be periodicity, but it is extremely important and is another very serious component, without which it will not be meditation. He, at first glance, sounds like something not very serious, but in fact, in its action is a very serious factor. You must a l e and h b I and Article that now you are going to meditate and relax. That is, you have within yourself to make a decision. Why is it important? This need is already in the process of meditation itself. When will arrive or leave distracting thoughts, or, suddenly, meditation conditions begin to change for the worse – well, here you are sitting alone in a clearing, and meditating, suddenly, some mushroom pickers is out of the woods. And they began to run, jump, make a fuss. You have been such an idyll, all so wonderful, but they are here. And you have to wait until they go back to their forest for their mushrooms, and you would no longer hear them. And, for some time it is necessary to “hold.” So, here it is necessary to hold on to the will of the position that I am meditating. I do not just sit there. Voleizyavlyayu I see nothing and hear nothing. It is such with external passivity, extreme internal activity. In fact, if we go on to explain what needs to be done, it will be a philosophical explanation of meditation. When foreign unaffected, it is extremely strong inner clarity. When this is coupled – at first glance, things are not incongruous – observed the effect of meditation. And as a side effect from the effect of meditation – a feeling of relaxation after you come out of meditation. Once again, my friends, I remind you that in the long term meditation should bring you a vacation.

If you come out of meditation, and you do not feel rest after meditation, it means that something you went to warp. Sometimes it is justified. Well, in the sense that we are just learning, we assume certain mistakes, but if you’re a few years doing meditation and get out of the meditation, and not feel the rest, do not feel the strength to say, face to work with her zanudlivym boss, you can not stand. Here and so suffered, endured it, went into meditation, left, and you should be feeling as waking up with some people. When he looks at everything more relaxed, with new forces. That’s just you have to come out of meditation. If this is not observed, then somewhere, something is going wrong. Why do you need the will? Well, it will have to because otherwise meditation will not work. Sometimes you can sit all day in front of TV and watch entertaining transmission. Stare. But then you will feel a sense of fatigue. And sometimes a feeling of emptiness. Why? Because someone else’s manipulated you. In the form of stories, in the form of pictures. If we take, for example, television. And there is a state of fatigue. Similarly, if you are reading a book. Even a very interesting book that grabs you. Anyway, sooner or later it comes to a state of fatigue. The principal difference between meditation is not someone is you, you are behaving. Not someone or something makes you come to a certain tone or stress state, focus state, and you yourself. Indeed, if, suddenly, it happens some danger man again, and on-site measurement and listening, where there is a tiger creeps … And it’s all in a receptive state, as if it was a profound meditation, but that it does not itself reproduced . This is an external factor forced him to prove himself wrong. And quite another thing when you yourself, by your own free will bring in a very clear, stress state, as if it is yours truly tiger chasing. However, only without the tiger. And the effect is different. If in the case of the tiger – sooner or later, will experience fatigue. And when you yourself raise this level, the holiday will be observed after leaving the meditation. But we’ll talk later about this.

This is about the procedure. So, in order to start practicing meditation, you must, in general, not so much. Good secluded place, or the best of the worst, that you just have. Because of the ideal you will never find. There will always be some flaws, according to our karma. That is, you have to calculate the forces and not to expect from meditation, that it after three times already gives effect. You should aim to do it periodically. And you have a proactive approach to the processes that will flow during the actual meditation. And, if you develop the habit, or it will even like a ritual you. Just as a ritual. For example, we woke up and, just as we go to the teeth to clean, wash … If you develop this ritual, even if you had a sleepless night, and before that you had some busy days, and on this day you face any -That serious work, that for this short period of tranquility for those 15 minutes, you fully restore their strength. And, again, when faced with any difficult situation in life, you show more patience and wisdom. And this is a guarantee that you will be the winner of this difficult situation. Therefore, meditation is essential. In order to be at least adequate. Unfortunately, even those studies that are carried out from time to time among the ordinary people, these studies show that it is often a huge percentage of people – in general, apparently normal – behave like people with schizophrenia. This is all the action of stress. Sometimes normal people begin to do absolutely illogical actions. And, thus, create problems for themselves and for others. It can capture any person. This well known in ancient times yoga. Usually we have such an image, the image of yoga, a yogi, who no matter what does not respond, which is always calm, low-key, weighted. And indeed it is. But no one at the same time for some reason, does not say that before you reach this state, yoga, yogi or have to go through fire, water and copper pipes.A condition where literally every cell of his nervous shaking. When any small stimulus leads him into a state, as if someone had hit physically. And it’s very hard stage in yoga class (for people who are seriously engaged in yoga). And without meditation to overcome this. The same thing we see now with our ordinary people, who are far from yoga. Their life has driven the poor so that they literally shaking. And sometimes behave quite roughly insanity.

How many have to meditate? How many have to deal with this?

Now, in fact, get to the point. Well, well, here we have identified that it is necessary to periodically engage in a good location that was a straight back, the neck, the head, it is necessary to voleizyavlyat that need to be installed to the law – when meditating. In general, somewhere it will be – yes, I meditate every day. Now another question – what to do-then we must at the same time?

Well, or the first one more question – how much to meditate? How many have to deal with this? New can start from five minutes to three weeks time to bring it up to fifteen minutes. And in the future may stop at this period of 15 minutes, or add as your desire or feeling. Therefore, strictly speaking, this one’s a period of time of 15 minutes somewhere in the starting point. Friends, this is just a quarter of an hour. We sometimes dress longer to work. Or any more petty cases spend more time in my life. That is, it is, in general, the period which on the shoulder, even to modern man. And because of this, and we must “dance”. This period must be followed. And always remember that it is better – 15 minutes each day than one day, three hours, you are forcing yourself allegedly meditate, and then for six months did not touch on this topic. You remember – resonance. Suppose you are going to rock the swing. May be a little push. Even a child can shake a very big swing, very heavy that sometimes an adult the first time from a place not move. But, if it is time to give the well-known efforts. Here, in the same way, if you meditate every day voleizyavlyat with a known time interval, then you will get a much larger effect than that of some one-time actions.


Methods. What to do? Method of Energy and Consciousness method.

Now then – and actually, what to do? And here it opens a large horizon of different meditation techniques. Once again, I hasten to warn you – sometimes these methods will look like the opposite of each other. For example, in a system of meditation will tell you – do this, this and this, on the other system will be discussed – do the opposite, will somehow combine them in the third meditation system. And sometimes a person is lost. He read a book which says one thing, read another book, which says another, read a third, which says the third … In fact, no contradiction net.Prosto in yoga it is believed that there are two fundamental and in some ways the opposite of the method when doing yoga. And meditation – this is one of the components of yoga. The so-called energy method and the so-called method of consciousness. But before we look at them with you, let me outline some of the meditation you try to verbally portray.


Thus, the first image: a man sitting in some very beautiful place; back, neck, head straight and it just looks absorb the beauty of the place. In his head there are no thoughts, it just soaks up the beauty. That opened the picture is kind of exciting and it looks it. As a rule, if it sits for a long time enough, his eyes tend to not blinking, barely breathing as observed. He somehow there is breathing, but he did not even know how he breathes. Breathing somehow there itself breathes, he even about it and not think. So he stays here in this state.

It’s, you know, not a dull emptiness that sometimes, in a state of extreme fatigue and extreme stupidity, we also sit and gaze unseeing at something look. And, too, the idea is not, and also, like as we breathe, and like as not breathe. You know, as a joke – shoot downtrodden horse. That is, sometimes after work there any fatigue. No, it’s a different state. This state, when the one hand all extremely passively and on the other hand extremely active. And ultimately this is now an active consciousness, perception of beauty. That is, a person absorbs, as it were, drink this beauty. Here’s a single image.


Another image – a man sitting in the same – back, neck, head straight. His eyes were open or closed, but it is entirely absorbed in any his thought. Fully live in it, in this thought. And, again, all relaxed, but this here is the inner tension, this preoccupation here’s a thought. This could be an image, it may be a memory, it can be a dream. But only here, you know, not such a dream – as usual with one image in our heads replaces another, the other third, we daydream sometimes. It’s like our writer Gogol, in “Dead Souls” Manilow everything – “It would be nice to build a bridge darling …” And here in his mind a picture one, two, three. She is, she is most fascinated him somewhere. No, this is a completely different situation. This is not some kind of obsessive thoughts have somewhere to carry away, but on the contrary, we ourselves manage these thoughts. We are absorbed. We have chosen any image or thought and is absorbed in it. And only he is trying to go somewhere and throw us some other way, we do not go at it and get back on the same way. Following the same pattern – this is when a person is sitting again, back, neck, head straight, and he is extremely focused on some object. And, you know, I focused to the point that the sweat rolling off his hail. This sometimes occurs when we solve some very important task in a limited time for us – on the exam, or in some other situation. We ultimately are concentrated, we have extremely careful, we will ultimately abide in one thing.

That is, here note a difference – in the first case, when we dispersed, we think. We simply perceive this beauty, we just drink this beauty. There is no internal stress, but there is a process of meditation. In the second case – we, like, the maximum concentration on one thing, and, on the contrary, the rest cut off – and, again, we carry out meditation. Well, or multiple intermediate states. Because it is as if the two extremes. In the first extreme (energy method) we give the energy we give to the feelings, we give ourselves … like … remember, “Faust”? – “Stop a moment, you’re fine.” That is, we have learned that beauty, We have swallowed her. Another condition is the opposite – we are very focused on any one object or phenomenon. Extremely. Thoughts begin to go away, we will return them. That is, we are on the contrary, very cut off all our feelings, emotions.

In the first case, on the contrary, we gave vent to our feelings and emotions and our feelings and emotions is something we show and tell, we are absorbed by what they tell us. That in the second case we have completely eliminated all feelings and emotions. As if we had solved the problem of the control, and many factors could distract us. And we need to quickly solve the problem quickly, and then get a deuce. So, once again – two as opposed to the method but also the meditation and other meditation. And one method you can use when you are retired somewhere in a beautiful place, and second. And one way you will lead to the highest goal, and second.

This regards in shape. Now, approach. It is clear that the one-time absorbed so, say, feelings … Well, here you have, say, a rug, took to the streets, cleared himself a small clearing of snow where no one will disturb you. In some nearby park, where dogs are not are walking to you they do not interfere. Here, you sat down and opened in front of you a picture of nature. Because the nature – it always breaks. Even in the cities and in the parks, as if they were not contaminated. And what method can be? Maybe it’s all come on the rise – that is, you know how – gradually, gradually, progressively deeper, deeper, deeper into it penetrate. As if you were in the water gradually. Gradually, deeper, deeper, deeper and here, sitting in this reservoir and rejoice. But, at the same time, you can overclock with – jumped into the river, Bulka, and immediately be in there. So, you can just take this beauty. Can gradually, gradually absorbed, absorbed, absorbed … It takes time, but once you and absorb. And sometimes vice versa – should you suddenly – that a bed mat, sat – and both failed immediately. Suddenly. Again – these are different approaches. They can also be varied.


Finally, if you, again, left somewhere, a bed mat, but chose a different method of meditation – you chose a some object or phenomenon and begin to focus on it. What can be the object or phenomenon? And any – tree that in front of you, the sun is above you. Or, more abstract a notion – say, remember the Pythagorean theorem. And focus your mind on it. You will focus your mind, and the mind do not like it at the same sitting, it is time – jumping, jumping, jumping – will aside somewhere to escape. You it again – no, come back again, think of the Pythagorean theorem, and the mind again: “What’s to think about it, and so does everyone understand better about something else to think” – begins to run away. You it again – he runs off, and you return it calmly, he runs away and you return it quietly. And each time it will be all the more stable and steady, and stable.This will require you to power. You suddenly start to notice that you involuntarily begin to shrink your strength, your muscle. You suddenly start to notice that as you focus your mind on one and the same, your breath will begin to change. But then again, sometimes these things when you’re desperate to focus on some ideas and can come to a state where you can then pour. Why – because the body will react immediately to this state. This, incidentally, is considered to be very useful. So, it turns out that you are tense, tense, tense up here in this second method of meditation, the so-called method of consciousness. And, apparently, and what a vacation here? We remember that after the exit of meditation we should be rested. But here is a paradox – sometimes, to relax, really have to strain. That is, some structures within us are not able to relax until we have them at first strongly strongly not compress. And they can be … for decades, this situation – some within our centers, neural structures – I will not talk in detail right now – some of them extremely tense, and some are so relaxed that even begin to atrophy. And, oddly enough, to relax the part that is constantly tense – this part is responsible for the stress (stress – this is where kakaya-to part of our body relaxes) – and so, you must first exert all – including the that is tense, and then let go. And, as they say, “for the company” and relax. Including those structures that previously we could not relax.

Thus, in the first method, when we just sit and perceive the beauty, or perceive images, perceive their feelings, we initially all relax. In the second case, on the contrary, we all strained, straining, straining, and then – well, let’s say, we currently assigned 15 minutes of this meditation – after all, time has passed and we understand just relax themselves. So, for those of a second it passes a deep relaxation, which is equivalent to sleep for a few hours. So this is to remember. Once again – whether one method you meditate, whether another method you meditate – the output should be rest. The output should be a feeling that with the new forces to rush into the fight of our lives.

It is important. Here, on the basis of these two methods, which are, in general, the exact opposite – once again I want to emphasize this. You can meet in a yoga school, where you will have to call in the morning to focus on the beauty of the rising sun.

Do yogis have such meditation that before sunrise should go to a secluded place – say, a few minutes before sunrise and meditate on the rising sun. That is – that it was not, that it began to appear … And, you know, you’re all obsessed with this kind of, this spectacle. You will absorb this beauty. It is understood that the breadth of India possible. Why – because that’s where the sun rises and sets – well, you know from geography, what is the breadth, which is India, is closer to the equator than, say, Moscow, and sunrise and sunset there is approximately the same, regardless of the time of year . If you take the situation in the Arctic Circle – where half a day, half the night – then you yourself can not afford such a beautiful meditation, which is fanned so many legends in Indian treatises. Therefore, you should always remember that it is necessary to make allowances for something else, where we live. Similarly, in Moscow. If you adjust always at sunrise and meditate on it, you will have to change very dramatically, when you go to sleep and wake up. And it’s not good. So, this is one of the provisions, when we meditate, we say, the beauty. Or meditate on the feelings and sensations. But, at the same time, my friends, I pay attention to what you are, you control the feelings and sensations. Not someone manipulates you, namely, you. Because, just as you can, say, watching television, where commercials are shown. Watch her completely mindlessly and, indeed, in some cases even be absorbed in what they show. But, it says that someone is manipulating you – attracted by your attitude, so then you have purchased a product or commodity that you may be perfect and do not need. It is a way to influence our free will. That is why this component is important in meditation – it will be up to you.

Now consider another method of meditation – just the opposite. For example, as described in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali – is one of the most authoritative treatise on yoga, one of the oldest. Usually, when something is said about yoga in scientific circles, the scientific community, it is always referred to it. There is what we call the word ‘meditation’ is called the three corresponding stages – “Dharana” is there, “Dhyana”, “samadhi” is there. All three together are in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali called “sanyama”.

If we draw a parallel – that the European language is called meditation, there is likely to be samyama. So, the technique requires a very different approach – when the yogi focuses his mind on one thought. At the same time, completely rejects all the sensations. That is, the yogi focusing on one thought, forget about all that tell him the senses. And to the extent that it concentrates on the thought, he is more and more starting to forget what he said to his senses. He no longer goes to the consciousness, in the idea of the thought. And it turns out that he chose any thought, any object and it starts to focus your mind. A leap of thought, as we have said. And he begins to reduce the amount of jumping thoughts, constantly returning to this object. Thoughts become smaller. It is even more trying to reduce the amount of thinking. As long as only one is thought in mind. But it takes quite a colossal internal stress. It is colossal. It turns out that earlier attention was paid to every thought that we had in mind. And we have in mind, let’s say, a hundred thoughts, then they say, left ten thought and every thought has more attention. And then in general, when there is one idea, note the maximum. And once a person can hold only one thought in his head – a state called “samadhi”. In yoga, there is such a word – “samadhi” is called. So, just to meet this condition, there is the ability to control their thoughts. Not earlier. And it turns out that here in this second method, we completely forget about the bodies of their feelings. We are fully concentrating on this object or phenomenon, which can be very abstract.

Which method to choose?

Now, let us give an example. Here, you start to meditate – so what is the method to choose? One or the other? Always start with the energy method. It’s a good tradition. Starting is always better but with this so thoughtless perception of beauty. Generally speaking, the energy method is sometimes called the “female” method. And the best thing is to start now with this energy method, or this “female” technique in meditation, when we like to assure themselves and begin to perceive with thoughtlessness. We look at some beautiful picture, at some beautiful scenery, no thoughts, but clarity is. You see? Maybe this state, when the mind is not present, but the stupidity of eating – it is not meditation. But to be clear, you need to constantly voleizyavlyat to be clear. Once again – I look at the beautiful view, I kind of absorb it and I realize that I do not like individual ideas about what I see or perceive. For example, my senses perceive it. But, at the same time, I voleizyavlyayu to this clarity, clarity thoughtless present. Now, every day I go out in the same place at the same time and absorb it. It is, incidentally, for this elegant approach, if someone has a summer residence – summer in the country very much. Make yourself at the cottage area some – Pool dig beautiful, nasazhayte beautiful plants, do yourself a small place there. It is desirable to do it under cover. Why – because it can be a different day – rain or something else. In order for you not to drip. And at the same time go out there and spend fifteen minutes. Well, with the proviso that no one runs around – either relatives or neighbors, with neighboring areas have not arranged a picnic there with drunken antics.

So here there is another suggestion – to meditate in the morning. Why – because in the morning all sleepy – and happy to be a neighbor pobuyanit on the site, but the poor fellow he wanted to sleep. He even if not asleep, then he is quietly. But in the evening on the contrary, all the activity come. Therefore, the most enjoyable time – this is the morning. Better yet, when all members of the household, for example, sleep. Even they will not be disturbed. So, you go out every morning in this beautiful place, spread out his mat under an awning. Well, of course, should be warmly dressed. Well, according to the weather or to anything you are not distracted. So, you sit back and look at some there is a fountain. You can buy a fountain – now sold small fountains are beautiful – well, of course, if you have electricity in the country. And it all pours, and you contemplate in thoughtlessness. This is how you sit every day for 15 minutes. Day after day, day after day, day after day … For a day, you suddenly begin to feel that something elusive in your life began to arrive. Here, quite elusive – some calm, some peace. Most interesting is that as time passes you will catch yourself thinking that you’ll wait for this moment of meditation. That is, here you go a day and you are for yourself, gde-to the domestic background celebrate – but tomorrow morning I wake up again, when all will sleep, at dawn, sit in this place, and I will have a few minutes of absolute tranquility, peace, when no one I can not hurt. And this idea will begin to warm you from the inside. It is such a strange island untouched inside you grow. And when you – let’s say, some kind of troubles during the day, or something else – that’s the thought that tomorrow morning I sit down again and again, all will be calm, quiet, harmonious and well, oddly enough, it is you magic transports in this country. Well, let’s say you work on something – you’re there parse some pleasures, troubles, or, you never know, with his family and friends somehow do not find mutual understanding, a lot can be options. But here’s the thought begins to warm you internally – that you have the island, where you sniffing, and at least fifteen minutes in this quiet sit. And here it turns out this is a very interesting thing is that this island will begin to grow in you. Just as there was a small sprout and, each time, he is more, more, more …Every day, from year to year. And it is clear that, for example, were at first you need here such hothouse conditions, then it is transformed as if in a giant tree, and your whole life begins to take on this background that’s peace of mind. Sometimes you will be involved in some kind, maybe there … well, outwardly show emotion. You know, here I would like to stress here – that you will be here this island unaffected, does not mean that you will walk with a straight face – so, you know, absolutely nothing on reactive – it is unclear whether you are a living person, whether it is a dummy runs with a motor. No, you will behave quite naturally, adequately. You’ll have fun, enjoy. You know, this is especially important for people who say, creative profession – all sorts of actors, who must somehow interact with others – as something to support them emotionally. This is extremely expensive, very tiring. But somewhere deep down you will have here is a how-to unaffected formation. Even if you are in the emotions, some part of your in you watching this. And, gradually, that this part, which is not affected – for all foreign affected. Once again I say to you – friends, a person who is engaged in yoga – it’s not so, you know, a monk, with a long face, that nothing in this life is not interested. No, this is a very active and joyful person. But he differs from the other only one, the invisible part – inside it all looks from a position of strength. Why? And because he is, in this magical country, where he could always get away and relax. And this magical country, she, you know, first started here with this little area, where he sat in the morning. And then it turned into something intangible. He just has to think enough about it, it is already beginning to fall into a state of tranquility. So, this is a very good moment – to start with this. Make these necessary conditions – energy conditions. That is, find yourself, after all, this little uchastochek. Although I understand that for the people who live in Moscow, in a very cramped living conditions, it is, of course, it sounds like mockery. But, unfortunately, the bad karma of our country that we have housing is very bad. But even if this is the case, you can sometimes get out of position due to the fact that you are, for example, by time of day does not intersect with other people. For example, you get up early, if possible. Well, once again, that’s what it’s called, “six hundred” – we have before, in Soviet times was given land for cottages on six acres. Until now, because they have millions of people. Nothing better suburban area is not for those purposes. Ample space – well, again, how lucky with its neighbors. The same factorimportant. But, even if neighbors somehow not quite there, it can be due to the fact that, say, in the early hours, when the neighbors are asleep. If there is no garden, it is well suited to any park. In the end, even a vacant lot. Usually people are just afraid. They are afraid to go somewhere – it seems that there is always lurking thief, who is waiting when you come to meditate. In fact, the situation is the opposite – all these robbers when they see that someone is sitting still – it’s so unusual for them, unusually, they are trying not to appear there. Actually, strictly speaking, you know, in the ancient texts it is said that in the place where someone meditates, built protection against such evil aura that all the dark forces of the good think is not even close come – they are simply afraid. But this is, you know, some kind of subtle laws of yoga. So, you start to deal with day after day. If you do not get every day at the same time, at least at the time when it turns. Well, if, at the worst, missed the day – well, God be with him, even with some frequency. The main thing – the frequency. Life is complicated – sometimes we get sick, sometimes we work some very special, but at least, to some periodicity observed. And so, over time, these exercises … we just sit, my friends, we do nothing. Once again – ask a man – what did you do, he will say – meditation. Well, meditation, and what you did in this case? He even can not say anything – he just sat, perceived beauty. All. What did you think at the same time? And I do not think anything. You know, at first glance – so, you’re sitting as a stump bad? No! The fact of the matter is that this is a fundamental difference here, and you catch it when you start to meditate – when you’re in this so receptive statesit when there is clear and there is no thought. When you are not in a sleepy stupor, or in some … well, usually when a person does not sleep enough, that’s going somewhere to work … In the morning you go to work in Moscow – sitting all men – unblinking eyes, no thoughts … friends, but no clarity. You understand, right? That is, it is rather a state of … well, something between a dream, indeed, some such “blunt” the state … in general, it can hardly be called meditation. So, in meditation, just, there is clarity. And if you will do so every day, then gradually … First, it will be open for the fifteen minutes that you are meditating. Then, fifteen minutes after your meditation, you will be … like this … if you will, the goodness of meditation spread. From you will winnow calm, some weighted, non-conflictual. Typically, such a person if somewhere falls, even his presence soothes the minds of other people. This, incidentally, in the yoga treatises considered one of the abilities. If the yogi engaged in meditation for a long time, then he has a such a supernormal ability that even his presence calms the conflict.

Surrounded by a yogi can not be conflict. But, it does take a long time, certainly meditate. So, it will be distributed for some time. You will become more sane, more forgiving. Why we are not inclined to forgive anyone? Because we are already, as a string inside a taut, and we, as they say, on the nerves drip, drip, drip … And so, the last effort to hold on, and we all provoke, provoke, provoke … But here, you have a this opportunity to relax – and you become more patient. And becoming more patient, you come out a winner. In some conflicts, it is possible not to take part in the conflict, but to be patient, and the opposite side of the collapse itself. That is, the aggression on the other hand itself runs out. And it may turn into the exact opposite. So gradually this time will be longer and longer, longer, longer … And in the future, it will cover your entire day. Usually, a person is only after this stage that begins when he understands – well, now I have started to really live. And before that, I was a hunted animal. We all know how small, hunted animals – all are afraid of just shy away, in tense, as a string. We will not rest, we are all to some hectic. As a result, we quickly spend their forces. We do not have enough already on the most important thing. And, further, as soon as we have established in this meditation, such thoughtless clear perception, in the future we can move on to another kind of meditation, which is also called sometimes “meditating consciousness,” or “paternal”, “male” way of meditation. This is where you, again, sitting in his corner, where you used to sit, but now you suddenly choose any object or phenomenon and begin to meditate on it. So what you try to forget about all of your senses, before the inner eye have an image of what you are thinking and the way to keep in front of the eyes. Only the image began to go somewhere, and some other thoughts start coming, you – no, wait, come back. Once seated, three second, or a fraction of a second you have enough in this way to fix your thoughts – how this can be an image? – But whatever. That is, today you will distribute on a match, here is your way of meditation. Usual match. Here it is – a match – look at her, closed his eyes, yeah – that’s it, the image of the match. The match … the match … the match …time, thought somewhere jumped aside. Returned it again match … the match … the match … It’s hard, it’s very hard to do. You immediately will not have the strength to continue this meditation. And you’ll notice that you have something like that again, to pick up – that’s why you need to with a straight back, neck, head sit. Because in this state, you are always so – again, and … This is the most energy efficient provision. And so you will gradually focus, focus, focus – it will be a meditation of consciousness. So, how would you start with fifteen minutes of meditation energy, but then, say, the last two minutes … yes, and you in this meditation energy when you are perceived by the senses, and so you say, engaged in six months, and then felt that you have already developed a taste for meditation, or the habit of meditation. You already drawn meditate. Just missed the day already feel somehow uncomfortable themselves, it is somehow more irritable. Once the habit of meditation, you can add elements of consciousness meditation. That is, the last, say, two minutes to think about the match. Prior to this, sit in a clear state of thoughtless, and the last two minutes to think about something. And then it’s time to add, add, add. And so, over time you would bring this meditation to match up to the same fifteen minutes. And thus, you will master the different approach to meditation – meditation consciousness. Where you are very clear about something meditating. So, a very nice explanation exists. It is, generally speaking, common to yoga, but it will give you a lot of intuition to understand. You know, a little child is born – to whom in the first place a small child needs? In my mother. It is small yet malyuska such. For his mother – the whole universe. He did not think about what he sees her he feels it. If mom beside her warmth he feels – he feels good. But then the child grows and already with Dad can play a little bit. Well, Dad, of course, the person is more severe such suspension. This is not a mother mild, which is likely due to the senses. And Dad has to be some umnostitalk, some make toys, or anything else. Well, something like that already, you know, more intelligent. Here, in the same way and have the child, when he grows bigger, longer interested in some issues and talk to my dad. Here, in the same way and for the yogi who is studying … Well, strictly speaking, not only meditation, but any kind of yoga. The most rational and balanced to start with energy methods. They are soft. They are, we are still very frail they protect us. And then, when we have matured enough, we have to move to the methods of consciousness.



So, my friends, this is our second part of our workshop – the answers to the questions. If the first part have any questions, let’s discuss them with you.


Q: You spoke about meditation of consciousness – it is somehow linked to the visualization?


Answer: We will analyze the different types of meditation, including meditation and visualization, and mantra meditation, yoga, etc., etc. This will be the partition.


Still, anyone any questions?


Question: As some thoughts you can take some working idea within any problems?

Strictly speaking, as we are it only outlines, there are no uninteresting subjects for meditation consciousness. You can not have any special order or special. A theme can be completely arbitrary. Even if it will be some exclamation point or a comma. And meditate on it. That this is, perhaps, even a facilitating part of that in the future, when you have already established themselves in meditation and feel the taste of not only the energy of meditation, but also on the mind meditation, that’s when it will become a very exciting moment for you – find interesting, even at first glance, in the not interesting, or routine.

More questions, please.


Question: Tell me, Vadim, and if the first phase does not get rid of thoughts, is it possible to use music as an auxiliary element? That is to say, immerse yourself in the music and forget about them?


Answer: You know, here’s the thing. In fact, people who are so passionately fond of music, you know, there are music fans that a day can not live without music their favorite. In fact, all of the positive effect that they have on this, it is, in general, is a form of meditation. But, there is one such serious thing – you have to voleizyavlyat. And so it turns out that we have as it were stretched. At first it may be – and the music, and there are some beautiful images. But, sooner or later, you will anyway come to a state where you do not need. That is, at first – yes.


More questions?


Q: But in the high-rise building should meditate?


Answer: You know, you can answer this question philosophically. If we say, we live in an apartment building, it is likely that we have such karma. In what sense – Karma? Karma – thing there is, there is one. We need to find the best of what that is. It is better to be engaged in those conditions, that is, than not to engage in, and wait for some special conditions. Because if we start to deal with – even in some not very favorable conditions – it is quite a strong possibility that we used to turn the wheel of his karma and obtain better conditions. Now, from the point of view of the answer to this question is more specific – there are precedents. That is, in particular, I have a lot of boys and girls who are living in multi-storey buildings, started meditating and, in general, we have succeeded in this. From which I conclude, let alone any such principle is impossible.


More questions?


Q: Will there be called meditation, energy method, if observe thoughts, but not involved in them?

Answer: In general, yes. Yes. Seeing himself in the background, to observe how thoughts come and go. But, in fact, it is a severe form of meditation. It’s like a form of meditation, consciousness in its final stage. The fact is that when we watch our thoughts, followed by thoughts … just watch the thoughts, more difficult – for thoughts are emotions. We have one or the other idea is emotion. And here, we have to do this meditation, to control their emotions. And it is very hard. We sometimes do not have time to blink an eye, as the one or the other idea is clearly painted our state in one or another emotional color. And the emotions of such a plan – uncontrolled lead to the fact that we cease to perceive so no idea. That is, it is very difficult. But, strictly speaking, yes. Strictly speaking, yoga classes, at some stage, just meant to observe the thoughts, to reduce the number of thoughts on the condition, to completely remove them from your head.


Any other questions, please?


Q: Can we change the physical world around us through meditation?


Answer: Again, if the answer to this question from a purely theoretical point of view, yoga, yoga tells us this – that everything you see around you, you have created yourself. Whether the direct method, whether it happened with your acquiescence. Yoga says that we live more than one life, and the chain of lives. And maybe, once in one of his past lives we were given “good” for those or other circumstances. And these circumstances in this life have led to some consequences that we say, do not like. But, by and large, we are the creators of their world – tells us yoga. And, again, if we are the creators of their world, if all that we see, we have done ourselves, who is now prevents us to create something else. Therefore, strictly speaking, yes. Moreover, here, at one time the West … Especially when you know? During the “cold war”. If you remember, it was a long time ago. When just about had to start the Third World War – why, because they all had the nerves to the limit. The Americans shouted that now, we will soon win the Communists, in our country, shouting that the Americans are dreaming to have more to win. In fact, laugh laugh, it’s us, maybe now it seems not very serious moment, but there is such a state, when events begin to develop, regardless of the will of the rulersSomeone shot, he said, and off they’d go. And, since all the nerves to the limit, all in a state of stress. Life, in general, the modern man leads to stress. That has been very fashionable in the years to organize such “meditation of the world.” Well, in fact, such a person will sit, meditate, calm down and then, when it somehow will have to respond to some irritants, it will be more easy for them to respond. And the likelihood that, say, a war breaks out, or any conflict, is significantly reduced. But, it is a clear explanation of how you can change around us the world – that if we get into the mental field around us people calm, confident, balanced and wise, who do not do anything stupid, and do not allow this nonsense to create, it is clear that the whole world is changing. If, say, a ruler who governs the state, or the executive who runs his firm demonstrates those qualities – sanity, peace, patience, but at the same time very quickly and accurately respond to any challenges, it is clear, it starts change the world. Change the world for the better. But this is a clear example. Yoga also says more subtle level.


More questions?


Question: But the collective meditation, or, say, outside the holiday, and you meditate and you get better. Why?


Answer: Yes, friends. In fact, we are only beginning to consider meditation, but, strictly speaking, all men make up a coherent whole emotional space. And willingly – unwillingly, every member of society is affected. Because we live in one field of thought. And, if all good, high spirits – waiting, for example, any holiday, and such mental calm, tranquility is the mental field. If any economic crisis broke out, and all such nerve, all in no way assured, the lumps here these “spiny” thoughts begin to spread literally across the country. And, in fact, impede the work. In fact, sometimes more damage here from a panic thinking than by what some real physical disorders. This explains. We, my friends, are all connected. Remember, as in Kipling’s Mowgli – we all have the same bloodThat is, you can not pull out a single living being, and to say that it is not dependent on others. Or, say, shut out the wall and say – here, I feel good, and there could not care less. It is a matter of time, as the grass, which has ceased to grow there, stop growing and you. Therefore, such a psychology of yoga, that by and large, that’s a very large, my friends, there are no winners and losers. This can not be in principle. Either everyone wins or everyone loses. All the rest – it’s just the laws of karma. Well, yes, actually, someone once tipped to one side, as they say, a stick, she had pushed the other way, but it has issues of tactics and in strategic terms – or everyone is happy, or none. Another issue that we can not force people to live the life that they do not want. But we can voleizyavit that all was as it were a universal coin of happiness. We are now just start with this topic – Meditation on the happiness of all living beings.


Another who has any questions?

Question: Is it possible to combine pranayama and meditation? Is this meditation help?

Answer: Yes, it is very much help, but later we will look at what are these narrowly sharpened types of meditation. Now we have looked at two main approaches, and there are more ancillary in yoga. For example, if we repeat a mantra (a mantra – it is a special word), here we repeat, repeat, repeat, oddly enough, we will sooner or later fall into a state of meditation. Or, let’s say we make those or other periodic breathing – inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale – the same kind of frequency, also a kind of such harmony, and sooner or later, we fall into a state of meditation. Hatha yoga you are doing – you are doing poses – a stance made, two, three, etc. – At first glance – exercise, but because they are acting that lead a person into a meditative, a very good, peaceful, very clear condition. That is, in all Yoga techniques are interrelated. We’ll talk about it again.

More questions?


Question: Do the pose may change the initial stages, for here are those 15 minutes? And one more question about the position of the hands. To some it is more convenient to put your hands in “Namaste”, someone somehow different. It all individually, or?


Answer: Yes, it’s all absolutely individually. It’s all at your mercy, or mercy of one or another tradition. For example, I met a yoga school, which argued that the most beneficial, if one lays a hand on the other. The other school of yoga have told me that it is necessary to arrange the hand in a certain gesture, on bended knees. Etc. etc. In fact, my friends, if we look at this issue from a theoretical point of view, the main only one thing – the spine. Hands, feet … can stand as Captain Nemo’s – on the chest with her hands folded, or “Namaste”, or still somehow. This is a minor thing. That is, it does not define. If you like something more like – for God’s sake, go ahead. There is still a very interesting thing – as soon as you start to meditate, of course, the body is not yet accustomed to the position, so I want to turn around, a kind, but as we have argued in meditation, we begin to forget about the body. We just begin to forget about the body. Therefore, treat the matter as it is. Over time, everything will come by itself wherever necessary. Excessive detail in the early stages of meditation on the contrary you will be distracted from the meditation. You will always think – and whether my hands properly, and whether the right foot, and there is lo correctly. This is a hindrance.


More questions?


Question: There is a statement that the city will not allow energy to achieve some result seriously. That is, a person can walk up to a certain level – self-management and to the rest, but to make a breakthrough in the spiritual practice does not allow the place. The same multi-storey building, the same city with its completely different, not spiritual life. That is, at some point, as I understand it, you still have to go to a place that promotes the practice?

Answer: Well, actually, this is not an absolute truth. Why? Well, first of all, compared apprehended. I assure you – there are a hundred years old, when generally all build the nose and nowhere to put out, everyone will say – that is, before it was good to live in apartment buildings, but now, in these metropolitan areas … It’s all a matter of comparison. The theoretical limit of the highest achievements are no results. Of course, there are factors hindering. Well, in fact, interfere when there is noise from the neighbors, or the stench of which spreads through the city. Not to mention some subtle interference – mental field of fear, stupidity. After all, we have the same is happening now? We are now also turn on the TV – dibilizatsiya: universal society. That is, one of us trying to make such consumers, who are just two ideas – it is to buy something newfangled, and for this to buy something, you have to get a job. Working to buy newfangled. Or something else. Yes? That is, we cease to live. Of course, all these mental fluids, they are, of course, present. And refined it is very unpleasant for people. But, they are not that powerful.

Question: The question is not so much that something interferes, but the fact that the city is impossible to collect so much effort to practice acted.


Answer: There is no such indication, from what I hear, no. This is not that of a vital energy spectrum there. That’s not all. Though die, but in the city you can not accomplish. There is no such. Another thing that may be difficult to implement it. The universe in this regard, of course, is more balanced. It does not allow … Actually, strictly speaking, any point in space at any given time, the potential gateway to enlightenment. Whether it is at least five times the city. Another thing is that the methods, of course, have to balance it by. However, as only one of the places of space or time becomes completely unsuitable for spiritual development, cataclysm happens, and it’s all erased, so to speak, with the face of the earth. How much – because the balance is collapsing. Balance is restored, thus goes here this whole peretrubatsiya. As for the city – yes, indeed, hard for some practitioners of yoga to do here. Too heavy. Some are, some are not. Therefore, it is a question yet – what to do.


Q: What then is connected, the people who live in these very seriously, they go to a certain stage of life. And even in the treatises there is a requirement that any person living even in society, to achieve a certain amount of time, he must leave his place, to give up all that he had lived in a society and leave, in order to carry out their practice?

Answer: Yes, indeed, it is one of the methods. Some treatises of ancient India believed that as long as you’re young, be glad and rejoice life, spawn kids explore all spiritual teachings, and then, when your children grow up and no longer needs you – for God’s sake, do anything – spiritual enlightenment, head of beysya wall. That is, even if you die, then for everyone else it will be lost. So well said. Even the examples cited – if you get your gray hair and your children are themselves unable to feed you, in principle, free as the wind. You owed nothing to anybody. This, again, for such a medieval way of life, not for today. Secondly, what is meant, we must also understand – this is a state of freedom. And is not that all, then, as soon as you get older, all go to you and did not close. On the third hand, it was sometimes so that people, upon reaching a certain age, protect their loved ones from what they advancing old age. They do not like when they simply die. You know how cats that go die somewhere out there. Some of the more mystically minded say that these people have achieved immortality, and they went not to embarrass his immortality everyone else. That is, the myths, tales very much. As to achieve some heights, there is, in general, in different ways, you can tell. For example, some teachers, on the contrary, came back as soon as reached any heights. To teach all others. That is, we can not say that everyone should be sure to go. That is, someone, and come back. Generally, this is a complex topic. You see, attached to the society … the universe – it is everywhere universe. That is, if we even got out of society – we just moved away for some distance. But if the society in our heads, whether we are in this society physically, or we are out of it, we mentally represent one field. Therefore, it is a more difficult question.


Question: I understand that this is not simply to throw away all disturbing, but in order to concentrate on the target. Because in society, even if you even reached the heights, it is still …

Answer: No, no, no. The fact that … Too good theme, we will consider it in meditation … Once again, the germ is very young, he needs a fence. That is, in fact, required to withdraw from society, as long as your meditation is still very weak. But as soon as she was strong as an oak, which can be elephant tie, man do not care whether he lives in a society, or outside of society – it is free. That is, it is just hothouse conditions when a person leaves the society, to overcome all difficulties, to a certain stage of development. And then, in the future, he does not care – whether they live in society, or outside of society. For him it is no longer valid, as we are taught yoga. That is, it is not essential in some limitation.


Question: In the society we used to live on all ready, and when we go into a separate swimming kakoe-to, there is required a lot more from the human cost and the fact that he is one himself to the goal, as I understand, that this is what allows him achieve that goal? It is very easy when you have everything arranged, life is ready and you sit down and meditate for 15 minutes.


Answer: Actually, I do not agree. Why? You know, that old anecdote – as a rule, all the monks in the monasteries, when it comes to ordinary people, and say, “poor fellow, as you are hard!”. What the monks say, “No, my friends, we are here, just that easily. And whatever you cook in society! “That is, it’s an ambiguous question. Maybe you bread it harder to extract, but you have no conflict with other members of society who are more sophisticated and more painful sometimes. That is, it is a philosophical question.


Well, let us go further. More questions?


Question: Meditation means consciousness off the senses, this means that only work with mental images? That is, roughly speaking, to concentrate on anything but look, it is not meditation consciousness?

Answer: You have to remember that when we say “energy method” or “method of consciousness”, it does not mean that one hundred percent of one method or another one hundred percent. This means that the dominant part of one. You know, as some say – in every man there is a small inner woman or in every woman has a small inner man. Similarly, in these methods. Each method has little awareness of energy method, and in each power method has little method consciousness. In its pure form it does not happen in our world. Pure consciousness that was, or was to clean energy. If there is power, then there is behind it a manifestation of consciousness. If there is consciousness, so there is behind it a manifestation of energy. Therefore, we can only talk about the dominant moment. Of course, we begin to meditate on the match with the image, but then that image undergoes extreme abstraction, and we begin to meditate on this abstraction. Well, for example: Once there were the ancient Greeks, they did what? They measured the field. This was a profession, it is called updates. Then there was the science – geometry. It all started quite real – that is, had some portion of irregular shape divided into equal pieces, to the harvest of all was the same. And God knows how it cut into equal pieces? And, this science was born. But science has started from something real, and then moved to the field of mathematics. What is mathematics? Mathematics – is the ultimate abstraction. It is, by and large, has no relation to the real world. For example, in mathematics, is the image of a perfect circle. In real life, you never draw a perfect circle. You can only to a certain degree of precision to draw a circle, similar to the ideal, but never perfect. That’s about the same situation here in meditation and consciousness. You start by taking something understandable for starters – some image, object or phenomenon, and then go to the very essence of the object or phenomenon. Exactly the same situation and with the power of meditation. Here, you sat down and gave the perception of beauty. Thought not, but, as it were, so intense clarity there. But, for the same it is also present consciousness. Someone is highlights. Therefore, it is a matter purely of such technology.

Any questions? Then we move on.


Part 2

Features meditation.

“” Meditation wishes of happiness to all sentient beings “

So, the next part of our seminar is devoted to meditation here these features of different meditations. And, of course, as the object of meditation, you can choose different, completely different images, objects or phenomena. In fact, if we begin to meditate, then it would be good if they were different. But do not forget that we have some of our concrete conditions of life. We are with you – someone who lives in one place, some in another; someone with some people talking, someone from the other; someone a salary from someone else; someone a job, someone different. That is, we have the conditions in which we now live. Yoga teaches us that all the conditions that we have now, we, in general, have created themselves. That is, once we have done such actions, which led to what we have now. That is, yoga is categorically against such a statement that the contact could something happen by accident. What in our lives there is some injustice. No, says yoga – the universe is balanced, there is no injustice. There is, as it is called in yoga, the law of karma. Or, in another way – as you sow, so shall you reap.

And, therefore, if we begin to meditate, of course, we can move energy by using our senses, or, conversely, by consciousness, cutting off all the senses. But, anyway, we will do it in some of our living conditions. And our living conditions are sometimes not at all contribute to the fact that we were engaged in meditation. And so, in order to facilitate the whole process, it is recommended to start with meditation, sometimes these “meditations wishes of happiness.” Why – because indulging in this meditation, we, on the one hand, we get everything all that is possible to get from meditation, and on the other hand, if we begin to meditate meditation this plan, we have gradually untie knots his negative karma. Or, in another way, we contribute to the fact that our present situation is changing for the better. Well, as a consequence, we are easier and faster already practice yoga and live. Therefore, we propose the following meditation – it’s called “Meditation wishes of happiness to all living beings.” What is the basis, or essence? Basis, or the essence of this meditation is that in meditation we find this island as if untouched. That is, the island on which nothing is affected, which is free from anything whatsoever. That is, we in his meditation for some few minutes, become free from the world. At least, in the mental plane. We are immersed in this island intact. And we start with the wish for the happiness of all living beings. Why? Because, by and large, as we are taught yoga, all aspire to happiness. Everything. Even if someone says that he does not aspire to happiness, but on the contrary, the purpose of his life – a desire unfortunately, it is likely an attempt to mislead the listener. Because yes, indeed, there are people who experience pleasure from what bring yourself pain. they are called masochists. Here he thrashes himself, and in the background he is well – oh, how I hit, oh, like I feel good. The pursuit of happiness – this is the inherent feature that is present in all living beings. It is ironic and sad, but the most remarkable things that occur in this world come from the pursuit of happiness. But, at the same time, all of the most terrible crimes that happen in this world, they are also due to the pursuit of happiness. Only in the first case, a man well aware of the direction of happiness, and in the second case – it is wrong. But by and large – there is no difference. That is, all aspire to happiness – and the saint and the sinner, and a great yogi, and a very ordinary man. All aspire to happiness. Therefore, happiness – it is the universal coin, which is understood by all. Another thing – how embodied what is called happiness?

Fig. 17. We are all interconnected.

If a man thinks his luck may be on the misfortune of others – from yoga point of view, this is a very “stupid” people. Why – because he wants just the opposite. According to the teachings of yoga, we are all interconnected. And, in fact, bringing harm to another person, you bring harm to yourself. Another thing is that the result comes not soon. Imagine a long-long boa constrictor, which creeps around. Long-long boa constrictor – a few kilometers, and crawling around. And now, in his face by his own tail, which is irritating dusts. And boa furious and takes its tail bites – hurt-hurt. And as it is long, until the pain to his head comes, it goes for a while. Then it comes, and it becomes painful. That’s about the same way as people who are trying by misfortune of others to achieve happiness itself. It’s the same thing as biting its own tail. The question is only when the pain reaches you. Unfortunately, people do not understand this completely obvious things. Once upon a time people did not understand that the earth is round, that it rotates around its own axis. It seemed quite obvious, because in the morning he was rising in the east, in the evening was setting in the west. It seemed to be a very strange geometrical situation. And where it was last night? Probably under the ground somewhere creeps. Or, are different sun rose every day. You know, in the same way as one and the same person is born and dies, as we say – of the new man is born! And this is dead – dead forever. That’s exactly the same can be said about the sun – oh, a new sun has risen! And yesterday’s dead and never find it. And it is the same sun, just walk in circles. That is, there are things that are beginning to be quite obvious if we bit his folly overcome. It is not God knows what the laws of nature really are. But for some reason they are not obvious. Many laws, in particular, that can not cause harm to other living beings. Why? Yes, because you bring, by and large, self-harm. So, it turns out that all those people who want to own happiness, but think that it may be due to the misfortune to get wrong. Moreover, dangerously wrong for themselves. All others need to know if getting their happiness is not related to the misfortune of other living beings, what would their dreams were, they are absolutely legitimate.

You see, that’s sometimes ask – and which desires are good and which are bad? This is a silly question – all the good wishes. If this desire is related to the desire to harm people around, it is about the same way as the desire to do harm to himself. This mad desire, and it immediately negates itself. Therefore, only it remains that all the desires, all your ideas of happiness, they are all legal. What would you want there is currently no. Someone wants to see yourself a billionaire – but for God’s sake! If worked nicely, the country raised from the ruins, to earn a living – be a billionaire. Someone politician – Well, for God’s sake, manage! This is only an illusion that everyone can manage. A good manager at a premium. Therefore, the concept of happiness in each his own, but his state of happiness itself is all one and the same. That is, the desire for it.

Therefore, the practice of meditation begins with the fact that we are beginning to desire happiness. I wish happiness to all living beings. Next – this small feature. It is believed that if as such a center from which we wish you happiness … That is to wish for the happiness of the head – I’m sitting, thought out formula – yeah, all well turned out – much to the happiness profitable and wish unhappiness is not profitable in itself same hit. This is obtained from the head. In general – not bad. But, there are skewed. Because you do not feel. On the contrary, much to the happiness of the senses, from the excess of emotion – emotions are sometimes very much – it turns out not too quite clever. Sometimes it is not entirely sincere. Yoga teaches us that we have a center within us. A very interesting center. It is located in the center of our chest, in the middle, somewhere inside us. It is called in yoga terminology. In the teaching of yoga it is believed that for the evolutionary development of man to man moved on to the next evolutionary stage of this center is the most important. And here, it is inside our chest, in the center of our chest. And now, it turns out that this center is balanced when we start to meditate and to wish happiness to all living beings from this center. It also takes into account our thoughts and our emotions. And our feelings, and our any intelligent conclusions. It turns out that wishing happiness from the center, the effect achieved by the strongest. And this meditation is this – just as we sit down in a nook for meditation, we sit down and begin to see the inner eye in the center of some very beautiful thing. In the Eastern tradition, usually a lotus flower.

He is generally considered them sacred. And they are calling to see the inside, in the center of his chest a beautiful lotus flower. So beautiful, as you can imagine. It was beautiful. It is clear that the real lotus flowers also beautiful, but we imagine such an idealistic image. And, in the future, calling to himself, repeating three meaningful phrases and at the same time something imagined. When we think of something, we have to mentally play with their feelings. We, however, generate these feelings.

So, we present a beautiful lotus flower inside and repeat to myself the phrase: “May all beings be happy” And imagine how this lotus a Firebolt, such as to prominence, a pulse of light, a ball of light that spreads in all directions diverges from us. And then, when it diverges, we imagine that we wish good luck to all those whom we love. We are presenting feel. We are, as it were, within itself generate, as if we felt like it all costs, expenses, to infinity. And wherever this wave nor met a creature that we love, we present as part of this wave defends, protects, it brings joy, happiness, and prosperity to all those whom we love. And this is how it once, and went to infinity. From the center of our chest again, and went to infinity.

Then, once we have submitted that she had gone to infinity, the second time we repeat the same phrase: “May all beings be happy!”. And the second time the same wave, the same wish for happiness, but imagine all those who care about us. And there are, in general, the majority. A huge number of people – in the subway, on the street, with whom we encounter in life, at work, passers-by. Random people who in general, for the first time in my life I saw, and, perhaps, never in my life will not see any more. Or, some people in any country where – in Ethiopia, for example, in Indonesia on their floating boats. I mean, you are absolutely indifferent to them. But, you wish them happiness. And, as we imagine how it disperses and goes to infinity.And finally, we have the third time we repeat this phrase: “May all beings be happy!”. And just imagine that once this wave of light from this beautiful lotus formed and began to spread in all directions. But the third time, we wish good luck to all my enemies. Here, we can be enemies. Some of our enemies hidden – just waiting, like a knife in the back, so to speak, to the hilt thrust us. There are enemies obvious, we have enemies, like, out of stupidity, we have “ideological” enemies. That is, the list of all the enemies that may be – a big list. But, again, the person in the life of a few friends, few enemies, more and more indifferent to his creature. So, we imagine that this wave propagates, and our enemies – they are living somewhere, somewhere inhabit. And here, we imagine that this wave of light spreading and once it gets to the place in the dark corner of the universe, where our enemies, we wish, including their enemies of happiness. Here’s a meditation. That is, we wish happiness to those whom we love; We wish good luck to all those who care about us; We wish good luck to all those who are our enemies. Typically, such a person has even more emotional rejection – okay friends – God ordered them happiness wish okay people indifferent – today he is indifferent, but tomorrow me, you see, and it is useful in anything. That is, such a utilitarian campaign. But the enemy – then! It would seem that the whole mentality of our civilization, says only one thing – that the enemy must be destroyed. You know, “who is not with us, he is our enemy, and if the enemy does not surrender, the enemy must be destroyed.” But, actually, it’s quite confusing. From the enemy can not get rid of, killing him. Why? For the enemy, as well as any other living creature, born again after his death. That is, there are problems that have plagued man from life to life. Yes, to a certain time may be delayed showdown with your enemy that you killed him. But, if he is born again, if your antagonism has not been resolved, it will again break out with renewed vigor. Already, maybe in the next life.

What’s the point – you kill the enemy in this life and in the next life you were born, he was born, and everything “from scratch.” Therefore, this here is the philosophy that the enemy must be destroyed, in the long run does not work. Because, once again, there are no winners and losers. Either everyone wins or everyone loses. Therefore, it is necessary to rise above the plane of the conflict. And only in this way, over time you will lose all the enemies. You know, about the yogis say – and yogis have no enemies. They are, in principle, no. And now, it turns out that such a wish, oddly enough, we begin to untie the knots of his hardest karma. Why? Well, that means that we have an enemy? The enemy is the same to us from the moon fell down, he somehow formed. So, there was some common point of intersection – that is not shared. Because, if we did not bind, then we would not have crossed. We have never been enemies, if there were any common interests. And the fact that we have common interests, says that once we voleizyavili to these common interests emerged. Or, if we are in our universe once confronted with a strange universe of your enemy, it is said that once we kind of invited him to his universe. That is, once we got on with it. As a rule, there is no worse enemy than the former one. Or, as biologists say, intraspecific struggle is much more severe and ruthless than interspecific. Tigers, for all time of its existence, less people ate many, many times, than the number of people who were killed by other people. This same law, oddly enough, within a species. What’s inside the herd what some animal, former colleagues, or relatives of the former become the most bitter enemies. It is easier, sometimes, to agree with someone to complete strangers than with those with whom you have something in common. I am saying this to you grasped the idea – if you have an enemy – whatever it was – so were the prerequisites to the enemy appeared. Just as you would not be enemies. So you karma that he originated.Therefore, first of all it is necessary to untie the situation, because of which it arose. And not to destroy the enemy. Because if you destroy the enemy, not by unleashing the situation, he will re-appear. It is useless to cut the leaves of a tree, if the roots are not podrubleny – spring will come, and they will sprout again. Therefore, this meditation, we wish you happiness, including his enemies, does that hidden, the most insidious conflicts knots surfaced and we would have them slowly unraveled. And as soon as we have them unravel itself an enemy can become a friend. Or, at least, neutral creature. The same applies to all of our, say, the living conditions. In many ways, our living conditions are explained by our interaction with other living beings. That is, a person can be arbitrarily genius, but differ nasty character and it does not take a paying job. Why? Yes, because wrong themselves showed. Such examples can give a lot, but most importantly, that this moment – if we have a negative in our lives, this negativity is not from the moon to us fell. Unfortunately, I often faced with this view. I especially hurt when her voice to yoga, or yogini. When they start to complain about the injustice done to them. From ordinary people can still listen to it, but from the people involved in yoga, it is at least strange. If a person is engaged in yoga, he should at least know something about karma. All that we have, we have created ourselves. Therefore, if we do not like something, we have to unleash it. And, before you destroy the enemy, try to understand, and, strictly speaking, the soil from which it originated. So, this meditation, it enhances our friends, it has a positive people, neutral to us and, again, it begins to create the prerequisites to our negative karma knots untied themselves. And here it’s promise – may all beings be happy – but we understand that all aspire to happiness. And this level, it is higher than thought, it is above all … happiness level is very high. The pursuit of happiness – one of the highest aspirations. We understand that there is such a height, which can somehow work together, we can somehow negotiate.

And here such meditation should be practiced every day. This is a very important meditation. And she, in addition to this theoretical explanation, there is one very important practical. I want to just deal with it. Well, of course – that they are friends – abstract or realistic; Now they are enemies – abstract or realistic, but it is at this meditation is very important is the direct continuation.

In yoga is approved – is not so much afraid of stimulation from the outside as its inadequate response to this irritation. Not because you have offended, as you said, the offender. This situation is all the time. Not since you pushed on the subway as you turned, expressed all that you think about the one who pushed you. And then off we go – you have it – it is you, you have it – it is you. And, the situation begins to swing more, more, here, you have to fight with their fists, and climbed into the … This is a typical situation. And if we imagine that we are under stress. If we imagine that we have troubles at work. If we imagine that we are at home with her beloved husband, or his beloved wife quarreled. These “ifs” can transfer a huge amount, and they can at one point on each other overlap. And here in this moment, you’re being pushed. Perhaps I pushed by accident, but this push can be a trigger from the gun in the gun. Or, as in the detonator any bomb. And here, you have to explode. With this explosion, you can throw out their aggression on the person, in general, random. And this man casual “with its bell tower,” sees his attempts to kill someone, but it seems to him, did not deserve this. He does not know that you have troubles at work. Torn years of life. So he’d go. And if you hurt him, you have a negative karma has in relation to this person. A person can be truly random. And now, we need a Guardian a buffer around you. Because, once again, my friends, not so much dangerous as we are under attack as dangerous as we sometimes completely wrong perceiving the situation is starting to supposedly protect. And in fact, we begin to do evil. That is, to bring people here so here reactions. It is very dangerous. And here this meditation, if you do it every day, even on the physical level, you work out, you know, so little time for reflection. That is, again, a sharp kakaya-to situation, and you are ready to dramatically vot-vot answer but, as you meditate, you have a split second to realize the situation and direct its energy to the anger in a different direction. This is a priceless opportunity. Why?Because the energy of anger, which you send to another channel immediately go to change your life for the better. I will not go into details, in yoga, everything is explained in detail enough. TE within you can boil with indignation, but if you have a word or look or gesture or style of behavior did not manifest, it infuriates you the energy that has accumulated from kakih-to other troubles, entirely go to your spiritual development, moreover, appear in you as a source of the most powerful spiritual force or charisma. Usually, people-charismatics are able to keep yourself in the hands of people who can not keep himself does not have the charisma. As Whatever he shouted oratory did not apply, it is no one’s listening. And if you will restrain myself, then it will go in your favor. And not enough, you see, and life situations will quickly untied, the living conditions will be more appropriate, and the conditions to practice yoga. Everything just because you had a share moments before answering the offender. Have you worked out her daily meditation “May all beings be happy.” Why? Because this meditation you to come down to the level of the enemy’s karma, and themselves mentally move in an island unaffected level, where there are no enemies.

This anecdote about Queen Victoria. In times viktroianskoy era in India was a whole colony of her. Now I do not analyze whether good or bad. While krichali- all that bad, but really felt bad, when the British left there, there began such a massacre, so much blood has been shed, we talked about this just do not know much. So here is an anecdote. What is out there a group of dissatisfied declared themselves enemies of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, which she did not react, because to be enemies, you need to earn the honor, to rise to a level to be the enemy of the monarch, the same if some bug said that he is an enemy of all mankind. Those. even with these items you climb over their enemies. But you can not do it without training. It is only you who is a hook, you’ll forget all about yoga, karma, about all these soul-searchinginstructions, you will suffer, you have fists will shrink and you will only realize that you are someone beat you or someone beats. Those. everything is solved in an instant before this clash grow into conflict. If you grab the this moment, you will come out the winner in the same way as any yogi. If not, you will spin your own as karma. But for this to work out a need on the one hand is to instill confidence and instilled it in meditation. Because in this meditation, you will sooner or later realize that you can not in principle be vragov.Znaete, it must still grow to the level that you were enemies. And thus you how to rise above this plane. Because this plane sucks, if you are someone starting to really take your enemy, you start living with a thirst for revenge, that revenge will start you drain, you will not be able to work or live, you constantly think about your enemy, as if he revenge. Your life will become a nightmare, neither of which yoga can be no question. Moreover each of his next step you will aggravate the situation. It will be a war of attrition, when both you and your enemy will have neither the strength nor the ability to fight with each other, but only look at each other in impotent rage. This situation we can see anywhere in conflicts of war, what some family conflicts when 2 people hate each other. And still later, sooner or later they are exhausted, no one can not win because they are in the plane in which there is no victory. You can get out of this plane, you can get out of the plane of the fight. Or rise above the level of karma. And it can be done, only repeating itself every day repeating that it was not just intellectually, but to you soaked every cell. Because when you are hooked, it is too late to reflect. This is a very important component of meditation, in fact if you do not learn it, in yoga you will not go further. Why? Because yoga sharpens all your nerves and senses. For some, there will be music normal for the volume, and you already will literally shake and annoying to someone, well, think the air is dirty, and you simply breathe can not, because you have exacerbated the feeling you’re a bundle of nerves and it should be pass in yoga before becoming independent, but before you go through, it is necessary for the path until you are naked, not bells and whistles are not good things, but to do this you can, only if you are constantly around you to keep this layer.

You will make around them armor, but not from the outside world and from himself, from his own own stupidity. Nothing brings us so much harm as our own stupidity. Unfortunately it is so easy to believe that all around us for some evil that we are poor and miserable, we will never see that we are not angels themselves. So here’s our response is not proportional, and this meditation helps.


The true essence of the “caps” and “hustles”.


Finally, there is another aspect of this meditation is very interesting, as this comic app. The fact is that by doing this meditation from this center in our chest. This center is responsible for the tactile sensation. yoga theory teaches us that the different centers of our body are responsible for our various manifestations, ie, principles of various manifestations. So this center is responsible for tactile feedback and it is believed that living beings on the evolutionary stage of the human stage, is the center of a serious or if figuratively say, the center, which allows us to feel all the joy and all the pain of the world. We feel as if the skin of the pain and the joy of others. And until that center is not developed, the universe does not put us to the next level. There is a yoga, which is entirely devoted to this center, it is called Nyasa yoga. Considered one of the components of the fastest methods of yoga. So if the center is not developed, and starts skewed toward intellectual or emotional centers, immediately followed by problems, troubles in life. But if this center is balanced, we will find the path of the optimal behavior.

And the anecdote connected with it next. It is believed that each person does not want to develop this facility, and encloses itself the wall, he does not want to feel the world, and wants to live in his castle, and did not see or hear. As a consequence of this nature come up with such phenomena as the crowd, congestion, and other other places, where in addition to the will of nature as a man vice presses to person. Well, actually the subway you ride, how cluttered up by zavyazochki, and do not understand where your hand is, and where the other leg. And supposedly thereby nature is not so carrot whip developing our tactile centers, the heart center, and as a result makes us really come to this meditation “that they may all beings be happy.” Therefore, my friends, if you do not want to get into the cork, hustle, pure karma do not want to get to you Life was so, the nature of it is such that know how to plant, it looks set up, and this is not, throw it in the shop, let They grind it out there. That is if you do not want to be polished in traffic jams and hustle, highly recommended here this meditation. If you feel a stranger as yourself, a lot of the effects of this will be, the universe will stop you on the other rub. Here is an anecdote.

Now let’s analyze, and whether this meditation, “that they may all beings be happy,” Energy meditation, or meditation is Consciousness Now More or any. It is easy enough to approach this issue. There are component sensations-we sit down and admire the beautiful lotus, we voleizyavili inside it to generate and feel sensations as if he was there, and we feel that’s the wave of the wishes of all happiness, which is distributed.

But at the same time there is an element of consciousness, because it is necessary to hold the whole picture in mind. Those. we begin to wish you all happiness, but I scratched behind the ear, and I begin to get distracted, but by consciousness return your consciousness to that picture. Therefore, it is a very soft option. Now, if you do not know how to meditate at all, you should begin with this meditation.

Questions about the second part of the seminar.

Question: We present a lotus. The location of this lotus, does it matter where it is directed up, down.

A: Strictly speaking, no. Why? The fact that the mechanism that is much harder in this meditation. Thus, when you visualize this lotus, you can submit it yourself as you see him, say, in a botanical garden. One imagines one lotus, another another, one sees white, the other blue. In fact, it seems so, thank God. That’s what you have a picture in my head and thank God. Interesting deluge begins. By concentrating on this place, you will roughly move to the level of so-called thin body. Yoga says that we have in addition to our gross physical body still has a subtle body and subtle body. They like our physical body material. Those. In this sense, there is no mystery. There are mothers who no one has yet discovered in the end of 200 years ago was not the same mobile phone, and then, there are now, nothing is not broken. So, it is obtained as follows, first you create a mental image of a lotus, then you bind it to a very specific area of the body. But these areas of the body, not just the area of the body, as we are taught yoga, and some, such transitions into parallel spaces in those areas, where are our subtle body. Those. Imagine our gross body in the same space, the other thin, the thinnest in the third, these spaces are imposed on each other and there are places where they are connected. And just this center and is one of the centers where the border worlds occurs from the coarse to fine, from fine to superfine. And most interesting is that it was here in this place have this fine structure. In Sanskrit, as a rule, it is called a chakra in translation it means a wheel or lotus.This kind of education that is done here in this subtle matter, and in this parallel space. And to describe it, we can not in this space, we can only somewhere inside him feel, but adequately say how it looks in our space, we can not. But if we come up with for this space some image and put it in the right place, there is a so-called associative link, snap your mental image with the real chakra that is there. In the future, mentally imagining that the lotus opened, closed, turned so syak, left, right, as it turns out the tool mechanism to make this delicate mechanism somehow work. This image is a kind of wrench, with which you can tweak some mechanisms at the level of the fine, or causal body. Therefore, strictly speaking, do not care who has what images. It has continued. Now a lot of ancient treatises was to penetrate to the west, where the chakra system is described, one of the chakra colors, the other of a certain color, ie, the absolute disparity. In a treatise written in such a way in the other that way, and a lot of people are not distant that ponachitalis and do not even realize what there talking about. So they begin to discuss – Oh, you have this chakra is open, and this chakra is closed. Such are the arguments in lyudёy knowledgeable cause attacks Homeric laughter, because it is a conversation of people who do not even understand what they are saying. And start foaming at the mouth to prove that this chakra is the same color, and if you see differently, you rascal. On an empty place there is a number of obscurantism in our time, even though that right marveled. And by and large everything is very simple, the spontaneous image that you was born, and he should be the other way there was the same – very good, a little differently, too bad. The main thing is that the process went. In other words, here you have to unscrew the nut, to do this you can take the wrench can take pliers and loosen, can take any form sly key and also loosen. Ways you can think of a lot, in any case, it loosen. Other than the conversation easier than easier. This is exactly the same and in meditation. Sometimes, in the heart center to effectively represent lotus, sometimes some more abstract geometric shapes – yantra. It’s a question of how you unscrew the nut, and it does not affect the essence of the phenomenon. In his meditation in the first place trust your spontaneous feelings, trust the way it goes.

Question: There are critical situations, when the mother is forced to protect your child, it will tie the knot karmic?

Answer: No, of course, if the mother is doing his duty. You know from Krishna, our friends, there is absolutely wonderful work of philosophy, it called the Bhagavad Gita. In fact, this is a purely yogic work. There’s a basic idea that if you fulfill your duty, karma does not stick to you. If I am a military man, to defend the motherland, I have that, there is a choice?

-I Mean murder in principle.

-Friends, again. This is such fine points. Hurting, but who can tell the extent of the damage. We, with its bell tower position, the man with his bell or society. This thing totally whatever. The only thing that directly concerns us is that we are not the actions themselves have generated negative karma that we have from these activities then do not suffer. Those. negative karma that for karma that leads to suffering. Plus, the one that brings the positive. And here comes the question of debt. Debt is something that we, in general, does not ask that it is not our karma. Conversely, if I’m not doing my duty, I just generates negative karma. If the mother is watching calmly as someone tries to make an attempt on the life of her child, and does not do anything, it creates karma. And if it takes a Kalashnikov and the offender into the cabbage crumbles, then this is not karma, it has fulfilled its duty. But it is from another area of the section of karma yoga.

Question: the energy that we distribute, does it matter what color it is?

Answer: Everything is absolutely spontaneous. Well, there are some starting points. Some meditations more clear, some less. But, say, in our school of yoga is such that not everything pravil- said – do what you like, in the sense that billions of every detail sometimes put an end to the performance. Critical points should be highlighted. Not critical moments, they are individual. Therefore, in this case, what kind of image you there and good. The main thing that you did not have contradictions that image. It’s unfortunately sometimes occurs when a person, say, read some Hindu treatise and starts according to a particular meditation represent yourself and it does not lie in the soul, and he begins to force yourself. So you can not force yourself. If you can not say anything specific, as will, so be it. Yes, first of all, it’s not the energy that propagates it Prana. A Prana thing in general is very strange, it can manifest itself as anything. And even more so in some of the qualities of our world. For example the color green in our world, it is in principle non-transferable in the thin layer, roughly speaking there other concepts of colors, other colors occurrence factors. Therefore, this council – to let go of the situation as far as it can be released. Yoga is primarily a harmony. If something is not harmonious, it means doing something wrong.


Part 3

What should be remembered for the practice of meditation?


We’re marching on.

So, again, it should be remembered that for the practice of meditation?

The first thing to remember is that meditation in yoga – this thing is absolutely harmonious, natural, there is nothing unnatural in meditation, contradictory difficult. Very often people think that meditating – somehow themselves in a special way stretch and are sometimes frustrated when faced with a real meditation, and do not meet there is nothing abstruse, indeed, sometimes it seems that this kind of child’s play. Sometimes little kids can just as well fall to thinking about something. In fact, the processes that take place at a very deep meditation mysterious. You can explain them with the assistance of the ancient treatises of evidence, but the most important thing is that we were able to just meditate. And so it should be remembered natural meditation. When we retire to our daily meditation, we need somewhere in a sense, to let the situation. Those. without such an undue stress approach to meditation. Moreover, even if we meditate by consciousness and concentrate on one thought, that all this should be simple, easy. Yes, indeed, we tightened at the thought, but everything else we feel naturally and freely. If we have during meditation we’re having these or other spontaneous some images, we got let meditate on the beauty of the world around us, or in other words, we sat down and in his mind’s eye reproduced the picture is very beautiful, the place where we it has ever been, and as it is absorbed in the memory at the sight of this picture, it again must be completely natural relaxed, not tense inside, here’s how it goes well, thank God.

If we fulfill these necessary conditions – do regularly, in a place where nothing prevents us, if we are the creators of meditation, and do not go on about their feelings, over time, as if we internally rediscover this brilliant knowledge of yoga, we We begin to feel that the ancient yogis had in mind when he talked about an island unaffected by internal and tranquility within ourselves. And what a lot of confidence, receptive state we come, the sooner we ourselves feel, as we have within the stems. Those. We trust yourself.

There are some exercises that will also lead us to a state of meditation, but it is necessary to them to do something more concrete to go according to some scenario. In particular, a large section of meditation is the so-called section Mantra meditation. What it is? There are special words that are called mantras, usually they come down to us in Sanskrit. The most widely known mantra, come down to us is the word OM, it is now everywhere love to write in all esoteric books. There are also other words, mantras, some genuine, some consist of several lines. They are very different, but the point is that if we start to repeat, repeat and repeat, then eventually, after a certain number of repetitions, we naturally immersed in a state of meditation. Here is the section called mantra meditation.

There are so-called meditation section called More Yoga Visualization. Those. When we present a particular image and meditate on it. And most interesting is that sometimes we are so mentally present their own image, that is, we begin to meditate on how we look. Here we sit, and direct their attention to their appearance. And so we begin our inner eye to see themselves as in a mirror. Of course, we kind of remember the image that we see in a mirror, in part it may be something different. And in the future there is a mental game. That’s why refer to meditation as something not serious, it seems that this is really some children’s games. But they would have been child’s play, if it had not given such a wonderful result. Here we begin to internally represent how our body is dissolved, ie, we mentally imagine how our body turns into fog and dissolve.Then begin to meditate or think of another body, which only pleases us. Here is a very interesting game. We’re used to your body, and here we begin to see yourself in some other form. This is extremely useful meditation to t Trapped inside of us disappeared, and we look at myself differently. Here such here meditation-visualization. Sometimes there are meditation, visualization on other objects, sometimes very abstract to some geometric shapes, called Yantra. Those. a person begins to intently unblinking eyes to look at these figures, and thus focus on them. And as soon as the eyes begin to stray away, ie we were looking at this figure, and suddenly once caught myself on the fact that we are looking at something else, you have to return his gaze back. And most interesting is that, in this way, controlling, returning his gaze, we are in control here, and return the object of our meditation, our mind. Why? Because as soon slips some extraneous thought, but not the idea that we have chosen as the object of meditation, here at this moment my eyes and jump, that is, eyes like this figure. In fact, there are many types of meditation. All of them are useful regardless of what kind of meditation you practice all of them will lead you to very great results, but still best to start here with this meditation, which we have examined, on a wish of happiness to all living beings.

Questions and Practice.

Now the practical part, we are with you shall learn to meditate a bit. We will try first energy approach – of images and sensations, and then approach the consciousness – concentration. As you remember, in order to begin meditation you need a convenient place to be comfortable to sit, no we did not interfere with anyone was not there, no outside noise could not hear. We find one for yourself the most comfortable position, to back, neck and head were in a straight line. Or imagine that our mind is the column and we are holding it in equilibrium. Once we have taken this position, it turns out that our muscles are relaxed and the body weighs on our spine as a jacket on a hanger. During meditation, all processes go along the spine, because it is important that he was straight.

Energy Meditation

And now we are able to mentally move myself in any great place, which we have ever seen. Or in other words, there is a meditation, when we see, when there is some kind of a beautiful place surrounded by nature. And hold a picture of this place in your mind, but do not analyze, but just perceive the whole, trying not to move, no thoughts, but the clarity is there, the eyes can be open or closed.


Now calmly return your consciousness to a place where we are sitting. Open your eyes. In the future, the following exercise, which is necessary. Usually, by the time of meditation legs zatekut you need to massage the feet. There’s a yogic exercise that will eliminate the leaking. Running it as follows. We sit down and depending on how much your flexibility allows you to, either up against the hands, feet try to completely rely on the mat and grabs his legs in front of him with his hands. And waiting for the tingling pass. Then we can get. For a while, stand up, and then go about their business.

It is important to remember that once you have completed the meditation, it is highly desirable to get away from the place where there was a meditation, it is an important part of meditation. To you then all further proceedings that would be you would have not been in my life tied to this place. Blunders if you stay in the same place where you meditate and start talking on the cell phone, or communicate with anyone – or, depart from this place. How far to go away? Strictly speaking, once a place of your species will disappear, you can do a few steps, and it will be hidden behind the trees, if you’re on the street or you have moved to another room. It is advisable to leave the place where you meditate. Then you will not confuse the state that you had during meditation with all other conditions of ordinary life. Again, just to start meditation should not be very hungry, because too strong feeling of hunger will distract you also unwise to start meditation, if you just ate, it also will distract you. Find some intermediate state is the most comfortable. If you suddenly started to meditate, and you need to escape, say, you wanted to use the toilet, do all this quietly, without jerking, calmly exit the meditation, and then go back and finish the meditation. Let’s say you did 15 minutes of only 5 minutes, and then you had to absent himself, go back and finish it as much had to do, ie, tick. That this principle is very important tick. There are plans secrets inside our body that are opened as soon as all the checkboxes placed as soon as the last nail is pulled out, only then you can go further, removed the last obstacle.

What if drowsiness will occur during meditation?

The Energy meditation, when you just perceive the universe, there is nothing to worry about. In the meditations of Consciousness, of course, these conditions are not compatible. Those. if you use meditation energies that can happen is that you meditate meditating on your feelings and suddenly fell into a dream. It happens, do not worry. Just sometimes, sverhutomlenie our mind thus removed. Usually it is typical only for those who are just beginning to practice meditation. Why? Because some structures of their minds were so tense for so long that even the dream is not allowed to rest. And that’s just got a man in meditation as all conditions of peace were created, on the one hand a person is awake, the other is stationary, with no one speaks or does not communicate with anyone, no matter who their energy does not spend and that’s such a good condition that only in this state any guard mechanisms of our mind gives good – yes, that’s resting now. There are such stress reactions when a person that’s been this tension, even during sleep a person feels some kind of trick, can not relax. And then when everything is quiet, everything is under control, no one near there, everything is fine and this mechanism is triggered. And so do not worry if it will occur. Once again, it is, as a rule, at first. If a person is engaged in meditation for a long time, it is not observed.

What time of day is best to meditate?

All Indian treatises tell us that the best meditation at sunrise and at sunset, ie, then when the extreme nature balanced. Well, actually, when the day follows night, night follows day, the state of nature is balanced, and it turns out so that we may not sleep, but not as actively awake, ie some such intermediate state. Generally speaking, the word meditation, is derived from Latin and comes from some of the roots, where the value of the intermediate. ” Those. state of meditation is not a wake, but it is not a dream, this is some entirely different condition. So it is best to deal with either at sunrise or sunset, but then again, if you live in the Arctic Circle, somewhere in Norilsk, where half a day, half night, you will not be able to thus follow them with all his desire .Therefore, it is best to trust your inner chronometer, his internal clock. We each have our own internal body clock, and now we have done quite brutal experiments on transfer of hours, one hour ahead, then an hour ago. With yoga point of view, it is, at least, a crime, because to shoot down the biological clock in all living beings, people of the country, in the name of some kind of benefit ephemeral, in power, and who then considers the costs that follow from those diseases by churning rhythm. Unfortunately, we are proud that we Western civilization is so smart, but in some questions we are barbarians, barbarians. Therefore, attached to some external clock, which the more permanently transferred, it is not optimal. Once again, from the perspective of yoga is madness. I do not know who first came up with this idea, or rather, I know, but who came up with the idea to continue the experiment. We discuss some small change in the whole country, but these epochal moments, such as the clocks of all the people to change the life of every living creature, from the baby, ending old man and an old woman is perfectly normal.

So, we do not cling to this watch, we cling to the internal biological clock that tells us that my activity be replaced by passivity, in the sense that I am going to go to bed, or on the contrary, my passivnost- I just woke up to pass away Activity-I am going to go to work. And in these moments, when one replaces the other, the intervening moments of best practice meditation. But if the same opportunities do not, it is permitted to practice meditation at any time of the day or night. Moreover, sometimes in yoga treatises it said that some z0abolevaniya very successful night can be treated meditation. Those. you, say, have identified themselves, which is 3 o’clock in the morning get up, dress warmly and meditate, say, from 3 pm to 3.15 minutes. Then go to sleep again. Those. in some cases this gives a truly stunning effects, but it is not for everyone, you can try and immediately, to keep track of whether it is or not your practice. The same applies here such dawn hours, in the summer, when rising early, at 4 o’clock in the morning, you can also practice this method. Get up at 4 am to meditate and then 4.15 to go again to sleep, and sleep well, how much you sleep there and go to work or somewhere else. This is allowed, and gives very good results.

As you can imagine it is highly desirable to meditate where nothing irritates us. Why, even in the apartment, when we begin to meditate we feel that the quiet, in fact, a huge amount of noise reaches us, we simply do not hear – the noise of water pipe, someone went-went. As in real life, we do not perceive, in a state of meditation is to become so sharp and clearly perceived that at first causes a person who started practicing meditation, is an unpleasant surprise. Well, it’s a question of habit, believe me, if you pomeditiruete enough time, your mind will get used to the background noise, and you will no longer hear it. Those. We have to suffer a little bit. Well, and you know, I’ve heard that in the west produce a very interesting device that completely shields noise. He, however, is very expensive. Its meaning lies in the fact that around the man, roughly splits a large number of microphones, speakers and large stand near him. And any sound before you reach the human ear, passes the microphone, which it is perceived, and sends an electrical signal. And since electrical signal goes much faster than sound, that means that the computer plays the sound is the same only with the vibrations of the reverse fluctuations, which are going to meet and calculated so that these oscillations are met in an area where your ears. And 2 these fluctuations extinguish each other and get the effect, if not utter silence, then a significant noise reduction. Those. if you can afford it, please.

Once again, it is a matter of habit. Very quickly your mind to learn to cut out the noise, the main thing to start to meditate. So if you have the opportunity to begin a meditation on the nature, do you have cottage six acres, make comfort, or it may be some park. That is in other countries where warmer, in some countries, even I know there is a culture that, in the morning under every bush sits someone and meditates.Well, we have a colder, the snow should be cleaned, before sitting down, although in principle, here are some great tourist mats, especially if they add up to 2 times allow even on the cold ground to sit and not feel cold. Nature, it no longer contributes to your state of nature and your natural state more conducive to meditation process. Once again I remind you that no one should take to meditation. Here you can invite someone to take a walk together, go to the cinema, to the disco, but any communication thing is expensive, especially communication with your family and friends. Unfortunately, especially you know, young couples in love do an unforgivable mistake – they think that they will now live and eat and sleep and meditate together – there is no greater folly. Why? Because they are overheated from each other and get tired. On the other hand for a while everyone should stay separately, to gain strength, and then to spend on your loved one. To a certain extent this also applies to our four-legged friends, but they are certainly less we interfere with than humans, because of their energy plane on another level space. Therefore, if we want to succeed, you have to calmly explain to his family and friends, you do not want them to spend those 15 minutes, not because you are there they do not trust or do not like, or you become a member of a marginalized sect and have you there ritual worship to some Bozhkov. You explain that nothing terrible, it is not necessary to call a psychiatrist that this is a hobby you. Explain that because sometimes people really nedogovorok from start to think about the worst thing you.

I have one friend, he lives in the suburbs, meditating for a long time and every time he goes out and somewhere to sit down, first of all he just shied away. You can imagine a man sitting still, God knows the truth … Well, if the next body of water, you can always pretend that you are a fisherman. In fact, evil tongues say that fishing is a kind of meditation, why people are so fond of. So then he started to count a Muslim, well, in general, a variety of options were, until he did not said- Well, friends, I just go out, breathe fresh air. What actually is, because in meditation is an active oxygen saturation. Those. he says that he is such breathing exercises and behind him all at once, because it was not interesting. Here is the same, because, you know, at the time of meditation, you will feel the backbone of the views of others. If someone sees that you somehow sit, is, of course, will attract attention, and you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is better to explain everything. We all have our weaknesses, someone goes into the booze, someone collects stamps, someone else something is engaged in his spare time, and I have here is a pastime here, and then you will be restrained from.

Of course, like pranayam, it is best to begin to engage in meditation in the fall or spring. Just as there are sunrise and sunset, as well, and there was a revival in the nature and tranquility of nature.

What kind of food to eat what not to eat?

No indications hard in meditation on this subject suschestvuet.Vy should eat that food, after which you feel satiated and there is an unpleasant feeling of heaviness, but what you eat is your own business.

Immediately right after meditation, if you can wait five minutes before you plunge headlong into business. Again, this is a kind of a time, the energy, which was formed during meditation redistributed.

More anyone any questions?

Question: If we are engaged in other yoga exercises, whether it makes sense to meditate in the same place, or do it in different places? What to do first and what is last?

Answer: .It makes sense to do in one place. Why? Because of meditation colored aura of this place and then other yoga are better. If we assume such a situation, you are meditating in kakom-nibud place, and then in the same work, it is permitted, but just remember, you are here in this place have done meditation, after necessarily kakoe-to time leave this place. Let it be 5-15 min., Stay somewhere else. Then come back and continue their business. To you in the head was a clear distinction – that is now a place of meditation, but now it is a place of work. That was not such that one and the same place of meditation smoothly flows into the work place.


Question. What to do first and what is last? meditation, yoga or other exercises?

Answer: .Individualno. I know people who at first did all the exercises in a good tone itself led, ie the body does not hurt, does not ache, it received a number of load and easier to focus the mind. Therefore, many are engaged in meditation after yoga complex. But sometimes it’s different. Suppose in the morning, when the hard myself to move what to do-or, on the contrary mental shake-up is transmitted to the whole body, and after a very nice stretch yourself physically. Those. you should try and so so and find your own version and stick with it.


Question. What role does meditation on the path of self-knowledge?

Answer:. If we consider meditation as a spiritual utility, meditation takes the principal place in our spiritual path. Why? Through meditation we realize who we are, what are our bodies, how they react, so sooner or later we arrive at a higher state of yoga, which is the guarantee of our spiritual development, is the state of samadhi. And in terms of meditation, when remains only one object or phenomenon in your head, and you are totally on him are concentrated, and then there is a very interesting effect when the degree of clarity and concentration remains, and the last object or phenomenon disappears at this point, as the teaches us the ancient teachings of yoga, we perceive themselves, their own Ya and it turns out that the person doing meditation, increasingly deeper and deeper, and then again and achieves this. You know, there is such a word nirvana, one of the meanings of the word, the word peace. This is when you externally sit quietly, but inside you are talking intense meditative clarity, it goes on increasing, and then, figuratively speaking, there is a qualitative change, and the silence, the whole world disappears, vanishes space, time, his ideas about himself, thought, all disappears. Those. there is a process of self-discovery I, I and our higher than that whatsoever. Therefore, meditation plays a dominant role in the spiritual development of man. But I deliberately do not want you in the early stages of meditation, too much addicted to these high moments in meditation. Why? They will come now, if you will meditate. And in order for you to deal with it, you should first of all with the help of meditation to learn to solve their current problems, problems to calm down, gather, come to his senses. And if you will enter into the habit of working on you. Each meditation you will rise higher and higher. And then you will feel the taste for spiritual meditation component. What is good yoga? It provides both physical component and understandable to us inexpressible.

Question. In which direction you need to sit in meditation?

Answer:. Good question. The tradition of yoga says that there are preferred directions, one of these directions – north. This is a very deep underlying reason for the mythological birthplace of yoga. It is believed that yoga was born somewhere in the north, so consider in those countries where yoga is the most common – the Himalayas. And they are the sacred direction of North. And still all struggling in meditation – whether they are referring to a mountain north of the Himalayas, or just the northern route, the northern area of our policy. From a very strange thing to be mythology that yoga, like all knowledge of the territory of India came from the north, which was supposedly such a mysterious country, where there was a half day, half the night, which was a solid water and other such myths. All this indirectly like living in the Arctic Circle, the polar day, polar night. And so someone thinks that the concept of the north is generally a north pole, someone thinks that the concept of the North is the Himalayas. So if you live in India, you do not care that the Himalayas north, that our country is the north that the north pole of the north. But if you live in Russia, to observe the letter of the yoga treatises here already have to think that they had in mind. If the Himalayas, then for us it is the south, if it is really a northern country, in many countries it was such Hyperborea, mysterious country, far to the north, the homeland of civilization. But by no less than the direction of north it is considered in high esteem. I would not say that this is a very important factor. If we assume, on the south side is a beautiful view, and from the northern landfill, it is necessary to consider whether it makes sense to follow the letter so.

So, friends, now we’ll try a different kind of meditation, meditation, consciousness.

Meditation Consciousness

Everyone we are distributing on the project, at the starting point for one match. Here it is the object, I ask to love and favor, match common. In fact meditation mind does not care what the object or phenomenon. Today, it can be a match, tomorrow it may be some law of mathematics, physics, the next day it might be, say, your body. This can be quite specific object in the form of a match or a more abstract point in the form of a physical law. It is clear that it is easier to start with a real physical object than to reflect on some of the universe law.

So, here it is an object-match. whether this object is interesting? At first glance, there may be interesting match as a match. How we burned them in their lives and how much more will burn. Kind of like here and think about. Actually, no, my friends. Looking ahead, I can tell you that this facility would be terribly interesting, once you start to focus on it his consciousness. As you progress in meditation any, even the most insignificant object begins to acquire attraction for you. And if you are, say, n retracement spend hours in meditation, then later even accidentally thrown a look at the match, which you meditate, you will spawn in the warm memories. This experimental fact in yoga. So when I was somebody says that his job is not interesting or life is boring, no friends, it does not work is not interesting – just a human parasite, and no life is boring, but it just is not enough to intellectually distant creature, we must work harder over it than over the tedium.

So, we keep first before the eyes of the image matches and fully concentrate on it. In just a few seconds, we’ll catch myself on the fact that we are starting to think about something else chёm-. Once we caught myself on the fact that we think of chёm- else, we should return quietly, without inner anger, without internal irritation, his attention to the match and continue to meditate quietly. The aid goes eyesight. Once caught myself on the fact that the vision leaped away from the match, you know that before you jumped vision, your idea sprang. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is useful to the eyes to keep the object.

Ithaca start, straighten your back, neck and head.

(Actually the practice)

And now, when we reflected on the match a few minutes, we close our eyes and hold within themselves the image matches and reflect on them from time to time, you can open his eyes and perceive it.

Great. Again, I remind you that after the meditation very well to massage feet, hands, back into the body itself, strike a pose, which will eliminate discomfort from flowing down.

We are meditating a few minutes, but it may happen that if time permits, you can fail 40 minutes, considering that a little time has passed. In meditation completely different during the time goes. And then just a surprise for you, you will find that the whole body numb and sore. Once again I remind you that when we go to meditate, we need sufficient warm and comfortable wearing, that nothing we do well.

So, what we are now doing, is a meditation Consciousness. Our consciousness is a very interesting feature. We hold the meditation object, say a match, and it turns out that our mind, thinking of the match, in a fraction of a second kakuyu- distracted, and then again returns in general can go far, but we have brought it again. Those. it is somewhere around it matches, but if you hold on an object or phenomenon of our consciousness, that object or phenomenon, as we are taught yoga, fully reveals itself. It comes very interesting ability, quite suddenly intuitively all of the facts that have been stored in the mind of you, will be built in a mosaic pattern in the picture. All the knowledge that you have – either directly or indirectly learned in life and that somehow relate to the match, line up. Sometimes quite paradoxical. And it is fascinating picture will start to open. And then, as we are taught yoga as the concentration will begin to reveal some things that seem unusual to us.

I always cite as an example, the writer Arthur Conan Doel, in his Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. If you remember, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, it was enough to look at an object and to tell about its owner, things that Dr. Watson looked fantastic. This is a very good literary example that opens a person who has learned to meditate by Consciousness. It is are any talking about anything features are perceived by man as a written book. This is very interesting, very exciting. In any case, all those who have learned meditation, all with one voice acknowledge that seriously do it, then this is great progress.

As complementary meditation energy and consciousness.

And here’s another little feature. As you know, one thing, when we perceive the beauty of the world and thoughts, but there are so receptive clarity, and another thing when we focus our minds on the match, as if we are making some efforts. Those. In the first case we give ourselves a sense, vision, these experiences, in the second case we concentrate our minds, we make your mind concentrate. It turns out that it is highly desirable from time to time the meditation vary. If you work, you work, say a loader, work hard, in the open air, in general, especially its intellectual will not name, as well as the muscles are mainly involved, the person then comes and feels a state of stupor. This happens when the muscles are overstretched, our feeling pulled to attention. It is useful to do in this case meditation consciousness. You like gets everything that it could not.

Another situation you are a professor of mathematics, you from morning to night are fighting over a promising new chapter in mathematics, where your mental abilities during the day is very tense. It is very good to compensate for their energy meditations, when you relax and go into the feeling. Thus was born the harmony. The same is true if you are a professional yogi and do not work anywhere. But, by the way, is one of the worst combinations. The man who in the name of spiritual goals nowhere does not work, tends to deteriorate very quickly and above all spiritually.

We change one another meditation, balancing two approaches. Meditation Consciousness is certainly very strongly developed intelligence. Energy Meditation longer develop creative intuition. But in fact, by and large, a meditation on some point flows smoothly to another. Starting from a certain moment, meditating on a match you start to look at it as if it was the most beautiful landscape. Or on the contrary, seeing the landscape, you begin to comprehend the inner harmony of the consistency of laws according to which the universe created this landscape.

Those. energy techniques seamlessly flow into consciousness methods, methods of sensory flow in intelligence techniques, intelligence methods in sensory techniques. And in this unbreakable unity and harmony just can achieve the state, which is called Samadhi or Nirvana.

Question. In meditation on a match, we are thinking about it or just contemplate?

Answer: .Mozhno differently. You can let the whole tangle of thoughts that accompany a match, and the match can be directly as such, but there they will still flow smoothly into each other. But most importantly, as soon as we catch ourselves that we are not thinking about the match and about chёm- something completely different, let’s say, as someone scores a nail behind the wall, here, we have to return. It turns out that there is a cloud of images and thoughts revolving around this match. And we gradually narrows the focus, thoughts and images become less and less. You know, just as if you take a magnifying glass and a hot sunny day in ways that paper, it is a speck of a large magnifying glass, it heats up and nothing happens, but we are focusing, and there comes a time when the paper lights. This is exactly the same and in meditation, we focus so that the whole external world of a match, or nearly match narrows to only one image and thoughts, but this is accompanied by a conscious restriction, it is a method of Consciousness. In the method of the Energy contrary, we kind of like to disperse, but remains clear, as if we were focused. On the third hand, our mind is very cleverly done. Abstract moments quite intricately intertwined with images, moving images into abstract moments. Those. isolated in pure thought or idea covering the image, we can not do.


Question. Consciousness must be included, ie, images as something to share

A: .. It is necessary to assign itself a small corridor, within which if consciousness begaet- jumping here and there, then that’s fine, but if you jumped outside, bring it back. Then the corridor from each meditation to narrow and constrict.

Question. Choosing, any way, any time it is necessary to meditiroavat or can change?

Answer:. Yes, do not change quickly the meditation. It is advisable to choose one for a long time -dolgo him meditate. First, it is interesting, then, it seems, skushen, then indifferent. Those. All these stages are passed. Then again I wonder that a layer after layer is removed from the image. Those. first novelty – Oh, the match! I never paid attention to it, so it’s interesting. But if you meditate on this match day 3, you kazhetsya- Lord, I know all about it. Those. it’s deceptive. Then layer again, meditating the 4th day, and it’s new open, then on the 5th day – well, everything is nothing there. And so that’s going on, but the fact is that after a certain algorithm of narrowing produced, and patience, and habit. Interestingly, not interesting, it will be interesting. According to the teachings of yoga Source of all joy, all happiness in ourselves. And all the things outside of it is just the keys. It is understandable if the match today, but after a couple of seconds, the alien, so, of course, all the interest in the alien move. But in fact the interest comes not from outside. From the point of view of the external universe, they have equal area that match, the alien, ie response within you. It is only a habit, which is alien bite you, and there is no match. Long will be watching and you will have a match to cause as much amazement as alien materialized.


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