“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter IV, AF. 18-34

“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter IV, AF. 18-34


The title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Of Patanjali

and “Vyasa–Bhashya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

the text “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali.

Chapter IV. About absolute liberation.

(AF. 18-34).


Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the oldest and most authoritative treatises on yoga.

This treatise is equally respected, both among academic scholars and practicing yogis. For this reason, this Sutra is considered the fundamental treatise on yoga very wide circle of experts.

Unfortunately, the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali is very difficult to understand for modern practitioners of yoga for a number of reasons, among which should be mentioned such as: lack of adequate terms in European languages for translation of basic notions in yoga (the word, Samadhi, chit, Manas, etc.), the ultimate short presentation (very concise aphorisms), cross-cultural difficulties of ignorance of the environment in which this treatise was written, and many others.

For this reason, there is a serious need to provide meaningful comments on this treatise for the layman. In our work we have sought to avoid the Sanskrit terms as well as illustrate the difficult philosophical ideas to simple analogies from our lives. We also carried out a parallel comparison with other philosophical teachings, such as Tantric Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, etc.

If this course of yoga will give you at least a small island with a great understanding of the science of Yoga, if it will inspire you to continue learning all the secrets and mysteries of Yoga, then we’ll consider our mission accomplished.

Date and place of lecture:

Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.




18. the activities of consciousness are always known to their master, for the ability to change for the Purusha does not apply.


Review of Vyasa: If, like consciousness, Lord [of consciousness], puruṣa, too, would be subject to change, here [to conclude that] the objects, i.e. the content of consciousness, would have been known or unknown as sensory objects – sound etc. However, a property of intelligence to be constantly known his master leads to the conclusion that Purusha is not affected by [any] change.

It may be questioned, not does the consciousness, like fire, and the sensual object.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here continues to review Patanjali moments associated with consciousness, with modifications of consciousness, with these approaches. And logic consideration leads us to the fact that this tandem between the subject and the what he’s looking at. We have our I, which is here called Purusha. This I have the ability as consciousness, which illuminates everything that shows buddhi, that shows the mind or something that shows intelligence, in other words. The question arises: “And always the master of consciousness knows what is displayed by consciousness?” Of course, definitely Yes. Because otherwise, we would say that consciousness is divorced from the essence of Y. That is, it itself is something highlights, and my I don’t know. Obviously, it is not. It even somewhere deeper contrary to logical thinking.

On the other hand, another question arises – well, and suddenly in spite of the planet, the consciousness is also modificeres, that is, the rays of consciousness are refracted, and they themselves evolve and today they are in one form, tomorrow in another, after tomorrow the third. This is not so, because the property of consciousness – a constant luminescence, that is, in any state in which the person is, the consciousness shines a single light. But it takes people in different colors, because the consciousness is refracted in these waters of the mind. And since there are no more of that awareness, that consciousness and intelligence are two different things, man begins to consider himself a mind, and it begins to seem that the mind is the source of his consciousness.


It’s such a dominant view, even in modern science that the mind is the origin and support of the consciousness that this is it highlights. But here, the next moment, if my mind works, the mind highlights, but if I drank a glass of vodka or lost consciousness, it has ceased to highlight because it is an intermediate in the form of a mind went blank and stopped, roughly speaking, pass through itself, these rays of consciousness. And, of course, result in any of these hypotheses and theories about what the mind creates consciousness. So the property of consciousness is the unchanging, nothing can be done about it. Mind are energy and intellectual abilities are energy.

So, could it be that Purusha does not know that illuminates consciousness? No, this can not be. That is, consciousness by definition is the tool or the Purusha, I who operates in this world and which highlights some areas in this world. There is a physical body, and that this piece of matter, the ray of consciousness is directed, or rather not even the piece of cloth and some of its intellectual part. Here consciousness highlights this part of the Universe where this piece of meat. Moreover, where is displayed this piece of matter, there begins to emerge a certain energy that is inexplicable from the point of view of the environment. That is, the additional unexplained a boost of energy, a little, but managing. That is, in order for the excavator to rotate the lever to its bucket of Zagreb it is a huge pile of earth, needs a little effort, but to rake in that much energy. Similarly, the human body. The control pulses come from nowhere, and performing impulses come from food energy, light, sun, of the surrounding world. It’s like a big amplifier that runs on local energy, but the controlling impulse comes from the outside. And this together is called human self, rather it is embodied in this human world I operate in this world.



Accordingly, the question is: “can I don’t know what makes his mind?”, he clearly meaningless. It boils down to the question of modification of consciousness, and whether it can change, but by definition, it can’t change.



19. It is not the lights themselves because of the properties of being an object of perception.

Review of vyāsa: As the other senses or sound and other [sensual objects] are not Samothraki in strength properties to be objects of perception, just as the intellect. And therefore the fire cannot serve here as an example, for the fire does not light his own identity [that] was not lit. Such coverage appears [just in case] when the light source that must be lit. However, in its own essence, [taken] by itself, [so] there is no link.

Further, the meaning of the words “consciousness that illuminates itself” is that it is not an object of knowledge for anyone. So [the words] “akasha relies on itself” means that it’s not based on anything else.

Activities of beings becomes possible by the reflection of the processes taking place in their psyche: “I am angry”, “I’m afraid”, “I feel attracted to so-and-so,” “I have an aversion to something”. Without reflection processes [taking place] in your own mind, such [activity] is impossible.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: So here, too, there are moments of interpretation. One of the properties of consciousness and can consciousness highlight itself? In the story, wolves fright ate each other. That is, whether it can be directed at itself? This is a very treacherous question, a trick question. Because if we say it is possible – consciousness can be fixed, then, roughly speaking, you can create another device that would have highlighted the presence somewhere of the rays of consciousness from another. And consciousness is just one of those things that, in principle, not fixed anything, it’s not even fixed himself. It is impossible for consciousness to see the consciousness through consciousness. Otherwise, why would invent Purusha, if the consciousness and so are well perceived.

Buddhists don’t focus on this now, I’m saying that it is an illusion, and all so well explained by the lower rank. It’s really quite strong arguments, suggesting a fairly good understanding of the issue is that there is no individuality. May be, these explanations did the maximum amount of confusion in the minds of adherents, studies, including Buddhism. For more hodgepodge, what little was brought in the concept than the concept of voidness Ya of Course, initially, Buddhism was supposed to be much higher than this slightly trivial concept. It was assumed that the use of talking about I, if I is identical with the absolute. And so it turns out that yoga in schools is a goal of this barely visible line on the water, here it is the Purusha, but it is now absolute. And in Buddhism they say, why this dotted line if there is no objectively existing barriers between them. There is a very thin barrier of Maya (illusion). And if the Mayans are by definition an illusion, as if it is not, then why invent a new entity in the form of Purusha in the form of Ya. The concept of the absolute is very complex in the sense that it is a thing with characteristics and without characteristics, the void, as they like to say. That is, they immediately make that leap, jumping over a step, but a leap understands people are sophisticated, but people are still inexperienced so get confused, this position, which actually throws them back, than brings forward that’s the concept.


So, knowing the properties of the human soul, and from a formal point of view is still the property of the Purusha is not really a property of the absolute, because even though Maya is the separation of the ego (ignorance), though it lacks its own identity, but, nevertheless, it is perceived by man as endowed by nature, and he lives and comes from the fact, as it would essence. So it is easier to speak in a human-understandable language. Hence was born science such as Raja yoga etc have Reached the level of the Purusha, the next step is a natural, intuitive and simple. But God forbid to get to the level of the puruṣa.


So the question in other: “Who is behind this tool of consciousness?” And there definitely is the tool of consciousness is Purusha. And that is the difficulty of expanding consciousness. Consciousness is directed outside, on the mind and if it were possible to do so, and if the consciousness was focused on the mind, then the mind would be directed to itself, and from itself to the source, and enlightenment would be a matter of fractions of a second for every living entity. And it is here that the point is that the thread does not know the intermediate States aimed at herself. Because if the consciousness went to the themselves, it would samaropoulos themselves, and there would be another entity between the mind and the Purusha in itself the essence, the essence of consciousness.


From the point of view of logic to jump from the entity in the Purusha easier, but this is impossible because there is no consciousness of such properties. And here the difficulty is this reverse flow that consciousness is like water in a pipe. But unlike water, which can stagnate, consciousness necessarily flows either there or back, and the meaning of enlightenment – it’s the reverse. It is not highlighting itself, it sheds light on the Observer. Consciousness with all its grandeur mechanistic, just like our energy is just a tool, on the one hand, it’s like the essence, on the other hand, is just a tool. The only question is: “who has this tool?”, and has it even more fantastic thing is our I, our Purusha. That’s the concept.


20. In addition, they are not both [can be] known at the same time.

Review of Vyasa: a Knowledge at the same instant and private entities, and other entities is impossible. And the statement of an adherent of the doctrine of immediacy that existence is [simultaneously] and the action that produces the action that is [not more than] assumption.

Maybe [and] point of view, according to which [one] the content of consciousness itself ceases to exist, is perceived directly replacing it with another content of consciousness. [It is written in the Sutra]:



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: In Raja-yoga there is a concept of rapid advance. Very difficult to understand. Here Patanjali says the same thing, but somewhere more logical outputs. Do you have a tool like mind. And the question is highlighting is your own mind in every single point in time one entity or such entity in a single moment in the set? In order to know the function, it is necessary to know it in extreme points the maximum and the minimum, then you can predict how it behaves in certain ways, one or the other function. And here we are given such assistance in the form of experience of the enlightened yogis, who have reached the highest point, which made the mind to look towards buddhi, mind, and towards their own self And when I perceived, all else is gone, a clear direction, flows either there or here, and if flows in the direction of a single entity, and the concept I – this concept nemnogosloven, and a single, and then there is the concept of a zero when the I merges with the absolute, there is not to say that there was one. And when you perceive your own self for you avoid even one law-one, you have become a law, and then you drop the concept of zero.



It turns out that when the reverse of consciousness indicates only one entity I, nor I, nor buddhi, nor I, nor what is shown in the buddhi, the senses, and one Y. each second, says yoga, our consciousness illuminates only a single entity, but as our attention is torn with frightening speed, we perceive the simultaneity of events. We perceive the very concept of time, because the concept of time arises only when jumping consciousness. If the jump of consciousness was not, we would not have hours to analyze in relation to another, we have highlighted only a certain point. So as long as the mind jumps, it slips on all of our sensual lures. And most of it is at the level of the subconscious mind, and only a small part is at the level of our conscious mind. If you give abstract expression to the geometry of our consciousness is the concept of the point that on the one hand it is, and on the other hand it as not.



So, it turns out that our consciousness runs very, very quickly from one object to another, and it goes in cycles. It runs in its two guises, like an iceberg, it ubegaet, both over water and under water. But when it obegal above water is our conscious thoughts, emotions, reasoning, reflections, etc., and when it runs under water – it’s all our bodily functions, digestion, sensations etc. It is clear that this routine is a lesson our own consciousness to maintain the status of our own body, so they become the background, we cease to be viewed as a sequence of successive images, for this we are so accustomed that we do it quickly, forcing to work the subconscious mind that controls all of this.



And here is a small part that POPs up above the surface is the conscious manifestation of consciousness, but this happens so quickly that we think this process is continuous and it is actually discrete. So this is the fundamental theoretical justification of certain provisions of Raja yoga, which leads to very specific abilities, for example, simultaneously do many different things.


21. When [the assumption that the contents of consciousness is perceived] the other contents of consciousness [arises bad] infinity of the understanding of understanding and confusion of memory.


Review of Vyasa: thus, if the contents of consciousness “is grasped” [it is perceived], the other contents of consciousness, what is perceived understanding understanding? It also [should be regarded] different understanding of the understanding, and this, [in turn], to others, and so [bad occurs] infinity.

“…And the memory offset”. [This means] that there is much to experience acts of understanding understanding, so many acts of remembering them. As a result of the mixing of these [acts of remembering] the establishment of a one [single] memory becomes impossible.

Thus, the doctrine of annihilation, which denies the real existence of the Purusha, the knower [the activities] of buddhi leads to extreme confusion. Those who are inclined to see the subject experience anything, does not rely on the laws of logic.

Some take the pure essence of itself, [arguing that] it, throwing the five groups [of existence], finds the other (group). But having said that, they’re that scared. Saying: “I will follow the practice of abstinence in the presence of my mentor to achieve a total indifference to [five] groups of the existence and removal from them, that they are never actualized and come to a final calm”, they deny the existence of such an entity.

But in the teaching of Sankhya-yoga and other systems of Brahmanism], the word “themselves” refers to puruṣa, Lord, for whom consciousness is an object of experience.

How [this happens]?

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This is a continuation of the previous aphorisms that can consciousness perceive the content itself. If this were possible, then the presence of Purusha automatically would discard as useless. There is a consciousness that is very well and understands, but then it can understand not only their comprehension, but another, to another, say, time. On the mundane level, it is as if the attempt to reduce consciousness to a self-organizing information. The property of consciousness – it is actually something to highlight, to comprehend information. For example, at this point, the two atoms were in the same situation, in another time, in another, that is, there are some picture.



It all comes down to information, and consciousness is what perceives, reveals this information. But on the other hand, the concept of consciousness itself is so complicated for many people that they can’t fully understand, and they say there is no such entity as consciousness, but there is one information which, as it self-organizes, and then begins to draw upon other information. On the one hand it’s a very interesting concept. But we must remember that this is a fundamental difference between man and mechanistic models is that consciousness is the same essence as energy.



No need to prove that the energy is there, everyone knows, but the concept of consciousness is difficult. And even higher, the next step is the conception of the Purusha or the concept of I, which stands for the consciousness and energy, it is generally in a bad dream anyone can dream. Therefore, these kind of moments to bring, well, even acknowledge the existence of consciousness, but not to do the next step in the direction of the observer, in the direction of the puruṣa, and to explain everything at the level of consciousness. Supposedly the consciousness perceives as its own action and the action of that consciousness and its content, that is, as samokonasana information program.



From the point of view of logic, of course, it’s bursting at the seams. We do not use such entities is very important which you should then to speculate, to think that memory and attention, and will. They seem to have us in the background, because – what is the memory, because we direct attention this way or how we do it? Consciousness follows attention, then the question is – what is attention? With third parties we may desire to dispatch it all, that is the will. And it’s all pretty mixed up and intertwined. This requires a more rigorous approach, but in order not to complicate things, we now don’t do that, and operate on only two concepts: consciousness, energy, Purusha (I). Energy – the mind (buddhi), consciousness – consciousness, well, I – it is I.

22. Pure energy of consciousness, cannot be transmitted [objects] cognizes a mind of its own, taking its outward form.

Review of Vyasa: “the Energy of the one who enjoys [that is the subject of experience], is not subject to change and is not absorbed [objects]”. When she seems absorbed the changing object, it seems to be consistent with the manner of its activities. And so only because of the similarity with the activities of buddhi (intellect) [as] a form of pure consciousness, understood as the deployment of consciousness not distinguishable from the activities of buddhi. It was said in this regard: “the Refuge, which is the eternal Brahman, is not the scope of hell and the mountain gorge, not darkness and not the abyss of the sea, but the activity of the buddhi, are not distinguishable [from him]. So say the wise.”

And hence the conclusion:


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: the Boy loved the girl. She fell in love with the boy. They experience happiness. And the question is, where is happiness. They think outside, but actually inside it. This is the next stage in a person’s life. When he approaches the life of the causal body, when the consciousness and energy is not absorbed by some modifications of the buddhi, and abide in his original form, pure and unscattered. Here is the substance of our mind crystal clear, made of sattva is consciousness flashing it. In addition there is the energy of our I, which is followed by consciousness begins to be present within the crystal of the mind. An ordinary man he fusses, runs, jumps, somehow respond to external stimuli, and all this energy as if floating away, dissipating. At the same time, when she is segregated within buddhi, and the buddhi is clouded and is not involved in anything, it manifests itself as the highest potency. And actually at this level the person lives in the causal body. This is the highest pleasure, when the consciousness illuminates the buddhi is full of Ananda (ultimate happiness), as if the energy appears in its own form. But as soon as there is an object, this energy is due to karmic associations starting with this object, phenomenon, thought, etc., and it makes you evolve.



How does it happen? Consciousness begins to perceive it, and the contents of the object is inverted, opens consciousness, and the energy soaked and distorted. Then come the shades of pleasure, if this pleasure. But this pleasure is not as strong, and have already absorbed. Either it’s a pain when this energy begins to choke itself, that is, the rays of consciousness illuminate this content of mind, which makes this energy itself destroyed. And here is the condition, when this energy is enjoying herself begins to destroy or strangle, is called pain. Therefore, in the objective sense of the word pain does not exist. In the objective I emphasize, because in the subjective, each of us has experienced pain and knows what it is. But the essence is no pain. Is like collapsing the energy of Ananda, the pleasure potency of our higher self And the person suffers. He begins to do something to change the contents of consciousness.



Here are people who have reached the state of Brahman or a Buddhist monk, who was put in prison, or wandering yogi, they cease to live in the body, they begin to live here in this crystal clear buddhi, and if they manage it, the external factors have no influence on their internal state, they enjoy even in prison. And this is the state of life at the level of the causal body is to him of course at hand to the point where there is this gap between consciousness and energy, and substance, buddhi. Now, when this break occurs, then, in principle, nothing can affect your condition. You live in a state of Holy being with you each day talking to God. Every day you feel the presence of Brahman, and not somewhere, and in himself, in his own buddhi. When your energy in its own form merged with the natural state of the buddhi, and therefore, consciousness is all highlights.


Here is a very curious remark that, starting from some moment, the yogi cease to live external. It stops for him to play the role that can be for us regular mortals, it plays. That is when our minds depend on external. And he’s more rooted in your own internal world, and this world is not that more like sometimes I want to say, more dull, no, it’s more intense and more exciting than the outside world. The person begins to look at the outside world is just as pathetic a glimpse of the inner world. The sun, and the outside is just a game of shadows from this light source. So if the yogi happens to be too some fantastic nice thing, whatever it was in the outside world, it’s still just a reflection of those conditions that he is experiencing within themselves the strength of their feelings. And as a result, man is becoming more reasonable and balanced, because there is no external factors that could force him to do those things or other, because nothing depends his happiness outward. But if happiness is not dependent on the outside, you begin to impartially look at the world.


Here is another such moment. Some say: “Let’s not go any further, let us at this level and stop.” There is the buddhi (mind) of pure sattva, solid clear and untroubled. At the human level it’s absolutely a pure delight, which nothing can overshadow. It is fully illuminated by the sun of consciousness, and it seems to be awash in potency, then there is buddhi in its natural form. The concepts of the world religions is heaven. And really for someone who a little that understands, and this thing seems paramount. But yoga says that it really is a very serious step, this can be the level at which it may be to live until you have a human body, but this is just an intermediate step from the point of view of the next, when you go even beyond Paradise. And here only it is called a final and irrevocable release, output, win.


The question arises: “in what States do they live?” So, when they have a state of utter absorption on his own buddhi, it is the ultimate Paradise. The concept of happiness in yoga is enlightenment, the highest happiness you will experience before to go beyond happiness, something that has been at all clear. We can hardly speak about the highest happiness, we can hardly draw a picture of the highest Paradise, and the more we start to draw, the faster we begin to live. Here the power of the idea, thoughts about it, you embody it, the very fact that you have this idea in mind. And then comes something even more Supreme, than we are now even to think, probably can’t. It’s already out of ideas.

23. consciousness, colored by the Viewer and what is perceived, [it becomes] useobjects.

Review of Vyasa: Intelligence painted a knowable object, but in the strength properties being the object of perception turns out to be associated using this function with the subject, that is the puruṣa. Thus, the same consciousness of being “painted” by the Audience and what is perceived appears [simultaneously] both as an object and as a subject. Finding the internal shape of the animate and inanimate, and appearing as if it was not the object, although by its nature it is the object, or as if it were animate, though [in fact it] inanimate, [this consciousness], [reflecting all around], like a crystal, is called useobject.

Therefore, some, deceived by this similarity of consciousness [Purusha], they say that it is animate. Others argue that this whole [world] is not that other, as a consciousness, and that in fact cows, pots, etc., that is, [subject] world together with his reasons don’t exist. Indeed, [these people] are worthy of pity.


Because the consciousness, which illumines the forms of all sensual objects is the seed of their error.

As to [discerning] of comprehension [which occurs] when yogic concentration, attain an object, being reflected [in the mind], there are different, [than consciousness] because it supports it. If this object was the “only-consciousness”, how the understanding could establish itself in the form of comprehension? Therefore, the one who defines the object reflected in it [yoga] realization, there is the puruṣa.

Why this happens?


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here we have the correct accents. So, again and again meaning. There is what is called our I am, what is called Purusha. And Purusha manifests such property as consciousness. That is, Purusha is like this, if you will, a tool or an inherent property of it. It is certain rays of consciousness, being aimed at anything, as if they reveal or disclose it, that they are directed. And so was formed a long karmic process of evolution, our body, our body, which in the first place. And what are you looking at the rays of consciousness? They look at our mind. In our mind, which is buddhi. That is, this is a subtle matter or the subtle energy in a state of absolute clarity. And in fact consciousness reveals only what appears within this buddhi.


When one sees some external object, it is through the senses, this seen or heard or tangible object, sends to Manas. Manas or transmits this information through itself, or filters out, filters out. If he missed it through itself, this information seems, it is the perception of the object comes to the buddhi, and buddhi is an exact copy of this object, and the consciousness illuminates all that is in the buddhi. And, of course, it immediately begins to perceive the object. That’s the chain of perceptions of the external world.


But this is not enough. We, humans, have a concept in addition about yourself. Some idea about himself. Because otherwise he did not identify, would say, buddhi himself. And it would have been quite a strange situation that is visible without seeing. As Purusha is outside the Universe. Out. But the rays of the consciousness directs inward. That is, as if man were some kind of disembodied spirit, who sees everything but is not aware of itself, but only aware of some plot.



It is clear that it can’t be here, if we consider the views of our school, the reverse side of these rays of consciousness – a stream of energy that enters this world as well. That is, the ability of Purusha to create. So within the buddhi, besides that of the perceived object creates another and the subject. That is, all our ideas about ourselves, crystallize in the buddhi. Question: where do they come from? And they likewise, are formed using five senses. We walked over to the mirror, looked, we have identified what we saw in the reflection, with oneself, and we have somewhere etched in buddhi picture of ourselves, that is the concept ourselves.



This is now the cornerstone of selfishness. Cornerstone. Here’s how it all actually starts. Now, if we had no senses, no, we wouldn’t have notions. We see someone fat, someone skinny, someone tall, someone there, someone male, someone female, someone with such facial features, someone other, someone has such abilities, someone other, someone feels, someone feels, someone sees someone perceives that way. And from these external factors, which, again, came through the senses, we start within ourselves to draw a picture of themselves. And we have the representation: I, so-and-so-and-so, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, graduated from there, for example, so-and-so Institute. I know so-and-so can so-and-so will do such-and-so. I look and I close my eyes, and my view about myself, even if it’s a little blurry, but it’s still more or less as it corresponds.



But it’s just a concept, which is buddhi. Our view of ourselves is as ephemeral, well, if you want a copy of what we think we are. So what happens? Is completely interesting and fun thing. There is Purusha, which is not yet savetostream themselves, but this Purusha manifests such property as consciousness. And consciousness underscores all that is in the buddhi. And buddhi are, as an object of perception and subject of perception. That is, how do some external object – a chair or something, and so our own idea of yourself. As if it were a field, and we are there as the little men were sitting (well, our idea of ourselves) and saw. Here is a concept for those of us in the world. Now, in this moment we behave. We have created a vision through the senses is the self and accepting the other concept of some external objects. And the rays of consciousness simultaneously highlight both. But both in its essence is a wave on the surface of the buddhi. And they seem, especially with regard to the perceiver – it’s just a concept. That is one hallucination sees another hallucination, but perceived it’s not a hallucination.


Here’s something quite strange, and so sometimes, when a person is beginning to achieve, to understand this law, he sees that there is a process to display a consciousness of some object, a process, again, highlight the subject’s consciousness of perception. That is, again, illusory structure, which we call ourselves. And here is how these three. Sometimes it is quite abstract-sounding an expression that is the subject of cognition, the knowable and the process of cognition. And it is quite confusing that sounds. I remember that many people don’t even know what was going on.


But again in your own words. Here is, roughly speaking, the person – entity is, for example, standing in front of it a chair – the object is the process of knowing or perception of the person in that chair. That is, this is like a chain. But it is divided into three independent parts, we think. Well, I, I am myself. Chair, he is the chair. And the process of cognition of this chair, it is in itself. That is, I can know, I may not know. But this Trinity is only in the buddhi is divided into three parts. As if the buddhi and have divided into three parts. On the subject, the object and the process. But by and large nothing. And there is only Purusha, which illuminates with its rays all these three, and they are inseparable.

Student: From the point of view of the Purusha?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right.


Student: Inside of them they will always be, probably, three different?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Why do they say that the mind imposes a grid on the world? The reason this continuous world structuresize, parts. This is one of his most valuable qualities for analysis. But, on the other hand, the reverse side of the coin is Maya in its purest form when the whole is divided into parts, although it cannot be divided. And that’s the phrase that a person who has attained the knowledge of the Purusha, or it has become to this high spiritual level, then it merges the object of cognition, subject of cognition and the process of cognition. From Ramakrishna there is a saying is very good, not literally true that “a scaffold, the victim and the executioner are inseparable”. But back up a little more.


So our concept of separation occurs only in the buddhi. That is, what kind of a world we do not know. Until then, until we prosvetlilsia. Senses us something whisper. Well, give information. Buddhi draws any concept of ourselves, some external things and processes in which we are involved to participate. And buddhi divides it by three. And in fact there is no these three. And there is a natural process, when Purusha unaffected by the rays of consciousness highlights this, that is, as the viewer is watching over it all, but as a spectator in a theatre behind the stage for the performance. And it seems to be outside. As the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali closer to the methods of consciousness, so there is an emphasis on consciousness.


Student: That’s the concept: the inseparability of subject, object and perception process is the process of awareness of our I from the point of view, even here the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali. So, what’s inside of them first created this concept of indivisibility. Yes, it is possible to imagine intellectually, but intellect will not break out of these restrictions buddhi? It turns out that inside the buddhi is first created this concept that there is a subject, object, and this process. Inside the buddhi – concentration on the concept that they are inseparable, and this concept can bring to the real comprehension of Me?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You ask a very good question. That is to say, dead-end branch of talkers and great debaters. In my life I met many people who, in their disputes can prove anything and disprove it immediately, whatever. Why? Yes, because they are within the buddhi. Here in this plane of buddhi. And they even not think of them there’s this push that they are in the plane, and so some of the things these debaters just don’t understand. They don’t get the concept, because it is beyond thoughts. All that buddhi is thought, and truly realize the unity, only rising from the plane of buddhi.


Student: Yeah, meaning to go beyond its limitations?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes, Yes, absolutely. Or otherwise, to direct the rays of consciousness in the Purusha that she herself highlighted. And as long as you are in the plane of buddhi is a curse. It’s the curse of a highly developed brain. People who deep down is actually very unhappy. Their mind they constantly proves and disproves things. And here he runs in a circle, in a circle, in a circle. It is impossible at this level by the method of the buddhi, how can I say it better? You can’t kill something that generates. You know? Well, something gives rise to it is impossible to make it generating to kill what spawns, you know? But it’s the same as…


Student: yourself?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: to strangle or brand yourself to eat. Here’s a morsel to bite, bite, bite. That’s about as impossible from buddhi to rise. That’s why yoga is a system nationallottery. That’s why it’s one of the saddest phases in human development. Here the person chooses in its development two ways. Someone hones the intellect, sharpens it perfectly, but he becomes a nihilist, he wouldn’t believe that, by and large, do not believe. Why? Because he is the buddhi, the intellect can turn any concept, you know, half the grandmother said, and to prove and to refute. He will find the best evidence you can come up with in the framework of intelligence, that, for example, there is the absolute or ultimate reality exists. But then you will find exactly the same that will disprove it all. And here there is a feeling of helplessness. Yoga knows it. I told you, I am very sorry for these nerds. They argue, they consider themselves slightly above others, as if they are a little bit knowledgeable.


But they are not the most important. They do not have this jump. Why not? Because they themselves block. So they revel in this level that they just don’t want to miss. Well, imagine someone who from morning till night watching TV. And it’s on TV all thoroughly know what the program will be, well, everything. He said: “come to watch TV, you go to see the world with my eyes.” And he is like in this TV and says, “This is not because of this not show on TV. And this is because tell.” Here is the level. And as long as he revels in it a TV, he’ll never see the world through their eyes. Why? And so, in General, good.


But then sooner or later there comes some feeling of frustration from the fact that intelligence does not help. Rather, it is up to a certain point, you thought, you had the feeling that you started to understand more and more, intelligence is honed and perfected. And then, starting from some point, you realize that you do not understand anything. All intelligence came to some tough problems, which he basically can’t answer. Well, not given to him to jump. Just not given. Well, we’ll be back.


Now, that concept jump out of the plane in the third dimension. It is called differently. It is called, for example, when subject, object and process of knowing become one. Or as the Buddhists very nicely said, that is suffering, but no suffering.


Student: But still, see this same concept inside the buddhi is formed, it is formed inside the buddhi, a man is at the level of buddhi. Sitting in the plane. Then on the same plane makes such a concept, it turns out that this concept…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. Yes, I understand your question. This is a very good question in the sense that there is a moment of energy. In an implicit form. Now, you know, a person to go, you first need to take a step with one foot, then the other. Here you are, say, the hill climb. There are two stages. One foot you stepped on one level, another on second level, and you’re up. That’s just as well in the process of this Yoga system of Patanjali. You make the first foot step on the buddhi, and the concept understand, and the other doing a spontaneous perception of the energy reality. And you stand. If you’re on one foot and left to stand, you stand, you’re not going anywhere. If, however, similarly to spontaneous perception, you too, well, it’s tantric methods, there is also can get stuck if you don’t have this conceptual awareness. You know?


Student: It will make you turn like this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes, Yes. That’s why in our school, for example, it is believed that the concept of consciousness and energy are inseparable. Impossible one without the other. Impossible purely with the method of consciousness to attain ultimate liberation. Likewise, it is impossible by the method of energy to achieve ultimate liberation. Need yoga. Need when first one and then another. And, by and large, are preferences. You do the first step with the left foot or right foot. Well, in other words. Do you begin with the method of consciousness, and then comes the energy and merges, adds, or you start with the method of energy, and then comes awareness, and again drained. Now, if it happens, it’s like one foot is based on buddhi. Buddhi – an excellent step, but it is not the end. And the other leg you rely on the spontaneous energy of his I that you also inherent that in this game, this creation, and when you do these times in and out. Understand what’s going on?

And Patanjali is done just focus on what you are going to start, as they say, with his feet consciousness to rise. First create, as you said, the level of buddhi, being divided, but you will create a small area of the buddhi such a concept of alignment. She would like a little detached from life at it, because it is and old system and new system, and they somehow even there, somehow get along. But then as you grow you begin more and more to think and understand this new concept of undivided, and sooner or later it starts you have to capture more and more part of the buddhi. And sometimes you will feel that you’re intellectual virtually this. Moreover, it is that such a level is really such a very strong Samadhi. Samadhi without energy. But from the point of view of the absolute path is like a balloon. Buddhi is a balloon. And here he is to the limit already swollen, but lacks just a tiny little needle of energy that it would be – wham! – shot and the concept would be embodied. You know, right?



That is, how would you raise a new concept, accordingly, the old you out. Then, in the end, you have inside a completely new concept and old concept in the form of this shell ball, it kind of stretches you from all sides, and have even a small jolt of spontaneity to burst. And that’s all. This is called enlightenment. Here, perhaps, all I want to say about this aphorism. Went on.


24. This [consciousness], though colored with countless impressions, [exists] for Another, since it performs a bridging function.

Review of Vyasa: so, this consciousness, although unconscious and colored with countless impressions, exists for the Other – for his experience and liberation, but not for himself, because it is like a house, carries a bridging function. Connecting the function of consciousness should not be understood as existing for itself. So, happiness is tested for the highest happiness, and knowledge [there is] not for the knowledge but both of these [States of consciousness exist] for the Other. The Purusha, the purpose of which combines the objective experience and the goal of liberation, and is the Other. He’s different not the [sense of belonging] to the General class. Any of such elements, which may say a supporter of the theory of destruction is, in turn, target another element, because all of them operate [only] in the aggregate. But [he is] the one particular the Other which does not function in the totality, that is puruṣa.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here I’ll give a slightly different review. Or rather, a slightly different aspect than gave Vyasa. A little bit it will be somewhat different, because it seems to me that it is more relevant. So again we remind you that we have on the field buddhi is our perception of ourselves, that is the subject of perception. There are objects of perception, which is also in this field was gained by the senses, and, most importantly, is this process of perception. That is, it also takes place, but the thing this process of perception is somewhat different. That in itself is all lifeless. But there are rays of consciousness from the Purusha, which highlights the buddhi, with highlights subject highlights and highlights with this act of knowledge.



Now we’re on to something I watched and could not understand, and then: “Aha! Ah! Got it!”. And, oddly enough, this is now: “Aha! Understand!” is the closest to the function of consciousness. Therefore, the subject is a concept, an idea, that is some kind of wave on buddhi, mound any mound. The object, too. But this binder part is that there is inside “I understand”. That is the object, but I still didn’t understand, and I was, I realized that I am, I realized that there is an object, but still did not understand, but then something happened: “yeah!”. The process of perception. So, this process of perception is closest to the property called consciousness.


Student: At this point, that’s really all not divided, as if the mind disconnects from the subject?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Otherwise could be. This process, it could not be. Because consciousness itself is the engine that makes it all move. If the rays of consciousness was not aimed at buddhi, there would not have occurred. You know, just as the king is sitting, grim like this, and ippodroma a nobleman look, on the other. Are they rustling, coosat, then work. But only king is out, they are in laziness. And why should they work?



Or like, I remember on the firm, one I happened to be there. It was very interesting. Such a big hall and a lot of these clerks are sitting, what was there to do, and in the middle of such a large transparent box, and there sits the head. Head nothing does, but it is visible all. And what he’s looking at, they don’t even know them or not, he looks at them he looks. But the very fact that the sitting chief, who, you know, nowhere looks, every think is looking at him, and he makes vengeance his job. Hence, it is chief to go out to smoke literally five minutes, all at once: “Oh, everything, everything!” Utter there. Or is there the chief had gone on vacation, no work at all there.

That’s the same situation here. As long as there are rays of consciousness, that of buddhi these processes occur, but the metaphysics of these processes is slightly more complicated. It is better described, oddly enough, in tantric systems. Because after consciousness is energy.


Student: Yes, it is supported by all?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes. Although on the surface everything seems just it looks. But by and large, this system would be to imagine as if I were the chief, and next to it stood a guard with a hatchet. The guard with the hatchet sees nothing, knows nothing, but if, say, the head looked at something, and that didn’t satisfy him, the guard with the hatchet quickly runs up hop! – his head was cut off. And again, stood in place. In fact, the guardian understands, if anyone was doing anything or not working, is the energy.


Student: Yes, it does.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, he just. But we do not need this concept, this is a more subtle concept. Rather, more details. We go back to the aphorism. And so we have these three: subject, object and process. All in buddhi. It’s a kind of thing that consciousness is colored by these three. The rays of consciousness colorless. But if they say, through the red glass are, they become red. That is, as if the consciousness is colored by the subject, consciousness is colored by the object, and the process of perception is also colored by this situation, because he is here in this field buddhi. That is, all three painted. It is not pure consciousness – Purusha. This consciousness of the Purusha, buddhi painted.


Indeed, here the oil is not visible in milk, just sometimes it seems that is itself an object, subject and process, and guide is no consciousness. But it’s there. But it’s just painted in them. And, as has been said here, what is the role of painted consciousness? The state of consciousness, not painted, is, roughly speaking, something one. But consciousness is painted, as it were, an intermediate part or a bridging part between the external world or representations of the person about himself and his true Purusha. Again, moving away, and this is the tantric practice. Paint mind you quite curious ways.


Disciple: That is to form a representation of the subject, as he pleases?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely, subject. Moreover, even the object. Moreover, even process. And this is a very important property, i.e. this property is truly fantastic. If you continue, by and large, the mind still does not come out, the lion’s share of all processes is in mind. And the external factor, he is only supportive. Although, on the other hand, and a deeper comprehension of the yogi claims that there is no difference between internal and external. That the outer is merely a reflection of the internal. But our senses don’t allow us to see in the mirror, and applied some such…

But I want to go back again to the aphorism. Painted minds is the link between Purusha and what we call human. Here the person lives. He has his own views. He considers himself small, dirty, sinful, stupid, stupid, greedy. Well, whatever it is. This is his view. But he still has me, his Purusha, which is irrelevant to this has. But they can’t, of course, if, on the one hand, has not, and on the other hand, it has, right? If I had nothing, it would have to be two different entities. Then it would be possible to cut, and one would go one way, another would fly to another. Yes? Well, if they are not related. That is, there must be an intermediate chain. This intermediate chain is a painted consciousness, tantric methods. So how to paint you in many ways, many methods, this is the plan that helped you.


Student: So the point here is that there is a subject there is an object. And all this is only because the consciousness shines there. Only through this is all there is?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right.


Student: And in itself it is colourless, but this is now within buddhi, here are three: object, subject and process can change. Can be changed, but the consciousness still remains the same even inside of these here?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, so, look what a thing is very interesting. I know, sometimes come to the pond, and it drops a white light, and you dive and rays of blue light. Why? Because they are stained. That is also consciousness. It, there that there are the same. But it stained the activities, it was painted what it is directed. Yes, and once it was painted, we think that it illuminates the very substance of the mind. And in fact the very substance of the mind black, as well as colorless. The time of the Eclipse, when the sun – our I, the rays of the sun are, respectively, the rays of consciousness, and there is the moon, which also shines perfectly. The mind is our intellect. Well, the moon is our intellect. And so there are times when you see a distinct clarity that the moon itself does not Shine. This moment is called Eclipse. When you see this piece, the black stone, which is sometimes not only do not Shine itself, but also tries to upstage Ya.



So, the most difficult thing is to understand that the water of the mind, the buddhi, by itself, does not glow, but only refracts the rays. But she seems so alive and playing, that someone said: “no, it lights up the water itself, the buddhi, that is intelligence all it does. That man is, first and foremost, the reason that he is obliged by reason that all-all-all only by reason.” Well, now it is the dominant idea or concept in science. What we, as intelligent beings, as individuals – is just a product of our mind, well, that is fine some of the intricacies of something. And yoga says: “No, guys, the mind is the only tool that passes through him the light.” But, passing through, he seemed to come to life. And it is very hard here now, the first time, to separate. To say that reason by itself, but the rays which pass through it on their own. It’s very hard.

But, once realizing this, the rays and the mind is a different thing, it is easy to direct them to the source, that is the puruṣa. But again, when the rays of the mind displayed in the buddhi, which is the concept that the rays of the mind are painted these concepts, and they seem to be living by themselves. Well, that is, existing without the support. You know, right? As it sometimes seems, in a puppet show men, living their own life, but is only the hand removed, as it’s just a lifeless rag. Here similarly here. But as long as the hand in this rag, as long as the rays of the consciousness Shine the mind, they are painted, and there is a sort of identification. Purusha identifies with the fact that it would through the instrument of consciousness – dyed. And it (Purusha) ignorance is starting to equate that with what is in the buddhi. And here the main chains of unfreedom.



Here it is at this stage, the stage got just chains of bondage that chained person like an iron shackle that to the situation that he is forced to watch or not to watch. This here Association. Association due to the coloring. You know, right? Well, went further. Difficult. The theme is very beautiful, she is very logical. Most interesting is that it is extremely practical. That is built on this practice.



25. From seeing the difference stop [all] reflections about their own existence.


Review of Vyasa: just as one can conclude on the basis of the appearance of the shoots of plants during the rainy season, about the existence of their seed, and [the yogin] whose joy raised the hairs on the body and shed tears, when he hears of the path of liberation, we can conclude that he has completed karma leading to liberation, the seed of which is the knowledge of the distinction between Purusha and consciousness]. His thoughts about his own existence flowing in the most natural way. [And those] who this [karma] is missing, it said, “Discarding because of their natural vices [such thoughts], they feel satisfaction from the first objection and avoid a final conclusion”.

Reflections on their existence are as follows: “Who was I? I lived [before]? What is it [birth]? What is it caused? Who are we? Why are we going?” However, these [reflections] stop the one who has knowledge of the distinction between Purusha and consciousness].

Why [this happens]?

Because of the diversity of the changes inherent in the [only] consciousness. However, the Purusha in the absence of ignorance remains clean and free from [any] influence the quality of certain States of consciousness. Because the wise stop [all] reflections about their own existence.




Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: It is a logical extension that once you see here is the difference between Purusha and buddhi, or more subtly now say, between consciousness and consciousness of painted unpainted, that’s a very good sign on the way. Well, actually it’s already out. Because if we realize that we are like the slaves of Association, and that if we see something, we support it. But if we do not look at it, it is destroyed. And we sometimes, as in a nightmare in the life we live. We create your own nightmares to the fact that focus on them. And once we no longer support them, they also disappear. And this liberation. Utter liberation. There is nothing else.



No longer have any chains or shackles, handcuffs that chained you. These cuffs were painted consciousness. Consciousness is colorless go-go, and here it is in this ocean of buddhi, or the buddhi is submerged lake and the lake begins to glow. And as long as the Purusha identifies himself with this luminous lake, with all the waves, eddies on it, seeing the concept of himself. Here I am, and objects such, as process is so-and-so. But it’s just like watching TV, but not in the real world. And here begins as soon as the awareness that it is possible to separate, to split up, there comes a sense of mystical joy. Yogis, as mentioned here Vyasa begin to dance just, run, jump just like a madman, that is, in this state, as told to the observer, the extreme exaltation. They behave as crazy to the outside observer. And the reason that they already felt the smell of freedom. They have: here it is already, the release is.



And is intuitive, it is not some concept mentally: brought! No, nothing like that. It’s something intuitive, feels like a dog a bone, I don’t know, by some sixth sense, right? That feeling of impending freedom. And this is the only incentive for the yogi to continue to do something. Now, that is truly yoga. This is the sense of freedom: somewhere, somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in it! But from a formal point of view, is separation, difference, dis-identification. As you can see the difference, right? That, on the one hand, the word “difference” is that we were misled, but, on the other hand, it is also us made. And then we all. That is, this process goes on, goes on, goes on increasing. As it difficult for us to say anything is when the Purusha begins to realize itself.


Student: so, I like Buddhists, good example of this: the mind is like waves on the ocean surface. And there is such. Late static depth. And that is probably the distinction – peeping here into this depth, as if even such a little dip in there, into it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is something absolutely fantastic, it’s something totally outrageous, is it possible this is how to catch the smell barely. You know, when you go and barely perceptible, pleasant aroma of flowers wafts up to you. Again-again-again – and disappeared. Then again again-again-again and disappeared. This is exactly the same feeling of freedom. It comes, it is a wild joy, a terrible joy, a joy, compared with which everything fades. Because you understand that you are free. This is the single most strong, don’t even know what to say, and so, again, from a formal point of view, this separation. Well, that’s enough yoga for today. Quite a complex topic. Won’t too many of them. All, come on let’s finish.

Student: Is here from Patanjali that seeing… in Fact, he no longer asks himself questions about his own existence?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is necessary to explain here. I mean, what’s the difference? You’re free to go. You know?


Student: Yeah, just disappear by themselves?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What’s the difference? You interested? No. Well, a man, his soul was just not given these issues. They just cease to be interesting. They become a section of the trivial. You ask questions, when you on an intellectual level. You got something milled, some concepts lined up, collapsing, the new line up, but what was I in my past life, and what I did there, br-br-br-br, and that there and so on and so forth. And then freedom. What the fuck is the difference? For God’s sake. Does it matter? But that’s more emotional like. Leave thoughts go away. That is, this is fine.


26. Then the consciousness dissolves into the distinction and tends to absolute isolation.

Review of Vyasa: In this case, the consciousness [of a yogi], which previously was focused on sensual objects and is immersed in ignorance, completely changed. It tends to absolute separation and dissolved in the knowledge born of discernment.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: very Good aphorism. It is a lot, which explains the behavior of life for many of these yogis, masters of yoga. The person who does yoga, he sometimes tends to be, how would an ascetic life. And everyone is surprised. That is, living in some sort of closet, bed and a couple books. Well, absolutely nothing. He is very undemanding in food, in clothing. Well, there is. The good was good. Not very good – also normal. And, in General, spend their lives, as if to say, simple.


Why is this way of life chooses a yogi? From the point of view so to speak of the justification of Patanjali, that this treatise, everything is quite clear. Because up to that moment as the consciousness of our I painted some objects, like the subject, then than we believe ourselves, that is egoism, Ahamkara. We would like to create inside this selfishness. So, as long as the light of consciousness takes on shades of the fact that it highlights, then the person immersed in life. He looks, he cares. Here just as a sponge draws water, absorbs, and likewise all of these sensual objects. All these objects and processes faced by the people, as if they suck, absorb his light of consciousness. And if vetasses, consciousness, if you will, it is bogged down in the swamp. And here it is, mind, there’s doing something, right? And the impression that the swamp is still spinning. As it revolves, because the consciousness of their feet as out trying to jerk.



As yoga practice, when a person begins to realize the fact that his mind painted, unpainted and what is consciousness, and as we said last time, that very feeling is just some kind of unimaginable euphoria. Here myself even smell, sometimes referred to as taste that this condition – an incredible joy in itself. And then people tend this water out of this sponge to pull out and not allow it to sink. And spending time in the mind unclouded. That is, not painted anything. And he pulls out this water, it Samooborona. It is as if in the free, not the bound state, and this bliss is the Supreme happiness is the Supreme joy.


Of course, some part are still involved, but more and more the percentage goes. And at the external level, the person ceases to engage. He ceases to engage in the surroundings. It is not enough that he begins to worry about in terms of the fact that earlier he had been sitting he cleaned the bathroom or dirty, he sits on a throne or on a Mat. Then, starting from this moment, he’s somewhere inside does not feel this difference. And to add here the following. That’s when this starts, start going structural changes in the brain itself. And the brain, as if to say, he begins to clean. If earlier the device was aimed at the fact that consciousness it will be very much, so it was a single mechanism. Now, with this lack of consciousness, a lot of debris from it falls off. Know how the mud dries it falls off. Similarly, many such things also start to fall off. Parasitic.


Yesterday, when I looked at this fire, when strong enough was, began to flee the rat. I had no idea that they live there. Rats are large. One kind of big, here taken size. I didn’t even know what it is. One even reddish, some brown, the other gray. I thought to myself that as soon as here’s not enough space for life, lack energy, all the parasitic thoughts – the rats begin to flee, as from a sinking ship.



Similarly, the person who practices yoga, so that these rats thoughts becomes uncomfortable, nothing to eat. And they go away. And all these moments as a psychosomatic disorder, is like the shaman said it was a man, well, he’s some kind of spirit to them, so here. This may be so, but another explanation is simply parasitic thoughts. Programkontoret. Viruses. Yes, but they can’t. That’s the fact and the thing that they themselves can’t live. A parasite cannot live by itself. The parasite needs to feed. With your own energy. When you deprive it of this energy, he or dies, but most of all just leaves you, goes away. As in these all the Scriptures that supposedly left him there have all the bells and whistles and mentally went somewhere. That is about the same situation, and the man notices that he is becoming simpler, easier, simpler and clearer, clearer, clearer. And he is inclined without interfering with consciousness, as the water to pull out, to pull out. And without consciousness ceases, whatever it is to spin. In the first place, mind. Here this chatter all disappears, well, it’s all gone.



Here I will allow myself to add a moment of Tantra yoga. This process can be quite painful. Why? Because you start to rebuild, as a rule, the parts of the brain. Moreover, the areas of the brain Central. It’s something in the area of the hypothalamus, paralamusa. The most ancient part, which, if you view evolution as it draw in school textbooks. Here the formation of the brain. The most ancient parts begin to be affected, and this feeling even some of these disease processes. You suddenly begin to feel that feeling. You walked normally, and then you suddenly realized that you hang some lead ingots or something heavy and you are surprised look: “my God, where did that come from anyway?” And before that you ran, jumped, didn’t even notice. And now it has become a burden to you, and you would drop, and they fall off, well, not so soon. And some still to you. And you go, you know, like Koschei the deathless and his bones rattling. That is about the same situation.



Student: It’s emotionally somehow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, it’s emotional and the physical. That such are the diseases of the saints. Here we can read in the biography of many that they are at a certain stage tend to lead a life of meditative, untouched. But they have such strange ailments arise. But as life is weaker and weaker. But, of course, the seeds of karma remain. And there are situations that cause the consciousness to be painted to get involved. Well, Holy had lived a little, not bothering anyone, there’s a yogi or something. There is some situation, he is involved. Clearly, when you look, when lit this house, you can’t not be involved. You are certain so the underlying points are covered, what are you running with an axe, but really… not even realizing the program involved, you start to get involved. But it’s a good program, is a program of rajas. It is an active action. In General, it is better to do something sometimes, than just this to be Tamas. If you are in sattva – that’s another matter, right? Contemplate. With all the awareness Napoleon watched Moscow burn. So he watched it without regret, without restraint. He just saw, here’s the situation. That’s so turned around. And if you’re in any condition, well, in that, it’s much worse in this respect much better rajas.


Student: When you don’t realize the consequences?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Now, here Patanjali indicates again, if consciousness. Yes, as soon as it starts to enter the consciousness, the level of inner bliss and nastranost begins to increase very much. And then again, as we mentioned already today, you kind of get the minds out of this world and the world falls apart. That is, you hurt someone, you stopped to watch, and all the negative tendencies that were trimmed your watching, and you’re out. You withdrew from the battlefield. Was one side, there was another side. You were technically on the same side. You formally balanced the other side. And now you drove one of the parties. You’re starting to come out. And clearly, the tipping, and all the tendencies that could turn, begin to unfold. And you’re in. And it turns out that as soon as you come out, everything starts to fall apart, be destroyed, to disappear. Indeed, as dead water.



And this Saint, when he comes out. He actually, when he came out, like two negative karma. One mafia clan fighting with another mafia clan, some villains, others are bastards. Well, basically, each other they deserve. And when you start to get out of this situation, you cease to support them. And how would their karma begins to unfold. They start each other, well, something.



So say if I call on that there: “the Almighty has turned away from him.” The phrase itself – he turned away from him – it is a giant wisdom of the methods of consciousness. Not that he punished him, not that he’s tipped him off. He ceased to support. He pulled everything. Why, when a person does something negative, then the only penalty on the part of the sages to be, it’s not that they directly punished. Well, of course, if there is not more cunning karma when sage intervenes. There are different situations. And that’s the situation where that’s all. He just averts his gaze. And that’s all. Here. But this state of non-involvement, about which he writes here of Patanjali, it is very clean and quiet. Relaxed and free.


Student: their pleasure is much higher than these feelings?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. The fact that there as it turns out. The enjoyment in consciousness.



Student: Many people simply think that meditation is a state of detachment, like some kind of neutrality, or at all, some such detachment associated with depression of some kind. Or still smooth emotional background. Actually, it is, on the contrary, the highest joy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s a good topic you have raised. And which, as a rule, in this state a person feels? And here conditions are of speed. Sometimes, by the way, it all starts with depression. There is something failed and people, you know, he’s just sick of looking at all. And he seems to be unconsciously, not even realizing, averted his gaze. Here a person says: “Everything! To me there is a world of tired, quit.” And then he goes on a state of equilibrium. Here he first forced meditation, when you kind of kick up the backside when you get sick of looking at the world, you just try not to.



This is the first step. She is the most rude and the most forced. You are so mired in their engagement that fate has kicked you out, so then you are not wasting your energy. You would loathing distracted from the world. Then after a while, things calming down, and you seem to be back. Here some people go to the monastery for a year, two, three. Then they have everything inside calming down, and they again, like in the world come back very often.



The second stage of meditation is a meditation, indeed, non-involvement. Like no depression, no negative, but had not as yet traced and positive, by and large. And practise, but he is satisfied. Somewhere is a sense of calmness, and, you know, than to experience the anxiety and excitement, it is better to be, according to people in such a calm balanced state. And if this condition does not fall into Tamas, into stupor, it is a very good intermediate step, but the fact that the practice of yoga. But then, that’s if the person is a long time in this state remains, it’s stronger and stronger pulls his consciousness out of this color. Incidentally, methods of consciousness, I tell you. The longer it is in normal condition, the less he has a tendency to get involved. And then the involvement of less-less-less, and then stands pure consciousness.



That’s a drop of pure consciousness uninvolved. Consciousness lot of us. But if even one drop of pure consciousness stood out. A drop of wisdom. This “window”. This is something that begins to circulate and you feel like a drop of bliss, sometimes in some sources called. It’s a little droplet of consciousness is not affected, not painted. If even a small drop is highlighted, followed by the neutral condition, there is a horrible bliss. The realization of this bit, which starts to circulate in your body, these are tantric practices.


Student: It’s a visualization or is it that the real manifestation of consciousness?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, it is difficult to say. Consciousness – this essence, which has no form. And no, on the one hand, there is no real substance beneath it, but there is just clarity. But on the other hand, it captures some piece of sattva, that is, the energy in the sattva condition. And it’s becoming a bit of a combination of consciousness and energy small-small, that is, to circulate it starts as energy and, therefore, amenable to management, as energy. That is, using breath (udyana-bandhs) you can manipulate it. But it is this drop of energy tied most clean, uninvolved consciousness. That is it, if involved, only this a little, sir. This is the first, very strong step, very strong step. It is the oldest practices associated with the sexual techniques.


But then go. Nothing else. Here is simply awareness without specific localization. Stronger, maybe, but without a specific localization. And the more it begins to stand out, and suddenly the man begins to feel joy, heady, crazy, absolutely stunning. He wants to run, jump here like those Krishnas, then its like a wave sweeping across the craziest of happiness. And where is it? This is when part of the consciousness fully rabotodateley, that is when they ceased to be painted. And consciousness in nature in its pure form is sat – chit-Ananda. Absolute knowledge, a sense of existence. The sense of existence gives us consciousness, we realize that we exist. So, this is what we call the “I exist”. We say, “I am.” While intuitively it under something put, some of his views.

Student: If there is awareness?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Now, the funny thing is that we put just a property of consciousness – chit. So, sat – absolute knowledge, absolute existence, absolute bliss.


Student: Bliss here energy?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: here, see, is very difficult to say. Because pure consciousness, we are mindful of the indivisibility of consciousness and energy. As soon as consciousness came, was purely untouched. Around him, figuratively speaking, the cloud is unaffected by the energy, uninvolved in anything, and this energy is pure delight. Well, here we to experience pleasure in this life, we need some energy. That is, we drink a glass of vodka – it’s kind of the personification of energy, something there. But here the energy comes not through this indirect method, and by itself. It stands out, that’s how pure consciousness is evolved the same amount of energy and bliss stood out. And this is not the intellectual pleasure. That is why some confuse, some think that the sat-chit-Ananda, Ananda is a kind of intellectual pleasure when everything is fine, but it’s on the level of awareness. And it’s actually on the level, you know, like a whirlpool so here is the enjoyer of energy. You know, fans of fast cars just to delight in or on the aircraft he is flying, taxis, and here he is in ecstasy when he comes. Here is the feeling of the energy that is not that awareness.



You sit at the computer, basically, you see the same thing. How one man bet against the fan, he didn’t even feel the wind. But I agree, it’s not. Another thing is, as pilots. When he flies his plane, shaky feeling, it feels like the joy of wings. Here’s the same thing. It’s clear that this state is higher than that whatsoever. So sitting there myself some simple little Krishna, droning, humming under his breath some Hari-mantra, live simply-simply, absolutely nothing extra. Well, totally ascetic. And he is in a state of happiness and bliss higher than the multi-billionaire who can afford, in General, everything. But he can not afford it because it cannot be bought for money. You can buy the book smart, it is possible to communicate with such people who give, but it does not guarantee that, after reading the book or once there, you will find. So, they tend to be outside. Moving on, the next aphorism.


27. It sometimes [appear] other content [generated] forming factors.


Review of Vyasa: In the mind, which is immersed in the distinction between [their] contents and which is directed to establishing absolute distinction between sattva and Purusha, sometimes there are other content, [such as]: “I Am” or “This is mine” or “I know.”

How do [they]?

From weak seed, that is, [past] form factors.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Well, these aphorisms, they can be found as an intermediate. They describe the state of a yogi as yoga. Now, as we already said, part of the consciousness is brought about and results in feeling as if in your body there’s something about the liquid bliss that you poured literally. It is a fluid, but not material, are not inert. There are inert bliss. And it is late coming. Probably because the first goes out, and then a little more raw energy. And here it’s easy. But, nevertheless, some part are still involved, colored.



And here come again. Patanjali, the word “distinction” or “separation” is the separation of our sense of self, the spiritual I, the Purusha, which has no properties, and that as in the case of an absolute to say that we have it we can only because we have it. And no one from the outside can neither prove nor disprove. That is the proof of it in ourselves, and each must prove it to himself. No you’ll never prove it because it is from the outside. In fact, this can even not guess. Yes, part of the consciousness remains in the mind, linked. And a question: “And what is it doing? Here is the part that is linked?” Does what on these prints. Well, karma. As long as at least a little bit of karma remains, this karma POPs up. And accordingly, part of the consciousness which is involved, it makes this karma to unfold. Some goes the thought process. That is, as soon as the consciousness is, there is a thought process. If there is a thought process – this is the field in which karma takes place. If the thought process is not, then nothing takes place. And, it is clear that here unfold the trends, the karma, which at this point was relevant. Well, as the behavior of the ordinary person, only in a very attenuated form. Not to such a great extent.


So, the synonyms is a division of sattva, the mind and the Purusha or the pulling of consciousness from one painted state to clean the same, or the calming waves of the mind, but only in the direction of sattva, in the direction of clarity. Because you can reassure in the direction of Tamas and fall into the condition of the animal.


Student: the Ability to control these waves?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And it goes on, of course, up until at least one second completely all consciousness is not to isolate, completely out and will not appear in its own form. Here so far are even these trends to the unfolding of karma. Went on.



28. Getting rid of them like [deliverance] from affects.


Review of Vyasa: just as the affects, being in a state of calcined fire seeds lose their ability to germinate and past forming factors, being in a state of seed, burnt in the fire of knowledge, can not generate [new] view.

However, the formative factors [discriminating] knowledge is [as it were] dormant until the complete exhaustion of the functions of consciousness and therefore [are] not considered.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: it continued the same theme, that getting rid of these unfolding still CARM is actually getting rid of some part of ignorance. Because this process is different, sometimes its UPS. Well, the karma is different, strange. And gradually drawing consciousness from that of the absorbed state, we thus remove the affects. Like I said, once holding the nails pulled out, it affects all apart, apart, they are no longer able to do anything. Any unit is able to work if there is energy that whirls it around, and if there’s no power, it starts to fall apart by itself.



Student: you Have to pull out, then everything. Will be some kind of pattern, but it won’t work?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, well, how would it all go. In General, this is a very tricky moment. Here’s the question: what about the karma that is unfinished? Well, you pulled, and karma, the cause – effect remained. You are, roughly speaking, driving at full speed, and then ejected from it. And the idea is that it continues to move. And then somewhere it stops, then the thieves pilfered for parts. Someone liked one, someone else here take away everything. And the funny thing is that pulled apart both the good and the bad. This is a rather complex criterion.


Student: Yeah, for us, can be considered good?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good. For ant, for example, can our the such quality as greed, it’s absolutely wonderful. It will make him develop. So the question of the status of POPs up here. The status offered. In tantric practice, when given a particular status, certain siddhis that come after the consecration or after the rite, that is, they can be considered differently. Holy that is so, roughly speaking, gone beyond, he has left a legacy. He simply leaves, because wherever he goes, is much higher than he has. Well, as legacy leaves this status. We consider it a blessing, indeed the greatest boon that can be in this world. But compared to the level where he went, the same coals, that is, any of these abilities, status. The funny thing is that if the person is in the same level left, he stayed there any trends, grain negative karma.

The concept of “negative”, once again, a relative term. Now, suppose he had some such moments, associated with selfishness, with jealousy, greed, stupidity. And he walked out. And it would seem: “Oh, well done man! How cool! Got rid of”, that is the type it is not necessary. But really, there are millions of beings who have this status is very necessary that exactly these siddhis, it’s energy, this strong energy, painted in his own way, but they give food for development to someone else. Just as in the swamp sometimes blooms the Lotus, and likewise the negative aspects, from which you get, they are not lying then curse.



Know that someone will do evil. No, if they did evil, he would violate the law of cause and effect, karma. Could you imagine to benefit at the expense of the negative of the other. That is tantric transformation. Everyone is happy. Happy either all or none. Here is the basic law: if someone is unhappy, how can you be all happy if there is no difference? You know? The world, he is one. There are no boundaries. Either he is entirely happy, as if saying, “Yes, here it is entirely happy. But there, in Papua New Guinea small island. Here there let them be unhappy”. That is, we cut it from the whole? This is stupid. That is happy either all or none.



Another question. Purely practical how to implement it? It’s a little bit too this question. Say, “Well, what is it now, how do I make these here cannibals to be happy?” And you just have to determine whether there are they in your Universe? Suddenly they are just in your Universe, and you think they are? I mean, how would in your own world there or not? If you see in your own world that you don’t like it, get out the mind, get your energy. It’s not yours. Leave it alone. It let him live as he lives. This is another universe with its own rules of the game. It is also whole, but more. Here quite by chance as it is included in the interaction. But the more serious explanation is that there is no other Universe, it’s just a reflection of you. That is, the energy is there, then it returns a negative against you. But if stopped there, we stopped back negative, because there is nothing to return, and there is no one else.


29. The one who is not tied to higher comprehension, because discrimination always [occurs] Logical concentration [referred to as] the “Cloud of Dharma”.


Review of Vyasa: When this [noble] Brahman is not tied to higher comprehension, that is, does not want anything as a reward for this [cognition], then it, and detached from this [desire, there is] constant discrimination ability. Due to the destruction of seeds forming factors other contents of consciousness it does not occur. That is the yogic state of concentration called “Cloud of Dharma”.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Well, that’s what we’re told. In other words, when you don’t cling and for the positive, you know? Not only that, you ceased to cling to the negative, but you have ceased to strive for the positive. That is, have you ever asked these questions, very strange, about samsara and Nirvana in one second. This is actually talking about the same, but from this side, but with such views.


Disciple: All is one is?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All is one, Yes. And how would you not focus on the positive, including your own positive status. You’re king, you’re king, you can do whatever you want, you one, well, the whole universe is yours. And you would never use this. But not because you don’t know that it is impossible to use or something. And just you also understand that this is just the same the involvement of consciousness, and more. But it is more preferable, of course, creates good karma and the possibility of exit, but as the two splinters. One thorn pulling out the other thorn and then throw both of them because they are useless by themselves. And here begins such a beautiful, again, the term “cloud of Dharma”.



We remember, once again, let’s remember what is Dharma. Dharma is a very interesting concept is quite difficult for a Western man, but quite natural in the East. But really, it is there rubbed. Where necessary and where not, all the Dharma of the Dharma. Now, we remember that their many ways of life or ways of life is like his own personal pathway. And if you’re going to go make some preferences, then you will be protected. That is, each step you take will lead to greater and greater separation between Purusha and sattva, between painted and clear consciousness. It is as though moving if something was involved, it smaller, smaller, smaller.



There will probably still be a description of what feeling arises, as a country. We touched on this topic? As a country, as a cloud. That’s where it moves, there moves this cloud. It is as if, with one hand loose, and whatever he did, wherever he went, he seems to be grainy. If an ordinary person need to truly be wise to constantly check your actions with your Dharma, and even if I do? As to whether I went? And whether I do it, not attacking a position that is available to me? Or Vice versa: and if I don’t take a position unworthy of me? That is my, maybe a place in the throne and I’m sitting here, you know. And you have to mean yourself constantly in this sense, to adjust, to direct. How? Very clever compass. Once faced with negativity, you know, go outside the boundaries of this area – the paths of Dharma. Because Dharma protects you if you go down the Dharma, you don’t see any misery here, as if to say, stupid misery.

Student: In everyday terms that is?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that is, if something happens, it happens only exceptionally in order to give you a chance to rise to the next level. Or in other words, pull part of the associated consciousness as disjointed. And here you are confronted with a difficulty. Here was, say, all the documents, they all burned, right? And on the one hand: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” Well, that sucks, I agree. But on the other hand, you realize that this is something, perhaps an extra chance to rethink whether they were you? That is, it was a lead, it was a concept, it was a view of himself as the bearer of a diploma. You see, this kind of regalia that such achievements. And it’s shackles. This is also a kind of curse, a little bit zachariae look. Of course, it is understood only later, in hindsight, in hindsight. It is clear when they are just in front of you, then you will, of course, not before, right? Because karma, in General, unfolds. Rajas about this show. Well, this went rajas into sattva. It’s hard. It’s still hard, because we cling to old any ideas, concept.



So, it turns out that a person has the path of Dharma, step left, step to the right, you bump into obstacles, do not carry any semantic load. That is, there are obstacles that carry a meaning, well, weak, but there are some that do not carry. And you can’t understand what it is. So, Dharma protects you from misfortune. And the more you use it, the better your karma, the… it is Clear that Dharma can not resist the karma. Karma and Dharma are two such time, a fairly tightly twisted. Because, on the one hand, the path of your Dharma in this life is largely predetermined by your karma before. That is, Dharma is an attempt with the least effort, the least losses to get out of previous karma. So you can call the Dharma. But the Saint, who was already gone from the negative, and, moreover, does not seek to be positive, there is such ability as the cloud of Dharma.


Disciple: That is, he has gone beyond karma?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Wherever he went, and there his path of Dharma. Go left, then left, went right, then to the right. You know? Because he refused, in particular from the positive aspects. In yogic texts this phrase is that especially in the Hatha-yogis often that at a certain level of pranayama and some such exercises, there is the ability for a person to go where he wants. The ability to move unimpeded, in any direction. Here it is metaphorically the same. He is the cloud of Dharma. And it’s everywhere your.


Such persons are absolutely legendary, such persons, as if to say, fantastic. They cross freely the border, even physically. The iron curtain of our Communist past was for them, not the border. Moreover, even heavily protected. In General, it’s where were, what happened. That is the state of freedom, nothing could. Why? Because around him, he carried such a cloud, which dissolved all the things that were not allowed. And here it is already partly there is a question about the unity of samsara and Nirvana, to use the terminology of Buddhists. That person, even when life becomes, in fact, when there is no life for him difference.



Student: he Sees only the absolute around, and the illusion disappears for him personally?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a bit more complicated, but no matter. We’ll get even more detail. But, anyway, in terms of personal enjoyment or in terms of personal freedom, whether here such a thing is very beautiful, the cloud of Dharma. Well, went further.

30. Thanks to him, disappear affects and karma.


Review of Vyasa: by achieving the status of a [yogic concentration], ignorance, and other passions are torn out together with its roots, and hidden traces of karma, both good and bad, are destroyed. When Troubleshooting and karma affects the sage attains liberation while still living.


Because about setup and are the cause of existence. True, can’t be that somebody, freed from false plants, would be born [again] anywhere or anyone.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And here, going back even to the previous aphorism, a few additions. Once a person is in this state, the cloud of Dharma, then, of course, every step, we have determined that Dharma, the concept of Dharma is the path for the withdrawal of karma. It is clear that if there is no karma, it is meaningless to speak about the Dharma. Nothing is predetermined or preordained. Accordingly, there is no difference, what to do, anyway, because there are no determinants. So, when people, as in the aphorism mentioned, goes to this level, his meditation begins to flow spontaneously, without effort. Sattva. Even without making any methods, I would say. That is Nematoda meditation.



Student: Well, as we studied the way Exel or practice ixel merge?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Merge. Not merged yet, but already merged. Because as soon as I merge, he will be liberated, jivanmukti. Reach liberation, but still remain in this body until, until it as destroyed tank, does not pass for a few yards, drop the barrel into the ground and stop. Similarly, the body of the Saint. As it were, a shell the knowledge of this enemy tank destroyed, but the body continues to function by inertia. So this spontaneous or Nematoda, whether that is meditation, read again the aphorism.



Student: Thanks to him disappear affects and karma.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, so when the person goes to this level, every day, every time begins this karma disappear, to melt, to breathe. And it begins to erode, that if she on some level has eroded proportionately. Did a good job, got a karma plus, did bad, got minusik. Do a lot of minuses, do a lot of the plus sign. That is, there is the effect of a exponential, as would be said scientist. A small increase will lead to a more dramatic result if I may say so. And while in this state of metaplasia, it just has this property that if humans manage to survive in this state of metaplasia at least an hour and a half, then their level of exposure to it is much superior. That is, there happens, see how here, a man meditates in order to catch glimpses of these States, and then they start to increase, increase, increase.



The student: Begins to be natural, spontaneous? And then he did already suffers from this condition continuously. And here is the fruit of these practices, he had already found him, and he feels them, right? The more intense these feelings, the stronger the karma goes?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes, Yes. Out with every step. If it was some kind of slow path, but it’s actually somewhere analogues of the fastest ways.



Disciple: That is, he is already on the road. That is, again, left the straight road, and all. He realizes that he’s already on it. As through the jungle was coming, and here once and came out on a paved road?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And then most interesting, then there will be such an addition, when it becomes free, it would be as if he received a huge bulldozer, you know, and started to. Again, the cloud of Dharma. Wants through the jungle take a ride on this bulldozer went through the jungle. It is not difficult, although the terms of all these creepers, palm trees. You know, so rode him on his left. Then from these traces arise all sorts of doctrines, cults, practices, because it is a well-trodden road. He passed this way. But only there are different cases. Sometimes a person is single track, old, forgotten. The jungle in front of you – the jungle of your karma. For them, happiness and enjoyment, enlightenment. Well, in ancient manuscripts it is said that there is a path, will it to go on so any marks there. That is one thing.



Another situation that even it is not. And people here stupidly goes in hand with this sword, chopped. It takes years to move at least a metre, but he goes anyway. And then as such, you know, the elephant. Who is going where, there is a path. Here are some in this level. And so he can himself to break through the road. But these roads are already beginning to enjoy the other. Thus arises the practice of yoga. Some we inherited from bygone great saints, and some make their way directly sometimes eyes. When just a plot of, say, changed, or other karma. The world is changing, remains. Well, went further.



31. Then, in the infinity of knowledge free from all polluting his obstacles, little [is] that must be known.


Review of Vyasa: a Knowledge, freed from all obstacles [created] by the passions and karma, it becomes infinite. Sattva infinite knowledge, suppressed by Tamas, which obscures it, and only from time to time driven by rajas, being liberated, attains the ability to learn. Now that she’s free from all polluting its obstacles, it becomes infinite. But because of the boundlessness of knowledge remains very little of what else needs to be known, for example, the Firefly in the infinite space.

As stated in this context, “blind drilled pearl, Bespalov, strung it on a thread, without neck put it on, and the dumb sang her praise.”



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: It’s a good aphorism. He, you know, it is very well traversed, I would gave him this review with Jnana-yoga. When, remember, the man asks: “what is all this for? What is all this done?” And we remember that Jnana yoga says that the Lord God or the absolute, or The one that has a truly omnipotent… he Can do any thing, right? It is contrived and made the thing impossible. Easy to make thing possible, whatever it was fantastic, but very hard to do a thing impossible, agreed. By definition. So, he did this thing impossible. And made us the ants flounder, that we have surpassed the teacher. So we opened the castle, which he closed. And surpassed even thing that such such a plan. We can say, “Oh, what evil!” But to say we can’t because we’re – this is it. We kind of created this toy, and themselves in it jumped inside, into the maze and throw the key away. Themselves from it out. To blame, actually, nobody. We have done this impossible thing, and now we have to beat.



The logic is very elusive. How to think about infinite. To create a thing impossible to beat and impossible thing. The, as they say, himself to beat. In fact the entire spiritual development of man or mankind, this is a brilliant way to overcome that this is impossible. And then, as described in the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali, when one removes all obstacles to knowledge, all these affective obstacles that were in the way of it, which was for him a prison. This removes plaque Tamas completely. And if there is Tamas, the rajas also, by and large, nothing to do. Remains one sattva. And actually the process of disassembly of this complex mechanism.

In other words, it is as if the dissolution of karma. That is, the dissolution of karma is, in a sense, the disassembly of this mechanism, and, as he says here, then there is little left to learn. And then Vyasa is very beautiful here began to quote pieces from such well known, probably, in his time, as if to say, not aphorisms, and poems. What Bespalov stringing pearl. I remember in my childhood was this song fun, there is something that someone somewhere was driving, was driving uncle armless and legless pressed on the brakes. Well, that is enough of my childhood came this song. So, about the same thing. Miracles. Miracles are incredible. You would honestly beat the master. You honestly won. You have a fair the same ability to create incredible. Easy to do likely. It is very easy. Well as. Concerning.



In any case, it is possible to do your best. You do the impossible. And here starts a little this practice is that these things start to create. These are countless stories that the great Nadha someone was killed and raised immediately. Ate fish, and then she materialized. And when they began to accuse him, what type, what you devour it. Or some magical way something starts to happen, what we even think is difficult, because it is from the brink. But the man who conquered the impossible, created by the absolute, he comes to this level, to do the impossible. That is, some element of the game.

But here’s I different told. We are accustomed to the fact that there is a logic. We’ve learned that there is a cause and effect. If I put it in my pocket five roubles, and I pocket no holes anywhere and they didn’t take them there, they fell, they at me lie there. Yes? The reason – a consequence. I’ve done this, we do not even discuss. It is an axiom. This thing laid down some kind of basic program. Moreover, we analyze the Scriptures from the point of view of logic. Well, that is why there if you find the illogic, this is disconcerting. Either believe the Scriptures or do not believe the Scriptures. Well, this refers to yogic text, for example. Because whether we like it or not, even if we are talking about constant time, the Absolute, we still adhere to logic. Even miracles, when we talk, we stick to the logic, agreed. There he sat-sat, then materialized, passed through the wall – all the same kind of logic.



Some justification or, at least, said were normal, normal, normal, then the transition to the abnormal state. In terms of what he passed through the wall, and then back to normal again there. Logic: were here, was there. Not that has entered the wall, then again was immediately. Yes? That is, there are some basic, very deep, intractable. Take that away, the same thing to try to pull out from under their feet of the ground. It is simply impossible. But it is impossible only until we have reached this level. And then miracles begin illogical that refute, break the very idea of logic. Because the logic is the same creation as everything else. It is here that one follows the other, well, and so on. And it turns out committed such an absurdity, but I’m told I once was accidentally, I still remember. I was invited to the theater of the absurd. And I looked, I saw the crap, I didn’t see the point of absurdity. It is absurd when turned all inside out.



Student: Yes, it’s logic, but a sort of cunning?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here was the logic, but chitranna. Anything behind it visible. But a real, well, if you stick to the absurd, it is, in theory, should be the action which you would not even mind to watch it. He would have ran into such illogical inner-nesostykovochku, like, you know, that being said, even the insanity in this sense – sophomoric. Compared to what was supposed to happen, if this is just absurd. I once heard a theory very interesting. Here is the music. Any music perceived by us, if there is a logic. From there tra-La-La, tra-La-La, some pop, ending with a truly world masterpieces of classic or modern, whatever.



There is some logic, there is something repetitive, there are some notes, according to the laws flowing into one another, there is some law of repetition. Is one note, then she goes into another, then another, and that is repetition. If there are no repetitions, that is, in General, not music. And now, well, now many, since computers appeared, one of the composers of such music suggested – the utter lack of harmony. Music is harmony. He created such a work, where turned inside out, nothing is repeated, where there is no internal order, no internal repetition. No one, second, third. Nothing of the sort. To listen this is really weird. Well, I’m on the radio just once heard. Really strange to listen to.



Is not called even some noise, because the noise- sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh, and something consistent there. Not call it clanging in the workshop, where everything is chaotic. But there is one hit, other and like no, well, anyway, then traced. And everything is somehow twisted inside out. Sounds strange. The music is playing. But there, the only thing not done in there hitting the pipes, and is made of notes. Still broken unit sound on some notes. But these notes in this order that antihormone, antipositivist turned inside out the concept of music. Don’t know how they, well, using the computer they created, well, to all this track should have been. To really there was not one harmonious transition, no, that’s what us in the subconscious mind perceived.



You haven’t asked yourself the question of why one combination of strumming the strings are pleasant to the ear, and the other, somehow, not something? Something isn’t working. Now, we return to the aphorism to it. Coming this illogicality. And, you know, children, no king in the head, as some say, without any support on anything, even here on this iron the sense of logic, the sequence. This stage, too, as they say, people in that state are. Well, went further.



32. As a result, concludes the sequential change in modes, to realize his goal.


Review of Vyasa: as a result of the emergence of this “Cloud of Dharma” is the sequence of changes of the modes, to realize his goal, is completed. [Guna], is completely exhausted, the experience and [led] to the liberation that is their purpose, are unable to prolong its existence for a moment.

So, what is the sequence?

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here again this aphorism to this definition as “cloud of Dharma”. Clearly, the very existence of this cloud, whither you may go, there’s your Dharma says that you went for such a tough level of previous karma and actually dissolve only those aspects of karma that is currently active. Now, if it is active, it should play. And disappear. This is the situation.



You came into the garden, you are chock-full of weeds. But even more weeds in the ground in seed form. Three hundred thousand times more. Although so hopeless, yeah? And so cunning it sometimes happens that the weeds that have grown up with them, there is little that can be done. Receive this Holy body, right? Such abilities, and so forth. And already in his hands. But that’s all that was in a state of seed, unmanifested, it is the yogic methods of concentration and, consequently, as a result of entering the upper level of the Dharma, when this concentration continuing, it is spontaneous and immutable, in fact, all seeds are removed. But there is only one Dharma, as these weeds that have already grown. Because if you remove them from the body nothing remains. In the end, our body is our karma. If there is no body, no body. But in this case, karma ceases to bear fruit. She’s already as dry weed. He just stands, featuring a weed, but he is not the new seed to give. And is it one time only to destroy, he will not respawn.



Likewise, the Holy in the body of the last birth, is sometimes called. The body of the last birth. Everything inside has been destroyed. Left what is already manifested, it is no longer able to bear fruit, only waiting for their fate, i.e. the death of the body. As soon as it comes death of the body, the last karma dissolves, disappears. And since the person no longer has karma, he actually never returns to this world of cause and effect. Only if you have a completely unknown level, which is beyond logic, beyond knowledge and ignorance, he for some reason comes back. And this, the great sages and saints, who from time to time come to help the rest to go. But I sometimes think they come then if they are called. If not calling them, they, in General, not in a hurry. Rather, they would be happy to rush, but they’re very sensitive to that. Here is here is an explanation.

Well, here is a more technical explanation and a mechanical explanation. It is as though the word “karma” means, Patanjali has this is also a synonym. Under the karma is meant here is the change of the modes. One begets another, and another – the third, the third, that’s flailing. What Tamas can lead to pain, gives rise to rajas, rajas part, if it is aimed in the right direction, gives rise to sattva, if not in the right direction again Tamas. Tamas again leads to pain. That is why this cycle.



That is, if sattva accumulate, one begins a little bit to go, to get out of this system, and if that is the Tamas, the rajas-rajas, Tamas more. More Tamas, rajas more – that’s all in a circle. That is stupidity, malice and ignorance. That is three these that the urge on each other, and it can last forever. And that is the task of man in that if there’s any motive whatever to do that it is necessary to transform in the direction of sattva. Again tantric practices.



Disciple: they Say more about the equilibrium of gunas, when balanced three guṇas – sattva, rajas and Tamas, and when they are in balance, you can go beyond them?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But here, see what it is. It is as though, balanced by two modes. Tamas and rajas. And equilibrium occurs sattva. Imagine you have an army of two battalions. One battalion of assholes, dumb as a sheep that sleep on the move, just fall into a state of inertia. If they say go, they will keep such a sleepy. Breach the wall, yet they do not say “stop”, or rather, not to not say, but the pain not make. The other battalion is the other assholes. It’s like monkeys who don’t sit in place, these are the mercenaries, who then Rob someone starting out, that is such utter rajas, full of activity. God forbid to leave them unattended all. They will Rob and its population, and the enemy, and all spread like cockroaches. And here you have the army consists of two of these battalions, or regiments, I do not know where from. Well, that’s your karma.



On the one hand, the karma seed of your stupidity, heritage of this Tamas, heritage animal of this state. On the other hand, your karma is active when you have made a lot of those some fussy cases, but with a clear tendency to fall into even more Tamas. That is, it was painful, went, stole cubic meter of moonshine, drank, and again fell into Tamas. Again it hurt, woke up, went again to do something. By and large, they are with each other interconnected. And your wisdom in balancing them, it’s when you tie one of the sheep dumb one, too active. He runs, jumps, bustling, but still drags the thing. But the one that fusses, he doesn’t have a vector. And when you make such a mobile part, you combine one with the other, and the result is you have the extremes are balanced. It turns out yoga. When extremes are balanced. Then there is a window of enlightenment. Sattva. If there is sattva, through the clarity of enlightenment, through this you can get out.



And when talking about balance of the mind, talking about it. Well, on a physical level it is sometimes a fight left and right channel. Again Tamas is the tendency of man to do nothing, lying on the bed, this moronic existence, no. On the other hand, it’s here, I’m sorry, a pain in the ass. It is here he runs, jumps, flies around something there that makes. And if seriously considered it all to be, if rajas to drive this stupid Tamas, and Tamas will hold too zealous rajas, together they somehow will start to move. And if you have enough wisdom to properly direct them to move, they will move towards sattva. Over time, Tamas will gain more rajas, rajas, Tamas are balanced and at the junction there is a window of sattva.

Student: this is the state when man begins to practice Hatha yoga, has been very active, your Tamas dominates, and then lies down to sleep. And that rest appears as inert, inert, here it is some heavy. And at the same time and some clarity.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Very good point. Here we have a seminar on meditation is coming, we will have with the other aspect, but before that I wanted other things to give that classic meditation. In what way classic? Well, if it’s a textbook approach. This is when you are long enough are rajas, the same Hatha-yoga, and then, after two hours, you sit down, as alleged in Tamas. That is, as if you yourself were forced to move, and now you went and forced yourself not to move. Body, feelings, senses, focus the mind on one point. You inertia should, it would seem, to carry. But here, it helps fatigue, pleasant tiredness. And at this moment meditation arises. If you just sit down to meditate, these two trends are not balanced.



Student: a Lot of rajas?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: whether many of the rajas, and the thought will begin to rush. And she needs to be reassured that this state of mind. Or, on the contrary. A lot of Tamas. Yeah, so, returning to this definition, the time of karma is the cycle time of these modes. One begets another, begets another original. Or if very lucky, gives rise to sattva. And that’s all these intricacies. When they are, one thing turning into another, then we say that is karma, the karma unfolds. If stopped expanding, then we say that all deployment of karma anymore.



33. Consistency, understood as the limit changes, there are the opposite moments.


Review of Vyasa: a Sequence is inherently a continuous stream of moments; as such it is perceived through a finite limit, that is, the change is complete. So, new clothes will not wear out until after a number of consecutive moments is not there will limit it [novelty].

In the eternal entity is the sequence. Eternity itself is twofold: absolutely unchangeable eternity and the eternity of change. Of them unchanged forever inherent in the Purusha, and forever changes the modes. Eternal is something that even with continuous exposure to change “such-ness”, [that is the inner essence], not destroyed. Eternity for both of them, [the Purusha and the gunas], due to the fact that their inner being is indestructible.

As for qualities, gunas – mind and other – then sequence their existence is coming to an end, expressed in terms of the limit changes. In the eternal gunas as media qualities of such a completion is not found.

Of absolutely unchanging, eternal, being only ourselves, the liberated Purusha (individual self) existence is perceived only as a sequence. In this case, however, [sequence] is not complete. [This conclusion] purely verbal in nature and is based on the verb forms “exist.”

Is there any end of the sequence this cycle of existence, implementing itself through the modes in their motion or at rest, or else the end there?

Answer it is impossible.


There are questions that require a definitive answer: “if everyone Dies, who is born? – Yes, sir!” However, there are questions to which answers must be divided by 3: “Born [again] everyone who died? Wise, who gained the ability to distinguish between comprehension and eliminate thirst [of being] is not born, but [any] the other is born again.”

Similarly, to the question: “Is the human form of birth is the best or not?” – you should respond, dividing it: “compared to animals she is the best in comparison with gods and Rishis – no.” But there are questions that cannot be answered: “Is there an end to this cycle of being or has not? For the wise there is the end of the sequence of the cycle of existence to another – does not exist.” When restricted to [response] one option [occurs] error; therefore, the question needs to be analyzed.

As mentioned, the absolute deliverance [comes] at the end of the sequence of the deployment modes. [Now] is determined by its inner essence.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: By and large, this is such aphorisms of Patanjali – I even now are not tied to the review of Vyasa – which give some qualitative characteristics of two components of what created everything. We remember that everything that the person can face, everything that exists in the world, is a combination of consciousness and energy. Two things, of which all is made. And here some emphasis on the characteristics of the manifestation of consciousness and energy. And here a very curious thing POPs up that to describe two of these characteristics applied the concept of infinity. But those are two different infinity. And at the intersection of these two infinities exist any object or any phenomenon in this world.



But again, do not forget that above them, on these two infinities is something that is beyond even the concept of “infinity”. That is puruṣa. Brahmana, I, the absolute, what man is. He seems to be outside. But seen in this world, as if in two scales on the axis “X” and axis “Y”. To determine any location in the city, you need two coordinates – the street and house number. Or – how many steps to do on the North, and how many steps to make to the East, at the intersection, respectively, is all. Here a qualitative explanation of these two moments, that is, energy has an infinity of changes, that is, a series of one form turning into other forms. Consciousness is infinite permanence. That is the quality of consciousness does not change over time. That is, in one case, an infinity of changes in the other – the infinity of permanence.

If we have infinity change anything, we characterize it as energy. If we have an infinity of consistency, we characterize it as consciousness. That is, these are fairly axiomatic definitions of such difficult concepts as energy and space. What is energy? Easy to say…Usually people say, “Well, it’s something moving from one to another,” or physical causes, so to speak, of a definition of energy. But again, these definitions are based on other definitions, and other definitions are the definitions. And sooner or later a person begins to get confused. And as in yoga, we operate with the fundamental things that, on the contrary, does not mislead us, and if possible removed from error, that is, as if structure, the concept of energy is defined as infinity changes.



If you have at least something in its infinity is changing, that is changing and never comes to a static condition, and there’s something infinitely stable, then these two dualism arises. We are one defined as “energy”, another as “consciousness”. Even if you physics will catch and ask: “What is energy?”, it is unlikely you something plausible answer. This is a very big abstraction.



About the concept “mind” half of humanity… Yes, there are some half…the good part at all has no idea what it is. Even scientists believe that consciousness itself is not. Consciousness is a function of energy. Brains somehow work, some electromagnetic waves are generated, and what we call “consciousness” is not itself the essence, and the derivative of energy.



This concept. It is just as interesting, but yoga says. What is the concept of the world. The concept of the world is the concept of infinity. What the world is. What is the universe is infinity. There is no limit, there is something that could be limited, as if to say “here here”.



But on the other hand, a purely logical construction. Pay attention – not based on any cobwebs, not even relying on external expertise. We may not know it, this is purely out of logic. But if there is infinity, then let’s define, whether in the infinity of some qualitative differences, that is, whether all infinity the same? Or infinity infinity discord?

Pure logic. Nothing personal, no bindings to life. The conclusion to which we come? Infinity happens in two ways: the infinity of changes and the infinity of permanence. And that’s what is called Ein Sof change is called energy. What is an infinity constant, is called consciousness. In fact, it is in fact. Take a man and remember that it can manifest itself in two ways – as consciousness and as energy. He can do something to change continuously, but at the same time it always remains such a constant feature that highlights these changes is consciousness.



Student: That is, one cannot exist without the other. Infinity constancy cannot exist without infinity change?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the very logical statement that there is one aspect, implies that sometimes another. If we say that there is light, so the phrase itself that is light, we mean that it may not be. That is, one pulls the tail of the opposite. We say: “There is happiness”. But from this it follows that happiness can not be. And that’s the goal of yoga is to transcend this duality, beyond limitation. We say: “the yogi Chandra good karma”, but this implies that, in principle, it could be bad karma. The logic of yoga is not to be in one of the extremes, and to come from the extremes at all. But all extremes – infinity, continuity and endless change are just two manifestations of what we call Purusha, the self, Atman, Brahman Internal or External Brahman – no matter the absolute, and so on and so forth. It symptoms.



Using these things we can handle. If you’re facing something, you see that all that is changing is energy, all that remains unchanging is the consciousness. Consciousness can not change. Well, if I highlight, and if it came to modifications? Then it began to change, moreover it will start tracking your own changes, you know?



Student: Yes, the essence of consciousness is precisely the permanence and constancy. They are both inseparable from the fact I like change and permanence, all these three… they can be divided into three but they are one?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why three? Two! Three we can break them.



Student: Is consciousness, is energy. All changes is energy, all permanence is consciousness. But they are both two, their Union is?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: upside down you’re all set. On the contrary, there is something unspeakable, unthinkable, that we can’t say words, can not do anything. And here it is manifested in this world in these two. This concept is a very complex concept. Are we talking about this only because it is our own essence. If it had not been our own entity, we would not even be able to talk about it. Because neither from the point of view of consciousness, nor from the point of view of energy we can neither prove, nor to highlight or somehow show. It is itself through the consciousness and energy enlightens and nasosnaya and energy form. Here the state is not three but two.



Student: That is it which is it out?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay, so, as logic? I say – is that. How can you prove it? Or are you asking me: “Prove it.” How can I prove it?



Student: Indeed, it is impossible to prove. Words it is indescribable, no words there.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Words – God is with them. Words can not describe, say, the taste of sugar. It should feel. It is impossible to describe with words or feelings, no thoughts, nothing. The question then is: “is it?” You know? Very hard question: “Excuse me, guru. You say that there is something beyond, which can neither verify nor how. And I believe Your words. But I’m sorry. Do you know it’s there? If it is inexpressible. Where did You get the knowledge that it is? If You say immediately that it can not be known by thought, through words, through the senses. What do you do how do you know what it is? Okay, God is with You, I somehow can see this? Okay, God is with You and with me. And where did this all initially know what it is?”



Student: Every man for himself, only he can answer?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here is the answer to this question. The answer is only one. We know that it is only because we do and are. You know? No more we know about it could in principle.



Here it is necessary to understand this concept. Here is some game logic that turned inside out. On the one hand it seems absurd, but on the other hand it provides the impetus to move on to the next level of inner awareness – what is called “enlightenment”. Reflecting on some concept that on the one hand contains logic, the logic of construction, but on the other leads, it would seem, to absurd result – well, within reason – we set the stage to then jump from this level to the next. Further.



Two of these concepts. Infinity changes is the energy, infinity, permanence is consciousness. Whatever you saw around, you see the combination of these two. More precisely, you see the manifestation of the absolute, which is divided into these two aspects and manifests itself. That is why even transient things some time to stable and enduring things are tracked. You know, right?



You can now do, as did the Buddhists. They have enough good in this sense, philosophical schools, smart enough. There were scientists in the middle ages or earlier, we unfortunately do not know. They said, “Okay, and how it is tied to space or time?”



And here begins the pure physics. What now scientists probably do.

So, the concept of energy – the infinity of change, and the concept of consciousness – the infinite consistency. So it follows that no other properties are not affected. That is, if you have the situation is changing in this point of space and time, then it will change at any point in space no matter where it was. And at any other time past, present or future.



Reverse side. The concept of infinite permanence. Consistency – it is the fact and the permanence that it persistence here and now: in the future, alpha Centauri, at any point in the Universe. As you can see, the subordinate role of space and time. But we agreed, I mean we already dealt with this issue, that space is probably only a form of energy. Well. The energy is a more subtle form, as the space or changes in space that is called time. Can you talk about time, if there is no space? No. Can you talk about space, if not time? Either. Therefore it is called a “connected continuum” – one without the other does not exist. Why can’t we talk about time without space. And how we will be measured?



Student: About time without space. Perhaps the matter here?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, inside the space – matter. About the time we can talk, how about changing something in something. There was one particle there was another particle, and so she needs to somehow change. In space, pay attention. And if something changes in space, two atoms are reversed in space, we say: “it’s been a long time”. The second hand was in the position space, moved to another, and we say: “last second”. If we it do not move, we would say: “a second Passed?” You know, we wouldn’t have even been able to try on. Single eversion.



The second – and from the point of view of consciousness? Co-knowledge, i.e. a certain constancy, which gives us what is sometimes referred to. There is another industry that is booming. All sorts of information theory, etc., etc.. They are all on some low level stopped, not interesting. That is, in fact, when the consciousness illuminates something, it highlights, roughly speaking, vzaimoponimanie particles – very roughly speaking. Or, in other words – what is called “information”. That is, it was so, and then, if it’s changed, consciousness speaks, changed, became so. That is, along with what the energy components of the subtle energy called space. And a consequence of this, which is called time, that is what energy work is, in fact, of course, it seems to change. Then under that there is such a different concept is the concept of information. And here is a very subtle transition – I’m a little bit in the direction of go away – but it was clear to the intuition. Ask, what is intuition? Intuition is the most close to the ability of consciousness to instantly highlight the information, no thinking, no analyzing – Bang, you know.


Student: the Information in fixation of the consciousness of energy change?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As they say, began to change, it is necessary to know the starting point and end point. Changes are coming in time. And in order to fix the first second, the first time, it is necessary to fix in no time, stress – state, a picture. Out of time here, then time passed, and the condition here. That is like wham! – and cut. And the blade that we cut out – it is timeless.

It has a consciousness. The closest property is close to the person, which manifests itself is intuition. Therefore, in the mental abilities of a person has two functions. The first one says here, it is necessary to consider the problem. People really long time it obmezhuvati thinks, he’ll look at her, so analysis is conducted.

Yes, the analysis. This is the part that is called the energy approach.



Take any object-then left look right look, look, look. And then at some point we can have like a lightning flash – kaboom, Oh, so it’s a mug from me! And I thought, what is in my hands. So this moment of awareness is timeless. Awareness wham! Like a flash of lightning. You just walked into a dark room and groping, groping, but not fully understand. And then – boom! – outside a flash of lightning. And you notice the chair felt. Reached. Like all crooked! – there was instantly formed.

So there are two infinity – the infinity of changes and the infinity of permanence. To define consciousness and determine the energy very hard. Moreover, with the energy once we are closer to it all, with a consciousness more difficult. But, if from a formal point of view, to approach this issue, again. Infinity change whatever, wherever and whenever that may be, is called energy. Consistency – consciousness. Consciousness by its nature is not changed. Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, the whole universe formed and disbanded, you get to lose.



Disciple: How then to bring the concept of enlightenment, when the unchanging awareness and changing energy be one?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the ascendancy of the most developed schools school of consciousness. It any kind of philosophical system. Here is the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali, we study the Buddhist system it is all systems intelligent as I would have called them, where a long reflection, analysis. They now dominate. But there are invisible side – side energy. It is hidden. This Tantra. We ask the question “Why is science so many scientists are men and so few women scientists?” And who told you that a learned man, at least a step advanced, if it were not for the other half of the energy?



So now the approach in all these philosophical systems. First and foremost, understand that there is something unchanging, to understand what is consciousness. This is a big step. Then to become established in this consciousness. That is, sit on this island of permanence in a stormy ocean of change – the second step. Very high, very deep meditation. Typically, these systems are not completely preserved. Because if you do these two steps you, you already did a lot. And reach one percent of all the people who are trying to do. Further it is not spoken. Few understand even these two steps, what to say next. And then comes the third step, very important step. This is the binding constant of island to changing ocean Tantra. Only then comes the liberation.



There were other schools. They are in very weak form has come down to us, because there is no instrument of transfer techniques, in addition to direct communication with the student. If, God forbid, the line of succession broken – is there a book you do not get it. School of consciousness can be reproduced from books. Anyway, to make the first two steps – to the third. With schools of energy this is impossible. Born mystics and magicians. Man always feels this feeling is changing. And it starts with this play, explore. All of these sorcerers, shamans, in our country, somewhere in Africa. And so on and so forth.

They have introduced. If they are very lucky, they’ll find the same person. Someone on this energy level has progressed further. One that is even more it all feels. As it is now – “the witch in the fifth generation” and so on. It is clear that half of these statements is just a publicity stunt in order to unsuspecting people. But such was, and is today. That, as a rule, people with innate abilities of accomplishment by methods of energy, this energy it brings to other people who are also going. Before it was a mighty school, they were more powerful than the school of consciousness, because they possessed energy. Energy easier to display and easier to manipulate everything. But there is a downside. They all virtually disappeared. These are all the temples dedicated to some Goddess Ishtar, the same Aphrodite, she is Venus, and so on. It was a very powerful cults. Well as the cults? It was a system of techniques of energy. But as soon as even a second to break the continuity, then it all disappeared.



And methods of consciousness – is Aristotle, Plato, any philosopher wrote their works. You can read and understand method of consciousness, to reproduce.

And the method is energy – everything. Reverse side. Modern humanity – so it is made, is committed to the energy, but appreciate the consciousness. Or how not to appreciate, but it seems that it is on the foothold of consciousness. Man seeks money, power, force, atomic bomb, turning the rivers, the construction of some giant structures. Some powerful explosions, and so on. Its not feed bread, give something to do. However, he explains and motivates. What is the conscious development of science and so on and so forth. It’s a clever stratagem.



In fact, why is humanity stuck in some kind of intellectual breakthrough? Because I aspire to energy. Moreover, the proclaimed consciousness, but do not understand and do not appreciate it. And in ancient times was a different skew. That sought to consciousness, I wanted something permanent and unchangeable, although he was in full force all magic energy properties. Indeed, the priest of some temple with a single uttered mantras could make a volcano or erupting, or stop this eruption. So strong were the methods as saying that the whole island went under water or were grown. Even it is hard for us to understand and we perceive it as a story. But they tried just to consciousness. Just as we are to energy, they to consciousness. This is another bias. At the moment you’re likely to encounter a philosopher who will give you some refined inferences. That is, he will seek out the infinity constancy, ignoring the infinity of changes. Such a bias. Unfortunately, it is also observed in yoga.

But someone easier, someone harder. There are still questions you? This is a complex topic, it is possible to argue long. The topic is very interesting.



Student: I asked you about enlightenment. If you go by the method of consciousness, when you’re on this island, the feeling of binding energy. And when the energy that these waves, after these manifestations, change is immutable. When you see it, you really realize that behind all these changes is the permanence and constancy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is the approaches. I too tried to teach you, about the transitory and the enduring. Usually the person refuses the transient, in order to realize and affirm timeless. Usually the person refuses the infinity of changes, in order to focus and establish itself in the infinity of permanence. It’s all systems of meditation. That is, people deliberately away from all that is transient, in order to understand that it is enduring just is. And the second step is constantly in a sense. And then when you are established in the eternal, you begin to associate it with a transient. That is, you then see that whole infinity of change is not the infinity of changes, and if anything, infinity maintain consistency. And impossible one without the other. If you’re established on the island of permanence, then nothing can’t hurt you. On the other hand, being in the maelstrom of raging waves, of cyclones passing, you know that they are raging, tear and throw. But do it only in order to the island of permanence. One destructive tendency compensates another destructive trend only in order to as the center of the cyclone, the light.



I recently saw the picture. Very nice satellite picture. The land, part of Europe, and there is a cyclone? White is white and inside is a flat circle, like a funnel. The center of the cyclone, and there the sun. Visible even by satellite, so beautiful it all becomes. Exactly the same here. First, you realize that there is a constancy. Then you are approved to be consistent. And then you realize that everything is transient – it is just the reverse of permanence. And this method of consciousness. It is quite difficult. There is a method of energy. The most striking method of energy that you may face is Tantra yoga.

Once was in the ancient cults of the Goddess Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus – female deity.



So there you are required. You are immediately immersed in the whirl of energy and this same energy she shows you the consistency. Imagine you are plopped down into the ocean, and you chat, hang out, storm are the emotions, passions, and experiences. But you feel the hand that for each such movement brings you, and then chatted, smoothly makes this Cote d’azur permanence. And when you’re talking, you don’t need to see you so strongly confirmed in this regularity. The only thing you have to do is to let you know that it’s there. But even if you don’t know you anyway this wise power will bring. The strength of the energy. This blessing, this gift, is from above. On the other hand, if people rush into a power in the occult, as of now, there are all sorts of superpowers and so on and so forth, they are thrown into this ocean. But they have no protective hands, which they will sooner or later washed ashore permanence. And this is at least stupid to endanger yourself.


Student: can You on the rocks…



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You swim, without the guarantee that you will make on the shore of permanence. But you can’t have one without the other. This two methods. The question of enlightenment consists precisely in the fact that you have to. You can’t be enlightened, realizing only the infinity of permanence.



Student: Well, one of the extremes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remind you of the parable of the Buddha-Tathagata, the winners. I really like tantric Buddhism these things. When the Buddha entered into meditation and absorbed consistently, this way, the text of Tripura-Rahasi. He fully established in one extreme, in the infinity of permanence. He was happy because was in a state of immutability, in the state of infinity of permanence. But he said, “No, dear.”



This is a very high achievement indeed high. But it is not the attainment of liberation, of release at all. And then they made him a tantric friend only by which he reached really release. Under tantric friend should understand and literally and figuratively. Tantric friend in the literal sense – it’s really that great Yogini or Goddess, just communicating that you understand this aspect of change, eternal change. From the point of view can be more allusive nature of women, in General, the world around me is a feminine quality, that energy is eternal change. And only by understanding this eternal change, knowing another law of eternal change, and the drain together, just as man merges with the woman in ecstasy. Similarly, two of these methods, or rather the implementation of these two infinities, but here comes the release and nowhere else. All the rest is, as they say, is blasphemy.



Student: And here in full is the original?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Tantra is very beautiful. In this love Union is born enlightenment. Just as the child is born, when mom and dad together. Exactly the same here. Only from this is born the release. Total liberation generally. And from infinity continuous infinity of continuity and of infinity changes. You know how it is a prison, constantly changing – there every day doing a new renovation, today one, tomorrow another.

And sometimes the prison is always constant as there was a rusty grate, it always is. Here it is necessary to get out of both prisons. If you say that you came out of prison with the eternal rusty bars in front of the eyes, but in front of you prison forever changing scenery. Con left to chance. We have in Stalin’s times, how many people were served, who have not sat only. So you were in prison. You’re left to chance. And you think left to chance, but really you’re sitting in jail. Prison is tricky. There’s constantly changing scenery. You think you are, in fact, you sit, you can see different pictures. By train – it is unclear whether you’re driving, or near something is moving. That’s the same thing. And the only connection the two. Went on.


34. Absolute exemption there is a complete collapse modes that are no longer subject to the Purusha; it is the same – the energy of consciousness residing in itself.


Review of Vyasa: the Complete coagulation modes, which represent a [chain] of causes and effects, performed [to serve] experience and liberation of Purusha, and therefore more do not exist for him, as the object is absolute liberation. The energy of the consciousness of the Purusha [in this case] is completely isolated, that is, is in itself due to the lack of connection with the sattva of the mind. Its eternal preservation is in such a state and there is absolute liberation.

In this fourth Chapter of the “absolute liberation” in the comments of Sankhya to the “Yoga-sastra” the venerable Patanjali [completed].



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Great, today is such a textbook day. I honestly do not agree with the commentary of Vyasa. Whether it is the words of Vyasa, whether such a transfer. Because here’s the thing this is very subtle, the emphasis placed slightly incorrectly. That’s what we talked about, only expressed in terms of the yoga of Patanjali. We talked about energy. Here this is referred to as a continuous series of modes. That is, a continuous change mode status – it just is energy. It was one thing, became another, the next day the third and so on and so forth.



And in General, the concept of time itself. On the one hand. On the other hand is, according to this treatise Patanjali, there is a consciousness that highlights the sattva of the mind. And it highlights, it looks. That is, an infinite persistence display that is in the sattva of the mind. And here is the ultimate liberation is when there is two of these at the same time. That is, the modes cease to unfold. And the mind ceases to highlight everything that is in the sattva of the mind, ceases whatever it absorbed. Even optional sattva of the mind. What a moment here quite interesting. It is in painted condition goes into unpainted. That is the pun. Ever-changing stopped to change, always looking stopped to watch. You know? The state of enlightenment.



We’re considered: “Eyeless drill the pearl, without the finger..” don’t remember what’s next…. Same here. In fact, from the point of view of the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali says the same thing in the toughest of tantric treatises. We have to get the two of infinity: the infinity of changes and the infinity of permanence. That is, we have to stop series of endlessly-changing modes with one hand.



On the other hand, we have to remove the ability of comprehension of anything that can be grasped. And that’s when it all separated: one has ceased to change, the other stopped to look at these changes, comes the force of the Purusha. I don’t know, good or bad, the word “force”. If Purusha is a man. You know, like in the swamp: two hands looking for something-looking and absorbed in what you felt. And it is necessary to pull out a hand gun, constantly changing, that is the hand of energy. And it is necessary to pull the hand of consciousness, which is the same. Shake. And you came out of this Universe. We have achieved the ultimate liberation. There’s nothing more that can be achieved, there is nothing.



Student: so you are in your own essence that you are originally?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but you see, even this sentence is wrong. Because we say: “You are in your own essence”. None of these words has no place in relation to that. Because the word “you” implies that there are “not you”. The word “essence” – that is “not the essence”.



Student: No, I remains in its original essence?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It Doesn’t Matter. Again, this is hard to understand.



Student:! His two tools – they are..



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They are not. This is the final enlightenment, when you have one without the other. We can neither say, nor think, nor to Express or draw the concept or to define. It is above everything. And on the other hand, we cannot say that this is above everything. Because saying “higher”, we put it in a frame, in a single chain. It is something really Supreme, ineffable.



We finished this treatise, at the very least we got it. Congratulations to you. Because few people who read it, even less of the people who read it, something in him understood. Much more than those who read it, make up some concept. But this concept is half-hearted and unfinished. I still hope that at least some secrets we reveal. As you can see, the difference between the approaches of yoga and Tantra, in any case, my position – as I gave you those comments – no. From the point of view of logic of the spiritual path, achieve unsaturated – nothing does not contradict anything. So if you hear “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali – classical yoga. You mull it over.



I strongly recommend you keep these records. I suggest you keep it all because it will take two to three years. When you start to really again it’s all to make sense, then you’ll understand that when you’re listening to, what seems to be understood clearly, and now it seems somehow unclear. That is, again and again it is necessary to listen. From what point it just becomes pointless and needs to practice more subtle forms of meditation, and so on. And you can decide for yourself, if only you could understand the whole system. From the beginning of the presentation to the final result. Then you will adjust. If you know that going to the North pole – you before you reach it, even if you’re not a very good map. But if you’re just going to constantly read, “go to that tree, go before” – very easy to get lost. And on the Polar star you always see, even if you map said go left and you see the need to go straight, that is, correct your path. Just sometimes you have to work around some things.


Such garbage in people’s heads. Pure logic. I’m not talking about practice. About energy, mysterious rites, rituals, spells. But purely to understand the logic at the level of consciousness, even it is not.



Student: Understand the system make sense?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: One, having read Buddhism, about a kind of emptiness, which, in General, and not void. By the way, the concept of emptiness very well, it becomes clear in Buddhism, when you have studied the treatise of Patanjali. It is necessary to tell the people in simple and understandable form available. Some specific examples of such pseudo-scientific phrases over which we have half an hour to think, especially when the terms are unclear. I think maybe this way we will bring the benefit of mankind. And in good old tradition at the end of each review I have the right to give their wishes. So I dedicate the treatise and these comments to you.

Student: Me?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. You personally in the first place. Get yourself some kind of pseudonym. You personally, as well as all other students.

Student: Thank You.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I have the right. Our school has such a thing given. If you take the text, give a review, then at the end have the right to dedicate it. I dedicate to you.

Student: Thank You. I once read.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, read it again.

Student: I want to say that when we studied at the beginning, some were chapters where I just brains are wrapped. Read it’s all so foggy in the brain! Indeed, there is such a Shoe as if on the energy level. You focus consciousness, the mind, and feel that all the channels in the head. Head crack. And then, as you learn there is such clarity. At first there was nothing clear – thinking, doing.



Then, as the study is in the approach of consciousness – the concept for the subconscious to digest, digested, and at some point, this clarity begins to Shine. That is manifested, all the more becomes clear. Some things become clear.



And really understand the concept of emptiness or the concept of consciousness. Because first and foremost it is an approach of consciousness. And then it appears magically. When examined this way, you give comments, and I didn’t do anything. My job is simply to listen and perceive. But then it manifested in any real sensation. Read this. Not that I read, and just listen. And then I realize that this was your feeling, your experience – what have you been listening, just sitting or reading.



And this concept, this theory. You not only understand the brain, you really feel. You do not have anything myself to think, to analyze. Without any analysis really opens intuition, feelings. Consciousness is embodied in feelings and emotions. We finished this treatise. And as, when we get to the end of the fit, it’s condition, it is really a state, it is not analytical approach. Once again all – energy, the subconscious, somehow it all came together, became. It really is magical, as it happens – like you’re not doing anything, you just listen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Absolutely the right word. The way it is. That’s all built.

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