“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter IV, AF. 1-17

“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter IV, AF. 1-17


The title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Of Patanjali

and “Vyasa–Bhashya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

the text “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali.

Chapter IV. About absolute liberation.

(AF. 1-17).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the oldest and most authoritative treatises on yoga.

This treatise is equally respected, both among academic scholars and practicing yogis. For this reason, this Sutra is considered the fundamental treatise on yoga very wide circle of experts.

Unfortunately, the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali is very difficult to understand for modern practitioners of yoga for a number of reasons, among which should be mentioned such as: lack of adequate terms in European languages for translation of basic notions in yoga (the word, Samadhi, chit, Manas, etc.), the ultimate short presentation (very concise aphorisms), cross-cultural difficulties of ignorance of the environment in which this treatise was written, and many others.

For this reason, there is a serious need to provide meaningful comments on this treatise for the layman. In our work we have sought to avoid the Sanskrit terms as well as illustrate the difficult philosophical ideas to simple analogies from our lives. We also carried out a parallel comparison with other philosophical teachings, such as Tantric Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, etc.

If this course of yoga will give you at least a small island with a great understanding of the science of Yoga, if it will inspire you to continue learning all the secrets and mysteries of Yoga, then we’ll consider our mission accomplished.

Date and place of lecture:

Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.



1.Perfect ability come through [the appropriate form] birth, medicinal drugs, [reading] of mantras, the practice of asceticism [and] yogic concentration.

Review of Vyasa: the Ability to find another body [appears] because of [the appropriate form] birth. [A specialized ability, gain] due to medicinal drugs – the elixir of life and other things – [can be found] in the place of residence of the Asuras.

Because [read] mantras are achieved [specialized skills] movement in space, reducing the limit [in size], etc.

The ability [of implementation] intended [appears] in the practice of asceticism; [the ability to take any] a desired shape, to get where I want, etc.

[Advanced skills], generated by yogic concentration, was explained [earlier].

As for the bodies and the bodies formed in the previous form of existence,

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Interesting this aphorism. About advanced abilities. Very interesting. And lists the ways in which these abilities arise. And here again you need to read and think about what things can lead to the fact that you have these specialized skills arise.

They are listed. The first is the ability from birth. Just from birth.

Student: so, what kind of body you got, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! That is, you actually don’t have to struggle and get a particular ability that is perceived by other people, how perfect, how magical, if you will. And this, by the way, the biggest category of people I encountered.

If we talk about superpowers, it is the ability not acquired, but innate. A person is born. Hop-Bang – he opened up this ability. How, how, he does not know. He knows she’s only just there. It can demonstrate or not to demonstrate. Sometimes he does not know about it for a very long time, and then it opens. Sometimes, moreover, he thinks that the same ability is at all, and they just don’t talk about it, assuming that others have. That’s a simple fact that you were born and got the body, you begin to have these abilities.

Student: So there was some karmic predisposition earlier that man possesses is that it is some kind of ability?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. That is the law of karma it is, in General, is not disturbed. Just the action of it, that is, separated in time or spaced from one life to another life. What man once did some necessary preconditions, which this birth has led to the fact that he has immediately gained the body, allowing him to achieve those abilities, not applying to this no effort, not training them, not opening, not honing, not applying any additional, that is to say, the condition or additional funds. Interesting, right? Interesting. Hop-clap, was born and received. Moreover, it is those abilities that are well, interesting. In terms of superpowers.



The continuation of this story quite interesting again. What if yoga and Yogini children are born, they usually inherit the body has reached a certain stage of development, a certain, so to speak, level. And in many ways these abilities are passed on the level. That’s why it’s still one of these studies, there is no higher happiness than to be born in a family yoga and Yogini. The same exact approach at birth, there, in the family of celestial. Some God and Goddess. Well, more than other plans.

Because yoga says that there is a whole range of different worlds. One of them is the world of man. But there are more subtle worlds, and born in these subtle worlds also gain these abilities, not making any effort. Yoga can be need more than one life to learn to pass through walls. And there is this ability given from birth.

Any kind of these countries that we considered, where spirituality prevails, where people live, professing one some meaning, some kind of approach. They lead to the fact that here in this community of people (all who are engaged in spiritual practices) begin to produce children that possess from the very first moment these abilities. This thing is also kind of like karma, but the collective karma. Now, if you live among people who do not communicate with ordinary people, but in these countries the wise and Dakini, as in tantric Buddhism, it is clear that if there children are born, they are born to them, and they already have everything, so to speak, which reached their parents. It’s kind of, you know, as the development of science and culture.



It’s one thing when some brilliant solo in the middle ages invented electricity or something. After all, is full of archaeological finds that are simply amazing. For example, the same treasure of Schliemann, who do we have here from time to time exhibited. Lenses made of crystal – it’s all one step before the microscope or up a telescope. Some vessels that in the analysis of their be galvanic plates, that is, it is quite obvious that they received electricity. But it was all as if to say, one-time breakthroughs. And another thing, the modern world, with its technology, where any achievement is replicated and included in ordinary life. And then it is not necessary to reopen and not have to start from the beginning, and can have, being on that Foundation and go further.


That is exactly the same here. Birth in these circles suggests that you do not have to reach any heights, including the heights of super-powers you already get from birth.

Then what Patanjali is the next one?

Student: medicinal drugs…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is also an interesting approach. This is all kinds of potions. Especially medieval Europe with their sorcerers. Else could be even earlier. Alchemy is like a refraction of the same in the East, and if we read some chilling stories about some medieval witches who brewed their potions from a number of different ingredients in the moonlit night. Also, on the one hand, of course, modern man refers to it as would, to put it mildly, skeptical, but it was serious work, serious science. And it is at its core also has a rational element in the sense that it was a well-known science when using certain ingredients… Sometimes, indeed, as the alchemists, it was some metals: mercury, gold, silver, copper, etc. Either it was some other components added. Well, in General, any manipulation of chemicals, with chemicals was done, and the result was some such potions, powders, pills, potions and so on and so forth, using that people started to demonstrate powers.

I have, by the way, the suspicion is very large, the proliferation of drugs in our civilization was primarily due to the fact that some components were probably included in a more complex drug. But then, as always happens, in that, in the profane version, 999 fine contaminants that were necessary in order to make this drug is thrown, it’s just one, right? There some polynarcomania means any cannabis or poppy. What was common in ancient times. We need to be aware that drugs in antiquity was relatively simple. In any case, the recipes of which have reached us.


So, apparently, we owe the spread of, including and here’s this thing, in the sense that it was a fairly serious science, but fell into the hands of people ignorant commoners that just made her stupid enough a kind of enjoyment. In terms of the fact that it was not already some kind of step towards development, but rather pandering to their usual nature.

Now, chock-full of references about it. In fairy tales you can read that a potion he drank, or the living and dead water, or something.

Student: that’s the way it all happened. That is, it is composed of some chemical components of some structure, some substance. That is, it is mixed with chemical elements of the body. It drank, smoked. And it just cleaned the channels, punched some channels and remain forever? It was kept or it was necessary for him to consume it?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Difficult to say, but maybe it was both. Maybe it was the drugs, which once gave the result, and he stayed forever. Probably there was a temporary action. From the point of view of yoga. How to explain it from the point of view of yoga? Moreover, yoga of consciousness.



Here, we can say, more approach energy. Because, whether we like it or not, but our consciousness, it is absorbed by the piece of energy, a piece of body matter. And affecting the piece of cloth with the help of certain drugs, you can achieve varying degrees of concentration. Suppose a man, smoked some weed, he sometimes selectively start working senses. It can completely switch to smell and absolutely nothing to see and nothing to hear. Or Vice versa: so absorbed in these forms, the visual images that cease to hear anything. Or rather, as if his consciousness is completely absorbed by the sounds coming. That is, it is an experimental fact. Many, by the way, who’s anesthesia even experienced, there are, in principle, the action is more of the same. Another thing is that it’s like the forced focus of consciousness. But it is quite rough and fierce. And by itself it leads only to temporary, there are really some breakthrough.



Then, as soon as all the intoxication disappears again begins wandering consciousness. And, even stronger, because any time idle, or when you have the reins of power snatches chemistry, then they, of course, is always harder to take back. But at the same time, if there is such an effect, it somewhere can do something and help in focusing. Somewhere some unnecessary factors to cut as long as man does not learn to do it with his will power.

Disciple: But there was even now this kind of spiritual alchemy. She’s spiritual system. For example, the famous teacher are different. Nagarjuna, for example. They are using this reached absolute liberation.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, of course. But, you see, the very fact that our consciousness is placed in this shell of a body, influencing and rebuilding this body in this kind of a rapid order, not by evolutionary, long time, and fairly rapid methods, of course, achieved result. Of course, the result was achieved, although this science is more complicated than it sometimes seems. Because there was largely the methods, not just when you were doing something or other medication or drug, but still you did it, as if soaking its rays of consciousness. So you added another component of consciousness in this (the cure) all the moments are more subtle, with the result that people really started to have these abilities.



As now they say that was the Scandinavians are the Berserkers are the warriors, the divine mad, I don’t know what to call them, but now the word has become a synonym maniac. Ostensibly, his hand cut off – and he continues to fight. Well, that is a terminator, remember how there is one hand with the head begin to rake up the enemy? So was this view that supposedly they are before the battle ate some hallucinogenic mushrooms. Then a huge piece of the same we find in the environment, maybe, civilizations, if anything, wild or Indian tribes. In Africa still is very much that all of these local sorcerers in order that they cook all kinds of drugs. South America, for example.

Student: Mexico, too.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Mexico, Yes. And, in different ways. Someone mushrooms, hallucinogenic mushrooms, some some vines from components of animal origin. That is, the range is quite large. From alchemy, which well as a closer, maybe, to our chemistry, to here these huge hordes of magicians, sorcerers, soothsayers, shamans. Our Chukchi and Northern residents. Because shamans they also knew all the secrets of how to impregnate a particular mushroom with the fat of a beast. In General, the whole big-great recipes, which as a result lead to any qualitative changes of consciousness, and to some manifestations of what in normal state, a person could not do.

It is clear that in ancient times it was also common. It is possible that in a much stronger form. And here, Patanjali also mentions this – that these abilities can be obtained, in particular, by using chemicals, using these medicinal drugs.



The disciple: Following the recitation of mantras.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Recitation of mantras. Do the science of mantra-yoga is very strong, it is in itself science, and it gives certain powers itself. Again, the mechanism of action of certain mantras we considered when we studied the mantra-yoga. The mechanism is very subtle, very powerful mechanism. And that is to say, if anything, one of the most mysterious mechanisms. For a person with rational thinking, it would seem, ate a mushroom – Yes, indeed, some part of the brain to work, one or the other superpower was opened. It seems that there is something to bind to.


Student: from the point of view of energy, explain that you have one energy, (ate a mushroom), the energy was freed, went to the canal, shot him, cleaned – everything: you can.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t know how it works. That is, there is, of course, the assumptions, including those that you said. But, apparently, for different drugs is different. In different situations it’s different. Maybe just this is one of those Sciences, which are completely lost, because it was the most practical. All chasing these drugs. Read some of the ancient tales, where heroes go? That rejuvenating Apple somewhere to Snitch, to drink from some source, then flower some to eat powerful. A wide range of what we had to do to get this ability. It is closer to the fact that even the unspiritual man can understand. So the hunt for this was like no, strong, and accordingly, the secrecy was like no big. So the fact that it is not preserved to us, he offers: nobody shared this knowledge, was saving them for yourself, and then die, and this knowledge remained with him nobody knows.

So, the recitation of mantras also leads to these abilities. And again the question: they are one-off actions or constant? Depending on what mantras, depending on how they are read, for what purpose, by whom, how many times, etc.

That is, there are mantras one-time action: there is a need, you did, but then it’s not the fact that you’re just like the rest of my life to use this result. Until the next time. Next time need – again you have to do it.


On the other hand, there are mantras which confer a particular ability, superpower, once and for all. Once you get it, it stays there forever.

Actually, mantra-yoga is essentially a spiritual science.


Student: we Can say that all mantra, any mantra, can lead to superhuman abilities?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is absolutely wrong, just a question: what is meant by psychic powers? Here the question of terminology. One mantra gives one thing, another something else.

Student: Different things. It’s like changing your consciousness happens, that is, spiritual development. Similarly, parallel to this, your channels are cleared, and you may have to do something really change?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you See, Sasha, you’re always trying to explain it from the point of view of energy: channels cleansed, the energy went out and it all began to turn.

Student: It as energy.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Approach mantra-yoga, generally speaking, very difficult. Why is a strong science? Because there may be consciousness and energy like nowhere else twisted in a very large force. On the one hand the vibration that you produce, it increases your consciousness and on the other hand, it increases your consciousness.

Why mantras are strong? Why a person with perfection in the mantra, always was considered to be a top class magician, if you will? Because it is not chemistry, where you need something to cook and something to eat. Literally said, or even mentally recited a particular mantra, well… in European history of the spell: “Abracadabra!” As nothing is very close.


Accordingly, the effect of the mantra cannot be explained only from the point of view of energy. I always be very convenient to explain here ask me: “well, Well, why we should practise mantra-yoga?” And it’s easier for me to explain it from the perspective of energy, vibrations, thought forms, the materialization of the thought forms or those or other phenomena. That is, for our Western mind, accustomed to the lucre accustomed to something tangible and understandable. Much easier for me to explain the effect of mantra via the energy. And much harder for me to explain the effect of the mantra using the mind. Why? Yes, because our civilization is still with a great big difficult to understand this tool, with a very big scratch. No one really cannot even define what consciousness is, I mean in our civilization, and we say what this out, so to speak, tools, or actions – it’s even more so. You know?


But on the other hand, the mantra is, can be like science where it’s all fused together. It is difficult to tell where the end element of the vibration – energy, and direct where it starts building things under the rays of your consciousness, or cosmic consciousness, if you are in the process of repeating mantras connect your consciousness with the cosmic consciousness, if you will. Therefore, in General (and we already said many times) the modern world is a world of energy.


Student: Well, I mean, that starts with energy: you begin vibration, and then lined up, see for your consciousness. In other approaches of consciousness there is, on the contrary, begins with consciousness: I first see something, then something happens.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I don’t know. I would argue with you, but, in General, is not our topic now. I’m not sure that always starts even in the mantra yoga with energy. Why? There is such a wide range of mantras (Jnana-yoga), this is the group of mantras, which translated into different languages. We remember. It is the consciousness.


Mantras, generally speaking, untranslatable from one language to another. And there are mantras that can be translated from one language to another, that is, each mantra is a mixture. Like you said, what it starts with. And now, untranslatable mantra beginning with energy, that is, they seem easier going with energy and then consciousness. But there are mantras, where on the contrary: the first step is consciousness, the awareness of fact, which in itself leads to the manifestation of energy. I want to emphasize again how difficult it is to understand this concept in Western civilization, depending on what condition I have is consciousness, depending on my surrounding world adapts to this consciousness. It’s hard to tell, to articulate, even – not something to try to explain it.

But we go further.


Student: the practice of asceticism and yogic concentration.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Following is the practice of asceticism – also already discussed repeatedly by us of such a scenario, obtain super-powers, or perfect these abilities.


All the earliest stories, first Eastern and the Indian this is what we say here, they say, someone hurt someone, or someone wanted to get something, and so he went to a solitary place and began to practice severe austerity, to keep themselves in the black body, rinse with cold water, and other, other feats of asceticism to perform. And sooner or later, as is often described in ancient treatises, the Gods (or a God), literally stunned by the power of asceticism, was this ascetic and offered him a choice: “Well, ask what you want”. All asked in different ways: someone requested a bow that can shoot arrows that strike all enemies, some sword, and the largest range was asking. And really took these, so to speak, supernatural powers, certain magic items, which allows these superpowers to demonstrate. There was such a scenario worked out in ancient times.


If we consider it from the point of view of the metaphysics of consciousness approach, we are concerned also that the rays of our consciousness out of focus, they are simultaneously directed to many sensory objects and actually absorbed these sensual objects. And as a consequence, our energy is also absorbed.

If we do austerity, then we would take out the rays of his mind from sensual objects, these sensual objects cease to trouble, cease to capture our attention and our energy, excessive accumulation of this consciousness-focused, nerazdelennaya. As a result, energy accumulates. This energy is a direct achievement of a particular thing. Well? Well, simply, if there is a surplus of consciousness, the concentrated consciousness, and it is aimed at achieving one or another capacity, or even anything, as if the ability itself is turned inside out and shows itself to consciousness. And people already have this consciousness, it begins to control and use. From the point of view of yoga consciousness is so explained.



Or in another way. The man again sends this resource in order to rebuild himself and had to gain this ability, constantly demonstrate this one way or the other superpower. That is all quite logical. Everything is quite understandable. But only from one point of view: if you don’t forget that in addition energy methods, there are methods of consciousness. Otherwise, this mattress is obtained, that is, the band, the other strip, strip, strip another. In fact, no bands, there is a continuous spectrum. That is part of the techniques explained largely by methods of energy, the other part – to a greater extent methods of consciousness. But in principle, nothing more. One or the other or both. Thus, a person gets all what he wants.


In relation to asceticism. It was quite a popular activity in ancient times. And this gives the impression that in some specific era, once upon a time it was almost the dominant way of gaining these abilities, gaining spiritual knowledge. That is, it was thought that the most simple and easy to obtain spiritual strength, spiritual knowledge, experience in implementing austerity. And then it is send to all the needs that you have. Want to release – get the release, you want to dominate inside this world – will dominate inside this world. Austerity is also a way to gain these abilities.


Lastly, Patanjali mentions there after austerity…

Student: and yogic concentration.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: and yogic concentration. In fact, just yogic concentration and devoted the whole of this treatise of Patanjali. And unlike, maybe, from previous such methods, that in the light of the treatise of Patanjali is the most direct way to gaining super-powers. After all, in the end, to get the body suitable parents to a child to have the abilities needed karma training. And all listed there: with the help of drugs. I understand, you need to understand or at least have someone who understands this, and you this drug will help you make or will make. Mantra. You have to have quite a successful birth is to get this mantra, that you need for a given superpowers, because you never know what might be the preferences.



Here, it may be, most closely, of course, the question here is asceticism, but asceticism too, he does not explain why this austerity works. As a consequence, it is necessary to have the inclination to do it. Or, at least, know of someone that such methods work. And then, what kind of asceticism to practice: stand on the head or a raised hand, sitting between the fires or what to do? There is also a question.

But from the point of view of this last – that is acquired superpowers with the help of yogic concentration is just in the treatise of Patanjali is given a smooth and consistent approach. Well bad luck for you: have not received the body from the parents such that you just already possess superabilities, that’s fine. Everything is in your hands. Start with this life that you start practicing concentration.

Well, do not understand you in these drugs, and, in General, do not have the temperament for it, is also okay. Not you got the mantra is wonderful. Not lost anything yet. Do not practice asceticism, well, you have no time to practice austerity, you in 8 hours for work, and 5 hours home. Once! Well, a number of other approaches. Also, in General, do not worry. And practicing, understanding the concept of disidentification, or rather the first concentration of consciousness on a particular object is of such High Way (literally – “the high road”), a wide road that sooner or later, you still would come to this. Moreover, consistently and without any strange twists, without any, if you will, of accidents: are you going to go sooner or later will get.



Moving on to the next aphorism. Yes, against, how, why are there these powers in yogic concentration, we have, of course, discussed in the previous aphorisms.



2. [their] transformation into another form of existence [occurs] as a result of addressing the root causes.


Review of Vyasa: At the termination of the [process of] life changes starts [the process] new change [body senses] since they must come into line with the structure of parts [of the body] that was not earlier. Thus producing the causes of bodies, and senses are the basis for your own modifications, bringing them to perfection in accordance with [such] instrumental reasons, as righteousness and so on.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: you Know, let’s first and second aphorisms, and then the logic is broken.


1.Perfect ability come through [the appropriate form] birth, medicinal drugs, [reading] of mantras, the practice of asceticism [and] yogic concentration.

2. [their] transformation into another form of existence [occurs] as a result of addressing the root causes.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Well, enough here, too, I have some questions regarding the translation. Somehow here, it seems to me that the options. Possible transfer options.



Student: it’s in the commentary of Vyasa, the last line (of comments on the first aphorism): “with regard to bodies and bodies formed in the previous form of existence,” and further, “their transformation into another form of existence is a result of remedy the root cause”.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: let’s focus on the opinion expressed by Vyasa. Although I want to stress again: a translation of the Sanskrit texts is a quite ungrateful. There are a zillion little possibilities to interpret. Sometimes it seems that it is really incoherent jumble of sentences, but there is one as it pulls out another one if at least somewhere, something falls, it already like as is not associated.

It is clear that as soon as we begin to do – I mean, this is a common paradigm, common sense yoga – consciousness affects energy, energy affects consciousness. By and large people do not have neither one nor the other, but there is something higher that manifests itself either as energy or as consciousness. Such a kind of mixture, some kind of universal force or something. And this law, in General, he is absolute. In fact, thanks to him, Hatha yoga works it works Jnana-yoga. And roughly speaking, they can be divided into two parts – it is his soul and his body.


Student: All bodies including?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes. Well, by the soul, I don’t even know what is meant because…


Student: Well, how would consciousness?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: How would consciousness, Yes. Here in terms of consciousness. And as soon as modificeres consciousness as soon as it is modified, it immediately starts to adapt the energy under it, immediately begins to adjust the energy in the body energy, in the form of the body. Consciousness has changed everything: this process of completion it is. According to the new operation of consciousness, acquires a new function of energy. Accordingly, Vice versa. If you make your energy to function somewhat differently, then it is automatically changes the functioning of your consciousness. That is, these rays of consciousness begin to be refracted differently.



But here, on the one hand, we must remember that the very basis of this theory, that the rays of consciousness, if so figuratively you could say they did not undergo any changes. The meaning of consciousness – to highlight.



Student: How would this clarity… it becomes bigger, brighter, more intense?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but they are, again figuratively speaking, they sort of scattered energy dissipated by the body. But if we focus their energy, comes new level that is called like “self-awareness”. In fact, the focusing of the rays of consciousness are steps on the path to self-awareness, and the limit of self-realization is liberation.


Once self-awareness has reached the hundred percent mark once all the rays of consciousness with all their power was directed as if to themselves, but rather were aimed at the self, Purusha, Atman, that’s absolute self-realization is called liberation. And we have to leave this world.


But as long as we are in him is the law is chicken and egg. Strengthening the focus of consciousness, so to speak, change of a modification of consciousness leads to a change in modification of energy.

In pranayama. Consider this principle on the example of pranayama. In many schools, including the tantric Buddhism, there is even such a position that every mental state is your breathing. When a person is in anger, he has one colour breathing, he’s breathing the same way. If he is calm another if he feels fear – third. If experiencing anger – fourth, etc., etc., That is, each state of consciousness reveals the anger, fear – any emotion, any behavior, there is your breath is your color breathing. And as a result, learning to control the breath, we begin to influence this state of consciousness. Here usually the person is angry for a long time, he said: “Well, go have a smoke”. It will be released somewhere on the balcony, quietly drags on, you know, he rebuilt the breathing rhythm: if he puffed, he was ready… and here is the procedure itself causes it to change this inhale, this exhale. Like smoke – sort of calmed down, indeed, looked at it from the other side.

Student: Vibrations of thought forms are energy, it goes…



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly.


Student: How would the mind simply sees it, those vibrations that are in different…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But see, one thing pulls another. Of course, I am against the promotion of Smoking. I think Smoking is stupid. It is better to incense any burn, if it comes to that. Yes, you can, by the way, don’t smoke, you can just go out and to do pranayam in the street. That is one of the methods of yoga, which instructs: if you feel that your state of mind, which you want to avoid, but don’t know how, go and do pranayama. You feel depressed, you feel tired, you feel stupidity, something else- go and do pranayama. And modifying the energy you modify consciousness.



A more crude example: Hatha yoga. The same situation. Taking a particular static posture and making the body’s energy flow differently, by creating a known tension and relaxation in different parts of the body, we automatically make the mind to function differently. More precisely, the modification of consciousness, or that this game, the rippling rays of consciousness in the mind, is different. If it is different, consciousness is different focuses, but if the consciousness of the different focuses, it pulls behind them and more subtle energy, which, as it rebuilds the body. That is, first we physically done the exercise, once physically on an energy effect. This physical energy has caused a more subtle state of consciousness, a more subtle state of consciousness at the tail out of a more subtle kind of energy, which in turn also rebuilt our body. That is why Hatha yoga is working.



In this case, as Patanjali, even just by the world, we really do not take all the practice of yoga, and depending on some concept or paradigm of the world that man perceives. Here the person believes that the world is so-and-so. Fair or not fair doesn’t matter. But as soon as he starts to believe, he begins to change everything. First and foremost in his own body.



And so there is this mentality, that go to person in favor, and there are mindsets that can destroy it. Even modern doctors came to the same (these systems all stress and so on). So what is stress? Stress is just a functioning of consciousness according to a specific algorithm. Moreover, this algorithm does not produce it, as if to say… He makes a bunch of negative side effects highlights. But on a physical level, something one feels very specific physical discomfort.


That is a lot question about it: once on-to another began to think, at the same time began to change and began to change the world.


3. Instrumental reason is not the driving force producing the reasons, but because it destroyed the obstacles as a farmer [in the irrigation of fields].


Review of Vyasa: Instrumental reason, righteousness and the like – in any degree is not a driving force-producing causes, because the cause cannot be actualized through the investigation.

What then happens?

[As stated in Sutra], “thanks to her, destroyed obstacles, like a farmer”. Like a farmer who wants to put water from one flooded field to another situated on the same level as the first, or slightly below, or all the way down, not carrying water by hand and only destroys the [excavation] the jumper and the water itself flows into gapped on the next pitch, and righteousness (Dharma) destroys unrighteousness (Adharma) is a barrier to producing reasons. And producing the causes themselves through the gap, [that is tool opportunity], alter self image.

Further, when the same farmer on [irrigated] field can’t get nourishment from being in water and earth, penetrate to the roots of rice that [he does] in this case? He vyplyvet [growing] in this field, green grasses, fodder grasses, maize, etc. and when they are removed, nutritious juices themselves penetrate to the roots of rice. And Dharma is [instrumental] cause, [serving] only in the elimination of Adharma as clean and dirt totally opposite. But Dharma [itself] is not the cause, calling for the deployment of Prakriti. As an example, you can give Nandisvara and others.

Conversely, Adharma (unrighteousness) acts as an obstacle to Dharma; as a result, and develops [all] unclean. An example here can serve as Nahusha, [turned into a snake], Agehara and others.

But when yogi [magically] create multiple bodies, whether they are endowed with, as in this case, one [common] intellect or many?

So Patanjali says]:

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: That’s also interesting aphorism, although, in General, in varying degrees, was the motive. Once again, what Patanjali in these 4 chapters of his “Yoga Sutras” the same things are played from different positions and from different angles. And this, incidentally, is quite typical distinctive moment in many treatises, where one and the same idea is communicated in different ways, from different angles.

But we shall return to this aphorism.


This is what is called, a fundamental such an aphorism for understanding the achievement of certain really serious spiritual fruit. I never tire of repeating this piece of these powerful ancient knowledge which came to us from the Upanishads, about that… “How can we know the Atman?” – asks one of the Upanishads. And lists what the Atman can’t be known in any way. You never know virtue, you’ll never know his rites, you never know with prayers, studying books. Not at all. Any way. No communication with the saints, by and large.


Student: Nor is the practice of yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Neither the practice of yoga, nor chanting of powerful mantras. No this way you, by and large, the Atman does not know. Not large, but absolutely you don’t know. Question: what, then, is the knowledge of Atman?

And what an interesting answer: the Atman is known only by those to whom it shows itself. Atman shows itself. Question: who is he showing himself?

But He first shows those who commit charitable deeds, and studying books, repeats the mantra, talks of the sages, pilgrims feed, repeats, uses, etc., etc.



Here, of course, there are such powerful methods as, say, mantra-yoga, which says: you shall know all. That is, it is not inconsistent, it just shows that she takes at that level, when more obstacles to do, and knowledge begins to Shine with your own power, their own light. Therefore, the essence of all spiritual practice of a man is not the essence of the acquisition of spirituality, and the essence of opening it, which is already there. We have nothing to gain, we only discover what is already there. We can’t, as they say, and in the least make yourself no more spiritual and no less spiritual than we are. But we can discover in themselves.


Because it says here that these tools have not achieved the result. These tools are only removed obstacles in order for this result to come in. He came. Another still time. We’re enlightened every second. Every second. Any second. But we just don’t realize it. We must realize, says another tradition.

Student: so, the doctrine is used as a mirror, look at it and reflect. Also such examples are given that you can not use as sunglasses (the doctrine of the dress and look at the world), but rather as a mirror: what we see reflected.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, this is actually a very good aphorism, but here even more deeply. What we don’t need even a mirror. You know? There is a level at which… If we say we need a mirror, so you need something external, so without this external tool we would never understand everything inside.



Student: Well, it’s the binding that consciousness is like the eyes that only look outward, but are unable themselves to look. The same thing, when consciousness in the teaching looks as if it reflects itself.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I would venture to say even more powerful thing: in order to show the Atman, in order to get the result, you don’t need to do anything, including even a mirror is not necessary. It is itself a show. It does not need anything. You know? In particular, and in the mirror. But the question is how to reach this state at some intermediate stage, or may be, at the very last stage, we really need this mirror. But only in order to remove the barriers blocking this is the final state. But not for it to highlight or something to help him to be.



Why enlightenment is beyond time, beyond space, generally outside of something. The man was such a hop, the other. Someone, of course, can say that the Buddha up to this point was unenlightened, and starting from this moment, prosvetlilsia. Really is stupid. The Buddha was always enlightened, only until that moment, he didn’t realize it.


Student: That’s to realize you need all these things, all these mirrors, all sorts of auxiliary tools?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes. It is only in order to even…


Student: It can do logically understand, but you try so live, in fact, realize, that without these tools.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, so the fact of the matter is, you know, here, maybe this quote is deeper than it even seems. What does this aphorism? There is no single set of tools. Or another way to put it: what on earth have always existed, exist and will exist billions and billions and billions of completely different exercises, leading to the same, but using the opposite means. That is, what one will allow, another will deny. But both will lead to the same result. The question is that these all methods are removed only obstacles. Since the obstacles are different, respectively, and the tools to remove the different obstacles. Sometimes just the opposite. But once the barriers are removed opposite, this state comes by itself, it needs no support. You know? It is natural, it needs no maintenance. It once – is. All!


Student: I understand this, I say, as a surprise to you as a gift. So you can only preparatory to do something for this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Or as we said in some texts: in order to see, you don’t need the stress. Efforts are needed to disrupt the blindfold. Yes, this is a serious, sometimes effort, sometimes you have to seriously plow and sweat, before they do. But as soon as you have the blindfold ripped off, it’s your natural ability to see with the eyes. That is, to see how the average person sees. You don’t make this effort.

Exactly the same here. All, all, all practices are not something that by and large helps you to know the truth that by and large helping you to know yourself. Not they help! This is very discouraging to many, unfortunately. From time to time come to the West all kinds of teachers-Hindus, and begin to carry such nihilistic nonsense for people from the West, who really did not understand. And here they begin to Express here such here thoughts. I won’t even name them, but as a result of the fermentation of minds has arisen simply enormous.



I meet a man, he is interested in spiritual knowledge, he was beginning to Express this or that method (why don’t you retire to the mountain of Kailas, not to sit on the tiger’s skin, not to practice pranayama, not to repeat mantras, to do some meditation and first to fly through the air, and then not enlightened?). And he says to me: “and that’s where so-and-so, some great teacher, who was recognized as half of humanity, and videotape which I saw, said all this nonsense that we’re enlightened, that’s not true”. That is, here’s some in my head an absolute mess. And as a result the person does nothing.



And a natural question arises: so what’s he got under the field of action “wrong” teacher, or the teacher lied? Maybe it’s some evil of the Asuras, became a teacher. Oh no! The teacher wanted to say exactly what we are studying in this aphorism, but it was understood, of course, was wrong. Because he claimed to be a very large intellectual and experimental level of the students, and they have inspired thoughts of nihilism, unbelief, “doing nothing”. Because he said to them: “So, you guys, does not achieve anything, and generally you have nothing to do.” You have no idea what a huge number of people from advanced walks now-haunting Europe, the specter of communism, and professes these views. Here they saw, in some book I read that all of this garbage, even with such aplomb all served. What is the most important secret is that there is no secret.



Student: Maybe before, on the contrary, in the Upanishads because it was written that people are very much doing something and had already turned themselves on these methods. That is, in order a little to “straighten out” people?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No.


Student: To make these concepts a little bit to clean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, Yes. For each age and each person has their own methods. In the “Bhagavad Gita”, in my opinion, was this same aphorism when Krishna began to explain about the same thing that we’re here studying, and Arjuna was terribly-terribly confused. He said: “How? It was not necessary to make any practices? It was not necessary to make any offering to the deities? Something, something… I, says Krishna, now I feel (I don’t remember it all verbatim), I’m discouraged, I’m confused. I have pulled the rug from under his feet. Which is right? What is wrong? If all does not lead to the result, why then is all I going to do?” And there is such a phrase: “Please don’t tell me everything. Please tell me just what will help me.” You know?



And, unfortunately, sometimes forget this principle, teachers who want so badly to help, to benefit humanity. It is not necessary to tell a person that instead of his efforts in his quest everyday at any cost to achieve victory, and actually removing obstacles, don’t tell him that it was useless. Because it’s not true. It is useful for him. Not removing these obstacles, he will not see the truth. But another thing: you need to understand that truth, it does not need these methods. You know?



Now think again on this topic. You ever meet this kind of nihilistic, I say, now a lot of them are divorced, and everyone thinks they are already great scientists. “Ah, I already was…”


Student: Yeah I saw.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I have already worked up to the seventh chakra Tantra entire…” (What are you doing here, my dear, on this planet?). Or better yet, I do absolutely kills, you begin to cite any person who, in 20 years something someone wrote somewhere or someone said…And I think to myself: these men, they got into another terrible trap. But, like they always say, it’s a mess in my head. Better to stick to one method that you know and trust, and work, work and work. To work until you eliminate all obstacles. Removing all obstacles, the Atman will show you himself. Yes, indeed, that he thought you can’t do anything, but you can the probability of this increase. So the “plow” with terrible force. Pasha, rather.


Student: on the other hand, you reveal yourself, you do, you grow this is the state of inner happiness. As a practitioner it’s growing. It’s silly really fool yourself: if I do nothing, but it’s already in me. But does that make you feel uncomfortable. It really is such stupidity!



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is not stupidity, Sasha, it’s karma, you know, dishonest with himself. For too long we used to live in some such designs, we’re lying to yourself. We say “all is well”. I met there one girl: “I’m all right!” It from morning to night lives only that convinces himself that she is okay. It is so much successful in this occupation. It is bad, it is objectively bad, but she still says, “I feel good, I feel good”. And, well, she did do some heroic role. That is, for what is all this? This self-deception for what? And in the name of anything! You know? In the name of the habit of lying. To yourself and others. Constantly. Life. Okay, others, God be with him, but imagine what a what lie that you’re fine? You’re not feeling well. They think “I feel good”, and in this clever book says that to do nothing is needed. You know?



I say that constantly on the spiritual path arises here is the Kingdom of crooked mirrors. You know, when two mirrors in front of each other put, you think you have the space, want to left go, you want to the right. And it’s actually a mirror. BAM – you hit, BAM – buried. But it seems that you’re already free, you have all passed. Me that especially furious: “I already took it. Tantra yoga? Has passed. It passed. That I had 10 years ago”. Start these conversations. And I look at a person and realize that if he went, and came to this result, it is likely that he held something quite different.



Student: It’s objectively, about what the text says: if you have passed, you feel the sat-chit-Ananda, that is, all incremental and absolute happiness. Do you feel if you had passed or not. That is, this test is actually very simple.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Check again, very simply, if you’re inside don’t lie. And if you’re of the instrument pointer finger… start to check the right device, and you start with a finger, you know, adjust as you need. It’s karma.



Student: It’s all complete nonsense!



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sasha, it’s actually, I want to tell you, the most common situation in life. Most often. To varying degrees, I agree, more or less, but we are so used to lying to ourselves. “I hate my wife”, and the wife hates her husband, but they continue to lie to yourself that no matter how they love each other. Why? Because society makes them so. Or, say, “I hate my job, but I lie to myself that it was the only thing for me…”. Instead step up and really do what you want and what you should do, in General, according to your Dharma, you do Adharma, you are not his business. Not only that, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, you still manage to create future obstacles.


But again we still go back to that aphorism. The point is that the tools themselves do not produce results. They eliminate the obstacles to this result has come. As a result, it is absolutely one hundred percent because it’s your nature.


Sometimes people ask: “Well, okay, but if I do, and it will take – and will not come?” Yes? Picture this: you have the sun, wrapped in a cloth. For some reason the sun doesn’t burn the cloth. And someone says to you, and suddenly I opened it and it’s empty? You know? Well, the point, Yes? I put the money in a piece of paper and wrapped it. And then, like a magician: – now it will deploy, and there’s nothing you don’t have? Make all practices and suddenly Shine? Well, if not Shine, then you are not deployed or you thought only that you unfold.



And on the other hand, fear of these nihilists who walk and roam, which my laziness, most of such low-Tamas, sattva interpretiruya as the highest. And there you will meet a lot, they are very coyly and very mannered philosophy: “Yes, yoga, Yes, Yes,” still a few Sanskrit terms, or even about some of the practices mentioned. It will be so. Professional! The dog – what a dog! elephant ate, you know, that’s all. But it is just Tamas, which decimated by sattva.



Student: But on the other hand, I think that at this point still need to be honest with yourself. If you really feel that something needs to change. Always energy still follows the consciousness. If you feel that something needs to change, you would still not worried, but you build the consciousness and energy there directed. Although maybe you haven’t worried. This state. This, too, is not such dishonesty?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here! You are now dug in to the core. You are now dug in to the core. For this reason, these are the riders that give Tamas over sattva and exist in principle. Why? Yes, because there is a method of consciousness: you’re not experiencing the condition (which, incidentally, tantric methods are quick, but these riders – it is like the negative side these methods, when these methods are aimed in the wrong direction…). The very fact that you know that such a state is possible in principle, and aware of it, even if you are not worried, at least in this life, you don’t remember, did you start like to play.



Here in the last lesson is, in my opinion, was the last aphorism, which we have considered, that when the sattva of the mind takes the form of Purusha. I mean, she kind of adapts to the Purusha, or the fact that tantric quick methods when you create an illusory body. One or another deity. This is what we call how to lie to yourself. Because it is lying to yourself when you do one issue for another, although obviously you know like you’re lying.



But on the other hand, there is a huge, huge scope for no man’s land and there as you’d think, so be it. That is, it is like a workshop where you can create. It’s like in business. Someone thinks that business will be successful and, on this basis, does everything. And he really becomes successful. If a person invests in it. This business yet, he is only in his head, he sees it, he has his mental built. But it is a mental building acquires “meat”.



Well, someone that enjoys the same to put investors money. He knows, that built his mental design is bursting at the seams. And he feels it. He feels through the other discomfort through certain moments of inconsistency. But he continues to try to attract someone’s money under this business gave him.



If in the first case, this is a normal way of business development, anything different-that is, in the second case, it is as if turned inside out this positive aspect that of a man to dwell by itself.



Remember, we’re on aphorisms of Tantra yoga wrote about the property of consciousness to build hallucinations, what should women be afraid to be afraid? Here the same situation, exactly the same situation. A soap bubble. Every business begins with a bubble but a good bubble then filled completely with water, and it’s something big and significant, any steel Corporation. And another soap bubble is inflated and bursts, and thus nothing remains. But they begin to grow that he began to grow so that this, due to the flight of fancy by flight of consciousness. You think you are already on it. But unlike the dishonest person, you’re connected to this energy, and you would be. If you do not connect the energy, and not being honest with himself – made the design of consciousness and he also blocked the flow of energy there. And what is blocked? The fact that you yourself know you’re lying. So you’re obviously doing things himself by and large do not believe. As soon as this happens, the energy stops flowing. Hallucination in the air for some time, hanging, hung, and then melts. As the cloud. It should be understood. It should be understood.


Student: It’s a matter of time, probably, when the question is here in this period of time. Before you build your mental projection of how she is filled with energy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is a matter of time. It is a question of effort. You know? For a long time, but little by little, and you quickly and immediately. That is, how many will make the effort. Can a day for brick to lay, and can in the day to build the building.


Student: And one-pointedness.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: one-Pointedness, Yes. But in any case, the highest achievement, the highest achievement it… Well, even those of visualization, because they are only an auxiliary tool to, as they are sometimes… Okay, let’s not, this is the tantric sect. Will not yet to touch it.



Student: actually here doesn’t open the Atman, not completely, in its entirety, because it is beyond concepts, beyond words. But there is here such here a clear points that you can just focus, such as a state of happiness, joy, etc. – the ones that are closest to the Atman?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, really too hard… You may be smelling some stuff, and some time will experience this happiness, and you are unable to disconnect. There are a lot of criteria. On the other hand, you’re right: any tree by its fruits is known. Okay, can’t this crap ever you have to be. Sooner or later it will be removed.


4. Created consciousness [can occur] from only self.


Review of Vyasa Relying only on the self as [originating] cause of consciousness, [the yogin] and creates a [magically] created consciousness. Therefore, [all magically created body] have [separate] minds.


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: by the Way, you can understand it, only knowing the concept of consciousness and energy. The concept of self, Because otherwise all the confusion in the minds of people on this final aphorism occurs. So. The last aphorism over the fact that in order to work out more karma, sometimes the yogi creates a lot of telephone That is, their breeds, clone stamp, so I don’t know how.

Student: Such a superpower?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Such superpower is that if you control the elements of nature, the 5 elements, you create two more dozen of the same bodies as yours, in General, there is no difficulty.



And here people sometimes – there is such a mystical area in yoga, if you focus on ancient texts in ancient times is used quite frequently when a person to fast way to digest a certain karma, it creates a lot of bodies, so they both worked. After all, karma should be performed. But no one says what speed. If you don’t particularly want to wait in principle, you can at the same time to do everything. And the man begins to produce the magic of the body. These magical body, of course, have autonomy. It’s like, you know, from time to time in the East talking about this or that Saint, which for 3-4 body at the same time: here and there seen, although the distance of 200 miles from each other. And, well, I don’t know what cases were the most likely, which are not, but in any case, the ancient tradition claims that it was used.


So the question is: well, if we did, we did energy, to the extent that we had created mind that each of these bodies your mind. Well, who prevents us to create a mind? The mind, in the end, is just a very delicate matter. Driving the five elements, in the state of sattva we can, including to do and buddhi. Each of these clones, each of these copies.



But this raises the following point: well, since sattva, sattva matter buddhi each his own, but consciousness is like? It is common for everyone? Or is it everyone? You know? And how to respond to this question? Of course, someone is trying it is logical then to say: “Well, how? Of course, one!” As a pianist plays different fingers, not paying attention to what to press, shared consciousness, and so in this respect, they believe that each of the bodies, having different buddhi minds, but from a single centre of consciousness are controlled.

And here is the statement even more powerful and fantastic that could sound, and it even sounds like a contradiction to all that we read all around the to treatise of Patanjali. Now it is claimed that each of these bodies has its own consciousness. That is, it is in fact different people, Yes. “Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – is not husband and wife, and 4 a complete stranger”. Here. And everything, you know? Here the person begins to go crazy, and he realizes that he does not understand anything: just learned of Patanjali, that the mind is unified, it is necessary to focus and tire pyry, pyry, tyre – all, what we were doing. And it turns out that even spawn of consciousnesses rays of consciousness.


Explains it all much as to say, more of the highest level. From the level [On that level should not be forgotten. Although Patanjali this level so obviously there is not a play, but he’s probably either in his time was implied or assumed that those who will read it already know.


Student: But it level I involves the final release. There is some karma?! After this level?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard. In this sense, it is very difficult to say anything because it really is a very high level. But the mechanism is similar to the following, axiom: we have what is called our Ya Absolutely huge. So, from this I have two arms, two components. The first is the energy with which he manipulates the inside of this world and involved in this world and the other part is the consciousness that illuminates, but does not itself affected by the world. All of this and that, and another, and energy, and consciousness is the modification of the manifestations Ya. But if in one person it is as if through one channel flows, in the creation of many magical bodies, it is as if through different channels flowing, you know? That is, as if the same flows through different channels.



5. [All] the diversity of [their] activities of the consciousness, which directs the [action] many, one.


Review of Vyasa: – How many [individual] consciousness is determined by the purpose [only] of one consciousness?

[The yogin] creates the one consciousness, which is directed [action] of many minds. Hence the diversity of [their] activities.

6. Of these [kinds of consciousness that] generated by yogic concentration, no hidden tracks.

Review of Vyasa: a creative mind – five species, as the perfect abilities arise through [appropriate] form of birth, medicinal drugs, mantras, practice of asceticism and yogic concentration. Of these, only the consciousness which is generated by yogic concentration, only leaves hidden traces [of affectivity]. Only there are no unconscious experience, causing the active manifestation of desire and other [passions]. It has nothing to do with virtue or sin, for the yogin free from affectivity. Others, however, there is a hidden track karma. Here



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: So the 6th aphorism of the 4th Chapter of Patanjali yoga just tells us that there are different ways to achieve a certain state of consciousness. As a consequence of this state of consciousness comes a corresponding modification of the energy, the yogi is awake certain specialized skills. Or it demonstrates certain specialized skills, which can be achievable, we’ve listed these tools: with the help of some medicinal drugs, from birth, by reading mantras and so on and so forth.

So, among the five main types of the activities, resulting in the occurrence of these advanced abilities, only the fifth type – yogic concentration, only yogic concentration in terms of spiritual development, the plan of implementation of tasks the evolution of the human I, the human spirit, only it is pure.



Everything else in fact would not preclude or remove the seeds of karma. That is, first, not removed thereby the seeds of karma that have already been sown and are just waiting for the right moment to germinate. And secondly, by the fact that the use of these auxiliary means to achieve these powers, well as of certain medicinal drugs to obtain one or otherwise. It in itself carries with it the seed of karma.


What this karma, this conversation is another. Positive, negative, negative, positive. Of course, there are various drugs and different methods. Just as there are different mantras, and mantras are applied differently. Just as there are different birth. But, nevertheless, so to speak, in order to absolute victory, to separate our self from sattva of the mind, all of these methods are affects, bear footprints, bear the grain. That is, their value from the point of view of absolute total evolution, strategic victory in that sense is quite small. More precisely, it’s not that small enough, but not absolute. But when you the same reach with the help of yogic concentration, that is, as if a clear victory. As you achieve yogic concentration you have nothing left. You don’t have any affects, you leave no grains of karma. In this way, each yogi always remembers it.



You know, like in the tale of any Ivan the fool and Koshcheev Immortal. Koschei the deathless can use different kinds of magic properties in order to resist Ivan the fool. And in fact nothing at all. The clean open mind, as they say, is what is called in melee. And he’s winning. And this victory is pure.



That is exactly the same here. With this kind of things we can do some tactical victories to obtain. Our karma can be very cleverly interwoven. So in order to untangle or untie a particular knot of karma, sometimes it is necessary to apply different means in order to unravel. But we must always remember: you’re only unraveled this complicated tangle of karma, but you decide to all set before you task the Universe. But to solve them, by and large, apply only one way is very yogic concentration in a pure form.


7. the karma of a yogin is neither white, not black; the other [the same] three types.


Review of Vyasa: As you know, the generic characteristics of karma includes four types: black, white-black, white and not white, not black. Of them black karma – the villains. White-black is means of implementation. In this case, the accumulation of latent traces of karma is the result of good or bad deeds [against] others. White [karma] – those who have devoted themselves to asceticism, study of sacred texts and contemplation. Due to the fact that it relies only on the mind, it does not depend on external resources and is not associated with causing harm to others; not white and not black [the karma] – the wandering hermits, completely eliminate [all] the affects and abiding [in his] last bodily incarnation.

Of these [four types of karma] of a yogi is neither white, because he rejected the fruits [actions], and not black as [his senses] distracted [of external objects].

Other organisms, however, [the karma is] only the first three types.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Quite logical distribution. Let’s again repeat. So, what is all karma, what karma should seek and what should not be pursued.



Karma is the law of cause and effect. That is, our every action, our every motivation, our every thought and our every desire as a result generates its consequence. What we have now been generated by the fact that we were doing before.

The question then arises: every person knows that with it something happens that no matter how nice and uplifting, or unpleasant and Vice versa as if underestimates him. That is, we can determine how the karma good and bad. Well, or, as he says here, as karma is black or white as karma. From the point of view of yoga of consciousness, this ligament yoga energy yoga and consciousness, then any action that leads us towards spiritual empowerment, is white karma, and any act which may be contrary us, so to speak “shapeway” our energy and our consciousness, is black karma. But we sometimes don’t understand that.

Sometimes we think that by making a particular action, we increase its power. Let’s say I will overthrow the legitimate ruler, and he won in an illegal manner by the king, that is, I seem to have increased their influence, I kind of would have increased their consciousness and their energy. But it’s just like a seesaw: they will make a complete swing back and forth, and then the reaction from this. That is a Caliph for an hour: temporarily, Yes, you increased, but then it all collapsed, and you were at a lower level than before you did it. Unfortunately, no one understands.


And karma can be divided into the one that is in long-term or in absolute term increases your consciousness and your energy – and it’s good karma, and one that reduces – and that’s negative karma.


But as you know, in order to achieve some elevation, sometimes it is necessary to expose asceticism, that is, on the contrary, shrink, and then you get the fruit in. Similarly, negative karma: sometimes a visible enlargement behind them is generally a total compression, and people in General can be reborn as an animal.



But the question of whether and how such a huge level of consciousness and energy, as humans, can fit in this little shell of an animal? It’s very simple! His act as if a person connects his mind and his energy, he compresses it like, freezes, presses, and indeed remains effective energy and awareness very little. As in all these tales, if you remember, all those princes, who were doing the misdeeds. They turned evil or it is not clear what the wizards in the bear in some kind of monster, and they poor guy suffered from this for as long as they are your life does not redeem the negativity again and will not return to a level that is not to defrost your energy and your consciousness.



In this sense, there are like two poles: white karma and black karma. But to the yogin actually don’t need either white or black karma. For the yogi, the logic of development is such that… once again the analogy: you have to walk to alpha Centauri. That is exactly from here to alpha Centauri. Past Jupiter, Saturn, etc., etc., that is a huge distance. Just a huge distance. And walk it at an average speed a person can not only one life, but millions and millions of lives until you reach. But, nevertheless, you have got to start going. And when you go in the opposite direction, you’re deleted.



And that’s what makes the yogin. He first stops, he first stops to be removed, then he understands that it is necessary to approach, and begins to approach. The analogy is this: if they had accumulated negative karma, it needs to be to some extent offset the positive karma. Anyway, all that negative karma that has unfolded. It should be fully compensated for the positive karma. The one that is in the seeds, it yet no conversation. That is, positive karma, of course, the seeds are removed, but so can be many.


So, first, a yogin does positive things, destroying negative karma, then the negative karma, in General, remains. And he begins to talk only in positive karma. Or, at least, the negative karma in a very invisible seeds. But it’s like, you know, to walk. And then he realizes that he was moving, moving, moving, but it’s still slow. And then he refuses, and positive and negative karma, and such a jerk, immediately reaches the final destination.


Or in terms of consciousness and energy is similar to the following: here was a man, and was ripple. Imagine a man in the form of a sphere like the sun or like a balloon or like a bubble, I don’t know anything. The field is one that breathes. And if he makes negative karma, this sphere shrinks: less energy, less consciousness. If he makes a positive karma, it expands. But it is necessary to expand to infinity. And so first, what does the yogin, he ceases to shrink. He begins to expand, expand, expand, expand, hard enough and long extends, expands, and then, if, as they say, is the will of the Universe, so he expanded, expanded, expanded, expanded, and then a sharp jump: women – and it immediately expanded to the level of the Universe. And this kind of a jump is when he refuses positive karma, and negative karma.

Because if it is in the field of positive karma, it will have everything as smoothly and gradually to expand, and it will take an infinite amount of time just infinite.


Student: Karma yoga is based on this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly: it is based on this.


Student: so, what are you doing, doing, doing, and then at one point, when you’ve expanded to the Universe, you have everything: Bang – and…



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, but here the jump is. When there is a jump? You do positive, positive, positive you accumulate, accumulated, accumulates. You go fast, you’re walking pretty fast, but still slow to expand to the size of the infinite. And then there comes a point when sharp, very sharp qualitative change. And here is a sharp qualitative change is called Liberation, or Enlightenment – in different systems in different ways.

That is when the Holy, he was good karma, that’s what he studied, what he did as something practiced, practiced. But then came a critical moment when it all suddenly immediately rebuilt, and in a brand new. Well, like an explosion or something.



Student: so all of these study texts, practice yoga, all, all, all methods, some practical – it’s the accumulation of good karma?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Visit yoga sessions, hearing from the teachers some sort of explanation, practice certain rites, rituals or yogic exercises, chanting, meditation, and performing pranayama, the execution of Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, do good deeds or perform work without attachment – that is, you do because you can’t not do when you are doing work, and you don’t expect rewards for the work – where there is (this from karma-yoga).

And it all accumulates good karma. Accumulates, accumulates, accumulates, accumulates, and then, as said Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the quantity turns into quality. And this good karma, accumulate, accumulate, accumulate, accumulate, is preparing the Foundation in order to jump outside of karma at all.

If you accumulate negative karma, it prevails over you, you are not up to it.

Only after accumulating a certain amount of positive karma, you can make this leap, this leap.


Student: you Can define it as a positive some impressions in mind, that is a good impression, or in terms of Tantra-yoga treat, the more you gain and so you realize, digest, the… Some kind of aesthetic moment, when it will be the ultimate pleasure, and you jump?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. We now speak in terms of the yoga of Patanjali. But if in terms of karma-yoga, that is such a thing as Anand. But Ananda is not quite ideal, because the word “delight” of a slightly curved. We can have the word “delight” is exactly the kind of pleasure, which actually leads to an increase in negative karma. And the word “Ananda”. This is the ideal, that its principle does not lead to negative karma.

So, Yes, indeed, so. Anyone can get pleasure, but then this is the wave of reaction negative karma, and as if it casts much further than the pleasure he received. But if you get the pleasure without that how would discrediting component, i.e. without further payment for that pleasure, then Yes.



But again, if we consider the same in terms of Tantra yoga. Where just under this means net pleasure, i.e. pleasure, not lead to negative karma. When people have more than a certain critical this size, that quantity turns into quality. That is, the enjoyment changes drastically, and this leads to the fact that a person is experiencing the highest pleasure, and then out of here this field certainty enjoyment at all.

That is the state of enlightenment we can’t even be called enjoyment. Because it is higher than anything in our world. But if we say the term “enjoyment” – it is something from our world.

Student: Pleasure, probably used as a lighthouse to move in this direction…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. It is a kind of beacon or compass in the hands of every living being, that living entity is not lost in this evolution. Because sometimes it is not clear where to go. The small creature. It did not yet understand. And when a person does some virtuous act, he is said to be the soul of happiness, calm, and he’s happy and enjoys what he has done this good deed. He would like a feeling that it is right, that’s the way it should be, and what all did great. On the other hand, when he does some things unjust, it remains this feeling: I’ve done something wrong that had to be done.



And, as you know, specificity is not given. Specifics everyone has their own, but this residue either in terms of what I feel: Yes, I did a nice job, I did a good job or I did a wonderful thing and did what had to be done. Or the reverse: stamp of where sometimes you do it apparently considered a good thing, but in the soul remains an unpleasant aftertaste that no, I never did, despite public opinion that says, “Yes, Yes, well done”.



You know, like the story of Pavlik Morozov, who betrayed his parents, and, of course, all public opinion said: “well Done, boy!” There is a complex history. In any case, public opinion said, “Yes, Yes, very well, very well! Acted like a real patriot”, etc. If you stick to this – it is one thing, but if you look at the root, at depth, it is a great tragedy. That is, when you’re screwing the poor child’s brains, he began to create absolute evil. Just completely evil.



So always there are reference points with which a particular act can be interpreted in different ways, but a single judge sitting within us, he speaks within us, we have correctly received or incorrectly. Only he, so to speak, the criterion.



Returning to the subject of this aphorism. Now, sometimes karma black karma is white. Karma is black and white: ordinary people, one is dominant, the other dominated. Yogi also goes beyond karma at all. Recent. no black karma or white karma, he has no karma. And it is so appreciated in yoga. White karma is the same shackles on his hands, like bad karma, but only with others as a sign. A yogi wants to be free. Free at all. And so he committed to it.



As it says, the person who has reached this state, he becomes a wandering yogi who lives past life. That is, it does not interrupt the natural course of development of this physical shell called the body, and gives her naturally to live and how to fall off. Just as when growing some nuts or a piece of fruit, first the shell itself dries up and falls off. You can, of course, tear up, and you can just wait. And that is exactly the same and the wandering yogi, he has no black karma or white karma, and he is the creature of a different order: everything he did, does not bring to him personally, either positive consequences or negative consequences. Even if he does virtuous deeds, he gets them positive karma. Because he is outside the concept of “karma” at all. It is not necessary.



And thanks to that same people, such yogis who are outside of karma go roam, and arise from these first seeds that they have other people emerging spirituality. That is what they, in turn, leads to liberation from both bad karma and good karma. So.



8. Hence the manifestation of only those unconscious impressions, which correspond to the maturation of the fruit of their [karma].


Review of Vyasa: “Here”, that is due to the karma of three types. “…Only those which correspond to the maturation of the fruit of their [karma]” means that those unconscious impressions that correspond to the ripening of the fruit of the karma belonging to one mind with them, are inextricably linked with the investigation [former] activities. They only manifest themselves [in this existence].

So, the karma gods in the process of maturation cannot be the cause of the manifestation of unconscious impressions peculiar to the inhabitants of hell, animals or people. In it are manifested the subconscious impressions, which correspond to the divine [form of existence].

The same argument [applies] also to the inhabitants of hell, animals and people.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here again is seen the moment, what is karma, in General, unfolds. We have already discussed the point that if the dominant negative karma, it begins to manifest itself, and all the positive karma is found in the seeds of positive karma, dormant. If on the contrary – begins to manifest positive karma, so negative karma as well: she had no opportunity to manifest, it is dormant in seed form. And the corresponding, so to speak, of conditions which happen to a person, forced to Wake up then some seeds, others seeds. And thus, even a Saint might, so to speak, in certain circumstances, if he had the seeds of negative karma, to become a robber. Conversely, the robber, hitting completely different circumstances, become a Saint and begin to Wake up the seeds of good karma.



Here you can still interpret it differently. As the fact that the yogi who has neither black nor white karma, that is none of his actions there is neither one nor the other, but he left the body. In fact, we remember one of the definitions of karma. Karma is actually a synonym of our body. As long as there is body, there is karma.


Another question: what is the carrier of karma? The carrier of the karma is our body. Within our body lies the karma, but under the body it is necessary to understand not only the gross physical body but also the subtle and causal body. And if yogi had rabotodatelia with sattva of the mind, it turns out such a thing. He’s already by himself, he was released, but still have this shell of a body, well, body. To which he returned after enlightenment and is living the last life, then, accordingly, at the time of death this shell collapsed, and he left this world, not finding a new shell. Out of this reason of birth and death.



So the question is: Yes, indeed, the yogin, as it was released, but left this shell. If there is a body, then the body also has a pattern of development.


Student: some cells, right?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Their future. One had a body strong, the other weak, one will live as another – and so now here else can you interpret this aphorism. And what’s waiting for this body, which has, in fact, like a zombie, has no relationship to the soul of a yogi, his consciousness and energy to his I, but which he still enjoys, in order to live this last life, and never to be reborn? So it just undergoes those traces, imprints of the karma that, in General, bears some positive or negative.


Student: Body, mind, – they do stuff, but what is behind them, don’t practice it?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Kind of like sometimes show movies about the Great Patriotic war, when the tank was hit. He has long since exploded, already burning, but it still continues by inertia to go. And if it is some automatic tank, then another, and continues to shoot at the same time, although he has destroyed in fact. And it needs 20 metres to go, stop and fall apart or explode.

Here approximately the same situation with human karma. But as its embodiment – the human body and by the individual himself.



After enlightenment, there is a saying: misfortunes, but no suffering. It is very difficult to understand eachother. In particular, in the tantric Buddhism often say about him. Here it is necessary to imply: that there is suffering, but there is a body that is living its last life. It is, of course, experiencing a certain suffering. And we read in history. The saints themselves made no efforts to strongly resist it. Because they were separated. Suffering and God is with him.



Student: I am also in the same text read that acts on this earth are committed by hands, feet, tongue and genitals. Who renounced arms, legs, tongue and genitals, that he then shared with acts?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Yes. Well, these are the five organs of action are mentioned. Now, the person that has no positive karma, no negative karma, which is free, but which still uses the body in order to live this last life, he free. He does some things, but he is not getting karma is neither positive nor negative. After all, the concept of karma is not the concept of an action, and the notion of the subject of karma: who will receive or who will suffer. That is, in relation to whom. Here the question is removed. And the body itself is living out his allotted age. Indeed, it enjoys or destroyed, but it is as if the man himself is not affected.



Student: there is here a moment. In some texts it is stated that Yes, it is possible to reach a state of awareness of self, and it is called pure Jnana, knowledge, the state of Samadhi or liberation. But then consciousness returns to his body and begins to improve, that is, begins to affect. He (the man), it is clear that not suffering, but he begins to engage in what is called Vijnana, improves energy, improves the body, mind.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the fact that man, these yogis, devoid of karma, which is free in life, they do not have karmic causation. And there is no force in the world, which would have forced them to do something (or, conversely, forced them not to do something). But many of them begin to help this world. And not because they seem karmically forced to help him – they are not connected karmically. But from this absolutely transcendent, higher motivation: in order to help other beings to attain the same level. And when they do, they will certainly use these or other methods. Someone starts to preach, someone begins to teach – the whole big spectrum, they do. And, of course, they are involved in this world and consciousness, and energy. But here’s a mystery: Yes, consciousness and energy involved and really doing something, something to change, but they do not bear the imprints of negative, positive, no karma.



Understand what’s going on? And by the way, related topic. Whom they can by and large help? If they have no karmic connection, conditionality, then, of course, only to those who calls them. If they had a karmic conditionality, they had, according to karma, to pull out of this, the fifth, the tenth. But if they have no karma, either positive or negative, respectively, do not have even this condition below for someone to get to your level. That is left clues that they have left in this world leads. And here the only, so to speak, that they can communicate with students as if the students love them, if they ask if the students themselves make the first step. Then – Yes, they are going to meet. Otherwise, just no karma. And for them to help any individual as meaningless as to help, I don’t know the ant that drags its own little log. On the one hand, you can help him, and the hand to move a log, but. And what’s the point? Up to a new level this ant?



Similarly people. They suffer in life, and, of course, can come a great Saint and to alleviate their suffering. But will he do what people had to with this suffering? No. People just won’t take it. Understand what’s going on?

On the contrary! Having done so, he would deprive them of the ability through the suffering to take the next step. That is, like a logical step.



So here is so important this time of treatment. If there is an appeal from the how would a potential student to the teacher, only then the master appears. But not before. Understand what’s going on?



Student: If we consider from the point of view of absolute non-duality, then there really is no difference. That is, are you the person or you’re completely impersonal. Even when the body… you Can bring fact to such perfection here, when the body is working out karma, when no body no unconscious impressions do not remain, nor the mind – anywhere, on any shells.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, the fact that we are not to talk and think, and speculate, on the basis of non-dual philosophy. You know? The very fact that we are still in duality, we can not in principle any theory or the like which determines the level of non-duality even to speak.



So all we can say is we can have so little to feel. But any conclusion really – he is in absolute sense a little bit doubtful because it is based initially on the “bad” axioms. And maybe that’s the whole meaning of enlightenment: if you can, as if to reach the level of non-duality, you instantly and it will realize. If you, roughly speaking, I can see him, you instantly will be there.



And if we projected, and we are talking about nedostupnosti, but instantly there are, then, in our reasonings already there is an error. Because if it were not, we would have prosvetlilsia. Understand what’s going on?

Therefore, it is necessary very carefully and gently that logic to use. Behaves like a particular Saint on the level of non-duality, it is difficult to say.

Student: there are all sorts of different stories that describe such behavior. Yes, it defies logical explanation. Indeed, talking about them very difficult.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is. These stories are given to us to help that we sometimes your ignorance is not considered something so very sublime something incomprehensible and Vice versa, something unworthy of attention. You know? Here only for this.

Went on.



9. [Unconscious impressions], even separated by the form of birth, space and time are inseparably linked because of the uniformity of the memory and form factors.


Review of Vyasa: [for Example], the appearance of the fruit [of karma that leads to birth in the way] the cat is found thanks to the implementation of conditions that cause them to Express itself. Even if separated by hundreds of [other] forms of birth, or far distances, or hundreds of cosmic periods [of creation], [fruit of karma] in the case of the occurrence of the relevant conditions will occur immediately in connection with unconscious impressions formed because of the experience [of existence in the image] a cat in one of the last [birth].


Because, although such [unconscious impressions] can be quite distant, karma, [the ripening of fruit which they correspond, is an effective condition of their manifestation. This is the indissoluble link [unconscious impressions].

Why is [it exists]?

“Due to the uniformity of the memory and form factors”. What is the experience [of past existences], are formative factors. In turn, these Samskaras correspond to the unconscious impressions of [the last] activities. What an unconscious experience, so is memory. Memory [is due] formative factors separated by type of birth, space and time, and forming factors are, in turn [due to] memory. Thus, the memory, and form factors are due to the fact that [unconscious] traces of karma find its effectiveness. Hence the continuity of the unconscious impressions], remote [in time of ripening of the fruits of karma], fully proven, as the cause, [defines karma], and effect [karma has determined], inseparable.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: explains a law. How karma is transmitted, and how it affected, in General, on our lives? And we should remember that what we now are, the way we perceive the Universe surrounding us and the Universe, – that is to say a big, big filter, which is superimposed on the reality. So this filter was created within the all continuous of our lives in the past. Any experience that we received in their past lives, twenty lives ago, in the days when we were still animals, and so on and so forth, the prints we carry until today.



And then there is the law is chicken and egg: a particular imprint leads to a particular functioning of memory, and as a result our reaction to the situation in which we find ourselves. And our reaction leads to the fact that we find ourselves in one situation but not in another. This situation in turn again makes an imprint on our memory, our consciousness, our perception, and makes its own distortion. That is the question: “How does karma finds this way in order to be successful?”



So I did some one particular thing many, many lives ago and spawned the seeds of karma. These grains are in me. How the seeds of karma in the future may appear? After all, they can emerge only in suitable conditions. In unsuitable conditions, they do not appear. And the question might arise: well, you brought the seeds of karma, and if these suitable conditions the Universe in General never will be? And even the concept of a bean then there is no karma. Well, what good is a seed that will never sprout? Yes? But that may be, and the mysticism and mystery of that as if grains themselves attracted to the situation in which they could germinate.



And it explains how these seeds attract the situation. And this is all based on memory and perception. It is not enough that the grain in the us is, but it is still in the time when it was generated, somehow in some way distort our perception. And it is distorted in the direction that we start from the variety of situations in life to find the one that karma was generated. She like sends, distorts. Not where we need to go, and somewhere to his side. And we find ourselves again in a similar situation to the one during which this karma is generated. That’s when this karma wakes up and gives the rewards as “positive” and “negative”. If a person has the karma, respectively, the Highwayman in a previous life, it is not enough for this karma there is, it is all the work of consciousness causes a person to work in such a way that it is from different variants of life chooses the high road, and she treated him like a magnet, attracts. And once on this highway, the seeds of karma Wake up and produce fruit. Because, like any grain, it’s waiting to be watered, and some sunshine to make it grow the same way here.



Likewise has a “positive” karma “positive.” If you ever practiced yoga in previous lives, a long time ago, then, firstly, you have grain, “positive” grain of karma, what have you been doing yoga. And on the other hand the grain distorts your perception so that you, like a magnet, having the destiny to bring it to a place where this grain could germinate. And you do find these or other schools, find different teachers, find a particular system. And once you are in her womb, as soon as you get in favorable conditions, grain “positive” your karma yogi begins to germinate.



That is, as you can see, the law, in General, symmetric. How in the direction of “positive” to “negative” it works the same way. Well, here, again, again, that this attempt… why it is like this magnetic pull of karma, why it really is implemented, but it would be so and would lay layers. Yes? Well, what’s the point if I have karma, which can not germinate – no suitable conditions. Yes? It would… actually it’s not karma if it never comes up. The universe is infinite, and the variety of conditions is also endless. You can an infinite amount of time to jump on all other situations except the one where karma will sprout. Therefore, like karma would not exist.



But no! From the variety of endless options for your karma, you by acting on the brain, forcing you to choose the option where she could Wake up. You know? That is, each seeking their own destiny.

Student: Yeah, but hence much, perhaps, of conclusions can be drawn. If you have “good” karma, you’re such a “good” conditions, you better be there. If you do yoga, then yoga burn your negative karma?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Of course. Yes.



Student: So it didn’t take, you know she’s in you, you just these conditions are not included – is that it?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, very good point. If you see that unfolding of the “good” karma. If you know what it can be, there are seeds of negative karma, moreover, is the tendency to visit those places or circumstances where this negative karma can be quickened, you, the wise man and remembering that if one is dominated by karma, the second is always in its infancy – you’re just avoiding, deliberately avoiding, but “negative” “negative” communication and “negative” situations. But this time, while you’re “positive” that you use in order to either accumulate positive potential to cover the “negativepotential, or indeed some of their “positive” seeds, you begin to neutralize the “negative” grain. Not to mention when you are just starting to bake any grain of karma (yoga practice).

This is a very good point. A practical remark.



Sometimes people will ask, so I suspect that I have “negative” karma, and it is not working for me. What should I do? Concrete response can be given: all sorts of efforts is in those conditions that promote the germination of your positive karma, because if you’re in these conditions, and positive karma will sprout, then automatically she will give no light, no sun, no energy in order to open up your negative karma – it is in its infancy. And this time freed from the germination of your positive karma when you’re in it, you’re going to use in order that this is not sprouting negative karma just to kill off before she gave any germs. Now this is such a fashionable topic – karma. Some start in the mystical horror fall: “Oh, karma!” and begin to fear. And what good afraid of? To be afraid makes no sense.


Student: karma you can get away?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Forced to Wake up and dominate the “positive” direction, you would freeze in time “negative”. And this freeze period are to destroy it.



Say that for a certain amount of money supposedly there are some people who can you remove negative karma. But it’s actually a very precarious position. Very doubtful. They can’t do anything! Karma is yours – not theirs. Karma is something that personally belongs to you, not the neighbor. And neighbor with all their desire not to do anything. That can make, say, the great Saint or a great yogi? If you will be in the field of energy and consciousness, that you have these rays of his positive karma, you will first start to Wake up your “positive” seeds of your “positive” karma. You know? They begin to germinate. Cannot combine these two trends to fight. Either one or the other. One grows, the other inhibits. Being in the field of action of this Saint, and your “positive” karma grew up. You don’t be stupid: at this time you reserved, unless you have a dominant “positive” karma, direct efforts to neutralize negative karma.


Student: Or burn her at all?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Or burn her at all, Yes. At the root. Went on.

10. And they are beginningless, because the thirst for eternal life.

Review of Vyasa: Btnconnect these unconscious impressions [stems] from the eternity of life. Known samopoznanie:

“Yes I do not stop to be! I’ll be always!” common to all [living], is not [something] samooborony.


How can the fear of death has its cause in the memory of [the past] suffering and disgust [him] to appear at the newly born creature, who still does not have the experience [that all life] subject to death? In addition, self-existing reality needs no cause to arise. Therefore, that consciousness, having no beginning is filled with unconscious experiences and actualizes only a few of them when [appropriate] circumstances, there is [as an object], the experience of the puruṣa.

Others believe that, just as the light from the lamp, narrows, then widens [depending on whether the lamp] in a pot or in the Palace hall, and consciousness is only the form, [which corresponds to] the size of the body. And because [they say] that the intermediate existence and the cycle of existence (samsara), is an established fact.

According to the Teacher, the narrowing and widening of soproizvodnje consciousness only is his method of operation. Further, this [consciousness] is mediated by such conditions as righteousness (Dharma) and so on. Conditions are of two types: external and internal. The outside is the presence of a physical body, and other means of implementation [of yoga]: the glorification [of the gods], the distribution of alms, reverential salutation, and so on. Inner [conditions] – faith and so on, depending only from consciousness. In this regard it was said: “the Friendliness and so the essence of the lifestyle of those who indulge in contemplation; by their nature they [the friendliness and others], do not need external funds [of implementation] and result in a higher righteousness.”

Of these two mental conditions more effectively.

For what reason?

What could be surpassed by the knowledge and complete dispassion? Who can help with just one bodily activities, in addition to the power of consciousness, empty forest Dandaka or to drink the sea, how Agastya?


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here like the sunset with explanations of those unconscious impressions that actually generates karma and causes it to manifest. When this fact happened? When was the first born of karma? Here’s how you can tell. The answer to this question is very difficult, because the question, in General, slightly ill-posed. And on the question of when we started karma, well karma is cause and effect, then the idea is logical to assume, then was the first action done. The question is incorrect, so the answer does not make sense for the simple reason that to speak of time in what way? Only in the way that if there was a beginning of time – then Yes. And here such a combination is very interesting: at the time of creation of the Universe… this, oddly enough, in one voice say as the ancient yoga Scriptures and modern scientific picture of the world indicate the following: that there was not only our universe, but also time. Didn’t have time, and then hop-pop – the time has arisen. And it’s like a very clever way arose. It was immediately endless. It arose immediately from the beginning. It is very difficult for us even to imagine such a concept, but still nothing better and here we cannot say. So on one hand it seems like there was no time, and on the other hand like, as it arose, but in the moment when it arose as if from the beginning. That is, it was not the first second. It was not, didn’t have time, hop – a time to plus infinity in the positive direction forward and minus infinity in the negative direction ago. Complicated, Yes, concept?


As the image, you can imagine that. If you take a plane and stretch it to infinity, take the carpet and stretch it. The solar system – and beyond, farther, farther, farther. In General the whole Universe. How would the inside of this plane you have the length of this plane is infinite, the width of this plane is infinite, both the positive and negative side. But you’re on this plane, as on a carpet may be time to get up. And here you were inside the plane, it was time – times out of this plane – there’s no time. On the one hand there is the moment of creation of time, but once created, it becomes, as it were. Entering this plane, you will immediately get infinity in both the positive and negative sides. But leaving it, all this disappears.


Student: there is No such that it was possible to calculate: here, this is the first, this second, this third?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Birth, Yes. That is, as if that’s the first impression, this is the first karma, this second. Yes. Once you are there, you just have to infinity ago unfolds like this whole confusion.


In General, the concept of time is quite difficult. And it requires a separate consideration. After all, in the end, what is time? After all, modern physics in the twentieth century originated in the first place it started from consideration of the discussion of this problem. We used to time how kind of reality. That there is some such essence, it is called time, and that it flows equally everywhere. That’s my second now on the clock protical, and the sun second pratical, and in a space ship on alpha Centauri, the second pratical. I, for example, it took a moment, and there is a moment. Moreover, these moments simultaneously. I have a 12 o’clock struck, Moscow time, 12 hours on alpha Centauri, we think that in the same time also broke 12 hours. But this is just, as they say, our kitchen view of the world. It’s just our ignorance and misunderstanding. We do not see beyond their noses, and we begin to imagine that this nose lasts to infinity. Because we see nothing further. And time, as you said, even modern science, and this, by the way, said of ancient treatises, the essence of a thing different. It flows differently.


Disciple: But it is meant as the rate of change of matter in space?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, you’re a very good fit. How can we define time? But before you answer I’ll tell you what next. According to the modern picture of the world, in every system of your time, strictly speaking, we cannot say that time is the same. Any system you take, and roughly speaking, there the time. In our room one time, even on the street it is different. The same was said of ancient treatises, they talked about the world of the Gods and so on, where one second, and on the earth last century. It is a continuous a topic is very frequent in these ancient explanations.


So, what is time? By and large, we can determine the time, as the mutual change of one thing relative to something else. We say that something is fast or slow. If people ran some distance for the time until the second hand made 10 jumps, 10 seconds, we say: “the Man ran quickly”. But we don’t know how this lasts a second. We can only compare one against the other. And, unfortunately, there is no such absolute standard, what to compare. Time we can only commit as a change in, for example, particles in the Universe. Here were particles, and then become so. At the same time, while these particles were so, and so, in another system they already had somewhere else to jump.

And we can say that time has passed the same. That is, relative to these particles one system to another, but the absolute concept of time we cannot give. It like as not.


On the other hand we remember that in the end, all particles, all matter is a form of energy. It is possible to go even further in this definition and say that time is a modification, for example, the same energy (well, there is a particle system to represent as a single energy) relative to the other. On the third hand, we again rested in a definition: so what is energy. What is energy? It is very difficult to answer. Energy is the change itself. By the word “energy” implies that something was one way, and then became something different. Already it itself laid down the change, and change, as they say, missing the tail of what we call time. This is very interesting, purely logical “feelings”.


So, not much time out of energy. On the other hand, there is no energy without time. And if there is one thing that is different. And now scientists are fighting over what – if it flows one into another, can, for example, due to excess energy would like to convert it to another process which is called time. This is all an attempt to build a time machine or machines that in the blink of an eye can move on large distances.


Student: Teleportation?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Teleportation, Yes. So in yoga it is, of course, more personalized, and is considered from the point of view of human karma. If there is karma, karma is also acting only in time. If there is no time – there is no karma. It is clear, right? Karma and time are things, in General, are very tightly bound to each other. And the question is, when it all started, when this whole mechanism was instituted on the key that it is still ticking. And the answer again is for him trivial. What it always has been. As long as we are in the plane of time. And it had its origin, when we say that time arose. You know?


Similarly, in the other direction. The question is: how will it be? How long will unfold karma, beget one another. Here is the same answer: it always will be. Continuous, eternal (the Buddhists have) eternal round of samsara. An endless series of births and deaths.


11. Since [the formation of unconscious impressions] includes cause, motive, media, and external support, in the absence of such, those [unconscious experience also] do not exist.


Review of Vyasa: “Cause” [means that] because of righteousness arises happiness, but because of the unrighteousness is suffering. Of happiness [arises] craving [fortunately], and of suffering – hatred [to suffering]. Hence, [i.e. of these two], – activity [as such]. Movable mental, verbal and physical activities, [the individual’s] benefit or harm to other [beings]. And this – again, righteousness and unrighteousness, happiness and misery, desire and hatred; and thus the wheel of samsara, having six spokes, [is continuous] rotation. The driving force of this continuous rotation is ignorance, the root of all passions. This is the “cause”.

“Motive” is that [believe target], based on which is a product of righteousness and other things. It is not a product of [something] new, not existed before.

The mind (Manas), still has it’s own function, a repository of unconscious impressions. Indeed, unconscious impressions, devoid of your vehicle, can’t stay in Manas, whose function is exhausted.

When the cash or other property contributes to the identification of relevant unconscious experience, he serves as their “external support”.

Thus, [the formation] of all the unconscious impressions includes the reasons, motives, media, and external support.

In their absence, associated with unconscious experience also absent.

[As you know], no appearance of what does not exist, nor the destruction that exists. How can the unconscious experience, being a real entity can cease to exist?

12. Because of quality specific range in time, past and future are in their own way.


Review of Vyasa: the Future is what will have an actual manifestation. The past is something that has already found expression in the former experience. The present is what is [at the moment]. And this threefold reality acts as an object of knowledge. If this [reality] does not exist in its own form, the knowledge has no object, could occur. It follows that past and future exist in their own form.

Further, if the result of karma, which leads to experience [further samsaric existence] or to final liberation and who else should occur, would be [something] is unrealistic, it righteous way of life, aimed at achieving the [last] goal, would be useless. Meanwhile, the [subsidiary] the reason is able only to update an already existing result, but do not produce [something] that was not there before. This reason being implemented, [as if] having a specific using the investigation, but does not produce [something] completely new.

In addition, the substrate (carrier) by its nature [is characterized by] a set of quality definitions and quality differ because of differences in temporal modes [of existence]. Past or future acts exactly as an objective reality, but not like the real thing, has already gained a specific form of its manifestation.

As in this case, [they exist]?

The future stands in its domestic form, which has yet to manifest through itself. Past [acts] in its internal form as a manifestation of what has already been a matter of experience. The actual manifestation of its internal form takes place only in this modus of time; it is not as in the past, and future time modes. If there is one modus time the other two remain inherent in [the relevant] substrate. Thus, the three time mode does not occur, not sushestvovat before, [that is, they are always there].

13. They are manifested or “thin” and given the nature of the modes.


Review of Vyasa: “They” is in fact the Dharma, that is a quality of certainty, existing in three modes of time: present – those that have shown by the nature, past and future – those who possess the “thin” entity – six non-specific forms.

This whole world is but as a specific combination of modes; therefore, in the highest sense [to say that] the essence [of the world] the essence of the mode. So, according to the teachings of the śāstra, “the highest form of Gong out of sight; and that which comes into view, empty, like Maya”.

However, if all there is [only] the mode, that is why sound is one thing, but on feelings.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Well, it is quite difficult to interpret aphorisms for the simple reason that there is such a suspicion in the translation. That is such a common practice that in the translation of texts from Sanskrit into English, and later on Russian, they undergo significant distortion. And sometimes different. Even incorrectly placed accents. And when you comment on one or other text, you comment on one of the possible translations. And it would seem that the situation is hopeless, that the meaning is lost. But there is one remarkable feature of ancient texts is the diversity. And oddly enough, even when taken and translated text is quite rough characteristics, so they were writing these texts that indicates only one facet of all, and this also bears its load and semantic content, and some specific moments.

But leave a little in the direction of the other, so it is often very difficult to interpret whether this is the explanation of the essence of the past and the future linked to the present. Either it is qualitative modifications of consciousness, according to the unfolding of the Dharma of a person, or even deeper, this approach is about the degree of conditionality in the unconditioned breakthrough to this plan of non-duality vacationcom. Because the past and the future implies that there is some variation.



But on the other hand, the goal sought by the yoga of Patanjali is a kind of timeless, unchanging essence. Which was always and is now, and always will be. That is kind of related. It is a timeless achievement with some pieces of time that characterize. A specific example. It States that if the yogi is able to hold your breath for the n-th number of seconds, then automatically he awakens the Kundalini energy.



And see, here there are three factors. First, it is implied that yogi can’t do it, then it is implied that he does it and then it is implied that he will ever reach this state, when he can hold the breath for a certain time. And in that moment he would jump in nekachestveno condition. That is such a clear evolutionary trend was one thing, now another, and then the third. With all the ensuing consequences as the Hun. That is Tamas rajas is destroyed and leads to sattva. That is the reason for the modification of past, present and future – is the game modes. Therefore, the meaning can be.



What is actually a deeper meaning invested in this aphorism of Patanjali difficult to say that what we have listed – it’s a comprehensive number of those meanings. So, some of these trends. It is clear that if the past and the future – it is certain such factors do manifest, on the other hand they present the nature of the modes, but the ultimate goal is to go beyond the nature of the Hun. And speaking of the past, present or future, we by and large use the terms in the level of the modes inside the world, then to go beyond the world. Here, perhaps, all I can say. Went on.



14. Samodejatelnost object [caused by] the uniformity of the changes.


Review of Vyasa: [for Example], the organ of hearing as a tool of perception [due to] the change in specific modes, which are characterized by clarity, activity, and stability is endowed with the nature of knowledge. Sound as object [auditory perception] another specific change [modes], is endowed with the nature of the knowable.

The atom of earth as part of a “thin” substance [due to] a specific change in sound and the other [sense objects] belonging to the General class of material. And these atoms, in turn,] transformirovalsya [relevant objects such as] land, a cow, a tree, a mountain, etc. In the case of other “[great] elements”, prisovokupleniem [to each of them properties] viscosity, heat, movement and spatial location as what is common [to them all], it is possible to imagine [any] specific transformation.

“There is no object that was not associated with [the act] of consciousness, but knowledge that is not associated with the object exists, [such as knowledge], formed in dreams and other [States]”. Those with this position negates the real essence of the object, and those who say that the object is not that other, as a thought structure, reminiscent of the images in the dream, and in an absolute sense do not exist, are like the same [dreams]. They deny the real essence of an object based on pure speculation, not of probative value, although the object appears in its greatness for granted. Can we trust the claims of those who reject even this [obvious] truth?

Why is that [statement] is wrong?



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: here Again the big questions according to the translation, the interpretation of which is given in this aphorism. So I would not be surprised that we will comment on just one of these aspects. How is the translation? The translator takes the text and begins to translate. He can translate it in many different ways. But if there is other supporting text, such as, for example, comments of Vyasa, on the basis of what was trying to interpret Vyasa this aphorism, you can actually choose one of the values of the translated aphorism. That is, if you will, the cornerstone becomes the comment of Vyasa, rather than the translations themselves. They are too short, in order to understand the meaning. They are very tight and allow many interpretations, and interpretations are not even on the level of understanding, but at the level of literally grammar translation – that is why, as they say, who knows a Sanskrit scholar always on weight of gold was. A lot of people who know Sanskrit, relatively many, but few people understand, or otherwise interpret a particular expression, the saying, the aphorism. So once again here we consider one of the options, again tied to the commentary of Vyasa.



Hence, the identity of the object due to uniform changes. Here, the emphasis or accent on the fact that if we consider only from the point of view of the phenomenal world in which we live, on reproduction of certain aspects of certain processes, we can identify whether the object or process the same, or is it something entirely new. If this pattern is seen again and again, we say: “yeah, the sun came up”. If not, then we: “Yes, rose is not the sun and some planet-the guest appeared on our horizon.”



There is a suspicion large, which, of course, it’s a little different meaning associated with this latest jump from the phenomenal world. From the world, so to speak, of our real in which we live to this last point to the exit beyond. That is the last such plot is the dis-identification of sattva and Purusha. And as long as this identification is, and sattva of the mind works, using their analytical skills, including interpretation of those waves that arise on its surface, it is clear that a particular state or a particular milestone on the path of yoga, we can interpret only in a certain frequency.



As in the previous example that the delay of breath is for this amount of time will automatically awaken your vital energy. The very expression, the very construction suggests that there is a renewable process, that is what worked for, so to speak, the sage ten thousand years ago, in theory it should work for you, not now but in the future. And can you identify what happened to this or that, if modification of this world will happen, as you remember, or as it was described, something that somehow correlate.



Maybe this is a different aspect completely in the interpretation of all this. I went a little off comment, even the Vyasa. What is considered evidence that these are the true milestones on the path of development in yoga? After all, two people meet, one says – I reached, there I learned yoga. So the question of a binding of the true experiences that call names this experience. That is, the renewability of some of the factors which could say that, Yes, this milestone has been achieved. And again, the very formulation of this yoga which is from the point of view of our school, yoga of consciousness, suggests that there is in principle no sets of determining factors, which you definitely gave the answer – reached people of this state or not, just he’s talking or he really reached this final stage of disintegration of the mind sattva and Purusha.



Accordingly, all of these descriptions, as a preparatory stage, which should sum up on this pedestal, which will begin with the start. You can come gradually rising, step by step to the last this podium for some milestones. Learned to fly in the air – there’s the first milestone, to pass through walls – the second milestone, was calm and unflappable – there is a third milestone, learned to meditate there on the fourth milestone, etc. That you can frequency, of recurrence to identify. But the last stage, when the missile took off, broke away from the pedestal, already nowhere to climb, nothing to feel and nothing to describe. I suppose that is all I can say here, complicated aphorism, not well understood. Went on.



15. If self-identity object [the content of perceiving the minds of different; therefore, both these [reality] belong to different spheres.

Review of Vyasa: One and the same object serves as a common support for the many [individual] consciousness. In fact, it is not a mental construction or individual consciousness, or many consciousnesses, but relies on himself.

Owing to what it is [happening]?

Due to the fact that although the object remains somatostatine, consciousness [various individuals] are not identical. Thus, one and the same object evokes a feeling of happiness with the righteous attitude of consciousness. And it causes a feeling of suffering at the unjust setting. When installed on the ignorance of the same [object] to cause the sensation of stupid perplexity, and when set to true vision – a sense of impartiality. So whose consciousness it is designed? Similarly untenable [and approval] that one [individual] consciousness can be “painted”, [that is affected], the object of which is the mental construction of another consciousness. Consequently, the modes of existence of the object and the consciousness of heterogeneous, because they differ as what is perceived and what perceives. In fact they can’t mix with each other.

Further, from the point of view of Sankhya object is [reaction product] the three modes, a mode of existence which is the [constant] movement. And he [this object], interacts with [individual] consciousness, depending on such [additional] conditions, such as righteousness and the like. So it is the reason or the other manifested the content of consciousness corresponding to [a particular] condition.

Some believe that the real object exists only simultaneously with its realization as it is the datum of experience, like fun, and more. Denying such a position to set the [object] to be common [to many individual consciousnesses], they reject the real existence of the object in previous and subsequent moments.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here’s the thing, how we perceive the world. Consciousness creates energy, and energy indicates the presence of consciousness, but by and large – are two sides of one and the same, the manifestation of a single force in two ways. And the result is as follows, how many minds, so many behind these consciousness energies. Accordingly, each consciousness perceives in one way or another, this or that object or phenomenon. From the point of view of perception connects back his energy, which begins, roughly speaking, to transform this object in the direction in which it wants to see, and consciousness – in which it manifests consciousness. And one man I saw said one thing, another person came, saw, said, another, the third said the fourth.



And so the question arises: “does this object or phenomenon outside of consciousness?” Tomorrow they all turned away and do not know what is – will this object or disappear? I had such a wonderful journal, “Chemistry of life” was called, and there was published a story of our author about God and about humanity. And here is a man sitting on the ground and invent a cosmogony. At first he sat primitive man and decided the earth is a pancake which floats on three pillars. The Lord God – Bang and made such a system. Then was born a scientist and said no, the earth is a ball that hangs in the void. Poor God had to quickly remodel the picture of the world. Then began to be born all kinds of pundits who said that the earth is the center of the Universe around which all galaxies revolve. Poor Masters, God again redrew it all. Then was born another wise man and said, “No, something I don’t like the way they rotate! Most likely not, but there is another center around which everything revolves”. Once again the Lord God has reshaped the Universe. Once again, as someone consciousness has highlighted a new concept, it is as if the energy has reshaped everything. And so it started to continue, then with the development of physics, and the Lord God set a uniform time in the Universe. Then born a nerd with Einstein, who said, “no, No! Time – this is not our usual performance, but each particle by and large is their own. Poor God, and it had to be redone. According to consciousness to remake the Universe.



Very entertaining science fiction story. What is it good for the story? And the fact that it leads to this same point. Well, if there was one smart guy, according to the energy which the universe lined up in one picture. And there was another who takes things from a very different point of view, and the idea is connected as well, and his energy and begins to build all the phenomena in a different spectrum. And begin two perception the idea to fight. Which one will dominate? If tomorrow they will drink and forget about that stumbling block, which did not allow them to agree, then disappear if the object or phenomenon or to remain? The idealist says: “No, there is no world outside of our consciousness”. Buddhism says that all is Maya (illusion). Yoga does not agree with this point of view. It is really an illusion, but only from the point of view of total non-duality, when you separated the Purusha sattva of the mind, then Yes, from this moment on, everything becomes an illusion in relation to reality, our ego.



From another point of view, for example, Buddhists and nihilists, they believed that it is an illusion in principle. Not our I, but in principle. So, what does this account of yoga. If two philosophers turn away from the object, and cease to perceive it, disappear it, or remain there? And here are curious enough binding that the object exists the power of consciousness not only these two, but also the fact that in the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali postulated as Ishwara as Lord of the Universe, in prostonarodye as the Lord God. That any object formed not only the perceiving consciousness of each individual, but in addition energy and consciousness of Ishvara. And if these two philosopher turns away and forget about this object, it will not disappear because it is generated by the consciousness of Ishvara. And as long as he Ishwara will not say: “Yes, indeed, it is not” it will exist.



And the question is – in what form it will exist if one took him one and the other other positions, and then both forgot about it, did the object of their dispute? If the consciousness of Ishvara supports the existence of this object, then it will exist regardless of the opinions of these two gentlemen, but painted it will be in your own nature. That is, if you look at it from the point of view of the absolute, then he will bear his absolute essence, and the object will last exactly so much, how many, according to this absolute essence, he must exist. And will collapse in the moment when the Supreme being will say that that’s enough for this object to exist, it needs to leave the scene.



This is a delicate question, one of the fundamental yoga of consciousness. So the question is, where are the limits of existence or non-existence of some object or phenomenon. If they end with the cessation of consciousness of a person, or they remain. And here the most optimistic scenario from the point of view of spiritual development, which gives you a chance to survive even if you declare a criminal on the planet and begin for you to hunt all the country and all the people of the globe. You have a chance to confront them, not zero, and is large enough. If you’re going to rely on those entities that remain when all others turned away. That is what is done by Isvara, that is, if you stand on this island, created by Isvara, all the waves about you will just break.



Every object or phenomenon in this world has its own essence, or as we previous examined the aphorism, that is, its fullness in the light of a higher reality that he is. In addition there is a flashing consciousness of other people who look at him and he appears to either be the same or different. Again, from the point of view of the purity of their consciousness and nezamestnanosti. If absolute purity, they see it from the point of view of ultimate reality, if not, then they see it only from the point of view of their level of consciousness. If you remember our cosmogony, Jnana-yoga, that once there was a big white and big red, and all red is big white. But then this big white is separated small particles of white, and they seem to have occupied small areas of red. They seem to have something in this little area of red to do, but by and large it all belongs to red large red. That’s about the same here.



And when a person looks at the object, it nameplanet something, turns away is (that he planted) starts to fall off, the second turned his head, what he planted, begins to fall off, came the third man, and he sees it in the third interpretation. Here’s a game created with a static Universe, or rather changing only according to the will of Ishvara. Evolutionary process. If tomorrow I turn away from the world, what is to become of him? All I in this negative is supported – it will fall off. And all that was conceived according to the will of īśvara – will remain. So can you in this world then return.



16. In addition, the object is not dependent on a single consciousness, [for if] he [for some reason] cannot be known, then what in this case will it be?

Review of Vyasa: If the object depended on individual consciousness, [in cases] when the mind is scattered or stopped [in the process of concentration], it could not be reflected by this [consciousness] as such. Not being the object of another [consciousness], that is, not being known or perceived by anyone at all, is he then not exist? And when the [object] begins to interact with consciousness, where did it come from? Except those parts that are [currently] no, [because there is no perception], he doesn’t own. But in this case, [it could be said that if] you cannot see the stomach, there and back.

Hence [it follows that] the object is independent of [consciousness] is common to all individuals, and each individual is endowed with independent minds. Due to their connections and knowledge will appear, that is, the experience of the puruṣa.



Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Well, it’s a continuation of what we just discussed. And Vyasa gives his comments, and they are somewhere close to the point of view of Buddhist schools. Because here it is considered that if consciousness reveals, he is, and if it is dispelled, it will disappear. But forget about a moment like inertia. With consciousness came the energy that continues to hold once a highlighted object. You can forget it, but that does not immediately disappear, then it will eventually spread. All those distortions, that you have made with the help of consciousness and energy, do disappear. And the world in the frame in which it was made, the Lord God, will remain, because he did not turn away.



Remember the aphorism about Yogini, which should have a positive attitude to virtue and neutral defects. Neither positive nor negative, but neutral, that is do not give any energy. And then if it rests exclusively on your bad karma, if you the situation once he has spawned, it will tend to break down. If this trend were considered from the perspective of some really top-philosophical reality, it will remain. But there is a small correction, which needs to be understood. God considers the keeping of a phenomenon not only some very abstract moments of need, but also in terms of perception of each of the consciousnesses of the participants. Thus, we move away from fatalism. Indeed, that’s the role of personality in history, that even my individual consciousness, it might sound a bit pompous, but the Lord God sometimes listens to the opinion of one person, and sometimes changes the flow of events in the opposite direction, so that the perception of this person was not in contrast with the perception of God consciousness.



Here is certainly the place the factor of how developed the consciousness of this person. It is clear that the opinion of one ant to consider not, because his mind little highlights. The world is not fatal. God takes into account the consciousness of strong players in this field. The future is not yet. That is, if we said that there is a future, we would have immediately stood up to the role of cogs programmed in this mechanism. And the future tends to unfold according to karma. But on the other hand, a huge part of her at the mercy of the consciousness that wants to highlight the consciousness, and illuminate. That is, we tailor your Universe every second, and we can’t say that the universe has already been done.



On the other hand of course, if we have in the past made a trend one way, and now a cut in the opposite direction, there is a conflict of tendencies, and the winner is the one karma which is stronger. The situation is such that coming to the auditorium audience, and depending on how he looks, the story goes either to one side or the other, although some background is already there. The audience came to watch Comedy, be a Comedy, but in the process of how he looks, it is changing. The world is very interesting and mysterious, it is yoga.



The object is known or not known depending on that, does it on the mind [or acts].

Review of Vyasa: Sensual objects, like a magnet, attract the mind, as if it were iron, and “color” it, [that is, act on it accordingly]. And the sensual object that is “colored” consciousness, becomes known. On the contrary, objects [not effects on the mind] are unknown. Consciousness is changed depending on, known or not known the inner essence of the object.

But as for [the Purusha], for which it is the consciousness and is an object, then


Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Again here is the binding to these viewers. Also an interesting sequel to all this. That man is some kind of watching TV every day and sees the unfolding chain of events, and the fact that he knows them, they displayed his consciousness, he Willy-nilly becomes a participant of this game. Even if it seems to him that he was a simple observer. And the seeds of how it will unfold, very different. But on the other hand, in this Universe a lot of interesting things happening at the same time. But since the TV shows up to these things, accordingly, consciousness does not display, and accordingly, you have no opportunity to influence it. If the object or phenomenon somehow draws the rays of consciousness, it is believed that he has already entered the game, it is already built into this picture, that is, consciousness is already thereto, respectively, and the energy of the individual.



The question is how it all happens. We have already discussed several times. When consciousness that whatsoever befalls on the human level, not directly, but indirectly of the mind and senses. Sometime in the future, when human evolution will make the next stage, then it will be really a direct perception of the consciousness of a phenomenon or object, is what is sometimes called intuition. But we do not yet have such a developed direct action, and use this indirect chain. Consciousness underscores all of what is in the mind, the buddhi, and the buddhi on its surface draws all that he draw the senses. If the senses perceive, respectively, in the buddhi grow these thought forms, the picture. And now this picture taken by the consciousness.


The question is, what if the person has closed eyes or plugged ears, he was deprived of access to any information flows through his senses. Accordingly, in the buddhi nothing drawn, respectively, the conscious mind sees nothing, nothing was connected. So, want to see, close your eyes, don’t want to hear cover your ears, do not like the TV shows – pull the plug. That’s the only way, and he seems passive, but in fact it is quite active way of interaction with the Universe. Consciousness is not highlighting anything, in General, as not. Papuans live and do not know about the greenhouse effect that will melt the glaciers and flood everything. In their world this is not, as there are in our world, and we have taken some steps against it. Another thing is whether it will or will not be – this is the fifth question. The phenomenon becomes active only when the rays of the consciousness of his hook. All.


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