“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter III, AF. 43-55

“Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali with commentaries by Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Chapter III, AF. 43-55

The title of the lecture:

“Yoga Sutras” Of Patanjali

and “Vyasa–Bhashya”

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali.

Chapter III.

About advanced abilities.

(AF. 43-55).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the oldest and most authoritative treatises on yoga.

This treatise is equally respected, both among academic scholars and practicing yogis. For this reason, this Sutra is considered the fundamental treatise on yoga very wide circle of experts.

Unfortunately, the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali is very difficult to understand for modern practitioners of yoga for a number of reasons, among which should be mentioned such as: lack of adequate terms in European languages for translation of basic notions in yoga (the word, Samadhi, chit, Manas, etc.), the ultimate short presentation (very concise aphorisms), cross-cultural difficulties of ignorance of the environment in which this treatise was written, and many others.

For this reason, there is a serious need to provide meaningful comments on this treatise for the layman. In our work we have sought to avoid the Sanskrit terms as well as illustrate the difficult philosophical ideas to simple analogies from our lives. We also carried out a parallel comparison with other philosophical teachings, such as Tantric Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, etc.

If this course of yoga will give you at least a small island with a great understanding of the science of Yoga, if it will inspire you to continue learning all the secrets and mysteries of Yoga, then we’ll consider our mission accomplished.

This text presents an overview of the following topics: advanced skills.

Date and place of lecture:

Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.




43. The actual activities [of consciousness] out [of the body is called] the great incorporeal; this will eliminate the obstacle to the light.

Review of Vyasa: Concentration [of consciousness in which] the Manas is functioning outside the body, called disembodied. If it is merely [directed] to the outside activities of the Manas, residing inside the body, it is called projective (imaginary). When she [represents] the external activities of Manas, which is outside and independent from the body, it is, of course, aproactive, [that is real in itself]. Through projective concentration [yogis] implement reproaching [the concentration of the consciousness, called] the great incorporeal, with which they enter into other bodies. Due to this concentration, a veil that covers the sattva of the mind (buddhi), whose essence is the light, and causes the triple maturation of affects and karma, rooted in rajas and Tamas, [fully] scatters.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Another perfect ability. It is this that we sometimes think that in order to work our minds, essential Foundation, the pedestal of our physical body, and at the stage of development it really is. When the building is built, we need scaffolding, but as the building is built, these scaffolding can basically be removed. And here arises the ability to work with the mind in its separation from this Foundation – body. What is here called the manifestation of the incorporeal. To make it more clear again. The long evolution of the physical body led to the emergence of a subtle body of mind, and in the initial stages of the evolution of the mind was still weak, and he is the chick in the nest, he could not fly, he is very dependent on the nest in which he hatched from an egg. But over time, he learned to fly, may leave the nest, to fly back or fly, no matter the socket is not absolutely essential for his existence, for his life. That’s about as if allegorically to shift. But the question arises. Where, if anywhere, the mind flies? If it is intended to fly, to perform some outdoor activities, then this, consequently, leads to work outside, and it also mentioned the ability to move, to enter into other bodies. But increasingly, this emphasis on the fact that the mind, starting from some level, needs no such support, as the body and can work without it. That’s what’s important.

44. Thanks sanyama on rude, on its own shape, slim, inherent and goal setting [arises the ability of] domination “[great] elements.”

Review of Vyasa: Here specific [quality] – sound, etc., [owned by] the earth and other [the”great elements”], together with its specific form of manifestation and other properties terminology are indicated by the word “rough.” This is the first aspect “[great] elements.” The second aspect is the common as their generic feature: earth – density, water viscosity, fire – heat, wind – movement, and akasha – supremicist. This [aspect] is indicated by the words “own form”. Sound and other specific essence [quality specific] General. As has been said, “all of these [entities], having a common ancestral characteristics, differ only in their certainty”. In this [system] substance is the totality of common and specific (isolated). It is known that [there are] two types of sets. (In the first allocation of] the various components of its parts is absent, [such as] the body, wood, flock, forest. [The second type] of the many components which receive [appropriate] name [e.g., “owned by] K. both types – of gods and men”. Here is one part of the many – gods and the other people. They formed [this] set. In addition, it implies [a certain] identity in distinction, [such as] a grove of mango trees, a gathering of Brahmans, [understood as] the mango grove, the brahmin Assembly. Further, this set is of two types. [The first is an integer], parts of which exist as separate from each other; [the second is an integer], parts of which exist as inseparable 3. Many parts exist separately, – [, for example], grove or collection; [the second set] is an integer whose parts are inseparable, [such as] body, tree, atom. [They] have the nature of General and isolated and represent an entity which consists of different parts, which are connected inseparably. The same [applies] to all tanmatras. This is the third [aspect of the “great elements”]. Now on their fourth dimension. The modes having a tendency to discernment, action, and persistence, and relevant internal entities [their] effects are “inherent”. And finally, the fifth aspect of these [“the great elements”] – “the ability to have a goal.” The property of having [his] purpose of experience and liberation is inherent in the gunas, and the gunas [sell themselves] through tanmatra, “[great] elements” and their derivatives, [that is, of empirical objects]. Thus, all [is] endowed with a purpose. So, thanks to sanyama on these five elements with the [specified] aspects, there is a vision of the shape of an object and complete domination over him. And then, subjugating the native form of the five elements, [the yogi] becomes the “winner “of[great] elements”” 4. As a result of their subordination to the internal potency of the elements become subservient to his will like the cows following the calves.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: the next sanyama, which says Patanjali, is sanyama on the main components of what built this world on five elements. Earth, water, fire, air, ether (space). That is, if we consider any cause, matter or even a look from the point of view of Tantra, energy, this energy in its manifestations, is divided into five major groups, which then manifests itself in the form of these five elements. Well, we know that ordinary matter is only condensed energy, and there are ways to make it manifest to be released. The atomic bomb this is done.

So, there are these basic five elements, and each of them has distinctive characteristics or distinctive properties. And here there is the following that of a particular element have a characteristic such property. For example, the broadcast property of the all-penetrability. And when we are sanyama on one of these elements comes first, the meaning of the principle on which is built this item. That is, in a color painted energy, respectively, what are the main properties, and how they interact. But if it comes, then comes understanding how to control them, and more than any one of these five elements can not damage.

Even if one of the elements begins to break down, then yoga is the ability to restore it. That is, if anything, the ability to create or to regenerate. It comes with sanyama on one and consistently all elements, the power of consciousness to control them, not energy, but through consciousness. If the mind worked in relation to the element, principle, something else this sanyama, then comes the power of consciousness, not the strength of the energy and power of consciousness.

Here we should remember that the word “element” refers not only to the element from the point of view of physical, to which we are accustomed, but a more subtle principle of a particular element. With regards to the properties of the elements. More than the rough shape of the element is manifested, the more of these qualities than in a more subtle, consequently, fewer of these qualities. The minimum number of qualities – is akasha, and maximum at the ground. And one attains this Canyamel, concentration your mind as long as only one principle will remain in the mind, and he begins to show himself to yoga. The yogi begins to control the power of her mind. Perhaps, all I want to say here.

45. As a consequence – the emergence of [the ability] to shrink to the size of the atom and other things, bodily perfection and the lack of opposition from properties [“great elements”].

Review of Vyasa: one Of these [eight advanced abilities] reduction is [gaining size] of atom; ease [when the yogi] becomes weightless; increase [when he] reaches enormous size; the increment is [when the yogin] for the moon with the tips of the fingers alone; sepretaly the will [is] the desire, unrestricted, when, [for example], he enters [the thickness of] the earth and goes [through it] as if it were water; domination [when the yogin] control “[great] elements” and derived from them [objects] and not subject to control by others; dominion – [when the yogin] governs their emergence, destruction, and connection; the feasibility of all desired is to set the [full] realization: what is the intention – and such a state “[the great] elements.” However, [the yogi] does not change the course of things on the opposite, although has this ability. Why? Because [all] the existing [established] thus, in accordance with the intention of another – Initially a perfect. These are the eight powerful abilities. “Physical perfection” is explained [below]. It [i.e. the body], “is not experiencing opposition from properties [“great elements”]”. The earth having the property of hardness does not interfere with the activities of the body [bodies] yogi, he comes through the rock. Water [whose property] is the viscosity, cannot emocity, the fire does not burn him [her] with the heat and the wind, [whose property] – movement, it does not carry. Even in the akasha, whose essence is the absence of obstacles, the body [of a yogi] is hidden, so that perfect (Siddhas) can’t see.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: here is the continuation of the description of super-powers, resulting sanyama on five elements; and the conclusions from this follow – attainment of a yogi or those other really fantastic properties. The so-called eight perfections, the eight super-powers, here they are listed, it is a few paradigmatic listing. And is that on the one hand perceived by the person in the modern world almost as a fairy tale, but on the other hand, if you read some ancient treatises, ancient narrative, sometimes even very sane, claiming the historicity of the narrative…from time to time there includes such stories that yogi has started to show something completely beyond the perception of ordinary people. The only question is – why did as it seems such abilities manifested more and now less, it is a question that is called, open. There are many reasons and explanations why the modern man that has not, as his great-great-great-ancestors had these in a greater percentage than is now found of people with these abilities? But that’s a separate issue, a separate conversation. And now we will consider logic itself.

Once sanyama five elements are made as soon as the essence of any principle known as soon as it opened as soon as she… don’t Even know what here is the word. That is, the world as we perceive it, and is inside the world. And here we are a long, long fight to pass through the wall, smashing the mountain to build a tunnel…. And we seem to be on the outside trying to do something. This method of energy.

And is like the inside of everything we see. This is the equivalent of the same, but from the point of view of consciousness. And there in order to pass through the wall or through the mountain, it is not necessary to cut the tunnel, and if so, figuratively speaking, enough somewhere to put a tick – and suddenly the property changes dramatically, because you have become master of that property. And you begin to pass through the mountains, you’re starting to do wonders with the usual point of view. Well, it is clear that yoga does not see it as miracles. They just see it as a hidden obscure law for the average person. The logic of the world is built in such a curious way that we cling to the energy for the outward manifestation of the world. Of the two forces, given to us by nature – the power of consciousness and the power of energy – more than we respect the power of the energy. We more respect the real manifestation of the power. I have muscular strength, means I can scrap tie the knot. And everything we’re not even considering, we reject, we consider it unworthy of attention.

All evolution is directed to the fact that we sooner or later force energy saw the power of consciousness, which is equivalent to. And when the weakest Saint who barely standing on his feet, the old man some, suitable, takes the same crowbar, and two fingers in exactly the same way she ties it in a knot as it makes a physically strong person, it is perceived as a miracle. But the only question that one showed a foreign power – the power of energy, and the second – sage – showed inner strength, the power of consciousness. As you can see, the result is the same.

Disciple: It is as if the idea did it? Just by observing it. Just “want to see”, right? Intent?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Understand us so hard. All of humanity is mired in the gum, modern culture only adds to this gum. We watch TV and what we see? We see the cult of power, the cult of brute force. We see what is called “filthy lucre”. Here there is money, there is power, there is power, power, tanks and infantry – Yes, we feel strong. And the fact that this is the reverse side, we do not see, we are like children who cling to the wrappers. And that’s why this world hard-going knowledge of the spiritual? Because by and large spiritual knowledge is the essence, the essence that we receive in the process of evolution. It’s that experience – having played with energy, we will sooner or later understand that energy is force of consciousness. And once we realize this, we make the next step in evolution.

But people don’t tend to think about it. He still tends to think in terms of energy. And it’s so hard given. With this difficulty given that this stupidity, this external assault as a little to reason with, appease.

On the contrary, even ridicule, that the alleged sages sit, meditate unclear in some dreams, in this kind of hallucinations. I sometimes hear such statements. And no one understands that they are at the same time, maybe doing a much better job than people, active in life, who actively had something to do. So, as methods of energy has its advantages, is its manifestation. That is, in fact, all modern Western civilization is built largely methods of energy. We appreciate the energy. We consume energy. Even if you ignore the energy. If we consider the usual energy that people consume, from the point of view of physical. Here such a clear chart – the United States consume more than the per capita amount of energy – the process of building. More and more, and more. Earlier in ancient times, of which little remains, was balanced civilization – the consciousness and energy.

Student: what is this method of consciousness – in a vision, in concentration, in a will, the intention, something to see, and to get it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When we do sanyama on a particular item, we used this property as our consciousness. The consciousness is such a property, which, if anything, as an axiom-like definition. As soon as it focused on particular things, particular entities, the essence or the thing itself shows itself to consciousness. Moreover, it shows all the intricacies of its origin, occurrence, and all those domestic laws which further cast the whole external nature.

Student: And adjusts?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And adjusts energy. If we are his consciousness by an effort of will modify, respectively, immediately modificeres and energy that can not resist consciousness.

Student: And so to achieve such things is to get to the moon?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly. So one can, as mentioned, pass through the earth, and the earth becomes as if it were liquid; expand your body or pinching it. That is, the physical elements, the five elements from which the body – it starts with them to manipulate the way he wants, if he has comprehended the essence of earth, water, fire, air, ether, these elements appeared to him. They have become completely subservient to him. Became subject to the principle manifestations of these entities in the world. That is the function of the principle according to which all in this rough world acquires energy. And energy appears in the form of real objects. But if you know the principle – just slightly modifying, or causing to show some other properties of this principle, immediately begins to put up with it and the external universe.

Student: It is objectively the same for others? If he understood the nature of these elements and begins to grow to the size. That is not subjective, it is objective?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good question. Requires a fairly honest and accurate answer. In any case, all those mentions about the superpowers we read in ancient respected sources – particularly because in the past people did not lie, did not like to lie…. Or, say, the testimonies of those people with whom I had to communicate that I trust. Or my personal experience. And he says that this is a manifestation of an objective and for the other observer. Why? Because there is some kind of simultaneously perceived by two us entity or object. And he begins to be modified at the level of energy – and I perceive it so, and someone does it. Here the answer must be that it is perceived as well and all others. That is, it is not an internal hallucination, as some try to present it: whether the person has smoked, whether he has something with his head. He sees himself as big as the Sun, the small as an atom. It really wouldn’t deserve attention. It’s in the first place. And Patanjali would not mention it.

Once again I want to stress that great responsibility before came to such things. If presented some sort of treatise any objective facts have been put in its basis. Leads to another question, and of Vyasa he’s considered good enough: if these people were, and if these people, maybe there is, why we do not see anybody that size to the Sun? Why it now does not show any striking ability does not change the laws of nature, does not change the device things at will? Since he became Lord of the elements, he can in principle them a little different to redraw? And here a very curious response of Vyasa, deep enough answer: Yes, because all things originally made perfectly.

And only we in their ignorance. Sometimes we think: Lord, why have You made this world so imperfect? But really we shouldn’t blame God. God created this world perfect. And if we begin to understand him, we will sooner or later begin to see the finish and elegance of form.

You know, like the sculptor made a perfect statue of Venus de Milo, and you look at her. And you realize that you neither add nor subtract can not. If you have something to add or subtract, you will break the harmony, beauty. You yourself would have done. You see that you have nothing nor subtract or add. Therefore, the yogi reaches such abilities, not inclined to change something in this world. The question arises: why do we, ordinary mortals, trying to do some reforms, social, political; to rebuild the world, etc.? The answer is the following: initially, we ourselves have distorted the harmony of nature, and now trying to get it back to its original position. That is, by and large, when we see in the external world, disharmony, chaos, and something that requires our giant effort to remedy. It is very curious here is the answer: these curvatures we did ourselves, is our karma. And now, when we see that something needs to be fixed, and we as a political reformer. As in the days of the French revolution, someone set himself the goal of life for the overthrow of the monarchy and fought all his life, and, in General, they overwhelmed the monarchy. The question in this case: he saw the perfection of the world? The world was perfect, but he saw as if his karma. Man fights by and large with the imperfection itself, but not with the imperfection of the world. But this fight sometimes happens on the external level.

Disciple: Moving from the inside out…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, from the inside out. Although there is no difference between internal and external. So therefore, yoga is not inclined, generally, to change anything, because it is done well. Well, when they have achieved a state of domination, that is, when they have exhausted their karma at these levels, they have reached the highest possible perfection at those levels. And even when they have the possibility to do something or to fix something, they look at it and understand that there is nothing they can neither subtract nor add – a perfect system, it works.

Here is the explanation gives Vyasa, and it’s actually a common approach: before you blame the Lord God in all his misfortunes, think carefully, maybe all you see is negative – it’s just that you yourself spawned once!? And by eliminating that, you eliminate your own flaws flaws.

Student: Well, they are the Universe do not change. But if he will grow to the size, to the Sun to get it – this is not changing the Universe, it’s just a demonstration of supernatural forces?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We can read in some quite respected texts as one or the other of the Holy sage from time to time showed to others their super powers. He was doing double-duty. He understood that if the system perfectly, and if he’s out of it perfection, then it will cause disharmony. So he was doing two magical action, it was demonstrated that the superpower (expand to size), on the other hand compensated for the impact of manifestations of this hit. Since he became the ruler of these elements, that is, he did one wave and then did the wave, which negates the first, so together, everything was in harmony.

The students represented all these pictures, they were shocked, and then he returned back, that is, without changing the natural position of course. Interestingly enough, Yes? But I will emphasize that now it sounds almost like science fiction. Moreover, even more than fiction. In my opinion, to such heights and fiction was not raised. It is necessary to have a really open mind, to come up with this.

But back to the treatise of Patanjali. These abilities increase to a large size, reduction to a small size. Think about Milarepa when he climbed into the rig, when it began to rain. No horn, no more, no he did not become less. So some clever way. Why? Because it starts a little game with the basic principles of the Universe. We used to geometry, but in a very clever book I read this phrase that we are on the road and see the factory, and that factory pipe sticking. It is at the distance it seems small, but when we go, it becomes big. The pipe is not changing. But for some reason we take it naturally. We do not think it strange when the same object is then large, then small. Why? Because we used, we just used. We have what’s called a “kitchen” ideas of life – that is the way we used to, and something that can be logically looks like a wonderful, we tend to think natural. We are constantly faced with this, and we do not analyze. But it’s such a strange thing how pipe a little, and came up big? It is in fact one and the same.

And such phenomena are gaining a lot. Our mind is like straightens and cleans. Why is this happening? Because in this world, in this space have their own laws of geometry, the laws of the construction of the Universe, the laws of space and time.

When man in a state of yoga reaches understanding of the fundamentals of these laws, but unlike the scientist, he manipulates. Well, as a scientist? He knew something, and the method of energy he starts to check it out. To experiment, etc., etc., that is, something external.

A yogi is not. He has another hand, another tool is the method of consciousness. This is the same as energy, but only from the other side. And it starts exactly the same to use these laws, but in a different way – a method of consciousness. He begins with the method of consciousness to reshape some of the usual laws. Indeed it can make it so that at different distances the pipe will feel the same. Can it be done? Yes, in principle, may, if he controls the element of air, space, geometry. And the pipe is at a great distance is seen a large and large seems small.

Although I will stress again – this is quite a curious thing, but yoga says that it is a step on the way. It logically does not contradict anything, it is the law of nature. Sooner or later achieving the status sanyama, and doing this practice, each person achieves this.

Student: Can I check?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that is called “can test”. It is clear that it is hard for us to check it out because it is assumed that we already have this property sanyama, and we are still far to have such a concentration of mind. Similarly, we can’t check if someone will explain how it works nuclear reactor. In principle, we can make it “at home in the kitchen” – that is, to reproduce it. But it is clear that we have it will take a lifetime, maybe.

Similarly, we take on faith. Well, since we are told that a nuclear reactor made, and we look at the people we are talking about it, as deserving respect, we trust in their words. It is clear that similarly to some superhuman abilities.

Student: It’s hard to do, like a nuclear reactor in the kitchen, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I don’t know, I think actually that a nuclear reactor in the kitchen it will be easier to do, although it is a question of our approach. For us to do something easier external and internal heavier, while in the East in ancient times it was the opposite.

A yogi was sitting in the hut, covered with banana leaves and had reached a concentration of consciousness in one lifetime that began to work wonders, and external nature he is no longer needed. After all, we are driven by external nature by itself, but driven by the energy method. He customize it or interacts with it by consciousness. So survive as we are, and he.

It is a good in itself, the theme – the two approaches in the evolution of mankind. Now, unfortunately, bias, significant bias is towards energy. I think the time will come when all this will be balanced with the method of consciousness. Went on.

46. Bodily perfection – beauty, grace, strength and hardness of diamond.

Review of Vyasa: [Explains]: [the body of the yogi is] pleasant to the eye, endowed with incredible strength and hard as a diamond.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: This is a continuation of the same theme, what if you realized sanyama on five elements, and these elements you are subject to, and these elements are created in your body, like a brute, and in some subtle manifestations, if you have the opportunity to correct any errors inherent karma in the body of this method, you method of consciousness begin to rule.

I have a lot of students, girls, and modern culture encourages them to have some standard forms, the standards of beauty. Clearly, if you’re going to look at Nudes of the middle ages, they may seem to you, I apologize, it is not appetizing.

But if you are looking for some model, you’re taking this harmonious and good. This is one of the biggest questions of the perception of beauty. It is undergoing some changes. Enough to go to the Pushkin Museum and see. I once went and just wondered: are these teles, shapeless to our modern view, become swollen, is this caused someone some positive emotions?

Everything changes. So these student. It is clear that any girls they want to be liked, so they try your figure to align with those standards perception of men that will appreciate them. Because the girl does everything by and large egoistichno, she does everything for men to enjoy looking at her. And they ask, are there any quick methods of figure correction. And here again there are two methods: the method of energy and method of consciousness.

The method of energy – it’s when you start going to the gym, to drop off extra pounds, to train muscles and follow a particular diet. But there is another method – the method of consciousness. As soon as the lifestyle changes as a way of functioning of consciousness is changing, it instantly changes the energy immediately begins to change and the figure. Man who practices yoga and has achieved in some initial steps, he himself begins to notice that he begins to change literally the body on a physical level.

Student: That is not even physical yoga is not physical exercises, but here Canyamel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here tricky indeed the situation. Usually when a person begins to practice yoga, he grows and consciousness. And consciousness plus exposure to yoga, there’s a consciousness and energy that forms his body.

I want else to say. Even if a person does not exercise and has changed his way of thinking, changed some of his priorities, changed his attitude to life, that is, his mind began to work in the other direction. And if this direction is connected with the promotion of the spiritual levels, it is clear that these changes are for the better.

You just can not imagine how the beautiful girls who are involved in these practices of yoga and Tantra. They are sometimes specifically demonstrate this beauty, because they know how disastrous it can be this beauty for the average burgher. He immediately jaw will fall off and the saliva begins to flow from his mouth when he sees them, because of his perception of the Goddess. You know? Why is this happening? Yes, for the same reason that the control elements comes. When the control comes completely as it says Patanjali in sanyama, then the body becomes perfect. On a physical level is perfect. As he mentioned here – solid as a diamond, beautiful, pleasant to the sight and fragrant. Here is such a law.

The five elements, they are outside the five elements, and inside five elements, and they are exactly as amenable to domination. We change them, and behold, we get what we want to see your inner eye from himself. So here is the method. When people ask me: how to adjust the figure? Well, with such a global, capital is really interested in spiritual things, and that in itself is all to be done.

Student: That is consciousness. For consciousness going physical energy.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of Course, of course. There is another way is visualization. When you see yourself the person you want to see. But if you reinforce it with significant doses of additional practices like Nyasa, applying sacred ash, the use of certain types of minerals and herbs, then the effect of consciousness is accelerating and going faster. That’s what I would like to say about this aphorism. On the other hand, the body ceases to disturb. It is completely under control, totally subservient to the will, it does not interfere. You control the parts of which it is made. Well, you know, if you’re a good mechanic and you have a good machine, and you have time to repair it, it’s obvious she’s always on the go. Although there are times that the shoemaker without shoes.

Student: what about, for example, with men. For example, some Buddhist monks? Look, and he looks about a hundred years, he with a cane barely walk, but, nevertheless, a great master, can in the rainbow to dissolve.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you See, there are different approaches in spiritual ways. Some don’t feel valuable to spend some effort on it, they spend it to help more other people. Remember the analogy: you and your enemy is your ignorance. You’re coming in. You, for example, has already captured the heart of this ignorance and took Berlin, conquered. But the front line is still far behind. That is already a victory won but a large number of enemy forces still remained. But instead of small things to finish them, you also help to defeat the enemy someone else. Maybe it’s sometimes seen as the height of altruism. If you have already won if you know exactly what fundamentally you win, and already works for you, because it is clear that without control this enemy disappears, then the question ceases to worry you. Especially if we speak about such a respected system like Buddhism, with its principle of the bodhisattva. Why they can’t do themselves, they help other people. And I see the enormity.

Student: They direct the energy just in a different direction?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: of Course, although it’s not so simple. What you see is only the outer shell is supported by one or another Lama for the sake of their work and karma, both your own and others. Maybe to others it’s nice to see his gray-bearded old man, not a boy. You know? But you don’t see his inner body. They have such a thing as the illusory body. If you at least a glimpse of the illusory body of man, you’d just be shocked how great the difference: how the power turned in the clothes from wrinkled skin, and apparently you only see the physical.

Student: That is it consciously?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Everything about the great saints – this is a separate part. The fact that the great saints have risen above these faculties. It describes the ability, roughly speaking, a standard. Any person who is, so he comes to them and gets them. But that doesn’t mean that person can teach others. I mean, sometimes reaching some super-powers, and personally rising to a fairly high altitude, but this does not mean that he may with the same power to distribute this knowledge to others. Sometimes an external person who looks sick. This is the big question: why are these saints die if they reached such heights? But by and large they know better. They life live show, they play, maybe even play. And they believe that for the good of the whole world, for the enlightenment of all living beings, they must live in that form, and likewise suffer from suffering. Why? They thereby sometimes become closer and clearer to people. Sometimes people ask: “Why Jesus Christ allowed himself to be crucified, if he was God? Rrrsss and all would be in hell!?”. I like the explanation of our brothers Christians who say this: “Well, imagine if he came in the form of Almighty God, people wouldn’t feel close to him. They would feel the wall – that’s IT! And it’s us. And it came as they. With the ability to suffer and suffer like them. To convey this message to people that they too have a future. That bridge between the eternal, the giant and ordinary human suffering”. We don’t know why some lamas, some of the teachers live a particular life and die anyway. We can’t say anything, we can speculate, but we can’t say anything because they are above these powers, much higher. I am more than confident that they, if they had set out to demonstrate this and to do this they would have achieved. But they are for another purpose live.

Student: on the Basis of expediency?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly. That’s a good question: if yoga is omnipotent, what are they in the red square do not demonstrate it? When given such a question, he said that there is some value for human society, from human glory, from the fact that you can some dividends to fuck. Here now came crashing over red Square, and I was immediately in the films will shoot on the TV show. That is, if it’s done from time to time, solely for some of his spiritual work to help others, because these skills help to advance knowledge further and further. Here for these purposes justified the use and demonstration.

Student: Maybe the opposite, to break stereotypes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, to break stereotypes, but only so that man is not crazy when he sees this. There is always two extremes, and it must be done very carefully to balance. And this question actually becomes very clear when you mentally put on the stage egoism. When you suddenly, as in a nightmare, imagine that I live by the principle of the bodhisattva. Or on the basis of tantric enlightenment. Here our motto is “Escape everything!” well, in principle the same. I emphasize again that when you’re in a nightmare imagine that you don’t have any selfishness, you are differently you begin to look at all things. You differently you start to analyze, to draw conclusions, to interpret. They’re starting to show quite a different light. And you clearly start to see the sometimes selfish thoughts, when outwardly, it seems that sheer altruism.

On the contrary, sometimes a rabid selfishness, and suddenly you see that in the depth of his selfishness absolutely not. That is, things start…. Amazing, simply amazing. And it becomes clear: what, why, how. The only what I call. Here are sometimes blamed: “It’s a fairy tale, invented it. And who will check? No one has seen! Talking about some entity that nobody has seen. And maybe its not, maybe invented it?”. There’s nothing to say. Here by and large none of this and does not speak. Because superpowers are a side effect.

Into this world we came here to achieve certain things not for the purpose of super-powers and normal abilities. We are faced with the challenge that in principle every person can solve their own abilities, which he has given. And it’s kind of class, school. Until you this will not go.

I sometimes ask: “and what if I had a million dollars. I would have multiplied it, and I would have had two billion. And I’m such a poor-poor me and life is not short of money!”. But the point is this. In fact, the universe is redundant. And those abilities and resources that you have now, is sufficient for the solution of those pressing problems, standing in front of you. That is, those problems for which you were born in this life. Not to like a clown to entertain the audience, but in order to do his karma, to work off your personal karma. So when all are from this point of view, these questions are even and do not want to answer. Because if you do at least some spiritual benefit will be that you’ll see other superpowers, you’ll see them. The universe it so happens that you encounter these people. You’ll see it helps. If you’re just unclear for what purpose this is achieved, it’s pointless. Went on.

47. As a consequence sanyama about perception, its own essence, self, presumest and goal setting [produced by yogi] the subjection of senses.

Review of Vyasa: Sensual objects – sound etc. – in nature nothing like [the unity] of General and special. Perception is the action of the senses in relation to such [facilities]. It is, however, in its form, not a manifestation (lit. “grasping”. – Per.) only General, because [otherwise] can be realized by the mind the object is not seen by the body [of view]? Further, the own form is a combination of various parts that are inextricably connected with each other. [In this case, the totality of] belonging to the sattva of the buddhi (intellect), the inner essence of which is clarity. The on feeling is [such] the substance. Their third aspect of individuation as a property of the self. The senses the essence of the special [manifestations] of this total. The fourth aspect is the modes, [that is, the basic quality of] having the nature of reflection and predisposed to clarity (sattva), action (rajas) and persistence (Tamas). The senses, coupled with [their] individuations [the result of] the conversion of these [modes]. A fifth dimension is found in guna, their property to serve the purpose of Purusha. Sanyama consistently [practiced] with respect to each of the five aspects of the senses. Due to complete control over each of these five aspects of the yogi and there is [the ability of] subjugation of senses.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: discipline of the senses and, accordingly, sanyama. Sanyama, that is, a consistent concentration of mind, rays of his consciousness on the listed list, including self. Here it is done so cleverly that we begin, how shall I say? We are in good shape to keep the senses. Was such a groundbreaking experience, classic, experiment, in my opinion, Americans that person was placed in water of body temperature in absolute darkness, it automatically fed and, respectively, in the toilet, he was out there and it is automatically cleaned. People day, two, three in that state spent. And starting I do not remember which of these days. Man it was slow to navigate in space, he would barely realize he’d lost sense of where sleep, where wakefulness. He started with difficulty to speak. That is, there was all the obvious signs, to put it mildly, degradation. This is a very interesting way experiments. Fortunately, everyone can almost afford to do.

Student: wow! The degradation?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, in what respect degradation? It was, of course, no degradation, it was a state of lethargy, such dedifferentiation.

Student: because the mind has fallen into Tamas, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right.

Student: what about practices in the dark? There, on the contrary.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, that’s another story. So the question is: why is this in principle can happen and is happening? All evolution is aimed to intensify the rays of our consciousness. We were constantly coming sensual shocks through touch, sight, feeling, hearing, all five senses. And they keep us on our toes, they take us from a state of Tamas. They cause the mind to form in the course of evolution, then hone the mind in the course of evolution when man lives in the human body. They are a kind of such errands, they he is under the influence. In the result of dark matter inner feelings goes from Tamas to a state of rajas, from rajas – sattvic state. As soon as this process goes on, begins to form a mind of pure sattva particles. More precisely, elements of a state of sattva. And the result is what we call “Homo sapiens”.

Which needs, besides food usual: water, food and air, and even sensual food. And as a variation to this sensual food, or a continuation of it is an intellectual food. He needs to feel something. Some of the information through the senses comes to him. Pay attention, we read the book. We use eyes to read a line, and everything else is done in depth. We so appreciate the connection between the senses, mind, and accordingly, even in the slightest, dull, but consciousness itself, at least in the form of a piece of meat, the human body, we cease to distinguish. To distinguish itself, and the senses. This chain is, we think, is built into a single unit. But then at the stage of human existence the senses, if they helped, from this point on, they begin to interfere. Their rajas, and yet this rajas has sattva formed – “clarity of mind”. But then it interferes with the sattva of the mind to manifest, he messes with her again in the rajas.

And so, from this point on, the senses must be brought under control. That is what shaped us. Like the chick in the egg shell, and she helped him see the light, but sooner or later he needs to destroy it. Exactly the same here. We sooner or later have to control your senses and fully control a hundred percent. And to do that, if we are attached to external, hard. Here offered the most perfect method for this separation. This is when the mind is gained, and we begin to do sanyama, that is focusing on our self, on “I”. And as soon as this sanyama on our “I” made, as soon as we begin to understand that the center of all knowledge, of all that we took from outside, ate, he really is inside. And as we expand, we begin to eat from the inside, these nutrients are channels of information become useless, but we can absolutely easy to control and disconnect. We absolutely easy to begin them not to take. A yogi, sitting in trance, and the next gun firing, something happens and he can’t hear or see. Eyes open, ears like fine, too, but he just doesn’t perceive, because it completely controls the senses.

Student: How is he controlling them? He’s just disconnected from them. And he can see it all, but not to respond to it from the inside, i.e. emotionally? He can see the explosions nearby, but the reaction is not manifest?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the fact of the matter is that it is as if the intermediate part. When you can see, but not emotionally react. But more powerful is when you can’t see.

Student: How do turn off?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, see and not see. You then ask: “you girls are beautiful naked dancing, well you did not respond?”. And you say: “Sorry, guys, I eyes off, I didn’t see anything”. But read it again. What to do sanyama, in order to quickly and completely to achieve this hit.

Text: 47. As a consequence sanyama about perception, its own essence, self, presumest and goal setting [produced by yogi] the subjection of senses.

Student: Goal Setting. What do you mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say. Sanskrit is necessary to see the original. Non-obvious transfer.

Student: Before that we were in Airave. Was also ability. It refers to control of senses, disconnecting mind from the senses?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, total perfection of this ability, which comes as a result of just sanyama, just thinking. You helper methods to achieve this, and it is possible by this method, direct. Went on.

48. And here – quick as the mind, bisubstrate experience and dominance over the root cause.

Review of Vyasa: Fast as the mind (Manas) is the highest attainment of bodily mobility. Bisubstrate experience – finding [the ability to] non-incarnate activities of the senses with regard to [any] desired space, time and sense-object. Domination of the root cause is the ability to fully control all the modifications of Prakriti. These three perfect abilities referred to as “metabolize”. They appear in the complete domination over the inner form five substrates [senses].

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Again here it is advisable to look at other translations of this aphorism, because sometimes it seems to me that some accents that do not adequately translated into Russian language. And I suspect that this is a double translation – first in English and now also Russian. Not direct: from Sanskrit into Russian. It is clear that the continuation of all these abilities, which we have just considered, which arise at sanyama, it as a consequence. If you have previous abilities, the style of your behavior of existence (the meaning), your reaction, way of life, we can say it is changing. Indeed a yogi is a man with a very adequate and quick response to everything. Can be in contrast to the view that yogi is the moron who sits and unresponsive.

He did not respond, because he doesn’t want anything to respond. But if he wants something to react, he does it very quickly, efficiently and at a qualitatively new, here is the word “bisubstrate” level. That is, in a sense – this is a new evolutionary branch being. That was an animal, becomes human, and the person perfected all the previous levels out on this level. By and large, it is like a new class of beings in evolution. Perhaps all that can be said here.

49. The ability for absolute domination over all forms of existence and the power to know all things [occurs] only he who possesses knowledge of the distinction between sattva and Purusha.

Review of Vyasa: the Ability of absolute dominance over all forms of existence [occurs] only he who had approved himself in the knowledge of the distinction between sattva and Purusha, he who abides in the higher awareness of the rule and from whom the sattva of the mind, purified from [the smallest] of the impurity of rajas and Tamas, has the highest degree of clarity. This means that the mode, exposed the inner essence of all [modes of] that nature is what determines and what is determined to act in its totality as the totality of all that is visible “to the Master, the knowing field”. The ability of all – knowing is simultaneously generated by discernment [intuitive] knowledge of the gun, [which] is the essence of the whole and ordered according to the properties stay at rest, excitement, or uncertainty, of reversemode. This is the meaning [of this Sutra]. This is the perfect ability called carefree; having found her, the yogin abides [in the state] omniscience, eliminated affective obstacles power.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: there is already something similar was expressed in that treatise. But since this Chapter is called “About perfect abilities”, here once again I repeat, what abilities are coming. So, what is the difference between a great sage and perfect yogi? The great sage is sattva. He cleared his mind from inertia, stupidity or an unhealthy activity (bustle). And his mind is pure, analytically good condition. He, as a sharp tool, solves any problems. But the sage identifies himself with this pure mind, the pure sattva of the mind. Somewhere he felt that his “I”. That is, he separates for himself, his own “I” and sattva of his mind. Of course, he is at their level is much higher than ordinary people. This is indeed a great sage!

But there is a higher state. When it is understood that even such a pure and coveted as the sattva of the mind that brings bliss, that brings the state of continuous enjoyment of existence, a calm pleasure, like a stream of oil that pours. Similarly, a person experiences bliss, in a state of sattva. Complete clarity and efficiency. This is a high level, but there’s a higher level. When one understands that this sattva, a state of bliss – this is not it. What he really is, that is, his Purusha, the “I” is separated in and of this quality.

Remember that expression that one first burns bad karma, and then get rid good. And to paraphrase this as follows. First, he separates himself from rajas and Tamas, and then separates himself from sattva. And once he achieves this, he becomes an absolute master. What is domination? This is when you can do everything, roughly speaking, and with you nothing and no one can do anything. And the logic is extremely hard. As long as you consider yourself to sattva, and sattva is a still subtle, but substance is a manifestation in the material world, fine material world. Can be subtle, on the level of energy, but for which you can catch, somehow, but to manipulate. When is this leads you with this yogi can do? In the tantras is the expression of that highest level of Tantra has no effect on him no magic, no spells, no Yantra, no mantra, nothing. Because he already out of that world, though still continues to manipulate and to manifest itself in this world. This state of absolute power.

Student: It’s a state of liberation that is called lifetime?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here we see the treatise of Patanjali, and in accordance with his words, this state of omnipotence, the state of natchintanai anything. Another trait is omniscience. When there is a difference between sattva and Purusha, when you called, basking in the rays of his own consciousness, and not observing his game even if in the crystal clear water of sattva, but still reflective, in fact there’s not one thing. The rays of consciousness is the absolute ability to give any knowledge. Accordingly, the omniscience. Just like our “I” has the ability of manifestation of energy that is as absolute as the ability of the manifestation of consciousness, and it can manifest as any form of energy. Similarly, consciousness. It in itself can give, when you are absorbed in it, when you realize that you are not the sattva of the mind, and you are “I” – the source of these rays of consciousness. That is all that can be, was and is, you already have, that is the state of omniscience.

Student: If the state is out of the world, and all the information about this world is also there and contains? Some root causes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Person who disconnected the Purusha sattva, or the “I” from his mind, he basically has all the knowledge that can be.

Student: That is, even including, for example: “I Want to know what makes a worm?”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: exactly. That is how he was in Zanzibar, fumbling. Knowledge in full and without any distortion comes. As if you were a worm and he would be swarmed.

Student: It is really magic, it’s hard intellectually to understand. You can feel it somehow, but to be aware of?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, why? And with awareness all right.

Student: But how?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Remember we learned in Jnana-yoga is the expression of that knowledge which it is necessary to obtain the knowledge and knowledge that is achieved all other knowledge? Here paraphrased the same principle. Plunging into the rays of the “I”, sending rays of consciousness on your own “I”, you know the principle all other phenomena and phenomena. You just know. If you know the original principle, you just bring any result. But not extended in time, because there is already no time, then there’s one instantly begets another. You basically know the condition of all living beings, from the level of hell and ending with the level of celestials, as if you yourself have all passed. If anything, our Universe imagine as a sphere, and you emerge from this area, and you have knowledge all of this sector along, across, in all the intricacies. That is, there is nothing in principle that would be you don’t know in this area, you know? Knowledge of knowledge of to what is achieved by all.

Student: It appears only the one who separated the mind-sattva and Purusha?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not inside sees what he is shown, and the outside. When we ascend the hill we see the path part of something, and if we were on a plane and see the mountain as a whole. But if we have good optics, we can see what he sees a pedestrian coming up the mountain. This is certainly a rough analogy. It is a difficult subject, fundamental. This is the heart of yoga. So don’t be surprised that it’s so hard to realize it.

Student: It out of mind. For the mind is one of the tasks that he decides?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, mind up to a certain level of honest work, and then he writes a note saying “I’m tired, I’ve had enough”.

Student: sattvic State of mind, the causal body can be correlated?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. It is true.

Student: In other treatises this is called “life on the causal body.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, life on the level of sattva, when you not affect more neither rajas nor Tamas, sattva remains. That’s life on the causal body.

Student: how then, if the person lives in the causal body and the mind can control how he wants. Wanted off wanted – turned to. And here is called “sattva of the mind.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a tumbling terminology. Why? Because we took all the phenomena and functions called mind. But the mind also is different. Sometimes the subconscious mind is the conscious mind is the superconscious is what is called intuition. In fact, there is no contradiction. When they say that a person disables the mind, refers to intuition. Intuition is the mind. We sometimes dump everything in one pile.

Student: the Mind is associated with the causal body, right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At our level is now the main tool is the mind, one to which we are accustomed, analytical. We solve your financial issues: where to invest where not to invest. It is implied that we have to solve them in space and in time, that is, he needs to think, comprehend all. But at the level of the causal body includes the part of the mind, that is higher. This so-called intuitive mind, which we know. But still – it is the sattva of the mind is the subtlest substance, it is extremely light, it immediately gives you some other level, but it’s still mind.

It is not Purusha, it is not “I”, even the life of the causal body. From our point of view it’s really the idea of Paradise in heaven, or about some higher ideal that can only be. But from the point of view of absolute yoga, it’s just the same intermediate, which is then similarly processed, and the person goes “ya”. Actually Tantra comes very fortunate in karmic terms. When whip left, and stick yet. The best students in yoga, those who are not afraid of the whip of life, but not yet corrupted by gingerbread this life. That is why it is believed that the human body is the most valuable. When you’re in the body of an animal or wild man, the whip, fight for survival. You have from morning till night to look for roots and bugs to eat. You will not find and will not eat, you die and die. The world of the celestials – it’s mostly peace of sattva, the world of the causal body, the world of pleasure. And the illusion that pleasure can make more and more sophisticated. And it is clear that if a person is prone to this, it is not so analyzes. And the world of man in the middle, when he got rid of the whip, but not yet addicted to the drug gods.

In this state it is like no free. That is why it is believed that life in the human body a lot more valuable than the life of a celestial. After all, with this level you can make a direct leap to the level of the puruṣa – of the “I” that is beyond the sattva of the mind. That is why such a jump from the level of a person possible on the absolute level. But with the level of more developed beings relative to God. Imagine the thunder that can fly the Universe, to make miracles and enjoy thousands of pleasures. This level, oddly enough, is considered less valuable from the standpoint of absolute victory. The only exception is the so – called higher tantric level, called our friends the Buddhists clean countries. We also have such a level of yoga – existence on the level of sattva, but it is without addiction to pleasure. It is verified, there is a half-step to enlightenment. A large part of the intermediate level person, it is full of all sorts of temptations and dangers, and with it you can fall.

Student: the Process of evolution is the process of growing pleasure. Pleasure should grow and grow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I have mentioned quick methods. Quick methods assume that you don’t waste time even for enjoyment. You must first enjoy the pleasure and then the greatest pleasure. According to regular evolution, you must first get rid of that suffering, then to fully enjoy the pleasures, and then to achieve the highest enjoyment. The fastest method tells you that we do not waste time neither suffering nor pleasure, and will not scrupulously pass on these pleasures and quick tat-tat-tat and all, gone. We like the two hands hold suffering and joy, and discarding both of them, we receive much more. I emphasize, this is not the yoga of Patanjali, if we have a hundred million years enjoyed. Before us is a dancer in the temple dancing, then we would have Mercedes cars or rode on elephants and trumpeted in the sink and test all our ideas about what is good.

Student: From pleasure is difficult to refuse because you’re more in enjoyment will not move?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: forest For the trees can not see. Exactly the same here. Patanjali aphorisms, some are duplicated as if from different sides. In the third Chapter, they are served from the point of view of perfect abilities. In the previous chapters – from the point of view of explaining the principle of this yoga, but somewhere – from the point of view of achieving these principles. How would one come in three guises.

50. As a result of complete dispassion even toward this [ability] when seeds destroyed [all] defects, [occurs] absolute separation.

Review of Vyasa: When the elimination of the affects of karma, and this [yogi] comes [instant enlightenment] – “this discerning ability of consciousness is the attribute of sattva, and sattva relates to what should be discarded [because] the Purusha is not affected by the change, [initially] and pure (respectively,] is different than sattva,” the he’s no longer experiencing attachment to this [intellectual discernment], all the seeds of the defects, which is not able to bear fruit, as [it is not able to bear fruit] seeds of rice, burnt [in the fire], cease to exist together with the mind (Manas) [as a worldly tool]. When destroyed Purusha no longer suffers the threefold miseries. And then, in terms of the reverse evolution of the modes, reflected in the mind through the (appropriate] forms the ripening of karma and passions and realize his goal, is the complete separation of the Purusha from the modes, [that is his] absolute liberation. In this case, the Purusha there is nothing like the energy of the consciousness residing in itself.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: the Ability for absolute domination over all those forms of existence and the ability of omniscience arises only in him who has knowledge of the distinction between sattva and Purusha. There is a the power of yoga.

In this way, all those other legends and tales that can be read, which has reached our days. I refer anyone interested to the Mahabharat, the Indian epic, the numerous-numerous narratives about the Gods Indra, Varuna, Shiva, the whole Pantheon of Gods, which was, and all related some of the story, as myths of Ancient Greece. From other sources came to these stories, there is always a red thread runs the same theme. A person starts to engage in spiritual knowledge, very soon acquires power, and the power, is not ephemeral in the field only of philosophy and knowledge, but power, even in this physical world. Power, which may be something there to create or destroy. Draw another will not stand in his way, because he overcomes her, etc. etc.

In the 49th aphorism was said about the fact that one sooner or later acquire this ability, and then the highest squeaks – he in some sense casts this ability power. As

the result of complete dispassion in relation even to this ability, when destroyed all the seeds of all defects, there is separation. When discarded the possibility of power, or what was even said in the treatise of Patanjali, when the will of the yogin does not meet with obstacles and all elements and components of the world are in such a connection, as polishable yogi. On idea, it would be possible to cut the Universe up and down. It would be possible to create, destroy planets, not to mention some small scale activity level.

And I want to emphasize again that this is not some ephemeral hallucination. What are you stoned or something, or stuffed mushrooms, and you have the illusion that you can the sun to break into pieces, ground to break, sometimes it just happens with some followers. I from time to time meet them, they say to me about their experiences that they have when they trash some will gorge themselves and then say they felt. Hallucinations they are even hallucinations, they are like a movie to watch. You know, like a meteor tearing our planet into pieces, but it’s just a movie, just a game of imagination, which are not backed by anything real. It’s not primarily the state of reality. When you really have this power, and not himself invented it.

Generally speaking, a red thread from the other side is yoga, yoga is not people who make a fool of themselves, i.e. if there is no real evidence, it is considered nothing. That key’s a lot of things at once at all is clipped, discarded distortion, misunderstanding, issued by the so to speak of their thoughts and preferences for what is. When there is a real power, and when you have the ability to be a bit little like God himself, and to do everything you can do.


When a yogi begins to impartially apply even to that ability, i.e. it does not affect, and temptation, I agree, is great. All to reshape and re-do. When he refuses this, not getting involved in all this, and sees in all the harmony, then comes here what we say is true separation. What does it mean? It means an exit from the Universe. Until the slightest thing attracts you inside this Universe, or do you want the slightest touch on the pebble to move, for example. Here we believe everything in it is good, they say, the stone should be moved from this place to that. Or is there a law of human device, of the universe any different, the sun to force it to Shine green, well the most different, it would seem. All this indicates that you have some involvement in the world. You still have any desire left at least some binding inside the world. Until after even the thin thing is not passed, to talk about the total output outside the Universe, outside of space, time and in some sense the logic of our mortal three-dimensional sense.

Final victory – here it is then and there. When a man goes out completely. It means he no longer lives in this world, or he may in this world be? In fact, this condition is a sharp increase, if anything, might. He can this way and that and something different. Still maybe in some way that we cannot fathom because it is beyond our Universe, outside the scope of our logic, our reason. We are accustomed to think in space and in time. In the best case, spiritual intuitive mind tells us that is the ordinary life of our citizens, and have spiritual insight.

So yogi goes beyond the insights. What you aspire to reach this level of spirituality, for yoga is the same developed stage, it goes even beyond that. Why? Because he reveals what he is. And what he is, far above all things, ie it is even difficult to define, it is even difficult for this reason to say something. It is known in deep Samadhi, deep Samadhi occurs when the person is not involved in this world. Externally, the body is think. Now what says Patanjali is slightly higher than Samadhi. It is actually beyond the world.

This is total disunity, i.e., Samadhi – it is in this sense without an object. This is equivalent to the same, but here the same is seen on the other hand, from a different angle. We can say that this ability is achieved when there is a Samadhi without an object. And you can say different, that Samadhi without an object is achieved when no object is not interesting, you don’t cling for any object, including for power. It is possible to exist in this world, to walk, to speak with all while to arrive. Exactly. If you anything left to do in this world, you can walk, run, jump, redraw it as you please, if that is any deeper reason.

When done miracles? When there is a need for these miracles from other souls who are here now will jump to the same level. When a person is on the way in this direction, and he appeals to those who have already moved beyond this world. Only then they come and show open his eyes to everything, including these wonders. And really, a snap of a finger to build some Palace or another to do something unprecedented, unreal.

But the point of all miracles is that miracles by and large they work, and they need a certain kind of people looking for and asking these wonders, not for normal average people that these miracles will bring neither cold nor heat. They will remain unnoticed and UN-understandable. When the question is that the person the great master, the great enlightened, he has reached this state and outside this Universe, and you ask: can he walk on this Universe in the body of a person and something else to do, yeah maybe. But what purpose is he doing this? If you have a goal, that is, for some reason. Goal

only one, when someone you out of this world, someone else’s soul that she’s going to be on the same level, and in some mysterious incomprehensible way appeals to the higher power or that which is beyond this world. Then there is direct appeal. On direct appeal, there is a straight answer. In this case, Yes. The soul incarnates into this world, she begins to walk and run like a normal person and seek to help others to go beyond. That’s the principle of the Bodhisattva. This is the only motivation.

Student: When great teachers already have achieved this, they remain in this state, but it is still doing something. They somehow manifest their actions in this world, I want to change something?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. We must clearly understand that they do not want, and so they for themselves have everything they could get from this world. But for myself, it’s understandable. For them personally, if I may say so, for a person who has risen beyond the individual, nothing. To them this world is not interesting, it is for them the straw. But when someone who still believes the world is not straw, but on the way to lifting begins to appeal to them, so they helped him. As an ordinary person praying? Lord, you Almighty! Send me a billion dollars or something like that. Of course, I exaggerate. But there is treatment and there is a response to the appeal. But the response to the appeal, it is clear that a small child is sitting and just praying his parents. About mom and dad, give me a ton of chocolate! But mom and dad know that even one kg of chocolate is enough to make him sick or allergic disorder, so they are in no hurry to comply with such stupid requests.

But there is a request that is never not replied to requests on the spiritual path and spiritual self. That’s when they turn is the higher, is what this whole world is made. The response to this request, of course, comes much faster than if you started asking a ton of chocolate or a billion dollars. They do not make the person who asks about the spiritual path, as clicking fingers immediately realized. No, because they certainly do not, but they, entering into this world, help him to understand, to reach this level. Definitely the way to go always own. No one ever for the other person fails, he has to do. Otherwise it’s pointless. That is why there is no such that you then snapped her fingers, and the other there prosvetlilsia. It is impossible in principle. More precisely, why from the beginning, not once you click in a jiffy all prosvetlilsia, from cockroach and ending with the celestial. After all, if it comes to that, you can do it. But it is imposing. This entire world is invented to every living entity has attained enlightenment, freed itself from the entanglement.

Another thing is that there are some supporting factors that would facilitate that achievement, but the conditions on it or coming up. Because the cockroach cannot directly communicate to the Lord God and ask that he was enlightened, he still is not the idea of the Lord God. Similarly, the vast majority of people can’t. But if you’re directly asked, he realize the power of God, if you yourself realize what’s really in his power to flick a hand, a finger, and you will immediately become illuminated, it means that you have yourself completed the level of victory. You yourself have accomplished this. You know? That is, you can not physically, you already have the algorithm developed. The only question in time. Yes, God can speed up this time to the snap of a finger. You know? But if you’re asking about the release, then you already know the concept, you already know the idea. So you’re by and large already won. You know? And what is left? I just need time and your negative and positive karma. It is a trifle, which, well, that is logic. Here the logic is very iron. The question of time. You want to get rid of suffering as quickly as possible, to reduce this time and to help others to do it.

A higher power is unobtrusive, yet you will not be asked to do anything, unambiguously and irrevocably, they will not do it. Why? Or rather will do, but only as they see it, not how you see it. Why? Because otherwise it would be imposing, someone you performed. Why would the Lord God banishes all these living beings through the purgatory of our Universe material? It was a goal when he created this world and made us, little specks of this light to pass through billionth the evolution of living beings, minerals, plants, animals, including man, and more to come. We already talked about this. Why it was done.

But back to the treatise of Patanjali. So, one will not climb if it was originally conceived the system in order to win each their own, why interrupt the game? Why then is all this supposed to do? But the logic. Absolute harmony. Better you nothing you can imagine. You know? As long as you don’t see harmony, you need to achieve it. But achieving harmony is not the essence of the change is external, but the essence of change in internal, you know? And Yes, indeed, I fully agree with one side, as that’s the kind of yoga that has omnipotence. He by and large does nothing for the reason that he does not see anything worthy of him. Not see what else to do. And so everything is quite. And therefore does nothing. But this is no excuse for people who are like ostriches hiding their heads in the ground and say: if I have to reach this state let me now sit and I will convince that all is well. There are also methods when what you think, the energy itself must adapt to it. And become.

Look, when you are clearly faced with the thing that is, if you once blew up the bridge of his stupidity, I don’t know for the sake of interest, got some explosives and blew up the bridge. And all the people suffer, and cannot cross from one side of the shore to the other shore. Of course, this disharmony. The disharmony you did it once. Well, restore. Sweat, and there is no need to admonish ourselves that the blown-up bridge – it is just a harmony. Not have engaged in self-deception. Revive him. That’s when you’ll fix all those layers of karma that you yourself created, only then you will see the harmony, and then you do not want to do because to do nothing will need. But until you see that something needs to be done until you see what you have to do something to help others, you do sweat and don’t waste another second. Only after this rajas cleared your karma, and you will see sattva, and when separated from sattva comes, then you really will be free.

Back, we are pushed to the side. Yogi gets curious enough force to put it mildly, an opportunity to reshape the Universe, and impartial with respect to, including, and this is achieved outside of the Universe or Samadhi without an object. Interpreting it this way, when here it is – the mirror of the mind, and in the course of evolution we sharpen, it starts to Shine, on its surface there are waves. Our I Shine the rays of his own consciousness, and our I think that it is the mind. Then a long, long yoga, the number will in mind reduces, reduces, reduces, and then there is only one wave. I still considers himself a mind, but mind only one wave. Person in Samadhi. The highest yoga. But he still, nonetheless, identifies himself with the sattva of the mind. Then comes a fantastic thing, and the last leaves here this idea. That is, in the mind nothing remains, and at this point I see reflected in the mind itself. It understands that the mind, which it is believed is they, and directs the rays of consciousness is not in the direction of reason, as itself, it abandons the sattva of the mind, it is as if divided, in the sattva of the mind. But by and large just out of this world. It has absorbed. I absorbed in itself. This is Samadhi without an object, that which brings liberation. Once this is accomplished, everything! Victory! We come out of this world. Fully emerged. We were freed.

Question: “can we go back?” But for God’s sake, but we may at any time and get out of it. You know? You can then remove the direction of the rays of consciousness on the mind, and again, as if to pseudoelasticity with him, to play this game still, and tired, then leave again. Thus arriving at the condition inside. But the question is: “How to get rid of this latest wave in the mind, and identifying ourselves with the mind?” Here in this case, it says here that when a person has one wave in mind, and he considers himself a mind, he truly reaches the power to make this world anything I want. When he impartially applies to that state, i.e. he is impartial to this one wave in mind, he rastorgaetsya including with her, and achieves absolute victory.

51. In the case of the invitation from the [beings] that are at [higher] levels [of existence, the yogi should not feel neither vanity nor joy, as unwanted attachment [may appear] again.

Review of Vyasa: Indeed, there are four [type], such yogis: “chose the better way of life”, “the sweet steps”, “endowed with the light of wisdom” and “went beyond what should be cultivated”. Of these, the first [type belongs to the yogin], completely dedicated to [psycho] practice; for him a light [of wisdom] is only apparent. The second [type] is “one who has wisdom, carrier of the truth.” The third is he who subdued the “[great] elements” and the senses and has mastered the ways of preserving all that has been achieved as a result of yogic practices and what more needs to be achieved. He is fluent in methods of implementation of what has been done and what remains to be done, and other things. To the fourth [is] one who has gone beyond all that should be cultivated. His only goal is the dissolution of consciousness [in the cause], and his wisdom, aspiring to the highest level [of concentration], to seven species. The gods that dwell at [higher] levels of existence, see pure sattva Brahman, [which belongs to the second type of yogis] who have realized the sweet stage [of concentration], and invite him to her: “the master is here! Let him enjoy in these [spheres of existence]! This pleasure is so desirable! This girl is so attractive! This elixir prevents old age and death! This chariot could move through the air! Here the trees are all benevolent; here fragrant celestial river Mandakini. Here committed the great seers and matchless in its appeal, the apsaras. Here are all endowed with the ability to divine hearing and the divine vision, and the body like a diamond. Your virtues, dear, you deserve it all! Come in this high seat, indestructible, ageless, undying, beloved by the gods!” The yogi who hears such appeals should be deep in the contemplation of the defects of attachment: “Roasted on the coals terrible samsara, wandering in the darkness of birth and death, I somehow approached the lamp of yoga, dispelling the darkness of passions. And these vortices sensory objects generated by a passionate attraction, are an obstacle [to the light]. Why am I the one who has truly found the light, should deceive the thirst for the pursuit of sensual objects and turn yourself into fuel for the fire of samsara, flare up again? Goodbye, sensual objects! You like dreams, inviting to his poor people”. They thus determined, let [the yogin] is practicing concentration. Not recreating the affection, even though he is no longer experiencing and vanity: “I welcome even the gods!” For he who in his vanity imagines himself in perfect security, even being captured by the death of hair feel [captured] himself. And then carelessness, which is looking for its weak spots and where you should always beware to break free, awaken the passions. And here again [there] unwanted affection. Therefore, one who avoids attachment and vanity, strengthened in purpose, which he has already implemented, and closer to the goal, which is yet to be realized.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: once again the aphorism. “In the case of invitations from entities at higher levels of existence, the yogi should not feel neither vanity nor joy, because the unwanted attachment, you may receive again.” Here is another following the warning, that is called on the path of yoga, which Patanjali gives, and its meaning is as follows. Here the yogi begins to practice yoga. Engaged, involved and really hones your sattva of the mind, i.e. cleans it from rajas and Tamas, reaches a power, and then, as if to see with spiritual eyes is thinner, it glows as brightly as the sun, when it rises, rises into the sky.

On the background is dim, dim panorama of ordinary people, who are mired in their worldly Affairs, something run, jump, fuss, suddenly, like a diamond in the trash, starts to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow, such a person as a yogi who has reached a certain spiritual perfection. And here begins a curious kind of thing, which warned of Patanjali, there are worlds in some ways on the one hand cleaner with bolshim pleasure, more powerful than for example our 3емной the world. Where live creatures, the common people – the Gods, a completely different form of existence. They know about what a life here, but they are at a higher level, on the absolute level.

And here they suddenly notice that this material plane is a creature, which with its light eclipses everything, and they begin to visit it. As if suppose the analogy is, would have been born some famous scientist in our barbaric planet where people still go to war. Would have been born some genius who discovered the laws of the universe, and representatives of other civilizations unearthly, which in principle does not interfere in our lives, and what is actually doing when it’s all chaos and confusion. And they suddenly see that the scientist was born with so much potential, which even on their planet there. And so they begin to visit him, to communicate with him, to show him any kind of respect, etc.

This is similar to how any American will come to some of Zanzibar where Negroes jump and run. And suddenly he sees among them one of the Papuans of New Guinea, that some future physicist, but a physicist who will exceed all of physics across the United States. Of course, they’re going to invite: “welcome to us in America, you will have a self-propelled carriage, box, which will show you all the cards!” That is to seduce some of the delights of American civilization to physics, which pelapapas else to pull for you.

Similarly here, in a sense, this yogi who reaches a high level, it immediately enters the field of view of the gods, which strongly evince him your favor and invite him to go live on a new plan. Where such pleasure that he never dreamed of in this gross material world, where such capabilities that are not present here, i.e. all those creatures live on the subtle material level, the other close to the level of the causal body. So enjoying them much more than the physical. Who are they? The same yogi who has reached and left with a certain level there? Probably not. Most likely just the next stage of civilization creatures. Sooner or later the Earth will also be on this level in a natural way. A natural way to slowly.

But the paradox is that to do with this new level leap up to the release of very difficult because a lot of temptations, a lot of sensual temptations. And then how would the yogi in a particular order one for yourself go to this level of all these temptations, and if inside a desire to eat them. But we should not forget that this classical treatise of yoga in the difference can be from some of the tantric practices very cleverly solved this. I will not say artfully, honestly and openly goes completely the other way. It is as though a person begins to tempt those gods, a yogin, if he is offended, he really goes to this level, it goes beyond human life and starts to live in this heavenly Kingdom, enjoying the fruits of enjoyment is higher. Where, as has been said here, such a beautiful girl, from which you cannot look away, and there drinks, the giver of long life or immortality. But it is temporary. But immortality in what sense? In the sense of human immortality. But there is another point that you still stay in the circle of samsara. You still stay in the circle of karma, may be subtle and positive, but still in the circle of karma. The very fact that you’re staying in the circle of karma, there is already a risk. Now you’re on a positive level but now can just

with him and to fly. If you are on these laws, and now they’ve carried you upstairs, but where is the guarantee that tomorrow they’ll not be thrown into the depths of hell.

That’s why here Patanjali warns like, and Vyasa gives the appropriate such as samosogrevanie. Because it’s such a rarity when a person begins to understand something spiritually. It’s such a rarity that it somehow even where it begins to go beyond cause and effect, beyond karma. And that’s to change of course this truly priceless gift of understanding on a very strong sensual pleasure it’s crazy, kind of pointless. That’s why here warn that the yogi does not succumb to temptation. Why? Because if you can see for yourself the enjoyment of pleasure, if you do not see these pleasures of that outrageous, then watch out for these pleasures, as a terrible threat of poison. It is better not to eat than to get hooked on them like drugs, and did not know then how to get rid of them.

That is, it is not contrary to the method of Tantra in which say the opposite. Go in the direction of pleasure and the more pleasure you digest, the faster you will be freed. Why in the tantras it works, and why here in the yoga of Patanjali warned? Yes, the reason is very simple. In Tantra you are always great pleasure to see that they are temporary and you do not cling. And you kind of glide on them. You enjoy all that they can give you, but you with the same ease and break up with them. Why unable to part with it? Because beyond all these delights you see here is the Supreme transcendent. If it’s like a landmark, like a lighthouse you’ll have to Shine, you will never be lost.

And usually when yogi seduce this kind of thing, where something in him start his own karma and ambition to Wake up. That I respect even the denizens of heaven, that to these beauties means, etc. etc. and somewhere for a moment he can forget that behind this pleasure is an even higher ideal, i.e. the output is outside of samsara. And as soon as he forgot about it all! He concentrates on this to let the outer circle of pleasure-pleasure, which never dreamed of earthly creature. But still round. But as if he momentarily forgets about it, i.e. he is losing. Once caught – all just forgot that there’s this higher purpose, and in Tantra about this setup is that to get the maximum pleasure, not to dwell on any particular, and to go farther and farther, higher and higher. There by it increases you to go on. And you’re in Tantra at any moment to abandon even the most powerful of pleasure, if it would be as if to contradict your course in spiritual development further. If you start to insert

you a spoke in the wheel in achieving a higher purpose. In Tantra you painless immediately leave all these pleasures.

Don’t know how the Buddha, who just took and walked away from the temptation to run a small country, to be a small princeling, but with the feeling that you are the great Maharajah. Same here, even going to this level of subtle beings, it is only the illusion that they are powerful. Yes, they’re powerful, can be, from the point of view of ordinary creatures of the earth, but from the Universe point of view it is also a little maggot. If we take the level prohibitively high.

That’s the reason in the “Yoga Sutras” yoga and warn that be careful, because, as it says at the Vyasa, even when death is gonna grab you by the hair, you will still lighten up from complacency and from its importance, and not even notice how crept up some grains of negative karma. And … gods die too. Yes, their life may be, lasts for thousands, millions of terms of human life, but still it is limited. Sooner or later everything is impermanent, bound to change.

And if karma didn’t completely been cleared, if there is the slightest affect, that is, a darkening action on the sattva of the mind, there is always the possibility that you were a yogi has reached a high level, the gods invited you up to enjoy you there enjoyed 10 million years according to their calendar (the equivalent of human life), and then died. As suddenly died. And here is the question: “when you die, where would you be?” And wouldn’t you be here after all this wonderful cycle in some dark hell, correcting some of his these moments? Well, at best you will be born on earth. This is the best case. But in the worse – again you will be born a celestial. Because if you are born in hell, you have way to yoga closed. Why? Because there is life on built, that does not work out. Similarly, why? Because the whip is chasing you there.

But at the level of gods if you were born with nother side: you was born and you: “Man, why are you tense? Yeah out what the girls are beautiful, right out of the wagon flying in the sky themselves. Yes enjoy you, enjoy this existence.” And really asks himself: “why persist in, exactly? What is there to think about the universe, it’s all so much fun?” In this regard, of course, the best option is again to be born a man. Have to be more careful, already so much on the promises of gods not to react too with open arms. That’s about it, says Patanjali.

52. Thanks sanyama on the moments and their sequence [there arises] knowledge arising from discernment.

Review of Vyasa: just as the atom is the limit of divisibility [material] substance, and the moment there is no minimum time limit. Or, [according to another definition] that moment is the time during which the moving atom, leaving one [point] space appears in the other. As for the sequence, then it constitutes a continuous course of such [moments]. Connection points in their sequence does not exist as the [objective] reality. Hours, days, etc., [such] the connection [moments is] through the mind. Indeed, it is time, there is only a thought structure, devoid of [objective] reality, [and] representing the result of verbal knowledge. But people with ordinary consciousness is [time] seems to be [something] having the real essence. However, the time belonging to [the realm of objective] reality is based on the sequence, and the sequence is essentially a continuity of moments. Yogis who know [what is] the time it’s the call time. Further, the two moments do not exist simultaneously. Since a sequence of two coexisting [points] impossible, [it is permissible to speak only in that case], when the previous time is replaced by the following. This is the sequence of moments. Hence [it follows that] there is only one [indivisible] time, [it] neither the previous nor the subsequent moments. Therefore, connection is impossible. With regard to past or future moments, they should be interpreted as the inherent process of change. Thus, the whole world is exposed to constant change in every single moment [of its existence]. Truly, all Dharmas [that is, qualitatively-defined conditions], arose from just such a moment. Thanks sanyama on the moments and their sequence [becomes possible], their direct perception, and hence the knowledge arising from discernment. [More] introduced the definition of its object.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Oh, interesting topic this. But before we now move on to this aphorism, that on the previous few words, after all.

So, the most important part of all beings, which only gives this universe is the human condition: when the whip was gone and the carrot had not yet come; when one extreme has gone, but another extreme has not yet come; when we are no longer like animals from morning till night and only hunt for bread, for food, well, not for bread and for food, for female, security, etc. That is our entire life is controlled by this algorithm.

At the human level this grip is weakening. We have the time, we have the opportunity to live without it.

But on the other hand still did not come the next extreme, or the next moment – a temptation from the powers, the temptation of the more exotic and sophisticated pleasures (what awaits humanity in the future, when mankind will make the next step aside, so to speak, of heaven). It dramatically increases the amount of these sensual pleasures sharply. Moreover, stronger, more exciting.

Therefore, if we represent schematically, the civilization about the form of this hill: at first level the animal from the sun of knowledge very far, and then begins the hill. On top of this hill is human existence, the sun is closer. And then formally, if so allegorically speaking, the hill starts to go down again to the level of the celestials, that is the next stage of evolution. It is very far from that sun. But if in the case of animals far because you don’t have the time, now far away, because the temptation is not to look just that way.

Student: but what point is this: the higher your pleasure than wider. You have the opportunity to show consciousness and energy, and this determines, in fact, the development of your spiritual, how much you connected to the consciousness and energy, and how much you can show, because in these gods… they are higher.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. Somewhere I partially answered it, but again.

Now the vast majority of people can live in acceptable conditions and to release an enormous amount of time and effort in order to practice yoga. But they don’t. They have, say, 10 thousand dollars a month income, but not enough for them. See, this here is running, the cycle – where does it come from? Out of ignorance. If ignorance persists, Yes, if you have at least 50 thousand times more energy and awareness, it will also be looped in a circle. You know? And out of this.

If not the level of the animal so little energy and awareness that they can barely have ends meet, to bring, at the level of a celestial, just enough. But the only question that remains is the inner dark, the inner Tamas, internal contamination with this distinguishing factor. And they’re just obsessed with finding all new and new pleasures, but which do not derive fundamentally, you know? And they’re just doing overkill here these are the options instead of having to strive for something totally new. Understand what’s going on?

Student: At the level of difficult to take off? That is, if they want to develop spiritually, these creatures, are they here in this world incarnate, Yes? And this world is already doing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And they have everything, you know? They have nothing to do. I see now Americans average. In fact, it’s the people who can live on unemployment benefits, etc. it would Seem, guys, well, here you have the flag in hand, get you something for your spiritual or even self-development. But we have seen nothing similar. There, on the contrary, pursue more refined pleasures. That’s why all systems predosteregaet against enjoyment? Enjoyment with certain karmic patterns in the distinction they make the tricky jail. That is the jail when you don’t consider yourself in prison.

When you see the bars, you want to escape but can’t. As a person in the condition of the animal, he want to eat. He has even desire. And here like as if you are free, and do what you want. But in fact, so cleverly constructed mirror of the scenery around you seems to be freedom, but in reality there is no freedom, it’s just an illusion of freedom.

Exactly the same here. That’s ideal, and it is closed in a circle, and tantric acquire a property to enjoy, and pleasure to get to enlightenment, the most just in human existence. Only in the human existence of large groups of people to enter in the enlightenment: they are already out of status of animal, right? That is, they do not threaten. But not yet spoiled by these pleasures. You know? Therefore, the human existence is so important, so if you want to achieve something, achieve in this life. This is the right place and moment.

Because some people think: “Here when I have so-and-so, when I’m a millionaire, I am currently in the Bahamas will build this Ashram, fountains… there’ll meditate, so I have no one and nothing was hurt!” It is an illusion. This is a very sly, cunning trick inside the karma. A very clever Ruse. Her many caught. So, now on to the next aphorism.

Aphorism 52. If you were to study physics seriously, you’d appreciate the value of this aphorism. Because he may be one of the…

Student: Scientific?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is linked to modern views of science. Emphasize that the treatise of Patanjali was written at least two thousand years ago. Then not that on quantization someone anything could speak, then do, in fact, which few people understood, and here…

Student: You speak about atoms?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, about atoms, but I’ll explain. Here in the first place, refers to time. Read again the aphorism.

Text: Thanks sanyama on the moments and their succession there is the knowledge arising from discernment.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “…in moments.” That was quite an interesting discussion when began to appear in quantum physics, when he discovered the law that the law of continuity does not exist in certain systems. And there is the law of quantization. That is, it is jumping some specific jumps. And immediately the question arose: “Well, well, if quantized, for example, concepts such as energy (is the concept of “energy quantum”), if the quantized… (there’s still a whole long list of terms you don’t want to hammer in their head), but what about over time? Time flows continuously? Or it too is quantized, that is, like irregular jumps? As the second hand: hop, hop, hop, hop. Or does it slowly, smoothly flowing, flowing, flowing. That is, can we allocate some indivisible part of time, which you’re not supposed to pour for two? Or can be arbitrarily long? Chose a microsecond, he took – it was divided into two, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc?”

Quantization says that there is a certain limit below which has not existed for a lesser period of time. Here is ten minutes, don’t know how many, seconds, and less does not happen. Or happen? It was a revolution in physics, just the real revolution, which many have done as a result of all these breakthroughs including the creation of a nuclear bomb.

And here, in this treatise, interestingly, argues that the time is quantized. There is an indivisible particle of time. How curious, right? Read in the ancient treatise, may be reflections of what is now modern scientists are fighting, and still really have no one understands.

Touch now, perhaps the most established of the paradoxes associated with time.

It’s a curious thing, but time is not continuous. We can’t say that time flows equally in all, for example, parts of the globe or the solar system.

That is usually in our “kitchen” idea, we would imagine that there is some cosmic clock, and time is the same that we, in the Sun, on Jupiter. “Tik-tik-tik” as it is sometimes show. If I say: it is ten o’clock. And people ask me: “what time is it on Jupiter?” It would be logical to answer “How many? Also ten o’clock.” Yes? And here our world begins to unravel. Suddenly it turns out that the concept of “time” from such a rigid, a specific entity acquires, I would say, somewhere, if anything, any such subjectively vague-smeared quality. And due to the fact that time flows differently, and this inequality is affected by many factors. If so, strictly speaking, how many objects, so many time. Each object, if we can allocate is their own time. That is, imagine all the objects, and everyone has their own clock.

Student: Well, Yes, even here, in Leningrad, now different time…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But, in General, the conclusion that time depends on the reference system, the speed of motion of one frame relative to another reference system. The time depends on the presence or absence of a nearby gravitational mass (large body mass bends time, i.e. time slows down).

Student: That is, from matter depend on?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In General, what I want to tell you that it is impossible to say and to relate the time of one object in another. Everyone has their own time. It is not a General whole, and his. It is already difficult to fit in the head.

I want to say again that this is quite a theme and still scientists are fighting over it, any kind of hypothesis guessing. Great contribution, of course, there is a private theory of relativity and General theory of relativity, which tries to answer these questions, with a fairly good degree of penetration, that is quite a good result. Because I conducted a number of experiments. I may be, some have said, when even on Earth, in my opinion, did two hours of nuclear, super accurate. One was placed on the plane, others left on the earth. The aircraft either around the globe flew… flew, moving with some speed. And indeed it was recorded difference.

Student: The Speed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, time slows down. To us it is hard to understand. But the point is that, first, the time is…

The student: Subjectively, Yes?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this respect, it is as if we seem to be closer to the concept of subjectivity, that is, it’s at everyone. And here Patanjali offers some sanyasa for a minimum period of time. At the moment. That is, the time is the essence of the quantum. There was a time so much and is minimal, that is to say, fixed, became more.

Student: We can change it to define? What sanyasa to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: sense. I emphasize again: this is the yoga of consciousness, here the main tool is the rays of our consciousness. If we send our rays of consciousness on a particular object, idea, or process, that object or idea or process, show yourself to us and become, if anything we controlled.

Once again, read the 52nd aphorism.

Text: Thanks sanyama on the moments and their succession there is the knowledge arising from discernment.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Clear that the law of karma, the meaning, the essence of this law is the law of cause and effect. Enough with this point of view, trivial law: as you sow, so shall you reap. Here offers sanyama on the elementary particle of time by knowing which is the knowledge of the concept of time itself, and the concept of time is also a concept of cause and effect. The system was first, in one condition, then it turned into more. And it is clear that all this is happening over time.

We can’t talk about karma if we’re not talking about time. If there is no time – there is no karma. Everything has to unfold, but if it has nothing to unfold, what can we say?

And sanyama on time gives us the knowledge of the law of cause and effect, the knowledge of the unfolding of one object to another, and as a result, comes the difference, the distinction, in this context, that is to say, the difference in this world: one that produces something else. If anything, the knowledge of the law of karma. I agree, quite valuable when you know what (roughly speaking) one act over time will lead to another act. So you’re like…

Student: I Know by discernment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

Student: here is a man who understands, he might be living here and now? Constantly in the present moment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is a very curious review of Vyasa. In fact, he expressed the same idea of yoga: that there is, by and large, past and future do not exist. And there is a continuous moment of now.

Student: People are somehow living in the past?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. At this everyday level, that is purely casual, because people they don’t live now. They are either living the dream, memories of the past. And where is it? It is not! It’s like hallucination that occurs in the mind. That is, they reproduce in mind that this Universe in the past. Begin to live in the future. If the past even though something is based, the future is a guess, or prediction, can be, in some ways, what is going to happen. Understandable, with errors. But this future either. As a result the person who does not live here and now, not living anywhere. That is like did not live. That’s why it is now so trendy this formulation is that, as they say, all at once.

Student: In Tantra, this concept is personified? The goddess of time, which controls the whole process?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, sir, where you’re bent! Come on now will not touch on these points, we shall not draw Parallels with Tantrism.

Student: About the same law works there?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what is the meaning of the same law?

Student: the same, Yes? The same energy that controls this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you see, in Tantra, the very space and time – it is somewhere in the body of the deity, is itself the deity, it’s the body of the deity. You know? That is, its “parts”, at the level of abstraction.

53. Thanks to him [achieved true] knowledge of two identical [of objects] when it is impossible to establish the difference between them is relatively generic characteristics, properties, and position in space.

Review of Vyasa: When the identity of spatial location and characteristics of two similar objects, the basis for their differentiation [acts] the division of the generic characteristics of: “This is a cow it is a horse”. When the identity of spatial location and family characteristics a distinction is made on the basis of: “a Cow with black eyes; the cow brings good fortune”. In the case of identity, [such as], two fruits myrobalan on generic characteristics and properties, a distinction is made for spatial location: “This [the fetus] is closer, and the next.” However, when the first fruit myrobalan is on the second place [of the fetus], and the attention occupied by another knower [the object], then the identity of their spatial location to distinguish between them “this [fruit of the] first, and this second” – is impossible. Since knowledge of reality must be devoid of a doubt, in so far [in the Sutra] it says: “Thanks to him [achieved true] knowledge” [that is, it arises] from the knowledge born of discernment. — How [this happens]? — Spatial arrangement in connection with the moment [of the existence] of the first fruits of myrobalan differs from the spatial location in connection with the moment [of the existence] of the second fetus. Further, these two fruit myrobalan differ in terms of the perception of their appropriate spatial location. The perception of the moments, [associated] with a different position in space, is the basis for their differentiation. From this example [it becomes clear] as the highest yogi there is a representation of the difference between the two atoms as a result of direct perception of the first atom in the connection with its spatial location at [every] moment, when he is identical with [the second] atom by generic characteristics, properties I. the position in space. Due to the inability for the second atom to match in spatial location with the first [atom] the perception of spatial location of the second [atom] differs from [perception of spatial location] the first, because they are relative to different moments [of its existence]. Others, however, believe that [is] completely isolated [entity] allow you to create the concept of difference. But in this case, the difference spatial location and properties, as well as the difference in the external form, the intermediate space and the racial characteristics serve as the basis for [their] differentiation. But the distinction highlights is available only to the consciousness of a yogi. Therefore it was said: “Due to the lack of differences on the appearance, intermediate spaces and patrimonial characteristics, the root [cause] of the individual does not exist.” So says Varagona.

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Mighty creation, and the computer as a piece of metal, so it will remain a piece of iron, well though you burst. Question what is that due to the principled approach of the work of the computer, that brute force does not solve anything. Now, however, the new computers are going to do, quantum, they, of course, more intricate, and their principle of operation is somewhere more similar to the principle of human intuition. As if there is a solution out of the properly formulated incoming terms. That is, if you have correctly formulated the task, the system is falling apart decisions, and you don’t need them too much to calculate. But as it just happened due to quantum mechanical transitions, they’re fast, and they can be parallel.

Some, by the way, in this regard, I believe that what we think consciousness is just a working quantum computer that is our brains work on this principle. But I do not exclude that may be true, our brain uses these properties in order to show themselves. But I want to emphasize that yoga is knowing the difference between sattva and Purusha and all the algorithms, even such refined or perverted, they are still out. He uses a fundamentally different method, he uses the reference to the Purusha, that is. The source of this power – the power of knowledge, he is outside this Universe and outside of any quantenmechanische computer. That is, man of principle above even that of the uncreated creation. This is stated clearly in particular in the treatises. Again.

Yogi as it comes out of the world, and he is beyond time and space, all the knowledge that is contained in this world with his time and his space. The yogi has knowledge of even such quantum mechanical transitions. What it covets modern physics, because it is impossible to measure a system without affecting the system. But yogi and do not merit it, he kind of draws it all from the outside. That is why he knows everything, that is, if he conventional methods produced knowledge, it would affect the system. Knowledge would originally have been distorted, they would not be on the system, which he measured, and the one that he had. And yoga, with omniscience, that this small adjustment for error in principle does not arise. He clearly knows what was, what is and what will be. Moreover, his knowledge does not affect this system, and this is a fundamental difference.

Only then we can talk about omniscience and omnipotence. It is consciousness, turning it to itself, and receives any interest for him, if you will, knowledge. But again from our point of view, knowledge is what we can manifest in this world. Now, if he took out, and then came down and begins to show here, we have the impression that it’s an instant, illuminating, Sovremennoe, comprehensive. In some systems, that’s the same in bhakti-yoga explanation is given next. Man becomes one with God, that is, identical with the consciousness of God who actually did it. And who knows, whatever it is that your mind and makes the whole energy of the world as something to spin and whirl. It’s like about the same, but on the other hand. There are many, many such explanations, but again I want to emphasize that they all say about the same.

And here the continuation of this review.

54. Enlightening, comprehensive, Sovremennoe and immediate, is knowledge born of discernment.

Review of Vyasa: “Illuminated” means that it arises from an intuitive samosatene without [any further] instructions. “Comprehensive” means that nothing exists that was not it. “Sovremennoe” means that it knows all past, present and future with all their circumstances. “Instantaneous” means that it grasps in an instant, all that exists at all times. This is a holistic knowledge born of discernment. Light yoga, appearing on stage Madhumati (or “Sweet”) and extending to the summit is only part of this [knowledge]. The one who has the knowledge born of discernment or one who does not possess the knowledge born of discernment

55. when the similarity of the purity of the sattva and Purusha [occurs] absolute isolation.

Review of Vyasa: When the sattva of the mind shook [his] dirt rajas and Tamas, and she has no other purpose than the attainment of its difference from puruṣas, [and when] the seeds of affects it is completely burnt, it becomes like a resemblance to the purity of the Purusha. In this case, the purity is the absence of sensory experience, metaphorically attributed to Purusha. Then there is an absolute separation for the one who has the highest dominance, and for those who do not possess them, for those who have knowledge born of discernment, and for someone who is not endowed with them. After all, who burned seeds affects, no further knowledge. And higher dominance posed by yogic concentration, and [discriminating] knowledge needs only as a means of purification of sattva. But in the ultimate sense, through knowledge eliminates ignorance. When it completely disappeared, it affects no longer, and in the absence of no affects the maturation [of the fruits] of karma. In this state, the modes, the function of which is exhausted, will not appear as the object of perception for the Purusha. It is his absolute isolation. And then Purusha, which is only the light of your essence becomes pure and absolutely separate. In this third Chapter, called “About perfect abilities” in the statement comment [to “Yoga-sastra”] Patanjali [completed].

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: It is also very interesting and important aphorism. And he’s much more profound than it seems at first glance. There is a principle in the Tantras – “If you want to be a God, act like God.” Or if you consider yourself a God, then they become, well, or what they think, and become, where I look back and go. And here, oddly enough, is the cornerstone of such, which is expressed in this aphorism.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. So, we have in a long, long evolution has formed the minds, the mind, polluted by rajas and Tamas. Through rajas we are cleansed from Tamas, then we are cleansed also from rajas, and sattva, the mind becomes, that is as pure as the mind of the sage, and he gets rid of all layers, from all the grains of karma, from all passions, etc., etc. And in that moment, when a man isolated himself from, as if not separated yet Purusha sattva of the mind, but it is good enough to clean the mind, how would the sattva of the mind begins to copy as much as possible their understanding of the puruṣa. The Purusha has one of those qualities – involvement or, as it says isolation. It watches, it is not a part of this game, it’s nothing to pull, to manipulate it, it highlights. And this quality begins to emerge.

The pure mind from rajas and Tamas, are in sattva, too, begins to be prone to copying, so as it can be done mind, that these properties of the Purusha. And there is a copy of the Purusha. And to put it simply, like a little boy playing in a sandbox with toy soldiers or toy cars, but then grows up and becomes a great driver or commander. Here is also such a kind of preparatory stage for this transition for the separation of sattva and Purusha.

In the methods of the tantric practices are quick, some of these practices of identification, the practice of sympathy, practices of Association, the practices like formation. Man thinks he has already acquired these properties and receives them very quickly. These practices they sometimes look like children playing dress-up. Well, what’s the point that I wear a crown and cloak as the monarch, do I become a monarch? Yes, says the Tantra will be. But to more subtle causal level to explain why this works? Yes, that’s because sattva, when she cleaned, and when nothing is affected, that is, it itself starts to copy and gets copied properties of the Purusha, but only here in this world. And there is a God, that is, a creature with one hand in this world and using this energy, matter, but on the other hand, with all the properties of being prohibitive.

And here happens the same as sattva copies, like a little boy, she plays Purusha. And it manifests in many ways, in many ways, in many ways, the properties of the Purusha, even if this awareness of the difference between sattva and Purusha is not implemented. That’s the principle. But if you already played this game, sooner or later this division will be done.

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