2008.11.15. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Our I, fear and anger.” (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Each of us has experienced the fear and anger of varying intensity. Up to what point the fear factor is dominant in the life of a living being? As conceived fear? What causes symptoms of fear? As awareness of the fear manifests itself in our forms, our reactions? How does the fear associated with anger? How anger can suppress the fear and fear can quell the anger? Why evolution is more preferable anger than fear? As the energy of fear and anger translated into charisma? How successful was the process of evolution from the point of view of yoga? How to overcome fear and anger? 

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2008.11.15 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Today, November 15, 2008. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow near Metro Novoslobodskaya, and this lecture for the Open University of Yoga. All the information on our site www. openyoga.ru, www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.

Once again, I urge you to adhere to the first and second principles of yoga, regardless of whether you practice yoga or not, it is quite universal ancient knowledge, will not be worse. Yoga encourages us not wait. We are waiting and waiting for the universe, our resource is exhausted, it takes years of life; Today we are young, aged tomorrow, the next day will have to die again, to be born again. Wait for absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, there is the position that a person is waiting for something. A man waits and waits for the universe.

Let us return to our subject. In the last two lectures we examined human emotions, and I would like to hear questions from previous lectures, if any, that was a logical succession, and there was no isolation because we discussed in previous lectures. So, if you have any questions, let’s discuss them.

Question. “I would like to know, what is the principle of duality (Dwight)?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Apparently, it makes sense to read a single lecture in which we examined in detail the question. Duality (dvaita Sanskrit) says that there is a possibility of expanding the base of all objects and phenomena in the universe in two coordinates. At school, we have drawn the graph, there have been X and Y. You can draw any path point, knowing the coordinates. Or, for example, you have the address: the city of such and such, such and such a street. In fact, it also comes down to the X and Y, where on the surface of the globe you live or are. As in all objects and phenomena in the universe has its own coordinates. One coordinate – the energy, the other – consciousness. More precisely, these two principles, the intersection of which everything happens, from the trivial and ending with space problems. This is called dvaita from the standpoint of a philosophical system. Immediately comes to mind another word Advaita. “A” – a negative prefix, not a duality. Accordingly, it is not the doctrine of the deep duality of energy and consciousness, or the root cause of that which gave rise to them. It if to answer very briefly.

Are there any other questions?

Question. “In the last lecture on greed, you said that if a person does not hold a resources and spend them on the right things, the universe gives him even more. The question is how to determine which cases are correct and which are wrong? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It all starts with the first and second principles of yoga. The first principle calls us to good, bright, urging people not to harm as possible. The second calls us to the extreme rationality, common sense. Also, in our greed. Watching what goals we have set. If you are considering any financial institution or general director of the bank, which has a resource and he is going to spend it, so he was not lying dead money. It is understood its purpose. Accordingly, the method of how to do everything – their own. In any such institution, there are whole departments that are engaged in investment analyzing business plans, new industry study on what could be spent resources.

Also in our everyday life. We have the resources. In addition to money, the obvious resource is time. Today, you came here and did not go to a nearby restaurant, although there is a lot of fun, I assure you. It is not hidden advertising, it’s the opposite, warning that where fun – not the most rational. Do you have another thing – attention. Not only do you come here, I hope you’re here, and thoughts. You can sit here and think in his mind, as if it would be good to rest in a nearby restaurant. Physically, the time spent here, and our consciousness has been spent on some distant thought. Our second resource is our consciousness. The question is how and what it spent.

Yoga encourages us as if we do not spend resources – to perform the first and second principle of yoga. If properly used, these principles, you have a path emerges where to go, where not to go – dharma, or duty, a sacred path, trail. This is something that satisfies both the principle of yoga. The way in which waste resources should fully comply with this duty, our ways of living. If we have one target, then we have to spend resources in accordance with the purpose. Yoga calls for the absence of greed, but not to a lack of common sense. Sometimes we substitute these concepts. There is a beggar and asked for alms. To give or not to give? Very difficult question. Question universal. Danger that giving rascal, you deliberately create a branch of earning money. The most dangerous thing to give an off rascal, you are corrupting him, and he no longer thinks so much like to go somewhere to work out how much on how quickly it is currently collected on khalyavnykh drink. Very complicated things. Yoga encourages a reasonable approach. On the other hand, when a man really got into a difficult situation as it does not help? How not to be generous, not to be greedy? The answer here may be: to analyze their lives, their aspirations, goals, and a waste of resources to achieve them. But the only way to make it as little as possible affected by this. Here is the answer to the question in a nutshell.

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Question. From the perspective of yoga, the path (Dharma) is given over to man or the man himself he chooses?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Dharma – this is a very strange concept. There is such a thing as karma, predestination. We’ve done something once and are now forced to contemplate the fruits of their labors. Some we like, some do not like. This kind of predetermination. Good deeds do – rejoice in this life, bad things done – we suffer in this life. Nowhere can not escape. More precisely we can, but it takes effort to eliminate the negative trend, or on the contrary, squander all that is given to us because of our positive karma.

Dharma is the path that allows you to get the most positive karma from the state, which we now have and the maximum to avoid the negative of what we have. Following this path, you gradually come to realize the plane is karma, where the law of cause and effect does not work. The law of karma – it is nothing more than a variation on the theme of cause and effect. There is a concept of time, there is the concept of cause and effect, there is the following concept – the concept of karma. Yoga tells us that it is possible to rise above these laws. Do not cancel them, and rise to a higher level, where there is such a tough conditionality. Walking along the path of Dharma, with each step we are becoming more and more free and less conditioned. So, if briefly.

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Question. “I just now noticed on the reservation in the first principle of yoga that if we can not do no harm to living beings, we must act according to our duty. What is meant by the word duty? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. On this question we have already answered here a dozen times. I can answer quickly, but it will be crumpled. I refer you to our website. Now on the website www. openyoga.ru we form a global archive in audio, video, in print, where you will find all that was, is and will be. There you will view the lectures on the first and second principles of yoga, everything is given in more detail. To quickly answer your question, I remind you that, unfortunately, we can not but harm. Every day of our existence here someone pays life. Not in our power to remove themselves from harm, even if we really want to, but we can reduce the amount of harm. Yoga does not call you no harm at all, because it is not possible. Yoga encourages you in all cases where it is possible to reduce the harm to – follow this path. This is exactly the same as our Dharma. Read more about this in the lectures from the archives.

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Question. “You often use the term” rapid methods “in yoga. What does it mean? And if there is, consequently, slow methods? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Rather the other way: the rapid and classical. A fast method of yoga – it is a pure gift. Who was on our way and went beyond the cause and effect, beyond karma, perhaps they once were such as we are now. They left behind a fast way. Imagine, you are shown the field and say that there is somewhere buried treasure. You have the whole field to search through to find the treasure. The classical method – is to take a shovel and dig until you find it. Quick method – this is when you not only have shown the field, but also said there is a dig. The classical method of yoga – is a method of Patanjali, absolutely wonderful. Quick method – a mercy, a gift from the higher spheres. As a rule, such a gift to get good people who observe the first principle of yoga. The first yoga principle – a principle beyond logic. Being good in our world is irrational logic. The first and second principles of yoga seem to contradict each other. If you need money, you can go out and rob a bank. This is very consistent with the second principle: do not waste time. But you are very tough break the first principle, because someone will suffer from it. This thing becomes unacceptable. Only between these two principles there is a path. Everything related to logic, and so we get: we behave logically and succeed in life. All that concerns over logic, we would like his behavior drew the attention of those teachers who are already so high and far that we even think about them can not. They, remembering how once ourselves, as we are now, like blind kittens poked in my life, and give us the fastest methods.

Question. “It turns out that the types of yoga can not be divided into fast and slow?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. No, rather differently. This is a very serious philosophy. It’s not even what you do, but the point is, how are you doing, what are you doing in the state. It is found such a term as Bhava – your attitude. A typical example: in India is full of holy places: the pond, the mountain waterfall. Come tourists who read this to millions of books about mysteries, watching, instead of Lake Saint – pool, instead of the holy mountain – the mountain as a mountain, nothing special. In humans, as if blindfold flies: he sees all the dirt, and it is clear that it is not impressed. Another man comes to the same and is in a cloud of self-deception, if anything, he does not see all this dirt. On the contrary, it penetrates this supreme. Because if a creature that lived there before, reached the Supreme, is the place as if magnetized fluids of the Supreme, and if tune to this wave (which is exclusively internal resonance), you can quickly reach the Supreme. A man in such a state, even if it is engaged in Hatha Yoga the most obscurantist way, so, for which we expelled from school, he still reaches its.

More questions about the previous lecture or do yoga?

No problem, go ahead. We stayed on greed, before it was jealousy. Feeling quite complex, there are more primitive or more fundamental in this ladder. Today we will try to consider them: fear and anger. Very good feeling, which can and should work.


Let us start with fear. Each of us was afraid of varying intensity. There is an easy fear, there is a fear such that the blood in the veins freezes, there is such, that his hands and legs were shaking, there is such a fear, which is terrible even to think. In any case, the fear makes us move. It causes us to do something, or something is not done, it has to have some influence. Moreover, the fear factor is dominant in the life of any creature until such time as it is not being hones your mind. On our planet, to the creatures in the human body, on another planet, it may be some alien. On our planet – it is the human body. We have sharpened the mind, and before that, we have perfected the mind – the fear factor was dominant throughout the history of our evolution in the bodies of primitive animals, or more complex. This is what made us move, or vice versa, do not move, such as defining the strategy of our behavior. This went on for a very long time. As a result of fear of having all other emotions.

Our Ya

Let us recall the basic principles. In previous lectures we considered them in detail today, I mention them only in passing. So our I consider myself not what it is, and feels its manifestations, is like a man who considers himself his shadow. Considering himself not what you are, you identify yourself with your manifestations. Accordingly, all these manifestations threatened, you begin to perceive with the apparent antipathy, with obvious displeasure, with the obvious hatred. All that is good for manifestations, causes a positive feeling. As a result, there is a duality between the carrot and the stick, between what we think positive and that we think negative. From the standpoint of the self does not exist in the universe nothing positive and nothing negative. But from the perspective of a situation where we feel its manifestations, is already quite specifically for us there are some situations positive or negative.

Assume a situation that threatens to somehow reduce our manifestation in the world, the manifestation of our abilities, which we identify with them, makes us a very negative feeling. And if someone does so, we all cease to manifest itself in this or that corner of the universe, to put it simply, someone is killing us? What is death? Death is when some clever way to create a situation that we can no longer show up in some place or time in the universe: someone gets injured, we are not compatible with life, as the doctors say. In fact, not compatible in order to manifest our existence in the universe: the energy and consciousness. Clearly, this makes us hate anything that could do such a thing. I remind you that all this is secondary. Initially our ignorance, so the essence of any of our emotions, the essence of all our sympathy, antipathy is really ignorant.

Then begins the fun. We have our manifestation in the form of energy and consciousness, which in the course of evolution, we begin to identify with the increasingly complex bodies, up to the animal and human body. In fact, nothing has changed. What is the body? The body is the object through which our existence in the form of energy and consciousness, is most strongly manifest themselves. If something threatens us or promotes that this manifestation is somehow reduced, it makes us negative. If anything, on the contrary, allows us to turn around and live happily ever after – it makes us positive. Then begins a very interesting game. The whole situation leads to the fact that we have a mind. First rudimentary intelligence in the form of conditioned reflexes, half conditional, not conditional. Then more and more in the form of increasingly complex to the level of the mind. As soon begin to show the first principles of reason, or at least the first principles of the response to stimuli – we can talk about the birth of fear. Therefore, talking about such a primitive, the root cause of the fear that arose from time immemorial.

Terms of occurrence of fear.

It turns out the situation: someone or something is trying to reduce our expression, and we are beginning to respond to this very negative. This is an extremely negative motivation manifests itself as fear. For fear need one small additional condition – it is the previous experience that there is something to compare. The feeling of fear presupposes experience. If you did not experience the feeling of fear never arise. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali thus proving the presence of many lives. It is actually very little evidence, however, makes it reasonable to come to this factor. Why do we unconsciously afraid of death? Arguments: we have died many times, that the next time there is this perspective, we feel fear. If we did not have previous experience of dying, we would not be afraid of death. Our sailors arrived in the African country, and the main leader said, “Tomorrow you will Yumba-Bumba”. Some of the sailors began to shake with fear, others – with joy. Some thought that Yumba-Bumba, is when they roast over a fire and eaten, like the Great, distinguished guests. Other shaking with joy, thinking that in their honor organized a feast, and they will bring the diamonds and crafts made of ebony, which are common there. Each has its own prehistory, have your previous experience. When we are confronted with something incomprehensible and unknown, we, first of all, begin to compare it with previous experience. If something new a little bit the same as the negative experience, there is a fear, but if there was nothing related to negative experiences, then there is no fear. Perhaps these savages jump and leave. Have fear presupposes the existence of previous experience, and the presence of prior experience presupposes that we already have some kind of karma, we were doing something to give to yourself is not quite good options, we remembered these options. Options like the previous negative, causing the feeling of fear. If an option with which we are confronted, not like the previous experience, the fear we do not have. Wild animals somewhere in the lost lands were not afraid of humans: they had no experience that would suggest that the people will kill them. It also applies to us.

Reactions to fear.

Fear – is when we expect that there will be negative. Awareness of fear begins immediately affect our manifestations that begin to reflect on, until the cold sweat, shaking hands, feet. Over time, evolution has developed different mechanisms of reaction to fear: adequate, inadequate. Sometimes a person because of fear could fall into a swoon. Because in a previous life, it was the most sensible way. There is an old parable of how the cat caught a mouse, and a clever mouse immediately pretended to be dead. Cat paw tugged – like lifeless mouse, well, go on. Mouse has done so once, twice – and then developed a reflex. In this there is a danger sometimes doing nothing leads us to the precipice. The universe is constantly changing the rules of the game: Once we got used to the same rules as something may change. If something threatens our manifestations and determine we can only previous experience, our manifestation instantly react to this situation in the form of fear. It is a vicious circle. We are afraid – there was fear, then fear begins to sustain itself to a certain extent. So there are a panic, phobias. And, then it does not matter whether there was an objective reason for the emergence of fear or bias. There is a saying that explains everything: scalded milk – blow on the water.

To a certain extent, a reaction to the impending adverse changes longer passive. Fear in its original manifestation longer passive: sit and shiver like a mouse. Or live life and shiver like a mouse, waiting for us to crush. Once again, I want you to notice that something is threatening our manifestations (energy and consciousness), this is something similar to what we have already once experienced, and this is something rebuilds all our perceptions, our manifestation. Rearranges more in a passive form, rather than in the active. We did not even realize that these manifestations we can somehow move, and if they start to move, it is only in a passive factor, escape.

Communication fear with anger.

Then there is an interesting bunch of anger. If all of a sudden, on kakom-to stage of evolution, we understand that our chto-to threatening manifestations (energy and consciousness) and as a result our body, and they themselves – the factor by which you can at least do chto-to. We’re starting to make some sharp movements begin or somehow manifest themselves and fear response develops fear in aggressiveness, anger. In fact, they are one and the same: in the case of fear, we just are afraid and trying to solve the problem of passive, as in the case of anger – actively. But, as you know, somewhere in the depths of anger is fear. In anger, there is an expectation of something negative, in anger have identification with their manifestations, Maya, illusion. Otherwise, if our I am aware of yourself and do not identify themselves with their manifestations – of which anger could talk, my friends? Something happens, some picture – neither cold nor hot. On the TV show: the US government has taken some financial unpopular measures. Americans shout, swear. Our man sits and looks with a sense of detachment: they – they, we – we. To a certain extent a person who has realized the Self, anger disappears. But it’s when there will be, but until that time we experience anger in varying degrees. Starting to show resistance impending negative pattern that had already once been with us, we redistribute energy. Before that she was shackled and made us tremble and do nothing, there is the exact opposite: we are entering a super-active (the dishes beat, my wife and I swear – manifests itself actively), but in fact, it’s the same thing.

Here there is a very interesting thing: the more you translate their manifestation in the activity, the less they remain passive, so fear and anger mutually exclusive, rather than mutually exclusive, and flow into one another, one suppresses the other anger may suppress fear, and fear – anger. Man in anger ceases all fear about such talk “without a king in his head.” He will get into a fight, even at rest – would be bypassed, and he’s looking for some sort of altercation, where the fun is. Because in a state of anger disappears state of fear.

Another call to the consequences of anger. In fact, the evolution is more preferable anger than fear. Man in a state of anger is at a higher level of development than a man in a state of fear. Although the causes of same. Therefore, people compensate the state for fear of uncontrolled outbursts of anger, because it is easier. It is better to be active than to shake, knowing that from you nothing depends. You pull on the scaffold to be beheaded, you’re in a riot broke prison, break down the door and ran away to freedom. Then another mouse position (than in the scenario when the cat caught the mouse and mouse pretended to be dead and it seemed like a hand came down), a mouse suddenly roused, his eyes bulged, his teeth bared, and started to beat the cat paws. The cat then have thought: “Does it make sense to communicate with the mouse?”. As the Indian proverb: “When the trail goes mad ant – even elephant made way for him.” This is the next higher level. In yoga, call: friends, the energy of your fear and doing nothing (you’re scared and you sit and do nothing, trembling, afraid) it is better to turn the energy of anger to do something, to change for the better. It is clear that the anger, too, sometimes to no good arguments, we begin to cross the line of what is permitted, but it is higher than the passive fear of doing nothing. Evolution takes us step by step. these negative emotions, anger and fear – bad friends as long as we do not replace anger over higher emotions, higher emotions even higher.

Are there any other questions?



Question. My anger is associated with aggression.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yes, anger is rage, aggression.

Question. This can lead to the fact that we will cause harm.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. And how will! We harm scary. This may be the horror of what we call life. As long as we have not got the body of a man, we lived in the bodies of animals. It’s hell. But, hell hell alike. In nature, dominated by more aggressive individuals. By being aggressive, they are more likely to survive, but they show it quite an animal: somewhere he defended their right, and in some cases started to abuse this right. So, this thing is definitely negative. But everything is relative: there is a negative, there is less negative. Evolution forces us to abandon the more negative and to seek less negative, as long as we will not reach the human body, to strengthen the mind. Since the human body is already fundamentally changed the picture.

Since the human body, you basically can do without the carrot and the stick to be content only. Mind developed, and you begin to avoid such things as fear, anger. Moreover, since the human body, our duty – to avoid the fear and anger, but only with the human body. Prior to the human body, as it may seem, is dominated by those individuals who are more aggressive.

To put an equal sign between animals and humans – madness. Once again I remind you that the last person to put an equal sign, was Adolf Hitler. You will recall that this happened. In his book, he wrote that everything that is good for the monkeys should be a thousand times better for people. Such an ideology could not lead to anything good, if for no other reason that violated the basic principle of spiritual evolution. Probably because Adolf Hitler did not know him.

Therefore, in the bodies of animals, when one takes out another – it is very good. The bodies of humans and fear and anger are equally inappropriate. If you have the beginnings of fear and anger, the anger is more preferable. In any case, it will make you more smarter. Fear, on the contrary throw you back on the evolutionary ladder, turning into an animal. At AS Pushkin’s “The Captain’s Daughter” Pugachev said it best 30 years to live eagle than 300 years, eat carrion crow from fear. From the point of view of the people the same situation: we sometimes think that doing nothing because of fear, we will solve the problem, she will somehow be resolved. So we do not solve the problem. Another thing is that unnecessary operations in anger we mangled the new wood, but that’s another story. Our movies have information on this subject. In Kriya Yoga is such a situation: if you run too slow – you will catch the bad karma will run too fast – he surges bad karma. As fear and anger. Fear causes us to run in the wrong direction and is too slow, it is necessary to do something, and we do nothing. Anger makes us do something about it, but sometimes what we do in a rage, leads to negative results, but it is still preferable to.

Are there any other questions?

Question. “What about the mother’s fear for the child, it’s very uncontrollable fear, with which nothing can be done?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I do not want to have the impression that fear or anger is purely negative feelings. Yoga is generally devoid of division into positive feelings and negative feelings. Yoga tells us the following: we are demonstrating a sense of appropriate or inappropriate. When we demonstrate them inappropriately – they are negative when it is appropriate – positive. Fear of the mother for the child, if it is appropriate, this is an extremely positive feeling. If she is in a bay a few crossed the border and begins to take care of petty advice when you need to give it a turn, it has become negative. When the child is small, it is necessary to swaddle him in a diaper out of fear that he will catch a cold, but if it is a little older, it these diapers start to choke. It is a matter of the golden mean, face. Yoga says that fear is good or bad, or that anger is bad or good. Yoga says that if there is such strong feelings, then really bad – do not work with. And if there is fear or anger, intense feelings, with them you can easily work with.

Question. “Fear and uncertainty, complexes – is one of our kind?”

The approaches of psychology. Advantages and disadvantages.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. What I do not like the psychologists and the more I like them. Psychologists look at the person as a computer, which has a million buttons and most importantly find the right button. Look at the man as a soulless machine, machine. That they do not like me. I like them because, in fact, part of our behavioral patterns very well fall under these mechanistic things. Psychologists call us sit down calmly and logically to disassemble, if you feel that something take a leaf of paper and draw all honest with ourselves. You feel that “the crocodile is not caught, does not grow coconuts” and start to analyze why in the past year and the crocodile was caught and grown coconut that has changed? Yeah, it changed this and that. Previously, he worked, where they paid little, but it was interesting, and now I work, where they pay more, but the work is not interesting. This factor has changed, perhaps to dig here? So dig deeply, as we do not go out on the basic patterns. Unlike psychologists, yoga says that these templates can at one moment be blown away in the blink of an eye. Grandpa Freud pumped all their ideas about man and nature and took srefleksirovala on this knowledge. It’s like the stock market, as soon as any news spread, all the players again and changed its strategy. Just as it happens in psychology, as soon as someone says: “I opened the Great mystery!”. If the template and worked on some group of people is very limited, with which Freud lived, it can be a completely different template for others. And the most unpleasant – when those same people with whom Freud wrote off pattern, learned that fall into this pattern they changed it. In this kind of intricacy. Evil tongues say that the occupational disease psychoanalysts – is alcoholic binges, because they are so immersed in it all that already and do not understand anything, but there are other factors.

Therefore, factors such as an inferiority complex, a complex of self-doubt, you can try on these basic principles to decompose, but I just want to say the result: all rested in ignorance. Whatever you dug, all rested in ignorance. About yoga is sometimes said that yoga is struggling with ignorance. Once overcome ignorance, the root severed, dried branches from the tree. As long as the root is not severed, it can be any number ripped off branches, new still will grow. I offer to sit down and analyze, specifically to analyze that, what, where. There are very complex feelings, mixed in yoga is karma. In his treatise “108 aphorisms of Yoga Tantra ‘states that karma – it prints on the gross body, the subtle and the so-called causal. When all alone – it’s easy, but when all is intertwined: dragging of jealousy – the fear gets multiplied by anger. In addition to all this the physical condition of the poor, for example, and even a stomach ache. Practically not unravel. Yoga encourages us to the most rigorous way to unravel the most complex tangles. I emphasize again that, in contrast to the psychologists, not to become cynical and assume that our self beyond, college, do not fit under any templates, under any criteria of conduct that govern a person using the buttons is not possible in principle. More precisely it is possible, if you have determined how the pattern he uses at the moment. But man, as a free being may at any time to reset it. It’s like a computer program: write any operating system that runs a year, two, three, and look, viruses bred malignancy and one another. Once it becomes clear that you are – the program is overwritten. If we consider human soulless machine, without the Higher Self, then the binges are psychoanalysts and no money will be saved. We are studying yoga, on the one hand have to be very idealistic, but on the other hand is extremely concrete and common sense.

Question. Pure emotions are virtually absent. Who was your lecture about rejection: rejection of passive form and active form of rejection (fear and anger). There are two extreme positions, I mean this: when a person experiences fear, it tends to move away from the state of stress, get away from the discomfort, he starts looking for a comfortable place, the possibility of escape. When a person experiences anger, he has the ability to express it, thereby relieving stress and again somehow aligned. When a person feels anger, but deprived of the opportunity to action, he seems to be forcibly transferred to passive anger turns into hatred, which finds no outlet. The situation is roughly analogous to torture at the sensation of fear. Man instilled fear and at the same time (at least, for the physical body), he completely denied the opportunity to go away from this state. I modeled the conditional state of fear of torture and the state of anger, transformed into impotent hatred. You can give comments to people who find themselves in a similar situation, in these extreme conditions

Dealing with emotions of fear and anger, as a method of spiritual transformation.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I understand the question, this question is secondary. We are now considering the deeper layers of origin. You touch the secondary moments, how it manifests itself in the mechanism of our body, the mechanism of the mind, or, say in another way, in the mechanism of a reasonable person. In the mechanism of a living creature, such as a dog or cat it will be manifested in part, but some mechanisms do not work there. To some extent produced by memories of fear, but at some point, as even Academician Pavlov said, all washed away as if nothing had happened. You have raised an interesting topic in terms of bringing to the extreme points. In humans, the fear, and the external factor causes the exercise of his activity. Example: The Great Patriotic War, soldiers sitting in trenches around the German tanks. In humans, a stupor that he can neither shoot nor speak. In his pret tank is now crushed. Or as if the frog sees a snake, and she hypnotized this action. Here resorted commander, explains everything, do you know what words, flavored with all boxing ears, drives to the attack. He vented a fear of another fear: do not go on the attack – you shoot. This is one such pattern when internally we want to go into a passive state, and the external factor encourages us to be active. Or another situation where we experience the ultimate anger, wrath, but we can not give vent to this energy. Someone drunk, he was put in jail, would be next to people – to beat the muzzle, and the walls, grates, nowhere to escape. This is another process in which the energy of the emotions come across a wall.

What says about yoga? Yoga says that it does wonderful things for spiritual transformation. These transitions can pull energy from one state of consciousness, and before they will be absorbed by another state, to allocate them in a pure form, and it is, in part, the practice of asceticism. When we begin a deeper side over itself to do something, sometimes we do not even really characteristic from each of these steps, we become stronger and stronger. It is a beautiful space to practice. The downside: if we do not do yoga, and our energy force forced to flow back and forth, it’s very beginning we suppress and destroy from within. Feeling unfulfilled anger. The Indians had a very strange disease, she even somewhere described. Before man reaches some injustice, which he could not solve, he is full of anger. This Indian is very strange began to behave: he went into the woods, no one spoke. He felt very bad, negative energy began to destroy it.

The same energy can help us, and can cause a very strong negative prints. In this case it is better, of course, immediately take the yogic method and transform to become stronger. We experience fear, but we do not wait until Uncle chase us from outside attack. A typical situation: the man fired from his job, and he is sitting at home. Day sits another, month, year, as long as the family does not give a kick. He is sitting in a stupor, and when there is a need for tough outside, pushes it – it is negative. If he gritted his teeth and decided to experiment on himself: got up and went, it becomes positive. The opposite situation with anger. It’s one thing when we raged and soothe us both when we woke up this energy, we all just boil inside, but you, like a samurai, not a shadow of what is happening inside – a mask on his face. This energy, this powerful surge of keeping ourselves and then it cools down and becomes a charisma. About such a person say that this experienced man, he knows how to cope with them. Why do we have respect for such a man? Because we understand that it is to a greater extent can manipulate consciousness and energy. The downside: when we can not throw out your anger, this leads to a series of quite negative consequences, but in any case the result will be. This situation will force us to think, this is the whip that will spur our evolutionary development. If somewhere something has been started, there are inconsistencies, they come in the form of extreme discomfort. Sometimes in the form of subtle discomfort when I would be happy to do something, but do not know how. It causes a person to stop and reconsider their views, eventually looks at who and what he is. In the end, all will be reduced to overcome ignorance. Will it be through mental fissuring, shocks, or it will be our will – it is a question each of us.

No more questions? Come on.

The feeling of fear is one of the basic senses or basic emotion that underlies what is called a whip. I will explain. What are the possibilities of how to teach yoga, make yourself or someone to move? Carrot and stick. Well, this question is discussed in the section of Karma Yoga. I remind you that in Karma yoga in the first place, analyze why people do at least something to do. It is alleged that the worst case is when a person runs out of fear. It is best when people work for reward. The ideal case is when a person does not work because of fear, and not because of the reward, and work as would say probably Ostap Bender “out of love for art.” It works because it believes it is his business, his Dharma. The feeling of fear is the feeling that is the whip, the fear of a repetition of a negative situation, the like of which had already been. All phenomena that come to us, we analyze a print of which we ourselves bear, and these prints are called karma. The concept of karma is reduced to the notion of prints.

Is there a carrier substance is karma? Maybe get me into the vial 200 grams Karma is positive or negative. Very interesting question. Quickly respond to it. Substance in karma like as not, and it seemed to have. All the substance of the world can be the substance of karma, but they may not be the substance of our karma. This is the result of our previous actions, and not what we have done, in any circumstances. Knut is fear. So we are cleverly made that it is one of the basic principles which we have made to evolve.

A look at the evolution of yoga.

What is the difference in approach between yoga, science and religion? I remind you that yoga and religion – are two different things. Now India has come a lot of different exercises and it is not clear whether it is yoga, or religion.

Yoga – the science of self-knowledge. Science says that the material has been the evolution of our bodies. Religion, as a rule, do not say anything – if you hit your body, what you think about it, think how to rise above and not what it was before. Yoga says that evolution was in two parallel ways: through the evolution of bodies and the evolution of our understanding of himself. We remember that we feel is not who we are, and consider ourselves their manifestations. That is something that makes us consider ourselves its manifestations, is called maya, or illusion. Our understanding of itself from one life to change, and this causes our internal evolution. Living in the body of an animal or human, and we are changing body. As a person has two legs, and it is then left, then right. So it is here, being born in the body of a creature with a kind of representation of itself, good or bad, we live life and influence, probably a genetic mechanism that adapts to the environment do not blindly, but in terms of internal support our Ya At the same time, and transformed our understanding of himself. Not only do we leave to posterity a perfect body, so we are still ourselves, to live a life, get rid of some misconceptions and achieve some heights and at this level are born in the next life. Born, as a rule, among those individuals whose bodies we left. We have worked over the body, worked on his conception of himself, died, born again, where in theory left their offspring. But born on another level, there is a parallel evolution. In this sense, yoga does not agree with the point of view of blind evolution. Blind evolution there. Any attempt of the self, which feels its manifestations, through the veil of Maya, through the veil of its manifestations, through the body to adapt to something external, and thus, as it were modified. Reasonable start there and physical evolution and spiritual evolution and this is the beginning – our higher self

So evolution is parallel to, and the very first factor that launched the mechanism of evolution, which makes us evolve strangely – fear. It lasted, as you can imagine, for all lives, until we got the human body, and as long as we do not mind honed in the human body. What yoga does not agree with Hitler? The difference in principle. Hitler could not win at all. Was it a mistake in the eyes. If you have built a great engine, but the main principle is not complied with, it is only a matter of time, when it falls apart. In contrast to this view, yoga believes that there are qualitative changes from the moment when we are born in the human body. In all of this, yoga is not enthusiastic sweetly system, in the spirit of American political correctness (if you are a man, you have long been a man). Yoga says that potentially everyone equal, but as far as he surpassed his prints, which he pulls from the time of life in the animal bodies, it is still a big question.

What do we drag prints? First of all it prints fear. We drag prints fear, despite the fact that we have already developed and mind, but fear remained. He is a very strong incentive even already in our present human life. In fact, the percentage of fear in our lives obscenely large. Sometimes we admit it, sometimes do not admit it, but fear drives us. This is unfortunate, because the fear of the inner dragon that rules us, we are afraid. Fears are very different and they are manifested in different ways. We are afraid of consciously and unconsciously. As long as there is fear, there is no freedom. Since yoga encourages us to overcome the conditioning of all, of course, what has to face in the first place, so it is with overcoming fear.

It should be understood, we are in the human bodies, but fingerprints and mechanisms that guide us, given to us since the days of the life in the bodies of animals. This is used all sorts of unscrupulous politicians, such as Hitler, who fear build system. they do Oddly enough, up to a certain level. Indeed, to build a system where all tied to the total fear, spying on, on coercion, on the suppression. But this is, again, a matter of time when the system will collapse. The fact that this is possible in principle suggests that people still sufficiently high percentage of fear. Yoga understands. Yoga does not turn a blind eye, she sees well all the problems. In any case, it is written in the ancient texts. The first thing what we have to face is to face the fear.

Overcoming the fear.

If we somehow win the root of fear, a huge part of our life’s problems in a more complex emotion will simply disappear, those roots that is necessary to file in the first place. How rasp root of fear? They sawed through knowledge. That is why the human body is so striking, is qualitatively different from the animal’s body. Animals do not have such a mind, to recognize the knowledge and use it. The rudiments of reason, there are a cat and a dog, but somehow vaguely. At us you have the opportunity to use the most powerful trump card. Moreover, using this card, you can win any fear, even a fierce, as the fear of death. The question of how to approach this. Yoga teaches us that we must come to what is called the internal honesty. We must be honest and calm myself say here, I’m afraid, but not here. I emphasize that it is not in front of others on my hair to tear, ashes sprinkled, namely, to be honest with yourself, because inside us there are areas that we are even afraid to think about their presence, such deep-seated fears that even in this direction look inside ourselves we are afraid.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. While there is a dream of mind while you have the darkness, these monsters will spawn in abundance. The first where to start, so with honesty with yourself. Honestly define where and what I am afraid. And it is particularly easy, without unnecessary emotions. So if you do not analyze myself and someone else. Once you have analyzed these fears, you start to use your mind in building logical chains, and where it all is growing.

In fact, this is what they do all the psychoanalysts. In contrast to all of these systems, psychoanalysis, modern science, which in some cases produce miraculous results, but in some cases, powerless, you have the pivot point, which gives you a head start. This knowledge of his higher self The more you meditate on the topic, the more will be born this island understand, and this unshakable island that does not sink in anything, even in fear. This is the island from which you can just analyze all your fears and find a way to deal with them.

Fears are different, there is a purely intellectual fears. Most unpleasant fear, when fear at the level of understanding of the situation leads to a release of adrenaline in the blood, and how to change your chemistry. You would be happy not to be afraid, and you have changed the chemistry inside and you start to shake, which further supports the fear. These are complex mechanisms, when our reaction finest, at the level of thought go into the physical. There are totally unique fears, they infest all kinds of “clairvoyants”, “clearly heard”, psychics, sorcerers, it fears a level which in yoga is called the level of the causal body. They are perceived as something gratuitous: I jinxed, damage brought upon me. Academicians mock all these witches and psychics, but they are not bad at this live. How would denials did not act, this topic has been demanded for a long time and will be for a long time demanded. Because the level of the causal body, in a sense higher than the level of the mind, and one can not analyze it from the point of view of pure reason.

Then begins quite nasty situation where fear itself starts to sustain itself. There is an internal programming: people began to read the horoscope, read the first time – laughed, and then himself set up. What a coincidence, and it turned into a zombie, and strongly believes what is written in the tabloid press. As to dissuade him in this? In any way, it will say that it has all the same. Because at some point, joined the hidden forces of man to attract or repel the desired event is not the desired event. In this regard, the wise psychologists say that if you want to win, you have to have within themselves the will, determination and desire to win, but it does not explain the situation. We must have something higher that attracts victory, it is higher than that of the mind.

A complex topic, we long to understand it. We have an Outdoor Yoga University, where we are preparing future teachers of yoga, we consider it a very long time, all these stratagems, as we prepare teachers of yoga, but such, which are now bred more than psychologists, I’m sorry. Why do I have to psychologists so bad attitude? In a sane psychologist from God, there are hundreds of people doing harm to frank, and they are used and the theory of Freud’s grandfather, and modern technologies, and in fact, are all forms of zombies.


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