2010_04_24 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 6th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture

Today, April 24, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center of the “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we continue to consider yoga visualization and focus on a very curious little practice. And in order to explain the practice of yoga Visualization, I, as always, draw our favorite picture.

So our self that is hidden. Our inner world. A kind of dividing line between the inner and outer world. Beyond this boundary is the outside world. And finally, the Absolute hidden behind the outside world.

And, as we know, in fact, our prana comes from our self, animates our inner world, the border that separates the inner and outer world, and begins to form our outer world. And our inner world in this way – this is the conglomerate that was formed by Prana and our outer world. It is also an image, those laws which have been formed in our prana.

We remember that the prana is spread across multiple associative channels. In fact, our inner world – this interweaving of these associative channels through which our prana flows. Also, our external world that we ourselves have formed. It is also a kind of picture that is supported by our prana that flows to these associative links.

Finally, I remind you that if you can do the following associative link toward the Absolute, we therefore give this promise prana Absolute and Absolute answers us understands for us language, understandable to us the images, natural phenomena and surrounding life.

And the question arises:

How can we make this promise to the side of the Absolute, so that our prana reached the Absolute?

And before you answer that question, I will give an example, which in particular has happened to me. It is very significant that characterizes as general working associative links.

Life example

It happened to me once to buy a laser printer is big and beautiful. And she had this laser printer is large, valuable and beautiful box. I connected the printer, the printer started working and became a question: what to do with this nice little box, it was too good? Just because it is a pity to throw. It may for some useful things. There can be and cloves add any, and any other wealth.

Those. if you look at our image, in our (in particular, in my inner world) there is another object in the form of this beautiful box out of a laser printer, a very beautiful, comfortable, with handles. And once in my life I had this box, of course, there was an associative relationship within the outer world, connecting my emotional relationship with this box. Of course, this association is formed, through which the prana flowed. And to me this box became not indifferent.

And so I come once home, I look, and there is no box. Not only as cleaning and made it thrown. And if to buy a printer I did not care, but now I’m angry ask to Delhi my new pretty little box, it is dear to me. It turned out that it put in the corner, well, just hidden, so as not to lay in plain sight. I immediately felt better.

And that’s my mindset in just a few minutes undergoing a variety of state (surprise “where did?” To the anger that was thrown, and again before the peace, she again found a good and new).

It is understood that put the box on the shelf. And on this shelf were more boxes from under the TV out of the recorder, music player, camera, etc, etc. The whole apartment is actually packed with these boxes out of the office. And each in his own driveway. You know, like a suitcase without a handle: and throw a pity, and haul heavy.

In fact, every trinket that stretches some associative link, which somehow affects my health. And all would do, but sooner or later, the apartment could not go, all around something forced by. The result was such a thing that I had grown on all sides.

Moreover, in fact, I felt very uncomfortable and uncomfortable to live. And there was a dilemma: and throw a pity and uncomfortable to live. And this is a problem of all associative ties. We are cluttered with some things, some other moments. This may not necessarily be things, it may be unnecessary familiar. There is a man familiar, like, as well as useless, and leads in the direction, but still you’re with him something to do, etc., etc., can be listed endlessly.

Those. as soon as there was any emotional relationship to anything whatsoever, as soon as it is awareness and the ability to manage something that builds up the associative link, which, on the one hand, it really keeps near us (holding these objects or phenomena). But, on the other hand, we become their slaves.

And now, after reading the smart book on yoga, I decided to get rid of all unnecessary things and somehow break the associative links, which flowed my energy. I picked up what is called courage, gathered together all of these boxes, carried out and thrown in the trash. Moreover, until the last moment, while I was there, my heart bleeds: and suddenly all the same need. Yet teachings of yoga books have played a role, and I have made act of sacrifice, my friends. I gave up what I was expensive and watched their inner feelings.

In fact, when I did it deliberately, priodolev internal affection, I suddenly felt an inner relief and a different look at the world. Why? Because I became less cling to the world.

And that, oddly enough, helped internally intuitively understand how associative connection arises, and how it breaks. And at breakage association, of course, if it is not forced open association, and a conscious break association, the whole Prana, pumped into an association, allocated and returned to the owner association. In this example, me.

Those. as soon as you get rid of something extra, unnecessary, inappropriate, but on one condition, that you do so voluntarily and consciously, it comes as a wave of your own prana, sometimes in the most pure form.

She would have been pumped into an object, but by some object, I got rid of. Associative connection not, no object. But prana something left. And prana in a fraction mnogoveniya isolated in pure form. And if I grabbed it, I approached the meaning of what a pure prana.

If someone did it for me, and I must say that in my life and was such an experience. Once arrived on a visit to his friends, I saw exactly the same picture: the entire apartment is packed with useless boxes. But there is not only the box. We have in fact, when life began bad, there were stocks of cereals, sugar, matches, toilet paper in case of nuclear war, the next 20 years of crop failure.

Indeed, it was justified at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Why? Because it sells something at the store, then it disappears. And now the situation has stabilized. And the fear was that you stay with anything, one fine morning. And this fear is reserved to a huge amount of prana.

On the one hand, it creates the illusion of security, but on the other hand, he does not fully deploy its wings and live as you want.

Now, it so happened that I minded their little minds decided to help a friend overcome his swamp, where he got stuck. And, without hesitation, I put together all the things (in fact, they were unnecessary) and threw all. And the other was not, one was on vacation.

When he and his beautiful wife returned, he was waiting for a blow. Why? Because open these associative links was not his voluntary and forced my hand. Those. he immediately rushed to the trash in the hope that not all taken away, thrown away. Indeed, some of the toilet paper he was able to save. And after that, he left a very hard experience, that I have it in your apartment is no longer allowed.

Moreover, it has developed a feeling that he can lose everything. And the desire to leave it all, that is, associative relationship has hardened.

Those. you need the presence of voluntary abandonment factor. If someone does it for you, the effect is just the opposite occurs. Therefore, working with associative links and help them to someone vomit (in other matters, as well as to install) very carefully. And the last word must always be for the man himself. You never will not live for another life, you never for another will not pass his spiritual path. You can only help, you can only provide information. But never you for someone else does not do the yoga, it’s impossible.

For this reason, there is a saying that yoga – a science that can be learned, but which can not be taught. Everyone has to rediscover her. And it is fully correlated with associative links. With those associative links that form our inner world and our understanding of ourselves. And also with the associative links that form our outer world. As long as the person does not voleizyavit anything to change, it is useless to do anything for him.

Go ahead. That was the object of a great box. Let’s draw it away from my external world. That association is stretched to the box. And at the moment when I threw the box, associative link, and scroll torn prana. At this point, it’s a free prana. Those. my level of prana little time – and grown.

Of course, I can use this prana out to form a new associative link. For example, I threw in the trash the box, but suddenly saw the trash on a brand new fridge. Though he is the fifth in my apartment, but it is working, and I have an associative link switched on the refrigerator, and I drag home has a refrigerator.

This is an example of such a shape. Of course, it may be more subtle. But the fact is that if there is any release of prana, prana tends to instantly carry out our desires, impulses and leak on the new associative relations. Therefore, also need to be careful to free up capacity.

This does not mean you have to go home, collect all the things in a bag and throw it away, to live with bare walls, with a minimum of furniture, clothes, books. This means that there must be a reasonable balance between where leave our associative links between those where they do not have to leave.

And, as you know, there are two extremes here. The first extreme – this is when you can not get rid of anything: it is a pity, and both pity and fifth, tenth.

At the other extreme, when you show the opposite thing. But you live like a bum and you have nothing, no apartment. And, accordingly, you are nowhere bound. Those. it is the other extreme. And that, and another quite easy to maintain. And the most difficult – is to maintain a reasonable balance between things, in which it makes sense to pump our prana, and those things, in which it makes no sense to pump our prana.

Moreover, over time, one thing you prana to pump, and then to realize that things have to get out of prana time. This process of establishing and pulling associative links just characterizes human sophistication. This applies to all, friends. This applies to things, objects, it comes to money. For some reason everyone thinks that the most difficult – is to make money. No, my friends, we only think that the most difficult – is to make money. The most difficult – is to spend money. In any decent financial institutions are engaged in people who are very well prepared for it. Waste of resources also need to competently. What is money? This is equivalent to prana. And you need to spend so that moving from one topic to another, they did not disappear. And if you are simply under their pillow lay, then, you know, that inflation will eat them, etc., etc.

The concept of “sacrifice”

Let’s once again talk about other things, that if we wish to direct the prana to the Absolute, how to do it? And the example above will allow you to grasp the logic. If you have something that you value, that is, an object with which you have established association is pumped prana. This can be anything: book, a jacket, a computer, a penknife, a bundle of money, anything. Those. those things the fate which you do not care, ie with a strong associative link, through which flows the prana.

And from the most ancient times, usually in a religious canvas reaches us some notion of “sacrifice” or “victim”. But modern man with the word “victim” (especially religious sacrifice) is always drawn a horrifying picture: the unfortunate poor man dragged anywhere on the altar, there to slay him, and sacrifice.

Indeed, such a bloody cults of antiquity chilling lead us to shudder at this. And indeed, chilling details make us shudder. We associate the word “victim” in a bad religious sense of the essence of this phenomenon.

But, as you know, the sacrifice may have a positive color. For example, people donated to the development of science a lot of money. There was an uncle, his name was Alfred Nobel. At the time, he sacrificed a pretty sum of money to ensure that every year were awarded the Nobel Prize. And thus he contributed to the development of science.

As you can imagine, here the word “victim” is no longer associated with something negative. It turns out the next thing is that when you have something of value and you give up this valuable knowingly, voluntarily, not under duress, not under the pressure of circumstances. If you are conscious of something fails, the thus you tear an association linking you from, from what you give. And while prana is released in pure form from the association. And this prana can use.

This method of discontinuity of associative connections in order to release more prana is called “austerity”. Those. when you yourself something limit, go to any sacrifice.

Here you are used to on day 5 of chocolates there, and now limit yourself to 3. Accordingly, the resource is released in the form of prana, which you can forward to achieve its other some goals. As you know, prana sufficiently universal currency in our universe. And if it is, it begins to perform any desire that is in your queue.

This is the money, which can buy a wish fulfillment. Those. prana acts thus that it provides a new and new associative links in the internal world and in our external world. And this leads to the effect of execution of desires.

As you know, our higher self is omnipotent. In fact, all it wanted, would have to happen. And prana – is a tool that we use to being fully aware of our omnipotence Ya

Therefore, austerity or such sacrifice leads to the release of prana. And this prana can be spent on the establishment of new associative links, which lead to the fulfillment of desires. This is a very good method of yoga. Moreover, it recommended if you want to accelerate their spiritual development in various sections of Yoga.

For example, our goal was – to reach the Absolute. Those. send prana to reach the Absolute. As in this case, this mechanism can be used. And yoga offers us the method: how we let the headlong flow of prana to the Absolute.

To a large extent, of course, it is engaged in another section called “Karma yoga”. But partly Yoga Visualization involved in this. So, if you have something valuable, and you have decided to direct the prana, which lies in the association towards the Absolute, you should at least get the prana of this association, and we let it to the Absolute.

And Karma Yoga offers to do the following. It unselfishly without waiting for any gratitude to do good to people. Or in other words, when you are doing something good around you of the universe, not expecting that you have someone for that praise and, accordingly, do not fear that you have someone for that fight. This is the ideal of Karma Yoga. You do something and enjoy the very process of doing.

For example, a man got up early in the morning on my day off. He took the broom and went to the park and the swept path, say, 100 meters long. Remove debris, he did well and left. All they come and say: “Yes, here yesterday so much garbage was bottles any different, but now beautifully.” People are happy and they do not know that someone did it for a reason, thereby sacrificing their time, their strength and mind (as it were) the results of their work gave Absolute. And since Absolute too abstract thing to conceive that, in what direction or in what form should be given to the flow of prana. But, at the same time, people remember that for all living beings, for all the people and hiding the Absolute.

Therefore, the easiest way to do something nice to the Absolute, is to please the people around you. If you are doing some good things around you, at the same time donate their money, their power, their time, or more than material things that you value. One way or another, breaks connects you associative relationship, and this Prana is released, goes headlong through the skin of the external world to the Absolute. Those. not people who you do it. You, even if do not care about the people who use the results of your work. In the sense that you perceive people, not as individuals, but as a manifestation of the Absolute.

Not that you dry and callous attitude towards them, or to a certain springboard to earn gratitude from the Absolute. No, just, you know, that in the world around you there is no difference between the Absolute and all forms that surround you. In fact, you are surrounded by the Absolute, which is hidden behind the people.

Therefore, it is to help a particular person, without expecting praise for it, is the same as that to help the Absolute. While on the other hand, it does not need, Absolut our aid. Absolute Absolute, and the fact that does not need anyone’s help. He is as free as we are with you. The question then: why then is all to do? The point is that in this way we direct prana to the Absolute. And the Absolute, as you remember from the axioms, so we respond. It is a way of communication with the Absolute (doing good deeds), it is the language of communication.

In ancient times, when you read in the various concepts of sacrifice something was meant just exactly that, and not the fact that someone needed to kill on the altar or something more terrifying things.

Finally, there is one thing closer to yoga Visualization. The thing is, how to install or to direct the prana in the direction of the Supreme.

As an example I will give a very interesting ritual. You probably saw it on TV. This is when Tibetan lamas taking of sand make a beautiful mandala. They have it for a long time doing it. Sometimes a few months out of the sand poured only to then have a look at this beauty people. As a rule, the whole queues to look at this beauty.

Indeed, it is now we have at every corner television, a laser printer. Imagine you live in a mountainous Tibet. There is also quite beautiful scenery, but diverse. No do not you Tretyakov Gallery, or any other images. For example, another 200-300 years ago there was an actual thing visiting art galleries. In ordinary life, people could not see it.

Clearly, if we are talking about high-altitude Tibet. There’s some peasant shepherd saw this beauty, which the Buddhist monks poured a few days, and she had imprinted a certain way, he has something to remember. And if we talk about yoga Visualization, that is, which object is to visualize your inner eye. Strictly speaking, therefore, it is all done.

So, these monks are working so a few months. And then, as soon as all look at this beauty, they make a totally illogical (from the perspective of Western man) step they take and destroy the image of sand. Those. so as not to become attached to it. And thus they develop the habit of first thoroughly establish an association with long hours of creativity. And then also easy to give it up.

And there is the same effect. First, you set an association, a long practice there are downloading the prana, and then rip that an association that (say) destroying the mandala. Or, say, you’re doing some kind of work of art, and then just giving it a piece of art and do not care about his fate. The most important condition is that you did not care, where will the results of your work.

If you do something and expect from your actions, you are cheating yourself. You tear one associative link, and the other set. Sometimes it happens that a second that you are installing, it is a fully absorbs all the prana from the first that you were tearing.

This often occurs when one or the other person comes and says: “I want to donate to the development of yoga a tidy sum of money.” This is a real case, that really must be confessed. And you talk to this person and know what he does for a reason, and that is all appreciated that all later said that Ivan Ivanovich the greatest contributor to the development of yoga.

Those. thus bought future status. Indeed, sometimes it is quite justified. For example, some company wants to improve its image. On the one hand, it is the nature of the spoils, poisons. And, on the other hand, the sponsor of any environmental studies to the public the impression, as they are white and fluffy.

It is clear that yoga these games do not play. To the extent that the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” was one of the items: the failure to take gifts. In the sense that you should not in any way depend on anybody (in this situation). Of course, if you do some small gifts to give on the day of birth, it does not mean that you want an associative link to link. Just should not be a second thought. Or, “that one hand does not know what the other hand is doing.” Remember the classic saying.

Now we go on. Let’s our favorite chart we draw in new ways. Sometimes it is more convenient to draw a diagram, where there is our I, the Absolute, the internal or the external world is symmetrical or centered. And I draw illustrations for our pretty joyful yoga. Here he sits with us, he has one handle, two. Let him draw so pretty. This yogi. There had one handle, here is different (need a longer draw).

And we remember that the band felt inside our body more (which are called) are close to our self, and there are areas more distant to our I. And some area along the neck, head, inside the area in the framework of the body other area. And here we are surrounded on the outside any objects or phenomena. Here is a pretty man, next to another man cute. Here we have a tree growing, then we have a missile with Yuri Gagarin (the first man released into space) is going to fly in space.

Friends, I recently received a letter. We have a course, I do not remember the bill. One of the lectures took place at April 12th. And the real student writes, “I learned that on April 12 for the first time came out into space.” Friends, I do not amused. Moreover, sane people, and not just.

We remember that the Absolute hidden behind the surrounding objects and phenomena. And our I, in fact, beyond time and space. It would be possible to draw the point where our I at any point of the body. But I choose a location in the center of our chest. Somewhere in the middle of our chest is the point. Or a yoga position a center. It is sometimes called “Anahata Center.” And he still removed and from the center and from the Energy Center of Consciousness. We tend to feel more balanced in this center.

I paint and I write here “Our self.” Sometimes it is more convenient to use a diagram to explain certain events or conditions in the yoga life. As you can imagine, this figure is equivalent to the previous one. And, depending on how you prefer to speculate or draw, sometimes I wonder is it that you study yoga, but take a leaf of paper and draw all what you’re thinking. This gives an additional degree of concentration. As a result, the faster and better you reach certain positions.

Now I draw in a more abstract form of the same chart. So, I write “Our self.” Then I surround this small circle. Then this little circle surround circle bigger (this is our inner world). Then circle bigger (this is our outer world). And behind this lies outside world Absolute, more abstract picture.

Therefore, there are two options: to go from a conglomerate of sensations and our life experiences to the side of the self (the system Microcosmos), or on the contrary from the intermediate conglomerate inner feelings and events go to strontium Absolute (macrocosm system). In fact, the motion vectors are diametrically opposed – one in one direction, the other – the other. But he and the other leads to a common goal.

And to explain even the other visual image can be as follows. Do you remember that once Columbus (uncle Columbus) decided to open India. And then the official point of view was that the earth was flat. And he said: “No, the earth is round.” And besides, what he said, and even organized an expedition. In order moving away from India, to sail to India, going around in a circle the globe.

Here it is in our globe. Here we have India. Here Spain. No, where is he? From Portugal. It could be one part of the globe to swim, and it was possible, on the other. But all the same, because ball round, you will sail to one point. Likewise here. The concept is difficult perceptible. Despite the fact that the system of Microcosm and macrocosm system seems to be in different directions looking, but because our entire universe in this sense, to itself, closer to our I, we get closer to the Absolute. Or on the contrary, closer to the Absolute, we come to realize our Ya

The perception of the outer and inner world

And the next subtopic Yoga Visualization is now waiting for us with a completely different picture, explaining how (actually) is in the process of perception (our inner world and the outer world that surrounds us).

To do this, I need to paint a different picture, respectively, already with some other characters, and other diagrams.

Here in Moscow there is a street Tverskaya (formerly Gorky). And in a nice clear day along this street cafés where you can sit and watch what is going on along this street. As a rule, there is car travel, pedestrians go. Imagine that we have a yogi sitting in one of these outdoor cafes and drinking tea.

To do this I need to portray yoga, sitting and drinking tea from a mug. Let’s start with what? Let’s start with yoga. Here his head, his eyes, that his nose. It is his mouth. But I specifically draw it so that his mouth sticking tongue in order to illustrate our future picture. Only need kinder draw it, and that he did evil. Maybe his ears. We need him to draw the cilia, then it will be kinder. Maniac we get some. Let’s take two. How bad is bad draw.

Maybe this time out. Maybe this will turn out prettier. But if it does not, we leave as it is for. How would prettier. Here he smiled, that his tongue sticking out (teeth do not have to).

Here he had to handle a cup of tea. And tea is a smoking hot, delicious. Here it is smoking hot tea. Sitting our yogi. And what happens here. Clearly, it inhales tea flavors. It is clear that when he sits and drinks, the taste buds are stimulated and he feels the taste of tea. His ears hear the sugar is mixed in tea. fingers feel that he holds a cup of tea. Those. It involves all our senses. What are our senses? We can see something. We can hear something. We can do something to smell, touch. And taste buds something to tell us about the world. Those. these 5 channels actually form to our favorite yoga image of the cup of tea.

At the rear of the machine plane ride very fast on Tverskaya Street. Moreover, our yoga is a representation of himself. Despite the fact that at the current moment, he does not look at himself in the mirror, but it is about what it looks like.

Just as each of us there is a picture, but in the moment I can look. And, in fact, we can say that our yogi lives here and now, drinking tea, tea is happy, the car ride, he reflects on the complexities of yoga Visualizations at this time. And now let us draw, but what if it takes place in his mind. Or how is the information processing by our senses. And how the higher self yoga understands everything that happens to him in this cafe.

Three components of the mind

And for that we have with the other hand draw a diagrammku. As always, we start with that? Let’s start with the higher self yoga. Here we will draw it I, which is everywhere and nowhere, because it is the concept of space and time, and it can draw anywhere, and you can not draw at all. But for clarity, draw it into the left corner.

We recall that Z yoga set associative connection that penetrates into his inner world and the internal structure. And then somehow it gets to the outside world. And the first inner structure, through which the flow of prana, or through which the light of consciousness of the self, is called the mind. Unlike reason, which we have from the perspective of Western thought, in yoga, the word “mind” is meant three mechanisms, or three parts, or three of the mind.

And the very first thing – this association is that comes out of our self and then somehow gets into our inner world, or mind structures and starts to work through the (so-called) reason №1 – Chitta. I’ll stick with these names here. But I want to emphasize that the different schools of yoga there is mess with the terms. There, under the same terms imply absolutely different things.

And to literally draw Chitta, I draw a flashlight. You know, a flashlight with which the tourists go hiking. Now, if you were the night somewhere in the nature (sun set, the moon has not come out), and it is necessary to dedicate his way. We take a flashlight and shine under your feet and see what’s going on beneath our feet. So, the mind citta №1 displays or carries out these rays of Consciousness, which is just come from our I through this Chitta. And all that aimed Chitta, perceived our consciousness. And as a result, it comes to our J.

Despite the fact that our extra-terrestrial, and I do not understand where he was, but because it is the recipient of our self experience. Therefore, any information anyway in this sense comes to our J.

Go ahead. And what illuminates Citta? Citta highlights mind №2 (or will not enumerate them, because we have the opposite numbering) or buddhi. About buddhi should also say a few words.

Buddhi is made from the finest substances or very fine (if anything), the energy, or the finest (if you like) material. And at this property include buddhi. Firstly, on the buddhi is constantly looking Chitta and highlights all that’s going on in the light of buddhi consciousness. Secondly, this substance buddhi can instantly take any image.

Just as you can from clay to sculpt any figure, also buddhi can appear in the form of any pictures, in the form of an object or phenomenon. You know, just like on TV you can see any image that is projected onto the screen. Those. the screen may appear in the form of any pictures. Likewise budhi in this sense can appear in any form, of any object or phenomenon.

But that is not all. Budha surrounded by a kind of boundary layer, the so-called Manas. Here I write “Buddhi”, the word “B”, and here “M” – Manas. And the essence of manas is to either broadcast or not broadcast in all buddhi what they see or do not see our senses. Those. Manas – is a guard or a guard that is either missing something in the buddhi, or rejects.

Thus again, under what we call a normal mind in yoga meaning of reason three or three subsections mind: Manas, Buddhi and Chitta. It turns follows that our I first perceives this conglomerate of Manas, buddhi and chitta. Our I do not know anything about our gross body. Moreover, all that is outside of our inner world, about the outside world. Our I’m using my consciousness through chitta highlights only what shows buddhi and buddhi shows only that missed Manas.

So when our favorite yogi sitting in a cafe on Tverskaya Street, and, say, his eyes see the tea, the signal in the form of ordinary reflected light enters the lens of his eyes. Then, for some nerve impulses transmitted to the brain and the brain, which is (in effect) the formation of coarse matter transferred to a more subtle level, the level of our subtle body to the level of the causal body. Or in other words, the level of the fine structure of the mind, consisting of manas, buddhi and chitta.

Thus, the signal got into the eye, the eye passed all the nerve endings. Then somehow allied with the subtle world and reached Manas. And if Manas transmits this information to the signal, the buddhi arises within a replica of a cup of tea, you drink a yogi. Likewise he smoke, exactly the same spoon.

Again, if the sense of smell perceives this or that smell, that information also reaches Manas and either passes or does not pass, telling us about the smell of tea. Likewise, the taste. Why am I such a long tongue painted? In order to illustrate that the taste buds and provide a stream of information that either passes or does not pass through Manas, in order to get into the buddhi, where this information is an exact copy of an object or phenomenon.

And the following picture. The fact that our favorite Yogi knows that he drinks tea and says that all information on this mug and tea reached his senses passed through Manas. And having passed through Manas, Budhi created an exact copy of it. And this was the exact copy of the displayed chitta. Or am I not in vain drew a travel flashlight. Just as you can send a flashlight on a dark area and something to highlight, just and Chitta takes and displays the exact replica of the cup.

And as soon as Chitta highlighted, our self that prohibitive, received this experience. This experience of drinking tea. Those. enough complex picture information from the outside world. Those. information from the outside world has to get into our senses from sense organs penetrate into our inner world. Then, having the structure of our inner world, to achieve our mind, which is an exact copy of everything. And only the exact copy and knows our I.

Our I will not know directly a cup of tea. And knew her not only a long chain. Those. following the conclusion that we will not know directly what kind of world. You sit on the Tverskaya and you think you see yourself in the hands of a cup of tea. But you do not see yourself in the hands of a cup of tea, you can see just what, more precisely, your I see only that formed in your buddhi. What really this cup or surrounding you Tverskaya Street you do not know it, you’ve never seen.

Those. the entire signal path from a cup of tea to the eye, from the eye to the inner world, the inner world to the mind, everywhere can be any interference that distorts the picture. But you did not even guess. And you will not be able to distinguish whether it is really in your hands a cup of tea, or have you got a hallucination that you have a cup of tea. You do not have to check the criteria. Why? Yes, because it all goes through the senses, manas and buddhi.

What a rough hallucination you can track on nesograsovanosti feelings. Indeed, there is a mirage: the eye can see, touch and try – nothing. But it immediately to your signal: Yeah, so it’s a hallucination. You know, sometimes a drunken man trying to enter through the door, and he had double vision. It is, therefore, bam – the wall, instead of that door. His eyes showed that the door was a member. But the touch of a stroke on the wall says, “No, somewhere nesoglasovka senses.” This is a clear sign to understand: “Yeah, I’m not adequately perceive the universe.” But, my friends, there are other occasions when they start synchronously while lying two, three, four or all five senses. And how do you recognize whether you are in a state of hallucination, or you are in a state of true perception of the universe. And nothing, just nothing. You have no way to confirm or refute.

Moreover, if next to the yogi would sit another yogi who will tell him: “Yes, no, I see all the same,” you do not have the criterion that the other, which you said is not part of your own hallucinations. Those. all full circle, and seemingly dead end from which no escape.

But it is not all that bad. Everything just comes in a different way. In yoga Visualizations from you and do not require you to know in every moment where a hallucination, and where reality. Those. all methods of return. How to use the fact that you have to work out the exercises, and these exercises will sooner or later be overcome hallucination is real or unreal, or is it only the degree of hallucinations. And this is the essence of yoga Visualization.

Therefore, the very first of which begins Yoga Visualization – is equally attentive to the analysis of everything that you see, hear, smell, touch. Not from a position such as that of ordinary people: “Yes, it is something real, it will analyze. And it seemed to me, it will not be analyzed. ” Those. people usually engaged in this division. He said something real and it analyzes, and something illusory and discards.

A yoga visualization says: “No, you need to carefully examine all the same: and what you think the real, and what you may seem a hallucination.” And if you bring as an example of some real practice of Yoga Visualization, then one or the other sequence of events suddenly cause you this or that association, which manifests itself through a change of mood or something different. What you can not trace in terms of cause and effect. And you yourself say, “And, by chance, I will not analyze it.” Let’s say you’re thinking about a question, and in the same time near this cafe was a young couple, and said a phrase that has become the answer to your question (you yourself asked him mentally).

And the behavior of the two strategies. The first is to say, “This is by chance”, ie recognize that some objects or events you perceived claim to reality, and the other on the role of the illusory. And to explain the illusory nature, we tend to say: “It seemed an accident or a coincidence.” But “No” – says yoga Visualization. You must equally attentive to everything. Not in the sense that you should be blurred perception of the world. Like every man, on something you need to concentrate more on something less. If you are at work, it is clear that you should not be sprayed at the same time his mind. You need to concentrate on work.

But. if to you something comes, you are calm within themselves and put a check mark: “Yeah, that was such and such, such and such, and the same start to analyze the range of sensations.” As a consequence, this includes all aspects related, when you awake, or when you are asleep or when you’ve just woken up, or when you are tired, or when you’re in the clear consciousness. In any case, with yoga positions Visualization you start to analyze still eliminated.

With this we conclude our narrative is to the next chapter.

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