2010_04_20 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 5th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, April 20, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the “Enlightenment” cultural center in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we continue our look at this exciting branch of yoga. To begin with, which ended up on the previous lecture. In fact, working with internal and external imaging paintings reduced to working with associative links.

The association – a very interesting thing, it is a direct consequence of the action of maya. In its aspect to make what is called “illusion”, or where one thing starts to be considered something else. And in some other aspects formed connecting thread between the different objects.

We are concerned that working with associative links – this is the key to keeping those images that are familiar to us, or in fact what we represent ourselves at the moment and what surrounds us.

But, on the other hand, we can manage our associative links and form other images as ourselves and the world around us.

Thus there is a certain competition and the fight for images prana, which is the source of our self, and the ability to amplify something, or something relaxing.

Also, I remind you, we are concerned this moment the association raises and that this requires. So, for the occurrence of any association requires two factors: Consciousness and Energy. Or between two objects or phenomena occurs associative connection, if (at least) a person who establishes that an association have the knowledge about the presence of these two objects.

Second, Energy Factor. Or we should at least to some extent, experience a particular emotional attitude to certain objects or phenomena. If there are two of those factors (knowledge and attitude), that there are prerequisites for the emergence of association, through which flows the prana.

If at least one of the component is not present, respectively, associative coupling can not occur. This is a very serious point in order to monitor the occurrence of certain associative connections and avoid unnecessary formation of associative connections, and otherwise contribute to the formation of the necessary associative links.

Once the association is there, I remind you, it is a channel through which our prana begins to flow. Accordingly, the prana begins to create our numerous structures. If we talk about yoga Visualization, the prana begins to revive our usual images and our understanding of ourselves as we and the world around us that we are forming with our own prana.

Thus, a necessary condition for the emergence of associative links – is the presence of Consciousness and Energy. Or the presence of knowledge or information, as well as the presence of emotion, the presence of the emotional component. Why? Because the factor of Energy we best understand you through those emotions and feelings that arise in us. They are, one way or another, connected with the objects and phenomena that surround us and are connected outside of the outside world, as well as the processes that take place inside of us, inside our body, inside of our understanding of ourselves.

But a sufficient condition to say that an association is, it is the flow of prana. If there is a flow of prana, it is sufficient to say that an association is established. Why? Well, at least because prana can manifest itself as a consciousness and as energy. And if some element is not enough, here he appears.

And when we consider the deep structures of our bodies from the perspective of the axioms of yoga as we are all made. We will come to the conclusion that some structures have arisen as a result of the fundamental structures.

For example, all of the many channels that permeate our body, they are more powerful branch channels, for example, left and right channels of our bodies. A left and right channels of our bodies – it is a consequence of the continuation or emergence of central channel of our bodies.

Accordingly, the conclusion of this can be quite specific. If Prana way or another connected with the central channel of the body, then the left and right channels.

(Friends, I ask no more late, after all we have a very serious issue if you are interested, please, “accuracy – the politeness of kings.”. If not interested, at the top of the lecture should be broadcast Until some time, please. wait, before you go in. and if you have entered, then quickly sit down and not distract attention, as a very complicated subject).

Go ahead. So, it turns out that prana circulates from one channel to another, from the other in the third and further into smaller channels penetrating our body and then rushing to an object or a phenomenon outside of the body, it is a clear factor of having associative relationships which permeate all.

Finally, I remind you of the axioms of yoga that associative connections – this thing is not good and not bad. Associative relations are very positive thing when they give us something to help, and quite destructive when they bring us suffering.

The association between the drug and nalsazhdeniem which occurs in humans, was using these or other psychotropic substances (against which is very tough acts yoga), it is actually a rope, which reduces man to hell.

I specifically cite a religious term. Why? Because the consequences of drug use is carried into the next life, that is, not so simple.

At the same time, a kind of associative connection, for example, with something positive and meditation classes in the morning, with the vivacity of consciousness, on the contrary, a very useful thing, which takes us to a whole new level of self-knowledge.

Associative relations are numerous, that we are actually woven into our current life. In this sense, they can be divided into beneficial and harmful.

Again, I want to emphasize here that the association is harmful from the beneficial no different. The question is, what causes it. Immediately I want to emphasize that there is not any bad or light energy, as we sometimes read in some tabloids, where a completely irresponsible esoterica begin to rant on things they do not understand or just have another escalation of their mental diseases.

Those. you have to be very tough to cut all obscurantism, which, unfortunately, surrounds yoga. No dirty or clean energy, there are appropriate or inappropriate. Similarly, associative links, there is in principle good or not good associative links. There are appropriate and not appropriate.

In fact, we are called to establish the dates of associative connections and eliminate unnecessary or weaken them. It is clear that an association is meaningful only if it runs on prana. If Prana does not flow through it, and it may give the impression that there is no association.

Therefore, I am sometimes asked:

“And how is stored karma person, ie Information about all the actions that a person has committed in a previous life?

Where this list, where the list of affairs good or evil, which shows the entire human prehistory?

And if it is recorded, in what language? “.

From a formal point of view, we can say that all karma recorded language associative connections that have ever been installed and it flowed prana. Accordingly, forcing us to do certain actions and to experience certain feelings.

The analogy with the riverbed

And in the future Prana ceases to flow on them, but remains on track. You know, just as the river dried up: left channel, and the water does not flow. Why? Because there is no excess prana to flow. But as soon as these parts will prana or people fall into those conditions, when association is formed, then the channel will be filled with water.

Many tourists sometimes go hiking. And sometimes in the mountains it is very difficult to find a flat area. Always create the temptation to put the platform in line with a dry river. Because when the water flowed, as a rule, the bottom flat. But all forget that it is a raging torrent flows on a river bed, and not in some more inconvenient place.

Therefore, we must assume in advance what are the hidden trends and to avoid them. Therefore, if you feel that your life has a tendency of uncontrolled anger, avoid all situations where the surrounding universe can you provoke the uncontrolled anger. Why? Because the association is already there and it is just waiting for her to go prana.

Redirection of prana

Again, if for some association prana flows, for example, you come into a state of rage and fury flowed association prana, ie you yourself already struggling to control, it makes sense to redirect the prana to something else, ie, reduce the flow.

Therefore, in certain practices offer to read this or that mantra. By the very fact that you are just going to read a portion of your attention, part of your senses will be spent on something you read the language of the mantra. Accordingly, the smaller part will get anger and will be easier to cope with this tumultuous river of anger.

This is perfectly logical explanation for the action of the mantra. Similarly, yantra and some other auxiliary things to control our emotions. Or are you having a terrible feeling of fear from which you pineth. What can you do? You can not analyze the feeling of fear, do hatha yoga, just stupid to do physical exercises to stretch the muscles in some poses. Moreover, you can do it by consciousness, ie, forcing herself.

It is understood that part of the attention of the sensations switch from fear, from this association because of a fear arises. And, accordingly, it will get less fear. If you get less than fear, then it is easier to cope.

We like to direct the associative flow of prana from one association to another. And if on the association does not flow prana, it is much easier to work with it.

For example, if the water does not flow through the bed of a dry river, it is very simple to make platinum or dam to block this channel. But if at the time when this river flowing water, no matter how much you do not go throwing clay, sand, it will be blurred. It is much harder to block CURRENT, when there is flowing water, rather than when it is dry riverbed.

Similarly, working with associative links. If you feel negative associative link, the first by all means reduce the flow of prana, which flows through it. And then, when there are more favorable conditions, ie prana stops flowing, then remove the associative relationship. Do you remember that two factors we can help in this: the factor of Consciousness and Energy Factor. If at least one of them will be missed, all you can override an association.

Say you’re an inveterate drunkard and a day can not live, not to drink 100 grams of vodka. Although, okay, 100 grams, men and 2 liters on chest take. It is understood that two factors are needed. First to you on eyes did not come across alcohol (Consciousness factor). Those. avoid his old friends, who drink, stop to look at shop windows where alcohol is sold. Those. do not enter into temptation itself numerous advertising. This is one approach.

Indeed, a person who is “tied to drinking” can survive for very long. But sometimes there are failures when he gets in the company, then under some other pretext, he goes into the booze. Why? Because the second part of the association is not torn, it is energy, it’s a feeling.

And to break the link experiences much heavier. In particular, the harder for the simple reason that the very nature of pleasure there is nothing wrong. Bad is the method by which we get to enjoy it. All the same, all the pleasure lies in ourselves.

And all those factors that cause us pleasure (whether it is a bottle of vodka or some psychotropic substance) – is the key to enjoyment, which we have laid down.

It is clear that no one understands. And alcoholic builds associative connection, if there is vodka, it will be good fun. And break the associative link is much harder. One of the ways the most reliable and the only possible – is to give more pleasure, which would exceed the original, but that would be a legitimate, healthy and constructive.

If people get more constructive replacement, he will not be tempted to lower the level. But the question is that where to get a replacement? For example, an alcoholic switched to drugs, say, heroin, some people think it would be better if he remained an alcoholic. Those. replacement should be a natural and healthy, which leads us to an even greater dependence.

The only source of our pleasure – within ourselves. And it’s our own prana in its purest form. And where to take it in its pure form? If we talk about yoga, this yoga.

But here, too, it is not so simple. Unlike vodka, which comes first pleasure, then a hangover, the suffering, the opposite pattern in yoga. In yoga first need somewhere to force myself to then came a wave of legitimate pleasure from what you have known your inner potential.

And when you get to enjoy a more legitimate and stronger, it is the only way to give up addiction.

And there is the next factor to be mentioned in the framework of associative links. Whatever was an inveterate alcoholic, when his health ajar against the wall, when you do not have the strength not to run for another bottle of vodka, and rise from the bed, then he is not to drink.

There are cases when health makes itself felt serious illnesses, and there is no prana, then at this moment, even this association, which causes a person to look for a bottle of vodka, not flowing, no prana, dried up riverbed. And I am glad prana to flow at least through some channel, but there is nothing to leak. So prana barely enough to support a person in a living state.

The moment when the track dries out, it can use to adjust the associative links. For this reason, our body has a very interesting features. When a person is sick or in some stress falls. Sometimes a person gets in drowsiness and can sleep from morning till night. Why? Because thereby given the opportunity to disconnect from the already established associative connections through which the prana leaves already clear on that, and thereby save money. And thus, to dig the channel through which in the destructive side out our prana.

Once again, my friends, the topic of associative links – this is the theme of axiomatics of yoga. Here I only reminded you the highlights. But more seriously about this question, you can find information in the axioms of yoga.

excess prana

Before we go any further, I want to remind you one more thing. Sometimes a lack of prana allows us to adjust the associative links. And what to do with excess prana. Excess sometimes dangerous in this sense.

Why? Because in ourselves a lot of associative connections with the things of which we are unaware of. We currently live in and do not know what can be negative, when we begin to live better. Similarly, with the prana, it begins to revive the associative links that lead us away.

This is similar to “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.” Like this scenario occurs in the human life. Sometimes it is very dangerous scenario. In pranayama yoga, there is a special section dealing with hazards. You will recall that in the story was the old woman who had a broken trough. And all her dreams were reduced to, to get a new trough.

But then, as the feeling of power, force, questions are rising, all desires are increased. Similarly, in humans. He lived himself an ordinary man, a little money he had, he lived in a simple apartment. He organized and wallpaper, and neighbors, and the view from the window. But people began to prosper. And now it seems that small apartment, and neighbors are unworthy, and the view from the windows disgusting. He starts to look for a new apartment, because funds appeared, then the next and the next.

And no end to these desires. One simply turns into a slave of his desires and can not in any way stop. Sometimes the same situation comes to a man. It makes a person do not have to the political system in the country or the rights of other people or external factors. Assume to its appearance or social environment. The man simply was not interested, he was so bad from the main life, what to think about something more had neither the strength nor the desire. And here suddenly the flow of prana.

And a person begins to feel the ability to undo something that is a real factor to change lives for the better. On the other hand, old associative bonds which slept and seen to be pumped prana, they were inactive. And here suddenly so full of prana, and starts throwing rights.

That he is in some kind of a political party joined and something began to defend the barricades just because his prana bursting, lack of implementation. It would be good to good purpose. So he becomes a fan of some football team and begins to tear the shops, the subway screaming and otherwise conduct themselves indecently.

There was prana, and it begins to revive obscene associative relationships are, perhaps, with the animal lives. And man, so sometimes turns into an animal or the person who constantly meets new continuous desire.

This is a very serious trap on the path of yoga, including pranayama yoga. But this is not the purpose of our lecture. Our series of lectures, we again continue to chart.

Now I’ll draw it a little more simplistic. So, what do we have? We have our I’m on one side. We have Absolute other. Also we with you have what is called “our inner world” and what is called “our outer world.”

We remember that there is a notional boundary that separates our inner and outer world. We remember that there are some very strange boundary separating our self that is beyond time and space with our inner and outer worlds. We remember that there is another boundary that separates the inner and outer world of what is called the Absolute.

Finally, we recall the fundamental yoga axiom that our self has its manifestation, which is called “prana”. And this prana comes from our self to our inner world, overcoming the border from our higher self and inner peace.

Let me remind you, we gave such a way, as a semi-transparent mirror. After this semi-transparent mirror, we have an association linking our self with our inner world. And prana flows through this association. In fact, thus it revitalizes our inner world, which is a certain set of our other more secondary connections, which spreads the flow of prana. And passing through the inner world, it goes through the outside world.

Those. across the border of our inner and outer world also passes the prana by some other associative relations.

Finally, we remember that sooner or later we will come to realize the existence of the Absolute, hiding behind the outside world if we voleizyavlyaem presence of the Absolute.

Those. we are able to prosech border that separates the outside world from the Absolute. Those. establish a connection between the outside world and the Absolute for which also flows prana.

So, what do we have? Our I (the source of our prana), our I feels this prana. Prana flows through the association of the self in our inner world. Prana can pierce our inner world and get in our outer world. Also prana can pierce the outer world and to reach the Absolute.

Note the border, behind which hides our I, for which hides the Absolute, and who share our inner and outer world, they can be infused with prana. Those. they may be infused with associative links. Accordingly, these associative relations flowing prana.

This is a very important factor of self-awareness in the universe and the role that each of us takes in this universe.

The animal is not conscious of his I

So, usually in wild or undeveloped man prana from it I flow into his inner world. But the wild man is so wild, we say that he is not even aware of this inner world, he increasingly lives outside world, like many animals. And if you have the beginnings of sensations in ciliates shoes of his inner world, they do not go to any comparison with the same reaction ciliates shoes on its environment or the outside world, in which it floats.

Similarly, with more complex animals. Cat, dog, horse lives over the outside world, and to a lesser extent reflects on his inner world. Therefore, prana that transit passes through the inner world and into the outside world rather unsophisticated beings.

But here we are dealing with a person. Let this wild man, but he was aware that somewhere in his body ends and the outside world begins.

On the one hand, this evolutionary step up, but on the other hand, a certain loss. Animal longer feels the surrounding universe, because all prana absorbed by the surrounding universe. A man who himself starts to limit the scope of the bodies begin to lose animals, because still less to the outside world of prana, mind, energy.

But there are prerequisites for the development of intelligence, but there are prerequisites for the development of the ego. What is ego? It is when we think we are not what they are in reality. Accordingly, to build their strategy in life, according to erroneous views. Those. there is self-centeredness with all both negative and positive factors.

Negative – it is that self-centeredness makes the animal to behave like an animal. Those. first of all, think about your well-being, rather than a humanistic views, this is bad. On the other hand, there is a certain point of support in the form of inner peace, or lump form internal sensations in the world, and it is a “seeding” for crystallization around mind future.

Therefore, selfishness – something extremely important. Would not it be selfish, to the animal is not formed mind, man would not have gained intelligence.

The realization that there is an inner world or the very essence of the external world, as well as actions to this creature was better, regardless of what is happening outside, leads to the emergence of the ego mind and spur development. We have all the factors of competition and struggle for survival. Or the language of Kipling, “We have a law of the jungle with you: who ate that and fed. If you do not eat, you will eat it. “

But as soon as a living being has overcome the border and became man, there is a more subtle view of himself. Those. in the inner world, as we are told, there is a nucleus of sensations more remote from the outside world, as well as some peripheral regions closer to the outside world.

From this point we can talk about the beginnings of some kind of spiritual or actions, going counter to self-interest. Again, going counter to selfishness only to a certain extent, only up to that level until those or other actions will not be the quick take these inner feelings.

So, friends, we are all so arranged that within us there is some kind of chord. If they are hurt, we will very quickly lose the whole civilized appearance and begin to show a very ugly qualities that are characteristic of an animal than a man.

In fact, sometimes a person captures the effect of the crowd and a man (without knowing it) is transformed into an animal. Sometimes certain life circumstances or any threat likewise turns people into animals. Similarly, I want to stress, civilized people.

Indeed, our brand’s recent history has shown that in the 30 years in our country, in Germany, like all decent Luda, all scientists, philosophers. But once in the courtyard of the black funnels shows, many fear that they will be picked up and shot, begin to inform on their friends and relatives, it is mean-spirited way.

The same situation exists in Germany. A more subtle situation in the West (in the so-called democratic countries), where people come to work in either the corporation and in an attempt to later promoted to more money and receive greater status have starts Petty and his colleagues at work costs and demonstrate sometimes their basest actions.

What is dangerous in the sense of a classical capitalism? However, he is deified as the free market or the laws of the jungle.

Indeed, at some stage, it is very profitable. Well how else to get to work or parasite idler to move, but to whip (of losing social status or receive money)?

But things can turn into its exact opposite, when people for their own gain or career advancement are a completely heinous crimes. In this case, the Soviet Union, where it was strictly limited, simple, and does not represent these internal tragedies and betrayals in this flourishing society.

Those. it’s just a question of whether someone will be able to capture the internal structure, which we identify with ourselves? If you fail, it is very much likely to turn to us with you in cattle.

Therefore, in yoga all people are divided into three categories: those people who are very easily turned into a beast (state Pasha). Other people who are looking into the eyes of this fear or overcome a fear. My favorite saying of Anton Chekhov’s “squeeze the slave out of himself drop by drop.” Just try to catch you on your inner Straško or that you have something to lose somewhere, you really scared. Why? Because the structures are affected, which since the days of the life in the bodies of animals we were not realized.

And you, looking into the eyes of your fears, overcome themselves. It is very hard and painful. But this is only one of you makes a real people. And just this is the basis for yoga. If you do not develop the habit, no practice of awakening the kundalini, the opening of the third eye, mantra, yantra, flying through the air, or pass through the walls will not help you.

People who have overcome “self-image”

Finally, there is a third stage of people who are completely overcome internal lump representations of themselves, for they no longer have this problem. This so-called state of Divya. And previous to overcome fear, we talked about this state of Vira (hero).

The situation is that the state of the Pasha, when you consider yourself to your outer world. Status Vira – is when you left a small lump of fear, dependence. But as soon as you feel the symptoms of an animal, you are struggling with this. Therefore, the name Vira (hero who forever waging a war to eradicate manifestations of animals).

Finally, the state of Divya – this is when you become aware of links connecting your I with the inner world. This is a very high state. You understand that you are not dependent on the external or the internal world. You do not get to do, no matter what it was, why would you not want to.

This is the first very good conclusion. Now the second more practical yoga Visualization. So, prana has the ability to overcome those boundaries that separate our self from the inner world, separating the inner world from the outer body. And finally, the most interesting thing that separates the outside world from the Absolute.

With the latest feature of prana (penetrate the barrier that separates the outside world from the Absolute) would be good to work separately. And the axioms of yoga, you remember, is an axiom that if your prana from your I (bypassing your inner world, bypassing your external world) is aimed at the Absolute, the Absolute you start to speak a language you understand and comes to you in the way that the most suitable for you.

Absolute comes in the form of

that we want to see

For example, if you are a physicist, the same way the Absolute can manifest itself in physics. If you do the math, the Absolute can manifest itself through a mathematical formula. If you are an art, the Absolute can come in the form of a feeling of beauty. If you are a politician, then as a fair understanding of the device community. If you are a religious figure, in that manner, which requires seeing your religion.

And this process of prana in the direction of the Absolute through the inner and outer world in terms of religion is called “worship.” Do you sometimes in the study of ancient myths and modern religious doctrines will meet with the fact that there will be prescribed to perform certain actions.

But the essence of these actions will be to you a pure prana sent to college. Then the college will respond to you in the way you want to see. Accordingly, if you adhere to one religion or another and want to see the college in very specific images and attributes or events, the college and so it begins to emerge. This explains the so-called miracles, that you may meet in different cults and religions. Whether it’s some kind of religious views of the people of ancient, modern and wild or civilized.

Sometimes the question arises: what kind of idiotic activity engaged in worship or to do some religious rites within the limits of a particular religion? Indeed, when one is transferred from one medium to another, it seems inappropriate, ridiculous and stupid. But the original meaning was in this.

It is clear that yoga is distancing itself from religion. And if you are, say, an atheist and do not recognize any religion? As you know, the concept of the Absolute is so great that it includes all conceivable category, which is only able to come up with the human mind.

Those. will you at least 5 times an atheist, if that happens, you start to feel the same response, but within the framework of the events of your life, or the images that you accept.

Once again, I remind you axiom in yoga, Absolute that always answers sent to him prana, only in a form that can be acceptable for a man to avoid causing internal exclusion. This excursion into history.

But we go back to yoga Visualization. It turns out that prana – it is a very interesting thing. This is our manifestation. According to yoga axioms, we feel its manifestation. In fact, we all consider ourselves prana at a very high level. We consider ourselves an inner world-soaked prana, also on a high level, but at the same time and in a more rough.

Finally, we do not determine where it ends where the inner world and the outside begins as the animal. Anyway, prana has the ability or the connection channel of the self to all objects or phenomena, piercing through Maya.

And it is a question of technique, to pick up an association that we are aware of this associative link to on this association, our prana flowed. And then we began to ignore the association and began to focus on the fact that flows through it. And thus we have come to understand the concept or that there is “prana”. And prana, as you know, to pass freely through all borders, we come to the source of our higher self

It is, in fact, the path of self-discovery. We grasp their inner world, we perceive patterns we perceive Prana, impregnating internal structures. We abstract from these structures and meditate on prana in its pure form, and it is us, sooner or later shows the source from which it comes, ie, beyond time and space.

Sometimes in esoteric texts, meaning “to go up the river.” Under the “river” means prana, and you’re, like, you go to the source of prana. This is one method of self-knowledge.

And since we remember the previous lecture that our I is inseparable from the Absolute. By knowing ourselves, we immediately perceive and Absolute. Those. we learn what is behind the external mirror, behind which hides the Absolute. Therefore, these things are identical. If you know yourself, you know the Absolute, because this identity.

And this is one of the ways in yoga, as you may have guessed, this is the way Microcosmos system. But there is an alternative opposite way. It consists in the fact that you do not analyze your Self, you do not analyze your inner world. You through the outside world are trying to overcome this limit, beyond which lies the Absolute.

Those. First you have to voleizyavit presence of the Absolute, and then send the prana to the side of the Absolute. And prana, of course, also quite happily pass through this semi-transparent mirror, behind which hides the Absolute.

As you can imagine, you come to the realization of the Absolute. Accordingly, the Absolute begins to respond to you in your own language. As you have guessed, in yoga this is called the macrocosm system. Those. knowing that is the Absolute in this way you will know automatically, and the nature of their higher self

As you can see, the methods are mutually exclusive, but lead to the same result.

Getting close to the realization of prana

Now further. Well, what about the prana, how to feel it? Yes, we realize that now permeates our prana fine structures, and even very fine structures. But is there a way to somehow closer to the realization of our prana in its purest form, and that is this method?

Of course, I feel that this prana, you can, when there will be an excess of Prana. And when she is not all absorbed by you on your internal structure, not all of it will go to the outside world, some amount you can grab in a free form. And if you can catch a certain amount of Prana in a free form, respectively, it will be much easier to send her to the concept of the Absolute.

And quick yoga techniques give us a bunch of between prana and bhava. In fact, if there is a surplus of prana, you understand better what is bhava. At the same, and the reverse, if you are to grasp the idea of bhava, then you start to approach what is prana.

I remind you that in yoga Love comprehension or understanding of the concept of bhava greatly reduces the cost of overcoming the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love. As you can imagine, this is a universal rule in all methods of yoga, which claim to be called fast methods.

So, I will erase this chart to draw it again, but in a smaller size. We have our higher self, we have our inner world (I draw a pretty person). For example, this man is not engaged in yoga Visualization, therefore, draw it sad. He’s so unhappy, unhappy: and the bad, and had a row with his girlfriend, and underpaid wages. In general, the wallpaper in the kitchen quite ugly color that kills, it is the last straw.

Those. there are lots of reasons for sadness in this man. Why? Because of him I prana penetrates into the inner world. And then under the influence of the most disparate processes (we will not go into details), Prana is divided and faced foreheads.

This process is generally called suffering. Because prana in its pure form – is a joy, happiness, pleasure, or Sat Chit Ananda. That less, the inner world of a person supported by prana emanating from the higher self, but so made that inner world where the idea of happiness begins to cling to the representation of the color of the wallpaper in the kitchen. And if, for whatever criteria the color of the wallpaper is not one that has been portrayed in fashion magazines, then this man strong case for domestic tragedy of a lifetime.

The vast majority of internal suffering is not due to hunger or thirst, not the lack of a roof over your head, is not a direct threat to life, as such, at first sight, minor things.

But in this and the danger of secondary things. With these minor things we sometimes completely robbed. Even a person who falls into the extreme conditions, where it is threatened Smer from hunger, violent, thirsty, he sometimes forgets his small problems in life, and even felt a kind of relief. Those. paradox.

But, that less, is the boundary that separates the inner world from the outer world. And we will draw to you our outer world. Again, this will be the sea, but the sea is dirty, there is a bottle floating, debris of some sort. Sunset, but certainly some cloud arrived. Mountain near the sea, but not necessarily any assholes climbed to the top and start screaming drunken songs. Those. absolutely no way this man would like.

(We need the outside world to shrink this man, but I do not draw the Absolute and Absolute hide these assholes). Here it is a bottle floating and the mountain. Here, the external universe beyond which lies the Absolute.

What we have? We have the flow of prana, that enters the man. And then through the external senses, and the action gets to the outside world. And, anyway, weaves a picture of the inner world and the outer through associative connections.

I will not show them, they must branch out plentiful. Just as the water goes into the sand, so too our prana goes to these associative relations. And inside we have bad, bad and out, and all the prana somewhere lost. Moreover, it supports both the internal image and external.

It is clear to any of the Absolute does not reach even the droplets. There is not even any association, we do not even think about the Absolute and even voleizyavlyaem, in general, we do not voleizyavlyaem.

Creation of internal pictures

What do we offer yoga visualization? Yes, already established associative connections they are, we make them long and hard. It’s like a river bed, in which the pressure of flowing river of our prana. But we need to somehow switch. And we do (remember) to a visualization image of his inner world, but different.

Here we have a sitting man, but happy, he himself visualized, but good. Again, we visualize the outside world, but in a clean place. We do not want to see and cut out their ideas about their world what we do not want to see.

Indeed, we have a bottle carved mountain remained, and idiots on the hill there. It turns out as follows. The association, which is, of course, included in our internal structures of our minds, our bodies, perenarpavlyaetsya towards visualization images of ourselves and towards the outside world, which we also see.

Then a very interesting step. If you see a crowd of teenagers who, after a football game shouting “Our team is the champion!”, It is very difficult to see the concept of the Absolute behind them. Or when you see people who behave inappropriately, dirty and crime as something very difficult to see what’s behind them somewhere hidden Absolute.

Although, for them, hiding the Absolute, but we are very hard to see them the Absolute. Therefore, direct its associative link through them to the Absolute very hard. Why? Because you need to make yourself, and this is at odds with our previous experience.

Therefore, as a workaround, we suggest the following version. You start spending an association of yourself with your usual conglomeration of ideas, but redirect to the image that you visualize or your imaging body of the person to whom you want to look.

Again, so that he in this world pure and beautiful, where would you like to live, and in this world, let’s say, at the top of this mountain is not drunken assholes, but she dreams.

Do you know what gonna wait, where is her prince. The young man, too, want the princess, who considers him their prince. And through this world, we direct our associative relation to the Absolute. Those. we start to avoid their misconceptions about themselves, we cease to support the associative links to our external world that we do not like. And how would we do visualize themselves in this new world of pure and pure for this new world of hidden Absolute.

And then it begins a very interesting effect. Obviously, the more you prana goes to your internal and external image visualization, respectively, the more it goes in the direction of the Absolute, the less goes to your misconception about themselves (crosses in the figure) and the dirty world that you do not like.

Let’s say you do not like a drunken fool on the hill, which is a song shouted. But perhaps you are in a past life just as well received. Too drunk somewhere to climb, and also shouting. In fact, we see this in your own reflection.

It is understood that “there is nothing to blame the mirror, since muzzle curve.” But it is possible for some time and not look at the mirror, while the “face” will not get a different complexion. It turns out that we redirect associative connections and build new associative links. And the more prana flows through them, and the more stable the associative link.

Sometimes it is enough to dig a ditch, the water itself begins to break through, the channel becomes more and more. And here you are practicing such methods Visualization by directing your consciousness and energy on an internal image that you created, and the external image you created. And gradually you begin to just forget about the outside world, you do not like and ideas about yourself that you do not like.

If you start to forget about them, the prana it gets less and less, and everything you did not like about themselves or the world around us (as we said in the previous lectures), it starts to dry out. Without your support, everything starts to fall off.

In other words, your self-image starts in the opposite direction to form an internal image and influence the world in which you live. And it is from prana from your ya But if you made this circuit, when the prana flows through your inner world through your way of imaging, imaging through the external image of the Absolute, there is included in the game someone else? Absolute right.

Absolute always comes to us in the form or in the form that we would like to contemplate. Therefore, on the side of the Absolute and begins to emerge and pump up its part the imaging image that you have created. And support your idea of yourself that multiplies your entire yoga Visualization. Those. connects the second fulcrum.

And when these two points of support work, everything is no longer any obstacles in your way, absolutely no obstacles. This is a very high state. Even if something remains you do not like, it’s just a matter of time when it will disappear without a trace.

But, as you know, these two points of support or two sources of power in Yoga Visualization assumed this technique for an attempt to take the association to or what you see, the fact that you wanted to see.

So I once again draw our shemku, but in such a formal way. So, our I, the Absolute, the inner world of the familiar that we have. The outside world is usual that we have. Inner peace, which we would like to see. The outside world, which we wanted to see.

Prana permeates of our self to our inner world, which used to be redirected to the one we wanted. Then, respectively, where we would like to live or be, and headlong to the Absolute. At some stage, excluding the outside world.

But, in fact, as long as our internal image is, some part is on the inner world and the outer world. If we adhere to the concept of the Absolute, even through the external world we are trying to get through as the Absolute.

Then, as we begin to practice meditation or visualization practice more and more, one fine day, we can completely forget about your usual way. Those. if here and will go prana, then only in order to maintain our vital structures, so that the body is not dead.

As you know, our internal structures, however we do not believe they’re still in need of support. A main stream is so, and that’s it.

“Care” in visualization practices

And it is very tempting, my friends, to go to such practices, ie, withdraw completely in the visualization practice. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it does not make sense. For example, when the Tibetan yogis jailed or Indian yogis since some of them were in their solitary confinement involved, put politics. And this is a very difficult test to sit in solitary confinement.

It is clear that you can practice yoga in the whole Visualization, what’s the difference. And this in the future you will greatly help to change their self-image and your inner and outer world.

But there is this and danger. As you know, you start to come off from the outside world. Everything is so wonderful, so wonderful. Like prana headlong it goes on your body imaging, and then to the world that you currently visualized. Moreover, you start to feel it all over the breath of the Absolute. And a very great temptation to decide that this is the final path or final action.

visualization Reinforcements

external actions

But if that were the case, we would have had no need to be born in our physical bodies and thus to live in our physical universe. Therefore, in yoga Visualization most important – is to make a very serious ligament between your images and your imaging usual way. Or in another way, I remind you.

For example, you (you think) have the perfect figure. And from the perspective of yoga visualizations can visualize yourself to be what you want to appear in front of a mirror (to see you). And indeed, it is a serious practice on your figure correction.

But if you practice these will not support working with your physical body, or the way that you already have (ie, do not start to engage in hatha yoga, you start to follow your diet, etc.), it is not there links between internally and externally, and you will become a dreamer. This is a very great danger.

Similarly, the outside world. We are surrounded by the world sometimes that we do not like. Of course, we need a way to vent his world in which we would have to live.

But if you will not do any real work to change it in the wrong way, as you see it in the visualization, you will also come off. Those. this is a very serious risk, it is theoretical in yoga Visualization.

Therefore, always at the first opportunity you have to first of all give priority to conventional methods that any change, if there is an opportunity to change the familiar world around you.

I gave the example that if you have a dirty floor and swept, then you can certainly visualize that it swept and clean. In some situations it is the only quick way for you to get around your negative karma, so that it does not provoke you to leave aside.

But if you have at hand a broom and dustpan, you are able to sweep the floor, and the time for that is, that there are all the necessary conditions, the priority is to do it all themselves, but not to use visualization. And it is a priority: the usual action, to which we are accustomed.

If you are used to so schedule goal and then reach it, then Yoga Visualization will act as a catalyst and many times will accelerate. Those. from time to time you need to confirm your mental pictures physical actions towards those mental images.

If you do (I want to say again) will not do, then you turn into a dreamer detached from life. In fact, you will not differ from patients with psychiatric clinic, where a lot of people see the pictures that others do not see, hear voices, which no one can hear, see themselves as someone who is. Those. you need to visualize themselves, and they do not need to strain, and so they see themselves.

Two fulcrum

Let’s still quite behind the curtain of the basic idea, I want her to have survived. So, is our self is a manifestation of our prana or our Ya I feels its manifestations, or prana. Thus passes the prana in our inner world and revitalize our inner world. The border inner and outer world, and animates and transforms our inner and outer world.

Again, through the outside world (through the mirror separating the Absolute) can get through and reach the Absolute. Question: where to go or how to tie these two points (your Self and Absolute)?

Prana, in principle, can penetrate all barriers: and through your inner world, and in the outside world and the Absolute. This is such a way.

And to link these two banks. I recall that on one of the lectures, we gave an example that one point of support – this is our I, the other point of support – is the Absolute. And if we rely on these two points of support, we can very easily cross the lush river of life between them. Or to put the bridge (how to draw it).

Otherwise, we will flounder and be confused in our inner and outer world. In fact, prana in its pure form can cross the river and to overcome this life, and you can recognize the identity itself, the Absolute, or the nature of your higher self is no different from the nature of the Absolute.

Say yogis among Tantric Buddhists in Tibet, we in the Soviet period it was called Lamaism. They have such a beautiful mantra. The essence of the sutra Pradzhyaparamity.

I want to immediately make a reservation. Just as in India, where everyone loves the religion, a variety of religious beliefs over the Hindu character, yoga in Tibet long cooked in a Buddhist environment, so there is nearly always some Buddhist symbols and Buddhist images.

Yoga essentially the same, that there is out there. A soil in which they grew up, is different. Therefore, if the Indian Yogis there more Shiva, Ganesha longer, then, respectively, in the Buddhist yogis Buddha Avalokitishvara, Tathagata Buddha, that is, a pantheon of some images. A very serious philosophical work, very beautiful. There is a mantra of Prajna Paramita Sutra, it sounds like this:

Gate, Gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi matchmaker.

And I would not put it as an illustration, but hurt good translation of this mantra. And the meaning is that one side was, was, was, was, and reached the second bank.

There is a view of a very interesting concept that, in fact, the real only I and the Absolute, and all that separates them this world of maya, the inner world, the outside world. On the one hand, we can get lost in it (in these violent rivers). And, on the other hand, it gives us a chance to go through this to understand himself.

Those. we can get through this turbulent river maya reach the Absolute, and thereby discover their own nature. Similarly, like breaking any storm your inner peace and knowing one’s self, to know the nature of the Absolute.

In fact, as in the environment of the Tibetan yogis, very strong emphasis that the nature of the internal and external world we can both sidetrack and we get lost in it. And vice versa, some islands of the images of the inner world, the outside world allows us to stretch the thread from our prana I connect to the Absolute and this whole picture.

Here are some interesting things. This concludes today’s lecture.

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