2010_04_17 Йога Визуализации. Часть 4-я. Вадим Запорожцев. Лекция.

Today, April 17, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we continue the yoga lectures Visualization. And we start from the point where finished the previous lecture. And before we do that, I once again remind you that we are closely started to use graphs in yoga Visualization. In fact, this is the same method which is used by a traveler who considers the place of the map, which is going to attend.

Suppose you are going abroad, where they were not. You go and buy a card, then learn where, what city they are connected to the means by which you can get from one point to another, where and what kind of historical monuments, etc. Before visiting a particular country, you already have a plan for what you can expect there.

Similarly the same manner charts and visualizations in yoga – it’s some maps showing you the direction of the train of thought in self-knowledge and knowledge of the universe, and sufficiently rapid reopening of all knowledge that has been communicated by the ancient yogis and yoginis antiquity.

Those. This card or some certain scheme. Probably many of you have seen the radio circuit. For example, to make one or another electronic device and to understand how it works, first made radio circuit where prorisovuetsya where the transistor switch and circuit breaker. Then on the basis of this scheme is already some kind of a physical model of the device.

And if the device has broken or you do not understand how it works, then, first of all, it makes sense to look at the logic of this device, and then with a screwdriver in his hands looking into a broken device.

Although some people do the opposite. They first unscrew everything and then look for where the same scheme. Also, the time charts Yoga Visualization is very similar to the process of creation or drawing mandalas. Those. corresponding images, which are sometimes drawn in different colors. Sometimes this use colored sand, and pour out those or other lines. Sometimes, for example, a colored grain used for these purposes.

You do not have to draw it on paper, you can do it from scrap materials. It is also a good exercise for concentration.

Perhaps you’ve seen sometimes in museums in the picture image mandalas. The most widely used and they have reached us in Tibetan yogis. There are a variety of yoga – Tibetan yoga where the mandala represent a device the entire universe. And if you understand what it means or that the color element of the mandala, thus you will clearly see no more, no less, of the Universe.

Also, this issue is very close to the section called “Yantra Yoga.” Yantra Yoga is close to the art of making mandalas. But Yantra Yoga more refined. If more mandalas any arbitrary image may occur, the yantras emphasis on some abstraction.

In particular, my back to the wall you can see one of the yantras – Sri Yantra, where you can not see the images of people, objects, animals, but rather it is some geometric lines set.

But Yantra also represents a structure, scheme, sense. If we understand the meaning of each line of each triangle, then opened depths of the universe of images. I also remind you about numerous topics of art.

Please note that your carpets are decorative, some own geometric image. And we often do not pay attention to the patterns woven on the carpets. But, believe me, no pattern is not just futile fantasy authors.

If we are talking about ancient works of art, we also see echoes of this science, which we are now with you raised, the visualization chart. The same can be said of the ornaments with which you currently meet in architecture.

In the East, a very serious popularity gained certain ornaments that decorate the house, some temple complexes. Even in Moscow, when you walk down the street and look at the old and not modern buildings, you will be able to grasp the difference between one building from another by the presence of certain figures. They also archaic, full of meaning. Such nonverbal information channel.

For example, for the connoisseur of Moscow, who knows history, knows what and where events were held, a simple walk in the center of Moscow turns into a unique journey through space and time.

Sometimes one or the other wing is not destroyed in the course of history, their appearance says more about the people who lived in this palace, than all written biographies somehow extant.

Those. Visual information flows from everywhere and we need to learn how to use them. I remind you that this section Yantra Yoga. We mostly do some first steps in this science.

“Intermediate point” in practice.

The central canal and chakra.

In the previous lecture, we stopped on the fact that as long as we do not understand your higher self, or as long as the Absolute is not opened in front of us, we have to build a visualization practice at some intermediate points. Those. we have to recreate the areas in the inner world or in the outside, which would be the most close to our self or the Absolute. To rely on them any further practice yoga or visualizations practices for changing internal and external peace force of our creative imagination.

We stayed on the question: “but what to choose as these intermediate points?”.

In part, we touched on the concept that the most profound way to our inner world, which we can find in yoga – it forms the central channel of the body.

And given the relevant image of this meditation center channel, as a rule, it appears as a straight tube cerulean empty and glowing inside. Moreover, the thickness of the tube can vary. From our hair thickness, passing through the thickness dimension of our little finger or the thumb to more larger sizes, for example, a smokestack.

Those. It provides a conceptual image of a channel. A more detailed specifics at the mercy given directly to the person who practices yoga Visualization. Because the person at the words “central channel” can be completely spontaneous image of the object, which would have been most strongly similar to the central channel and he begins to imagine central channel in a form that is familiar to him.

Very good to rely on yoga Visualization Center channel. And relying on the central tube in his inner world, is already trying to rebuild some other parts of his inner world.

For example, one or the other structure of your body affected by the stupidity, stupid, sleepy stupor (sometimes it happens), and it is necessary to bring the structure of this unnecessary, inappropriate for our state. And at the same time, you need something to draw.

As a point of support we can choose another image that is closer to our Ya But, at the same time, it will not affect most of the emotions that we will manage. At the same time, the most delicate in this sense is a center channel. Because it is, by definition, is not affected by emotions. And all the emotions and thoughts occur around the Central Canal.

But in addition to the central channel these intermediate points other images can be support. For example, images of the chakras. For example, the chakra located between the eyebrows at us. Also, it is given a certain image of this chakra, for example, in the form of a lotus flower, or some other geometric image. And this picture is localized at the point between the eyebrows.

We visualize this first intermediate point, claims it, and then begin to build on that intermediate point (say, chakra between the eyes), controlled by some other sensations within your body.

Chakras are many in our body. And for those and other purposes it makes sense to choose a different corresponding chakras or plexus. This is one group of intermediate tochkek, which may be based Visualization yoga – a system of chakras or channel.

Visualize the perfect image

But there may be another system or reference images based on that, you can also manage your inner world is more global. Let’s say you’re a girl, and feel certain emotions that you do not like, and from which you would like to get rid of. Well, what could be the emotions that are sometimes inappropriate? For example, a quick temper, a bad mood, eternal nagging or jealousy, greed. Not necessarily to the girls, it is possible for a young man, any man can be attributed.

And here you visualize the image of the perfect girl. Those. you visualize yourself the perfect woman. One image is superimposed on the other. On the one hand – your habitual way affected by one or another emotion. On the other hand – the perfect image.

Again, how perfect? As perfectly as you can imagine perfection for himself. Here you have the concept of perfection, and you have to provide it for themselves.

It is understood that the concept of perfection is also transformed. What you thought a few years ago perfection, then undergoes some changes in the future, you know what to think about themselves can be committed even more refined. Those. this is a purely personal concept of perfection.

You visualize yourself inside perfect. And, at the same time, there is a normal image imaging itself. And, based on the first one, you can already influence the second.

As you can see, there is no longer support in the central channel, not on the chakras, and immediately finished image. Accordingly, in the yoga techniques are these images that it makes sense to visualize the inside, so that those or other inappropriate the qualities brought under control.

Specific symbols images

Sometimes these images are given with a very specific symbolism. Again, this symbolism on the one hand, bears the imprint of tradition, which preserved this practice. On the other hand, it provides the impetus for the archetypical perception.

For example, if you’re a girl, then you are called to meditate upon itself, as the perfect girl in red. Very strange, well, where do the red? Why no green or mottled, namely red?

And here we find echoes of other sciences already in yoga that track how affects one or another color to our state of mind. Indeed, the green, usually calms us.

I repeat an example that at the sight of snipers before reverse side was green. Why? Because if you look for a long time motionless, it need such a color that would minimally irritating to the eyes. Green does not irritate the eyes. Why? Because it is most often found in nature. As a rule, all the leaves of the plants have a green color. And this is due to the structure of our atmosphere. In the light that comes to us on the ground, the largest number refers to the green spectrum, too much. Therefore, leaves and reflect green spectrum.

Again, if we are looking at the sky, the sky is blue. It does not herald any bad weather. Accordingly, the imaging picture sky-blue (specifically, how to see the call center channel) in its effect on our inner sensations conglomerate.

Indeed, when one admires the sky? Obviously, I do not when the tiger chasing him. And when he has leisure time to philosophise, relax or somehow balanced look at what is happening detached.

Go on a weekday on the street, see how all run to work. Mark himself watching. It is very rare to see dreams of a young man who is unhurried pace, looking at the sky, as a rule, love. He cares about the beauty of the world, others are not.

As a rule, each color has its own imprint. Again, the color red on the one hand, has the effect of calling. For example, red blood gives a sign that we get injured. Imagine if our blood was invisible. We would get injured and the blood had expired, without seeing that we get injured.

At the same time, red, healthy glow says about a certain strength and health. Do you remember the saying “red girl”. That is, on the one hand, the word “red” and “beautiful” was initially close to the meaning of these words, that the healthy, natural, alive, from nature, from something good, eternal, pure, etc.

Let me remind you that the Red Square in Moscow is not the fact that it was painted in red color, but because she was considered beautiful. The red color makes us different reaction. Therefore, in a particular manner prescribed imaging girl see themselves red.

Again, we find descriptions of meditation that is prescribed to meditate on how completely naked. In other prescribed meditations to see themselves as totally naked, but with the presence of those or other decorations.

Why? Because our very perception of himself in the nude form liberates: what we have, are and have. At that time, as the presence of garment like our guards, so we and clamps. And the slightest psychological aspects of our perception of color, clothes in which we dressed, the presence of those or other decorations, giving a boost, which in turn affects the associative links associative links and these are changing.

Working with associative

yoga Visualizations

In the previous lecture, we remember that the whole picture of internal and external worlds – this interweaving numerous associative links, which support these pictures.

The fact that you see yourself in one or another way, says that you have built certain associative connections. If you want to change something, you need to change the associative links. And how to change them? Again, associative methods. Those. think of other things that would have corrected the perception you have of certain objects, for example, on the device of your body or in the manifestation of his character.

So, these intermediate images for a point in support of meditation, which are the closest to our I and on the basis of which you can change any other aspects of our inner world. These images are many, they are on every occasion of life, each regulated by its purpose.

And what unites them all to give you a general concept that characterizes all these images? And united their next thought is that if you want something to change, in the same time you should not rely on it.

If you sit on the mat, you should not be in the same time to pull the rug out from under him. You just will not be able to do it. Why? Because the weight of your body would be contrary to the attempt to pull the rug out from under him. Therefore, a person goes to all sorts of tricks. Man starts to jump up, and at this moment he does not rely on the mat, trying to pull it out from under him to land on the bare ground.

If you want to change something, you should not at the same moment is to rely on. If you want a to change something, then you should not provoke a certain emotion that you want to change. Otherwise, they can grab you and you just will not remain the fulcrum.

Those. you first need to avoid those things from which you want to get rid of, take advantage of this time to establish a foothold unaffected from any other sensations. And as soon as the bridgehead unaffected already been made, only at that moment to do something.

So, if you are sitting on the mat, and you need to move the pad away, you better seats himself next to the mat on the ground, and then move the pad.

If you sit back and just try it out for yourself to pull out, then you have nothing. This is an attempt to pull itself out of the swamp by the hair. You remember, it was possible to only one person – Baron Myunhauzenom (even with a horse).

It turns out this thing that you have to create some image untapped in practice, be established in this way, and then with a base image that change what you want to change. That’s all for the internal intermediate image.

External intermediate image

Now then, with regard to the outside of the intermediate image. We are touched upon this topic that we do not really have the concept of the Absolute, it is too grandiose and abstract, extraordinary.

When we say “Absolute”, we simply recite a set of letters, and we simply have no intuitive impulse, whatever that means. Why? Because if you had a comprehension of what is called “Absolute”, the mere utterance of the word “Absolute” instantly would introduce you to a state of samadhi without object (the ultimate goal of yoga).

And since we are the right and left shouting “Absolute Absolute”, but it obviously did not demonstrate that we plunged into samadhi. And if we dive into something and then get out of this state, it is something else.

Why? Because immersion in the Absolute does not pass without leaving a trace. The man who fell into the Absolute, and then came out of this state, has been published for the Teacher of mankind, and then did not go unnoticed by all the people around. At least for the simple reason that when he does something, the echo of his actions bypasses the whole world. Those. always possible to indirectly detect the presence of a source of power.

We have no concept of the Absolute. To be close to her and work with all practices that would be based on the Absolute, we are with you, and should develop interim external point of support, which (of course) is not an absolute, but our objective point of view the most similar to what can be called the Absolute .

The religious vision of the Supreme

And here we are coming to one of the most difficult and slippery so called “religion”. Do you remember that yoga is distancing itself from religion. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge, which is highly respected all religious beliefs of any people, but it is not a religion. And this concept of the Absolute is extremely close to what we might call the religious vision of God, or, as the Buddhists, the Great Void, or, like Taoists – the Great Tao.

Moreover, the term “God,” it may be some kind of a personal God. For example, in India, where 300 million gods, a huge amount of personal nature gods. God, on the one hand, the personal God, on the other hand, it is the transcendent Absolute.

Or, in other religions, we are faced with a different concept of God. It is a kind of supra-being, which we can not say anything or to think about it. Or, as stated in the religions, no one can conceive of it, if only to take a look into the face of God. These concepts are very different, a lot of friends.

Once again, in India, a huge number of religions. Probably, all the religions that have been, are and will be in the West, now exist in India.

On the other hand, you may remember that the reverse side of any religion – is the extreme intolerance of other religions, extreme intolerance. Moreover, the more wild man, the more this intolerance, she often comes to fanaticism. Moreover, in the darkest consequences of fanaticism.

If a percentage to calculate how much blood was spilled as a result of certain religious strife, then this figure will eclipse all the other murders on earth.

It is clear that if in the Middle Ages were arranged some slaughter on religious grounds, and killed thousands of people, in comparison with World War II (where millions died) it seems a trifle. But, my friends, at the time, and how much the population was smaller.

Therefore, if you take a percentage, how much blood has been spilled as a result of religious intolerance, hatred of one religion to another. Or, what is even more frightening when the split occurs within a single religion, and there are beginning to find out who is committed to greater, and who less.

Friends, this is a tremendous amount of hatred, a huge amount of kills, a tremendous amount of rejection. You know, sometimes open hatred, open murder, and is quiet. It is sometimes the worst.

For example, a representative of one religion suspect that other people of other religions and begins silently hating him and fix him all sorts of meanness in his life. We see this throughout the history of mankind. This is one of the darkest and dirtiest those just is.

Why? Because most heinous things are done ostensibly to supply the Absolute, God or the conception that sverhlogichnaya, sverhdobraya, ultrapure. It is very dark side.

But, on the other hand, as you remember, religion has a very strong side. Why? Because the very first moments of humanistic relations of people to each other, we also trace in the religions.

At that time, all of each other killed and eaten raw or roasted form, we see that there were religious, who recommended to refrain from their own kind, and someone else could kill.

Then, for example, according to the years as mankind matured and become more humane, we see the humanistic precepts as part of various religions. Those. you can not underestimate the role of religion as a humane and cultural shock for the people who helped to escape from barbarism.

Friends, this contrast is terrifying. On the one hand, as many benefits of religion, on the other hand, fewer hate. It is clear that sooner or later the question arises: how to explain why the same thing as religion, can bring a large number of good and a lot of suffering.

And the question, my friends, that in every religion there is some idea of its Supreme, and it is so sacred to the followers of a religion that some disrespect for these symbols of faith is simply a storm of protest.

In fact, it turns out that in all religions (if it is a religion imputed) assumes that there is a certain root cause of all. But in order to convey to people who are not able to think abstractly, in certain religions are very specific images.

Or in other terms Yoga Visualization – this intermediate point, based on which, you can do something in life and get a result. That’s why a character in one religion or another saint.

And the man who professes a particular religion, professing a particular image of God, or the cosmic law of the Tao or the Great Void, he thereby has the fulcrum closest to the Absolute, but understandable at the same time, in his mind. On the third hand, she is not involved in the world that he wants to change.

For this reason such a strong impetus to the constructive religion for the good of all mankind. Why? Because religion is based on something pure, humanistic, which is not visible in the ordinary world, but to aspire to.

And if there is something to strive for, it is possible to change what is. In this very large force of religious beliefs. First of all, I’m talking about the religions of India, where there are 300 million different. But the same applies to any religion, even if it is a religion of wild people in the Amazon jungle.

We all have an idea of the Supreme. Sometimes it seems totally unacceptable to us. But the ogre is all the same it is better than the life in which he lives.

For example, in one religion is forbidden to kill living beings, in other religions, for example, is allowed to make animal sacrifices. And to say that one religion is superior to another, we do not have the right, if you do not know, for some people and the conditions in which practiced one or another religion.

Once again, if there were cannibals in a sudden they stopped eating people, and limited only by cattle, it is a clear step up. Therefore, yoga is extremely respectful to all faiths. Whether it’s world popular religion, whether it is very rare and quite exotic forms. In any case, it is an attempt to become better people.

Therefore, do not rush to scoff and laugh at other people’s religious beliefs, you will yourself ridiculous, if you do not understand this meaning. Friends, the reverse side is also very unpleasant. Suddenly, the representatives of different religions also find that their system and point of support, allowing them to enter this sverhuroven Absolute is different from other groups of people. And what begins? War begins.

Because it seems like you have, so it should be at all. Jonathan Swift was the product of “Gulliver’s Travels.” We know him as a baby product, but it is a very serious philosophical work.

In particular, there is an episode where the two countries fought a completely ridiculous (on our part) about: which side need to break an egg with a dull or sharp?

For a man it seems detached delirium. Well, what’s the difference: with one or the other? But for the people for whom the eggs are a symbol with acute broken hand, it represents the best of everything in the universe, it is not such a simple question, and very catchy for a living. Of course, Jonathan Swift in a few satirical manner ridiculed feuds that were happening in his time.

But, in fact, when we look detached, it seems ridiculous. And when you discover through this or that image of a religion that you opened higher, suddenly you feel and remember that the Absolute lies behind everything. And then you start to feel it for each specific manner or those or other sacred treatises, scriptures, any action. You suddenly feel Graduate and unwittingly begin to deify all that through which it came to college. And thus you experience the outer fulcrum.

What it is? It can be an icon in the temple. It may be some holy image, it may be some sacred symbol of one religion or another, it may be Bole abstract concept, as we see from the Taoist (law of justice Tao), or the Buddhists (the luminous emptiness).

Imagine that a representative of a group of people who opened higher (say) through the Tao, meets with another person, which is open through the Great Void. And they found through a follower, say, a follower of any Indian religion, which all opened by the god Krishna (it looks like a man). And some college opened by Hanuman (India great pantheon of gods). Hanuman – the monkey. Someone through Ganesha slonovopodobny God. Someone even through something.

Imagine that all these people are sewn together, each opened Absolut, but opened through different images. For every person the image of a saint. It is clear that there are stupid people who start laughing at images of each other. And thus they provoke hatred, strife. They are more aggressive people who are beginning to believe that if you do not like them, it is necessary to punish, to destroy and to exterminate every possible way.

Religious conflict

And here we have a conflict. Moreover, at the deepest level, in the most holy and sacred. Therefore, the concept that none of the yogi or yogini would not judge another religion, as if she did not look exotic. Do it will not take that one belief system higher and the other lower. He never will somehow push their foreheads, making fun of any religion, or somehow disrespectful to religion. It is pointless.

Why? Because all people mean a single source. Therefore, yoga is a very clear line of conduct. Yoga and religion – two different things. And if you are within the yoga through this or that religion has opened higher, and the glory of God, and is very good and great.

Yoga does not contradict your connection with the Supreme, the Absolute. But if at the same time you will say: “But I’m right, but my concept has a place of life, and all others are wrong,” then you know that someone begins to perceive these words as very offensive. And then how to deal with it?

For example, one person professes the same religion, the other – the other, and the third is an atheist. In the end, the person has the right to be an atheist. And these people sit at the same table? Yes, after all you do not seat the, if you start one way or another to stick the point of view of one or the other, then the third.

But the funny thing is that there is no need to push the point of view for the simple reason that the Supreme Absolute or so grand, so fantastic, that we know and we can not conceive. But in his mercy it comes to every man is the image that is close to him.

Therefore, if a person within the same religion, it would be desirable to Higher manifested through certain symbols, for example, images or texts, Higher him and come. Others – in other images and symbols.

And if you are an atheist. This we have now emerged a situation that supposedly have no atheists. But you remember that 20 years ago, when we had communist rules have been hard to find a religious man. And that, for these 20 years, all 100 million instant suddenly saw the light and began to believe in one thing, then another, then the third? Yes, this can not be, can not be so quick to come.

Most likely, some unthought inside. There are people who truly opened, and very good. But it is doubtful that it opened all at once. And how to deal with it? Forcibly to drive all in the framework of a particular religion or a particular system – the violence over the other.

It is clear that if a person is 60 years of our country lifted, I know the people who made the atomic bomb, and they are less likely thought about the concept of religion, when it was done. But without them, we would now be talking with you, this country would not exist. And these people are atheists, and that close the way to yoga for them? No.

Just as it is said in all the declarations of human rights, as stated in the constitution, that is, freedom of conscience or freedom of man in his religion.

If you do then opened, and the glory of God, honor and praise. If you are in doubt, you have the right on this, but if you are in doubt, then oh well. In the end, the Absolute – is such an abstract thing that accommodates all (including atheistic views).

Absolute – the thing is too prohibitive, it is infinity. We say “Absolute”, but do not understand what it is. And if a miracle happened: in your life he came to you as part of a religion, it is very good grasp of it, is a very serious sign of your spiritual development for you.

And if not? If this religion you are not satisfied, and atheism is not enough, and something intermediate is not satisfied, as it was then to be? Yes, as you want, and be, yoga does not impose anything, it’s your own business.

Therefore, when trying to say that yoga – a religion, nothing like a religion – it is your own business. Or someone on the contrary trying to say that yoga is against religion – even more nonsense.

Yoga – Yoga is a system of self-knowledge. She explains something, and then said: “My friends, you have been told, now try to implement it in your life, if you like. If you get the same result as you progress in yoga. If you say that you are not interested, very well. “

The question that is constantly given and constantly have to answer it.

– How can the various conflicting moments that are present in different religions lead to the same (absolute)?

In Indian religions very often it occurs the possibility of birth and death. While in other religions life is given only once and accordingly, once we die?

Firstly, my friends, let’s start with the fact that in India there are religions that believe that life is given to man once. In this regard, some Western religious not come in some antagonism.

It is clear that when we are dealing with religions, here every word may offend someone. But even the most robust part of your analysis of a particular religion, if you opened the Absolute, it is a guarantee that you have in this life will reach the final stage of your development. Why would you think about a variety of life? Therefore, all the ancient prophets did not speak about that too, and talked about the fact that in one life is all wrong.

Therefore, in many religions, there is no concept of a few life and death. At least one reason that you do not need the next birth in order to achieve this goal. And contrary to other religions believe that we can go very fast, and you can go step by step.

Therefore, the mind always finds interfacing between different religions, as if they did not look antagonistic. Another thing that never will explain the essence of any religion, because the essence of religions – is the Absolute. A Absolute – and mind sverhlogichnaya thing there does not help.

It was a small digression, because always (especially now) the religious question became very sharp. Generally, in human history, we have seen some religious ups and downs. That religion is “a great success”, on the contrary, we see utter nihilism. What we are seeing Renaissance, the rise of religious thought. So again, it’s all dumped in complete denial. That sharahane thereof from religion to another, etc. etc.

Sometimes a person is confusing and believes that yoga has to do with it. No, friends, yoga respects all religious views, but still is a system of self-knowledge. Man of all faiths can enjoy these or other methods.

Fulcrum for visualization

Now we go on. What, then, yoga Visualization? What intermediate imaging, we should choose to make as close as possible to the Absolute foothold and, based on it, change your outer world.

(Here we draw our outer world). Of course, just as in the case of an internal fulcrum can be external images very much. This may be some way abstract. For example, in the form of a diagram or yantra, which is prescribed to observe the outside.

It may be some image of how the world works. We are now living with you, where every now and corruption, filth, embezzlement, etc. And who prevents you mentally create an image of another country, where everything is perfect?

Oddly enough, this idea that you have created that image begins to be the fulcrum, the thought of which you can change everything. More precisely, it begins to change itself. And we’ll talk a little later, as it happens.

Outwardly, this image can be in yoga Visualization diagram of the universe. Here you take and draw a diagram of the universe that you want to see. In fact, the art of the mandala (beautiful pictures of the sand, which is poured) – an attempt to create a certain image.

Those. First pour it physically out of the sand, then grasp it mentally and mentally hold, apply to the outside world that everything looks well should be harmonious.

Again, the external image of the abstract can be in the form of a cosmic law of justice. In fact, any image that for us personally associated with the source of the Absolute, can be the fulcrum upon which you can change in the external world all that you do not like. In the end, all that you see, you are done.

These images can be very abstract. For example, in the form of OM sign, or some beautiful diagrams, pictures, sculptures. So it is more usual, for example, in the form of people or teachers. You visualize Yoga teacher or yogini. And you hold that image in your mind, impose the image that you see in the outside world.

It turns out very interesting picture. All that you see outside, plus the visualization image, that with which you can communicate to you sitting teacher or teacher of yoga. And you are asking the Absolute manifest itself through this image.

You have a foothold there, which already allows to change something in the world. Again, this may be an abstract image of a clean country, as we read in the treatises. Imagine a country in which you wanted to live. And you start to meditate in this way, and it turns out that you start to live simultaneously in two worlds: the world in your usual way and that is to be.

The most interesting thing in yoga visualization, imaging that this image is beginning to supplant the world to which you are accustomed, to replace it by yourself.

The external image – the image of love

Finally, I remind you of the highest conception of yoga Triad, where the external image may be the image of love. Do you remember in yoga Love you can visualize yoga standby state of love, that is, boy or girl, that personification of your love, that should come to you.

Moreover, if the image you visualized as a support point for the outside world yet somehow underpin at least something from the outside world, this image becomes stronger.

I remind you of the concept of yoga Triad, where the boy asks the girl to help him, so he combined the image he visualizes in his inner world with a particular girl. And then the easier it all starts to go, the faster you start changing everything.

The concept of the fulcrum is extremely important. Again, for different purposes prescribed visualize different images.

Again, this so close to what is called Yantra Yoga. For a particular purpose prescribe meditate on this or that yantra. And, in fact, I’ll be right back to the chart, where the left is drawn our inner world and our outer right.

And here he sits, our beautiful yogi and he has a picture of what he represents. He sees something outside. And then he begins to visualize yourself in some other form of perfect yoga.

Here it is a joyous yogi, that he handles. And he begins to visualize the outside world in the perfect form. The same sun is shining, the same sea, but not dirty and clean. People, but not evil and good.

Those. He sees itself in a new way, and from the outside sees, where he lives. And what if this happens? Begin to cross associative links. If, before this association is from our I walked through the central channel of the body on the image of the image, which we used to consider himself, but now it starts to reach the deeper structures of the mind, where the image is formed. And then it goes not on ourselves, but on the way, which we meditate.

Or we do not see the world that appeared before us generally, and associative connection is redirected to the image that we meditate. Those. we redirect associative links. Accordingly, the more we are sending them to the images that visualize, the less is our usual way and on the usual picture in our world that we see.

As a result, the imaging image that we see, it is beginning to replace the usual way. And then quite a wonderful thing, because in fact, there are a bunch between the inner and outer world. And according to this way of our visualization as ourselves, and the world, and our body begins to change, and what we see around.

Why? Because like in such interconnected. We redistribute associative links. And associative links of some old ideas are redistributed to the new. And the old quietly wither, dry up and fall off, instead they grow new, strong, powerful.

The analogy with the weeds and rose

Imagine that you have two plants. One burdock or weed that you absolutely do not need. And the other – a beautiful rose, you want to grow. But you have only one watering can with water. And you’ll spend this water?

It is clear that the habit of watering you water weed, and it blooms, but it does not smell. And the rose water is still quite small. And here we seem to redirect, we are beginning to pay more attention to our rose. Accordingly, less water is burdock. And here we have a burdock in the garden dried up, and Rose grew. Why? Because we switched.

Therefore, the fundamental idea that all that we see, we ourselves have built. A built using associative links, which flows with you as our prana, it is fundamental to yoga Visualization. Anything you do not like, my friends, you and financed by the same.

Let’s say that you do not like something in the outside world, and you are not even aware that it is supported by your own own prana. Those. you are financing their own enemy, and did not even guess.

How are financing? Due to the chain of associative links, all of which permeate all the support. They permeate and your inner and your outer world.

Redirect associative links

Sometimes the question arises: how can this be, if I do not like something, then I can turn away and thus get an association to it itself fell apart without me?

But, my friends, is not so simple. Unfortunately, we have not so much have control over your mind, for your attention, your feelings, your feelings for that is so easy to pull out the associative links and establish new ones.

Just long and hard yoga that make a person calm, which make a person controlling every thought, movement, only this leads to the ability to pull out of the associative links chego-to unnecessary and, conversely, to set them so that it is necessary.

For our ordinary people, like you and me, it is still available and required many years hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, to at least a little closer to it.

For better illustration, I cite the following example.

Picture absolutely wonderful on the board, but I have to erase it, to draw a new picture. And how is it that we fund that acts against us or support what we do not like?

The analogy with a monkey and a banana

As an example, I cite anecdotal welcome hunters the monkeys. Imagine that in the jungle a lot of monkeys running around. I will try to draw a monkey. Probably, I will not turn out, but I’ll try. Here she is a monkey. It is understood that the monkey jumping everywhere-gallop, something to steal.

And is such a method. It takes a large dried gourd empty inside. And one end of the rope is tied to some tree. In the inside of the pumpkin is put, say, a banana.

So she ran monkey looks: pumpkin with a hole and the inside of a banana, a delicious banana. What makes our monkey? It is time to hand – and starts. Grabbing a banana and think that now he will eat. He pulls out his hand and arm with a banana does not pass through the hole. Hand free and can stick to stick. And when you’re stuck and grabbed a banana, then it does not go back.

And at this moment, when a monkey grabbed a banana, immediately hunters monkeys who collects run. Monkey sees, starts to twitch, but does not understand that it is necessary to unclench his hand to pull her pumpkin and run away into the forest. It still remains to this pumpkin, this banana tied to a tree.

Clearly, it immediately grabbed the hunters and the circus. Or you walk and take pictures. But we do not consider how humane or inhumane in such a way to catch monkeys. Why? Because monkeys are also harmful. These fields for planting can ruin etc.

The same situation we have with you. Sometimes we do not realize how we set associative link, which is a monkey handle missing one thing, and all we have got. It can be very different things. Sometimes a trifle, for which clings to man, ie, he likes or does not like, it results in the fact that a series of other events it tightly binds.

On the one hand, nothing could be simpler: squeeze his hand, and then it unclench. But not just something to let go, if we are attached to this, we believe that it’s mine. And we do not understand that until we let go of something in one area, then we do not get some kind of freedom in a different area.

For monkeys are two different things: her freedom and a banana. She wants to grab and banana, and escape to freedom. And can not understand what these things are mutually exclusive. Moreover, the instincts of a monkey right. Why? Because if there would be a pumpkin, then, of course, it would be necessary not to let the banana, but had to grab him and run away with a banana.

Perhaps there was not a banana, but something poprochnee. Because if it jerked, it would break a banana. But it does not matter. In the same way we do. We’re doing some kind of associative links, they are installed. And in the future, and the eye does not have time to blink, weave a network of associative connections themselves entangled in them. We get used to it.

Thus We formed our perception of us. Here you sit, you have your body. And there is something you would like to change it. But you like this monkey inside something so squeezed that the body and is pleased to be change, but you do not give. Those. It goes in two directions of movement: you want something one, and do exactly the opposite action.

And a simple illustration shows how the lagging network association to both your inner image, and throughout the surrounding universe. What visualization could give this monkey? And let them visualize that in her home those heaps of bananas.

Moreover, these bananas are not interested in her, she hands them do not want to spoil. And in general, make her touch to this banana, she was horrified to not even be. And this thought in the opposite direction that the bananas do not need to touch the bananas and very bad, allow it to loosen the hand, jump and run.

Why? Because one association is replaced by another that need bananas, and will help to solve some other problem. But, on the other hand, my friends, you know that if it’s her long association is that bananas do not need it and may die of hunger.

And here comes the next skill where you need to create a visualization images and skillfully changed. Sometimes a person grasps at anything in life. For example, a man saw a new car brand and all his darkened eyes, wants at all costs. Here he laid flat, borrowed to this new toy train. Those. some people are fond of the new associative relationship, and his life is not sweet.

There are a variety of cases, sometimes people in authority want to break through, at any cost to become a great boss. He was the most grievous sins is, His devotees, others betray, if only there was this cherished goal was (power, money or a new toy to get). And thus does not realize that around this association grows trap that it is this trap and keeps.

But this does not mean that in all other cases, the power of the machine, the money – this is something bad. Here we are with you and come to this other concept in yoga Visualizations that any imaging need to be appropriate and should address the specific issues raised. If it does not, then we, as a monkey.

Yoga Visualization – this control

associative links

Finally, the next thing we’ll need to sanctify, is the concept of association. (Erase the board our pretty little monkey).

So, we came up against the associative links. In fact, all Yoga Visualization – is the control of associative links. We remember that we have our higher self, which is an associative link to our internal structures (I will not draw them). And then this association is perhaps permeating our whole body to go out and rush somewhere outside. Those. associative link goes through us further into the universe.

For example, a gentleman wanted for a new car model. So he walked, walked and did not see her. But then he saw the new model name is self-propelled carriage without horses.

And yet, here he saw it – this is the first. Second, he experienced with some emotion. It is clear that if he liked this piece of iron, it has experienced some positive emotions. And if you do not like – is negative. And if anything, that he had seen many times, then indifferent.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish the association? Two factors: Consciousness and Energy. Firstly, we have to see something or get information on something. Only in this sense, we can talk about the association.

+ Energy = Consciousness associative connection

For example, on the back side of the moon is big and round cobbles. But do you have with him is established association is not before you know about it or see it. Say, is not cobble, and a huge chunk of gold of 50 tons. But you have to learn and you need this gold you to think that the gold – it is something of value.

If you live on a planet where everything is made of gold, and not rare ordinary stones, then it will not surprise you. And if in rare gold, then you are experiencing an emotion, that is, connected energy. And if there is a Consciousness and Energy, the association is established. If there is no consciousness, ie, you do not know about something, no association will not occur.

You must have some kind of emotional reaction to what you saw. You have to experience either joy or rejection or neutral some emotion. If they do not, let’s say you do not care, the association is not established.

Let’s say you go on the asphalt. Every square centimeter of asphalt is like every other centimeter asphalt. You do not arise association with any one of these pieces of asphalt. And if on the same pavement is a diamond, and you look at it: “Look, the diamond is, let’s I’ll take it,” then you are experiencing association is “I want to pick it up.” And if on the way there is some obstacle, then you are trying to overcome it.

Therefore, from the emergence of association can be very easy to defend. That leaf between the eye and the car this young man to put or throw a bag to be seen. It all boils down to the method: to avoid temptations. If you know that something you necessarily will work, try not to see.

It is clear that advertisers are just the opposite. You can see all tobacco advertising, you always see the advertisement of alcoholic beverages, you see advertisements everywhere for something that is absolutely not necessary and appropriate.

It is clear that a person who has recently quit smoking, when he sees that someone smokes or somewhere selling cigarettes, then he could not help recovering this associative connection. This is a very serious issue.

On the other hand, the association can not give arise, it is simply not experience emotions. I hope from everyone here is not complete junkies and you do not care if, say, you will see a bunch of white powder, called heroin. Why? Because you’ve never tried.

And if you are addicted to this nonsense and miraculously survived, moreover, also threw its use. That, again, kind of the powder and the reaction that follows him, she awakens an association.

Therefore, working with associative links very interesting and ambiguous. Firstly, do not create unnecessary associative links. Those. if you do not smoke, do not smoke now, do not smoke and do not try.

If you are nonsense and rubbish all tried, and do not need to try. Now all sorts of wise men who write books psychedelic “Try psychedelic mushrooms sezhte in astral travel go. Try a new mixture of gasoline with some shit. “

Do not try, my friends, that there is no component of the energy that was not as with the monkey, which was caught on the association through drugs, alcohol and other things that are not there you will.

Therefore, if some wise guy will argue that it is necessary to try everything in this life, then spit into his eyes and let the cyanide, albeit trying, before giving such advice. It will be faster and clearer.

Therefore, one factor – the Consciousness, is another factor – Energy. Factor emotions and information factor when connected together, then there is the factor by which our prana and we can either catch us, or we can influence this prana. The whole world around him that we did, we did with the help of associative links, which once created by bewilderment and folly.

These associative links from us leaves our prana. Sometimes we ourselves feel very bad. Imagine that you are thus still are financing everything that you do not like. Those. it is doubly for you the punishment. As Mark Twain said: “The worst thing is to know when you muchaeshsya that your enemies rejoice.”

But there is also another thing that they are happy in direct proportion to how you suffer. Anything you do not like in this world, my friends, you have built with the help of associative links which your prana flows.

You line up the association with the help of Consciousness and Energy. Once you have tried it at some time in the first time and saw it went. Now you need to a) reduce an association; b) to build a new associative link.

Again, to build a new associative relationship, you need to Consciousness and Energy. Consciousness – is an internal visualization picture: internal or external support. Energy – is related to all sensations.

If, meditating on the internal or the external image, you feel satisfied. In fact, you begin to feel it because your mind is less tossing and gives a portion of prana to the outside world, to finance what you do not like.

In this art of meditation. Meditation – this is when you redirect the flow of prana by the channel that you want and take away from the fact that you do not need. And so it continues as long as the old unnecessary does not dry up, and the new and necessary blooms.

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