2010_04_13 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 3rd. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, April 13, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.



Today we will continue to consider the topic of yoga Visualization. And, as agreed at the last lecture, we shall begin to consider more detailed aspects of the work with the images, with the involvement of the fact that the axioms is called “associative links”, which prana flows.

But, before we start with you to consider these points, it is necessary to say a few words about the new tool of knowledge and explanation of yoga. This tool is called, respectively, “yoga chart visualizations.”

The idea of this tool – use the images for reports of a yogic information. Those. knowledge we can perceive by ear, but sometimes once is enough to look at the picture, how can you not say many words, everything becomes clear and obvious, looking at the picture.

Through visual images are sometimes much easier to bring an idea associated with the device of our bodies in the Universe. And sometimes more difficult. Sometimes the picture is not much information than speech. Sometimes in the timbre of the voice of the speaker may be much deeper grasp some aspects of yoga exercises, rather than from a formal point of view, looking at those or other images.

You remember that work with visual images is also engaged in yoga, called “Yantra Yoga.” And now we come to you in our course yoga Visualization to some linking between the two Yogis, when some of the same tools of yoga are beginning to be used in another.

In fact, all areas of yoga are interrelated and interdependent and help one another. Therefore, it is not necessary to be surprised, we are repeatedly confronted with this. Now we are waiting for a bunch of between Yantra Yoga and Yoga Visualization.

But first, this bunch will be more technical, faster and easier to bring yoga Visualization and not so deep, fundamental, which we will consider later in the cycle of our lectures.


So, let me remind you that history has brought to our letter and hieroglyphic writing. We all know that in the Western countries (the heirs of the Roman Empire) caught on the Latin alphabet, based on the ancient language (what is now called Latin). In other countries, particularly in Russia, he caught another alphabet, known as “Cyrillic”.

And, say, in countries such as China or Japan, or some southern civilization, where we meet the characters in which it would be possible to transfer some information.

As practice shows, sometimes faster than a person perceives the word written letters, and sometimes the picture one way or another symbol, hieroglyph. For this reason, including a modern computer or electronic device, you usually will observe duplicate the action of a particular image, called “icon” and of an action described by means of letters.

Sometimes even the most cursory glance is enough to quickly navigate even the most challenging program and intuitively understand how it works. Any attempt to change the interface, even towards its improvement leads to a backlash. People are just not able to understand, because accustomed to thinking of the look.


Of course, modern manufacturers of computer programs as psychologists probably weak personality. Why? Because there is a tendency to constantly change the interface, which is extremely difficult to work. And in the end, must be some kind of economic punishment for a careless use.

In yoga we find certain images that are quite reluctant to change not only for decades and centuries. To indicate this or that what some things one way or another meaning. For example, the image of the syllable “Om”, etc. etc.

Therefore, sometimes faster and more effective to look at one or the other picture than a long and painful, and strictly explain a particular concept.

It must be said that faced with this modern science. In particular, the development of modern mechanics suddenly stumbled upon the inability to draw other images occurring in microcosm. But verbal description of various processes greatly complicates understanding of various processes.



And here’s a very well known uncle Richard Feynman invented their respective charts, which greatly facilitated the life of physicists.

Those. it some graphics that carry meaning. Of course, they are in yoga. Primarily, this image syllable OM. Then, the image of certain chakras and centers that you can see in numerous esoteric literature (usually of poor quality, because looks like a yellow press).

But I would still like the characters are taken from the more ancient treatises. Those. We need some visual imagery to help convey certain ideas. It is clear that now I’m not going to use the next original, and just show an example of various pictures, as an illustration of certain ideas.

Therefore, I asked today that we had a board with markers, which I’ll draw. Artist of me bad, so in the future, if there is something quite incomprehensible, I’ll ask someone else to draw. Ie I will articulate and the human will ask to draw.


Now let us go back to the Visualization yoga and try to graphically display all the things we talked about in previous lectures. For this I turn. Do all seen? Not everyone. Or I will turn in a different way? I do not know how we get out of this situation, but will have to go.

Let me remind you the concept of yoga visualization, we can draw a distinction between some (respectively) of the inner world and the outer world. For example, I shared our board vertical line into two parts.

On the left side, we assume that this is our inner world. On the right, we assume that this is our outer world. I remind you that the boundary between the inside and the outside world is very subjective. As a rule, we are aware of it where our bodies end border.


Diagram of internal and external world


Then, let’s remember what we talked about with you. Thus, the inner world – it is actually all that is within the boundaries of our bodies. Yoga claims that we have three groups of bodies. Or in other words, for our physical body – it is all that ends the physical boundary of our bodies.

Therefore, for illustration we’ll draw this joyful yoga. Here he is sitting so pretty, that’s his pen, which he touches the border that separates the inner and outer world (ie to our vertical line).

Here he has another pen, he touches his own body and, consequently, receives a response to his inner world. Here is his head. It is our joyous yogi, he smiles, he is happy that studying yoga Visualization. Pretty.

The body of this yoga and represents the entire left side of our boards. And we are mindful that our inner world is too heterogeneous. For example, the feeling of our hair or nails on the finger more we are further from, rather than hands. The hands and feet of our more distant from what we could call our ego than our body or head.

And if you long to meditate on his body, then a gradient vyrisovuetsya sensations, which allows us to recognize three groups of bodies. Or in another way, there are some areas that are imposed on our internal (eg, physical) body, which seems closer to our I. And there are areas that seem more distant. For example, arms and legs, we seem more distant, and the body, the head is closer to what we would call our I.

And quite a long meditation on our inner feelings for years, as well as increased activity of hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga and all other yogis, it leads a person to the feeling that there is a certain area within its I (I will draw it a different color). It is closer to him than any other region. And this region starts from the base of the body, such as passes through the head, ending at the crown of the head, is somewhere in the neighborhood of our center of the trunk, about the same as is our backbone.

Approximately from the body base, through the neck, and then this area includes our head.

So, all the sensations associated with these thoughts, the reaction to this idea, refer to this area is more difficult to be recognized by us or controlled than any sensations that go beyond this area.

Looking much forward (I remind you), that is the area through which our central channel (Sushumna). But as long as we do not talk about it much.


Atma in the diagram


So, is this an area that we consider more than himself, than other areas of the body. And when we look into his inner world, we close our eyes, we can more or less her experience. We remember you that our inner world, as a shell, hiding what is called our higher self

These areas of the body that are more removed from us or the area inside our body and sensations of this field, which we tend to take closer to your Self, however, is a shell of what is called our higher self, or in Sanskrit (Atman).

And we in this diagram, it would be good to represent the Atma. And where is the higher self of man, if his tie to the body?

At first glance, it would be possible to find some area and say, “That soul, our higher self is here in the center of the chest, or at the point between the eyebrows, or at the base of the body, or behind the left ear. Do you know someone in the heel soul out like a hare, then located in the heel. “

But, as you know, the concept of the higher self is too high concept, and the concept of “space” and “time” are irreconcilable to locate where is our I.

Strictly speaking, our I’m out of time and space. Therefore, our I can be drawn at any point (including behind the left ear, and the heel, and in the middle of our breast, and in the center between our eye and elsewhere). But can our with the same success I draw at any point in space, which are our bodies.

Why? Because our I’m out of space. And to reflect this idea, I take a different color (green) for the image. And I draw the next little thing. I draw the letter “C” on the contrary. Somewhere on the left and on the head of a man and say it in here somewhere (where the circle ruptured) there Atma person or higher self of man.

Thereby showing that our self is what we call our inner world. Even our internal world external to our Ya But we are mindful that our I has such a manifestation, which is called “prana” and that comes from our self, pervades our body and revitalizes them.

Therefore, to illustrate this I draw the arrow from some of the self to the body of man (for example, at the center of his chest).

Indeed, sometimes it seems that the center of our chest the most well-balanced as our feelings, and our thought processes, and it is a center of balancing.

We remember that on this thread (connecting our self with our bodies) flows prana. But Prana is a very interesting thing. It manifests itself as an energy and a consciousness.

Therefore, from a formal point of view, we could draw from our I arrow to the top of our head. Those. the place where our consciousness is localized (write shaped as letters “C” on the top of the head). Alternatively, the base of our body where our primal energy manifests pronounced, it is the energy of the Kundalini. And I draw the base of the body bukvochki “E” energy.


In fact, you may remember that consciousness and energy within our bodies. It is, in fact, is not something disconnected and connected to what is called the “central channel” of the body or “Sushumna”.

Therefore, I draw a different color. Here I have a brown color. No, Sushumna cerulean. I draw from the body base to the top of the head central channel that runs through all of our body and which penetrates the inner region of sensations in our inner world, we tend to attribute as a location close to our Ya


From a formal point of view, we can draw a huge number of lines connecting the Atma with (respectively) channel Sushumna. And this thing is precisely characterizes our relationship between our higher self, and channel Sushumna, it does not give a geometric interpretation.


Communication from our higher self through which flows the prana, as it comes from vneprostranstva. Therefore, in three-dimensional space in which we are accustomed to think, it is projected to the Central channel. Communication is one, but somehow it is designated, it is necessary to draw a lot of lines.

But, anyway, I’m talking from our relationship, which is called “associative relationship” and it comes (primarily) to the center channel.

The center channel is made from the finest causal matter. And of the self to the center channel is the associative link, which ensures the availability of Consciousness at the top of our head, and the availability of energy at the base of the body.

Now we move on. Accordingly, from the central channel of the body moving away numerous additional channels of our body. How to teach us the relevant sections of yoga in the first place, that the left and right channel that somewhere in some areas overlap with the central channel. From these intersections are located numerous additional channels. And these places are intersections called chakras or plexus, or lotus.


Energy channels and centers


It turns out that the inner region, which we believe is closest to our self, or an area that is usually present in our sensations as feeling our Ya This region is closest to the center channel, left channel, right channel, and many chakras, channels, plexes. The main of them is teach us yoga treatises them out 7. Bole subtle channels from these chakras. In turn, they acquire a more coarse matter at the level of the gross body. A structure of a thin body structures grows even more rough already from the gross physical body.

But all these groups of bodies permeated the physical channels. Through these channels flow prana. This prana binds these groups of bodies, does not allow them to fall off from one another. And creates a general feeling of our inner world.

Indeed, there are areas that are closer to his inner self, there are areas that he believes it is more distant from his Ya But once you hurt an arm or leg, a sharp pain in the arm or leg will shift the gradient of feelings inside a person. And you forget about all the other sensations. For example, if you have a sore thumb, leg pain, arm pain.

Although these are the areas that you would call more remote from what you consider to be your Ya This is due to the fact that all of our bodies are riddled with numerous channels radiating to all structures of the body. Probably all of our nerves – this is a rough translation of these subtle channels.

Indeed, if we hit a leg or arm, then on the physical level of the body, we begin to hurt or transmitted signals by physical nerve endings.

It would seem that this should all be over. If not, let’s say, the physical nerve endings, it seems to be as it is impossible to talk about the inner world. Again, we know from history that people who have a particular injury, for example, after the war, many people lost arms and legs. And they observed a very interesting phenomenon – the phantom pain.

For example, a sore arm, which is not. It is a strange thing. Therefore, in the structure of our body it is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

But our goal is somewhat different. So, in our inner world there is some area of our sensations, perceptions about themselves, which is closer to our higher self, and we tend to confuse this field with our higher self

On the contrary, there are other areas within our perception of the world, which further from our inner self, and we are civilized and developed people tend to distance themselves from it what is our I. Again, an example: our hands, our feet.


Higher self, considers himself its manifestations


Finally, we recall the position of the fundamental axioms of yoga because of all future events that our ego feels its manifestations. And we go back to our drawing. We see the image of the self side by side with the little man. And from it are appropriate lines connecting the central channel with our body. In fact, it is the flow of prana. And prana is our fundamental manifestation.

Those. our I, which is beyond this world, there are two abilities that manifest themselves in this world of energy and consciousness. And in fact, two sides of a single whole, what is called “prana”.

In fact, our ego feels these lines that connect our self with the central channel. But this is only for the highly developed yogi or yogini. Or so we can say that the words Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, “about a man who have visited in sattva and confuses your self with sattva.” Under the self implies higher self under sattva – the flow of prana coming from our higher self

But this is a very high level, my friends, is extremely high. Do yogis and Yoginis less experienced all the sensations begin to concentrate around the central channel of the body. And this level of samadhi with the object, ie, an extremely high level.

But yogis even less experienced this feeling I begin to merge with the inner region, which we identified as an area that runs along the spine and a lump of inner feelings and experiences. This feeling of channels, centers and related emotions.


Here you feel the emotion (anger, jealousy, anger.), And you might think: “Yes, I feel anger, jealousy, rage.” But, in fact, it is those internal working structure, and you just consider yourself these internal structures. That’s the feeling that you are supposedly is angry, jealous or you experience some kind of emotion. It is only for the reason that you consider yourself to structures, such as involved in the process.


Therefore, we can draw the following scheme of associative links, which comes from our higher self, comes to the Sushumna channel, the channel Sushumna passes through multiple channels and venues that permeate the causal, gross and subtle bodies. And all this conglomerate (here I will draw a lot of auxiliary channels that permeate our body).

Through these channels flow prana (Consciousness and Energy). Those. we are aware and we are able to somehow influence. And this system of canals begins associative system of canals that shape our inner world and, therefore, our understanding of our inner world.

Here you all have an idea of your inner world. Someone feels beautiful blonde, someone – a courageous young man, someone – a highly sage, someone on the contrary believes that he is stupid or something else.

But, in fact, it all has to do with your Higher Self This is just a consequence of branched chain associative links, which circulates prana, which is manifested either through consciousness or through energy.

Redirect associative links


The conclusion Yoga Visualization. If your inner world you do not like, do not like the idea of ourselves, the Visualization Yoga tells us that everything can change.

And to all this change, you need to work with associative links. In the future we will talk how to use the visualization of internal organs redirect associative links that are already formed and give a ball performances.

Now we’ll continue to draw a diagram, but from the outside world. (And I moved to the right side of the chart. And now another part of the hall will not see anything. Only I need a soft mat).


So, what do we see in the outside world, or what we saw joy yogi in the outside world? Please note, it is the world tries to touch his pen. Well, he sees some artifacts of nature, a beautiful tree growing, another beautiful tree growing forest. He sees a man, the other man, the third. In general, people. He sees, for instance, the sea. And the sunrise or sunset on the sea beautiful. Keel there floats under full sail.

Finally, it is a rocket, this is our “Baikonur”, and Yu is sitting in a rocket Gagarin, he will fly into space today. So he flew in space, and here we have many stars, galaxies rotate their mysterious spiral. Those. the external world.

Something close that you can touch his hand, something very far away, you need a rocket to fly. We are one of the preceding lectures we remember that the pulses come from the inner world, fall to the outside world, there are any actions, and then get a very interesting effect. Reflecting somewhere from the outside world, sooner or later, these actions we return to ourselves.

To illustrate this effect, I’m on the right part of our board (where we located the outside world) draw large bukvochki “C”, only turned inside out. Such a half-circle drawing, beautiful.

We remember about our consciousness, our actions. For example, our Yogi accidentally or maliciously pushed the man. Those. we draw the arrow from the hand of some yoga to the little man. No, our yogi stroked man, such a good man. Let it will be a girl. Let’s draw a skirt.

It’s like in the ancient texts: “My teacher happy, my beloved teacher of beauty.” So it’s a joyful teacher, this teacher beloved beauty. Come on, her pigtail and ribbon.

Here he stroked it and it would seem, that’s all, and would have ended. No, not the end, as we are taught karma yoga, and everything has just begun. It is incomprehensible that this momentum is gone somewhere into the universe through it, is reflected from the universe (and in our picture of the big bukvochki “C” turned to the side). Here it is reflected as from a mirror, and somehow come back to our youth. Those. the outside world is like a mirror of the inner world. All that goes to the outside world, where something is reflected from the mirror, which is hidden in many objects or phenomena of the external universe and returned to us.


And this law sends and returns is called the law of cause and effect or the law of karma. Also at the previous lectures we remember that if there really is a teacher happy, then any opinion or any action that it sends to the outside world, of course, also comes back to him. But, in contrast to the other person, he concludes that for all incoming phenomena someone hiding.

And to demonstrate this, I will draw a lot of arrows. Here is our teacher looked cheerful in the sun. I make a line from his glazik to the sun. So he looked at the flare. So he looked at the girl. So he looked at the tree. Accordingly, he somehow provzaimodeystoval, again, with a little tree.

I draw the arrow from his hands. With the sun, he folded his hands in greeting the sun and bowed. You know, like the Hindu namaste. He put his hand to the creation of the rocket, where Yuri Gagarin flew into space. Again, the girl he has his “hands too attached.”


The realization of the Absolute for a “mirror world”

All these impulses pass through the object to which he put his hand on which he laid his eyes, they went somewhere to the outer mirror of the universe, reflected and again returned into the inner world of our yoga joyful. And sooner or later, making such promises to the outside and getting a backlash, our yogi understands the law of cause and effect.

But in addition to the law of cause and effect, he begins first dimly, then more and more clearly guess the presence of mirrors in the outside world, from which everything is reflected and comes back to him.

Moreover, he starts for all incoming objects or phenomena, with whom he interacted, to feel the presence of another interlocutor.


Whatever karmic impetus he gave to the universe, kakrma brings a reaction. But if you look, in addition to this reaction, there is something called karma of the yogi. And so for all incoming objects or phenomena faced by the yogi in your life, it is, at first, feels a mirror, which reflected his actions. Secondly, he begins to feel that there is someone behind the mirror. And he comes to the Absolute concept.


To do this in our diagram, respectively, on the right side of this large mirror in the shape of an inverted “C”, I write “Absolute”, and add another word. In this course, like yoga Love, we touched on this word sounds like “you” (second person singular).


Why is it important the word “you”? Because our yogi begins for all objects, events and people with whom he associates, beginning to feel a single source of power, consciousness, his conversation. These sources nor two, nor three, nor five, he is single.

Secondly, the word “you” than good, that the concept of the Absolute, as well as the concept of our higher self is very abstract. Is Absolute man, or is he a woman, or is it neuter? We could write “Absolute – he is.” We could write “Absolute – she” or “Absolute – it”. But the word “you” is he, she and it. We can say “table – it’s mine,” and we can to the table to address, “You have a table, be clean.”


Sometimes the hostess talking with objects in the kitchen. The girls there is a very beautiful desire to animate objects. I was a witness, as a girl with a printer was talking quite seriously. When he did not want to print, it began its first stroke, then intimidate.

But this is a very deep thing, because she felt that all living things. This is a very high standard of living. Those. she felt that everything is interconnected and all living things.

So, the table – my. Water – it is, but you can refer to it: “You – water theca in the right way.” Or, say, an apple – it, neither male nor female. But, again, we can say, “You, apple, delicious, I’ll eat you.”

Therefore, the word “you” – this is the mantra of Consciousness. So, our yogi, analyzing the external world, numerous objects and phenomena, and learning the response to all their actions, aimed at the outside world to the reflection of these actions, starting to suspect the existence of another source, or another source, or another live meaningful start.


And most interesting is that the Absolute alive. Despite the fact that it can manifest itself through the rocks, over the river, through the wind, still felt the presence of something alive. Absolute can also occur through contact with other people, animals, plants.

Absolute can occur through some more abstract things, in the form of space. Still, for all felt vaguely begins living life. Just as a person feels as alive.


So we arrive at the diagram, where a concave mirror is a single source. It turns out that any pulse which is anyway sent to it, on the one hand, is reflected from this mirror. And, on the other hand, in the lens is refracted and allows us to understand the existence of a single source for all the events that we see, hear, smell, feel.

So I drew the arrow from, say, the eyes of our yogi to the man he saw. From it, this arrow goes away and comes to the big mirror on the right of our picture. Part of our pulse is reflected back to back in the form of karma. But another part of it passes through the mirror and allows him to feel the presence of the Absolute.

Those. a mirror on the other hand allows us to understand the existence of this second interlocutor. (I will not trace it, in general, it is clear).


“Mirror universe” Devices

Now a few words about the nature of this mirror. All that we see around us (events, people, objects), they hide a mirror that behind them is. And for this mirror is the Absolute. By their nature, a mirror (if it is explained in understandable to modern man an example) is arranged as follows: a mirror translucent.

In many modern cars are now tinted glass. A very interesting effect is observed. Inside the car you always see, but from the outside can not see, who rides in the car.


Sometimes it is done in all kinds of observation posts. Here you go on the subway, and stands booth. Outside like a mirror. And, in fact, there sits a man who watches over the order in the subway, that there were no hooligans. Inside the booth you can see everything, but it is not visible from the outside.


unobtrusive Absolute


Likewise, it is a mirror of the world surrounding us conceals the presence of the Absolute. But, at the same time, it allows the Absolute on the other side of the transparent mirror to see everything, hear everything, smell everything, touch everything. In general, to have full knowledge of the external world surrounding the yogi and the inner world.

But the Absolute is not intrusive. How would say our friends the Americans, “he observes privacy» or privacy. And it will not interfere with your life as long as you’re not gonna call. Those. in the toilet after you pry it will not, if you want to retire.


But, at the same time, so you will not be completed, that the 24 hours after you are continuously monitored. Because such thinking is often drives the man into a terrible depression. What if you watch me 24 hours a day, I am at a glance and someone I might offend.

No, my friends, the Absolute never hurt anyone would not. As long as you do not invite them into your inner world, it is there and will not look. But this does not mean that it is not, and it does not mean that he is not omniscient. These are very thin in the understanding of things.

Anyway, if you’re a succession of events or phenomena, your relationships with friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work, observation of nature, animals, cosmic vistas begin to feel that behind all this lies the nature of the external world, which acts as a mirror. All that we see, we were the same and returns. All that we see, and we ourselves were formed in the form of the game: pulse promise – taking the pulse. Those. All that we see around us – it is anyway that the picture we painted you as artists for many lives.

But the difference with the work of art is that the canvas on which we have drawn, is precisely this semi-transparent mirror, behind which hides the Absolute.


The logic of the law of karma


Therefore, if you are sure that there is a law of karma (what goes around, comes around), this is the first very serious step. But it is quite a trivial step. You have to be very stupid to 25 times to step on a rake and get a handle on the forehead, to 26 times do not recognize this law.

Therefore, the law of cause and effect in any one comes to any intellectually developed person. And here is another component of the Absolute presence of this cause and effect thing is already smart. Your intelligence can prove the existence of the Absolute as a mirror behind it, and its absence. And in this regard, the intelligence is not working. And we need some spiritual breakthrough or break through this semi-transparent mirror, to realize the presence of the Absolute.

Or (the language of yoga) you must first voleizyavit presence of the Absolute before it opens. This is an extremely delicate and elusive idea, concept.


Now we are at a moment again to return to our yogi. I again moved to the left side of our scheme. Let me remind you, we have shown I am a yogi, too, in the form of a small bukvochki “C” turned. And the question arises. Well, if the outside world is separated from the Absolute that a semitransparent mirror, our inner world than separated from our self?

And now, my friends, a miracle, such a law like that. Exactly the same semi-transparent mirror and separates our higher self of our inner world.

And we remember that our inner world is divided into two zones are: zone, which is a bit away from us, and the area – a little closer to us. But she and the other, respectively, are separated from our self this semitransparent mirror.

Oddly enough, the same concept is to break into the side of the self through the mirror. The first – it must at least recognize that there is a source of our prana, our energy and our consciousness. Those. You need to reach the point where we are identifying ourselves with prana in its purest form. We currently identify ourselves with prana, which is infused into our body.


“To approach” to the source of prana


The very first thing – it is necessary to abstract from our bodies, from our bodies and reach the point where we feel the prana in its purest form. It is extremely hard level. Make it very difficult, because Prana is like water permeates our body, just as if your body was a sponge. Here, take a sponge and if the water it soaks, it is very hard to get this water, it sticks together with this water. And you need to first divide the water with a sponge, remove this water from the sponge to the water appeared in his own wet.

You know how sometimes in the space show that it itself in the form of a ball flying. This is the first step – to understand the source of their strength, the source of consciousness, the source of energy, ie, know prana. And to make it possible to yoga techniques. Again, when you are very hard to hatha yoga, pranayama yoga, mantra yoga and other yogas, Kriya Yoga. Sooner or later, the excess prana is released in free form, and you are to grasp the idea of what Prana in its purest form. Those. is the prana, which has not yet had time to be absorbed by our bodies. Just like a sponge absorbs water.

This can be achieved, slowly approaching and analyzing their inner world. And to make the next leap of prana, which we have drawn in the form of arrows connecting bukvochki “C” with the central channel to our self or our Atma. Those. break through this mirror extremely hard. It is also difficult, as the break through the mirror, behind which hides the Absolute.

First, to get through it, you need to voleizyavit concept Ya If you voleizyavlyat that you have no I, respectively, you will continue to consider himself and voleizyavlyat you prana or more gross level you are fine, or causal body, or in very rough form, you gross body (as we see in wild people who consider themselves to be the gross body).

As long as you consider yourself something, you are and will remain. Why? Because your higher self is omnipotent: what think you are, and so you become. It is very thin, it is difficult to grasp the concept and perceptible in yoga, it is the main point in Raja Yoga, not realizing that there is little that can be done.

To break through this mirror, separating our self from the manifestations of the self, it is necessary voleizyavit to our higher self would. And then, as seen through the semitransparent mirror is the presence of the source of our life, of our being. Therefore, in the ancient texts, “Upanishads” drevnevedicheskih philosophical treatises of ancient India was such a very interesting phrase: “This opens the Atma?”. And the answer: “The Atma is opened to whomever she wishes to open.” And there’s this theme is played.


Next in our diagram we go as follows. What we have? We have separated the border inner and outer world. We have a semi-transparent mirror of the external world, which hides the Absolute, we have a semi-transparent mirror of our inner world, which hides the Atma. But what these mirrors relate to each other? This mirror, friends, a single unit. And to illustrate this, I take the green flomasterik and connect that way. It is necessary that it was involved here, all of our galaxy.

And the outer and the inner world of the mirror inside this cocoon. And on the other side of the outer and inner world is our Absolute or I, or (essentially) the identity, where I am YOU. This is the main mantra of the consciousness of all yogic exercises. And in fact, a manifestation of the original axioms, from which then born Microcosmos axiom axiom macrocosm with all subsequent practices, explanations, etc., etc.


Thought experiment

Thus, it turns out that our self that is within us and the Absolute, which is outside of us by nature unified whole. But this deep connection we do not feel. And we have for the spiritual evolution of the first to break through the inner world to the outside world, through the external world in the Absolute. Again, through the inner world into the very depths of the inner world and to our senior Y. Here’s a chudesnenkaya diagrammka turned.


But this, my friends, is not all. I turn again to the right of our picture. Let’s do a thought experiment. Well, our yogi with his inner world interacts with the surrounding universe and its objects, phenomena, objects, sun, galaxies outside world. And, in fact, it turns out that the outside world was formed under the influence of impulses coming from the external world. And he sees only what he himself has created each one of us.

Let’s put a thought experiment. What if this is our esteemed yogi decided to die. There is a corresponding section of yoga Dying and all relevant instructions, I want you to send. We will not analyze today.

Well, he decided to die. And what happens? There he died, and, accordingly, has pulled out all its associative connections from the outside world. As in the joke: dead, so dead. But we have just said to you, that the outside world is formed and maintained associative associative emanating from the inner world of the yogi and, accordingly, from the source of his higher self

And here we’ve gone and dragged his associative links. And, respectively, and all his prana pulled from the outside world. And what if this should occur? There is a very interesting effect, which is quite instructive described in the yoga of dying. Highly recommended to get acquainted with this yoga.


It turns out that if you pull out of the world all of its associative links, the world is certainly not falling apart. Though you have made every effort for its formation. For the remaining people who were in your outer world, indeed, something happened. Indeed, if you were dear to them, they are for some time to be sad. If you were their worst enemy, on the contrary, will arrange a dance about your demise. All depending on your karma. But because they have not gone away, because they are.

And if you watch a person’s inner world concept that is dying, just observed a different picture: as if a local came to an end. Why? Because pulling associative connections, what we see in the process of dying. But the process of dying – it actually is pulling associative connections, caused by involuntary cause of a violent death, or natural cause of natural death (for example, old age), a person perceives everything as if it was the end of the world. Everything is falling apart, but only from the perspective of the human observer.


But nothing changes for the people around them. Why? Yes, because they partially support each other associative. But the most important thing is not the point. Because after all, they, too, may die.

Most importantly, the whole external world is maintained through a system of Absolute assotsitavnyh other links that permeate all objects, events, etc. etc.

Therefore, they say that without the will of the Absolute, and the leaf of a tree does not fall, and hair from a human head is not going anywhere. Why? Because everything is permeated by other associative. And the center of this force that supports peace is the Absolute.

And, my friends, you have to grasp this very difficult philosophical idea. As long as the person is alive, begin to interact associative links, which arranged our entire world. Those. associative connections, coming from a person (his ego) and the associative links emanating from the Absolute. And they interact in a most peculiar way, and it is difficult to understand manner. With the position of a person, the whole picture, he does. And from the standpoint of the Absolute, he does so (the whole picture is in itself), but at the same time, each individual person perceives the picture as if he had done it himself.


Non-contradiction of human free will and the Absolute

Those. not a contradiction of the Absolute and will of each individual. Man has free will, and, of course, the Absolute has free will. Together they create an internal outer universe. So, this inner outer universe is built in such a way that free will is in man, and the Absolute, but there is an opportunity to create something wrought by these two free wills, so that they do not conflict at all.



Friends, this is the main idea of any philosophical system of self-knowledge, yoga, yoga is not what you want. It turns out a very curious thing. Make a managed only with the involvement of what is called “Maya”. Maya – this is the thing that is guaranteed to give everyone free will and at the same time without losing the possibility of free will to create in the external universe, and something to get the joint.

For this reason, the inner world and the outer world, as we are concerned in the previous lectures, in fact, it is a layer of maya. And those associative links that permeate the inner world and the outer world, in fact, working with Maya or cause it to take some form are brought in the form of the phenomena that we just call the inner and outer worlds.


Nature maya nature extremely difficult to comprehend. It provides and guarantees the diversity of our peace and guaranteed free will, as the individual I am every man, and the Absolute. And if we talk further, and every other person. After all, we have considered only from the perspective of one person I, but there may be a lot of people.


In the course of our lectures yoga visualizations we are interested in the relation with the Absolute alone. Why? Because from the point of view I have every yogi, everyone else – it’s just a veil that conceals the Absolute.


Maya and illusion

Thus, the intermediate layer between our higher self and the Absolute, which we divide the outer and inner world. It is, in fact, Maya. And you remember that there is a side effect of an illusion. Sometimes the question arises: why a side effect, and why not the main effect? It is no secret that in many schools of yoga believe that the identity between the word “Maya” and the word “illusion”.


No, friends, it is very tamed interpretation of Maya for people who are only recently beginning to comprehend the wisdom of yoga. For the simple reason that it is necessary to go from simple to complex. Indeed, for a person who just started an interest in these issues, you need something more meaningful than the more complex.

But from a logical point of view, “why Maya and illusion are two different things?”, For the simple reason that the Maya actually sometimes leads us to one side, and sometimes have the opposite leads to the goal.

Indeed, the Maya with the inner and outer world makes us cling to some stupid desire in life. Analyze your desires and you will realize that most desires – it’s not your desires and wishes, you inspired the media, political movements, individual leaders, environment with whom you communicate, it’s not your desires. Have a new model of a car or a suit all the rage, it’s not your desires often. And this actually leads away.


But, on the other hand, if you send your quest for the Absolute, the Maya and carries out the channel or passage from the inner world to the outside world so that you come close to a mirror that hides the Absolute. And, accordingly, you will come to realize the idea of the Absolute, and the identity of that “Thou art That”. As they say, follow the ideas for which the whole universe was made.

Or on the contrary, that it is Maya, if you are working in the right way it will make the channel through which you will know the first inner peace farther away from you, then, the inner world closer to our Ya Closely come up to the mirror, behind which is hidden and your I will know his own Self

Those. Maya can simultaneously act as both misleading because the side, as well as a great opportunity to get closer and to fulfill the purpose. Therefore, to say that the Maya illusion is not quite true that the Maya is something bad – not quite true. Maya is more complex concept. Maya – this is the greatest opportunity.

But as with any opportunity, it can be turned and for us and against us, and also the Maya.


Example with winning the lottery


If you scared get rich tomorrow, tomorrow, today is a $ 5 billion was placed in a bag (or trailer, I do not know) and courier tomorrow you must be pushed to it. So the next day or during the subsequent years, this gift can play with you as a positive role and negative. If you do not believe me, ask for statistics and the fate of people who have won the lottery enormous amounts of money. It was an ordinary worker who bought a lottery ticket, won a large sum of money, and after that began in his life. Very instructive, friends.

Big money can make you terribly great harm. You like to be knocked out of his dharma, you will be out of place anywhere, and in the end will suffer. And they can do a great benefit for you, because you can use the money to accelerate their spiritual growth. And it all depends on how you understand the person.

Likewise, the Maya. On the one hand, this is an extremely dangerous thing, on the other hand, is extremely beautiful. Through maya arises the opportunity to experience love, to survive the numerous discoveries, communicate with sebepodobnymi free beings.

Friends, think about you – free being and another man – a free being. And how to fit two free beings in one place? You know, like two bears in one den.

The wife says: “Take the dishes.” Free creature should all do as she says. The husband said: “No, I want dishes stood here.” And the conflict of two free wills. With one sverhmoguschestvo for other sverhmoguschestvo equal sverhmoguschestvo bang their heads. What do we get? We get the end of the world.


That less, the wife in the kitchen with her husband are a little quarrel, then kiss and forget. Or on the contrary, all our lives as Tantra Yoga teaches, on the contrary, gives us the opportunity in the lapping of men and women just understand what separates them or understand the concept of maya.



Finally, another topic under the curtain, we have to announce this diagram. Agree, friends, everything is much clearer and more understandable when you look at the picture. Why? Because our mind is so constituted, we will use another stream of information when a visual image superimposed also explaining some, it is much stronger.

That is why in Yantra Yoga is said that if you do this or that ritual without attracting yantra, it is much harder to get a result.


Fulcrum: our self and the Absolute

Thus, a purely practical point. From previous lectures, we remember that if you rely on your higher self or the Absolute point of support, all the visualization practices are beginning to successfully and quickly performed and give very good results.

But the problem is purely practical. We are with you to figure out what in fact, none of us his own I do not feel. And how do I do this or that with visualization based on my own I do if I do not feel your Self? Or think of myself as that is not my Ya As you can see, all the fine words from Yoga Visualization once came to practice, suddenly again – and hung in the air, ie, a wonderful theory, but how to implement it in life, then?

We must rely on our higher self, and we do not feel I am. And our self that we can get without support? Sami said that nothing.

Another point, well, not on our I. There is another point of support – the Absolute. But honestly, who among us on a friendly footing with the Absolute, one of us sees and feels every moment of your life? Even if we were glimpses of a single source of awareness and the interlocutor for all the moments of arriving, it was one-time fee. And as time passes, we tend to forget about it.


In humans, there are such shocks, after which he decided to change life, to do yoga, some spiritual practices to do. And then life bytovuha it overwrites overwritten. After a year of such ask: “How?”. And he said: “What is like.” Did you tell him: “Life has changed?”. And he says: “What is life?”. You know what does not work.

The Open Yoga University is a typical situation. Many people come tanned, wonderful idea, now we will change the world. Enough for two to three months – the bulk of the two or three years – a little more. The Open University is the logic of Yoga: to appoint 4 years to see who will be the output. You know the chickens before they are hatched.


Returning we Absolute, we also do not feel, so how can we rely on it? And all conflict, the end of yoga Visualization. Everything we said before, you can throw it away and forget to go to a nearby bar to drink beer and not burdened.

Nothing like friends. Just to answer this question and begins the real yoga Visualization. At that rely if true pillars until you feel neither inside nor outside. And this is the essence of yoga Visualization. How to choose the intermediate points, which could rely on before we know are the most reliable fundamental point of our Self or the Absolute.

And if to explain it all to the position of our chart, we obtain the following very interesting thing about which we are told. Firstly, there is an area within us that we feel with you the closest to our I, than other areas.

At the beginning of this lecture we touched, that this area is somehow goes inside our bodies in the spine area so some cocoon, if you will. From our base body to the top of the head, including, respectively, the head.

Those areas that are involved there, they are more sensitive and more difficult to control, and they are closer to clot our sensations and experiences. And so in the first place just call based on the lump experiences sensations closest to our I, than any other factors, and the feeling in our inner world more distant.


And, as a consequence, in order to provide a practical tool, it is given very specific imaging that just need to impose on the lump sensation or the cocoon inner feelings. In order to create this first mental image, mentally penetrating, respectively, the lump sensation. And this image will not be your Y. It will not, of course, your Ya But it will be an intermediate point of support, much more approximate to our I’m relying on you, you can change the structures further than this point.


Looking far ahead, immediately I want to announce that this is not some point, but it is rather a support line or is a support channel to visualize the inside, and which is called the central canal of the body. It extends from the base of the body to the top of our head and pervades including internal lump sensations and perceptions about themselves.

Those. It provides visualization on the center channel. And the vast majority of all yogas (Hindu origin of Tibetan origin) with pronounced tantric elements, with the implicit tantric elements, with elements of yoga in Love, or some other types of yogas, in all these yogas, if tradition or succession of more or less reached you will be the concept of the central channel.


This is an image or picture is the visualization you want to create in the first place. And based on it, you need to change your inner world is more sensitive and less sensitive. And as a result, respectively, making the visualization and the outside world, if these imaging anyway connected with our internal world.


The image of the central channel for visualization


So, obtain an intermediate point between your I and this lump sensation (center channel). And if you establish yourself in the central channel of meditation, you will be more easier to change a lump these sensations. And if you start to change the clump of these feelings, you will be more easier to control all of your inner world.

Accidentally wandered you thought or emotion or a certain mood (you fall into envy, in jealousy or stupidity). Sometimes it is very exciting. It is necessary for something to lean on, to expel unwanted thoughts or to put them in place. That gives the central channel.

You have to understand that the central channel – it is our higher self Strictly speaking, this is a very solid foundation. Probably the most reliable foundation of what you can afford to think. But, nevertheless, there are still more reliable. Even more reliable – it’s your higher self

And that if we talk about vizualizitsiyah that rely on our I. On the other hand, we remember that there are visualizations that are based on another point of support – to the Absolute.

And also there is a question: Well, we do not know what is the Absolute, throws us in some religious concepts is not always clear, in some nihilistic concept that anything is not and can not, in something between us throws. What do some sleep of reason that a person gets very interesting concept to some grim potustoronschiny together with the concept of the Absolute.

Plus, the damage, the evil eye and a broom in the air to fly. Sometimes there are people out there that are all very difficult: there and the concept of Harry Potter have in mind that you need to cut circles on a broomstick and some superstition that a black cat ran across the road. At the same time, about the almighty Absolute, which is all needed to control, but then somewhere has got the most inopportune moment, somewhere he withdrew.


And it is still the mess, which in our minds is, if honestly honestly analyze. We, on the one hand, we understand that everything is in the hands of the Absolute (ie some kind of religious in our concept). But at the same time, we begin to panic afraid of some accident in our lives, though, one must exclude the other.

Modern man – this is a very strange creature. It it just seems that he has ideas about everything. In fact, in the head jungle. And there is such a small island more stable. But step left, step right, all swamp. And not necessarily for a normal person, which we call the “man in the street.” That we meet sometimes and scientists. A scientist in his narrow specialty chemist, chemical engineer limit of common sense. And all that relates to the life (you need to do exercise, your body develop), no, he is already a jungle, it is in a different area.


And it somehow gets along with us all. And we said Yoga? Yoga says that it is quite a natural thing, all through this pass. Of course, it is necessary to sharpen the mind, it is necessary to exclude the illogic of his life. But it is not as fast. We are millions of lives lived in such a world view, you can not change things quickly. Just all takes time. The main thing is to choose the right road.

So, there is a different concept. And we do not feel the concept of the Absolute, how can we rely on him. And there are numerous other intermediate area. I draw them. Here we have a mirror, behind which hides the Absolute. Accordingly, the right side of the mirror our chart people, objects or phenomena plant space. And that’s an area that is behind the people but not the mirror contains a fairly large stratum of ideas, images, some objects or phenomena that somehow symbolize the presence of the mirror of the Absolute.

Thus, we come to some subjects, actions, images that personify the Absolute, but the Absolute are not. And if you do good, good will analyze the history, you will realize that in all the religions there are certain characters that are extremely sacred to this or that group of people.

For example, in India, the image of the Lingam. Somewhere in this or that character, symbolizing a particular religion. I remind you that India in this regard has records. There are number of religions is not subject to the calculus, they are so much that even scientists can not classify them all.

We have a difficult topic.

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