2010_04_10 Yoga Visualization. Part 2-I. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, April 10, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.


Today we continue our look at yoga Visualization. Let’s start from the point where the previous lecture. So, let me remind you briefly the basic idea, which we reviewed in the previous chapter. The world can be divided into our inner and outer world.

These two worlds are very much interrelated. It is extremely difficult to draw the line, where it ends the inner and outer world begins. We have examined the fact that the inner and outer worlds are interconnected. By influencing the inner world, we get the results on the outside, and vice versa.

Also, we have examined the fact that in the analysis of our inner world of our most common tools, we will sooner or later come to recognize the structure of our bodies (our gross body, subtle and causal).

Those. it becomes clear structure for the person who begins to study himself. Getting to know the structure of a person is determined in the idea that any group of bodies closer to the higher self, and some more. Those. There is a gradient of sensations, of our reactions and what we ourselves believe or not believe.

Finally, we come to our concept of prana, which is represented by energy and consciousness. And, finally, we come to the point, or the place from which emanate all our forces, all our energy and consciousness. We come to our Higher Self.

Similarly, examining all of our surrounding universe is our body, we tend to expand the horizon of the outer universe. And by analyzing all the events that occur in the external universe, we arrive at the concept of the Absolute, which is hidden behind all outward manifestations, that we encounter in life.

But this is not always easy, that is, see for all the coming events, people a single center, which is hidden behind all this (Absolute). To come to the Absolute concept must first voleizyavit to this concept was.

This is one of the strangest facets of our lives: no, we will not impose anything, Absolut us to impose itself will not.


Also on the last lecture you and I touched on the fact that as we get closer to our higher self, or as we are aware of the Absolute, we have a two-point support or two sources of power, which can further enliven yoga practice.

And if we are talking about yoga Visualization, then all further exercises, animated visualization of these sources of power. Those. there is visualization, which are beginning to work in our lives and bring real results if they rely on our higher self, or closer to relying on our higher self

There are, on the contrary, other imaging, which indicate the presence of the Absolute. First voleizyavili presence of the Absolute, and then realized the presence of the Absolute. And the clearer and clearer we become aware of the existence of the Absolute, the faster and more productive work visualization practices, which are aimed directly at the Absolute.

There are practices that slide and at the same time rely on our higher self and the Absolute, which is beyond all the things around us. Those. I want to reiterate and sharpen the idea, not realizing that you do not understand the source of strength in Yoga Visualization.

Sometimes it seems that one or the other visualization work for the reason that we have chosen the right way, the attributes to visualize emotions. Or connect steel or another imaging with one or other of our inner feelings.

And it seems that everything depends on the images that we visualize and fullness sensations these images, which are inherent in the life of an ordinary person.

But it is not so. All these images and content visualization, important thing in yoga Visualizations, but, in fact, a minor. If there is a fulcrum on which visualization will be based around which all sensations, respectively, and will not work practices. More precisely, they will work in that area, which is neutral and does not involve our deep structures. But as soon as we begin to dig through the practice of the deeper structures of the body or the structure of the universe (and thus for ourselves we do not understand the concept of our Higher Self, or the concept of the Absolute), that these practices simply do not work.

My favorite example – it is widely known in the history of the psycho that every year, the Decade appear. Once there was a very popular autogenous training, where the person called to meditate on those or other sensations.

For example, a man sat down, and called to meditate on certain feeling: that he has a hand warm or cold, etc. But the years have passed, and about it no one says.


The effect of “presence” authorizing practices


Modern psychologists we are presented with a huge amount of visualization, interpretation of these visualizations, etc. But there is always one and the same sad moment: as long as the author of the technique alive, his closest students or patients can benefit from this procedure. But as for one reason or another technique author died or moved away from patients or that the person who gave this technique, it stops working.

Those. pronounced presence. Of course, if the method stops working on it instantly forgotten.

Over the last 100 years, these techniques have been many, but they all disappeared. But, anyway, it was possible to trace the elements of yoga Visualization. But this imaging technique was strange: while you were with a man, she worked as soon as it went on – it has stopped working, or, God forbid, when he died.

All this happened for the simple reason that these visualizations needed a fulcrum and the person who gave this practice, and this was the fulcrum. As soon as he disappeared, everything hangs in the air. Especially when it came to our deep structures, the causal level (as it is called in yoga).

In order not to repeat the mistakes of all to never be depending nor in any of the authors no techniques rely on the fact that you will not take away the fact that you do not lose. By and large, in our world are two things that you will not take away, and you will never lose: it’s your higher self and the Absolute.

Even if you really want to lose your higher self, this would be extremely problematic. Of course, you can voleizyavit live as if this was not the highest I (with consequences for your life). But that is another story.

You can also voleizyavit that do not know and do not want to know nothing of the Absolute. And it will also be your decision with consequences, because you yourself will determine whom to let into their world, and not to let anyone.

But if we assume the opposite, that you do not lose voleizyavlyaete understanding of the Absolute, and your higher self, you no one is dependent.


Do you remember any sane conception of yoga schools? Any imputed School of Yoga leads followers to freedom. Yes, sometimes, to take advantage of those or other exercises have to take on a very restrictive in terms of discipline, perform various exercises. That you sit from morning till night, and then you call at least 40 minutes a day engaged in Hatha yoga. It seems that the restriction of freedom. But no one will does not impose anything, and offers.

Using these guidelines, you will understand that in other areas you open the potential of their freedom. Those. freedom from bad moods, poor health, lack of memory and other factors which have somehow limited.

Therefore, yoga is not enslaved by a single person. No teacher of yoga, even in a nightmare can not see a situation where it enslaves of a student or others, we quite often see in all sorts of other systems. Including, and other systems claiming to be called self-system.

As you can imagine, the situation of freedom not merely declaratory, that, say, yoga announced such good words, but in reality, they have inside is not clear. Nothing like this. This provision of freedom literally laid all the exercises that you are called to do. Those. this line up all the mechanisms of further exercises are recommended to perform yoga.

In the future, we see that any visualization or any work with your inner / outer world originally based in its depth on two factors: your higher self, which you no one will take away, and the Absolute, who is one of you is not going anywhere, no matter how trying others with him to do anything.

If we try to rely on something else, then it is, of course, also can bring results. Sometimes this positive result. But it is a temporary, rather than absolute.

Indeed, later in yoga Visualizations we consider examples where yoga Visualizations can rely on their higher self and the Absolute. But beyond that, you can still rely on a different way. For example, the image of Yoga teachers. Here you have it this way Yoga teachers with their qualities. And if you make a bridge that is the Absolute, and yoga teacher demonstrates some qualities, like the Absolute, then you can build on that image and get the results.

Likewise, (I want to remind), and in numerous psycho. You may use these or other techniques (including visualization) to achieve a particular purpose. But, again, in a very limited framework. As you can imagine, this built numerous techniques, which are now very popular in the world.


Two poles: Absolute and our higher self

But we go further. We have two poles: our higher self and the Absolute. And between them is what is called the inner and outer world, or what we might call a reality. What we could call reality (in a relative sense)?

And there is also a very clear need for themselves to answer the fundamental thing: the true reality in fact – our higher self and the Absolute. And all that is between our higher self and the Absolute – this thing is very strange and contingencies.

In the absolute sense of the word, you rely on them can not. And then axiomatically fundamental sense, the gap between your higher self and the Absolute just called Maya. Those. all that is between your higher self and the Absolute – is maya. This definition clearly enough conclusion from the axioms.

Once again I remind you, we divide this layer that we call our inner world and what we call our outside world.

As a consequence, looking much forward to yoga Visualizations you must realize from the very first seconds, that if in your life you are relying on two points of support: to your higher self and / or to the Absolute, then you are safe. If you are relying on a layer between, then you will constantly stay in all sorts of disappointments.


If you build your life based on your higher self and the Absolute, then, no matter how you have lived life, you will not be disappointed. To experience the pleasure of which should not be suffering, and, sooner or later, you reach the goal. If you rely on Maya, it’s the same thing that the traveler to believe in the existence of a mirage in the desert, which leads him further and further away to his death.

Perhaps you have seen, on a hot day when the sun’s rays heat the asphalt and the pools can be seen in the distance. You come to a puddle, and no puddles and there. It’s a mirage, it is in the cities quite often observed, if the weather conditions are.

And you may think that in the desert bracer. You can go and come – there’s nothing there. But the properties of this mirage is very strange: it seems to move away from you further. Once again you go to him and he to you again next.

Similarly, in the concept of yoga is considered if we are in our everyday life looking for the illusive our dreams and desires, we, firstly, it is very difficult to get them, if not get. But the most offensive, even if the received fulfillment of a wish, we remain unsatisfied and frustrated, as if something precious from us escaped. And now we have a new goal for themselves exhibit. And this is called running jogging or running in circles in the plane of samsara.

On the other hand, if you clearly know the nature of the external world and the internal world, never buy them, but always emphasizes the reality of your higher self and the Absolute, from the external point of view, you can do the same movements and lead the same lifestyle as an ordinary person. Only difference is that with every step you become more happy, satisfied and grow spiritually.


Returning to Yoga Visualization. Let me remind you of the difficult moments related to the presence of the Absolute. We remember that our internal and external world is interconnected, that any promise that we send from the inner world to the outside world somehow is reflected from the outer world back to us by the same. As a result, there is the picture of life in which we live.

At first we did not understand it, and then begin a gradual approach to the law of cause and effect: what goes around, comes around (he is the law of karma).

But then we begin to understand that the world is not so simple. It is not only the return of our promises to the world, but also the presence of something else. And this “something else” is the Absolute.

It is clear that if we interpret the law of cause and effect do not understand, then we do not understand the world around us. We are confused, exposed some questionable plans, objectives, constantly razocharovuemsya.


And here, imagine, yet in order to know who is hiding behind this mirror of the world. It is even more difficult. Therefore, all of yoga is gradual. First, we are working on logic, and by logic understand how arranged a reflection of the world around us on our actions, status. And then, when we realized this and was excluded from the consideration of what we send out into the world and what we see is a mirror in its purest form. When you come to the mirror, you see your reflection. Now imagine that you could look in the mirror before it was thrown as your own reflection.

And knowledge is (an approximation to the Absolute) is extremely difficult knowledge. In the sense that it sverhlogichnoe, and it will be you intuitively feel, and logic can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Those. the sequence of events that comes into your life, from the perspective of intuition, you can clearly feel the presence of the person or the Absolute. But the same phenomenon that impel our intuition that the Absolute exists, these same events or phenomena our mind or logic presented a succession of accidents or some other laws.

In this sense, I remind you the concept that logic can not destroy sverhlogiku. But, at the same time, the logic is perfectly destroys all illogicality. Therefore, we are called to destroy the illogicality. Because sverhlogiku you will never destroy. This is a very important point for further yoga practice visualization.

How to distinguish the flight of our imagination or our insane nonsense from the actual events or actual results in our lives?


If the Yoga Visualization you got some results, you can safely “natravlyat” on his own mind such a cynical, everything on the shelves parsing.

If it was a real experience sverhlogiki, the mind will break on his teeth and say yes or no. If you really wishful thinking, the mind immediately leave no stone unturned in all practices. In this respect, yoga is very close and intersects with modern science.


“Fumble” Absolute presence

Go ahead, sooner or later, knowing the law, that when we send something to the Universe and get only what send, or live in a universe that voleizyavili ourselves, we begin to intuitively feel for the presence of the Absolute or another interlocutor to us.

First and foremost, it is calculated by us according to the following fact: we can learn from him. Or in other words, it is a source of knowledge. At that time, all the other events in our lives – it’s just returning to our actions.


An example of this is now developing computers and has long been thought up such a program, it is possible to talk and engage in dialogue. Those. so cleverly programmed computer that any question he gives you the answer. But it is very similar to what you talking companion.

It is understood that the cunning businessmen immediately adapted it for some activity. Here you are talking in the chat, chat with someone, and you think that a person is talking to you. And you may find that you say not a man but a soulless piece of iron.

This is especially fond of all kinds of the strawberry. The young man thinks he speaks on various topics with the beautiful blonde of his dreams. But in reality, it is a program that makes this young man the illusion that he was talking to a woman, and in fact, with the program. But like any program, it is programmed, it can not be smarter than its creator. And if the creator does not constantly amends it, then any program starts to repeat. And you will not be able to extract information from her more than she had laid creator.

Similarly, all the responses of the universe, which we have created. They went out into the universe, and then again returned to us. But, in fact, they are a reflection of us as themselves in the past and in the informative sense, they are not very interesting.


But, at the same time, if we begin to clean up their own self-reflection, then sooner or later we begin to grope information channel, if we turn to him. Again, the will – this is the first. This is exactly the feeling the first signs of the Absolute.

I remind you axiomatic yoga. If we direct the flow of prana, the will of the Absolute, he is always with us begins to speak to us in plain language. Thus we gradually come to the concept of the Absolute.

Again, friends, I am here once again I want to emphasize. In yoga, there is no attempt to make you believe that the Absolute is. You never know who has a sick imagination.

Yoga involves you in the life of a technique for you to check this or that concept. And if you acknowledge it, then it makes sense to move further in yoga. If for whatever reason you do not get results, then it may mean that a concept is not viable, there is no Absolute; or you have something wrong doing, it also happens. In any case, he and the other result it makes sense to analyze, if you originally voleizyavili to Absolute come to you. Those. it is the moment of expression.

If you have closed all the doors, you do not need to search in his apartment guests. Therefore, first you need to open the door before you look for them in my room, where I had hid the Absolute.

Similarly, the Absolute. Yoga does not require you to faith. Yoga offers to use the confidence to take advantage of those or other exercises to either confirm them or deny. But thoughtless, fanatical faith from you, no one needs.

It is also a very serious fact, as is sometimes said that yoga – a kind of religion. Yes, God forbid. Religion itself is a very powerful thing, worthy and good. But there are some techniques peculiar. Yoga – it’s just self-system and it is not meant to be something more than it can give.

But, at the same time, it proposes the concept of the Absolute. Similar points can be traced back to one or another religion. Moreover, it does not matter in any religions. In India, there are 300 million gods.


Let’s go back, we have a concept of the Absolute is not a religious motive. Just our world is very difficult to do. It’s like an experiment. You do the experiment, if you get a result, it makes sense to say something. And yoga in ancient times did these experiments and they were obtained by the same answers.


What kind of responses? If you study your inner world, you will sooner or later find your higher self Other if studying his higher self, you will sooner or later come to the interlocutor or the concept of the Absolute, which is hidden behind all manifested through, but this is not all, and it presents itself.

Indeed, a very serious point that the promise of channeling towards the Absolute, do you get the information that you could not get for nothing.

And just directing this impulse towards his higher self, you will also get their information or knowledge. Therefore, and there are two such concepts in yoga school.

You can learn, learning all the knowledge that is in you, and so laid, or you can learn yoga, based on the Absolute, who created everything, and so, after all who knows more?


Go ahead.

– How to determine if these or other practices you approach the concept of the Absolute, and that a scoop, or the concept of the self and also scoop some knowledge?


Once again I remind you that in this sense there is good and bad news. Good – that’s what apple on apples determined. If it was really a manifestation of the Absolute, then you really start to get some knowledge, the better change your life and make you more free and more wise.

Again, if you approach her and I get knowledge from the depths of the self, then also you can check on the consequences. This is good news, because each of you can check into your life, check out uniquely.

Well check in everyday life? You are told that you have at home is $ 100 million. You come home, open the door, and there’s nothing there. What verification shows? Cheating.

Or another situation. You just as well say that you have a home in the wall treasures lie, someone they immured. You come, take a sledgehammer to break a wall, and really, there polished diamonds since the days of the Revolution someone hid, and he fled to Paris.


Those. you check and see that there is a prediction, but there is the fulfillment of these predictions. Absolutely clearly and unequivocally for myself, I can confirm this, as in all other life. Those. You do not have to force yourself.


Sometimes there is a concept that in some systems rely on the fact that you need to force yourself. What I do not believe, I do not go in life. You are led to believe yourself that you are fine. However, self-deception to deal with. Yoga is far from self-deception, it would be God knows where gone, if it worked.


It’s a good news. The bad news is: even if you have proven yourself to the presence of the Absolute, you basically can not prove to the other. Not because you can not find the words, arguments, and because you basically can not.

I am constantly in this regard cite anecdotes. If so, you can easily and simply transmit knowledge, the very first to the yogi and yogini who is enlightened to understand the structure of the universe and were able to prove at least to his disciples, that they would, in turn, his students etc. .

As a result, avalanche-like reaction have led to the fact that the whole world would be enlightening. What do we see in reality? In fact, we see that the student can live near the Teacher all my life of 40 years, but did not come close to those heights, which has reached the Master. And someone can, and someone can not.

But only manages to those who rediscovered for himself. Those who do not peretruzhden this discovery, the words of others – this is just an incentive for further movement, a very good incentive, is very helpful, but not more.

This is a fundamental limitation.

Therefore, the conclusion will be the next in yoga Visualization. Even if you learn to practice yoga visualization and get a fantastic result for you, then you basically can not justify it to another person. You basically can not prove that it was so.

Why? Due to the fundamental laws of the structure of our world. Whether it’s your favorite, even the wife or husband, your favorite, whether it’s your children or your parents, acquaintances, friends, and so on, all of the arguments that you will give as evidence of a practice with the mind, you can always analyze the position and interpreted as a series of lucky accidents.


For example, you’re in luck, you have won a lottery ticket. Do you know something that we have achieved those or other results due to the practice of yoga Visualization. You have become rich, happy, free, and all around you are doing the same. But someone will say, “No, he was just lucky. He was born, when you need to obtain the required education, found the right words to say. ” And a million of such explanations.

You know, like a rich businessman businessman enriched himself. Moreover, in America it pretty often. Huge funds that spend money on science, culture, art, and sometimes quite funny on purpose. You know, a house for homeless pigs. Why not? The man earned and spent money. And he glued. What would he not have taken it richer. And the other neither there nor here.

And then begin to compare than one businessman is different. And they say that this prosperous luckier. It started earlier, so something to sell, you learned something. From the standpoint of reason, any possible path of life to explain the basis of such a term as “chance”, “lucky”, “you never know.”


Once again, for the simple reason that the mind is not able to understand the laws sverhlogiki. And many yogovkie exercises, including yoga and visualization, based on the deeper laws than our logic on (so-called) sverhlogichnye laws, before which the mind is passive.

So, the bad news is, even if you get a very positive result, you will not be able to prove to others that you have received it this way.

More precisely, you can prove indirectly. You can tell everyone that practice yoga, or anything else. But it is this kind of advertising that they also do yoga and also rediscovered this way, rather than directly, they make sure that what you say is true. This is the difficulty.


The attitude to reality

Finally, the next thing that we need to discuss with you – it is relevant to our reality. Imagine that you and I do not really understand who we have ourselves. We look inwards, there is some lump desires, fears, hopes, some experience. Outside the world is also not clear. And we go through life, do what a good move in my life, something bad.

For example, have made a good progress in life, a good education, accordingly, began to understand a little more in the structure of our world. We found a good job, a good circle of friends. Do not engaged in self-development, respectively, and the circle of friends we have another, and the fate we have another.

Sooner or later in our lives, we begin to deal with the problems in mathematics: solve puzzles, solve, was told to look at the end of the tutorial, a correct answer, but it does not converge. You look at his equation, the right formula took the correct data bases, and the answer is not the same.


I remind you that any students immediately begin to blame the textbook and say that there is a typo. It happens, but rarely. And then he come to the teacher, say, mathematics. Teacher says: “And here you are changed from minus to plus, so you and does not converge.” And one begins to suspect that he perceives the world, and he feels that he understands the world, and in fact, something escapes him. Those. there is some illusion or hallucination of his life.

So we start for a mark that our perception of the world is divided into two parts. We think we know something, but the result shows that we are something we do not know. Second, we think we know something, and the result shows that we know something, ie, We received a predictable result.


And this idea that some part of the world we perceive in the real world, and some distorted, begins more and more come to the mind of man. Once again, this is manifested in some sciences, mathematics, or hypotheses. For example, one scholar says that the universe is arranged in such a way and the other, that the commercials. And while you can not put experiment to refute, it is the possibility of illusion or error.

Or the example of the business. You have decided to earn some money, we went to the stock exchange. You have decided to buy shares of a company. What kind of action, what company to buy? I do not mean our market companies, which is still in an embryonic state, and if you were somewhere in the West. Those. Two companies, like, the same look. One put in, she shares rise and you richer. In other invest – it has some kind of trouble, and shares become cheaper, you lose.

And before that you carefully collected all the information about the company: what the company does, what its background of who the director, what are your plans for the future. Those. you have a conglomerate of ideas, and you predict what will happen in the future.


And very clearly two different types of people: one makes fewer mistakes and get richer, others make more mistakes and are ruined. Those. this is a very important life time, where we were cheating the universe around us.

From this issue is very close to another: what is real and what is a hallucination? This is a very frequent psychological experiments that demonstrate the power of our confusion.

For example, it is known from the history of the cases, when they write “water”, although everyone knows on a barrel of gasoline, gasoline there. And the man goes and throws a cigarette butt there without even thinking. Why? Because they come into conflict two factors. It is worth a barrel of gasoline and gasoline smell, but it is written, “Water.” And these two streams of information in his head hit, mixed, and we made a mistake.


Or, another example, is a barrel of red out of gasoline. And it says “The green drum.” It takes a few months, you are a man asking: “You took something out there, there was a barrel. What color was it? “. He says: “Green”, although it was red.

You see, this substitution of concepts is very often the case. Or are you talking on the phone, but half an ear listening to the latest news reports. And you have things mixed with a telephone conversation that you heard on the phone, on TV, and you can not imagine, everything turns into a kind of chimera, that is no longer a reality.

And the question arises: how to treat the world around us? Or maybe the whole world around us – this is a big hallucination? Imposing one to the other, to the third. And where something real and illusory where? And how to distinguish between, say, I am now in the perception of reality and the reality I see that a full house, there are people? Or from another state, for instance, I have launched a form of schizophrenia, I am now sitting in a room and I was hallucinating, I lecture to someone read.

Observe, sometimes walking around the city is very strange people, they talk to themselves, to explain something, often found. They live in their own world. It is clear that all of them are shy. But do some people perceive the world very differently.


– And what kind of person we can call in his right mind, and clearly sees the reality, and some – a hallucination?


This is a serious issue and strong. In yoga, visualization, we can say that it is the key. And the answer is: we can not say that any of us sees reality, and some 100% in the hallucinations. We can say only one thing from the standpoint of yoga we are all with you in hallucinations. Only some people have a degree of hallucinations a little more, and at others a little less.

At that time (as yoga teaches us), when we reach the awareness of what is real. A real in this concept is, as you remember, or our higher self, or the Absolute, only this time we see the world around us in reality.

Question: how to distinguish where we see the reality, and where the hallucination? And most interesting is that in yoga Visualization try to bypass this issue. Well, if we do not have the determination criterion that is a reality, and what is a hallucination so long until we reach the ultimate goal of yoga, and then build on it in its path to the ultimate goal, we can not.

And let us build such exercises, where this question would not be standing. You can not answer the question “What is truth and what is a hallucination?” Thus producing exercise that sooner or later they brought us to the realization of the truth?

“Yes” – corresponds to yoga, in fact, all yoga is a set of rules (Yoga Visualization in particular).

So, friends, yoga encourages us to the following: the same carefully study all the phenomena or objects that we encounter in life, regardless of whether they are (we think), real, hallucinations, whether they are the moments that you for themselves can not identify. Sometimes a person gets sleepy and can not figure out whether he is asleep, or to work you need to go.


In yoga, visualization is not required of you, so that you clearly know at every moment, in which you state. You are required to only one thing: the same analyze any condition that you experience, whether waking state, whether a state of dreaming, whether a state of dreamless sleep.

If, for example, under the influence of those or other objects your perception is distorted, so what, think of it equally carefully. Why? Because shines through two real source. One source – your higher self, another source – the Absolute.

Therefore, the question of “whether our world is material or ideal,” “Yogi – a materialist or a yogi – an idealist”, they do not stand in yoga. Why? Because yoga is said that the world is much more complicated than the simple concept of materialism and idealism. And you want to realize the fullness of the world, which is inexpressible, and which, as a particular case may be brought before us, and the concept of idealism, and how materialism.

So in yoga we call Visualization treated very carefully to any state that we experience.

The perception of reality through buddhi


Now directly next thing that needs to be recalled, and that comes directly from the device body, our mind. We remember that (virtually) anything that we had not seen, not heard, not smell, do not touched, it is only the senses. We have our gross physical senses, which transmit impulses to our subtle senses. They, in turn, passed what is called “mind”.

The mind consists of three sections. The first section of the flow of information or passes that comes from the senses, do not miss any. And if you miss, then the flow of information falls into the second section of our mind, which is not based on this information is an exact copy of what allegedly saw the eyes or ears to hear. And the third part of our mind as it explores the inside of us an exact copy. This result, which is obtained as a result of this study, and is sent to the beholder, ie our Higher Self


Thus the whole world, we can see a copy, which is formed in the mind №2 (as we sometimes call it), that is, in buddhi. In fact, we have not seen the outside world, we have never seen and never heard. All that we know about it, we know only for the copy, which is formed in the mind. And this signal, as you know, could not only be distorted out of our body, but also inside our body.

And besides, even inside our body, so even when the information gets into the mind №2 (buddhi), and this information is an exact copy of what has reached us (those objects and phenomena), it shall come into force yet one bad law. We can only recognize something with which already dealt.

And, therefore, we are inclined to interpret the objects and phenomena in the framework of the boundaries that have experience of us present. Anything that goes beyond that, either discarded or is not passed in the mind of buddhi, or in other words is called.

Those. you are faced with the situation, and this situation was very similar to the previous one, you began to understand the new situation and called as the old one. There is a saying about people: scalded with milk, we’re on the water when the wind blows. Just as in life, our previous experience, whatever it may be, it dominates all of our previous actions, at least by the fact that if we are faced with some kind of a situation similar to the previous one, we remember previous experiences and make a decision be afraid of us, enjoy, etc. This seriously inhibits our way forward.


But this concept is that the world we see, we find him only a copy, which we have in the buddhi. On the other hand, we have this wonderful ability as imagination. If we imagine something present, the buddhi or intelligence №2 and there some object or phenomenon.


For the reason №3, ie that department, which analyzes these copies, there is absolutely no difference between the origin of these copies was because the senses have given them to you, or your imagination they created and created. Therefore, there is absolutely no difference. And it enjoys yoga Visualization, which allows you to replace unwanted images as desired. And thus themselves take in their hands the path of life, because if you are constantly in our heads unnecessary images, these images will be unnecessary to force us to do unnecessary things. Accordingly, we will get unwanted results. And the circle will be closed.

And to break this vicious circle, sometimes we take out one other way that we build within ourselves visualizing.

Separated from the reality of the Maya


Finally, with the axiomatic point of view, if we consider our world, but from the standpoint of the Absolute, then, just as we have the imagination and we treat it, also for the Absolute our world, which we used to call the real, no more real than it is imagination.

Sometimes the question arises: how the Absolute created the world? Just as you create your imagination anything. Those. you imagine, and here it happens.

Thus there is a very powerful tool for working with the world we perceive both internal and external.

Thus, the inner world of our generates image representations we have of ourselves, the external world generates in buddhi external image of the universe around us. But still, it’s all in the buddhi. What is actually all of us, or, what is the universe, we do not know, we never did not see it. We have the usual images.


What is really no one knows. Why? Because this substance, or Maya that separates our higher self of the Absolute very strange thing. If in your own words to explain yoga Visualization, obtained such a thing. If we for a long time something was visualized from life to life, by inertia, it also remains in the future, we visualize it or not.

And if we begin to visualize something different and new, it is. We cease to visualize, it disappears. Those. the whole world around us with yoga positions Visualization – this is the total visualization, we have created with you for many lifetimes. From life to life, we have interpreted something, something imagined.

Accordingly, under this we make some pulses in the universe who came to us as a wave of events or phenomena. And so it’s more complicated. In fact, both the milk whipped butter in the same way we ourselves whipped around the world. And it seems stable, real, unshakable.

For example, I take a piece of stone, a stone that’s it. I went to bed, I have it in my hand. But this is just a property of some permanence. But this permanence was not caused by the nature of the stone, and our previous life. Those. we did some pulses and frozen situation.

But, like any frozen block of ice, it some time floe. But as soon as we turned off the refrigerator and the sun begins to warm, the ice floe spreads and turns into water.


Similarly, our whole world, it seems so clear, rigid concepts. But, in fact, it is what we have frozen the world as we want it to be. If we stop it freezing, he again will be spread in the form of water into something quite fantastic, as we can not say.

But we are interested in another thing – this is the practical side of the issue. Those. there are only two realities. In fact (as yoga teaches us), it’s not two realities, but a single reality. But it is more convenient to consider it as two points of support: our higher self and the Absolute. All that is between them – a visualization images. Some are more stable because we kept them too long, and they begin to live their lives. Other small, because we povizualizirovali them, and then threw, they quickly disappeared.

Or block of ice frozen to -273 C, and a small piece of ice, which is only 0 C. It is understood that when the sun prigreet, then melt the one where the temperature is higher.

But again I say, we are interested in another thing. His visualization we can adjust the outside world, and to correct the world, which is inside. All we want is what will be. But you need to: a) will b) the specific techniques and practices that we wanted to see.

And here we are just beginning the practical side, when we prescribe certain objects or phenomena, so that the fastest way to get a particular effect.


Creative visualization


These exercises are very creative and spontaneous. For example, we begin to visualize yourself in some other way. Here we sit, we have some one stable picture, we have a very long time it was created. And now we take, mentally it dissolve and create a different image. What? But what you want.


Let’s say you want to look athletic man. You begin to dissolve their way, which is, and to create an image that you want to see. Or she wants to see itself beautiful. She begins to dissolve the image that is there, and begins to see itself such what want to see yourself.

Friends, and it works. Such a simple uncomplicated practice and technology. But again and again to remind you that it works directly proportional to how much you rely on your higher self or the Absolute. If you are relying on 100%, you can instantly change ourselves.

Can you imagine that visualization can very quickly change their appearance. Of course, according to the teachings of yoga, you will very quickly change the structure of your body thin and tough physically inert. While there be reconstructed cells until the metabolism change. It takes time.

But, in fact, everything is simple and not even interesting. But not interesting as long as you do not get real results. And as soon as you get real results, starts to reach all the power of this method, you start a different attitude to the creative visualization ability.


The same applies to the world around us. We see the world as we have developed over many years of life. If we do not like it, why do not we change it? But, then again, you have to visualize a world that would be more than we liked. And you need to lay these principles that did not work “as always”. What would the best way, but it turned out as always.

In the end, the world in which we live, we will also create voleizyavili. And first of all, that would recommend yoga: it will not interfere in the details of the image visualization, which would you do to render the world.

However, some basic principles, whatever the picture was, she still recommends them. These basic principles of sound, like meditation, “May all sentient beings be happy.”

If we are going and to create a new world with the help of visualization, immediately lay the right laws in it. What we are all happy in your world. This is the easiest way to create a world where you will be happy, too. Otherwise, if you create the concept that “yes, in my world all the good people will be happy, and all the rascals will suffer”, then our universe concept of “good” and “villain” is very conditional. And you are one fine morning you can get from one category to another for yourself.

Those. Here the point is that some things need to be ruled by laws, so you do not get the wrong implementation of these laws.


But we’ll talk about visualization techniques later. Of course, there are also more specific practices. For example, it is assumed, dissolved all the dirty world around us, and to create the image of a clean world. To make it easier to create it, because we think abstractly still do not know how, different options are offered in the ancient texts.

Sometimes a variant of “Anandalahari”. There is such a visualization: “Imagine an ocean of nectar, imagine an island of precious stones.” And this is in itself beautiful. Beautiful ocean, the island of gems. “Imagine there are beautiful trees, chirping of birds, which will not come off. Imagine in the center of this island palace (not our Khrushchev, where we live, and real palace). Imagine how it would be done there. ” Those. It provides some step-direction of our meditation.

And this image will begin to interfere with an external way of the world in which you live. Why? Because buddhi can not be two mutually exclusive image simultaneously.

It is clear that as long as you visualize the image of a clean country, where good people, responsive, good, etc., it can not help beginning to replace our entire world with its stupid, greedy people, with those who we do not like. Because are two mutually exclusive things. The only difference is that you start to visualize, and all of your buddhi negative displaced. And you stop to visualize, go out and face the same world.

It would seem that nothing has changed. No, my friends, has changed. This visualization you gave a boost from the inner world to the outside world, and in the future all the events begin to unfold so that you come to reflect on what you have created.

Do you remember that the outer and inner world are interrelated, as the subject and the reflection in the mirror. Thus such a mental practice, you begin to change your own world, and for you personally to this world begins to change.


The question is: Well, well, and for my neighbor? Let’s say I live a neighbor in the stairwell, he is very happy with this world. He would go to the store, buy a bottle of vodka, and my eyes will fill his own rendering, it is very comfortable, it does not want to change.


And the other person visualizes the world of the opposite world. For example, some crime boss sits and visualizes the mafia, which captured the whole world, all brought him tribute, and he holds court. He has his own world. And how can they coexist?

Very interesting situation. Our universe is made in such a way that everyone will live in their own world. And, accordingly, the entrance into the world will be only those who take it. If in this life, your previous karma made you to be together, starting with the next life you will be born in the same place in the Universe, it is – in the other. You will gather people around himself, which is your concept of closer, he will gather around him people who are closer to his concept.

And we split up. Those. The universe does not impose anything on anyone. This is one of the most fantastic and the fundamental properties of maya. Here you can build what you want the universe to itself, while not violating the free will of others.

Those people who live in your universe – these are the people you have invited. If you have them some conflicts, it means that the earlier you voleizyavlyali one thing, and now the rules have changed.

Here we come to the fundamental recommendations of yoga to our daily lives as we live. In the sense that how we choose the circle of friends?


Choosing friends forever


And yoga says this, that communicate only with good people and avoid communicating with the bad. Those. remake you no one can. Each free I, even if I’m wrong. Therefore, to impose someone else, you can not do anything. But to suffer from others’ rules of the game, too, it does not make sense. Therefore, it is necessary to look for like-minded people, and by all means try to communicate with them, by all means avoid those you do not like. Those. this visualization to help in this life.

In this regard, like attracts like. And some incoherent things stay on the karmic hooks. If karmic hook to disengage, then these different worlds apart. Moreover, one as a complete universe, and the other as a complete universe. This is a very fantastic property of our universe.

In fact, it is still all depends on us. And so it turned into a real practice (in addition to yoga Visualization) is that if you find yourself in a circle of people that you do not pleasing, well, they are not pleasing to you and all. So stand up and walk away. You do not need anyone to re-if it is not your duty.

You can work police sergeant, and your duties will include any group of hooligans who have clearly different views on life, urge for order. But you pay money for it, it is your dharma, your duty to call for order. But if it is not your duty to communicate with another universe that you do not like, why be near her?

Everyone lives as he likes. It is better to deal with those who are good, than with those who are poor. All elementary.


In the next chapter, we will begin to consider more podrobnenko some detailed aspects of visualization. We shall deal with you the issue of working with associative links. In fact, when we visualize this or that thing, we actually set a new branch of associative links, which starts to circulate our prana (our consciousness and energy). And, accordingly, to maintain the objects or phenomena, which we have sent our associative links.

And the teaching of how to properly guide and set associative links, and how competently they pull out, it is a real result from yoga Visualization. Those. you will come to the ability to more quickly install almost associative connection with the fact that you think should be there for your benefit. On the other hand, pull the associative links from the fact that you do not like, which should not be.

And in fact, as a way to infiltrate your prana, associative, and then the image starts to be stable. Secondly, he begins to displace and destroy all the other images. And then pull out the other images that have already formed. For example, our dirty world and our understanding of ourselves. And our dirty world, and our perception of ourselves rests on the associative links. The source of these associative connections – we ourselves, ie we ourselves are funding all of that with which fight. And we must be able to pull these associative connections of these images, so that they fell apart.


For example, a tailor before sew suit, he quickly throws a cloth and sews it with a needle thread. I forgot the name of this lightweight seam. And then if something goes wrong, it takes the thread pulls, and everything fell apart on the pile Patchwerk.

At about the same thing. If you pick up and pull out from the external or internal associative connections of the world, which he holds virtually all associative relationships begin to disintegrate Patchwerk.


Today we conclude our lecture.


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